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  1. KawaiiUwU

    Training Cowgirls

    You have been appointed to train cowgirls. With an army of tools at your disposal to milk them, drain their brains, turn normal girls into cowgirls, and more, what will you do?
  2. A loser teenage boy who’s never had a girlfriend meets a succubus named Saori. She alters everyone’s memories to make them believe she is his little sister, and begins going to school with him.
  3. So, this is an idea I totally just got off one of my favorite hentai's: Saimin Seishidou This is the story about how a school counselor held an assembly where he mind controlled all the students to thinking that if they were going to pursue any form of intimate relationship, then they would need to talk to the school's counselor about sexual conduct. What the students don't realize is they are being raped and fucked senseless while their boyfriend watches thinking that it's what they should be doing all along. Feel free to have your character be anyone from the school and we can craft their "lover", however you want. I'd like my character to be in his late 20's. Let me know if this interests you.
  4. Ahegao

    Hypno Academy

    Thanks for your interest, I'll keep this short so that we can get to the good stuff. In this rp you will be playing a new counsellor, recently hired to work at a prestigious all-girl boarding school. Little do the staff and students know, you are an expert in the art of hypnotism and are planing to turn the entire academy into your own personal sex paradise, one broken mind at a time. If that sounds like an idea you might be interested in, drop me an ecchitext and we can work out the details.
  5. I really wanna do something with someone who will make me their pet. Someone who will use me, and teach me how to please them. Someone who will make sure I only live for them.~
  6. SoraKitty

    The Cult

    My parents wanted me to have a good education and just about everyone I knew was tired of my rebellious streak, they wouldn’t except that its just who I am. So they sent me to Madam Antoinette’s boarding university a supposedly famous and well respected establishment. I had no choice since I couldn't afford a flat on my own. The car journey there was the usual with my parents, full of awkward silences interspersed by fights, I just couldn't stand them. I watched with one headphone still blasting music into my ear as my parents car disappeared down the old country road. Now I stand in front of a huge old building, its large wooden doors stand like trees in front of me before they slowly swing open. A women comes walking out of the darkness to greet me. She’s wearing a blouse, the tightest skirt I’ve ever seen and stocking with some strange pattern on them. The inside looks auspicious and grand, with many paintings and carvings on the walls. The stars look like they’ve been carved by hand, The design shows strange looking tentacles guiding people up the stairs. “Welcome to our school Katherine.” She says in a strict tone her hair tied back and her cheeks are a bright red, almost like she’s excited. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Too clarify this story is based in a college/university setting and of course everyone is over 18. I would love to write more into this intro but at the same time I want to leave this idea quite open ended. My thoughts are that this university has been taken over by some kind of cult or is in the control of some lovecraftian monster. Everything seems strange at first but it devolves into aa perverted nightmare that I have to escape from. I think the story would work best with me playing the victim (myself) and someone acting as a game master of some kinds, but I'm open to anything. There are lots of possibilities for this prompt so its kind of hard to describe, excited to play it out with you guys.
  7. SoraKitty

    Game Over

    A slow, quite beeping wakes me up. I could hear it in the back of my mind and by the time I could consciously recognise it, my eyes where open. I’m staring up at an immaculate glass surface that reflects my own image. A light, vaporous mist surrounds me but I can clearly see and feel the tight blue sleeping suit that clings to my body. I can make out the green of my eyes, the purple dye in my hair and my pale skin that contrasts with the grey of my sleeping pod. I start to remember where I am and whats going on, at the same time I start to stretch my body in the confines of the pod. That beeping still rings in my ear every few seconds and my eyes widen as I turn to see a small, flashing red light down by my legs. The pod begins to open, painfully slowly, and reveal my surroundings. The familiar sight of the stasis room as been changed, corrupted in way I can’t understand. The air is heavy, with some kind of purple haze floating around it that cases my skin to tingle. The once bright fluorescent lights are now dim and flickering, illuminating the room before me. Strange slime coats almost every surface, building up into strange objects all around the room, staining the once white walls a dark green. I can hear a constant wet, sliding and slapping sound from every direction. Strange appendages slide up the walls and across the floor, the mere sight of which causes my skin to crawl. I have to get out of here. ____________________________ Hello Everyone! So today I watched the movie Event Horizon for about the 100th time and it gave me a lot of naughty ideas. I could write a lot more but I’d prefer to explore this story with other dirty minds. I’m mixing a lot of sci-fi alien horror cliches into one erotic story of a girl trapped on a ship thats been taken over by *something*. Or somethings. It uses human women to breed and to feed off them. Think along the lines of any hentai alien creature, points if you know the artist Ishimura! I love to play myself because of course I love to imagine all these things happening to me. I have dyed purple hair, 5'6, 34C, green eyes, pale skin and I'm skinny/athletic.I'll start off wearing your typical skin tight space suit, think Samus. My kinks include: Legs/Feet, stockings, socks etc, getting dirty/messy, much older men/women, all kinds of bdsm, pet play, non con, bad endings, body stockings, harnesses, mind control, stalking, corruption and many more.
  8. SoraKitty

    Old Manor House

    I had recently got accepted into university in a relatively small but expensive city and was desperate for a place to stay for the year. That is when I came across the ad for an old house that is a few miles outside of the city which didn’t bother me since I had recently passed my driving test and gotten myself a rusted old car. The place was incredibly cheap, especially for how big it was. Apparently the owners were gone and the property was due to be abandoned but I’d have taken anything at this point. The house is surrounded by a dark, old forest that stretches for a few miles in every direction, totally cutting the place off from the outside world. I never realised how big the house was until I actually got there, my small amount of stuff could hardly fill two rooms! The inside is just as old as the out, with old wooden doors and walls covered in odd paintings. Cleaning this place up would be a challenge, I didn’t even know where to start. Old books lined big, ornate shelves filled with strange languages and drawings. I have only been living here for about a week now but I keep noticing strange things happening all over the house, like missing jewellery and clothes, especially my socks and underwear. I hear strange noises and sometimes find odd markings carved into the wood of nearby tress and on the walls. I feel like I’m being watched all the time, like I’m being hunted by something. I’m pretty sure I’m just being paranoid though, I’ve always noticed strange things that others don’t seem to. Little do I know, I am am being watched. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I’m letting my imagination run wild with this one! The basic premise is pretty simple; old house is haunted by some perverted magic. I’m open to ideas from others but here is mine; The house is in the territory of many perverted creatures most importantly a group of perverted goblin creatures. Of course they want to corrupt me and turn me into their pet. My limits are scat, gore and ageplay. I love to play myself because of course I love to imagine all these things happening to me. I have dyed purple hair, 5'6, 34C, green eyes, pale skin and I'm skinny/athletic. My kinks include: Legs/Feet, stockings socks etc, getting dirty/messy, much older men/women, all kinds of bdsm, pet play, non con, bad endings, tentacles/monsters, body stockings, harnesses, mind control, stalking, corruption and many more
  9. Plain and simple; need someone to satisfy my fantasy of hypnotizing my character into being a willing sex girl for them. Your character can be the Brother, Father, Teacher/Coach, anyone you want.
  10. I have always had a big problem, whenever I got horny, I got risky. Being in danger and being scared turned me on so much. I’d always been very submissive, none of my fantasies ended well for me. I’d always end up enslaved, collared, leashed and broken by some strange old man. Nothing else turned me on like that did. It drove me crazy. I can’t tell you the amount of nights I’d spent fantasising about that, teasing myself until dawn, tying myself up and trying to struggle out of it. I’d gotten pretty good at it, I’d spend whole days tied up in my flat with my vibe on a low hum agains’t me. It had gotten so much worse since coming to university and living on my own. I swear I’d spend every day finding new ways to play with myself, I’d wear a butt plug to my lectures and share pics of myself online just to read all the perverted comments. I was addicted to it. I got more and more risky. I always sort of knew in the back of my head that it would catch up to me one day but i’m ashamed to admit that… I think thats what I wanted. And then one night it had all become too much, months and months of fantasising had driven me to a breaking point. I had given my email out to many total strangers in that time, always teasing myself with the idea of giving in. But that night one of them said all the right things, some pervert said things that drove me crazy. I wasn’t thinking straight, I was only focusing on living out my fantasies. Of being turned into some old mans pet. It was so humiliating, my whole body would flush at just the thought of it. I had been teasing myself for hours, it must have been the whole day. I was in a haze, like I was drunk on my own fantasies. He sent message after message, each one more perverted than the last, each one driving me closer. It’s like he was in my head, I was in the palm of his hand. Then he told me that I should just give in and in my haze I said yes. He told me to tie myself up, to unlock my door and tell him where I live. I only hesitated for a moment before giving him my address, the very act of doing so sending shivers up and down my spine. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but I couldn’t stop myself. I was so scared but that just turned me on even more. With cheeks flushed red and glazed eyes I took the rope out from under my bed and began to tie myself up like he said. My door stood unlocked as I sat on the floor in front of my bed, ankles tied up above my head, wrists entwined with rope and my ass sticking out towards my bedroom door. I couldn’t get out even if I tried. Moments passed, the anticipation was driving me crazy. It felt like forever, and, with every moment my thoughts began to poke through. I started to realise what was happening, I struggled agains’t my own binds to no avail. I strained and panicked, ashamed as I felt myself become more and more wet. And then I heard my door open… _______________________________________________ So this one is pretty straight forward and obviously jumps right into it. I think it can get really, really kinky. I want to involve many of my kinks, the more pervy the man/woman the better. I was thinking that was happens immediately after the prompt is just the beginning. I’m open to lots of fun ideas and happy to discuss them with you guys.
  11. I've been wanting to do something hypnosis or mind control oriented for a while. There's a wide variety of ways that this could come about with a number of different ideas I have. Ideally, I would like to play the (male) central character, and my partner, depending on their preferences, could play one or multiple (female) characters. [Note: Don't care what you identify as IRL as long as you're willing to play female characters and a re decent at RP] [Note: I'm fine if we want our characters to be normal people, kemonomimi, furries, or any mix of them] [Note: Everything is going to be listed here from the perspective of me playing a central male character and interacting with female character(s). However, I would be fine doing a reverse harem sort of thing with the central character being a girl. If it's with a central male, I'd like to play the male. If it's with a central female, I'd be willing to play either the central female or the male ensemble.] This post has three major parts to it. The plots, which are more like general notions our outlines than specific stories, though for a couple I do have some more specific ideas, but I'm also largely open to hearing other's thoughts on these. The methods, which is basically "what process is the main character using to do this" and I've got three broad categories that can fit a number of different flavors and options. And lastly, Styles, which are just some thoughts that always end up coming to me after the RP starts and would be easier to hammer out how it all works before hand. If you don't want to dig through all of it, check the TLDR at the bottom. Hypnosis Plots The Professional Pretty standard stuff. Professional hypnotist/hypnotherapist takes advantage of their position. Could just be a pervy guy, could be that there was some catalyst that lead to him suddenly becoming like this (long time partner left, died, cheated on him, got fired from his 'real' job and went this full time, or just a perv through and through). Different way we can set up characters for this: Single repeat client: Guy either only does this for one woman, or at the very least only does the naughty stuff with the one woman and that's what the RP is focused on. Good if you prefer to really get into one character. Can start this way and branch into more characters if you like. Multiple one-time clients: If you like playing lots of characters or have a lot of ideas you want to cycle through, this would fit great. Basically, he rarely has repeat business and just works on different people. Multiple repeat clients: If you've got a few characters/ideas that you want to stick with, this works well. Guy probably makes small changes slowly over time and experiments differently on different clients. Can be mixed with the above. Family hypnotherapist: Guy specifically does hypnosis for a rich family. Mainly would revolve around the mother and however many daughters there would be. Possible to also include an aunt(s) and/or cousin(s). Would also do some hypnosis on the father, though it would be more just to manipulate him into more pay/time with the family, and making him either not care about the guy fooling around with his family (if you just want to have the dad not be around much), make him not notice/mentally block it (if you're into free use sort of stuff), or not change what his normal reaction would be, but make him unable to do anything about it (if you're into cuckold stuff). I'm fine playing this character (if you want them to interact more with your characters) or letting you play them (if you want him to interact with the hypnotist more). The Father. A variant on the professional single client, but I decided to separate this due to it being an incest focused idea. If you're not interested in incest, feel free to skip over this one entirely. The idea is, essentially, there's a hypnotherapist whose wife passes away. Not only is this hard on him, but his daughter is practically inconsolable. His wife never let him do hypnosis on the daughter before but... well, she wasn't around now, and she needed something to help her out, right? So dad offers her some hypnotherapy to help settle her down so she can start accepting what happened and live her life. Except... this guy has always had a theory that he'd never been able to actually test out. Tthere are two factors that make hypnosis drastically more or less successful, even more than just belief that it works, which most people think is the primary factor. The first is trust - he believed that you could more easily hypnotize a skeptic that trusted in you than a believer who was suspicious of you. The second is suggestibility - the more malleable someone's mind and personality were, the easier it would be to push the limits of what would work under hypnosis. And here's his daughter, who trusts her father with her life, whose practically a blank canvas when it comes to worldly experience, and even more beautiful than her mother in her prime... he just had to test what his hypnotism could do to its limits, right? It would be academically irresponsible not to experiment. The Amateur. Someone that is just learning hypnotism, does it as a hobby, or just came across a mind control/hypnosis device altogether. The amateur's big differences compared to the professional: Age differences. The professional is going to be on the older side, probably in 30s but could range anywhere from late 20s to 50s, depending on your preference. The amateur could be a high school student, a college student, or an adult at any age that the professional could be. Target differences. The professional is mostly going to be going for people he doesn't really know outside of professionally, or doesn't really know at all. The amateur is more likely to be targeting people they know. Family is an option if you were interested in going that route, outside of that it could be friends, neighbors, class mates, bullies, rivals, teachers, professors, coworkers, bosses, employees, just random people he meets depending on the method. Speaking of which, Method. The professional is basically going to have the one method (traditional hypnosis) though the style could be different. Will go into it in more detail below but basically it's hypnosis, device, and ritual. If you were more interested in something more mind control oriented than just hypnosis, this would be a good option. Personality. The professional is being incredibly deliberate. Whether they're a sinister control freak that gets off on manipulating people, or just a perv that wants satisfaction, they're going to have a similar personality type. The amateur could have that as well as any number of other personality types - meek, meek and pushed past the edge, chill, nerdy and opportunist, etc. Hypnosis Methods There are three main ones: Traditional, device, and ritual. Traditional. There's not a whole lot to explain here. Traditional hypnosis is when they're relaxed, eyes closed or following a pendant or something like that. The hypnotizer gradually lulls them into the state of hypnosis. The big thing about this one is that the target knows they're being hypnotized. So this one has the potential for drama if someone figures out they're being altered, or someone else notices their changes. Though it could just be used because it's the most common. Device. There are a number of ways this can be done. The device could be magical in nature, or it could be more sci-fi. It could be the neuralizer from Men in Black, it could be some trinket or jewelry that activates with a gesture, interaction, or keyword. It can even be more abstract - the "device" is basically a portable way of instantly affect someone. It could be a chemical, it could be a spell, it could be that they have magic eyes and stare into people's souls. Usually the device results in them trancing kind of like you would with hypnosis but they are instantly put in and out of it with the device without their knowledge. Ritual. Again, it can be more abstract, but the idea is that the target is being affected remotely where he can't immediately see the effects of it. The base of the idea is that the guy would use a ritual spell at night to alter the target in some way (see styles below) but he wouldn't know how well it would take until he got to interact with them. It doesn't necessarily have to be magic, it could be something like a chemical he makes and slips them if you wanted to go more sci-fi, or even send them a "hypnosis video" on their phone or to their email that they watch, get 'reprogrammed' and then delete. This is the best if you want to go for a more story/drama/character driven RP that focuses a little less on the smut because it requires the changes to happen further apart. Mind Control Styles So there are a few different ways that mind control and hypnosis have a tendency to work. I'm just going to list out different styles and traits instead of trying to keep it more distinct and separate like the above because some of it mixes and matches and some doesn't. Time to take effect. This can either be an immediate or a gradual thing, which are kind of relative to the method. It could be immediate, basically noticeable right away, or gradual, taking more time and slowly shifting over. Something like, changing how they view a person, or some concept, or getting them to dress differently, etc. It would be right after the trance ends for Hypnosis and Device and the following day when they meet again for Ritual. Gradual, on the other hand, would mean it would take place over hours or even days and there would be a shift towards the change rather than a switch to it. Limits of control. Basically, is there full control? Can he get someone to do something out of their nature or would their psyche resist? Would they ignore it, push back on it, would it break the control altogether? Working as intended. Does the mind control work as he wills it to, or does the wording and the perspective of the other person matter? Does the target follow what he "meant" or just what he literally said? Attitude adjustments. This has a bit to do with Limits of Control. If he's got significant control and he commands someone against what they'd normally do, do they change perspective, rationalize it, or would they just be compelled to do it? Say he commanded someone that didn't really like him (boss, coworker, school bully, whatever) to blow him. Would this make them think he's not really so bad after all so here let me do this as an apology? Would they rationalize it as somehow her coming out on top and putting him in his place? Or would she just end up going down on him and sort of protest as she did so, body unable to resist? Command Words. Does he have pretty good free reign on what he can do to them, or can he only make them act a certain way based on triggers? This would be a potential way to limit his control, and would work very well if the mind control power was spell-based magic. Extra magic. This in particular involves if we go with a more magic or spell oriented mind control thing. I'd be willing to have it be part of a larger idea where the central character finds a magic book or learns magic somehow. I'd still like the mind control to be a major central component but I'm fine introducing other sorts of magic like body modification and other powers. TLDR: Want to do an RP with hypnosis. Have lots of different ideas about it. If you skimmed over or skipped the above and jumped down here, I'm guessing you've got some interest in this but already have an idea in mind. This is perfectly fine, just EcchiText me or comment here with your idea and we'll work something out. If you didn't skim or skip, then Text or comment with whichever ideas stuck out to you and we can figure out what will work best for us.
  12. PolkovnikRybalko

    Old Friends

    I climbed the steps to the secluded house in good cheer. I hadn’t seen Matt in almost 20 years, since the summer between our freshman and sophomore years in college. It wasn’t that we didn’t like each other; I thought he was great. But for differing reasons, neither of us was good at keeping up with people. I rang the bell. A woman answered it. She wore a maid’s outfit that might not clear customs at the border of scandalous. The skirt was so short that bending over at all was sure to display her panties, assuming she was wearing any, and it displayed her cleavage prominently. She would have been six inches taller than I before putting on the four inch heels, but was obviously about my age. Very attractive, mind you, in an aristocratic way but in a mature way. It was quite a spectacle to greet one when renewing acquaintances with an old friend. I smiled at the sight of her. “You must be Heather.” Her voice was proper, but she posed herself in a way that dripped sex. “Indeed.” I’m sure I smirked. She stood aside, holding the door and motioned for me to enter. “The Master is in the living room and asked me to show you there. Let me take your bag.” After closing the door, she took the lead. I watched her ass twitch as she walked. “You look familiar. Do I know you?” she asked, a bit timidly. “You should. We went to high school together.” *** Six months earlier, I’d been sitting at an outdoor café, waiting to meet an attorney. I’m normally a very patient person, but I drummed my fingers on the table in anticipation. She was late. I didn’t really have any legal questions other than some fiction I had concocted. I had an entirely different purpose in mind. Finally, the click-clack of a professional woman’s shoes approached from behind me, and the lawyer in question sat down across from me. “Heather Colquitt?” “That’s me,” I replied. The sun shone directly over her shoulder, preventing me from getting a good look. She sat down. “So,” she said brusquely, “you need help with a patent.” I nodded, examining her carefully now that I could see her. She’d changed, but not enough to keep her from resembling the Amy Colston I remembered. Her blonde hair was in a much more expensive cut, the gray silk suit was nothing like jeans and a t-shirt and her eyes were mostly hidden by a pair of designer sunglasses, but the face was the same. I’d lusted after her as a teenager, and was already starting to do so again in middle age. Her laptop landed on the table and she opened it up. “I usually prefer to meet in my office, but I suppose this will do.” She still hadn’t really looked at me. “You mentioned something about subliminal persuasion on the phone.” “Yes. I have a way of convincing people to do something that you want them to do. I don’t know that it’s really subliminal. That just seemed like the best way to describe it in shorthand.” She reached over and picked up her water. I watched in triumph as she took a swallow. Amy looked at me with an obviously skeptical expression. “Subliminals don’t work. That’s been shown over and over again.” “Oh, no. This really works. It could be worth a fortune to the advertising industry.” I could almost see her wondering why she’d even taken this meeting. I could have answered that for her, but then it went directly to the claim I’d made. The funny thing was that I’d spoken the truth. I really did have a way to make people do things I wanted, as she was about to learn. The only bit of dishonesty was that it would never, ever go to a patent office. *** Amy’s ass led me to a room decorated in a modern style, all chrome, glass and black leather. Dust and disorder were nowhere in sight. Matt Reynolds stood up as we entered. He’d put on weight and his hairline had drifted backwards a couple of inches, but otherwise looked just the same. “Heather!” He stepped forward, holding out his hand. “It’s great to see you.” I ignored the offer to shake hands and stepped up to embrace him. He returned the hug enthusiastically. “Sit down,” he insisted when we parted. “God, we have a lot of catching up to do.” I accepted the invitation, noting that Amy stood to his side, within easy reach. “Indeed. What have you been up to? It certainly seems to pay well.” He shrugged. “I guess. First, would you like something to drink?” “That would be fabulous. Could I get a vodka Collins?” Matt grinned. “Of course.” He looked up at Amy, simultaneously running one hand up the back of her thigh, producing a shiver. “Slut, fetch our guest her drink and I’ll have a bourbon.” He delivered the insult casually, as if without thinking, but it produced a brief flush of shame in its target. The maid bowed slightly. “Yes, Master.” She left the room, still emphasizing her butt. We caught up briefly. Matt was in tech, some sort of network engineer. I didn’t pursue, because playing to stereotype, I don’t understand computers at all. It really is genetic, but not so much because I’m a girl. I claimed that I was research psychologist, which is close enough to being true that it’s really just a fudge. Amy returned with two glasses on a tray before I had to go into detail. I stopped talking to watch her. She bent over far more than was necessary to set the vodka on the table next to me, ensuring I could look down her bodice. It was impressive. When she did the same for Matt, I saw that my surmise about the panties was correct. They even looked a bit damp, which did nothing for the dryness of my own. “Is that who I think it is?” I asked unnecessarily when she had returned to her station. Matt laughed. “Oh, yes. Amy Colston, indeed. Slut, this is Heather Colquitt. I’m sure you remember her from Groverdale High as well as you do me.” She turned a bright crimson. “Really?” I put as much surprise into my voice as possible. “Actually,” Matt continued, “she’s the reason I tracked you down and invited you to stay with me for a weekend.” He stroked her thigh again. “She just showed up one day a few months ago. Said she was really sorry for the way she’d treated me in school.” He looked up at her as his hand slid between her legs. “What was it you said again?” *** I watched with satisfaction as Amy drank the rest of her water. Now the deed was done. “You don’t recognize me, do you?” She looked at me sharply, studying me for the first time. “I go by Genevieve Étrange now, but it’s really just kind of a stage name. I’m Heather Colquitt.” I watched her think for a moment, then recognition. “From Groverdale? Really?” She put on a fake smile that would fool most people. “It’s great to see you.” “Cut the shit.” I felt angry all of a sudden. “You were a bitch then, you’re a bitch now, and you couldn’t care less that I’ve reappeared.” Amy pursed her lips. “Then maybe you should find a different attorney.” She started to close her laptop. “No,” I snarled, “you’re exactly the lawyer I want. I certainly didn’t call you at random.” She closed her bag. “Well, I’m not going to work for you.” I snorted. “I never intended to have you work for me.” I emphasized the last word. *** Amy squirmed in both humiliation and arousal. “I said that I was sorry, Master. That I’d been having dreams about you. I said that I felt very guilty about teasing you and,” she bit her lip and stumbled over her words. “And that, you know, that time that we molested you.” I sat up in genuine surprise. That was a story he’d never shared with me. “The only way I could make it up to you was to become your slave. To let you use me in any way you wanted. I said that I wanted, no, needed you to humiliate me.” Tears leaked out of her eyes. That did nothing to control my own sexual excitement. I was drinking my vodka collins faster than I had intended. Matt had a look of wonder on his face. He clearly still didn’t believe his good fortune. “I’ll be damned if she hasn’t done it, too. She’ll do anything I want.” I could see the skirt moving as he played with her pussy. “Isn’t that right, slut?” “Yes, Master,” she gasped. He suddenly removed his hand, producing only a look of loss on Amy’s face. His fingers came away glistening with moisture, and he held them up before his slave. As she bent to suck them clean, he looked at me. “Well, once I realized this was for real, I had to find you. You wanted a piece of her ass as badly as I did back then, and deserved it as much as I do.” I nodded. I had certainly hoped that he’d give me this chance. “You’re damned right I wanted her. Thank you.” I was almost bouncing in my seat at the prospect of finally abusing Amy myself. “May I play with her?” I smirked. “I’m sure you’d like to watch.” He laughed again. “Oh, indeed I would. As soon as she gets us another round of drinks, nothing would please me more.” With a slap on her bottom, he sent Amy on her way. We sat in silence while she was gone, but couldn’t keep the grins off of our faces. It was a bit odd, as this sort of thing wasn’t exactly new to me, but I blame my lack of professionalism on the fact that I had really hated Amy for a long time. As for Matt, he wasn’t really himself on the subject. *** Amy fidgeted with her bag. “I’ve had enough.” I laughed at her. “You didn’t believe my claims. So, let’s give you a demonstration. Go ahead. Leave.” I sat back and watched her dither. I was impressed that she at least managed to stand up. There aren’t very many who have that much willpower. It was as far as she got, though. “What’s happening?” Fear edged into her voice. “Sit down and I’ll explain.” She complied with a thump. “As I said, I can make you do what I want. At first it was only a little compulsion to take this meeting with me, but with what I put in that water you drank, the sky is pretty much the limit now.” “I’ll scream.” “No you won’t. In fact, I think you should shut up and just listen.” Her mouth snapped closed. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Actually, you’re my master piece. Literally. Once you are a finished product, I graduate from being a journeyman to a master. We still use the old system in my profession. “Ask me what I do for a living.” “What do you do for a living?” she complied. “I’m a witch.” *** When Amy returned with a second round, I stood up. “Put them down and stand in front of me.” She did what I’d ordered. I reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling her face down to mine. I kissed her savagely, forcing my tongue into her mouth as she struggled to keep her footing. She stumbled when I released my grip, but stayed on her feet. I walked behind her and kicked the inside of her foot. Not hard, but enough to sing. “Spread your legs; bend over; grab your ankles.” I watched as the fabric of her panties stretched tightly over her mound. I pressed my thumb against the silk, feeling its dampness. “This turns you on, doesn’t it?” “Yesssssss.” It ended in a hiss. I drew back my hand and spanked her hard. She rocked, but impressed me by staying on her feet. “You will address me as Mistress. Understood?” “Yes, Mistress,” she replied hastily. I slipped a finger inside her panties and probed the hot, wet hole underneath. “This really turns you on. Do you like being humiliated?” “Yes, Mistress,” she groaned. “That must be a lot of guilt you’re feeling, isn’t it?” I slid my finger down, feeling her coarse pubic hair, and brushed my nail against her clit. She jumped and produced a sharp squeak. “Yes, Mistress.” “Well then, if you’re so guilty, you need to be punished, don’t you?” I withdrew my touch. She rocked back, trying to follow my hand, but failed. “Yes, Mistress.” **** The bitch clearly wanted to respond to that, but couldn’t make her mouth work properly. All that emerged was a whine. “A black witch.” Under the table, I forced her feet apart with my own. “About as black as it gets, really. I put spells on people to break their will. I reduce them to sniveling, pathetic helplessness. Then I train them. Transform them into dutiful little slaves. And then I sell them.” I lifted my left foot into her chair and pushed it up her skirt. “You can’t do that kind of thing too often. People would notice. So there are two choices, really. Some of us prey on the homeless or the marginal. The kind of people no one will miss.” Very gently, I stroked her crotch with my toe. “They’re not good for anything specialized, of course, but even unskilled slaves can be used for all sorts of thing. You might be surprised to know how many of the manual laborers you see have actually been conditioned. But that sort of thing is low margin, and you have to do a lot of volume to really get ahead. “I do a different kind of work. Much more specialized. I work the high value end of the field. Once I’m a master, I can work on things like suborning politicians, making them completely compliant to so some interest. Up to now, I capture professionals.” She began to whimper as my ministrations began to combine with the potion she’d consumed to produce arousal. And fear. Delicious, delicious fear. It was one of the things about my job that I savored. “Lawyers seem to be particularly popular. Attorney/client privilege has nothing on the kind of secrecy I can enforce. “But let’s face it. The real money is in sex slaves. You have no idea how much some people will pay to have their own personal toys.” She looked around, hoping no one could see. I pushed against her crotch, forcing the chair away from the table, revealing more. No one would notice. I’d taken care of that already, but she had no way to know that. “And that brings us to you. We have a rule. A masterpiece can’t be done for money, and it can’t be done at random. It’s personal. Really, I couldn’t think of anyone I wanted to do this to more than you. Take that as a compliment, if you will. Of all the people I’ve ever met, you stand out above all of the others as the one I most want to destroy.” I sighed. “My foot is getting tired.” I pulled it away from her. “Put your hand down your skirt and masturbate for me. I want to watch you do yourself.” *** I turned to look at Matt. He had an intense look on his face, and I could see his cock straining against his slacks. “Enjoying the show?” He nodded. “Yeah.” His voice was hoarse. “You’re good at this.” “I spend time in the BDSM community.” That was kind of true. “Fun to put it to use for real.” I caressed Amy’s thigh through the silk of her stocking. “You’re giving your master a big hard-on,” I told her. “That’s a very naughty thing to do. Are you prepared to fix it?” “Yes, Mistress,” she groaned. “Good. But we’re not quite ready yet. Get on your hands and knees and crawl over to my bag.” She complied, still managing to shake her rump in an enticing way. I was pleased to note that she didn’t assume anything else about my instructions and didn’t touch my luggage. Matt was doing damned well for an amateur. “Now, unzip the long pocket on the right side. You’ll find several things in there. You’ll become acquainted with all of them over the next few days, but right now I just want the short, brown leather braided whip.” I suddenly realized I’d erred, and hoped Matt was too busy enjoying himself to ask why I’d come equipped. Amy pulled out the whip, wincing at the sight of some of the other instruments. She crawled back to me and held it up for me to take. I did so, then squatted down behind her. “Matt, have you ever had a woman give you a blow job while she’s being beaten? The sensation of her screaming while your cock is in her mouth is really quite exquisite.” He shook his head. I flipped Amy’s skirt up, and then pulled her panties down to mid-thigh. They clung to her cunt briefly, then separated, leaving a trail of moisture between them. It took a few seconds for it to snap. “Now, slave, here is what is going to happen. You are going to crawl over to your master. You are not to let those panties slip down to the floor. You will unzip his pants and pull out his dick. You will then give him the best blow job you have ever performed. He seems very close to blowing his stack already, but you are not to let him cum until I tell you to.” I smiled at Matt. “Is that absolutely clear?” “Yes, Mistress.” “The whole time, I am going to be beating your ass. Hard. As I said, I want you to scream.” I leaned forward and jerked her head back by her hair, forcing her to look up at me. “If you accidentally bite his cock while I whip you, I will subject you to pain you can’t imagine. Got that?” “Yes, Mistress,” she whispered, fear in her eyes. “Good.” I stood up, and delivered the first blow with a loud crack. “Now get started.” *** “I’ve worked up to this for a long time. You know, if you had paid any attention to the people you went to high school with, you might have seen this coming. Remember Monica? She lives her life in a basement in San Diego. The last I heard, Gina was somewhere in Russia. The first of your little clique to disappear was Kelly. I admit, I wasn’t very skilled at that point and it was a crude conversion, but it turned her into a streetwalker in Miami. And Sue, well, the life of a sex slave can be kind of dangerous. Take hers as a cautionary tale on why you need to keep the boss happy.” I couldn’t actually see her playing with herself, but Amy’s expression gave it away. She was really getting into it. I really enjoy cross-wiring my subjects, and Amy was going to find that fear and shame were irresistible turn-ons. The range of emotions that played across her face had the same effect on me. “I have a special destination in mind for you. More than just a punishment, you are going to search for atonement. I assume you remember Matthew Reynolds.” She gave no sign of recognition, but her features were busy. “I’m giving you to him. He is going to do anything he wants to you.” Amy suddenly smiled. She managed to croak out, “Too . . . nice.” That startled me. “I’m very impressed, Amy. You managed to disobey a direct order. I can count on one hand my victims that had the willpower to do that. It won’t help you, though. As those charms sink deeper, they’ll find ways to turn that strength against you. As I said, I’m much better at what I do than I used to be.” “But you’re right, of course. He is too nice to treat you the way you deserve.” I felt a stab of guilt of my own. “Can you believe that I once told him that he was too nice to date? Granted, that was before I realized that I’m a dyke, but still, that wasn’t nice.” “But that’s a temporary condition. I have another cocktail made up that I’ll be administering to him. Anonymously. Actually, that’s the part of all of this that will earn me a promotion. I think I’ve done an exquisite job with you, but you’re really just a prop. What I’m doing to him, though, is a work of art.” She was rubbing herself harder. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to edit someone’s ethics? And do it selectively? Of course not. Well, it’s an order of magnitude more difficult than turning someone into a guilty, shame-driven, masochistic slut.” Gloating about this felt really good. “By the time you deliver yourself to him, he will have a bit of a blind spot in that good nature of his. He will still treat everyone else just like he always has. Not you. With you, he’s going to be all id. Every bit of resentment he feels towards women in general, and you in particular, is going to come out in the way he treats you. You’re going to be his scapegoat, in its original sense, the receptacle for his anger. And the best part of it is that nothing he does to you will bother his conscience in the slightest. You’re fair game.” “I really hope he doesn’t kill you on the spot.” *** For all of her faults, I decided that I really did have to admire Amy’s work ethic. She was a sex slave, and had clearly put a lot of effort into being a good one. Despite the blistering I gave the back of her thighs and ass, she successfully kept Matt away from climax for quite a while. When the inevitable was about to become unavoidable, I let up and grabbed her hair again. “Sit back and jack him off. I want him to cum on your face.” She quickly grabbed his cock and started stroking it forcefully. In a matter of seconds, jets of white fluid spattered her from her frosted blonde hair to her pointed little chin. Matt groaned. I know that the orgasm is inferior that way, but I was sure that Amy would have opportunities to make it up to him. I retreated to my chair. “Once you’ve cleaned him up, come over here. And those panties should still be at mid thigh.” I had her stand in front of me, legs spread as far as the fabric would allow and her hands behind her head. I ran my fingers through her closely trimmed pubic hair and then idly played with her sex. Her cunt was leaking lubricant, which made a track down the inside of her thigh that resembled in microcosm the streams of semen dripping onto her breasts and uniform. “Tell me,” I asked casually, “what’s the most embarrassing thing Matt has made you do?” I let two fingers slide inside her as she answered. She hesitated. “We went to Chicago. A couple of months ago.” Her speech was halting and tears formed in her eyes. Her pussy had become an inferno. “Master took me to a strip club. It was amateur night. He made me dance. The owner didn’t want to. My age. So he made me bribe him. I paid the owner $1,000 to let me dance. I begged him to let me.” She was looking past me, unfocused on anything in the present. “Master had arranged for some of the associates from my old firm to be there. A large group. And a couple of the partners. They . . . they really enjoyed seeing me dance. Naked.” Her voice dropped to a whisper for a moment before recovering. “I don’t think they liked me.” “They threw one dollar bills at me.” Her eyes closed and her legs were trembling. “I was a $600 an hour patent attorney, and they were giving me singles.” “ Master invited them to a hotel suite. The younger ones came. They all fucked me. One or two at a time.” I brushed her clit with my thumb, producing a cry as she jerked. “Do you want to cum, slut?” “Yes, Mistress.” *** “Here is what is going to happen,” I told Amy. By this point she was moaning with arousal, but I made sure she was paying attention. “As I said, you are going to deliver yourself to him. Not today. Today, you’re going to go about your work. But memories of what you did to Matt are going to start to plague you. You’re going to dream about them. And you’re going to feel guilty about it.” “Then you’re going to start dreaming about ways to make it up to him. Eventually, you’ll hit upon the idea of becoming his slave. It will crawl out of your dreams and you’ll start fantasizing about it during your waking hours. Eventually it will consume you.” She started to sound like Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle. “And it’s going to make you hot. So very, very hot. I have no idea what your sex life is like now, and I don’t care. But soon, no matter what you do, it won’t be enough. You’ll be so desperate to climax that you’ll try anything, but it will be harder and harder. The only way to have an orgasm will be to imagine Matt Reynolds controlling you. Abusing you.” “And eventually, you’re going to find him. And then you’re going to sell off everything you own and quit your job. You will find yourself on his doorstep, ringing the bell. When he answers, you’re going to beg him to let you in. You will promise to do anything he wants you to. Anything. I mean that literally.” “And you had better hope that he accepts your offer. Nothing I’m going to do to him will guarantee that he does. If he doesn’t, well, it’s going to be a short and miserable life for you from there.” “If he does take you in, you will do what you have promised. It gets better. I’m also going to be sending him a charm. A physical one, not one to consume. As long as he keeps it near him, and he will, no one else is going to blink an eye at your situation. You can call for help all you want, and no one will answer. If he takes you out in public, no one will question the way he treats you or the things he makes you do, even if it involves them.” I was leaning forward, almost straining to get closer to her, to see her face. “If he starts dating someone, she will just accept your presence as perfectly normal, and she’ll hardly object to him fucking you, too. She’ll probably even help.” “That’s how you’re going to spend the rest of your life. And I’d try to make sure that he doesn’t get bored with you. Life is pretty tough for a middle aged sex slave in need of a new owner.” Even with the table interposing, I could tell she was frigging herself with a shocking intensity. “You seem to be excited by the whole idea. Tell me what you think of that.” “Bitch.” The word emerged as a long, quavering expression. “Evil bitch.” “Yes, yes I am. I’ll see you in hell. I’ll still be the one on top.” I stood up, gathering my purse. “Oh, one more thing.” I stepped around the table so that I was looking straight down at her, legs splayed apart, hand working furiously inside her clothes. “Once I walk away, you will finally have that orgasm you want so badly. And when you do, you’re going to forget I was ever here. You’re going to be left wondering why you’re drenched in your own sex juices and why no one around seems to notice. And then you’ll go on with your life, just as I described it. You’ll think that everything that happens came to you naturally. Just your own guilt finally taking control of you.” I bent down and gently kissed her mouth. When I broke it, I turned to leave. “Oh, there’s one exception to that. Whenever you cum, you will remember this meeting. Then, and only then, you will know what really happened to you and who did it. And then the memory will fade.” I wasn’t fifty feet away before I heard her scream out her climax. *** I looked up at Amy. I’m sure my smile was wicked indeed, but she didn’t see it. Her eyes were closed, thinking of nothing but shame and hot, wet excitement. I gently slid my two fingers in and out and began softly playing with her clit. She was panting with need, and the end came quickly. As her orgasm began to crash over her, her eyes flew open and locked with mine. I watched triumphantly as they filled with horror. She tried to curse me, but as I’m sure happened every time she tried to communicate the things she suddenly knew, her sexual needs overwhelmed her and choked her words into incoherence. She didn’t break my gaze. I basked in her despair and defeat. Then the moment was past. She looked down at the floor. “Thank you, Mistress, for letting me cum.” “You are most welcome, slave. May I say that I enjoyed it almost as much as you did.” She glanced up, and I saw gratitude. Gratitude for caring. I looked over at Matt, who was hard again already. “If your master is willing, I would love to make you cum over and over again this weekend.”
  13. Plot is rather simple : A fat and ugly guy despise by all his neighborhood obtained a mystical device that can mind control anyone. Who would be his first target ? His hot stepmother ? The schoolgirls in the bus ? The little girls in the park ? Noone will be safe. I can play either the man or the several females.
  14. For this RP, I'm looking for someone that is okay with writing very long posts and has a good grasp of spelling and grammar (or maybe uses something like Grammarly). I'm fine with posts taking time between responses, I'd prefer you give your best and wait days or even weeks if you feel like that's what you need. If you're interested in RPing with me but feel like you don't meet the above requirements, feel free to EcchiText me, I've got some other old ideas that I'm sort of sitting on that I'd be fine discussing. My simpler ideas I'm more cool with shorter posts and more lax about grammar/spelling. TL;DR: A world with humans, furries, and kemonomimi (nekos and the like); the world was futuristic with Sci-Fi aspects but also augmented with magic (magi-tech Sci-Fi). I once upon a time had a roleplay with a fictional world (and some characters) that I was rather fond of, and wouldn't mind revisiting it. I'll try to summarize. I mostly really like the world and want to do something with it again, preferably with a partner that likes both world building and character development, and isn't opposed to lengthier (if somewhat less frequent) posts. The spoilers represent text from the original RP from ages ago. I do my best to do a shorter summary if you don't want to read all of that. Background/History: Shorter summary: The world of humanity, at some point, managed to rediscover magic[1]. Combining magic with technology, they were finally able to make significant technological breakthroughs including intergalactic travel. They found a planet that was largely uninhabitable but rich in a crystal that amplified magic, but they weren't the only ones interested in those crystals. A race of furries[2] was also there to mine crystals, and this started a long conflict between furries and humans. The furries were physically superior to humans, and had greater technology, and their mages were much stronger than human mages; humans, on the other hand, had the advantage of numbers overall, as well as having mages more commonly among their kind (while furry mages were incredibly powerful, they were very rare; human mages varied in strength but were not nearly as 'exceptional') [3]. Not much about the war or this era was ever fleshed out. I've got some ideas for it, but the short story is that the war was basically equal on both sides for a long time, until Cyrbrans appeared out of nowhere and destroyed earth [4]. Similar to the ending of Watchmen (either movie or comic), when this strange threat appeared, it ended up somewhat 'uniting' the two sides. With humanity's homeworld destroyed, though the humans managed to evacuate before its destruction, humans lost the war against the furries. The furries basically ended up taking them in since humanity had nowhere else to go (due to the war, neither side had much chance to colonize to an extent that humanity could just get another home planet). That's the general backdrop of the RP, the history of the world. Present Day: In present day, the RP took place on the furry homeworld, which now had a significant human population. Furries, of course, were at the top of the pecking order. They were the privileged class, more or less. Humans weren't necessarily treated awful, but they were much more middle class (by the US definition; if you're in the UK, working class is probably more appropriate) and had much less presence in government or anywhere high ranking. Some humans managed to work their way up the food chain, but generally speaking, the bottom 90% of a company would be something like 80% humans and 5-10% furry, while the top 10% would be 9% furry and 1% human. Racial tensions obviously existed between the two, but other than the occasional radical, there wasn't a ton of challenge to the status quo. Then there was the bottom of the barrel, third-class citizenry - mutts, half-breeds, aka Kemonomimi (nekos, inus, etc.) They were originally born of a union between humans and furries and were looked down upon by either race. Some were products of legitimate relationships, others of rape, but by now they have their own population from offspring amongst themselves as well as the occasional born of an inter-racial relationship [6]. Furthermore, the male population is significantly smaller than the female population due to the war (that explanation was never really fleshed out), and as such, laws were enacted to allow individuals to have multiple spouses; this generally meant one male having multiple wives and didn't really happen the other way around, which was the plot of the original RP - the female lead planning on having multiple partners/mates [7] and used a new form of magic she developed to do so. I had a number of characters and she cast a spell/ritual on them to alter their views/opinions of her. She did this to different extents - one was a friend of hers, one was her boss (who she was most interested in), one was a coworker (that she hated) and the last one was a rich playboy son of a politician. 1. In the original description, it was after humanity nearly destroyed itself with war and technology. This was mostly background and not a detail I'm married to. 2. Their planet was called Podoboo and their species referred to as Podians. Full disclosure, the name of the planet is based on my own screen name. Willing to change this. 3. Some of this was present in the thread, some I'm embellishing because it makes sense to me. Most of these details are open to change if you have suggestions. 4. I can't actually tell you much about Cybrans. Those were Iexist's creation and they had most of the creative control over them and was kinda secretive about what Cybrans actually were. They clearly had plans, but the thread never got far enough for me to find out about them. What I can tell you is that they're hugely magic resistant, and seem to be soulless robots[5], but other than that, and the fact that they're clearly malevolent, not much is known about them. 5. I specify soulless robots because, in this setting, it was actually possible to create and imbue a soul onto some artificial intelligence based robots with the use of crystals and magic. Intelligent Devices (I.D.s) are a somewhat prominent part of this world. For the most part, they were just AI based, with programming, not unlike a smartphone, but two of the main characters augmented their I.D.s to have souls and personalities. 6. While this aspect of the world/RP isn't strictly necessary, I do think the world is more interesting for it. If it's something that makes you uncomfortable, I'm willing to take it out, but would prefer to keep it if that's an option. 7. This whole thing was basically just to create the plot of the original RP which was supposed to be haremesque. I don't mind keeping it, but I'm also willing to modify or ditch it entirely. I'm more attached to the other aspects of the world than this particular If this sounds interesting to you, but you have more questions, either about the world or just me as an RP'er in general, feel free to ask. I copy-pasted most of this from somewhere else and made some edits but if something seems confusing, I probably just missed something so please do ask if there's something unclear to you.
  15. Ur Character (male) has just found a weird object, shaped like a pen. Except it seems to mind control anyone who get the ray on her forefront. I'll give you several place to travel and you will choose where to go, knowing that depending the time of the day/night and the place, you will meet different girls. So it's a kind of open area game. Beware, girls will be various !
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