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  1. I have an idea for a fantasy adventure RP where my character is a futa adventurer who got hit with a curse that ramps up her libido to nearly uncontrollable levels. Because of this, her travels involve her fucking women on a regular basis. They can be her party members, villains she defeats, or some other sexy women she happens to come across. Whether they consent or not isn’t really something that matters. If this idea interests you, just hit me up! Looking forward to RPing with you~
  2. Warning this is a Non-Con RP so if that’s not something you like or aren’t comfortable with then skip this post. Comment First! I have that selected for a reason. So I had this RP idea I was setting up almost a year ago with someone over on iFunny but they got Banned the literal day we started but the idea popped back up in my brain. The basic plot is that YC, who seems to have the worst luck, throughout the years keeps somehow ending up in situations where they are Sexually Assaulted. And every time it happens the twisted events, plus all the forced physical pleasure, would degrade there will and a bit of there mind/sanity. (Yes one big thing about this RP is that it basically requires Mind Break.) We had set up for three scenes, which if you are interested in this but want more than three then that’s completely ok with me but three will be the minimum, and each one would have the character break at different times. The First time was near the end of it. The Second time was in the middle. And the Third time was near the beginning and that would have been where she broke permanently. So the other big thing about this RP is that technically your character will be getting older with every scene change but to how much and how fast can be completely up to you! Also this don’t have to be set in a “realistic” setting. If you want a fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy or whatever it’s fine. And who, what, or how many of said who/what you want to be the scenes can be worked out between us.
  3. You are a motel manager, the actual facility being rather grimy and unclean. Your most usual clients are prostitutes, drug addicts, people simply driving by, and more. It gets boring, simply running it alone. So, you turn to porn... porn managizes, videos, and others galore. But, your mind began to churn when a new client stepped through the doors of your establishment, asking for a room. She seemed relatively normal, and she was. She was simply on a long roadtrip and needed a place to sleep for the night and settled for your little... greasy motel. Okay then. You gave her a room, and all went well. But, you specifically gave her the room with... cameras installed. Honestly, you had forgotten about the cameras until you saw her. Ideas flashed through your mind and sick fantasies were running wild. You watched her undress, bathe, and more and saw all of her busty body... but, she heard a camera click, and the fantasies were broken. She knew someone was watching her, and in further inspection she found a hidden camera! She rushed to you and busted into your office only to find you suddenly not there. She snuck into the back office to see if that's where you had stashed yourself, but you weren't there either. She was hell bent on confronting you and then calling the police! But, as she stepped into the back office, she found your porn stash just laid out, and the camera views of her motel room on monitors clear to see. That's when the door closed, and you were there. You couldn't just let her get away! If she called the police then it would be EXTREMELY bad for business! And, now that you were blocking her only exit, a sudden... idea exploded in your head. You could keep her here, with you. Make her your personal little play thing, and then you'll never be alone again! And... for added measure, you could make some extra money... with her body. Certain clients would be happy to spend time with such a well endowed lady, so selling her to men for a night or two sounds perfectly reasonable to you! What's needed first, however... is to break her in.
  4. Plot is rather simple. YC is a young man, probably high school student finding that his best friend's mother is pretty hot. He will find a way through blackmail or something to fuck her limitlessly.
  5. This rp is about a brother and his older sister who are on the broke side of things and barely manage to scrape by but they live their life happily in the company of one another, their parents died due to a pandemic that has happened recently, they live in a quite town near some beautiful forests, the brother (16 years old) Is a clumsy Idiotic type of brother but he loves his big sister very much and If not for his big sister he wouldn't survive at all, and his old sister (30 years old) is a tall and big tough looking lady but has enough feminine qualities to be considered a babe, and even though her clothes and appearance look rugged and dirty her beauty still shines through the two siblings live in a run down small apartment with its landlord missing but they have only one room to share their bed and all their activities and also all the basic stuff like a kitchen, a bathroom and that's pretty much it, the older sister used to tease her little bro in a sexual manner but he was younger than his current age so he barely remembered anything, and one day the older sister would fall ill and her state was in grave danger, so her little bro hurries outside to search for a medicine to treat her with him only finding one shady medicine giving her symptoms that he clearly stated to the person he got the medicine from little did he know that the medicine actually worked! it was a miracle but the medicine had big side effects, during the next three days his old sister's skin started turning green, and the days that follow made her body get more muscly and her lower fangs started growing rapidly, her face became more masculine and her ears grew wide and she has turned into an orc lady~! the story then follows the two siblings and after she becomes an orc she becomes much better at collecting money doing manly jobs that earn a lot of cash, but her sexual libido increased tenfold as a result of her transformation, so she make a lot of move on her little brother, eventually convincing him to marry her and they would bare beautiful children and start a family of cross breed human orcs~ That's the whole rp scenario, I'm fine with adjusting small changes to better suit my partner's tastes but no major changes please Also very Important my partner has to be a Female That's all and thanks for reading till the end~
  6. I thought about posting this earlier, but it was long enough (and much darker than previous ideas) that I thought it should have its own ad. Since I don't want to risk having too many ads at one time, this may be the last new one for a while. The concept here is a story that starts with a monster and human girl, though that will change over the course of the story. Fair warning again, that it gets rather dark. Hopefully I am right in my understanding it isn't too dark for the site. One way or another a monster ended up under the girl's bed. How did it get there? Portal from another world/dimension? A unnoticed egg mixed with other stuff put under there? It is a fairly small detail that does not have to be considered but we can figure it out if you want to. The monster quietly grows under the bed and waits, sneaking out to eat at night. The girl may or may not notice it, but if she does she is too afraid to try to get rid of it. Until one night. The exact nature/shape/features of the creature can be discussed. But one night, once they are both old enough, it comes out and onto her bed. Maybe it is has a stinger, maybe it bites her, one way or another it gives her some sort of toxic relaxant. She is not put to sleep or immobilized, but it relaxes her to the point she does resist at all as it mates with her. She does not care, maybe even enjoys it (at least for the night, while its happening, when she wakes up she is likely not nearly so happy about it, but she might be also confused as to whether it was a nightmare or real). What she does not know at this point is that was only the beginning. Rather than inseminate her, the mating released a fluid into her that slowly begins a process of changing her. It takes a while, and possibly multiple mating sessions, but eventually her mind and body start to change. She first begins to take on physical aspects of the creature, the initial changes can possibly be hidden with varying degrees of difficulty, but eventually she will have to abandon her current life. As more of her body changes, she becomes somewhat more comfortable with the creature and it no longer gives her the toxins. Instead it offers her raw meat from his hunts, encouraging her to eat it. This speeds up the physical changes and starts the mental ones. She feels uncomfortable around other people (which was already somewhat true due to the changes she had to hide, but now it is more hostile than scared). Eventually she snaps and kills someone. That is when all the pieces comes together and she figures out more of what is happening. Her mate had been feeding her human meat. His kind, and what she is becoming, are predators that feed on many things but often crave humans. Possibly with some lingering shame and humiliation, she eats the person she just killed. This is when the mental changes really intensify. At some level she remembers she used to be human, but no longer thinks of herself as one, no longer thinks like one. They become prey and she loses any remaining shame about hunting and feeding on them. At this point she has to find a new place to live, and the male returns, to lead her to a place he had in mind. At this point they mate again, this time her body fully changed, and the purpose becomes to have children, which they both want at this point. At this point things can go a few different ways. Maybe these creatures mate for life. In which case their 'relationship' is not something we would recognize as love, but act as a couple of sorts and work together and keep having children, more similar to animals who mate for life. Another option would be that the first male's role is done after his first child/children are born and she has to seek out other males of her new kind maybe once a year or so. I like the idea that she can only give birth (lay eggs maybe) to males and females have to be created the way she was. They are creatures who are unique in the world but due to very small numbers and secrecy, have not been discovered yet. It could continue on to explore the lives for such creatures and the sorts of things they might encounter that humans know nothing about.
  7. DoggedFellow

    The Seducer - Modern

    From the album: My Roleplay Character Ideas

    A Real Shameless Piece of Work A lot of people like to dismiss him as just another flirt, clinging from one girl to the next like some kind of parasite. In reality though, he's actually quite clever. One moment of vulnerability is all he needs to take everything from his marks.
  8. DoggedFellow

    The Opportunist - Fantasy

    From the album: My Roleplay Character Ideas

    A Morally Degenerate Glory Seeker He's out for personal glory and won't let anyone get in his way. All he sees before him are potential prey for his consumption. He cares little for politics and will drown in debauchery should the world allow him to.
  9. DoggedFellow

    The Warrior - Fantasy

    From the album: My Roleplay Character Ideas

    An Inflexible Code of Honor She's capable of handling an entire division of soldiers by herself. She's strong, intelligent, and quick on her feet. Unfortunately, she's also riddled with personal insecurities and overly critical of herself. Many would like to see her taken down a peg. Others see in her, a friend yet to be.
  10. Black Cat 666

    The Vampire's Ghoul

    Vampires are real and have a secret society amongst the human world. These vampires have a subclass of willing slaves known as ghouls. These ghouls are made when a human drinks the blood of a vampire and they gain some of their gifts. Immortality, strength and speed so long as drink their owners blood. This bloodbond makes them obessed with their owners and extremely clingly.
  11. Crane

    Evil and Good

    I've been trying to think about what I want... And I keep coming up conflicted about it. In my head, I'd love to do something that's kind of in a grand scope. Even if we don't end up fully realizing all of it, I'd love to have some kind of roleplay centered around a grand conflict in the setting of good versus evil. Of course, that's pretty vague but the idea is going to be that the roleplay itself could either run like a game or as a competition. A light competition at that though, I don't think a roleplay where people are only focused on winning is ever fun. But! More one where we are trying to make each other think and allowing our characters to have weaknesses that may or may not be exploited. So! After this bit of preamble, I'm going to list out some story ideas and options for it and you can feel free to reach out to me about which ones sound fun! The setting is totally up in the air for these, if you have a preferred setting we can definitely try to work around it. I am more than happy to play either good or evil here so don't be afraid to hit me up! But if none of this does catch your fancy, if you have an idea that you think would be fun and would match the kinks I've talked about then please feel free to shoot it my way! The Demon Lord Emerges This plotline would work out almost to the level of a powertrip. This would be if someone wants to be or fight such a strong powerful creature. This would most likely end up being more of a strategic scenario. One where the true challenge is in your decisions and less over pure combat and strength. One where the main character will be the demon lord but like with any of these scenarios you aren't tethered to just one focus point. Can be all sorts of characters played and featured to keep things interesting and to play out certain scenarios that are fun, but not demon lord worthy. Good on the other hand will be trying their best to unite the peoples of the world against the great threat, trying to build up strength in the face of demonic wrath. Like with any scenario this can be heavily moldable and could feature a sort of game even perhaps with a map, or just be purely roleplay driven. Entirely depends on what my partner will find fun! The Chosen Heroes This idea is going to be something a bit... magical girl inspired! Heroines with magically amplified strength and power who have been tasked with keeping the world safe. Their own powers feed on the worship and morality of the people they are sworn to defend. Seen as nothing short of goddesses and icons to their people. The story will center around their struggle, fighting evil in the face of ever stronger and perverted enemies. Trying to find the sources of corruption that only seem to be growing with each passing week. I'd envision this campaign to be heavily corruption-focused, with enemies not able to kill the girls due to their powers, instead choosing to corrupt, harass and possibly abuse them if you like that like I do. ^^ All focused on making them fall and corrupting the people they are sworn to protect in order to weaken each of them until nothing can stop their corruptive influence. One Seed of Destruction This idea admittedly is going to be a bit smaller in scope at least to start. It's a bit inspired by bug hunt if you've ever watched that animation. But I'd love the idea of some kind of alien, or at the very least monstrous creature maybe even a humanoid/person. Whose alone in a space station, ship or town, their goal being to in some way take over. The goal and means of which depends on just who/what this creature is going to be. Admittedly I'd like a fair bit of sentience and possibility for communication. But other than that I'm fine with whatever, the story revolves around this enemy's struggle to turn the people of this place to his own whims. Tribal Leader Soooo this scenario I'd expect to revolve around a few of my favorite kinks, that of race and species play as well as ideally a bit of misogyny or similar sexplay. The idea is that the focal point of the story will be a X race/species of tribal people with a martial-centered society. Raiding and pillaging the "civilized" lands while slowly building up their follower. The MC could start from anywhere, be it a small insignificant group to one of the most feared warchiefs of their people. As with all of my ideas however none of these kinks are required, are just the naturally hot ways my brain ties these things too.
  12. Looking for some Black males to play preferable a black faunas MC to corrupt or just straight out rape Me(Weiss) and break me
  13. In a medieval imaginary kingdom, the King can't seem to successfully impregnate his wife the Queen Sofia, much younger than him. Rumours are he barely have sex with her. Recently he took a new concubine which deeply make the queen sad. YC is a young male previously knight of a foreign country fallen after the war now serving as a servant in the palace. A former maid has informed you that you are more or less related by blood with the king. You decide to step over and making the queen yours. I'll be playing the queen. Queen Sofia : Age : 32 Appearance : 1st Warning : She won't be seductive at all (at the beginning), you'll have to be bold (but no violent) 2nd Warning : I only play at 3rd person.
  14. In Japan a big company working in the Idol business is having financial issues. The boss has the idea of taking advantage of a young girl whose sell start to fade. He start to trick her doing swimsuit/underwear photoshoot before perverting her totally, eventually breaking her in public livestream. You'll play as the girl OR the manager/boss and other people of the company.
  15. This is an old idea for me, but one I really want to reach the end of. Fairly simple, but it can be quite complex based on how it rolls out as well Premise: A Demon is accidentally summoned by a young woman, and he proceeds to take his time slowly twisting and breaking her mind to make her his own personal toy. Now lets expand on this a little bit. Pretty much what I'm looking for is a slow, slow burn. Meant to take its time in what happens. Girl summons demon by accident, nothing new there. The idea as a whole isn't new, but the length is what I want. Its slow in how long it takes him to twist her. The demon himself revels in the pleasure it brings him to do this. Sadistic to the core he wants to watch her twist to his desires over time. So instead of having the break happen within the first couple of times, it can be over a long period of time. This is an idea that has been burning away at me for a long time. Only prompt I've thought up that I just haven't been able to forget about. Everything can be talked about before starting, or if you want to try and make it as spontaneous as the prompt is at its core, just shoot a starter. If there's anything unclear (as I'm sure I've forgotten some things) don't be afraid to ask.
  16. KawaiiUwU

    Training Cowgirls

    You have been appointed to train cowgirls. With an army of tools at your disposal to milk them, drain their brains, turn normal girls into cowgirls, and more, what will you do?
  17. A teacher named Soichiro is hired by his girlfriend Nanami to enslave a bunch of schoolgirls. The first: Chika Nakamura. Chika is a brunette with blue eyes who wears pigtails. She’s very innocent, and has a boyfriend. The rest, you create.
  18. EnchantedNymph

    LF Male Partners

    Looking for a literate roleplay partner to try out some of my roleplay ideas. I would like to add that these ideas would include actually story lines and depth. If interested in any of them feel free to message me and we can see if we can work something out. ~~~~~~~~~~ Alright, I have a few specific ideas I really want to try out. I will list them in order and if any of them interest you feel free to ecchitext me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ¤ Thriller/Smut style roleplay. I'm ready to dive into the spooky season. This could mean your character is some supernatural creature on the hunt, a serial killer, or a mixture of the two. My character would be a victim. I can easily switch characters so if one ends up dying, on to the next! ¤ Witch x Witch Hunter: Pretty self explanatory but if you need more details don't be afraid to ask. ¤ Opposing street gangs: Think something like West Side story. Your character is the leader of one, mine the leader of the other and our gangs clash all the time until things get a little too heated and it turns into more than just a brawl. (We can work on the plot more in ecchitext. This is just the general idea) ¤ Celebrity x Obsessed fan: Can play either role, could lead to kidnapping and other things. Drama/Thriller type genre not fluff. ¤ Fantasy RP theme: Think Dungeons & Dragons but text based. I can play multiple characters for the party so hopefully you can too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for taking the time to read~ ✌ Now let's get this party started ××
  19. Mayu Makinami

    Mayu No School Life

    I want an extreme/taboo lolicon rp featuring 1X year old student Mayu living a normal school life with her kind girlfriend/roommate Akane and her other friend Rei (a crossdresser)..but things go very wrong. Stalkers, being the uke to a sadistic bully named Ryuko, and being stalked by a yandere named Kasuko. She can return to normal by snuggles from her duo of besties. She and her friends are orphans, calling each other the Roommates Club, living in the mansion of sadistic Sojiro.
  20. A place where dirty business happens. The going rate for a blowjob here is the price of a snicker bar. Fantastic prices.. you also get drugs and can gamble here, just don’t rat, they’ll find out! Occasionally some thugs who don’t even go to this school will come recruit or sell stuff here. The famous roof top bed is a great place to lose your virginity or dignity. Some make a lot of money selling the videos! Rule 1: You can do what you want up here, snitches get stitches and so do all their friends. Rule 2: This place is pay to play. It ain’t a tour site. If you don’t bring cash to the gangs that hang out up here you better suck some dick and give them a cut or at least do a little gambling with them! Rule 3: No fucking on the gambling mats! There’s an old dingy mattress we clean the cum off of twice a week almost! It’s behind the roof stairway entrance. If you’re not in one of the gangs you gotta donate to use it though, DONT BE STINGY! Rule 4: if you toss someone off the roof don’t do it in the front for fucks sake!
  21. I really wanna do something with someone who will make me their pet. Someone who will use me, and teach me how to please them. Someone who will make sure I only live for them.~
  22. Mollywantsacracker

    Molly-chan's Daily Life

    *Molly was grown in an American lab in the September of 2003, during a mission to create the ultimate weapon. She developed an addiction to Hypr at the age of six, a drug manufactured by the military which they used to train and brainwash her. She was born with many peculiarities, such as an irregular heartbeat, overactive saliva glands, a missing pinky finger and a sexual charge from pain. At the age of 10, after years of torture and experimentation, it was discovered that she couldn't die. If she lost a limb it would grow back in 24 hours, or in extreme cases 48. If she faced normal death her brain would place her in a state of orgasmic numbness as it laboured to repair the body cell by cell, leaving Molly unable to move and salivating at the mouth. But she wasn't enough. She was too often incapacitated in battle, and her healing ability was deemed useless as it was too slow acting and expensive to replicate. They discarded Molly, having exhausted their use for her. She now had no choice but to wander the city in search of work, but no business would hire her due to her peculiar origins and physiology. Dirty and homeless, she resorted to selling herself, doing and enduring whatever she was ordered to so long as it meant getting off the streets and being able to feed her Hypr addiction.*
  23. YC is a young guy still in university, having found a place to live while finishing his studies. He's renting a room above a bookstore, the owner being your landlord. Gosh his wife is attractive...
  24. World News Publishing Public Service Report: Desperate for Love? Having no luck in the dating game? Tired of all the mixed signals and "romance"? Of course you are! Who wouldn't be! I have news for you, our company has new listings of Mail Order brides for you Today! Skip the games, leave it to the young kids. In just one simple order you can be put in contact with these lovely ladies. They're desperate for love, and are all perfect wife material you can take home to the parents! We'll even write you a "how we met" story so you don't have to lie to them. They're here, they want you, why not give true love a chance? From over 7,000 Miles. Take a look at some of our recent wives to be: Honoka Ryo, 21 Don't let her young appearance fool you, Honoka is a university graduate from Zheng Zhou University where she studied Nursing. Ryo is a native Chinese girl with strong family oriented values. She puts her family first which is why she's chosen to leave China to expand her family's horizons. There is certainly no further implications of her actions other than strong traditional goals. Did we mention she's cute as a button? Valykri Yahontov, 22 Hailing from the Motherland of Russia, Valykri is a darling who prioritizes her partner first. Her focus has always been providing for her partner and local community. Just look at her squat, simply elegant. Her involvement with local politics has always brought happiness to her family. She makes an excellent Bliny(Crepe). Yoko Mio, 19 Back to the more promising of our ladies, Yoko is a South Korean girl who has mastered the kitchen and can cook any meal her partner could possibly want. Her small size, and big heart are sure to warm any house she cares for. Why not give an innocent traveler a chance? Look at those darling eyes. Such innocence. Athena Alanis, 21 A Greek girl with a passion for nature and the outdoors. She loves sports and was a gymnast in school. Having finished her studies on Family Psychology she's rearing to rear one of her own. Her inquisitive open heart holds no secrets. She's the kind of vault you can lock your own mysteries away in and never fear their release. Sophia Jones, 24 A participant who actually went out of her way to be as involved in the mail order process as possible, Sophia is a girl from the United States who? She, well. She's definitely interesting. We weren't accounting on her at all. Why don't we just let her explain in her own words. "My name is Sophia, I'm looking into this program because I really am desperate for love. You see I lost my legs from the thigh down in a car accident when I was a teen. I've learned to handle it well and I get by extremely well in my everyday life. I'm not a hindrance, I swear. I use prosthetic, wheel chairs, and canes to get around. I'm very active, I exercise daily and keep myself in good shape! I'll be a good wife if you'll give me the chance, I can cook, clean, sew, and I have a 4 year degree in Mechanical Physics. Please give me a chance! I'd love to love you. " Well that's her word not ours. Petra Jones, 21 Petra is our last member of this group. She's a thoroughly submissive girl who loves government and law enforcement. She is in no way a vandal or problem maker. Don't mind the tattoos and piercings, they're all for a stage show, yeah an act. She's an actor. Petra will be a nice wife, just make sure to always feed her the vitamins she needs daily that were included in her package. Good luck ace! This Concludes our local listing, please give any one of our excellent ladies a try, if you're disappointed with their performance, we have a no return policy you can make sure to take full advantage of! Have a nice day give us a call at 777-this number-is-fake-555 or text This isn't a scam to 777-wife for a text alert about new participants! (Disclaimer! I in no way encourage this kind of treatment of anybody. I find the idea of Mail Order Brides to be Archaic and grossly inappropriate towards women and their rights. Patriarchy enforcing stereotypes and behaviors in women to negative detriment. This is for the sake of a story I'd like to tell with some partners, and I'd like to explore what that negative phenomena was like in a neo dystopian future. So please, this is just a curiosity of mine. Thank you for reading this first.) (Further Disclaimer, Sophia is no way meant to make light of paraplegic people nor their struggles. I hope she represents them instead and prejudices some people might have towards them. I love her.) Okay, that's enough of that. For real though this is a kinda complex one. If you've made it this far you must be at least casually interested in it. If you picked up on something fishy it's on purpose. All of these cuties have been shipped off to remove them from causing "trouble" in their home countries. Except for Sophia. She's just a sweetie. The setting I have in mind is a near-future dystopia where government societies have cracked down on the local populace to great detriment of their personal freedoms. These girls just so happen to be ones involved in either over throwing the established order, or causing trouble in their local communities. Because of their actions they've all been drugged up, and "removed" from their own cultures in an attempt to "correct" their behavior to more traditional drone attitudes. The only exception as I said before is Sophia who is legitimately seeking love. Allow me to give a brief introduction to each of them for what they're really "in for.": Each girl has their own stories from different places, Honoka Ryo-A spy for a local insurgency she infiltrated a school in an attempt to stop a cloning program that copied people but programmed them to follow orders. Valykri Yahontov-A local activist that stood up to a local politician who was going to destroy the last cathedral in Neo-Moscow. Yoko Mio-Caught trying to cross the border to safety she has been tagged as a dangerous citizen wanting to travel the world. Something illegal in this dystopian culture without government approval. Athena Alanis-Athena is actually a spy for the Neo-Greek Government. Her interests are in mimicking other cultures and their behaviors. Petra Jones-A violent activists involved in the Dallas Riots, she was caught trying to throw a Molotov into an abandoned government building. Although her actions wouldn't have led to death, she is in dire needs of "reprogramming" her pills suppress her behavior and memories making her a complacent partner. All of these characters have stories, and I'm really interested in telling them as well as a overarching Science Fiction story. I'd like to give each of them a try. The story doesn't have to be extremely long, but they're stories that can be as long as we'd like. For the stories I'd consider them adventure, sci-fi, and romance. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I generally write smut But i'm interested in trying something new. If you're into it there could totally be dystopian smut as well. I'm always down for ERP. But that's not the focus of this story. I'd love to give this story a try, I'll GM it, I just need someone to tell it with me. Thanks for reading this book, Message me if you're interested!
  25. my name is John, I am 26 YO, 6 ft. Tall and athletic build, I have a house in the woods, with a basement that I am using to create a sex chamber. I have found my first pet, in a young 19 YO, girl who I met in town the other day, she was with her friends and we had bumped into each other, she asked me what my name was, I was shocked that she even paid me any mind. I look very young for my age, that must have been the reason. I gladly told her my name and began observing her body, those legs in those tight jeans, they were ripped, due to the style nowadays, her breasts were already so developed, I could look at her hips from the front and could tell that she must have a nice butt in the back of her. One of her friends rudely interrupted our short conversation and told me to beat it. Her friends quickly took her with them, before she was taken from me, I slipped a note with my phone number into her hand. Just hoping she would contact me when they aren't around. As she walked away, I got a chance to see her ass in motion, every step she took her ass would just move with her, it wasn't too big but not small either, and the shape was just perfect. I wanted to be the one too drive my cock deep inside her guts! Now its just a waiting game.
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