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Found 1 result

  1. Randomchick66

    Threesome RP (MMF){Closed!!}

    Hello All! I have been wanting to do this rp for a very long time. I've had it started and gotten to various plot points. Unfortunately then my partner would go ghost. That or something would come up on my side. Anyways! It's been on my mind a lot lately. I am hoping to find someone on here, who would be willing to do it with me. This rp is um..well I'd say 60/40 Smut/Story. Thats just a rough estimate though. Which I usually don't do, usually I prefer rps to be 50/50 or 60/40 story/smut. However, I know I'd like there a be a bit more smut in this story, then I would usually do. Anyways! This is a Threesome RP Two main male OCs. One main female OC. I play the female. Yaoi is allowed and welcomed! I am looking for someone who:Rps 3rd person detailed (Paragraph or more is preferred) Willing to Rp as more then one person, of Male gender. Willing to do as said above, with sexuality being either Bisexual, pansexual or demisexual. Kinky stuff! (Light bondage, toys, biting, dirty talk and more) Is okay with Alcohol (drinking and bring drunk) and Smoking (cigarettes and weed) Plot(& Some Back story):(This is more a bare bones plot I am willing/would like to build more onto it) MC met the two boys back in middle school. Where she always offered to share her lunch with them because, "Eating with others always makes food taste so much better." Instant friends and have been every since. They've been through a lot together. Good times and bad times. A couple break ups on the guys parts, as MC doesn't often date, if ever. More then once has she berated, and nearly beat the crap out of girls and guys alike. Who broke her friend's hearts badly. She's quite protective of the two, and feels personally that no one is good enough to date them. Of course she kept these thoughts to herself. Friday nights are always movie sleepover nights. With each Friday having one person pick out all the movies. Saturdays are for going out and having a grand old time. Again, someone gets to pick the place. Sundays are usually lazy days, relaxing at one another's houses. A tradition faithfully kept for all the years their friends. Well, come around senior year of high school. Both boys realize, they've come to fall in love with MC. They end up having a fight over her, which she doesn't know about. This fight is so bad, that they decided to go their own ways and end their friendship. Which in turn, makes MC fade away from them both. As she refuses to choose one over the other. Fast Forward seven years(this is where the rp starts) The two males have come back into contact with one another. They have a long talk, and they come to realize, how stupid they acted in the past. They both get in contact with MC. Who is ecstatic to hear from them both again. She suggests they have a movie night at her place, like how they used to back in the good ole days. They all agree, and the boys come over. They apologize to MC and she forgives them of course. Well, before movie night can start, MC realize she forgot some special snacks. Thus she hurries out of the house, telling them to make themselves at home like always. They do so, and while one of them is snooping through the living room. They find a black leather bound notebook. Which turns out to be MC diary. In it, she describes how much it hurt to lose them both. With nearly no explanation. How much she missed them, to the point it physically made her scream in pain. The several nights she lost sleep. How she would drink herself to near black out condition to forget them. Throwing herself into her jobs she had over the years, again, to try and forget about them. How much she loves them, but of course can't tell them. It also includes several entries of sexual fantasies. Well of course, now that they've made amends. The male who found the diary shows it to the other. They decided, to make up for hurting MC so much, they will play out one of the fantasies from her diary. Now, either they can plan it out for a later date, or reenact it that night. Either way works for me. If it's set for a later date, I've got a few ideas for some plot points. Though I'm open to ideas and suggestions! MC: Name: Lumina Belle Donahue Nickname: Lu(prefers to be called this), Lulu, Lulu Bear, Lumie Age: 27 (She's younger then both men. No more then 1-2 years younger thought) Looks: Stands at 5'0"(Shes vertically challenged lol), Carmine red hair, which hangs to her lower back. Always up in either a bun, ponytail or braid. 40DD chest. Farmer tan skin, with a light dusting of freckles on her cheeks, nose and shoulders. Hazel eyes, slightly large. Smallish hands and feet. Sexuality: Bi-Sexual Favorite color(s): Blue(all shades), Purple(all shades), Black, Soft Yellows, Rainbow, Green camo History: Lu is the only child to Her parents. Both of them are famous and shrewd business people. They are loving parents, truly, but they tend to get rather wrapped up in their jobs. Leaving ray usually alone, in a house with a few servants. Now that she is old enough though, she's set out on her own. She makes a tidy living as a mechanic, owning her own shop and mainly working on classic cars. Which she absolutely adores. Along with occasionally working at a local and well known bar during the night time. She lives in a house that her parents bought for her, as a gift for her eighteen birthday. It's a simple brick house, two stories, three bed, two and a half bath. The bottom floor is very open, with a spiral staircase leading to the second floor. It also has a basement, where ray keeps homemade jars of jams, pickled veggies(mainly green beans), and other things a household necessities. There's also a wrap around screened in porch. A huge separate building garage, where she can work on cars. She also parks her own car in there. It's nestled back in a fairly well forested area. She has a swing, which she made herself. Hooked up to a huge and sturdy oak tree out front. Ect: She had 4 tattoos. One being a treble clef behind her right ear and a bass clef behind her left ear. One over her heart, it's a large valentine shaped heart. It's covered in stitches with a blood dripping from it's bottom tip. A bullet is lodged into one side, a knife up to its hilt in the other. Barbwire is wrapped around it to. Above that, in a simple banner, in bold black, old english script is one word. BEWARE. The fourth and final tattoo is of a large rainbow tye-dye rose, which encircles her belly button. Coming off of it, on both sides are wines with thorns. They go around her entire waist. KINKS: https://www.f-list.net/c/randomchick66
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