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Found 6 results

  1. Howdy! I am in desperate need of some experienced roleplayer(s) who like to put story and character interaction first and smut second. Gender has no bearing on how well someone roleplay's so it doesn't bother me what you identify as. I am however, only comfortable roleplaying as a man with the other roleplaying a woman, just cause I write best from what I know. I love character creation, world building and plot direction but I prefer something that feels natural and fluid, so I like for things to be driven by the character(s) and their interactions. I'm not looking for something specific in terms of genre or plot but I gotta have some sort of conflict or overarching narrative. I have a hard time being invested in short-term one-offs because not only do they lack meaningful conflict, they also don't make me feel very invested in the roleplay. It can be dark, light, slice of life or romcom or really anything, as long as there's some sort of overarching narrative/conflict. I gotta have that spiceyness to the rp for me to be invested and I very much enjoy creating things with my rp partners~, which also makes me feel more invested. Last but not least, I have a hard time replying to anything less than two paragraphs. Maybe it's just me but I rarely find single paragraphs or less to be reply conducive. Proper grammar, decent spelling and reply conducive para's is my kink ~ If you're an experienced roleplayer looking for something with more than just smut, if you like talking with your roleplay partner about the characters and progressing story, please feel free to send me an ecchitext! I will be eagerly waiting ^^
  2. Welcome all to the Blackberry Falls City (Suee, DJMax game.) The Blackberry Falls City is a self-sustaining capital city on a remote island, where the water is pure and the land is free. The city is famous originally for it's delicious and unique Blackberries, as the waterfall contained water that was not only good for the farms and their crops, but made the Blackberry vines grow three times the size, with the blackberries themselves three times the size as well. And at three times the taste, it was something no one had ever tasted before; far superior to other blackberries. This was good for the pie industry as well as the jam industry. It was soon discovered that the water, as well as the fruits that used the water, prolonged life and promoted vitality with human life span, touching on average 110 years old, with the oldest to pass away at 149 years old (If you'd like information on Blackberries, click here). The Country has its own government, with their customs being extremely strict on the importation of food, much like Australia and New Zealand, to prevent damage to their ecology which could cost billions of Blackberrian Dollars to the thriving blackberry industry, and the country’s economy. Blackberry Falls is a rich, multicultural City that is suitable for all walks of life, with bountiful jobs and housing. At the very centre of the Blackberry Falls economy is Keza Corp and EDAN Industries. They have made Blackberry Falls the forefront of new, cheap, and revolutionary technology. Both Corporations helped protect Blackberry falls during the recession that hit many countries hard. Blackberry Falls continued to be prosperous in the bleak economic climate. Blackberry Falls attracts thousands of people from around the globe, seeking their fortunes among the streets. So here it is... Your chance to help the city to thrive or drag it to it's knees... What will you do? Skill level: Advanced Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplaying Rules, plus: No character is allowed to cross the border into the UFF country without my permission. You also cannot have your character as one of the UFF species, without strict permission from myself, and Wolfie. This is a strict rule I will not budge on. Anyone violating this will be asked to leave the RP immediately with little chance of returning. Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. If you are wanting a special place in Blackberry Falls, then I will need a detailed extra information before I can add it to the list of locations within Blackberry Falls.
  3. Welcome to the Blackberry Café The Blackberry Café is a place for roleplayers to gather and talk about the Blackberry Falls roleplay. Here we can discuss our characters, and plots that we may want to make or currently have going. If you are new to roleplaying in Blackberry Falls, then this is the perfect place to come and meet your fellow roleplayers and get to know them. You're also welcome to advertise a character that you would wish to roleplay with, but currently have no roleplaying partner for. Just please remember that anything discussed here in the Café cannot be known by your characters inside of the roleplay however, if you with to interact with other roleplayers in a roleplaying formet (Such as RPing yourself in first person), feel free to. Come in, sit down, order a drink as you natter away. Also please note that double posting is allowed here. Please enjoy your stay here in the Café Relevant links: Blackberry Falls Roleplay Extra Information Character ID
  4. Newbie incoming. Time to throw my hat in the ring and see if it finds some footing! Hey all, this bulletin is created for one idea I've practically poached from this specific hentai manga: https://e-hentai.org/g/701971/0ab9eb8aef/ Please note that you can contact me for any reason outside of this idea. If the themes highlighted appeal to you and you have a scenario that doesn't fit this particular RP, don't pull back! I'm more than happy to hear you out or modify as needed. Concept: A chance meeting outside of school ignites into a year-long affair of lust between the Student Council President and a lowlife schoolboy. My character is the subject of constant hounding and humiliation in school by the President who appears at first glance to rather enjoy making his life hell. He's some variety of loser, whether it's that he's a hopeless otaku, he's got horrible grades, or he's some lowlife thug. Whatever the case may be, he swears revenge... On one particular weekend, he spies her walking in the street and decides to shadow her. Watching as she enters a PC Café, he follows her into a private room and manages to sneak a peek. Inside, he discovers that the Class President is rather shockingly watching some hardcore porno depicting a woman being raped and humiliated. One snap of a picture, sets the stage for many lewd acts to come. Pretty normal up 'till this point. However I want her fetish to play a huge part in the role as she's blackmailed into committing lewd acts. She secretly enjoys what's happening to her and it's obvious at least, between the lowlife and the president. From there, it becomes a perverted slice of life, with the president facing new humiliations by the day and loving every second of it (all the while feigning resistance). Some modifiers I'm comfortable with: NTR - Class President has a boyfriend Handsome Devil - The lowlife is attractive instead of average/ugly Oh I hate this... - Class President doesn't have the fetish and is instead caught doing something embarrassing. ("Vanilla" blackmail) (Feel free to suggest others) I'll be creating a character after brainstorming, to take into consideration any modifiers. So no specific named character yet. If you have an interest, leave a comment or send me an Ecchitext! Figured this might be a fun little romp that doesn't take itself too seriously.
  5. Eilauver

    Eilauver's Roleplay Den

    Open for two partners! ×Hello! Hello, my fellow roleplayers. If you have come to my little corner of the site perhaps you are interested in writing with me on some of the things I'm about to cover or maybe you need a partner for ideas you have. Either way, I'm glad you're here and I want to thank you for reading my request thread. The best way, I think, to get in touch with me is you can send a message here or if I don't get to see it a pm will work too. If you do write something here or send a message let me know about ideas you have please. This is where we'll get the ball really rolling I got ideas you got ideas, it's great. You probably already know but I'm Eilauver. Although new to the site, I have roleplayed over fifteen years on different platforms and written by myself even longer. I'm here to find some partners and make some friends. Without further ado, let's talk about some details! •Preferences ×I am looking for roleplayers eager to write like me on some fantastic tales. I don't care whether you are female or male, that doesn't matter to me so as long as we can become partners and write to our hearts content and have fun. If you want to know about me, I'm female. I can and enjoy writing for both female and male characters. I am also open to MxF or FxM or FxF. •Post Frequency ×I can post a few times a day on up to a couple of times a week. I don't like to do rapid fire posts because for me I feel I'm not able to write what I need to write. I'm not knocking anyone that does them, they're just not for me. My post length can be three paragraphs at the minimum on up to ten if I'm really inspired. At minimum, I can work with two paragraphs. Nothing less sorry. One liners or a two sentences would be hard to respond to so two paragraphs or if you want to do more that's always welcome. I enjoy reading details, character thoughts, and anything else you feel the need and want to convey to me. Also, I don't mind if you write some posts a day, a couple every other day down to some a week. That's perfectly fine. Anything longer, let's say two weeks or more my interest will wane only if you do not communicate with me at all. •Activity ×Unless I'm working or doing something else, I'm online whenever I need to be. I still do need time in between to post though :) •Grammar and all that good stuff. ×I don't know anyone who doesn't make the occasional slip up now and again, I do. I mean as I'm writing one thing I'll be thinking about something else then when I go to read it I'll find mistakes. It happens. The only thing I have an issue with is if I have to decipher what the whole post is on a constant basis. Mistakes will happen that's only natural, don't beat yourself up over it I certainly won't. •Communication ×I feel if there's no communication whatsoever, how can we establish a partnership? With that said, I like getting to know my partner be it discussing the roleplay or on just a friendly chat basis or a need to vent about something I'll be here to listen. I'm big on keeping in touch if a hiatus comes up. I mentioned up above my interest would decline in a roleplay if time exceeds two weeks or more. If you let me know that something has come up I have no problems waiting for you please just be open with me. I'll tell you about any time I need or can't post, that open communication helps. If you don't want to write anymore tell me it's easy. •Preferred Genres ×These are the ones I've found to be my favorite. I'm not limited to just them. If you have some run them by me, we can see what we come up with. -Modern -‎Romance -‎Fantasy -‎Science Fiction -‎Modern Fantasy -‎Medieval -‎Slice of Life -‎Fandoms. With the romance I don't mean dedicating the plot to it strictly. I enjoy having a good amount of it in a roleplay certainly not the entire focus but a side plot if characters decide they have chemistry and develop feelings for one another. As far as the fandoms are concerned, I am limited with those on the count of what I know and have seen. I have a list below of my preferences. I'm open to any other fandoms if you feel I don't need to know a ton about them in order to make a story. With fandom characters I will not play canon characters, I prefer originals. •Fandom List ×Tales of Berseria ×Final Fantasy XV ×Silent Hill ×Xenogears ×Chrono Cross ×Absolute Boyfriend-something darker. ×Howl's Moving Castle ×Avatar: The Last Airbender-moving away from the classic cartoon. Something more darker and gritty. ×Final Fantasy X ×Bright •Genres I don't hold interest in ×Furry or Antro ×Strictly Master/Slave ×High school, college is fine. I'm also not interested in the teacher/student thing. ×Vampire/Werewolf-I might be interested if it doesn't involve this pairing put together or the usual vampire romance. ×Click the kink list in my preference list to see about what I'm interested in and of course my list of no. While sex is fine at the right time and place, I do prefer plot over it. I'm not looking to do something raunchy. I have to have a story and if sex plays a factor eventually that's alright with me. I don't want to skip ahead to get to the sex either. •Offs ×If you don't want to go over my kink list again, I will put below my absolute list of no don't like. -Abuse -Animal Transformation -Bimbofication -Body Part Transformation -Body Swapping -Canon Characters -Gender Transformation -Inanimate Object Transformation -Nonconsensual -Scat -Species Transformation -Supernatural Transformation -Transformation -Underage Characters -Violence -Vomiting -Vore (Being Predator) -Vore (Being Prey) -Watersports -Zoophilia -‎Damsels in distress -‎Passive characters ×I'll be looking for your ideas and input if any of the following catches your eye. I want to hear what ideas you have with a pairing. I'll mark out some of the characters I would like to play. If nothing is marked the characters can be played by either or. •Modern ×Detective x Thief ×Assassin x Target ×Private Investigator x Client Victim x Detective Brother x Brother's Girlfriend× Newlyweds in danger~>see Great for more plot details. Heiress x Islander •Fantasy ×Dark Wizard x Royalty ×Dragon x Human Rider Elf x Elf Human Royal x High Elf ×Human x Wolf Knight x Knight ×Elf Princess x Human Knight •Medieval Princess x Knight× Arranged Marriage~>also see I'll Follow You To The Ends Of The World. Assassin x Princess× Royal x Commoner Royalty x Thief Princess x Prince King x Princess Queen x Prince King x Queen ×Warrior Princess x Princess~>See I'll Follow You To The Ends Of The World plot for more details. •Slice of Life Best friends Unexpected pregnancy~>see Midnight Number, Familiar Voice plot for more details. •Modern Fantasy or Urban Fantasy Something along the lines of Bright. I have this on my fandom list too. If you're not familiar with the world they do have it on Netflix and also here's a bit of a read: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bright_(film) Spellcaster x Summoned Landmaid(Former Mermaid having lost her fin) x Royal descendant× Death incarnate x Contract Pirates of the old world x captive ×Snow beast x Curious human ×Magic Assassin x Mark Arranged marriage ×Royal Guard x Person of wealth~>see A Tale of Irrevocable Horror plot for more details. •Science Fiction Colonist x Colonist Ilyndrathyl life support x Last human~>The same universe as Defying The Odds. Soldier x Charge×~>see Defying The Odds plot for more details. Soldier x Scientist Plots •Defying The Odds Without word without warning it happened quickly, a sudden and swift attack against the last human stronghold, The Ainesilver. The Ainesilver, an enormous interplanetary ship, built by humans long ago was designed to bring mankind into the universe beyond should the planet of their birth, Earth, become uninhabitable. Along with mankind, The Ainesilver carried with it Ilyndrathyl-a mysterious life support system set to create life. How it came in the hands of man or who built it was unknown but from it life could be created in the event man ceased to exist. The attack on the Ainesilver left its inhabitants with little preparation while in the middle of the chaos one soldier stumbles upon the closed quarters where Ilyndrathyl is housed. Within it, a woman has been created. At first thought, the soldier pulls her unconscious form from the temporary captivity the will within becoming protective. Running into a few other survivors, the forced party makes way to an escape pod while all around the ship is on the verge of collapse and destruction. With little time the pod carrying the group shoots into the unknown ramparts of the universe leaving behind the Ainesilver and most of all Ilyndrathyl. The pod miraculously lands on foreign planet almost a replica of Earth. The survivors are shaken and leery of the world before them. They wonder how they'll continue on with little to no supplies while the soldier resigns to protecting them alongside the woman of Ilyndrathyl unbeknownst that she is more than meets the eye and the forces behind Ainesilver's demise would seek to pursue her. •Great The honeymoon is over before it even got started. Love at first sight, a sudden engagement, and a marriage in the span of a month what could possibly go wrong with that? Well, for one newlywed couple having hit the wine on the second date and hitting the sheets on the third, everything. Confusing love with infatuation, the pair much to the horror of their families marry in a hasty ceremony. While on their way to the cruise, they get into a huge argument about twinkies no less. For the first time, with the blinders off, they see each other and the differences they both bring to the table. As the fight erupts into much more, the two realize what they thought they might have in common they might not after all. Moreover, with the arguing they've missed the cruise forced to watch it and they money they paid sail away. Angry about the situation and with one another, they set up in a nearby hotel considering seriously about getting the marriage annulled. Having the share a room, the couple nitpick about everything with the wife storming out leaving the husband to his own devices. Needing fresh air, the wife sauntered away from the hotel happening across a green-eyed man shooting another point blank. The killer discovers her and about to shoot her too, she retreats back to her husband finding him doing the robot dance. Frantically, the wife explains her plight to her husband. Initially skeptical, he tells her they'll go to the police to get it sorted but as they open the door the killer stands before them with a gun raised on them. He backs them in the room silently. The husband, thinking quickly, yanks the phone out of the wall throwing it at the killer who ducks and the object catches someone walking by square in the face. Both the killer and the wife look at him, the latter disappointed. How will they get out of this if they can't stand one another? •Midnight Number, Familiar Voice Everyone who wanted to be someone got the hell up out of Lake County. Nothing ever happened and those that stayed would live out their mundane days daydreaming about the big city and how to be famous. She always wanted to leave. Every since her parents divorced and high school passed by easily. What kept her behind was not only her mother but him, the boy she loved every since they were children. He came from the wealthy side of the wrong tracks rolling with a crowd she never fit in with but somehow when he wasn't getting in trouble the two of them spent time together. It was as if when they were with each other he was a whole different person, one she could count on. And he told her in secret he loved her too unfortunately in the end he chose someone else over her. She was devastated. Every time she tried to move on, he would come back in her life somehow pulling her in confusing her feelings. While her life seemed stuck, his progressed and for the most part she was satisfied having any part of him even if she was the other woman. When he got engaged, he broke it off with her and resigned to letting him go she attempted to leave town until her mother grew sick. Miserable, another man unintentionally walks into her life treating her as she should be, number one. For a while everything is going good until her first love returns looking for another chance. She relents against her better judgement. An unexpected pregnancy has her to make a decision which way she should follow her heart, to the old or a chance at something new. •A Tale of Irrevocable Horror In Uthorim, a metropolis of grandiose, there lingers a peculiar unspoken darkness from which at night people seemingly vanish into thin air. While authorities are on high alert, the young king refuses to create hysteria that would place lives in danger. He has set about a curfew. With it in effect, people are not allowed to venture outside at certain times of the night. Though the citizens of Uthorim are angered by the restrictions, the king promises the matter will be rectified soon and swiftly. A young heiress has bore witness to her mother's terrible hallucinations and bouts of drunken stupors. Among Uthorim's society, the gossip reaches far about her mother's illness chalked up to the craziness of a sullen woman. One night, the heiress is woken up by her mother's screams. Hurriedly, she goes downstairs to find her father, older sister, and one of the servant men carrying her mother to the car in the night. Her illness has taken a turn and even with the curfew in full force, she must be taken to the doctor. The heiress begs her father not to go, but he promises to return, that she should look after her younger brother. The heiress is left alone with the servants. Once morning hits, there's no sign of her family. No call on the phone or even a message. Even a call from the heiress does not reach. Morning is soon noon followed by afternoon night and the next day. The authorities claim they cannot do anything because it was her father's choice to go out after curfew. After weeks of no contact, the heiress decides for the sake of her brother to ask for an audience with the king the only person she feels can help. Although against it, the young king has political pull however before he was king their fathers were once friends and the young king has always held a devious eye for the heiress. Without question she is granted an audience with Uthorim's sovereign. His manner with her versus his public appearance are quite different, he longs for her expresses his love while she is determined to merely have him help her. He is not deterred. He will help. He'll send one of his best royal guards with a small group to investigate, but at a price. She will and without question give herself to him otherwise he will take everything she thinks she has back leaving her and her brother destitute and send them into exile. •I'll Follow You To The Ends Of The World It is the world of man. Warriors, clerics, blacksmiths, knights, and kings. At their sides are the women that walk at their side, keep their home in order, and bear children silently placing dreams of lives other than taking care of families. For one princess the time for suitors was near. Groomed into the perfect heir, a hidden defiance has lingered within to go against the rules of society to be more than a woman bred for marriage but she knows her father will hear none of it. For her coming of age ceremony, all the royalty from the allied kingdoms attend. Much to her disappointment there are princes, warriors and anyone of high standing vying for her hand yet none spark her heart or interest until scandal threatens the celebration. Of a well to do kingdom in the southern moorlands, arrive three souls not really invited however with good faith as an ally brought on by that kingdom's king the guests are allowed to enter. It is a kindly king, his warrior son and the reason behind the scandal. The king's blue-eyed daughter. A warrior on her own in armor as any male and a sword sheath at her side. Beautiful she is, the princess of the south only cares about standing at her father's side. It is through the crowd that she sees the other princess where they greet one another with a smile. Throughout the festivities the pair sneak glances at one another. The warrior princess keeps her distance however while her brother asks the other princess for a dance and their fathers privately discuss an arranged marriage. Upon dancing with nearly every suitor, the princess at long last is brought near the blue-eyed princess of the south where their eyes meet again. The warrior princess smiles slyly. She cocks her head to the side. "You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen before in my life. There's a light in them, they are special don't let any of this let that light die." With her hand reaching out she touches the princess's hand gently. Forced to break contact by the arrival of the princess's father, the warrior princess disappears in the crowd. The king tells his daughter he has decided she will marry a suitor by the end of the next fortnight. Well, that's about it. I look forward to hearing from you!
  6. Blackberry Falls Extra Information It is the modern day, and the place this roleplay finds itself in is Blackberry Falls, a city situated on a large island that is perhaps a little larger than the United Kingdom. This fair, bountiful land is split between two separate countries; Ashaea, and the United Federation of Families which has settled in on the island in recent years. The Capital cities, Blackberry Falls and Xantall’ar, sit on opposite ends of the island, separated by other, smaller cities and a wide expanse of forest that dominates the island. The cities have settled on the southern end of the island, and just to their north is a large cliff that runs from one side of the country to the other. Beyond the cliffs is the rest of the island, dotted here and there with towns and villages. The river that spills down the cliffside splits into two large rivers, with one headed towards Blackberry Falls and the other heading into UFF country, so that both reap the benefits of the strange water. For the moment, the relationship between the two countries is an uneasy peace. They mostly stay out of each other’s business, although there is limited trade between the two. Between the borders of the two countries is a de-militarised zone, that prevents either side from being able to send any kind of military into the other country. This has helped maintain the delicate truce that the two countries share. Blackberry Falls is a large, modern city, filled with large skyscrapers, which displays the wealth and development of this human metropolis. One of the things that Blackberry Falls is famous for is its BlackBerries, due to their high quality and abundant Blackberry harvests. There is something in the water of the island that causes the BlackBerry bushes to grow far larger than normal, and the berries to be the most delicious in the world. It also helps the inhabitants of the island stay healthy and helps them live longer. The time of Blackberry Falls is the early 21st century, and despite the violent economic climate, Blackberry has fared extremely well. This is largely in part thanks to the trade that Ashaea has had with the UFF and their major corporation, Keza Corp. Ashaea has their own corporation, EDAN Industries, that has filled Blackberry Falls with technology that suppasses any that other human countries, although it is a few steps behind what Keza Corp has been able to produce, because the UFF tends to keep their own technology to themselves. With the combination of the trade with the UFF, their own self-sustaining ways and EDAN Industries, Ashaea has remained prosperous while other economies have faltered. For humans, Blackberry Falls has turned into a technology empire, and there are thousands of jobs available for the citizens to apply for. They are also in the lead for the latest medical technology for humans, and it is home to one of the most state of the art human hospital, Blackberry General Hospital. The UFF is home for the most advanced technology in the world, and they actually have the most advanced hospital in the world, Keza Corp Hospital, however due to their restricted borders and lack of interest in sharing what Keza Corp produce, their technology (medical or otherwise) is not available to those in Blackberry Falls. Even if it was available, the UFF is made up of species that have a different biology to humans, Neko’s and other species, so the technology would not even be of any use. As with any city with a large population, crime does still exist and there is even a Black Market there. However, Blackberry Falls keep their prison population low by only putting the most violent offenders in the state-run prison. This keeps the most violent people off of the street, while leaving in peace those who do something as benign as smoking weed in their own home. Blackberry Falls is a place where people come and seek their fortunes. Everything about the city is something that most people can only dream of. However, like every city in the world, it has its poor, run-down areas where people live in poverty and where the crime rates are the highest on the entire island. For those who are unable to make the fortunes they dreamed of, this is where they usually end up. The city does all it can to improve the areas, however with the current rising house prices due to the demand, there is little they are able to do apart from support numerous charities that help out in the impoverished areas. One thing that the UFF and Ashaea do share in common is that both of them are quite strict when it comes to immigration and customs. The UFF is a lot more strict than Ashaea, with the chances of getting in if you’re a non-UFF species being only slightly higher than the chance of getting to the moon as an untrained Astronaut. Ashaea is less strict than the UFF, however they have similar restraints as Australia and New Zealand, especially when it comes to the importation of food which has the potential to destroy their agriculture and bring the economy to its knees. The currency that is used in Blackberry Falls, is the Blackberrian Dollar. It’s one of the most valuable human currencies on the planet, which speaks of their strong economy. Relevant links: Main roleplay thread Character ID OOC Here is a rough map to see what Blackberry island looks like: [New map coming soon] Notable Laws: Ashaen Rights Charter Freedom of Speech, expression, press and religion Citizens have the right to carry firearms (As long as they are not a convicted felon. A concealed weapon requires a permit) Citizens have the right to defend themselves Right to privacy The Right for a Fair Trial by Peers Innocent until proven guilty by a Court of Law. Property Rights, as well as Search and Seizure Rights Drug laws: Possession with Intent (To sell) for most Narcotics, is illegal. Simple Possession of a Personal Amount is decriminalised, so someone in possession of a small amount of Meth will not be charged for it. It is illegal for someone under the influence of any narcotic drug (With exception to Nicotine) to be operating a vehicle, or heavy machinery. A crime committed while under the influence of narcotic drugs (With exception to Nicotine) will have additional charges such as "Committing a Misdemeanor/Felony while Under the Influence". Just because it's legal to consume drugs does not negate any responsibilities from the individual. Cannabis is Legal to possess in any quantity and it is also legal to grow at home for personal use. The selling of Cannabis, along with Alcohol and Tobacco requires a license. The age in which it is legal to purchase Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis is 18. It is illegal to supply either of the three to minors. Prostitution is legal, under the following guidelines: You do not solicit minors under the age of consent (16) Within a fully legal and licensed brothel. Brothels have a duty of care for their prostitute staff such as medical screenings, contraceptives and security. It is legal to prostitute in your own home. If a prostitute is out on the streets, they can only solicit between the hours of 10PM and 6AM. Citizens are responsible for their actions, even under the influence of drugs Age of consent is 16 years of age. Obviously, things such as murder, rape, fraud, etc, are illegal. So characters will be sought after by the Police if these crimes are committed, and the Police alerted to. Otherwise, the Police are very active in the communities and other places and have a very good relationship with the other civilians. List of things in city: Thorndown University. Mercury High School. Saint Arc High School. Shopping Centre [ Several ] Main: Blackberry Falls Shopping centre. The Blackberry Farm. The waterfalls named Blackberry Falls due to its close proximity to the Blackberry Farm, just on the city edge. Lots of cinema's for entertainment among other daytime entertainment. Housing [ Large, rented, privately owned ] Blackberry Park [ A large park with kids area as well as a large empty glass field. In the middle of the park is a large woodland area where people can walk through. ] Job Centre. Supermarket, Walmart (ASDA)/Tesco, as well as smaller convenience shops. Blackberry General Hospital. Blackberry Falls Police Station. Blackberry Falls Fire department. Mental Health Clinic Blackberry Primary School. Blackberry Secondary School. Blackberry Sixth Form College. Petrol Stations. Bus/Coach Station. Nearby Blackberry Falls Airport. Nearby Blackberry Falls port. Dock for cargo etc. Military presence: Small Navy port, small airstrip with one fighter jet, a Helipad with a fighter helicopter and a small barracks for ground troops. Office Blocks. Doctor surgeries. Various Religious Buildings. Pubs. Entertainment buildings e.g. Clubs/bars/arcades/laser quest etc. Warehouses for storage. Yards for Road Works etc. Golf Course. Farms (Other) Banks. Shops [Of all kinds] In and out of the Shopping centre. Especially in the City Centre of Blackberry Falls Restaurants. Fitness centres [ Gym and Swimming Pool etc etc ] City Hall. Power Plants [Nuclear and Wind Farms. Their reliance on fossil fuels is quite low.] Courthouses. Jail. Rehabilitation Centre. Museums. Business Buildings [ For All Types ] Lorry depot. Post Office/Sorting centre. Car Parks. Car Wash. Animal Shelter. Blackberry Falls City zoo, which have a wide range of animals. UFF - United Families Federation (Extra Info done by Wolfie) Keza Corp HQ Keza Corp Hospital Keza'maraki Nightclubs (In Blackberry Falls) This is only a brief list of what can be found. For most of these places, what they are is quite obvious, although when I do eventually create a map for it, I might label some of the places on it. Some of the places will get a bit of a description here; however, some of the much larger places will have their own Extra Information, which will be linked below as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information they are linked to Blackberry Falls, but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information is approved before it is added to this list, then the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Blackberry Falls. List of related Extra Information: United Federation of Families Keza Corp Keza Corp: Housing Estate Agents (Blackberry Falls and UFF) Keza Corp: Champagne Studio’s and The Crimson Moon Keza Corp Metal Nightclub (KCMN) (???) Promiscuous Palace The Eldyrannth The Neko Resistance Thorndown University Brief Prospectus High School Information Pamphlet The Pegasus News Corporation Naughty Cow Dairy
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