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  1. Roleplay between @satairoleplayingguy and @AirAllie14 Basic premise: My character is a woman with a particular desire. She has always loved animals. Dogs particularly. But now she wanted something a little different. A human who she could train into a proper pet, to act and think like a dog. Still retaining some human characteristics, like speech, but not treated like one. (Some of these are ideas I had, we'll see how many get included. We only talked a little about setup, only went over some of these) Things like usually only wearing a collar, unless outside in public. Leashed. Often but not always on all fours. Perhaps eating out of bowls. Taken outside to do her business. Letting her actual dogs fuck her, maybe other animals as well. Expected to somewhat act like a dog/animal in general, but with some lingering humanity. Obviously it is hard to find a girl willing to do that. So she looked to into the darker side of society. Paid a group who had experience in kidnapping girls and selling them, no questions asked, to people interested in this sort of thing. Her new pet is about to be delivered. --------------------------------------------------------- The day had came. Amy heard the doorbell ring. A discrete black van was outside. She opened the door to see a man in a suit. The sort who was here to get things done quick then leave. "Where do you want the package?" Amy gestured to the back. "Let's put her house in the backyard." It was an isolated house. At least a few minutes drive from the nearest neighbor. No one to see or hear anything. So no concern about that choice. The man nodded and went back to the van. From the back several men carried a large metal box. Solid except for some small grating on the tops of the the two longer sides, to let air and light in. They slowly walked the box to her fenced in back yard and set in down in the middle. Inside the box was a girl. Already stripped. With nothing else but a thick blanket to sleep on. It was technically intended to be her 'dog house'. Though Amy intended to give her other places to sleep as a reward, after she started behaving, when she was a good girl. When the box was placed. The men quickly left. All payments had already been made. Nothing to sign. No records. They would never meet again, except maybe if Amy bought another pet from them. Once they were gone, she returned to the box, "Welcome home, my pet. I'm sure you are very confused. Don't worry, you will start to figure out what is happening very soon." She would not let the girl out immediately. Only when she was sure she would not put up a fight. Of course she had a plan too, if the girl did decide to fight or try to run.
  2. A small word about myself So somehow in all the time I've been on here (well mostly off) I never made one of these so here goes. Be forewarned I am chatty as all hell and usually like to talk to my partners a bit before the thought of any role play comes to mind. My preference sheet should also address (albeit rather poorly) what I do and don't like so be sure to take a look at that. As for what's on the table I tend to keep my writing short and sweet but I am flexible depending on the partner. We don't have to overload something to the brim with smut and as such I do enjoy setting up something interesting with my partners. I will almost exclusively be playing male characters of some description as that's where I'm comfortable and I'm only looking to pair them with female characters. I don't have any characters set aside and ready to go as it usually depends on my mood who I would like to play and in what scenario that being said I can narrow it down so that instead of a rant anyone taking an interest can have somewhere to start. I like to GM. Creating some semblance of a world for you to traipse on through exploring and discovering new things. Generally this means I prefer fantasy over sci-fi or modern settings for this kind of thing but I'll try most anything twice. So if a scenario would require I play multiple characters feel free to bring it up. Now despite all this I am not always looking to GM for people if only because doing it for a lot of people can get tiring so I won't always be up to role play in this style. Fetish wise as stated earlier the preference sheet should cover anything I would be okay with doing/trying. I'm fairly open to anything with the major exceptions worth note here being scat, water sports and any gore (sure in a fantasy genre rp you might slay a dragon but let's leave the ripping and tearing to Doom guy). I'm like a planet fitness this is a judgement free zone. Fandom stuff I like and would rp in: Pokemon, League of Legends, MHA, Digimon, Naruto, Persona 4 and 5, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Overwatch, Legend of Zelda Always down to chat, plot out roleplays, discuss fetishes or whatever else I can't think of. So feel free to drop me an ecchitext and say hi I don't bite unless you want me to. Currently looking for the following, all pairings are male (my character) and female (yours) Free space No we're not playing bingo but I figure it's good to remind anyone who comes across me to just chat me up. Check my preferences see if we align. Feel free to ask about all kinds of rp if you have idea that aren't listed here or even the ones I crossed out. I can't think of everything all alone and the collaboration is what makes rp like this so great. So feel free message me and let's see what we come up with. Cranium Conundrum Diagnosed with a life threatening condition affecting your brain you're given the best care the hospital and it's staff can manage. Choosing to undergo a rather risky surgery as a last hope to live you awake to see the face of the doctor who had been overseeing your care. Only something is different about him. You can't quite figure out what but overtime this feeling grows stronger. It's love? For reasons that cannot be explained you're in love with your doctor now and concerningly so. As your obsession grows it becomes more of a problem for the man trying to maintain a professional relationship, or will he take advantage of her sudden change of personality. (dubcon, mind alteration, mind break, worship, yandere, lolicon) Time Traveler's Target(s) Whether an inventor or a thief of highly secret tech, one man is now in possession of a small personal time machine. Able to jump across time and space on planet earth on a whim. For this I have two ideas. First, episodic sexcapades across history. Second a slightly more thought out and specific rp of the time traveler finding a woman who becomes his obsession. With his power he could find some way to have her whether that means wooing her with a little unknowing help from her past and future selves or by force. (romance, non-con, dub-con, sci-fi, lolicon) human x fairy Twenty years ago the barrier between the world of humans and magic fell after separating the two for centuries. While many have adjusted and it's just as common to see an elf as your barista at Starbucks as it would be to see another human, many of the magical races are still getting used to living without magic even as the world tries to shift to better accommodate them. In this setting our characters meet, whether that means they're on a blind date, dating app or sheer luck something has drawn the two together. This rp would be focusing on romance and the lewd as we build the relationship between the man and his palm sized lover. (Large insertion, size difference, living cock sleeve, distension, lots of cum.) Shapeshifters Dating is hard. No one being perfect for anyone, except maybe these two. In an otherwise normal modern world our characters stand out as humans with the ability to shapeshift. Discovering their shared secret after an otherwise normal first date the two can finally go wild and be themselves; or anyone they want to be for that matter. Some aspects of romance and a whole lot of smut whether they're shapeshifting for fun, dating, sex etc. Their personalities won't change which probably could go without saying. Tons of possible fetishes to explore with characters who can be multiple people. (body modification, extreme proportions, age regression interspecies humanoids) End of the world An rp in a post apocalyptic setting. I'm thinking something slower in terms of overall rp. Some disease or large scale war has eradicated the planet's population. Something brings our characters together and they decide to tough it out together. Depending on things like the time scale since the aforementioned calamity or what kinks we want to include plenty of factors can change but think of this as an unconventional and slowly building romance. (noncon, incest, lolicon, dubcon) Pokémonster girls I like me some Pokémon and I like me some monster girls. So why not put these passions of mine together. Granted I don’t have a plot structure only because the question of how the Pokémon world works after this change is a difficult one to answer. Are Pokémon battles still a thing or has it been replaced with a more research focused world considering these monster girls would of course be sentient. I’m not sure but if the base premise interests you come talk to me about it and we might just be able to figure something out that’ll sound fun Pokemon RP A relatively new professor specializing in the study of pokemon obedience training has found himself an assistant. Looking to find out why some pokemon only obey trainers they deem worthy and a way to better reign in these pokemon he's formed an interesting hypothesis that she'll be able to help him test. If that wasn't straight forward enough (which it wasn't meant to be it was more a flavor description) my character is the aforementioned up and coming professor. Fucking pokemon as he commands the main focus of this is pokephilia/beastiality but of course other things that could be a part of the dynamic of the rp would include noncon, blackmail, mind control and any number of things we could incorporate. (blackmail, drugging, mind break, dubcon, noncon, bestiality, lolicon) Cyborg x human So I start a lot of these bullet points with so. Ignoring that I recently read a doujin that has stuck with me partially because I am a dweeb who wanted the hot lore on my lewd pictures. Pretty vanilla sex between a man and wife but the man is a big steel faced cyborg easily twice her height. I love size differences in couplings, cute girls getting fucked by big dicks and lots of cum it had it all (he got his testicles modified lol). So if anyone wants to have a half robo hubby I'd love to play this out. Maybe making some kind of side plot to explain some things like why the only the men seemed to be modified. I was thinking a draft in a war in the distant future requiring the men to be made into super soldiers. Genetically and cybernetically enhanced they now had to adapt back to civilian life. Which is now sounding a lot like No Guns Life (a great anime that I should finally finish). The slasher strikes On the day of Halloween an otherwise quiet town is under attack by a slasher!... Of clothes. That's right rather than a violent murderer he's more of a fabric shredder. As well as a rather forceful lay. Just a simple RP where a large masked man will encounter your character (or characters if you're interested in rp made of multiple small parts as he roams the town) and take her whether she likes it or not. (costumes, non-con/rape, teen, lolicon, rough sex, light knife play) Reverse Harem Inspired by someone I'd chatted with here among other things. A reverse harem or one chick and a whole bunch of dudes. I don't mind and quite enjoy playing multiple characters (although for a while I was feeling a little drained from doing so) and I figured this would be fun. Hopefully a fun and even mix of plot and smut involving some amount of romance. "Corruption of Champions" inspired adventure rp (potentially not looking for, GMing can just be a lot) A fantasy adventure involving us each making a character while I play my character and something of a gm. The initial premise is based on the game of the same name, adventurers are sent to the demon realm of Mareth to fight them back from entering their world. Along the way the magical energies of the world will corrupt the adventurers into becoming more and more lewd unless they fight it off. If that wasn't enough to worry about the two will have to deal with the transformative nature of much of the magic, curses and even food of the world changing their bodies. RP focuses on smut and the progression of the characters. (transformation, large/hyper cocks, nonhuman cocks, over the top cum production, transformation, furry/kemonomimi, age regression, size difference, corruption/mind break. ) father x daughter So I enjoy incest but usually as a fetish tied into whatever relationship building goes on. So if this leaned toward something sweeter/romantic it would be the two of them caving to desires. A normal relationship growing into something taboo. Otherwise it could be a relationship built on dubious ground, the father being in a position of power over the girl and over time pushing her to it whether she likes it or not. Digimon RP Could take place in any digimon related setting or our own setting for it. A girl and her digimon are able to form a very particular kind of bond unlike any before them. Least fleshed out of my ideas just felt like indulging in possible fandom rp. Could have a number of fetishes and nonsexual scenarios based around typical digimon tropes etc etc etc. All up to be figured out in a discussion League of Legends So Logni is a basic boy and plays basic games for said boys. But if you also like league of legends like I do and would want to play out scenarios involving League, I really want to do this now. Whether that's a 5v5 scenario on summoner's rift where we each play 5 champs or something occurring in universe (there is a cannon story type situation going on). Which of course this gives ample opportunity for variation, kinks and even extended/replayable roleplay (different comps, side stories etc) Tentacles I'm sure someone else has made the joke consentacles but, that bad pun is the inspiration here. Someway somehow your character has come into contact with a sentient mass of tentacles (whether that's a witch summoning a demon, aliens or some other strange explanation) and the usual thing you'd expect to happen would go down. Or the equally expected non-con tentacle scenario with the girl mind broken into wanting more.
  3. Ur_Cute_LIL_neighbor

    Seeking all for a modern game.

    Hello my fellow writers and role players, I am back after an extensive hiatus and am ready to write yet again. Now that life is returning to some semblance of normalcy and the global pandemic is starting to recede its grubby little fingers I have found that certain aspects of my roleplaying interests are beginning to return. In my desperate need for escapism I am not solely leaning on my love for tabletop gaming and am craving something a bit more grounded in our reality. Since our world doesn’t scare me as much as it has over the past few years, forcing my mind to stretch out to fantastical worlds and the scientific realms in order to hide myself away from this existence, I am returning to some of my old loves. Ugggg, what I am trying to say is I am seeking a modern game, damn my verbose need to wax poetically. Let me just lay it out. I am looking for a new partner to run through a more grounded modern world. No demons or aliens here, just the mortal Lust for new and exciting forms of smut. I am looking for someone to drop into a little fictional town that I have created in my head. A small town nestled away in a fictionalized northwestern region of America. This one is not gender exclusive and I welcome all comers to drop me a Ecchitext. Maybe you want to play a teen that has moved to the new town and you are looking to express your angst in various ways as you make your way through your last year before high school ends. Maybe you're one of the older residents that have lived here for years finding yourself caught in the melancholy and boredom of suburban life. Searching for something to make you feel young again. You could be one of the various homeless people that strive to just make it through the day, leaning on your favorite vices to take your mind away from the cold rainy nights or a local authority figure seeking balance between small town politics and scandal that threatens your livelihood. All are represented in my little slice of heaven tucked away between the forested mountains and the ocean. So feel free to drop me a line if your interested, just please read through my whole preferences sheet before doing so. Thank you and I look forward to discussing and playing out a fun little slice of life story with you.
  4. Welcome all to the Blackberry Falls City (Suee, DJMax game.) The Blackberry Falls City is a self-sustaining capital city on a remote island, where the water is pure and the land is free. The city is famous originally for it's delicious and unique Blackberries, as the waterfall contained water that was not only good for the farms and their crops, but made the Blackberry vines grow three times the size, with the blackberries themselves three times the size as well. And at three times the taste, it was something no one had ever tasted before; far superior to other blackberries. This was good for the pie industry as well as the jam industry. It was soon discovered that the water, as well as the fruits that used the water, prolonged life and promoted vitality with human life span, touching on average 110 years old, with the oldest to pass away at 149 years old (If you'd like information on Blackberries, click here). The Country has its own government, with their customs being extremely strict on the importation of food, much like Australia and New Zealand, to prevent damage to their ecology which could cost billions of Blackberrian Dollars to the thriving blackberry industry, and the country’s economy. Blackberry Falls is a rich, multicultural City that is suitable for all walks of life, with bountiful jobs and housing. At the very centre of the Blackberry Falls economy is Keza Corp and EDAN Industries. They have made Blackberry Falls the forefront of new, cheap, and revolutionary technology. Both Corporations helped protect Blackberry falls during the recession that hit many countries hard. Blackberry Falls continued to be prosperous in the bleak economic climate. Blackberry Falls attracts thousands of people from around the globe, seeking their fortunes among the streets. So here it is... Your chance to help the city to thrive or drag it to it's knees... What will you do? Skill level: Advanced Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplaying Rules, plus: No character is allowed to cross the border into the UFF country without my permission. You also cannot have your character as one of the UFF species, without strict permission from myself, and Wolfie. This is a strict rule I will not budge on. Anyone violating this will be asked to leave the RP immediately with little chance of returning. Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. If you are wanting a special place in Blackberry Falls, then I will need a detailed extra information before I can add it to the list of locations within Blackberry Falls.
  5. Welcome to the Blackberry Café The Blackberry Café is a place for roleplayers to gather and talk about the Blackberry Falls roleplay. Here we can discuss our characters, and plots that we may want to make or currently have going. If you are new to roleplaying in Blackberry Falls, then this is the perfect place to come and meet your fellow roleplayers and get to know them. You're also welcome to advertise a character that you would wish to roleplay with, but currently have no roleplaying partner for. Just please remember that anything discussed here in the Café cannot be known by your characters inside of the roleplay however, if you with to interact with other roleplayers in a roleplaying formet (Such as RPing yourself in first person), feel free to. Come in, sit down, order a drink as you natter away. Also please note that double posting is allowed here. Please enjoy your stay here in the Café Relevant links: Blackberry Falls Roleplay Extra Information Character ID
  6. I am doing this RP with someone on here named Bellefora and we are having a awesome time though I do wanna do this RP multiple different times with people as well as I wanna see how others play Mary and Jess since I have finally made a good RP AD for this one, so if you are interested then please do contact me!!~ The Ideas can be quite endless though I do have some that can be used from the Chat I was doing with Bellefora, so yeah if you have some yourself feel free to tell me all about them so we can get all juicy with this seriously depraved yet obviously intriguing Idea Multiple RP Ideas.
  7. The omnipotent god, Zeno, had become curious once again. A troubling matter for multi-universes. The last time he was intrigued, the god established a death tournament of more than fifty contestants. This time, he had something else in mind. Upon observation, he witnessed mortals succumb to all sorts of sin, especially lust. Though odd, their mating rituals were as interesting as their fights. And so, he went forth and abducted worthy contenders for his next tourney. Visiting other universes, he settled on a name most fitting for his next tournament. This competition shall be named “Tournament of Prowess!” The contenders will compete in one-on-one bouts utilizing their libido and stamina. Only one contender will remain victorious. Some contenders accepted the challenge willingly while others refused to play. But the ultimate incentive for winning the tournament managed to motivate everyone. The winner will be granted one wish. All contenders have been coached on the rules. Everyone will be sure to try their best. And so, it begins! This section was written by MynameisAlly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oolong paced restlessly back and forth the length of the room. Each contestant had been given temporary quarters so as to have a place to rest between matches. There was even a common area for contenders to socialize if they so choose, and bathrooms and showers to relax and freshen up in. There was even a buffet that seemed to magically refill itself whenever a dish ran empty. And he should know. He'd run several "tests" himself. Oolong's stubby, pig-like body continued to carry him around the room as he pondered the nature of this tournament. He was no fighter and would never be able to compete in a competition like this, but this was no ordinary tournament. Never in a million years would Oolong have thought that he'd partake in a battle where women would HAVE to have sex with HIM to win. Lewd thoughts filled his brain and he felt himself stiffen slightly. And to top it all off, the winner would receive a special wish. Whatever their desire. It was almost too good to be true. Before he could think on it any further, a chime sounded across the intercom and a gentle, melodic voice that could've been either male or female said, "The match between Oolong and Nami will soon begin. Contestants, please prepare and finish any final business in the next thirty minutes." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As the brilliant rainbow light shimmered and disappeared before him, Oolong noticed that he was suddenly in a familiar place. Moments before he was waiting in his room in Zeno's Palace for the match to start when another announcement came overhead that the match was starting. Then in a flash of light Oolong found himself in the middle of Master Roshi's living room in Kame house. With a start, Oolong realized that he was completely naked, and his chubby, flaccid pecker was out on display. Fortunately, there appeared to be on one home to witness it. With a sigh of relief, his moment of panic passed as quickly as it came on.
  8. HELLO THERE, I'm Quent. No, I don't have a plot outline ready to go. I have a fuckton of characters from a 20 year streak of writing, and I'm always finding reasons to make new ones. I do, however, LOVE bouncing around ideas with my partner. It makes it much easier for me to develop ideas for the story (YES I do prefer as much story as spice) we create together. I like to take inspiration from all different forms of media, but I don't really watch a lot of TV. I don't do any kind of fandoms (except for a very short list that is not popular) and as such I won't write them at all. BUT, I would love to take ideas from such things and add it in to what we're building. I like creating, okay, and I really work best with a partner. I tend to write multiple paragraphs, I love details and I love having a lot to read in return, but I do realize when its not necessary. I will never write less than two or three solid paragraphs in accordance to the scene, but sometimes I can write upwards of pages. It depends on the scene itself, how many characters I'm using, what's happening. Give me meaty responses is all I ask, add some depth, do something to react to. I will not carry it for you, I am not GM material. I have a strong preference for m/m being that the majority of my characters are male, but I'm open to other pairings if you offer a particularly convincing argument. I am queer and expect anyone in my DMs is also some flavor of queer-friendly. Message me if you're curious, and I'll get back to you just as soon as I'm able!
  9. Hey there everyone!~ I thought about making One Big Update on the RPs I am looking for so from now on I will be Updating this one every time a new one gets added or taken as you can see right now 8 of these Ideas are up for the taking to play with me I am hoping that people take the time to really read through them Cheating Voyeurism Lover's Acceptance!? [ Mostly Looking For!! ] Dragon Ball Saiyan Sex Story Naruto / Shippuden Sensei's Pervy Side Turning Red Mei's New Friend? Discord's New Service Robot Furries!? Sci-Fi Exploration CYOA Furry Superiority!? A Strange New World Gwen Covid Injection Nurse's Big Fat Cock! 'Family Bonding' Blitzo x Loona Ghislaine's 'Sword' Finds a Victim??~
  10. ~ Playing Pranks With Dark Lords ~ It was typical for most students to be bullied or teased in school, and with such an oddball joining a fairly average academy, it would be clear that some of the popular girls in school would use this opportunity to catch new prey. The shy and quiet girl would try to avoid conflict as much as she could, but it seemed she was actively sought out by the group of popular girls and other basic cliques, not everyone, but definitely an unfair amount for just one poor girl. To her misfortune, they’d never get directly caught by any teachers or staff, so she resorted to a deep passion of hers. Witchcraft. One early morning before heading to the academy, the teased girl had found an interesting title in the dark book she kept with her. A dark lord? What could they possibly do for such a juvenile situation? Well, to her naive motives, it was worth a try. After chanting it’s name repeatedly, the demonic presence was summoned inside her own house! And with that, she ordered it to her academy, but she didn’t truly intend to harm anyone. Perhaps she would just want to give a good scare to those who picked on her? Well... That’s what he gave them, but not without extra damage being done to the school and it’s students. Once the deed was overly done, a payment was needed for the demon, but what could she have given a dark lord? She was promptly swooped up into it’s arms and taken to a dimension far beyond what humans could comprehend, so would she manage to survive in a world filled with demonic creatures? Or would she be taken control of by the one who helped her? Perhaps the two could work out an agreement of some kind... Whatever that may be. ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ Hello there! It’s me! Mewmewmew, it’s been too long since I’ve made a new bulletin post. So here I am, back with one for a more spooky month! This one’s a bit simpler, but if I didn’t write it out now I might’ve forgotten to later, so here it is! For this roleplay, I’d like to take the role of the demonic lord. A cold, unruly, but somewhat of a fatherly figure to the shorter lady who summoned him. For her, I would absolutely ADORE it if you filled that role! As you probably know, I cannot get enough of this kind of pairing. An intimidating monster with a sweet girl, goodness... It’s just my favorite! One day I’ll have to break the mold, well, someday... As I’ve said, this story’s a little simple compared to some of the others I’ve made, but sometimes a short and sweet one is what you need every once in a while? Mainly because I’ve kept it vague so we can work out something that we both like! (And keep in mind-- there are references at the bottom..! Here’s what I look for in roleplay: Decent Spelling/Grammar (It doesn’t have to be perfect though!) Decent Length (I can usually do about 3 - 4 or even 5 paragraphs, but we can negotiate.) Expression (Through small details and dialogue, character expression is amazing in stories!) And here’s what I don’t look for: One Liners (It’s a little frustrating to write a whole bunch of paragraphs, only to get a few vague words back.) Excessive Fluff (Small details are nice, but when they slow down or contradict the story, then we have a problem...) Ghosting (Please do not ghost anyone. Because what’s the point of starting a new roleplay just to corrupt it? It’s discouraging to others, so please let me know if you want to pause or stop the roleplay, I’ll always understand.) So with that out of the way-- here’s one thing to remember! I do NOT care about your IRL gender, this is fiction after all, so as long as we can both play the part well then I have no issue what you are in real life. So here’s something that most of us roleplay for in the first place... Kinks! Here’s some kinks I think’ll work out well in this: Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Paizuri, Fellatio, Spanking, Slight Size Difference, Kissing, Dirty Talk, and... Hand Holding..? And that’s that! I hope this’ll interest at least one of you, because I just love making these little bulletin posts for you to enjoy. Though I have only one request, and that is to have a preference sheet of some kind! I feel as though people who don’t have those are usually less likely to communicate well than those who do. I don’t know, it's just weird when I see someone come up to me when they don’t seem to know what they want, so remember that communicating is very important! So then... With everything wrapped up, I hope to see you soon. (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  11. Hey there everyone!~ I thought about making One Big Update on the RPs I am looking for so from now on I will be Updating this one every time a new one gets added or taken as you can see right now all 8 of these Ideas are up for the taking to play with me I am hoping that people take the time to really read through them Dragon Ball Saiyan Sex Story Naruto / Shippuden Sensei's Pervy Side Turning Red Mei's New Friend? Discord's New Service Robot Furries!? Sci-Fi Exploration CYOA Furry Superiority!? A Strange New World Gwen Covid Injection Nurse's Big Fat Cock! 'Family Bonding' Blitzo x Loona
  12. Breakbox_Muses


    From the album: Other OCs~

    Chantelle is Shalila's older sister. She's fully hermaphroditic. She's half cobra naga, half dragon, like her sister (she got the leg genes XD)!
  13. Hello everyone! I'm new here But I have quite a few plots that I'd love to try out. I ONLY do fxf and futaxf relationships. For my plots I usually prefer a story to smut ratio of 75/25 or at most 60/40. Just depends on which plot we end up going with. Just feel free to message me with which plot you would like to do and we can discuss further details. I do plan to expand on these ideas later. Some plots might be darker than others so keep that in mind. I'm open to quite a lot of kinks so don't be afraid to ask me. Experienced superhero x new and mysterious supervillian (action/drama) Cop/Detective x secretly the murderer/criminal (mystery/suspense) Lone survivor x sheltered settlement resident (zombie apocalypse/action/horror?) Wounded warrior x healing nun (romance-heavy/fantasy/tragedy?) Monster/Murderer x final girl (horror/dark/mystery?) Cursed warrior x demon/monster (action/dark/death/horror?) Lost samurai x oni woman (action/fantasy/romance) Feel free to suggest any ideas that could be interesting but try to stick to these. I will probably add more plots in the future!
  14. Taizen

    Taizen's RP Ideas

    This is a fairly extensive list of ideas I've come up with that I'd love to explore sometime. If you like and idea but want to make changes here and there to fit something that you like, then you're more than welcome to discuss it with me. The age range for the female characters I like can be from early teens up into your 20s or even 30s, depending on the plot. My character's age range is usually from 16 up into his 30s. As you can see, incest and ageplay are two of my favorite kinks, but keep in mind that they aren't necessarily required if it's not your thing, nor is any other tag listed for each scenario. -------------------- A Daughter’s Envy (incest, daddy/daughter, cheating, modern) It was late a night and Taizen and his wife (or girlfriend) were making passionate love. His wife was too caught up in the throes of passion to notice anything other than her own pleasure, but he noticed. His own daughter was right outside their bedroom door, peeking in through the crack and watching them. This wasn’t the first time he noticed her watching, but it was the first time he looked up and stared directly into his daughter’s eyes as he fucked his woman. The man didn’t stop, choosing to continue thrusting while his wife moaned and rolled her head in ecstasy while his daughter touched herself. After finishing and his woman finally fell asleep, the man decided to leave his bedroom and make his way to the young girl’s room, ready to fulfil the fantasy that she has been having these past few weeks. Wolf Pet (ageplay, master/pet, fantasy) It's been a few years since Taizen found this small and scared wolf-girl and gave her food and shelter with him. The fear and mistrust melted away from her over time, giving way to a joyful and rambun companion that made his home life vastly less boring. As the girl entered her teen years and started to mature however, the undeniable attraction coupled with her growing sexuality created a predicament that made succumbing to the pleasures of the fesh far too easy. Slow Sibling Weekend (incest, older brother/younger sister, twins, modern, teens) Friday has finally come and Taizen and his sister (younger or twin) have no homework and nothing planned with friends. Their parents however have their own plans, leaving to celebrate their anniversary for the weekend. Entrusting the siblings to watch over the house, neither of the parents ever would have ever considered what would happen in thier absence. No parents and an empty house for two teenagers with raging hormones was the perfect recipie the pair that have already had a decadent taste for the taboo. Succubus Daughter (incest, daddy/daughter, demon, loli, modern, fantasy) Taizen wasn’t expecting any visitors, and least of all the one that showed up at his door that day. Outside stood a young girl in very little clothing. There was something strangely familiar about her… especially the tail that swung behind her. He was handed a letter explaining that this girl was his own daughter, born of a woman that he had given shelter to several years ago during a harsh winter. The woman who turned out to be a succubus. Those months of burning passion were forever etched into his mind, especially after the woman up and disappeared one day. The letter went on to say how much the succubus appreciated his kindness, and wanted to reward him with a daughter who would be whatever companion he desired. Whether that be a simple familial companion, or someone to serve his every sexual needs. Although, being part succubus meant the daughter already had certain tendencies that needed to be sated. Twin Magic (incest, twins, fantasy, magic, exhibitionism) The kingdom of Ferros was once on the decline and suffered from years of drought. One day, twin siblings offered their services to the kingdom and used unknown magic to bring plentiful water through rain and through the rivers, bringing it back to prosperity. For their effort in restoring the once declining kingdom, the twins demanded a comfortable home within the walls. Additionally, no man or woman were to ever lay a hand on either sibling, nor could anyone, not even the king, forbid the twins from showing their unnatural affection towards one another. In reality, the magic these two were born with was split between the both of them and regenerated through sexual intimacy with each other. The two considered each other to be the same entity and by becoming one again through sex, love, and passion, they were able to continue to trade their services to the kingdom for a free and comfortable life. Cramped (incest, daddy/daughter, brother/sister, uncle/niece, modern) Taizen didn't have a lot of money and coudn't afford anything more than the small, cramped apartment that he and his daughter currently lived in. Despite being a bit inconvenient, they have gotten use to having to live with such little privacy. Use to it to the point of walking around half-clothed often times, and even sleeping curled up in the same bed. With his daughter hitting puberty however, it has become increasingly difficult to not look at her in the way a father shouldn't, as well as try to hide his growing interest in her as he catches glimpses of her body here and there and wakes up spooning her with his engorged lower limb pressing against her backside. At a certain point, temptations just become far too much. Little Sister-In-Law (ageplay, cheating, inseki, modern) With Taizen moved in with his new wife (or girlfriend) recently, who also has a little sister that lives with her. While awkward at first, Taizen and the little sister got along well enough that almost all of that awkwardness has gone away. Almost. In living together, the young teenager has found herself becoming enamored with the man and fantasizes about the two of them being together rather than with her big sister. This is something that Taizen caught on to, and one night when he and the younger sister were alone together, he fulfiled he helped her live out that fantasy. Now whenever they could find some time alone, the pair gleefully succumb to these carnal delights in secret, no matter how guilty it might make the little sis feel. The Royal Protector (romance, fantasy) It was because of the princess’s kindness that Taizen was taken into the palace when he had nothing else. She treated him no different from anyone else and simply wanted to help. His gratitude was endless and he spent his youth training in swordplay and swearing to devote his life to being her protector. Now as a soldier and having been recognized by the royal family as someone loyal to the crown, he has been assigned to be her personal guard to serve and protect her at any cost. Naturally , when a young man and young woman spend so much time together, strong emotions can easily develop and his nightly duties turn into something vastly different. Belle of the Ball (incest, daddy/daughter, ageplay, modern, fantasy) With no one else to take with him to a ball thrown by a wealthy client, Taizen takes his daughter with him as his “date.” She had become quite the pretty young lady and even caught the attention of some of the sons of colleagues, one of which asked her to dance. Ever the protective father, Taizen kept a watchful eye on the two. Feeling a bubbling annoyance and jealousy at seeing his girl dancing with another. Spotting an unwanted hand being placed on her bottom, Taizen can’t help but interject and steal her away from the young man. Keeping his anger in check, he takes his daughter somewhere private to make sure she’s okay. Still reeling from his rage at the young man who thought he could put his hands on his precious girl. No man should ever think they could take his daughter away from him. The Royal Wedding (arranged marriage, romance, fantasy) Taizen only got to meet his fiancée once before the wedding. Not nearly enough time to get to know her. But even he could see how scared and nervous she was. A beautiful princess from a newly allied kingdom, agreed by both their fathers to marry him as part of the alliance. He felt bad for his bride-to-be and wished to ease her fears and help her feel at home. Throughout the ceremony and celebrations, sorrow never left her face. They would be together as man and wife for the rest of their days and once they finally had a moment alone together, he wanted her to know that he wished they could learn to love each other one day and would treat her with the utmost respect and kindness, even on their wedding night. Teacher’s Pet (ageplay, student/teacher, exhibitionism, modern) There was this one student in Taizen’s class that was always so attentive. Hanging on his every word and making an effort to talk to him as much as she could. He had to continue reminding her to not express so much interest when there were other people around. Be more subtle and hide those eyes of admiration when she looked his way. Yet she would continue to send him texts in the middle of class, sometimes with pictures of herself in far less clothing. They had to very carefully navigate this secret relationship. Wait for after school, when he could lock the classroom door and give them proper privacy to do whatever they desired with each other. Do Not Disturb (romance, marriage, impregnation Japanese, modern, fantasy) Life was good for Taizen, his wife, and their daughter. A beautiful home and a loving family were all he could really ask for. Although, staying busy with his work and a stay-at-home wife that constantly had to keep an eye on their child made it difficult to find an intimate moment between the couple. The daughter didn’t always stay asleep and sometimes slipped into their bed to cuddle with her parents, so even night was unreliable. Today however, the young girl seemed especially tired and was already starting to pass out. This seemed like the perfect moment. Put the young one to bed and finally try to quietly make up for so many missed opportunities to make passionate love. Cabin Getaway (incest, uncle/niece, ageplay, romance, modern) To the rest of the world, they were simply family. A niece that looked up to her uncle and got along swimmingly with. Behind closed doors however, their relationship was far beyond that. Engaging in a taboo that could have torn their family apart. It was becoming impossible to find any time alone though, constantly finding themselves being interrupted by one thing or another. To solve this, they planned to head out to their family’s cabin to finally get away from all the prying eyes. Finally, this forbidden couple completely free to explore the depths of their incestuous love. Attention Seeker (incest, daddy/daughter, uncle/niece, brother/sister, ageplay, modern) Taizen has been far too preoccupied lately with work to pay much attention to his daughter. Even after his work was all finished, he usually was too tired to do much with her, or simply fell asleep. It was saddening as the poor girl loved her father dearly and desperately yearned for his attention. Wanting to try anything, she decided to try using her body to get him to pay attention. She sat on his bed, wearing nothing but one of his button-up shirts and a pair of panties underneath. The top buttons left undone to show her cleavage, and the girl waited patiently for her father to turn in for the night and see the sweet little present offered to him. Homecoming (romance, fantasy, modern) Being a nobleman meant occasionally needing to travel far from home, leaving Taizen’s beloved wife at home. Days like this were always difficult for the couple, loathing every moment of separation from each other. Recently, he has been away for nearly a month. His wife sat on the balcony overlooking the ocean daily, waiting for the possibility of getting to see his ships sailing back. With a stroke of luck, today happened to be that long-awaited day as she spotted that familiar vessel approaching from the horizon. Words couldn’t even begin to describe how much Taizen desired to relax at home with the love of his life, completely freed from his duties if at least for a night. The Lonely Queen (cheating, risk, fantasy) The queen of the kingdom found her life feeling quite dull with the king spending so much time at court, and so little time fulfilling his duties as a husband. A loveless marriage made purely for political purposes. Excitement and thrills are what she came to desire. It all started when she invited one of the noblemen (or guards, or even the king’s brother) up to her chamber, knowingly telling him to come in when she wasn’t even fully dressed. It didn’t take much convincing for Taizen to willingly fall into her trap and take the queen in her own bed. A tryst that would mean his head if the king ever found out, but the thrill of potentially getting caught was almost as satisfying as hearing her majesty moaning his name. Demon’s Payment (ageplay, demon, fantasy) After finding a scared, lost girl struggling to find her way through the forest and starving for food, the demon Taizen on a whim offered to lend her a hand. Taking her to shelter, giving her food, and keeping her safe from any predators out in nature. After warming up to him, she expressed great gratitude and wished to repay him in some way or another. There was only one kind of payment the demon had any interest in. It has, after all, been ages since he’s bedded a female. Employee of the Month (ageplay, risk, modern) There was one employee in particular at Taizen’s coffee shop that put in her all and excelled in all her duties. A teenage girl still in high school. So sweet and hard working. A model employee… and one that he took particular interest in. Sometimes when work was slow, the two of them would have special “training sessions” in his office, the storage room, or even out on the tables after closing. Private Photo Shoot (ageplay, photographing, risk, modern) For a few months, Taizen has been the primary photographer for an up-and-coming teen model. Their working chemistry blossomed smoothly over time, with her learning exactly the right poses and him always managing to find the perfect shots. For the next couple days, him and his team would be spending time at a tropical resort with her to get some much-needed beach shots in a new bikini with her. After these shoots however, Taizen and the model would slip away and find plenty of areas to take some extra pictures meant for their eyes only. Stolen Bride (incest, twins, cheating, impregnation, modern) For as happy as his twin may have appeared with her fiancé before their wedding, Taizen was the only one who truly knew where his sister’s heart truly belonged. She could keep up the public façade all she wanted, but the twins were made for each other, and nothing could ever keep them away. Whether it was the morning of her wedding day, during the reception, or after the party when her new husband passed out drunk, the need for each other was too much to deny. Perhaps Taizen would even give his twin a baby in place of the man she was suppose to spend her life with.
  15. Howdy! I am in desperate need of some experienced roleplayer(s) who like to put story and character interaction first and smut second. Gender has no bearing on how well someone roleplay's so it doesn't bother me what you identify as. I am however, only comfortable roleplaying as a man with the other roleplaying a woman, just cause I write best from what I know. I love character creation, world building and plot direction but I prefer something that feels natural and fluid, so I like for things to be driven by the character(s) and their interactions. I'm not looking for something specific in terms of genre or plot but I gotta have some sort of conflict or overarching narrative. I have a hard time being invested in short-term one-offs because not only do they lack meaningful conflict, they also don't make me feel very invested in the roleplay. It can be dark, light, slice of life or romcom or really anything, as long as there's some sort of overarching narrative/conflict. I gotta have that spiceyness to the rp for me to be invested and I very much enjoy creating things with my rp partners~, which also makes me feel more invested. Last but not least, I have a hard time replying to anything less than two paragraphs. Maybe it's just me but I rarely find single paragraphs or less to be reply conducive. Proper grammar, decent spelling and reply conducive para's is my kink ~ If you're an experienced roleplayer looking for something with more than just smut, if you like talking with your roleplay partner about the characters and progressing story, please feel free to send me an ecchitext! I will be eagerly waiting ^^
  16. The basic idea of this is that one of us is a villain and one of us is a hero. I'd prefer to be the villain but can play the hero. We can choose from two possible stories. Number 1: They do not know each others identity and are living as roommates with no clue until one find out the others secret. This might cause conflicting feeling based on how long they are roommates. We can work it out. Or Number 2: They know each others identity and its all an act for the public and they are actually in a relationship. I have no preference for the gender of my partner and I prefer to Dom. Tell me if you'd like to work with me on this.
  17. Based off of FNAF and Night at the Museum; Women Characters Only <New Job posting!> Full time position at City Museum. Night 'Curator'. What a wonderful opportunity ladies! Who would be interested in such an opportunity to be a 'curator'... at night... Isn't the museum closed at night? Yes, so its a fools way of tricking young women into such a lowly job. [[However unknown to you, the applicant, is that the museum is cursed. At night everything comes to life, but I wouldn't want to be a woman in there. Everything, and I mean everything is horny. The board of directors is aware of all of this and a deal was struck to keep the the exhibits in check. If they can find a (or more) female tribute to be there at night, then all exhibits will return rightfully to their places before the sun rises. Of course everyone expects the new hire(s) to quit immediately after the first night so don't be surprised to be locked up and bound every single day afterwards.]] Ecchitext me to apply or to inquire about further details. Enjoy!
  18. galacticmud

    just a mud's cravings!

    current rp slots: 0/15 hello there! ♡ my name is galacticmud(21), but please call me mud! i use she & they pronouns and i've been roleplaying for around eleven years. it's such a pleasure to make your online acquaintance! i adore roleplaying and have been doing so since the ripe age of ten! i am only interested in writing and roleplaying, so i would prefer if you didn't flirt or call me pet names outside of the roleplay. (but i'm also happy to just chat if you'd like to become friends! i am a pretty descriptive writer, and i categorize myself as an advanced literate to novella literate writer! my replies are typically six to eight paragraphs long, five sentences each. i am looking for writers who can write at least five to six paragraphs. i only roleplay in third person, so please don't pm if you only do first - apologies! although i am a switch, i am currently interested in roleplaying against dominant writers currently while i play submissive. i have many plot ideas based off of drawn photos, which i will be linking. i only have a few plots where i will be playing as dominant, they will be listed! anyways, here's some ideas i've been craving! (all photos listed in my plots are NSFW so please be warned!) the class of sin | mxf | i don't particularly have a set idea for this, but based off the profile i was thinking of this being set within the ages of 1900-1909. sex is still a very taboo subject, but there's still the expectation of a woman being able to please her husband. mc would be a young woman who is being introduced into the dating scene and has been signed up for classes that teach young women how to please their husband. yc would be someone who participates in the class to hell these women learn, and begins to form a sexual and romantic bond towards mc. (i play submissive f) orc and elf | futaxf | again, i don't have much of a plot for this one since there comic it's based off of is pretty straight forward - elf princess explores her sex drive and faux innocence with her new futa orc bodyguard. i'd love the help of someone else to bounce ideas around and form this into a full plot! (i play submissive f) after service | mxf | mc is a married woman, a loving mother and a christian woman. she is devoted to god and loved going to church, however she seems to have a problem with her church's new priest. yc, her churches new priest, is also a pornstar/camworker. mc is very familiar with yc due to her own dirty secrets, and goes to confront yc after service only to be put in her place by a much more experienced man that her husband. (i play submissive f) the witch | mxfuta or futaxf | mc is a witch who's lived within arms reach of the daughter/son of a farmer, yc, watching from afar. it isn't until one night when her lust magic backfires on her, mc decides that she's done watching and sneaks up on yc (who's innocently picking herbs and berries from the woods), enticing yc to come to her home for tea and sweets only to feast upon them the second the door closes. (i play dominant futa) the retired orc | mxfuta or futaxf | mc is a renowned orc general who's just retired into a simple farm life, relocating in the mountains to live a simple and happy life. because she served her kingdom so well, the king of the orcs decide to bestow her a forced wife/husband - a kidnapped elf (yc) who is now mc's new spouse. mc is very soft with yc, not forcing them to do anything until yc catches mc pleasuring herself and becomes curious of their supposed relationship. (i play dominant futa) lovers of sin | mxfxfuta | this will require my partner to play two characters - so unless you're comfortable with play two characters please disregard this plot. / mc is a demon who's forced her way into a church in a small town and has made it her new home, tainting the once holy place with her presence. the townspeople, tired of the demon, contact local exorcists to drive mc out of their town. ycs, the exorcists - one new, one experienced - do not believe the rumors of the demon being there and are taken off guard when the demon seduced them into sin. (i play submissive female) the human queen and elven king | futaxm | elves and humans have ravaged war for eons, however with a new king and new queen in charge the two decide it is best to put their differences aside to create peace. the human queen, yc, and the elven king, mc, decide to go on a walk throughout the elven kingdoms gardens to discuss their treaty and with the elves lack of belief in clothing - things take a turn neither of them expected. (i play submissive m) that's all i have for now, ecchitext me if you are interested in any of my plots, or have a plot you think might interest me! when texting, please please please put effort into your messages! first impressions matter to me, and if get just a simple "wanna rp?" message it'll seriously turn me off from wanting to roleplay with you - actually put effort into plotting with me please! i look forward to roleplaying with you!
  19. ~ The Moderneval Milk Experiment! ~ Where you'd go to your office job, or hang out in the nearest coffee shop. There would be some sort of magical, mythical, or ancient seeming fellows along the way. This world has been flushed with the mad and the wicked long ago, and has stayed that way for a very long time. These odd wizards, warriors, elves, dark elves, and other kinds of beings have latched onto the progression of time. Hardly advancing while the world had moved on from horse back riding to modern cars and vehicles, and they would no longer wage needless wars such as the ancient soldiers in their times. The world became incredibly advanced, and some of these odd people had to adapt to it... One little cafe, known as 'Magik Milk & Tea' was a small business that was in the path of the more rural side of the city. Where people would come from to get to work. It was convenient, not too pricey, and had a unique decor and aura to it, as well as the good service. Though they didn't do too much different when it came to the food, it was like any coffee shop. There were donuts, cookies, and other breakfast foods, but it was more about the drinks. The most prominent being the selection of milk there was. Regular, strawberry, chocolate, cherry, vanilla, lavender, and even honey nectar. There were many choices when it came to the drinks. But despite their good services, they had started to lose employees for some reason, and business slowed down. A 'help wanted' sign was placed on the window, and one peculiar, yet normal girl was in need of a job. The owner of the cafe, a robed being with a knack for magic saw her request for a job. And seeing how she was nicely endowed. The owner couldn't resist. He had built a small relationship between them, warming up to each other. And when she had finally applied and got the job. There was something off, there were no shipments of milk coming from boxes or anything that would normally be in a cafe. But another method of getting milk, only to be served to those who were naive enough. The owner, while staying sweet yet sinister had shown his true colors. And it was her decision whether or not to keep this job, or to try to get out of it, as the owner seemed to have an eye for her... ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ Mmm! Hey! This roleplay is something that I've thought about doing for quite a while now, but I never got around to actually making it. I might be making a few more role-plays now since I've finally got back into it, but time will tell. For this roleplay, I'm hoping to play as the robed, almost wizard like man who is the owner of Magik Milk & Tea. And I'd like this roleplay to be semi romantic as well as slightly tense. If that makes sense. Something cute with a slight twist, but I don't want to plan out how it's exactly going to go. I like some surprise when it comes to roleplaying with someone, I think it makes things just a bit more interesting while not being too confused or lost. I kinda like the whole slice of life story when it comes to roleplaying. Especially when it comes to fantasy or made up worlds. Which this sorta is, as I call it Moderneval, a word I made up to tell that a world is set in a modern setting, with fantasy elements alongside it. I hope that it makes this just a tad more interesting as a roleplay! (Also, see the bottom for references.) Here are some of the things I look for in a roleplay: Decent spelling/grammar - (Spelling and grammar mistakes are okay, but too many of them can be distracting.) A progressing story - (Fluff is alright sometimes, but just as long as it doesn't slow the story down too much!) Decently length responses - (About 2 or more paragraphs is good, but I'm willing to do more or less.) Here are some of the things I don't look for: One liners - (One liners are pretty vague and confusing, and can be frustrating to respond to.) Random directions - (As in the story, twists and surprises are good, but when things randomly happen and contradict the plot, things start to become aimless.) Ghosting - (I understand that you may not be online all the time, but if so, then please let me know! Because it's very hurtful to just stop responding to someone when they tried to make a roleplay with you, only to abandon it.) So that's about it. I hope I'm not asking for too much, but I just say these things so I can make a roleplay that both me and my partner can enjoy! That's the key to a roleplay, having a good time. Because if it's not fun or interesting, why bother? So, one thing about roleplaying with me-- your IRL gender does not matter. I am a man, and do not mind roleplaying with another man. Guy, girl, whatever. It doesn't matter, only a good roleplay matters! Now for kinks, for what I have in mind, I'd like to have: Oppai, paizuri, ecchi scenes, slight size difference, uniforms, lactation, dirty talk, and handholding. Handholding especially... (>///<) But those are the kinks I'm considering for this roleplay, but if they are not your thing, or you just don't want to do those ones. Then let me know what kind of kinks you'd like to do, just as long as they are within boundaries of course. Kinks are meant to feel comfortable to us, right? Those can be discussed later on~ So that's it then! I hope this roleplay can catch the eye of someone and keeps interest, I've been wanting to do this for a while now. So I wish it does well! If you are available, are interested, and are looking for a good roleplay. Then please feel free to EcchiText me! I'm always looking for new roleplay partners and I promise you a great time! If that's it, then I'll see you later! Thank you for reading this~
  20. Hey, thanks for dropping by. I'm posting this because I'm interested in Slice-o-life RPs involving the idea of casual sex being a common thing, whether it's a law thing, where men can rape women at will, or a school for breeding girls, or even something as simple as sex is considered little more than a greeting. I have no specific plots in mind, so feel free to reach out with ideas of your own. Loli/Shota ideas are welcome, as is Incest and Bestiality. I hope to hear from you soon.
  21. Hi! So, I would like a partner who's willing to play an anthropomorphic rabbit opposite me playing a regular human woman. My thoughts were basically centered around the idea that the Rabbit guy is pretty small and cute, but with the personality of a sexually starved middle aged man (40-55), and I'm his lusty, busty assistant/business partner/wife who both helps him with his work and helps supply ample distractions to whatever else he may be doing~ In the world I had in mind, anthromorphs are rather rare but treated just like regular humans law and rightswise, so how your character came to be will be entirely up to you~ I kinda envisioned a like, semi-serious story with sexual cartoony humor drizzled on top, but most of this is up for discussion anyways so feel free to either message me on discord, comment here, or on ecchi chat (though, being on a browser on my phone, not sure how reliable that'll be).
  22. ~ Your New Venus Fly Trap! ~ It was just another day, another day of taking care of your little garden. But honestly, it wasn't much of a garden as much as it was a few potted plants near your sink. They were perfectly healthy, but they were just ordinary flowers, and as many know. Normal can sometimes be boring. So to add something new to the bunch, you had bought an entirely new kind of plant. A special kind of Venus fly trap? It was exotic with it's cool colors instead of the regular green that most fly traps were. After bringing it home, planting it, giving it some fresh water and leaving it to grow. The next day you were greeted with... A really big plant. Not sunflower big, but big enough to be the size of your hand, just from the head of the plant. Soon after examining it, you see that it can... Talk. Rather fluently actually, and it doesn't just want to eat bugs. Perhaps, pieces of steak? Samples of sirloin? Or anything that you'd be willing to provide? Now, would this be charming to you after quickly warming up to the plant? Or would it scare you so much that you'd ditch it completely? The fly trap would wonder only one thing however, how good would you taste? - - - - - - - - - - - Now this is a pretty simple plot, yet an idea I've been wanting to do for a bit now! I thought this would be a nice, fun roleplay where I'd like to be the role of the monster-like plant. I've always loved Venus fly traps, so why not make a roleplay idea out of it? Right? Uh-- Right..? Anyway, for this roleplay, I'm looking for someone who can fill in the role of an everyday girl at home. (But remember, your IRL gender does not matter when it comes to that!) I'm sure we can all somewhat relate to being at home all the time, being just a tad lonely sometimes. Well, with roleplays I hope I can make a difference with that! (^///^) Here are some things I look for in a roleplay: Detailed Replies/Spelling/Grammar (A good chunky 2 - 3 paragraph is perfect for example! Though I'm willing to do a bit more or less.) Expressive Text (When it comes to character dialogue and details, personality is amazing! So using exclamation points, question marks, and squiggles are very good at conveying such~) Communication/Discussion (This is very important! I want to know what you enjoy so we can both have fun in our roleplay, so please discuss anything on your mind!) And here are some things that I really... Well, don't look for: One liners (These are very discouraging. I don't think anybody enjoys writing a whole bunch of paragraphs to only get one or two sentences, unless you're into that sort of thing...) Excessive Fluff (Details are nice, and a bit of fluff is alright I suppose. But too much can be like a whole bunch of leftover frosting. Very undesirable. I try to keep the roleplay moving forward so that it stays fresh for the both of us!) Ghosting (Now, I've been ghosted many times in the past. And it's awful honestly. It's alright if you can't reply for a bit, but as long as you let me know if there's anything out of your control, or you just wanna stop the roleplay, that is fine. But ghosting is a terrible thing to do, so please don't!) So then! With that out of the way, kinks! We all have a few of them, but for this roleplay. I only have a few things in mind. And that would be dirty talk, slight tentacles, romance, love bites, and kissing! (> 3 <) And you are free to suggest any others you'd want to try out, I'm usually pretty open to kinks or preferences you may have, but just as long as they are within my boundaries. I will not do scat, extreme gore, or lolicon. Anything like that I will deny. Now, if you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas of your own that you'd like to share with me, then please. Feel free to EcchiText me! I'm always open and hoping to give someone a great roleplay to enjoy together. I don't bite! So if you're interested, we can discuss what we can do for our roleplay. I'll see you there~ (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  23. Terminal Laziness

    Love Shot -MxM Rp Request-

    I’m an assassin—and a damn good one at that. Sure, I only take contracts on targets that I think are vile, despicable people, but that doesn’t keep you from coming after me. You’re a private detective, and you’ve been on my ass since I showed up in your city, trying to finally get some information on the “Specter” as your ‘original’ homies in the law department have taken to calling me. One day we finally meet when I lure you to my old abandoned hideout. When you try sneaking in through the second story window and catch your pants on part of the roof and flash me spectacularly on your none-too-graceful-fall down, it was love at first sight. Or at first fall? First ass? You have a really nice ass—alright? Okay so maybe we didn’t even actually “meet” it was more like me stalking and staking you out until you showed your pretty little face—and you have a really nice face too. The point is, I find myself interested in you pretty fast, and it takes a lot to interest me (that’s a lie). I decide then and there that while you’re trying to chase a ghost (AKA: me) I’m going to have some fun with you, because why the fuck not? They’re pretty harmless pranks, not anything lethal like say—“accidentally” firing off a little love shot just a few inches away from that face I love so much while you’re trying to chillax in your apartment (btw nice heart boxers, didn’t think they made those in real life). You got to live a little, right? What’s the fun without any risks? I have plenty in more in store for you handsome, like let’s say, leaving you little (taunting) love notes in random places you visit, or perhaps filling your car with sex toy’s (got to start off your dildo collection somewhere, am I right?). Though perhaps I went a little too far when I decide to show my face (not that you know it’s me) at a cute little bar you like to drink away your sorrows in (because you’re that kind of cliche detective that I adore so much). Surprisingly, it’s easy to flirt you up (feeling a little frustrated... eh?), and we find ourselves tangled in the sheets together and boy did you impress! Unfortunately for me, I’m not the type to linger (though I definitely wanted to help myself to some seconds and thirds and fourths and—well, you get the picture). Though I do leave you a nice little present in your car when you wake up, a lovely note signed by yours truly—the “Specter—“ (it just oozesoriginality), and I may or may not have left you a nice big dildo on your drivers seat that reminded me of you and I couldn’t help myself (because what’s one more to the collection, right?). Now you’re even more pissed, not only did the (best lay of your life) Specter get away, you’re left with even more questions than ever before and you had me right in your grasp (and boy does your touch do some fantastic things to me). Unluckily for me, you’re one determined son-of-a-bitch, and you aren’t willing to let me go (who knew you were such a romantic?). However, when one night after running into some trouble (though I’m sure you’re probably wondering when I’m ever not in trouble), I end up getting hurt pretty bad (did you know that being shot hurts really fucking bad?), and you’re the one that I crawl back too. And despite all of the “pranks” I’ve played on you, you actually help me, nurse me back to health and for sure won’t let me out of your sight. Because despite how much you want to hate me (I’m just too damn lovable), you are extremely curious about who the mysterious “Specter” is behind the gun, behind the sarcastic facade, you realize you actually want to get to know me. And if all those little “love” notes didn’t clue you in, I kinda like your stupid ass too. Soon enough we’re teaming up (taking ass kicking names—wait—I don’t think that’s how it goes...), both of us trying to fight back the true (mushy) feelings we have for one another. And with more than one bad guy on our (albeit—lovely) asses, will we be able to set aside all our differences and truly come together? ~~~ Basically just about a goofy, younger assassin guy (me) who takes an interest in an older detective (you) and teased the fuck out of him while YC is trying to track the miscreant down, though they end up working together anyways after MC is shot and YC takes care of him and slowly but surely they start to fall for one another while trying to keep each other safe! ~~~ Your character—the older detective. My character— the younger assassin. ~~~ RULES/INFORMATION: 1. This is a descriptive, third person and mature roleplay. I'd like at least 2-3 paragraphs per reply, though more is definitely encouraged and I also tend to write a lot. You by no means have to match me, but please put in some effort. Decent grammar and punctuation as well. 2. Smut/sex will occur in this roleplay. I posted a preference thread as well earlier, but those are by no means all of the kinks I am willing to try. Please feel free to suggest your own if you wish to try something. For bed positions I'd prefer playing the uke/bottom and YC's the semes/tops. 3. Contribute! Please feel free to suggest your own ideas as the rp goes along, ask questions or just chat with me. I'm always open. 4. I will start this roleplay off for us. ^.^ 5. I like to write out simple character forms with their appearance/picture, name, age, and any extra information depending on the storyline. 7. This roleplay will also feature some dark themes such as abuse and other possibly triggering themes, as well as violence. 8. Shoot me a message either privately or down below if interested in this storyline! **My Preferences Link.**
  24. Ok, so... I confess. I really love consensual and enjoyable group sex. And I mean... I really love it. And I'm always open to RP that includes it. By "group sex", I mean specifically a single female/futa enjoying the company of two or more men/futas at a time. Sometimes, much more than two men. Fully consensual, sensual, affectionate, aimed at mutual pleasure. It is something that I would never experience in real life... Oh well. So I'd love to experience in roleplay, at least. As much as possible! With various people and their different writing styles. As well as different settings, different characters(humanoids/anthros/furries), different setups/situations we come up with, different dynamics between characters and other possible variety. In short sex-driven scenes or even long-term story-telling roleplays that would still include sex scenes based around this fetish of mine. So I'm looking for people who are willing to play more than one Male/Futa for a variety of my different ladies, in various setups - short or long. Simple as that. So if you're open to doing that - send me a message. This thread will be always open and relevant 99% of the time, with rare occasions when I'm the super rare mood exclusively for 1x1 scenes. So... The bottom line is. I'm looking for: Female x Multiple Males Female x Multiple Futas Female x Multiple Males AND Futas Futa x Multiple Males Futa x Multiple Futas Futa x Multiple Males AND Futas However, I must also mention this: I am not interested in any group scenes that are non-consensual, unpleasant, abusive, degrading, humiliating and other dark themes. I don't find those pleasant AT ALL. No matter what kind of "pairing" it is gender-wise. I'm also not interested in the "cliche" Futa characters - this super-sexualized, hyper-aggressive, mega-abusive, uber-dominant, mega-violent "being" that has only one single ultimate goal in life - to rape everything around it. Only absolutely normal characters of feminine variety who "just happen" to have dicks instead of pussies and it does not affect their personalities and behavior in any way
  25. melodiousmachinations

    Keeping it in the Family~

    Hello, everyone~! I've just got an idea for a potential roleplay here, ahaha. Keep in mind that I've only just started ERP, so I'm sorry if any of this seems rough around the edges. Feel free to EcchiText me if you're interested, or have any questions! ---------- Keeping it in the Family~ The premise of the roleplay is simple. Two siblings, brother and sister. They grew up very close to each other, almost never leaving each other's side, if they could help it. As they matured, however, they couldn't help but notice how their bodies were growing, and how...enticing their sibling looked. Neither of them acted on this taboo feeling, however, and the duo spent their adolescence hiding their increasing sexual feelings for each other. Eventually, however, the younger sibling (brother or sister, either way works) turns 18. One way or another, the two find themselves under the same roof, perhaps because one of the siblings' houses got damaged by an unfortunate sinkhole, or something. And with their parents off on a vacation trip (How convenient!), the floodgates are open as the two are left to bask in mounting sexual tension, until one day, they give in to their desires... ---------- As you can see, it's not necessarily the most in depth concept, but I think there's enough potential for something fun. I'm willing to play either the brother or the sister, or, if you want, I can change it to two brothers or two sisters, to make things a bit more interesting. Or, if incest isn't something you're into, we can make them childhood friends! For setting, it's flexible, but I'll default to the roleplay taking place in a modern setting, maybe in a quiet town. If you have any other ideas for that, I'd be willing to hear them, though. Finally, for any kinks that might arise during the fun, I'm thinking of keeping things vanilla, as said before, I'm still dipping my toes into ERP. I don't have a particularly strict preference for post length, but I'd appreciate it if your responses are at least a couple of paragraphs in length. Looking forward to seeing you~
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