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  1. Had already posted this in private bulletins, but putting it here too, for those who are Public RP oriented. It's just full of special kinks. With public RP there is also the option of side stories involving side characters. This is the story of a girl, a magical girl. A champion of love and justice. "Why I should care about love or justice?" That's what she was at the start of the story at least. "I could instead be worshiping you." Her team was fighting an invasion of demons. Beings who freely admitted they came from "what humans call Hell." Though they pointed out humans did not have a completely accurate understanding of what it was, or who its inhabitants were. "Make me betray everything & everyone I’ve ever loved." They had just slain one of the lieutenants of the demon lord for the first time. A major victory. They were about to celebrate when, Zorn, the demon lord, decided to stop playing around. He appeared and with a single attack, stuck the team down. Too hurt to move, most of them unconscious. He easily could have killed them all then and there, but he had a better idea. "Your monstrous power is too much for a magical girl to resist." He claimed one of the girls, his soldiers lifting her and following him back to his castle. He had one goal. Break her, make her submit, sexually, and as a warrior who would not hesitate to fight to the death for him. This is likely to be brutal early on. He will force himself on her repeatedly. Beat her. Starve her. Make her beg for mercy. Show her images (possibly manipulated) of her team abandoning any idea of saving her, her friends and family forgetting about her. The demon lord is something closer to a god. He can appear human, but also monstrous. A human could not comprehend his true form. He wears her down, but also rewards her when she starts to become loyal. Giving her power, luxury, favor as she becomes more loyal and follows the commands he gives to test her loyalty. Eventually being named as he concubine and bearing his inhuman children, fighting her former friends (and lover?).
  2. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Breaking the Magical Girl (Dark)

    This is the story of a girl, a magical girl. A champion of justice and love. "Why I should care about love or justice?" That's what she was at the start of the story at least. "I could instead be worshiping you." Her team was fighting an invasion of demons. Beings who freely admitted they came from "what humans call Hell." Though they pointed out humans did not have a completely accurate understanding of what it was, or who its inhabitants were. "Make me betray everything & everyone I’ve ever loved." They had just slain one of the lieutenants of the demon lord for the first time. A major victory. They were about to celebrate when, Zorn, the demon lord, decided to stop playing around. He appeared and with a single attack, stuck the team down. Too hurt to move, most of them unconscious. He easily could have killed them all then and there, but he had a better idea. "Your monstrous power is too much for a magical girl to resist." He claimed one of the girls, his soldiers lifting her and following him back to his castle. He had one goal. Break her, make her submit, sexually, and as a warrior who would not hesitate to fight to the death for him. This is likely to be brutal early on. He will force himself on her repeatedly. Beat her. Starve her. Make her beg for mercy. Show her images (possibly manipulated) of her team abandoning any idea of saving her, her friends and family forgetting about her. The demon lord is something closer to a god. He can appear human, but also monstrous. A human could not comprehend his true form. He wears her down, but also rewards her when she starts to become loyal. Giving her power, luxury, favor as she becomes more loyal and follows the commands he gives to test her loyalty. Eventually being named as he concubine and bearing his inhuman children, fighting her former friends (and lover?). That's the concept, I could play either the magical girl, or the demon lord (or both with different people). This is the end result:
  3. BigBadWolf

    Compendium of idea's

    Hello everyone! I hope people are having fun, I've only just joined the site recently, haven't done rp in some time and now that my life is starting to get some balance (Crazy right?) I've more time in the evenings to do some writing. I've had some ideas over the years and wanted to put them into sort of a list, Of course, the idea's I propose are not set and stone and can easily be tweaked and worked around to suit your kinks and change some of the plots or change characters around. if you got something better. If you get your own idea and want to do that, we certainly can as I'm very open and easy-going so we can brainstorm together as that can be just as fun as the rp itself sometimes! 1.) Human M x Monster/Alien F This idea is actually based on the kostos art https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=leech_(kostos_art)+# The idea being a monster that lives on cum for sustenance, the idea could be she is a new creature that is brought to an aquarium for experiments and research, my character is overseeing the research and experiments. During a thunderstorm the power gets cut off to his area which unlocks her cage, and escapes and begins assaulting the male staff and other male creatures that are kept, slurping any dick she comes across to satisfy her hunger. Or instead, the research scientist takes advantage of the new creature and instead of feeding her the storage, he just sticks his dick into the cage and let her go to town 1.5) an explorer on a distant planet who is in charge of documenting the flora and fauna and I like this character to be a futa who encounters the leech, at first the leech can be confused as she smells that the female has a dick but yet isn't a male, during this confusion the futa thinks it's friendly and is curious about her, after some interaction the leech proceeds to mount the futa and make her a permanent food source, could be shes highly virile and high-quality cum that sustains her. 2 .) Human M x Human F Incest would be the theme of this one, pairings are mother and son or brother and sister, both shota and loli can be included as well, this one is quite open for discussion, we can go for blackmail, straight up rape, even romance/curiosity, cheating, mom not satisfied with her husband dick anymore, even a game of truth or dare, drinking together become flirty and frisky, probably the most open idea on this list for discussion. 3 .) Male x Beastiality F I see a lot of Beastiality but always a Male beast with a human female but never the other way around, So I'd like to do exactly that, A human male having sex with female animals, dogs, deer, horses, cows, snakes, etc, A simple idea of a farm boy that is always stuck on the farm with hardly any contact with others, so instead he starts using the animals around the farm to satisfy his needs, either by sneaking out at night to have fun with the horse, or stick his dick into the calves pen thinking it's their mother teat for milk and so on and so on. 4 .) Male/Futa x Lesbain Another simple idea, one based around lesbain breaking, just as it sounds, its turning a very heavy lesbain that won't even go near a futa, gets broken in and wants dick instead. This can be based around cheating or rape, for cheating, the lesbain would have a pretty bad fight with their GF and spends the night with one of her friends. My character was trying to console her and have some drinks together, which can be turn into some mischievous actions, such as groping, her hold a cock for the first time, trying to give a handjob and esculates over time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This section I'll just make more proper scenarios, The Dark Hotel: The dark hotel is infamous for being an underground brothel, despite protestors, warrants, and investigations, not actual proof has been found, simply because it's well hidden from but guests and staff. What makes this brothel special compared to others? Well, put simply anthro's are seen as taboo among the populice, they are less than human's have very little rights, so in this secret brothel, they can live here happily while the hotel makes money off them. Despite them being seen as lower creatures, the public can't deny their itches and cravings for sexual encounters, So you arrive at the desk, getting here through means of money, connections, privleges, or lucky few to stumble upon it, which flavor of Anthro would you like, reception has a book of who you might want to spend the night with. Young Yet Deprived: Being the older brother in the household, his little sister and her best friend tend to always hang out together, most days they appear after school and hangout, doing homework and play games, but their is a secret, his little sister friend is a sexual deviant, she always came over cause she had the hots for her older brother despite her age, aware of her intentions and sexual knowledge, she does everything she can to get her brother, while the two were playing video games one day, the brother came in to watch as he was bored and see how competitive the two can be, so much so his sister tends to be deaf and unaware of her surrondings when she is in the zone, her friend knew this all too well and took advantage of it, when the big brother joined them, she moved closer to him, dirty looks, unintentional grabs, even sexual gestures towards him, how far is she willing to go to get him to fuck her? Beach Day: It was a day out from school, a young boy with his school mates went out of town to visit a popular beach, the teacher bringing them was a pervert and went to a nudist beach, while everyone was off swimming and having a good time, the boy was bit scared and frigthened of all these naked people, hiding inside of a changing room, he bumped into a rather much older and mature women who was eager to play and help the boy get used to the nudists around, with the sound of people talking, kids screaming, a very loud shower, the women had no issue riding the young boy without being heard, perhaps she could kidnap him and turn him into her personal sweet boy, acting as his new mommy and breaking the boy in.
  4. Hey there! Today I'm looking for a partner to roleplay as a Nomu monster from the my hero academia universe. I want to play as Uraraka Ochako, or Uravity as her hero name goes, in a longterm 𝑳𝒐𝒏𝒈𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒎 scenario with themes of 𝑪𝒐𝒓𝒓𝒖𝒑𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏, 𝑭𝒙𝑭, 𝑴𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓𝑿𝑭, 𝑴𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓𝑿𝑭𝑭. My idea here is: A “reformed” Himiko Toga, now a student of UA, has been on a quest to become the best friend and girlfriend of Uraraka Ochako. It began with her unfortune arrest at the hands of All might, an unlucky foe for her and many other unfortune fools that were not well suited for his type of combat, in a failed attack of the Villain league against UA. She had been taken into custody and was interrogated for days before any kind of cooperation was shown and still she didn't tell them anything that would hurt The league's plans too much. It was at that first sign of positivy that All Might himself came with the weirdest idea she could've never thought of. To keep an eye on Toga, due to her past, but to allow the girl to take classes and interact around the campus on a controlled basis. In his own words, it was against what he stood for as a hero to keep a girl who was barrely an adult and that still had a shot at turning things around for herself as some kind of war prisoner at UA. They would keep her under a watchful eye of course, but perhaps her cooperation would improve under a new light of experiences. This seemed beyond dumb to her at the time, but soon enough his words proved her wrong. They had all kinds of ways to keep her in check, from the professors themselves, security guard and cameras to even assigning a student as a guide, or female student that could keep eyes on her from somewhere closer without making her too suspicious as she liked to think about it. The girl just so happend to be Uraraka, which Toga was smitten by. The magic of desire and love just so happened to strike at the right time, because Toga soon enough became tame and pacient like a dog. She would behave, follow their rules and even give out more information about her past employers just to be allowed next to the girl. She wanted her in all the ways she could, her twisted love growing in size enough to allow her to plot the slow corruption of the shy girl into her girlfriend and slut. Now, I know this is pretty vague, but bear with me please. I would like a partner that would enjoy plotting around this idea and that is ok with the main smut source of our story: Toga loves Ochako in her own crazy way, but she also loves getting utterly destroyed by big Nomu dick. And she wants Uraraka to be even more addicted than her. I consider myself fairly detailed, I can write comfortably anything between two to eight paragraphs, it depends on my partners level and wishes. I like to please so it's my go to do so in this story as long as my partner respects my limits and I mean Irl and kink wise. I don't that much free time during the week with weekends being somewhat better. Because of that I prefer to have no time limit to send a reply, as long as we both communicate between replys to let the other know how long they would probably have to wait for the next one. Someone mature enough that understands this is mandatory, honestly. I prefer to my time writting something good rather than sending a sloppy reply. Both because I like details and because english is not my Mother language, so errors will occur. This, for example, is something that I have no time to read again, so it's probably full of them lol. My limits kink wise are: Gore, Vore, Bathroom kinks, anything too violent, drugs, pubic hair on my characters, vomit, feet, Hyper sizes (anything above 14 inches), disease play, blood, birthing and unbirthing (Which is not egg laying btw, which is one of my favorite kinks) and rude people. I'll share my kinks with people I reply to, just know that I'm super fine with anything else that's not on my limits, but if for some reason I have never heard about it before and I don't like it, I'll let you know. Now, I don't want to sound mean or rude about this, but properly introduce yourself please. Tell me your limits and kinks, I'll reply in kind with mine. Tell me what your ideas are , or at least a draft of them so we can further discuss and let me know what your preferences for writting are (Number of paragraphs, 1st or 3rd person). Also, send me the phrase “Uraraka's cherry” so I know you read all this, I won't reply to anyone that does not mention it. And, as a last warning. I would like this to be a long term, so let's take our time with her corruption and make it fun. All characters are of age.
  5. ~ Nurses For The Sickly Eldritch ~ Without these beings, a horrible world it would be. Ones made from darkness and moonlight, gifting thousands sweet dreams in the late night. Once feared for their appearance was now seen as charm. The eldritch beasts who might frighten one would bring joy to another, but never once did they harm. The world was drab in the old days, once called the ‘Weary Ages’ by many. Painfully slow jobs and expenses like no other, a climate of tiredness and repetition would drain all, so many figured... Why bother? It was a miracle these beasts came to stay, as they boosted people's spirits and saved the day. It was like those fairytales told as a child, of monsters creeping into your room, one’s imagination would run wild. However they were kind, caring, and flourishing. For those stuck in life and down, they were nurturing. One day however, a whole batch of them became sick. Due to an unknown illness among them, the humans were to act quick. Among the doctors, scientists, and nurses. There was one who had gotten many sweet dreams, so sweet they wanted endless amounts as it seemed. In the beds did the midnight monsters lay, no cure yet, but a treatment soon did they pray. A gentle nurse who cared for them greatly, wanting more dreams of her own, as well as a monster for herself. She’d tend to them daily. With her flirting, homemade meals, and plentiful winks. She caught the attention of her patients, their cheeks ever so pink. The beasts were like her own, giving her affection like no other. Without each other would they feel alone, and little did they realize their kindness’ demise. They gave the nurse dreams and wishes so bountiful, being captured by her looks so beautiful. Her plan worked so well for her little creatures that she loved so, it was like magic dust-- simple and effective. And alongisde that love... Was also lust. ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ Hello everyone! It’s me! And once again, I’m back with another odd bulletin post for you! I really hope you like, since this one’s been stuck in my head for SO long. Yet I never got around to it, and really, you all know the drill. I love monstrous roleplays, or at least stories that I get to play as monsters, since they’re my favorite! Mew..! (>///<) For this roleplay, I’d really like to take the role of one of the ill creatures, who bestows dreams onto people who’ve done good. I’ve mentioned it so much already, but I can’t get enough of monstrous or ambiguous characters. For my potential partner, I would absolutely LOVE you fill in the role of a yandere or clingy nurse! One that coaxes and treats her patients with such care, though it’s unneeded for their health and is kept a secret. (Keep in mind, there’s references at the bottom..!) Here are some things I enjoy in roleplay: Decent Spelling/Grammar (It doesn’t have to be perfect though!) Decent Length (I can go up to 3 - 5 paragraphs, but I do get carried away when I’m really invested...) Expression (Through small details and character dialogue, expressive text is my favorite!~) And here are some that I don’t enjoy: One Liners (It’s frustrating to write a whole bunch and then get hardly anything in return, you know?) Excessive Fluff (While plenty of details are welcome, if they slow down or even contradict the story, then there’s a problem.) Ghosting (Please don’t ghost anyone. It’s very discouraging to others and often makes someone question what they did wrong with no answer, so if you need to pause or stop the roleplay, let me know and I will always understand.) Before we move on, here’s one last thing to remember! I do NOT care about your actual gender. Man or woman, it doen’t matter to me. As long as we can play the part well, I think we’ll be just fine! With that out of the way, how about we move onto... More meatier subjects... Kinks! Here are some I think might fit in this roleplay: Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Paizuri, Femdom, Aphrodisiacs, Cuddling, Dirty Talk... A-And... Hand holding?~ And that’s it! Well, one last thing actually... Only a single thing that I must request, and that’s to have a preference sheet of some kind! Or at least a somewhat complete profile. I tend to be more suspicious to those who don’t have a preference sheet, because it honestly just makes communicating more difficult. Most of the time the first thing I look at in a new roleplayer is their preferences, and that way I can see if we’re compatible or not. And when it comes to discussion, I’m usually open to suggestions or changes, but when I ask a question-- please do not constantly say ‘anything’s fine,’ because that doesn’t really answer it. Sometimes we can be indifferent to subjects or preferences, but I know that’s not always the case! So please give me honesty, I value that immensely. Now... With all of that out of the way, if you’re interested in this story, then please EcchiText me! I am always looking for new partners, and I will admit... I’m actually pretty shy when it comes to talking with others. So don’t be intimidated by flashy bulletin posts, because I’m just like you! We both want a great roleplay together, right? I truly enjoy making these posts for you all, so hopefully it catches someone’s eye... I’ll see you soon. (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  6. Idea 1: Super Hentai Rangers! In a world full of ravenous beasts and monsters, an evil sorcerer has set their sights on taking over the world! Thankfully, a benevolent sorcerer has decided to help, by imbuing a team of horny teens with extraordinary powers, turning them into the Super Hentai Rangers! Using their new gifts, it's up to them to stop the forces of evil from taking over the world...if they can resist the urge to fuck everything that crosses their paths! Idea 2: Sex Addicts Anonymous. "Okay now we all know why we're here, it's because we're controlled by our base desires to have as much sex as humanly possible. But with hard work and community, we can all be free of...are they gone? Okay now that we're alone, let's talk about what this group is really about! We're all fine with our addiction, after all we're all consenting individuals, it's only our friends and families that seem to have a problem with it! So, 3-5 times a week, we all get together and have some fun in a controlled setting. Fuck to your hearts content, let nothing be taboo or forbidden! The only rule is what happens in a meeting, stays in a meeting!"
  7. Before anything else is said I want to make something crystal clear from the start: Despite the themes and kinks mentioned here, at no point is there to be forced copulation, direct or indirect. Every female in it will participate willingly and will never be a true slave (without agency or be sold for money). With that disclaimer done, I will share the overall premise: In a fantasy world where various races live almost fully isolated from each other in (monoethnic by large) nations, there is a minor village somewhere a small population of a monster race lives. Part of why they are so few is due to how their species is unable to father any females of their kind and thus reliant on other races to help them procreate. However, they have had little luck in attracting anyone to their tiny village to help them out. So this leads them to break their otherwise firm tradition of keeping to themselves. Desperation leads to them to seek out the nearest other town or village. Here they start to find some females to seduce and talk into copulating and hopefully make their numbers grow. Things get more and more out of control as their instincts begin to drive them to bimbofy the females there and thoughts about racial superiority quickly get out of hand in their minds, becoming a firm belief and thus begin to make it part of their mating with the females. This grows and grows until they basically have convinced all females there to become their happy and willing cock slaves and breeding bitches. This leads the males to begin to carry out this to the next village, the next, repeating the same process and eventually they end up being in control of the whole known world and eventually even outbreeding males of any othre species. These are options for their race: Orcs Minotaurs Dragons Ogres Pigmen (only with filth kink. See below) Suggested races for the females: Goblins Gnomes Humans Elves Angels Imps The kinks I would love to see in play (up to discussion) and those with * are those I would consider required: Airhead Big tits* Bimbofication* Body writing Bukkake Cock shock Cock worship* Continuous orgasms Corruption* Double anal/vaginal Double penetration* Filth (sweat, smegma, pubes, body odor and maybe chubbiness/fatness and nasty armpits) Fucked silly Group sex* Heart pupils Huge monsters* Huge size differences Less than serious master/slave play* Lewd talk Lipstick marks Monsters* Ovary fucking Powerhouses* Raceplay* Screaming orgasms* Size queen Slobs Temporary mindbreak Temporary or permanent IQ loss Unintentional sexual innuendo Shortstack gallery: https://imgbox.com/g/GmmenwneTH Monster gallery: https://imgbox.com/g/JBc0WO8O5V
  8. PrincessElla

    Looking for extreme

    Hi everyone I'm into alot and love to play. Plz text for more info
  9. Premise: A super mutant travels the wasteland, not to raid and pillage, but to survive and rid the wasteland of what evil he might come across. When clearing out a group of Raiders he found in a spot just on the edge of Paradise Falls, the gentle giant finds two young girls who were enslaved. He takes them under his wing, protecting them and searching for a safe place to keep them. As they travel, they find more girls, growing a small troupe behind the mutant as he creates a haven for them. As each one is saved, they find a special way to thank him for his protection. ----------- The ringing of gunshots are still carried through the wind as the large super mutant trudges past past pile of bodies. The smell of gunpowder and sulfur filled his nostrils. He looked like many of the rest of his race, huge and buff, his yellowed skin covered in scars. The odd thing though was that his face seemed to look more.human than most mutants, his face not set in the permanent teeth clenching grimace that plagued his race's looks. His large booted foot kicked the steel double doors in, both flying off their hinges with large dents in them. He scanned the room with his assault rifle, looking for anymore raiders. What he found though was two young girls huddled together in a cage. He immediately lowered his gun and walked over. "Let me get you out of there. Are you both ok?" He gripped the cage door and pulled on it, the rusty metal screeching as he wrenched it off of the cage.
  10. ~ An Insomniac's Dream ~ Love, as many would say, is a feeling that you can't truly explain. It's better to understand it through experience. Yet there are people who hate love. Or believe that it leads to nothing, more or less making them feel worse when it ends. One can choose to love or not, so knowing this. A particularly quiet, stoic, and almost cynical girl kept to herself from her friends and family. She had thought that loving would just make her less happy because of her past experiences, and because of those things that happened in the past. She finds it difficult to sleep. Sometimes going days without resting her head, only giving her eyes breaks when she can't even bring herself to keep them open. She may have felt vulnerable when she was sleepy. It then slipped, her mind couldn't take being awake for any longer. On an oddly cozy night, by herself in her bed with a full belly, just a hint of moonlight coming through her window with a soft nightly breeze that cooled her head when she got too warm from her comforting blanket. She then had her first dream. In a world where she met a... Ghost? A wisp? A spirit of some kind? It called themselves her dream keeper, insisting that it travel along with her to face the problems she had so her mind could finally be put to ease. In this odd dream world, it seemed as though anything could happen. Such as finding a sense of love with this strange yet caring guide. She found herself sleeping better, to not only rest herself, but to see the one who helped guide her through troubling equilibriums... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Bppprrrrr! So I'm done with my short little break, since I just wanna get my ideas out there now. Even if it means I need to be more patient, since my account isn't very active at the moment. So I hope I can refresh myself a bit with this new idea I thought of! (Keep in mind! There are image references at the bottom!) For this roleplay, I would like to take the role of the dream keeper. A little ghostly being that guides the sleepy girl throughout the story, and of course I'd for someone to take that role. But it doesn't have to be a girl if you don't it to be, and your actual gender doesn't matter when it comes to roleplay either. I'm usually pretty open when it comes to suggestions, tweaks, or ideas. So please don't be intimidated by me! Here are some things I look for in roleplay: Decent Length (About 2 - 3 paragraphs is good for me, but I can always negotiate!) Decent Details (Details are always nice in a roleplay so you can truly imagine it!) Character Expression (As in details from dialogue and the endings of sentences, "!, ?~, ~, ..!") Here are some things I don't look for however: One Liners (It's hard to reply to really short responses that give you nothing to work with, you know?) Excessive Fluff (Fluff is okay, but not when it just slows down or stops the roleplay.) Ghosting (Please do not ghost anyone. It's discouraging to get a roleplay going only for your partner to vanish without telling you anything. So please let others know if you're not available or want to stop the roleplay, we will always understand.) So now, here's the real meat of roleplaying... Kinks! Though I do hope that this roleplay will be more plot than smut, I don't mind at all having it, I'm sure that's why so many people enjoy roleplaying, right? Here are some kinks that I thought've for this: Oppai, Paizuri, Ecchi Scenes, Slight Size Difference, Passionate Sex, Cuddling, Dirty Talk, and... Hand Holding...~ If you want to add or tweak anything about these kinks, you may ask me through EcchiText. I can always adjust things for you as long as they aren't too extreme or out of my boundaries. So if you've read up to this point, then please consider checking out my preference sheet if you get confused about anything, but if that doesn't help you with anything, then you can always ask me something too! Remember, I enjoy roleplaying just like you. I don't bite... Unless provoked. (Ò///Ó) I hope for this roleplay to be cute, creative, surprising, and fun for you. So if you're interested, please EcchiText me! I'm always looking for new people to roleplay with so we can have a great time together. I really enjoy roleplaying but recently things have been a tad slow, doing this lets me escape from the real world, which is something I'm pretty sure we all wish we could do. It takes me quite a while to make these posts from scratch so I hope this won't be wasted! And with that, I look forward to seeing you~ And thank you for reading this~
  11. TTRaven

    Rp hardcore.

    So any sci fi or even urban Rp. With alien and monsters. Any ideas?
  12. The Pervy Baka

    Hungry Like the Wolf

    Synopsis: It all started on his 18th birthday. Before that, he had been a normal guy. He went to school. He got decent grades. He participated in school activities. He worked a part-time job. He stayed out of trouble. He had plans to go to college and get a good job. But that all changed on his birthday. Now, he started feeling the urge to stay up late at night. To walk around in the darkness. To stare at the moon as the full moon comes closer day by day. To eat his meat more raw than before. Ever since he came of age, his urges have started to change and take more control of him, and he doesn't know how much longer he'll be in control of himself, before...before he changes again. For good this time, perhaps. --- So this was an idea that just came to mind earlier that I thought I'd float out and see if anyone would be interested in playing out with me. If you can't tell, the idea is pretty inspired by the likes of Teen Wolf - movie or the series either one - and that's sort of the tone I'm imagining for this too, despite the rather grim synopsis blurb: something with a good mix of horror, supernatural action, and hopefully some comedy for levity and some sexual fun as well (whether this involves the werewolf form for sex or not is open to discussion). The character I have in mind that's suffering from his first transformations into a werewolf is fairly fluid and open to discussion, as is what sort of character I'd be playing opposite hopefully. Would you be his girlfriend, or a girl he likes? A female relative? A teacher or fellow student? Another werewolf? A monster hunter? Some other sort of supernatural creature? A childhood friend? Some sort of mixture of any of these? The skies the limit, I'm super curious what someone will come up with if anyone's interested. I'm more than willing to play this out with more than one person, so if anyone is interested at all, please EcchiText me at your leisure.
  13. This role play takes place in a fantasy world where humans and monsters live separately in two kingdoms beside one another. Fear of the monsters superior physical abilities made the humans hate them and attack any monster on their land. The monster had enough and attacked and a long war happened. Tired of fighting, the monster King, a Oni named Drake, meet with the human king to decide a treaty. A beautiful woman(either the queen or a princess) caught Drake’s eye and he proposed a marriage to unite the to kingdoms. The King agreed and the woman was given to the Monster and a public marriage was show to the human kingdom the uniting of the races and the war ending. The monster King and his new queen traveled back to monsters home kingdom, to start their new life together. I’m looking for a woman to play the new Queen and I had a few ideas for how this plays out. We can do a more romance side, where the Monster King and the Queen slowly fall in love, or we can go more smutty, where the monsters wild lustful nature makes the proper lady turn into a bit of a slut. Or we can do a mix. I’m also open to the idea of the Queen meeting other types of monsters in the castle and lustful or romantic things happening. If your interested let me know.
  14. So I have had an idea for a longer period of time and finally got to writing it out. Since I am very open to discussing details and such, I will give the overall premise here. Premise: A princess/queen has been kidnapped by usurpers in the middle of the night and then taken far, far away into "unclaimed" lands, which is basically a huge area where monsters live and roam. Here she is imprisoned somewhere where she is sure to rot up on her own and her escape made impossible for her. The evildoers did not take account for the inhabiting monsters living in these lands and so think the princess/queen would be killed by them, even if she was to escape. Luckily, the stigmatizing idea about monsters being evil and violent to everything other than themselves is made quite untrue as she is rescued by a few of these who has witnessed her being made unable to leave. The princess/queen quickly finds out how much she is attracted to said monsters and very grateful, she offers them a nice rump in return for them rescuing her. Something else quickly dawns on her however - mainly that using her body, she can more or less make them follow her orders, when they have her body to enjoy. So she plans retaking her kingdom back home after basically rising to the top of the monster chain, climbing her way to be their warchief. A few ideas for her looks: Should any of these not be your thing, feel free to browse this album:
  15. Alright... I don't normally do this type of RP but... as a writer you have to sometimes step out of your comfort zone to grow. At times I can be a little too vanilla and while I do enjoy those encounters the most, maybe it's time I dip my toes into something a little darker! I hope you find yourself interested and wanting to play too! You made a terrible error in judgment! Did you commit a crime? Did you take a lover in secret to defy an arranged marriage? Did you fail your duties and obligations to the crown? Or are you innocent of the crimes you have been accused of? Perhaps it doesn't matter, neither does your guilt or innocence because you have already been sentenced! You are to be casted down into the Oubliette! A dark pit from whence no one has ever returned. The stories surrounding this dark place are often used to frighten children into obedience and scare young maidens into chastity. While the king may rule above, beneath his kingdom is a realm of violence and brutality. Rumors of monsters hungry for human flesh will devour anyone who is dropped into the pit! Those more familiar with this dark place know the real horror of the place... but there is hope, on the far side of the labyrinthian tunnels and darkness there is believed to be a safe haven where others who survived the horrors have built a peaceful society away from the king's corruption and foul desires of the beasts! So my dear, your path is set, but your future unknown... can you survive... the Oubliette? -------- So yes this will be about your character traversing a dungeon while being hunted and assaulted by monsters of all kinds! We can discuss what sort of monsters you want and how big they will be! You will also have a companion, Terra, a slime creature with healing properties that can keep your body going even after numerous assaults! We can hammer out the details together but if this sounds like something you're interested in, would love to work with you!
  16. Dewdrop

    Lets do something!

    Hi there it's just me Dew looking for some rp's to do! I have a few plots below and my preference page linked(please read it to make sure we are a good match first), most of the plots are pretty open to leave room to add more of what we would like. If you don't like any of the ideas I have and want to create one together please feel free to message me! 1. His life has never summed up for much, working a minimum wage job has gotten him by just barely all these years until luck grabs him by his arms and helps him fly. He wins the largest lottery in history and from then on his life is never the same. She knew him just a little from going in to his old job but when she heard this old man had won the lottery she thought it would be easy to swindle him for his money. When he offered to take her on a vacation it was an easy yes, and once abroad it was even easier for her to agree to a quick elopement behind all her friends and families back. . . After all everything was going according to plan. Except she had no clue what she was getting into and the sex depraved man she was marrying. (I would like to play the girl in this and the other role can be changed to match what gender you would like as well.) 2. (This takes place in the world of Fallout, but doesn't have to follow with much of anything from the games. I would like to play the girl and the other character is really open for who/what you would like. Let me know if you want to use a certain game map.) The nukes were going to fall and she was offered the deal of a lifetime, sleep in something like cryo until the world is once more restored and an Eden to live in. What she didn't know was the years she slept the scientist in charge of her began an experiment of their own. After over 200 years, the scientist long gone left only brief experiment notes and instructions on how to wake her, someone/something finally stubbles across her. When awakened a sweet smell filled the room and followed her wherever she went, stirring living things into a horny state. Not only that changed, after each time she has sex her body changed, became more lewd and is completely unable to say no to anyone's advances. The wasteland is already a hard place to survive let alone being her. 3. A demon/monster king's dream is to rule not only their world but the world of the humans as well- A princess as perfect as they come seems to be the best first move. In her dreams the princess is ravished over and over again until she awakens the next day. At first she can't seem to get the dreams out of her head, then signs of the night begin showing even on her waking body making her question what is real and what is not. On the eve of her wedding to a foreign prince the monster king's plans are revealed to the princess. . . And is it too late for her to do anything to stop the king? (I would prefer to play the princess)
  17. You've seen this movie scene before: a bunch of kids out in the woods. Spooky stories, a bit of drinking and pot, maybe some frisky fun. An abandoned house out in the woods, or maybe an old legend about a beast that roams through the trees. Nobody believes in that stuff...until it happens to them. But this isn't your average horror movie. Oh, no, this one has a twist! You see, my friends, they all fell into the same traps you've seen in a dozen 1980's classic, and one by one, they all got picked off. Now I'm all that's left, and I'm not going to die out here. Could I fight back? Maybe, but this isn't really a movie. My chances of taking down a psychotic killer or hulking monstrosity are second to none. Maybe I could make a run for it, but I'm the only one left, and whatever's chasing me down has the taste for blood. I doubt I could make it out of the woods and to safety before I'm caught. There's another way to get out of this safely, though; one that never gets shown in the movies. As I trip on a fallen tree branch and tumble over, falling into the mud, I find myself on my back, scampering away. My pursuer advances on me, my clothes snagging on the ground as I think, this is the end. But then, the idea comes to me. I take my skirt by the hem with one hand, pulling it back over my thick, creamy thighs to expose my lacy black panties. "H-Hey there, sexy", I try, grinning up at the murderous creature as I use my other hand to tug my panties to the side. "Don't you think there's a better way for you and me to spend the night~?" --- The "Final Girl" finds a different way to survive her horror movie experience: by letting whatever creature or killer that's been picking off her friends fuck her senseless. I'd like to play a sexy goth type for this; the kind of gal that nobody would actually be all that surprised let some horror movie monster have it's way with her, even if it's dick is covered in her friend's blood. I want to stress that there will be no gore or death, except for the mention of my friends' untimely fates. I fully expect to get away...or take up residence as the monster's happy little fucktoy out in the woods. Kinks: Dubcon turned con, public sex and general degeneracy, rough sex, spanking, ass play of all kinds (spank it, eat it, finger it, fuck it 'til I can't sit down), creampies, ageplay, sloppy blowjobs/cock and ball worship, monster/beast partners, hyper play (cocks that bulge out my stomach and balls that hang down past your knees), weird cocks, dirty partners (smelly, sweaty, covered in dirt and grime), mild watersports (piss inside my ass or pussy, nowhere else, plz-thx <3) Limits: Gore, violence, puke, snot, scat, vore, feet, pregnancy Now, what would I like to see from you when you message me? First off, please put some effort into your reply! I want to see that you're interested in building up some fun, sexy scenes, so please don't just give me one or two sentences asking if we can RP. Bring some ideas of your own to the table, or tell me your own kinks and limits to get the conversation rolling! I also prefer using image references for my character, so if you could, take a look through this album and tell me if any of the gals within strike your fancy. I'm using this to help us get started, but also as a way to gauge who is actually reading my entire post
  18. FieryDreams

    Your Pet Tentacle Monster

    If you would, ladies, imagine this scenario with me... It is the early afternoon on warm spring day. The sun is shining, and nature is in full bloom. You have left your single person apartment to stroll through the neighborhood park. In the distance you hear children playing in a park and cars moving along the street. You are walking alone trying to enjoy this beautiful day. The pathway is winding through the green foliage, it's peaceful, intact you haven't run into many people. You decide to take a moment and enjoy the scenery with no one there to obstruct it. In the bushes next to the path your eye catches a cardboard box. This box isn't very small, but isn't that very big. You are surprised no one else has taken it away. You walk up to it and wrestle it from the bushes. It's not super heavy and rocks into your grip. Something is definitly inside. You go to open it, but it's sealed by tape. You selfishly decide to take it home, hoping you didn't just steal someone's belongings. Carrying it, you feel the weight shift, but no sound eminates from it. It's quite odd. However once you are home and set the box onto your table, you hear a few whines and whimpers coming from inside the box. They are quiet and sound like nothing you've heard before. You rush to find scissors and cut open the top of the box. You stay yourself before looking inside. Inside is a creature. It startles you at first, but it cowars in the corner of the box. It resembles something like a squid, but it's tendrils are much thicker and it's face somewhere near its upper body. The tip of the body holds a mouth and two bright silver eyes. You read them and see it's intense fear. Its terrified of you, but doesn't lash out. You calm yourself, as there is no immediate danger. You whisper to it repeatedly that everything is OK. You raise a finger to pet it, softly trembling as you slowly reach out to it. It trembles, but looks up to you. It slowly reaches out to your finger. As your skin makes contact a small metaphoric spark of energy shoots through your finger. It doesn't hurt, buteminates a pleasant feeling. The creature relaxes, almost emoting as if it accepts your friendly embrace. This is the beginning of an amazing relationship with a tentacle monster. Help me write this story as you help it grow into a beautiful and FUN creature. He will love you and treat you like a queen. All you have to do is care for it. Now the scenario can play out a little bit different as per your request, but idea will remain the same. You will be adopting a pet tentacle monster that will grow up to be the "best pet ever!" They enjoy any kinds of food, but they also feed on sexual essence, caused by orgasms. They will defend you when you are in peril and love to enjoy the things you enjoy. They can form very closely to your body so you can go out in public with them; however they tend to enjoy your body sometimes when you are out and baggy/new clothing may be required to hide the monster. Not only will you have a new friend in your life that will love you always, there are other benefits! Lot and lots of orgasmic bliss (sometimes they may not occur at the most convient times), but they are very enjoyable. Additionally the monsters will keep your body healthy and young. Trails have shown that bonding with said monsters cause the female body to stay fit and firm. Yes, this is ripped/inspired by the hentai/Manga "The Stange Creature and I". (Incorrect title at first.)
  19. Hello there (general Ken- wait, wrong forum)! I'm seeking a female partner for a fantasy based RP in which they play a singular or multiple women (ideal) alongside a minotaur brute. While not set in stone, I do indulge in an idea akin to this from time to time. A monstrous brute is captured inside the newly expanded boundaries of a nearby kingdom that has encroached on his territory. He's clamped in iron. dragged from the woods, and brought forward into a cell. Expecting to be executed, the beast is suddenly visited by... You. The queen? Princess? Court mage? Master of spies? Somebody powerful. In a position in which they COULD demand his head be detached from its body. But things change. Upon seeing that frame, what the loincloth barely hides, how that scent tickles the very nerves in her mind, she decides against it. Flirty, eager, she invites him to live. A stay of execution in return for his services. A bodyguard? Manual labor? Whatever she wishes. He accepts, for this is better than death. However, things get... difficult. She flirts. Teases. Wears outfits unbefitting for a woman of her station, and yet seems to invite him to do something about it. Grab. Take. Break. The threads begin to strain, eventually snapping. She's put to the floor and rutted by a beast until such a time as he passes out. The RP can extend from here in a multitude of directions. Willing to play a harem? Lets head that road. Eager for more one on one? How sneaky can a queen and bull be when fucking? Politics? Wars? Worldbuilding? The world is our oyster. Please, either post here or just message me outright, I can't wait to hear from you! Isaac
  20. I’m looking for someone to play as a monster or beast that falls for and/or screws a human (ie me). My two personal favorite monsters or creatures are ones with fuz/cute (like moth man) or slimes and aliens! I’m open to pretty much anything after that!
  21. Quotation

    A Monster By Mail

    ~ A Monster By Mail ~ Being new is a difficult thing to handle, especially when there's very few to help guide you through your troubles. One thing we all deal with is growing up. So naturally, after graduating college you'd have to become completely independent if not so already. It's inevitable to have adult responsibilities, but with so little resources, it can be quite hard to know where to start. So just moving into an apartment before knowing where to live indefinitely, there'd need to be preparations before getting comfortable. Filling out complicated yet boring papers, finding a reliable job, and even just trying to find free time so you could relieve yourself of the stress that came with making it through life. While you were getting settled into your new apartment, something was off. Things around your space would be moved around when you got back after your interviews, but not necessarily in a bad way. Things would be neatly placed, organized, and nothing would ever be gone. You'd only find out who was doing it when a peculiar letter was placed under your doorstep, one that told you that one of your neighbors was doing it. But it was never specified where they lived in the apartment complex. And while suspicious at first, things seemed to become a bit more casual as they kept sending letters, always seeing them slide under your door. Yet when opening your door to see who's there, no one would be standing or even walking away. It wasn't just letters, other peculiar events would go on around your temporary home. This person may have been supernatural in some ways, it was never clear until you saw them. A monster, realizing why they chose to hide themselves from others. But with the kind and reassuring letters they sent you, it didn't matter what they looked like, right? ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ Grrr! Alright, this roleplay idea was meant to be made around Halloween, but I got a bit sidetracked. Now, it's the weekend, so I have time to do a lot more fun things! So for this roleplay, I'm hoping to do a cute, mischievous slice of life roleplay! Where the female lead settles into a new apartment and gets greeted by strange letters and things happening around her house. Only to discover it was a monster the whole time. I wish for this to be a unique and cute roleplay, since there are a lot quickie styled, or darkly toned roleplays out there at the moment. I may bump a few of my own ideas, but anyway! I'd like to play the monster, and would LOVE it if someone else could be the girl in the story! If you've even glanced at my other ideas, I'm sure you know that I adore monster x human ideas, I'm probably a monster enthusiast at this point, whether it be a monster/creature/weird entity, or a monster girl! Here are some things that I look for in a roleplay: Decently Length'd Replies - (About 2 or 3 paragraphs are enough for me, less if you so desire. Though I try to match my partner's lengths most of the time.) Details & Expression - (Detailed replies that add more to the story and characters are great, especially when there's a great sense of expression added to their dialogue!) Clear Communication - (This is really important for all roleplays! If someone says that they have no preferences, then they are lying! Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so why not tell one another so they can both enjoy the roleplay? I like it when roleplays are concise and have direction!) Now here some things that I don't look for: One Liners - (It's kinda frustrating to write a whole bunch for someone, and then they only give you a sentence or two back, you know?) Excessive Fluff/Padding - (A tiny bit of fluff is okay, but when it halts the story. It becomes a pain to get it back running again when you could be doing more fun and engaging things.) Ghosting - (This is incredibly discouraging. When you develop and eventually begin a roleplay, only for your partner to ghost you without reason is super annoying and makes the other person feel worse about themselves, there's no point to it. And only serves to make others feel bad about themselves. It's happened quite a lot to me so I would know.) So with those preferences of mine out of the way, how about we move onto kinks? The thing most people go for in a roleplay, where all the best bits come in, right? So here are a few of mine that I thought about for this roleplay: ~ Ecchi Scenes, Kisses, Slight Size Difference, Passionate Sex, Gloryholes, and Dirty Talk! ~ But remember! You may always suggest some of your own! I'm usually pretty open to most kinks as long as they aren't too extreme. Things like extreme gore and scat just don't sit well with me. But enough about that. So if that wraps everything up for this roleplay, I hope you'll take interest and EcchiText me! I promise you an amazing roleplay! (>///O) Roleplays keep me going, there a great stress reliever when work just gets me all riled up. So roleplaying is a hobby that I'll always love, and I only wish to make you happy by giving you a thought out, fun, and pleasurable experience... I'll see you soon~ (U///U) And thank you for reading this~
  22. howdy lads! here's my dumping grounds for ideas i'm currently craving. i'm a sub! my preference sheet is linked, but i'll include here a list of kinks i'm super down to include like, anywhere. fave kinks: pregnancy, lactation, noncon, large insertion, leash & collar, size difference, ahegao, cock addiction, nipple penetration, bestiality, gangbang, public use, incest, birth, slutty clothing ideas my cute lil lady (either cis or futa) ends up belonging/hopelessly addicted to a milfy futa; i have a lot of scenarios for this that i'd be down to discuss!!! fantasy universe where having a slave/mare/breeder is a sign of status, and monsters/beasts/etc. have taken to wearing theirs as jewelry in the form of belly riding/fanny packing. also have a ton of scenarios i can unload for this one. anything in which i get to play a heavily pregnant lady getting addicted to cock; to say i have scenarios for this is an understatement something based on a doujin called animal bride, where young ladies are given to horses (but i'll accept centaurs for this, too!!!) to be bred as part of their education. i can provide the doujin upon request! but forewarned: it's loli, but i would *really* rather it not be if we write it anything in which i get to play a cute futa getting addicted to cock incest anything, tbh, with super bonus points for futas being involved suggest stuff, i just wanna write lewd stuff my dudes ; n ;
  23. Nialla

    Monster ERP~

    Hai, so before I get into the scene, I only RP on kik or discord so if you like the setting feel free to message me on discord @Nialla #2208 or on kik @Apparent_Nialla So for the setting I had in mind, I'm kinda open to one of three. The first being a typical modern zombie apocalypse in a Left 4 Dead style with mutated infected, a small amount of immune humans, and plenty of monstrous fun. The second would be more Fallout-esque nuclear apocalypse with the expected human and beastial mutants scattered about for me to run into. The third would be more Sci-Fi less apocalypse I suppose, but for reference, think Dead Space with the necromorphs and relics mashed up with sci-fi elements and the steady decline and eventual fall of human society altogether. As for reference monsters, since mobile is kind of bullshit for website usage, think Centaurs from Fallout, Smokers, Boomers, and Jockeys from Left 4 Dead, Zombies/Feral Ghouls in general, and Mind flayers from DnD. The details of the RP can be hashed out in greater detail to fit our individual tastes and such, but on the chance that you (the person reading this) are interested, feel free to message me and ask about this setting!~ hope to hear from someone soon~ (!!! Worth noting, I don't wanna die myself or like, be turned into/play a mutant/monster myself as that'll kinda take away from the whole kink I'm looking for here. I don't mind small changes to my characters appearance, but overall I wanna play a human~)
  24. Sierrazion

    Seeking Partners

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to do some particular role plays, but that doesnt mean they cant be modified with you. I'm looking for partners for any one of these 25 prompts. If you see one you like send me a message. I'm looking to play either a female,futa, or trap in these scenarios. ❤ 1. Love/Hate Relationship-Im looking for someone interested in playing characters that really dont like each other, but love to touch each other. They're both very competitive people and it leads to them perhaps fighting, which inevitably turns to wresting which turns to sexy time. Maybe afterwards they go on trying to be enemies but end up sneaking away to be alone. 2. The Worst Girlfriend-A tsundere girlfriend that's nothing short of abusive gets hers when you get fed up with her verbal abuse. A rough makeout and more puts her in her place as she gets dominated. 3. Loving Girlfriend-If you're just looking for a sweet and kind girlfriend this is it! I'd love just to spoil you, ask you about your day, cook you a meal dressed in a cute apron. Draw you a bath, a massage and maybe if you want a loving night in bed. Alot of positive praise for you! 4. I'm Busy-Im really distracted working around the house and going about my day. Only problem is I'm ignoring you my precious boy/girlfriend all the way up until you have enough and distract me in another way. 5. Street Find-Im a massochistic school girl going home from class, you decide to have your way with me. A rough non/con sex. Theres a variation of this if you'd like to be a monster/monster girl that could work too. 6. Last Two on Earth-With the world nearly destroyed by a apocalyptic event we find ourselves the last two people on the earth, or so we think. With the looming idea of repopulating the earth we have to deal with both immediate dangers and future ones. 7. Just a Kink Focus-If I have a Kink I'll write for that you really want to try, we can focus on writing for that. I'm open to anything. 8. Married Couple-Just your traditional married couple RP, maybe we have kids, or a newly born, or we're on our honeymoon on a island somewhere. Just something nice and manogamous. 9. Beach Episode-Along with a group of our friends we go to the beach and spend the weekend partying and enjoying ourselves. It can be a group RP if theres interest in that. 10. Paladin in Trouble-A holy paladin is captured by some monster or monsters, perhaps a witch takes an interest in them and chooses to capture them for their own interest or a lamia abducts them for their own pet. A giant spider uses them as a breeding slave etc. 11. Anything Space-I love anything set in space! So I'm open any idea like that. 12. Yandere Simulator-Me or you play a yandere who is obsessed with the other. This setting generally fits best in a school type setting or work place. 13. Club Night-A roleplay set in a club, the heat, the alcohol, the pumping music, we stumble across each other and the connection is irresistible. 14. Spoils of War-Either you nor I are a prison taken from a battle and given to the other to do with as they please. 15. Body Modification-The two of us are forced to undergo experiments that change our bodies and minds. 16. Undertide-A ocean fantasy setting including water elves, sea monsters and romance on the open sea. Who doesnt want to try sex underwater at least once? 17. Superpowers-A setting similar to BNHA where people are all born with super powers we find each other, maybe we were childhood friends but decide to give a relationship a try despite the fact we have opposed powers. 18. Beastiality-Sorry to admit this one but I've thought about this one for a while. If anyone is interested in this particularly bad kink, try me. 19. Breaking Vows-A nun goes to a brothel afterdeciding to break her Sacred vows. 20. Mad Love-A psychologist falls in love with insane patient. Decides to pursue her. 21. Succubus-At school you meet an interesting girl, find out she's your neighbor, and then when she shows up in your room extremely hungry for you, you realize the full implication of what she is. 22. Tusk Love-An Orc(me) falls in love with a normal girl(you). The Orc sets upon trying to convince you to love it and raise all its little orc children you'll have together. Very much dom energy. 23. A.I.-A robot tries to understand people. Its sent out to try and learn from people. If it cant it will be dismantled by the destruction date. It looks to you to help it understand life. 24. Cabin In the Woods-Werewolf fic. I go into the woods to try and control my self and end up going feral. You can either be an innocent camper or perhaps a werewolf yourself looking for a mate. 25. Time Traveler-I or you are a time traveling explorer who drags the other into all kinds of spectacular adventures. Setting: Any of these can be added to any of these stories if it suits your preference. Sci-Fi Fantasy Superhero Monsters Anime Post-Apocalyptic Gothic Modifiers: anything we want to add I'm always open.
  25. Another fairly simple premise I thought of that I think could be fun to dive into. Overall idea: A ruler of a kingdom, a monster of race and massive of bodily size, saves a young female from overwhelming danger and saving her life. Without much left of her former life, she is without a home. Generous and kind, he even offers this help to her. So happy with his help, she suggest wanting to be part of his court, eager to service him in bed and standing by him when he receives delegates or is out on other tasks or quests. They form a deep friendship over time, naturally. There is absolutely no point where she is coerced into anything and is content with her life as a one woman harem girl. Over time, more females join the harem as the ruler comes into contact with others, helping them out in various ways, building a lovely harem where everyone feels comfortable and well. Quick note: - I am NOT seeking master/slave or sub/dom fetish. - This will be a public RP Optional kinks/ideas: - The ruler being a hypercocked boy of age 10 or lower and magically cursed to never age - Multicocks - the ruler having 2,4, 6 or more cocks - Magical items with fun effects Reference suggestions: (feel free to look through my galleries if others interest you more!)
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