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  1. Xoddrecroth

    My RP Ideas List!

    Hello there!~ And thanks for stopping by!~ This is going to be my permanent ERP ideas post. It will be updated when any particular idea is filled, or when I have a new plot idea! It will likely start out small, but I'm sure there will be plenty of additions down the line! Please EcchiText me if you would like to reach out to talk about any of my plot ideas/would like to write them out with me. You can find my preferences below, as well as a more detailed kink list at the bottom of the bulletin, or you can ask for my F-List! I have been roleplaying for about 10 years, and ERPing for half that time. I can do either first or third person perspectives, it is dependent on either what the plot is (I.E. if I'm playing multiple characters), or if you have a preference. I try to respond pretty quickly as long as I'm not busy, and I can usually be contacted whenever. For length and writing competency, all I ask is that you at the very least put in a bit of effort. Around a paragraph at the minimum is great, and usually the length I type regularly, sans starter posts, though sometimes I'll type more depending on details. As long as you generally use proper spelling and grammar, and put in the effort, we'll get along great! I really enjoy reference images to help with detail writing, so please provide one for your character, and I'll provide mine via DMs/ETs. I am perfectly comfortable RPing here or on Discord, and if the latter is preferred, please request it in ETs. Slots are filled with first come first serve. I can let you know when a slot is open again if you would like to wait if it is filled. Without further ado, here are my plot ideas!~ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Plots~ Please Check: I can only divide up my attention so much! Open long-term slots: 1/3 Open short-term slots: 3/3 Corrupted Program Twin Cats Tentacle Fun Haunted House Hedonism Dragon Family Pokemon - The Coition Region! - Closed [Testing]! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kinks and Limits~
  2. StardustSkies

    Looking for Doms!

    Hello~! I am Sable, a male switch with a sub preference. I am looking for a dominant roleplay partner(Also male) to have an erotic experience with! I will be looking for third-person role players that are interested in building up a small plot with our characters before moving into the sexual side of things. While I would prefer a more story-based roleplay, I would not mind a simple erotica either. Looking for in particular; Demon/Incubus, Supernatural, Monster, Omnipotent Being. …basically anything nonhuman that can get into some freaky kinks such as hypnotism, tentacles, BDSM. I’m open to roleplaying with original characters/species as well! Sincerely, Sable~
  3. The realm of Vaslaind was a mostly peaceful land, run by a sparse few kingdoms and powerful guilds. Throughout the land, humans, monsters, and various races lived in harmony. But when there was trouble, the guilds would be called upon to send hired adventurers. In the capital city of Olearin, the Noble's Questing Guild kept the peace, extending their reach even to the far corners of the vast island continent. The headquarters of the Noble's Questing Guild was a tavern called "The Silver Steed." On this day, the tavern was quite busy and the patrons were murmuring amongst themselves. Their excited chatter revolved around the recent increased number of monster sightings. Baran Stormhorn, a large Minotaur barbarian, entered the establishment. Never one to indulge in the idle gossip of the day, he went straight to the back of the tavern, where the quest giver and archivist sat behind a desk. "Tell me, Dorian, what quests have you today?" The short, chubby gnome behind the desk was Dorian Piketoe. He was combing through the quests, organizing them and ensuring that any that he handed out that day could be handled by adventurers capable of completing them. Without looking up at his old friend, he smiled and responded, "None that I'd send you to do alone. We've got three trolls in the east, a rock golem who claimed Deepmire Gulch for himself, a pack of dire wolves roaming the farmlands, and a dragon... yes, would you believe that! A dragon has made his home in the ruins of the old wizard tower! I say, I'd never send anyone to face these alone... I'm afraid the days of single quests may be over my friend..." His voice trailed off as he wistfully gazed through the page he was holding up.
  4. StardustSkies


    Hello everybody~ I am Sable, a femboy an switch with a sub preference. I have come here looking for a dominant(preferably non-human/male) partner to force my cocky, bratty self into submission for their own sexual pleasure. Whether it be an omnipotent deity hypnotizing his cult member in order to pleasure him, or it be a feral beast in the middle of the woods pouncing and releasing some pent up anger on my poor body… We can discuss details further in ET~
  5. From the album: (YC Request) Roleplay Character: SCP-1471 (Mal0)

    General character reference image from a top-angle.
  6. Xoddrecroth

    Mal0 - Outfit 1

    From the album: (YC Request) Roleplay Character: SCP-1471 (Mal0)

    General reference image + slutty outfit reference
  7. From the album: (YC Request) Roleplay Character: SCP-1471 (Mal0)

    Reference image for a horror-leaning RP situation/concept
  8. Xoddrecroth

    Mal0 - Situation/Outfit

    From the album: (YC Request) Roleplay Character: SCP-1471 (Mal0)

    Exhibitionism situation and/or outfit reference image.
  9. Xoddrecroth

    Mal0 - Situation/Power Use

    From the album: (YC Request) Roleplay Character: SCP-1471 (Mal0)

    Mal0 when emerging from technology, also encompassing visual details for basic RP situation.
  10. From the album: (YC Request) Roleplay Character: SCP-1471 (Mal0)

    General image reference for character Mal0 from the front.
  11. Xoddrecroth

    Mal0 - Outfit 2 (Alt)

    From the album: (YC Request) Roleplay Character: SCP-1471 (Mal0)

    Alternative Outfit, SCP Containment Jumper + Lactation
  12. Xoddrecroth

    Mal0 - Outfit 2

    From the album: (YC Request) Roleplay Character: SCP-1471 (Mal0)

    Alternative Outfit, SCP containment jumper Additionally, reference for situation "SCP Containment"
  13. Xoddrecroth

    Mal0 - Outfit 3

    From the album: (YC Request) Roleplay Character: SCP-1471 (Mal0)

    Alternate Outfit, Loona (Helluva Boss)
  14. Howdy everybody, need some RPs to do on here and currently I'm in a fantasy fuck fest kinda mood. That being said, I still like plot and characters, but we can discuss that together. What I'm really wanting to do is some Monster stuff, preferably female monsters that want to play with the plethera of men traveling around in the setting we create. I'd hopefully play one of those men, but I'm pretty open to scenarios and ideas. Kinks & limits? The kinkier the better, not many hard limits. Just ask. I like to get weird and explore things, especiall ig my partners are into it.
  15. YelloweyeOfHim

    Lost Hope In Space!

    Lost Hope In Space! An Alien/Parasite/Tentacle ERP Can be either a DM/GM or NORMAL style ERP. NEW UPDATE: I ADDED IMAGES! Male looking for Female Players.(Although fellas are welcome to read, comment, or find people to do this with them!) -Also this is written with the thought of being in dark mode. If you are in bright mode there is a chance some of this will be difficult to read! Keep that in mind please- I recommend reading my preference sheet first. BACKSTORY & PLOT: In the year 2167 humanity came together under one government after centuries of conflicts and wars: The Grand Alliance. However in the time of all that fighting in the past, it became too much for the planet to handle so now the Blue Marble of the Milky Way is on a unchangeable path of becoming uninhabitable for the human race. So The Grand Alliance immediately made there first priority to be the construction of a Space Station that could hold up to 50% of Earths current population as well as to begin the process of deep space travel with the plan of making more stations if the first was successful enough. In the year 2199 the first station, and still the only one currently, was launched and placed in Earths orbit. The Angel. Named as such because of the Space Stations shape being a round ring. It has become a beacon of hope for the human race as a place of relative peace an no pollution like Earths surface. However, it is now the Year 2231 and the entire station has gone dark and quiet without warning. And no one has been able to make any form of contact. The Grand Alliance has sent multiple teams, practically enough people to make a small army, to the The Angel over the course of a month with no word from anyone they send. So now they send you and the team you are a part of as one last attempt to find out what the hell is going on without using the full might of The Grand Alliance’s army. Now we will move onto Rolls you could play as for your character(s) and there Origin in this RP/Universe. Roles will be first and then Origins. All Rolls & Origins can be mixed and matched plus be adjusted if needed if you have a OC you use in every/most rps. -Also these Roles/Origins are written in first person but that don’t mean this ERP is strictly First Person. Just wrote these like this for simplicity- ROLES. Role One: Commander. You are the leader of the Team and as such, everyone who goes with you will respect you and fallow most of your orders. Human survivors are more likely to trust you. Human enemies are more likely to be aggressive towards you. Role Two: Engineer. You are the lead engineer of the team and as such you will be protected however also be made to go out on excursions through the station. Human Survivors will be needed to be convinced to trust you. Human Enemies will be aggressive if it benefits them. Role Three: Scientist. You are the lead scientist of the team and as such will be in charge of figuring out what the problem is and how to solve it. You will be greatly protected but also greatly restricted from moving around and having much privacy. Human Survivors will needed to be convinced to trust you. Human Enemies will be greatly aggressive towards you. Role Four: Lab Rat Personal. You are a prisoner who has been sentenced either to life in prison or the death penalty. And as such you are to be used as a test subject or as a human shield. Human Survivors are less likely to trust you. Human Enemies are capable to being convinced to be allies. The Grand Alliance team have the ability to become enemies if you don’t follow their orders. Role Five: Stowaway. You actually aren’t a member of the team sent by the Government. But with how quickly everything was set up they weren’t fully checking everything they where meant to and you managed to sneak into the cargo of the ship and remained there till the ship landed on the Station and you where found. Your reason for sneaking on can be anything you want as long as it makes sense. Human Survivors will needed to be convinced to trust you. Human Enemies are are capable to being convinced to be allies. The Grand Alliance team have the ability to become enemies if you don’t fallow orders or actively go against them. ORIGINS. Origins One: Earth Born. You have lived on Earth your entire life and have never once visited The Angel Space Station. Now it’s your first time going to the station and there’s a good chance it will be up to you to save it. Origins Two: Space Baby. You were born on The Angel and lived most of your life on the space station. You only recently came to Earth for personal reasons(reason can be whatever you wish it be from a family matter to a career thing)Now you come home finding it in chaos. Origins Three: Military Family. You grew up constantly moving from place to place both on Earth and on The Angel itself. Both of your parents worked for the military and government. Due to that you never lived in the same place for long. Origins Four: Hard Life. Ever since You were a kid life has never been easy. You did whatever it took to keep yourself fed and alive. You where mostly on your own and constantly moved around from place to place. You do whatever it takes to achieve or get what you need. Now we will move on to types of characters & creatures you will interact with. Humans: Typical Humans. They can be Survivors, Allies, or Enemies. Main/Big Groups are: The Grand Alliance Special Team: The team you arrived with. Comprised 10 team members. (number can change to depend on how many characters you play as) The True Patriots: A group of people who don’t approve of the fact that every country has all joined into one. They wish to remake the United States of America, commonly now called Old America by most people within The Grand Alliance, and don’t like anyone working for the new government. The Believers: A group of people who believe, through either insanity or are forced because of the influence of the virus, that the parasites aliens are gods who just want to evolve humanity to a plan of extreme pleasure. The Administration: The name of the people who are meant to run The Angel and keep its daily functions running. Most of them are gone, most likely because of the Alien Parasite, but those that are still around are held up in the higher district with a small group of survivors and while they should be helping out the Special Team, they seem to want to stay on there own. ——— Androids: Arguably humanities greatest creation. They are not as intelligent as humans and are capable of being encrypted with a virus and turning them hostiles. Androids can appear in a few forms. Humanoid(don’t have the exact appearance as humans. You can see there metal body so that none can pose as a real human), Construction bots(like forklifts and such), and drones(meant for air support for army and cops or as cameras for security or news broadcast). ——— The Infected/Parasite: Humans, and a few other Alien species the Parasite has run into, who have been turned/infected. The Parasite can also create its own monsters/tools to use to infect victims. i.e Tentacles. Although if someone/something is either unable to be infected or is being to much trouble, The Parasite WILL kill them.(That’s not an invitation to have necrophilia/gore!) The Sick: When one is infected with the Parasite they are called Sick. Those who are “Sick” are still in control of themselves but the virus is inside them now. Those who are at this state will have full control of their main facilities but will have to deal with the fact that there body will start greatly craving physical pleasure. And trying to relieve oneself alone is typically not enough. The more they give in to this pleasure, or receive more of the Infection, the closer they are to fully turning. However if the Sick essentially go cold turkey and not have sexual encounters with others the physical need will spread across the body and start to become painful. The longer they go without pleasure, the more pain they suffer from. Majority Turned: The vast majority of people turned will be almost mindless with the only desire to fuck & infect anyone who isn’t. They aren’t, technically, zombies. They can run, open doors, crawl, attack, an so forth. But they don’t speak, just grunt, yell, & moan, so don’t expect to get any conversation out of them. The way to tell someone has turned is that there eyes will be completely pink. Pupil, iris, and scalera. The Flesh: Walls or just a mess of “Flesh”. Not made of real skin or meat, these mounds of living substance is the Parasites true physical form. It can appear as a large bubble/sack in a corner or completely fill a room from floor to ceiling. Typically will attack with Tentacles or similar things. The Enhanced: These Turned individuals are similar to the Majority but are more dangerous. There body’s have been “evolved” to be better at spreading the virus. Typically they can sprout tentacles from the exterior or interior of there body’s to use for infecting or combat. But sometimes it could be that the muscles in there legs are strengthen to allow them to jump higher and further or to run faster and longer. Or something simple like giving a female a cock to turn her into a futa. And those are not the only ways but just examples. To tell when one is like this there pink eyes will be glowing. The Voice: The most dangerous version of the infected. The Voices are very rare but extremely dangerous. They are like the Enhanced but have extreme intelligence & unlike the Majority or the Enhanced, Voices can speak, plan, and have the memories of the host within them. They will act like they are survivors to lure in unsuspecting people into traps. They can also control the other type of infected types. Make no mistakes. That may act similar to who they where before turning, but they are not that person anymore. Your Infected Character(s) and Game Over(?). This IS still a ERP. And it should come to no surprise that your character(s) will eventually become Infected and you play as a “Sick”. Everyone, NPC’s and your Character(s), have a different level of resistance to the virus in the RP. How much or how quickly the need to have sex can be discussed in the RP. But on that note, Game Over. If the other player is interested in doing a Game Over “mechanic” for either just there character(s) or for the whole ERP then I’d be willing to add this. NOTE then that there will technically be consequences for the sex/lewd scenes in the ERP once you are infected. Cuz if it happens to much then your character will fall to the virus and Turn. And for the infection rate I’m thinking that having sex with a non turned partner will increase your infection by 5 points out of 100 but with a turned it will be 15 points out of 100. But that can change or be altered if you wish. But remember that the Game Over stuff is NOT mandatory! And I think that’s everything. This is a remake of one of my ERPS from iFunny with some added stuff for more detail and options. This is also my first REAL rp post on this website and I would LOVE any and all feedback from anyone who’s been generous enough to make it this far! It a bit of a long read and I apologize for that. Just wanted to put down everything I had imagined for this plot. Would love to hear any advice anyone has on how to improve in the future for more ERP plots/posts. (also I hope I did this correctly and out this in the right category and tags)
  16. Let's try posting one my of darkest private bulletins here and see what happens. The story of a human girl and a monster, the girl gradually becoming a monster herself and his mate. One way or another a monster ended up under the girl's bed. How did it get there? Portal from another world/dimension? A unnoticed egg mixed with other stuff put under there? It is a fairly small detail that does not have to be considered but we can figure it out if you want to. The monster quietly grows under the bed and waits, sneaking out to eat at night. The girl may or may not notice it, but if she does she is too afraid to try to get rid of it. Until one night. The exact nature/shape/features of the creature can be discussed. But one night, once they are both old enough, it comes out and onto her bed. Maybe it is has a stinger, maybe it bites her, one way or another it gives her some sort of toxic relaxant. She is not put to sleep or immobilized, but it relaxes her to the point she does resist at all as it mates with her. She does not care, maybe even enjoys it (at least for the night, while its happening, when she wakes up she is likely not nearly so happy about it, but she might be also confused as to whether it was a nightmare or real). What she does not know at this point is that was only the beginning. Rather than inseminate her, the mating released a fluid into her that slowly begins a process of changing her. It takes a while, and possibly multiple mating sessions, but eventually her mind and body start to change. She first begins to take on physical aspects of the creature, the initial changes can possibly be hidden, with varying degrees of difficulty, but eventually she will have to abandon her current life. As more of her body changes, she becomes somewhat more comfortable with the creature and it no longer gives her the toxins. Instead it offers her raw meat from his hunts, encouraging her to eat it. This speeds up the physical changes and starts the mental ones. She feels uncomfortable around other people (which was already somewhat true due to the changes she had to hide, but now it is more hostile than scared). Eventually she snaps and kills someone. That is when all the pieces comes together and she figures out more of what is happening. Her mate had been feeding her human meat. His kind, and what she is becoming, are predators that feed on many things but often crave humans. Possibly with some lingering shame and humiliation, she eats the person she just killed. This is when the mental changes really intensify. At some level she remembers she used to be human, but no longer thinks of herself as one, no longer thinks like one. They become prey and she loses any remaining shame about hunting and feeding on them. At this point she has to find a new place to live, and the male returns, to lead her to a place he had in mind. At this point they mate again, this time her body fully changed, and the purpose becomes to have children, which they both want at this point. At this point things can go a few different ways. Maybe these creatures mate for life. In which case their 'relationship' is not something we would recognize as love, but act as a couple of sorts and work together and keep having children, more similar to animals who mate for life. Another option would be that the first male's role is done after his first child/children are born and she has to seek out other males of her new kind maybe once a year or so. I like the idea that she can only give birth (lay eggs maybe) to males and females have to be created the way she was. They are creatures who are unique in the world but due to very small numbers and secrecy, have not been discovered yet. It could continue on to explore the lives for such creatures and the sorts of things they might encounter that humans know nothing about.
  17. The Hero has emerged victorious over the Demon Queen’s army, but the Demon Queen has managed to survive. Unfortunately for her, her army is in shambles, as the Hero had managed to singlehandedly slay most of her minions. However, the Demon Queen’s advisor has an idea on how to fix this problem; if a demon queen were to get pregnant by a monster, her offspring would be a stronger version of that monster. She isn’t particularly happy about the idea of letting her minions use her like a common whore, but she doesn’t have many other options that wouldn’t have a high risk of catching the Hero’s attention. And so, she accepted.
  18. YelloweyeOfHim

    Halloween ERPS ideas.

    Halloween inspired ERPS! Looking for female role players. Down below I’ll have a few straightforward erp ideas that are Halloween inspired. These are all admittedly meant to for more quick/simple rps. Although I’m up for making them possible long term once we discuss. HOWEVER I will WARN you that some are on the darker/kinkier side of things so there could be a chance you read something your not a fan of. Plz read my preference sheet. For some reason the link to it is not working so I can’t make it part of the post. 1. Costume Party Hookup. In the center of the city is one of the most popular Nightclubs to visit if you plan on having a night of fun with a stranger or even for a spicy date. The issue is that it’s typically hard to get in without a reservation or invitation from the owners. However this Halloween is Fright Night, meaning anyone is welcomed. The only thing you need to get in is an ID saying your 21, real or fake, AND a costume! It can be some 20$ costume you got at some store or a full fledged cosplay you worked hard on. And once your in, all that’s left is to find someone to share the night with if you haven’t brought someone already. 2. No Parents = Big Party. For this Halloween both of your parents are going to be gone on some business trip. So you’ve taken the opportunity to throw the biggest party for Halloween and practically invite your entire school(high school or college). The one problem is, the whole school practically dose show up! People in your grade, below it, above it, and is that a teacher?! Well now you have two choices. Enjoy the chaos and party or try to keep things under control. 3. Different Kind Of Trick & Treating. You have a Neighbor who you’ve been getting rather close with for a while now. He/She have been giving kids and teens candy like everyone else while taking the occasional glance at you(while you are out trick or treating or just from you giving out candy). But once it gets late, and all the kids, teens, and parents are all heading home, you put on a “special” costume and go over to there house as there last trick or treater. Only it ain’t candy you go looking for. 4. Spell Gone Wrong. A month ago you and your big sister found a “Witch’s Book” in the attic of your grandmother’s home shortly after she passed away. Your sis kept it to have as Halloween decoration but once the holiday was essentially over she invited you to help do a spell with her as a joke. The spell tome in the book says it will grant the female caster the ability to “Give Life instead of Make it.” Thinking it sounds funny you both prepare it and use it on your sister. Suddenly a flash a pink light covers her body before it disappeared. At first she seems fine but soon she realizes that’s she’s been turned into a futa. Not only that but a craving to use her new “tool” starts to ache in her, and your the only female nearby. So the question is, are you Willing to “help”? 5. True Horror Story. At the edge of town there is an abandoned church that is said to be hunted by a Monster who kills “All who enter at night when the moon is at its highest”. Not believing in the story’s, and making fun of your friends who do, your willing to go to the church alone during Halloween at 12 AM to prove that the story’s are in fact fake. Unfortunately for you however you will come to find that they are true. Shortly after you enter a actual Monster takes you and drags you down to the basement of the church, and unfortunately for you it doesn’t plan on killing you. 6. That New Babysitter. You’ve recently started babysitting for one, or more, family(s) to watch over there son(s.) (They can be teens or shotas.) You even offer to take them Halloween trick or treating this year which is agreed to. However the parents are not fully aware of why you started doing this babysitting and why you where so eager to take them trick or treating. It’s cuz you plan to live out your dark fantasy now that you have these young males around.
  19. Heyya! Hope this RP may interest some of you. It'll be a pretty short rp. Basically I'll be playing that monster under your bed. We've all probably had some sort of nightmare of a monster under our bed. Or maybe in our closet or wherever we thought we saw it. Whatever or wherever I'll be playing as the thing that haunted you. What kind of monster is up to you or I. I can be just a writhing mass of tentacles. A monster of sorts or maybe some typical horror monster like a werewolf or something. The kinks in this will be oddly. Pretty vanilla but I'm open to adding other ones. As for your character maybe that monster never left but rather laid dormant only showing up again years later? Up to you. For writing please be able to write 5 PC lines. 1st or 3rd person is welcome! If you're interested feel free to EcchiText me! There'll be a little intro that'll be spoilered so it doesn't take much space so please do give it a read. Kinks: Tentacles, anal/vaginal sex, anal/vaginal creampie, impregnation, blowjob, deepthroating, size difference, musk, mild hyper cock (8-16 inches), excessive cum, unique cocks (barbed, canine, equine etc), facial, dub/non-con and throatpie Limits: death, gore/guro, blood, piss/fart/scat, toiletplay, watersports, ABDL, diapers, vomit, prolapse, CBT, chastity, ball-busting, stepping on, feet/foot kinks and vomit
  20. Crystal clear plot. The little Alice going in a not-so-happy land, where everything wants to have sex with her.
  21. SlutHana

    Conquering an empire

    So i had an idea for a story about an incredibly powerful empire known as the land of gold is at war with a new powerful foe an alliance of monsters. This conflict is the greatest the empire has ever seen most of the resources are used up and it seems ut glory days are over as the war continues to rage on. With the monster alliance unrelenting attacks on the empire.The outcome of this battle will change the tides of history. So hopefully you'll contact me in the dm's to discuss this idea and flesh out the world. What i am looking for is someone who can be a gm and is comfortable in that role.
  22. PizzaDeliveryDude

    Monster Fucker Reviewer

    ``Just a good ol day at the MFB as Andrew awaits for any types of monster that were sent here that were breedable as he came here to see if they are verified to be a 10/10 should be fucked monster..~`` M: Monster F: Fucker B: Building also uhh just send me like a bunch of monster female things for me to fuck but yeah that's all that I can actually do but also:
  23. So basically two weird ideas i really wanna play out! they don't have to be long roleplays but i still wanna manage them. Medjed (the smiter) In this roleplay i'll be playing Medjed, a strange godlike creature that looks silly, is powerful and also has a powerful COCK This roleplay will be set in or a tombraider-esk start untill you break me free and turn slowly to urban fantasy or a fantasy where i will be your character's companion in your timely adventure. Refrences: Furry Eel For this one i take the role of an Eel-like creature!. Basically it's more loose than Medjed to the point where basically this one can fit into any roleplay idea you have just with these refrences for my monster\humanoid creature refrences: Zucchini farmer Catboy In this one you will be aiding as one of the workers of a zucchini farm handled by a catboy name Zyl, the work is tedious and requires alot of time but at the end there's always a nice reward as he also has a second job to help with the zucchini farm, Onlyfans which is how he makes sure to market his zucchini as he says "There's nothing better than stuffin' yer hungry hole with zucchini hehe!" Refrences:
  24. BigBadWolf

    Compendium of idea's

    Hello everyone! I hope people are having fun, I've only just joined the site recently, haven't done rp in some time and now that my life is starting to get some balance (Crazy right?) I've more time in the evenings to do some writing. I've had some ideas over the years and wanted to put them into sort of a list, Of course, the idea's I propose are not set and stone and can easily be tweaked and worked around to suit your kinks and change some of the plots or change characters around. if you got something better. If you get your own idea and want to do that, we certainly can as I'm very open and easy-going so we can brainstorm together as that can be just as fun as the rp itself sometimes! 1.) Human M x Monster/Alien F This idea is actually based on the kostos art https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=leech_(kostos_art)+# The idea being a monster that lives on cum for sustenance, the idea could be she is a new creature that is brought to an aquarium for experiments and research, my character is overseeing the research and experiments. During a thunderstorm the power gets cut off to his area which unlocks her cage, and escapes and begins assaulting the male staff and other male creatures that are kept, slurping any dick she comes across to satisfy her hunger. Or instead, the research scientist takes advantage of the new creature and instead of feeding her the storage, he just sticks his dick into the cage and let her go to town 1.5) an explorer on a distant planet who is in charge of documenting the flora and fauna and I like this character to be a futa who encounters the leech, at first the leech can be confused as she smells that the female has a dick but yet isn't a male, during this confusion the futa thinks it's friendly and is curious about her, after some interaction the leech proceeds to mount the futa and make her a permanent food source, could be shes highly virile and high-quality cum that sustains her. 2 .) Human M x Human F Incest would be the theme of this one, pairings are mother and son or brother and sister, both shota and loli can be included as well, this one is quite open for discussion, we can go for blackmail, straight up rape, even romance/curiosity, cheating, mom not satisfied with her husband dick anymore, even a game of truth or dare, drinking together become flirty and frisky, probably the most open idea on this list for discussion. 3 .) Male x Beastiality F I see a lot of Beastiality but always a Male beast with a human female but never the other way around, So I'd like to do exactly that, A human male having sex with female animals, dogs, deer, horses, cows, snakes, etc, A simple idea of a farm boy that is always stuck on the farm with hardly any contact with others, so instead he starts using the animals around the farm to satisfy his needs, either by sneaking out at night to have fun with the horse, or stick his dick into the calves pen thinking it's their mother teat for milk and so on and so on. 4 .) Male/Futa x Lesbain Another simple idea, one based around lesbain breaking, just as it sounds, its turning a very heavy lesbain that won't even go near a futa, gets broken in and wants dick instead. This can be based around cheating or rape, for cheating, the lesbain would have a pretty bad fight with their GF and spends the night with one of her friends. My character was trying to console her and have some drinks together, which can be turn into some mischievous actions, such as groping, her hold a cock for the first time, trying to give a handjob and esculates over time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This section I'll just make more proper scenarios, The Dark Hotel: The dark hotel is infamous for being an underground brothel, despite protestors, warrants, and investigations, not actual proof has been found, simply because it's well hidden from but guests and staff. What makes this brothel special compared to others? Well, put simply anthro's are seen as taboo among the populice, they are less than human's have very little rights, so in this secret brothel, they can live here happily while the hotel makes money off them. Despite them being seen as lower creatures, the public can't deny their itches and cravings for sexual encounters, So you arrive at the desk, getting here through means of money, connections, privleges, or lucky few to stumble upon it, which flavor of Anthro would you like, reception has a book of who you might want to spend the night with. Young Yet Deprived: Being the older brother in the household, his little sister and her best friend tend to always hang out together, most days they appear after school and hangout, doing homework and play games, but their is a secret, his little sister friend is a sexual deviant, she always came over cause she had the hots for her older brother despite her age, aware of her intentions and sexual knowledge, she does everything she can to get her brother, while the two were playing video games one day, the brother came in to watch as he was bored and see how competitive the two can be, so much so his sister tends to be deaf and unaware of her surrondings when she is in the zone, her friend knew this all too well and took advantage of it, when the big brother joined them, she moved closer to him, dirty looks, unintentional grabs, even sexual gestures towards him, how far is she willing to go to get him to fuck her? Beach Day: It was a day out from school, a young boy with his school mates went out of town to visit a popular beach, the teacher bringing them was a pervert and went to a nudist beach, while everyone was off swimming and having a good time, the boy was bit scared and frigthened of all these naked people, hiding inside of a changing room, he bumped into a rather much older and mature women who was eager to play and help the boy get used to the nudists around, with the sound of people talking, kids screaming, a very loud shower, the women had no issue riding the young boy without being heard, perhaps she could kidnap him and turn him into her personal sweet boy, acting as his new mommy and breaking the boy in.
  25. SaintTheTitan14

    Mothwoman x Woodsman

    Hello! I have an idea for a prompt where my character is a woodsman that lives in the secluded part of the woods. On a quiet night he finds a tall moth like creature stalking him outside his window, and when he goes to investigate he finds an injured mothwoman. I have few limits and I am willing to make this wholesome or more rough, just shoot me an ecchitext and I'll be more than happy to discuss!
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