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Found 25 results

  1. Nialla

    Monster ERP~

    Hai, so before I get into the scene, I only RP on kik or discord so if you like the setting feel free to message me on discord @Nialla #2208 or on kik @Apparent_Nialla So for the setting I had in mind, I'm kinda open to one of three. The first being a typical modern zombie apocalypse in a Left 4 Dead style with mutated infected, a small amount of immune humans, and plenty of monstrous fun. The second would be more Fallout-esque nuclear apocalypse with the expected human and beastial mutants scattered about for me to run into. The third would be more Sci-Fi less apocalypse I suppose, but for reference, think Dead Space with the necromorphs and relics mashed up with sci-fi elements and the steady decline and eventual fall of human society altogether. As for reference monsters, since mobile is kind of bullshit for website usage, think Centaurs from Fallout, Smokers, Boomers, and Jockeys from Left 4 Dead, Zombies/Feral Ghouls in general, and Mind flayers from DnD. The details of the RP can be hashed out in greater detail to fit our individual tastes and such, but on the chance that you (the person reading this) are interested, feel free to message me and ask about this setting!~ hope to hear from someone soon~ (!!! Worth noting, I don't wanna die myself or like, be turned into/play a mutant/monster myself as that'll kinda take away from the whole kink I'm looking for here. I don't mind small changes to my characters appearance, but overall I wanna play a human~)
  2. korokforest

    (F4A) the sin bin dumpster

    howdy lads! here's my dumping grounds for ideas i'm currently craving. i'm a sub! my preference sheet is linked, but i'll include here a list of kinks i'm super down to include like, anywhere. fave kinks: pregnancy, lactation, noncon, large insertion, leash & collar, size difference, ahegao, cock addiction, nipple penetration, bestiality, gangbang, public use, incest, birth, slutty clothing ideas my cute lil lady (either cis or futa) ends up belonging/hopelessly addicted to a milfy futa; i have a lot of scenarios for this that i'd be down to discuss!!! fantasy universe where having a slave/mare/breeder is a sign of status, and monsters/beasts/etc. have taken to wearing theirs as jewelry in the form of belly riding/fanny packing. also have a ton of scenarios i can unload for this one. anything in which i get to play a heavily pregnant lady getting addicted to cock; to say i have scenarios for this is an understatement something based on a doujin called animal bride, where young ladies are given to horses (but i'll accept centaurs for this, too!!!) to be bred as part of their education. i can provide the doujin upon request! but forewarned: it's loli, but i would *really* rather it not be if we write it anything in which i get to play a cute futa getting addicted to cock incest anything, tbh, with super bonus points for futas being involved suggest stuff, i just wanna write lewd stuff my dudes ; n ;
  3. Sierrazion

    Seeking Partners

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to do some particular role plays, but that doesnt mean they cant be modified with you. I'm looking for partners for any one of these 25 prompts. If you see one you like send me a message. I'm looking to play either a female,futa, or trap in these scenarios. ❤ 1. Love/Hate Relationship-Im looking for someone interested in playing characters that really dont like each other, but love to touch each other. They're both very competitive people and it leads to them perhaps fighting, which inevitably turns to wresting which turns to sexy time. Maybe afterwards they go on trying to be enemies but end up sneaking away to be alone. 2. The Worst Girlfriend-A tsundere girlfriend that's nothing short of abusive gets hers when you get fed up with her verbal abuse. A rough makeout and more puts her in her place as she gets dominated. 3. Loving Girlfriend-If you're just looking for a sweet and kind girlfriend this is it! I'd love just to spoil you, ask you about your day, cook you a meal dressed in a cute apron. Draw you a bath, a massage and maybe if you want a loving night in bed. Alot of positive praise for you! 4. I'm Busy-Im really distracted working around the house and going about my day. Only problem is I'm ignoring you my precious boy/girlfriend all the way up until you have enough and distract me in another way. 5. Street Find-Im a massochistic school girl going home from class, you decide to have your way with me. A rough non/con sex. Theres a variation of this if you'd like to be a monster/monster girl that could work too. 6. Last Two on Earth-With the world nearly destroyed by a apocalyptic event we find ourselves the last two people on the earth, or so we think. With the looming idea of repopulating the earth we have to deal with both immediate dangers and future ones. 7. Just a Kink Focus-If I have a Kink I'll write for that you really want to try, we can focus on writing for that. I'm open to anything. 8. Married Couple-Just your traditional married couple RP, maybe we have kids, or a newly born, or we're on our honeymoon on a island somewhere. Just something nice and manogamous. 9. Beach Episode-Along with a group of our friends we go to the beach and spend the weekend partying and enjoying ourselves. It can be a group RP if theres interest in that. 10. Paladin in Trouble-A holy paladin is captured by some monster or monsters, perhaps a witch takes an interest in them and chooses to capture them for their own interest or a lamia abducts them for their own pet. A giant spider uses them as a breeding slave etc. 11. Anything Space-I love anything set in space! So I'm open any idea like that. 12. Yandere Simulator-Me or you play a yandere who is obsessed with the other. This setting generally fits best in a school type setting or work place. 13. Club Night-A roleplay set in a club, the heat, the alcohol, the pumping music, we stumble across each other and the connection is irresistible. 14. Spoils of War-Either you nor I are a prison taken from a battle and given to the other to do with as they please. 15. Body Modification-The two of us are forced to undergo experiments that change our bodies and minds. 16. Undertide-A ocean fantasy setting including water elves, sea monsters and romance on the open sea. Who doesnt want to try sex underwater at least once? 17. Superpowers-A setting similar to BNHA where people are all born with super powers we find each other, maybe we were childhood friends but decide to give a relationship a try despite the fact we have opposed powers. 18. Beastiality-Sorry to admit this one but I've thought about this one for a while. If anyone is interested in this particularly bad kink, try me. 19. Breaking Vows-A nun goes to a brothel afterdeciding to break her Sacred vows. 20. Mad Love-A psychologist falls in love with insane patient. Decides to pursue her. 21. Succubus-At school you meet an interesting girl, find out she's your neighbor, and then when she shows up in your room extremely hungry for you, you realize the full implication of what she is. 22. Tusk Love-An Orc(me) falls in love with a normal girl(you). The Orc sets upon trying to convince you to love it and raise all its little orc children you'll have together. Very much dom energy. 23. A.I.-A robot tries to understand people. Its sent out to try and learn from people. If it cant it will be dismantled by the destruction date. It looks to you to help it understand life. 24. Cabin In the Woods-Werewolf fic. I go into the woods to try and control my self and end up going feral. You can either be an innocent camper or perhaps a werewolf yourself looking for a mate. 25. Time Traveler-I or you are a time traveling explorer who drags the other into all kinds of spectacular adventures. Setting: Any of these can be added to any of these stories if it suits your preference. Sci-Fi Fantasy Superhero Monsters Anime Post-Apocalyptic Gothic Modifiers: anything we want to add I'm always open.
  4. Another fairly simple premise I thought of that I think could be fun to dive into. Overall idea: A ruler of a kingdom, a monster of race and massive of bodily size, saves a young female from overwhelming danger and saving her life. Without much left of her former life, she is without a home. Generous and kind, he even offers this help to her. So happy with his help, she suggest wanting to be part of his court, eager to service him in bed and standing by him when he receives delegates or is out on other tasks or quests. They form a deep friendship over time, naturally. There is absolutely no point where she is coerced into anything and is content with her life as a one woman harem girl. Over time, more females join the harem as the ruler comes into contact with others, helping them out in various ways, building a lovely harem where everyone feels comfortable and well. Quick note: - I am NOT seeking master/slave or sub/dom fetish. - This will be a public RP Optional kinks/ideas: - The ruler being a hypercocked boy of age 10 or lower and magically cursed to never age - Multicocks - the ruler having 2,4, 6 or more cocks - Magical items with fun effects Reference suggestions: (feel free to look through my galleries if others interest you more!)
  5. Quotation

    Your New Venus Fly Trap!

    ~ Your New Venus Fly Trap! ~ It was just another day, another day of taking care of your little garden. But honestly, it wasn't much of a garden as much as it was a few potted plants near your sink. They were perfectly healthy, but they were just ordinary flowers, and as many know. Normal can sometimes be boring. So to add something new to the bunch, you had bought an entirely new kind of plant. A special kind of Venus fly trap? It was exotic with it's cool colors instead of the regular green that most fly traps were. After bringing it home, planting it, giving it some fresh water and leaving it to grow. The next day you were greeted with... A really big plant. Not sunflower big, but big enough to be the size of your hand, just from the head of the plant. Soon after examining it, you see that it can... Talk. Rather fluently actually, and it doesn't just want to eat bugs. Perhaps, pieces of steak? Samples of sirloin? Or anything that you'd be willing to provide? Now, would this be charming to you after quickly warming up to the plant? Or would it scare you so much that you'd ditch it completely? The fly trap would wonder only one thing however, how good would you taste? - - - - - - - - - - - Now this is a pretty simple plot, yet an idea I've been wanting to do for a bit now! I thought this would be a nice, fun roleplay where I'd like to be the role of the monster-like plant. I've always loved Venus fly traps, so why not make a roleplay idea out of it? Right? Uh-- Right..? Anyway, for this roleplay, I'm looking for someone who can fill in the role of an everyday girl at home. (But remember, your IRL gender does not matter when it comes to that!) I'm sure we can all somewhat relate to being at home all the time, being just a tad lonely sometimes. Well, with roleplays I hope I can make a difference with that! (^///^) Here are some things I look for in a roleplay: Detailed Replies/Spelling/Grammar (A good chunky 2 - 3 paragraph is perfect for example! Though I'm willing to do a bit more or less.) Expressive Text (When it comes to character dialogue and details, personality is amazing! So using exclamation points, question marks, and squiggles are very good at conveying such~) Communication/Discussion (This is very important! I want to know what you enjoy so we can both have fun in our roleplay, so please discuss anything on your mind!) And here are some things that I really... Well, don't look for: One liners (These are very discouraging. I don't think anybody enjoys writing a whole bunch of paragraphs to only get one or two sentences, unless you're into that sort of thing...) Excessive Fluff (Details are nice, and a bit of fluff is alright I suppose. But too much can be like a whole bunch of leftover frosting. Very undesirable. I try to keep the roleplay moving forward so that it stays fresh for the both of us!) Ghosting (Now, I've been ghosted many times in the past. And it's awful honestly. It's alright if you can't reply for a bit, but as long as you let me know if there's anything out of your control, or you just wanna stop the roleplay, that is fine. But ghosting is a terrible thing to do, so please don't!) So then! With that out of the way, kinks! We all have a few of them, but for this roleplay. I only have a few things in mind. And that would be dirty talk, slight tentacles, romance, love bites, and kissing! (> 3 <) And you are free to suggest any others you'd want to try out, I'm usually pretty open to kinks or preferences you may have, but just as long as they are within my boundaries. I will not do scat, extreme gore, or lolicon. Anything like that I will deny. Now, if you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas of your own that you'd like to share with me, then please. Feel free to EcchiText me! I'm always open and hoping to give someone a great roleplay to enjoy together. I don't bite! So if you're interested, we can discuss what we can do for our roleplay. I'll see you there~ (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  6. RNoodles

    Dragon ERP (Size Difference)

    I’m interested in setting up a dragon ERP with either larger male or larger female dragon and human pair. I am comfortable playing the larger male dragon, larger female dragon, or the smaller female human. My works are linked if you would like to see how I write. I’m good at varying levels of domination and softness depending on partner preference. I also enjoy tailoring situations to partner preference (princess kidnapping, knight vs dragon, etc) if you don’t have something in mind we can make something. Size differences can range from roughly partner sized to something on a macro scale. If this interests you please check out my preferences before leaving a comment.
  7. This is one Hell of a weird request, since I usually do not do this sort of stuff. Ever heard of My Singing Monsters? It’s a mobile game with...well...singing monsters. One guy in particular struck to me: The Sneyser. It’s like this crocodilian monster with a geyser on its back and a heckin’ big snoot. The thing has two versions as of now, so google em! Well, I crave a RP where your character transforms me into that thing. That’s it, that’s the whole base plot. We can slam in a lot of kinks tho! RP won’t be that long tho, unless you can somehow make it long.
  8. So I have had an idea for a longer period of time and finally got to writing it out. Since I am very open to discussing details and such, I will give the overall premise here. Premise: A princess/queen has been kidnapped by usurpers in the middle of the night and then taken far, far away into "unclaimed" lands, which is basically a huge area where monsters live and roam. Here she is imprisoned somewhere where she is sure to rot up on her own and her escape made impossible for her. The evildoers did not take account for the inhabiting monsters living in these lands and so think the princess/queen would be killed by them, even if she was to escape. Luckily, the stigmatizing idea about monsters being evil and violent to everything other than themselves is made quite untrue as she is rescued by a few of these who has witnessed her being made unable to leave. The princess/queen quickly finds out how much she is attracted to said monsters and very grateful, she offers them a nice rump in return for them rescuing her. Something else quickly dawns on her however - mainly that using her body, she can more or less make them follow her orders, when they have her body to enjoy. So she plans retaking her kingdom back home after basically rising to the top of the monster chain, climbing her way to be their warchief. A few ideas for her looks: Should any of these not be your thing, feel free to browse this album:
  9. FieryDreams

    monster Monster/Bug/Curse

    Hello, I am the tentacle/monster fiend. I am back with another nasty roleplay! Ecchitext me if you are interested. This can be shaped in either a sci-fi or fantasy setting. Read the tags to find what roleplay will consist of. Who knew society could be so sexist? Females always get the brunt of shit, because they are "inferior" and etc. Because of this men usually rule the realms and usually take the easiest and highest paying jobs first. Who knew that would bite them in the butt first? In a realm untouched by society, (a space station/planet/region/forest/temple) a male dominated company establishes a research site. There they discover many fine treasures, but unlock a beast (depends on what type of creature you want) not ever seen before. The entire Male team is massacred. Wave after wave of male teams are sent to eradicate the beast(s), but none are successful. Eventually it is determined to send in a lone female (or party containing 1 or multiple women) into the fight. Where men were killed the female survives, but she achieves something unexpected. A curse, an infection, etc. After days or weeks of being there. The women are released only to bring that curse to society. Where men fall and women breed.
  10. vindiction

    Spicy RP with Smut

    Hey everyone. Looking for some new roleplays. 4-5 maximum partners. Would like it to be well-written and tasteful, but sexy and hot. Steamy. I would like to play as a female. I'm open to adapting to other roles, but my primary character is generally a straight female. Story ideas: - Kidnapping (DDLG or Master/Slave with Stockholm Syndrome) - Competitive (eg. Monster hunter x Monster) - Romantic (FxM with kinks that may be implemented) My characters include a female knight, a selkie, and a faery. For DDLG, just ask. ^^ Please comment here if you are interested. I'll send you a private message and we can RP once we know we are compatible. Thanks!
  11. SoraKitty

    Old Manor House

    I had recently got accepted into university in a relatively small but expensive city and was desperate for a place to stay for the year. That is when I came across the ad for an old house that is a few miles outside of the city which didn’t bother me since I had recently passed my driving test and gotten myself a rusted old car. The place was incredibly cheap, especially for how big it was. Apparently the owners were gone and the property was due to be abandoned but I’d have taken anything at this point. The house is surrounded by a dark, old forest that stretches for a few miles in every direction, totally cutting the place off from the outside world. I never realised how big the house was until I actually got there, my small amount of stuff could hardly fill two rooms! The inside is just as old as the out, with old wooden doors and walls covered in odd paintings. Cleaning this place up would be a challenge, I didn’t even know where to start. Old books lined big, ornate shelves filled with strange languages and drawings. I have only been living here for about a week now but I keep noticing strange things happening all over the house, like missing jewellery and clothes, especially my socks and underwear. I hear strange noises and sometimes find odd markings carved into the wood of nearby tress and on the walls. I feel like I’m being watched all the time, like I’m being hunted by something. I’m pretty sure I’m just being paranoid though, I’ve always noticed strange things that others don’t seem to. Little do I know, I am am being watched. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I’m letting my imagination run wild with this one! The basic premise is pretty simple; old house is haunted by some perverted magic. I’m open to ideas from others but here is mine; The house is in the territory of many perverted creatures most importantly a group of perverted goblin creatures. Of course they want to corrupt me and turn me into their pet. My limits are scat, gore and ageplay. I love to play myself because of course I love to imagine all these things happening to me. I have dyed purple hair, 5'6, 34C, green eyes, pale skin and I'm skinny/athletic. My kinks include: Legs/Feet, stockings socks etc, getting dirty/messy, much older men/women, all kinds of bdsm, pet play, non con, bad endings, tentacles/monsters, body stockings, harnesses, mind control, stalking, corruption and many more
  12. Siren Head. A truly vague tale told by many, a humanoid creature with sirens as it's face. Crawling throughout the woods, and many have claimed that it is truly a terrifying creature. Not much else is known about it. Until you, a brave girl in a team of monster hunters set out to an obscure forest where the creature is meant to live in. Whoever catches or kills the creature gets 10,000 dollars, which was funded by the foundation you had worked for. Splitting up due to the size of the forest, you had carried your supplies and weapons through the large woods, only to see Siren head. But not attacking, threatening, not even trying to get close, but hurt. It seemed scared almost, and with the few words that it knew to communicate. He asked for help with his injuries, it was you who had to make the choice to care, like, hate, or even take advantage of him... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hello! I've thought about this for a while now, and I thought that this would be a fun roleplay! I love doing monster roleplays if you couldn't tell already. For this one, I'm looking for someone to fill in the role of a girl, preferably a more dominate one. (But does not matter.) And for this roleplay, whoever plays as said girl role will have choices to continue the story. Either by loving the monster, not liking him at all and degrades him, or maybe has other things in mind... Something like that at least! I'd like a fairly competent roleplay, (Decent grammar and spelling is much appreciated!) and maybe for it to be a longer roleplay. I'd also really like to have 5 or 6 sentences per reply in EcchiTexts. One liners and things like that really bug me, and I can't work well with it soooo yeah. For me, I can either do a 1st person or 3rd person perspective. (Depending on your preferences of course!) And I'd also like to see what characters you'd want to use if interested! Not a requirement, but I like seeing what people have and it let's me imagine it better so I can make better roleplays. EcchiText me if you are interested! ^w^ Thank you to whoever's reading this~
  13. So deeply interested in her dark magic, the young girl experimented with dark prayers that would do little, but soon she calls the name of a demon she knew little about on her spare time. Her books glowing, she was suddenly transported to a dark yet fiery world that led to a demon king by the name of Zaroth. Sitting on his throne, expecting an offering. The girl had nothing, yet the demon kind was feeling generous that moment. Deciding to grant her a wish that would benefit her normal life, but in exchange for herself. To be his little toy, to be his one and only that would either be loved, despised, or used to the fullest extent... I've had this idea for a bit now, and I'd like, well I'd love for someone to fill in a girl role for this scenario. I love playing monster / demon characters so much. For me, I roleplay in the 1st person, but if you'd like me to do any other POV then that's okay! I like decently long posts, 5+ sentences are good, but one liners are very dreary for me. I find it hard to continue on with a one liner. But nice expressive posts make me do the best, and I always get excited for them! I'd like to think that I'm pretty literate. So, if you are interested in this scenario, or maybe found interests in my other content, then please feel free to EcchiText me anytime! And if you'd like, we can discuss if you'd like to tweak the scenario a bit. Thank you to anyone reading this~
  14. Hey everyone, I have a monster rp that I would like to do. I'm thinking modern day but I'm flexible if we want to go medieval. MC is a lamia that has been plaguing a local forest and YC goes for a camping trip, not heeding the warnings at the trail entrance. It's Lamia breeding season and you know what that means. So here is the setup, while also giving you an idea of what I can do. I'm also willing to work out details and what to include and not include. Just text me. It's the middle of the summer in a rural mountain area known for it's wildlife and hiking trails. It's a temperate rainforest with towering pine, cedar, and oak trees peppering the valleys and mountainsides. YC decided that this weekend would be the perfect time for an escape into the wilderness. Posted at the trailhead is a warning against overnight campers. 'Lamia sightings have been reported, travel carefully and with protection' has been posted at every trailhead. YC decides to ignore them, Lamias are pretty rare and usually don't approach humans. So why should a few sightings stop you from your planned trip? So with your hiking rucksack secured to your back, you set off down the trail.
  15. Name - Verdugo Height - 6'3 Scenario - Verdugo, once a demon in the underworld. A blank and silent demon that would do practically nothing for all his days, but after a very very long time. He was known as a defect, a defect of a demon because of his demeanor. He came to Earth, clueless that he'd find a girl that was alone and living in her own lonely isolation. This tentacle'd monster caught her by surprise, but soon enough, she'd come to realize that this monster was more gentle and caring. She too was like that, and she'd soon come to grow on him. I am looking for someone who would like to be a nice, shy female for this scenario! Possibly a character of your own and such, and I'd love to be in the role of the tentacle monster. I'd like this roleplay to be cute, romantic, with a bit of spice in there~ I'm pretty literate, and can make about 5 to 6 sentences in a private dm. Thank you to anybody who has read this, or is interested! ^w^
  16. Crystal clear plot. The little Alice going in a not-so-happy land, where everything wants to have sex with her.
  17. imabitmorethanhappy


    From the album: Ashlyn the Cum Hunter

  18. korokforest

    monster me my dude

    play some monsters to my thicc elf/human/kemonomimi? i'm hella feeling orcs right now, but dude i will take anything. i'm game to come up with plots and scenarios once we get to talking! kinks i love for this: large insertion, noncon, mindbreak, pregnancy, sexual slavery, public use, gangbang, leash and collar, excessive cum, large cocks, large breasts, large asses, ahegao, cock addiction, corruption, body modification, slut training, nipple penetration, cock/ball worship it's dangerous to go alone, take this: [Link removed - ToS Section 14]
  19. Annikachan

    Pink Slime Girl

    From the album: Annika's Girls

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