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  1. Hey everyone! I am currently looking for someone, ANYONE to play as giant, grotesque, horrific female monsters in a sex driven RP! As long as you are at LEAST semi-literate, I am absolutely open to ideas! Please feel free to message me so we can start something fun!
  2. It had been about a week since Terah Hornbelly had left her ancestral home deep in the Anvil Mountains and had come to the village of Mountbrook, nestled within the shadow of the mountain. Against her father's wishes that she remain and become a dwarven blacksmith like her father and his father before him, Terah wanted passionately to become a great adventurer. She left under the guise of night one day with nothing but the clothes on her back, a pack full of essentials, and her trusty short sword and shield. It had only taken a few short days to make her way down the mountain and into the town below. She wasted no time visiting the pubs and guilds, looking for work. It became quickly apparent that Terah lacked the proper gear and supplies to take on such work without steep difficulty and she had little in the way of coin. Despite her best efforts, the young dwarf was unable to find work as a blacksmith due to a lack of demand and attempts at other jobs quickly revealed that she was unsuited to such tasks. One night while drinking ale at one of the cheaper taverns, Terah overheard a conversation about women who made sacks of coin by renting out their bodies. Her cheeks colored a bright red as she looked down at her bodacious breasts, squishing them together and thinking seriously about prostitution. The last thing she wanted was to return shamefully home after leaving like she did. The dwarf downed her drink in one massive gulp--seizing about the courage she found there--and left the tavern. After smoothing the short hem of her dark-green dress, Terah headed into the night to find her first client. Terah Hornbelly's Profile
  3. Far across the rolling plains of Stribari, tucked deep away inside the dark places of the Vonrial Wood and cresting the great hills stood the ancient cathedral of the Goddes Valdana, home to the disciples of her faith. The heavy footfalls of Hendrick Godblessed boomed across the darkened halls. Silver rays of light streamed in from the windows as he made his way through the temple. Without even so much as a knock, he stopped in front of a door and pushed his way inside. The sounds of his steps grew muffled against the carpeted floor of the High Priestess' private chamber. Smells of roasted meat, fresh baked bread, steamed vegetables and sweetberry wine wafted from a modest table set in the center of the room. A veritable feast laid before him, but Hendrick's eyes were drawn to the striking woman sitting on the other side. Winova Sirensong bore a figure that many would consider to be the envy of women everywhere. As one of the highest-ranking priestesses of Valdana, it was little wonder why. Boasting a curvaceous hourglass form with a full massive chest, wide hips, plush bum, face like a doll, and long glossy raven locks, the woman practically breathed sensuality. Her habit left little to the imagination with a shortened hem that flowed just to her knees and slits along the side that traveled up to her armpits with only a fine twine to keep the two halves together and doing nothing to hide the strip of unblemished skin that traveled up her thighs, hips, and sides. When she crossed her legs, as she often did, guests were treated to a full view of her leg, from calf to thigh to hip. And Hendrick suspect that she wore no underthings, a detail that easily distracted weaker men. "Evening, Keeper Hendrick. It pleases me greatly that you could join me tonight." She drawled, her voice low and smoky and contained a hint of lewd promises. Hendrick snapped his fist to his chest in a crisp salute and bent at the waist with a brisk bow. "It is always my pleasure to serve you, High Priestess. And while I mean no disrespect, it is not my intent to dine with you this evening." Winova raised an eyebrow at that, but otherwise said nothing. "I only wished to report that the vessel is ready. On the morrow, I will take the girl with me and prepare her for the arrival of our Goddess under the guise of taking care of threats to the Holy Order. When I'm finished with her, she'll be almost as slutty as you." Hendrick allowed himself the faintest hint of a smile. "Ah, perfect." She laughed. In the temple of Valdana, being a slut was considered the highest honor one could achieve. And she had no doubt that Hendrick could do it. She'd not named him "Keeper" for nothing. The man had prepared many Godling vessels to receive the blessings of the divine over the years. "Then go and prepare, my Keeper. Tomorrow begins a new age." She said and he left without another word, to sleep and prepare for the next day.
  4. I have been dying to play with some sort of monster girl, really anything other than a vampire, succubus, or werewolf. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with those types, I've just done too much of it! I'd absolutely love to be the slave of a haunted house full of horny monster/ghost girls, being used for their pleasure and what not. I'm willing to play a monster myself, perhaps some sort of Frankenstein-esque creation, and I have very VERY few limits. Hit me up and we can discuss things further.
  5. 5 girls find them self completely naked on an unknown island. The first thing they hear is a announcer welcoming them to the sex game and explains the rules to them. In an hour hunter's will be released they outnumber you and don't get caught. Because if you do he gets to rape and once he cum's inside of you he claims you aa his property. So good luck finding an exit.
  6. The realm of Vaslaind was a mostly peaceful land, run by a sparse few kingdoms and powerful guilds. Throughout the land, humans, monsters, and various races lived in harmony. But when there was trouble, the guilds would be called upon to send hired adventurers. In the capital city of Olearin, the Noble's Questing Guild kept the peace, extending their reach even to the far corners of the vast island continent. The headquarters of the Noble's Questing Guild was a tavern called "The Silver Steed." On this day, the tavern was quite busy and the patrons were murmuring amongst themselves. Their excited chatter revolved around the recent increased number of monster sightings. Baran Stormhorn, a large Minotaur barbarian, entered the establishment. Never one to indulge in the idle gossip of the day, he went straight to the back of the tavern, where the quest giver and archivist sat behind a desk. "Tell me, Dorian, what quests have you today?" The short, chubby gnome behind the desk was Dorian Piketoe. He was combing through the quests, organizing them and ensuring that any that he handed out that day could be handled by adventurers capable of completing them. Without looking up at his old friend, he smiled and responded, "None that I'd send you to do alone. We've got three trolls in the east, a rock golem who claimed Deepmire Gulch for himself, a pack of dire wolves roaming the farmlands, and a dragon... yes, would you believe that! A dragon has made his home in the ruins of the old wizard tower! I say, I'd never send anyone to face these alone... I'm afraid the days of single quests may be over my friend..." His voice trailed off as he wistfully gazed through the page he was holding up.
  7. Looking for some shorter type of RPs but open to long-term ones as well, so shoot me your ideas I am open to many things but I do have heavy affinity to fantasy and monsters. craving: non-con, size difference, dark themes, mild torture, incest Themes I am looking for: ★ I wanna play many Princesses for your characters! Court them, blackmail them, abuse them, breed them, kidnap them... ★ Priestess goes through lewd ritual // Priestess has to 'defeat' monsters with sex // Lewd initiation of Priestess into the temple ★ everything PIRATES, please! ★ I rarely do fandom but when I do, it's OVERWATCH! I wanna play as: Mercy, Dva, Pharah, Young Ana, Brigitte, Widowmaker, Sombra, Mei Honestly, there's plenty more and anything medieval/fantasy is amazing. I am into a lot of things, and I generally lean towards more kinky scenes. DM me and let's get to plotting! Or sexting, if that's more of your style, I am always happy to chat some smut, too ;3 Or, reach out to me on Discord: Daphne#5398
  8. ThatMrKing

    Monsters wanted!

    Halloween might be over, but that doesn't mean the monsters have to go away. If you know me, then you knoe I like monsters of any kind. That includes beast, ghost, robots, aliens and probably anything else you can think of. To summarize I just wanna do some monster RPs. I usually play male and believe the kinkier the better, so throw anything you want at me. I'll tell you if I can handle it. I prefer to make scenarios together, but I can throw some ideas I've already crafted in my mind.
  9. Melethron

    My Selfish Needs

    Once more into the breach...and out again...and back in... Hello there my lovelies, and thank you for taking the time to read my interest check here. A little about myself before I get into the meat and potatoes of things. I’ve been writing and roleplaying for well over eighteen years now, and have been erotic roleplaying for five years. I have a taste for playing as males, futanari, a male-female couple or even monsters against females or traps. My kinks include romance, vanilla, lesbians, rough sex, aftercare (a kiss or a lick after some rough stuff is always fun), exhibition / outdoor sex, voyeurism (especially when my partner is masturbating), virgins, incest, threesomes/moresomes, harems, impregnation and breeding. If one of these kinks isn't to your liking, do let me know. I have few hard limitations, aside from the underaged, pain, bathroom kinks, feeding, vore and cuckoldry. Otherwise, if you wish me to scratch a particular itch, feel free to ask. Over 500 views...I will be frank, I never thought 20 people would be interested in what I had to offer. Particularly because this is an Interest Check not for general urges, but for very specific ideas I did not expect to find a partner for, whether I made an Interest Check for it or not. I would like to thank everyone who decided to give this thread a try, whether you reached out to play or decided I was not for you. Most of my partners I have found either through browsing interest checks and preferences, or through recommendations from friends. Through this, I have met many fun and interesting people, and have a circle of two dozen partners I regularly play with. Elsewhere, I’m known for my romantic, lighthearted romps which meld together plot, roleplay and smut. I’ve had some truly wonderful adventures. However, there is always a fresh idea, a new concept I want to try. An old dream, half-remembered, I want to experience again. I am always looking forward to a fresh romance. A new adventure. Will you join me? Be warned. Links are NSFW. --- That Time My Bullies Fell in Love with Me ( M x F ) Tags: Romance, Polygamy, Teen Sex Lewd Gaming Club (M x F, F x F) Tags: Harem, Teen Sex, Cosplay Revenge with Tea ( M x F, F x F ) Tags: Romance, Impregnation, Teen Sex Hololove (M x F) Tags: Romance, Breeding, Polygamy My Mother, the Succubus (M x F) Tags: Incest, Supernatural, Teen Sex Touhou: Mistress Scarlet's Princely Pauper ( M x F ) Tags: Romance, Impregnation, Teen Sex Love.exe ( M x F, F x F ) Tags: Romance, Mind Control, Age Difference That is all folks. Let me know your thoughts. Mel
  10. BadRiley

    Adventurers Wanted!

    Pinned to the noticeboard in Willhaven town's main square is a sheet of paper, which is largely ignored by the local populace bustling to and fro through the market. As an out of town adventurer, though, you stop and read it - hoping for a lucrative new quest: ADVENTURERS WANTED! Brave warriors needed for a daring rescue. My wife has been captured by the Cult of Minds and taken to their lair in the hills outside town. Payment will be 300 crowns per head, plus anything you desire from my shop. Enquire at Wivenne's Alchemicals & Apothecary for details. Will you answer the call? Are you prepared to risk your life, your body, and your sanity for a chance at glory? If the answer is yes, read on... *** Hello! I'm a DM looking for one or two more players to join a dirty yet grounded D&D game with an emphasis on storytelling, character, and being horrendously outmatched at every turn. Women players are preferred, but not required. The kinks listed are negotiable to an extent but the campaign is pretty dark so bear that in mind. The RPG mechanics will be massively simplified to keep things as fast as possible (with the exception of timezones/busy players), so it's new player friendly! In fact, if you're an experienced tabletop RPG player you'll probably want to wring my neck after a few rolls (joke's on you, I like it actually). Message me for more details!
  11. Quindaro

    The Smut Library

    Hello there! Welcome to my repository of dark fantasies and depraved desires! Pull up a beanbag and make yourself at home~! *Brings about a few cups of coffee and a whole lot of cookies* Previous postings have glossed over my desire to play around with darker material, though here I plan to go over plenty of plotlines and pairings that have been absolute cravings, though also I encourage if you’ve got an idea, please do share it with me! Just to cover our bases before we talk about the good stuff, things that you should know: Site Rules: This is fairly obvious, though I usually put this here just as a reminder, site rules will be upheld regardless of rp or ooc chats. Godmodding: Usually this isn’t a problem, and past partners have had a good sense of what can and can’t be done in regards to controlling characters. Though unless we’ve spoken on this prior for a story purpose, I won’t control or make your character do anything that you don’t want them to, and I please ask that you give the same courtesy. Post Frequency: Due to working full time and being a full time student, sometimes life gets in the way when it comes down to it. Most times I’ll be able to inform you of what may be going on if I’m going to be unreachable. Though my usual posting pace is one post a day (Multiple in a day if I’m really in it or if I’m off for the day) Though if I don’t post for about a week and without warning, please do reach out and/or just give me a nudge, because it may be due to me being busy and I can at least give you an update to things that may be going on. Dropping RP’s: Speaking in general, I’m pretty ghost friendly. As stated above, life happens and when all is said and done, your mental and physical well being are much more important than any story being woven with a random person on the internet. Of course I always will appreciate a heads-up that you’ll be leaving the rp temporarily or permanently so I can archive it. This goes the same way with me as well, I will generally try to work with you to make this the best rp we can, but there’s sometimes when interests shift and I can become uninterested with the story. At that point I’ll inform you of what is going on and either figure out a new plot, put the story into a dormant state to return to at a later date. However if those don’t seem viable, I will bid you a fond farewell. Out of Character Interaction: I love talking out of character usually in a separate chat, whether it’s in Discord or in a PM. I love chatting about the RP and collaborating further plans or about anything you may be interested in at the moment! If there’s any further questions, concerns or possible death threats please direct them to my Inbox and I will do my absolute best to answer your burning questions, and/or prepare for my untimely demise~ (I’m joking about the death threats please don’t do that… XD) --- Okay, now with all the dredge out of the way. We can get to the good stuff and what you may have come to this thread for in the first place! Enjoying the cookies so far? I hope so, they were laced with a special secret ingredient~ Pairings: Android x Human/Roboticist Demon x Human/Angel Alien Symbiote x Human Scientist x Test Subject Boss/Manager x Employee/Secretary Monsters x Human/Monster (More will be added as I think of more ^^) —— Scenarios: State of Emergency | Ratio: 50/50 - 65/35 | Setting: Contemporary/Modern-Fantasy | Pairings: PMC x PMC, PMC x Survivor Background: (Inspired by Escape from Tarkov) It’s amazing how fast civilization breaks down at the mere whisper of impending collapse of the social order. It’s been nearly a year since the UN had locked down the borderlands surrounding the city. Due to the political turmoil of an international business; Vintech Industries, operating illegally. There was no granted entry or exit of the city after the initial attempt to flee the city and rescue operations finished, the barricades would be erected in conjunction with suspicious foul play being a possibility. All who approach the barricades are warned once before being shot on site. On the record there was estimated to be no more than 300-450 individuals who resided within the Vitallia Economic zone that in majority laid within Belarus and spanned over, ever so slightly into Russia. Roles and Scenario: The scenario in question is highly adjustable and can go for as long as we’d like it to! The base idea that I had for this is, YC has classified information that if provided to the proper authorities, could at least yield and bring the standoff to an end. However due to the past year being a literal fight to live, it’s hard to find any way of getting out of the city. That is, until they meet MC one day at the community center of which a bunch of PMC’s banded together to help provide for the local survivors and protect themselves from raids from possible scavengers and the opposing PMC. There YC could explain that they need to find a way to get out of the city undetected to bring back this info. Of which if it meant that they could leave, MC would gladly go along with it, though it could be that due to being stuck inside the city for nearly a year and a quarter and living off of raw survival instinct and not really opening up to anyone that much. I could see this quickly turning into fighting and exploring in the daytime and long frisky nights where they could get increasingly more fetish/kink filled as they grow closer together and fight for the other’s survival. This can have a good or bad ending to it depending on how we would want it to go. ---- The Land Wreathed in Fog | Ratio: 40/60 - 70/30 | Setting: Industrial Fantasy (High-Magic Steampunk) Background: Within a vast world of political intrigue, vast naval engagements and gruesome land battles, the lands have been tamed and monsters are hunted near to extinction as humanoids advanced into the alchemical industrial age. Though within the center of the world there’s a legendary wall of Fog that encircles a massive continent, and as legends go, whoever goes in, cannot come out. And the legend still holds a millenia going forward since the original maritime discovery of the mystical fog. Most who approach steer away due to a drawing current that seems to pull vessels into the fog, though some foolhardy souls attempt to venture further within. Roles and Scenario: For this scenario, YC is an explorer or maybe a worker/merc hired by the explorer to sail into the fog. Of which MC would be introduced soon after. This RP will be for those who don’t know all the answers going into the rp and prefer a bit of danger and exploration. This RP is tailored to the individual playing, and for everyone it’ll be different. (Tangent: If people enjoy this scenario, I may make a group based my setting of Effalia Micarum and we can all have some good fun ^^) --- The Professor’s Favorite | Ratio: 80/20 | Setting: Contemporary, Fantasy, Futuristic Background: The university has been restless recently due to recent events and excitement with a teacher getting busted after having illicit relations with several students in the last four years. One of the students was caught when their spouse had caught her texting a suspicious number. Of course it all came out as this teacher was busted and lost everything. The buzz has eyes on the University. Roles and Scenario: A pretty straight forward scenario as far as roles go, bonus points if you’d like to get more teachers and students involved in a huge scandal. Details and kinks can be discussed further with an inquiry! War of the Clans | Ratio: 40/60 - 65/35 | Setting: Contemporary, Fantasy, Victorian Background: (Massively inspired due to rewatching underworld recently, I’m now eyeing Vampire the Masquerade ttrpg, though I think this would be fun for a group especially.) Prophecy foretold of what was to come, a time when the Lord Marille would be supplanted on his throne above the vampire covens, his hold on the world of shadows was loosening as rival houses grew in size as hundreds of years pass, along with the increased activity of monstrous beings deep within the catacombs that connect the major cities of the world. War between vampire clans has begun. Roles and Scenario: With this scenario, there’s a few different paths one could take, and pairings could vary especially depending if YC is either from the High Lord’s court or from another, I could definitely see YC being involved with a rivalling court to MC who are both vying for the High Lord’s seat, though their union could lead to a combining of the courts. For this RP there’s going to be plenty of intrigue and improv characters to be played, if you’ve got some friends to help play this one out, please bring them in! ^^ —— {More will be added as thought up and more pairings will come} Thank you for looking through my request thread and hopefully something here will catch your eye! If any of these does appeal to you please do feel free to comment here and/or PM me and we can get this rolling for ya!
  12. It's the year 2069 scientists decided to open a portal between worlds but it resulted in catastrophic explosion covering the whole world. Soon monsters appears things you'll only seen in fantasy books: orcs, goblins, even dragons. Then a corrupting virus spread mutating humans and animal into monsters. In only a month the human civilization collapsed in the years following the human race fell in numbers becoming a rare species in this new world. My characters place in this world will be discussed in private messages
  13. SlutHana

    The sex games

    Im looking for a gm to help rp this idea i had in mind. We could also dice rolls to make it more interesting or some rpg stats who knows we will see. So 5 girl's wake up naked on an island as a voice welcomes them to the sex games. The rules are as follow in a few minutes the hunters they can beasts monsters humans anything that fucks really will be released. if they manage to catch one of the girls and cum in inside of her she lost making her the hunter's property. So the goal is to find an exit hidden on the island. And so the games begin
  14. YangYamanagi

    The Living Dungeon

    Based off a DnD 5e homebrew monster I found and love to use. An adventurer, or adventuring group enters a dungeon in hopes of finding treasure and fame. What they find is something completely different, and unexpected. The worlds largest Mimic. The dungeon itself is the Mimic. Starting out as a simple chest, as it killed and devoured more and more adventurers, it slowly evolved, becoming the dungeon it originally called home. It can create monsters, alter the layout of rooms to confuse and separate adventuring parties, turn entire rooms into instant death traps, and so much more. In this scenario, the Mimic would've recently eaten an entire army, that had been on a march and training exercise, so it decides to leave the adventurer/adventurers alone and let them explore. The monsters that decided to make the Mimic their home, as well as the simulated monsters it created have another idea, instead of killing them, taking them captive as pets and using them as property to trade with the other monsters. I'll add more as time goes on, adding more to the idea if I come up with more.
  15. You were a shining exemplar of light. A shining heroine who would cut down any evil she encountered. The beasts of the darkness and corrupt men fled from your presence of you could. You were pure, strong, skilled. It was said you be a legend, your name told in stories for generations to come. Maybe that is still true, but now the stories will be very different. It all began in one moment of desperation. A rival kingdom attacked your hometown. Its whole army bearing down on it. Solely to hurt you. You rode as you could, by the time you made it, the walls had already been breached. They approached your parents' home, all your relatives were in danger. You fought as hard as you could, but their numbers were too much even for you. You prayed, prayed for the gods you served to give you the strength to fight. You got an answer, but from the last god you expected. Zorn, lord of the abyss, father of demons, spoke in your head. He said he could give you the power to save them, if you only prayed for him to do so. It hurt you intensely, it was a betrayal of everything you believed in, but if you did not, everyone there would be slaughtered. So, you prayed to him, and you felt his power flow through you…and the bloodlust. You felt a glee you never felt before as you cut through the invaders with unnatural strength and speed. You hunted every last one down. Only then, soaked in their blood, did you start to calm down. You were back to yourself…but deep down, you knew you had been permanently tainted. That the taint would grow. That is where we start, you play the newly corrupted knight and we play out as she grows further corrupted and cruel, her legend becoming one of terror rather than hope. No man has touched her yet, but soon that will change, but it will not be the hands of humans who take her. Sometimes unwilling, but very often completely willingly, giving herself to beasts and demons, both intelligent and not, perhaps even to her new god. Giving birth to many non-human things, sometimes live, sometimes laying eggs. Hoping for a long term story here, could play either the knight or other characters.
  16. This premise is relatively simple and straight forward, but ought to be a good catalyst for a ton of various adventures and smutty fun. This will be about a fully new female warrior/paladin/mage, who wishes to become a very famous, rich and skilled adventurer. However, along with murdering various bandits, monsters and other bad guys, there are also plenty of monsters who are not evil and in fact very keen on having a good time with the young female. The more she indulges in her own and the monsters' kinks, acts and lusts, the more corrupted she gets. Beyond this, I also wish to include the collection of loot, a skill system of some sort, leveling up as well as a profile for the adventurer to list all of these things in! I will require someone who is willing to have gargantuan sizes on these monsters and their cocks! Kinks and acts I wish to include as many of as possible: I will show of the references I have in mind her for, but I will also list the two main galleries you may suggest stuff from as well: Magic girls and armoured women Suggested references:
  17. Rain pattered steadily against the windows of Brigette's subterranean apartment. It was just the right amount of dark and brooding to make it feel like a real wizard's lair. Even if it was in stark contrast to the woman who lived there. The apartment was small, but comfy. After going down a small set of stairs and opening the front door, guests would step into the living room. A thin, long countertop was all the separated the kitchen from the living room and seated next to the kitchen was a cozy corner and a table where Bri took her meals. A hallway led to the rest of the rooms. There were four in total: a bathroom, a laundry room, Bri's room and an extra room that Bridgette sometimes used as a guest room. After surviving a long and grueling case, Brigette had finally been given a day off. Dressed in a long T-shirt with one naked and very freckled shoulder jutting out and a pair of comfy socks, Bri sat curled up on her couch with a glass of raspberry wine. The TV was alive with the sounds and sights of a popular horror movie. The gore and violence didn't bother her much and she actually found it funny by how overdone everything was. After giggling at a corny scene, Bri shifted her position and sat cross-legged. Her new position pushed the bottom of her shirt up and opened up a view of her lacy, red underwear, but she didn't seem to notice. After another minute she turned to her friend, Alice, and said, "I can't believe we finally get the day off after that Ogre Rampage case."
  18. **Partner Acquired: 1/1** Preface - It's through adversity that we grow stronger as people. It's only when we are at our lowest and darkest that our redemption can truly have meant something. To appreciate happiness, we must experience sadness and suffering. What I want to do is take a character through a journey of corruption, to hit rock bottom. But through her own strength and the support of others, to pick herself up and emerge on the other side as a stronger person and someone who can better appreciate the happiness she's scrapped and clawed to obtain. What can I say? I enjoy dark stories and themes just as much as the heart-warming and romantic stories. But with this story I would like to do a bit more than just indulge in those dark desires. I want to give some meaning to them, by having a character that gets broken down and turned into a baser, more carnal version of herself. But ultimately finding the strength--through herself, friends and perhaps a romantic partner--to find her way back to herself and become a stronger person and a better superhero. What I'm hoping is that there's someone out there that wants to craft this story with me. Premise - MC is one of the strongest heroes on the Starlight Table. She's beaten down every monster sent her way, foiled every plot she's ever been embroiled in and imprisoned every villain that's crossed her path. The Black Legion is growing desperate as their numbers dwindle. Suddenly a newcomer suggests a plan so dastardly, so cunning, and so filthy that even the worst of the villains cringe to consider it: To attack her sexually and break her mentally. At best, perhaps they can use sex as a weapon to turn her to their side. At worst, they can leave her a shell of her former self and deliver a crushing blow to the Starlight Table. This is a tale about a superheroine who falls down the path of corruption and gives in to her carnal desires, betrays her closest friends and most steadfast fans, faces adversity of the filthiest and most disgusting kind to arise as a stronger hero and a brighter beacon than what came before. What I'm Looking for in a Partner: --Someone willing to play opposite of my character and play the various sexual partners, such as the supervillains and all the monsters and beasts they throw at her in order to break her down mentally. I would also love for you to play as your own superhero as either MC's love interest or even just a friend or fellow hero, but that's up to you. And I don't even mind playing several characters myself. I just don't want to be interacting with myself on all the smut and action scenes. It's not very interesting, haha. --Someone that wants to sit down and brainstorm ideas and write a plot and be a part of the story, not just indulge solely in the sexual aspects, though there will be plenty of that. --I'm not exactly looking for the first person to show interest in this--though if there's only one person showing interest then we'll have to see--so I would like to have a conversation about the Roleplay to discuss ideas and such and see if we're a good fit before accepting you as my partner on this. --Someone that can be patient and understanding. I'm doing this for fun and not looking to turn it into a job. Some days I'll feel like posting and some days I won't. I also want you to know that this is a two-way street and of course you can expect the same from me. I don't want you to force yourself. --Someone that is okay with writing roughly two paragraphs per post. I don't want any one-liners, but neither would I like a massive wall of text. There's only so much that can happen without us interacting and a massive post can be very overwhelming while leaving little opportunity to react to the scene unfolding. And obviously I would like my partner to be semi-literate and able to write clearly. Doesn't have to be perfect spelling and grammar, but if I have to keep asking about what's happening in a scene because I don't understand what you wrote then it's really going to drag the Roleplay down. --Someone that understands that this isn't a power-trip. I don't want to see MC instantly defeated all the time or completely overpowered. This is a story and I want it to be interesting. I want epic battles and steamy sex. MC will be defeated plenty, but I don't want it to happen one-sidedly. And with all of that said, I hope to talk to some of you soon.
  19. I'm looking for a RP partner to discuss and create a fantasy RP in a medieval setting, My favorite would be a setting where we both are adventurers, traveling together, it doesn't have to be a lot of sex in the rp, but it should be there as well. I also don't mind it if the partner I find here plays as a narrator, and leads me through the world and makes encounters. I'm not that good at coming up with scenarios, that's why I like to work them out together with a partner to make it enjoyable for both of us! I'll be happy to hear from who ever is interested!
  20. Greetings to you, devious ones Recently I came across some interesting piece of entertainment that resonated with some twisted ideas that were lingering somewhere inside my mind. And those ideas shaped the thriller / horror narrative discussed in this thread. If you have some familiarities with the Silent Hill series, the phychological horror and grotesque imagineries chances are you might even enjoy yourself reading through this. KEY WORDS Your character against the world A journey through a reality wrapped into a nightmarish scenario All horror elements are derived from the human mind, and its perversions Sexual cravings become manifest and become a threat Powerful contrasts between determination/threats and beauty/horror SUMMARY The story would follow one female character - who I leave in your capable hands - that is following a disturbing trail of incidents and mysterious reports. She doesn't necessarily have to be a police detective on official duty, but still have strong reasons to see the ordeal through. Since your character is pretty much the sole protagonist, I would be very interested in discussing unique aspects, perks and any peculiar personality trait that would make her more interesting or just add meaning to her motivation and backstory. She is meant to carry the emotional weight of such horrific journey so she has to appeal to both writers while moving things forward. Every other character - and creature - would be handled by my own writing. The narrative being structured like an investigation that spirals down into the unknown would require your character to interact with different ones, even if only once, and make choices regarding how to approach any kind of threat. For that reason, I would see the story focus never leaving your protagonist and only involve other character when it calls for them. The time frame is modern - not necessarily 2022 but anytime from the 90s to today. It would be actually pretty interesting to discuss the role of communication devices such as cell phones or computers. The setting would first introduce a "real" location but the shift to its supernatural, twisted version populated with things that cannot be explained. It would appear like the classical "descent to hell" but without any actual traveling to firey caverns or such. The character would still explore modern environments but they would be heavily altered with elements such as deep fog, disturbing noises and - most of all - horrific dwellers. The reason behind everything that happens being both psychological and supernatural, also based on your own tastes. The threats surrounding your character would be derived from the humand mind, like if sexual depravities and uglinesses took form and infested the place. They would still look human, but could push their visuals to grotesque takes on the human bodies. There would be no gore or strong violence but instead the representation on unchained sexual urges, craving for your character body and pleasure, trying to corrupt her mind and bring her down. How would your character react to everything that's happening around her? Not just from a rational point of view, looking for clues and a way out, but more importantly from an emotional and irrational one, having to deal with reflections of her own desires or disgusting variations of the things herself might crave...
  21. RP between: @JennyDK and @Jtcookie Premise: As the normal Dragonborn is out doing theirs to ensure the Tamriel's safety and many other quests, another Dragonborn is also out there. Only this one has gotten the blood from an ancient dragon of fertility. She is a slut by nature and has always sought out to pleasure her unsatiable needs for sex. She has no knowledge of this until she is summoned by the Gray Beards. Here she learns about her powers, but knowledge and tutoring in the way of the sexy voice is not without a cost in the lonely temple. I have made some custom Shouts as well, feel free to suggest more: Dragon shouts: Alter Age Alter body Add body parts Call Demons Enlarge body parts Extreme stamina Force orgasm Indestructable body Instant erections Prolong orgasm Remove items (clothes, armour and so on) Renew stamina Shout of Clones Shout of strength Soundwave of Lust Freya's profile: -------------------------------------------------------------------- It has been a few days since the young, magically adept Nord girl called Freya Jotunsdottír left her home village. Ever since she were able to, she has been the kind of girl to be very sexually active and already at age 4 is even more experienced than most brothel ladies. Before this, the village inn had gotten a visit from a group of mercenaries of all orcs. Of course, Freya could not help but use her charms and voluptous body towards them, aiming to end in bed with them. Needless to say, it ended up in that way, with her using them for hours on end, even to the point where they were getting tired out. Just when they were about to pass out, they make her cum so hard that her screaming instead changes into a Shout. A Shout of extreme stamina, as is part of her lineage's heritage of powers. This provided the orcs with renewed energy for a while more. Not long after, a call from the monks at The Throat of the World, is summoning Freya to them.
  22. Moongrove is a small city surrounded by a crescent-shaped mountain range. Despite having only one entrance and exit, the city still managed to be a popular place for commerce and mercenary work. Filled with dozens of mercenary companies looking for work, Moongrove also sported several inns and taverns, the favorited establishments of sellswords. A group of five entered the city around midday. By their reputation alone, their presence caused several groups of onlookers to break off into gossip blocks. The Black Bastards, they were called. The Orcish Leader, Bashuk, the wily and highly charismatic, Jek, the elderly, but highly skilled craftsman, Olru, and the newest member, Olru. The last of their group was a beautiful and voluptuous elf named, Alia. Her exotic beauty and alluring body was envy of many human woman and the obsession of human men. Even more enchanting was the white dress she wore. The garment seemed normal enough, but upon closer inspection it was obvious that the dress was made of a sheer material, leaving the wearer exposed. Especially since Alia wore no undergarments. "By the gods, that's one lewd elf!" One man whispered. "Do they all take turns with her, ya bet?" Another man chimed in. "She's positively indecent. John, don't ye be staring at her or you'll be gettin' me spoon upside your head, don't ye doubt!" A woman chastised her husband, shaking her head at the elf's manner of dress. But not a single member of The Black Bastards paid the whispers any heed. In fact, at the sight of the leader, Bashuk, most tried to keep their whispers from being heard and scrambled to get out of his way. The orc had a fearsome reputation on the battlefield, with a myriad of scars to match. It was said that he fought like a demon possessed, wearing little armor, taking many blows, but fighting on as though the blood and cuts were little more than an annoyance. The group made their way to a nearby tavern, the five gathering around a table and immediately ordering drinks and food. But before Alia could take her favored place next to Bashuk, Vogrin grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her tight against his side. It had only been a few hours since he'd felt her soft, warm touch and already he was aching for more. His shifted his loincloth aside, exposing his large, curled, pigman cock and a pungent odor quickly filled the air near the group. It was the smell of a week's worth of sweat, unwashed flesh and semen and made the patrons near him gag and cover their mouths. Vogrin let out a great belly laugh and said loudly, "Guess I could use a good bath after a week on the road." He took hold of Alia by the back of her head, twining his fingers into the strands of her silky white hair. "Well, get cleaning, bitch!" And suddenly he pushed her head down into his crotch.
  23. Ever sit back and tell ghost stories or the like with friends? This is a similar story. You will play a young woman (and if you desire, a female friend as well, played by me) that decides to investigate these rumors. The tale differs from person to person telling the stories, but they have to be made up, right? A monster with tentacles binding up its prey. A sadistic beast man kidnapping and torturing (sexually, no gore/death) those who trespass, gangs who profit from wondering eyes, ghosts in a mysterious house hidden in the woods. The tales are endless. The truth unknown. Care to find out? Like I said. The story differs to your interest. All female characters are atleast 16 years of age (have to have some maturity to them).
  24. * Please, for the love of all that's unholy, don't send me messages that consist only of 'do you want to RP?' ; my prompts, themes & ideas exist to intrigue you and I would love to know which ones did and what are you craving / looking for! ** Do not godmod my characters. I'll be dropping people who do that. Hello all! You can call me Daphne or any other sweet little names you can come up with! I am also open to flirting and chit-chatting if that's your thing! If you just want a quick smut, you can come into my DMs, push me down and take what you want... whether I want it or not ;3 I am mainly looking for dark, non-con, messy, bizzare RPs! I rarely indulge in vanilla or fluff, maybe as part of something bigger but not main theme. I want my girl to be used, abused and ruined. In all ways possible! Plots down below are meant to give you some ideas and pointers, but here's a quick list of themes / things I am heavily into recently: - medieval / historical setups (so princesses, noble ladies, kings, adventurers, taverns...etc) - obnoxious, lewd ceremonies - lewd curses / blessings - monsters, ghost, bizarre creations vs my cute girls - size play (I like playing shortstacks <3) - age play (I like playing 15/16yr olds) - breeding Note: While I primely play as females, I've been recently looking to play some trap / futa characters (subs), especially in non-con and dub-con scenarios! Hmu Some stuffles & pairings I simply adore and are always welcome: - MC just lost somewhere. School at night? Haunted mansion? Forest? Yes, please! - Medical play can be quite hot! - DaddyxDaughter and UnclexNiece setups. Being bent over a knee makes me hot and bothered! - Aphrodisiacs, drugs, being forced to orgasm, massages... - Big, big toys put it into dem tight holes! - Princesses and Queens, I love playing them! - PIRATES! I need more good pirates stories in my life, honestly! I have a gallery with girls you can pick as refs! Some do have their backgrounds / descriptions, some don't yet. Here are a couple - a little vague - prompt ideas that we could work from! The more emotes & boldness, the more I want it! \(★ω★)/ Foreign, unknown knight wins the competition, only to shock the public when the helmet is removed and it is obvious, the knight is a woman. Alas, the Kingdom does not allow women to compete in such ways, or be knights at all. Pulled into the dungeons, the knight is punished in most lewd ways... (or, perhaps, in front of the public?) I'd like this to involve some torture or sadistic elements, where MC has to endure painful punishments, not just lewd ones. \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ It was either being homeless, or joining the nuns in the convent, Nuns seemed recluse, but they took her in. From the first night, the nuns she shared room with became more... "friendly" and touchy than the girl wished. After her meeting with the Priest over-seeing all, she realized she joined sex and fetish-focused group, and now she was one of them, slowly falling into depravity. \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ Due to low fertility rate, new laws were incorporated. MC is just sixteen when she arrives at her "check-up", which involves plenty of intimacy... checking her reactions, giving her drugs to see how fast and how much she can orgasm, and even testing how her body reacts to sperm. After such traumatic experience she is sent to a well-chosen household, to be their "breeding girlfriend". \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ MC is a curious young woman, with enough money to sate such curiosities. She leaves for a resort that is known to allow the customers live up all their fetishes... but at the same time, things are not well over-seen there, and an element of chaos is definitely common. Still, she enjoys her arrival at the resort, how servants welcome her, but perhaps... she will run into things she never even dreamt of? \(★ω★)/ MC is short on cash and found a rather specific and lewd way to get some: testing sex toys. Sex toy owner, a female uses them on her and she provides comment. One of the days she goes to do her job, however, things don't go as planned... [PROMPTS] # there aren't going to be many; sometimes I have this loose idea of something I REALLY WANT and come up with starters for these, so... thought I'll add these here, perhaps they may interest somebody # feel free to send me EcchiText with response to any of this! # fantasy / princess x Any Andrea closed her eyes as she was laid down on the soft mattress of the bed. Her body naked, her curvy shapes exposed. She was already shaven clean, after the long bath... Bathing aphrodisiacs made her sensitive and as she laid down, her legs spread open, revealing her wetness. She was still unsure about this whole tradition, this 'serving the males in royal family' thing. But it's not like you can defy a King, even if you're his daughter. She felt the maids began to oil her whole body, in even more aphrodisiacs. Her body trembled as fingers invaded her tight body. She wasn't looking, but something was pushed inside her bottom, deep inside. And there she was left for a whole, long night... Of course, young Princess didn't sleep at all. In the morning, she looked idly at the ceiling, after a long, long night of constant orgasms hitting her body. Her legs were spread, the mess she made in bed quite obvious, her virgin maidenhood aching and gaping. Her bottom both feeling good and painful from the insertion. Who knew what was going to happen to her now? pirate prompt When she woke, she was blindfolded and gagged. She wasn't sure by whom... but memories slowly came back. She could feel she was still on a ship, but probably not hers. They killed her crew and sunk that ship, most likely. Maybe someone managed to escape -- Those thoughts were broken when she felt someone attach something to her nipples, tightening around sensitive little nubs. She felt hotter as the mix of pain and pleasure filled her mind. Then her back arched, as somebody whipped at her exposed maidenhood. And again. They were probably leaving marks. Obviously, she had become a toy for somebody's amusement. A few more hits against her, now, moist maidenhood, and her legs got spread wide open... when she tried to move them, she realized they tied them to something, and so, she couldn't really do anything. Somebody was about to fuck her, the real question was just whom, and for how long... incest / breeding Due to drops in fertility new laws and rules came into life; Lilly just turned sixteen and it was time for her check-up. The doctors made sure she's healthy and fertile enough, but she didn't realize that they gave her medicine that will kick-off her libido that evening. It was now common that the father would initiate his daughter into the world of breeding, and then other males in family would help to make sure the girl gets pregnant. It was 9PM and Lilly went to bed, but had to resort to sleeping naked -- she felt so warm and... bothered. She breathed heavily laying in her bed, rubbing her legs together... the medicine kicked in finally, making her all wet and ready. It even made her tight ass itch! The girl put a pillow between her legs, trying to get some sort of release before alarming anyone, unaware that her father was going to check on her...
  25. DatNectar

    Nectar's Hive

    Hey y'all! I decided to put all my little ideas here from now on and then update it as needed! I'm always open to all genders, whether that's the role player or the character you wish to play as. And these are all just jumping off points for us to work off of. Oh yea I also like dom/sub so that can be apart of any of these. Anyway without further ado, Welcome to Nectar's Hive: More Than Two So this section encompasses ideas where I want to play or play off more than one love interest. So harems, love triangles, hell maybe cheating. Things like that. In these stories, I'm willing to play three or four characters. Werewolf Time This really is a catchall for anything dealing with werewolves and their packs. I'm open to characters having multiple forms like human, wolf hybrid, and full on wolf. And I'd like there to be multiple characters involved. Whether that's as love interests or antagonists. There will be sex as well as romance. And this story can either be consensual or involve force. Anyway if you like werewolves, romance, and world building, this might be for you. Haunted House Your character or mine is lost in the woods on Halloween night. It's storming so they look for cover -and oh my god there's a haunted house!! Full of hot babes!! For this one I'd be willing to play a slime, a demon, a clown, a cyclops, a witch, a ghost, or perhaps another ghoul. Okay, yes, clown is a little out there, but it's that time of year! I see this as being consensual and involving a lot of smut and comedy with a dash of rom to keep it interesting. Little Garden For this one I'd like to do fairies, itty bitties. You're character would be a human who is running their relative's flower shop for the summer. And discovers they're shop is overrun with horny fairies. Yea that's it. Kind of a cutesy ridiculous one. No large insertion, though I do want to mess around with ridiculous size difference. This would also be consensual, and teasing focused. Duo As it seems, as it sounds. This section is for stories where there is one love interest. Honey, I'm Home! So I got this idea from the concept of girlfriend ASMR's. I'd play Honey, the perfect spouse. Your character comes home from a long day at work and mine showers them with love and affection. They enjoy giving your character baths, massages, yummy food, and sex as they see fit. Ah okay and if we wanted to maybe we make it a little dark throw in some cheating or a jealous friend that wants Honey to themselves. Depending on long or short term focus. (I guess that would make it more than two, but shush.) Nasty Encounter So lately I've wanted a prim and proper person to get fucked by someone who is musty and gritty. Specifically I had the idea of a trucker hooking up with a diner waitress. But again, I want to keep things open so maybe were talking dirty in the sense of morals too. Like an evil king and the princess betrothed to him. Doomed Duo For whatever reason this pair cannot get enough of each other and it will surely be their downfall. So another open concept. I just want to play a high passion, high drama pairing. If any of these interest you, EcchiText Meeeeee
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