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  1. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    (Post under construction, but your still welcome to read around and see if there are any you like!) Hi there! I’m Allie, nice to meet you! Welcome to my post filled with lots of different rp ideas and plots that I would love to do with anyone! Firstly, let me start off and say that I am strictly sub! Now that that’s out of the way, I have been rping for over 3 years now. I can post short lengths of post and I can post long posts, really up to you really on which you prefer. I typically play female characters but I do enjoy playing traps/femboys as well. I am very open to kinks and have very few limits, check out my preference to get a good grip on what I like and don’t like or you can just ask me about a specific kink. For these stories, they can all go different ways and I can either play female or trap for really any of the stories, up to you which you’d prefer. I will also take any kinds of partners, Males, Females, Futas, Traps, as long as your the dominant one, your good with me! Now then, here are my ideas: 1. The Demon Maid. One day while walking home from work, your character discovers a strange book laying on the floor in an alleyway. The look is old and tattered, some of the pages ripped. You decide to pick it up and take it home. When you get home you begin to read the book discovering that it is in fact a book which tells you how to summon a demon. Of course, you think it’s not real and a total hoax so you decided to test the ritual and that’s when I appear. I explain everything to you and we make a contract with each other, binding me to you and now I live as your maid, tending to your every need and forced to obey your every request. There is one price for my services, your cum. 2. Demon Hunter. In this world, monsters exist, everyone refers to them as demons. No one knows where they came from, but they exist. You are tasked with eliminating these demons as a hunter. One day, you discover an old building, it is rundown and decrepit. Inside you find, blood, lots of it everywhere along with bodies. In the center you find me, crying, my knees up to my face, blood also covering my body. When you approach me, I look up and you see my eyes, blood red and you see fangs in my mouth, you think that I killed these people but I didn’t, someone else did and he turned me into a demon. They say that you lose yourself when you become one, but I didn’t, I still remember everything and I don’t want to kill anyone. 3. It was a night like any other. I always walk home like this everyday from school, something was different however. When I passed by an alley, I saw it, these was a man laying on the floor, another man/woman (you) slumped over him biting his neck. You hear me and turned over to see me, your mouth bloody, two holes in the man’s neck. I feel stricken with fear and immediately take off run, hoping and praying that you weren’t following. 4. In the land, there once existed dragons, but now how people thought. These dragons were humanoid but could still fly and breath fire. Mysteriously, all died out, except for one (me). You are a hunter, one day while walking around, you stumble upon me. I immediately try to flee knowing that it was one of your kind that killed mine and that you would do the same to me. Will you turn me in and kill me or will you try to befriend me and keep me safe from those who would kill me. 5. Tonight was a regular night, you got into bed and drifted off to sleep. Your cat jumped up onto the bed with you and laid down at your side purring and cuddling against your chest. In the morning, you feel the heat of something next to you. You figure it was your cat but it wasn’t, it was something bigger. Looking over, you see a young naked girl, her hair was white and she had white cat ears atop it’s head and a long white tail. The girl wore a collar on her neck, the name of your cat was written on it. This girl was your cat, she had transformed into a cat girl. 6. I recently transferred to your school, I’m your typical shy and quiet type so I don’t talk to many people and many people don’t talk to me figuring that I was a loner. Your the bad boy/girl, one day while hanging out with your friends, one gives you a bet. He tells you that he’ll give you a lot of money if you became my boy/girlfriend for a month. You agreed for the money. At first, your just doing this for the money but over time, we start to develop a deeper relationship and soon when the month ends, you have to make a choice, you either break up with me and take the money, or you give up all the money to be with me. 7. Little Red Riding Hood. For this rp, I’ll play as Red and you play as the wolf. You can either play a furry wolf or a humanoid wolf guy, up to you really. This rp could go two ways, either on her way to her grandmother’s house, the wolf finds Red in the woods and rapes her or we could go the romantic route. Here me out, is this ridiculous... maybe. So the two could meet in the woods and subtly begin to form a relationship together, maybe he saves her from another pack of wolves or she finds him starving and offers him some of the goodies in her basket or she finds him hurt and brings him home where she tends to his wounds. If you do choose this rp to do with me, let me know what role you would like to go down and also feel free to let me know your own ideas. 8. I’m really craving an incest role between siblings recently. What I had in mind was two siblings who are very close. One day the brother just had enough, he had always had dirty thoughts of his sister and one day it becomes too much and he rapes her. Of course after that day she is distraught about what just happened but then, she starts to come around and the two begin to develop a romantic relationship with each other. For this one, if you don’t like rape we can just have it as like he confesses to her and things go from there. Any ages will work as long as I’m the younger one. I can play loli, shota, and I’ll go up to maybe 21, you’re welcome to play any age you want or we can even be twins if you’d like, I’ve been really craving twin incest a lot lately. For this one I can play female or trap if you’d like, just tell me which. MxF MxM FxF all work for this one. 9. Trap Rp. Basically, I’m really craving to play as a trap/femboy rp. For this one I’ll take anyone, males, females, futas, other traps, furries. If your interested, feel free to send me a PM and we can come up with some ideas together, or if you have any ideas of your own, I would love to hear them so lay them on me!
  2. I have an odd request today. I've always found Bo Peep from Toy Story to be an oddly alluring character, despite her doll status. So I'm looking for someone who might up for playing the prideful doll as she is raped and turned into my kinky sex slave unwillingly. I would prefer her to be the full sized human, but if you're into the size play idea, that could also work. Jessie and Barbie could also be fun characters to subject this too, but my cock has always longed for the pink-dress shepherdress.
  3. Hi there, thanks for reading. I've got another specific niche scenario I'd like to do. It's set in the near, more dystopian future. Genetic engineering has become rather advanced, and a new race of not-quite-human (and without any of those pesky human rights at all) petpeople have been created for the companionship of those who can afford such creations. Petpeople are mostly human, with some differences. They tend to be a little smaller (usually four foot something), and not as intelligent as adult humans, perhaps closer to human children. They physically mature more quickly than humans, can eat a normal human diet and can only reproduce with others of their particular subspecies, but of course they can have sex with anyone. There are restrictions on breeding petpeople outside of the licensed facilities. Petpeople are sexually responsive from early adolescence. Petpeople are normally sold when they are completely physically mature, in reputable upscale shops that allow only limited clientele in to shop. Selling younger petpeople is legal but very frowned upon, and is usually the purview of organized crime, requiring certain references and they are sold by appointment only. Bunnygirls have bunny ears and fluffy little tails, and prominent front teeth. They tend to be timid, but affectionate, and *extremely* sexually responsive from early adolescence. Except for their fluffy little tails, they are naturally hairless below the neck. YC is a young bunnygirl, perhaps appearing around thirteen years old in human terms, but I am happy to discuss having her appear younger. Very innocent and untouched, YC is lonely, languishing naked in a cage in a quiet shop, along with cages individually filled with different young petpeople. The store they are in doesn't abuse them or let potential buyers abuse them, and keeps them clean and well fed. I'd like the RP to start on a morning with MC showing up for his appointment to look at and purchase a young petperson, whom he has already pretty much picked out online from profiles once he had been fully approved by the organization. He'll be drawn to YC, and after a quick very embarrassing intimate physical 'inspection' he'll take YC home for snuggling and more prurient things including both gentle and very rough sex. Possibly some light outings, like picnics too. I can see this as a short or long term RP. Themes I would like to include are buttstuff, light spanking and light restraints. Optional themes include harsher punishments, orgasm control and or denial, and humiliation/embarrassment. Do you have any interest? If you like the general idea but have any changes you would like to make, I am open to discussing them. Please send me a PM. I like to write reasonably long, detailed posts, and RP only over PM. I will respect your limits if I know them. I will not control your character, but my character might move her or ask her to do something and I might assume she will cooperate to keep the story going, but I am always willing to revise if you need your character to do something differently. I am fairly busy, and can only reliably reply ever other day or so. If this sounds at all interesting to you I would love to hear from you!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm currently looking for someone to write a story based in the Rick and Morty universe! I have a couple of ideas about what I want to do, but I'm totally down to hear what ideas you may have! I'm going to list my ideas below, as well as a few just random scenarios that I haven't thought through yet! We can have genderbent characters, so don't feel like this has to be M// or anything! Birdperson x Rick - Birdperson is on the hunt for his daughter and could use some help. Space Beth suggests they bring in her father and BP is hesitant, but after the first attempt to save his daughter fails, the bird goes to Rick for help. Rick x Adult!Morty #1 - A Rick in the Citadel finds himself in Morty Town at the perfect time and ends up coming across a gang of Mortys beating another Morty. The reason? This Morty actually wants a Rick, even if he is knows he shouldn't and that all Ricks are terrible. This Rick has always wanted a Morty, but never wanted to deal with the BS that goes into getting one through the Citadel. This is his perfect chance to have a travelling companion. Rick x Human OC - Human OC finds themself caught up in a shootout between Rick+Morty when they're doing something or other. Human's car is fucked up and they demand that Rick pay to fix it. They end up exchanging numbers so that they can sort it all out. Rick's enemies find this human's information in his phone and take it upon themselves to bring the human into things, thinking they mean something to Rick. Morty ends up convincing Rick to go save them and the OC and Rick end up actually hitting it off, because of reasons. Rick x Adult!Morty #2 - C137cest. Aged up Morty at the end of season 5. They're stuck on the destroyed piece of the Citadel and have no real way to get home. With things being a bit better between Rick and Morty after their initial break, the two now have the time to talk about the bullshit they pulled. Feels are had and feelings are realized, bruh. Now I know those aren't completed formed ideas, but they're more thought out then the next ones! Dog!Adult!Morty x Rick - A Morty that was fused with a dog is abandoned on the Citadel. A Rick in need of a Morty gets this one assigned to him. Rocker!Rick x Adult!Morty - These two would be unrelated in this AU. The Flesh Curtains are playing in the area and Summer has an extra ticket. Morty gets drug along. Rick is younger (probably 30s/40s) and still involved with space stuff. The Federation gets involved at the concert. Any x Rick - Soulmate universe where Rick and Any Other Character are soulmates. Sugar Daddy!Rick x Adult!Morty - This can go one of two ways! Morty never met Rick, Rick never invented portal crap. Instead he just walked out on his family and began living in a college city where Morty ends up going one day in the future. Awkward things happen when they realize they're related. Rick is in his 30s/40s and lives in a college town when he isn't off on adventures. Morty finds him on a sugar daddy site, which Rick signed up for randomly. No incest here, but it could still have fun science fiction stuff going on! Pirate!Rick x Anyone - Literally no ideas, but I think it'd be cool as fuck to do something wish a pirate setting? Like, boats and rum and all of that fun stuff. This isn't really, like, a plot idea, but I want Rick to be called Papi in bed. He's gonna be a Spanish speaker in all of my writings, 'cause Spanish speaking Rick is my absolute favorite version of him. If any of these would be of interest to you, or you have another Rick and Morty idea, hit me up! I wanna write in this verse really bad!
  5. Looking for a woman(or ladies) that would be interested in doing a rp set in a High school, but has some supernatural elements in it. My character would be a teen on his first day of HighSchool and unknown to him he is Incubus that has reached the age where his abilities start to show. Your main character is your choice, but I was thinking of her being my characters childhood friend. They find together that my character is a Incubus and needs sex to survive now. The story can go in different directions, like being a romance story between the two main characters, a harem story about my character gathering a cult of girls around him as he grows more powerful with each one, more fantasy as the main characters find out that my character is a lost Incubus prince that was hidden in the human world after his father was killed and now that his powers are awakening, a helper to his father comes to train him. Or if you have a way you want it to play out, I would be happy to hear it. If any one finds this interesting, let me know.
  6. At this point I'm falling really deep into my horny hole. I'm craving some really dirty smut. I'm not looking for non con or dub con nor master slave or bondage. But just someone who's open to really to just about anything. I'm really craving lots of cum, massive cock and balls, hairy girls, guys. Dirty musky sex. I'm craving all that plus more. So if you're just as degenerate as me do not hesitate to send me a message. CRAVING!: I'm currently really wanting someone who really into pubic hair and body hair in general as well as someone who isnt afraid of alot of cum and messy smut. I'm also down to play a futa as well if wanted! Futa Craving!: I'm really craving something a bit out of the norm for me. Still the whole pubes are life thing but I wanted to rp something Resident Evil village esq so to speak. With a big futa lady and her daughters being an incestuous family. Maybe unexpecting thrill seekers and travellers wander into their home only to get turned into either a cum slave for the daughters or a cock sleeve for the mother. Hello. I'm gonna be very plain and simple. I'm looking for smut. Like. Smutty smut. I'm not really looking for a story but there can be a scenario. I'm down for short term or we can make something a little more long term if wanted. Now kinks. I have a semi long list of kinks that change every now and again but there are two kinks that I'll always be interested in. Anything with cum and Pubic Hair of females! I will say though, I'm not interested in non coc unless you have an interesting plot to go with it! I also have a soft spot for chubby characters I play them and I want them. So if you have one in need of love let's get something going! Breeding Risk of pregnancy Large cock and balls Pubic hair on females (prefer bush) Rough sex Public Size play Large ass Large tits Excessive Cum Anal Cumshots Squirting (light and heavy) Harem Cumplay Incest I'm also very into playing a futa. But only against a female character. I'll always give a least a solid paragraph of a post but on a good day I can go up to 4 to 5. I usually like making an rp revolving around both me and my partners kink. Possibly with a pairing. I am a male dom looking for a female sub. If you're a fan of both of the kinks I mentioned before PLEASE dont hesitate to add me on discord. Well become instant best friends I also like sharing NSFW pics I've found on the internet over the years! I dont do realistic face claims dont ask me. I also dont do dub con or non con If your interested in discord ask me for my tag and I'll give it to you!
  7. KinkyKathy

    The Cukqueen

    Ashley was perched on the barstool, sipping a margarita before heading back home. Her and her husband, Jim bought a house on the edge of Santa Monica s popular beach boardwalk while it was almost affordable. They had what many people would view as a perfect life.....money, a new Tesla, beachfront property.....but it was a facade. Their sex life became stale. Ashley was still very attractive at 30 with Raven black hair and a slender body, Jim also reasonably good looking but something was missing. Sex was now simply missionary position, foreplay often overlooked. Ashley decided to finish her drink and go to a friend's house before heading home.
  8. Hello, hello! As you can probably tell by the title of this post and the tags, I'm looking to write a story that just has cute aspects. I want to play the sub, specifically with the girl I'm going to post a picture of in just a minute, but I would be willing to write the Dom if I'm given a fun story to do! You can check out my preference sheet to see what I like, but I mostly have dark things listed there. This is not going to be a dark story, not at all. Here are the specifics of what I'm wanting: DD/lg, MD/lg, or CG/lg. I would love for my character to be a little. I think it would be a lot of fun to write her as someone who calls her partner 'Daddy/Mommy/etc' in and out of the bedroom, though she may come up with a different name for the partner when she regresses in age. There will be no sexual contact when she regresses. It will only be during the times she is Big. Don't try to make it happen. Cute Plot Developments. What do I mean by this? Maybe our characters get a puppy, maybe they learn a new spell that makes it so my character can change in size to actually be small when she's little. Basically if it's happy and would make her happy? That's what I wanna do! Exceptions: I will make a few exceptions to this rule/whatever ya wanna call it if it would make for a more exciting/interesting story, but just know that I am looking for fluffy shit, not sad shit haha Drama is allowed, but I don't want it to be like... Life or death type of stuff, ya know? Pet play. Make my character into a cute little pet for yours to pamper, please? Slow burn. I want this story to take place over the course of... Well, I don't entirely know, but I do know that I want it to develop slowly, and for it to take awhile for any sort of relationship stuff to happen. The exception I would make to this would be a non-sexual CG/lg story turning into a romantic relationship. Gender. I do not care whatsoever what the gender of your character is. I'll be playing either a trans woman or cis woman, but I do not care what gender you'd like to play, so long as our characters mesh! Species/Race. So when it comes to fantasy worlds, these two words are seemingly used to mean the same thing. This is, of course, not the same for real life. I don't care if you want to play a werewolf, vampire, dragon, or neko, the only thing I care about that they be a soft dom/me type who will care for M/C. The same goes for their race. No matter if they are Asian, Black, Indigenous, or White, I don't care. Faces. Personally, I really like to use real faces for my stories, but I am also really loving anime faces too! This one will just come down to you and what your preference is. The only thing I won't do is just give a description. I want to have an actual visual for my character! On the other hand, there are some things I do not want to include: No violence. I don't want my character to be beaten and I don't want her to have to fight anyone. I would love for some light spanking, maybe even the use of a paddle, but that's about it. Sex during Regression. No. This is 100% a no go. I don't want this to be involved at all. I, actually, would prefer this stay largely nonsexual in fact. Extreme bondage. I love making a character in mobile as much as the next person, but for this story, I don't want that to be involved. Soft bondage, with some fuzzy cuffs and light rope bondage. I can give some examples if you want them! Rape/NonCon. If you've attempted to write with me at all since I joined this site, you'd know that I absolutely love writing out rape/noncon scenes. They're my favorite! I, however, do not want that involved in this story. Now that you've made it through that section of this post, I guess you're probably looking for the plot! This is all I have so far, but I'd love to expand upon it with someone Just starting college, M/C is being exposed to the world in ways she never was before. Upon her campus she joins clubs, a sorority, and is even able to drag herself to a few of her school's sports games to cheer on her team! One of these clubs leads her to become friends with Y/C. Both of them are kind of awkward, but that's okay, because they make up for it with jokes, hanging out, and just becoming really close. By the time M/C's first semester is over, she has developed feelings for Y/C and they have become best friends. When winter break is over, M/C comes back to campus and is ready to get the semester rolling when Y/C invites her to a new club that was formed on campus that is specifically for those interested in DD/lg, MD/lg, and CG/lg things. At first, M/C doesn't know what to think of this idea, but she lets her friend drag her along anyway because she wants to make Y/C happy. It was a few weeks into the semester that M/C realizes that she really likes what is happening at this club and grows interested in it. This would be when M/C and Y/C begin to explore a CG/lg dynamic! From there, we can figure it out! Oh! And here's one of the girls I'm thinking of using! I'll probably add more as I go, but I just like my little moth girl for now!
  9. On the continent of Scalia, there are two countries locked in a semi-hot war. One is the Empire of Absol, A totalitarian Empire that crushes any opponent they can, And the resilient Freelands, A collection of kingdoms and Merc. Bands. In this, a pair of adventurers live. One, a legendary warrioress who was once an Absolian slave Warrior. Another is a rookie adventurer that, though very green, has great potential. And the two may change the stalemate. Character:
  10. BFFF: A tale of two childhood friends, one not that strong and kind of wimpy, but is one of those people who can calm and act as a pretty good anchor emotionally speaking. The other is more physically capable(Sportsy type, Tom Boy, Delinquent or Disciplinary Head), and they are even new lovers. However, a Bully and blackmailer has harassing the former, with the latter getting in the way. Though he has plans that may come to fruition, or rot on the vine is up to the anchor. Special Notes: Nueral Shock Disorder- A (hopefully) made up nuerological disorder where a prolonged exposure to major touch stimuli or a sudden intense spike of said stimuli can overload her brain, putting her in a state similar to a stupor and hypnosis, where its rather easy to insert traits into her subconcious to bleed out and alter who she is. Preferred to play as characters: Non-Preferred characters:
  11. A tale of love between a Knight and Elven girl(Unicorn, Tavern Wench, Witch ,Princess or Priestess are also available.) who love each other deeply despite the taboos in place to keep them a part. When a local lord begins making moves on the girl, threatening all sorts of hell if she doesn't obey. Will the knight be able to defend their lady's honor, or will the Lord's power be too much to make a scratch on the cage? Lovers(Preferred Role): Knights:
  12. Hi! I'm looking to do a FNAF roleplay. When I started doing this 6 years ago, FNAF was what got me into it. Now, I'm craving it again so I figured I'd make a post on it. Here's what I'm alright with playing: • I can play as a male night guard. • I can play as a male mechanic. • I can play as male animatronics. • I'm fine with plots that revolve around games 1-4 and Sister Location. I don't really know much beyond that. • I'm fine with male and female partners for this roleplay (we can discuss specific animatronics and characters in private.) • I'm fine with 18+ roleplays and NSFW. If you're interested, do let me know! I'm also available on Discord as I'm mostly a mobile user. Also, my reference sheet is subject to change per scenario, as I'm fine with most any kink but only if they fit the situation.
  13. onearmeddruid

    A barmaid

    Down on a lonely road far to the north lies the silver fang tavern. Many not come north but every so now and then travelers will spend the time drinking troll draught, and goblin Mead. Here a single half goblin barmaid tends to the customers. Her bright blue hair shining in candlelight, red eyes suited for seeing in the dark, soft snow white skin, though most remember her large assets both in front and rear. The troll who owns the place and the bar maid are all that are left in the tavern, you had just got out of a terrible storm stopping inside looking for shelter.
  14. FieryDreams

    College Dorm-Mating

    Just a few months ago you were a highschooler walking across a stage and accepting a diploma. Shaking the hand of an administrator to the cheers of family and friends. Months prior to this, you were accepted in to the university of your dreams! To move away and experience new things as a young adult. You had everything ready, the university has been in contact with you about preparing for your first year! The only problem during the summer, is not a single word on who your roommate would be. None of your old friends went to this school and you were ready to make friends. The day had arrived, you move into a two person room, but you are the first to arrive. No roommate yet. A day goes by and your family leaves, still no roommate... yet! As you explored the campus before classes, you notice a truck unloading outside your dorm. They leave without anything eventful. Low and be hold once you get back to your room your roommate has arrived! The rest is for us to write together...
  15. Disclaimer -Please do not reply to this thread. Should you spy something that peaks your interest, reach out to me through a private message instead. Introduction to the Writer Hello, everyone. Welcome to my small corner of the Moon. What you will find here on this thread is a brief summary of myself as a writer, as well as several points of interests regarding the genres and plots that I’m currently craving to play. Currently, I am seeking partners who would be interested in assisting myself in bringing to life some of my own fantasies. Fantasies that primarily center themselves around the slice of life genre, to be exact. However, before jumping straight to the good stuff, I strongly advise that you read this thread in it’s entirety to be certain that we would be suitable partners. I will be honest and inform you all that I am quite selective... I’m a straight male for anyone that might be interested in knowing, and prefer to play against the female gender. As one who has been writing for the better part of his life, I have always taken great care when concerning my writing abilities. I have never claimed to be perfect, as I feel that no one should. However, I do confidently consider myself to be quite a significant asset to anyone’s benefit. Should they be searching for the same writing criteria and genres as myself, of course. I’m a literate piece writer and a strong advocate for the immense detail that causes all of us to melt with pleasure. While grammar and punctuation errors aren’t uncommon, I do proofread my work before presenting it to my partners to lessen the chances of problematic blemishes within a text. I expect this same level of effort from my partner, as well. It is often extremely disheartening to put forth a great deal of effort into a piece, only to then receive what could only be described as an unfortunate and outright lazy attempt at continuing a story. Throughout the course of my writing career, I have found that my own best interests lay within the deepest depths of the rabbit hole related to smut. I adore stories that come covered in layers of enticing arousal that leave a body trembling with lust stricken angst. Stories with a healthy dose of foreplay and teasing, please. This rabbit hole can be found within a number of different genres. Though I will admit that the Slice of Life realm does take the majority of the space here. Like most other writers, and as I stated above, I live for detail. Though I’m also a big believer in quality over quantity, as well. Some scenes during a piece require less, others more. I write what is necessary while still providing the same level of quality throughout a story’s entirety. Should you be curious as to what this looks like, I will be more than happy to provide a writing sample upon request. I feel as though this helps a piece flow at a more graceful pace while keeping it from becoming too drawn out and bloated. Essentially keeping things interesting, as well. Should we share this trait, then we will get along wonderfully. Also, I tend to use different fonts opposed to the regular within my writing, while also using colors to highlight dialogue. In my opinion, a piece is so much more fun to read when the literature looks just as well as it sounds. Limits and Preferences When writing erotic tales, I’ve found that I enjoy the buildup to the action just as much as the action itself. Perhaps even a little more so. For myself, there is simply nothing like a healthy dose of provocative foreplay taking place between two or more characters before finally surrendering to one another’s desires. A slow seduction with plenty of tantalizing teasing that will utterly torment both parties. Torment in a good way, of course. I am not one to judge others on kinks and fetishes, though I will say that my limits fall within the parameters of all things bathroom related. Other than those subjects, I am open to discussing whatever a potential writing partner might have in mind. Please, if something that you’re into might be a little controversial, let’s talk about first, yeah? Plots In this section, you will find all readily available plots that I am currently seeking writing partners for. While most adhere to the more erotic side of life, the details concerning these said plots can still be edited to some degree as I am negotiable. I will always lend an ear to my partner should they have any ideas of their own that they would like to share, as well. If something that you see below sparks any amount of interest within yourself at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. —————————— Detention Sucks! Synopsis An erotic outing for the few that enjoy portraying multiple main characters at one time. This piece will center around three individuals. One male, and two females. Confined together within the walls of a small office during the after hours at a College University, these three individuals soon find unexplored and exciting new methods to entertain one another... Setting William, Arianna, and Emma. Three individuals who have known one another for as many years as they could count. Having grown up together while attending the same High School along the sidewalks of the same small town, the trio would remain close throughout their time spent together over the years. William, having always pursued the two females for the sake of a lust stricken angst, has never been efficient in successfully capturing either of the two playful minx. All due to the fact that Arianna and Emma have only ever seen their friend as just that. A trustworthy companion and a strong shoulder to cry on when other men would so often wrong them. However...this wasn’t to say that the duo didn’t enjoy the affection of his desire. All too often would they strut about while wearing some of the most provocative clothing. Flaunting their delicious figures and swinging those supple hips...all for his viewing pleasure in hopes of encouraging even the smallest amount of lewd behavior out of him. At times, even going as far as a subtle grope between his legs. To softly grinding their asses against him for a subtle spank...though only to swiftly jump out of his grasp the very moment he would move a muscle. A cruel game played by the trio that would soon become apart of their friendship and last into present times. Though dissipating almost entirely while the challenges relating to their futures continued weigh on their shoulders. In present day, the trio is now attending the same University. Final exams for the semester are fast approaching, and the two sultry female bookworms are hard at work while they cram for the upcoming tests. The two women are admittedly stressed over the situation, knowing that a fair and passing score is crucial to their degrees. Not only this, but their boyfriends are equally as enthralled by their own studies. Stranding the two women without anyone to quench their increasingly pent up desires. Their provocative little game with William not even an option, as they’ve been so incredibly focused on studying that they have yet to even lay eyes on him for the better part of three days now. Meanwhile, the man himself had been dealing with his own personal dilemma... Throughout his life, William had never been taken for as the academically inclined. Rather an unmotivated and confused individual with a lazy streak, baring no real plan for a profitable future. A completely opposite demeanor when comparing him to the headstrong attitudes that were Arianna and Emma. Admittedly, the boy had only followed the duo down the path of a further education at the advice brought on to him by his friends. Now, as their time at the University continues to prolong, even they seemed to have forgotten about him. Being as focused and successfully committed to their studies and relationships as the two girls were, it was a growing challenge to find the time to spare to relax and enjoy one another’s company like they used to. The times seemed to be rapidly changing around him...and needless to say, it left him with an empty feeling of dread for what was to come. It’s a Thursday evening at the University and most of the faculty and students have long since vacated the Campus. While some others still inhabit the various classrooms, all in preparation for the important exams that would soon come with the next morning. Of course, it would come as no surprise to find Arianna and Emma walking through the courtyard beneath the setting Sun. In route to the Campus Library for some last minute preparations of their own. Fatigued and frustrated with the stress of the current week, their anxiety is at an all time high. As is their heat... Overlooking the courtyard and hidden away inside of the Dean’s old office, sits William. Faced with the task of cleaning out the space as a form of extra credit to apply toward the resulting score of his final exams, which he hasn’t even the very least bit studied for. While attempting to fix this mess of an office, William is quick to notice two familiar and provocative figures passing by the window... ————————————- Trouble Synopsis Another rather erotic adventure that will center around a handsome older Stepbrother and his rambunctious, provocative younger stepsister. The gap between their ages is open for discussion. The premise for this story, is that these two characters have known one another for quite some time. Since the day their parents had started dating, this stepsister in question has relentlessly tormented the much more sophisticated and mature stepbrother with her almost constant lewd behavior whenever she finds herself in his presence. Her character could be described as very flamboyant, confident, charming, and sexy. While the stepbrother could be described as steadfast, loyal, and equally just as charming. Though again, in a more mature and sophisticated manner as opposed to her own slutty and thrill seeking self. Being the good man that he has always been known to be, he does his utmost best to simply just ignore this girl. However, this only encourages her. Oftentimes, this man finds himself fighting the more primal urges of his body. All while his stepsister continually threatens to break down this moral code that he holds so near and dear...will she succeed? Setting Tis the season of summer within the bustling city of Newberry, Tennessee. Universities, Colleges, and public schools alike, have all but continued to trap the countless amount of students within their cold, gray walls and endless halls. For this town, summer break is alive and well. Events that range from everything such as the large county fairs to the spectacular, thunderous display of colorful fireworks. A fine time for these normally busy students to return home for much needed social connections with old friends and forgotten family. One such individual doing just this, is a younger man in his early thirties. Returning home for two entire weeks to visit his more distant Father and Stepmother. As well as his infamously affectionate younger stepsister, Madison. Though better known under the alias of "Trouble" amongst her peers. Unbeknownst to William however, his Father had neglected to inform him of the impromptu getaway vacation with stepmother, Ruby. Leaving young Madison as the sole caretaker of the home for the entirety of these same said two weeks that he is scheduled to stay. What a uniquely strange coincidence...or is it? Is there a chance that someone else has withheld some important information form him? All for the purpose of obtaining some welcomed company to keep her entertained... ————————————- "Delivery!" Synopsis A pizza delivery girl becomes lost in route to an address that she is unable to find. After becoming increasingly frustrated, she ends up at the front door of what she hopes is the right house. Well, it isn't...and the stranger standing at the door begins to take full advantage of the situation. However, she is unable to help herself as she finds herself becoming curiously aroused by it all... Setting Arielle is an attractive young College Freshman who has just accepted a job as a pizza delivery girl for a local shop not far from the campus. The shop in question is notorious for the outfits that the upper management provides for their all female team. Identical provocative clothing that would encourage the worst behavior in even the most good of men. Arielle, having always had the reputation as the 'good girl' throughout her life, is a little less than pleased at the uniform she is required to bare. Though what choice did she have? She was broke and desperately in need of good, easy money. Money that would play a crucial role in aiding her journey through furthering her education. Even if that meant the noble sacrifice of her self dignity and respect. After all...putting up with the predictable catcalls stemming from the horny men that would no doubt be ogling over her tight little body seemed like a small price to pay. Opposed to the notion of starving and failing her degree, of course. So long as she was able to secure their fat tips, she would swing her hips to the beat of their drum with as much enthusiasm as her fake sultry smile could gather. It is now the evening of her first day, right around six o'clock on a Friday. Arielle has just slipped into the tight little uniform for the first time inside of the shop's less than claustrophobic bathroom. Despite the utter humiliation that she would be feeling from that moment until midnight, Arielle couldn't help herself but to glance in the direction of the full length mirror on the wall. Damn...she did look good. A petite and delicious dish served alongside a piping hot pie, no doubt. Perhaps playing the role of a slutty little cock tease would come more natural to her than she'd first anticipated. With a newly found stroke of confidence, she is quickly given her first assignment and is away far sooner than expected. Arriving at a large apartment complex on the east side of town, Arielle is unaware of its less than pleasant reputation. While searching for the correct door, she begins to become increasingly anxious at the amount of time that continues to pass as she struggles to locate her recipient's apartment. Nearing thirty minutes, the order in hand would soon become free. An error she could not afford, especially on her first day! Left with little to no choice, Arielle then turns to the nearest door and knocks on the wooden surface with an anxious appetite. "Delivery!" She calls out from the hallway, a slight desperation lining her sing-song voice. Standing there within the midst of that cold and empty hall, Arielle could feel her anxiety rising to new and unexplored heights. There wasn't a chance in Hell that the door she was standing in front of was her customer. She'd taken a complete shot in the dark, hoping to sell the order in hand to the unsuspecting stranger by taking advantage of some other methods not commonly used by ordinary delivery girls...a good review paired with a thick tip was all she'd needed to secure her spot on this team. In order to make a good first impression on her superiors back at the parlor, Arielle was determined that whom ever open that door would experience the best customer service in the city... ————————————- As of this moment, these are the only plots that I have readily available. More will be added in time, so please feel free to check again soon! With that being said, I am actively taking inquiries for the plots listed above, as they are my current cravings at this point in time. Should either of them peak your interest, feel free to contact me through a private message. I look forward to hearing from you!
  16. 13-14yo loli sought for first thorough, detailed, invasive and erotic medical exam. And some romance. Hi there, and thanks for reading. This is a specific, niche scenario that I have been thinking about. YC is a young girl who has lived with her mother next door to MC all her life. MC was actually even YC's pediatrician. YC's mother trusts MC, including YC being left alone with him. YC likes to spend some of her time next door; MC is fond of (and now attracted to) her and gives her use of anything she is interested in. For example, she is welcome to borrow his piano, or peruse his extensive books on travel and world wildlife. YC is free to look at anything in the big library, including the explicit medical books. YC has come over this summer when MC has been busy with his garden to offer her help, which has always been warmly accepted, and ice cream and other treats have always been offered. He's even offered to let her stay for lunch. YC's mother has never hesitated to call MC when YC isn't feeling well, and MC is always happy to come over to help. MC has a full exam room set up in his basement, and once when YC was very sick he had her mother bring over to be examined downstairs in the exam room. Once this summer YC feigned a tummy ache, and her mom just replied "Well, if you're not feeling well you better head next door and see Doctor Stephen." YC happily went over, and MC lifted her shirt and felt her tummy, and then had her over his lap on the living room couch for a rectal temperature followed by an analgesic suppository held in her bottom for several minutes to "make sure it melts completely" while his free hand gently rubbed her bare bottom. Here's the specific scenario: YC's mother 'forgot' to make YC's annual medical exam for school, and she pleaded with MC to somehow work YC in. MC offered to get YC in for an annual this Friday at 4, after hours in his home office, and YC's mother happily accepted the offer without reservation. I'd like to start the RP the afternoon of the appointment. I definitely want to RP this scene, but if we both like it I think it has the potential to continue. Please send me a PM if you're interested, or even if you'd like to discuss the scenario. I might be willing to change some aspects of this, and I'm always happy to chat about things. I like to write reasonably long, detailed posts, and RP only over PM. I will respect your limits if I know them. I will not control your character, but my character might move her or ask her to do something and I might assume she will cooperate to keep the story going, but I am always willing to revise if you need your character to do something differently. I am fairly busy, and can only reliably reply every other day or so. If this sounds at all interesting to you I would love to hear from you! Thanks, ODB
  17. LovelyLem

    Lovin' The 90's

    Matthew was running to his class one morning, having woken up late, not gotten enough sleep, and getting caught in traffic - it was safe to say his morning had been delayed, and he really needed to hurry to class, or he'd get penalized. He'd be marked tardy in... exactly 41 seconds! He had to hurry! He ran through the empty halls, though as he was turning the corner, he hadn't quite caught the wet floor that would now sit in front of him, and he unfortunately slipped on it, his fall feeling like it was in slow motion, and the numbing feeling of his head hitting the solid floor beneath him was the conclusion to his morning. He woke up with some people surrounding him. One of which was a girl he'd never seen before, the other was a teacher, who again, he'd never seen before. It was a big school, that wasn't too weird. The two helped him to the nurse's office, and the teacher spoke to the girl. "Alright, y/n, I'll let Mr. Gutierrez know you're busy so you don't get marked down absent. Hopefully he'll be okay." And with that, the two students were alone in the nurse's office. Matt sat up and rubbed his head, ready to get going to class - only realization hit him like a brick, and he soon realized he wouldn't be going to Mr. Strait's class. Mr. Strait wasn't a teacher yet - the calendar on the wall read 1997, and the girl who sat in front of him had a Sony cassette deck attached to her backpack. He had somehow glitched the matrix (which ironically didn't exist yet!) and went 24 years back in time! //This is gonna be a long term between two adult seniors in High School, I have some ideas for what will happen, but mostly, I want this to be a romance/slice of life. I use Discord most, hopefully you'll be alright with using it. I don't get web notifications very well.
  18. Your journey was over and you became the champion, as you had sought out to do when leaving home. Team Plasma was taken care of... Or... Disbanded, or something. That meant that every piece of the puzzle was placed and complete. ...Except for one. You asked Cheren and Bianca if they'd seen him - N, the Plasma boy, a kid with green hair... Nothing. In fact, nobody had seen him - he just disappeared. You didn't understand, and were unsatisfied with that answer. Screw staying around to fight little Pokémon battles, you were looking for N. You looked around the now abandoned Plasma headquarter ruins, looking for a hint of some kind... You found the remnants of what you could only believe to be N's room. There were some papers lying around. A few of them were drawings of pokemon, little Zorua drawings... But one happened to be something else. It was a sketch of a symbol... It took a bit of research, but you found that this symbol wasn't a Unova symbol - it was from Kanto, or Hoenn, or somewhere far away... Arriving in Hoenn, you went around to some ferry services, asking about the symbol, knowing it was associated with ancient folklore around a mythical island - and eventually, you found someone who claimed to know how to get there. You paid a small fee, before taking off on a voyage in the small boat. At long last, you were there, at Faraway Island. Why had N come here? Had he even come here? What if this was a wild goose chase, and he was nowhere to be seen...? There was obviously something off about him. He was so strange, yet so intriguing... You continued walking, making your way through the forest, until something caught your eye... A boy with green hair, facing away from you. But the biggest surprise had to have been the Zoroark tail behind him. Now it all made sense, he obviously came here to get away from other humans - because he himself wasn't one. He turned around, his soft stare was almost burning a hole in you. "...You did come to look for me... Does that mean you really do care about me, or do you just want to add Zoroark to your Pokédex?" //I thought it'd be interesting to indulge in some more underrated Pokémon characters, as well as the theory around N being a Pokémon in disguise. If you're interested, let's do discuss! I'm also available on Discord due to using my phone more than computer. My reference sheet is only a guide as to what I'm okay with as a whole, it's subject to change for each roleplay.
  19. For those unfamiliar with the term: Isekai is a fantasy genre where a person from Earth is transported to, reborn, or trapped in a parallel universe or fantasy world. They are also given either immense strength in one field or another, or a sort of cheat skill to embark on a journey or something comparable...in the case of a male MC they usually get all the ladies on their way there. (But I don’t actually see a problem with a reverse harem either or even a mixture of males and females.) Examples in anime include SAO, Konosuba, Overlord, Rising of the Shield Hero, Arifureta, and many more. Generally speaking the character who is transported is done so by a higher entity or random chance to defeat a Great Evil. This evil could include a demon king, or stopping an apocalypse. For this role play though...your modern character arrives in the fantasy world, fully capable of fighting/being skilled, BUT they soon find out that the great evil has already been handled! They were too late, and are now stuck in this fantasy world....thumbs up their asses!!!! Your character spends the next months making a living as mercenary. She is lending a helping hand...maybe clean up from the great evil they just missed upon arrival. They assist if needed so long as it fills their pockets, but it isn't quite enough to make a living. At least not a luxurious one with a house like she probably wants. One day when traveling through a village, they notice a small shop selling items that should not be in this world. Bottles of Cola, freeze dried food, and actual medicine instead of potions. When asking the store owner where they got those from, they reply "You're not gonna believe this, but I'm not from this world!!" So yeah! Rather than just one person getting isekaied, there are at least TWO! I want to make this RP about modern people bringing modern conveniences to the fantasy world. This RP idea was originally presented by @Lusterless Nova . In some ways it is like Dr. Stone or maybe DragonQuest Builders. Our characters together bring modern/technology to the fantasy world! Obviously there has to be some attraction between our characters! So I am going to show you my character so you know what you are working with! The idea here is to give Jacob a partner. Someone to help him invent much more stuff, and get a friend, home, and lover in return. And the best part? It could be fun to turn this into a harem/reverse harem/mixed harem once more people are needed, but that is for later...it’s not set in stone (See what I did there!) Shout out again to @Lusterless Nova !! Thank you for this idea...and letting me copy-cat it!! The actual RP I’d like to see in our Ecchitexts, but if you have any questions...Please do post them here!!! You might answer the question for someone else after all. And I know we all should be striving to do that!!
  20. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    The Vulnerable Man

    Vulnerable he stood there. He couldn’t look anyone straight in the eye because the embarrassment was too great. It was there that he stood, and he stood...and he stood. His heart bared to all...so all could see it. It seemed instead that everyone had chosen to look away...they would not accept his love, his gift. His gift given in vain. It was in this way that they locked him away. Never to see the light of day. Living in the dark. Eaten by time. Looking for a MxF role play. The idea is a young woman finds the painting and finds how beautiful it is...the man literally giving his heart! She displays it in her home in a place where she can see it. It deeply moves her to the point where her love brings the man to life. First he comes to life in the picture...and later he can come out of the picture. He returns her love. But perhaps...perhaps this isn’t a love story...perhaps Dorian, the man in the picture, has other plans...
  21. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    A Meet- Cute

    I’m interested in seeking out role play based on the girl next door? Benjamin is almost thirty now and he’s spent most of his time just working and hasn’t had time for a relationship. What do you think happens when the girl next door locks her keys in the car? How about a fateful moment when true love might happen? If not true love...maybe a relationship that starts out at the convenience of both...but blossoms into something better?
  22. Howdy all! I hope that you're all doing well! Anyways I'm gonna be blunt here. I'm straight up looking for more lewder scenarios as of right now. However I'm not opposed to having a good story to go along with it either. So I'm looking for about 50:50 in terms of story:smut ratio. Those are my main three prompts at the moment. However I am open to roleplaying in fandoms such as: Fire Emblem (Awakening or Three Houses) Smash Bros King of Fighters Blazblue (Both regular Blazblue and Cross Tag Battle) Zelda (OC x OC only) Avatar/Korra (OC x OC only) Star Wars (OC x OC only) If there's a fandom that you're wanting to play in go ahead and ask, worst I'll do is say no! I don't bite I promise. (Unless your into that sort of thing of course.) Well there's my little request thread! If you're interested go ahead and message me! I'm also open to most new ideas as well so if there's anything you want to try let me know!
  23. In the modern age, Many of the old warrior ways have died out. The Knight, The Hopilite, The Roman Soldier, Samurai and finally shinobi. These stealth based warriors were invaluable to the Shogun and daimiyo. They were useful in dealing with many an enemy, both mortal and...yokai. The Shinobi were often the ones charged with handling the malevolent entities, Yokai. Over time, modernization whittled away the number of clans and some of the old ways. eventually, the only Clan left that still practiced, if in secret was the Kina Clan. The last Shinobi clan, charged with being the ones who face off against [those who would prey upon humanity and their enablers. And a group of young Shinobi, the heir to the clan and those she directly works with, are about to be right in a crucial moment. Pair Ideas(can use one or more): The Ace Heiress x A mediocre at best ninja Cougary Mentor x younger guy rough around the edges Lancer x Someone empathetic Younger techie x Older ninja
  24. Since the very foundation of The Empire of Japan, there have been demons plaguing The Archipelago. And since the founding, the Emperor and later, The Diet, the goverment has seen the clear threat that is posed by by said Demons. However, there are shrines in the country that trained their Priests and Shrine Maidens in special forms of talisman crafting, martial arts and Holy Cleansing arts and rites. They are rather conservative in that, while a life is allowed to be maintained outside the Shrine, helps develop cover for investigations, They are expected to adhere to the rather conservative set of standards, except for perhaps dress and thanks to the powers that are drawn upon which left the young women the ones to head unto the breach while guys made sure nothing got out , Including doing arranged marriages. However a promising batch have made connections of the romantic kind, especially after finding ancient texts. Now, will they fall into the corruption of the otherworldly demons, as is taught happens when they break custom? Or do they have the best shot against the beasts that are far more dangerous than even yokai? Pairing Ideas(Use one or more): Heiress to head Priestesshood x Everyman Priest Hotheaded lancer x Calming priest Cougary Priestess Mentor x younger male priest Priestess born from a prostitute line x More open-minded priest Yokai blooded Priestess x Kind Priest Younger priestess x older priest
  25. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    Escape Room

    “I wanna play a game.” It was such a simple phrase, but it brought a shiver down the spine of each person who heard it on the loudspeaker. “Each of you is trapped in a room…a room not unlike the lives you have created for yourselves. You will have fifteen minutes to find the code to the only door leading out of your room.” The voice itself was deep but not unkind. Rather it was matter-of-fact. “After the fifteen minutes have elapsed anyone who has not escaped their room will be trapped and left to die.” A brief paused ensued. “When faced with Death, who Should live versus who Will live are two entirely separate things…” the voice trailed off and a digital clock slowly began to countdown. The game had begun. — I would like to do a role play based on the Zero Escape games. Obviously if you’ve never played the games that doesn’t really matter to me. I just want to play as Zero Escape characters…you are under no obligation to do the same…original characters are even encouraged. I’m looking to play atleast two characters…you can choose to play more than one if you like, but again that’s up to you. The point of the role play is being stuck in a series of escape rooms. The ultimate goal is to escape the entire facility. There will be lots of fun smutty play between rooms because there are often more communal drama that happens between rooms. Hit me with an Ecchitext so we can talk more about this!!
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