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  1. CaptKiraXAlice23

    fanfiction Female Partners Need

    Hello guys! I have start working on a big project! A new book! And if they any of females or guys who are ok with playing female characters. Well are welcome to come throw in your skills for helping me on this big project. Thanks to the support of my fans they have asked for some more books. So I need help if you are interested comment or message me. For this very fun and extremely exciting project and it be enjoyable! Thanks of coming a looking.
  2. I'm essentially looking for someone who'd like to be a dominant sister/mother/cousin. Further details can be agreed upon later ^^
  3. At this point I'm falling really deep into my horny hole. I'm craving some really dirty smut. I'm not looking for non con or dub con nor master slave or bondage. But just someone who's open to really to just about anything. I'm really craving lots of cum, massive cock and balls, hairy girls, guys. Dirty musky sex. I'm craving all that plus more. So if you're just as degenerate as me do not hesitate to send me a message. Hello. I'm gonna be very plain and simple. I'm looking for smut. Like. Smutty smut. I'm not really looking for a story but there can be a scenario. I'm down for short term or we can make something a little more long term if wanted. Now kinks. I have a semi long list of kinks that change every now and again but there are two kinks that I'll always be interested in. Anything with cum and Pubic Hair of females! I will say though, I'm not interested in non coc unless you have an interesting plot to go with it! I also have a soft spot for chubby characters I play them and I want them. So if you have one in need of love let's get something going! I'll always give a least a solid paragraph of a post but on a good day I can go up to 4 to 5. I usually like making an rp revolving around both me and my partners kink. Possibly with a pairing. I am a male dom looking for a female sub. If you're a fan of both of the kinks I mentioned before PLEASE dont hesitate to add me on discord. Well become instant best friends I also like sharing NSFW pics I've found on the internet over the years! I dont do realistic face claims dont ask me. If your interested in discord ask me for my tag and I'll give it to you!
  4. (I'm sorry if you reply to me and i take very long to reply back, I am busy with other things as well) Nadeko was a strange girl. She had grades that easily topped the class, but she had no student leadership roles. The thing that made her strange was that everytime any student saw her, she would be asleep. Sound asleep like a baby on her desk. Since nobody ever seen her awake, nobody knows what she is really like. People wondered why she even came to school if she was just gonna sleep through every lesson and break. Even after school, she would be found sleeping on her desk, the left most back desk next to the window. She is a second year and was recently transferred to this school as she was bullied in the previous school, when bullies wrote on her face, messed up her bag etc. while she was asleep. She had a well-toned body. Her breasts and ass weren't particularly big, but they were just the right size and looked sexy nonetheless. She is very short at the height of 154cm and she has short black hair that went down to her neck. One day after school, she was sleeping as usual at her desk. A male student walked in and wondered if he could "take advantage" of the situation.
  5. Hey, new here but thought I'd at least make one of these. I'm pretty simple to please but I do enjoy a story. So really my preference lies within the story. I like writing out smut don't get me wrong. But there has to be a nice meaty story behind it. If that isn't your cup of tea I'm sorry. But Alas a few things about me. I only write in third person (I would highly recommend someone that also does) I typically write anywhere from 3-5 paragraphs if not more. More about story and building a world so I would say like 70/30 or 80/20 story/smut. (ex D&D DM so world building is kinda my thing) I am not too picky with grammar or spelling, as long as I get the jist I'm happy lol Pretty patient. I only play male chars. (rarely will I play female) Thats enough about me. I would really like a partner that could keep up with how much I write or at least give the effort. Like I said I'm not too picky but that is one of the areas I am picky in. Since I like the story elements I try to find ppl that enjoy the story also. With that here is what you really came for some ideas I have atm. These are just a couple general ideas/rough drafts, if interested will def expand more. Also these are just ideas I had on the spot, more than welcome to hear your ideas or any plots you really wanted to do. Old Friends. A story of rekindling a friendship or more, Two very close friends in their high school days eventually moved on with their lives. But one day while in the city they see each other and decide to go out for drinks or coffee. Remembering their days they spent together in school and all the fun times they had. He moved to attend university to grasp his dream, she went to local university and found a job in the city. He had moved back and found a decent job for himself in the city. D&D based idea An exciting tale in a D&D world full of dragons and monsters and evil plots. A guild is tasked to take care a lot of these things. There will be fighting, war, mind battles at castles but most of all a great adventure. Where two people from a guild meet and take on the dangers of this world. Music is life A pretty popular band is the new up an comers in the scene and by scene I mean the metal scene where the music is heavy but carries a lot of weight. The lead singer has one of the best clean vocals but the most brutal unclean vocals as well. He is playing a show and he catches the eye of someone in the crowd what will happen next? A SAO theme Okay SO. SAO is a trash imo such a good idea wasted and could have been done much better. But it has life in the world it made. I wouldn't mind doing original chars that were stuck in the game and they meet somehow in the game. Either through a guild, he saves her, or vise versa, or something. I think the game world of SAO has a lot to offer rp wise. But yea if you interested in rping with me dont be shy to msg me. I know the ideas above are not many but like I said, if you think I would be a good partner to you I would love to hear your ideas also. So yea that's it for me. Good Hunting.
  6. Hi I'm open to a number of settings, I tend to prefer to roleplay on Discord but I am also happy to roleplay on here too. I like a good story to go with any sex, Settings I enjoy are: Medieval, Fantasy, Supernatural, Dystopian and Post apocalyptic. Feel free to message me on here or leave a comment and we can discuss
  7. I'm excited to start Roleplaying on this site and to find interesting people here. I'm new to this but very eager to learn and have fun! Ideally this RP would involve a woman with ample assets(any fantasy races or OC are fair game but human is good too). But I'm very flexible otherwise. Maybe you can help me get a firmer grasp on what I like
  8. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    Hey. Got some ideas for rps. If any of them peck your interest, feel free to read my preferences and EchhiText me, for these rps I’ll take males, females and futas, and I’m also willing to play a trap for any of these, just ask and I will if you want. Also I’m strictly sub. 1. One day while walking home from work, your character discovers a strange book laying on the floor in an alleyway. The look is old and tattered, some of the pages ripped. You decide to pick it up and take it home. When you get home you begin to read the book discovering that it is in fact a book which tells you how to summon a demon. Of course, you think it’s not real and a total hoax so you decided to test the ritual and that’s when I appear. I’m now your personal demon for life and will follow you were ever you go and appear at your call, all for a price, your cum. 2. Lately, you’ve been mad. Your a police officer and one person has alluded you. The cat burglar who always manages to slip through your fingers. You try tirelessly night and day to catch her but you never do. Dispute everything, there is some silver lining, a new girl recently joined the force and your the one tasked with showing her the ropes. Overtime, you two develop a relationship, but she had one secret, she’s the cat burglar. Will you end up catching her? Will you learn her identity? What will happen if you catch her? Would you turn her in? Or will she come tongue to slip through and avoid you once more. 3. In this world, monsters exist, everyone refers to them as demons. No one knows where they came from, but they exist. You are tasked with eliminating these demons as a hunter. One day, you discover an old building, it is rundown and decrepit. Inside you find, blood, lots of it everywhere along with bodies. In the center you find me, crying, my knees up to my face, blood also covering my body. When you approach me, I look up and you see my eyes, blood red and you see fangs in my mouth, you think that I killed these people but I didn’t, someone else did and he turned me into a demon. They say that you lose yourself when you become one, but I didn’t, I still remember everything and I don’t want to kill anyone. 4. It was a night like any other. I always walk home like this everyday from work, something was different however. When I passed by an alley, I saw it, these was a man laying on the floor, another man (you) slumped over him biting his neck. You hear me and turned over to see me, your mouth bloody, two holes in the man’s neck. I feel stricken with fear and immediately take off run, hoping and praying that you weren’t following. 5. In the land, there once existed dragons, but now how people thought. These dragons were humanoid but could still fly and breath fire. Mysteriously, all died out, except for one (me). You are a hunter, one day while walking around, you stumble upon me. I immediately try to flee knowing that it was one of your kind that killed mine and that you would do the same to me. Will you turn me in and kill me or will you try to befriend me and keep me safe from those who would kill me. 6. Tonight was a regular night, you got into bed and drifted off to sleep. Your cat jumped up onto the bed with you and latex down at your side purring and cuddling against your chest. In the morning, you feel the heat of something next to you. You figure it was your cat but it wasn’t, it was something bigger. Looking over, you see a young naked girl, her hair was white and she had white cat ears atop it’s head and a long white tail. The girl wore a collar on her neck, the name of your cat was written on it. This girl was your cat, she had transformed into a cat girl.
  9. My idea is to play a story involving a girl who has her old life completely shattered. She is forced to join some violent organization, maybe a gang, maybe a local militia helping defend the home from invaders, open to other ideas. What ever the case may be, she is given a weapon (probably a gun) and forced to use it to kill. Possibly on a defenseless target first, maybe a prisoner tied up and forced to kneel in front her and she is forced to kill him, and then to kill others in combat. At the same time, the group does not consider men and women to be equals. When not fighting, one or more the guys around her is having their way with her. Whether she is a soldier, gang member or something else, she likely only considered a true member after her first kill and one or more of the guys have their way with her. There could be some hierarchy involved, with people having to take turns with her and leaders getting her more often. I'm keeping this simple and brief to discuss the details, but ultimately its about a young innocent girl having her old lifestyle shattered, to be corrupted in numerous ways, which could go beyond sex and violence. I figure you will play the girl and I will focus on one or two of the guys, while also playing others as side characters. She is probably 14-15 with the guys in the 18-mid 20s. You can see my preference sheet, but I'm up for including just about any fetish. The story is both about the sex and how all of this changes her, the sex, killing, and anything else she has to do. It is going to be on the darker side, though her changes and potential wounds are likely to be all psychological.
  10. I am a straight Male looking for roleplay partners, preferably Female, to have some endless fun with. And when I say fun, I don't only mean romance or sex. I also mean adventures, drama, mystery and fantasy! Any genre, any style, as long as it's story-driven and it's within my preferences ( see sheet ), I'm all up in it. Are you creative and you like to lead? You have your own story that is hopefully not complicated? Not a problem. We can talk about everything in an EcchiText. I have some stories of my own, but do note that they're all very simple. This offer will always be available for everyone interested. I can take on multiple roleplays at once. Every roleplayer has their own "conditions" and such. Here are mine! I hope I'm not asking for too much: My most important request for my partners is to be active. Taking a break and being busy for important reasons will obviously be excused, but all I'm asking for is to try and be consistent with the replies. ( At least 2 replies per day. ) Whenever you are unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask via EcchiChat or a different EcchiText. I'd rather discuss things out thoroughly on what is and what isn't allowed before jumping to conclusions. Expect me to do the same to you! My main character will always be a Male but I can make Female side characters. I don't include any fetishes unless my partner asks me to. Casual romance is my favorite style of roleplay. Falling in love with someone as the story goes on is the best part. We will discuss about fetishes before the roleplay. Very Important: Do NOT spoiler anything!!! I don't like talking about "what will happen" in the roleplay. The roleplay (and story) will play itself and we're just assisting it with our characters. It's not fun to know what's about to happen, unless it's something that I really have to prepare for, such as a fight scene. ( This is to avoid any sort of confusion if say for example my character is put on the spot. ) I don't mind having a DARK side to the roleplay, but try to keep the bloodshed, gore and death to a minimum. And make sure whoever dies is an unimportant side-character, and not a story-related main character. I can be dominant and I can be submissive, but please try to focus on other parts of the roleplay, and not who's under who in bed. Love is not guaranteed. This of course all depends on the characters' actions. There CAN be drama, fights or breakups. Breaking up or temporarily hating on each other doesn't mean the roleplay is over! Depending on the style and theme of the roleplay, my characters are usually made up on the fly, meaning that I come up with their backstory, appearance and basically everything about them as the story progresses. I apologize if I missed anything important. I'll make sure to talk to you about it if I get reminded of it. I'll see you in my EcchiTexts, Kitten.
  11. Thatannoyinggod

    Paying off daddy's debt

    Your father is in crippling debt and it is now severely affecting your family's life. With no other solutions in sight, either you start selling yourself to help out to help pay for it or your father trades you to the debtor to pay back the money. Looking for female for this. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk out details.
  12. Elena Ichinomiya

    plot with ending Plot List From Me

    7 Days With You This plot is suggested by my RP partner on other site. However we can't execute it because our kink clashed. But i do like his idea. Your OC just got home from work. However due to economy crisis, you must choose to either quit the job or take overtime work so you won't sink in debt. However on your way home, you found a girl coming to you and ask if she can stay...for seven days with reason only known to her. Should your OC decide to quit the job: Those seven days are spent with the story revolve around you and my OC while trying to figure out how you gonna get the better job among crisis. Should your OC decide to work overtime: Those seven days are spent with story revolve around you and my OC while both try to keep each other company with little time they got and gain trust. Things to note: This RP plot has time limit on the progression which mean at day 7, its time to wrap it up with ending. You can either be the worker or the girl. See You One Last Time Your OC is a hero who just save the day. However you're injured badly and if that's not enough to prevent you from celebrating, it is revealed that your injury cut your life span significantly. Judged from your injury, your life might end around new year. To monitor your condition, a nurse or caretaker were assigned to be your company just in case your health decline. As time passed, both character start to get to know each other...and led to a bittersweet relationship until its time to say goodbye. Or is it? Things to note: Again, there's time limit. The setting is up for discussion; fantasy, modern, digital world, etc. You can be the hero or the caretaker. If you pick to play as the hero, what kind of hero you are and what heroic deed you do that cause your fatal injury is up to you. Eventful Cosplay Your/my OC would visit some sort of comic-con. At the event, there's a cosplayer who cosplay as a character of your favorite anime/manga/movies. They got perfect figure from head to toe. Knowing its just cosplay, your/my OC still want to have a shot with the cosplayer anyway, thinking they actually lewd the said character as the imagination get the better of them. Either the cosplayer like it or not... Things to note: while this sounds a bit close to fandom RP, it is not. This is just a person cosplaying as someone and got lewded by the fans who love the character they potrayed. The cosplayer could be OOC or might act like the character they cosplayed. Warning: no underage character or childlike character allowed in this plot. Welcome to Audi (NEW!) Audi is your typical modern city. However it wasn't a city you can visit at whim. There seems to be a secret inside the city who lie in wait for the world to see. But the city itself were hidden from the view of the world for some reason. At night, the city turn into a dead city. No activity, no movement, no people on the street...just "them". And they're not welcoming any visitor who barge into their timezone. Whoever come out at night, they won't see the daylight. Who are they? What is this city? And why you can't get out from there? How you gonna survive the night away? Things to note: Its your typical anime action stuff if you're into that kind of thing which mean there will be weapon included to fight against "them". There will be many OC involved in this RP. However you're free to just control your own character. This RP is long-termed one compared to others and i prefer at least 2 paragraph of reply. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember to read my RP preference sheet first before you ask for RP. Much appreciate it even though you just come to read this. (PS: I live on GMT+7)
  13. Parents are gone for the night. We’re in the living room because no one can sleep and it’s getting late. We’re on the couch watching movies. Things get a little creepy so we get close together. Then a sex scene comes on and things start getting a little weird
  14. FxFuta(s) Not much to say about this one. I will be playing a woman in this roleplay. She wants to be dominated by a futa (or two, or three, or four, or as many as we can get). The circumstances do not matter. Con, dubcon, noncon. Shoot me a message! Nympho-maniac Girlfriend A mostly sex based Roleplay. Ever just look at your man and go, "I want to fuck you now!" Well in this scenario we will play as a new couple where I discover you want it all the time. We have to find private (or not so private) places everywhere. Light Submissive Male Roleplay (MxF) The details aren't there yet. We can work on that later, but I've been very curious recently about being the submissive type. Ladies if you're interested, I want to try it. This is experimental and may run into road blocks when I find, I'm not into something. We will see though. Probably could be mixed with other ideas. Superhero x Super Hero/Villain WIP description. Depending on what you want I can play a hero or villain. The same can be said for you as well. I have an OC (hero) I have been working on for a long time (sadly no drawings of him yet). Usually I am all about Smut here on ED, but this one will probably have more story, given if I'm into the plot. Magic Controller Thanks to one, Yoko, I'm interested in this now. Ladies! Imagine if you had a device or power to do or change whatever you want about your significant other. In this roleplay you play as the Dominant and Nympho Girlfriend who gains the power or control to completely mess with me your boyfriend (or Siginificant other). Make me submissive, change my looks, change my sex, change almost anything. (Of course there are limits... just let ask.) A very Happy Couple This one is much more bland, but should be fun. This could range from a weekend a lone at home, an exotic vacation, or quietly fooling around. It all depends on what you'd like. I pick up a special package from the local pharmacy. Our sex lives have been healthy and happy, but we both longed for longer sessions. In this package were sexual enhancements and aphrodisiacs. They were meant to prolong and intensify every bit of a sexual encounter. We will have to take them about an hour before engaging, as it takes time for the effect to take affect, but once they do the sessions could last hours. It's going to be an amazing weekend/vacation/night out. At the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time What a beautiful evening; the stars are out in full presentation at these early morning hours. You wouldn't know as your headache and friend betrayal from earlier in the night force you to leave the party early. Your house is a bit away, but if you cut through the quiet industrial park you could be home much quicker. The quicker route is not always the best route. As you trudge alone and in your own world, wondering eyes catch a glimpse of you and set you as a target. Rape, BDSM, toys, name calling, etc. Will occur. A God among Humans In our modern world, gods live amongst humans. While they have cosmic abilities to shape the world around them as they please, they tend to live normal-ish lives. Most live in pure seclusion only to appear when earth needs it, but some interact with society on a daily basis. They do hide themselves amongst the crowds of humans. However that doesn't prevent manipulations from occurring. Our story will revolve around a young God named... Derek. Not really dramatic of a name, but it keeps him hidden in society. Like I mentioned Derek is a rather newer God; his very existence only forming a mere 25 years ago. He spent his younger years learning of the world around him and the power he weilds. After many years of isolation and hiding himself. Derek has intermixed with humans traveling to a university to find companionship. What he finds at this university depends on what is to come. Other ideas, but they are more intense and extreme.
  15. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Several Different New Ideas *Updated*

    Have a few different unrelated ideas here, some more elaborate than others. "Mating Season" This is a world similar to ours, with people that are mostly the same as in reality, but the human reproductive system worked out differently. Rather than an individual monthly cycle, humanity has a mating season. Every adult woman in her fertile years is filled with an intense arousal. One that quickly becomes almost painful to ignore. They will look for a man, preferable on the younger or stronger side or otherwise powerful but if they are desperate just about anyone will do. The males get horny and desire to have as many women as they can, to father as many children as possible. The sex is pleasurable and temporarily relieves their urges while it is happening. But their bodies won't let them stop until they have been impregnated. They will keep looking for guys until they are pregnant or the mating season passes. The season usually lasts 3 or 4 weeks in the late summer, so that in the spring hospitals are full of nearly the entire female population giving birth at the same time over a several week period. Sex can and does happen outside of the mating season, though it is less frequent or intense and there is zero chance of pregnancy. Men and women don't create the same sort of relationships, as no one is expected to tie themselves to one person. I'm looking to start at the beginning of a new mating season, but possibly a longer term exploration of such a world as well. Covering multiple seasons and stuff between them. Breeding is the focus, but also some exploration of sex in general and how men and women look at each other in such a world. There are little or no kinks I wouldn't be willing to write, feel free to make suggestions. I might play one men or several and you could play one or more women (it might be interesting if at least one of them is in her first season that she goes into heat and has to figure out how to satisfy her new desire to breed). The pairs could be anything from co-workers, (adult) classmates, friends, customer/client, complete strangers or just about anything else, again feel free to make suggestions. I could also consider a version with you playing men and me women. "Reliving Life as a Girl" (Semi-Gender Bending) In this idea I would be playing as a male character who just died, the how is probably not important, though maybe we think of a way it is. Rather than an afterlife or the nothingness of pure oblivion, the character wakes up in his childhood bedroom, as a female version of himself. 'She' is incredibly confused, she remembers her old life but also has memories of life as a girl. I am thinking we start with her around 13, though we may jump around to various points in her life. It is a story of how she relives her life in different circumstances. It could be MxF and/or FxF. Her old friends, do they still treat her as friends, ignore her because she is girl, or do they develop a sexual interest in her? Does this bother her, does she like it, even encourage it? Does her mixed memories give her a different viewpoint on sex and make her more inclined to being a 'slut' and earning a reputation as one? Do girls, including possible former lover(s), look at her as a female friend, rival, ignore her, or a different sort of lover? These are some of the things I would like to consider. This could involve detailed planning, including details of the differences between her two lives and her varying experiences with some of the characters. I am hoping for 'sex heavy story'. "Everyone Has a Price" (BrotherxSister) I could play either the brother or sister here. The idea is a teenage pair of siblings who go wandering deep into corners of the internet they probably were better off not knowing even existing. Either someone contacts them or they find an offer. Someone is willing to pay a LOT of money to be able to record a video (even more if multiple videos) of two true teenage siblings having sex. The sort of video that most people would never see but a small audience would pay a lot to see, enough to justify the siblings' offered pay. At first they just laugh it off. Both of them found the idea of sex with each other disgusting, but the money was very tempting. Enough that they would not have to do any other work in their lives, especially if they did a series of videos. So eventually they had seriously talk about it, and decide short term unpleasantness is worth a life time of comfort. They agree to accept the offer and their contact gives them an address to come to. This idea is semi-realistic, so of course this not all quite as simple as it sounds. The offer comes from an employee of a secretive company, one whose primary purpose is to create 'specialty pornography' high price stuff that one cannot find easily. For those who become their customers, they are told anything can be produced for the right price. When the siblings arrive at the given address they are basically kidnapped, heads covered and tied up and drove off to the company's real studio some distance away. Once there, they are informed they are still expected to perform the job they were hired to do, and would be paid the promised amount. But due to the nature of the work, things had to be very discrete. They were expected to live in the studio. They were given a room to both live and work in. There were a number of other men and women stuck there too, other performing employees of the company. They had different specialties though, the two of them were the first to agree to help produce incest videos. This is a story both of their work and living in such a place. Their supervisor did give them a promise that their situation could change. Some employees were given various degrees of freedom, including the ability to freely come and go from the studio. But that required them to become proven enthusiastic, loyal employees. The sort who were proud of their work and company, who would eagerly keep it secret and be willing to be punished without revealing anything else if they were caught. Will one or both of the siblings eventually reach that point? Will they come to enjoy their work? Those are some of the things this story would explore. The focus, especially early on, will be fairly conventional sex (other than the whole sibling thing), but many other fetishes could eventually be covered, "Becoming the Class Bitch" (Gender Bending) The idea here is what is supposed to be an all male boarding school, but it one with a peculiar tradition. Each class when they arrive has everyone draw a number and then a number is picked. The student with the matching number becomes the 'class bitch'. The how isn't really important, but the school knows a way to permanently turn a boy into a (100% functional) girl. They decided it was close enough to all boys, to have one that changed into a girl in each class to relieve the boys' frustrations. The idea is that she is shared by the entire class, though there is a hierarchy and some boys get more time with her than others (optionally the teacher can have a little time with her too). The idea here is I would be playing the changed character and you would be playing some of the boys (not necessarily the entire class, but ideally more than one). It isn't excessively dark, but she is in fact the 'class bitch' and treated as inferior to everyone else, sometime both physically and psychologically rough, with the idea of making her 'act like a girl' and subject her to various sexual experiences, though some would likely treat her better than others. "The Princess' Knight" The basic story: A somewhat masculine looking heroine saves the day. Everyone assumes she is a feminine looking man, and she does not bother to correct them. She saves the princess, who falls in love with the heroine as she is escorted back to the castle. The usual cliche marriage arrangements are made by the king, only on the wedding night is the heroine's gender revealed (two options here, starting with the wedding night or with the rescue and the princess falling in love). This idea would be more story heavy and potentially long term (the heroine is assumed to be a man partially because of her appearance and partially because it is one of things women aren't supposed to do. The marriage goes through and she has to pretend to be a man, with only her new wife knowing the truth, how she adapts will be part of the story). This one could have a little bit of MxF mixed in, especially when they wrestle with the question of how to produce an heir. It is a sex heavy story, but also focused on maintaining the illusion, and gender roles. My idea is to play the heroine, though I would play the princess instead if someone else really wanted to play the heroine. In this case, with such a heavy FxF focus, I would prefer to play it a woman, though I would not rule out playing it with a man, I'm open to considering some variation/suggestions if you have any. "I am my sister/my friend's sister" A simple body swap idea. I was considering a few different ideas with it, maybe a brother and sister (probably teens, but we can discuss exact ages) randomly switch bodies one night or a boy finds himself in his friend's sister's body. I would be playing the boy-turned-girl, whichever version is chosen. The idea is to cover several aspects, adjusting to gender change, trying to blend in, possibly adapting to being in a new family. The change to love/sex lives would get a heavy focus. Did the girl already have a boyfriend before the body swap? Does she have an interest in other boys? Does she start hitting on girls (either the girl's existing friends and/or strangers)? In the case of friend's sister version we could optionally go an incestuous route. It is a general idea, and we could figure out more detail before starting. "The Tomboy Grows Up" In this story we are looking at a group of life long childhood friends. One girl and a group (exact number to be determined) of boys. I would be playing the girl. Nobody cared about each others genders for a long time, but now there is a tension. Some/all of the boys are starting to have new desires for the girl. She may or may not have any interest in some of them, but at least has a curiosity. Eventually they start giving in to curiosity. The question is how it impacts the group? Do they act largely how they previously were, but with sex mixed in? Does she favor one/some over others? Is it purely sexual, or do other feelings start to grow? Do she do one at a time, or is she shared? Do the boys take a darker view and start 'training' her, trying to 'put her in her place'? It could go many ways and range from lighter to darker.
  16. So like I said in the welcome thread. I have a wide variety of things I would have interest in playing, playing male or female in MxF or FxF pairings. BrotherxSister SisterxSister FatherxDaughter MotherxSon Those are the preferred options, though I might consider any others that aren’t MxM. I have pictures for younger generation characters, but still looking for good images of a mother or father I might play.
  17. Okay this is getting obscure, but its worth a shot. What I’m looking for here is a story based off the protagonist of the Ultima series of RPGs. With me Playing a female version. So, if you are familiar with the games, as I hope you are, you will know they evolved quite a bit over time (and not just the vast technology improvements impacting the mechanics themselves over the 9 games plus spin offs). No, instead you could really stretch the definition of hero in the first three games. Sure you take out the ‘Triad of Evil’ but the games practically encourage you to be a thief and possibly mass murderer in the process with no consequences except for running from the guards after your most recent crime, which they forget after you make it outside of the castle/city walls. Perhaps we start with such a ‘hero’. Called back to Sosaria, now Britannia, for the fourth time time. The mission to redeem herself as much as anything as well as becoming someone for the people to look up to. Given the mission to become the ‘Avatar’ the living embodiment of eight virtues, a holy figure of sorts, but meant to be emulated rather than worshipped. This is where we begin. Looking for a heavy mix of sex and story here, with a story that ideally covers variations of at least some of the games from 4 on. Her partners could be a mix of original characters and/or characters from the game. Want to hook her up with one of her companions? Go ahead? Lord British’s secret lover? Why not. Some random guy in a pub/inn? Sure. It can get rather kinky too. Perhaps she chooses to stay rather than going back and forth between Earth and Britannia. Perhaps she get politically involved opposing Blackthorn after Lord British goes missing. Maybe she is tempted to return to old ways in Serpent Isle/Pagan. Maybe we can just rewrite the final game from scratch. Considering her past, it could certainly include darker aspects at times, both sexually and not.
  18. Eagerpro

    fandoms Starting out.

    Let's get this started with some stuff we can discuss. I'm looking for Fandom based scenes. It can be one on one, or have multiple characters. I do have some ideas where we can begin by the way I added the tags, but the settings I'm looking for are the following. RWBY Fate DOA/NG Naruto. Persona DMC Marvel. (Only comics and Animated) DC. (Same as Marvel) - MHA Etc. If any of these interest you, or have a knowledge of them. Feel free to contact me, and let's begin discussing where we can go from here. See you soon.
  19. Johnc99

    Broken man

    My character was kidnapped and used as a government experiment, they grabbed random people and inject them with the new drug they need to test. They did this for everything, flew, cold, smallpox, birth control, viagra etc. They made a new drug that was supposed to let a man be able to cum multiple times without it hurting them. They injected my character with this drug, but soon they found unforeseen side effects. The drug had a bad reaction with my character's particular body, making him a bit stronger enough to lift double the amount he could normally lift and extremely horny making him unable to control his lust. This rp could be a incest, strangers, friends idm. Let me know if you're interested in doing something like this. It's not set on con or none con yet so it's negotiable.
  20. Having been moved in for a few months now, Derek just now finally got his things organized enough where it actually looked like he lived there. Eating off a plastic box for a table and sitting on the floor had gotten real tiring, but now he had all this furniture and appliances that made it officially his home. Derek usually kept his door open during the day. Ecchi Appartments never had any crime and he always loved having company over, though it was rare especially since he didn't have much. Hopefully now that I have things maybe someone will visit.
  21. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    The Boy’s First Day as a Schoolgirl

    OOC: Threads don’t normally seem to do this here, but I want to elaborate that I’m playing a boy who just became a girl and now has to deal with such a life and consequences. As you can see in the tags, I’m open to covering a lot of material here. It could but does not have to get dark. She could be involved with teachers, but mostly other students. Going for ‘anime style’ in the sense of things like school uniforms and possibly names, or hair color and things like that. The sex could start pretty quickly, but there will bee some set up first. IC: The young girl, 14-15 years old, stepped out of the car. She fidgeted a bit with her uniform, she had never worn anything like this before. The sailor uniform or the lingerie beneath. It made her more self conscious. She had been part of a medical experiment. The test subject for sex change procedure that was 100% genuine. Her figure changed, her voice, no hint she had ever been a boy and completely functional female reproductive organs. Long hair, modest chest and curves, she was not one of the models but most boys and girls who were into that would find her attractive. She had not exactly wanted to be become a girl, but her family was paid well for the process and with some reluctance, she agreed. She had been out for a few weeks for the process to be completed. She was going back to the same class, they had been informed what was happening. But she had no idea what sort of reaction to expect, from either the boys or girls. She paused at the door to the her home room class and took a few breaths. Class had been going for a few minutes, it was the time she was expected to arrive. Once she had calmed herself she walked in. Everyone quieted as she stood in front of the class, almost a class a presentation about herself. ”Hey, guys. It’s me, Riki. Well, now I’m Ryoko. It was an interesting experience, but now I’m back, and now I’m a girl. I was given some idea of what we were going to start with once I returned. Apparently I’m supposed to answer any questions you guys have about the whole thing. How I feel, what’s like or what I expect will be different.” Obviously they could not ask anything too vulgar or intimate, those questions had to wait for more private circumstances. But they were allowed to ask a great many things.
  22. Quotation

    Thief Of The Valkyries

    ~ Thief Of The Valkyries ~ Every convergence of the world, a new Valkyrie was born. When the planets aligned perfectly, one of the many daughters of the royal amazons was to be enlightened to a status higher than anyone else's in the lands of the amazons. Cities ruled by women, with only a select few of men being kept to continue the cycle of their kind. The girls born would be kept and raised as to be the next Valkyrie, while the boys born would be taken away elsewhere to fight for themselves. A strong city, yet a cruel one by the nature of the rulers. The Valkyries were supposedly meant to ascend to a life greater than one could imagine, a life where you are praised, honored, served, and satisfied. An afterlife which was made by the gods themselves, and this hope for ascension would continue on in the line of every amazon family. Harmonic convergence where the planets align was when a new Valkyrie would be made, bestowed a piece of ancient crystallized power that came down from the heavens themselves. The crystal that shined atop the royal family's palace, where everyone down below could see. Only a shard of this power was to be bequeathed to the next daughter who proved herself. Which was said to give her powers beyond anything they have seen before. Yet... Those powers were never seen before, not once. However, the newest of the worthy was chosen to be given such a reward. A thief, not well known, but a thief that was easily recognizable from the curse that morphed his face into something like no other, thought differently of the amazons. He thought the legends of the Valkyries to be only a fabrication among their own people. This was something he thought of only after being captured by the newest candidate. The daughter of the Valkyries she was known as. With her ceremony being so soon, she didn't know what to do. She had captured him in the dead of the night, just near the crystal that had been chiseled for her. If anyone was trying to steal it, the first thing to do would be to kill them. Threatening the royal amazons was a crime that could not go unpunished. Yet, this was strange, since it was her first time seeing a man who wasn't an infant, and he had begged to her, showing no hatred towards her whatsoever. Not hatred or envy, but fear. There were many options for this strong woman. Would she let him go? Or possibly take the time to learn about what a man was? Perhaps she had other ideas for him. Whether it be for power, or for her own desires that she had hoped to feel once she learned what they'd be like. Could this be a revolution for men in the land of the amazons? The only thing that this thief could notice about this woman at first, was her pure beauty... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ahem! So! I won't take too much time explaining this here. Hopefully the plot was good enough and decently clear. So, for what I'd like in this roleplay. Is a female role, and a nice decently length'd story with fleshed out characters and detailed responses. I've been craving for something like this for a long while now, so, I really really really hope that someone can take interest. And if someone does take interest in it, then I'd like to discuss it more thoroughly in DMs! About characters, stories, preferences, and any questions or suggestions you may have. I'm quite flexible when it comes to 1st or 3rd person replies. As of late, 3rd person is usually how I've been doing it. And it's grown on me, but, I can roleplay in your preferred way if you so desire. For my character, I hope to be the cursed thief. And I really hope someone can be the slightly innocent, naive yet dominant female role. I can discuss it further in EcchiTexts. So if you have any interest in this roleplay, please feel free to EcchiText me! I'll be waiting for you~ And thank you to whoever's reading this~
  23. FieryDreams

    A Lost Soul

    The dark night sky hung above the clouds. The heavy rain fell alluminated from the light pollution of the city below. Derek walked into the street, his street clothes made him look like a commoner, his black hood covering his face. He followed the rumors and stories of where this house existed, turning down a dimly lit alley way. He stepped forward taking a deep breath as he reached his destination. It looked like any other building, hidden among the many other bland buildings around it. Derek's hand stretched outward grabbing the handle firmly and twisting the door open. The insides were much more appealing as furniture scattered the main lobby. Opposite of the room would be Aileen. Exactly who he needed to talk to.
  24. OneUp


    So, I'll make this quick(also some of what I'll say may go against my actual preferences I had, but its okay). I'm looking for a romance rp, I'm a male, and im looking for a female character to do some nice rp with. I'm looking for something we can build a story with, mostly, but I'm open to random smut as well. I've done a lot of star wars, naruto, dragonball z, and etc roleplay. I'm open to any type of setting, we can always discuss. I don't mind alien characters, but there are certain type of furries I will not roleplay with. Another thing I should say is, I don't mind shemale characters, BUT I will not roleplay giving any blowjobs, or touching my partners penis AT ALL. I'll acknowledge it's there, but I have no interests in being penetrated, sucking, or even giving a handjob to a shaft. Anyways, I mainly looking to roleplay meeting someone, and having an adventure with them(and of course the sex part). I'm open to any ideas, just message me! Also forgot to add I'm looking for atleast a paragraph for each roleplay.
  25. I don't know what I should put here, but uhh.. Check out my preference sheet and message me if you're interested! We can discuss details in PM.
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