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Found 23 results

  1. Okay, as the title says I am looking for two very certain things. But first let me put down the boundaries in which I comfortably work. I can write several paragraphs in each post,2-3. at times though it can certainly go higher, and when needed it can go lower. I would like to play a submissive in this certain roleplay. Vore,scat, piss, and furries are right out for me (just not interesting or disgusting to me). Both ideas best lend themselves to high fantasy setting the easiest. I write in third person and past tense. I can work with various lengths of partner, as long as they give me something to respond to, so one liners are also straight out. A) Giantess: A pairing between a giantess and a human sized race, the giantess can be from twice the of the human sized character to larger. Typically in a pre-modern fantasy setting, can be higher or lower levels of magic. The giantess can be either just a larger human, or have special characteristics(Frost giants, fire giants, other types, etc.), or we can come up with new types of giants. Plenty of examples for differences in mythology. B) A gynosphinx of which you can find a general guide image of how she would look on the link on the name, though if you wish we can certainly go more humanoid, as long as it remains a Greek style sphinx(wings), and doesn't end up as a monster girl variety of the species, just a girl with cat ears. The ideas are left vague intentionally as to not constrain creativity in coming up with a plot behind them. So, won't you take a step into my parlour and see if we can come up with something?
  2. DeezyLo

    My interests

    Let me preface this by stating that if you're interested in any of these, don't tell me the name of the spoiler. That tells me nothing. Tell me what you wanna do that's inside the spoiler. Winter-based The Party The Maid Looking for a Rebound Celebrity x Maid Older Woman Male student x Female professor Young man x Acquaintance's mother Opposites Attract Good guy x Bad girl Well-off x Recently homeless General ideas Athlete x Athlete Athlete x Cheerleader Celebrity x Celebrity Uber driver x Rider
  3. Reaper(Bandit)

    Short, smutty and dark

    Just looking for something short smutty and dark themes along the lines of non con, gangbang, bondage etc. Not looking for very long paragraphs just short simple rps.
  4. LadyAwesome713


    Hi~ Thanks for clicking~ I am currently in the mood - no pun intended - for a completely smut FxF or MxF RP. I want there to be a little of story development in the beginning of course, but for the most part, this is all smut. I can play either Dom or Sub, and I don't have much of a preference really. Bondage is a must. Nothing too crazy or intense and not a lot of pain- these are my favorites: ~Orgasm Control (Denial\Forced\Ruined) ~Voyeurism & Exhibitionism ~Tied & Blindfolded ~Some Electro Play (Toys that give small shocks) ~Toys (vibes are preferred, but not limited to) ~Teasing ~Nipple Play ~Light Punishment What you can expect from me and what I prefer in a partner: ~I am semi-lit and have a one paragraph minimum. I CAN write more than that if my partner is more into the longer replies. I don't line one or two line responses; I need something to work off of. ~I can respond a few times a week at the least. I do work full time and am a full time student, so some days are easier to respond than others. But I can usually get back to you in a few days. ~Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. are appreciated, however, I know that people make mistakes and I'm not going to rage because you missed a few periods. ~COMMUNICATION - If you don't like something that's happening, let's change it! I want us both to be enjoying!! Pairings & Plots ~***Tentacle Creature x Human (I have a seriously HUGE craving for this.) ~Slave x Master ~Kidnapper x Kidnapped (Okay - I don't mean a rape scenario. That's a hard no for me. BUT I do enjoy when one character is reluctant and therefore is struggling against the other person, but secretly ends up loving it and does everything in their power to keep it from the other person.) ~Bad Girl x Good Girl (Maybe the good girl owes the bad girl some money, or refuses to do her homework, or something like that and has to be taught a lesson. I'm open to just about anything.) ~Cheerleader x New Girl (Maybe the cheerleader is showing the new girl her place, or she's jealous that the boys are all drooling over her, something like that.) ~Neko x Human (I prefer being the human, but I am willing to play the Neko.) ~Best Friends (I was thinking something along the lines of two friends make a bet, one loses and has to be the other's slave for a day.) ~Thief\Spy\Assassin x Homeowner (One character breaks into the home of another - could be to steal something, or could be a hired gun to gather information on them, or is there to kill them. They get caught and the homeowner does whatever she needs to to get the truth out of her.) Those are just my favorites. If it's not on the list, that doesn't mean I'm not open to it! Feel free to throw some ideas at me! HARD NO'S: ~Rape (see kidnapper x kidnapped scenario above) ~Incest ~Age-play (I'm not into teacher x student, babysitter x parent, that kind of stuff) ~Vore\Gore\Anything that goes into the toilet ***For a complete list, here's my F-List: https://www.f-list.net/c/awesomesauce_is_good/ ***And my BDSM Test results: https://bdsmtest.org/r/e3UpYzdj I think that's about it. I'm always open for discussing ideas, so don't be afraid to speak up! If you've stuck around until now, then PM me and let's chat!
  5. Reaper(Bandit)

    Something fun and festive

    Looking for a simple fun festival smutty day plot. A simple nice cute guy and his hot new flirty and bubbly gf having a fun and sexy christmas night and wake up with a smile on their faces the next day.
  6. What I am looking for, with kinks and in partners: • I'm here looking for female RP partners or someone who can play a convincing female partner! • My ideas are what I would consider to be "smutty plot", they are not 100% smut ideas because I like to have a unique or interesting plot that allows us to play some interesting characters or explore an interesting story. I like my steamy sex scenes as well as exploring characters or the world around us. • I try to avoid pairings such as "boyfriend/girlfriend" or "husband/wife" because I'm looking for a plot theme, idea or kink to bring on the smut rather than our roles telling us to bring in the smut. • I don't believe I have a standard post length, I wouldn't ask that of you either. Typically I aim for 2 paragraphs but it depends on the situation. I think if we are able to provide each other with good posts and we can work off of each other, we will have a great time. Obviously not every interaction needs to be several paragraphs, so I don't have a specific requirement here. • A decent grasp of the English language is preferred, as long as I can read your posts and understand them, we will be fine. I personally have had great RPs with people who say English is their second language and they were better than with people who I believe English to be their first language. <Mod Note: Removed Link as per Section 14, Section 1> And a bunch of ideas: Psychiatrist/Criminal Patient. A manipulative, dangerous man with a strange and unique power to control thoughts has been arrested. Other professionals have been brought in to try and understand or cure this man and now it is your turn. (Required kink: Mind control/hypnotism/mental manipulation, corruption.) You are assigned to try and help a legend of a man in prison. He has a criminal background and an unusual talent to persuade and brainwash people to his will. It's dangerous but options are few.. Or so you've been told. Turns out my character has just been trying for a while to get himself a nice, young female doctor to have fun with. This involves a lot of persuasion/hypnosis/mind control/mental manipulation aspects. I believe this to be my most unique hypnosis idea, as he uses vocal cues or speaks into your mind to get what he wants rather than a shiny dangling jewel or swirling image. He will suggest ideas for your character to interpret. This idea is primarily short term, but can be made into a longer term idea. Stubborn Magical Student. Stubborn student believes her teachers aren't good enough to teach her and tries to prove her worth, quickly finding trouble with a demon who takes her in as a pupil. (Basic kink ideas: Demon, magic, tentacles, fantasy, romance) You are a mage who thinks she has much more potential than her peers decides to explore the forest outside the school of magic but quickly runs into a demon who sees her desires (meaning she wants to be stronger than her peers, maybe sexual desires as well?) and decides to toy with them for his benefit. He decides to train her in some more darker spells to slowly turn her into a loyal servant in crime. In return for teaching her these dark spells and her true power, he asks for her body with each lesson. The two could become romantically interested in each other as time goes on. Long Lost Evil. A demon who had been sealed away centuries ago has gotten out.. But is quite weak. Your character comes across him and he decides to use her. (Basic kinks: Magic, Demon. Optional: Hypnotism/Mind control, corruption) This plot is similar to the "Stubborn Magical Student" but he's more forceful in using your character, rather than it being a mutual agreement. Idea 1: You're the daughter of a long line of mages who has been assigned to keeping a powerful demon sealed away. It's been centuries of years since the demon wrecked havoc and tales of his destruction are not much more than that, tales. Villages have repaired and grown many times over since he last set foot out on the land. Magic is just as much a fairy tale as the stories of the demon except for your family. It's your first time renewing the seal by yourself but you've seen your father do it dozens of times, shouldn't be difficult.. Except that the seal is broken and the statue that the demon was sealed inside is crumbled into pieces on the ground. Idea 2: We could twist this into another plot and say that your character is completely unaware of her magical heritage. You're out exploring and stumble upon this strange cave or building and want to check it out. The demon finds your character and still corrupts her, training her to use her powers as he sets out to conquer the world with your aid. Oops, I Accidentally Hypnotized My Best Friend. Two friends are working together on some assignments or just practicing spells when my character just gives his wand a wrong swish and flick and suddenly his best friend is standing there with glazed eyes (Required kinks: Magic, hypnotism/mind control) My character is a behind the rest of his class, he can't keep up with his peers. Your character is a good friend of mine, she offers to teach him to help him out after class. He accidentally casts a mind control spell on her. This RP has all it's sexual encounters centered on hypnosis/mind control. We could decide together just how far he is willing to go with this accident. Magician's Assistant. A job listing online has brought you to the door of, what you assume is, a stage magician. However he runs a sexy magic show where he's looking to get you naked, pleasured, or please the audience in as many ways as he can. (Required kinks: Magic. Optional: Mind control/hypnotism) My character runs a sex-themed magic show for adults and is in need of a new assistant. Surprise surprise, not many ladies are cool with being exposed on stage for a horny crowd and he has been going through assistants one after another. He'll actually know magic for some fun tricks to be incorporated. Your character needs a job, sees an ad for 'Magician's Assistant' and thinks an innocent child's show or simple family-friendly act and applies. If you're looking for a generally silly, sexy RP, this will be good for you. Changed Overnight. Either through a horny demon or by a magical wish granted overnight, a schoolgirl is changed in her sleep to have a curvy new body. This RP goes through her adventures with her body attracting all sorts of new attention. (Basic kinks: One-time use of body modification, optional: magic, hypnosis, corruption) Idea 1: A demon is tossed to Earth after losing a fight. Weak and damaged, he needs to find some way to heal himself before he perishes. He comes across your character and fucks her to drain her energy. Here's a twist though, normally a human would die after the intercourse with a demon but your character does not. Curious, he decides to change her body to something he wants and decides to keep an eye on her. I'll be changing characters through the story, just quick/simple characters. Male characters are finding themselves magically drawn to your character due to the demon magic going on inside you and your physical change, and on occasion the demon will show up to check in on you. Idea 2: A schoolgirl feels under-developed compared to her peers. Through a magical wish, she is changed overnight with a curvy new body. Again, I will play characters throughout her normal day-to-day life. The Chosen One. A concubine is swept away by a mysterious stranger who says she has a destiny to save the world. (Basic kinks: Magic, fantasy. Optional kinks: Hypnotism/mind control) Your character would be a concubine as well as a sorceress. Your master uses your body for pleasure as well as protection. I'd like if something about your character is super unique, brightly colored eyes or different colored hair, something that is noticed quickly about your character, a simple case of anime-protag-syndrome. It turns out, you're a chosen one that can defeat an impending evil but you need to be properly trained to do so. My character comes in and takes you to prepare you. The whole while we need to battle your concubine nature*, your master who wants you back, and general baddies leading up to the super-evil. * You've spent all your life serving your Master or men your master wish to be served, either your character is prone to stimulation or falls [figuratively and/or literally] to her knees to please men often. It can be an aspect we ignore entirely if you're not up for it, but I feel it's something that provides a unique character trait to work with. Stuck In The Game. You become trapped in a fantastic virtual reality world, everything has it out for you and all you want to do is to take the helmet off.. Or you willingly boot up some sexy-fun-time games and go wild. (These are very open-ended options that are perfect for customization.) VR has taken a sudden leap and has advanced to provide players with physical feelings from the game. Wind in a large field as you search for flowers to make potions with? You'll feel it. Step in a puddle or are you crossing a river? Your feet suddenly feel wet. Get shot or have your arm chopped off?... Yeah, you'll feel that too, but the settings for pain are set rather low. So, we get it, virtual sensations lead to physical sensations. Idea 1: So, your character purchases this new VR set. Boots up a game (probably fantasy world though I'm open to suggestions) and starts playing. But the NPCs all seem rather focused on fucking your character, bluntly. You go to leave the game but you find yourself unable to access menus or take off the equipment. Now you're stuck in this game that has it out for you. Idea 2: You purposely boot up a sexy game (or several games?) to get fucked a bunch. Be it an MMO or a single player game. Maybe it's a chat room type scenario where you just pop in with an avatar and mingle? Fantasy Setting, Kidnapped Girl. This RP can be crafted to be whatever we want. The only thing about this RP is "you are kidnapped and also magic and dragons are pretty normal things." (Kinks depend how we want to play this out) (Not fully fleshed out, if you'd like to do this there are some character details to iron out): You could be a simple townsgirl, or anything up to royalty, up to you. I'd like to play Orcs, bad guys, or other baddies that kidnap you. This could allow easily for magic users on my end, if you're into sorts like that. As it says, this idea is not fleshed out so I'd like to chat and we can craft an RP that suits both of us. If you want some past RPs to pick or use as inspiration, check these out: • A powerful leader to an Orc army is captured. This leads an equally powerful human (or elf, that works too!) to confront the captive. However she finds herself drawn to the powerful Orc (maybe she's never been so close to one and something about his muscles or girth turns her on.. Or maybe she already had a deep desire to get fucked by an orc) who turns the tables and takes her for his own pleasure and power. • Orc or human raiders charge into a village for supplies, one of them comes across a very captivating beauty and decides to take her along for his own fun. • Literally anything your imagination spins because this RP is just "lady of some social status gets kidnapped by not nice people" Sakai Labs. It's a brand new job for you and it's your first day. You're getting a tour and something happens to one of the "experiments" these guys keep talking about.. (Optional kinks: Magic, mind control, tentacles, creatures. Whatever you're comfortable with, monsters/creatures will be chosen beforehand) You're recently hired as a lab tech to some out-of-the-way facility. You had never heard of them before but they were hiring, paid well and promised exciting work. They start you off as a simple tech, basically going around and reading meters, checking stats, doing what the higher up people ask.. The facility though houses many demons and creatures, as you perform your tests and such you get close to these creatures or these creatures make you get close to them which find you awfully attractive and well.. Perhaps you're getting promoted on your first day to specially tend to these things. Demon Huntress. A huntress with the unique power to literally fuck demons back to where they came from travels the land to rid demons for helpless people and to get a nice time out of it. (Optional kinks: Magic, mind control, tentacles, creatures.) You would be a very skilled huntress, working for hire (or with a guild) to eliminate and extinguish demons. I would play a series of demons (and humans who fall victim to your allure) with varying skills and powers. However the huntress has a unique way of handling her demon targets and that's by fuckin' them.. When she fucks a demon and they cum, they die, simple as that. For plot reasons, all the demons will have dicks to fuck the huntress with, how convenient! Demons of all numbers, shapes and sizes have it out to torture helpless townsfolk and you come strolling in offering something else that they want.. (it's sex) Good Girl Gone Wild. A college girl or just-out-of-college-girl stumbles into a life of porn and finds that sex can be pretty creative and fun!.. And it pays well. So this is yet another RP that can go a couple ways. Simple way to put it, your character either lives a minimal sex life either by her own choices or maybe she has a less-than-adventurous boyfriend (if you wanna add a little element of cheating), so she doesn't quite know what she's missing.. She steps into this world of making porn and we'll explore different types of porn tropes: webcamming, casting couches, bang buses, sex sex sex. Idea 1: You're out at a club for a friend's birthday or a girl's night out and for the first time in a while you spot a guy that just absolutely catches your eye, and you catch his as well. You hit it off at the club and sneak off to his place for a wild night. The next morning your character doesn't quite know what to do, where she wants more of this explosive sex but he explains that he isn't one for commitment so he doesn't want you to get the wrong idea. He offers to get you in touch with a guy he knows who produces porn so that you can get fucked all day and get paid for it. Idea 2: (A much more streamlined approach to this) You learn that you can start streaming and people will pay you money to get naked. You're approached by a porn producer who offers you quite a sum to advance this career. Adventurer/Mage. A mage who is skilled in mental spells decides to hypnotize you and use you for certain quests where your body is mightier than the sword. (Required: Mind control/hypnosis, mage) It would be a fantasy setting, I would be a mage and you would be some sort of adventurer (knight, rogue, fighter, healer etc). We have paired up for quests because found that we synergize well.. However, for just about every quest I hypnotize you and use you to my desires to get the quest done or to play with you or give you some subliminal suggestions. Protect the Healer. A fresh white mage/priestess has decided to join adventurers, explore the world and help others!.. But the world is against her as she keeps getting captured, falling into traps, etc. Her companions spend more time rescuing their unlucky friend than they would like to admit. (Kinks are pretty open here as well as it is a fantasy world. Suggested kinks: magic, gangbang, monsters) Another fantasy setting RP! You're playing a young healer looking to adventure! Every party values a healer for their restorative magic. However, due perhaps to your character's naivety or just plain bad luck, she keeps falling into traps, getting kidnapped, getting overpowered.. Just many situations where she is getting fucked by bad guys. She may be unlucky in that regard, but lucky to her her party always comes to her rescue. Fantasy Adventuring Party. Sexy D&D. (Required kinks: Fantasy. Suggested kinks: magic, gangbang, monsters) If you're up for a completely original fantasy RP that doesn't have a set path or story, this is it. We can make this RP contain whatever we like as it will be a fantasy-based group of adventurers doing stuff. One on one? Two on one? Two on two? Con, non-con, hypnosis? We can make this RP whatever we want and with the benefit of it being "fantasy" that would allow magic, monsters, big baddies, whatever we choose. Since this RP will be what we want it to be, I'm very much excited to discuss this any time. The New Campus Slut. A student moves opts to move into "deluxe dorms" for her new college life, these deluxe rooms are co-ed and she's now living with two guys who might just try to take advantage of this new girl's naivety.. Or maybe she's just out of her parents control for the first time in her life and wants to go wild? Your character is either a freshman or newly transferred student from a community college, the main idea being that this will be her first time away from her parents. She opted to live in one of the "deluxe dorms" which offers a bit more space, a kitchen and a private bathroom, compared to the standard dorms which are just beds and a bathroom if you're lucky. While they try to keep the ladies with the ladies and the men with the men, they are co-ed dorms and there's a chance men and ladies stay together.. And they dormed your character up with two guys. You'll go about your classes, maybe get a job, and of course go to parties. The New Campus (Hypnotized) Slut. Similar to the above idea, but one of her new roommates offers to hypnotize her to help her nerves before a class presentation.. (Kinks are hypnosis, and maybe a little gangbanging with her two male roommates) This is an RP I had pitched to me and I love the concept so much that I wanted to devote a specific idea to. To summarize the above plot as backstory: Your character move into a co-ed deluxe dorm with two guys. Everything is fine, they're great roommates! She has a big presentation coming up and one of the roommates notices she's nervous. He offers to hypnotize her, easing her nerves. It works! He explains that it isn't a permanent thing and if you need more help, just ask... So, she does! Each time she visits for a session he programs in a little sexy thing for him and his roommate to enjoy. Fandom Inspired RPs While I can't say I'll always be up to playing canon characters (I feel like I'd do very few characters justice) Feel free to pitch! I love discussing plots beforehand. Dragon Ball Z. Two Saiyans survived the destruction of their planet, now they roam space looking for odd jobs to feed themselves and to keep their ships running. Two Saiyans (or if you want to play a different race that's fine by me) have survived Frieza's attack on their home planet Vegeta. Their ship's comms had been down and they missed the call to return home while on another planet. Now the two roam space doing odd jobs for money, going on various missions to feed themselves. The character I want to play is a knock-off of Broly, only in that he loses control of his rage from time to time and your character is around to keep him in check, sexually. I wouldn't want every smut scene to be him in a crazy rage state, the two can have a relationship outside of that as well. My Hero Academia. This one I'd be more open to playing canon characters! Though creating our own characters would be neat too. This one I would like to discuss beforehand. I think there's many options we can go with this depending on our kinks and desires. We can be two heroes, two students, two villains, one villain one hero? Lets talk about it! Fallout. This idea is more about the post-apocalyptic setting than specific characters. I do not have a specific thing in mind for this. The main idea of this is to take the Fallout universe and play in it, however we want. There will be vaults, Nuka-Cola, big monsters, scrappy towns, bottle caps. So if you want to play something in this setting, let's chat!
  7. Katie Watkins hadn't had this much fun in as long as she could remember. The party was loud, filled with teens, beer, music, food... everything she could imagine. She overindulged in the food and beer, dancing and laughing, random guys and girls joining her on the dance floor, grinding against her for a few minutes, then moving on to some other partner. She was in heaven. She needed to taste everything, hear it all, see what was happening in every room, feel every surface, every body pressed against hers, everything. She was going to do it all tonight. Everything. She hadn't always been this free-spirited. She used to be the quiet girl, the bookworm, the one who watched everyone else have fun but never participated. The scared one. The one who didn't take risks, didn't take chances. The one who planned everything out to the last detail and stressed when those details invariably didn't fall in line as she expected. But then she had taken ill. At first she had been tired. Just a bit run down. But in only a matter of weeks she was bed-ridden. A week later she had been hospitalized. She lived connected by tubes and wires to various machines. She had been that way for three years. She had missed her teen years. Of course, she studied. She was tutored. Her father could afford to pay for everything, and she only had the best. But it wasn't the same. There were no after school activities, no school plays, no book club, no yearbook club. All the things she thought she had wanted to do had been stolen from her by her debilitating disease. But today, she was back. All that was over, and she was making up for lost time. She grabbed another beer and downed it in several long gulps, earning her a cheer from the guys in the kitchen. She flashed them a peace sign, then grabbed another beer and took a sip. She blew a kiss to the shirtless hunk holding the tap and sauntered out of the kitchen and down the hall. She wondered what else she was missing. She'd been in the living room, family room, kitchen, dining room, out on the patio, even in the bathroom where several people were partying. She turned the corner from the hall, headed back toward the living room, when she saw the stairs. Of course! She hadn't gone upstairs. That's where people went to make out, or have sex, or whatever they did at these parties. She needed to go up there and see what was happening. She walked casually up the stairs, head swaying in time to the music, hair swinging back and forth in front of her eyes. When she reached the top of the stairs, she looked left, then right, then selected a random door. She checked and it was unlocked, so she pushed it open and stepped inside.
  8. Hello, thank you for stopping by to check out my request. For now, I'm going to be listing off some ideas that may interest me, but I'll try to update this as often as I can, adding new ideas and using pictures and doujinshi as inspiration for some roleplays, so be sure to check back in. So let's get started. ~Bully Gets Bullied- a young nerd finds himself the target of a female bully. She picks on him, beats him up, takes his money, and humiliates him. And the fact that she's a girl, it's not exactly easy for him to stand up for himself without looking like the bad guy. Finally, he's unable to take much more of this, and he decides to have his revenge. Perhaps he learns something like hypnosis to try and mind control her, make her think sexual acts are a form of bullying. Maybe he learns a secret of her's that wasn't meant to be known, blackmailing her with that information. Maybe he simply forces himself into her and dominates her. Perhaps as he's having his revenge, he finds out that she's secretly into this, possibly edging him to go harder. ~Tomboy Wants to be Feminine- A girl has been often treated as one of the guys. Her girl friends don't really ask her to go shopping with them, and her guy friends usually invite her to the arcade or gym. Eventually, she begins to wonder if she's even feminine at all. She approaches her best friend (who is a guy), and asks him for advice. He doesn't take her seriously at first, which causes her to get irritated. Storming out of the room, she changes into a more revealing outfit, perhaps borrowing clothes from her sister. Despite her often dressing and acting like a guy, she has quite the feminine body, which surprises and arouses her friend. Perhaps he can help her with becoming more feminine. ~Housewife's Affair- A neglected housewife ends up having an affair with a younger man. Perhaps he's a neighbor that she notices him checking her out, deciding to entice him into making a move. Maybe he's a guy she met online, having steamy conversations with him until they decide to meet up. Perhaps he's her daughter's boyfriend, overhearing them having sex and wanting some action for herself. ~Naive Girlfriend- A girl begins dating the guy of her dreams, but is self-conscious about whether she can satisfy him in bed. Unsure of what to do, she asks a male classmate for help. Little does she know, he starts taking advantage of her pleas, and begins "teaching" her ways to satisfy her boyfriend in bed. How long will it take before she starts enjoying these lessons over her boyfriend? ~The Exchange Student- A male exchange student gets sent over to Japan to study abroad for a few months. To his surprise, the family taking him in includes a sexy milf and a daughter close to his age. How long will it take before he seduces a corrupts these two, getting them addicted to some American cock before the husband/father notices? (Could add more girls down the line, like neighbors, teachers, classmates, ect.) ~Harem Ideas- Not really having any specific ideas, but I would love to work out some kind of harem roleplay with someone if they're interested. Maybe a male student transfers into an all-girl's school. Perhaps a young man becomes the landlord of an apartment complex with mostly female attendants. Feel free to suggest your own ideas. Some hentai inspirations: Link- what starts out as technically rape becomes an increasingly perverted relationship. Link- man gets isekai'd to another world. Rather than becoming the hero, he goes around fucking whatever woman he wants, whether he's corrupting young girls or stealing housewives. His adventuring party is his harem. Link- mangaka's assistant relieves her boss's stress, as well as help provide inspiration for his work. Link 1, Link 2- exchange student goes around fucking whatever girl he sees, regardless of whether they're already dating someone or not, showing them the dominant race Link- would love to do something based on Fate/Grand Order, so many sexy ladies to choose from. Link 1, Link 2- perverted couple explore their fetishes, always wanting to spice up their sex life. Link- guy helps a girl in need. She ends up repaying the favor in her own way, by letting him fuck her and her friends. Link- young man starts working at a children's daycare. On top of being popular with the young children, he's also quite popular with their horny mothers. That's all I've got for now. I'll definitely try to update this if I think of more ideas. I hope to hear from you soon.
  9. Sunshine

    Princess CYOA RP

    Interested in playing this CYOA as the titular princess. Need a partner who would play her surrounding characters. I'll post the choices I choose and you can decide whether you'd like anything added or removed. Edit: Here's my rough excel sheet for the princess I'm going to play.
  10. EnchantedNymph

    LF Male Partners

    Looking for a literate roleplay partner to try out some of my roleplay ideas. I would like to add that these ideas would include actually story lines and depth. If interested in any of them feel free to message me and we can see if we can work something out. ~~~~~~~~~~ Alright, I have a few specific ideas I really want to try out. I will list them in order and if any of them interest you feel free to ecchitext me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ¤ Thriller/Smut style roleplay. I'm ready to dive into the spooky season. This could mean your character is some supernatural creature on the hunt, a serial killer, or a mixture of the two. My character would be a victim. I can easily switch characters so if one ends up dying, on to the next! ¤ Character comes to life: I've seen this idea before and really want to try. Basically your character(or mine. Whichever you prefer) is a character created in a story/manga/comic and one day magically they appear before the other. Neither know how they arrived but the character from the book needs to adjust to the real word with the help of their creator. ¤ Opposing street gangs: Think something like West Side story. Your character is the leader of one, mine the leader of the other and our gangs clash all the time until things get a little too heated and it turns into more than just a brawl. (We can work on the plot more in ecchitext. This is just the general idea) ¤ Lastly I had an idea about my character could be some sort of celebrity and your character an obsessed fan who stalks and eventually kidnaps mine. Bunch of shit could happen in this one so it could constitute as a thriller as well but yea. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for taking the time to read~ ✌ Now let's get this party started ××
  11. TinyPandaHero

    dark Looking for a Dark RP

    Well this is my first post for asking for a 1 on 1 role play. What i'm looking for is someone to play a Male character that will be a 'top' to my character. This is able to be MxF or MxM (YC)Demonic Cultivator X Disciple (MC) The Demonic Cultivator picks up his New Disciple off the streets to bring up into the perfect partner for dual cultivation. The Disciple would have a Superior spirit route suited for Healing and Dual Cultivation but not understanding any of this. (YC)Stalker X Model(MC) The Stalker has always watched the Model regardless of whatever job they did. Wanting to possess the Model and make them theirs. Using any means possible, kidnapping or rape. (YC)Emperor X Fallen Royalty(MC) The Emperor has taken over the neighboring kingdom into his own hands, Eliminating the Royal family of the fallen Empire other than the beautiful Prince/Princess that they then took into their own harem by force. (YC)Master X Slave(MC) No real set plot other than the Master getting a new slave to enjoy and break in. (YC)Serial Killer X Victim(MC) Serial Killer has found a new target, though instead of killing them they'd rather just enjoy the taste of the other parties pain and pleasure.
  12. Zydala paced back and forth in her cave, the tufts of fur at her thighs brushing against each other, the claws of her furry feet scratching against the rough stone floor. Her legs were covered in a soft, downy fur from the tufts at her thighs all the way to the dangerous claws on her toes. Her arms were similarly furred up to mid-bicep, and her claewed fingers looked deadly. Two bat-like wings protruded from her back, and soft, furry ears rose through her hair from the top of her head. But the most unique feature on her body was the long, scorpion tail that swished back and forth behind her. The tail was segmented, like a scorpion, and lined near the tip with retractable, venomous spines. These she snapped in and out, highlighting her irritation, as the tip of her tail swung back and forth. Rather than a scorpion stinger, the end of her tail was an football shaped lump of flesh with a small opening at the tip. This knot of flesh served a single purpose, and it was that purpose to which her mind now drifted. She was hungry for the taste of man, desperate to fill her body with his mana. She had never tasted a man before, but her sisters had described the hunger, described the desire, and she knew it was man that she wanted. Her tail thrashed back and forth as she spread her bat-like wings wide, then folded them against her back. The rumors she had allowed to spread of treasure in her cave should bring treasure hunters to her sooner or later. She had already waited far too long for her liking. Impatience was one of her weaknesses, and she grew more irritable the longer she had to wait for anything. Thus it was that Zydalla was stalking the woods outside her cave just before sunset when she heard the sound of someone approaching. She crouched in the bushes, taking cover, her tail curled up and behind her back and around the side of her head, almost as if it could peek over her shoulder. She felt the folds within the tip of her tail pulsate as she watched the road through the bushes.
  13. Hello! I have been wanting to do this roleplay for a long time now, and I would really love to find the right person to do it right with! The first thing to note that is pretty important is : This will be a mainly sexual roleplay. About 98%, if not more, will be focused on sex! Another thing to note is that we don't have to roleplay all in one sitting. Either sending lines back and forth throughout the day (If you're feeling risky ) or sitting down for an hour or so at a time works fine for me! The base of the story is this : You are the young and hot trophy wife to some old billionaire who barely spends time at home, much less time with you. Because of this you have turned to the online dating sites where you meet my character. You wanted to have me come over to your mansion and you wanted to feel like you were in charge, but as soon as I enter into the house I quickly force myself upon you. I then quickly learn how much of a whore you really are. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I feel we could take this scene in a lot of different directions. Even though I already have my preference page linked, I will go ahead and post all of my kinks that I would like included, and my character description. Kinks : Impregnation, Having a big cock, Piss, You having large tits and a big ass, Facials, Cumshots, Cum Play, Public Sex, Rough Sex, Dirty talk, Risky sex, cheating, Sloppy blowjobs, deep throating, having lots of cum, and having "magical" cum that when consumed makes you more horny. Description : My name is Jack. I am 5'10 with short brown hair and hazel eyes. I have lightly tanned skin with a slightly built upper and lower body. I usually roleplay with a thick, 9 inch shaved cock. If you'd like I can be bigger and not shaved. If this sounds like it interest you, please send me a message with your kinks and limits, and also a description of your character and we can go from there! I look forward to fulfilling this roleplay dream!
  14. hello so i want to try new types of RP and im looking for a female to help me. im sorry but i wont do full furry but beastkin might be fun.
  15. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Several Different New Ideas *Updated*

    Have a few different unrelated ideas here, some more elaborate than others. "Mating Season" This is a world similar to ours, with people that are mostly the same as in reality, but the human reproductive system worked out differently. Rather than an individual monthly cycle, humanity has a mating season. Every adult woman in her fertile years is filled with an intense arousal. One that quickly becomes almost painful to ignore. They will look for a man, preferable on the younger or stronger side or otherwise powerful but if they are desperate just about anyone will do. The males get horny and desire to have as many women as they can, to father as many children as possible. The sex is pleasurable and temporarily relieves their urges while it is happening. But their bodies won't let them stop until they have been impregnated. They will keep looking for guys until they are pregnant or the mating season passes. The season usually lasts 3 or 4 weeks in the late summer, so that in the spring hospitals are full of nearly the entire female population giving birth at the same time over a several week period. Sex can and does happen outside of the mating season, though it is less frequent or intense and there is zero chance of pregnancy. Men and women don't create the same sort of relationships, as no one is expected to tie themselves to one person. I'm looking to start at the beginning of a new mating season, but possibly a longer term exploration of such a world as well. Covering multiple seasons and stuff between them. Breeding is the focus, but also some exploration of sex in general and how men and women look at each other in such a world. There are little or no kinks I wouldn't be willing to write, feel free to make suggestions. I might play one men or several and you could play one or more women (it might be interesting if at least one of them is in her first season that she goes into heat and has to figure out how to satisfy her new desire to breed). The pairs could be anything from co-workers, (adult) classmates, friends, customer/client, complete strangers or just about anything else, again feel free to make suggestions. I could also consider a version with you playing men and me women. "Reliving Life as a Girl" (Semi-Gender Bending) In this idea I would be playing as a male character who just died, the how is probably not important, though maybe we think of a way it is. Rather than an afterlife or the nothingness of pure oblivion, the character wakes up in his childhood bedroom, as a female version of himself. 'She' is incredibly confused, she remembers her old life but also has memories of life as a girl. I am thinking we start with her around 13, though we may jump around to various points in her life. It is a story of how she relives her life in different circumstances. It could be MxF and/or FxF. Her old friends, do they still treat her as friends, ignore her because she is girl, or do they develop a sexual interest in her? Does this bother her, does she like it, even encourage it? Does her mixed memories give her a different viewpoint on sex and make her more inclined to being a 'slut' and earning a reputation as one? Do girls, including possible former lover(s), look at her as a female friend, rival, ignore her, or a different sort of lover? These are some of the things I would like to consider. This could involve detailed planning, including details of the differences between her two lives and her varying experiences with some of the characters. I am hoping for 'sex heavy story'. "Everyone Has a Price" (BrotherxSister) I could play either the brother or sister here. The idea is a teenage pair of siblings who go wandering deep into corners of the internet they probably were better off not knowing even existing. Either someone contacts them or they find an offer. Someone is willing to pay a LOT of money to be able to record a video (even more if multiple videos) of two true teenage siblings having sex. The sort of video that most people would never see but a small audience would pay a lot to see, enough to justify the siblings' offered pay. At first they just laugh it off. Both of them found the idea of sex with each other disgusting, but the money was very tempting. Enough that they would not have to do any other work in their lives, especially if they did a series of videos. So eventually they had seriously talk about it, and decide short term unpleasantness is worth a life time of comfort. They agree to accept the offer and their contact gives them an address to come to. This idea is semi-realistic, so of course this not all quite as simple as it sounds. The offer comes from an employee of a secretive company, one whose primary purpose is to create 'specialty pornography' high price stuff that one cannot find easily. For those who become their customers, they are told anything can be produced for the right price. When the siblings arrive at the given address they are basically kidnapped, heads covered and tied up and drove off to the company's real studio some distance away. Once there, they are informed they are still expected to perform the job they were hired to do, and would be paid the promised amount. But due to the nature of the work, things had to be very discrete. They were expected to live in the studio. They were given a room to both live and work in. There were a number of other men and women stuck there too, other performing employees of the company. They had different specialties though, the two of them were the first to agree to help produce incest videos. This is a story both of their work and living in such a place. Their supervisor did give them a promise that their situation could change. Some employees were given various degrees of freedom, including the ability to freely come and go from the studio. But that required them to become proven enthusiastic, loyal employees. The sort who were proud of their work and company, who would eagerly keep it secret and be willing to be punished without revealing anything else if they were caught. Will one or both of the siblings eventually reach that point? Will they come to enjoy their work? Those are some of the things this story would explore. The focus, especially early on, will be fairly conventional sex (other than the whole sibling thing), but many other fetishes could eventually be covered, "Becoming the Class Bitch" (Gender Bending) The idea here is what is supposed to be an all male boarding school, but it one with a peculiar tradition. Each class when they arrive has everyone draw a number and then a number is picked. The student with the matching number becomes the 'class bitch'. The how isn't really important, but the school knows a way to permanently turn a boy into a (100% functional) girl. They decided it was close enough to all boys, to have one that changed into a girl in each class to relieve the boys' frustrations. The idea is that she is shared by the entire class, though there is a hierarchy and some boys get more time with her than others (optionally the teacher can have a little time with her too). The idea here is I would be playing the changed character and you would be playing some of the boys (not necessarily the entire class, but ideally more than one). It isn't excessively dark, but she is in fact the 'class bitch' and treated as inferior to everyone else, sometime both physically and psychologically rough, with the idea of making her 'act like a girl' and subject her to various sexual experiences, though some would likely treat her better than others. "The Princess' Knight" The basic story: A somewhat masculine looking heroine saves the day. Everyone assumes she is a feminine looking man, and she does not bother to correct them. She saves the princess, who falls in love with the heroine as she is escorted back to the castle. The usual cliche marriage arrangements are made by the king, only on the wedding night is the heroine's gender revealed (two options here, starting with the wedding night or with the rescue and the princess falling in love). This idea would be more story heavy and potentially long term (the heroine is assumed to be a man partially because of her appearance and partially because it is one of things women aren't supposed to do. The marriage goes through and she has to pretend to be a man, with only her new wife knowing the truth, how she adapts will be part of the story). This one could have a little bit of MxF mixed in, especially when they wrestle with the question of how to produce an heir. It is a sex heavy story, but also focused on maintaining the illusion, and gender roles. My idea is to play the heroine, though I would play the princess instead if someone else really wanted to play the heroine. In this case, with such a heavy FxF focus, I would prefer to play it a woman, though I would not rule out playing it with a man, I'm open to considering some variation/suggestions if you have any. "I am my sister/my friend's sister" A simple body swap idea. I was considering a few different ideas with it, maybe a brother and sister (probably teens, but we can discuss exact ages) randomly switch bodies one night or a boy finds himself in his friend's sister's body. I would be playing the boy-turned-girl, whichever version is chosen. The idea is to cover several aspects, adjusting to gender change, trying to blend in, possibly adapting to being in a new family. The change to love/sex lives would get a heavy focus. Did the girl already have a boyfriend before the body swap? Does she have an interest in other boys? Does she start hitting on girls (either the girl's existing friends and/or strangers)? In the case of friend's sister version we could optionally go an incestuous route. It is a general idea, and we could figure out more detail before starting. "The Tomboy Grows Up" In this story we are looking at a group of life long childhood friends. One girl and a group (exact number to be determined) of boys. I would be playing the girl. Nobody cared about each others genders for a long time, but now there is a tension. Some/all of the boys are starting to have new desires for the girl. She may or may not have any interest in some of them, but at least has a curiosity. Eventually they start giving in to curiosity. The question is how it impacts the group? Do they act largely how they previously were, but with sex mixed in? Does she favor one/some over others? Is it purely sexual, or do other feelings start to grow? Do she do one at a time, or is she shared? Do the boys take a darker view and start 'training' her, trying to 'put her in her place'? It could go many ways and range from lighter to darker.
  16. Kaldor

    fire and fun updated

    ok so i've had some time to shake off the dust and knock off the rust. i have some more plots now and i do warn they are varied and some have more fetishes then others. thank you all and i hope you join me soon for some story making and fun. writer and gods. thunder cracks lightning strikes and the wind howls setting the young lass on edge as she writes her next piece of work. a banging knock at the door gives rise to a person from her past. a past love disappeared from the world without a trace. what he's doing here in this weather and covered in wounds is anyones guess. space and time. a ship is discovered in the frozen north of canada, intact but without power the governments of the world send teams scientists to examine the relic that is clearly of ancient and alien origin. only one member of the crew is alive trapped in stasis in a pod. what could the ship hold in its depths and what could its crewmen tell. head of the class everyone knew the class valedictorian was rude,mean, and a bit of an elitist. she was always terrible to the freshmen new to the school on grants. this was until she angered the follower of an old world god who cursed her with a thirst. the tables tables were turned as she went thru many a boyfriend till she met a man capable of keeping satiated. cabin in the woods the woods outside town are a spooky place and in them lives a man rarely seen save for when he comes into town to buy the rare tool. on a drunken dare a young woman goes into the dark wood to find his home and bring back a trophy. the bar out in the dessert off route 44 there is a bar like none other. the bartender an average guy but his patrons are from everywhere in the multiverse. a few even take an interest in the bartender trying to discover the secret to this multiverse bar. (this is the one exception to my normal preferences as i would like to use it to experiment outside my comfy zone. i invite original char and fav char from books tv games and anime. i only ask that you be patient or understanding as some types of char i cant rp with yet.)
  17. Isthisthekrustykrab?

    Lost at sea. A island romance.

    (So I have no idea how to remove the reference link...so yeah lol) Title: Lost at sea. Island romance Genre: fantasy, romance, adventure. Parings: M/F, F/F Plot: Lucy is stranded on an island after her ship got destroyed by a rouge wave. She found herself on an island which she thinks no one else is on....but she is wrong. Setting: If the Amazon was an island. It's basically a rainforest that is on an island. A really big island. Characters: Lucy(my character) and your character which you will play either a chief of your clan or a inhabitant of the island. What you will do: I have a starter, you will continue with it. I need descriptive paragraphs. Three. No less, unless it is two good paragraphs with detail. Your character: can be anything (demon, human, furry) Male or female, although, I would like the female to be a dickgirl. No futa. Doms only, no switches. I will also need a picture and some info about your character, name, personality, age and height. Your character cannot have neon/bright colors. Although, if your character is poisonous, like a snake or something, then your character can have a bright/neon markings. The rest of the fur/scales has to be a natural color. (If you're playing a furry) Starter: When Lucy had bought her own ship, although, it was small, she was proud of it, the feline didn't think that it would be destroyed so quickly...and easily. Everything had been calm when she sailed out to sea, no storms, nothing that would bring destruction to her ship. Well, was she wrong. Very wrong. It had been a normal day, day two of being out at sea. It was a cloudy day. Lucy laid out on her deck, naked as the day she was born and legs spread wide. Her fingers were moving fast on her clit, she was moaning and crying out, arching her back and just loving how free she was. "F-fuck! Yes~! Almost...ah~!" She bucked her hips in the air, eyes rolling back as she squirted all over her deck. The human groaned as she slumped back on the warm deck, panting hard. That was the fourth orgasm she had today, she could do a few more, but something seemed off...her boat was rocking in the water more violently and she sat up, eyes wide as she saw a giant wave coming towards her. "Holy shit!" She screamed and scrambled up, the wave came out of nowhere. She had no time to do anything before the wave swallowed her ship whole, sending her tumbling through the icy water. She soon blacked out. Lucy's body washed up on the beach, with a few things that had came from her ship, she was breathing, but barely. End starter (this is where you pick up.)iframe widget
  18. I thought about posting this earlier, but it was long enough (and much darker than previous ideas) that I thought it should have its own ad. Since I don't want to risk having too many ads at one time, this may be the last new one for a while. The concept here is a story that starts with a monster and human girl, though that will change over the course of the story. Fair warning again, that it gets rather dark. Hopefully I am right in my understanding it isn't too dark for the site. One way or another a monster ended up under the girl's bed. How did it get there? Portal from another world/dimension? A unnoticed egg mixed with other stuff put under there? It is a fairly small detail that does not have to be considered but we can figure it out if you want to. The monster quietly grows under the bed and waits, sneaking out to eat at night. The girl may or may not notice it, but if she does she is too afraid to try to get rid of it. Until one night. The exact nature/shape/features of the creature can be discussed. But one night, once they are both old enough, it comes out and onto her bed. Maybe it is has a stinger, maybe it bites her, one way or another it gives her some sort of toxic relaxant. She is not put to sleep or immobilized, but it relaxes her to the point she does resist at all as it mates with her. She does not care, maybe even enjoys it (at least for the night, while its happening, when she wakes up she is likely not nearly so happy about it, but she might be also confused as to whether it was a nightmare or real). What she does not know at this point is that was only the beginning. Rather than inseminate her, the mating released a fluid into her that slowly begins a process of changing her. It takes a while, and possibly multiple mating sessions, but eventually her mind and body start to change. She first begins to take on physical aspects of the creature, the initial changes can possibly be hidden with varying degrees of difficulty, but eventually she will have to abandon her current life. As more of her body changes, she becomes somewhat more comfortable with the creature and it no longer gives her the toxins. Instead it offers her raw meat from his hunts, encouraging her to eat it. This speeds up the physical changes and starts the mental ones. She feels uncomfortable around other people (which was already somewhat true due to the changes she had to hide, but now it is more hostile than scared). Eventually she snaps and kills someone. That is when all the pieces comes together and she figures out more of what is happening. Her mate had been feeding her human meat. His kind, and what she is becoming, are predators that feed on many things but often crave humans. Possibly with some lingering shame and humiliation, she eats the person she just killed. This is when the mental changes really intensify. At some level she remembers she used to be human, but no longer thinks of herself as one, no longer thinks like one. They become prey and she loses any remaining shame about hunting and feeding on them. At this point she has to find a new place to live, and the male returns, to lead her to a place he had in mind. At this point they mate again, this time her body fully changed, and the purpose becomes to have children, which they both want at this point. At this point things can go a few different ways. Maybe these creatures mate for life. In which case their 'relationship' is not something we would recognize as love, but act as a couple of sorts and work together and keep having children, more similar to animals who mate for life. Another option would be that the first male's role is done after his first child/children are born and she has to seek out other males of her new kind maybe once a year or so. I like the idea that she can only give birth (lay eggs maybe) to males and females have to be created the way she was. They are creatures who are unique in the world but due to very small numbers and secrecy, have not been discovered yet. It could continue on to explore the lives for such creatures and the sorts of things they might encounter that humans know nothing about.
  19. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Several Different Ideas

    The first idea is a variation of Rule 34, original characters, taking the form of pre-existing characters: The concept here is a new technology. A bodysuit, that when you wear it changes your body to take on a form of your choosing until you choose to disable it. It has a number of uses but here we are focusing on one particular use of it, being used by certain groups to fulfill their fantasies. The idea is to focus on specific settings, conventions, clubs etc. Where many people meet, appearing as fictional characters. Unsurprising a number people use it to fill out intimate fantasies as well. Sometimes two people meet at random, sometimes two (or more) people agree to take certain forms and then they meet. The conventions may even have discreet areas that are actually intended for such things. The transformations are complete. While it can not give magic/super powers or anything like that, visually you become a perfect match of your chosen individual. It can even turn a woman into a man or man into a woman, change height, etc. It can match non-human characters to a limited degree (things like unusual skin colors, pointed ears, horns, tails, fur/scales, things like that. Though it can not give some unrealistic sizes or non-humanoid shapes). Unless you are meeting someone who you pre-planned something with, it is impossible to know who someone is under the disguise. These could be MxF or FxF couples (under the disguises it could be boy and girl, two girls or two boys, though there will be no MxM content either way). The character forms could vary vastly in ages and the true forms may or may not as well. There may or may not be content with one or both in their true forms here. Ultimately the idea here is a Rule 34 story, with some story, but people only pretending to be the actual characters. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Super Sexbot Wars" (loosely insipred by "Super Robot Wars" In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, the name was just a pun based off the inspiration, the characters would rarely, if ever, be robots or non-biological in any sense. This idea idea is based off the Super Robot Wars series of video games, crossovers that mix many mecha based anime series. The games themselves are based around fighting between two or more factions of mecha pilots. This story is going to be focused on other things naturally. What happens between the battles and some of the ways people look for to temporarily relieve the tension. Similar to the games, the idea is to use mostly pre-existing characters with perhaps a small number of original characters mixed in. If you are are familiar with the games, or even just the series' they use for the crossovers, you know the character ages can cover a very wide range. I like the idea of crossover couples, focusing on pairing up people from different series, though some same series couples could be mixed in as well, so could originals paired with existing characters. While there won't be a lot of focus on the fighting (mostly because I'm not as good at writing that stuff), it would be interesting to have a larger story around the sex. I could play male and/or female characters and am okay with both MxF and FxF couples (or threesomes, or groups). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Brides of Evil" The concept here is the enemy has won, at a least a major victory, if not a decisive one. A major heroine (either main character or strong secondary character, depending on the story) has now been captured or surrendered and depending on the character the enemy has made her his wife, concubine, or personal slave. These stories will possibly start with the ceremony/ritual making her into such and then focus on the aftermath. These are stories ultimately about a man and a woman, though there may be minor side characters too. Sometimes ‘love’ stories, sometimes not. Some of the men will simply want to break the will/spirit of their prizes. Others seek a genuine conversion, to make her love him, a true partner and happy to be his wife and eventually mother of his children. The title is a little simplified. These couples were enemies prior to the start of the story. Sometimes you could describe the men as evil, other times they may simply be from another faction/country/world that fought their own. They may or may not be human. Again, the women sometimes will in fact be brides, sometimes not. Ideally the couples should originate from the same source. If the source is too heavily imbalanced gender-wise, there are a few options: Possibly bringing someone over from another source that fits well or possibly gender-changing a character. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fate Grand Orgy - Epic of Lust This is naturally based on the Fate/Grand Order game. I won't go over the details as I would prefer somebody who already knows what it is and enough to do this. For this I would be playing 'Gudako' (the female version of the main character). A girl who deep down has been overwhelmed by 'The Incineration of Humanity' and her responsibilities to fix it Her only companionship is the Servants, legendary figures of old temporarily resummoned into new bodies meant to fight. This is a story of a version of Gudako who seeks companionship among the various servants she summoned, both male and female. The game strongly implies many of the servants want this anyways, this version of Gudako is willing to help. I like the idea of it being my Gudako and to focus on servants I got, we can go over which ones that means.
  20. sexyfoxkit

    MasterXSlave RP

    I'm looking for someone to be the master of the rp. I'm the slave. No question about that. I'm female so a male needed. Can be as dominating as you wish. I can add a struggle if wanted or totally completely submissive where I don't give a struggle. Toys are acceptable. It can be modern times or a fantasy land where I'm a neko and you are a prince or something. I have a good starter piece for a fantasy one.
  21. Marianne

    Some good ol' blackmail

    I have a roleplay idea that I've been thinking over for quite a bit of time. It's basically driven by sex, with main topics/fetishes being noncon/dubcon, spying, humiliation, masturbation, and, of course, blackmail. If these things interests you, check out the vague outline below. Characters: Muse A - Male or female virgin. Works in a big company. Hardworking, diligent, career-oriented, but also something of a pervert. Muse B - Male. A mysterious, extremely perverted hacker who one day messages Muse A The plot outline: One day Muse A gets a mysterious message. It turns out to be Muse B, who uncovered their pervy secret. He threatens to reveal it to the world and ruin their career unless Muse A starts sending him nudes, giving sexual shows, following his orders, and further down the line even meet up with him. Muse A doesn't feel like they have a choice, so they agree. To help them fulfill his orders, Muse B sends Muse A sex toys, lingerie, and other various perverted items, proving he knows their address. Muse A's life spirals out of control. That's about it. I'm very open to discussing and changing some details of the story. Preferably, I'd be Muse A. Also, I don't care about your irl gender/sex. If you wanna be a female roleplaying as male or male roleplaying as female, go ahead.
  22. Come on in, take a seat. Salutations, I hope that the day has been good to you. I think that the proper time has been reached for me to start my own search thread. I have been roleplaying for a couple of years, on and off due to losing contact or the sites I had been using, closing. I would like to think myself not terribly difficult to get along with, though I do have some "buttons" that might sour the air a bit. I can write comfortably two to three paragraphs, though I can manage to match larger responses, but it is not really easy for me to write a lot, due to me being a bit of a slow writer. My credentials claim that I am proficient in English, at least according to my exam results. I can send a response once every one to two days or up to several times a day, my inspiration is somewhat flighty. I am searching for partners that will be able to match me, but, honestly, what I am actually looking for is a partner that will give me enough "sauce" to go on to give them back a good response to. I should also categorically state that I can't work with one liners and that my interest will instantly wane if I am presented with something like that. I would like to believe that I am pretty open as a partner, though that might not be true. Scat, vore, furry, futa, and watersports are a hard no from me. I won't be a sanctimonious ass, simply they are not for me. Still, you do you. I mostly dabble in fantasy, any kind of it, though I don't have a lot of experience with hard Sci-fi. I can play both dominant and submissive characters. I can roleplay on either PMs or threads, no real preference. WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR ( Will be updated each time I search for partners.): Right now I am looking for a few very specific things, as in cravings, not complete plots. I prefer that I work on the setting and the plot together with my partner so that we both get as much as we need. Each is its own idea. (Just in case.) A) Someone that will roleplay a character that is basically a half-giantess (2,7 to 3,4 meters roughly.) to go with a normal character for me. We can work on a plot together. B) A warrior (also read as military in modern setting) female character to go along with a mage (someone that deals in magic, though what kind will be based on setting.) !!! C) A monster girl character with a bit more emphasis on the monster part. So nothing you would see in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia(?) stuff. For example: the succubi from the Witcher 3. (As a sidenote lamiae, echidnae and such snake women are not high on the list for me.) !!! D) Monster Hunter x Apprentice. Strictly in a medieval setting, the monster hunters will function like Witchers, as in they deal with the supernatural (Curses, Ghosts, driving off monsters and sometimes sheltering the monsters, if need be.). Less of butchers and more like dealing with problems. Though they themselves are not like witchers, they are of a wide variety, some of them monsters themselves, no gender restrictions, they may use whatever means they wish for, swords, spears, bows, magic, potions and poisons, etch. (I will probably act as the fullfledged one.) E) I would like to do something involving corruption. My character being systematically seduced into debauchery. It might be part of a greater plan, or simply fun for your character. (Probably fantasy.) F) And I would like to play once, with partner that can do multiple characters. G) Another peculiar craving. Due to a very specific adult webcomic, a wish has risen within me to give a bit of love to the shorter races of fantasy. (Dwarves, gnomes, half-lings, etc.) (Mostly the D&D flavour of the races, but if you have any ideas of your own, or that you saw and lliked, I am all ears.) !!! H) One of the heroes is captured by the Overlord that they had thought defeated. The capture is done through subterfuge and without anyone knowing the heroine is within the clutches of the overlord. And the plan of the Overlord,who has retreated to far away, is to corrupt the hero into his service, making her spearhead his next invasion, bringing her former comrades under hill. (Might have transformation content, might not. But it will be dark and twisted.) TAKEN I) This craving is based mostly on a recent...well...craving and it is once again specific. I wish for a partner that would play as a really busty woman of Japanese descent [ I could do without the really busty part, of less importance than the Japanese looks (referring to looks, the Japanese part.) In a fantasy setting, either modern (preffered) or High fantasy. (Your character need not be human.) J) Really want to try this! (Since I got admin permission I will also put this one in.) I would really like to role-play on the opposite side from a somewhat changed Greek Style Sphinx, my profile picture is more or less what I have in mind, though actual looks and how the Sphinx is played is up to you (Will also be okay with a more humanoid sphinx). We could go a few ways with this: a) After a long slumber the Sphinx finds the world to be much different from when she was awake and has to reintegrate, my character could be the one that woke her up, or some random guy she accosts to get information and understands her words that all others can't seem to make sense of [Probably speaks a knock off form of ancient Greek as I envision the setting to be in a parallel world with ours where magic is open to the public as well as real. Or we could do a setting where magic is actually hidden from the common man.] b) In a medieval or classical fantasy times an adventurer delves into a ruin to come across the Sphinx that guards something. He either wins the game of riddles and he decides that he is more interested in the Sphinx or the Sphinx wins and decides to keep him instead of taking him out of the picture. c) We could even a Typhon and Echidna type of role-play, two monsters finding love in each other(Though this is probably the least interesting for me). {And I am pretty sure this show how interested I am in this. Extra bonus points if anyone does a Sphinx whose human appearance is Japanese-looking.} !!!!! K) A roleplay (still fantasy, preferably modern) where your character is taller than mine (significant height difference, at least ten centimeters), and preferably generally tall. L) Looking for a giantess or half-giantess to go hand in hand with a half-elf character of mine, in a medieval fantasy setting. Bonus points for anyone that knows their mythology and goes a bit further than simply huge humans, most giants were more interesting than that (The Norse Jotnar, the Irish/Gaelic Fomorians, and the Greek Gigantes, as a few examples.) I envision something in the lines of an adventure, and maybe even romance plotline. !!!! M) Dominant women, I can't get enough of them. !!!!! N) Something to do with Mind Control/Hypnosis (On my character). O) Following on the theme of domination (probably), an idea came to me, though it will be more smut than plot though, a bit of a guilty pleasure craving (Not that all the others are much better.). My character is a human abducted by aliens to experiment on, though many of the "experiments" turn out to be somewhat explicit. This is probably a pure smut idea, where basically you throw stuff at my own character. (Always bonus points if the Aliens are much taller than humans. Towering over my own character. Still remains a MXF thing though.). Lots of interesting toys possible, let your imagination run wild. !!!! P) A partner to play a Witcher or World of Warcraft style succubus against a half-elf character of mine in a medieval Fantasy setting. I am thinking of something with both plot and smut. Would really like to go somewhere with this. !!!! Q) Basically idea O but either in a dystopian future or a fantasy setting, where my character is either bought or even just offered good money to be forced in explicit "experiments". !!!!! R) Looking for a High Elf Queen (Alarielle the Everqueen being a perfect example or Galadriel). to go with either a half-elf wandering wizard character or a dwelf character of mine. The flavour of High Elves being those taller than humans , and my character having a bit of difference in height with her (Shorter than her, the dwelf more than the half-elf.). Submissive characters are strictly not accepted for this. I would prefer a dominant character, but not exactly needing to go into D/S terms. At the very least I need a confident woman, and one that is active. (Could discuss the height, but at most being the same height as her.) S) Looking for an evil Overlady, in evil monarch style. I could either do the favourite minion or an enemy that impressed her and got captured to be put into her service. I could either be a pure hero fighting against evil or a n unscrupulous mercenary. Maybe even an adversary overlord that was defeated. (Only dominants for this.) T) Really tall and/or dominant woman. U) Wizardess and her apprentice. I am thinking of a plot set in a medieval setting, in which my character, an aspiring wizard, is apprenticed into your own character who is a full blown wizard. (Pretty basic one. Still needing for an older and more dominant character. I will probably play a half-elf.) Most specifics can be discussed for this one (I don't have a concrete idea for this). TAKEN If you have reached here I would prefer that you contact me through a personal message, as to keep the thread uncluttered. DON'T POST ON THIS THREAD! MESSAGE ME INSTEAD! Thank you for your time.
  23. They will have spoiler warnings as a majority of them are SMUT-BASED. Please keep that in mind. I tend to like things with sexual tension in them. It happens. Skyrim/ Elder Scrolls Universe this is the one I want the most right now. Just saying. Blackmail Pirates! The Secretary Cops and Robbers! Drugged up/Hypnotism. WARNING: Probably Incest. Loosely based off of multiple manga I read. Pixie dust? you're welcome to make suggestions. I could always use more ideas, or would even be happy to help you with some
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