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  1. SoulReaper

    Little lost loli

    Hello, this is my first post looking for rps. Thanks for checking it out. I know this is not to everyone's taste, even gross, and that's understandable. Please move on if it's not to your standard. While my ideas are pretty short/simple, I prefer decent grammar and 3-4 paragraphs (or 1-2 longer good ones) in a partner. Please leave a comment if anything interests you. If you have your own cool plot that uses at least one of my kinks below or in the tags, then I'm totally all ears for that too. Little Lost Loli: Once upon a time, a young girl in search of a lost shoe stumbled upon something else as she crawled beneath her bed to look for it...a portal to another world! Here she found herself lost in a realm of demonic nature. Monsters and other foul beings seemed drawn to her, and it was all she could do to escape each time unscathed. Eventually she is found by a demon of status...(a knight, king, prince, whatever you'd like)...who offers his protection and to guide her to safety. His offer is not without consequence: in exchange, she may end up giving him what the monsters were after: mana essence. A magical force granting great power contained within her body itself. There are many ways to get at it, her blood, her sweat, tears. But he may know another way to cause less pain, if she can end up trusting him. If not she may come to fear him instead. Loli x Demon Possible kinks: Vampire, demon, bdsm, noncon, monster, blood/gore, open to discussion. Dollhouse: A toymaker has a secret: with a wave of his hand, his creations come to life. Living, breathing. But only for a short time. Recently, he created a small doll he has...quite honestly...fallen in love with. He's ready to see what she could be like if she lived, though he hesitates. She is so much smaller and he so much bigger. How could they come to love each other? Time period and location can be discussed, kinks too. It could also be darker if you wanted and veer into bdsm. Doll x Toymaker Lustful Kitten Competition: On a secret website, it is possible to order "pets." A wealthy businessman has a particular interest in such a pet, a "kitten," to keep at his side for whatever reason he likes. Intrigued by the label "kitten," he orders her, only to find this kitten is none other than a girl. Eventually he learns that there is a hit out on this girl. She wasn't meant to be sold, and whomever kills or brings her back first will lay claim to a great prize. Knowing this, what sort of fate would YC have in mind for her? Loli x ? Kinks: BDSM, rape, torture, could be more lighthearted too. Various Kinks and Pairings open to discuss: Bold are favorites Loli x ??? Victim x Rapist Victim x Stalker Blood, gore Arranged Marriage Dolls / Dollification Adult Baby / Sissification (of female char) BDSM Monster Incest Humiliation Slavery Vampire Erotica
  2. At this point I'm falling really deep into my horny hole. I'm craving some really dirty smut. I'm not looking for non con or dub con nor master slave or bondage. But just someone who's open to really to just about anything. I'm really craving lots of cum, massive cock and balls, hairy girls, guys. Dirty musky sex. I'm craving all that plus more. So if you're just as degenerate as me do not hesitate to send me a message. CRAVING!: I'm currently really wanting someone who really into pubic hair and body hair in general as well as someone who isnt afraid of alot of cum and messy smut. I'm also down to play a futa as well if wanted! I've also had a really heavy craving for some Cheating and/or NTR! Hello. I'm gonna be very plain and simple. I'm looking for smut. Like. Smutty smut. I'm not really looking for a story but there can be a scenario. I'm down for short term or we can make something a little more long term if wanted. Now kinks. I have a semi long list of kinks that change every now and again but there are two kinks that I'll always be interested in. Anything with cum and Pubic Hair of females! I will say though, I'm not interested in non coc unless you have an interesting plot to go with it! I also have a soft spot for chubby characters I play them and I want them. So if you have one in need of love let's get something going! Breeding Risk of pregnancy Large cock and balls Pubic hair on females (prefer bush) Rough sex Public Size play Large ass Large tits Excessive Cum Anal Cumshots Squirting (light and heavy) Harem Cumplay Some other kinks I'm into bit not always craving are: Interracial, cheating, cuckhold, NTR. Never hurts to ask about them if they interest you! I'm also very into playing a futa. But only against a female character. I'll always give a least a solid paragraph of a post but on a good day I can go up to 3 to 4. I usually like making an rp revolving around both me and my partners kink. Possibly with a pairing. I am a male dom looking for a female sub. If you're a fan of both of the kinks I mentioned before PLEASE dont hesitate to add me on discord. Well become instant best friends I also like sharing NSFW pics I've found on the internet over the years! I dont do realistic face claims dont ask me. I also dont do dub con or non con My discord is Glutton#1090 if you want to add me there as well!
  3. Hello all! You can call me plum! I’ve been rping for a looong time now and honestly it’s a lot of fun ! I really like the more taboo or forbidden romance kinda rp’s but I’m open to other plots/pairings that don’t revolve around that. I also really love angsty and dramatic rps because why not! I would also like to incorporate smut into all of these(duh)! I honestly really like a healthy balance between smut and romance and get bored with solely smut focused rp. I really like romance WITH the smut. I only do mxf pairings and I only play the female too! I have some ideas but I’m definitely open to anything you want to bring up. Honestly, it’s very important that my partner loves ooc and loves to plot and give their ideas as well! I really only do romance rp’s so nothing fantastical for me sorry! I also prefer longer replies and a more long term rp too! I don’t have many rules tbh but if anything comes up I’ll always communicate that with you! Ideas: Lady and Maid - MC has just inherited her grandfather's wealth and with it, a male maid (if you're willing to play multiple male characters, even better hehe). Whole idea is a dom x sub pairing. Open to being dom or sub! - marriage of convenience, The typical arranged marriage plot! This can go any which way, so I’d love to talk this out! - “princess and her knight”, the princess of a kingdom has been forced out of the castle after refusing an arranged marriage upon the assassinatior of her father, the king. The knight entrusted with protecting her has gotten her out of the castle and now they’re on the road trying to survive with all sorts of threats to the princess and their lives. With the knight madly in love with the princess and the princess thinking he’s too apathetic to feel anything towards her, how will their relationship develop? - summer love, Muse A has always had a crush on Muse B (MC) but never had the courage to confess his feelings. During the summer, Muse B runs away from her strict home and Muse A offers her to live with himself and his older brother. The perfect chance to really get to know her, right? Well. When his older brother takes a liking to her, things get complicated. Jealousies erupt and the competition is on - five seconds of summer {youngblood}- . I absolutely LOVE 5SOS and the concept of this song lmao. So this could also be a kinda toxic relationship/bad boy idea? Muse A is this bad boy who is in love with Muse Bbut he messes up and gets in trouble, lands in prison for a few years, and when he comes out Muse B is about to get married to someone else? He obviously still loves her and wants to get her back! - “Older brother” This plot has your character , the older brother of my characters husband going through a nasty divorce and forced to leave his career as a professional *** (career is up for discussion lol) from all the media of the divorce, what happens when he soon finds himself quite bored of being in the house with him and his sister in law from his brother constantly on work trips and such. What happens when he decided that he should make a move on her? - “Your mom is hot” This plot has your character, the bestfriend of my characters son, staying at his best friends house for spring break. What happens when the bestfriend has a thing for the mom that’s so graciously letting him stay at her house? He knows she wants I’m but she may need a little push to get what he wants ... These are the only ideas I have rn but I’m open to some more stuff like this! Please PM me!!! I can’t wait to do one of these hehe. Ecchitext and if u want we can rp somewhere else too!
  4. Hey everyone! Looking for roleplay partners ^^ here's a few ideas I had if you're interested please feel free to message me! PLOTS & PAIRINGS What i want to role play as is in Bold and what i'm craving has a * ⋙ PAIRINGS ›Mafia Boss X singer/civilian › Detective X Client › Demon X human › Knight X Princess › Demon king/Prince X princess › Monster X human › Stalker X stalked Best friend to lovers* Rivals to lovers Boss(male) X secretary (female) >>> THEMES › Forbidden love (adultery) › Damsel In Distress › Stockholm Syndrome › Forced marriage › Arranged marriage › Obsession › Stalking ›Yandere › Anything Fantasy › Supernatural Themes › Childhood best friends** Fandom/Games ***Undertale/ Undertale Au’s (Mafiatale***) Who i want someone to play: Classic sans, Underfell Sans ( or fell!mafia Sans***) or Cross Sans. ****Delta Rune/ Au's Who i want someone to play as: Jevil FNAF Who I want someone to play as: Foxy Legend of Zelda Who i want someone to play: ****Sidon or Dark Link or Ganondorf Starfox*** Who i want someone to play: Wolf O Donnell (might have my oc be human) pokemon ** Who i want someone to play: Shigeru/Gary/Blue or Adaman Kingdom hearts Who i want someone to play: Riku Resident evil Who i want someone to play: Leon or Heisenberg Days gone Who i want someone to play: Deacon Stardew valley** Who I want someone to play: Sebastian Fandoms/anime Boko no hero academia ( Aged up) Who i want someone to play: Izuku Midoriya( hero or villain version) Fairy Tail** Who i want someone to play: Laxus Dreyar Star vs the forces of evil (Aged up) Who i want someone to play: Toffee Gravity falls/ Reverse Falls ( Aged up) Who i want someone to play: Dipper Pines Sonic the hedgehog Who i want someone to play: Shadow( might have my oc be human) Hazbin Hotel who i want someone to play as: Alister Demon slayer Tanjiro or Rengoko Yu-Gi-Oh/ Yu-Gi-Oh GX Who I want someone to roleplay: Jun Manjoume/ chazz Princeton or Jesse Anderson/ Johan Andersen Super Mario (mainly craving a luigis mansion style rp) who i want someone to play: Luigi, King boo (humanoid) ⋙ Just a few ideas › Plot 1: { Mafia Boss X Singer/Civilian} Yc is one of the most well known and feared bosses around, coming into a club one night he spots my character on stage and is instantly drawn to her, from there he does everything to woo her from sending flowers, expensive gifts but she’s not having any of it. ( This can go one of two ways where YC becomes obsessed with MC to the point he just goes after her Or she can slowly fall for his attempts) › Plot 2: YC comes into the restaurant MC sings at everything was all and well until a rival gang comes in and starts shooting up the place, YC seeing that MC witnessed all of this goes after her not wanting her to run to the police and takes her back to the base. ( This would kinda be like the Stockholm syndrome theme.) ⋙ Detective X Client * › Plot Idea: MC is in trouble, she witnessed a murder while coming home from work one night,The men who did this noticed her and chased her down but she was able to escape, however as the days go by she feels like she’s being constantly watched, So she looks up and finds YC office and hires him to protect her and possibly help catch the killers. Plot idea 2: (similar to the first but a supernatural/paranormal twist.) MC has the availability to see things no human can see. When out and about one day she witnesses a shady deal going on between humans and a demon. unfortunately she was in the wrong place the wrong time. ( human/demon trafficking, drug deals etc) catching their attention. To a regular human the demon would seem like a regular person. However to her she'd see what they really are. Humans with those abilities are rare and would make a high amount on the black market. Once they realized that she could see the demon in his form she became an instant target. Fortunately she got out of their before they could get her. She ends up going to YC's agency for protection and help. As well as to help out the victims of the crimes she heard about. ( Anything could be added to this idea.) ⋙ Demon X human*** Plot idea: Our characters were friends as children despite MC not knowing yours was a demon.YC would always say she was going to be his bride when she was older but randomly left one day, Now MC isn’t your typical human she has an ability to see ghosts,ghouls,demons etc that regular people can’t see, her abilities only grow stronger and stronger as the years go by, on her twenty first birthday she notices the supernatural entities around her have now become aggressive towards her to the point of actually causing physical harm to her, which she couldn’t understand why. Until YC shows up one day saving her from being killed by a random demon, she doesnt recognize YC at first until the two start talking, he then tells her that he’s here for a couple of things, one to protect her he lets her knew due to her abilities she’s become a target for demons and since she’s the sage of 21 they consider her “ripe” So demons have one of two choice’s they can devour her and gain immense power or they can make her theirs and make their race thrive and prosper So the other reason he’s back is to marry her like he said all those years ago. ( Idea similar to the plot of Black bird and i’ve been dying to do this ^^) Demon X human ( This would be a reincarnation rp) Our characters a demon x human priestess ( MC) became friends after MC saved him from dying from a toxin. She was strong yet extremely kind young woman. After he was nursed back to health they spent more and more time together They protected the lands together, villages etc eventually falling in love with one another. Everything seemed fine they talked about settling down and starting a family not caring about the difference in races. However tragedy struck one dayas the priestess had the caught the eye of a demon lord. He attempt to court her and failed. Angry at the rejected and still wanting her he attacked the village she loved in massacring the innocent and taking her back to his castle. Once at the castle she fought against his forceful advances but I wasn't enough By the time her loved reached her it was already to late. Her dying words were that she'd come back to him some day and for him to look for her knowing how long demons could live.) So 100+, years ago by and the human is reincarnated once again the demon is surprised and trys to talk to her and she's just confused not knowing who he was. The demon lord who was also still alive but in a different form also learns she back and vows to make her his this time. So in this rp YC trys and help MC tap into her past memories while trying to protect her from the demon lord as well as other demons ( who wanted revenge on her, or to devour her and take her soul.) Best friends to lovers plot (This plot would include adultery) Both of our characters came from a lower/middle class family and are childhood best friends who met in kindergarten after MC moved to town she was getting bullied and YC stepped in to save her since then the two were practically inseparable as they did everything together. MCs family became rich at some point due to a booming business and the whole family changed and becoming stuck up and greedy except MC who continued to be humble and kind. As the years went on the family moved to a bigger home and no longer wanted our characters to to associate due to class difference's with each other so her father would do everything to stop them from chatting, taking her phone, computer privileges etc. MC hated it and missed YC. As MC got older her parents would set MC up for photo shoots and interviews/commercial to promote different products.(which she hated doing) So YC would see her on tv. Eventually it showed on the news she was getting married to some guy ( her father set up an arranged marriage to merge to sucessful companies.) The guy was a total asshole to her and all she wanted was out. But she could never go against her family. One day as she waited at the mall for her fiance to show up YC walks by and the first time in years the two see each other. Old feelings coming back along with new feelings. MC tells him she's getting married and he could tell she doesn't want to. Now that the two best friend have been reunited YC and MC start to secretly meet feelings for each other only growing stronger over time and YC decides he's going to do whatever it takes to get her away from everything. The haunted house MC just moves into town to start her life all over after a bad break up and bought a relatively cheap house on the market. Not really questioning it she put an offer in quickly fearing it would be taken. Fortunately for her the sale went though. One day as she's getting stuff for her house in town she runs into her neighbor who tells her the house has been abandoned for years due to the fact it's haunted. Of course MC brushes it off not really believing the paranormal and heads home. A few strange things happen hear and there like items going missing or things falling MC just brushes this stuff off to the house being old. When in reality YC who happens to be a ghost or demon. Originally was planning on trying to scare MC out of the house since it's their home decides to kick it up a notch especially after taking interest in her body now figuring why not have some fun if MC is going to stick around. ( This is pretty much a smut filled rp.) If there is any pairings you want to do but you have a plot in my please do let me know! Hope to hear from you guys!
  5. ...“Wait.” The screen buzzed with static for a few seconds before it showed a view of a small dirt path and a pair of hiking boots. “I think it’s on,” a voice said and the screen shook with the movement of bringing it up only to look at a forest of trees. “Ugh, let me see, I think it’s on.” A young woman turned the camera to face her and she smiled at the lens. The young woman looked a bit ruffled with her golden blonde hair pulled back in a messy ponytail and one side of her face still looked like it had bed marks on it. Her skin was pale and had freckles splashed across her cheeks and her eyes were a shining blue as they smiled at the camera. “Ok, I see the light now,” she said. “Hello everyone! We’re officially on the trail!” Her clothes were a bit wrinkled as well, a t-shirt and jeans is all she wore, but it was probably more than necessary on that bright and hot day. She still looked cheerful as the camera shook with her long strides along the forest trail. “We’re on route to our campsite and then once we get that setup, we’ll be on our way to our real destination and that being…” she starts as she brings the camera closer to her face for dramatic effect. “Parts unknown.” She turned the camera away from her and at the back of a young man who carried a large pack and a canvas tube that held their tent. “We’re currently walking along a deer trail in Falsewood Forest,” the young woman continued in her monologue. “And the reason why they call it Falsewood Forest is because of a certain tree that’s supposed to grow in the middle of these woods and the tree never dies.” They both have heard the legend that drew people of all sorts from every corner of the world, but she needed to recite it again for posterity. “And I don’t mean it’s just always been healthy for as long as it’s been there, I mean even in the winter this tree is still green and still flowering, I think people say it’s a Hawthorn tree and those trees are usually associated with magic and the Fair Folk,” she explained. Her companion at the front snorted at her use of the name. Ava-Rose Corey was a woman of many talents and beliefs, belief in faeries was one that she held onto since she was a kid. One had to adhere to rules, such as: Never step in a fairy ring, always ask permission before taking something from nature, and never insult the Good People. They don’t even like the name that humans gave them, Faery or even Little People. They prefer different names, like The Fair Folk, the Good Neighbors, the Gentry, and all such flattering titles. Even if they didn’t exist, she found it better safe than sorry. “We’re coming up on our campsite now, so we’ll set up and we’ll start out again,” she said and pushed the record button again for it to stop. The red light blinked off and she sighed as she put it away in her case as they did march up to a clearing with a firepit. This part of the forest only had a few campsites around and they were also far between, it was a perfect spot to do their odd little hobby that they’ve developed over the years. She set her pack down and began to take out a few things that they would need before she went to help with the tent.
  6. Hey babes, thanks for taking time to check out interest thread, hope something catches your eye *I may remove or add plots as time goes on and depending on my mood. I'm also more than willing to go along with plots you may be interested in or collaborating on a plot we'd both enjoy. You can just call me Bunni or Boo, my timezone is CDT, I'm ghost friendly and I'd prefer on-site PMs as a method for roleplaying. I prefer quality over quantity, my average writing is 1-3+ paragraphs depending on how inspired I am. I only write MxF and FxF pairings and only play submissives, I have zero experience writing sexually dominate characters but if you're willing to work with me I'm willing to give it a try! I love OOC chats, plotting my partners and OC talk. People get busy, I prioritize obligations over writing, this is just a hobby. Promise I’m not gonna trip if you have things to do and don’t respond for awhile, not that type of writing partner. I For smut to story ratio I prefer 50/50 or 40/60. The plot doesn't have to be super complex, just enough for interesting buildup with smut mixed in. ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ Ideas and limitations *I am fine with dubcon/cnc. But lolicon and shotacon are hard limits. I have a love for romance, especially typical troupes like enemies/rivals to lovers, bimbo x nerd, etc. Romance isn't required for every plot, it's just so fun throwing those things in and a strength of mine. I write low and high fantasy, I like both sweet and darker plots. I'm all for anything that involves being treated roughly or vanilla plots. OOC I will check on you after rougher and plots, drops happen with some people even with writing, and I wanna make sure everyone is good. Please do tell me if you drop and you need a break or to be talked back down, safety comes first. Speaking of darker plots I'm down for obsessive x object of obsession, supernatural creatures, dub-con, etc. I have a love for this kind of stuff. The rest of what I'll write is on my preference sheet, but don't be afraid to ask if I'm open to something that isn't on there! I can write harem/reverse harem plots, but only if my partner is willing to write multiple characters as well. I don't like writing in depth gore/death, mentions are fine I just don't enjoy writing it heavily. Nothing absolutely disgusting either. With fantasy I don't vibe with orc or goblin troupes. It's just not my thing despite it being a classic. Everybody’s got different tastes, it's just not my thing. ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ Some Ideas *These are really just some simple pairings or plots that I have a lean/craving for, but don't have a concrete plot. They're subject to change, I prefer collaborating with partners on fully fleshed out plots so we both get what we want out of the plot. I've learned solely just going with what someone else wants just isn't my style anymore. Collabing is a lot better. • Coworkers • Boss / secretary/worker • Arranged marriage •Royalty • Royal / Knight • Royal / Mage • Royal / commoner • Demon / summoner • Demon / angel • Mage / Demon • Vampire / human • Vampire / blood slave • Vampire / witch/mage • Enemies/rivals • BDSM arrangement • Master / slave/pet • Roommates • Obsessive / Object of obsession • Inexperienced / "helpful" friend • College professor / student • Spouse/Partner / partner's friend • Gods, Goddess & Demigods • Delinquent / delinquent • Delinquent / goodie-goodie • Idol / assistant/fan • Best friend's older sibling • Friends • Nerd / bimbo/himbo ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ Less than lovely arrangement.(arranged marriage & enemies troupe.) -MC is a highly respected person, maybe a mage, maybe a warrior, from a kingdom engaged in a long and tiring war with the kingdom YC is from. YC is a hero, a knight, royalty, whatever you wish. The rulers from each respective kingdom come to an agreement the war has gone on too long and come to a conclusion to help end the war; an arranged marriage between our characters. Lacking a princess MC is chosen to be the offered bride for YC to wed as a psychical symbol of peace. They don’t mesh well, other than in the bedroom. Will they get along? Actually fall in love? Or have only a psychical relationship? Dubious contracts(modern fantasy, slave & master dynamics) -MC is obsessed with the occult. After picking up a summoning book she's gotten in over her head after accidentally summoning YC, who's a demon, a god, angel, whatever you'd like, who forges a contract with MC. Now completely bound together for however long YC decides to keep MC alive, she must follow any and every order given in exchange for her wish. Maybe they bond, maybe they become more, could lead to some cute dynamics like running a shop together or something. Vampire's offering(Supernatural, higher fantasy, possible dub-con) -YC is a vampire with a habit for torturing a nearby village. Stealing livestock, ruining harvests, taking items left out, feasting on whom ever you please. In order to keep YC at bay the village offers a human sacrifice every few months as a peace offering, and this time MC is the unfortunate soul being offered in return for even just a month free from torment. Instead of only seeing the sacrifice as nothing more than livestock, YC takes an odd interest in MC, one far different than original intentions. Innocent or something more dubious, who's to say? But how long can YC allow the former sacrifice to roam the manor freely before acting on such thoughts. End of the demon queen? Reset!(Isekai, possible romance, medieval style rpg) -A classic isekai type plot. MC is an avid player, ranking pretty high in the charts due to some cheating. The mods find out about her less than honest ways of winning and set MC's account back to the lowest level taking away upgrades, equipment, everything. Distressed she breaks her computer, falling asleep after destroying it and wakes up within the game. YC is a former NPC party member MC collected through the game, who is aware of who MC is within the game and believes she fell from power during a battle. YC desperately wants to aid MC in building back their empire unaware of the fact it's all a game. The assistant and the Brat(Comedic duo, slight power imbalance, slice of life, possible angst, roles can be reserved) -MC is having just a streak of bad luck. Possibly being evicted from her apartment, on thin ice at work, too many heels broken on the way to and from work. YC is the child of the company CEO. YC is careless, stubborn and barely ever do work unless it interests YC. Living live off their parent's money and have no interest being the next head of the company, just wanting to party and misuse their power they're the textbook definition of a brat. MC is called into the boss's office, thinking she's going to be fired. Instead, she's assigned to be YC's new assistant, a "promotion" for her hard work due to her being the best suited one for the job. Now MC has to navigate being the nearly 24/7 assistant dealing with petty relationship problems, media coverups, YC slacking off and whatever else is added to her list of duties. She's in over her head with this job, but saying no could land her back at the start of her bad luck spiral. Could something past their affair bloom? A scandal hitting the news of sex in the workplace? Siren Song(Slightly medieval, typical pirate plot, supernatural) -Everyone who ventures on the open seas knows the tale of the sirens. Enchanting women who's song can crash entire ships and doom the crew aboard. But what they don't talk about is siren's who can possess human forms. MC is a siren who can possess a human form, and is hiding as a crew member on the ship. YC is in some way part of the crew, and is more cautious than the others when it comes to the legends of the sea. YC catches MC doing odd things like scoping out the ship, disappearing for periods of time and becomes highly suspicious. It all comes to ahead one night MC dives into the water and accidentally shows her true identity. The characters make a deal, that long as the ship safely makes it and MC helps steal more loot for YC, nothing will be said. But working so closely together could lead to something more. The deal (Mild corruption kink, goodie-goodie x delinquent, unlikely couple, heavy teasing. Shush I like my fanfic type beat stuff) -YC is known around campus for more promiscuous behavior, along with being a cherry chaser. YC isn't a bad person, they just like sex. With the new semester starting a challenge arises in YC’s friend group, getting MC in bed. MC is studious, keeps her head low and tries not to make waves. Clearly a type that doesn't know how to let go and relax. Until the two meet at a party, YC attempts to make a move only to be met with a deal: they date MC for half a year, only fooling around being allowed. Seeing this as another challenge YC agrees, set to break that rule. But could there be more? Demon Darling(Typical human x monster troupe, very flexible type of plot) -It's not that fleshed out but in a world where monsters and humans co-exist, YC summons MC for a rather odd request of dating her in exchange for their soul. Issue is, MC is one of the most hard to summon types and is less than enthusiastic she has to play the perky girlfriend persona for a single soul. YC, on the other hand, is absolutely thrilled to have a demon on their arm. Even though the pure chaos of attempts to steal their soul, typical couples antics to play into the wish, and a few comedic screw ups involving some demon magic. -------- Please Ecchitext me if you're interested in roleplaying or just talking. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas and writing! ‪♡‬
  7. I have an odd request today. I've always found Bo Peep from Toy Story to be an oddly alluring character, despite her doll status. So I'm looking for someone who might up for playing the prideful doll as she is raped and turned into my kinky sex slave unwillingly. I would prefer her to be the full sized human, but if you're into the size play idea, that could also work. Jessie and Barbie could also be fun characters to subject this too, but my cock has always longed for the pink-dress shepherdress.
  8. Note to readers: I’m getting an introduction written here, but we want to finish a scene in a private RP before writing more in this, as well as other stories we’re doing (including a second one here). Also it is technically MxF, except the other character in question (the ‘new girl’) is a trap. Emily was a fairly outgoing girl. While not the sort to make friends with everyone, only the most jealous and bitter girls disliked her at all. She was warm, understanding, not the sort to judge. Even if she disapproved of something someone did, she was more likely to give them a concerned talk, trying to convince them why they should not have done what they did, maybe to apologize or otherwise make up for it, to ideally convince them not to do it again. Now she was in class, which had begun a few minutes ago. She quietly sat there with an excited smile on her face. The teacher was talking about how a new student would be joining their class today, that they would introduce themselves in a moment. She would not really say anything about the student though. It left Emily wondering so many things, was it a boy? A girl? What was s/he like? Could they be friends? It was the mystery that excited her. To get to know someone new.
  9. Hi there! I am looking for a plot backed ERP with your character being a female. I prefer MC to be a male, older than your character. The plots I crave: apocalypse with a dark twist - everyone is gone except YC and MC. Unfortunately, it means there are no police which could prevent MC from forcing YC into things she may not necessarily enjoy fantasy - a veteran soldier had enough of wars, and after razing another city he takes a young girl as a spoils of war. He wishes her to be his wife -whether she wants it or not. sf - what it a sex doll android, or a scared girl, escapes from the lab and hides in MC space ship? He may decide to keep her - as his toy. sf - what if a frustrated guy decides to buy himself a sex doll android, but he's a cheapskate and contacts a black market to get a second hand one... and they deliver him a scared girl instead? modern - YC escapes from home and hitchhikes. Well, maybe it was not the best idea, since she can meet MC. NOTE: (1) As you can easily guess from the amount of mistakes I've made above, I am not a native speaker. The good news is that I will tolerate a massive amount of your typos and errors. (2) may play onsite via private messages or on discord (3) MC is not me. (4) I appreciate OOC discussion before jumping straight into the plot (5) Unfortunately, MC are not psychos, no matter how hard I try - and they will eventually obsess over YC, probably trying to kiss her, cuddle her and bring her hot chocolate to bed. (6) I don't ghost. (7) Discuss your kinks with me. Say what kinks you would want to introduce. I have my hard no's, but I might be open to some others. You may contact me via private messages, suggesting your own ideas for a plot. Hm, what else should I add... Usually I write about 200 words per message, but I can easily go up to 700. If you are a female dreaming about being femdom - well, this never was my kink before, but recently I thought it might be interesting to play as a young boy against older woman.
  10. Hey there, everyone! I’m really wanting to do a fantasy RP where I play as a heroine who ends up getting fucked all over the place during her quest. I’m open to nearly anything for this, from humans to demihumans to monsters. The only exceptions are no real animals or undead. And we can have the encounters be either consensual, non-consensual, or whatever. But of course, regardless of whether it’s consensual or not, there still will be a lot of breeding. If you’re interested and have good literacy, just hit me up and I’ll be happy to RP with you!
  11. You were a shining exemplar of light. A shining heroine who would cut down any evil she encountered. The beasts of the darkness and corrupt men fled from your presence of you could. You were pure, strong, skilled. It was said you be a legend, your name told in stories for generations to come. Maybe that is still true, but now the stories will be very different. It all began in one moment of desperation. A rival kingdom attacked your hometown. Its whole army bearing down on it. Solely to hurt you. You rode as you could, by the time you made it, the walls had already been breached. They approached your parents' home, all your relatives were in danger. You fought as hard as you could, but their numbers were too much even for you. You prayed, prayed for the gods you served to give you the strength to fight. You got an answer, but from the last god you expected. Zorn, lord of the abyss, father of demons, spoke in your head. He said he could give you the power to save them, if you only prayed for him to do so. It hurt you intensely, it was a betrayal of everything you believed in, but if you did not, everyone there would be slaughtered. So, you prayed to him, and you felt his power flow through you…and the bloodlust. You felt a glee you never felt before as you cut through the invaders with unnatural strength and speed. You hunted every last one down. Only then, soaked in their blood, did you start to calm down. You were back to yourself…but deep down, you knew you had been permanently tainted. That the taint would grow. That is where we start, you play the newly corrupted knight and we play out as she grows further corrupted and cruel, her legend becoming one of terror rather than hope. No man has touched her yet, but soon that will change, but it will not be the hands of humans who take her. Sometimes unwilling, but very often completely willingly, giving herself to beasts and demons, both intelligent and not, perhaps even to her new god. Giving birth to many non-human things, sometimes live, sometimes laying eggs. Hoping for a long term story here, could play either the knight or other characters.
  12. Hello! Recently I got a massive itch to roleplay a cuter, more romantic roleplay about childhood friends slowly becoming something more. I always loved that trope and I think it'd be interesting to roleplay it. Text me if you're interested! We can flesh out more details then.
  13. Hello all, my name is Bozo, and I am a detailed writer and novella roleplayer who plays as submissive femboys!~ (I only conduct roleplays over on Discord. This site is simply a means to help me find potential roleplay partners; once we get basic introductions out of the way, we will be moving to Discord to conduct our roleplays!) I am looking for anyone who wants to play as dominant females and/or futanaris who would like to build, write and play out plots and scenes involving; pegging, mommy domme fantasies, erotic lactation, femdom, rough sex, milking, orgasm denial, intimacy, GFD, and much, much more!~ When it comes to scenes and fantasies, I'm open to quite a bit. I find that my favorite sort of scenes when it comes to plots more so centered on smut, are the more basic and grounded types of ideas; be it something as simple as a femdom girlfriend with a submissive femboy lover, or something more taboo like, say, a MILF who wants to fuck the femboy son of her best friend. I'm also fine with the ideas being more fantastical; a femboy apprentice under the care of a dominant witch, or a femboy cyborg getting maintenance done on him by a femdom butch mechanic. Or, we could go for the straight up pornographic; rough dom police officer pulls over a cute femboy college slut to take advantage of, or a femdom MILF yoga instructor getting nice and personal with her femboy student? I am open to any idea you may have or want to explore, and I of course have a few ideas of my own that I would love to share and tell you about!~ As a roleplayer, I consider myself advanced literate, and adopt a more novella style when it comes to writing out scenes and replies. I tend to write multiple paragraphs, and typically shoot for 500-1000+ characters. I love writing, and will try to write to the best of my abilities when playing out scenes and exploring ideas. Other things you can expect out of me: 1.I'm often brimming with ideas and concepts for scenes, scenarios, dynamics and much more. I love building up ideas almost as much as I love playing them out! 2.I do like to play as humanoid femboys. Elves, neko femboys, succubus femboys; those are all on the table, and I am willing to play as those species. 3.I do typically prefer women over futanaris; but, as stated earlier, I am positively fine with both. 4.While I don't much like the idea of the femboy doing any penetration; I much prefer their dicks to be rendered unused and ignored or even teased by their partners, I am open to playing it out if one is persistent enough! 5.I do have a preference for the pairing of anthro-furries with human femboys; but, I am absolutely open to you playing whatever species you'd like, be it a regular human woman to orcs, elves, slimes, robots, monsters and whatever else you have going on in that imagination of yours. 6. I only roleplay in Third Person! 7. I live within the EST Timezone, and am mostly available more so on the weekends rather than the weekdays! Below are two new scenario ideas I had come up with recently; they both focus on lactation quite heavily, to coincide with my recent fixation on the matter! If either of these interest you, be sure to let me know which one during introductions! On top of that, if you have any ideas or any scenarios/plots of your own, or if you'd like to edit and tweak the below ideas in any way, feel free to do so when you message me and pitch your ideas to me!~ —————————————————————————————————————— You were a tired woman who ran a coffee shop. You were one of two owners; the other one being your husband. When you two first opened the coffee shop, you were both happy, excited to start this new business venture together!~ But recently...It was all beginning to grate against you. Don't get it wrong; you still very much loved this coffee shop. You loved brewing the coffee and baking your treats, you loved talking with customers and getting to know your regulars...However, it was your marriage. You've noticed a lack of sex recently, and it seemed like your husband barely even glanced at you anymore. Worst of all, you've noticed that he seems to be giving some special treatment to the rather young bimbo he had recently hired... You tried not to let it get to you, for the sake of your coffee shop. However, a new development has only added to your recent dissatisfaction. Everyday, at around 3 o'clock, when the nearby college let out and their day was done, a young man would stop by. He was a twink who stopped by daily, just to flirt with you and make cheap innuendos about your coffee and breast milk. He was irritating, and in truth, you wanted nothing more than to put him in his place. But, even then, you were able to put it behind you. Until today. It was early morning, when you were doing a quick tidying up of your home when you found them; a thong that certainly did not belong to you. It was then you were forced to face the very thing you didn't want to admit; your husband was cheating on you. Was there any words to describe what you were feeling in that instant? No. There were too many emotions happening all at once and so fast inside of you, that you couldn't even hope to discern them from each other. But you did know one of them; pure, unfiltered rage. You had been scorned, you found out your husband had been fucking some other bitch in your own home, and you were going to go on a warpath. This was your state of mind when the clock hit 2:53 PM. You hadn't confronted your husband just yet, but you glared at him, watched as he still gave that bimbo special attention right there in your own shop; had they gotten careless? Or did they leave that thong there for you to find? You didn't know. And if they knew, they hadn't shown you any signs they had left it there on purpose. But still. You were so blinded by your anger that you hadn't even noticed the clock, or that a familiar twink had entered your store. You only realized what time it was when his voice cooed out from behind you. When he cooed for you, you felt a twang of near homicidal rage that almost compelled you to let the little shit have a piece of your mind. However, in that same instant, you had an epiphany; you could kill two birds with one stone. You could get back at your sleazy scumbag of a husband, and put that twink behind you where he belonged; beneath you, and left as a moaning, whimpering mess. If he wanted a mommy, then you would give him a mommy. So, you turned, and offered up a calm smirk. "Fine. I'll indulge you. Stay here until six, when we close, and I'll rock your fucking world, kid." —————————————————————————————————————— Was it wrong? Oh, on so many fucking levels. It was pure degeneracy, downright filthy, morally incorrect. But by God, did it make you so fucking aroused in ways you didn't know existed. He was the son of your best friend; practically your godson. You had seen him grow up, from a young boy to the young man he was today. Despite the age difference, you and him got along quite well, and he'd even come over to spend some time with you. Ironically, he'd spend more time with you as he got older, and seemingly your friendship with him only grew stronger. So, perhaps it was only natural then that you would wound up in a sexual affair with him. Though, it wasn't at all by any means a standard sexual affair; you two never even slept together. No...Rather, it was a much more bizarre sort of affair. Every weekend morning, he would swing by. It would just be the two of you; and he would eagerly drink your breast milk. Sometimes, you'd let him drink straight from the source. Other times, you would prepare a few bottles in advance and just sit down with him and chat as he drank from them. It was an odd and rather unorthodox affair, but the watching the events unfold and partaking in them made your sex tingle with desire, and it brought you to squirting orgasms whenever you thought about it while masturbating... However, you wanted to go further. His nineteenth birthday was on the horizon, and it thankfully fell on the weekend. You wanted to go farther with him; you had bought yourself a strap-on harness and some dildos to go with it, and you fully planned to take his virginity right there in your kitchen... —————————————————————————————————————— If any of this has interested you and you are wanting to explore these ideas further, please do not be afraid to shoot me a Chat or Message! They are always open, even if you see this ad months from now! With that, I hope to hear from you soon; thanks for reading!
  14. Last Edit: Added new kinks and images ideas I have flushed out more can be found here. I am a player open to talk about all kinds of ideas! Open to discuss a lot but please read my No list at least. PM's only please! All partners welcome feel free to ask for more details on anything, or look at my Favs to see what kinda stuff I like. This is just the TLDR version. (Note, no images are mine and are just used to illustrate kinks) Assume all images are NSFW. All images or links will be removed at owner or artists request. Preferred genders to play are: intersex (futa, herm, transF, shemale, dickgirl), then female, last masculine Preferred genders to play against are feminine and masculine is more by my mood. I can be slow to reply, life sucks, please be patient. please PM me if interested or want more details feel free to steal my ideas. Ideas in bloom: More detailed ideas can be found here. Intersex working in a fertility clinic that caters to needs you didn't know you had New school principle screwing Karen moms Fallout RP involving FEV and breeding experiments inside a vault An isolated village where everyone is incredibly well endowed and the newcomers Intersex mummy revived and taking over a town Aeromorphs in the cold war/WWII Magic transforming products Like some lucky charms that turn you into an Irish las. Some idea seeds: interracial with intersex Invite only intersex gym alien encounters magic club gone wrong life swapping the new futa drug aeromoprhs history rp 10,000 B.C. time travel shenanigans biomechanical girls Kaiju StarWars Fertile ground to grow in: Slut skill tree Futa's of the world Lets fuck with evolution Fav kinks & themes: pregnancy and detailed impregnation non-human girls Anthro / fury well endowed anthro girls semi-public sex huge balls transformation FIt girls Story world building interracial / interspecies ebony Intersex some weird kinks & themes: Hard No kinks: Images & Refs I like
  15. For three thousand years, humanity fought endless war against it self across the entire surface of the earth. The four nations, a united north America, united Europe, united asia, and united Africa let their war machines rage and ravage the earth. The arms race was terrible and great, with weapons that wiped out towns, viruses that culled millions, and the attrition of a constant war, when it all started there was nearly a trillion souls on the earth, but now it's hardly millions. A virus had been made at one point to wipe out as many young men as possible, targeting the y chromosome, killing millions of soliders and potential soliders. To counter, the north Americans ( a highly religious nation and the eventual Victor), started genetically enhancing some of their soliders to be immune, and be the greatest warriors on the battlefield. They trained and indoctrinated them heavily and gave them the best weapons and armor. Even still, their numbers were too few and still they died in battle. A desperate attempt was made to sure up their numbers, taking female volunteers, orhpan girls, and unwilling prisoners, and subjecting them to the same serums, modifications, implants and training. There was an unforseen consequence, as the women, as their bodies were modified, lost their womanhood, and their bodies shifted them into futanari. They were nearly as strong, and just as talented as the males, and they continued the program. Like all soliders, they were promised after their service to be allowed to marry, and father children (a strange task for many women who now had male genitals). Until the end of the war, this was never realized, as few made it to the end of their five to ten year service. It's discovered that when one of the gene warrior men fathers a son, they are born with the enhancements, that develop as they age. When futa father children the sons carry the enhancements, and there is a very rare chance that the child will be born a futa, also carrying the enhancements. Girls, of any kind, are unable to carry the enhancements, as their bodies are incompatible with them. When the war was over, the earth was a barren waste, with hardly but ten million people alive of the billions. The only option was to head to the stars. There was thousands of men and futa gene warriors left, and we're split into orders of a thousand and each order was placed as the primary security and leadership of a ship headed to the cosmos. What hadn't been known, was the alien threats that lurked in the stars. After a failed faster than light jump, one colony ship, "Futures light", crashes on a massive planet, ten times the size of earth. There aren't many survivors. And but dozens of the gene warriors left. And as the colony is being set up, an alien threat makes itself known. That covers the overall premise.The idea is that, your character, is a gene enhanced male or futa, one of the few survivors of the colony ship. My character, one of the colonists. And this is their life on a hostile alien world. This can include incest, age gap, and other taboo themes. The only hard requirements are romance and impregnation. My usual requirements are good grammar, and around 3 paragraphs per response. Please text me if youre interested and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  16. Hey guys I have a huge craving for an Undertale style rp that's has been with me for months now and really looking for some partners for one ^^ My main au craving is Mafiatale with someone maining as Mafiafell! Sans. I'm also down to roleplay different aus again looking for someone to main sans Original Underfell Xtale Here's are some themes as well Fantasy style Soulmates Angel x demon Beauty x beast Universe cross over These are just a few ideas I'm willing to double and can pretty much roleplay as anyone else ^^( even if it isn't the same rp) ( including different versions of sans) Hope to hear from you guys~
  17. A powerful lord named Robin has been traveling through kingdom to kingdom in sorting diplomacy and tactics to aid each kingdoms. However he has been rather pent up and it is making him unable to focus on what’s important for his kingdom. His secretary decides to hire some maids who volunteered to be his sex slaves. 5 maids: Mary, Elizabeth, Lilith, Ariel, and Beatrix. Each one takes a day to please him in whatever he desires, sometimes two of them just for fun (optional). It then becomes a competition for whoever pleases him the best can sire his heir and become queen. Lord Robin now waits in his chambers with a shirt off (he’s well toned and buff), for whichever maid wants to be his satisfaction. Limits: The extremes. Ntr, rape, cheating, beastality, scat, piss, etc. This intended to be romantic consensual fun.
  18. Mommylover51

    Family love

    M4F. there's something about mom son relationships that are so fun and want to play more. The Romantic Getaway: It's always just been the two of us, something I haven't had a problem with since it allowed us to bond so much. Over the years we've gotten much closer than most mothers and sons do. You book us a vacation and look forward to it for months. When we get to the hotel on the beach it turns out you booked a honeymoon package, and if we turn it down we'll get a much worse room without any of the amenities you paid for. -The Road Trip The family has to go on a road trip across country, and with all of the boxes in the car, the only way we'll fit is if you sit on my lap in the backseat. Our lower halves are completely obscured from anyone else in the car. -Drunken Mistake I'm leaving to college soon and mom can't handle it. You're going to miss you so much. You decide to throw a little going away party with just the two of us. You let me drink and have fun. Maybe we play truth or dare. Maybe someone admits feelings for the other. Maybe we just feel flirty. -The Man of the house you've always let me get away with more than most kids. As i grew older you let me get away with more and more. I figure out a way to slowly break down my barriers and convince me to let you get away with more and more. -lesbian moms. New idea(work in progress) you mom divorced your father and now turned lesbian. But has you grow up with 2 moms and the only man in the house the two mother's grow interested. Blackmail (new) Sister catches me using her pretty panties to jerkoff. From there she blackmails me into being her toy and using me for all her needs. Sorry if some of those were cheesy! I know the roadtrip one I read in a story somewhere. Also If you have an idea of your own for some incest fun, or anything else, I'd love to hear it! Open to chat or messages.
  19. Hiya all again here with another request. This time I would like to do a incest based on between two cousins. Its mostly a long term based RP and I am looking for someone to play the Futa for this request. If you do not feel comfortable playing the Futa and would like to play the female then please tell me so if you decide to dm me. I'll also state this now, I don't do roleplays on here in the dm chat its hard for me to keep track of so I do my rps in discord in a private server which we can set up. I am also looking for someone who can at least give me a paragraph or so each post. My preference sheet is on my profile so you can see I prefer some literate persons. I'll accept anyone though just no one liners and people who do not even respond to descriptive surroundings. Onto the plot of this rp: The whole family had decided to take a road trip for the summer vacation. The thing is this time you'll be joined by your disowned sister and her brother-in-law along with their daughter. The reason being was that un beknown to them, the family had decided to corrupt/ take advantage of the daughter and have her end up giving them the wealth that she is initially supposed to inherit. Basically the whole family wants your younger sister's and her husband's wealth because they are the scum of society. Your character had found out about it and wants to stop it from ever happening so she takes it upon herself to be with her niece all the time they are on this trip. It just so happens that the car they were going with was her sister's car and it was very much packed so the niece had to end up sitting down on her lap. Now what will happen along the way with this futa aunt and her cute niece. Edit: I don't mind doing this for male x female as well just saying, but futa would be more encouraged. And its open from there really. I think we both can work on this idea and develop it into something pretty nice. Hope to see you soon once again From, Veddie
  20. Ok this is a second attempt at a topic I created a long time ago but neglected and got archived. Technically it is sort of a prequel of a private RP I am doing. Centering around one Alexandrine Deforest, sole survivor of a team of magical girls who died on their final battle. This is just something to distract me when I don't have anything else to write. Not one consistent story that goes from point a to b. But rather random scenes. Some maybe from while the old team is around, others how she deals with the aftermath. Before the other story I am writing. There may be some sex mixed in but, as I am writing it myself, it will likely be short and without much detail. More just exploring her life. Will write scenes as I think of them and have time. The old team: Bianka Valencia - Ruby Pixi (Leader) Alexandrine Deforest - Emerald Sorceress Emiri Deforest - Jade Guardian (fraternal twin sister) Ciara Shepherd - Holy Storm Rina Zimmerman - Silver Soldier
  21. Cosmicalust

    Human anthro love

    This is a generalized search for people willing to play male characters, interested in doing plots related to human and anthro mixed couples. These can be anything from scifi to fantasy, to many other styles. I am willing to play both human female and anthro female based in the preference a partner. However I'm not interested in doing anthro on anthro pairings. My overall preference for these plots are dominant male, impregnation, romance. I require a minimum of 2-3 paragraph replies, but am generally flexible with reply length. Ecchi text me if interested.
  22. As the title says. I am new to this rp thing so don't expect much from me haha.. Just DM me if you're interested.
  23. A pair of adventurers are traveling across the land, looking to earn money to buy a castle and build their own personal sex dungeon. There is not as much an overarching plot as a bunch of vignettes intended to explore different scenarios. The two main characters are in a loving relationship. and are very open with displays of affection. The woman was originally bought as a slave, but he never treated her as one. Technically free, she still wears the skimpy leather straps and chain, and he occasionally uses them in private and public. We can discuss any fetishes in private, but I'm mainly intending this to be a vessel for exploring as many fetishes as possible. This is the uniform she wears.
  24. BFFF: A tale of two childhood friends, one not that strong and kind of wimpy, but is one of those people who can calm and act as a pretty good anchor emotionally speaking. The other is more physically capable(Sportsy type, Tom Boy, Delinquent or Disciplinary Head), and they are even new lovers. However, a Bully and blackmailer has harassing the former, with the latter getting in the way. Though he has plans that may come to fruition, or rot on the vine is up to the anchor. Special Notes: Nueral Shock Disorder- A (hopefully) made up nuerological disorder where a prolonged exposure to major touch stimuli or a sudden intense spike of said stimuli can overload her brain, putting her in a state similar to a stupor and hypnosis, where its rather easy to insert traits into her subconcious to bleed out and alter who she is. Preferred to play as characters: Non-Preferred characters:
  25. Right Brain: "Left Brain, we need to make another post, it's been almost a year. What ideas do you have?" Left Brain: Is dead from making a board game for college "Ah, I see...well, I guess we'll just has to shift through the drawers of ideas left in the back...ok let's see here...Vampire GF? Mmm too gothic for this time of year...Cheerleader x Nerd? Tempting. Ooh! Now this seems simple yet effective enough~" All around the neighborhood, a notice could be seen taped, from street lamps to ice cream parlors, from gas stations to high schools, made from the richest family in town: Babysitter Needed! Over the Weekend Food, Bed, and Extra Amenities Included (Insert high value of preferred currency here) To schedule an Interview, Call XXX-XXX-XXXX or Please head to XX-XX -------- Ave. and Ring the Doorbell! Hmm, an interview to simply babysit? How come? It's not that hard...right? Hello to any all Dreamers who read this! Now with all the introduction out of the way, allow me to explain! The idea here is simple, a babysitter is needed. Now, how that babysitter acts and reacts to whatever tasks a babysitter may have to do...or decides to do, is up to you! Instead of setting the rp where the babysitter fucks the boys she babysits, or fucks the dad, or decides to wreck the home with her friends and their stud bfs, I thought it might be best to let...well, whoever wishes to rp this decide themselves! While my brain was on auto-horny mode due to Science Fair burnout, I realized there are a lot of things a babysitter might have to do that can end up sexual, given the kinks of said girl! Not much else to be said here, it is a simple plot, with a bit of an open world style. Not so much choices, moreso a sort of free will, that as long as it adheres to the main topic of the plot, I am sure will make each iteration of this rp quite different! As always, be sure to check my preferences page to know what I'm into and what not, and any questions will be received and answered if need be...that's all, and regardless if this gains any interest or not, have a great day. ^^
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