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  1. Hello! This plot is a bit of a craving right now. It's vaguely inspired by manhwa, however it in no ways needs to contain the usual tropes. I was thinking this would be a lot more smut-driven, at least more-so than my usual rps. I don't want constant smut, though, as there has to be something to break it up you know? Anyways, the plot is below! As for kinks for this rp, a few that come to mind are: If you're interested, please don't be afraid to send a message! I'd love to discuss this further
  2. SuspiciousCupcake

    Welcome to the ranch ~

    Hey! This rp is about a kinky 'ranch' where the livestock is replaced by human/Demi-human livestock equivalents! As a switch, I'm happy for you to take the role of a worker, customer, the human livestock or anything else of your choice! I would like you to play either as a female or a futa! Here's the images that inspired this post! I do recommend you check out my preferences before you message me. No kinks there are mandatory, but it'll give you a good idea of what I'm like. Welcome to the Ranch! You wake up one day to a knock at your door, reminding you that you owe a huge sum of money to a noble house. You knew exactly what'd happen to you if you didn't pay off this debt, so you resign to your only option a job hunt... After a long, exhausting day, you're turned down by everyone you approach, leaving you with only one option... The poster you'd seen before gave exactly enough money to pay off your debts... To make sure it wasn't too good to be true, you decide to read it over again... 'Welcome to the ranch! Due to recent changes in law, the status of demi-humans has been reduced, allowing them to serve as mere livestock in our dear ranch. We will be replacing all livestock with human equivalents, leading the way forwards in a new age of ranching! We are in desperate need of workers and will be willing to pay 5000 gold pieces to anyone who successfully applies! We are hiring: farmhands to look after our livestock! Whether it's helping them out during breeding season, Milking the cum cows, or training the workers, we have lots of need for willing farmhands, ready to look after our precious livestock... We are also hiring demi human, willing to be worked to the bone as some of our livestock. Job titles include, but are not limited to: Cum Cows, Breeding Studs, Breeding Girls, Pony Play workers, Slave Workers and more. Please apply to us with the job title you feel more suited to. Contact us if there are any more positions you would like to learn about... ' You know this is the only way to pay off your debt. 5000 gold is a huge upfront payment! However you must now choose to apply as a farmhand, livestock or even purchase some livestock of your own to set up a rival business...
  3. ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- F E A R C H A O S R E S P E C T D A N G E R ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- 2XXX. Technology has led to a Meta that literally is the second life, the next frontier, and quite possibly the primary setting for people. Traversing the Meta can be an exciting experience, but there's a danger hidden within the second reality... Turn down the wrong alleyway, I dare you. You may just run into the biggest criminal nomad of this world, and once your eyes fall upon that leather... Or that unsettling mask... Know the tag; R4zrc0de. Call him R4zr, or Razer. An embodiment of seven deadly sins. Hacking is an understatement for him - his ability to remain elaborate and relevant with change is what makes him the highest honor of threats. He looks as he pleases. He goes where he wants. He takes what he likes. Nobody who wants a chance gets in the way of that. If you do, you can consider yourself lucky when you're let off with injuries most people claim they can feel after removing their VR buds. Why not just hack back? Why not dox? Well, Razer is obviously elaborate, but other hackers have only gotten a peak at the truly elaborate lengths this monster goes to - layers and layers of encryption, proxy, and protection. Not to mention, the threat of him returning the favor - try to find out a peep of him, and the moment he finds out (which he will), you don't know what could happen to you in real life. Such a dangerous threat leaves most people with two options; steer clear of Razer, or give him what he wants. However, there are some people who find themselves entering a sort of 'fan' position with him. It's strange, but there's a cult-following of fans of people like him; it's a sort of celebrity appeal. How about you? What'll it be, when you walk down that alley - look the other way when you see him, or give him what he wants? ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- Abis Hering. 19. Paranoid out the wazoo. In life, he's nothing but insecure, unassertive, lacking any kind of charm or nerve. Then, he got to experience a world where he didn't have to be who he was. It started easily enough - he used his knowledge to give a little bit of hell to the people who had done the same for him way back when. It devolved with every threat... Then every piece of mockery... Then, every wrong look. Now, he was nothing like his real self, here. And because of that, his life outside was covered. Tape on cameras, every possible firewall and safeguard for cybersecurity... Paranoia that kept him safe from repercussion. He was just a lonely boy, which was the sad truth... Was he truly fine sealing that fate with things he could do? ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- You entered the Meta world with a set of buds. Maybe this was your first time... Maybe you've been doing this for a while. Regardless, you wanted to have some fun. So, you saw a few sites, entered a few 'rooms' which had music or activities, before hitting a neon bar, wanting to end the night with a bit of edge. What really surprised you though, once you had been sitting at that bar for a bit, was that just a few seats away, someone else sat, too. Someone strangely familiar. You didn't know if they'd been there before you sat, or if they just sat down. All you knew was that you'd seen them before, on a piece of news. His name was R4zrc0de. And you were within reach of him. //Alright! You made it this far, sweet. This is gonna be fun, idk what I want from this RP so you're free to have fun and introduce ideas! I just know I want romance to come from it, surprisingly. I expect good grammar, 3rd person responses, and I am asking for kinda longer responses for this one. I'm also hoping for people who'd love to move to discord, but that's not a requirement at all. I think that's about it, but it is 2 am so I may be forgetting something. Oh well!
  4. At this point I'm falling really deep into my horny hole. I'm craving some really dirty smut. I'm not looking for non con or dub con nor master slave or bondage. But just someone who's open to really to just about anything. I'm really craving lots of cum, massive cock and balls, hairy girls, guys. Dirty musky sex. I'm craving all that plus more. So if you're just as degenerate as me do not hesitate to send me a message. CRAVING!: I'm currently really wanting someone who really into pubic hair and body hair in general as well as someone who isnt afraid of alot of cum and messy smut. I'm also down to play a futa as well if wanted! Hello. I'm gonna be very plain and simple. I'm looking for smut. Like. Smutty smut. I'm not really looking for a story but there can be a scenario. I'm down for short term or we can make something a little more long term if wanted. Now kinks. I have a semi long list of kinks that change every now and again but there are two kinks that I'll always be interested in. Anything with cum and Pubic Hair of females! I will say though, I'm not interested in non coc unless you have an interesting plot to go with it! I also have a soft spot for chubby characters I play them and I want them. So if you have one in need of love let's get something going! Breeding Risk of pregnancy Large cock and balls Pubic hair on females (prefer bush) Rough sex Public Size play Large ass Large tits Excessive Cum Anal Cumshots Squirting (light and heavy) Harem Cumplay Some other kinks I'm into bit not always craving are: Interracial, cheating, cuckhold, NTR. Never hurts to ask about them if they interest you! I'm also very into playing a futa. But only against a female character. I'll always give a least a solid paragraph of a post but on a good day I can go up to 3 to 4. I usually like making an rp revolving around both me and my partners kink. Possibly with a pairing. I am a male dom looking for a female sub. If you're a fan of both of the kinks I mentioned before PLEASE dont hesitate to add me on discord. Well become instant best friends I also like sharing NSFW pics I've found on the internet over the years! I dont do realistic face claims dont ask me. I also dont do dub con or non con My discord is Glutton#1090 if you want to add me there as well!
  5. Hello! I go by Silvy here! I've been rping for god knows how long at this point and am able to write multiple paragraphs. I tend to prefer playing f in fxm, however I can play any gender for any pairings for you! In terms of smut, however, I will only do hetero pairings. Never done it before and in fact have never read other pairings. I tend to do at the very least a couple of paragraphs, although my general aim is usually about 1k words. I mostly try to match my partners length! I don't rp with anyone who can't give me a decent paragraph, as otherwise it doesn't feel like the rp is really moving. In terms of rp, I'm going to separate my more smut driven pairings/plots from my more story driven ones - although feel free to let me know of your smut preferences when you message me! I appreciate partners willing to contribute to plots with me and offer up their own ideas The smut-fest Pairings Plots [princess x guard/servant] [Best friends sister] I'll add more plots as I come up with them - below are some of my favorite kinks! Fandoms don't have to be more story driven, however I don't intend on playing canon characters for smut. If you're just looking for a casual canon x oc with (maybe) a smut scene here or there, I'll consider if you're willing to double for me. Below are my fandoms/more story driven pairings and plots! Fandoms: Manhwa-inspired ideas Pairings Plots:
  6. SuspiciousCupcake

    Hunted by an Amazon Tribe

    Hey! I'm gonna be honest. I just want my shit rocked by a big, strong woman. If you like playing them (whether you're a dom or sub) then we'll get along! This post would be about a (mostly) all-female tribe of warrior women who track down a male/younger boy and take him back to their tribe! What happens next is completely up to you! If you're out of ideas, though, be sure to lemme know! As always, I advise you look at my preferences before you message me, just to see for yourself if we'd be a good fit. As a heads up, this rp could contain: Breeding, Dom/Sub elements, Some muscle play and much more! My preferences will tell you a lot more about what I'm willing to try! As for my character, I'm happy to play whatever you like! As a switch, I'm happy to play all sorts of me characters. I can be a boy on the younger side, or a larger male who can even compete with the amazon's in terms of strength. Or anything inbetween! I'll put a prompt that we can follow, or loosely base the rp around. Nothing is set in stone of, course, so if you have any ideas of your own I'd be happy to hear! Hunted By Amazons The Redleaf forest is a notorious forest, known for the many disappearances that have occurred there. Any male who steps in this forest vanishes without a trace, and is never to be seen again. Though there are many theories as to where the men disappear, there is one that holds more weight than the others... Deep within in the Forest, there lives a tribe of elite, warrior women called Amazons. These Amazons are no ordinary women, they are much taller, stronger and more fit than the average man or woman. They possess near superhuman senses, strength and stamina, making them unmatched huntresses, able to subdue any foe. They wear very little clothing It is said that the women of the tribe were cursed to only birth women, to wipe out the tribe. However, many centuries later, clues of their existence remains... It is said the males that end up disappearing in the forest end up in the Amazonian tribe. Whether they live there like Kings or Slaves is unknown, though it is suspected that these few lucky males keep the numbers of the tribe up. Deep in the Redleaf forest, 2 tall women, wearing little to cover their impressive figures converse in an unknown language. Both of them carry hunting gear, perhaps on the lookout for something. One of them stops and notices a broken twig, nodding at her partner as the pair think the exact same thing. They follow the scent closely, finding themselves nearing a clearing within the forest. One of them points to a figure in the distance with a look of excitement. Their senses did not fail them. It was indeed a human male they'd found. Before I leave, I'll send a few refs that may have inspired this! These could be a benchmark for how big the girls could be, or just some indication for how they'd look! If you would like some more refs, be sure to ask for them in private!
  7. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    (Post under construction(working on making things more organized) but you’re still welcome to read around and see if there are any you like!) Hi there! Nice to meet you! Welcome to my post filled with lots of different rp ideas and plots that I would love to do with anyone! Firstly, let me start off and say that I am strictly sub! Now that that’s out of the way, I have been rping for well over 4 years now. I can post short length replies and I can post long length replies, up to you on which you prefer. I typically play female characters but I do enjoy playing traps/femboys as well and I can play a variety of ages as well. I am very open to kinks and have very few limits, check out my preference to get a good grip on what I like and don’t like or you can just ask me about a specific kink. For these stories, they can all go different ways and I can either play female or trap for really any of the stories, up to you which you’d prefer. I will also take any kinds of partners, Males, Females, Futas, Furries, Traps, as long as your the dominant one, your good with me! Also feel free to add things to any of the ideas I have if you want. Now then, here are my ideas: 1. The Demon Maid. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxM, FxFuta. Can also be Modern or Fantasy settings.) One day while walking home from work, YC discovers a strange book laying on the floor in an alleyway. The book is old and tattered, some of the pages ripped. YC decides to pick it up and take it home. When YC gets home they begin to read the book discovering that it is in fact a book which tells you how to summon a demon. Of course, YC thinks it’s not real and a total hoax so they decide to test the ritual and that’s when MC appears. MC explain everything to YC and we make a contract with each other, binding MC to YC and now MC lives as YC’s maid, tending to your every need and forced to obey your every request. There is one price for MC’s services, YC’s cum. This idea can be more of a supernatural, slice of life romance as both characters gets go through the days slowly bonding and getting closer together. Plot can we added and discussed together and we can come up with a story or maybe some conflict if you desire it. 2. Demon Hunter. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxM, FxFuta. Can also be Modern or Fantasy settings.) In this world, monsters exist, everyone refers to them as demons. No one knows where they came from, but they exist. YC is tasked with eliminating these demons as a hunter. One day, YC discover an old building, it is rundown and decrepit. Inside YC find, blood, lots of it everywhere along with bodies. In the center you find MC crying, knees up to my face, blood also covering my body. When YC approach me, I look up and you see my eyes, blood red and you see fangs in my mouth, you think that I killed these people but I didn’t, someone else did and he turned me into a demon. They say that you lose yourself when you become one, but I didn’t, I still remember everything and I don’t want to kill anyone. This idea is heavily inspired by the anime Demon Slayer. This idea is more story driven. It follows our characters as they go on an adventure across the lands to find the person who turned me and to kill him for good and along the way, she bond and grow closer together and eventually fall in love. 3. Vampire Love. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxM, FxFuta. Can also be Modern or Victorian Era settings.) It was a night like any other. I always walk home like this everyday from school, something was different however. When I passed by an alley, I saw it, there was a man laying on the floor, another person(you) slumped over him biting his neck. You hear me and turned over to see me, your mouth bloody, two holes in the man’s neck. I feel stricken with fear and immediately take off running, hoping and praying that you weren’t following. This idea has a good path and a bad path. The good path is more of a romance plot. YC takes a liking to MC, with MC letting YC live with them and even letting yours feed off of mine. The two bond throughout this path and grow closer together and fall in love. There is hijinks to be had as well. The bad path is a more darker one. After the initial meeting YC stops mine and decided to kidnap them and use them as your own personal toy, feeding off of them and of course, using them in various ways. This path deals with non-con and stockholm syndrome, other kinks we can discuss as well. 4. The Last Dragon. (Fantasy setting only.) In the land, there once existed dragons, but not how people thought. These dragons were humanoid but could still fly and breath fire. Mysteriously, all died out, except for one (MC). YC is a hunter. One day while walking around, you stumble upon me. I immediately try to flee in fear knowing that it was your kind that killed mine and that you would do the same to me. Will you turn me in and kill me or will you try to befriend me and keep me safe from those who would kill me? This idea has two paths. A good path and a bad path. The hood path is very wholesome. Instead of killing me or trying to capture me and sell me off for money, you instead choose to befriend me and take me in. We go on adventures together and even eventually get close and fall in love. The bad path is a lot darker. Instead of killing me, you decided to capture me and take me in as your personal little toy or you can sell me off as a rare creature for money to people who keep me and use me as a sex slave. 5. Tonight was a regular night, you got into bed and drifted off to sleep. Your cat jumped up onto the bed with you and laid down at your side purring and cuddling against your chest. In the morning, you feel the heat of something next to you. You figure it was your cat but it wasn’t, it was something bigger. Looking over, you see a young naked girl, her hair was white and she had white cat ears atop it’s head and a long white tail. The girl wore a collar on her neck, the name of your cat was written on it. This girl was your cat, she had transformed into a cat girl. 6. I recently transferred to your school, I’m your typical shy and quiet type so I don’t talk to many people and many people don’t talk to me figuring that I was a loner. Your the bad boy/girl, one day while hanging out with your friends, one gives you a bet. He tells you that he’ll give you a lot of money if you became my boy/girlfriend for a month. You agreed for the money. At first, your just doing this for the money but over time, we start to develop a deeper relationship and soon when the month ends, you have to make a choice, you either break up with me and take the money, or you give up all the money to be with me. 7. Little Red Riding Hood. For this rp, I’ll play as Red and you play as the wolf. You can either play a furry wolf or a humanoid wolf guy, up to you really. This rp could go two ways, either on her way to her grandmother’s house, the wolf finds Red in the woods and rapes her or we could go the romantic route. Here me out, is this ridiculous... maybe. So the two could meet in the woods and subtly begin to form a relationship together, maybe he saves her from another pack of wolves or she finds him starving and offers him some of the goodies in her basket or she finds him hurt and brings him home where she tends to his wounds. If you do choose this rp to do with me, let me know what role you would like to go down and also feel free to let me know your own ideas. 8. I’m really craving an incest role between siblings recently. What I had in mind was two siblings who are very close. One day the brother just had enough, he had always had dirty thoughts of his sister and one day it becomes too much and he rapes her. Of course after that day she is distraught about what just happened but then, she starts to come around and the two begin to develop a romantic relationship with each other. For this one, if you don’t like rape we can just have it as like he confesses to her and things go from there. Any ages will work as long as I’m the younger one. I can play loli, shota, and I’ll go up to maybe 21, you’re welcome to play any age you want or we can even be twins if you’d like, I’ve been really craving twin incest a lot lately. For this one I can play female or trap if you’d like, just tell me which. MxF MxM FxF all work for this one. 9. Trap Rp. Basically, I’m really craving to play as a trap/femboy rp. For this one I’ll take anyone, males, females, futas, other traps, furries. If your interested, feel free to send me a PM and we can come up with some ideas together, or if you have any ideas of your own, I would love to hear them so lay them on me! 10. This story, is a more yuri based story and is meant to be a more slice of life type of story. It follows MC, going through high school or college, trying to discover her sexuality. Ever since puberty, she had been struggling to find out who she liked, men or women, or even, both. Soon enough, she meets YC(personality up to you but, I’m really craving a tomboy/bad girl type) The two girls become friends and YC develops a crush on mine and slowly begins to convert MC into loving women.
  8. Life has been really good for you these past few months. You don't work, you're well provided for and do whatever you want throughout the day. It helps when you fall in love and marry one of the richest people in the state. I take so good care of you. There isn't much I can't get you. However, I've been a little down recently. Being the caring loving wife you are, you've been exploring ways to cheer me up. You find and propose free use as a cure to my recent attitude. What follows next is to be determined.
  9. You were a shining exemplar of light. A shining heroine who would cut down any evil she encountered. The beasts of the darkness and corrupt men fled from your presence of you could. You were pure, strong, skilled. It was said you be a legend, your name told in stories for generations to come. Maybe that is still true, but now the stories will be very different. It all began in one moment of desperation. A rival kingdom attacked your hometown. Its whole army bearing down on it. Solely to hurt you. You rode as you could, by the time you made it, the walls had already been breached. They approached your parents' home, all your relatives were in danger. You fought as hard as you could, but their numbers were too much even for you. You prayed, prayed for the gods you served to give you the strength to fight. You got an answer, but from the last god you expected. Zorn, lord of the abyss, father of demons, spoke in your head. He said he could give you the power to save them, if you only prayed for him to do so. It hurt you intensely, it was a betrayal of everything you believed in, but if you did not, everyone there would be slaughtered. So, you prayed to him, and you felt his power flow through you…and the bloodlust. You felt a glee you never felt before as you cut through the invaders with unnatural strength and speed. You hunted every last one down. Only then, soaked in their blood, did you start to calm down. You were back to yourself…but deep down, you knew you had been permanently tainted. That the taint would grow. That is where we start, you play the newly corrupted knight and we play out as she grows further corrupted and cruel, her legend becoming one of terror rather than hope. No man has touched her yet, but soon that will change, but it will not be the hands of humans who take her. Sometimes unwilling, but very often completely willingly, giving herself to beasts and demons, both intelligent and not, perhaps even to her new god. Giving birth to many non-human things, sometimes live, sometimes laying eggs. Hoping for a long term story here, could play either the knight or other characters.
  10. Had already posted this in private bulletins, but putting it here too, for those who are Public RP oriented. It's just full of special kinks. With public RP there is also the option of side stories involving side characters. This is the story of a girl, a magical girl. A champion of love and justice. "Why I should care about love or justice?" That's what she was at the start of the story at least. "I could instead be worshiping you." Her team was fighting an invasion of demons. Beings who freely admitted they came from "what humans call Hell." Though they pointed out humans did not have a completely accurate understanding of what it was, or who its inhabitants were. "Make me betray everything & everyone I’ve ever loved." They had just slain one of the lieutenants of the demon lord for the first time. A major victory. They were about to celebrate when, Zorn, the demon lord, decided to stop playing around. He appeared and with a single attack, stuck the team down. Too hurt to move, most of them unconscious. He easily could have killed them all then and there, but he had a better idea. "Your monstrous power is too much for a magical girl to resist." He claimed one of the girls, his soldiers lifting her and following him back to his castle. He had one goal. Break her, make her submit, sexually, and as a warrior who would not hesitate to fight to the death for him. This is likely to be brutal early on. He will force himself on her repeatedly. Beat her. Starve her. Make her beg for mercy. Show her images (possibly manipulated) of her team abandoning any idea of saving her, her friends and family forgetting about her. The demon lord is something closer to a god. He can appear human, but also monstrous. A human could not comprehend his true form. He wears her down, but also rewards her when she starts to become loyal. Giving her power, luxury, favor as she becomes more loyal and follows the commands he gives to test her loyalty. Eventually being named as he concubine and bearing his inhuman children, fighting her former friends (and lover?).
  11. How would you like to summon a busty, pretty demon, who falls in love with you and desires to destroy and kill every one of your enemies ? Well... The premise is rather simple. You're an everyday male student. You don't do much in school, you keep up your grades, but you can't help but be bored. You don't have many friends, and those around you tend to be... cruel, picking on you for the most mundane of reasons. You do like reading, so you tend to stay in the library of your school. It's usually quiet, and you have plenty of books to choose from. But, when you were looking for your next read... you came upon a book you had never once seen. It was pink, with hearts and swirls... but with an ominous look and feel to it regardless. With a chuckle, you decided to check it out from the library, the librarian not even bothering to comment. So, you brought it home and read the first page in your mind. It said it belonged to a... Seraphina? What sort of name was that? There was a single sentence right on the next page, and you read it. It was of undescrible words that couldn't be even explained as any other language... but nothing happened. But, right when you were about to continue reading onwards in the book... pink smoke exploded everywhere! Then, sitting on your bed once the smoke cleared, you saw a busty, gorgeous... demon?! --- If you're interested, please message me.
  12. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Breaking the Magical Girl (Dark)

    This is the story of a girl, a magical girl. A champion of justice and love. "Why I should care about love or justice?" That's what she was at the start of the story at least. "I could instead be worshiping you." Her team was fighting an invasion of demons. Beings who freely admitted they came from "what humans call Hell." Though they pointed out humans did not have a completely accurate understanding of what it was, or who its inhabitants were. "Make me betray everything & everyone I’ve ever loved." They had just slain one of the lieutenants of the demon lord for the first time. A major victory. They were about to celebrate when, Zorn, the demon lord, decided to stop playing around. He appeared and with a single attack, stuck the team down. Too hurt to move, most of them unconscious. He easily could have killed them all then and there, but he had a better idea. "Your monstrous power is too much for a magical girl to resist." He claimed one of the girls, his soldiers lifting her and following him back to his castle. He had one goal. Break her, make her submit, sexually, and as a warrior who would not hesitate to fight to the death for him. This is likely to be brutal early on. He will force himself on her repeatedly. Beat her. Starve her. Make her beg for mercy. Show her images (possibly manipulated) of her team abandoning any idea of saving her, her friends and family forgetting about her. The demon lord is something closer to a god. He can appear human, but also monstrous. A human could not comprehend his true form. He wears her down, but also rewards her when she starts to become loyal. Giving her power, luxury, favor as she becomes more loyal and follows the commands he gives to test her loyalty. Eventually being named as he concubine and bearing his inhuman children, fighting her former friends (and lover?). That's the concept, I could play either the magical girl, or the demon lord (or both with different people). This is the end result:
  13. This time we consider a young girl going deep in the occult and crossing lines she never imagined. Perhaps she joins a cult, perhaps she tries summoning something, perhaps her family was already tainted, or something else. One way or another she is convinced/pressured to eat several meals of a strange meat she had never tasted before. Over the next several days she begins to change, first mentally, then physically. Horns, wings, maybe a tail, maybe some of her skin changing color/feel. Then she hears the voices in her head. She had been chosen to be the mate of one or more demons. Perhaps her mental changes opened her mind to it, perhaps she was already wired mentally to be interested, or perhaps the power of the voice in her head uses spells to wear down the resistance. Either way, she either performs a ritual to summon demon(s) to her, or perhaps opens a gate to Hell herself, and goes there to do it. She gives herself to the creatures of darkness, some more humanoid than others. Eventually bearing their children and giving birth to them on Earth, for the advancement of demonkind. There is some flexibility on how dark this gets, just what it means to be a demon. It could be more about just not being human, or she could be twisted into something darker, even craving it. She probably will not have a single partner, though one might be 'favored' over others. The possible incest option in the tags would be a side effect of a demon's desires for the taboo. She would be attracted to her existing family (perhaps male and female), and eventually might mate with her own children get old enough. That aspect is optional though. Again, I am willing to play the girl or other character(s).
  14. onearmeddruid

    A barmaid

    Down on a lonely road far to the north lies the silver fang tavern. Many not come north but every so now and then travelers will spend the time drinking troll draught, and goblin Mead. Here a single half goblin barmaid tends to the customers. Her bright blue hair shining in candlelight, red eyes suited for seeing in the dark, soft snow white skin, though most remember her large assets both in front and rear. The troll who owns the place and the bar maid are all that are left in the tavern, you had just got out of a terrible storm stopping inside looking for shelter.
  15. Yeah, I know its not an unusual kink but its my top fave! A girl is surprised by an intruder, stripped gagged and bound....she's drugged and wakes up in a sex slave auction! Looki g for all you done out there to torture and break me
  16. Daddy Pheonix

    Forbidden Love

    Hello, thanks for clicking on this post. This rp is going to be a Forbidden Love trope type the thing. The story is in this world of magic and fantasy interspecies relationships are looked down on or even punished simply for existing. There is a particular disdain for Orc and Goblin relationships. We just so happen to be that kind of couple and we let nobody know. Each night we sneak out into the woods to a little cave to hang out with each other. (this rp can evolve into them getting outed and having to run/fight but that's a thing for later) I am fine with playing the Orc or the Goblin. Thank for reading and please DM me if you are interested.
  17. SuspiciousCupcake

    Dommes VS Balls

    Cock and ball torture Now I know what you're thinking. No, I did not make this just to write 'Cock and ball torture' in a funny font. I'm looking to play a male/femboy in all sorts of prompts and ideas where my crown jewels receive too much attention... This doesn't have to be the only kink in the rp! I'm happy to focus on other stuff too, if you wish! Before you do send a message, I advise you to look at my preferences, since there's a lot more to see there too! Dommes VS Balls Like I said earlier, I'd like to play a male/femboy with his precious balls at the mercy of a dominant female/futa, in various different plot ideas. I'm going to split this into various smaller prompts rather than a long one to allow you to choose your fave. Though if you want to come in with your own that's fine too! Trying something new As a couple, we've had a vanilla sex life. We've been together for a few years now, but things in the bedroom have been a little boring as of late. To spice things up we tried a few things, but none of them seemed to stick. After some exploring, you grew more and more infatuated with the idea of Ballbusting! Now you can't stop, and you're growing kinkier and more creative with it every day... Demons VS Balls We all know that sinners go to hell, but very few people know what actually goes there... The naughty boys sent to remain there forever are looked after by demons that have a special way of treating balls. Now that I've been given away to you, my most prized possession, by crown jewels are at your finger tips and a toy for you to play with as you wish... After all, it's my 'punishment' for sinning. Maid VS Balls A maid's life is never easy! Cooking, cleaning and working all day. You seem to to have it extra hard. You've been tasked with looking after your young master, though over time people have noticed you getting very close... Whether it's a stressful day at work, or punishment for a pervy remark, you seem to always have your way with his balls at the end of the day. Ballbusting School Green Hill high is the most prestigious all girls school, attended by the brightest students in the country. Each student has their own personal servant who is with them at all times to cater to their every whim. Whether it's a bad test, or a tiring day, the fury of the frustrated students is often released on their servants balls! A favourite game at gym class is seeing how much their servants balls can withstand... Back to work! The male slaves of this world are subject to hard labor, and tough quotas, set and personally monitored by their guards. Failure to meet such harsh quotas often leads to unique punishments... Confess your sins This one revolves around a nun who has an interesting way of helping boys repent for their sins! No matter what the sin, she makes sure every naughty sinner returns home with their balls feeling the impact of their sins. What better way to repent?
  18. A tale of love between a Knight and Elven girl(Unicorn, Tavern Wench, Witch ,Princess or Priestess are also available.) who love each other deeply despite the taboos in place to keep them a part. When a local lord begins making moves on the girl, threatening all sorts of hell if she doesn't obey. Will the knight be able to defend their lady's honor, or will the Lord's power be too much to make a scratch on the cage? Lovers(Preferred Role): Knights:
  19. Hi Everyone! Honestly, I’m a bit shocked in how I haven’t put in a request in this thread, but I have a big one for all y’all! I’m just going to jot down some ideas, and you find what you find interesting! I’m going to be updating this every now and then with more ideas for a plentitude of fandoms. And I’m always in the mood to fulfill your wants as well! Any one of your perverted fantasies you want to act out, or let me unleash something onto you, anything works! That being said; I’m looking for a 50/50 on the smut/wholesomeness ratio. I’m not asking for it to be this Absolute Perfection Of A Romance, nor am I asking it to be all sex. I like both! And would love someone who’d also like both! As far as pairings go; YES! Literally, bring any gender combos/pairings you want. I can play any gender we want me to be, and you can be any gender we want you to be, as long as we’re both cool with what we’re playing as, cool! Now, if you need a little more inspiration, check out my faves! I bet there’s something you’ll enjoy! I’m also a huge sucker of Fantasy/Medieval and Furry/Anthro things, so bring your ideas out! I’d love to hear them! https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=favorites&s=view&id=812685 https://e621.net/favorites?user_id=838320 And if you need even more inspiration for stuff I love to play, here are some of my favorite franchises; Sonic, Nintendo (Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Metroid, etc. etc.), Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, Star Wars, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Bayonetta, Digimon, Halo, Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts, Kill la Kill, Gundam, and Darkstalkers. Now, to list random fandom ideas relating to my favorite fandoms; Sonic: Honestly, there is so much with Sonic, it’s not even funny. For some highlights though, I do love basically anything with the adorable fox we all love, Tails. Silver and Blaze are an amazing couple, but Whisper is a close second, but I think she’s better with Tangle. There’s actually a lot you can do with genderbent characters too! Like Rule 63 Sonic with Tails, or Sonic with either Rule 63 Tails OR Eggman (Yes I think Sonic X Eggma’am could work, if people like Mario X Bowsette, why can’t I enjoy that?) and the list goes on and on, Some preferred ships I’ll do are Tails/Anyone, Silver/Blaze, Sonic/Eggma’am, Whisper/Tangle, Sonic/Amy, Sonic/Blaze, Shadow/Amy, Shadow/Rouge, Knuckles/Rouge, Vector/Vanilla, Espio/Rouge, Knuckles/Sticks, and the list goes on and on The Legend Of Zelda: Maybe it is the Hero of Time finally confessing to the princess. Maybe it is the Hero of Legend getting one more dance from the Oracle of Seasons~ Maybe it’s a trip to the Twilight Dimension to let the Hero of Twilight finally confess. Maybe the Hero of the Wild (or the Hylian Champion, whatever he’s called) can make love to… well, Any of the Breath of the Wild ladies. Hell, it doesn’t even have to feature Link! What about Kafei! Or maybe Sheik is a different person and is a male, confessing his love to the leader of his tribe, Impa. Or what about Sidon, realizing his true love, not to be Link, but to the future Leader of the Gerudo, Riju. The same old story of the Hero and the Princess defeating Evil with the Blade of Evil’s bane can be interesting if using the right alterations, but what about after the Evil has been slain? What would they want after? Some preferred ships I’ll do are Link/Zelda, Link/Impa, Link/Mipha, Link/Midna, Link/Cia, Link/Sheik, Link/Urbosa, Link/Sidon, Zelda/Ganondorf, Ganondorf/Urbosa, Sidon/Riju, and Impa/Revali Halo: For this fandom, we all know the main ship We’d dive into, and no I’m not talking about the UNSC Infinity. As much as I’d love diving into Chief and Cortana, I’d also love to do a UNSC OC with an Elite/Covenant OC. Reflect on the damage brought and dealt, find ways to try to end the war, or at the least, push it aside for a better, more secure feeling. I know this one’s going to mostly be Chief and Cortana, which I’m completely fine with, but if you have ideas outside of them, I’d love to hear them. Dragon Ball: For this one, there are sooo many ships that people just push to the side that I want to experiment with. And how ironic is it, that I’d rather Not play with the two main characters everyone wants to play with, Goku and Vegeta. I think their characters are good, but I’d rather not be wanting to fantasize about those two. However, there are still plenty of options that people disregard. And HFIL, canonical shits gone out the window, unless you want to do Broly/Cheelai, or Trunks/Mai or Gohan/Videl or Krillin/18. Anyways, tangent aside, I wanna go into the softer and humbler side of these characters. Not everything in Dragon Ball is about fighting. Characters have breaking points, and it would be neat to dive into a different story. Besides, there are THOUSANDS of ships we can get into, and with all the what-iffery in this fandom, we can definitely have some fun Some preferred ships are I’ll do are Gohan/Zangya, Krillin/18, Raditz/Launch, Broly/Cheelai, Cabba/Vados, Cabba/Kefla, Goten/Kefla, Trunks/Kefla, Trunks/Mai, Trunks/Ranch (If you know, you know ;3) 17/Ruta (Again, If you know, you know ;3), Gohan/Videl, and Trunks/Chronoa Marvel: As far as this one goes, I’m a big comic nerd. I have watched a majority of the MCU stuff, so I know my MCU knowledge, however I would prefer to stick with the comic representations instead of the live action. Not saying I won’t play MCU stuff, but I love comics. As far as ships go, there are literally too many to count. I love the popular ships, as well as the obscure ones! Want a venomous night with Black Cat and Spider-Man? Sure! Want to learn what Wolverine and Squirrel Girl were up to? Sure! What about Sam Wilson and Jane Foster? Yes! There are literally MILLIONS of romances and combinations you can come up with, just think of some of your faves and I’ll most likely be able to make something up for it! DC: And on the opposite side of the coin mentioned above, we have DC Comics. I really don’t have to say much here, because everything has copied over from the previous topic. I do enjoy the live action stuff, but I prefer the comics, and oh boy are there some Absurd ships that we can go with. Sure you can with some more classic/built romances like Batman and Catwoman, or Nightwing and Starfire, but it’s always so much fun to do something like Arsenal and Cheshire, or something completely off the rails. All in the name of fun ideas!
  20. Craving the below like crazy. Anyone playing this with me would be greatly appreciated. Preference can be found on the link in my page! Bad Girl Gone Good...Gone Bad again? The school girl certainly didn't start out as the model student, possibly even student council president, at their first meeting. She was gyaru delinquent, Playing hooky in Arcades, Malls, streets and party houses, dabbling in party drugs, booze, cigs and weed, though avoiding addiction and some small, light sexual favors. Then the school sent someone after her, again. This guy, be it her official homeroom teacher or a trustworthy honor student, tracked her down. The first meeting went about as well as to be e4xpected, but they kept trying, and empathetic when she started to crack about her past. They got the girl to clean themselves up and pretty much reinvented at school, thanks to a hard work ethic and brilliant mind when motivated. And nothing motivates like love. Though, will the relationship hold against ghosts of the girl's past?
  21. BFFF: A tale of two childhood friends, one not that strong and kind of wimpy, but is one of those people who can calm and act as a pretty good anchor emotionally speaking. The other is more physically capable(Sportsy type, Tom Boy, Delinquent or Disciplinary Head), and they are even new lovers. However, a Bully and blackmailer has harassing the former, with the latter getting in the way. Though he has plans that may come to fruition, or rot on the vine is up to the anchor. Special Notes: Nueral Shock Disorder- A (hopefully) made up nuerological disorder where a prolonged exposure to major touch stimuli or a sudden intense spike of said stimuli can overload her brain, putting her in a state similar to a stupor and hypnosis, where its rather easy to insert traits into her subconcious to bleed out and alter who she is. Preferred to play as characters: Non-Preferred characters:
  22. On the continent of Scalia, there are two countries locked in a semi-hot war. One is the Empire of Absol, A totalitarian Empire that crushes any opponent they can, And the resilient Freelands, A collection of kingdoms and Merc. Bands. In this, a pair of adventurers live. One, a legendary warrioress who was once an Absolian slave Warrior. Another is a rookie adventurer that, though very green, has great potential. And the two may change the stalemate. Character:
  23. I'm seeking an roleplay involving my Human Male Gentle Dom making a collection of female subs. He finds them, learns about them, and depending on who they are, he either seduces and lures them back as lovers & wives, or takes them by force as slaves & prisoners. Either way, they are taken to his self-made paradise, where they are transformed in body and mind, depending on the setting & plot, which they'll be a list of. - MC has endured and survived a multi-dimensional crisis and has found a mini-dimension/pocket dimension to make a new life in, and he certainly does not want to live it alone, so he explores what remains of the lost, damaged dimensions to find females to fight for him, to work for him, and to give him love & pleasure, using his psionic-magical powers, such as his special semen that transforms their mind and bodies from the inside, making them beautiful & glamorous while giving him complete control of them. - MC has found a sexy genie that will grant him an infinite amount of wishes, as long as he can satisfy her and give her his sex energy and semen. Fortunately, MC is very horny and has libido & stamina to go on forever. - MC makes man-made gemstones & crystals to give to females of his choosing, which begin to take over their minds and bodies, turning them into his hypersexualized playthings to have various smutty scenarios with as he pleases. - MC has found a way to take advantage of everyone obsession with computers & technology, using his own highly-advanced program & software to warp the minds and bodies of females to become his own personal playthings. - MC was abducted by alien invaders and violated in mind and body, but their efforts backfired and he took control of them, eliminating their leader and absorbing his knowledge & experience, and then taking out the other males and taking over the females. Now in control of the alien technology and resources, he sees Earth and decides what to do with it. Does he become its protector and rebuild what was wrecked, having the women love and adore him as a hero? Does he take it over and make every female on the planet his sex slave? Maybe he moves on and find another world to do what he wants with. Or maybe he blows up Earth, taking all the women and making his own version of Earth? - MC is a psionic-magic user in medieval times who uses his talents to make his own kingdom and claim sovereignty. He wishes to go across the world, claiming different kingdoms and continents as his own, uniting allies and conquering enemies, all while building his harem of lovers, wives, and slaves. - MC uses his psionic-magic powers to take on a witch/sorceress causing trouble throughout the land, resulting in an intense battle. MC beats her and uses her own power to make her his sexpot, using her resources to change the world as he sees fit. - MC is a space explorer that discovers a lost space station that seems to be overrun with rogue bio-technorganic fembots. Fighting and fucking his way to the main control area, he turns the fembots and its aggressive AI to his side, deciding to use it to keep himself satisfied, indulging in his fantasies while the bots milk him for his vital semen. - MC is lured to a high-fantasy world, captured by high elves who sought make him their slave & plaything. The tables turn when they accidentally unlock his psionic-magic power take over the high elves, making them his playthings and using their magic to find other females like faeries, mermaids, and anthros and make them his own, returning to Earth to do the same. - MC uses his technology to put himself to sleep for several years after an apocalyptic event wipes out most life on Earth. After re-awakening, he decides to train himself and go on a campaign to find any surviving girls and use their DNA to make clones to repopulate the world with, using them to make the world better and take out anyone in his way. - MC lives in a world of super-empowered heroes & villains, where aliens and dimensional beings are common, and epic fights are done on a daily basis. Using his technological knowledge and psionic powers, he becomes his own superhero and fight off evil-doers while collecting evil girls and turning them into his personal super-lovers to fight for him and satisfy his desires and hungers. Ok, that's about all the scenarios I can think of, but any others can be discussed later. Here's hoping I find some partners with these!
  24. Hey all! I hope you all doing well. So, I've come up with some RP plot ideas but haven't been able to come up with anything more for them to make them warrant their own individual posts. So, I think I'll just post all of my mini-plot ideas here. If any of these catch your attention, just let me know! And just so you know, I am female looking for male. A Noble Gangbang You were a servant to a noble household. The head of the household was a quite kind woman, but this also hid a very kinky personality. She had no qualms about sleeping with her servants, and even frequently had them gangbang her. However, something has recently caught her curiosity; what would it be like to get knocked up? So, she got all of her male servants together and gave them a very special request; fuck her until she gets pregnant. But of course, knowing her, she'll likely still want more hot dickings even while she's currently pregnant. Into the Tentacle Nest Recently, there has been a rash of incidents in the village where women have been disappearing in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, no matter how hard the villagers tried, they were unable to figure out just who or what was doing it. But one day, an Adventurer came into town and began to try to figure out what to do about these disappearances. Eventually, she would get a lead that might help her catch the culprit. But unfortunately for her, pursuing this lead would cause her to find herself encountering a vicious and horny tentacle monster. Eternal Summer Singularity In a strange turns of events, some side-effect of the Luluhawa incident has created a new Singularity. You and MHXX were deployed into the Singularity to investigate, but once you entered the Singularity, things went odd. Not only did you lose contact with Chaldea, but time within the Singularity resets at the end of every week, and you theorize that time flows faster within the Singularity than it does outside of it. And so, you and XX were on your own, which led to you having some naughty fun together. And eventually, it led to you and her accidentally making a baby. The Magician's Apprentice You were the apprentice to a very skilled and very beautiful magician. You had found yourself becoming quite attracted to her, but you were unsure just how to go about it. Then came a day when she requested your assistance in helping her out with a new project of hers; a powerful fertility potion. This could be a very excellent opportunity for you~ Sex Ed There was this one teacher at school who you really liked. She was hot, but she unfortunately would not accept any offers for sex you made. But you were not one to give up so easily, so you decided to take matters into your own hands. And who knows, maybe you might end up putting a baby in her. Either way, you're definitely going to enjoy lots of "after-school tutoring session" with her. Summoned Breeder A young mage has a fetish for tentacle monsters and wants to become a tentacle monster’s breeding bitch more than anything in the world. After hours of research, she has finally found a spell that would allow her to summon any monster, including tentacle monsters. Now, she has completed the spell and summoned a tentacle monster. And thankfully, it is very eager to take the clearly fertile young woman that is now right in front of it. A Sacrifice to the Tentacle God There is a village where a tentacle creature is worshipped as a god of fertility. It gives it blessings to the village, making its people, land, and livestock exceptionally fertile. However, its blessings are not provided unconditionally. Each year, one woman from the village must be selected as its priestess and surrendered to it. The priestess has one simple duty; to constantly conceive and birth her god’s offspring throughout the year. A Servant’s Duty You were the servant of a distinguished noble house. Every now and then, you would see your mistress looking at you in an odd way. One day, the mistress sent for you to come to her chambers. There, she gave you a very unique assignment; help her produce an heir. And just like the good servant you were, you obliged.
  25. Hello there, everybody! How are you all doing? I’m really feeling in a mood for some Blazblue RPs right now. I’ll be playing female, so I just need someone to play male or futa. If you’re interested in having some hot Blazblue ERP fun, just send me a DM! Of course, expect here to be a little bit babymaking mixed in~ Blazblue girls I’m willing to play as: Noel Vermillion/Mu-12, Litchi Faye-Ling, Nu-13, Makoto Nanaya, Lambda-11, Kokonoe, Nine the Phantom, Mai Natsume, Es
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