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Found 43 results

  1. Sinno101z

    Neko sex

    just looking for a female sub neko partner to do a sex based rp with!
  2. Hiddensub

    nervous kitty

  3. All right ladies, here we are. Now, do you want those horse cocks from @ThatLewdCat's picture or do we want humans like @JennyDK's reference image? Shall we discuss int the status update?
  4. I'm looking for a female partner to have fun with. I would prefer to be texted though you can leave a message here, and if you're interested hit me up i guess. i said in my introduction I'm a bit of a freak but I'm willing to try to get to a point we both can enjoy thanks.
  5. Imouto Kanna

    Neko Kanna

    From the album: Kanna's RP Art

    Alternate universe where Kanna is part neko! She is also a bit younger here than I usually play her, around 6/7.
  6. Ayano

    Default neko

    From the album: Ayano's characters

    Neko character I'll be using for roleplays.
  7. Alex Flinn

    images (1)

    From the album: My small spot of refrances

    My little neko boi, this character can be female if desired
  8. Imouto Kanna

    Kanna as she ages

    From the album: Kanna's RP Art

    Rough idea of what Kanna looks like as she grows older.
  9. Imouto Kanna

    Kitty Kanna

    From the album: Kanna's RP Art

    Ruri Gokō (Kuroneko) but with green eyes and freckles looks a bit like Kanna so why not!
  10. For this RP, I'm looking for someone that is okay with writing very long posts and has a good grasp of spelling and grammar (or maybe uses something like Grammarly). I'm fine with posts taking time between responses, I'd prefer you give your best and wait days or even weeks if you feel like that's what you need. If you're interested in RPing with me but feel like you don't meet the above requirements, feel free to EcchiText me, I've got some other old ideas that I'm sort of sitting on that I'd be fine discussing. My simpler ideas I'm more cool with shorter posts and more lax about grammar/spelling. TL;DR: A world with humans, furries, and kemonomimi (nekos and the like); the world was futuristic with Sci-Fi aspects but also augmented with magic (magi-tech Sci-Fi). I once upon a time had a roleplay with a fictional world (and some characters) that I was rather fond of, and wouldn't mind revisiting it. I'll try to summarize. I mostly really like the world and want to do something with it again, preferably with a partner that likes both world building and character development, and isn't opposed to lengthier (if somewhat less frequent) posts. The spoilers represent text from the original RP from ages ago. I do my best to do a shorter summary if you don't want to read all of that. Background/History: Shorter summary: The world of humanity, at some point, managed to rediscover magic[1]. Combining magic with technology, they were finally able to make significant technological breakthroughs including intergalactic travel. They found a planet that was largely uninhabitable but rich in a crystal that amplified magic, but they weren't the only ones interested in those crystals. A race of furries[2] was also there to mine crystals, and this started a long conflict between furries and humans. The furries were physically superior to humans, and had greater technology, and their mages were much stronger than human mages; humans, on the other hand, had the advantage of numbers overall, as well as having mages more commonly among their kind (while furry mages were incredibly powerful, they were very rare; human mages varied in strength but were not nearly as 'exceptional') [3]. Not much about the war or this era was ever fleshed out. I've got some ideas for it, but the short story is that the war was basically equal on both sides for a long time, until Cyrbrans appeared out of nowhere and destroyed earth [4]. Similar to the ending of Watchmen (either movie or comic), when this strange threat appeared, it ended up somewhat 'uniting' the two sides. With humanity's homeworld destroyed, though the humans managed to evacuate before its destruction, humans lost the war against the furries. The furries basically ended up taking them in since humanity had nowhere else to go (due to the war, neither side had much chance to colonize to an extent that humanity could just get another home planet). That's the general backdrop of the RP, the history of the world. Present Day: In present day, the RP took place on the furry homeworld, which now had a significant human population. Furries, of course, were at the top of the pecking order. They were the privileged class, more or less. Humans weren't necessarily treated awful, but they were much more middle class (by the US definition; if you're in the UK, working class is probably more appropriate) and had much less presence in government or anywhere high ranking. Some humans managed to work their way up the food chain, but generally speaking, the bottom 90% of a company would be something like 80% humans and 5-10% furry, while the top 10% would be 9% furry and 1% human. Racial tensions obviously existed between the two, but other than the occasional radical, there wasn't a ton of challenge to the status quo. Then there was the bottom of the barrel, third-class citizenry - mutts, half-breeds, aka Kemonomimi (nekos, inus, etc.) They were originally born of a union between humans and furries and were looked down upon by either race. Some were products of legitimate relationships, others of rape, but by now they have their own population from offspring amongst themselves as well as the occasional born of an inter-racial relationship [6]. Furthermore, the male population is significantly smaller than the female population due to the war (that explanation was never really fleshed out), and as such, laws were enacted to allow individuals to have multiple spouses; this generally meant one male having multiple wives and didn't really happen the other way around, which was the plot of the original RP - the female lead planning on having multiple partners/mates [7] and used a new form of magic she developed to do so. I had a number of characters and she cast a spell/ritual on them to alter their views/opinions of her. She did this to different extents - one was a friend of hers, one was her boss (who she was most interested in), one was a coworker (that she hated) and the last one was a rich playboy son of a politician. 1. In the original description, it was after humanity nearly destroyed itself with war and technology. This was mostly background and not a detail I'm married to. 2. Their planet was called Podoboo and their species referred to as Podians. Full disclosure, the name of the planet is based on my own screen name. Willing to change this. 3. Some of this was present in the thread, some I'm embellishing because it makes sense to me. Most of these details are open to change if you have suggestions. 4. I can't actually tell you much about Cybrans. Those were Iexist's creation and they had most of the creative control over them and was kinda secretive about what Cybrans actually were. They clearly had plans, but the thread never got far enough for me to find out about them. What I can tell you is that they're hugely magic resistant, and seem to be soulless robots[5], but other than that, and the fact that they're clearly malevolent, not much is known about them. 5. I specify soulless robots because, in this setting, it was actually possible to create and imbue a soul onto some artificial intelligence based robots with the use of crystals and magic. Intelligent Devices (I.D.s) are a somewhat prominent part of this world. For the most part, they were just AI based, with programming, not unlike a smartphone, but two of the main characters augmented their I.D.s to have souls and personalities. 6. While this aspect of the world/RP isn't strictly necessary, I do think the world is more interesting for it. If it's something that makes you uncomfortable, I'm willing to take it out, but would prefer to keep it if that's an option. 7. This whole thing was basically just to create the plot of the original RP which was supposed to be haremesque. I don't mind keeping it, but I'm also willing to modify or ditch it entirely. I'm more attached to the other aspects of the world than this particular If this sounds interesting to you, but you have more questions, either about the world or just me as an RP'er in general, feel free to ask. I copy-pasted most of this from somewhere else and made some edits but if something seems confusing, I probably just missed something so please do ask if there's something unclear to you.
  11. ZoeyA

    Rosaly (Neko)

    From the album: Zoey's lovelies

  12. Kalvoras Vertal

    Gina Rose

    From the album: Shuya's Private RP Characters!~

    Name: Gina Rose Age: 20 Sex: Female Species: Neko Height: 5'2" Weight: 163 LBs Eye Color: Clementine Orange Hair Color: White, along with her ears and tail. Nationality: America Physical Description: Gina is often seen wearing a white cloak covering everything above her belt. Her red pants that have a belt with a large bell sag forwards, revealing the black underwear that she loves to wear whenever she's out (to make herself seem sexier). Her hair is stark white, along with her tail and ears. She has deep clementine orange eyes. Her skin is tanned a fair bit, and she has a light scar running across the bridge of her nose. She wears two yellow cuffs on her wrists. Hobbies/Interests: Gina is an amazing gamer that often likes to hang around arcades or to play on her computer at home, but she doesn't let any of that get in the way of her physical exercise. She likes to solve puzzles, both physically and mentally in order to move on in a game. She also enjoys having copious amounts of unprotected sex with as many men as she can at any given time, whether it be in public or in private. Sexual Orientation: Gina is bisexual, but she leans more towards males than to females. Turn Ons: Being fucked while she's trying to do something, having more than one sexual partner, rough fucking, being publically humiliated, NSA sex, unprotected sex, being spanked, having her hair and tail pulled, playing with her ears. Turn Offs: Soft partners, having the same partner more than twice in a row (unless they're good at what they do ;3), defectaion, urination, vomit, vore. Sensitivity: Gina is a reasonably sensitive person in bed. Additional Sexual Info: On the inside, Gina is an extreme slut, even if she refuses to admit it. If she is presented with a cock, she will do her absolute best to please it however she can. She loves doing things where there is a risk of being caught and/or joined in on. Breast Size: 36DD Criminal Record: Indecent exposure Medical Record: Gina was admitted into the hospital to stitch up a gash across the bridge of her nose that she received after being run into by a man on a bike. Bio: Will get to this later
  13. Sola Haze

    Aiko Miku

    From the album: Sola's Private Roleplay Characters

    As of so far, she's just an innocent Neko who was trained to obey a master. Roleplays used in: 1
  14. Kalvoras Vertal

    The Best Services Are Free

    "This RP will be open to a total of three people before I take it down. I hope that everyone tries to get in here and have some fun with this limited time offer of a special RP made by me ^_^" Shuya grumbled softly as he walked out of the doors of the college. It was simply a very shitty day in which he wasn't able to get anything done. They way he walked and his facial expression in that moment made him look very dark and brooding. His ears were flattened against the top of his head and tail was whipping annoyedly behind him. 'Twas simply not his day. A rustling could be heard from the bushes to the side of him. A girl, who is rather small for her age, leaps from the shrubbery and latches onto Shuya's waist, a comical expression on her face that was meant to look fierce. She let out an adorable growl as she pounced from the shrubs. He chuckles softly and ruffles the hair on her head. "Hehe~ Good afternoon, mon chére~ How was your day, love?~" Her eyes open and she looked up at him with soft, seductive eyes. She pushed her breasts up against his body as she got closer to him, standing on her tip toes to kiss him. She was oddly sexy when she was quiet like this, and it was on thing that he'd definitely had to get used to. He returned her kiss, pressing his lips against her full, soft and supple ones. Her hands found their way to his tail before the start to twist it slightly around her experienced fingers. His breath caught in his throat as she did this, the reason being that the tail of a Neko is horribly sensitive to the touch. She breaks the kiss and they look at each other with needy eyes. He was half tempted to just hide behind the bush and pleasure each other like they had the day before, but he knew that they couldn't risk it once more. Begrudgingly, he takes her home on his back, feeling her voluptuous breasts pressed against his back as he walks. They arrive at the house and he unlocks the door before quickly entering and closing the door behind them. Now was his chance. As she slid off of his back, he turned around and picked her up, pinning her against the door as she wraps her legs around his waist in joy. His lips connected with hers and then slowly made their way from hers to her cheek, then the underside of her chin, and then to the soft, supple flesh of her neck. His pointed, razor sharp fangs graze against the side of her neck right above her jugular before he leans up and kisses and nibbles on her earlobe "God dammit, Raleigh... Look what you've done to me~"
  15. Kalvoras Vertal

    Minoru Romi

    From the album: Shuya's Private RP Characters!~

    ⚠ caųtɩɷŋ ⚠ tɧɩى pɾɷʆɩɭҽ cɷŋtaɩŋى ىtɾɷŋɠ ɭaŋɠųaɠҽ aŋɖ ɩى ʆɷɾ matųɾҽ aɠҽ pɭҽaىҽ waɩt wɧɩɭҽ ʏɷųɾ ʆɩɭҽ ɭɷaɖى ʆɷɾ ʏɷų 20% 35% 45% 59% 70% 89% 100% wɷųɭɖ ʏɷų ɭɩkҽ tɷ ىaѵҽ tɧɩى ʆɩɭҽ? > ʏҽى ŋɷ pɭҽaىҽ makҽ ىųɾҽ tɷ cɭɷىҽ tɧɩى ʆɩɭҽ wɧҽŋ ʏɷų aɾҽ ɖɷŋҽ. ҽŋɟɷʏ. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ perѕonal ιnғorмatιon ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ŋamҽ "My name is Minoru Romi" aɠҽ "I am 28 years old" ɧҽɩɠɧt "I am six feet and a half feet tall." wҽɩɠɧt "I am 187 pounds." ѕeхυalιty "I am what one would qualify as bisexual." gender "I am a male~" ~~~~~~~~~~ otнer ιnғorмaтιon ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ lιĸeѕ • Amazing, scenic views • Traveling to exotic places • Meeting exotic people • Partying and having "fun" • Getting a nice lady or male so service me~ dιѕlιĸeѕ • Snobby, obnoxious people • Assholes that think they're better than everyone • Liars and cheaters • Boring and dull people or places appearance "I am a neko, a human/cat hybrid made through scientific experimentation. I have the ears, tail, and fangs of a cat, along with the senses. Superhuman hearing, smell, sight, speed, and reflexes. I like to wear normal, loose fitting clothes that I find comfortable, such as a light parka type jacket along with normal t-shirts and jeans. I also where a small belt around my neck. I have soft, black hair, both on my head, ears, and tail. I also have gold colored eyes that I like to draw people in with~ " ғaмιly "I was actually adopted by two nice people, so I don't really know my biological parents... But my adoptive mother and father are Lilly and Caleb Jones" вιograpнy "A genetic experiment where they spliced my DNA with a cat's, my mother hated me as soon as she saw me. If she was being honest, she was only in the experiment for the money. I was tested and then put in an adoptive agency to find myself a home. I was adopted by the two nicest people I've ever met, Lilly and Caleb Jones. They helped me out with my life, such as figuring out things about what I could physically do with (and how to control) my genetic enhancements. They also taught me about puberty beforehand so I knew what was happening with my body. With their help, I've made it out of school and into the real world. I have an amazing job and a super nice house that I love to have people over in~"
  16. Looking for someone who wishes to partake in my RP (details will be in link). Send a message if intreasted~ <Mod Note: Removed Link as per Section 14, Section 1>
  17. PaperBoy98

    Looking for a neko!

    I'd personally prefer that there be no conflict. Just consensual love between a boy and his cute little neko. Please read my preferences. Also, I just created it, so if I clicked something by mistake I'll let you know... I doubt it though. I'll roleplay as myself and you can roleplay as yourself too, but it's up to you.
  18. Kalvoras Vertal

    Risafu Mai

    From the album: Shuya's Private RP Characters!~

  19. Kalvoras Vertal

    The New Boy

    I, Shuya, was the new guy at your school. From what it looked like, I was the typical bad boy that all the chicks were into. You'd caught my eye from day one, but I was too shy to approach you and get to know you. You, the smart but not nearly as noticed girl/boy, were also into me, but thought that you'd never have a chance. At least, not with all the others asking me out all the time. Little did you know, I was interested in only you, despite all the good looking beauties the school had to offer. One day we were both thrust into a group assignment (in your choice of class). We both avoided making eye contact, but snuck small, brisk glances in each other's directions. The next day, we were still working together, but the other two people we were working with ditched our group for another. This left us alone. And vulnerable... After about half an hour of unsettling silence you decided to break it. You then…(("I am willing to roleplay with both males and females on this one!"Rules: 1. Please state the name of your character with a picture of them when you ask for permission to roleplay!2. Lines don't matter. I just want someone that has good grammar!.3. No text talk, no controlling my character, no controlling anyone that I'm currently controlling (unless if I give permission)"Have fun!"))
  20. Kalvoras Vertal

    Cute Neko Boy

    From the album: ShuyaHideaki's photos

  21. VIVI

    Neko VIVI

    From the album: VIVI’s choice of refs

    I’m not heavily into things like furries but this is a nice piece
  22. Annikachan

    Brunette Neko

    From the album: Annika's Girls

  23. Neptune

    Sage Brooks.

    From the album: Character Images

    Sage Brooks is a stripper at the Keza Corp Metal Nightclub (KCMN) (Aka: KGN - Keza'maraki Gothic Nightclub). She spends most of her time there, dancing and stripping for customers. If you want your character to have her services, please feel free to send me an EcchiText.
  24. So... I guess I should explain my character, huh. Her name's Kuro (by no means do I take credit for the images). If you can't tell, she's a Neko, and a shy one at that. Once someone gets to know her, however, she becomes very flirtatious, and often horny around the person. (Basically, she's a huge perv) Often times, when her 'friends' turn down her sexual advanced, she'll find some person she doesn't know to fuck. She very much prefers females, but she'll accept men as well. Sorry if this seems poorly made, I'm new at making characters, so forgive me.
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