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  1. Introduction Hello everybody. Not much to say about me. Looking for a sub. I tend to take on a DM type role and often times play multiple characters. Depending on the plot, I will have a main character that I will play as along side other characters. These characters can be Male, Female, or Futa. Currently, I have four plot ideas for this thread. We will be using an original Game System I created for combat and I would greatly prefer to play on Discord. This is so we can make dice rolls and keep things organized. My Discord username will be given over PM. The Game System is a bit heavy so please look over it. What I'm Looking For In A Partner: Someone to play as a female. Someone who contributes to the story and world building. Don't be afraid to add things and please don't leave all the work to me. This is a collaborative effort. Someone who doesn't mind a slow partner. The Kind of Kinks I Enjoy: Non-Con Monster Girls Furry Corruption Mind Break Lactation Breast Expansion Hand Holding Bondage Hypnotism Transformation Energy / Life / Power Drain Maebari / Vaginal Sticker / Protective Barrier Tentacles Womb Tattoos Breeding An Deeper Explanation of A Few Unusual Kinks I Have When it comes to kinks, they come in a variety of flavors. Some are so widely common and known that even the most vanilla person is aware of it. Others are bizarre or unsettling enough that anyone who enjoys are often looked down upon by their fellow degenerate peers. There do exist, however, kinks so incredibly niche that few are aware they exist at all. Finding material of them is often near impossible due to their rarity or lack of any proper label. Trying to find someone to roleplay with it can be equally as difficult as few people will have any interest in participating in it. Here's a few of mine. Energy / Life / Power Drain This particular kink involves a character having an important intangible part of themselves taken away from them and are consequently rendered helpless. It is usually done forcibly through sexually means, but it can be a consensual act. Although it does have a name, it is outright impossible to find any naughty materiel by directly searching for it. This kink can be found paired with Monster Girls of the MGE variety and very rarely with plots involving Heroines. Maebari / Vaginal Sticker / Protective Barrier Unlike the other one, this kink doesn't have an actual label. Maebari is the closest equivalent to it I could find and it in itself is a fairly niche kink. Basically, Maebari is a strip of cloth that goes over a girl's bare crotch by means of an adhesive substance. It was once used as a crude form of censorship, but has since became its own fetish item. Such beautiful irony. The kink I'm talking about, while it can involve using something to cover the crotch, it is primarily about having a fantastical means of protection against being penetrated and impregnated by perverted monsters or demons. For example, a Shrine Maiden covering herself with a protective talisman. Or an Angel having divine protection that perseveres her purity. Or a Magical Girl with a spell that creates a magical barrier. What really gets my engine revving about this kink is the process of having that protection stripped from the unfortunate heroine as she futilely struggles against the vile villain. It's the journey of the heroine slowly surrendering to the pleasures of the flesh and her fall that I find extremely hot. The impregnation and loss of her purity at the end is simply the cherry on top. _______________ Curse Mark Background Image Ideas _______________ Pride Before The Fall Background Image Ideas _______________ Mahou Shoujo Kissy Kissy Sparkle Background Terminology Image Ideas _______________ Soiled Wings Background Image Ideas _______________ Fallen Heroine Game System
  2. This is for a specific craving I've been having lately. Non-con or Dub-con is a must, but when it comes to pain / torture part of this craving, I am more flexible. Happy to play on discord Daphne#5398 Nevertheless, kinks I want to focus on: ★ non-con / dub-con ★ incest (I prefer to play a younger relative -- daughter, niece, sister, cousin) ★ bdsm / domination of my character (collars, pet names, orders are very welcome) ★ age difference (ideally, MC would be 16 years old; and I'd love to play versus 45-55+) ★ size difference (MC would be short and tight, and I am happy to make things unrealistic if you'd like) ★ inflicting pain on MC -- I am very open to things getting brutal, as long as MC stays in one piece ★ toys, bindings, whips, all the cool props Plots to go with those kinks There is one very specific plot craving I have that prompted me to do this post and here it is: MC is a teenager, ~16 years old. She lives alone with her father who is strong and somewhat intimidating, but of course, takes care of her. She has to be obedient and do as he says, so she runs the house while being homeschooled. She's not really prepared for college or anything, doing the bare minimum for school, and she's aware her father wants her to stay home and take care of the house. MC is not most pleased about the outcome but she is, sort of, well -- she accepted her fate. The past year her father dropped the bomb on her that now that she is older she will have to take care of his other needs, too. She will not want it, she will fear it, but speaking up against her father would not end well for her. So when she is asked to join him one night, fearfully, she does, and her father begins to train her so that she's the perfect sex doll for him. But, of course, I have a few other loose ideas, too. (MC is always a female). ★ MC stays at Uncle's place for a bit. When she's asleep, he enters the room and begins to touch her... when she wakes up, it's too late already and she has to suffer through the abuse ★ MC's grade got so bad, she didn't pass the year. Her father starts by punishing her with a good spanking but soon realizes if she is so stupid, there are other ways she could be of use. ★ MC's relative is a rich man owning a brothel. MC's parents are in debt. With no other choice, they agree to give MC away, and her relative trains her into being a good whore for the brothel. ★ MC's mother tries to talk with her about "birds and bees" but gets touchy about it, and before MC knows it, her mother is taking her virginity. ★ MC and her two sisters are home alone. Sisters take advantage of MC and make her into their little pet If none of the ideas speak to you but you like my kinks, feel free to reach out! I'm sure we can brainstorm something together ^^
  3. HELLO THERE AND WELCOME TO MY THREAD! For anyone that happens to land here I wish you an enjoyable trip, I hope you'll like my little space. I'm looking for new partners to have some fun and relaxing time with. For those who are wondering I highly prefer discord, I think it's easier to follow, more organized if we want to create a server for our little adventure(s) and overall more appealing, that's my tag if you want to reach me there ( Leon B#9774 ) and if for some reason you don't like the idea, we can always continue through PMs here. Anyway let's talk about the important stuff! Kinks and limits: If you happen to find something interesting here let me know and we can build a scenario around these elements but don't worry, even if I didn't wrote down your favourite kinks in my list feel free to write me anyway, I'm quite open minded and I think that everything can be enjoyable given enough context... Well anything besides my limits of course . I also have a list of plots that I'd like to show you but if you want to create something entirely new I'm ok with that, I LOVE the brainstorming phase, talking about the little details is so much fun and I'm cool if we want to take 3/4 hours to define what we're about to explore. Anyway don't let me waste your time, here are the plots I was referring to and remember, long-term, slow building, realism and corruption are the key words here! Son's bully: Superhero's fall: Let's brainstorm together: Ok then, we talked about my kinks, my limits, my plots... what else? right! Since it's important to so many people I should talk about my writing style, I'm a semi-literate writer that usually can write between 2 to 5 paragraphs but to be honest as long as you're not a one liner I'm probably gonna be ok with it, I'm not here to write novels, I don't think that more equals better and so as long as you put enough effort in your replies I'm probably gonna enjoy our time together. Oh first person takes priority, but I can adapt if needed. Another thing, I love feeding pictures and gifs throughout the RP to better describe what we're doing, what we're wearing and what we're feeling and I hope you'll do the same, finding something that fits what I'm writing is usually really fun (IRL pictures please). I'm GMT+1 and I write quite frequently, usually I lose interest when I meet someone that can play for 1 or maybe 2 times a week. Anyway that's all, if this post caught your attention let me know, I'm looking forward to talk with you all.
  4. The Peace Keeper Its year 6000, The world is divided into three large nation, Ultima, Kosses and Luxerion. A war between them has started to decide whom was going to rule over the world as a super power, and the answer came swiftly with Ultima, showing their advanced technology that dominated everything, as Kosses and Luxerion conceded defeat. Thus began the era of advanced technology after a large scale blood bath, as both Kosses and Luxerion signed the defeat treaty announcing their defeat against Ultima. After that a peaceful era spread all over Ultima and the other nations, with technology flourishing specially in Ultima. These three nations gave birth to many cities, but things were not as they seemed. Massive catastrophes came to Kosses and Luxerion crippling them and even reversing their advancements returning them or rather major part of the nation, to time before technology, making them almost obsolete. Kosses fell hard after a meteor strike, It became a land of dessert and danger. The meteor strike brought to their land a new type of virus that almost killed all the women instantly and turned the men into sex hungry zombies. With help of Ultima and Luxerion, Kosses got the control back and even managed to make a vaccine. Though there were powerful people that benefitted from the catastrophe, so by their influence they controlled the vaccine distribution halting it, and made Ultima and Luxerion withdraw their help as they ruled over a crippled Kosses which is now a shadow of what it was use to be. Luxerion fell because of the rise of corruption and unlawful gangs, this made the whole county change. It took months, and before anyone could do anything, many strong gangs like the ever mysterious Yakuza and the dangerous Arasaka announcing that they controlled Luxerion, and with that a dark evil fell on Luxerion. My character is a peace keeper in Ultima, which means in short, that she is a detective but with more power and authority. A peace keeper has the authority to do what he/she sees fit, and open any hidden records, files and search for any relevant information about anyone or anything. Its safe to say that a peace keeper has the authority to do whatever he/she can with law protecting them, thus protecting Ultima's interest and peace. They worked with high elites in Ultima, or summoned when a very dangerous and complicated case needed to be solved. While is was highly rewarding, and danger in this occupation was high as well as constant. My character's name is Ariana Wallis. Smart and talented, though not a genius. Her parents immigrated to Ultima, they had to work very hard to make their daughter get a decent education and even after their death Ariana kept their work ethics, which made her one few approved people in Ultima to be a peace Keeper. She had a very attractive sexy look, quite busty with her hourglass body shape. With a good track record made her one the three peace keepers and she enjoyed it. Living in an luxurious apartment, having latest in tech to help her do what she wanted, and although she wasn't rich, everything was provided for her no matter how expensive it was, as peace Keeper's expenses were covered by Ultima's elites directly. In other word Ultima's treasury was her account as long as she is a peace keeper. Our roleplay starts when the third murder happens in Ultima, and once my character is briefed on the case, she will be given access to everything she needs to help resolve the murder. This matter is not small in Ultima, as it had no murder cases and suddenly there was three in one week. But there is more. The Chief sits with my character and explains to her that these murders are part of different case, a very dangerous one, called the Dark case. The Dark case, the name was given very recently as no one went on the record to solve it has ever been found, but Ariana (MC) wasn't afraid of the task and took it. After all she didn't know what was waiting for her. For starters there are going to be many, highly dangerous, gangs and people behind the dark case, they won't let her know the truth, either about the murder or how they want to use a special drug to control the world. They may send assassins after her, not the type that kills, but the type that will get close to her, and manipulate her, seduce her, than bang her senseless forcing her to never come after certain individuals or stop her from discovering things that are hidden. That being said, sex is very normalized in this world, like workout a body needs sex. Moreover, Ariana was not a virgin, she had some one night stands with strangers. Though no one thought that sex could be used as weapon. Ultima only believed in technology and science not so much on human interaction. This was one of reasons that made whom ever was behind the dark case, use this aspect against Ariana like they used it, on many peace keepers that came before her. As the people she would interact with would use seduction to get close to her, using things like romantic approach or setting dates to lower her guard and make it easier for them to get into her pants. So will she find a way to counter their many different sexual approaches and solve the case ? or will she fail and let Ultima be corrupted by the gangs and highly dangerous people behind the dark case? That would be up to us, me and you to decide at the end. _______ So there are Zombies in the roleplay:- The zombies are located in Kosses. They are placed into categories by the way they deal with their targets, which are driven by their sexual nature and their very deadly sexual instincts. By knowing the nature of their role, you can understand the way they behave. You can use your creativity when controlling the zombies. These zombies are modified with everything(NSFW) that can help them achieve the sexual domination over their target 1. The hardcore: Is the sexual fighter, the one that jumps at his target and wrestle with her to get the upper hand, or fights his target head on, using hand to hand combat. Trading punches and kicks to rise the heat of the fight, making their female opponents lose focus about the fact, that they are fighting a lust driven creature, Than on some random points it starts to mix some sexual attack and foreplay. Using the intense heat and the combat focus build up, sexually against his target. Infusing heat and aggression into lust and sexual hunger. When this happens, his target can get struct by sudden lust urges, which makes the fighting take a different, a more sexual route. The hardcore zombie, attacks the lust struck target by different sexual moves. Ending a hard non-con sex. 2. The seducer: is the slow zombie, or the lover zombie. Once it get his hands on his target, it seduces her using sexual and lustful skills that many might take lessons from it. When it applies its dangerous sexual foreplay skills, with its sharp attention to his target's lust, as it seduces the target, it makes his target drown in lust needs like they do when they are in their lovers bed (18+ NSFW - GIF). The seducer's lust instincts, makes it so, it has the best sexual approach to his target, so it can seduce the target with his high sexual and lustful skills. He won't leave his target no matter what or whom is trying to stop his seduction, foreplay or any of its sexual activities, till it gets to fuck his target in a more hardcore way, or the way it sees best to satisfy its gluttonous and un-satisfiable lust hunger. 3. The hyperdrive zombie: is the highest in number found roaming around in Kosses plains. It has a very strong and very high sperm reserve with amazingly strong cum shot. Not only that, but it can change its cum specs. For example it can cum large white tennis balls of cum into their target, that can burst hard into their targets womb after sometime, helping in immobilizing their target and have better chance in impregnating them. This ability helps its natural tendency to surprise his targets in creative ways, as some can be found lying dead, only to jump on their target when least expected. The hyperdrive, takes advantage mostly of surprise attacks. They jump on their targets, than in just three thrust into their target they can start cuming, or at times they can cum very hard at will. Once they finish they go away, one climax is all that they waste on a low value target. As the more sexy their target is the more they tend to have orgasms into her. About the sexual zombies in Kosses:- This is an important part of this smut roleplay, and I want my partner to get that, and if there is something that you didn't understand, don't hold back and ask me. This roleplay is one of my major craving and ill do what I can to answer all your questions. So what to expect:- - I have free time, so expect a reply on daily bases or more, though I expect it from my partner, just replay as soon as you can. If something comes up I'll tell you about it always in an OOC. This plot is a major craving of mine, so I would like to do it as soon as possible with someone capable. I want us to finish it while having lots of fun. - I would like active roleplaying partners that can reply in constant bases, other wise the roleplay will be stuck, so please, if you find the following plot interesting, you will have to be able to reply to me on constant bases. Multiple replies daily is nice, but generally it can be difficult, but if you do that ill get back to you with reply as soon as I can. Three time a week is also much appreciated. I don't want to push you too much/ After all, we are all here to have fun, but in order to progress in my long term roleplays you will have to be able to reply at least on weekly bases. Please do understand that this is important for me, and thank you for taking time to read my plot, I hope we do roleplay together and have lots of fun together. - I have a story that I want to tell. I know the protagonist and the basic plot. However, I'm looking for someone to flesh out the overall plot and write and the supporting characters. I'll be writing the protagonist in the 1st person, and I'm looking for someone to write the supporting characters in the 3rd person or 1st person, its up to you. - While I'll be playing as the talented sexy Peace Keeper in this case and female subs, your going to play as the males and the zombies, that come in contact with my character, so mainly dom roles. - I don't like people stop roleplaying without saying anything or giving a reason. Please be considerate. - I'll be driving the plot and introducing characters even doing some plot twists. I'll be doing that while keeping you posted in an ooc, so we can both have an input on what is going on, or at least know where is the plot heading. - I'm open to ideas, and gladly would work with you if you want to change things in this role play. Plus, we will have an ooc like I mentioned, so even later on, if there is something you didn't like or want to talk about, we both will have a place to dump our ideas in. If your interested in doing it, please send me a message so we can have an OOC, also for me to answer any of your question and clarify any doubts you might have.
  5. Hey! So, this one’s gonna be different from things I usually do. Very recently, I got an itch to play on the other side of the aisle that I usually do. In other words, I want to see what it’s like to be the one abused, raped, all that good stuff. My idea for accomplishing that is a bit more interesting, since it also hits on another one of my interests. The idea is that my character, male originally, suddenly gets genderbent through plot or whatever into a girl. A very cute one. And then the plot goes from there. As I stated, I’m rather interested in seeing the other side of the aisle, so I’d be interested in seeing that character kidnapped and raped or something like that. The complete plot hasn't been fleshed out in my head yet, but I should be able to provide more details if required. If you're interested, feel free to DM me!
  6. Hi there, for a few erp partners who are ok with non-con harem rps with large cast of thick female characters from between a few different artists. If your interested, my dms are open! Few examples of my succubi' And many more that you choose to grows harem~ Thank you for your time darlings~
  7. Hi everyone! I'm clarity! I'm an experienced submissive/switch role player with an obsession for playing lolis and little/petite girls. I love the power dynamic between an older/larger man and little girl, and I love playing it out in unique ways even more. I am a sucker for anything concerning cum and have a massive daddy kink. I can't wait to be your little princess. In terms of kinks, I have quite a lot. Many of them have to do with different relationship dynamics, but I also have some darker and even weirder ones. None are required, but if we have any in common, or you see one that particularly interest you, don't hesitate to bring it up! If I had to pick out my main kinks they would probably be playing as lolis, age play, age difference, size difference, non-con, incest, Excessive Cum, cum play, Petplay, Big Dicks, and creampies. There are many more, though. I've listed them more thoroughly in my preferences sheet here. Please take a look! Plot and premise are also very important to me. Playing out the scenario or story are my favorite parts of ERP. I have many ideas for the plot, but I'm very open to suggestions if you have your own idea. DM me if interested!
  8. Hello and Fair Greetings! I’m so thrilled setting off on this new adventure here, and am ready to wade into such delicious depths of depravity with you all! I’ve got an insatiable appetite for the salacious, and am here in search for submissive females who yearn for a scarlet taste of something steamy and sweet. (To be absolutely clear, I only feel comfortable writing with females. If you’re a guy, need not to apply) Although I’m a Literate/advanced writer, I happily am able to adjust to match anyone. My preferred method is either my discord or PMs. -Plot Cravings *****Here I will list two creatures who are flavorfully the same as ‘incarnates of temptation’ which I crave to play out. The Incubus and the Werewolf/Wolfwere. There are too many plot possibilities to list, but the general theme of them would involve my character as either an Incubus or a Werewolf/Wolfwere would approach yours, bearing the fruits of temptation. Depending on the setting and the story, they may come under a guise, or be forward with what they are from the very beginning. But always they will be suave and domineering. The other theme of plot possibilities comes from not so much as exalting temptation, but of a more ‘Master/Slave’ dynamic. This plot is most commonly used as a vehicle to satisfy any craving and desire on your wishlist and mine, as the ways such dreams can come true are absolutely endless. *****Speaking of temptations and of forbidden fruits, this comes into my next plot craving. Incest romance. One of my only few exceptions to playing a possible slice of life. The two pairings out of this type of theme are a Brother x Sister, or a Father x Daughter. I am also alright with the less incest ‘step-relations’ alternative. I’m open however to any other pairings involving incest. My only caveat is for our characters to have had a previous history together (even if small), and for us to work out the bare minimum of that past together for there to be context. If anyhow a incestuous romance could be tied up in any other plot idea or pairing I have listed, then by all means I’ll go for it. *****Riding upon those same erotic waves, I crave also either a Harem or a love triangle. Choosing to undertake this craving of mine, you would need to have double as at least two of the ladies after my character’s heart. Other than that, the craving is fairly straight forward, but not diminished in desire. ****Another is being a Dragon. Most of my ideas for plot are a collection of inspirations, but are none the less something I’d want to try out. Ranging from a character of yours being a dragonslayer, to being a dragonrider, a princess, to even another dragon. There are other things which are more plot based; like the world currently being dominated by tyrannical dragons and a rebellion is on the rise aided by myself, or working through the plot from both sides of the opposing forces as different characters. Another is quite the opposite (sorta) with dragons being driven to extinction, which wouldn’t be necessarily a bad thing or really a good thing for the world at large, but it would be for my own character. Those are really just a few starting ideas that I am not at all limited to (as the same can be said really for all of this). ****I would really want to play as a pack of werewolves. Sorta like Dragons, I can’t get enough of them. Us being in the same pack would be preferred with the conflict of inner tribe strife's and outer forces; but really anything can be fine. This includes Alpha and Omega dynamics, as well as plots to involve a feud between the Werewolves and silver-wielding Hunters. Or just a regular human getting unknowingly involved with a werewolf, whether or not the human was at first a unwitting victim to the prowling predator, or a friend or a lover with a feral secret. There is too the possibility of a clash between the classic trope of Vampires and Werewolves colliding in blood frenzied passion. Too, as an alternative I would prefer roleplaying as a wolfwere who are wolves which change into man rather than the vice versa for werewolves. ****Playing within a either Drow/Dark Elf, or a Elven community. If there was two environments I wouldn’t mind playing a fantasy ‘slice of life’, it would be these. All the darker toned political intrigue, backbiting and depraved acts of villainy under one vast cavern roof: and or lush elegance, hearts verdant with passion and love of arts and beauty, and a fierce resolve to see their own people and homeland preserved. Roleplaying as any part of their societies, from the lowest slave, to rangers that daily track across the boundaries for intruders, to being a part of raiding parties pillaging other folk, to the highest of their nobility and anything in between the lines that can be imagined. Within these one it would be really awesome to play sorta a magical academy spin to it, but that's just another bit of frosting overflowing from this pie. Pairings ***Prince x Princess ****Prince x Maid ***Knight x Princess **Knight x Squire *****Viking x Slave ****Demon x Demon ***Demon x Fallen/Angel ***Fallen/Angel x Human ***Superhero x Villain ****Unicorn x Maiden ****Fae x Human ****Human x Neko *****Furry x Furry *****Master x Slave/Pet ****Teacher/Tutor x Student **Long-time Friends ***Good Girl x Bad Boy *Popular x Unpopular *****Dragon x Dragon *****Wolfwere x Wolfwere ***Adultery **Exes —(Redundant notes on preferences just in case preference link is broken)— Speaking more on preferences, I will always prefer playing my characters as male, and in some variation of a dominant, with a preference of my partner’s characters being female and submissive. I usually don’t roleplay with switches anymore, because it’s becoming a bit of a peeve of mine having my characters cuckold or simped by a switch. But, I can be convinced if guaranteed that this wouldn’t be the case in our story. And as with my dominants to note, I so do adore pet-play and using tons of aftercare, and reaffirmations. I have an F-list I’ll happily share if you’re interested, but some of my tops favorite things, and my absolutely nots in the TL;DR version is FAVS & LIKES Foreplay and Oral (giving and receiving) Pet-play and Aftercare Ageplay Choking and Hardcore Pleasure Control Bondage and Toys Antros, Furries, Monsters, and non humanoid species Knotting Incest (Favories are Father / Daughter or Brother / Sister) Sexual Exhaustion Non and Dub Cons (Including Blackmail/coercion) F x F x M Harem A HARD NO Scat and Watersports Necrophilia Bad Ends Non Sexual Torture Guro Vanilla Sex Yaoi Cuckold
  9. Ok, I've got two ideas. Idea 1.) The gist is, I play a cute, shy little boy who has just started to hit puberty, and unfortunately for him, that also means he's started to feel funny whenever he looks at his teacher. His teacher eventually notices this, and decides to take advantage of the young boy. She locks him in her office with her, rapes him till he nearly passes out, and then takes pictures to blackmail him into being her boy-toy with. Of course, she'd never really release the pics, since she'd be the one getting in trouble, but he doesn't know that, so he's forced to play along. Idea 2.) MC somehow finds himself alone in a strange, jungle-covered place, totally in over his head and having no idea what to do. He gets attacked by some wildlife, and almost gets killed, but it saved by a tribe of half-human half-animal people, all of whom appear to be women. They take him back to their village, where its revealed to him that all the men in their village died recently, and as such, they have no one to mate with and keep their society going. This being the case, they take him to be their breeding stud, regardless of if he wants it or not, and they end up fucking him within an inch of his life~ Kinks I'd like to include would be as follows; Femdom Outercourse (Paizuri, thigh fucks, etc) Overstimulation Cosplay Pet-Play Teasing Maybe some race-play For reference to what I'd like her to look like, see the images below
  10. Deetox

    Family Breeding

    So, I have a super niche plot template that I would absolutely love to run with somebody if they happen to love each part of the niche. I want to roleplay either a young boy or a large man, a son/little brother or a father/big brother, that breeds with his mother/sister/daughter and makes another daughter. Then, they would raise that daughter together to be lewd and kinky like they are and share her together. The only requirements I'd have for this RP are 1. Being cool with or into the kinks listed above, and 2. being willing to play two or more females (not necessarily at the same time, but same time is encouraged). Every other detail I am open to changing or adding onto! I am content to play Dom, sub, or switch, I just want whoever plays the aggressor or instigator to be lewd, manipulative, and have an intense desire to corrupt the younger relative. I am very open-minded when it comes to ages and age gaps, so feel free to suggest your preference! And this is an open-ended plot template, so I would love to hear your ideas to flesh out the plot or your kinks that you'd want to integrate! Feel free to comment any questions or to send me an EcchiText if you are interested!
  11. To put this simply, I've been feeling a strong desire to play Tifa lately. Though, to be fair, I've always had desire to play Tifa because, let's be honest, there's a lot to like. So, probably against my better judgment, I've put together this thread to find someone willing to play one of the scenarios below with Tifa as the main heroine. The focus being getting into many dirty and perverted situations and getting her as messed up as possible. A word of warning though: I already have a bunch of romantic and consensual RPs going on and I really, really want to get a few RPs going that step away from those themes. So, if that's what you're looking for then perhaps it would best to move on. That's not to say that this RP won't have consensual sex in them, but that it may start off as non-consensual. It really just depends on the plot we go with. I'm also craving having "exotic" partners for my characters to get hot and nasty with. Generally, this ranges from non-human characters to human characters with some interesting alterations. Again, if this isn't your cup of tea, that's fine, no judgment. But perhaps your interest would be better directed elsewhere. As for expectations, I'm not really looking for a whole lot, but there are a few major things: --A Sense of Agency - One thing I hate is having a partner that feels like that can't or shouldn't affect the world with their character in any way. Stop that. I love a partner that realizes they have just as much control as I do. Go nuts. Do some fun stuff. Just stay within kink limits and don't take control of my character. --Communication Outside of the RP - I know it can be difficult sometimes--sometimes you just don't even think about it, I know, I do it too--but I would like to have chats and just general communication. If you're not going to be able to reply for a long period of time, let me know. I'll try to do the same. Discuss with me where you want things to go with the RP, let me know what you'd like to see. --Combat and Sex - Something that excites me as much as kinky stuff is combat. Including combat and sex together is something that can get me highly interested and motivated in writing. I love to write both kinds of scenes and I can really get absorbed into them. With this RP, I would like to see both and would love even more to combine them and see some Battle-Fucking, if you will. --Don't Control my Character - I think most of us feel this way. Our characters are the way we touch and interact with our RP worlds. Taking control away from that character takes away our sense of agency and it's horrible. That being said, there are a few exceptions I like to make. When it's a minor action that just slows down the RP, like being invited into someone's home and there's no reason for them not to, it's okay to make my character enter. Or following another character somewhere. Do I really need to write out that they follow for you to make it happen? Sometimes I also use a prompt such as, "Ash throws out a hard straight, but his left leg is taut and ready, prepared to snap a kick into his opponent's leg if they try to side-step out of the way." That means I'm telling you it's okay to make my character do as I wrote if your character reacts in that way. Plots Now for the fun stuff. That is discussing the potential plots and ideas for this roleplay. --Hojo's Breeding Experiments - The plot would revolve around Shinra's premier scientist having captured 7th Heaven's, raven-haired beauty and taken her back to his labs to collect valuable data on her. Tifa would awaken in a cell and be called to join Hojo on his observation deck. There he would explain to her how he would have a series of challenges/mission for her and if she performed well, he would release her. Now either he could tell her that these missions will involve promiscuous monsters and other things, or he could keep it a secret and act like he has no idea why they're acting that way. During the missions, he could do things to mess with her to see how the creatures would react to it and how Tifa will handle it. Ultimately, his goal is to cross-breed her with the most powerful of monsters and produce the ultimate being. --Breeding Materia - This one could be integrated into Hojo's Breeding Experiments or remain its own thing. This plot is also based on an animation I saw some time ago. The Turks have captured Tifa and taken her back to their headquarters where a new accessory has been outfitted on her neck: a choker with a bright pink orb of materia fitted into the center. This is a special materia that intensifies the breeding instincts of the wearer when activated. The Turks take turns dropping Tifa into some risky areas and activating the materia, taking videos and pictures of what happens afterwards, selling them for Gil. --Don Corneo's Mansion - This one might have a bit more normal partners, but I would still like to see the exotics. This plot would revolve around the scene where Tifa infiltrates Corneo's mansion in an effort to stop the attack on Avalanche. This could go one of two ways: she gets picked and is taken to Corneo's room to serve at his pleasure. Part way through, not willing to go all the way, Tifa drops the act and interrogates Corneo, only to get tricked and dropped into the sewers where his pet awaits. Alternatively, Tifa could be NOT chosen and ends up given to Corneo's men, where a possible gangbang ensues. Afterwards, Tifa beats up the men and bursts into Corneo's room where she gets tricked and dropped into the sewer. These are the main plots I want to pursue, with Hojo's Breeding Experiments being the prime contender. Of course, if you have an idea that's not here, feel free to pitch it. As long as it's within the parameters of what I'm looking for, there's a good chance that I'll be willing to do it. Tags: Non-consensual to Consensual, Dubious Consensual, Drugged, Mind Control, Dark themes, Bestiality, Impregnation, Monsters, Monster Cocks, Excessive Cum Possible Features --HP and MP - Since I'm looking for combat being involve in this RP, I figured it might be fun to include some resource bars for some light RPG fun. We wouldn't do anything too crazy, damage would be determined by how damaging we feel the attack should be. Like a light jab only doing 25 damage, but full-body punch doing 50 damage. Then when Tifa reaches a certain threshold of HP, she could be vulnerable to sexual actions. Basically, this represents that Tifa no longer has enough stamina to fight them off. Additionally, we could include an Arousal bar that fills with every lewd action an opponent does. In this way, you could choose to either beat Tifa into submission or lewd her until her lust spirals out of control. Just an idea.
  12. So this one is Going to be on the extreme/messed up side so all warnings. I am a limitless female role-player who enjoys rping as Milfs and recently I've been craving a certain long term plot. Your character is still young, but has made a real mess of his life, virgin, overweight, unemployed and a high school drop out. You don't really take good care of yourself but still expect the world to be handed to you on a platter. My character is a bombshell trophywife/housewife tall, confident and not particularly smart having to rely on her husband for money and a home. Her kids have left the nest and she is feeling pretty lonely, especially due to her husband losing his sex drive after the vasectomy, leaving her very needy. Our characters would be neighbours. You, living in a crummy home you got from your grandma's will. With one feature, you found a secret basement that's hidden under the floorboards. Mine living in a well off four-bedroom home that her and her husband have paid off. Our story started with the school your character went getting in touch with my character about you due to you being on a watch list and want me to check up on you. So I would go down the street and knock on your door feeling a bit awkward as you're the only person on the street I don't know, only to find you living in squaller, I mean the place is absolutely filthy. Filled with trash and looked like it had never been cleaned since you moved in. Being a good housewife, I would offer to help you clean your place up a bit, like a good housewife and neighbour would and you agree. While I'm over to help clean your place, you would decide that a woman like me still barley in her thirties was wasted oh her husband and decide to take her for yourself. You would kidnap her and use her as a sex slave. Breaking her and impregnating her, eventually breaking the milf enough to get her to divorce her husband and marry you instead. I do prefer to rp on discord, but I can still rp here in privet messages if you want, please message me or comment if you're interested.
  13. Miss Olivia Rhodes

    Naughty Milf

    I'll be honest I moved here from Rule34 since they can't seem to get their rp forums up and running. Anyway I exclusively rp as milfs or older female mostly as sub but sometimes switch. Also I am very open about kinks the only things I won't do is Vore, Gore, feet and food play. Everything else is on the table. I have a particular love for darker themed plot. Non-con, blackmail or drugs always go down well with me. I absolutely love breeding/impregnation just the idea of being pumped full and knocked up, god I love it. I write usually one paragraph between 2-6 sentences and i'm okay with playing multiple characters so all you looking for a harem of horny milfs are in luck. If you want anymore details then please message me, in the mean time here are some very basic plot idea's. (me x you) Modern 1. Mom x Son (Or step) 2. Aunt x nephew (Or step) 3. Teacher x Student 4. Rich milf x Homeless guy 5. Milf maid x Master 6. Western tourist x Tribesman 7. Ex porn star x Neighbour 8. Lost tourist x Big cat (Lion, Tiger ect.) 9. Owner x Pet 10. Stable hand x Horse Fantasy/Medieval 11. Queen x Dragon 12. Adventurer x Creature 13. Knight x Her Mount 14. Barmaid x Soldier 15. Farm girl x Creature 16. Milf thief x Guard 17. Mage x Creature 18. Lady x Prince 19. Priestess x Creature 20. Slave x Master Sci-fy 31. Scientist x Monster 32. Scientist x Robot 33. Native Alien x Super soldier 34. Lost colonist x Native Alien 35. Explorer x Explorer
  14. Senshi is an 18 year old Senior about to graduate, she is the head cheerleader and begins to walk home from a party thrown by some college guys. She has her uniform (think Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders) on with her brown hair in a high ponytail. As she makes her way down the street she is found by a gang and taken to their hangout and conditioned to become their property.
  15. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Cosplay Taken to a New Level

    The concept here is a new technology. A bodysuit, that when you wear it changes your body to take on a form of your choosing until you choose to disable it. It has a number of uses but here we are focusing on one particular use of it, being used by certain groups to fulfill their fantasies. The idea is to focus on specific settings, conventions, clubs etc. Where many people meet, appearing as fictional characters. Unsurprisingly a number people use it to fill out intimate fantasies as well. Sometimes two people meet at random, sometimes two (or more) people agree to take certain forms and then they meet. The conventions may even have discreet areas that are actually intended for such things. The transformations are complete. While it can not give magic/super powers or anything like that, visually and in voice you become a perfect match of your chosen individual. It can even turn a woman into a man or man into a woman, change height, etc. It can match non-human characters to a limited degree (things like unusual skin colors, pointed ears, horns, tails, fur/scales, things like that. Though it can not give some unrealistic sizes or non-humanoid shapes). Unless you are meeting someone who you pre-planned something with, it is impossible to know who someone is under the disguise. These could be MxF or FxF couples (under the disguises it could be boy and girl, two girls or two boys, though there will be no MxM content either way). There may or may not be content with one or both in their true forms here. Ultimately the idea here is a Rule 34 story, with some story, but people only pretending to be the actual characters. It could be more casual or develop into actual relationships. The tags are a list of things I am pen for, they are optional though and it isn't a complete list either.
  16. | | “Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoyed the show! Freddy and the gang are pretty tired, but they'll be back again next week after a few days of scheduled maintenance.” THE HUNTERS AND THE HUNTED Once nighttime protocols are initiated, the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex will relentlessly pursue all intruders. Glamrock Chica, Roxanne Wolf, Montgomery Gator, and the Pizzaplex's security guard, Vanessa, will turn over every Cotton Candy Pizza Stand if they have to - it's not wise to stay in one place for too long. Gwen is a 10-Year-old girl who was exploring the Pizzaplex one day as she suddenly realized that the place was closing now unable to get out of there she has to survive the place with the Animatronics trying to get a hold of her though something is off they are not fully working as they should be Monty, Chica, Roxy, and even Freddy is glitching out what is going on??… Vanny: See you soon~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this Five Night's at Freddy's security breach this one is going to be more heavily focused on the rape aspect with Vanny being a woman with a extra part between her legs~ Though not only that I do want this to end up in a sort of bad ending which is why it is rated with the v since we all know that have played FNAF before that you don't escape alive or if you do you have quite some trauma to get through albeit you are an adult in most of those games except FNAF 4 and security breach so we should assume the kid always dies. Now what I am looking for is for someone to play Vanny for the most part hunting down little Gwen here in any way you see fit keep Gwen and me up on our toes, if we slip up then you slip inside her~ Also i know some people really don't like the less horrified aspects of security breach which I can kinda understand so if you wanna make it more spooky then go for it I won't stop you.
  17. TheChosenKnight

    Incestuous Switch LF ERP!

    Hello! I've got some room for a couple more stories, so I'm posting here hoping to find someone into playing MC's futa, sister, or both. I've always enjoyed writing, as it's been one of my strongest suits, and role-playing makes for some steamy, sexy, lovey goodness! My biggest kinks involve incestuous relationships with my character's sister; especially if you're a futa, and the scenes have us still mostly clothed (i.e. pulling a skirt up juuuust enough, moving underwear to the side, wanting it so badly that we don't even bother ripping clothes off, etc). Lovey-dovey or animalistic, crossdressing femboi or a male taking what he wants -- I can swing both ways and everywhere in between, as long as your character has a female appearance. Standard no-no's apply (gore/vore/toilet-play, etc.); otherwise, I'm pretty open! What exactly we go with can be discussed in EchhiTexts! I've got plenty of ideas Thanks for your time!
  18. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Breaking the Magical Girl (Dark)

    This is the story of a girl, a magical girl. A champion of justice and love. "Why I should care about love or justice?" That's what she was at the start of the story at least. "I could instead be worshiping you." Her team was fighting an invasion of demons. Beings who freely admitted they came from "what humans call Hell." Though they pointed out humans did not have a completely accurate understanding of what it was, or who its inhabitants were. "Make me betray everything & everyone I’ve ever loved." They had just slain one of the lieutenants of the demon lord for the first time. A major victory. They were about to celebrate when, Zorn, the demon lord, decided to stop playing around. He appeared and with a single attack, stuck the team down. Too hurt to move, most of them unconscious. He easily could have killed them all then and there, but he had a better idea. "Your monstrous power is too much for a magical girl to resist." He claimed one of the girls, his soldiers lifting her and following him back to his castle. He had one goal. Break her, make her submit, sexually, and as a warrior who would not hesitate to fight to the death for him. This is likely to be brutal early on. He will force himself on her repeatedly. Beat her. Starve her. Make her beg for mercy. Show her images (possibly manipulated) of her team abandoning any idea of saving her, her friends and family forgetting about her. The demon lord is something closer to a god. He can appear human, but also monstrous. A human could not comprehend his true form. He wears her down, but also rewards her when she starts to become loyal. Giving her power, luxury, favor as she becomes more loyal and follows the commands he gives to test her loyalty. Eventually being named as he concubine and bearing his inhuman children, fighting her former friends (and lover?). That's the concept, I could play either the magical girl, or the demon lord (or both with different people). This is the end result:
  19. Bunny69

    Mxm Dark rps!

    Hi! I'm looking for dark, taboo rps I play traps, sissies, bottoms, switch and cuntboys Kinks: Vaginal sex Anal sex Fisting BDSM Humiliation Degradation Incest Knife play Blood play Non-con Objectification (Using MC as an ashtray, bed, chair, stuff like that) Beastality (can't remember how to spell it) Public sex Blow jobs Rimming Begging Mpreg And more!! Current cravings: Bully x Nerd What if the Nerd was the dominant in the relationship? YC has bullied MC since they were kids, when MC gets a glow up, YC is all over him. MC is a bottom, but he's dominant and will put YC in his place Alpha x Omega Teacher x Student Incest (Any but mostly father x son or uncle x nephew) Policeman x Criminal Pimp x Worker Serial Killer x Victim
  20. i'm looking for someone to rp zoophilia with me, preferably non-con with me being the passive feel free to ecchi text me
  21. NytheraRP

    Jenna's walk home

    Plot: Jenna is a school student (age will be take about in chat!) Who is waking home after school by herself. When suddenly a large van pulls up, snatching her up before anyone can see, and drives away! Scene can take place in the back of the van, at a different location, also open to gangbangs as well! Kinks suggested: lots of cum!!! Anal/oral, ageplay, rape/noncon, gangbang.
  22. Hello fellow dreamer, I'm having this one plot in my head for a long time and am looking for a male role-play buddy to realize it with. The plot takes place in the medieval century. My character is the daughter of an old and well known pirate, that has been terrorizing the royal seas for many decades. As she has become old enough to have her own ships, she follows in his footsteps and one night attacks one ship of the royal fleet. Many pirates are killed or captured during this encounter and one of the captives is her. I would basically let the story start here. Your character can either be someone of the royal family or someone of the royal fleet - this is up to you. Maybe YC knows about her importance for the pirates or maybe finds out later, this we can discuss. However, YC first tries to lull her (which doesn't work) and then turns out to be pretty sadist and tries to break her, to keep her as kind of a trophy or to make a deal with the pirates to get rid of them in the royal seas (this is up to you). I'm not quiet sure about how the story ends, but maybe we can find out together. I like literary role plays with some sense for details and little individual background stories. So please just write me if you like to write more than just one paragraph per message. What's also important to me is that MC will not just give in but will fight back to a certain extend. Also she will probably not like anything you do in the beginning (if you would be taken captive, would you?). Things I'll do: non-consensual sex (and consensual sex, obviously!) mind games (like sleep or light deprivation) and all kinds of other things Some of the things I won't do: physical torture anything with excrement Let me know if you are interested! I'm always open for suggestions and am flexible with the plot. It's always two people creating a story, not only one
  23. Police Station Rapes Underage Girl I am looking for someone who is willing to play an entire Police Station roughly 5 dickgirls or futas whichever you prefer ( can be less characters just love multiple girls using her body at the same time ) that at some point when they are extremely bored and somewhat horny gets a visitor which is a little underage ginger named Gwen who is accusing people of raping her over and over again. This Police Station needs to obviously be a corrupt one where they are actually all also pedophiles that loves to use the law to fuck whatever and whoever they want but haven't had any decent fuckmeats visit their city for a long time so when little bubble butt petite Gwen gets in there they give her a false sense of security only to rape her constantly for days~ I do hope someone is interested in doing this heavy RP I know it is not going to be fair I play one character and you play multiple but I will do my utmost to make it worth your while, if you need to see my skills then look up in Public RP the one called: Exchange Student Gwen then you will see how good I am~ ^w^
  24. LancerMancer

    Age Difference Coercion

    Hey there! I currently have a bit of a craving that may not be to everyone's taste. I'm looking to play a female figure, aka Sister, Neighbor, Cousin, etc. into a younger male (Or younger futa, if you want). I'm thinking maybe my character is 16-18 and babysitting, meanwhile your character(s) is between 10-13. I'm hoping for it to be dub-con, like maybe your character threatens to tell their parents something if my character doesn't act as their slave. Mind you this is a very bare bones idea, and there is plenty of room for editing and brainstorming! I don't mind if genital size is larger than would be normal for those ages, it's just a rp after all.
  25. TheRomanovs

    Somnophilia (MxF)

    As the title says, Somnophilia or “Sleep Play” based RP. Can evolve to more or just be a short RP, but in the beginning one or more situations of it. A few situations for it could be: 1.) Y/c is the friend of m/c older brother. Whether y/c has always had a crush on mine, or had a heavy night of partying and “made a mistake”, or both! 2.) y/c parent recently married m/c parent. Now theyre step siblings, and y/c hates having a younger sister. While parents are asleep y/c sneaks into m/c room for some revenge. 3.) y/c has a crush and/or is stalking m/c. That day at school you overheard m/c talking about having the house to herself for the next week. Y/c also knows that the living room window lock still hasn’t been fixed... 4.) m/c has had too much to drink at a party, so she lets her “trustworthy” friend/sibling/dad/uncle pick her up to drive her home. 5.) y/c is m/c uncle and is watching over her while her parents are out of town. While she’s old enough to take care of herself, they don’t want her to throw any parties or invite any boys over. 6.) y/c has been watching a lot of porn recently and wants to try some things out. What better “volunteer” than your sister that you share your room with. (idea for this specific RP is to be more long term. Can be con, non-con, dub-con, or a mix. Just a smut based RP going through different perverted ideas y/c got from porn, and somehow convinces mine to be his real life test subject for them. Anything goes! Could be exhibitionism, threesomes, toys, or anything in between.) Ecchitext me to discuss further, or if you have another idea in mind!
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