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  1. Jim

    Giant x Human

    So basically I have this idea that I found awhile ago on another site- I want to expand upon it (or more like, completely revamp it) and create it into a dark world where these giants came to Earth, or the fantasy equivalent of Earth, either from space as aliens or from deep underground, maybe making them like Goliaths from D&D lore? Either way. I want to play a human who has been captured by one of these giants who has begun training her. My character will be a strong willed woman who resists this training, but will eventually fall into line and be the perfect pet. I have no figured out my character yet, as I'd like to figure out a solid plot before making her. For giants, I'm picturing humanoid creatures upwards of 10 feet tall? I don't want them to be incredible huge, because I would like my character not to be destroyed! This can either be a FxF or MxF story. I'm not wanting to play a male at this time, but if that changes, I'll add that here. I have few limits, but what limits I do have I will not backdown on. I can and will change these limits if I see I need to. No scat, piss, or vomit. No vore or massive gore. No underage/loli characters (Lolita fashion is something different and that may be included, depending upon the character I made for this). No beastiality. No feet. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I will most likely edit this soon with more information as I think about it. My Preference Sheet
  2. Hi everyone! I'm currently looking to play a female character who is kidnapped by your character. You could play any gender! I would love for this to be a dark story, with few limits and no fading to black. The only limits I have are: My character giving birth. Bathroom type of stuff. Snuff/'Bad End' for my character. No underage stuff. No animals or furries (Neko type characters are okay). I am sure there are others, but for a more extensive list, ask for my F-List. You can find more information about my writing styles on my profile! I have a number of pictures to use as reference for my character, but here are a few that I'm quite fond of! These are not the only reference pictures I'd be okay using, as I am quite fond of using real faces as well, but these are my favorite anime pictures to use. Dog girl Demon girl White eyed neko Blue eyed neko Fox girl Here are a few scenarios I would love to do! MC is the object of YC's obsession, but YC can not act upon their feelings. The two have been friends for many years now, but YC is stuck completely in the friend zone. YC decides to take it upon themselves to make MC into their perfect girl. YC is a professor at the University MC goes to. MC has had YC as a professor many times over the four years she has been in school and it is draining on YC to have her in front of YC, in her barely-there clothes, and not be able to act upon the feelings YC has. MC comes to YC for a letter of recommendation one day, to help her get into the graduate program of her choice, but YC has a few stipulations to creating this letter. YC invite her to dinner, to get to know her better to be able to customize the letter. Only, YC has other plans. Dinner goes well and, when MC goes back to her car, YC takes her. YC is a serial kidnapper, with plans to give every victim they get to a contact that sells them off at a high price. There is an issue, however: the victim YC must capture this time is their own daughter. With YC go through with it? Will YC be able to hand them over once it is all over with? (I have a few different ideas for this one, but I would love to collaborate on how it would work!) The wrong place at the wrong time. MC was coming home from a wedding, her bridesmaid's dress pulled up to her knees so she could walk better and her feet killing her from walking in heels all day. YC is able to capture her out of nowhere because of how slow she is walking. YC could be anyone- maybe someone from the wedding? Maybe just a stranger that saw a helpless woman walking on her own at night. I will add more ideas as time goes on, but those four are all that I could think of right now! The last idea is taken for now, but if anyone would like to write one of the other three with me, I'm really feeling either prompt 1 or 3 right now, so if you're interested, let me know!
  3. * Please, for the love of all that's unholy, don't send me messages that consist only of 'do you want to RP?' ; my prompts, themes & ideas exist to intrigue you and I would love to know which ones did and what are you craving / looking for! ** Do not godmod my characters. I'll be dropping people who do that. Hello all! There's a grand chance I will re-work this at some point, so don't mind lack of formatting or a bit of vagueness at times! I am new here and still figuring out things. But I am looking for some intense, steamy, private roleplays with y'all! I am young lady in her twenties with obviously too much at her hands and I love writing with other people. I love finding new places to find more friends to write with If you have more questions about me, hit me up! I am happy to chat as much as I am excited to roleplay with you! I have a gallery with girls you can pick as refs! Some do have their backgrounds / descriptions, some don't yet. I'll be updating them daily! At the moment I am looking for some dark, taboo stuff! I want to list couple of things I'd enjoy a lot! incest, especially daughter x father fantasy/medieval settings or modern setting involving fantastical creatures! size play! I'd love to play a shortstack against your characters! I want to play a female against YC (female, male, futa, whatever works for you!) risk of pregnancy ;3 Adding THEMES I'd love to explore ** craving some anal & aphrodisiac themed stuff ** monsters, animals and ungodly creatures lewd laws (forced to breed because of the law; forced to wear skimpy clothing, etc) lewd school / univeristy (skimpy uniforms, lessons more focused on ex than actual topics, lewd clubs...) medical themes beautiful women forced to give up their bodies due to financial troubles / blackmail sex-streamers / prostitutes / stripers Here are a couple - a little vague - prompt ideas that we could work from! \(★ω★)/ MC is a general that needs to through endurance training. However, said training is much different than what she would expect it to be... Not like she can refuse it now! There's no other way but just to deal with it, but can she manage? \(★ω★)/ Due to curse (or blessing) fifth daughter of the King is born a little shorter and weaker than her sister. To outdo the curse, she is required to serve her father and brothers (and uncles perhaps) in most lewd of ways. She becomes a Priestess Princess and her whole life turns upside down... \(★ω★)/ Due to low fertility rate, new laws were incorporated. MC arrives at the clinic as she is supposed to, only to be put through most perverse set of experiments and loose all her pride, all in hopes to get pregnant... \(★ω★)/ MC stayed at school for a few hours too long. Now, it's dark and school seems a little... eerie. As she tries to find the exit, she realizes her school is haunted at night... \(★ω★)/ MC is a general, that is send for an endurance training. She's expecting what everyone else would, but she is asked to come rather late to meet with her higher-up. They do check her endurance, but in much more lewd context... \(★ω★)/ MC is short on cash and found a rather specific and lewd way to get some: testing sex toys. Sex toy owner, a female uses them on her and she provides comment. One of the days she goes to do her job, however, things don't go as planned... \(★ω★)/ MC is a curious young lady. She goes to this, rather lewd resort, not expecting just how extreme it can get. As she tries to enjoy it, in a way at least, since she already paid for it, she gets overwhelmed, coerced and forced into all sorts of lewd activities... [PROMPTS] # there aren't going to be many; sometimes I have this loose idea of something I REALLY WANT and come up with starters for these, so... thought I'll add these here, perhaps they may interest somebody # feel free to send me EcchiText with response to any of this! # fantasy / princess x Any Andrea closed her eyes as she was laid down on the soft mattress of the bed. Her body naked, her curvy shapes exposed. She was already shaven clean, after the long bath... Bathing aphrodisiacs made her sensitive and as she laid down, her legs spread open, revealing her wetness. She was still unsure about this whole tradition, this 'serving the males in royal family' thing. But it's not like you can defy a King, even if you're his daughter. She felt the maids began to oil her whole body, in even more aphrodisiacs. Her body trembled as fingers invaded her tight body. She wasn't looking, but something was pushed inside her bottom, deep inside. And there she was left for a whole, long night... Of course, young Princess didn't sleep at all. In the morning, she looked idly at the ceiling, after a long, long night of constant orgasms hitting her body. Her legs were spread, the mess she made in bed quite obvious, her virgin maidenhood aching and gaping. Her bottom both feeling good and painful from the insertion. Who knew what was going to happen to her now? fantasy / priestess x any / multiple The Priestess looked away as she held back her gasps and moans. While, what was happening was necessary, she still despised every bit of it. She never before had to use her body to defeat enemies and suddenly, there she was. The preparations were... most shameful. She now had another woman using her tongue to keep her virginhood wet, and she knew things would go much further than that. "Here..." Head Priestess handed her a cup of aphrodisiac, of course. Laura just nodded as she drank the concoction, it made her dizzy, but it also made her more aroused. The woman between her legs moved back to reach for a phallus-shaped item only to slowly push it inside Laura. The Priestess arched her back, allowing the mix of pain and pleasure fill her mind. But, it was mainly pleasure... As the item was moved back and forth, another woman covered a set of beads in an oil, and began to slip it inside Laura's tighter hole. Her voice echoed in the room, as the other women continued "preparations"... *** When she finally entered the cursed dungeon, Laura was a different women. Her golden locks falling down her bare back, as a white, see-through robe barely covered her body. Her nipples and clitoris been pierced and connected with a golden chain, and she was fed more potions, so that she'd at all times be prepared for the inevitable. As she went down the dark, quiet corridor, her love juices slowly trickled down her thighs... modern She felt embarassment whenever she would go do her 'job'. It paid well, but it was not something she could talk to anyone. 'Sex Toys tester' sounds like a joke, really. But that's what she was, and the fact it was another women using products on her made her feel better about it, but still... taking a deep breath she walked into the small room as usual. It was as dark as ever, with covered windows and ambient lighting. Her clothes hit the floor as she laid on the bed, on her stomach... typical procedure that she did every week. Then, the door opened. "Today, it will be different... for the right testing, we need to recreate the right... atmosphere." "Wait, I -- " Before she knew it, Sarah was handcuffed and blindfolded. "You didn't tell me -- !" "Just relax, would you?" The woman said and laughed, pouring lube over Sarah's tight bottom and massaging it. "Our client wants to know how tied-up ladies enjoy the anal toys, and I hope you're ready for this. Don't worry, I'll pay you a bit extra..." fantasy / romance / dragoness x any She rubbed her eyes before crawling out of the her little hideout. Hoodie of her cape covered her face and her horns, but it was much harder to hide the tail in her clothes. Still, her long dress somewhat covered it, as she went through the empty alleyways, trying to find any sort of job she perhaps could do... it has been way too long since last she was able to earn some money. Hunting in the nearby forest was a possibility, of course, but it was dangerous... sadly, whenever someone noticed her race, they pushed her away. "Dragons are hostile" or "You will scare the customers" or "You will break stuff with your nasty tail". Arlae missed the times when she was a child and her mother hid all this from her, when they somehow managed to survive in a human city. Knowing nothing of her lineage, the poor girl only knew this city and now, the city has turned against her...
  4. restoricacharm

    lolicon Hunting for loli x ???

    Hey there, I'm looking to play as a loli (3-10) against another character in a non-consensual situation. To put it bluntly. Over time, the relationship between characters can develop into something more enjoyable. Feel free to check out my preference sheet for various kinks and no-gos. As for what kind of situations I'd be interested in trying, here are a few: * A loli lost in a horrifying world of monsters * Incest : Loli x Father, Loli x Older Brother, Loli x Uncle, adopted, etc. * A new slave a lot younger than master's last ones * Magical Girl Loli x Vampire/Demon/Supernatural Of course, feel free to send your own suggestions. I like to grow the plot and characters organically from shorter suggestions like these and see where it goes. Another thing I'd love trying is alternative spins on incest situations: superpowers, mind control, dollification, secret agents, soldiers, demons, reincarnated royalty, etc. When it comes to the rp itself, I prefer PMs and multiple paragraphs.
  5. DatNectar

    Werewolf Time

    Hi there! I’ve always really liked werewolf erotica/romance. I recently found an app full of stories where the werewolves have two personas, one human and one wolf. They also have fated mates bestowed on them by the Moon Goddess. So many possibilities. I wanna keep things simple here so we can brainstorm and expand on the world that works best for our characters potential dynamic. It could be forced, romantic, or maybe a twisted version of both? I would want there to be multiple people involved, of course to a certain extent. Mostly as foils for our characters. There’d be the general idea of the pack or packs. At least one Beta and at least one Alpha. Oh and the two versions of our characters, human and wolf. Descriptions of the fives senses as it relates to our characters mate dynamic will be important and tbh fun. This could also involve polyamorous connections. Again so many possibilities!! Anyway if you like werewolves, erotica, romance, and/or world building message meeee!!
  6. IsabellaRose

    erotica My Journal

    19 September Dear Diary, Is that how I'm supposed to start this? I hope not. That sounds stupid. This whole thing sounds stupid. I've never kept a diary before. I'm not even sure what to write here. It just feels dumb. But I need to get past that. I need to find a path forward. My therapist thinks this is a good idea. She said sometimes writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you get them out and identify them. She thinks it will help after what happened. I don't know. It doesn't feel like it's helping. It feels... forced. Fake. Stupid. I hate doing this, but I'll try. I'll try to get my thoughts out on paper. I'll try to be honest with this and who knows, maybe it will work. Doctor Fox is a smart lady. She wouldn't have told me to do this if it was stupid. This will help. I have to convince myself that it will help, so it will. THIS WILL HELP. It has to.
  7. DatNectar


    Alright so it wasn’t until recently that I learned about Ushi thanks to joining EcchiDreams. So the wordy around the word will probably be weird lol. Anywayzzz I’d like to take the elements of Ushi and use them in an American country side setting. My character would be a girl who’s been kept on this farm all her life by her father. Her father never lets her around other men and she doesn’t know why. And the reason is she’s just like her mother and will transform into an Ushi upon receiving any sexual male touch. Her breast would triple in size, she’d grow horns, a cow tail and ears, and she’d lactate the sweetest milk. So there’s two ways I can see this scenario going: 1) Her father takes advantage of her for the business or pleasure. The farms doing alright but it would do even better with her milk. Or maybe she’s so beautiful he can’t help but wonder if her milk taste like her mother’s. or 2) A misfortunate stranger has his truck breakdown nearby and the local mechanics can’t come and get it until the weekend’s over. The father usually wouldn’t let anyone stay at the farm but he decides to help the poor man out. And the poor man decides to help himself to the farmer’s daughter. These don’t have to be non consensual the whole way through but they’d start off that way. I’m also open to other ideas on the premise.
  8. dreamnotfound

    noncon Be rough!

    Hello! I’m new around here and I thought I would start by putting a promo for some gross noncon rp! I roleplay a variety of characters (rpf, ocs, and canon characters, check my profile for a short list but I also rp a shit ton more!) and have no problem topping or bottoming. I have no preference in terms of characters or genders. What’s your desire? Let me know~
  9. korokforest

    (F4A) the sin bin dumpster

    howdy lads! here's my dumping grounds for ideas i'm currently craving. i'm a sub! my preference sheet is linked, but i'll include here a list of kinks i'm super down to include like, anywhere. fave kinks: pregnancy, lactation, noncon, large insertion, leash & collar, size difference, ahegao, cock addiction, nipple penetration, bestiality, gangbang, public use, incest, birth, slutty clothing ideas my cute lil lady (either cis or futa) ends up belonging/hopelessly addicted to a milfy futa; i have a lot of scenarios for this that i'd be down to discuss!!! fantasy universe where having a slave/mare/breeder is a sign of status, and monsters/beasts/etc. have taken to wearing theirs as jewelry in the form of belly riding/fanny packing. also have a ton of scenarios i can unload for this one. anything in which i get to play a heavily pregnant lady getting addicted to cock; to say i have scenarios for this is an understatement something based on a doujin called animal bride, where young ladies are given to horses (but i'll accept centaurs for this, too!!!) to be bred as part of their education. i can provide the doujin upon request! but forewarned: it's loli, but i would *really* rather it not be if we write it anything in which i get to play a cute futa getting addicted to cock incest anything, tbh, with super bonus points for futas being involved suggest stuff, i just wanna write lewd stuff my dudes ; n ;
  10. Full disclosure: while I am a male roleplayer, I always prefer to play a female character, especially for ERP, and I'm committed to playing the part. Bearing that in mind, if you're still interested in rp'ing with me I'd love to hear from you! ^^ I've been really craving a fairly dark scenario in which my character (female), who's a bit of a celebrity and also the object of your character's (can be male or female) obsession, is kidnapped by YC and whisked away to some place dark and secluded. And while in YC's clutches, MC is subject to all of her captor's wildest and most perverted fantasies. Again, this is a darker sort of scenario, so I'm open to exploring a variety of kinks--provided it's not scat, watersports, snuff, and the other usual hard limits (check my preferences if you need to). Outside of that, I'm open to anything else you want to bring to the table, provided you keep in mind a few things: I play a strong sub. Meaning, the kind of character who isn't submissive by nature and will probably put up a fight and have to be restrained. I'm looking for a descriptive roleplay with slow buildup. Meaning, no one-liners and no stripping her down in one short post and jumping immediately to sex in the next. I want my character to have ample time to take in what's happening to her as she's slowly and forcibly undressed, fondled, and kissed one article of clothing at a time. I want her to feel the sensation of her belt being undone, her captor's hands sliding over and into her underwear, etc. Sex is great, but the buildup is my favorite part and I'd like if it were treated just as important. The horror element. Again, this is obviously mostly smut, but some level of plot is also desired. Namely I wish to explore the psychological element of my character being taken captive by a stranger who's obsessively in love with her and will have her whether she likes it or not. So be creepy! Say and do things that will shock, disgust, or scare her. Be that stalker every celebrity avoids. That's about it as far as I can think. If this is something that interests you, by all means send me a text! Looking forward to roleplaying with you! ^^
  11. buttercup

    Dark Futa Roleplay

    Hello, everyone! My name's Buttercup. Here's a little about me, and my preferences when it comes to roleplaying: I'm looking for roleplaying partners who can write a solid paragraph every reply (more is accepted, but not required), with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I also require that my roleplaying partners write in the third person. I'm entirely ditch-friendly. I don't require an explanation if you want to stop roleplaying--you don't even have to tell me, if you don't want to--and I will almost always be happy to start back up again if you regain interest later on. The only caveat to this is that I expect you to return the favor, and not pester me if I lose interest. I only roleplay through PMs. Sorry, but I ony roleplay on site, and prefer to have a semblance of privacy with it. I always play a submissive female role, and don't double up. I'm sorry if that's inconvenient, but I'm just not comfortable playing dominant characters. I'm looking for roleplaying partners that will play dominant futa character. All of my storylines will involve noncon. If you're going to find that triggering, you probably shouldn't take part in a roleplay with me. Please understand that while I find noncon and its consequences to be intriguing to explore throughout writing, since I find dark writing significantly more interesting, I don't think rape is even remotely acceptable in real life. The rest of my roleplaying preferences can be found here. If all of those preferences are okay with you, feel free to look over the storylines below! They're listed from what I'm most to least interested in, so if any of those interest you, shoot me an EcchiText! 1. Best Friends Forever YC has been madly in love with her best friend, MC, for years. Unfortunately, MC is straight, and has only ever seen YC in a sisterly light. YC, knowing this, has always kept her feelings for MC secret, hiding, with great difficulty, the fantasies that so frequently invade her head about having MC as a doting, submissive wife. However, longer it's gone on, the harder it's become to hide. So when YC learns that MC, lower on the financial ladder than YC is and miserable with her family, wants to run away, YC says that she'll go with her. She'll get them a home, and they can live freely, far away from their small town and restrictive families. MC is ecstatic, and agrees immediately. If only she knew the plans that YC had for her. 2. His Mine Long divorced and raising a teenage son on her own, YC becomes infatuated with her son's girlfriend, MC. Knowing how wrong it is, YC tries to curb the obsession, but the more she sees MC, the stronger it gets. She becomes convinced that she loves MC more than her son does, desires her more strongly. Finally, she snaps. The basement has always been her personal studio, a place her son isn't allowed to go. Without his knowledge, she converts it into a sex dungeon, and then uses his phone to invite MC over, deleting the texts afterwards. Pretending that her son had gone out to get groceries and would be back shortly, YC gives MC a drugged drink, and then brings her down to the basement. It's time for MC to finally become hers. 3. Mommy Issues YC has always had a thing for younger women. Working as a therapist in a high school/college, she has plenty of access to them. Her most recent target is MC, a gorgeous young woman with a troubled background and boatload of mommy issues. Desperate for validation and affection anywhere she can get it, YC takes advantage of MC's trust in and dependence on her, and slowly manipulates her into an incredibly unhealthy relationship. She starts with innocent touches, rubbing MC's shoulders or knees and brushing her hair back from her face, and then begins to escalate. She'll put her hand on MC's waist, or her inner thigh, or the bottom of her back. Then, she begins putting her hands on MC's inner thighs, rubbing her sides and letting her hands drift high enough to touch her breasts. Finally, she makes the decisive move, and kisses her. Though MC initially rebuffs her, when YC responds with aggravation, claiming that she's only trying to show MC how much she cares and that if MC doesn't want it they can just stop having meetings, MC caves. She'll do anything to keep getting validation and affection from her maternal figure, and YC knows it. 4. Devotion // Damnation MC is a priestess, whose life is devoted to the worship of a goddess. Unbeknownst to her, the goddess, YC, is not the perfect saint the myths have always made her out to be. While she's done many acts of benevolence and rewarded plenty a moral person, YC is also not above using her godly status to get what she wants from the mortals. More often than not, what she wants is mortal women, who she uses as she wants and disposes of when she's done. Because MC is a priestess, her entire life is devoted to YC. She lives in YC's temple, and is not allowed to marry or leave the temple; as part of her devotion to YC, she must remain pure, and mingling with the outside world would only taint her. She's a perfect fruit ripe for the plucking, and YC can't wait to break her. 5. Dollhouse YC has always had an obsession with Barbie dolls. However, she's never viewed herself as Barbie. In her mind, YC has always been Ken, and she's spent years searching for her perfect Barbie doll. The girls she met online were never quite right, whether it was because their eyes weren't blue enough or their blonde hair wasn't natural or their voices weren't the right cadence. Then, waiting for the bus one afternoon, she hears it: "Hey, Barbie!" She whips around, and there stands MC, being approached by one of her friends. Her eyes are just the right shade of blue, her hair the perfect blonde, her voice entirely sweet, and good lord, her name was even Barbie! It was practically fate. So, YC spent a few weeks stalking MC, learning her schedule and habits, and then YC pounced, kidnapping MC. Sure, her Barbie was a little scared now, but YC was sure she'd come to love living in the dream house with her doting Ken eventually.
  12. Looking for Rape only. Living insertions, anything you want. Like eels, worms, insects, fish, snakes, slugs, etc. With belly bulge (from womb, bladder, stomach etc) Please EcchiText me!
  13. Honestly, just looking for some smut RP as I'm in the mood to write erotica. This character is generally prideful and serious and could be considered even a grump. We can talk some mild plot background as I do enjoy giving some substance to it, but looking to do something of someone overpowering him in a way he doesn't suspect and undoing him, which he secretly likes. More details on the character profile! It is in the fantasy genre so we can be creative with different things! Here are some beginning ideas: Maybe Y/C is an apprentice of Azshar'el, who at some points he looks down upon for what he sees as needless mistakes or you not caring enough or deserving all his knowledge, that type of thing. This banter back and forth, but they've spent a lot of time together so maybe he gets drunk one night/you use a potion (aphrodisiacal) and Y/C is around, and they get into bed together and YC sees the opportunity to shift the power dynamic and let out frustrations of treatment during lessons on (could be magic, smithing, w/e). Another is that Y/C is maybe a thief, something of the sort, and is surprisingly able to break into his home and catches Azshar'el unaware. While he is angry you also notice he is aroused and it flips into angry sex and a continuing dynamic from there? Sort of both drawn together but very different people. Maybe Azshar'el was captured and is sold off to Y/C, not expecting he would ever be put in this situation. He has to not only get over his plans of escape, but is unable to use magic due to the anti-magic collar put on him/ What does Y/C plan to do with the new slave brought home to him? As you can see, the core of it is playing with power dynamics and the banter/relationship switching between those two things and Azshar'el going from denying his arousal/engagement of being bottomed/etc but then accepting it. You do need to know World of Warcraft lore or w/e, general fantasy is a-okay. I have character info and an F-list, I'll message it to you! o/ LF: - Para-multipara/Literate - Top, male, may include non-con at first
  14. angelfish

    angelfish's smut search

    Hello, everyone! I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. I'm looking to play a kind, relatively innocent, petite girl who gets raped by a dominant man or futa... ...preferably one that is older by her than at least a decade and larger than her. Necessary disclosure, rape is obviously wrong, and I absolutely condemn real life rapists and sympathize with victims. However, I can't help what I'm interested in, so if you'll kindly refrain from coming at me about it, that'd be grand. While I'm not used to lolicon, I'm interested in exploring it, and these storylines can be edited to accommodate it. Other kinks and squicks can be found on my f-list, in my signature. These are the storylines I'm currently interested in: 1. A stalker takes advantage of his obsession being home alone, and either breaks in, or uses a ruse to get inside. 2. An older brother decides to take advantage of the younger sister he lusts after when they're left home alone one long weekend. 3. A man has hid his attraction to his best friend's teen daughter for years, but when the father asks him to watch the girl for a week while he's away, the man decides to take what he wants, damn the consequences. 4. A burglar breaks into a home expecting it to be empty, but when he finds the family's teen daughter there alone, decides to take more than just valuables. 5. A drifter living in a van finds a runaway hitchhiking on the highway, and figures that, since no one will be looking for her anyway, there's no harm in taking her as his sex slave. 6. A homeless man happens upon a pretty young camper, all alone in the woods, and decides to end his dry spell by force. 7. A humanoid monster is attracted to the young, female intern of the scientists. Wanting to study children conceived by the monster, the scientists lock the intern in his pen as his unwilling mate. 8. A teacher at a prestigious boarding school uses the threat of taking away a student's scholarship to blackmail her into letting her do what he wants. 9. The coach for the cheer team gets sick of just watching the girls shower over the security cameras, and decides to take advantage of his favorite cheerleader when she's left alone in the showers. 10. A college boy is rebuffed by the girl he's interested in, so he and a group of friends jump her to get some revenge. If any of those interest you, please shoot me an ecchitext (preferably with your username as the title). Thanks for reading!
  15. octocrush

    Looking for doms

    First time posting here, I'll be right to the point, I'm looking to get back into the swing of some good old fashioned RP, you're looking to possibly find an RP partner in this post, and that's how it is. I've written down some possible pairings which pique my interest, I'm primarily interested in playing submissive female characters, though I could play a sub futanari if interested These are all just suggestions that I could come up with myself, but I would be quite interested to hear somebody else's ideas as well <3~! FEMALE X FUTA PAIRINGS Bully/Cheerleader x Nerd Owner x Catgirl Human x Alien Maid x Princess Monster girl x Scientist STRAIGHT PAIRINGS Home invader x New homeowner Dog/Hellhound x Human Dog x Dogsitter Monster/Nonhuman x Explorer
  16. ~poppet.hell~

    Steal a Shota's Innocence

    Hey! I'm willing to play a kidnapper who kidnaps your shota character (they can be any young age, I don't mind). I can be as dominant/abusive as you'd like, and can come up with props, areas, and scenarios for your shota to be put through myself. I'm interested in a writer who writes semi-literate posts (1-2 paragraphs). Please message me if you're interested!
  17. Abaddon

    Male In Need

    Hello! I am brand new to the site, and I would like to get roleplay partners (preferably female characters). I have over five years of roleplay experience, and I'd love to keep it going. I'm very much into odd things (such as noncon, taboo relationships, etc.) and am willing to be open-minded regarding others. I'm really bored, but hopefully you can help "mentor" this new member? If you have any questions, either comment or text me. I'm a somewhat feminine guy, but I have two parts to my personality: hot and cold. Hopefully, we can avoid too much of the latter!
  18. Buio

    erotica Our Dancing Demons

    Part I: A Summoned Power This wasn't right. None of this was right. She'd wanted a familiar. Not whatever the hell this ogre was. It had been the better part of an hour since she'd stopped thinking about if she'd gotten a rune wrong or if she'd mispronounced part of the incantation or maybe forgotten some cosmic date or errantly performed her ritual on some unknown ley line. She'd not been given the luxury of considering such frivolities with this brutish demon in her presence. From the beginning, he hadn't needed to say anything. From the moment that his rippling, red skinned, nude form materialized out of the gathered shadows at the centre of her magical circle... From the moment his evil eyes froze the blood running through her veins and the tug of a smile at the corner of his lips caused her to instinctively pull her legs closer together in defence of her sex, she knew. She'd barely had the time to take a hesitant step backwards before the monster had sprung towards her closing the distance between them in an instant. With the same inhuman speed he'd seized her by the throat and effortlessly lifted her off her feet, flashing a fang-filled grin up at his new captive. She had tried to kick, to scream, to wiggle free and fight back in whatever way she could, but it was more reactionary than anything. He was impossibly stronger and faster than her, and the haphazard blows that managed to connect with his iron skin barely seemed to even tickle the masculine demon as he held her in the air and smiled. She felt the precious oxygen she needed rapidly spend itself in her body—his iron grip preventing her from drawing in more air—and she began to lose strength as he reached up and tore her sleeveless blouse clean off her. With her breasts now bare in front of him, the demon expectantly licked his smiling lips with an inky black, sinuous tongue. He let her suddenly drop just as her thoughts were getting muddled by lack of air, causing her to collapse at his feet when she was incapable of properly catching herself. She'd hardly been given time to cough and gasp for air before she felt his clawed hand take her by the hair and pull her up to her knees. He wasted no time in pushing the head of is all-too-fat and quickly stiffening member into her mouth. She tried to pull away, tried to bite down, but nothing allowed her to resist him. He held her tightly in place as he gripped both her hair and her jaw, and the leathery flesh that covered his bitch-breaking cock seemed to hardly even dent under the pressure of her teeth. So she was forced to feel her jaw nearly dislocate and her throat distend as he pushed his flesh into her mouth and down her windpipe, sliding forth until her nose was pressed against his hairless pelvis. Soon enough she had no will to try and fight back against the throat fucking that ensued. Not only did she know it was futile, she was too busy trying to keep herself conscious by drawing in what air she could every time he pulled back, knowing that the following thrust of his rigid meat would completely stuff and block her windpipe. She resigned herself to his brutality, crying from the shame and the pain of his roughness, and she knew without having to look up at him and his evil smile that that was exactly what all of this was about. After all, he didn't cum. Whether it was because he couldn't or wouldn't, she didn't know, but the way he fucked her face wasn't centred around his physical gratification. He was breaking her in. Making her into his toy. Playing with her life as well as her body each time he stuffed himself entirely down her abused throat and held himself in place until her lungs burned for air and her eyes began watering afresh. This was the time where she made herself think about what she might have done wrong, what could have gone awry in her spell. Not because she had any hope of fixing it, but because she wanted something, anything, to distract from the sensations she was being subjected to: the taste, the smell, the pain. Thinking about her magic, useless as it was to her now, was at least some form of escape as she resigned herself to the raping of her mouth. Of course, he didn't allow for that for very long. His rough thrusts and choking girth made sure that she wouldn't be able to consistently block out his presence as he made play of her throat for that long quarter hour. When the mental and physical numbness finally started to settle in despite the treatment, he deprived her of air again, for much longer this time. She had grown used to to the practice in a sense, knowing it was just another tactic to make her fold. This time however, with how he refused to pull out even as she started howling and struggling, hitting against his thighs and desperately attempting to bite down through the log of meat keeping her from live-saving air, she became scared. As much as she tried to rationalize that the beast only wanted her submission, part of her began to scream in her mind that this was really the end, she was going to lose consciousness and never wake up thanks to this fucking monster. She had been wrong. It wasn't her submission he wanted. It was that fear. When he pulled out and she was finally allowed to breathe again, she was too distracted with choking and gasping for air to even notice his hand coming for her. she was entirely caught off guard by the meaty palm that struck against her cheek and sent her to the floor. Somehow, she didn't yelp nor cry. The first was probably because her throat felt too sore to attempt much of any sound now. The second... maybe because she knew so much worse was yet to come. He picked her up off the floor by her hair again, making her stand to her feet though she was still only at eye level with his chest. He then grabbed her by both arms, pinning them to her sides and lifting her up in the air effortlessly. He handled her with the ease of a throw pillow as he moved her over to her bed and pinned her down onto her mattress, quickly straddling her. She'd always known this was coming, but feeling him grab at the back of her skirt and tear out a hole with his clawed hands she felt... compelled in a way to try and resist. To yell out whatever protest and expletives her hoarse throat could manage, to try and wiggle free from his grasp, to look back at him with what hate and defiance she could though her misty eyes. Consciously, she knew it would avail to nothing but... perhaps somewhere deep in her mind, it wasn't pride that motivated her, but the fear of what more he would do to her if he didn't get the reaction he wanted out of her: if she made him feel he wasn't hurting her enough already. He just smiled, lay himself on top of her, and shoved the massive member into her terrified pussy by force. She couldn't help but whine out in pain through gritted teeth as the incomprehensibly large cock pierced her and spread her wider and deeper than anything she had ever felt before. He was too big, too strong, too fat. She felt like her insides were displacing and her womb made to collapse as he forced her body to accommodate his otherworldly dick. She was no virgin, not by a long shot, but nothing she'd ever had could have prepared her for how it felt to have this mistake she had summoned into her world turn her womanhood into his breeding hole. Holding himself flush against her, she could feel the heat of his smokey breath against her as he pulled back slowly, and thrust himself deep back into her a few times. Slamming her down into her sheets with the weight and power of his hips with every plunge, she couldn't remain silent and he delighted in the mindless, choked squeals that came from her every time. She didn't fully know what made her tears flow more at that moment: the pain of his rough domination, or the guilty knowledge that despite all of this, despite how everything was happening completely opposite to how she'd hoped, a sick part of her deep within was somehow feeling pleasure from having such a hot, meaty cock abuse her and dominate her. She didn't want this, she hated this, hated this monster that played with her and raped her. And yet, she feared that the otherworldly creature could somehow smell the craving coming from her. That somehow he... it knew that her body was aching for more in stark defiance of everything her mind screamed. It had to be just her body. She couldn't really be wanting this. Whether the demon knew or not, it didn't voice it, and she imagined that the knowledge or lack thereof wouldn't have changed what it did next anyways. Buried deep into her, he shifted his position to be up on his knees, and pulled her back by one of her arms for leverage while he began rocking his hips back and forth rapidly. Scraping at her insides with his bitch breaker with every thrust and retreat, he made her produce intelligible moans and whines as she grit her teeth and clenched onto the bedsheets with her free hand. He was too much, too rough, too big, too deep, too good, too rough! She whined and cried and wished for him to sow down, to pull out, to leave, to let her forget and drown away the mistake of this night. She didn't want to feel this any more, the way he split her apart like nothing she could have imagined. She couldn't bear to hear the squelching of her sopping pussy as he raped her to his heart's content. She closed her eyes, tried to send her mind somewhere else, divorce it from this body of hers that betrayed her so and didn't let her fight off this aggressor, but he would have none of it. While he held her wrist and kept her back arched with his left hand, he craned the right one up in the air and began repeatedly slapping her ass hard while he fucked her. She'd have thought he was holding nothing back, but if that had been the truth he would have been carving chunks of flesh out of her easily with his super human strength. No, he wanted her in one piece, clearly, because he didn't so much as draw blood. He just hurt her, over, and over again. All he wanted was her pain, her fear, and her sorrow as she was made to understand that her life, her body, and her very will were now his. He grunted and smiled each time he slapped her. Did her clenching body feel good wrapped around his demonic meat? Or did he just love the flashes of searing pain he was subjecting her to each time? Was there eve much of a difference to this beast? His claws scraped against her, his palms left her reddened, his grip made her feel like he would turn her wrist into gelatin, and she could only whine, moan, and cry, while she looked back at the monster and wondered how much would be enough, when he would finally be satisfied. It wasn't over quickly, he made a mess of her pussy and abused it without rest for at least twice as long as he had worked her throat. She knew because he brought her back to attention in whatever way he wanted any time she tried to block out what was happening to her, at one point even roughly shoving a clawed thumb into her asshole to bring her back to attention. His lust for her emotional suffering clearly knew no end. However, she eventually did get an answer to her previous question concerning whether he hadn't cum in her throat due to lack of will or lack of capacity. Little had come in the way of warning from the brute, but she recognized full well what was happening when his thrusts became more and more pronounced for a few seconds, and he then sheathed himself completely in her while his thick meat twitched inside and she felt a sickening warmth spread through her. The size of his load was entirely as massive and inhuman as the demon was himself, making her feel like a geyser was erupting inside her womanhood. Sore and abused as she was, the sorceress still knew that she was feeling his thick seed spurt out the sides of her pussy around his twitching cock from how violent his orgasm was, and she found herself desperately hoping that she at least would be graced with the mercy of being incapable of bearing the demon's children. It felt good, she had come to accept, much like his power over her, but that didn't mean she was ready to become his breeding sow. As he seemed to be winding down and slid himself out somewhat, she looked back to him with the pain and hatred she knew he wanted to see, and felt her heart sink as her eyes met with his. He wasn't done, she could tell. Tonight was not yet over, and tonight would still only be the beginning of her servitude. This wasn't right. None of this was right. She had wanted a familiar, a servant to help her uncover more about the dark arts. Instead, here she was, poised to be this brute's slave and plaything for however long he found her entertaining. She hated it. She had to hate it. Nothing of who or what she once was would remain if she didn't tell herself that she hated all of this, no matter how good it felt to be hurt by him.
  19. CMMDR-Viper

    An urge and Rage

    I’m currently playing through the first kingdom hearts for the first time and I’m at the 2nd Ursula boss fight and...! I NEEED REVENGE! So I would like to have a non-con scene with her and honestly I think I’ll leave my pref sheet out of this as I’m literally up for anything, and honestly it doesn’t even have to be her in the sub role. So if you’re interested give me a hit and let the fun begin!
  20. Take a look at my Fav Pics album and EcchiText me if one catches your eye ;D (RapeOnly)
  21. CMMDR-Viper

    Scratching an itch

    Hello, im currently in the mood for some brutal gay smut! Which I’d like to play as the sub, usually I’m Dom but eh I like to switch sometimes. so if your interested or have any ideas ecchitext me and we can talk!
  22. Hello here are RP ideas I had and a fandom pairing Keep in mind that I would like to play the more submissive role when there is a power exchange. If you're interested don't hesitate to send me a message! - Master x pet: This scenario is more of a general idea. It starts with the Master already having purchased his pet who might be willing (or not). The story can then continue into the pet's training / day to day life in a world were having slaves and/or pets are accepted in society. For the details, such as characters and types of kinks involved in the story, I would prefer to develop them with the interested party since I am open-minded when it comes to those things. - teacher x Student: Student corrupts their haughty professor into their personal sex slave. It's the beginning of the school year and a teacher fresh out of university herself gets her first class at her new job. She's very calm, confident but distant with her students. A few days in the school year, one of the students approaches her with blackmail material and if she doesn't start complying with their demands, they'll take it to the principal. - Non-con, capture: Thief gets caught by the owner of the house they were casing and becomes stolen themselves. The owner decides to get a little revenge and discipline into his new captive to show them what happens when you don't do your research on who you're stealing from. Who knows for how long the owner's going to keep the little thief (and if they ever release them) and what's in store. Here is my preference sheet ! When it comes to these scenarios I am open to discussing the setting, genre, characters so that we can both enjoy! I write around a paragraph but I am willing to adapt to the style of my partner.
  23. Please EcchiText me first to work out details ;D
  24. Please EcchiText me to work out more kinks and ideas! (Rape only!)
  25. Looking for rape, living insertions, belly swell, public with living insertion(s) inside, begging, and urethra insertion / bladder swell
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