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  1. Hello all! So, do we have any big Pokemon fans in here? I personally am a pretty big fan of the series. So, I want to do an RP where my character travels around one or more of the regions, fucking the wide variety of sexy girls the series has to offer with her big futa cock. We can either stick to one region, or we can take this journey across multiple ones, depending on what you want to do. I've also got a list of girls we can use for this RP, so just pick out whichever ones you're interested in using for this~ Kanto: https://imgur.com/a/VjBuQzx Johto: https://imgur.com/a/eF5qocZ Hoenn: https://imgur.com/a/cBqoxyc Sinnoh: https://imgur.com/a/vYAs9Wf Unova: https://imgur.com/a/NUYSKdu Kalos: https://imgur.com/a/6063ORG Alola: https://imgur.com/a/Ws2n0fO Galar: https://imgur.com/a/EJtk02w Hisui: https://imgur.com/a/FQm8oqQ Other: https://imgur.com/a/YYQdvDn If this idea's caught your interest, just hit me up! I don't care what your IRL gender is, just as long as you're fine with playing as female characters and with a futa character. But as always, expect quite a bit of babymaking, as breeding is my top kink. Hope to see you soon~! The character I plan to use for this:
  2. Hello Im a lean sub looking for a dom who would like to be part of a pokemon rp where i would play as a male sub trainer and you as either a male or futa dom pokemon of your choice If interested please ecchi text me were we could discuss more about it!
  3. nn I have different humans in mind for each of these, so I'll refrain from posting an image with each. Also these are written with the human being male and pokemon being female. Happy Not Actually Ever After Misunderstood Hypno Nagatoro, but Pokemon and also more real I will update this as more ideas come to mind
  4. Bunnies-N-Oleander

    Looking for All Sorts of RPs!

    Hello! I'm Ciel and I'm looking for all sorts of lewd and non lewd RPs! Here are some things you should know about me: - I prefer M/M, I can do M/F but I don't do F/F. - I prefer my partners to be good at grammar and decent at spelling! - I have DID and I'm Narcoleptic so if I don't reply to the RP within a few days, you are free to poke me! :3 - My biggest kinks are Shotas / Underage, Transformation esp animal TF, and Mind change! The link below is a link to my OC and canon Character Muses. It only looks good on desktop, but I made a Mobile Nav post to give you more info in the characters and OCs I'll RP as! Click here for my Muse List! What sorts of things am I looking for right now? I'm always down for Sebastian x Ciel SFW or Smut so if you RP sebastian gimmie!! I'm also been craving Bede x Chairman Rose from Pokemon SwSh Incesty Age gap... tasty Right now I'm particularly craving something TF or Shota related, so anything with my OC Pudding being TF'd would be great! I love animal TF, but really weird TF like Dorses or Fuckplants are also very fun to me I am thinking either mutual TF or just my OC tfing. - an age regression/ ABDL TF where your character slowly turns mine into a dumb baby. maybe with cock shrinkage and/or ball expansion? - Some sort of mutual animal TF where our characters get the urge to mate ? :3c Any animal is good but fat things like hippos, pigs, and cows are where it's at for me. I dunno shoot me your own ideas too! I'll edit / update this when I change my wants or get more ideas.
  5. Just as the title implies, I'm seeking to do some long term adventure/romance stories, pairing up several of my OCs with some canon characters (seeking MxF play), and I'm more than happy to double up as needed. Down below are the canons I'm seeking to pair up with along with the canons I'm willing to play. Looking for something mostly lighthearted, wholesome, and fluffy, NSFW themes are possible, but not required. If your desired canon isn't listed below, please let me know and we'll see what we can do. I've got plenty of plot ideas in mind and I'm always happy to hear yours. Canons I'm seeking: Kanto: Erika, Sabrina, Leaf/Player Character Johto: Jasmine, Whitney Hoenn: Lisia, Flannery, Phoebe, May/Player Character, Courtney Sinnoh: Cheryl, Marley, Mars, Cynthia, Candice, Dawn/Player Character Unova: Roxie, Skyla, Elesa, Rosa/Player Character, Hilda/Player Character, Caitlin, Shauntal, Bianca Kalos: Serena, Korrina, Shauna, Valerie Alola: Lillie, Moon/Player Character, Plumeria, Lana, Acerola Galar: Marnie, Gloria/Player Character, Nessa
  6. I have a lot of RP ideas bouncing around in this empty skull of mine, and all of them are based around a kink I like to call 'Permanent Pet-Play,' where instead of it being play, the Sub being treated as a pet is actually the Dom's permanent pet. Either that, or it's a Mommy-kink one. I have weird preferences, I guess? Anyway, let's take a look-see, shall we? Idea #1: One person is an amateur Pokemon trainer, tring to catch a very high-level Pokemon without any Pokemon of their own. They succeed, but when they go home and release the Pokemon to introduce themself, is breaks the pokeball and takes over the human's life, turning them into their pet/baby... Idea #2: A person in the real world really likes a certain character from a game. (For example: Toriel from Undertale, Rosalina from Mario Galaxy, Monika from DDLC, characters like that.) One day, while playing the chosen character's allotted game, something happens, and they come out of the game and make me into their pet/baby... Idea #3: The Nightguard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria gets caught by one of the animatronics. (The male ones can be rule63'd into female ones.) There, they fuck them, brings them to a secret back room, and turns them into their friend's pet... Idea #4: Zelda from BOTW leaves the castle in secret to go on a secret research trip. However, instead of securing her freedom, she's kidnapped and raped by one or more of the many monsters of Hyrule, before brought back to their camp and becomes their permanent pet/slave/broodmare... Idea #5: A girl sees a stray dog in an alleyway. She goes over to pet it, because that's what all logical people do when they see dogs. But then, the dog gets her to follow him through a small hole in the wall. On the other side, the dog rapes the girl and brings her back to his (or his pack's) home in an abandoned warehouse, where she becomes his (or his pack's) new pet/slave/broodmare. Send me a message if you're interested! I'm willing to play either the Dom or the Sub for any of these.
  7. Futa / Male preferably! Not to into futa/femboy or futa/female atm. Also sickly so might respond slow! Scroll to the last character for extreme kinks! Mewtwo (aka Mootwo for an inside joke I will happily explain in ecchitext ) is a gas/scat character primarily. No scat eating or anything gross like that, just desperation and disposal. Facefarting/cockfarting on a semi-unwilling partner would be really fun!
  8. I play a wide variety of canons and OCs! I'm fine with Canon/Canon ships and OC/Canon ships, going both ways (me playing canon, you playing the OC, or visa-versa!). It should be noted that I prefer character-driven RP, so I'm not a big fan of characters with little to no personality. I also like plot, but the depth of which can be discussed. And, yes, everything below is meant to be smut/ERP/NSFW. I might add more to this later, but I'll leave it at this for now. Message me here or send me an EcchiText if you're interested! ^^
  9. From the album: Cerise Soleil

  10. From the album: Cerise Soleil

  11. From the album: Cerise Soleil

  12. From the album: Cerise Soleil

    Full body reference image of Cerise.
  13. Breakbox_Muses


    From the album: Other OCs~

  14. Breakbox_Muses

    Charlie Charizard

    From the album: Other OCs~

  15. Fu Tien

    Futamon Journey

    I'm looking for anyone interested to do a Pokemon ERP that I be a Futa Pokemon or Pokemon Trainer I basically accept anyone from any gender, we can do Pokemon x Trainer, Trainer x Trainer or Pokemon x Pokemon and we can talk about Plot/Scenario or Characters in EcchiText, I also can be a Top or Bottom (Random image because yes)
  16. So I’ve been playing a lot of Pokémon Masters EX recently and I found myself coming up with a bit of a silly idea. Pretty much it’s just a newcomer to Pasio ends up helping and meeting up with the various girls of the series and such. Of course this idea can be expanded on to where say my character had the dreams of pokemon battles but after being corrupted by the girls that changes. Im also very welcome to discussions of the subject. If you can’t figure it out I would prefer to play the male character of this story, of course I can play others as well if the scene demands it and I hope that the potential partner can play multiples at once too. Though I won’t make you play like 5 at once or something like that. If you find this interesting go ahead and shoot me a text, if not then thanks for reading and have a good day.
  17. Hey all! So, I have a confession to make; pokephilia is a major guilty pleasure of mine. Is it a little gross? Yeah, kinda. But at the same time, I find the idea of being fucked by a big Pokemon dick very appealing, especially if it leads to me learning that Pokemon can in fact impregnate humans. So, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to play as a hung Pokemon for me, and just about any species will do. For this, I'll be using my first OC on this site, Marlene, a Pokemon Breeder who has recently discovered that she loves to personally breed Pokemon. If you're interested in this at all, just hit me up and we can work something out!
  18. To put it simply, I'm looking for someone to play either of the following sexy adult milfs to get with a lucky young shota stud. We can discuss kinks in dm's~. I would like either... Wanda with Timmy from Fairly Oddparents: https://us.rule34.xxx//images/4644/0ecc15d232304636637a87dc75626912.jpeg Sonia with Victor from Pokemon: https://us.rule34.xxx//images/4537/e61ea25c96670bb0566d6877982411f1.png Marge with Bart from the Simpsons: https://us.rule34.xxx//images/4137/19cf796e00630e30b0fc039b6f854cf5.jpeg?4697855 Chichi with Goten from Dragon Ball Z: https://us.rule34.xxx//images/4549/755bc09c01bcb2d0b3decbb8b3f3b2d6.jpeg?5181350
  19. Your journey was over and you became the champion, as you had sought out to do when leaving home. Team Plasma was taken care of... Or... Disbanded, or something. That meant that every piece of the puzzle was placed and complete. ...Except for one. You asked Cheren and Bianca if they'd seen him - N, the Plasma boy, a kid with green hair... Nothing. In fact, nobody had seen him - he just disappeared. You didn't understand, and were unsatisfied with that answer. Screw staying around to fight little Pokémon battles, you were looking for N. You looked around the now abandoned Plasma headquarter ruins, looking for a hint of some kind... You found the remnants of what you could only believe to be N's room. There were some papers lying around. A few of them were drawings of pokemon, little Zorua drawings... But one happened to be something else. It was a sketch of a symbol... It took a bit of research, but you found that this symbol wasn't a Unova symbol - it was from Kanto, or Hoenn, or somewhere far away... Arriving in Hoenn, you went around to some ferry services, asking about the symbol, knowing it was associated with ancient folklore around a mythical island - and eventually, you found someone who claimed to know how to get there. You paid a small fee, before taking off on a voyage in the small boat. At long last, you were there, at Faraway Island. Why had N come here? Had he even come here? What if this was a wild goose chase, and he was nowhere to be seen...? There was obviously something off about him. He was so strange, yet so intriguing... You continued walking, making your way through the forest, until something caught your eye... A boy with green hair, facing away from you. But the biggest surprise had to have been the Zoroark tail behind him. Now it all made sense, he obviously came here to get away from other humans - because he himself wasn't one. He turned around, his soft stare was almost burning a hole in you. "...You did come to look for me... Does that mean you really do care about me, or do you just want to add Zoroark to your Pokédex?" //I thought it'd be interesting to indulge in some more underrated Pokémon characters, as well as the theory around N being a Pokémon in disguise. If you're interested, let's do discuss! I'm also available on Discord due to using my phone more than computer. My reference sheet is only a guide as to what I'm okay with as a whole, it's subject to change for each roleplay.
  20. Biosama


    [M4A PLAYING FEMALE] The amazing world of pokemon! A NSFW adventure(pokephilia main interest) Hello! And thanks for reading this new rp! I hope it catches some eyes and allows us to start our amazing journey in the newest region of Pokémon! This region is called The sin region! It is based off the USA! (Horrible at making a region name) in this rp I’m looking for a female who is ok being taken by big Pokémon! As well as play some female Pokémon at times! I will gm the battles and we will discuss how everything works with them in dms! Since the region is based on America there is 16 gym leaders and 9 elite members plus 1 champion ! I’m looking for a longer term rp with this one it is going to be smut heavy but it will have lots of story and battles so if you don’t like smut heavy story it’s not for you! The story will start with you just turning 18 the legal age for Pokémon trainers in this region as with the new laws and rules set by the current champion every battle ends with the loser being fucked by the other teams Pokémon! Now to be fair the boys only have to fuck female Pokémon and girls the males! Unless they want to fuck the other gender! Trainers also have the chance to offer up a Pokémon to take the rape instead on the lose this is for female Pokémon only for this offer! Your story will start with telling me your name height body type (if a reference that’s better ) and then you will head on down to the lab! Where the professor will explain everything how to catch Pokémon how to train! And then let you choose from quite the list of starter Pokémon! And then your adventure will begin! I hope this catches some people’s eyes and I can’t wait for the DMS! Ask me any questions and please read the disclaimer below! DISCLAIMER! READ THIS PART BEFORE DMING!! This rp I have only a few MANDATORY KINKS anal stomach bulging and huge cocks/insertions as well as clearly beast and different cock styles(knots horse barbed stuff like that non human) when I say huge I’m talking 18inches to max 3 feet in cock! My other kinks are below! My kinks are anal,ass to mouth, , sloppy/messy oral and face fucking, , innocent girls, non con, degrading and humiliation, dominate men , bigger on small. And cock worship Sub categories! A: unrealistic cocks 18+ inches, stomach bulge and sexual pain nothing better then big cocks causing pain, rimming my ass love when girls eat guy butt B:toilet play all of it vomit to scat farting all of it , musk/smell play, heavy degradation monsters and anthro! monsters and beast.. nothing but weird cocks knots flared horse cocks and large penetrations, this also will have sexual pain Limits:gore vore snuff and overly slutty! I love an innocent broken bitch Ask for other ways to rp in dms! But I do prefer DM ON Reddit!
  21. Hey all! So I had tried this idea with someone a while back, didn't get too far into it before they deactivated their account. So! I kinda wanna give it another shot, especially because its different from what I usually do. So you'll play a girl (preferably 15-17) that missed her chance at getting her first Pokémon, and has never tried again since. A week before your birthday, your parent(s) give you an empty pokeball as an early present, thinking it's time you go on your own journey. You find your first pokemon nearby, but miss with your throw. Then you learn that there is another way to catch it. I will play the various Pokémon and people that you meet on your journey. Setting is a region that we make up containing all Pokémon from every region. You'll be traveling the world battling trainers, participating in poke contests...and fucking each Pokémon that you wish to catch and join your team. Possible non-con scenes if you want, but we'll have to discuss it first. Bonus points on using and wanting elements from both the games and the TV show! EcchiText me your ideas and which Pokémon you would like to be your first
  22. The Pokegirls to choose from: Green: Tsundere with an angry attitude and big breasts. Kris: A sexy tomboy with a big heart. Lyra: A far girlier type than Kris, but still a tomboy. May: A sweetheart who’s in love with Brendan. Dawn: A fashionable type who’s super sweet and wears a tiny skirt. Hilda: Rosa’s bestie, an oneesan type. Rosa: Energetic idol! Serena: Fashionable, ditzy, and cute. Selene: Loves the supernatural, very cheerful, chuunibyou Gloria: Scottish tsundere. Give me your ideas for these pokesluts!
  23. Zinky


    *Okay, so this is about a mew (me) getting transported to the normal universe, the one where we live in. This mew was banished by arceus and has all moves stripped off of her. She only has telepathy, her way of communication to humans. She has to adapt to these humans, or she will forever be a victim for these rule 34 explorers. IF I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG, PM ME. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME STARTING A PUBLIC RP!!! HUMANS ONLY, HORNY HUMANS HIGHLY PREFERRED!!*
  24. maid lover

    Maid Lover's Pokémons and more

    So... um, for people who don't know me... Hi and welcome to the world of Pokèmon, my name is Professor O... Wait, that isn't right. Hi! My name here is Maid Lover, since I happen to have a very exploitable weakness when it comes to ladies wearing certain kinds of uniforms, but I happen to have many names, or rather nicknames. A way I've been adressed as ever since I was little is "the Pokèmon pro", something that I have always found a little bit excessive, because I don't really feel like it's deserved, as I haven't been recognized as one of the top player by the community as a whole, I don't own any kind of world record, and I have never won an IRL tournament. However, the ungodly amount of hours I spent playing the games over the past 16 years granted me a well-rounded competence in most of its fields, accompanied by a very solid knowledge, which I try to improve by reading articles and doing reserch by myself. I will say this here and now, Pokèmon is a surprisingly complex game with a tremendously high amount of mechanics to learn, secrets, bugs, glitches, exploits, general tips, strategies and stuff you have to memorize, making it, in my opinion, one of the games with the highest skill caps, since there are at least 4 competitive ways to play it, every single one of them being completely different from the other. I'm talking about: -Competitive battles (pvp) -Speedruns -Nuzlockes - card game (Stop hating it!) As much as I try to continuosly improve, I tend to consider myself a Noob most of the times, because considering the amount of time I spent playing the main series video games and spinoffs, as well as playing PVP on Pokèmon showdown, I should be much better than I am right now. However, even after having spent so much time on it, and even though sometimes the game makes me rage, cry and sometimes scream out of frustration, I keep playing it, unable to abandon it completely. Pokèmon has made my life what it is, for better or for worse, I tried hating it, abandon it forever, but there has never, ever been a year in my life when I didn't play it, I have now acknowledged it as my #1 passion, even if some people see it as a waste of time and give me hate or pity for it, which still Really saddens me to this day, because I am really sensitive about it. One thing that I have to specify right off the bat is that I only play retro pokèmon games, mostly gen 3 and gen 2, perhaps I will get in depth of gen 4 and learn all of its most obscure secrets later on, but I will never play gen 6 onwards. The reason is quite simple: I play on phone or on PC, because I have no console I can play the games on, since my parents yeeted all of my games, except my pokèmon white 2, where I saved all of my important mons, and it miraculously survived the "WW3". Also, I really love the fact that I can bring my Pokèmons everywhere and freely manage my save files on pc, copying them and making backups, since losing them would be a catastrophe, all the while allowing me to trade easily, replay events... Emulators are great! I feel like that's the best way to play the old games, since there was no wireless back then, but everyone seems to want to murder me whenever I say that, so let's ignore my personal opinion. The thing is... I play so much and yet have nobody to show the cool and sometimes crazy things I achieve, which saddens me a little bit, so I decided to create this forum, to share with the world what I do, how I play the game and let's be honest, to brag a little, after all, I do love being praised. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences, PLEASE, post here, I don't want to monopolize this discussion completely, and I would love to have a dialogue with every single one of you, as long as you are being respectful, and you aren't saying dumb shit. However, please notice that I would like to keep this as a safe place to post my personal in game things, but comments, replies and discussion are very welcome! (Please notice that I won't be annoyed if you decide to post a picture of your pokémon or your save file, or anything else, as long as it's in the right context or in a discussion between you/us) Also, this is my first time making something like this, so please, let me know whether you find this kind of format appealing or terrible, costructive criticism is always welcome, especially when it come to graphic style! One thing that I would like to point out is that I will NEVER post in game playthroughs, unless very special cases, like very particular challenges or guides. This is mainly for two reasons: It's too much work, but most importantly, @Aura has had this idea a while back, and it would feel so wrong to copypaste him, especially since he has been magnificent in creating his posts, and I truly encourage every single one of you to go read his discussion regarding his pokèmon journey through the various games, you can find it under the name "all the pokemens". This is all for now! Thank you everyone who read this, I would appreciate so much if you could react to it to know that someone is interested in my content! I wish all of you a very nice day and week.
  25. Multiversal


    From the album: Multiversal Cast of Gals

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