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Found 13 results

  1. Tale'teller

    The Slave Princess (On Pause)

    From the album: Playable Pictures

    (This scene is currently on pause until some of the players already playing it conclude their playthrough) Jasmine had lost everything. Aladin had failed to save her, and though he had wounded Jahfar and freed the Jinni, he had died in the attempt. The only good thing about what had happened was that the wound had...unmanned Jahfar. She had hoped that this would keep him at bay, and in many ways, it had. He had not taken her, not in the truest sense, since he could not. But he had toyed with her, with her mind and body. She had lost count of the night he had forced her writhe under his lecherous eyes, his dark magic suffusing her, overwhelming her in every way. Now she was his slave, utterly, and still he hated her, still he could not have her...until now. Even then she danced for Jahfar and his guest, a powerful magic user in their own right. She knew not if they were also a king or queen, or if they lived alone. If they had riches, or only knowledge. All she knew was that they desired her, and that this guest was offering Jahfar the power to restore himself, in exchange for her. As they spoke, she danced as she had been trained to her, body burning, alight with the unnatural desires that Jahfar's magic had carved into her. She hoped they would take her away, that they would save her, free her from these cravings...or ravish her, master her, take her as Jahfar never could! She didn't even know what she wanted more anymore, only that she wanted to escape her current life, even if it meant servitude under an even crueler master... (If you would like to play as Jahfar's mysterious guest, or as Jasmine, please read my preferences and message me!)
  2. Sunshine

    Princess CYOA RP

    Interested in playing this CYOA as the titular princess. Need a partner who would play her surrounding characters. I'll post the choices I choose and you can decide whether you'd like anything added or removed. Edit: Here's my rough excel sheet for the princess I'm going to play.
  3. NyxAvatar69


    From the album: Nyx's Character Castle

    Name: Alice Age/Date of Birth: 20 Gender: Female Species: Human Origin: The Tridian Kingdom Occupation: Assassin Height: 5'6 Weight: 171 Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Red Physical Description: Despite looking pretty average, Alice does have toned muscles from her training and assassin work. She's faster on her feet than her appearance suggests, but this could be due to her ability to wield wind magic. Her fair skin is also marked with a number of scars that people tend to question but never get an answer to. General Overview: Alice's initial appearance and upbringing as a princess would suggest that she's a kind person. In a way, yes, she is. While a bit on the quiet side from time to time, it would be hard to imagine her doing anything bad. At the same time, she doesn't see eye to eye with her father's methods and his thoughts on the common folk. As an only child, she is the sole heir to her father's throne if something were to happen to him, and as a result, she has been educated in a great number of things a future queen should know. However, Alice isn't all gumdrops and rainbows. Due to an incident where her life was endangered by a demon where she wasn't rescued by one of her father's guards, but a mercenary who just happened to be passing by, Alice began a second life as an assassin. In this new life, her former cares about her subjects were pushed away as she did not consider herself royalty when on the job. It is likely where she came to sympathize with commoners after seeing how they lived and experiencing it for herself. Unlike when she has to make public appearances as a princess, Alice is more open with her thoughts and doesn't really care for the well-being of others unless money is involved. She takes full advantage of the tools she has, even going as far as using her body as a way to distract male targets in order to kill them. She normally wears a mask while on the job to keep her identity a secret unless she has confirmation that her target has no idea who Princess Alice is. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Wind Magic - Alice's main source of magical power lies in her wind based abilities that she was made to learn as part of her education as future heir. Even though her original teachings only went into the basics of how the magic worked, Alice learned new ways to use it and even went further than her original education intended. Weaknesses: Overuse of her wind magic takes a toll on her energy, leaving her vulnerable. Her heightened speed comes mainly from the use of wind magic, so if one were able to block her magical power, her speed would be greatly reduced and put her at a major disadvantage against a faster opponent. Keeping her identity a secret could also be classified as a weakness, mostly since Alice herself has no idea what will happen if the guards or even the king himself finds out the princess is working as an assassin. Since she is human, the physical damage her body can take is limited to what any normal human can take. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): While Alice hopes to one day take her father's place on the throne, she's in no real rush to do so. For the time being, her only real goal is just to do what she likes to do, and in this case, it's kill people who have wronged another for money. Hobbies and Interests: Alice has an interest in books and likes to read whenever she's not on a job or just has a spare moment to herself. Since she's never left Tridian, she wonders what else is out in the world and hopes to one day travel, but knows that isn't really possible due to her current position. Learning new ways to use her magic is another way Alice likes to pass the time, but we already know it's mainly for the purpose of killing.
  4. Sola Haze

    Princess Marie-Jeanne

    From the album: Sola's Private Roleplay Characters

    Basic Information Full name: Princess Marie-Jeanne Marguerite Corneille Avoie of the House of Bourbon Preferred Name: Jeanne Age: Only a little older then 17 Race: Human Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Nationality: French Titles: Princess Affiliations: House of Bourbon Prior Affiliations: N/A Occupation: N/A Appearance Appeared Age: 17 Height: 5"3 Weight: A little over 100 lbs Build: Very slight and elegant Skin Color: White (Usually powdered) Eye Color: Brown Hair Style: Worn down, curly Hair Color: Brown Fashion: Royal Abnormalities: N/A Tattoos: N/A Faceclaim: N/A Personality Base Alignment: Neutral Good Personality description: She's rather insecure, but she wants to make her parents happy, and she tries to follow all orders as best she can. She sometimes works too hard to please others. Abilities and Powers: - She can speak English, French, Spanish, and a relative degree of Latin. - She can play piano. - She can sing. Equipment: N/A
  5. CuteWitch

    Princess Aria

    From the album: PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    No-nonsense magical warrior princess
  6. CuteWitch

    Princess Yuri

    From the album: PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    Cheeeful and playful Japanese princess.
  7. CuteWitch

    Princess Jalilah

    From the album: PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    Adventurous arabic princess
  8. CuteWitch

    Princess Emilia

    From the album: PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    Studious shy princess. A little magical.
  9. CuteWitch

    Princess Nayeli

    From the album: PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    Wise nature-loving Native American princess.
  10. CuteWitch

    Princess Hilda

    From the album: PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    Dark, sadistic princess. Evil Queen in the making.
  11. CuteWitch

    Princess Titania

    From the album: PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    Fun trickster fairy princess.
  12. CuteWitch

    Princess Cecilia

    From the album: PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    Strong but compassionate warrior princess
  13. CuteWitch

    Princess Maribel

    From the album: PrincessMaribel's Princesses

    Sweet kind basic princess
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