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Found 6 results

  1. Imouto Kanna

    Seeking Public RP

    Pretty new to this and i just discovered this club... kind of enjoy the idea of other people watching us hehe Ecchitext me for more details if you're interested. I've been doing exclusively incest rps with my character as a lolicon. I'm willing to branch out from that~ My preferences:
  2. Neptune

    Zelru (Humanoid form)

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Zelru Age/Date of Birth: 9th September, 1352AD Gender: Male Species: Demon Origin: Formally England Nationality: Formally British, and he has kept his British accent. Occupation: Agent of Hell. Physical Appearance Height: 198.1cm (6’6”) Weight: 76.6kgs (12st 1lb) Eye Colour: Blood red Hair Colour: Blonde Physical Description: When mortals first see Zelru, he is often in a form that is more pleasing to them. He is tall with a slender frame that doesn’t seem to have much muscle, although appearances are deceptive. His body shape is lithe, looking almost like a sprinters. He has blond hair that is cut at a medium length, just brushing his shoulders. His eyes are blood red, with people often getting the feeling that he is seeing more than he admits. He has a beautifully handsome face, with a graceful jawline, well shaped lips and a delicate nose making him look both beautiful and terrifying. On either side of his head, he has a horn that emerges from beneath the hair, before they curl forwards. From the base of his spine, a pointed-tip tail grows from it which is fully prehensile. From his back there are two bat-like wings that can be used for flight. He quite likes wearing formal outfits, especially from the era that he is from although when on Earth it does make him stand out a lot. But he is not adverse to wearing modern suits. Compared to his other form, his more human form seems very friendly and weak. His other form is his full demon form. He stands a lot taller, at 8’3” tall which towers over any and all humans. His skin is a dark purple in colour and his body is built like a tank with thick, bulging muscles. His face heavy set, with a firm strong jawline and a firm set of lips with a strong looking nose. His eyes have no iris nor any pupil and instead it glows a menacing green colour. His hair turns black in colour, and lengthens down to the centre of his back, but is swept back against his head. Emerging from either side of his head are two magnificent horns that curve slightly, before twisting in on itself before ending up in a point. Unlike in his other form, he has no tail nor a set of wings as he clearly doesn’t need them. He wears a set of breastplate armour that only covers his chest, leaving his muscled stomach exposed. He wears a dark set of trousers, with a pair of scaled boots that protects his knees and lower legs. On his right arm he has a strange gauntlet that appears to be fused with his body, glowing the same colour as his arms. He is often seen with a scythe weapon. (Link to other image) Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Zelru’s biggest trait is his selfishness. He cares about one person, and one person only and that is himself. He will only ever do anything if it benefits him, including the orders from Lucifer that he obeys. He is cruel to others, and completely lacks empathy towards them, not caring for the pain and suffering of others. He would only hold out his hand if it benefits him. He will also kill people, without a second thought. He cares not for peoples dreams and aspirations, or even their feelings. He will happily trample over them if it gets him what he wants. He is also extremely callous, speaking without thinking and not caring if his words hurt others unless it’s counter-productive to what he is doing. He is manipulative, warping others into doing what he wants and will do what he needs to do to convince them by bribing, or threat of force either against them or people that they love. He is not one to forge bonds of love and care towards others, either, and keeps everyone at arms distance away from him. This is not due to any insecurity. He finds everyone around him disdainful and unworthy of his time. As a human, he ruled his gang with an iron fist, and that has not changed much since being recruited as a demon. As well as being manipulative, he is by nature very cunning. He will always figure out ways to get what he wants and to lower the danger to himself if there is any. He has absolutely no qualms about doing something bad, and making it appear as if someone else was the cause of it (Like a murder, or rape). Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Strength: In his human-like form, Zelru is stronger than he looks. He is roughly three times as strong as a normal human male. In his full form, however, he is even stronger than that. He is able to throw buses and cars around with ease and punch holes in concrete walls without breaking a sweat. As such, a single punch from him will easily kill a human. Combat: Zelru is very talented with his combat. He knows how to use a range of weapons and he is quite cunning in his strategies which he uses to overwhelm his enemies and defeat them. In his full demonic form, he always carries a scythe with him which he can use to cut his foes in two. The blade is extremely sharp, and is able to easily cut through steel. His immense strength makes him a hard opponent to fight against. Black magic: From his King, Zelru has come to learn about black magic which is often utilised by demons. Due to its nature of pain and suffering, Zelru is quite proficient in it. He can use it to summon flames that will not go out unless he commands it to, to tear someone’s life force from their body to leave them as a dry lifeless husk, or even to bind someone in black chains that cannot be broken. Cunning and Manipulative nature: If something is dangerous to him, he will manipulate someone else to do it for him. He cares not for others safety, and thus doesn’t care if they get hurt or die because of it. But it will save his skin and prevent him from being exposed to danger, and allowing him to escape unscathed. Weaknesses: White magic: As a demon, he is extremely vulnerable to white magic due to its pure nature. His soul is corrupt to the core and it causes him a lot of pain to be exposed to it. It can in fact destroy his physical body and send him back to hell as a soul, where it will take him a long time in order to get his body back. Providing Lucifer allows him to due to his failure. Holy Water: While it does not kill him, it causes his physical body a great deal of pain although it also makes him incredibly angry which can make him even more dangerous than before. Someone’s home: When it comes to someone’s home, Zelru cannot enter unless he is invited to. If he has not, then he cannot enter the property. He will be cast back out and it would cause him a lot of pain in the attempt. Thus he must gain someone’s permission before entering the property. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Controlling others for his own amusement and pleasure. Corrupting the pure and innocent. Especially if they have never been touched before. Inflicting pain and suffering onto others. Fucking a bitch into unconsciousness. Heavy BDSM on others. Turn offs: Being the one in pain. Being controlled or dominated Penis Length: 13” in his smaller form, 26” in his larger form. Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: His humanoid forms cock looks similar to that of a human, although the head is slightly more pointed and it feels heavier and hotter than a normal human dick. His demon forms cock is more monstrous in appearance. It has a pointed tip, and nubs that ring around just underneath the head. These nubs are firm, and heavily stimulate the orifice that is it fucking. He also has what feels like thick scales that cover the rest of the cock that make it feel even harder than a human flesh cock. It also feels very warm to the touch. STD History: He is immortal. What does he care about STDs? History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: For an immortal demon, he’s pretty healthy. Bio: When Zelru was a mortal human, his name was Edward however he was more commonly known as Edward the Cutthroat. He was born and raised in a very poor English village, where is was one of the youngest children in a huge family. He often went without food and he was required to work in the local coal mines from the age of six. His situation gave him a deep anger, that could not be satisfied. He began to hate everyone around him, including his own family. At the age of twelve he had run away from home to start a new life as a bandit. At first, large raids were beyond him as he did not have the manpower, despite all of his cunning. Over time, he recruited others into his gang and he was able to do more and more raids. He and his group began to gather quite the reputation of being a ruthless group. Edward himself killed often, and without mercy. He often left no witnesses, and took what he wanted including women who were often brutally raped and murdered by him and his gang. He became a wanted man, hunted throughout the entire country. He met his end with a mistake. He and some of his group were lured into an ambush where they were pounced upon by the Kings army and captured. Edward himself was marched through the streets of London where he had been put on trial, the verdict being death by public hanging. Just as he was on the very edge of death, the King of Hell himself reached out and spoke to him, offering him a deal. That Edward would gain great power in exchange for serving the King of Hell as one of his minions. Without hesitation, Edward accepted the deal to join in Lucifers service. He died in that public square in London, but he did not cease to exist. He came Zelru, one of the demons that did Lucifer's bidding on Earth, causing trouble whenever he can and sowing chaos wherever he does goes. He is very loyal to Lucifer, to a point. He does wish that he could put the King aside and take the throne himself, but he knows that he does not have enough men nor the power to do so, as Lucifer is very careful about handing out too much power. He has to make do with what he has, and he intends on having fun with it.
  3. The cabin in the back of the school is center around a water fountain and surrounding with wooden cabins each different than the last. The upper terrain is where the campfire is held and wooden table scattered around the field. The inside of cabin are filled with a chimney to warm up the place and beds with decoration suited that with nature. Participants: Vergil Ise ~ I sigh as I rub my face at this girl's lacking any matter and oblivious to the fact I don't require any attention from another person. Still, I look at her before moving to the refrigerator to pull some drink for her and put them on the table so she can pick whatever she pleased. "You sure lack any matters, are you sure you go here?" I ask, once more.
  4. Kalvoras Vertal

    public rp Ban's House [RP]

    //"Thought that I'd make this for us, @Hakixy ^_^" Paricipants: Ban Karma
  5. Temaelrin

    Clubs and Fixes!

    Hello fellow Dreamers, We have some more information on the clubs thus far and we're very keen to share these ideas with you, as well as keep you up-to-date on what's going on around the forums, as well as the future direction of the Roleplay suite, which was updated only a year ago. This is a' follow on' from the Summer Update news article we posted a few weeks ago. Thanks to the feedback we got on the article itself, in EcchiTexts and the Chatbar, and though internal discussions between @Neptune and I, we have both come to the conclusion that the clubs will indeed be kind of a multi-use feature on our community. For example, we spoke about the clubs different "Genre's" if you will, of clubs which is filterable in the actual application (We've attached some pictures below) these genres, are: EcchiDreams Specific Community Club - For things that are highly specific to EcchiDreams; such as "Poke War Warriors" for people who take part in Poke Wars, or for "American Dreamers", "British Dreamers" etc... Fan Club - Specific to a certain fandom, such as the Nekomimi Fan Club, Kitsunetsuki Fan Club, Startrek Fanclub, or I don't know: PHP Fan Club. RP Club - What was once either a public or premium RP, something we're going to talk about in a moment. Social Club - A good example would be general interest or product clubs, such as the Hentai Connoisseur Club, PS Gamers Club, or PC Master Race, Headphone/Audiophile, Anime Junkies, etc... - Other - - If your club doesn't fit into the above categories it'd fall under other. Although we will be listening out for suggestions and adapting as time goes on. We'll look at how this useful feature evolves on our community, going forward and try to improve it based on real world use of it. There will have to be some changes however to the Premium Membership feature; that is, it's been two years waiting for a reliable Credits system; that allows you to earn Credits on EcchiDreams through contributing, (Posting, getting likes and leaving likes, coming on once a day, etc). Since the Big Update however this functionality has never materialised, and the developer of it seems to have attracted a lot of real life priorities that has left him unable to develop the next version. The one we have in place, the Basic Points that still lets to accumulate EcchiCredits has not received any feature updates either and thus has become remarkably useless and unusable. Less than 1% of our members are premium members, and a lot of that has something to do with points not being added to people's accounts (According to some reports I've gotten and are looking into) despite posting, liking and getting likes. So it's very on the rails at the moment as to what is going on in this area and I can only apologise. Premium members have next to no benefits of being a premium member other than a sparkling tag and increased Gallery Bandwidth limits. We're also going to go into the process of moving all the Public and Premium Roleplays over to the Clubs system; luckily this affects absolutely no one, other than staff because Staff are the only ones with these in the first place, and no one has posted in there, yet. Premium members will still have some benefits over this; such as an option to have their own Articles System but there isn't much else. We will have to update our Roleplay Guides to reflect this change before it's released, but the Public Roleplay Forums and Premium Roleplay Forums are pretty much closed at the moment. We will also need to re-write parts of the Terms of Service; and fix things on the site as well as Ecchia's welcome EcchiText to reflect these changes. So please bear with us as this will take some time. That said we hope to have it online and running by the end of the weekend, with all the changes made too. (Sunday the 13th of August, or Sunday the 20th of August 2017 at the latest). Now that's out of the way, here are some screenshots of the Clubs feature and I hope to explain them as I go along. When you first go into the clubs you'll arrive to the front page as you can see in the image (Click to Expand). You can of course filter these, say for example you only want to see certain types of clubs, well with the button next to "Sort By" which in this picture above, is above the EcchiTown (RP), club, this will allow you to sort and filter the clubs so you can display only the ones that fit what you're looking for, we're thinking on having it that the Public Roleplay Link on the forums will redirect to a filtered page that shows only RP Clubs, but you can view all with exceptional ease. Making a Club, is exceptionally easy, and open for you to play around with, as follows: Obviously the name; is the title you want to use for your club, your clubs name, if you will, the "Privacy" is the type of club you want, as you can see it lets you know what each setting means. The Description is the brief introduction which is seen on the Clubs Frontpage, the Icon (Although I recommend making the club first then setting an icon, although nothing stops you from doing the icon again) as it's like a profile picture. The reason I say that is because it squashes the picture where as if you change it after, you can crop the icon to fit what you're looking for. This way around works very well. The type of club, which as I stated earlier is the "Genre" if you will, and what features do you want to automatically create. I'll show you them in a moment. Managing your club is exceptionally easy; there is a "Manage Club" button that club owners can use to modify the club structure itself. Such as adding Topics, Images and Calendar features. You can edit the club settings, invite members, activate and edit the homepage (Which will split Home and Activity up and allow you to customise your clubs homepage), add members *Maybe*, change/transfer the owner of the club to another dreamer, change it's type or manage it's features, such as disabling sections, deleting them, or just re-organizing them, to put them into a new order (I will touch on in a moment). The Topics are useful for creating sections in your club roleplay, for example such as OOC, Roleplay, Extra Information and so on, as you can see you can again customise how you want the page to be displayed as if it was a normal post or topic on EcchiDreams. This allows a great number of options such as displaying the rules of your roleplay, or club, in this case the images above is showing it in an RP situation. In the previous news article, I discussed how moderators and even the club owner themselves can "Hide" content, this will appear as what you can see with "Rulebreaking Topic" in the second picture. As owners you should be able to pin any topic you want to the top of this, that will mean they will always appear on the top of the list above all other topics below regardless as to which topic is newer or more recently posted in, unless that is also a sticky... When you create the forum section of your club you can select one of two options "Discussions" which as featured above, or "Questions" where people can ask questions, and you - or other members of your club can respond. This doesn't have to be used for giving support to your members for your RP or club, but it could be used in a tech club for example as a place for people to ask tech related questions. What you choose to do with it, is on you. A club homepage is a great way of telling Dreamers who come to check out your club, what your club is, is it a RP club, and so on. I've, for this example, have shown the first page to the EcchiTown RP visible here, which tells people it's a Club RP, as would '(RP)' in the title, and as much information as I can for them to read and decide if being apart of that club is for them. You'll want to impress prospective users if you want them in your club, so making it look sleek, and awesome is the best way of doing this, as an ugly, janky and messy homepage will probably put people off. As you can see above, if you choose to turn the homepage on; you'll get an Activity Tab, which separates it from your club homepage (Which is default). The Activity Tab will also show a small "About the Club" for your club. Similar to adding forums, Image Areas are created for storing images in albums, or as is depending on your set up. For example if you have people who have multiple characters, in the above examples; of making an image area you have a few options. In the description you can pretty much do anything again, as well as set a standard as to how you want images to be posted for character IDs in your club. If you don't want people to post up a character ID with their images and you think it'll be fine to dump the images straight into the directory then you are more than happy to do so, you might not need albums for your needs so you can turn it off. You can also turn comments and reviews off; depending on your needs. For the above example. I have made character ID's non-requiring of Albums (that split up who's characters are who's) because EcchiTown will probably only see one character per person, due to design choices I made. For something like Blackberry Falls however, you might see a system where people have to make an album for all their characters in your RP club and character ID's are posted with the images themselves - which is indeed possible for everyone under this system. For something like Extra Informations though; that's typically something that will be used for an Extra Information Topic so you might just make it a dumping place (and put it on the end of the club) and allow people to use it to upload the images they need for their threads - again that's completely up to you and how you organise your club. So make your club your own. This is an example of changing the order; disabling or deleting any sections that you don't require; this makes editing your clubs no matter what the type of club you're hosting, easy. In "Closed" Club scenarios The first image above; is a request notification that I spoke about in the last update topic, once you click it you can choose to accept or reject. Accepting or Rejecting is as simple as a sweet short click, and is honestly as easy as it can be. As you can see above. If you're trying to join a club that is closed, you're told on the home page of that club, that it's closed and are given the option (Twice) to join the club. If you've clicked that, but the request is pending, you'll be told on the club page (Above image) that you're request is still pending. As the message says if you're accepted - or rejected (Trying to say positive, lol) then you'll get a notification, that looks like this: In other news... We are aware of a number of bugs that have been present in our update; we hope that most of them are addressed as of today, such as the Leaderboards Bug when trying to filter by content type. We're also looking at making the help section more intuitive, as well as putting in a process where people can appeal their infractions, and so on, so this is something we're looking at doing after sorting out the clubs and RP sections which are going to require some migration time. I wanted to keep you all up-to-date and hopefully by this or next weekend we'll have a better RP section on EcchiDreams, with something easier to understand, use and is much more controllable, by YOU the club owner. Finally I'd like to remind all dreamers; to please DOUBLE CHECK what images you are uploading, before you upload them, far too many people got their accounts banned or given infractions last week over major terms of service violations. We do not allow Beastility, Lolicon or Shotacon (Child/Minor in Nude or Sexual Situations). Thank you. As always please leave comments, suggestions and feedback relating to this article below, I read every single comment posted and it's my pleasure to. Article Image Artist: Wolp Links: Deviantart There is no reason I chose this image, its not related to the article in anyway shape or form. I purely chose it because I like the picture and I think the artwork, something I'm not usually a fan of, but it's actually very well done. Such simplicity of detail oddly suits it, and I think the Artist has managed (with this and a few other pieces) of getting me to like a kind of style that not many can seem to do very well. It's a very stunning image, and I highly recommend checking his work out if you like it. It's in my opinion one of the best I've seen from this artist.
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