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  1. goodgirl

    A dirty camping trip

    Would like a storyline where two friends or just one is on a camping trip and gets woken up to naughty rubbing on my little pussy. if ust one it could be a horny stranger. Would kinda prefer it to be a futa partner but any works!
  2. Howdy folks this is my first post here so sorry if it sucks, but I've been wanting to use this idea for awhile now and figured this is the place to share it. I love the idea of Toru from MHA being a futa, and taking a 'sick day' where she sneaks around the school inconveniencing the other students in a particularly lewd way. I'm looking for more of the side characters for this rp, so the girls from class B, sidekicks, or some of the lesser heroes. I'd prefer to play as Toru, but I'll run this as more of a dm rp aswell but I'll be picking out most of the girls you'll run into while sneaking through the school. If you're interested leave a comment, I'm willing to hear you out if liked to make any changes!
  3. Hihiii~ I'm always looking for some fun with anyone, very little restrictions, this is a small post compilling a few scenarios and ideas I'd love to RP with someone. Note, you can come up with your own take on these scenarios or not follow them at all, these are just ideas, to be done with any of my characters, and maybe giving you a peak into my kinks, all of these scenarios can be altered to be non-con, incest, or anything like that, again, we can rework them to fit what we want to do!~ Alternatively... Some dirty talk could also be fun! A unusual party trick. 11pm, loud music, drunk people, and way too many people making out, your typical college party or possibly, a club, or a high end socialite party. Either that's bad or good, that's up to you, but you're at the party, maybe with friends, maybe bored, but someone catches your eye, a boy who looks too pretty to be here. "Red" Maybe he's being loud, and he notices you, and teases you, and that gets you angry, but you're feeling a bit needy, and you manage to take him a silent place in the party, or maybe, you just 'play' with him right there and then in front of others. Vicky Or, in the other hand, maybe he's quiet, a bit hidden, but you notice him staring at you, deep at you, and that sparks a interest in you, you approach him, and he seems to barely talk... But you two somehow hit it off. Ju Somehow, you notice someone that seems out of place, a bit lost in fact, with a thick accent, but he's dressed nicely, trying to fit in, and you approach him, or maybe he approaches you, striking up conversation, and you too take off flying, and you decide... Maybe we should head off to a quieter place, maybe the nearby bushes, some big closet, or the basement, you just know that boy is gonna take you for a ride. Bathroom and it's secrets. (NO TOILET PLAY) It's a quiet evening, no one is around, you're just brushing up in the local bathroom, maybe a gym's lockers, your college's bathroom, maybe the dorm bathroom, a club's, or maybe one in a park, anywhere, really. You find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror, but a boy walks in, he gives you a brief look, or ignores you, and walks into a stall or a urinal, but he doesn't seem to do any of his necessities, he seems to be waiting... Or, he gets into the shower, undressing himself as if he's made of porcelain. Or maybe, you enter the stall next to him, and you find a hole in between the stalls, with a eye peaking through, waiting for... Well, you might be able to guess. "Red" & Ju As soon as you see that boy enter, you feel a weird vibe in the air, you can't stop staring at him, and as you get curious, you find him staring through the hole, or maybe slowly jacking off in the urinal, or slowly touching himself in the showers, all by himself... And you decide, maybe, lets help him, shall we? Or... Something dark in you, sees that vulnerable, horny, whore, and you decide to take him for yourself.... Vicky The blue haired boy seems to stare at you, maybe he brushes past you, calling your attention, asking for you, and that ropes you into playing with him... Maybe you start out curious and soft, just going along with the base pleasures of your brain, or maybe, you take the lead, with his consent, or not. Or possibly, you decide to let him have some fun with you. Extras!: Multiple characters/players (bring in your friends!) allowed, you can play as your own characters, make it a gangbang, bukkake, have your fun! Stuck, but not bored. You're hanging out at college, maybe with your best friend, crush, or someone who stares at you too much, or the dude you pick on too much... As you're "hanging out", suddenly you realize, the place you're both in is kinda empty, a classroom, or a gym space, your own basement, or some other incovinence... "Red" Being your best friend or crush (and maybe knowing that...) he teases you, playing with you, maybe poking at feelings you didn't know you had for him, or at a untouched side of your libido.... Maybe if he's your bullying victim, you decide to get a bit physical... And you end brushing him in some spots that make you... Interested in another dynamic, finally putting that rich momma's boy into his place. Vicky If he's your best friend, or possibly a crush, you already know him for being silent, and maybe you try to stir up talk with him, he could reply, verbally, or physically, slowly approaching you... If you're his bully, you decide to finally get a reaction from that quiet bitch, and you go to the most extreme way, make him yours. Ju As your best friend, he tries to find a solution with you, but even his farm trained body can't seem to break that door, maybe he gets sweaty, takes off his clothes, as you both try to break your way free, but you end up sticking together... Maybe you realize, you had a crush on him... As his bully, you decide to try to finally break his spirits, and whats a better opportunity then now? Or maybe you're just tired of his eyes staring at you, always blushing, and nows your chance. ~~~~~~~~ These are just a few I always had in mind! I'll add more and other details as time goes on, feel free to comment here or DM me!
  4. aesthetic

    Sex Friendly Office

    In the midst of a busy office, there were plenty of noises to be heard. Phones, printers, slurping, the janitor cleaning… wait, slurping? In the office of the CEO, he had his head leaning back in his chair as the sweet slurping sounds echoed throughout his office. “Mm, fuck… you’re definitely getting that raise…” he says as he gently strokes her hair, before sending her out of his office and getting back to work. ————— Thanks for reading my post! I want to do an rp based around this type of scene, where I play as a CEO or anyone else in the company trying to work their way up, or seeing who’s truly worthy of a raise. I’m friendly for femboys, females, and futas, so don’t be afraid to message me! thanks for reading, aesthetic
  5. Writtingforfun

    She is addicted to cosplay

    So I’ve been bouncing around an idea where my character has a girlfriend who is obsessed with cosplay and cosplay sex. It would be somewhat a slice of life adventure of the girlfriend/both of them cosplaying and having cosplay sex in different places and such. it’s a really simple idea but I think it could be fun. If you’re interested please shoot me a message. If not then have a good day and thanks for reading
  6. A serious schoolgirl is taking the same train always the same day. She started to get molested eventually enjoying that and getting fucked each time. Her mother wanting to know what troubles her secretly follow her one night and she get the same treatment. I'll be playing both woman, The other player playing the pool of men. The schoolgirl : Miyuki Hirano 17yo The mother : Shizuka Hirano 40 yo
  7. The Night Market is an entertainment quarter and shopping center in the downtown area of the town. It is also home to a grassroots economic development organization dedicated to promoting the historic preservation, protection, culture, and use of Spruce Moore's traditional downtown district. The Partnership works to promote the importance of an attractive and thriving downtown area to the overall economic health of the county. The historic downtown district boasts quaint streets, traditional and modern art, large murals and a unique variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment opportunities. Many events take place downtown like the monthly Concerts on the Deck, annual Spruce Moore Moon Festival, seasonal carriage rides, and regular block parties to further build communal ties. During the day time hours it is host to the more human populous and their normal activities. -Clothing Boutiques -Movie Theater -24hr Gym -Communal Street Area -Tattoo Parlor -Pharmacy/Traditional Medicine Shops
  8. If you're not familiar with the fandom that's fine but a general knowledge would be preferred! Basic premise is that my character, Marinette or Ladybug, is a super powered hero with a ladybug theme that protects Paris. She wields a yoyo to fight super powered villains of all different kinds. people turn into villains through bad emotions, often getting super powers based off of a situation that gave them bad emotions, ie. someone gets their heart broken so they get the power to make people hate each other. My character will be around 18 in this rp and the rp will focus on Ladybug getting beat and dominated in public. Heres a few quick reference images. [MOD NOTE: Links that violated both Section 14 Paragraph 1 and Section 18 have been removed] I have a few different ideas of how this could go down: 1. Your character is a villain who has obtained powers strong enough to beat Ladybug. This could be mind control, pure strength, maybe they can change her super outfit to something embarrassing, throwing her off and making her easy to beat, or really anything. I don't mind super overpowered abilities for your character. 2.Your character is a civilian who runs into Ladybug after she gets hit by a villain's ability, so maybe she gets bimbofied, maybe shes left open to suggestion, or maybe she was stripped naked and left to run the streets of Paris. Your character takes advantage of her in this situation to humiliate her. 3. If you don't want to include anything super powered at all, we can take this to Marinette's civilian form where your character has found out her secret identity and is using it to blackmail her. I prefer rps to stick around 3 paras, contact me via ecchitext if you're interested with kinks and ideas. If you have another idea completely that's also fine!
  9. In Japan a big company working in the Idol business is having financial issues. The boss has the idea of taking advantage of a young girl whose sell start to fade. He start to trick her doing swimsuit/underwear photoshoot before perverting her totally, eventually breaking her in public livestream. You'll play as the girl OR the manager/boss and other people of the company.
  10. This is a garden on the ship that has a large display of plants from earth that they collected before leaving. The main part of the garden is open to the public, and is located on the first and second floors just off of the prominade. However despite the main part of the garden being available to the publics enjoyment it is connected to the vault where seeds from earth are being kept in stasis.
  11. A set of outdoor baths designed with natural features such as stone and pebbles. Near the far edge of the baths there are some decorative reeds. Each of the baths is large enough to comfortably hold 20 people and each bath is seperated by a tall bamboo fence wall. All hotspring bathes are unisex. Clothes are not allowed in this area.
  12. The sauna's are rooms where one can go to relax after a bath or just to enjoy the steam. While in other worlds everyone is required to have a towel, at Yamatai full nudity is allowed in the sauna's and the sauna's are unisex allowing for both male and female staff and patrons to use them.
  13. This is a section where both staff and guests csn gamble their money in the hopes of leaving with more than what they started with. There are many tables with a large variety of games such as black jack, majong, poker, slots, and others.
  14. ( This is a generic subject for the private rooms, typically when not in use) The private rooms are all large with a small section for tea and eating, they have a massive futon bed which can fit just about anybody on them. There is also a private bathroom for each room. The type of toilet in the bathrooms is a traditional style squat toilet as such is easier to use for all species.
  15. Near the center of the whole complex area there is a large flower garden with many different types of flowers there is also a koi pond here as well. There are stone laden paths going through the garden illuminated by lanterns in the evenings and night.
  16. Between the rooms at Yamatai that are seperated by paper screen sliding doors and walls are the wooden board laden hallways lit up by paper lanterns. Most commonly used by guests and staff to move from area to area.
  17. Changing rooms where there are rows of lockers and benches. The floor is cherry wood paneling, snd at the end of the room there are showers so someone could was themselves before entering the hot springs.
  18. Payne1074

    Free Use Girls

    The men of the world have gone infertile and birth rates are plummeting. To help combat this situation the fertile men have been given a special rank in society. These men are now labeled as “Owners” and are given girls to help repopulate the country. These girls are now referred to as “Free Use Girls” and this special government run program is named after them. Only those that have been signed up for the program may be selected to be given to an owner. Any girl that is of child bearing age my sign up for the program, with parents consent if needed. After they are selected they become the sole property of their Owner, whose only rule is they may not put the lives of these girls in danger. The Owners are allowed to use their Free Use Girl at any time no matter where they are. They can do whatever they want with them as long as they follow the one rule. If this prompt interests you message me and let’s set up a story together. I have much more information if you are interested and I want to hear if you have any suggestions. This is meant to be a long term Rp so if you message please be in it for the long haul. I can’t wait to hear from you!
  19. These are the public photogenesis chambers. It has a set up similar set up to a public shower or a sauna room where there is a locker room and a fee larger chambers in which florasians can use to photosynthesize. (It also can give nice tans) It also comes with public showers and lockers one csn rent.
  20. This is the main commerce sector in the colony ship. After a few months into the journey some citizens decided to open up businesses. Soon thid collection of businesses became a whole commercial center in the ship. The prominade has 6 floors to it and in the very center of the prominade area is a public resting spot (almost like a park but without the plants and such.) There are stair cases and elevators to move between the floors ans there are areas where floors overlook the floors below them. It is usually brightly lit with signs and public lighting. Since there is no physical day night cycle on a ship alot of businesses are open 24/7.
  21. Payne1074

    Creepy Photographer

    It was early after and you and your friends have been walking around the mall all day. While you were busy shopping you noticed an older man following you around, his phone out, pointed right at you. You confront the man and end up stealing his phone, finding it full of pictures of you and your friends, with zoom in on your asses. It’s time to teach him a lesson in creeping on girls This Rp can go any number of ways and I am down for almost all of them. Feel free to message what you would like to do to this pervert and let’s make it happen. Anything at all about this Rp is open to change, the only limiter is your imagination. I can’t wait to hear from you!
  22. This is the biggest part of the ship a large open area which resembles a city. The entire prominade, garden, red light sector, and parts of the engineering sector as well. This subject is more akin to being a generic topic for interaction in this area.
  23. This is just for generic interactions within the hallways of the colonyship.
  24. This is a section that is located just off of the prominade area within the nearby cramped hallways. In this section there are strip clubs, sex shops, porn studios, and even a brothel. It is usually looked down on alliance officers to visit some of these establishments.
  25. Camp Monsoon. It stood deep in the woods, possessing amenities common to any summer camp: Cabins, a great fire-pit for building large bonfires, a lake for swimming and boating, and ghost stories. One such story was that a dark phantom liked to lure young girls away at night and change them. They became different, twisted. Some might even say promiscuous. But rumors are just rumors of course. Morning arrived boisterously and uninvited. Zoey groaned as rays of sunlight beamed across her face. Her face screwed up into a frown as she pulled her blankets over her head. The darkness of night held a much more comfortable aura for her. She was the very definition of a night-owl, staying awake until the wee early hours of the morning. But the shouts of the other kids and the noises of the counselors getting the camp ready for morning activities disturbed her attempts at continued sleep. Reluctantly Zoey slipped out bed, momentarily confused as where she was. That's right. Her parents had forced her to attend Camp Monsoon this summer. They felt that she spent too much time in her room, gaming, watching tv and playing D&D. They felt that if she got more sunshine and interacted with more people around her age, she'd grow out of her "phase" and become a normal "girl". She chuckled. Joke's on them because she managed to sneak a couple of games into her bag. A small groan escaped from her belly. Deciding that food was important, Zoey decided it was time for breakfast. She started to head out of the cabin before remembering that she hadn't yet dressed. Yup. As she looked down at herself, she saw that she was still wearing her black sports bra and a pair of black panties. With a yip she ducked back into the cabin, hoping no one had noticed, to don a white T-shirt with "Camp Monsoon" stamped across the front and short pair of denim shorts. Pushing her glasses back up her nose, Zoey left the cabin and headed to the Mess Hall to grab her breakfast.
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