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  1. Looking for a dominant women ill play the role of a submissive male just tell me how you want it to go. Everything goes
  2. Soooo lately I've really been wanting to rp a nice and hung femboy. I do have a scenario in mind but if you'd like to change up the rp a bit you're free to suggest anything. Anyway, so, basically, I'd be playing a femboy, and a pretty stupid one at that, I don't mean he's dumb I mean he just sucks at school, his grades are low and his teachers aren't really that fond of him, all besides one. A quite tall and busty lady, his uhh, idk, math teacher or something. This would be your character, she could be either a futa or a female, of course you'd be the dom in this scenario. She wants to help me actually get a passing grade so we're studying at her house or at school after the classes end when she just forces herself on me, either because she's mad since I'm too stupid to understand arithmetic or just because she wants to. If she was a futa she can just use my ass as a cocksleeve tbh. I don't exactly know how long the rp is gonna be but we could probably finish it in a session or two, it's nothing too complex. I don't care how much you write, as long as it's longer than one line we're good. All I ask for is decent grammar, that's it. I'm no expert so please don't be too rough on me.
  3. Flip_Flop_and_Sloppy

    Shota gets enslaved

    I wanna do an RP where I play a cute shota who gets bullied, kidnapped, or otherwise made into the slave of a dominant, dark-skinned woman. For reference as to what she looks like, think something like this Bear in mind, my partner must be english-literate, write in 3rd Person, and able to do at least 3 paragraphs of writing (1 paragraph being at least 3 sentences long) per reply. This can be bumped down to 2 for certain scenes if things slow down, but generally, the more detail the better. Kinks are up for discussion, but a few I'd like to include if possible include, but are not limited to the following: - Femdom - Titfucks - Non-Con/Dub-Con - Pet-Play If you're up for it, just comment down below or send me an Ecchitext https://img3.gelbooru.com//samples/e5/75/sample_e5750efe28151fd73342a7d46a9deb9d.jpg https://img3.gelbooru.com//samples/54/08/sample_5408aa3a091ed15a980b32cc041530cb.jpg
  4. Allison is a ball of life and joy, prancing around a mall in her white miniskirt that is far too short for an 8 year old girl to be wearing. Unbeknownst to her, she has attracted the attention of a man(men if you want multiple) who cant seem to get past the image of her jumping up and down and flashing her pink panties at him accidentally. He cant resist any longer, and knows exactly where to take her to be secluded and alone. (Both roles are open to play and we can make our own too if you want something different! Message me!
  5. Ok, I've got two ideas. Idea 1.) The gist is, I play a cute, shy little boy who has just started to hit puberty, and unfortunately for him, that also means he's started to feel funny whenever he looks at his teacher. His teacher eventually notices this, and decides to take advantage of the young boy. She locks him in her office with her, rapes him till he nearly passes out, and then takes pictures to blackmail him into being her boy-toy with. Of course, she'd never really release the pics, since she'd be the one getting in trouble, but he doesn't know that, so he's forced to play along. Idea 2.) MC somehow finds himself alone in a strange, jungle-covered place, totally in over his head and having no idea what to do. He gets attacked by some wildlife, and almost gets killed, but it saved by a tribe of half-human half-animal people, all of whom appear to be women. They take him back to their village, where its revealed to him that all the men in their village died recently, and as such, they have no one to mate with and keep their society going. This being the case, they take him to be their breeding stud, regardless of if he wants it or not, and they end up fucking him within an inch of his life~ Kinks I'd like to include would be as follows; Femdom Outercourse (Paizuri, thigh fucks, etc) Overstimulation Cosplay Pet-Play Teasing Maybe some race-play For reference to what I'd like her to look like, see the images below
  6. Here's a small collection of my shota rp ideas with some references provided (you are more than welcome to bring your own references or take on any of my plots) ^-^ Plots: Mark of the succubus A young boy has discovered adult materials and is now plagued with lewd/naughty thoughts. His lust has grown so strong that he had caught the attention of a succubus. One night she visits him in his sleep, playing with him and leaving her mark, a navel tattoo with a mystical effect. The boy wakes up, thinking it was only a dream, but something is off... His sex drive has gone through the roof, his member has seemingly grown over night, and all the girls/women in his town have taken an unusual liking to the boy. The succubus follows him around, feeding off of his sexual endeavors. Teacher x Shota A teacher takes a liking to one of her more troubled students. She uses unconventional teaching methods to tutor him, giving him lewd rewards to encourage him to work harder. Abduction Inspired by a doujinshi (TAKEN!!! by Miyamoto Issa: 78899) The main character is a naive boy who is abducted by a girl (or girls), they trick him with the promise of something sweet which ultimately seals his fate. They take the boy and play with him however they wish. They can be normal older girls, a friend of his sister/mom, a frisky girl in a mascot costume, etc. Kinks and Limits: Kinks: Bondage, crossdressing, toys, gentle femdom, ageplay, prostate play, teasing, foreplay, non-con/dub-con, gloves, incest, corruption, hypnosis/mind control, nipple play, praise, thigh-play, tongue play, latex, size difference, abduction, pet play, post orgasm torture/overstimulation, forced orgasm, milking, and exhibitionism Limts: Blood, piss, scat, gore, musk, humiliation, inflation, animals, adult baby, weapon play, puke, harsh degradation, and impact play
  7. In an outskirt city long since abandoned by the government, it is run rampant by the wicked, where crimes such as murder and rape are a daily occurrence on the streets, you’d need money if you want to matter, drugs are handled like candy. The strong relish in their freedom to humiliate, and the weak who can’t leave can only try their best to stay hidden and survive. You, a young boy had just lost his entire family, is found by a kind young woman, who takes him in to stay with her. Their attempt at a normal life can only last so long before the ugly reality of the city comes for them. — Thats the general gist of the setting! Hello, I’m looking for someone to rp a shota character for this! This mostly came to be because I tired of the tropes of a young man taking and caring for a little girl, and decided to reverse it, but just with some porn and depravity added in. Our characters will engage in sex, but they will have their run ins with corrupt people/men, especially my character, so that’s where the rape comes in, which will happen in front of your character sometimes, as to how that works we can discuss it when the time comes. Some notes, I’d like to keep the rp strictly to this site, no discord. And third person is highly appreciated. I’d also like someone who can go into a bit of detail with their replies! I’m not saying anything novel length, but it is always nice to know someone is putting just as much effort as I am! I’m really hoping for someone to put just as much thought and contribution with their replies! Also, porn is a big part of this, but if possible I’d like to focus just as much on plot as well, just so things flow better and it makes things more interesting! And I don’t mind some creative input, just lemme know what you have in mind (as long as it doesn’t affect the story too much!) and I’ll let you know my thoughts! Please don’t try and have me change/remove anything I’ve already discussed pls! And that’s pretty much it! We can discuss more whenever we start! Setting inspiration from clockup vn Maggot Baits!
  8. YelloweyeOfHim

    Lost Hope In Space!

    Lost Hope In Space! An Alien/Parasite/Tentacle ERP Can be either a DM/GM or NORMAL style ERP. NEW UPDATE: I ADDED IMAGES! Male looking for Female Players.(Although fellas are welcome to read, comment, or find people to do this with them!) -Also this is written with the thought of being in dark mode. If you are in bright mode there is a chance some of this will be difficult to read! Keep that in mind please- I recommend reading my preference sheet first. BACKSTORY & PLOT: In the year 2167 humanity came together under one government after centuries of conflicts and wars: The Grand Alliance. However in the time of all that fighting in the past, it became too much for the planet to handle so now the Blue Marble of the Milky Way is on a unchangeable path of becoming uninhabitable for the human race. So The Grand Alliance immediately made there first priority to be the construction of a Space Station that could hold up to 50% of Earths current population as well as to begin the process of deep space travel with the plan of making more stations if the first was successful enough. In the year 2199 the first station, and still the only one currently, was launched and placed in Earths orbit. The Angel. Named as such because of the Space Stations shape being a round ring. It has become a beacon of hope for the human race as a place of relative peace an no pollution like Earths surface. However, it is now the Year 2231 and the entire station has gone dark and quiet without warning. And no one has been able to make any form of contact. The Grand Alliance has sent multiple teams, practically enough people to make a small army, to the The Angel over the course of a month with no word from anyone they send. So now they send you and the team you are a part of as one last attempt to find out what the hell is going on without using the full might of The Grand Alliance’s army. Now we will move onto Rolls you could play as for your character(s) and there Origin in this RP/Universe. Roles will be first and then Origins. All Rolls & Origins can be mixed and matched plus be adjusted if needed if you have a OC you use in every/most rps. -Also these Roles/Origins are written in first person but that don’t mean this ERP is strictly First Person. Just wrote these like this for simplicity- ROLES. Role One: Commander. You are the leader of the Team and as such, everyone who goes with you will respect you and fallow most of your orders. Human survivors are more likely to trust you. Human enemies are more likely to be aggressive towards you. Role Two: Engineer. You are the lead engineer of the team and as such you will be protected however also be made to go out on excursions through the station. Human Survivors will be needed to be convinced to trust you. Human Enemies will be aggressive if it benefits them. Role Three: Scientist. You are the lead scientist of the team and as such will be in charge of figuring out what the problem is and how to solve it. You will be greatly protected but also greatly restricted from moving around and having much privacy. Human Survivors will needed to be convinced to trust you. Human Enemies will be greatly aggressive towards you. Role Four: Lab Rat Personal. You are a prisoner who has been sentenced either to life in prison or the death penalty. And as such you are to be used as a test subject or as a human shield. Human Survivors are less likely to trust you. Human Enemies are capable to being convinced to be allies. The Grand Alliance team have the ability to become enemies if you don’t follow their orders. Role Five: Stowaway. You actually aren’t a member of the team sent by the Government. But with how quickly everything was set up they weren’t fully checking everything they where meant to and you managed to sneak into the cargo of the ship and remained there till the ship landed on the Station and you where found. Your reason for sneaking on can be anything you want as long as it makes sense. Human Survivors will needed to be convinced to trust you. Human Enemies are are capable to being convinced to be allies. The Grand Alliance team have the ability to become enemies if you don’t fallow orders or actively go against them. ORIGINS. Origins One: Earth Born. You have lived on Earth your entire life and have never once visited The Angel Space Station. Now it’s your first time going to the station and there’s a good chance it will be up to you to save it. Origins Two: Space Baby. You were born on The Angel and lived most of your life on the space station. You only recently came to Earth for personal reasons(reason can be whatever you wish it be from a family matter to a career thing)Now you come home finding it in chaos. Origins Three: Military Family. You grew up constantly moving from place to place both on Earth and on The Angel itself. Both of your parents worked for the military and government. Due to that you never lived in the same place for long. Origins Four: Hard Life. Ever since You were a kid life has never been easy. You did whatever it took to keep yourself fed and alive. You where mostly on your own and constantly moved around from place to place. You do whatever it takes to achieve or get what you need. Now we will move on to types of characters & creatures you will interact with. Humans: Typical Humans. They can be Survivors, Allies, or Enemies. Main/Big Groups are: The Grand Alliance Special Team: The team you arrived with. Comprised 10 team members. (number can change to depend on how many characters you play as) The True Patriots: A group of people who don’t approve of the fact that every country has all joined into one. They wish to remake the United States of America, commonly now called Old America by most people within The Grand Alliance, and don’t like anyone working for the new government. The Believers: A group of people who believe, through either insanity or are forced because of the influence of the virus, that the parasites aliens are gods who just want to evolve humanity to a plan of extreme pleasure. The Administration: The name of the people who are meant to run The Angel and keep its daily functions running. Most of them are gone, most likely because of the Alien Parasite, but those that are still around are held up in the higher district with a small group of survivors and while they should be helping out the Special Team, they seem to want to stay on there own. ——— Androids: Arguably humanities greatest creation. They are not as intelligent as humans and are capable of being encrypted with a virus and turning them hostiles. Androids can appear in a few forms. Humanoid(don’t have the exact appearance as humans. You can see there metal body so that none can pose as a real human), Construction bots(like forklifts and such), and drones(meant for air support for army and cops or as cameras for security or news broadcast). ——— The Infected/Parasite: Humans, and a few other Alien species the Parasite has run into, who have been turned/infected. The Parasite can also create its own monsters/tools to use to infect victims. i.e Tentacles. Although if someone/something is either unable to be infected or is being to much trouble, The Parasite WILL kill them.(That’s not an invitation to have necrophilia/gore!) The Sick: When one is infected with the Parasite they are called Sick. Those who are “Sick” are still in control of themselves but the virus is inside them now. Those who are at this state will have full control of their main facilities but will have to deal with the fact that there body will start greatly craving physical pleasure. And trying to relieve oneself alone is typically not enough. The more they give in to this pleasure, or receive more of the Infection, the closer they are to fully turning. However if the Sick essentially go cold turkey and not have sexual encounters with others the physical need will spread across the body and start to become painful. The longer they go without pleasure, the more pain they suffer from. Majority Turned: The vast majority of people turned will be almost mindless with the only desire to fuck & infect anyone who isn’t. They aren’t, technically, zombies. They can run, open doors, crawl, attack, an so forth. But they don’t speak, just grunt, yell, & moan, so don’t expect to get any conversation out of them. The way to tell someone has turned is that there eyes will be completely pink. Pupil, iris, and scalera. The Flesh: Walls or just a mess of “Flesh”. Not made of real skin or meat, these mounds of living substance is the Parasites true physical form. It can appear as a large bubble/sack in a corner or completely fill a room from floor to ceiling. Typically will attack with Tentacles or similar things. The Enhanced: These Turned individuals are similar to the Majority but are more dangerous. There body’s have been “evolved” to be better at spreading the virus. Typically they can sprout tentacles from the exterior or interior of there body’s to use for infecting or combat. But sometimes it could be that the muscles in there legs are strengthen to allow them to jump higher and further or to run faster and longer. Or something simple like giving a female a cock to turn her into a futa. And those are not the only ways but just examples. To tell when one is like this there pink eyes will be glowing. The Voice: The most dangerous version of the infected. The Voices are very rare but extremely dangerous. They are like the Enhanced but have extreme intelligence & unlike the Majority or the Enhanced, Voices can speak, plan, and have the memories of the host within them. They will act like they are survivors to lure in unsuspecting people into traps. They can also control the other type of infected types. Make no mistakes. That may act similar to who they where before turning, but they are not that person anymore. Your Infected Character(s) and Game Over(?). This IS still a ERP. And it should come to no surprise that your character(s) will eventually become Infected and you play as a “Sick”. Everyone, NPC’s and your Character(s), have a different level of resistance to the virus in the RP. How much or how quickly the need to have sex can be discussed in the RP. But on that note, Game Over. If the other player is interested in doing a Game Over “mechanic” for either just there character(s) or for the whole ERP then I’d be willing to add this. NOTE then that there will technically be consequences for the sex/lewd scenes in the ERP once you are infected. Cuz if it happens to much then your character will fall to the virus and Turn. And for the infection rate I’m thinking that having sex with a non turned partner will increase your infection by 5 points out of 100 but with a turned it will be 15 points out of 100. But that can change or be altered if you wish. But remember that the Game Over stuff is NOT mandatory! And I think that’s everything. This is a remake of one of my ERPS from iFunny with some added stuff for more detail and options. This is also my first REAL rp post on this website and I would LOVE any and all feedback from anyone who’s been generous enough to make it this far! It a bit of a long read and I apologize for that. Just wanted to put down everything I had imagined for this plot. Would love to hear any advice anyone has on how to improve in the future for more ERP plots/posts. (also I hope I did this correctly and out this in the right category and tags)
  9. Looking for a futa to rape me you can be any species even an animal bor bars held everything ok futa rape looking for a first person experience even multiple characters on me is fine as long as they are female futa or any other type of female creature with a cock.
  10. Hello! I'm looking to start an ERP, following the tags I've laid above. This would be my first ERP, so please be patient and I apologize if it's jarring or unnatural in a way (and provide comments and criticism and all that jazz). I have a specific scenario in mind, but if you have a different one in mind, that's fine with me. Just looking for something that follows the tags I've written. This is the specific scenario I have in mind: An office worker just got fired from his job, and as he leaves in anger, he spots an adorable young woman across the street. Sexually frustrated, and with nothing left to lose, he starts stalking her and formulating a plan kidnap her... Again, if you're interested but not in the prompt, I'm able to work with a lot. Let me know if you are!
  11. Hello, this is my first post looking for rps. Thanks for checking it out. I know this is not to everyone's taste, even gross, and that's understandable. Please move on if it's not to your standard. While my ideas are pretty short/simple, I prefer decent grammar and 3-4 paragraphs (or 1-2 longer good ones) in a partner. Please leave a comment if anything interests you. If you have your own cool plot that uses at least one of my kinks below or in the tags, then I'm totally all ears for that too. Little Lost Loli: Once upon a time, a young girl in search of a lost shoe stumbled upon something else as she crawled beneath her bed to look for it...a portal to another world! Here she found herself lost in a realm of demonic nature. Monsters and other foul beings seemed drawn to her, and it was all she could do to escape each time unscathed. Eventually she is found by a demon of status...(a knight, king, prince, whatever you'd like)...who offers his protection and to guide her to safety. His offer is not without consequence: in exchange, she may end up giving him what the monsters were after: mana essence. A magical force granting great power contained within her body itself. There are many ways to get at it, her blood, her sweat, tears. But he may know another way to cause less pain, if she can end up trusting him. If not she may come to fear him instead. Loli x Demon Possible kinks: Vampire, demon, bdsm, noncon, monster, blood/gore, open to discussion. Dollhouse: A toymaker has a secret: with a wave of his hand, his creations come to life. Living, breathing. But only for a short time. Recently, he created a small doll he has...quite honestly...fallen in love with. He's ready to see what she could be like if she lived, though he hesitates. She is so much smaller and he so much bigger. How could they come to love each other? Time period and location can be discussed, kinks too. It could also be darker if you wanted and veer into bdsm. Doll x Toymaker Lustful Kitten Competition: On a secret website, it is possible to order "pets." A wealthy businessman has a particular interest in such a pet, a "kitten," to keep at his side for whatever reason he likes. Intrigued by the label "kitten," he orders her, only to find this kitten is none other than a girl. Eventually he learns that there is a hit out on this girl. She wasn't meant to be sold, and whomever kills or brings her back first will lay claim to a great prize. Knowing this, what sort of fate would YC have in mind for her? Loli x ? Kinks: BDSM, rape, torture, could be more lighthearted too. Various Kinks and Pairings open to discuss: Bold are favorites Loli x ??? Victim x Rapist Victim x Stalker Blood, gore Arranged Marriage Dolls / Dollification Adult Baby / Sissification (of female char) BDSM Monster Incest Humiliation Slavery Vampire Erotica
  12. This is the “love story” of a middle-high school pair. Your character is a girl who has been bullied by mine for years. Insults, getting things stolen, light physical harassment (tripping, light smacks to the head, things along those lines). It is a constant thing, you came to accept no one cared enough to stop it. You just had to wait for graduation and it would be over. Now though, as you get older it has taken a new shift. Sometimes he just stares at you, a few times he has slapped your ass as he passes you in the hall. That was just a warning of the coming day, the day that would change everything forever. Both of them ended up on a class field trip to a water park. For a while it seemed to be an ordinary day, both of them doing their own thing and having fun. Then, when he caught an eye of her in her swimsuit, he took it a new step. He waited for a chance she was isolated, out of sight. Then cornered her and fucked her, not caring how she thought about it. After that things changed, he looked at her differently, like she was his. He found more chances to take her, telling her how worthless she was, that no one else would ever love her. Love? Maybe she started to believe it, to want it. Pulled away from friends, family, towards the boy who claimed her. That’s the idea. Starting with the day at the water park, a girl being pulled into a relationship with one of the worst possible men for her, and worse, starting to love him and believe everything he says about her. Increasingly desperate for his ‘love’, gradually becoming a completely different girl. How far will she go (these are optional possibilities, if we are going dark, almost anything can be considered)? Runaway from home to be with him? Intentionally try to have his child/children? Be his living toilet? Arrange her friends/sister(s) to be raped by him like she was? Or his sister? Other suggestions could be considered.
  13. Warning this is a Non-Con RP so if that’s not something you like or aren’t comfortable with then skip this post. Comment First! I have that selected for a reason. So I had this RP idea I was setting up almost a year ago with someone over on iFunny but they got Banned the literal day we started but the idea popped back up in my brain. The basic plot is that YC, who seems to have the worst luck, throughout the years keeps somehow ending up in situations where they are Sexually Assaulted. And every time it happens the twisted events, plus all the forced physical pleasure, would degrade there will and a bit of there mind/sanity. (Yes one big thing about this RP is that it basically requires Mind Break.) We had set up for three scenes, which if you are interested in this but want more than three then that’s completely ok with me but three will be the minimum, and each one would have the character break at different times. The First time was near the end of it. The Second time was in the middle. And the Third time was near the beginning and that would have been where she broke permanently. So the other big thing about this RP is that technically your character will be getting older with every scene change but to how much and how fast can be completely up to you! Also this don’t have to be set in a “realistic” setting. If you want a fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy or whatever it’s fine. And who, what, or how many of said who/what you want to be the scenes can be worked out between us.
  14. Totally not a succubus

    A hidden brothel

    (I just figured what is the harm of starting something?) Deep in the city among the buildings and such there was always this seemingly empty building wedged deep in a busy commercial market people who walked by would never notice anything amiss cause in truth there wasn't a thing wrong. Sure people went missing but leads never went anywhere it is like they vanished in thin air. Yet the only similarity was how the all the steps lead to this abandon plot of land right smack dab in the middle of the busiest part of the city. Yet on the records someone somewhere did own it, yet never used it. For in all actually it was far more then nothing, it was a succubus den. A brothel that only appear for it's unsuspecting horny prey or those who would just simply fall victim to a succubus's charm. Regardless of the reason almost everyone who saw the Brothel was enchanted in and that would be the last of the mortal world will see of them. Who would fall victim next... it could be you?
  15. Any character/amount of characters are welcome i can rp in first or second person.
  16. Cheap dad buys daughter second hand computer Imagine the power you have! Dad bought me a computer off of an interned add. He thought he had scrubbed all of the old programs off before giving it to me but he was wrong. The previous owner (you) had secreted a hidden spy program that allowed keystroke logging and well as opening the camera. You were not sure what you would get but.... why not? It does not take long before you realize that the new owner is a pretty little preteen asian girl. It's not long before you have a detailed dossier on my life including; Parents and teachers names and email addresses, my friends names, my home address, my cell phone number, and the passwords to a couple of social accounts (that you are very sure my dad would NOT approve of). Carefully you watch for an opening and smoothly start with a messenger window. I am cautious at first but we are soo much alike that I instantly warm up to you and it's not long before you start leaving little gifts hidden in the yard. Perhaps a little something to wear? What I don't know is that when that little light on the cam is glowing, the can is on. Then one day the boom gets lowered "If you don't want these pictures and videos to get distributed. you will do as I instruct. Understand!" Not looking for nice!
  17. I've recently been craving this kind of rp, you'd play Lin, a once proud Monk who'd been captured, now waking up tied with her legs spread wide open, and given she is naked and a few figures bring a massive horse in your direction, you know you're in for a terrible fate. Or she could be tied up in a Minotaur's Lair belly bulging, cumflation, massive cock, Rape, cervix penetration, and Impregnation. Message me so we can plan properly. As usual, make sure you're OK with a more dark and sadistic rp type
  18. Ginger Jailbait Gwen

    A Very White Christmas~

    Hey there everyone I do hope you are all having a Merry Christmas and some good Holidays to come!~ I am really hoping someone wants to RP with me through these Holidays before we all embark on our new Adventures in 2023, after all, I do hope you all want to spread some Christmas cheer and joy with you playing a Futa Christmas Character raping and stuffing Gwen with your White Christmas Snow~ To be honest I don't have an Idea in mind but I am hoping to do a Christmas RP that is Dark Depraved yet also have some Christmas Spirit in it~ So yeah for those of you who know me I still wanna do our RPs but for the ones of you who wants to try and do this Christmas RP that starts and hopefully ends before 2023 then feel free to write to me about your questions and whatnot since I am more than happy to brainstorm and do the RP from today till 31st December 11:59 PM.
  19. Looking for dom, no limits- anything can be done to my chars. Very much limitless here, yet flexible. My char can be any gender, for you to humiliate and abuse. Now more interested in plots with a twist, such as mixed modern nervegear/dnd plot. Maybe create a plot together, world, or send your own plots/ideas. All below are optional. Don't mind simple plots from kidnapping, strangers, cops, medical play, public/risky, or other desires. Soft and harsh doms, I'm very bratty be warned :3 nom! DM open. Doing this for many years and can type around 8 PC lines, including multiple chars. Or match. Strange new law allowing free use, that're wearing something or have their hair made up. Can even go with colored bracelets of different levels. I'd be be running an obstacle/sexual course of sorts, hosted by dom. Think 90s-2000s gameshows. Failing an obstacle results in a punishment. Sometimes sexual, sometimes painful. The more often my char fails, the more severe it gets. After every gameshow a new contestant is chosen, kidnapped, wanting money, or exonerated for a crime. Every course will change and can be from private locations or public/risky areas. Both sides every gender. Walking home from school one day as it started to storm - hard. Not wanting to get pelted by hail or otherwise drenched, decided to seek refuge at the first house saw with lights on. Little did my char know, would be staying here forever... Superheroes, my char(s) try living normal lives with risk of villains, and government capture. Nervegear/vr play can lead from my char kidnapped, and the headset is hacked..blocking the usual logout settings. Sending the user to various.. horny and crazy virtual worlds of any themes. Like fantasy, sci-fi, modern, horror, or mixed. By the time said user escapes, waking up in a nightmare again and place of your choice. Could be a new country.. with slave system. This plot can work for dnd and both sides play every gender. Very long term. Monsters want to 'play' with my char at night... Fantasy: Isekai to being sold as a slave in black market. Really anything works here, even town raid. Playing noble elf and always a target. :3
  20. _euphoriaX

    Hardcore Tentacles ♡

    Alright! So currently, I'm in the mood for some hardcore tentacle roleplays! For example of what I want, watch these gifs
  21. Hello! seek a roleplaying partner who would be willing to play as a submissive Nico Robin from One Piece (a futa Robin would be good as well!) as she gets beaten, tortured and fucked! It is okay if you aren't aware of her or One Piece either. I have a few ideas in mind for the scene/setting but if you have any ideas in mind I would absolutely love to hear it! We don't even have to stick to canon and can go off the rails too! Either comment down below or text me to get started! I would also love to know all about your kinks and limits! I'm also fine with pretty much any text length. I am usually a dom/switch but on rare occasions can also sub to the right person! I am obsessed with beautiful long hair and have major hair fetish. Hair whipping/flipping, describing hair, licking and sucking on it, talking about it and involving it in RP to me is a major turn on. Other than that my kinks are - abuse, hatefuck, BDSM, violence, bullying, slavery, pain/torture, clothed RP, ageplay, humiliation, degradation, teasing and foreplay. (Hair will still play a role in RP.) Limits/dislikes: Furies, animal abuse, male and/or fat/chubby subs, vore, discussing RL and scat. I cannot wait to engage in lewd, twisted roleplays here! Just comment down below or text me if interested!
  22. A slave that now is own by a drunked and problematic young Lady Beaten,kicked,wiped Some cases spit,force drink and even piss is involved. But what if in the end...the slave haved enough? And the have tables turn...? Or worst thing,both become slaves at the end,and are forced to serve a sadistic slaver woman? ...hope I explained what I wanted Ask DM in the comments please
  23. SlutHana

    Conquering an empire

    So i had an idea for a story about an incredibly powerful empire known as the land of gold is at war with a new powerful foe an alliance of monsters. This conflict is the greatest the empire has ever seen most of the resources are used up and it seems ut glory days are over as the war continues to rage on. With the monster alliance unrelenting attacks on the empire.The outcome of this battle will change the tides of history. So hopefully you'll contact me in the dm's to discuss this idea and flesh out the world. What i am looking for is someone who can be a gm and is comfortable in that role.
  24. 5 girls find them self completely naked on an unknown island. The first thing they hear is a announcer welcoming them to the sex game and explains the rules to them. In an hour hunter's will be released they outnumber you and don't get caught. Because if you do he gets to rape and once he cum's inside of you he claims you aa his property. So good luck finding an exit.
  25. After taking a long break due to my mental health, I'm back and Horner than ever. My idea this time is inspired by a bad end that happened in a DnD erp server, where a female fighter was taken by a dragon. The rp is simple, you'd play the role of the woman, who is wearing a collar that ties her to the dragon, and It's going to have It's way with her, some obvious Kinks includbelly bulging, cumflation, massive cock(almost as big or bigger than her), Rape, cervix penetration, and Impregnation. Message me so we can plan properly. Just make sure you're OK with a more dark and sadistic rp type
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