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  1. Hi everyone, I'm clarity. I'm a submissive female looking to roleplay with a dominant male. My many kinks can be found on my preference sheet which is linked in this post as well as my profile, but my main ones are playing as little girls\lolis, ddlg, petplay, size difference, age difference excessive cum, and darker themes. Once you have gone over my kinks, I have plenty of ideas here that I would love to roleplay or have expanded upon. I am also open to other ideas if they interest me enough. Parasite Girl You find a little girl with a number on her neck, trying to eat a bird she caught somehow. She is the result of a project to turn cell cultures into human beings and escaped before they could experiment on her any further. She is initially very violent and aggressive, but your teach her how to be more human by making her learn to love and she slowly becomes fond of you in a codependent relationship. She can also adapt parts of her body to better suit her situation. Zombie Daughter A zombie apocalypse and you're one of the few resilient survivers. However your daughter is infected and you don't have the heart to kill her, so you remove her teeth, making her unable to bite you. You decide to take care of your zombified daughter and she becomes like a pet. Daddy's Milk A world where the milk that comes out of breasts is entirely useless to growing girls and is only nutritious to boys. Cum that comes from a cock has all the nutrition that a little girl might ever need. Girls cant digest proper food until they have reached full maturity at the age of 18. So any time before that they need to live off cum. Girl want cum instinctually, it tastes like sweet honey to them and they become docile to whoever gives it to them. Loli Fantasy Land You find yourself waking up in a high fantasy world where every person, monster and animal is some sort of little girl. You can decide how you interact with this world and I will act as a gm of sorts, creating situations for you and determining how the world will react. Witches Among Us In a modern day world, witches are real and they've been lurking in the shadows for hundreds of years by taking on the forms of innocent little girls. One of your friends turns out to be one of these witches who broke away from their society. She askes you to take there magic, by ejaculating inside of them which will completely remove their capacity to do any sort of mischievous magic anymore. Lethal Ejaculation A world where an illness has plagued the entire male population, making their cum entirely poisonous to woman. If it enters the female body orally, anally, or vaginally, the women will start to shake and die peacefully within less than a minute. Because of this, all sex is outlawed and men are mostly viewed as dangers to society. Without any way to release your pent up lust and aggression, you become serial rapist, going around and cumming inside little girls that you can find which inevitably kills them. You leave the bodies at the scene of your horrific acts and quickly get out before anyone can catch you. Young Again You hate your boss a lot because she is constantly rude to you and overworks you like a slave. To get back at her, you buy an experimental drug that forces her body to revert to that of a small girl, slowly losing her adult memories. She now has no way to fight back against you, so you rape her and make her into your own daughter, fucking and abusing her little body as much as you can. Adopted Refugee Daughter Your daughter died in a car accident a few years ago. You never got over it, so you left her room exactly as it was when she died with all the pink accessories and stuffed animals littering the entire room. This event in your life have you a soft spot for little girls, so when you given the opportunity to adopt a little African girl from a war torn country, you accept without a second thought. When you get though. She provided to be much more than you bargained for. She's violent and unruly, until you figure out that you can calm her down only by fucking her into submission. Through this sort of training, you slowly train her to be more like your last daughter except in a much more sexual relationship. Little Alien Girl Harem You're a pilot of a large cargo ship in space. This time you have a very important cargo, a bunch of little girls from many endangered alien species. You were supposed to get them relocated so the girls could be used to repopulate, but your ship engine stop and leaves you out in space with all these little girls and nothing to do while you wait to be saved. They're all supposed to get pregnant anyway... Sick Girl You're a assistant working at a hospital. Everyday you see a girl with terminal illness who will die very soon. She doesn't have any parent and you can see how hollow she has become withering away in a hospital. So you take it upon yourself to take her out of the hospital and on a road trip. You bring her to every place you think she might like to try and make her happy before she dies, but you start to fall in love with her too. So you decided to teach her sex too.
  2. Hello there! Making my first post on the site, but I've got a little bit of RP experience on other sites. I'm looking for a female sub who'd be willing to play as a Disney Princess as she's taken from her cushy life of purity and turned swifty into a cock sleeve. One of the main plots I have in mind involves me stalking and sneaking my way into the princess' chambers while she is alone before raping and kidnapping her, turning her into my private sex slave with whom I can do as I choose. If this sounds like your cup of tea, please feel free to shoot me a message.
  3. Looking for someone to play as a emotionally abusive mother who gets raped by there son after he finally fucking snaps and rapes her.
  4. Trappy

    Incest RP anyone?

    Hey hey, i've been wondering if anyone wants to do some incest RP with me? Not the type where its like we aleardy had feelings for each other and wanted to do sex in the same day, but something that builds up story from a normal family to incest. So if anyone feels interested, lets talk it out~ I can rp as boy or girl, mom or dad, uncle or aunt, anything you find desirable and you can tell me what you wanna rp :d Im fine with any age as long its not the forbidden one as example (8) if ya know what i mean, unless its the looks then it might work out, as in a demon looking loli whos age is 9000 or some stuff like that xD as example. Im just willing to try out amazing long story rp about a family that leads into incest, it dont matter about subs or doms, just imagine yourself in that situation and what you would do :d realistical logic type of rp instead of just going and groping someone and be like "ooops" you wouldn't do that irl to your family xD but thats just example. If you are interested hit me up and lets talk it out who you will be and who i will be and how many characters we both gonna roleplay as or so :d
  5. This RP idea is loosely inspired by Manyakis’ “Incubus stuck at the border” animation: https://twitter.com/manyakisart/status/1074343863811112960?s=21 ———————————————————————— “When people think about Incubi or Succubi, they often imagine sultry or imp-like sex hungry creatures that go out to any lengths to impregnate or to be impregnated respectively. Both are often restricted to the niche of fantasy and fiction to serve as an avatar of sorts, or one’s own dream partner to whom they’d wish would visit them personally. In other words, they don’t exist at all in the real world, right?” “…” “Right..?” “Well, I’d hate to break it to you, but… We do exist, dumbass. And I’m gonna be off honing my skills as an Incubus once I go off to college!” ———————————————————————— The Asmodeus Academy For Lustful Boys exists hidden from the modern world to teach fledgling Incubi the ways of sex; More specifically, forceful and intensive rape. Each year, many starry-eyed and horny Incubi are enrolled into the academy to revel in unrestrained debauchery and refine it into an art of fine utter defilement of their victims. How the academy goes about achieving this is quite unique, even by Incubi academia standards. Other Incubi schools teach their students to simply impregnate a woman for a night or two and simply leave them before moving on to the next victim. Unlike those other schools, Asmodeus Academy actively emboldens and encourages its students to take women as their own sex slaves for the purposes of breeding through numerous repeat visits. These frequent visits become increasingly intense up to the point where the “forceful and intensive rape” borders into the territory of straight up mindbreaking until the victim becomes utterly addicted. Our MC whose name I still need to figure out is one such fledgling Incubus who’ll be attending Asmodeus Academy as a freshman. Expectations for him along with many other Incubi in his generation are remarkably high, but the Academy will go through any lengths necessary to ensure that each of its students pass with flying colors. This includes counseling from Succubi who are more than happy to personally evaluate and give tips in regards to a students’ sexual performance. Additionally, they may even provide some “motivational cock worship” or be “cock worshipped” by those who feel are lacking in confidence in themselves. While they are all well and dandy, the academy provides what is arguably its most important thing their students can have: Their first sex slave. MC because I don’t have a name yet… is no different in getting to have his own slave, but he notices something odd; While many of the other girls were blatantly vocal about not wanting to be an Incubus’ cumdump, MC’s slave was surprisingly calm. Too calm in fact. It was only when he brought her into his dorm that he finally realized what was wrong with her: She was actually enjoying her predicament. When pressed further on this, MC’s slave explained that it was always her dream to be the plaything of an Incubus and that she intentionally got herself kidnapped just to fulfill said dream. This presses some major issues for MC as a girl who already wants to be his breeding slave right off the bat presents its own problems. Problems that, if left unresolved, may end up giving MC a poor grade at best or suspension at worst. ———————————————————————— For this RP, I’m looking for a female willing to play as the MC’s sex slave. Optionally, you can even be one of the Succubus councilors who interacts with MC. Feel free to contact me through EcchiTexts so that we may discuss any further details regarding this RP. Until then, see ya~
  6. Looking to rp a scenario where a son snaps and makes his mother his own tot
  7. Zinky


    *Okay, so this is about a mew (me) getting transported to the normal universe, the one where we live in. This mew was banished by arceus and has all moves stripped off of her. She only has telepathy, her way of communication to humans. She has to adapt to these humans, or she will forever be a victim for these rule 34 explorers. IF I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG, PM ME. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME STARTING A PUBLIC RP!!! HUMANS ONLY, HORNY HUMANS HIGHLY PREFERRED!!*
  8. I always play dom, first off. I play men or futa. In regards to Yaoi. Those will exclusively be loli, and will include things like forced crossdressing, public humiliation, and a very much destroyed little asshole and throat. ^^ For the females, I don't mind if you don't play a loli but the general theme is the same... rape or blackmail, and lots of humiliation. Loving public scenes like busses or trains. I like Trick or Treat themes. Maybe you walk up to the wrong house... maybe multiple boys and girls do? Maybe a shota and his milf mom? Let's brainstorm.
  9. Lawless

    Male for Female

    I am looking for some twisted Loli plays. Females message me with the ages you play and any ideas you may have. ^^ Non-Con only. Edit: Decided to add some fandoms and scenarios. Anime: Naruto Bleach One Piece YuGiOh Dragonball Ranma 1/2 Fairy Tail Ai Yori Aoshi Fruits Basket Pokemon Plus lesser known/More obscure ones that I can't think of at the moment... Games: Pretty much just Final Fantasy 7, 10, and if you count the Pokemon games. Books: Just Harry Potter and a few Stephen King books. As for settings and scenerios, I like school settings, public settings (trains, bathrooms, etc), I have no problems with incest at all. Beastiality is fine, as long as the female is a human. Isn't my favorite, but I'm all for adding it into an RP to add more humiliation/punishment to the scene. A plot I had been really enjoying was a kidnap RP that turned into a livestream on the Dark Web. Clients would donate bitcoin to pick what would happen to the victim, maybe even end it with the victim being sold as a sex slave or even snuffed out if that's what you're into. I don't mind getting dark here. Also, in the spirit of Halloween, maybe a trick or treating scenario with more tricks than treats. ^^ Hope I did okay making this thread seem less boring. I'll keep updating as the days go on.
  10. Looking for women. female whatever you would like to say to play the role of a mother or daughter that gets forced by me (brother or son)
  11. TheProtoRats_Act_IV

    [Male 4 Female] Mom/Sis Rapes Me

    This is my first post on this site! I'm a bit nervous and so I decided to just copy and paste a prompt i made weeks ago for another site and have decided to leave...so...sorry if something is wrong here! I'm trying hahahahaeeee.... Hello~ this prompt will deal with non-con which is non-negotiable. I understand if you're not okay with that but do not message with the expectation of changing the plot. The Plot is simple. It can go many ways but i desire to initially start it off as a hungry single-mom lusting for her son. I play the son who isn't very much sexually experienced but is very much turned on by you when you approach me with the intention on taking my virginity. I do not want to fuck you at first, i do not want to do any of this from the get go. But maybe you saw me naked recently, maybe you saw me watching porn, or maybe you've always felt this way and decided to act. Either way, now you're forcing me down to be your toy. After the initial rape, we can go a few ways. Maybe you tie me up and force me to be your new toy forever. Maybe i give in and want nothing but to please you. Or maybe you finish with me, then pretend you never did it, only to come back and do it several times. Manipulating me and using fear to make sure i never tell a soul. Whatever the case, you have me wrapped around your fingers. Kinks: Anal, femdom, excessive cum, non-con, petplay, and plenty more! Limits: toilet stuff, vomit, inflation, other guys Message me your kinks and limits. If you are a guy playing a female, i am not interested in roleplaying with you.
  12. I'd like to find someone whos willing to play both the mother and sister of a guy who plots revenge on them for constantly bullying him.
  13. hello!~ would love to discuss some forced breeding ideas with someone! not picky about setting and can be any character.
  14. Alright... I don't normally do this type of RP but... as a writer you have to sometimes step out of your comfort zone to grow. At times I can be a little too vanilla and while I do enjoy those encounters the most, maybe it's time I dip my toes into something a little darker! I hope you find yourself interested and wanting to play too! You made a terrible error in judgment! Did you commit a crime? Did you take a lover in secret to defy an arranged marriage? Did you fail your duties and obligations to the crown? Or are you innocent of the crimes you have been accused of? Perhaps it doesn't matter, neither does your guilt or innocence because you have already been sentenced! You are to be casted down into the Oubliette! A dark pit from whence no one has ever returned. The stories surrounding this dark place are often used to frighten children into obedience and scare young maidens into chastity. While the king may rule above, beneath his kingdom is a realm of violence and brutality. Rumors of monsters hungry for human flesh will devour anyone who is dropped into the pit! Those more familiar with this dark place know the real horror of the place... but there is hope, on the far side of the labyrinthian tunnels and darkness there is believed to be a safe haven where others who survived the horrors have built a peaceful society away from the king's corruption and foul desires of the beasts! So my dear, your path is set, but your future unknown... can you survive... the Oubliette? -------- So yes this will be about your character traversing a dungeon while being hunted and assaulted by monsters of all kinds! We can discuss what sort of monsters you want and how big they will be! You will also have a companion, Terra, a slime creature with healing properties that can keep your body going even after numerous assaults! We can hammer out the details together but if this sounds like something you're interested in, would love to work with you!
  15. A teacher named Soichiro is hired by his girlfriend Nanami to enslave a bunch of schoolgirls. The first: Chika Nakamura. Chika is a brunette with blue eyes who wears pigtails. She’s very innocent, and has a boyfriend. The rest, you create.
  16. The following plots are based on the OCs that are in my albums. Those are the only characters I will be using, but you can contact me if you have a different plot in mind! I have to admit that I'm currently on a rape fetish with a hint of teasing and/or sex toys~ And possibly some bondage and maybe some slave training. I'm kinky- I said rape fetish, but it’s kinda mutual, dominating guy that’s rough and convinces the girl through cock to not scream for help. Also- Dad bods are kinda hot now. Edit: More ideas to come! Plot #1: (Shizuoka) Contains: Lolicon, Sex Toys, Rape Your life was regular until the day they found you. You were supposed to be the normal son of a peasant, growing wheat and watching over the farm, until the dark king's army attacked. With you captured, you were found to actually be the son of the dark king! What? Now free, you wander the castle, under the supervision of some demon guards and meet a small girl who turns out to be your sister. Although she is rather rude and mocks you, she appears to be the best thing that can happen to you. After all, despite being a genius, she seems to be rather naive. Not to mention her pride, which can easily be taken advantage of, and allow you to make your long lost sister into your woman. But more importantly, what is the goal? Return home? Or take over the dark kingdom?
  17. Early one morning, The elegant Centaur, Belladonna Mystery, Was out in the woods that surrounded her home in the outskirts of her homeland. She lived alone out in what was essentially the middle of nowhere. Her way of living was almost primitive, Living off the land, surviving on what she hunted gathered and made. Of course this gave her some advantages. She was strong, smart, fast, alert... all in all a complete apex 'predator' Gently a breeze blew through her hair as she bounded throughout the woodland area until... A faint voice could be heard in the distance. Bella immediately perked up, "A voice? Out here?" She thought to herself trying to make sense of the situation. There was nobody around for miles or at least there shouldn't be. Bella reluctantly began gathering once again now on alert until sure enough... The same voice called out. Gliding gracefully toward the sound, Bella called out "Hello! Is there anybody there!?" She yelled loudly. Bella managed to determine the voices general direction, but to pinpoint the exact location she was going to need more. Luckily the voice was happy to help as it once again called back to Bella in response, which soon led her right to the source. As Bella bounced over a small bush, before her would stand a small, short ginger child. She looked down at her, Scraped and bruised slightly. Clearly the girl was lost, and Bella had no choice but to offer her assistance. "W.. Who are you? Why are you all the way out here!?" Bella asked concerned, Quickly taking the girls hands into her own and leading her back to her home slowly.
  18. Like many teenage girls, Melody had fantasies and a few of them tended to be on the dark side. The blue eyed blonde 13 year old fantasized of being taken by forced, raped if you will, while she was gagged tied up and struggling. Just a year ago, she never would've dreamed of having such carnal thoughts but this was the age of sexual exploration and Melody was no different. Hell, one of her friends in Junior High School already had sex with a High School Sophmore!.....a High School guy, for God's sake! She often spent nights masturbating but never slipped fingers too deep inside her virgin pussy....her precious hymen must remain intact, or at least that's what her mother often preached. Like most parents, their version of sexual instruction, in the past referred to as 'The Birds and the Bees', was slightly abridged....no sex with a boy until at least 18 years of age and don't play with yourself.....as for birth control, no pills for her for another 5 years, and the use of condoms were almost never spoken of, since they knew their precious daughter wouldn't DARE have sex. Melody spent hours on her laptop---after her homework, of course---and eventually her curiosity got the better of her. Sure, there were whispers in school about this website or that and she already had her own Facebook profile but she knew there was other things she wanted to explore. One evening she accidently clicked the wrong key and something popped up on screen, something she could've believe exsisted. It was something called 'The Hook and Ravish Society'. The home page didn't begin to describe it's true self but it sounded slightly Old World....Melody clicked the next page and gasped. It claimed to be some sort of real life rape 'club', if you could call it that....girls would join, all claiming to be wanting to be raped and the Society members would literally take things from there. For Melody, it scared her at first but she quickly became aroused....sure it sounded dangerous, but exciting.... She clicked on 'Registration' and filled out the blanks....it asked for the usual....name, age, location but it asked for the actual street address.....she paused for a moment then filled it in. It also insisted that she provided a full body picture----for identification, it claimed---and nude. Melody paused again then in a panic closed her laptop. Had she gotten too far? should she continue and fling open this cyber 'Pandora's Box'? She thought about it for a while and figured what the hell....chances were that all this was probably some kind of roleplay. On that assumption, she opened the laptop....the page was still there. blinking for her to complete the registration. sighing, she took off her nightgown and took a nude selfie of herself and completed the page. A note flashed on the screen, saying her application was entering the approval stage upon sending them her email address to which they will send their decision. Melody closed up the laptop, put her babydoll nightgown back on and laid on her bed....soon she fell asleep.
  19. Camp Monsoon. It stood deep in the woods, possessing amenities common to any summer camp: Cabins, a great fire-pit for building large bonfires, a lake for swimming and boating, and ghost stories. One such story was that a dark phantom liked to lure young girls away at night and change them. They became different, twisted. Some might even say promiscuous. But rumors are just rumors of course. Morning arrived boisterously and uninvited. Zoey groaned as rays of sunlight beamed across her face. Her face screwed up into a frown as she pulled her blankets over her head. The darkness of night held a much more comfortable aura for her. She was the very definition of a night-owl, staying awake until the wee early hours of the morning. But the shouts of the other kids and the noises of the counselors getting the camp ready for morning activities disturbed her attempts at continued sleep. Reluctantly Zoey slipped out bed, momentarily confused as where she was. That's right. Her parents had forced her to attend Camp Monsoon this summer. They felt that she spent too much time in her room, gaming, watching tv and playing D&D. They felt that if she got more sunshine and interacted with more people around her age, she'd grow out of her "phase" and become a normal "girl". She chuckled. Joke's on them because she managed to sneak a couple of games into her bag. A small groan escaped from her belly. Deciding that food was important, Zoey decided it was time for breakfast. She started to head out of the cabin before remembering that she hadn't yet dressed. Yup. As she looked down at herself, she saw that she was still wearing her black sports bra and a pair of black panties. With a yip she ducked back into the cabin, hoping no one had noticed, to don a white T-shirt with "Camp Monsoon" stamped across the front and short pair of denim shorts. Pushing her glasses back up her nose, Zoey left the cabin and headed to the Mess Hall to grab her breakfast.
  20. Police Station Rapes Underage Girl I am looking for someone who is willing to play an entire Police Station roughly 5 dickgirls or futas whichever you prefer ( can be less characters just love multiple girls using her body at the same time ) that at some point when they are extremely bored and somewhat horny gets a visitor which is a little underage ginger named Gwen who is accusing people of raping her over and over again. This Police Station needs to obviously be a corrupt one where they are actually all also pedophiles that loves to use the law to fuck whatever and whoever they want but haven't had any decent fuckmeats visit their city for a long time so when little bubble butt petite Gwen gets in there they give her a false sense of security only to rape her constantly for days~ I do hope someone is interested in doing this heavy RP I know it is not going to be fair I play one character and you play multiple but I will do my utmost to make it worth your while, if you need to see my skills then look up in Public RP the one called: Exchange Student Gwen then you will see how good I am~ ^w^
  21. Looking for a partner to play multiple victims (not necessarily at omce). A school is taken hostage, and when demands aren't met they start making examples of the students. PM me for more info. Bad ends optional, but not necessary.
  22. 9th of September 2018 (before the world would go to shit because of a certain virus outbreak *ehem covid-19 ehem* In a peaceful farm in one of America's most beautiful country side states, there lives a family of farmers consisting of a mother and a 28 year old daughter named Rose, her father died when she was 18 years old due to health complications of old age, so ever since that the mother and daughter lived a pretty rough life They would still manage to get by but oh boy did they work their ass off every single day, to an outsider it might not seem like much but to a farmer, their job is pretty exhausting having to get up every day at 5 am to tend to the animals, clean their pods and feed them, plus all the struggles to tending to the cows since they are the creatures who give the most benefit to a farmer Milk, meat and manure, then after all that Rose and her mom must wash the animals and mainten them every few hours or so until they would sleep, then finally before they would finish up the daily routine, they would tend to the fruits and vegetables that they planted because it's their crucial supplies of food, some of it they would sell to the city market and keep some to themselves During that day at around 1 pm Rose got a text from Gwen, her cousin That she and her parents would visit Rose and her mom to spend their vacation there, Rose was thrilled at the news and couldn't wait until she could get to reunite with her cute lovely little cousin, last time Rose saw Gwen was when she was 7 years old so it's been a while, Rose has a smart phone on her and a stable internet connection of course but she would barely have the time to use it Unbeknownst to her cousin, Rose has a secret and that is she was born with a cock, a big and juicy one at that, it was 16 inch long and very thick, having all sorts of veins in it and her balls were quite big as well, she would secretly masturbate to all sorts of pornos on her phone on a regular basis, she used to hate it but with time, Rose accepted having a huge and juicy cock, her sexual libido was off the charts with the gift that she had, she was already having lewd thoughts about showing Gwen her big bulgy cock and seeing Gwen's honest reaction would be something a perverted pedo like Rose would drool at! In terms of personality, Rose at first seems like a kind and friendly experienced woman, who has a sick sense of humor and a secret dark twisted side that no one has seen before yet.... Before Gwen and her parents would arrive to the farm, Rose and her mom had prepared a nice lunch, cleaned their big house which had more than enough room for Gwen's family, although Gwen would have to be Rose's roommate because she's sleeping in her room Rose was wearing a short shorts, a cap and an unbuttoned shirt that clearly shows her big cleavage, with sweat pouring out of everywhere in her body, especially on her big breasts which shined upon being exposed to the sun, which by the way gave rose a nice tanned skin because of all the work she does for years now, they waited and waited for more than an hour, so Rose got outside of the house and waited for Gwen's family on the highway looking like a hitch hike type of gal.
  23. Hello everybody. Not much to say about me. I'm just a person who likes femdom, corruption, and monster girls. What I'm Looking For In A Partner: Someone who enjoys long-term games. Someone who contributes to the story and world building. Don't be afraid to add things and please don't leave all the work to me. This is a collaborative effort. Someone who doesn't mind a slow partner. Someone who doesn't mind a slow build to erotic situations. The Kind of Kinks I Enjoy: Nurturing Femdom & Female on Male Non-Con [Please read the 'Femdom: A Deeper Explanation' down below for more information.] Male on Female & Female on Female Non-Con Monster Girls Corruption Mind Break Lactation Breast Expansion Hand Holding Bondage Hypnotism Energy Drain Transformation Tentacles I have separated my roleplays into three different categories; Femdom, Corruption, & Mixed. Click on the category you’re interested in to go to their page. Femdom, obviously, contains roleplay plots where you would play as a dominant female. Corruption has roleplays for those who want to play as a submissive female. Something to note is that I have no interest in romance for these plots and my main will be a villain. I don't enjoy roleplaying romance when I'm writing dominate male characters. Mixed contains both Femdom and Corruption. Femdom and Corruption make up the core of all my roleplays. Below is a deeper explanation of my two favorite kinks and what to expect in general from my roleplays. Femdom: A Deeper Explanation The kind of Femdom I enjoy is not the Femdom most people are familiar with. Tell me my dear folks; when I say the word 'Femdom' what images come to mind? Whips? A man being sissyfied by being forced to wear girly clothing? Being humiliated? A Dominatrix clad in tight leather with a permanent scrawl on her face? Everything I described was what I encountered when I tried to look up Femdom for the first time a decade ago. I hated it. Although my heart wanted nothing more than to be dominated by a wonderful lady, everything I found during the time turned me off and scared me away. It took years for me to discover the type of Femdom I've come to enjoy. Mainstream Femdom is a major turn off for me and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. What I love is two particular subsets of Femdom that I don't see outside of very niche areas of the internet; Non-Consensual Femdom & Gentle Femdom. Non-Consensual Femdom Sometimes referred to as 'Reverse Rape' (A title I greatly disagree with, but that's a discussion for another time), this is a sexual fantasy that involves a female raping a male. It's also incredibly niche to the point that some people can't comprehend it exists. I'm dead serious. I've encountered a surprising amount of people who were convinced that any piece of work containing female on male rape was suppose to appeal to gay men. I've even been called gay for liking it. The idea that a straight guy would be into being the one who 'gets raped' instead of the one playing out the raping is lost on some people. This is why whenever I list it as one of my kinks, I make sure to write 'Female On Male Rape' instead of just 'Rape' or even 'Femdom Rape'. Otherwise, people automatically assume I want to take the dominant role even when I put 'Femdom' right next to it. As you can imagine, finding Non-Consensual Femdom is difficult. Certainly not impossible, but anyone interested is going to need to do a bit of digging. Monster Girls are the biggest source of this kind of kink and a major reason Monster Girls are prevalent in my Femdom focused plots. Nurturing Femdom Also known as 'Ara Ara ', this type of Femdom involves dominating with a soft, but firm touch. This type of Femdom emphasizes femininity a lot more than the previous one. Instead of forcefully subduing men, they dominate using more gentle means. This can range from petting, cuddling, hold-holding, light biting, being told you're a 'good boy' and kissing to hypnotizing, light bondage, and orgasm control. Its most common form is an older experienced woman leading a younger inexperienced man. Corruption: A Deeper Explanation Like Femdom, the subset of Corruption that I enjoy is quite niche. The most common form of Corruption that people are familiar with is Bimbofication. I'm not fond of it. Although the moral decay and nymphomania is right up my alley, the transformation into a 'Bimbo' and complete loss of intelligence turns me off. When it comes to Corruption, there are two types I absolutely love; Monsterization & Moral Decay. Monsterization This involves a woman transforming into a Monster Girl. This type of Corruption often involves the woman completely loses her inhibitors and exchanging her human morals for monster ones. These 'monster morals' often involve forcibly pinning down a man (usually someone she was pining over while she was human) and raping him senseless. Unlike Bimbofication, where the woman becomes obedient and submissive, the transformed monster girl becomes powerful and dominate. Moral Decay Similar to Monsterization, the woman completely loses her inhibitors and her original morals are twisted. There are a three key differences. The first is that it doesn't necessarily involve any physical transformations of any kind. The second is that the woman becomes obedient and submissive to the one who corrupted them. And finally, the third difference is that they become evil once the corruption is complete. Typically, this involves someone holy or pure such as an Angel or Priestess. This makes their fall from grace all the more impactful and enjoyable.
  24. Going from door to door...waiting and watching... surprisingly few people are home during the middle of the day. He had a clipboard and blue BIC pen at the ready. No one suspected that he was anything more than just a door-to-door surveyor. Knocking and waiting...and waiting then knocking again...No reply... Walk away and repeat. A kind feminine face opened the front door at 169 Treisfall Land on this Wednesday morning. Asa stood smiling and rather surprised that the attractive suburban wife answered the door. “Good morning, ma’am... I am sorry to bother you. Would you possibly have five to ten minutes to help?” He smiled and was so charming. “I am doing a survey and it would be appreciated.” His left hand on the door frame. He waited for a moment as the woman seemed to be thinking to herself before he pushed her inside. Wrapping his right hand around her neck and revealing that the BIC pen was a small knife. He pressed the attractive housewife against the wall. “Keep your fucking mouth shut...or I’ll shut it for you...” he was able to lock and deadbolt the door from the inside. It took only a moment to find a bedroom. It wasn’t the master bedroom but it contained a full size bed with a blue comforter...Presumably her son’s room. “Strip...” he told her in a calculating but resolute tone. “Fucking everything off...socks too!” He told her. “Get those panties off or I’ll take them off myself and choke you with them.” He threatened. He waited and watched as she was naked but trying to cover her pussy and tits. He smirked at her before grabbing her and swiftly taking a long string from a balloon that was there in the room and tying her hands together. He slammed her into the foot board of the bed head first. He took the top she had been wearing and ripped it to make a tie for her feet. He took her panties and shoved them in her mouth. “Looks like I have a full day ahead of me...” he snickered as he stood over her bound body. “Let’s just hope we can fit everything in...before the family comes home...you wouldn’t want your kids seeing you like this...would you?” He gave a toothy smile.
  25. Haley

    Ageplay rp ideas

    Hey! This is just a little list I'm making for ageplay rp ideas. If you see any you like, feel free to ecchitext me so we can play, or use these for inspiration in your own rps, up to you. If you do rp with me however, keep in mind that I prefer long term rps with progressing stories n such, and I always love introducing new characters to the rp! 1. Twincest Genders: Any Ages: 10-16 Kinks: incest, teen sex Length: long term Two identical twins recently have been getting curious about their bodies. Since they're so close, one opens up to the other about this curiosity, and they start experimenting with each other and eventually it evolves into full on sex. 2. Good boy! Genders: mxm, mxf, or mxfuta Ages: 5+ Kinks: bestiality Length: short term or long term One day while at home, the owners male dog comes up to them with their dick out throbbing hard. The owner decides to help their dog out by letting him breed them. 3. Bad dog! Genders: mxm, mxf, or mxfuta Ages: 5+ Kinks: bestiality, rape Length: short term Similar concept to good boy, but instead of helping their dog out the owner refuses and ends up being raped by the dog. 4. Mommies boy Genders: fxm, futaxm Ages: F/Futa: 30-40, M: 5-13 Kinks: incest, shotacon, femdom, lactation, consensual sex, extra marital affair Length: Long term He's always been close to his mom, prefering to do everything with her instead of his dad. This makes his father a bit jealous of course, but he doesn't say much about it. Little does he know, recently the two have been getting a bit too close, after the son started getting curious about his mothers body, she let him explore and eventually she starts exploring him too. If the dad were to find out about this the consequences would be dreadful, but they love each other too much not to take the risk
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