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  1. From the album: Rule34stuff

  2. From the album: Rule34stuff

    Have a great day everyone <3
  3. From the album: Rule34stuff

    Yes please <3
  4. From the album: Rule34stuff

    Dexter's mom sure is busy :D
  5. Neptune

    Catherine Turner

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Name: Catherine Turner Age: 20 Height: 5’6” (167.7cm) Occupation: Clothes merchant in Gateport. Mutation: None Sexuality: Heterosexual Kinks: She hasn’t completely explored everything, yet but this is a list of things she does like (Can be expanded upon as RPs progress) Making love with someone she has a deep emotional connection to She likes it rough with hard thrusts. She will allow for her hair to be pulled, nails digging into her hips, and being choked to the point where her head begins to spin. She also doesn’t mind spanks on her arse as long as they’re not hard enough to really hurt her. Being touched sensually in her erogenous zones like the side of her back and her stomach. She likes physical contact with her lovers. Turn offs: Being tortured by a partner, who will severely beat her and cause her large amounts of pain. While she does like it rough, she doesn’t like it going to the point of painful strikes. Gore, Vore, Scat and pissplay. Being raped. Being controlled by a manipulative partner. Gear: She has a rather worn 10mm Pistol on her at all times. Under the counter in her shop, she does have a lever-action rifle. Appearance: Catherine has a rather unique appearance that is sure to attract attention from others. Her hair is a vibrant red in colour, looking almost like liquid flame as in the light, shades of orange or even yellow can be seen. Her eyes are an intense green colour that stand out from her red hair. Her face is pretty looking with almond shaped eyes and a small delicately shaped nose that ends in a small but cute flick upwards. Beneath her nose, she has full kissable lips with a small chin. She is slightly taller than average for a woman, standing at five foot six. She is very slim with little fat or muscle mass on her. She has a flat, toned stomach with C-cup breasts. Her waist is quite slim, which then curve out into shapely hips giving her a perfectly proportioned hourglass figure. She has well shaped long legs, with small delicately shaped feet. Her arms are slim and well shaped with long, delicately boned fingers. She usually tends to dress in a variety of dresses, although she will sometimes wear trousers with a top. But she personally prefers dresses or skirts. Perhaps even short-shorts. On her back, she has a number of whip-scars that she is very self conscious about. They are several years old, so they are still quite visible and are unlikely to ever go away. Backstory: Catherine was born in a small settlement by the name of “Falcon Reach”, founded by a small group from Gateport who wanted to try and strike out on their own and create a farming town. This happened before Catherine was born, and her parents were part of this group of people. Catherine was the oldest of three siblings, and even from a young age they were helping around the farm and helping the community prosper. Catherine loved her life there, despite the fact that her mother lamented about moving since she had enjoyed life in Gateport. But she had followed her husband because she loved him more than she had loved Gateport. But it did intrigue Catherine and made her aspire to visit the place one day. Her life there was happy, and peaceful despite the occasional raider attack. Their main contact with the outside world being traders who would come and buy produce from them, and sell them any items that they needed. The happiness wasn’t going to last, though. When Catherine reached fifteen years of age, the town was attacked by a large gang of raiders. They completely destroyed the town and looted everything in sight. What crops they couldn’t take, they destroyed. And what people they didn’t put a bullet through, they kidnapped for slavery with Catherine being one of them along with her sister. Their brother was dead, and they had witnessed a raider pin him to the ground and shoot him through the head. The raiders were not gentle, either. They would chain their slaves up, and didn’t feel them properly and also frequently raped them. Catherine hated them with a passion but there was no way she could escape. She tried once, but she was caught and punished for it. She was whipped to within an inch of her life. She was passed from one Raider master to another, being used as a labour and sex slave. She was completely separated from her sister and began to wonder if she was even still alive or if she had been sold to another raider gang or master. Then when she was sixteen, a miracle happened to her. She had been working to clear away debris under the watchful eye of her owners when a travelling mercenary came by. He could have easily ignored them and continued on his way, however instead he came in and killed the raiders with a level of skill that astounded Catherine. She never saw his face, as he had kept his face covered by a scarf and a hat shadowed the visible part of his face. When the raiders were dead, he gave her a 10mm pistol and some caps along with directions to get to Gateport where she could get safety. Then he left her. She has never forgotten this mysterious mercenary, and often wonders if she could ever meet him again even if it was to express her thanks. With his advise and supplies she travelled to Gateport to start a new life. She found herself apprenticed to a clothes merchant, who was old and getting on in years. She taught Catherine all that she knew, as she had no children of her own. When Catherine was nineteen, the kind old woman passed away, leaving the shop to Catherine. The question of her sister still hung in the air, but she was hoping to be able to get enough funds to be able to hire someone to find out if her sister was still alive because she knew that she was neither strong enough, nor skilled enough to travel about the wastes in a manhunt.
  6. Neptune


    From the album: Character Images

    Xalia is a Dryad that appeared on the Utopian Curse island. Currently she has been there for two years.
  7. Neptune


    From the album: Character Images

    Alayna is a poor beggar that works the streets of the Lower District of Selil. She is the former slave of a man called Earl Winchester Sterling who ran away from his home one night after he threatened to impregnate her and use the child against her. She hopes to one day leave Selil and start a new life for herself.
  8. Kevlar

    Scarlett Rose Thorn

    From the album: Kevlar's Role-Play Characters

    Scarlett was born and raised by her rich parents at Blackberry Falls. During her childhood, there wasn’t any evidence that she was spoiled at all as her parents wanted to make sure that she had to earn the things that they wanted by helping with the chores around the home, or expanding their skillset as well as doing well in school. She took up dancing and music lessons where she mastered the violin. Though she did not truly live a sheltered life, Scarlett was allowed to go to her friends’ houses during off school hours and on weekends, provided that she kept up with her studies and her grades remained high. She along with her big sister Jasmine, they were most sought after girls in the neighborhood, but girls remained vigilant with their studies and didn’t fall into the temptations the girls faced with like sex. The only relief Scarlett had was a 10-inch dildo that her sister brought her to relieve those burning sensations while they slept. In fact, they have their first sexual experience with each other when Jasmine snuck in a lesbian porn movie. They fucked each other with the sex toys, keeping the taboo a secret from them. They maintained their virginity as well, afraid of scaring the parents of their relationship. This had led Scarlett to have several sexual relations with girls during middle school and it did not impacted her studies whatsoever as she graduated on top of her class. Her parents enrolled her in Saint Arc High School. Scarlett was somewhat sadden that they placed her in an all-girls school. In her first year, she met a girl called Tammy whom showed Scarlett where she could sneak out into Mercury High to check out the guys. She met her first boyfriend, a neko named Steve. He was a sweet fellow and quickly fell for this nice man. She lost her virginity by him two week later. She had never known such pleasure with a cock, and wanted more. The pair enjoyed a fruitful relationship, but that did not last long as Steve ignored her more and more as the schools was about to have Christmas break. It didn’t help that her boyfriend suddenly didn’t seem in the mood anymore. She eventually found out why. On the last day of school before holiday break, she had come back to the classroom to retrieve some stuff. Suddenly, the redhead heard moans six doors down and loud ones at that. When Scarlett opened the classroom door, she found that her boyfriend was having sex with a rival of Scarlett’s on the desk. Scarlett was saddened, shocked and horrified by the disgusting event in front of her. She can’t believe that this swine was fucking with another girl. Furious, she cancelled her plans to meet him during the Christmas holiday. She ran to Tammy’s house in tears, telling her everything that transpired. To cheer her best friend up, the human decided to take her to the club to introduce her to some well-endowed wolf anthros from Thorndown Univerity On Christmas night, Scarlett danced her frustrations away and the college-aged guys drove to a five-star hotel where they proceeded to have sex with her. Prior to that, the grey-furred wolf anthro slip a pill inside her drink so that she did not get pregnant from them and cause a major controversy that Scarlett turned herself into a party girl. He also invited his friends over to fuck her. The leader called on Steve on the phone while in the background the guys staged a scene where Scarlett pretends that she got raped by a group of ‘rapists’. Scarlett knew that the fool would come due to his good heart. She got something for him to remember her by. The neko boyfriend broke in and started hurling verbal abuse at the leader. He and his anthro friends tied him to a chair and proceeded to fuck Scarlett in front of Steve. Scarlett was definitely too pissed at him to care. As her name applies, she does have thorns if not careful. That fucking bastard wasn’t and granted a show that would stain his mind for a long time. The gang laughed at the poor boy’s futile attempt to ‘save’ Scarlett, but she slowly admitted in front of the fool that his cock wasn’t that great during their time together and declared that anthros’ cocks were one hundred times better than his. After an hour of cumming in and on her, the guys left the hotel satisfied, slipping her a few hundred dollars in cash. Scarlett officially ended her relationship with Steve. Aside from that heartache and revenge episode, the redheaded neko graduated from Saint Arc with the second highest grades in her class and was offered a numerous scholarships and decided to go to Thorndown University. She left for Thorndown University, with her parents paying for room and board towards her Business and Communications degrees with a minor in Techology. She made quick work of it, getting the usual high marks that her parents expected all along. While there, she had fucked many people, but did not get pregnant as she uses the pill weekly to prevent pregnancy. While in her senior year at the University, she met a wolf anthro.by the name of Kain. He introduced himself as the CEO of KainKern Enterprises and thought that Scarlett got the body and the skills for the business. After some small chitchat at a bistro, she entered his luxury car headed over to Champagne Studios to discuss further details of the business. He told her that she would being mainly for modeling but she also had to do some porn movies as well. Scarlett hesitated at first, thinking about walking away from an golden opportunity. To ease the beautiful redhead’s mind Kain fucked her hard and deep with his massive tool, making her a drooling met. Scarlett fucking with a CEO of a known company. What were the odds at that? But then things got even better when she was then passed around the other men would be her future co-workers on the set. They fucked well until all three holes were leaking with cum. When they finished, she looked up at Kain with a wry smile on her face and said that she’ll join the company. He fucked anally from behind during her contract signing, and then sealed it with by filling her butthole with his white spunk. It was the best feeling she ever had since being gangbanged by hunky anthros in high school. However, she still had to keep this on the downlow from her parents in which she managed nicely. After she graduated with all of her degrees, Scarlett immediately join Champagne Studios as a model and porn star. She has been working there for more than a year.
  9. Neptune

    Scarlett Coda’demiri

    From the album: Character Images

    Scarlett Coda’demiri is the twin sister of Crysis Coda’demiri. They are characters in Manni's custom roleplay Moralia, The Manichean World. She is much like her father, Kaine Coda'zotoxi in personality. She's highly intelligent and codes hologame physics and interaction algorithms.
  10. Neptune

    Kaedan Epsi’rikixi (1)

    From the album: Character Images

    Kaedan Epsi’rikixi is an ex-porn star that used to work in Keza-Corp. However due to the fact that he refused to use their technology as well as the fact that his twin brother was strongly against the company, he was fired. It didn't bother him, as it allowed him more freedom as to what he could create. He now works as the Bar Manager on the Enterprise-D but he still produces porn, and many times with his own mother.
  11. Neptune

    Kaine/Kain Coda'zotoxi

    From the album: Character Images

    Kaine is the direct Grandfather of Kain. Kaine resides in the future, in the EPSI Federation. When he and Wolfie were sent back to 1942, he had sex with a Coda called Trixie. She gave birth two twins, who grew up, got together (the twins, that is) and had Kain and Kumiko. It appears that Kaine's genes had bred true in Kain as the two look identical to one another.
  12. Neptune

    Stacy O’Neill.

    From the album: Character Images

    Stacy O'Neill is a human that originated in the Thorndown Universe, however that one no longer exists. She has no memory of past 16 years of age. When she traveled to Thorndown Island, after being advised to by a friendly stranger, she met the Doctor and now travels with him.
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