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Found 33 results

  1. Welcome to the Blackberry Café The Blackberry Café is a place for roleplayers to gather and talk about the Blackberry Falls roleplay. Here we can discuss our characters, and plots that we may want to make or currently have going. If you are new to roleplaying in Blackberry Falls, then this is the perfect place to come and meet your fellow roleplayers and get to know them. You're also welcome to advertise a character that you would wish to roleplay with, but currently have no roleplaying partner for. Just please remember that anything discussed here in the Café cannot be known by your characters inside of the roleplay however, if you with to interact with other roleplayers in a roleplaying formet (Such as RPing yourself in first person), feel free to. Come in, sit down, order a drink as you natter away. Also please note that double posting is allowed here. Please enjoy your stay here in the Café Relevant links: Blackberry Falls Roleplay Extra Information Character ID
  2. What was your first Roleplay?

    Don't have to go into too many specifics if you do not wish to. I was just wondering where we all began...if we can remember the beginnings of our Roleplaying careers. xP Was your first RP on EcchiDreams? Outside of EcchiDreams? How long ago? What did you do in it? o.o So many questions~! For me, the very first Roleplay I ever did was here, on EcchiDreams, in the first week I joined. I did a Steven Universe RP with @SMFoxy, with the characters Lapis Lazuli and Peridot. ^.^ Looking back on it now, it's quite astounding just how far I have come and how much more 'adapted' I have become to Roleplaying. It's a bit tricky to explain, but I'm sure you know what I mean. It's been an experience!
  3. Greetings from Nick

    Hi, I'm Nick. I joined a couple of days ago and I thought I should introduce myself. I'm very new to roleplaying, but I already did one on here. It was fun! So I'll be sticking around like a boner at an inopportune moment. My most prominent skill in life is art. I'm decent at drawing. If you ask nicely, I'll make you a sketch of your RP character or a moment from our RP. Please check my roleplay preferences to see what I will or won't roleplay. I'm up for most things and I'm ok playing either gender. As a reward for making it all the way to the end of this post, have a picture I drew of MEI from Overwatch.
  4. I want you to send me what you want to roleplay as long as it's Yuri or Girl x Girl. I will definitely reply to Maid x Maid, it's one of my most favoured. I have done Yaoi before but rather not, I also do masturbation and such. Just message me a list of preferences. I will try to reply as quick as possible, but for sure I will be doing Yuri. If you are wondering, I am a girl and I would like to only be role playing Yuri with girls. No cock sucking, thanks. Teacher x Student is something I do too, if wondering.
  5. Hello, the name is Vergil! =) I enjoy RP with people and I don't have much preferences since I look for my partner's happiness and preferences than my own needs. The RP that I am looking are as follows: M. Student X F. Teacher M. Adventure X Goddess Brother X Sister M. Student X Lewd popular girl M. Human X Monster girl Pokemon X Pokemon This are my RP characters, but you can always EcchiText me for anything or comment here to get my attention: ;)
  6. So I've been curious about something. What makes you all tick when it comes to roleplay. Is it the Sex scenes? The buildup of the story? A mixture of both perhaps? The getting to be someone else in your own little world? All of you spill the beans!!! GO!!!!
  7. Blackberry Falls Extra Information It is the modern day, and the place this roleplay finds itself in is Blackberry Falls, a city situated on a large island that is perhaps a little larger than the United Kingdom. This fair, bountiful land is split between two separate countries; Ashaea, and the United Federation of Families which has settled in on the island in recent years. The Capital cities, Blackberry Falls and Xantall’ar, sit on opposite ends of the island, separated by other, smaller cities and a wide expanse of forest that dominates the island. The cities have settled on the southern end of the island, and just to their north is a large cliff that runs from one side of the country to the other. Beyond the cliffs is the rest of the island, dotted here and there with towns and villages. The river that spills down the cliffside splits into two large rivers, with one headed towards Blackberry Falls and the other heading into UFF country, so that both reap the benefits of the strange water. For the moment, the relationship between the two countries is an uneasy peace. They mostly stay out of each other’s business, although there is limited trade between the two. Between the borders of the two countries is a de-militarised zone, that prevents either side from being able to send any kind of military into the other country. This has helped maintain the delicate truce that the two countries share. Blackberry Falls is a large, modern city, filled with large skyscrapers, which displays the wealth and development of this human metropolis. One of the things that Blackberry Falls is famous for is its BlackBerries, due to their high quality and abundant Blackberry harvests. There is something in the water of the island that causes the BlackBerry bushes to grow far larger than normal, and the berries to be the most delicious in the world. It also helps the inhabitants of the island stay healthy and helps them live longer. The time of Blackberry Falls is the early 21st century, and despite the violent economic climate, Blackberry has fared extremely well. This is largely in part thanks to the trade that Ashaea has had with the UFF and their major corporation, Keza Corp. Ashaea has their own corporation, EDAN Industries, that has filled Blackberry Falls with technology that suppasses any that other human countries, although it is a few steps behind what Keza Corp has been able to produce, because the UFF tends to keep their own technology to themselves. With the combination of the trade with the UFF, their own self-sustaining ways and EDAN Industries, Ashaea has remained prosperous while other economies have faltered. For humans, Blackberry Falls has turned into a technology empire, and there are thousands of jobs available for the citizens to apply for. They are also in the lead for the latest medical technology for humans, and it is home to one of the most state of the art human hospital, Blackberry General Hospital. The UFF is home for the most advanced technology in the world, and they actually have the most advanced hospital in the world, Keza Corp Hospital, however due to their restricted borders and lack of interest in sharing what Keza Corp produce, their technology (medical or otherwise) is not available to those in Blackberry Falls. Even if it was available, the UFF is made up of species that have a different biology to humans, Neko’s and other species, so the technology would not even be of any use. As with any city with a large population, crime does still exist and there is even a Black Market there. However, Blackberry Falls keep their prison population low by only putting the most violent offenders in the state-run prison. This keeps the most violent people off of the street, while leaving in peace those who do something as benign as smoking weed in their own home. Blackberry Falls is a place where people come and seek their fortunes. Everything about the city is something that most people can only dream of. However, like every city in the world, it has its poor, run-down areas where people live in poverty and where the crime rates are the highest on the entire island. For those who are unable to make the fortunes they dreamed of, this is where they usually end up. The city does all it can to improve the areas, however with the current rising house prices due to the demand, there is little they are able to do apart from support numerous charities that help out in the impoverished areas. One thing that the UFF and Ashaea do share in common is that both of them are quite strict when it comes to immigration and customs. The UFF is a lot more strict than Ashaea, with the chances of getting in if you’re a non-UFF species being only slightly higher than the chance of getting to the moon as an untrained Astronaut. Ashaea is less strict than the UFF, however they have similar restraints as Australia and New Zealand, especially when it comes to the importation of food which has the potential to destroy their agriculture and bring the economy to its knees. The currency that is used in Blackberry Falls, is the Blackberrian Dollar. It’s one of the most valuable human currencies on the planet, which speaks of their strong economy. Relevant links: Main roleplay thread Character ID OOC Here is a rough map to see what Blackberry island looks like: [New map coming soon] Notable Laws: Ashaen Rights Charter Freedom of Speech, expression, press and religion Citizens have the right to carry firearms (As long as they are not a convicted felon. A concealed weapon requires a permit) Citizens have the right to defend themselves Right to privacy The Right for a Fair Trial by Peers Innocent until proven guilty by a Court of Law. Property Rights, as well as Search and Seizure Rights Drug laws: Possession with Intent (To sell) for most Narcotics, is illegal. Simple Possession of a Personal Amount is decriminalised, so someone in possession of a small amount of Meth will not be charged for it. It is illegal for someone under the influence of any narcotic drug (With exception to Nicotine) to be operating a vehicle, or heavy machinery. A crime committed while under the influence of narcotic drugs (With exception to Nicotine) will have additional charges such as "Committing a Misdemeanor/Felony while Under the Influence". Just because it's legal to consume drugs does not negate any responsibilities from the individual. Cannabis is Legal to possess in any quantity and it is also legal to grow at home for personal use. The selling of Cannabis, along with Alcohol and Tobacco requires a license. The age in which it is legal to purchase Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis is 18. It is illegal to supply either of the three to minors. Prostitution is legal, under the following guidelines: You do not solicit minors under the age of consent (16) Within a fully legal and licensed brothel. Brothels have a duty of care for their prostitute staff such as medical screenings, contraceptives and security. It is legal to prostitute in your own home. If a prostitute is out on the streets, they can only solicit between the hours of 10PM and 6AM. Citizens are responsible for their actions, even under the influence of drugs Age of consent is 16 years of age. Obviously, things such as murder, rape, fraud, etc, are illegal. So characters will be sought after by the Police if these crimes are committed, and the Police alerted to. Otherwise, the Police are very active in the communities and other places and have a very good relationship with the other civilians. List of things in city: Thorndown University. Mercury High School. Saint Arc High School. Shopping Centre [ Several ] Main: Blackberry Falls Shopping centre. The Blackberry Farm. The waterfalls named Blackberry Falls due to its close proximity to the Blackberry Farm, just on the city edge. Lots of cinema's for entertainment among other daytime entertainment. Housing [ Large, rented, privately owned ] Blackberry Park [ A large park with kids area as well as a large empty glass field. In the middle of the park is a large woodland area where people can walk through. ] Job Centre. Supermarket, Walmart (ASDA)/Tesco, as well as smaller convenience shops. Blackberry General Hospital. Blackberry Falls Police Station. Blackberry Falls Fire department. Mental Health Clinic Blackberry Primary School. Blackberry Secondary School. Blackberry Sixth Form College. Petrol Stations. Bus/Coach Station. Nearby Blackberry Falls Airport. Nearby Blackberry Falls port. Dock for cargo etc. Military presence: Small Navy port, small airstrip with one fighter jet, a Helipad with a fighter helicopter and a small barracks for ground troops. Office Blocks. Doctor surgeries. Various Religious Buildings. Pubs. Entertainment buildings e.g. Clubs/bars/arcades/laser quest etc. Warehouses for storage. Yards for Road Works etc. Golf Course. Farms (Other) Banks. Shops [Of all kinds] In and out of the Shopping centre. Especially in the City Centre of Blackberry Falls Restaurants. Fitness centres [ Gym and Swimming Pool etc etc ] City Hall. Power Plants [Nuclear and Wind Farms. Their reliance on fossil fuels is quite low.] Courthouses. Jail. Rehabilitation Centre. Museums. Business Buildings [ For All Types ] Lorry depot. Post Office/Sorting centre. Car Parks. Car Wash. Animal Shelter. Blackberry Falls City zoo, which have a wide range of animals. UFF - United Families Federation (Extra Info done by Wolfie) Keza Corp HQ Keza Corp Hospital Keza'maraki Nightclubs (In Blackberry Falls) This is only a brief list of what can be found. For most of these places, what they are is quite obvious, although when I do eventually create a map for it, I might label some of the places on it. Some of the places will get a bit of a description here; however, some of the much larger places will have their own Extra Information, which will be linked below as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information they are linked to Blackberry Falls, but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information is approved before it is added to this list, then the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Blackberry Falls. List of related Extra Information: United Federation of Families Keza Corp Keza Corp: Housing Estate Agents (Blackberry Falls and UFF) Keza Corp: Champagne Studio’s and The Crimson Moon Keza Corp Metal Nightclub (KCMN) (???) Promiscuous Palace The Eldyrannth The Neko Resistance Thorndown University Brief Prospectus High School Information Pamphlet The Pegasus News Corporation Naughty Cow Dairy
  8. Ahegeo VIVI

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

    My favourite ref by far and I love role play this piece I get to go wild
  9. Heavy bondage VIVI

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

  10. Neo

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

    Neo is my favourite character by far and I love her ass in this pic
  11. Blake

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

    I’m not a massive fan of Blake but this piece turned me on hard
  12. Cinder

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

    Cinder is my second favourite character and very naughty
  13. Yang

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

    I love how sassy Yang is and enjoy rping her a lot
  14. Neko VIVI

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

    I’m not heavily into things like furries but this is a nice piece
  15. Lesbian VIVI

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

    Very much a dom (I like to use her in some good lesbian fun)
  16. Sub VIVI

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

    Very much a sub character
  17. Strip tease

    From the album VIVI’s choice of refs

    You’ve got to love the suductive look she has
  18. Kaylaen Anderson

    From the album Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Kaylaen Anderson Age: 21 Gender: Male Religion: None. Species: Officially, he is recorded down as Human. However he is a Taru’zenari, which is a human with ancestry from one of the UFFian species. In his case, he has Eldyrannth ancestry. Origin/Nationality: Ashaen. Born in Blackberry Falls City Occupation: Kitchen cook for a restaurant. Physical Appearance Height: 5’8 (172cm) Weight: 96lbs (43.5kg) Eye Colour: Black Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Kaylaen stands at under the average height of a caucasian male. He is extremely skinny, and is slightly underweight for his age and height. As such he has a very slender body build, and is even able to wear children’s clothing he is that skinny. He does have some muscles on him, but not an awful lot. But he’s still reasonably strong for his weight and size, but he most certainly wouldn’t be a match for someone that’s taller than he is. He keeps his hair at a medium length, just below his ears around the sides of his head, and just to the bottom of his neck around the back. His face does have a slightly effeminate look to it, with a smooth jawline and high cheekbones. His eyes are slightly angled, and he has a nose that has a small flick on the end. Due to his slenderness, his hips do have a slight curve to them. Out in public, and his work, he dresses in a rather casual-formal manner, with clothes such as jeans and shirts, both usually dark in colour. His shoes are usually either polished black smart shoes, trainers or even converse. In private, though, he likes to cross-dress and due to his feminine figure, he can do it very well. Sometimes, he might do things like wear feminine underwear when going out and about, but will generally wear masculine clothing. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Kaylaen is quite a friendly, confident individual. He treats everyone with the same level of decency and respect. He never cares about peoples race, species, gender or sexuality. To him they are all sentient species and deserve the right to be treated equally. He judges a person on their merit and their character, not those four qualities. As such, he tends to make all kinds of friends, and tends to get on with a lot of people. That said, he won’t let anyone walk all over him. If someone is disrespecting him, or treating others with disdain then he will not hesitate to tell them. He’s a very good team player, working well with others when in a team and doing what is needed to get the job done. He never tries to get all the glory, even if means destroying the group work. As a team leader, he is firm but fair, and decisive. He will stand for no silliness and expects the team to work together. He has little patience for those that wish to waste his time, and will tell them to leave. He also does not stand for insubordination, nor willingness under his leadership and will pull people up short for it. But he will give them a chance to redeem themselves. He expects a lot from those under him, but then he also expects the same from himself. So he is not asking for more from them, as he is willing to give himself. Outside of the work environment, Kaylaen is friendly, and kind. He is always willing to help out a friend if they need it. He doesn’t like his friendly and kind nature being taken advantage of, though, thus if someone attempts to begin using him for their own advantage, Kaylaen will drop them easily as a friend when he figures it out. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Kaylaen has a few small abilities that come from the fact that he is partially Eldyrannth. Telepathy: Due to his Eldyrannth ancestry, Kaylaen does have a touch of telepathy. He can, with effort, reach out and plant thoughts into the minds of others. But he can only speak to them, or show them images. He does not have the power to be able to modify anything within someone else's mind. He cannot passively pick up thoughts, for which he is thankful, but he is much more aware of the emotional auras that people give off. Thus he might be able to tell if someone is becoming angry with him. Speed and agility: Due to his small size, as well as the fact that he is extremely skinny, Kaylaen is extremely agile and he can move quite quickly. He can run quite fast, and he can also jump quite far as well. Thus he can easily outrun most human opponents. Strength: He is stronger than he appears. This is due to the fact that his muscles are more dense than a human's. Despite looking as if he has no muscle mass at all, he is about as strong as an average human male. Strong bones: Another feature that he has inherited from his Eldyrannth ancestry. His bones are stronger than normal for a human. Instead of the usual bone marrow that is found in human bones, his bones have more of a honey-combed structure which gives it additional structural strength. It makes them a lot harder to break. However, it does mean that they are slightly lighter than normal human bones which can cause other complications as well as advantages. Eyesight: Kaylaen’s eyesight is a lot sharper than a normal human. He is also able to see much further, as well as see more colours. Again, this is down to his Eldyrannth ancestry, whose eyesight far outstripes any other species on Earth. Taste and smell: Again, due to his Eldyrannth ancestry, he has a boost to his sense of smell and taste which work in tandem with one another. His tongue can sample a wider range of flavours than a human can, allowing him to detect much more. Not only that, but he has a special organ on the roof of his mouth, which can process scents better than his nose. This is extremely useful in his line of work. Culinary skills: He is very good at cooking, and prefers to use only the freshest of ingredients with his food. He can make a complete, three course meal from scratch. Leadership skills: He’s quite good at being a leader. He will treat everyone firmly, but fairly. He uses the strengths of those within his team to their best potential, and can help them either improve on their weaknesses, or get other team members to cover them. Weaknesses: Mortality: He is still a human at the end of the day, and thus he can be killed in any number of ways through poison and fatal injuries. Telepathy: Using it too much can cause crippling headaches, to the point where he would be physically sick due to the pain. Quite often, because he needs to put in the effort to push his mind out to touch another's, people are aware of what he’s doing. Thus he can never be subtle about it. He also can’t pick up the thoughts of others. While this prevents him from being overwhelmed by random thoughts, it does prevent him from engaging in two way telepathic exchange unless the person who is speaking to him plants their thoughts into his mind as well. Speed and Agility: Due to how quickly he can move, if he stumbles or is blocked from moving, he has the greater chance to accidentally hurt himself. In a fighting situation, or even fleeing from his opponent, this can cause his advantage to work against him in quite a big way. Strength: He still needs to train for his strength, thus he needs to go to the gym often to keep himself at peak physical strength. That said, despite his muscles being denser, there are still others that are much stronger than he is. So while it elevates his strength to that of the average human male, it might not grant him that much of an advantage. Bones: His bones are lighter, and thus means that his weight does not match with his body shape or muscle mass. This means that it is easier to throw or push him, because he doesn’t have the weight to resist. It also might result in situations where there are strong winds which easily pick him up. Enhanced senses: In regards to the three enhanced senses; eyesight, smell and taste, it can be easily to overwhelm them and render him incapacitated. For example, a sudden flash would render him completely blind for quite a while depending on how intense the flash was and how close it was. His taste and smell, because of how linked they are, can be easily overwhelmed by something that either tastes or smells horrendous. Due to how sensitive they are, it can be easy to cause him to throw up which is a significant distraction. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He wants to be a famous Michelin Three Star Chef, and owning his own restaurant that he builds from the ground up. He plans on calling it “The White Lily” in honour of his mother. Hobbies and Interests: His main hobby and interest is his work; cooking. He loves cooking, and will never cheap out or become lazy when it comes to his meals. He likes gardening, and has a small herb garden on his balcony which he uses for fresh herbs. He likes to read whenever he has the time or inclination to, especially if he’s in the mood to just stay at home and spend some time with himself. If not, he does like to go out to places, and he likes to go shopping even if he doesn’t need anything or even intending to buy anything. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pan-sexual Turn ons: Having unprotected sex. Having multiple partners Being on the receiving end of anal sex. He really likes it. Making love to someone, and being made love to. With a partner, he loves the intimacy between them and loves being close to them. With a stranger, or a friend, he loves the illusion of intimacy. Having friends with benefits. No Strings Attached sex that don’t require any commitment past the sex. Giving, and taking it roughly. Sometimes he is in the mood for a rough, hard, furious fucking. When fucking someone, he loves to dig in nails into them, pull their hair, choke them and kiss roughly. When being fucked, he likes those things being done to him. When with a masculine partner, he likes to crossdress for them and to be treated like a woman. Turn offs: Causing, and receiving pain from his partners. Scat, vore, gore and golden showers. Penis Length: 10” from the base, to the tip. Which, for a human, is quite respectable. Breast Size: N/A although when cross-dressing he might wear a padded bra that would give him A, or B-cup breasts. Sensitivity: His cock is, on average, the same sensitivity for a normal human male. His arsehole, though, is a little more sensitive than other humans, making being on the receiving end of anal sex quite pleasurable. Additional Sexual Information: Kaylaen will have sex with anyone, regardless to their gender, and species. If he finds them attractive, he will fuck them. However with individuals that have cocks, he much prefers being on the receiving end on sex, than the giving although he makes a good switcher. When it comes to a committed relationship, he much prefers males over any other gender, but will, for example, have a girlfriend. However, he isn’t a monogamous person in relationship, at least when it comes to sex. His cock also seemed to have slight protrusions running along the underside, which add extra texture to his cock. Not only that, but his cock has very strong pulses to them when he is aroused. If aroused enough, it might even pulsate to the point where it seems to vibrate softly. He also has an extremely impressive stamina for a human, and is able to have several orgasms in a single sex session. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: Talius Lindemann Mother: Lily Anderson Siblings: None. He is an only child. Grandparents: The only ones he knows about are Jake Anderson and Helen Anderson, both of which died when he was only three years old. House: He currently lives in a small, one-bedroom flat in the suburbs of Blackberry Falls. It is more of a studio flat, than a regular flat. He lives on the top floor of the three story building. There is a garden behind the property, that he shares with the other tenants but he doesn’t tend to use it. For the last staircase, leading to the top floor, he has a locked door which he has a key to access. It leads into a small landing that has the stairs leading up. But there is also a small door that leads onto a small, private balcony. For further details, read the extra info on his flat. Car: None. Pet: None. He doesn’t have the time to be looking after pets. Additional information: He does occasionally take drugs, more notably cannabis and LSD although he might do cocaine on very rare occasions. And he will only take drugs when he knows he has the time to. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean. Medical Record: He broke his arm when he was ten years old, but he has not had any significant medical treatment since. Bio: Kaylaen grew up as a single child, to a single mother. His mother was low to middle class, and lived in a reasonably sized two bedroom house. She worked as a wedding planner, and was considered one of the best in Blackberry Falls. She would often take him with her, whenever he wasn’t in school, to be with her as she went to weddings and went to planning sessions. He would often try and help the best he could. The one thing he loved helping with, was planning of the menu. His mother noticed rather quickly that he was quite talented in picking out a good menu for the guests and encouraged his interest. She also began to teach him how to cook from a young age, an activity he loved. He seemed to know exactly how much seasoning to put into the dishes he cooked so that they always came out at their best. He helped his mother, when he was able to, to come up with mouth-watering food for the wedding guests of the weddings she planned. She always put aside a little money in a bank account for him, whenever he did, so that she could give it to him when he was older. Lily was someone that Kaylaen much admired as he was growing up. She treated everyone with the same level of base respect, never said anything mean about anyone and never spoke bad behind peoples backs. She was always upfront and honest with them, and was never afraid to speak her mind. She also did not let anyone walk all over her, and take advantage of her. She was a good team leader for those that worked for her, and she always treated them fairly and always told them upfront when she thought they were doing something wrong. She was a strong, confident woman that, while very independant, was not afraid to ask for help from others when she knew she needed it. She believed in working hard, and would never cut corners or give up easily when faced with a problem. She treated her son well, and always encouraged his interests and instilled in him the qualities of hard work and treating others equally while not playing into peoples victimhood, or having his own victimhood. Kaylaen did well in school, effortlessly getting top grades. He was not only intelligent, but the values his mother taught him helped keep him focused and working to the best of his abilities. He was reasonably popular in school, although he only had a small group of close friends. Everyone knew him, and everyone liked him. He wasn’t one to stand for bullies, though, and would always stand up for classmates that were picked on. This did result in him getting into a fight a few times, but he always argued that he was defending someone else who wasn’t able to stand up for themselves. His mother never punished him, even though he was suspended numerous times from school. When he was ten, he approached his mother with a question he had been thinking on for the last few years. He wanted to know who his father was, and why he wasn’t there in his life. As much as he loved his mother, he couldn’t help but wonder. When he asked, Lily sat him down and was quite honest and brunt about it as she didn’t like to hide anything from him. In her opinion, if he was old enough to ask questions, he was old enough to get answers. She explained that she didn’t know who his father was. He was a stranger to her, one that she had met one sunny September day. She had come across him loading supplies into a car, and she offered to help him. He introduced himself as Talius Lindemann, and he had a strong German accent. The one thing she found really sexy about his voice, was that it was so soothing to listen to and he had a habit of rolling his r’s. After she had helped him, he gave her some money and thanked her before he got in his car and left. She didn’t see him again for several days, where she bumped into him in her favourite café. He bought her a drink and the two spoke. He told her that he wasn’t staying long in Blackberry Falls, but he wanted to see her again before he left. The two ended up having a couple of dates, and in the end she had sex with him. She explained to Kaylaen that he was what she considered her miracle child. Until she fell pregnant with him, the doctors had told her that she was completely sterile and that she had no chance of ever having a baby. But, somehow, Talius had managed to get her pregnant. Unfortunately, he had left before she found out. She didn’t feel angry at him, as she knew that it was highly unlikely that he would have known. If anything, she cried in happiness, and felt blessed to have met him because he had unknowingly given her something she had wanted her entire life. A child. She told Kaylaen that even though his father was not around, he was a good man. Kaylaen listened, enthralled. While he wished he could met the man that was his father, he understood that his father didn’t know about him. His mother promised him that if she could, she would have Talius in Kaylaen’s life. He told her that he understood, and that he didn’t feel angry towards either of his parents, and he told her firmly that he loved her. If anything, the conversation helped bring him closer to his mother. He continued to work hard at school, and as he grew into his teenage years he completely took over cooking at home. His mother often worked long hours, and sometimes wasn’t able to cook a meal for him in the evenings. So he would always make sure that she had something good to eat when she eventually did get back. It allowed him to expand on his skills, and to invent new dishes. He loved cooking and thus didn’t mind doing it. As soon as he was sixteen, he applied for a part-time job at a local restaurant and became one of the cooks which allowed him to get some real-world experience of the career he wanted. He loved every moment of it, and loved the challenge of being in a demanding job, working at intense speeds to churn out food for their customers. When he was eighteen, he attended Thorndown University, still keeping his job as he studied a culinary course to be able to better run his own restaurant in the future. He finished the course in two years, leaving when he was twenty. He was extremely proud of himself, however his happiness was short-lived as his mother had to break the news to him that she had a brain tumour that was inoperable. He had to watch, as for the next few months, she began to fade away as the cancer was taking its toll. Despite this, she encouraged him to continue as she wanted to see him continue working hard in her final days. He applied for a job at one of Blackberry Falls most notable restaurants, The Wolfae, as one of the cooks. This job was even more demanding than the previous one, but his outstanding skills and his hard-working ethic settled him into place very quickly. His mother was extremely proud, as The Wolfae was known to be one of the top fifty restaurants in the world. A month after he got this job, Lily passed away, leaving him alone in the world. He was devastated, but he wanted to succeed, for her. Days after her death, a lawyer came to see him with his mother’s will, which had left everything to him. At first, he didn’t know what to do, but he went over to her house to have a look around and to be in the place he had grown up. He walked around the empty house, grieving the loss of the only family he had known. As his grandparents had died when he was so young, he didn’t remember them. And as far as he was aware, his mother had no siblings. When he went into her bedroom, he found an envelope on her bedside table, with his name on it. He picked it up and opened the letter, which she had written just before her death; ‘My dear little Kaylaen, It’s time, my fine young son. I have lived a happy, full life and I am satisfied with how things have turned out. My only regret, is not seeing you achieve your dreams with my own eyes. But I know you will do it, and I am so very proud of you. I have loved you from the very moment I first laid my eyes on you. You were such a beautiful baby, and you have grown into such a handsome young man. But I am going to embark on the next journey in life. My time on this world has come to an end. It is time for me to go, but this will not be the last time we will speak. I will be waiting for you, so that I can again hold you in my arms. Because I saw him, my son, for who he really was. A Divine. A God. He came to me, in my last moments. Him and his father. I saw them for who they truly was, and they showed me things that I cannot even begin to put into words. I am going with them, my little Kaylaen, to live on in their world. And when it is your time, they will come and give you the same chance. Listen for them. The German and the American, the ones with the Divine voices. I know you will not be able to afford to live here with your current money. Thus, I shall impart some advice to you. Put the house up for sale, and put the money into savings. It is my last gift to you. Use the money to put towards opening your own restaurant. This is the last thing I can do for you, my son. Use the money wisely. There is one thing I wish for you to keep. In the top drawer of my bedside table, is a necklace. Wear it. If you do, the Divines will watch over you and protect you from harm. I cannot wait to meet you again, son, and I wish you luck. With my deepest love, Your mother xxx’ Kaylaen wasn’t sure what to make of the letter at first. He had no idea that his mother was religious. She had never spoken on it before. He himself wasn’t particularly religious. He had no real opinion on the subject, but a part of him really did wish that she was somewhere better, and that he would get to see her again. He went to the bedside table and opened it up, where he found a small jewelry box. He picked it out and opened it up to see a necklace made from gold. The chain was so delicate that he also had trouble seeing the links of the chain. The main decoration of the necklace with a tree made from gold. It was attached to the chain by the top of its leaved branched, before going down into the trunk and into what looked like the roots of a tree. Etched into the centre of the tree trunk was an hourglass pattern. He remembered that his mother had always worn this. Only ever taking it off at night. With a sad smile, he put the necklace on, and pocketed its box. Before he could sell the house, he had to clean it out and sell the furniture that he could. Each time he sold a piece, he put the money into a bank account to put towards his savings. He bought himself a small flat, that was essentially a studio apartment. While it wasn’t what he wanted in a home, it would do until he could sell the house and he can open his own restaurant and use the money generated from that to buy his own home. Once he had everything cleared out, and made any fixes that needed to be done, it had been six months since Lily’s death. He approached an estate agent and had the house put up for sale, for a hundred-and-fifty-thousand Blackberrian Dollars. He continued working where he was, keeping himself busy to get his mind off his mother’s death. To this day, he still works there, and the house had not yet been sold.
  19. New~

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you guys. I'm new to this, but if you guys ever want chat leave a message. If you wanna roleplay for a little, feel free. I'm very open to pretty much any type of pervy roleplay you could have in mind, so don't be shy~

    I'm looking to get Rough and Sweaty with a girl, with ALL the trimmings~If you've embraced your inner slut and need to be Stuffed hard and Raw, message me and let's get wild 😈 https://rule34.xxx/images/2179/38dec376430efe17999f3effaacd769c.webm ^NSFW w/Sound
  21. Open for Roleplay

    Currently available to role-play. Open for suggestions and happy to chat. ^_^
  22. Roleplay Suite Updates (Part 2)

    Image Artist Credit: Liru by 春夏冬工. Greetings, fellow Dreamers! Following up from our massive update, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes during this Beta period to bring most of our functionality back online. In many ways, EcchiDreams has evolved considerably during this phase. Now we’re starting to look at bringing certain sections up-to-date. These past few months now, we’ve been working on the The Roleplaying Suite but this is finally coming to an end as the Roleplay Suite Overhaul is nearing completion. We’ve made changes to how the Private Roleplay topics are displayed; as such we will message everyone with their Private Roleplay adverts and encourage them to repost them on our new Private Roleplayer Bulletin Board system, which allows people to search for the roleplay they want - effortlessly. We’ve also released a number of guides to help you get started on EcchiDreams as a roleplayer, and we’ll continue releasing guides, although you too can take part if you want, and release your own guides. We’ve also created an area called the Sandbox. This doesn’t just have to be used for Roleplaying. The Sandbox is the place in where you can design your topics before you post them publicly to get the formatting you want, and to make it look perfect. Only you and staff can see your own posts, so if you do need any assistance, we can help you out (Just ask!). In addition to roleplay updates, we’ve made changes to the homepage for both logged in and logged out dreamers. Logged in dreamers will see several of the features that used to be around on the forum index, whereas logged out dreamers will get a more modern homepage which informs them of what our site is about and what we do. We’ve also made large scale changes to the Terms of Service; which basically re-affirms our stance towards Free Speech. Lastly; EcchiDreams will be coming out of Beta on the 6th September 2016. We look forward to your comments, feedback and criticisms in the section below. Sweet Dreams~!
  23. Roleplay Suite Updates

    Greetings, fellow Dreamers! Following up from our massive update, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes during this Beta period to bring most of our functionality back online. In many ways, EcchiDreams has evolved considerably during this phase. Now we’re starting to look at bringing certain sections up-to-date. These past few weeks we’ve been working on the The Roleplaying Suite. Over the years, our Roleplay section has expanded and changed to update itself to the demands of the Roleplayers on EcchiDreams. It started as a single small, pre-determined scenario driven roleplay. Thorndown University; which went on to include other roleplays that eventually came together to become Blackberry Falls, which is supposed to be a slightly more technologically advanced modern city. After that, Blackberry was joined by Craethiel Kingdom; a medieval roleplay, Utopian Curse; a tropical island that seems like paradise on the surface but is a deep survival based plot, and Andromeda; a purely Sci-Fi driven scenario. Then, with the suggestions that came forth from Dreamers in the community, the Independent Roleplays came into existence. This was a feature that intended on allowing EcchiDreamers the chance to make their own roleplay scenario, rather than be forced to conform to specific settings. This allowed people to create their own roleplays, and set their own balance of control and quality. But, during the Beta Phase I talked about at the beginning, we have found that with the Independent Roleplay section, we no longer really need the Scenario Roleplays. And thus, we have decided to move them into the Independent Roleplays as their own, Independent RPs. As she was the one that worked on them for all these years, they will be under the ownership of Neptune. Unfortunately this means those roleplays will be restarted when they’re moved, as some of you will have found out when you received an EcchiText on the subject. There will also be a name change from here on out; EcchiText Roleplays will become Private Roleplays, and what that means for the section is that nothing changes. You go there to announce Private Roleplays on EcchiDreams (This can be over the Chatbar or through EcchiTexts). Independant Roleplays will become Public Roleplays, and what this means for the section is that almost nothing really changes. It’s where you make your own roleplay or join one you want to be apart of. Custom Roleplays will become Premium Roleplays, and will remain something only Platinum members can create (which allows you to set your own permissions; either Private, Invite Only or Public). Contrary to popular belief, we have no intention of monetising this (with real money). This is purely paid for with EcchiCredits (Contribution based currency; which is still offline at the moment). This encompasses most if not all forms of roleplayers. The Public Roleplays will have difficulty ratings which will allow people to find their level of roleplaying easily, of course these will be easily searchable too. So Joining and Making your own roleplay has never been easier, and the rules are pretty simple and easy to follow. Over the coming weeks we will be adding guides to our Guides section for Roleplaying. If you click on the “Follow” button in there you’ll be notified as guides are posted. As always we’re welcome and open to feedback.
  24. Daniella Taru'zenari

    From the album Character Images

    Daniella is an EPSI Federation citizen that lives on the Andromeda Station. She only went there because she wanted to meet the man of her dreams, a bounty hunter called Kal'loure.
  25. Hi everyone! I'm new here and i didn't really do roleplaying like this before.. I love hentai but i'm a bit shy and new in this. I also like drawing. I'm 18 years old. I like all kinds of hentai :3 . I really hope I can get along with this community and take parit in roleplaying :D I don't really know how to do it but it really sounds like fun! :)