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Found 17 results

  1. New~

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you guys. I'm new to this, but if you guys ever want chat leave a message. If you wanna roleplay for a little, feel free. I'm very open to pretty much any type of pervy roleplay you could have in mind, so don't be shy~

    I'm looking to get Rough and Sweaty with a girl, with ALL the trimmings~If you've embraced your inner slut and need to be Stuffed hard and Raw, message me and let's get wild 😈 https://rule34.xxx/images/2179/38dec376430efe17999f3effaacd769c.webm ^NSFW w/Sound
  3. So I've been curious about something. What makes you all tick when it comes to roleplay. Is it the Sex scenes? The buildup of the story? A mixture of both perhaps? The getting to be someone else in your own little world? All of you spill the beans!!! GO!!!!
  4. I want you to send me what you want to roleplay as long as it's Yuri or Girl x Girl. I will definitely reply to Maid x Maid, it's one of my most favoured. I have done Yaoi before but rather not, I also do masturbation and such. Just message me a list of preferences. I will try to reply as quick as possible, but for sure I will be doing Yuri. If you are wondering, I am a girl and I would like to only be role playing Yuri with girls. No cock sucking, thanks. Teacher x Student is something I do too, if wondering.
  5. Open for Roleplay

    Currently available to role-play. Open for suggestions and happy to chat. ^_^
  6. Roleplay Suite Updates (Part 2)

    Image Artist Credit: Liru by 春夏冬工. Greetings, fellow Dreamers! Following up from our massive update, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes during this Beta period to bring most of our functionality back online. In many ways, EcchiDreams has evolved considerably during this phase. Now we’re starting to look at bringing certain sections up-to-date. These past few months now, we’ve been working on the The Roleplaying Suite but this is finally coming to an end as the Roleplay Suite Overhaul is nearing completion. We’ve made changes to how the Private Roleplay topics are displayed; as such we will message everyone with their Private Roleplay adverts and encourage them to repost them on our new Private Roleplayer Bulletin Board system, which allows people to search for the roleplay they want - effortlessly. We’ve also released a number of guides to help you get started on EcchiDreams as a roleplayer, and we’ll continue releasing guides, although you too can take part if you want, and release your own guides. We’ve also created an area called the Sandbox. This doesn’t just have to be used for Roleplaying. The Sandbox is the place in where you can design your topics before you post them publicly to get the formatting you want, and to make it look perfect. Only you and staff can see your own posts, so if you do need any assistance, we can help you out (Just ask!). In addition to roleplay updates, we’ve made changes to the homepage for both logged in and logged out dreamers. Logged in dreamers will see several of the features that used to be around on the forum index, whereas logged out dreamers will get a more modern homepage which informs them of what our site is about and what we do. We’ve also made large scale changes to the Terms of Service; which basically re-affirms our stance towards Free Speech. Lastly; EcchiDreams will be coming out of Beta on the 6th September 2016. We look forward to your comments, feedback and criticisms in the section below. Sweet Dreams~!
  7. Roleplay Suite Updates

    Greetings, fellow Dreamers! Following up from our massive update, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes during this Beta period to bring most of our functionality back online. In many ways, EcchiDreams has evolved considerably during this phase. Now we’re starting to look at bringing certain sections up-to-date. These past few weeks we’ve been working on the The Roleplaying Suite. Over the years, our Roleplay section has expanded and changed to update itself to the demands of the Roleplayers on EcchiDreams. It started as a single small, pre-determined scenario driven roleplay. Thorndown University; which went on to include other roleplays that eventually came together to become Blackberry Falls, which is supposed to be a slightly more technologically advanced modern city. After that, Blackberry was joined by Craethiel Kingdom; a medieval roleplay, Utopian Curse; a tropical island that seems like paradise on the surface but is a deep survival based plot, and Andromeda; a purely Sci-Fi driven scenario. Then, with the suggestions that came forth from Dreamers in the community, the Independent Roleplays came into existence. This was a feature that intended on allowing EcchiDreamers the chance to make their own roleplay scenario, rather than be forced to conform to specific settings. This allowed people to create their own roleplays, and set their own balance of control and quality. But, during the Beta Phase I talked about at the beginning, we have found that with the Independent Roleplay section, we no longer really need the Scenario Roleplays. And thus, we have decided to move them into the Independent Roleplays as their own, Independent RPs. As she was the one that worked on them for all these years, they will be under the ownership of Neptune. Unfortunately this means those roleplays will be restarted when they’re moved, as some of you will have found out when you received an EcchiText on the subject. There will also be a name change from here on out; EcchiText Roleplays will become Private Roleplays, and what that means for the section is that nothing changes. You go there to announce Private Roleplays on EcchiDreams (This can be over the Chatbar or through EcchiTexts). Independant Roleplays will become Public Roleplays, and what this means for the section is that almost nothing really changes. It’s where you make your own roleplay or join one you want to be apart of. Custom Roleplays will become Premium Roleplays, and will remain something only Platinum members can create (which allows you to set your own permissions; either Private, Invite Only or Public). Contrary to popular belief, we have no intention of monetising this (with real money). This is purely paid for with EcchiCredits (Contribution based currency; which is still offline at the moment). This encompasses most if not all forms of roleplayers. The Public Roleplays will have difficulty ratings which will allow people to find their level of roleplaying easily, of course these will be easily searchable too. So Joining and Making your own roleplay has never been easier, and the rules are pretty simple and easy to follow. Over the coming weeks we will be adding guides to our Guides section for Roleplaying. If you click on the “Follow” button in there you’ll be notified as guides are posted. As always we’re welcome and open to feedback.
  8. Daniella Taru'zenari

    From the album Character Images

    Daniella is an EPSI Federation citizen that lives on the Andromeda Station. She only went there because she wanted to meet the man of her dreams, a bounty hunter called Kal'loure.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm new here and i didn't really do roleplaying like this before.. I love hentai but i'm a bit shy and new in this. I also like drawing. I'm 18 years old. I like all kinds of hentai :3 . I really hope I can get along with this community and take parit in roleplaying :D I don't really know how to do it but it really sounds like fun! :)
  10. So I had this idea... When the RP opened up originally in 2007 we needed to base the RP off of some laws that already existed to save time on writing the rules. The leader of the RP section at the time had this somewhat narrowminded idea that really at the time would have solved the immediate problem but was never conceived in the larger scale. I think at the time I was admittedly that Roleplay Adminstrator. Of course back then it was just Thorndown Highschool which was very limiting. Now we have a fully open island based RPs (and Andromeda which is a open space RP and in my opinion virtually limitless if you can use your imagination.) It was admittedly a narrowminded idea which I think was actually mine. This idea now is rather... Limiting and unfair. Blackberry Falls is ran by the UK/US government. Therefore it's a blend of their laws. Now obviously this has changed with the RP department but the extent of change is the name. Nothing else. So I'm thinking to make the RP more free-ranged and less strict, which may (I'm guessing here) put off less-serious RPers and people who aren't from the UK or the USA who may (again just guessing here) feel sectioned and isolated from the RP. I think focus should be rules of the Roleplay. Not rules within the roleplay which may feel restrictive. It was all unintentional as I didn't anticipate this at the time and the community if memory serves me didn't care either way, but had a few loud voices who had one opinion or the other. I understand that there is BOUND to be laws in a civilization. But perhaps this could just be Blackberry Fall's laws rather than a fixed set of laws the exist in real life. It should be up to people to communicate with each other the cause and effect, the consequences of this cause and effect and think about their RP in a dynamic sort of way, they should be able to choose if they want to do that, not have it forced on them. If that makes sense. Now I posted this up publicly because I want roleplayers to put their voices, to get some real information. So in short I'm not really sure what to say, it's something I noticed and wanted to bring to attention. A sort of "Do we need to improve this?" sort of deal. One last thing. People shouldn't be scared to post suggestions up in the suggestion's forums. I want to assure everyone that I read every single suggestion personally, it's my job to. If there are other ideas and stuff that you want to share that you think may improve the site it doesn't hurt to bring it up. It's better that we are aware of any problems rather than being unaware.
  11. Roleplay Infinity

    Hey there everyone, I am new to this site but have been a roleplayer of hentai for a good while now. If anyone wants to talk, make a roleplay that is fun and exciting for everyone, hit me up! It will be nice to meet people with similar taste that I do! Have a great day!! Also, I do want to roleplay so to anyone and everyone that wants roleplay, join me at this [link removed] :) Hope to see you guys there so we can have some fun! Edited: Double posts arent accepted in this forum.
  12. Kaeden SinXaar-Keza'maraki

    From the album Character Images

    This is a reserved character for Blackberry Falls roleplay. Kaeden Xaar-Keza'maraki was found in one of the houses in the abandoned town that Keza Corp bought. He has been adopted by the Prime Minister, Talivana Eldyrannth.
  13. Keza Corp: Housing Estate Agents Turning Houses, into Homes. 1) Introduction Turning Houses into Homes! An award winning Housing and Real Estate Agency in Blackberry Falls City and Xantall'ar City. We at Keza Corp pride ourselves on the best and affordable housing for the right person. Most of our houses are freshly built upto UFF code, which surpasses local laws in crafts manship and excellence. After years of home improving research you'll find that for the quality and build our prices cannot be beaten. Our pride is the Starshine Estates in Blackberry Falls as well as the Unity Estate in the UFF, both built with the latest Keza Corp technology and ideas. We also offer affordable rented property as well. This company sold more than 450,000 new homes in Blackberry Falls and 150,000 in the UFF in 2013; this was our best selling year and we're already making new houses. All homes that were built after 2010 (IE; All homes built by Keza Corp) will have free Solar Panel's on their roofs. This saves you money on your electricty bill, and helps you keep your home warm at night. Keza Corp Solar Panels are a scientific breakthrough, using patented technology Keza Corp Solar Panel owners were able to earn $600 more than the leading provider. They're excellent value for money and rated to last at least 50 years. Thanks to Keza Corp's cheap but durable crystal nano-fiber process. ------- OOC ------- This is another in RP service. I'll explain how this works:I don't accept real life money. These may be real houses but I'm NOT selling them and if you can copyright a house, they're respective "authors" or copyright holders hold that copyright. Once again; not selling with real money in real life, it is RP only. You do not need to ask permission to buy a house. As long as you state in your post that your character paid for it or has taken up a mortgage to pay for it; and you send me an EcchiText telling me what number and estate you've taken (so I can update it and link your character ID in this thread) then I'm fine with that. Honest.With exception to UFF properties. You must ask first. (As it's a UFF country)Also; you can't just buy a mansion/mannor without permission. As there is only one of that building. I'd like you to discuss with me how your character will pay for it, and so on. (The Paperwork. LOL)There are a lot of rented property rules this is reflective of real life, and it serves as a rule for rented houses in the roleplay. [EG: Your character is not allowed to destroy or damage rented property. If they do, they must pay for the damages.]When your character buy's the house; I will update the thread with the information.Each estate will have a BBCoded feature that you can copy and paste after "House:" which also links to the estate in this thread so people can see what type of house your character owns.I've designed it to be as quick and easy as a "Copy" and "Paste". You'll have the option for a Blackberry Fall's City Rep. (More information: Here) Which if you get a house through Keza Corp your character will have a nice deal on this service. [Free for 1 Month, and they will bring a gift basket with your considerations. (They will ask for allergy information).]
  14. Friendly Notice: I am currently in the process of updating my Character ID's and Extra Information topics relating to Blackberry Falls, please be patient with me as this is neither a quick or easy process. The United Federation of Families [UFF] 1) Introduction The United Federation of Families is a peaceful collective, made up of groups of races who wish to completely co-exist with each other in the name of cooperation and peace. [it is the beginning "roots" of the EPSI Federation which has people new and old.] The UFF was founded by Talivana Eldyrannth, Kaylarvana Eldyrannth, Triavana Eldyrannth and a group of Coda'zotoxi, and the UFF consisted almost entirely of Coda'zotoxi people. But it had always been open to the 'Children of Epsus'. The five races who entered this agreement in the 21st Century are: Keza'maraki - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Neko's. Mako'demeri - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Wolf Anthros. Coda'zotoxi - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Fox Anthros. Zeta'muluri - Human's believe they look an awful lot like Dragon Anthros. Xeno'vitiri - Human's have not ever seen a Xeno'vitiri. (BUT if they did, Angel/Demon). DO NOT CREATE A CHARACTER WHO IS ANY ONE OF THESE WITHOUT PERMISSION. This is an original creation, yes using elements of both real life and stuff already done but the people, their culture, their history, is work of the collaboration and hard work that those who are allowed to play it have put into it. Whilst it's okay to have a fox anthro for example; and I can't stop you. It's not okay to have a Coda'zotoxi unless I, or anyone authorised say's so. Also the surnames (species names) fit a certain format that can't be replicated by accident, do not attempt to make your own species that replicates the format of their names as there is a specific reason for their format. I purposefully picked specific patterns so that it couldn't be "Just by mistake". Once again; can't stop you from having something similar, but not if it conforms to all of the patterns. (Thanks.) Before then, the Keza'maraki and Mako'demeri were at war since the 13th century, and more recently the Zeta'muluri and Xeno'vitiri went to war. The UFF did have a temporary HQ in Blackberry Falls. The location of which was classified and driving to/from had to be done blindfolded with a contracted driver. The location of this is still classified, and the driver has since been assigned another job with the UFF. What is housed there today is unknown, not many people are aware of it's existence and even then where exactly it is no one seems to know. It's not likely anyone in the UFF knows either due to the security protocols. [Not known by anyone other than SMFoxy's characters; as it's a CODA base] In 2010 they proven that they had military experience (thanks to the joining of the joint Keza and Mako forces) as they along with Keza Corp retook the Keza'maraki Mansion and shut down the biggest illegal prostitution ring on Blackberry Falls Island. They worked with Blackberry Falls Police and the Military bases in open ended co-operation. However they denied the transfer of the prisoner to the Police and Blackberry Falls City Magistrates Court on the grounds that he was being detained by their country's Prime Minster (Talivana Eldyrannth), who would be putting him on trial for crimes he committed against the UFF people. The trial was monitored by the Courts of the US and UK, and it was found to be extremely fair, unbiased and honest. The UFF sentenced their first prisoner of war in 2011, and arrested him for 63 counts of murder, piracy, mind control, forced prostitution, and torture. He pleaded guilty but showed little to no remorse. The host of the "Corrupted Symbiote" was apparently long dead, as the Symbiote had completely taken control and deleted Aleksandr's memories and existence. A crime now illegal under UFF law, although some have said that this is simply untrue; he's just suppressing the host the same way he suppressed his victims. The UFF was a small country/state that had it's own laws, and still does today. It's existed since the 1800s and was founded by Coda'zotoxi race as they were not fighting any wars. At the time the Xeno'vitiri weren't on Earth and the Zeta'muluri were fighting with other species but hadn't had a war with Human's since the early 1200s. The UFF doesn't conform to the Human Rights Act; as they are not humans. However they do have their Universal Right to Life Act, which covers everything from Human to Alien. They also have a very strict First Contact With New and Alien Lifeforms Protocols. Although todate they neither confirm nor deny any contact with Alien Lifeforms, with outside governments. They have made contact with two Alien lifeforms. One in 1942; the Xeno'vitiri and in 2011; the Aymar'telshen (the Aymar). There is strong suspicion that the Aymar might have interacted with the United States Government on the same day in 1942 (Roswell Incident?). Although there are things recently come to light that have shown the Aymar as far back as the 13th century at least according to the Sin-Clan Keza'maraki Royal Family Children in Selil who described "Derrick" to be a purple changeling associated with fun and adventure. Although he was seen as some kind of imaginary friend to adults that is until he ran into King Rowan [Who was a prince at the time, although the UFF don't actually know that yet. Their history to them is pieced together from different perspectives and a lot of it is destroyed] The UFF have quickly become a country fuelled by the Keza Corporation it's economy is very good and provides work for construction workers who maybe otherwise out of work in Blackberry Falls. After the UFF v Aleksandr siege; what was left of the country was burning and as it had been one of the driest and hottest summers on record. Taking nearly a week to put out the fire, began the clean up work that never stopped. The full land boarder was opened up, previously fenced off, as everything across the bridge and 2 miles south of the northern lake was Tripp's private country. Tripp then sold his country to the UFF Government for just £1, (The biggest loss he's ever made) which he then gave back to the UFF Government as a 'National Party Fund' donation and Tripp gave the land to the Government of the United Federation of Families. Ever since things have progressed quickly and the UFF has... Ambitious plans. This is a first draft, mistakes and errors might be abound, but it's definitely not complete yet. When coming from Blackberry Falls: Blackberry Falls City - 666 Miles (In the direction of the top of the picture, which in this case is East) --Blackberry Falls Boarder Patrol and Customs Outpost-- Genitals Cross Over International Bridge over Blackberry River (1 Mile) --UFF Boarder Patrol and Customs HQ-- Xantall'ar City - 48 Miles (In the direction of the south of the picture, which in this case would be south-south west from the bridge.) Genitals Cross Over: Blackberry Falls drives on the RIGHT. The UFF drive on the LEFT. At the Blackberry Falls end of the bridge you will be required to change lanes and starting from the bridge into the UFF, drive on the LEFT of the road. (Picture representation only) -------------------- Uh no. The UFF doesn't look like this yet. It's what they envision Xantall'ar to look like in 2025. Location: South-west Blackberry Island (Directly west from Blackberry Falls City) - Capital City: Xantall'ar Demonym: UFFian [U-F-F-Ian] Government: Federal Grand Council (Libertarian) - Prime Minister: Talivana Eldyrannth Currency: The UFFian Kredit. Date Format: dd/mm/yyyy (24 hour time) Drives on the: Left Calling Code: +666 ISO-3166-3: UFF TLD: .uff Current Population (2016): 4.66 million (+43.82%) -2015 Population: 3.24 million (+166.6%)* -2014 Population: 1.95 million (+142%)* -2013 Population: 786,290 people - Adult Unemployment Rate: 0.09% [4194 People**] Language: Kezamarakian, Makodemerian, Codazotoxian, Zetamulurian, Xenovitirian, Eldyrannthian - Also: British, English. American, English. Kezamarakian, Russian. Trade Status: Open - Major Imports: Building Resources, Luxury Goods - Major Exports: Cannabis, Fish, Food and Drink, Technology, Clothing Goods and Oil. * Caused by Relocation and Immigration of UFFian species. ** This is caused by the strict immigration policy. These people are either 'Between Jobs' or 'Reacquiring Education' (65% of the Unemployed), 'Work Outside of the UFF' (25%) 'Disabled/Unfit for Work*** (5%) or 'By choice' (5%) *** Disabled rates are so low because of Nanotechnology. The UFF at the moment is a hive of activity, you have various companies and corporations holding up the economy and you have construction constantly going on. One of the first things started was housing which is still in progress today with two million homes built just last year. The key has been Blackberry Falls unemployed skilled construction workers which have been invaluable to the UFF, and paid generously, some now have jobs secure for at least a decade. The city of Xantall'ar the country's capital, is also being built with several buildings being worked on at once. The UFF had to seriously relax it's immigration policy in 2012; priority was given for people who were skilled construction workers or other skilled workers that were otherwise out of a job, but in 2015 this was restored to normal status It also allocated some for Corporations, Staff and Families so corporations could move their operations over to the UFF and start planning and building their own Headquarters in the city. The population is mainly made up of Keza's, Coda's, Zeta's, Xeno's and Mako's. There are some humans living here of various ethnicities, a quarter of these humans are descendants to a 'Child of Epsus' meaning they have either Keza, Mako, Coda, Zeta or (least likely) Xeno DNA in their genetic make up that aren't found normally in humans. This usually shows up with their eyes, physical shape, sexual appetite, stamina and accommodation. The UFF have a simple goal at the moment; as they're in the Golden Age as it were their goal is to build Xantall'ar City (or at least the majority of it) by 2025. Whilst it's still a long way off progress can be clearly seen every month and there are; which can be seen at build-rome-in-a-day.uff a website which shows brilliant, level and accurately positioned pictures like a fade into existence-montage. The identity of the website owner is unknown. [Kim Keza'maraki] Major Corporations and Companies: Name: Keza Corp Full Trading Name: The Keza Corporation Field of Expertise: Multi-industry, from Agriculture to Technology. Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. | .:: Keza Corp: The Keza Corporation ::. Name: Xendaar Corporation Full Trading Name: Xendaar Corporation Field of Expertise: Global Consumer Goods, usually luxury items. Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. Name: Centovski Corp Full Trading Name: Centovski Metal and Minerals Mining Corporation Field of Expertise: Mining Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. Name: Aizu & Aizio Full Trading Name: Aizu & Aizio Corporation Field of Expertise: Retail Corporation Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. Name: Codaphone Full Trading Name: Codaphone Telecommunications Corporation Field of Expertise: Telecommunications, Mobile Telecommunications and Broadband/Fibre Optic Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. Name: Epsi-Dynamics Full Trading Name: Epsilon Dynamics Field of Expertise: A very classified Science Research and Space Program Corporation. Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. Name: Hax Industries Full Trading Name: Haxor Computer Technology Research Industries Field of Expertise: Again, a very classified cyber security, computer technology research, and security. Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. Name: Pegasus News Corp Full Trading Name: Pegasus News Corporation Field of Expertise: News, Media, Television Extra Information: .:: United Federation of Families : The UFF ::. | The Pegasus News Corporation Friendly Reminder: Respect this country's laws, I don't have to tell you that in real life if you break a country's laws you'll be punished by that country's legal system. It doesn't matter what country you come from or who you're friends are. Unlike Blackberry Falls City, Bribery will most likely get you locked up. [Government here is not corrupt, nor are the police]
  15. Scarlett Coda’demiri

    From the album Character Images

    Scarlett Coda’demiri is the twin sister of Crysis Coda’demiri. They are characters in Manni's custom roleplay Moralia, The Manichean World. She is much like her father, Kaine Coda'zotoxi in personality. She's highly intelligent and codes hologame physics and interaction algorithms.
  16. Thorndown University Brief Prospectus The Administration building of Thorndown University. This brief prospectus contains all the information that you need to know about the Thorndown University. The facilities it has to offer, the Accommodation for the Students and the Courses that they are free to chose from. Thorndown University is dedicated to educate the minds of tomorrow with the best education that the University can provide. Thorndown is situated off of Blackberry Falls island, on it’s own separate island. It is connected to the main island by the large, elegant bridge that spans the gap. Surrounding the University is a large, dark forest that the University works hard at keeping completely natural. The forest is quite large, covering the remaining island in woodland. Students and Staff are discouraged from entering due to the danger that the forest poses, as it is not maintained and it is not fully understood. It is one of the largest project that the University is undertaking, to study the natural processes that occur in the unique forest. It is protected by law from the protection of tampering as rare species of animals have been documented to reside there, including species found no-where else. Students come from all over the globe to this award-winning University. It is one of the top Universities in the world, with a wide range of courses from Mathematics to Psychic Sciences. The tuition fee for the courses are cheap, if hard to qualify for with strict entrance requirements. There is more than enough accommodation for every student that studies at the University, which is cheap but kept to the highest standards. It is also welcomed that students find their own accommodation in Blackberry Falls City and commute to the University for their classes. The University is funded by the UFF based company Keza Corp, and the Blackberry based company EDAN Industries, to improve the facilities on campus and bring the Students the most cutting edge technology. Both corporations have expressed interest in helping improve the quality of the education that Blackberry Falls University offers to the Students that attend the prestigious institute. . This brief prospectus is split up into sections: Campus Buildings and University Rules. Accommodation. Courses list and Schedule.
  17. Welcome to Saint Arc and Mercury High Schools. This pamphlet contains all the information you need to know about the Saint Arc and Mercury High School. Including Courses and schedule. Saint Arc is an all girls School, while Mercury is an all-boys High School. They are both situated on Blackberry Falls City on the edge of the city limits, directly opposite each other. In fact, in recent years the two have been acting like a single High school, however they mainly kept the gender specific areas (Although some female students have some lessons in Mercury and vice versa). Students from all over the globe come to dive into the world of education. The two wealthy schools has become famous worldwide for helping students with special abilities and having a 99% success rate of student applications to the local University (Thorndown). Most students live off campus with their parents, however there are some dorms in both High Schools. They are a small room (enough room for a metal bed, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe and a little walking space) but all students have to share bathrooms and the cafeteria area for meals and washing. These dorms are for students from abroad, orphans, or even children sent there by unhappy parents. The schools both boast excellent teachers and education. This pamphlet is split up into sections: Campus Buildings and School rules. Courses list and schedule.