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  1. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex, dress up, seduction. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. Participants: Rowan and Natia Description: Upon reaching Ryn'tur, Rowan and Natia visited Glenda's shop, where Natia bought a surprise for Rowan, despite encountering a problem with a slave owner. They went to the local inn, sat down and had a meal before Natia requested to go to their private room. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Rowan remained patiently waiting as Natia seemed to stare blankly up at him. The corner of his lips twitched a little, finding it very endearing. It made him want to draw her into his arms and to kiss those perfect little lips of hers. But he resisted the urge and contented himself with waiting to see what she wanted. When she demanded that he turn around and cover his eyes, he raised an eyebrow at her, “This again?” He asked, his tone light and teasing. He could see that she was looking rather nervous and he hoped his rather lighthearted tone helped put her at ease. He gave her an encouraging smile before he turned around so that he was no longer looking at him. He then reached up and covered his eyes with his hands to ensure that he wasn’t able to peak, even if he was facing her. That said, that didn’t stop his ears to twitch a little as he listened out for her movements. It was cheating a little, since he could hear very well, but he was curious as to what she was wanting to show him. The only thing he could think of, was what she had bought from Glenda’s, but he had not expected her to show him that so soon. He was certainly curious to know what she had gotten, and how she would look in it. Admittedly, he was rather excited, and found himself waiting rather impatiently for her to get changed. One thing was for sure, though, she was undoubtedly going to make it hard for him to leave that evening to look into her potential friend. If she looked anywhere near how she looked in his imagination, it was going to be hard not to spend all night fucking her into the bed. He also had to make a mental note to not break the bed in the process, either.
  2. Welcome to the Utopian Curse (Photograph of Saint Martin (island). Photographer unknown) Blinking against the harsh light of the sun above you, you awaken to find yourself on an island. An island you have no recollection of travelling to or arriving at. Scanning the area you can tell only that the island is a tropical location, with palms trees swaying gently in a light breeze, and the fresh smell of the ocean on the clean air. Unknown to you is the fact that you have been taken by beings to this strange island, taken from your bed and planted here on this small tropical island. But what for? There are no clues, so you are left to only guess as to your reason of being here. A dream, perhaps? An experiment? Perhaps merely a kidnapping? A strange occurrence comes about when you meet other ‘survivors’ on the island. It becomes apparent that the time space continuum is being crossed. People are being taken from planets and time lines not of this world, and placed here alongside you. But why? Upon this tropical island there is limited technology. Resources are only what the island can produce for you to survive. Other ‘survivors’ litter the island and some may possibly not be as friendly as you would assume, or even dare to hope. Survival is the priority. Teamwork a secondary point. Will the ‘survivors’ of the island come together to survive and build a community to ensure safety and peace? Or will they fight for space and resources, shedding blood upon the golden sands of the tropical island? What will be YOUR tale in this strange, yet beautiful island? Skill level: Expert Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, characters cannot come along and expect to live with the Epsian’s without agreeing to their terms. This is a strict rule I will not budge on. Anyone violating this will be asked to leave the RP immediately with little chance of returning. No character can magically get off of the island, without my permission. There is only a single island, so a character cannot sail off and magically find another one without my express permission.
  3. Alexander Bodide

    Your biggest unfulfilled kink

    What's your biggest or longest-held kink/fetish that you've never had the chance to indulge, either IRL or in RP? Mine can be filed under "oddly specific", and it's easy to see why I've never done it, because it's a catch-22. As a switch, I do enjoy playing dominant, and just as much I enjoy being submissive. It's already rare to find a girl willing to dominate a man, but here's the kicker for me: I would love to be reluctantly dominated by a primarily submissive girl. If we're talking RP, then ideally this would be a trait of the roleplayer and not just the character. I just love to see people doing their best despite being out of their element. For me, a partner doesn't need to be good at dominating or even confident about it; as long as they're really trying, I think any clumsiness or awkwardness that may arise would only add to the charm. Yeah, I'm a weirdo. I think maybe I see a bit of myself in this, because I was once purely submissive, as far as fetishes go. But almost every girl wants to be submissive, so I had to adapt and develop a dominant side from scratch. And now I genuinely enjoy it just as much as my original preference. I think it would be neat to inspire a similar broadening of horizons in someone else! Obviously, no one wants to do this. And I don't exactly make a habit of asking people who clearly label themselves as submissive if they want to do the opposite of their preference. So this may well be something I never get to engage in. How about you? Do you have anything that you've never gotten to do, and if so, why do you want to do it? What's been stopping you? And do you think you'll ever have a chance to play it out?
  4. LeonaFair

    Some Rp Ideas

    Ok so I had some ideas but haven't found anyone yet interested you can either comment or send ecchimessage. Please look at preferences. 1. Slave/Mafia Boss. Girl gets ¹1kidnapped from the Mafia's Club and is brought to the boss to become a slave to them. 2. Prey/Predator. Prey in question can be human or other species and has been in the eye of a predator to be taken and kept as a sexual slave or pet. That's all I can think of also a little open to other ideas.
  5. So I've been curious about something. What makes you all tick when it comes to roleplay. Is it the Sex scenes? The buildup of the story? A mixture of both perhaps? The getting to be someone else in your own little world? All of you spill the beans!!! GO!!!!
  6. Pokétopia, a wonderland for Pokémon lovers and Pokémon alike! Packed with attractions, hotels, games, rides for thrill seekers, shops, it's own Pokémon center and an unprecedented eleven arenas for battle, there was certainly no other possible place to host the final phase of the GO Festival! Glowing brilliantly like a beacon after the sun rested behind the horizon, large, Lapras-styled ferries finally dock at the entrance to the utopia after their journey from the mainland harbor in Canalave City, containing the qualifying members of the three competing teams, each of them eager to find out their place in the brackets of the battle competition in the final phase of the three day long challenge... Out of one, exiting ahead of Team Mystic was their calculating leader, Blanche, who was busy hacking away with one hand on a laptop, fingers working like a spider that couldn't find grip on a surface while the other arm cradled it in front of her. She stared down at the screen with intense focus, but navigated her way out of the enclosed ferry and out to the docks with eerie precision, her stride was long and quick. She walked with purpose as her team, clad in arctic blue shirts with a large, deep blue decal of their symbol emblazoning the chests. They filed out relatively organized and followed after Blanche. Out of another in the dock beside was Team Instinct, wearing black tees with their symbol decaled in electric yellow. They piled out, highly disorganized, but laughing their asses off about Arceus-knew-what. Spark, their leader, had a toothy grin on his face, his arms draped around the necks of a few trainers as they laughed together and generally looked more like a team than either of the other two. Finally, was Team Valor, who came nearly exploding out the door, shoving past one another in white shirts, their team symbol a burning red on their chests. Immediatley, they hooped, hollared, shouted "TEAM VALOR RULES" at the closest team they could, which happened to be team instinct, and carried on. After a long, long few moments, Candela, their beautiful, but fierce leader, came trudging out of the ferry, her fingers pinching the bridge of her nose as she followed after her team, not too closely. She had a legendary headache. Reaching the main entrance to Pokétopia from the docks, Candela glanced up and saw Blanche walking towards her with what she could only describe as fury. "Candela.", Blanche greeted her comrade. "Blaaaaanche?", Candela greeted in response, but with skepticism. Blanche always seemed calm but she knew all to well of her silent rage and didn't want to provoke the ice queen. "You don't seem well. Sea sickness? I have something for that.", Blanche asked, a brow lifted inquisitively. "No, no, I did fine on the trip itself, just...", Candela began, but glanced over at the gathering teams, Mystic and instincr mingled well but Valor seemed a bit isolated with themselves, but they would let out loud, prideful "WOO"s at any other member that would come anywhere close. Candela looked back at Blanche and gestured with her hand towards the group. Blanche looked over at the teams and blinked a few times, then, with complete disinterest, shifted her attention back to Candela. "So I was looking into data gathered from from phase one, when... It happened.", She began to explain. Candela deflated a bit at her friend's apathy, but looked down at the computer screen as Blanche turned it around to show her. Just then, a chuckling Spark came out of almost nowhere and rested his forearm on Candela's shoulder in a very relaxed manner, then let oh a dragged out sigh as he came down from laugh. "Spark, what do you make of this?", Candela asked, pointing at the screen as she looked over at Spark. Spark blinked and looked at the screen, his eyes scanned back and forth, then he stood up straight and put his hands behind his head with a toothy smile. "I don't have any idea what I'm looking at.", He said with the utmost confidence. "It's... It's...", Blanche started, looking between her clueless teammates, then her expression intensified, "It's the data I've been able to compile and analyze from the time of the anomaly!", she scolded, "I told you I was going to be gathering information so we could send it to the professor!". "I... Must not have heard you.", Candela said, sheepishly, as her eyes shifted back and forth. "I definitely didn't hear you!", Spark said, still smiling, twisting his pinky back and forth in his ear, "Didn't we have a few of the participants send some of those to the Prof anyways?". "Y-Yes, to study the creatures themselves, but that isn't...", Blanche began to stumble over her words and trip up a bit, aggravated and at a loss for words over her cohorts being careless on the verge of what could have been the greatest discovery in their careers, maybe their lifetime. "We don't know anything about them! There's no recorded information, no other documented sightings, nothing has ever been found in ruins depicting these creatures, they're not in the data for the Pokédex for any region...", She began to huff, catching her breath. "Relax, snowball.", Candela smiled and shook her head, crossing her arms over her very obvious breasts, "We'll contact the professor once we're inside, it's gonna take a little time for the battle brackets to randomize, after all. We'll see what he dug up, upload the data and bam, we can finish up the festival and take it from there.". "You know what I always say!", Spark winked, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there!". "We're... We're there.", Blanche responded with a confused, squinted eye, "We're at that bridge. We've gotten to it.". "Tsk.", Candela tutted, rolling her eyes back as she closed the laptop, then settled her gaze on Blanche again, "Come on, brainiac, let's just enjoy the rest of the festival, we can worry about that research once it's over, alright?", she placed her hands on Blanche's shoulders and spin her around, then shoved her forward a bit. "Yeah!", Spark said, hanging his arm limply around Blanche's neck as he guided her towards the gate, where the teams were piling in to meet up at Gateway Colosseum, the designated arena for phase three, "Our teams worked real hard, you know? Harder than I've ever worked.". "I don't doubt that.", Blanche responded, hugging the laptop against her chest as she was lead by the others, following after their teams.
  7. Craethiel Kingdom (Photographer Steve Highfield) The Craethiel Kingdom is a wild, and untamed land where the monsters and animals of the land rule with an iron fist. Where legends stalk the lands like giants, and myths are the way of the world. A land filled with beauty and wonder, that the unwary traveller would find enchanting and irresistible. A land where the Eldyr’s travelled at will without fear. A land that had seen wars that would strike fear into the sturdiest of souls. It is unwise for an adventurer to strike forth alone for there is little protection beyond the walls of the Great City of Selil, or any of the towns and villagers that dot this harsh and unforgiving land. To the North, lies the huge, imposing peaks of the Therarr Mountains that tower high into the air, as if striving to touch the very heavens themselves. A perfect symbol for the land of Craethiel. Beautiful. Enchanting. Untamable and traversable by only a few. To the East sits the Dynx desert. A barren land of blistering heat and little water. The desert is nearly uncrossable at times due to rolling sand storms and below freezing temperatures at night. To attempt the feat is almost as possible as climbing to the very tallest of the Therarr peaks. To the South lays the forest of Rosayia, a deep thick curtain of darkness that seems to go on for an eternity. Hidden within its depths, are mysteries beyond comprehension, and creatures that would make your nightmares seem tame. For citizens, and travellers alike, this land is filled with wonder and danger. For some, it seems that there is nowhere safe. Be wary, dear traveller, of the land that sings its siren song. You might just meet your end... Skill lever: Advanced Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, non-Epsian/UFF species will not be allowed to wander onto the property of Epsian/UFF species without permission. If a character attempts to trespass, they will be met with potentially lethal hostility. No one can RP as the human King who owns the land. If he is needed for anything, then I will roleplay with them providing that it’s a good plot that doesn’t ruin the flow of the RP. If you want a location put onto the map, then you’re going to need to message me with the details. If I don’t think the suggestion is good enough, or that the extra information you provide is lacking, then I might refuse.
  8. READ THE WHOLE POST OR BE BLOCKED Kinks:Edging,Ticklish clits what is Ticklish clits its when you tickle a clit by Flicking and depends on how sensitive you are it gets more intense also you either giggle or laugh and you dont cum since your only tickling Limits:Bodily fluids maybe anything else NO PENETRATION Rules:This is for the Men Please know how to Roleplay i only rp what i listed be active Don't leave in the middle of the rp it annoying looking for long term Hopefully Roleplay Must rp my kinks if you play character from a show,Game or movie Please be accurate to their personality. Be good at roleplaying if you see a heart next to any of my roleplay ideas those are the ones i really(Prefer) want to do Also be a active dont stop in the middle of the rp BE SERIOUS im not gonna wait a week to here from you again you will be blocked roleplay also be able to play a Female and male Depends on the roleplay Must rp the kinks i have listed 60%Story 40% Smut I mainly wanna do clit things Must be a lot of characters(Im one liner and Semi literate 1.BoyFriend & Girlfriend ♡2.Skeletor,Monstersink,Battletoads, Metalocalypse
  9. Shikamaru02

    roleplay roleplay

    hey im new here ,im semi-lit and ive got a list of roles / plots we can use im a dom
  10. In the night, the sky was pitch black, clear of any clouds with the exception of the the multitude of stars that dotted it and the single waning crescent of the moon acting almost as a beacon of light in pitch darkness. Down below was a lovely place lit up by the warm lights of lanterns, maple trees covered with a beautiful leaves that would only suggest autumn. Down there resided a great clearing with hot water and rocks dotted around creating almost a very natural place despite the lanterns and a single woman whose hair almost matched the leaves that floated around. It would be hard to see too much through the light fog but she was beautiful, her skin reflected off the warm lights and shimmered from being dipped in water. She was there to relax and her amber eyes would stare out into the dark night as if she was pondering about, staying put while water dripped down her chin and pooling up between her ample chest.
  11. Akira

    Anime Art.jpg

    From the album: Akira's characters

    Character Identity Information: Name: Vector Vindicta. Age/Date of Birth: 25 years old/ 1st October. Gender: Male. Religion: None. He simply prefers to not think about it. Species: Human. Origin: Hermitage Nationality: Ashaean. Occupation: Ex-Leech agent currently working as a mercenary/hitman. Physical Appearance: Height: 185 cm. Weight: 78 kg. Eye Colour: Scarlet. Hair Colour: Black. Physical Description: Vector has a well defined body due to the very intense training he went through his entire life. There are a few scars of many shapes and sizes to be found around his body as well. Most of them are small, but there is a considerably big one on his chest that was acquired during particularly bad day in his life and there is a total of 6 special small scars on his back that still itch a bit and emit a slight green glow from time to time. These were acquired on the day he got his super powers. His black hair is almost always a mess since he doesn’t really comb it very often. He likes to wears clothes that cover a lot of skin to try and hide himself from the world as much as possible. He usually keeps his clothes collars upwards to help hide his face and his gloves help to avoid leaving his digitals around. One can never be too careful when it comes to hiding from a very powerful organization. (These are the clothes he usually wears) Personality, Traits and Abilities: General Overview: Vector is extremely cold as first glance, at least when it comes to dealing with his previous career choice. He tries to hide as much as he can from any unnecessary contact with people, not so much because he doesn't like people, but mainly because he doesn't want innocent people to get involved in any potentially dangerous business because of him. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if that happened. Once you get to know him, Vector is actually very loyal to those close to him, and secretly a cheesy romantic kind of guy when it comes to the matters of the heart. He actually quite enjoys talking to people who are close to him, whether it is a somewhat serious conversation or just a normal chat. The side of him that even less people get to see is his comic side, one of the few things (along with his love for music) that kept him from going absolutely insane after carrying out so many assassinations in Leech's name. When around those he actually likes, he becomes a sort of playful and light hearted person. He has a strong moral compass and will no longer kill anyone he doesn't believe to be worthy of death. He refrains from using his powers in public, only doing so when he is sure no one will notice or if there is no other option available. Under circumstances he doesn't have to hold back, however, he doesn't hesitate on using them and he is quite creative when it comes to this sort of thing. Vector’s electric powers come from Superbia, a demon with who he made pact with not long after leaving the organization. That pact turned the assassin in the embodiment of the deadly sin of pride and fused his very soul to Superbia’s. Vector is still somewhat careful around Superbia, since he doesn’t really know the demon’s objective. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: -Assassination expertise: He is very skilled at hiding in the shadows and attacking when his enemies least expect while also using rather uncommon tools and methods to take the life away from his victims. He also has extent knowledge about human anatomy, making easy for him to strike pressure and vital points when he needs to. Be it during combat or not. -Combat specialist: Vector trained during most of his life under Leech's command. He mastered a total of five martial arts: Boxing, Sambô, Karate, Taekwondo and Judo. Additionally, he has also mastered combat with short blades, such as dagges, and had an extensive training with guns of all sorts. That said, he does have his favorites: the Twin Devils (a pair of bladed hand cannons) and the Cerberus (a compact triple barrel shotgun). He's also able to use explosives. (The Twin Devils) (The Cerberus) -Data extraction: He learned numerous stealthy ways to extract info out of people and computers. Conversations, hacking, radio interception, and a few other ways. -Dimensional portals: Vector was experimented on and gained the ability to create green outlined portals out of thin air. He can create up to two portals at the same time. If only one portal is opened, whatever goes through it will enter a void world, which is completely empty, but Vector does have some level of power over that dimension. As he stores his guns, money and ammo over there. If two portals are open, whatever goes through one will come out of the other. Portals can be 2 meters wide at max and can only be held active for up to 10 seconds, but they can be opened and closed very quickly. -Gun Kata: Vector's main way of fighting. He combines his guns with his martial arts expertise to create a very agile, dynamic and unpredictable combat style, allowing his excell at close to mid range combat. -Super human status: The experiments he went through also gave him superhuman strength, speed, stamina and agility. -Electric powers: Vector can absorb electric energy from any source (like cell phones, lamp poles, light bulbs and even from the clouds during storms) and unload charges in many different ways. He can fire explosive plasma projectiles and electric bolts, magnetize metallic objects, heal himself by absorbing electricity, charge his bullets and melee attacks with various amounts of energy, and much more. It mostly comes down to how creative he can be. -Poisonous blood: As an unintentional result of the experiments he went through, his blood has become toxic to any other person. Also, any blood received from donors is pretty much guaranteed to be rejected. Weakneses: -Despite being able to heal himself from minor wounds with no problem by absorbing electricity, fatal wounds (such as a shot to the head or heart) will affect him just like any other person. -His portals can only be kept open for a limited amount of time, only two at the same time and to a maximum size of 2 meters. If something bigger tries to go in, the portal will be closed immediately. -The amount of energy he can store in himself is limited. -Water is a serious risk. Going waist deep or more into the water will cause his electric powers to backfire and discharge without control, badly hurting him and anyone nearby. -Discharging too much energy too quickly can also hurt him and cause a lot of pain. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): -Destroy Leech and everyone involved with it. -Live a quiet and discreet life. Hobbies and Interests: -Listening to good songs. -Reading books. -Playing his bass. Personal Sexual Information: Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Turn ons: Vanilla stuff in general, creampies, dirty talking, big boobs, big ass and thighs. Turn offs: Pain, watersports, scat, too much teasing and gross/nasty stuff in general. Penis Length: 16 cm. Sensitivity: Normal. Additional Sexual Information: Vector is sterile and will be a virgin at the start of the RP. STD History: Clean. Extra Information: Father: Alexander Vindicta (58 years old). Mother: Lucy Vindicta (deceased). Siblings: Denny Vindicta (28 years old). Grandparents: Unknown. Children: None. Grand-children: None. House: A small and discreet apartment in the outskirts of the town. Car: None (Why the fuck would he need one? He can open portals to move around). Pet: Superbia (not really). Additional information: DO NOT TOUCH HIS BASS! (seriously!) History: Vector’s parents were both agents working for a secret organization known as Leech. The boss of said organization does whatever he can to hide both himself and Leech from the outside world. Only those who have reached super high ranks know who the boss really is. Due to his parent’s profession, Vector and his older brother found themselves being involved with Leech at an early age and actually joining their ranks while they were both still teenagers. Vector viewed Leech and the boss as absolute authorities who would always know what was best for the society even if the others didn’t agree at first, almost like a puppet being used by the puppeteer. He trained for his entire childhood in preparation to join Leech and passed the entry test with flying colors. His exceptional gifts for combat and stealth allowed him to quickly become one of the most successful assassins in the organization's history. Vector killed his first victim at the age of 14. That moment was something that surely marked his life, even though he didn’t think much of it at the time, since he was already used to how the organization worked at that point. While his father, Alexander, never gave him much attention, choosing to instead focus on Denny, his mother was always very close and there for him. Lucy wasn’t really a big fan of the idea of both her children joining Leech, but they did it anyway. It was thanks to her that Vector acquired his taste for reading and music. In fact, Lucy even gave him a white bass and thought him how to play, which is something he is quite good at doing when he has time. At the age of 18, despite his mother’s protests, Vector accepted becoming part of an experiment that would grant him the ability to bend space at will, but at the risk of losing his life. The experiment was about injecting a mysterious serum into his body that could either by accepted by his blood and give him powers or, just like what happened to everyone else who tried, the substance could be rejected and cause him a painful death, but he still went through with it. The liquid was supposed to be slowly injected into his bloodstream through a total 6 small tubes on his back, however, an accident occurred at the day of the experiment. As result, the liquid was injected almost all at once into Vector’s body and the computers containing pretty much all the data of the substance suffered critical failure. Miraculously, Vector not only survived, but actually acquired the powers. His blood reacted so well to the substance that they got completely mixed together, even on a DNA level. No matter how many blood samples Leech got out of him, they were incapable of reproducing the serum. Despite being almost always involved with ugliest side of society’s underworld, Vector’s life was relatively calm. He had a job, a good amount of money to his name (which he kept guarded into his pocket dimension), a mother who loved him. His relationship with his father and brother was… cold, to say the least. Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever. When he was 23, Vector returned home one day and found basically his entire house destroyed on the inside. Bullet holes could be seen everywhere and at the center of all that destruction, was the dead corpse of his mother, who had just announced to her family that she had decided to retire from her work at the organization. Enraged, Vector stuffed all his stuff into his pocket dimension and decided to go after Leech and the boss. Much to Vector’s surprise, his father and brother were against his idea and tried to stop him through a battle. At the time, Vector still saw them as family and held simself back, as result, Alexander inflicted a very serious wound on Vector’s chest. Without other options and heavily wounded, he used his portals to get out of there. Despite having successfully teleported himself to a dark alley out of his “family’s” reach, his chest wound would still have killed him. At the brink of death, Vector heard the whispers of cat with dark green fur that had approached him. The cat presented himself as Superbia, the embodiment of the deadly sin of pride and offered him more power and the chance to get his revenge in exchange of becoming the demon’s vessel, the physical embodiment of the sin of pride and the possible risk of dying during the process. Vector accepted, and gained his electric super powers on that day. He drained energy from nearby lamps to heal his wounds and survive. Also, he has a telepathic link with Superbia. Ever since, Vector has been living undercover in Blackberry Falls, doing his best to gain info on Leech and the boss, so he can kill him, destroy the organization and everyone involved. Criminal Record: He has more than 15 assassinations under his belt, but only Leech has access to this information. Awards/Commendations: None.
  12. PsychoSexual

    RP and wait times.

    How long do you think it's fair/polite to wait for a reply?
  13. AthenaOC

    AEW romance roleplay

    Looking for AEW rpers for my fan girl OC. Preferably wanting: MJF But open to all roles. Athena is a big fan of AEW and would love to make a romance story. Message me if interested.
  14. Welcome to the Blackberry Café The Blackberry Café is a place for roleplayers to gather and talk about the Blackberry Falls roleplay. Here we can discuss our characters, and plots that we may want to make or currently have going. If you are new to roleplaying in Blackberry Falls, then this is the perfect place to come and meet your fellow roleplayers and get to know them. You're also welcome to advertise a character that you would wish to roleplay with, but currently have no roleplaying partner for. Just please remember that anything discussed here in the Café cannot be known by your characters inside of the roleplay however, if you with to interact with other roleplayers in a roleplaying formet (Such as RPing yourself in first person), feel free to. Come in, sit down, order a drink as you natter away. Also please note that double posting is allowed here. Please enjoy your stay here in the Café Relevant links: Blackberry Falls Roleplay Extra Information Character ID
  15. Hi, im new to this site and still figuring it out a bit... (getting there tho) I would also like to start my first rp here so if intrested please read this. I can roleplay as multiple characters, male, female, doesnt mather to me at all. English is not my native, i will make mistakes if it bothers you then correct me if you want but please dont nit-pick as i am trying my best. I prefer rping female since i am bad at doing guys, personally i find it hard to think as a male character in an ecchi type of situation. I dont like over the top action rp, and also am looking to focus on the ecchi and not directly go to the sex part, character develpmont is important, i personally like long responses but am fine with shorter ones as well. Thats pretty much it, please feel free to message me!
  16. Muramune

    Ideas for RP

    Hey all! I have some ideas for RPs. Robot X Scientist A scientist creates a prototype android woman for a new line of robots almost indistinguishable from humans. Keeping her in the lab, the android begins to fall in love with her creator and begins to upgrade herself in secret to please him... Demon X Angel: Marriage In an attempt to broker peace between Heaven and Hell, the heirs to both are forced to marry each other and live among humanity on the only neutral ground both sides know. Prince X Princess A war between two kingdoms leaves the prince and princess having to meet in secret in a forbidden affair. Demon Queen X Human In the midst of a war between Humans and Demons, a man finds an injured woman and tends to her injuries only to discover that she was a demon in disguise. Some time later, his village is raided by demon forces and he is taken to their queen who is the same demon he had helped earlier. Demon X Priestess A god had abandoned a temple under his power, leaving the priestess (or priestesses) at the mercy of a powerful demon who has been either imprisoned by the god or has been kept away by the god's holy power. Queen/Princess X Commoner Alien x Human Elf X Human A widowed Elf finds an abandoned human baby and raised him like her own son. Once he comes of age, their relationship becomes more like lovers than of mother and son... If any of these grab your attention, please drop me a line and we can work something out.
  17. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, extreme violence and gore. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. This thread will not contain any sex; it is an adventure thread. Participants: Daedrin and Izanagi Description: After Izanagi found a mysterious sword in the forest, he approached Deadrin to have it repaired however lacked the funds required to repair the sword. So the two came to an agreement that if Izanagi went into the Rosayia Forest and got his hands on Kraerhil, a rare exotic metal used in sword making, Daedrin would pay him for however much he retrieved. After some discussion, Daedrin agreed to accompany him on this quest as well to be a guide through the forest as well as to get their hands on more. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Once Izanagi joined him, Daedrin gave him a nod to show his approval before he turned back towards the forest. It seemed a little too quiet for his tastes, and he already had a gut feeling that they were going to encounter something very soon. But then he had inherited his Fathers tendency to get into trouble. He snorted a little in amusement at that though, the sound soft enough not to be overheard by Izanagi. Daegrin stirred a little restlessly, and Daedrin stroked his neck gently, “Daegrin senses that there’s something nearby. Let’s move, and keep an eye out.” Daedrin said in warning as he kicked Daegrin’s flanks lightly causing the Aelda to move forwards slightly, heading along the river. Daedrin pulled out his sword, not wanting to be caught completely off guard. He could cut their travel time down by cutting through the forest, but it was rather dangerous due to the fact that the more dangerous monsters lived deeper inside the forest. He didn’t fear being lost, as his sense of direction was as good as any Eldyrannth, allowing him to navigate the forest with ease without being caught in never-ending circles. Daedrin cast an eye up at the sun, seeing that it was the mid-afternoon so they had at least a few hours of travelling time left in the day before they even considered settling down for the night. His eyes returned to the forest, watching it carefully as he strained his ears for anything. In the end, he wasn’t able to see or hear anything. But he could smell something with his sharp nose. He opened his mouth slightly, inhaling sharply before snapping his mouth shut as he resisted the urge to evacuate the contents of his stomach. The stench of rotting flesh pervaded the air, getting stronger by the moment. Daegrin stirred again, snorting in a challenging manner. Daedrin looked over at Izanagi, “We have company. There are ghouls nearby…” He said, before casting his mind out around them, careful to avoid going close to Izanagi’s just in case the man could sense the touch of telepathy. He could sense at least five of the bastards that were homing in on their direction. He pulled his mind back, shifting the grip on his sword to be more comfortable. There was a sudden growl from the bushes as something leapt out towards Daedrin. The figure was completely naked, and was so emaciated that it would have been mistaken for a reanimated skeleton if it wasn’t for the rotting pieces of flesh that clung to its body. Its hands, although human-like, looked like claws with filthy black fingernails. Its cheeks were gaunt, as its eye sockets were sunken into its face as the eyes gave them a gormless look that was filled with an insatiable hunger. Its jaw was hanging low, only attached by a few thin threads of flesh, as its tongue dangled from its mouth. As it flew through the air, Daegrin jumped to the side as Daedrin swung his blade in an arch. The silver blade easily sunk through the flesh of its neck, chopping its head off. The body tumbled to the ground as the head sailed further through the air before rolling into some bushes. The remaining four ghouls appeared, snarling at the two of them. Daedrin glanced at Izanagi before returning his gaze to the rotting creatures. Two of them completely ignored him and leapt towards Izanagi, leaving Daedrin dealing with the remaining two. One of them leapt forwards, but Daegrin danced out of the way before twisting around and kicking out with his powerful hint-quarters. Daedrin could hear the snapping of bones as the ghoul was kicked back at its companion, knocking them both to the ground. Daegrin turned around just as the two scrambled to their feet and lunged again. Daedrin brought down his sword, the sharp blade slicing down through its skull and into what remained on its brain causing it to become limp and drop to the floor, dead. Unfortunately, his blade seemed content to remain lodged within its skull despite how hard he tugged it. The third creature leapt up towards him, intending on pushing him out of his saddle. Daedrin tugged at his sword more, but it refused to move. He turned his head towards the creature, intending on using telekinesis to deflect it however Daegrin reared up with an angry whinny. He lashed out with his front legs, knocking the ghoul down onto the floor. Before it could even get up, Daegrin brought his polished hooves down and began to stamp the monster into the ground until it lay lifeless beneath him, as if the Aelda took the danger it posed as a personal affront. This gave Daedrin enough time to pull his foot from his stirrup and use the strength of his leg to push the ghoul off of his sword. He then turned in his saddle to see how Izanagi was fairing.
  18. So deeply interested in her dark magic, the young girl experimented with dark prayers that would do little, but soon she calls the name of a demon she knew little about on her spare time. Her books glowing, she was suddenly transported to a dark yet fiery world that led to a demon king by the name of Zaroth. Sitting on his throne, expecting an offering. The girl had nothing, yet the demon kind was feeling generous that moment. Deciding to grant her a wish that would benefit her normal life, but in exchange for herself. To be his little toy, to be his one and only that would either be loved, despised, or used to the fullest extent... I've had this idea for a bit now, and I'd like, well I'd love for someone to fill in a girl role for this scenario. I love playing monster / demon characters so much. For me, I roleplay in the 1st person, but if you'd like me to do any other POV then that's okay! I like decently long posts, 5+ sentences are good, but one liners are very dreary for me. I find it hard to continue on with a one liner. But nice expressive posts make me do the best, and I always get excited for them! I'd like to think that I'm pretty literate. So, if you are interested in this scenario, or maybe found interests in my other content, then please feel free to EcchiText me anytime! And if you'd like, we can discuss if you'd like to tweak the scenario a bit. Thank you to anyone reading this~
  19. Andromeda One Station (NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech) In a neutral zone on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy, in the darkness of space, lies a Space Station. This is the Andromeda One Station, in the system of Churchill's Legacy. Within the same solar system as the station is a jump gate that links to the Milky Way Galaxy, and Earth. On the station, Merchants come from all over both Galaxies for a chance to trade with other races. This station is run by humans, but is home to hundreds of alien species that are there for trade. Not only does it serve as a place of commerce, it is also a platform for Diplomatic parties of various species to come and speak to one another in a neutral part of space, as fighting and wars are not allowed to occur. The station is heavily armed to oppose any violent ships intent on war. Here you can create your own race, with their own culture and rules. Have them come to the station to trade or negotiate with others. How could it ever go bad? Skill level: Expert Relevant links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail, and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, non-Epsian/UFF species will not be allowed to wander onto the property/territory of Epsian/UFF species without permission. If a character attempts to trespass, they will be met with potentially lethal hostility. The exceptions being The Wet Hole, and Jen’starrs Bar and Restaurant, as these serve customers on the Andromeda Station. Anyone is able to create their own species, and have them have their own planet/territory in space as well as an ambassador. However it will require a very detailed extra information before it can be added to the list of related extra information.
  20. Look at my F-list for an idea of what I like~ Im really in the mood for a big breasted maid, or a big breasted milf ready to take care of me. We can plot some more once we get chatting! You can reach me multiple ways: <Mod Note: Removed Link as per Section 14, Section 1>
  21. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, sex, and first times. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. This thread will not contain any sex; it is an adventure thread. Participants: Wolfe and Hanako Description: After settling in a somewhat safe house, Wolfe and Hanako planned on having a bath with the houses supply of water. Before they could, Cole stumbled onto their doorstep where he begged entrance. They patched him up and sent him on his way, before moving to enjoy their much needed bath. State changes for all participants: -20 Hunger points, -30 Thirst points, +20 Sanity points. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Wolfe’s blue eyes shifted to look at Cole before he gave a slightly strained smile, “A little tired, perhaps. Who isn’t these days?” He asked back, skirting around the question that he really didn’t want to answer. Besides, it wasn’t entirely untrue. He was tired. He had been tired for about a year now. One had always sleep lightly in these times. If one didn’t, one might get caught off-guard by zombies sneaking up on them. He then looked over at Hanako when she spoke and he gave her one his charming smiles, “I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He said, watching as she walked out of the garage. After a moment, he turned back and said, "Now that you're patched up, I'll see you out." He doubted Cole would blame him, as he wanted to protect both his little sister and Hanako, and while Penny seemed to like the man, he didn't want to allow the man to hang around. Perhaps in the future, but not now. Not when the man wished to be on his own, now that the wound was dealt with. He then stood up, stroking along Penny’s face as she whined in disappointed, “Come on, Penny.” He said, his fingers tickling behind her ear before he looked at Cole and jerked his head towards the door. He then turned and left the garage, holding the door open for Penny to slip past him as well as for Cole, “Just lock the door behind you.” He said to the other man, pointing with his good hand towards the lock of the garage door into the study which had a key in it. He waited until Cole had done that before leading him out into the main hallway. He then peered out of the peephole of the front door, seeing that it was completely clear. He then carefully unlocked the door, making as little noise as possible before opening it up to allow Cole to leave, "Take care." He said softly as he watched the man leave. Once he was gone, Wolfe closed the door and locked it back up. He then Penny then moved to the stairs. He carefully stepped over Hanako’s noise trap while Penny slipped underneath it. He moved up the curved stairs to the landing, where the ladder was still down from the attic. He looked down at Penny and indicated with his arm for her to go up, “Up you go, Penny.” He said. She tilted her head at him, whining softly. She nuzzled his leg before gingerly placing her front legs on the steps of the ladder. As it was one that was angled, rather than straight up, he was able to then scramble up. He watched carefully, ready to help her up if he needed to, but she disappeared from view into the dark attic. He nodded in satisfaction before bending and grabbing onto the ladder and pushing it up so that the attic was locked. It would keep the two of them safe while he and Hanako were bathing. He checked the attic door before moving into the master bedroom. He could hear splashing from the bathroom, which could only be Hanako. He reached up and undid the zip of his leather jacket before he frowned as he realised it was going to be awkward undressing with his broken wrist. He tried to think for a few moments before realising that there was no helping for it. With a little grimace he went to the bathroom, gently tapping his finger against it to announce his presence before he opened the door and peered inside, "I've got a problem. It's going to be really awkward getting undressed with only one good hand." He said, sounding a little embarrassed. He then took note of her sitting in the bathtub. He wasn't able to see much, as she was crouching low in the tub, hidden by the side as well as covering up the more interesting features with her arms. The only thing he could see clearly was the glorious red hair that clung to her pale skin, almost looking like tendrils of fire moving across her skin. He really liked her hair; such an unusual colour.
  22. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. Participants: Raeghan and Luna Description: During their quest to find a dragon for an ingredient for Luna, she created a potion to turn Raeghan temporarily into a human. One of his desires for when he was human, was to have sex and Luna had offered to help him with just that. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Raeghan smiled at her nervous question, his thumb stroking against her cheek again, “Well, you relax. I have more experience than you, even if I haven’t done it in a long time. So it would best if, for this kind of dance, you let me take the lead.” He said. Before she would be able to respond, he pulled her face closer before kissing her once again. This time, he deepened it by pushing his tongue past her lips and into her mouth to explore the sweet cavern. Now that she was closer, his other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her towards him, pulling her up onto his lap. It allowed him to lean back a little, and be more leisurely in the kiss. It was quite passionate and heated, but he did it slowly to allow her to get used to the sensation of a deep kiss. He then pulled away from the kiss, tilting his head a little at her. Now that she was sitting on his lap, her head was almost level with his. A fact that quite pleased him as it made it easier for him to kiss her. Going along the theme of being her teacher, he told her, “Sex isn’t just about the pleasure of the one person involved. It’s about the pleasure of all. I know you want me to feel good, but I want you to feel good as well.” As he spoke, one of his hands moved up her thigh, his fingers ghosting on her pale skin before they dipped slightly under her garment but not fully, as he wanted to tease her a little. He once again kissed her lips with a full kiss that only lasted a few moments before he pulled away and pressed his lips against her throat, planting tender kisses along the unblemished flesh. A lot of women he knew liked this, as it sent tingles of pleasure through them. And he quite liked watching their reactions. Some would sigh and tilt their head for more, while others wriggled and moan. He was very curious to know what Luna’s reaction was, if there was one. He hoped that, even as she fulfilled his desire for this kind of contact, that she would get something out of this as well.
  23. Theylooknew

    Futa fans unite!

    Good Evening! I'm looking for any futanari lovers interested in detailed (paragraph or more) roleplays! Like playing submissive to your lovely futa mistress? Hit me up! Wanna do a futa x futa roleplay? Leave a message! Like to roleplay a futa who dominates anyone they get their hands on? You've DEFINITELY got a friend in me! P.S.: Not totally opposed to other scenarios, just listing some favorites in hopes of finding some folks with common interests :3 -Hope to play with you all soon
  24. Note: This will likely to be a single RP(No extra characters inside unless NPCs or I allowed to(Via Ecchi text if desired and must connect to the logic why you can meet him, also it is not likely for him to have a friend and reply to the said character), a side story that happens after Leon leaves Cassandra and Dezrin Leon is walking through the forest right now and he just walk to any direction that he desires with his own feet that covered by a pair of black military rubber shoes, it helps him on walking this annoying piece of land(in his prespective) that is filled with a bunch of dirt and carcass. He just walked with no care and since no one is around based on his clones' intel, he just keep killing mosquitos, bees, and any annoying insects with a small but always hit fire magic and the fire magic burns the insect till the ashes not remain in the place. He just walked to a certain point of interest, which is a Lighthouse that he saw upon back when he is stranded in this island. But he doesn't care and walk away again. According to the said clone, that elf woman didn't wear a dress and just laying on the dirt. He doesn't flinch and care about that fact, it is useless for him to talk to someone like her. He won't even came to her again and pray that he doesn't need to see a nuisance called woman and IF they are in heat, he will be in serious trouble. He is thinking of finding a place to cultivate his mana back to his original state once more. Maybe he will cultivate while using gravity magic and time acceleration magic(He can't control the world's time but he can control his own "time") which will consumes his mana a lot based on his own calculation. He will die soon after IF he does dare to do so. (Will continued later)
  25. The Bunker The Bunker is a place for roleplayers to gather and talk about the Blackberry Falls: Zombies roleplay. Here we can discuss our characters, and plots that we may want to make or currently have going. If you are new to roleplaying in Blackberry Falls: Zombies, then this is the perfect place to come and meet your fellow roleplayers and get to know them. You're also welcome to advertise a character that you would wish to roleplay with, but currently have no roleplaying partner for. Just please remember that anything discussed here in the Bunker cannot be known by your characters inside of the roleplay however, if you with to interact with other roleplayers in a roleplaying format (Such as RPing yourself in first person), feel free to. Come in, sit down as you natter away. We’re safe here in the Bunker. Also please note that double posting is allowed here. Please enjoy your stay here in the Bunker Relevant links: Blackberry Falls: Zombies Roleplay Character ID Lore Thread
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