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  1. HELLO THERE, I'm Quent. No, I don't have a plot outline ready to go. I have a fuckton of characters from a 20 year streak of writing, and I'm always finding reasons to make new ones. I do, however, LOVE bouncing around ideas with my partner. It makes it much easier for me to develop ideas for the story (YES I do prefer as much story as spice) we create together. I like to take inspiration from all different forms of media, but I don't really watch a lot of TV. I don't do any kind of fandoms (except for a very short list that is not popular) and as such I won't write them at all. BUT, I would love to take ideas from such things and add it in to what we're building. I like creating, okay, and I really work best with a partner. I tend to write multiple paragraphs, I love details and I love having a lot to read in return, but I do realize when its not necessary. I will never write less than two or three solid paragraphs in accordance to the scene, but sometimes I can write upwards of pages. It depends on the scene itself, how many characters I'm using, what's happening. Give me meaty responses is all I ask, add some depth, do something to react to. I will not carry it for you, I am not GM material. I have a strong preference for m/m being that the majority of my characters are male, but I'm open to other pairings if you offer a particularly convincing argument. I am queer and expect anyone in my DMs is also some flavor of queer-friendly. Message me if you're curious, and I'll get back to you just as soon as I'm able!
  2. ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- F E A R C H A O S R E S P E C T D A N G E R ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- 2XXX. Technology has led to a Meta that literally is the second life, the next frontier, and quite possibly the primary setting for people. Traversing the Meta can be an exciting experience, but there's a danger hidden within the second reality... Turn down the wrong alleyway, I dare you. You may just run into the biggest criminal nomad of this world, and once your eyes fall upon that leather... Or that unsettling mask... Know the tag; R4zrc0de. Call him R4zr, or Razer. An embodiment of seven deadly sins. Hacking is an understatement for him - his ability to remain elaborate and relevant with change is what makes him the highest honor of threats. He looks as he pleases. He goes where he wants. He takes what he likes. Nobody who wants a chance gets in the way of that. If you do, you can consider yourself lucky when you're let off with injuries most people claim they can feel after removing their VR buds. Why not just hack back? Why not dox? Well, Razer is obviously elaborate, but other hackers have only gotten a peak at the truly elaborate lengths this monster goes to - layers and layers of encryption, proxy, and protection. Not to mention, the threat of him returning the favor - try to find out a peep of him, and the moment he finds out (which he will), you don't know what could happen to you in real life. Such a dangerous threat leaves most people with two options; steer clear of Razer, or give him what he wants. However, there are some people who find themselves entering a sort of 'fan' position with him. It's strange, but there's a cult-following of fans of people like him; it's a sort of celebrity appeal. How about you? What'll it be, when you walk down that alley - look the other way when you see him, or give him what he wants? ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- Abis Hering. 19. Paranoid out the wazoo. In life, he's nothing but insecure, unassertive, lacking any kind of charm or nerve. Then, he got to experience a world where he didn't have to be who he was. It started easily enough - he used his knowledge to give a little bit of hell to the people who had done the same for him way back when. It devolved with every threat... Then every piece of mockery... Then, every wrong look. Now, he was nothing like his real self, here. And because of that, his life outside was covered. Tape on cameras, every possible firewall and safeguard for cybersecurity... Paranoia that kept him safe from repercussion. He was just a lonely boy, which was the sad truth... Was he truly fine sealing that fate with things he could do? ..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- You entered the Meta world with a set of buds. Maybe this was your first time... Maybe you've been doing this for a while. Regardless, you wanted to have some fun. So, you saw a few sites, entered a few 'rooms' which had music or activities, before hitting a neon bar, wanting to end the night with a bit of edge. What really surprised you though, once you had been sitting at that bar for a bit, was that just a few seats away, someone else sat, too. Someone strangely familiar. You didn't know if they'd been there before you sat, or if they just sat down. All you knew was that you'd seen them before, on a piece of news. His name was R4zrc0de. And you were within reach of him. //Alright! You made it this far, sweet. This is gonna be fun, idk what I want from this RP so you're free to have fun and introduce ideas! I just know I want romance to come from it, surprisingly. I expect good grammar, 3rd person responses, and I am asking for kinda longer responses for this one. I'm also hoping for people who'd love to move to discord, but that's not a requirement at all. I think that's about it, but it is 2 am so I may be forgetting something. Oh well!
  3. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Overall premise: The Literature Club is a newly formed place where lovers of literature can meet up and explore the many aspects that make up this entity such as literature. Monika. the club president, has already somehow managed to get two other young females to join there, but they are not enough members to be officially recognized and thus fulfilled as a club. However, a sudden fourth potential does eventually show up rather out of nowhere. A rather bombastic, blunt and brash sort of girl by the name of Natsuki. Even though her prefered type of literature, manga, is not exactly acknowledged by the merits she thinks it has, there ought to still be room for people who enjoy this, right? It may take some time and work for Monika and the others to accept this branch of literature and Natsuki herself... ---------------------------------------------- Another day is starting in the Literature Club for the three girls: Monika, Sayori and Yuri. By now they have more or less established some routines between each other and for themselves. Indeed, it is a rather and homogenous existance for the clubmembers in here on their own - even if they are not fully acknowledged by the school as their own club. However, there have been set a plan into motion with putting up flyers which is to lead to more members. Today, their prayers for more such members is half way heard as there is indeed someone new arriving at the clubroom. The door opens up and a pink haired and short lithe girl walks inside of the room, looking faintly unsure if she should have gone here in the first place."Hello. I am Natsuki...is this the Literature Club?", she asks, rather humbly so far. She glances over the three members, seeing there are only 3 of them and all of them girls. For some reason, she is quite relieved by these facts. She even recognizes the very famous and even more popular Monika.
  4. RP between @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Premise: A new transfer student joins Lisa's class. While the new girl seems very different from Lisa, they slowly begin to hang out more and discover that there is more between them than friends. With Lisa ashamed of her extra parts, she is even more insecure and shy and cautious around others, but slowly she is coming to terms with and even loving being born the way she was, as the new girls accepts her fully as she is. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Another day and another day of being ostrasized or worse among her peers and even those from older grades as well. Lisa is both happy about going to school, but also dreads it and sometimes even wishes that being home schooled would be an option. Sadly, she can do little else than try to be as invisible as possible. Turns out that it is pretty hard when you are this smart, informed and well read and spoken as she is. Every day she hopes and prays for some sort of relief from this anguish that most school days bring. Her brother is not much help and even he has to deal with the bullies from time to time, only being tolerated or allowed to hang with them whenever they feel like it. Soon enough the teacher starts the lecture, but unlike most days she has an announcement to make. She tells the class about a new kid joining the class. And oooof course the only free seat is next to Lisa, who already has her own dreadful thoughts and predictions about how awful this will be, surely only adding to her troubles. After finishing, the door opens up to reveal the new girl....
  5. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @HornyHealer. Overall premise: A simple, romantic and cute slice of life romance between the angel Azazel and the demon Judgement, with one of them being a dickgirl. They live in the human world and are trying to simply get by after leaving both heaven and hell to live among mortal humans. Needless to say, there is a growing interest between them early on and along the way, they find out there is much love to be had between them. At first they are vaguely aware of each other, but fate has other plans.... ---------------------------------------------------------------- It is another long day on the job, as officer Judgement is getting to the end of the shift. Her partner and her soon split up for the day, leaving her to do more as she pleases. As it often happens, she needs something to drink and eat after several hours on duty. She sighs softly as she feels slightly exhausted, before then opening the door into the regular coffee shop. She vaguely knows the angel known as Azazel, who sometimes works here when she shows up. She still greets her, but the interaction is usually restrained to that. The bigger difference today, is that Judgement is wearing a rather large bandage on her one arm, appearing to have been injured somehow."Hey Azazel. Things busy today?", she asks, sounding fatigued.
  6. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    (Post under construction(working on making things more organized) but you’re still welcome to read around and see if there are any you like!) Hi there! Nice to meet you! Welcome to my post filled with lots of different rp ideas and plots that I would love to do with anyone! Firstly, let me start off and say that I am strictly sub! Now that that’s out of the way, I have been rping for well over 4 years now. I can post short length replies and I can post long length replies, up to you on which you prefer. I typically play female characters but I do enjoy playing traps/femboys as well and I can play a variety of ages as well. I am very open to kinks and have very few limits, check out my preference to get a good grip on what I like and don’t like or you can just ask me about a specific kink. For these stories, they can all go different ways and I can either play female or trap for really any of the stories, up to you which you’d prefer. I will also take any kinds of partners, Males, Females, Futas, Furries, Traps, as long as your the dominant one, your good with me! Also feel free to add things to any of the ideas I have if you want. Now then, here are my ideas: 1. The Demon Maid. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxM, FxFuta. Can also be Modern or Fantasy settings.) One day while walking home from work, YC discovers a strange book laying on the floor in an alleyway. The book is old and tattered, some of the pages ripped. YC decides to pick it up and take it home. When YC gets home they begin to read the book discovering that it is in fact a book which tells you how to summon a demon. Of course, YC thinks it’s not real and a total hoax so they decide to test the ritual and that’s when MC appears. MC explain everything to YC and we make a contract with each other, binding MC to YC and now MC lives as YC’s maid, tending to your every need and forced to obey your every request. There is one price for MC’s services, YC’s cum. This idea can be more of a supernatural, slice of life romance as both characters gets go through the days slowly bonding and getting closer together. Plot can we added and discussed together and we can come up with a story or maybe some conflict if you desire it. 2. Demon Hunter. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxM, FxFuta. Can also be Modern or Fantasy settings.) In this world, monsters exist, everyone refers to them as demons. No one knows where they came from, but they exist. YC is tasked with eliminating these demons as a hunter. One day, YC discover an old building, it is rundown and decrepit. Inside YC find, blood, lots of it everywhere along with bodies. In the center you find MC crying, knees up to my face, blood also covering my body. When YC approach me, I look up and you see my eyes, blood red and you see fangs in my mouth, you think that I killed these people but I didn’t, someone else did and he turned me into a demon. They say that you lose yourself when you become one, but I didn’t, I still remember everything and I don’t want to kill anyone. This idea is heavily inspired by the anime Demon Slayer. This idea is more story driven. It follows our characters as they go on an adventure across the lands to find the person who turned me and to kill him for good and along the way, she bond and grow closer together and eventually fall in love. 3. Vampire Love. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxM, FxFuta. Can also be Modern or Victorian Era settings.) It was a night like any other. I always walk home like this everyday from school, something was different however. When I passed by an alley, I saw it, there was a man laying on the floor, another person(you) slumped over him biting his neck. You hear me and turned over to see me, your mouth bloody, two holes in the man’s neck. I feel stricken with fear and immediately take off running, hoping and praying that you weren’t following. This idea has a good path and a bad path. The good path is more of a romance plot. YC takes a liking to MC, with MC letting YC live with them and even letting yours feed off of mine. The two bond throughout this path and grow closer together and fall in love. There is hijinks to be had as well. The bad path is a more darker one. After the initial meeting YC stops mine and decided to kidnap them and use them as your own personal toy, feeding off of them and of course, using them in various ways. This path deals with non-con and stockholm syndrome, other kinks we can discuss as well. 4. The Last Dragon. (Fantasy setting only.) In the land, there once existed dragons, but not how people thought. These dragons were humanoid but could still fly and breath fire. Mysteriously, all died out, except for one (MC). YC is a hunter. One day while walking around, you stumble upon me. I immediately try to flee in fear knowing that it was your kind that killed mine and that you would do the same to me. Will you turn me in and kill me or will you try to befriend me and keep me safe from those who would kill me? This idea has two paths. A good path and a bad path. The hood path is very wholesome. Instead of killing me or trying to capture me and sell me off for money, you instead choose to befriend me and take me in. We go on adventures together and even eventually get close and fall in love. The bad path is a lot darker. Instead of killing me, you decided to capture me and take me in as your personal little toy or you can sell me off as a rare creature for money to people who keep me and use me as a sex slave. 5. Tonight was a regular night, you got into bed and drifted off to sleep. Your cat jumped up onto the bed with you and laid down at your side purring and cuddling against your chest. In the morning, you feel the heat of something next to you. You figure it was your cat but it wasn’t, it was something bigger. Looking over, you see a young naked girl, her hair was white and she had white cat ears atop it’s head and a long white tail. The girl wore a collar on her neck, the name of your cat was written on it. This girl was your cat, she had transformed into a cat girl. 6. I recently transferred to your school, I’m your typical shy and quiet type so I don’t talk to many people and many people don’t talk to me figuring that I was a loner. Your the bad boy/girl, one day while hanging out with your friends, one gives you a bet. He tells you that he’ll give you a lot of money if you became my boy/girlfriend for a month. You agreed for the money. At first, your just doing this for the money but over time, we start to develop a deeper relationship and soon when the month ends, you have to make a choice, you either break up with me and take the money, or you give up all the money to be with me. 7. Little Red Riding Hood. For this rp, I’ll play as Red and you play as the wolf. You can either play a furry wolf or a humanoid wolf guy, up to you really. This rp could go two ways, either on her way to her grandmother’s house, the wolf finds Red in the woods and rapes her or we could go the romantic route. Here me out, is this ridiculous... maybe. So the two could meet in the woods and subtly begin to form a relationship together, maybe he saves her from another pack of wolves or she finds him starving and offers him some of the goodies in her basket or she finds him hurt and brings him home where she tends to his wounds. If you do choose this rp to do with me, let me know what role you would like to go down and also feel free to let me know your own ideas. 8. I’m really craving an incest role between siblings recently. What I had in mind was two siblings who are very close. One day the brother just had enough, he had always had dirty thoughts of his sister and one day it becomes too much and he rapes her. Of course after that day she is distraught about what just happened but then, she starts to come around and the two begin to develop a romantic relationship with each other. For this one, if you don’t like rape we can just have it as like he confesses to her and things go from there. Any ages will work as long as I’m the younger one. I can play loli, shota, and I’ll go up to maybe 21, you’re welcome to play any age you want or we can even be twins if you’d like, I’ve been really craving twin incest a lot lately. For this one I can play female or trap if you’d like, just tell me which. MxF MxM FxF all work for this one. 9. Trap Rp. Basically, I’m really craving to play as a trap/femboy rp. For this one I’ll take anyone, males, females, futas, other traps, furries. If your interested, feel free to send me a PM and we can come up with some ideas together, or if you have any ideas of your own, I would love to hear them so lay them on me! 10. This story, is a more yuri based story and is meant to be a more slice of life type of story. It follows MC, going through high school or college, trying to discover her sexuality. Ever since puberty, she had been struggling to find out who she liked, men or women, or even, both. Soon enough, she meets YC(personality up to you but, I’m really craving a tomboy/bad girl type) The two girls become friends and YC develops a crush on mine and slowly begins to convert MC into loving women.
  7. Rain pattered steadily against the windows of Brigette's subterranean apartment. It was just the right amount of dark and brooding to make it feel like a real wizard's lair. Even if it was in stark contrast to the woman who lived there. The apartment was small, but comfy. After going down a small set of stairs and opening the front door, guests would step into the living room. A thin, long countertop was all the separated the kitchen from the living room and seated next to the kitchen was a cozy corner and a table where Bri took her meals. A hallway led to the rest of the rooms. There were four in total: a bathroom, a laundry room, Bri's room and an extra room that Bridgette sometimes used as a guest room. After surviving a long and grueling case, Brigette had finally been given a day off. Dressed in a long T-shirt with one naked and very freckled shoulder jutting out and a pair of comfy socks, Bri sat curled up on her couch with a glass of raspberry wine. The TV was alive with the sounds and sights of a popular horror movie. The gore and violence didn't bother her much and she actually found it funny by how overdone everything was. After giggling at a corny scene, Bri shifted her position and sat cross-legged. Her new position pushed the bottom of her shirt up and opened up a view of her lacy, red underwear, but she didn't seem to notice. After another minute she turned to her friend, Alice, and said, "I can't believe we finally get the day off after that Ogre Rampage case."
  8. averageroleplayer

    Long Term Hololive Romance RP

    Hey there everybody! I hope you’re all doing well on this fine evening. Now, I’m looking for something very particular, but I thought I’d might as well try posting this here in hopes of catching anybody’s interest! Now, what exactly am I looking for? Let me explain! Characters! This part is pretty simple! You’ll be playing as any female member of Hololive! Just let me know which girl you’d like to play as! Or, if you’re stuck, give me some options and I’ll happily choose from there! As for my character, I’ll be playing as either a male OC or another member of Hololive! As for the plot we’d be doing in the rp, well… Plot! The plot I have in mind involves me playing as a male OC character! It would be something rather simple. My character would meet whoever you choose to play as at a public area (a cafe, mall, etc.), and he’d recognize her from her streams. He’d approach her, and depending on who you’d play, things would diverge from there! Obviously the interactions would be very based on which Hololive member you decide to play, so it’s hard to look too far ahead with a roleplay like this one. But that’s the general gist of the plot! However, if you’d prefer for me to play as another member of Hololive, then we’d need to discuss the exact plot ourselves! Unfortunately I can’t think of a plot for every single pairing on my own. While that would be a fun challenge, I don’t have that much spare time on my hands. Preferences! My preferences aren’t anything too special! I do have a few , those being… Please be familiar with Hololive! You don’t need to know every single girl of course, but as long as you’re comfortable enough with a girl to the point where you can play her, it should be alright! Please be literate! Obviously you don’t need to be writing essays with every reply, but proper grammar and spelling goes a very long way. I’d like the rp to be a slow burn romantic type of rp, so please be open minded when it comes to that! So… that’s about it for that! I think I’ve covered everything I wanted to, but if there’s any other questions you have, please just send over a dm! Hope to hear from you soon!
  9. Looking for a male character (2-30s) to play against my own (F, 20s). More info on themes, settings, and partner preferences below. Thanks for reading x ️ Female MC key traits Down-to-earth, genuine, warm & sunny Direct to the point of tactlessness; tends to use the first words that come to mind without much thought for connotation, or how they might sound to the listener / in the situation. Also: impatient, irreverent, uncompromising (she's all-or-nothing—wholly invested or not at all. This goes for people, too) Standard East Asian build, plus a disproportionately fuckable ass. Her face is polarizing—some find it odd/alien; others find it beautiful. Narrow waist and shoulders, average height. Her lips are small but full; against her skintone, they look stained. Light brown eyes, wide-set, sloping upward at the outer corners. Small titties ️ Themes Contrast—between the characters' appearances (female MC does love getting physically crushed), but also in personality, background, values, dis/likes, etc. Anything that makes for interesting conversation and unexpected character dev Unexpected attraction / slow-burn—Related, big fan of connections that don't make sense on paper / take both characters by surprise Non-verbal affection—Female MC's love languages are touch and action. Sweet talk and pet names are [usually] a no-go Seniority and age differences—Female MC is in her 20s, which puts her at the bottom of most hierarchies. Rank isn't something she cares about, but it is a dynamic I'm a sucker for. (Somewhat related: Female MC isn't interested in dominating, but submission also doesn't come naturally to her at all. I'm also a huge fan of more subtle acts of domination—like unconscious hand placement, a look or tone of voice—in addition to the more explicit ones ) Exceptionalism—Pieces of each character that only show up around each other (e.g., bouts of shyness, possessiveness, cheek) Monogamy—I'm open to multiple partners and/or adultery as themes, so long as monogamy is the end Story-driven—Not opposed to one-shot smut, but smut in service of story and character will usually be my preference Rough sex—Animalistic, fucked past speech, just absolutely gutted ️ Settings Slice-of-life—Something slow and small, like: A new neighbor. Repeat encounters between strangers. A long-haul flight, or a long train ride. Etc. Fantastically normal stuff Myth and legend—Specifically something also slow and small, in a big and atmospheric world. Greek, Roman, and ancient Chinese god/desses are the *feel* I'm looking for right now ️ Partner preferences Good grammar—In roleplay, good grammar is important to me. It's hard for me to enter and stay in a story when I get tripped up by its construction. IRL, I think as long as others are able to understand what you mean, grammar is whatever Knowing what you want—Own your preferences! I'd love to talk about them
  10. So I'm looking for a Fandom erp! More focused on romance fluff and stuff like that. I'm a sub A yaoi erp. I like big replies. A oc x character erp. So the erp can be either in mha,dsmp,or black butler. The idea could have been either about a character that have been hiding the fact that they were not a Human all that time and gets found out,or either that they used to be a human a long time ago. Or simply that they actually recently became something not that human and are trying to hide this away but it's it's question of time until that gets to be found out. Idea for mha: He have been acting strangely lately since their previous encounter with the villains,his behavior simply changed,he was always a nice and kind person but something feels off about him,and he(oc) have been trying to avoid his strange urges and tendencies but he hardly can contain himself,he simply couldn't resist the temptation. Dsmp: He was the kind of person that tried to make people happy,he was smart and very wise,he was a good person in general but in the end a self sacrificing bastard,seen to have a good kind of affection towards the minors but something felt off about him. And he does not want to be found out,but what happen after those years that he gets found out by the person that he least expected. Black butler: the earl that wrote a best seller book and ascended to his new title simply stopped attending those encounters and parties,he was a kind person,patient but could be serious and strict when needed. Species that could appear: siren(merman),elytran(bird peep with bird feet and feathered corners in the face,or even a incubus. So what I like: power botton,creampie,first time,semi slow burn,sex with feelings,instincts,French kissing,that the dominant side also feels pleasure. What I do not like: tasting each other liquids,any kind of disgusting kink,sexual toys,hyper,out of character,licking armpit,sniffing intimate body part,bdsm,no con.
  11. The world has changed When biology as we knew it was thrown right out the window. The revelation monsters exist. They are far more humanoid than one would expect. There were issues at the start of course, riots and some small wars, among other things that sprung up over the years. But things have smoothed over, and the races of monsters and men have come together in harmony. And more than one inter-species couple has formed. But the black market is always looking for the next good to sell to the unsavory and wealthy. And female monsters are looking like the latest prize. (Fantasy version also available, taking place in a sort medieval fantasy metroplis) Preferred Role: Monster Girls -Gorgon -Dragon -Kikimora -Angel/Fallen Angel -Unicorn/Bicorn Elf/Darkelf -Holstar/Minotaur
  12. On the continent of Scalia, there are two countries locked in a semi-hot war. One is the Empire of Absol, A totalitarian Empire that crushes any opponent they can, And the resilient Freelands, A collection of kingdoms and Merc. Bands. In this, a pair of adventurers live. One, a legendary warrioress who was once an Absolian slave Warrior. Another is a rookie adventurer that, though very green, has great potential. And the two may change the stalemate. Character:
  13. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @BelleSoumis. Overall premise: Ever since the barrier was broken in the monster realm, the citizens from below have been able to come up and both live and explore the above world where humans live. As these new beings came into the lives of plain humans, things changed in various ways. As a whole, they were embraced by far most people and are treated fairly and fine. Of course, not everyone views it like that, but they are a fringe minority at best and thus doesn't serve any real threat and most often just a nuisance to monster citizens. Among these new monsters living here, are Alphys and Undyne, who even have minor celebrity status due to the role they played in the destruction of the barrier below. Just like before, they are mostly awkward around each other and have yet to fully recognized their feelings and attraction to each other. However, now that regular life is more the thing, it leaves such adventures easier to find and fullfil. What lies in their futures? -------------------------------------- Shortly after the barrier was gone, many monsters have since found homes and even work, with the help of their past experiences, knowledge and help of various humans and the institutions they run. In general, much aid was given so that these monsters could lead lives here up on the surface. Alphys had bigger ambitions herself, so for now she will have to settle with earning a living in a grocery store, both attending the register and general other tasks needing tending to. Undyne found it very obvious, fitting and drawing to join the local police department where they quickly took her in, gave basic training and soon she was able to patrol the streets in the mid sized town they live in. Overall, life is not too shabby for the two of them. Today, she is about to go for some lunch, but as most times she has "forgotten" to bring some and thus goes to where Alphys work to find something and for a chance to chat and catch up. The automated doors slide open and a fish lady looking awesome in her uniform steps inside...
  14. Hi I'm a swich(leaning to sub,wanting to do a mha!roleplay,more focused on romance. Yaoi. More of a oc x canon stuff. No short replies pls And don't make the character extremely out of character But if you want to use a oc just know that you need to do my oc crush and I do yours. Unless you want to use a canon character. We can discuss about the crush and stuff more in the dm. more of a romance roleplay idea instead: In mha(my hero academia)(romance,porn with feelings. ((my oc was someone from another world)) ((It can be either both of then not becoming human or one)) they were hit by a quirk,the effects should have passed since days but the problem is that,they are not a human anymore,ashamed about what people and specially a certain someone that they did have a crush on,they hid themselves away,trying to suppress their new dirty and intrusive instincts. (Either a incubus or siren) ((Incubus feed on sexual intercourse,creatures that have a unnatural like beauty and a charm that can attach anyone to then,told to be very smart and actually powerful demons,they can assume a human form as they desire,it's not healthy for then to deny masturbating or having sexual contact,their bodies are sensitive but despise that they are the masters of pleasure,as if it's second instinct for then to cause pleasure,as if they knew exactly the right screws to just set you off,they were told to feel like heaven)) ((Sirens can shift into a human form but not stay on it forever,probably around a month or so,they are also strong creatures who can resist cold temperatures and harsh pressures from the deep ocean,beautiful and gorgeous yet deadly.they don't attack unless you invade their territory or provoke then or what they do sides as their group )) Ok with: heat cycle(mating),aphrodisiac,transformation,gendebend,monster girl/boy,tight clothes,creampie. Not ok with:overstimulation,mind break,mind control,inc€st of any kind,sl@ve,feet play,food play,any disgusting kink,bdsm.
  15. Quotation

    ~ One With Water ~

    ~ One With Water ~ It was the age of humanity, as billions told. It was the time of industrialization, where wild animals hardly posed any sort of threat to humans whatsoever. Hundreds of extinct species would rise again due to genetic manipulation. It was a role to fill with many of the smartest humans on Earth, seeking to bring back dying life, yet not for their preservation as one might think. Instead it was to make them products for the world, as they advanced so far into biological alternating that even if a species died, they could return them like it was nothing. As long as they had a sample of their DNA, even just the tiniest strand, scientists could resurrect a whole family of dead organisms. To obtain these DNA samples, professional divers were needed. The demand for exotic animal products like meals, clothes, and other helpful appliances were skyrocketing. That’s where one particular man stepped in to retrieve such samples. Even after humans explored almost every inch of their world, even so far out as reaching other planets, the ocean was still left a mystery. Many researchers have traveled down the darkest pits of the sea, yet none have made it back to alert what might be down there. This was the job of the new diver, but he was not allowed to express his disgust for what they were doing. If he spoke out against the titan companies which gave him the opportunity, he'd likely be blackmailed and never allowed to step foot near an animal again. That was his passion-- natural life in the sea. Not turning them into commodities-- except he had no choice. He loved animals dearly, and when diving far down the ocean, he stumbled upon an injured creature. One that was never seen before. His instructions were to bring back a blood sample, yet his emotions got the best of him. Instead the man helped the creature, and after that, a voice was heard. One in the back of his mind. It began directing him deeper, and he couldn’t ignore it. So without authorization, he dove further and stumbled upon a... Beautiful specimen. One that looked between a sea monster, and a... Woman? She guided him right to her, but her plan after that was unclear. The only information received was that if he kept her hidden from the humans, she’d grant him with eternal love and affection. That was the prize for saving her kind from the clutches of man, to be kept alive just to be torn apart for consumption, as she was the last one... ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ Sooooo! Bbbppprrrr! I’m back everyone! I haven’t done a bulletin post in a while, so why not get something off my mind? I’ve had this idea in my head for a little while now, and I don’t wanna forget it. So here it is! A story about a deep-sea diver who’s directed to a secret location in the ocean, where he meets a truly special woman underneath. The rest is all up for discussion. As you know, I tend to make my ideas a little vague so we can come up with our own events and scenarios. I love it when we can conjure up a nice and fun roleplay for each other, so any ideas or suggestions are always welcome! For this roleplay, I would like to take the role of the curious scuba diver. As for my potential partner, I would absolutely LOVE for you to be the monster girl awaiting the man underneath the water! Really, any roleplay plot that involves monsters or monster girls, gah! They never fail to win me over. (Keep in mind, there are also references at the bottom..!) Here’s some things I look for in roleplay: Decent Spelling/Grammar (It doesn’t have to be perfect though!) Decent Length (I tend to write a bit. I’d say about 3 - 4 or even 5 paragraphs on average, but we can negotiate that..!) Expression (Through small details and dialogue, character expression is my favorite!~) And here’s some things I don’t look for: One Liners (It’s irritating to write a whole bunch for someone, only to get a few tiny sentences back, if not just one.) Excessive Fluff (Little details are nice, but if they start slowing down or contradicting the roleplay, then we have a problem.) Ghosting (I have been ghosted many many times throughout my years of roleplaying, I’m almost used to it at this point. So trust me when I say I’m understanding, because if you need to pause or stop the roleplay, that is fine with me as long as you let me know. I will understand.) Alright! So with all that out of the way, how about we move onto more... Interesting matters? You know, the real meat of roleplaying. The reason-- wait wait WAIT a second! Before that... Let me tell you that I DO NOT CARE about your IRL gender. As long as we can play the part well, everything will be great, yes? Anyways! Kinks! Here’s some that I think’ll work for this roleplay: Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Paizuri, Femdom, Mind Control, Slight Degrading, Kissing, Dirty Talk, and... H-Hand Holding..? And that’s that! All I have left is to request, sincerely I should add-- to have a preference sheet of some kind! That is all I ask, and I don’t think it’s that hard to at least fill out a few prompts and lists on a preference sheet. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s from this site either, but I would just like anything to refer back to. So that we both at least know something about each other before deciding to continue on with a story. All that effort would be wasted if it turns out we don’t like anything similar to each other. At least in my opinion. But aside from that, I really hope this catches someone’s eye. I make these bulletin posts from scratch, and you all need to remember that I love making them for you to look at! And you should also remember that I’m pretty friendly and open when it comes to discussing roleplays with each other. I promise you-- I don’t bite. Unless provoked of course... (Ò///Ó) So if this gets your interest, EcchiText me and I will respond as soon as I can! We want the same thing here, so please don’t be shy, since that’s my job already. Anyways, I hope to see you soon! (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  16. ~ Your Mute, Mysterious Bodyguard ~ A girl had been through a breakup. An incredibly bad breakup, where her ex boyfriend began threatening her because of how controlling he was. It went on for a while, only getting worse. From scary texts to even showing up at her house, there was a night when the girl knew she was in danger. Her ex was endlessly following her back home, and eventually started chasing after her. It didn’t seem like anyone was around to help either, except one person... One person who looked even more threatening than her ex. Yet in the moment, she begged for help to at least get him away, and without saying a word. The figure took care of the problem, even if the way he did it was a bit extreme, she couldn’t help but thank him. To give thanks besides directly telling the silent man, she offered to take a break somewhere, whether that be a bar or going to a restaurant. Yet, it seemed like her kind and innocent attitude towards things got her more attention than she would’ve liked. With strangers creeping up to her and even going so far to stalk her just like the... Mangled ex of hers. It didn’t help that she was rather easy on the eyes too. Eventually, the quiet man stayed with her, seeing as she was paranoid of what could happen next. Despite showing very little emotion, it became clearer that this being was beginning to enjoy her company, especially for the girl too. They started doing more with each other while he kept her safe from her ex’s friends and many other violent occurrences. However, he might’ve been seen as unsettling because of the history he had, which was discovered on a single card of his. Yet, would that stop their care for each other? Perhaps once they were close enough, he’d reveal his true voice to his beloved... ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ Hello one, hello all! It’s me again, and I’m back with another bulletin post! I told you I wanted to make more, and this one I’ve been thinking about for a long time now, so I hope it gets some traction at least. Know this, I love making these, even if they don’t get much attention. And that’s why I’ve kept this up for a long time now, because I adore making bulletin posts for you all to hopefully enjoy! Anyways... For this roleplay, I’d like to have the role of the mysterious figure who remains a mute for nearly all of the story. For my partner, I would absolutely LOVE for them to fill the role of the nervous yet chipper girl who starts growing on the mute and vice versa. I’ve said this many times, but these types of pairings are my favorite. I think the ambiguous and scarier guy with a more innocent woman kind of thing is just... Adorable, you know? Like that one show, Magus Bride I think it’s called. I haven’t watched it, but that’s basically what I’m getting at if you know what I mean. I just can’t get enough of that dynamic! (Also there are references at the bottom..!) Here are some things I look for in roleplay: Decent Length (I can write 3 - 4 paragraphs usually, but I can negotiate for more or less!) Decent Spelling/Grammar (As long as it isn’t too distracting, it doesn’t have to perfect..!) Expression (Through character dialogue and details, I love strong emotions and personality, even for this story!~) And here’s what I don’t look for: One Liners (It’s frustrating to write a lot for someone, only to get a few sloppy sentences or words back.) Excessive Fluff (Small details are nice, but when they begin slowing down or contradicting the story, we have a problem...) Ghosting (Sigh... Please do not ghost anyone. It’s really discouraging to people, and if you want to pause or stop the roleplay, please let me know, I will always understand.) And that’s that, but here’s some additional information. I do not care about your IRL gender, man or woman. As long as we can play the part well, then I’m more than happy to roleplay with you, this is fictional writing after all. And I don’t mind any changes or tweaks you’d like to add to the story of mine, as long as we’re within boundaries, then we’ll be just dandy! Now here’s the real meatiness of this roleplay... Kinks! Here are some kinks I think would fit into this roleplay well: Ecchi Scenes, Vanilla, Oppai, Paizuri, Dub Con, Passionate Sex, Femdom, Spanking, Dirty Talk, and... H-Hand Holding..?~ And that should be a wrap! However, I do have one last thing I’d like to add. If you’re interested in this, then please remember to have a preference sheet! Or at least a preference sheet of any kind, because I’d really appreciate it if we could both have somewhat completed profiles. It’s really convenient to have on you so no one has to guess what you prefer, but then again, I like discussing about our roleplays before getting into them. Surprises are fun, but not when it comes to writing preferences and similar things. You may have a peek at my preference sheet right now if you wish, or at anytime really, I always check my partner’s so I won’t mind. I mean, what else are they for? Anyways, I hope this’ll get at least one person’s attention, as I’m always in search for new roleplay partners. I love roleplaying as you can tell, I’m pretty sure most people here do, it’s an awesome hobby that can truly suck you into a whole new world and let you escape from the tedious everyday things we endure. So I genuinely wish I can make someone’s day with a good roleplay. If you’re interested at all, feel free to EcchiText me! I don’t bite, I promise. I’ll see you soon~ (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  17. Busterbugs

    5 Guys and 1 Girl

    I have found out recently that I enjoy playing multi characters in rp’s, finding it fun to build and play as characters with different personalities and how they interact with my partners female character. So, I’m looking for a woman that would be interested in doing a rp where her character has to deal with five or more guys. Settings(These are basic ideas that can be changed or added upon): 1: A Queen or princess is nearly killed by a assassin from a rival kingdom and her father hires the best warriors in the kingdom to protect her. 2:A lonely woman meets a nice guy and the two start to date. They grow closer and get engaged. But after that, the man introduces his new fiancée to his five sons that he had been keeping a secret from her, afraid that would scare her off. 3:A new female Teacher/student runs into a group of trouble makers at her school, who take a liking to her. 4:A woman finds a crashed ship with 5 alien guys inside. She takes them home and has to get use to living with them. 5:A woman is hired by a mad scientist the is creating bioweapons that are mutants. The woman is in charge of caring for these monsters and starts form a bond with them. 6:A female superhero gets stuck with the task of training 5 new male recruits. I’ll be adding more ideas and if you find one of them interesting, let me know.
  18. Hey everyone, new here. Male mature writer seeking taboo relationships and all others as well. I am seeking females to play opposite my males. Excuse me for not being entirely set up as I am navigating the site and new. But I have and play multiple males of many ages. I look for characters that are able to interact and advance a plot. For example I'm fine with playing more underage characters but they have to be able to engage in conversation and be mobile enough for adventures. On the flip side that goes for older characters who have to be at an age to be active, verbally and in mobility. I would like to meet someone who is into very long term roleplays, who is into world building and can focus the main two characters in a romantic relationship. I play heavily consensual and do not have interest in force and rape UNLESS it is something to advance a plot. I enjoy darker themes, Bonnie and Clyde, riding until they die, taking prisoners etc. But it has to fit the story. Because I have been roleplaying for nearly 20 years I am open to all kinds of stuff and all kinds of pairings as long as I am in the mood. I will list ideas and themes that I am interested in and you can tell me about a character you want to play opposite of the main character. Themes Teacher / Student - Coach, Guidance Counselor, Principal, Janitor included. Father / Daughter - Other male Family members included. Boss / Employee Cop / Criminal - Juveniles / co-workers etc. Southern Plantation Owner - Circa 1800s U.S. - This is focused on darker themes and will contain accurate activities. This is where my interest in story supersedes violence and rape. It will not contain a lot of it, only enough for the plot. This will focus on interracial, raceplay, romance, taboo. Thank you for reading, thanks for those that have reached out already. I hope to chat with you soon. I am into making friends but please don't take my kindness for granted. Do not approach if you are just horny and looking to sex scene immediately. If you start off planning by talking about how to get into a sex scene such as "Oh And she can start rubbing his crotch-" just don't please. It comes off as you sounding like a horny little boy and giving yourself away. I'm not into it. If you are not like that then you have not taken offense and know the art behind the roleplay. Let's talk! Thanks everyone.
  19. Rosalynn98

    Medieval Fantasy

    Hello I'm looking for someone to play a dominant male for the plot below. Ideally the story starts out dark, but slowly turns into a romance between the characters. On average I write a couple of paragraphs per response, but they vary greatly depending on the scene and what seems to flow. I also typically write in third person and like to plan major plot points out in advance, so we both know where the story is heading and can work on getting it there. Response times vary depending on the day because of my job, but I do typically respond several times a day and give a notice if I'm going to be gone for a longer stretch. I am also open to changing the plot, or if there is a totally different idea you have and you think we'd be compatible, I'm open to hearing that as well. Starting Plot: Rumors have swirled around the kingdom of Miridia for years, passed under the breath at risk of treason. The King was not the true king. Another was rising, coming to take what was rightfully his. The talk has started when the current king was just a child. His dark hair and eyes did not follow that of his ancestors, who were known for a steel gaze that could strike fear into the heart of any man. The queen must have had an affair, one that resulted in this child, in response to the king's own infidelity. The true royal blood does not run through his veins, but there was a child, far on the outskirts of the kingdom, that was rumored to be the true heir, a bastard son. Still, the rumors stayed rumors as both boys grew into men and had their own children. The current king, bitter from the loss of his wife and son, has become cruel, taking what he wants from the kingdom without any regard for his people. He ran the commoners into poverty, sent them off to die for his wars. He even pushed his own daughter away, keeping her in the dark about the kingdoms affairs. The worse he got, the more the rumors picked up. The blood heir had had a child. Strong, smart, and determined. People were flocking to him and his promises to take back the throne and restore the kingdom to it's original glory.
  20. Melethron

    My Selfish Needs

    Hello there my lovelies, and thank you for taking the time to read my interest check here. A little about myself before I get into the meat and potatoes of things. I’ve been writing and roleplaying for well over eighteen years now, and have been erotic roleplaying for five years. I have a taste for playing as males, futanari, a male-female couple or even monsters against females or traps. My kinks include romance, vanilla, lesbians, rough sex, aftercare (a kiss or a lick after some rough stuff is always fun), exhibition / outdoor sex, voyeurism (especially when my partner is masturbating), virgins, incest, threesomes/moresomes, harems, impregnation and breeding. If one of these kinks isn't to your liking, do let me know. I have few hard limitations, aside from the underaged, pain, bathroom kinks, feeding, vore and cuckoldry. Otherwise, if you wish me to scratch a particular itch, feel free to ask. Over 500 views...I will be frank, I never thought 20 people would be interested in what I had to offer. Particularly because this is an Interest Check not for general urges, but for very specific ideas I did not expect to find a partner for, whether I made an Interest Check for it or not. I would like to thank everyone who decided to give this thread a try, whether you reached out to play or decided I was not for you. Most of my partners I have found either through browsing interest checks and preferences, or through recommendations from friends. Through this, I have met many fun and interesting people, and have a circle of two dozen partners I regularly play with. Elsewhere, I’m known for my romantic, lighthearted romps which meld together plot, roleplay and smut. I’ve had some truly wonderful adventures. However, there is always a fresh idea, a new concept I want to try. I am always looking forward to a fresh romance. A new adventure. Will you join me? Be warned. Links are NSFW. --- That Time My Bullies Fell in Love with Me ( M x F ) Tags: Romance, Polygamy, Teen Sex Revenge with Tea ( M x F, F x F ) Tags: Romance, Impregnation, Teen Sex BattleGirl Collection Extreme ( M x F, F x F ) Tags: Crossover, Maledom, Breeding A New Eden (M x F, F x F, M x M) Tags: World Building, Romance, Breeding Fandom Snippets Original Snippets That is all folks. Let me know your thoughts. Mel
  21. Hi Guys! This is my first ever request thread on any site I've ever been on: I really hope it doesn't suck A little about me: I've been role-playing more consistently for over a year now; I usually play more dominant characters (I only play male characters) but recently I've been trying my hand with playing more submissive characters and looking for more role-plays where i can do just that. That doesn't mean I don't want to play more dominant or switch characters anymore, you're just more likely to grab my attention if it's a prompt where I'm playing a more submissive character. I tend to prefer Slice of Life role-plays but if you have a cool fantasy or Sci-Fi plot or pairing, I'd definitely love to hear it. Pairings: These are the pairings I'm currently interested in playing. I'm very open to plot ideas or new pairings so feel free to message me with any ideas you might have. - Teacher x Student - Boss x Employee/Secretary/Assistant - Rival Athletes or Teammates. - Best Friends - Friends with Benefits - Neighbors - Co-workers - Famous Person x Fan I can role-play in threads or in pm's. I definitely prefer those two options to outside sites like discord though, sorry. I'm not too picky about post length. I tend to just match what my partner delivers or write more if needed. I don't mind any length as long as it's not constant one sentence replies; You have to give me something to work with. I don't mind waiting a little for replies either. I understand you might be busy in real life, have different role-plays to reply to and it might be overwhelming or maybe you're just not in the mood for role-playing. That's all fine, please just try to tell me if you're going to be gone or if you're not interested in the role-play anymore' I understand, It happens, No hard feelings. I'm politely asking you to please not just ghost me. I can reply a few times a day, it really just depends on how long our replies are because longer posts take me more time to write and can be a little draining. I will definitely reply at least once a week regardless of the length as long as I don't have something going on in my life and if I do, I'll make sure to tell you. Also, If you want to talk outside of brainstorming ideas for the role-play, that's cool. If you want to keep it strictly about the role-play, that's fine too. Kinks : Ass Worship, Body Worship, Rimming , Face Sitting, Cunnilingus, lots of teasing, Physical restraints, Rough/Passionate Sex, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Anal, Biting, Romance, Limits: Vomit, Piss, Shit, Vore, Animals, Underage stuff, Literally anything dick-hole related Yeah, I think that's all; Hope to find some great partners soon!
  22. Hello, hello loves. Thank you for taking the looking through my general interest check, I'm excited to get to roleplaying! I may remove or add plots as time goes on and depending on my mood. I'm also more than willing to go along with plots you may be interested in or collaborating on a plot we'd both enjoy. You can just call me Peachi, my timezone is CDT, I'm ghost friendly and I'd prefer on-site PMs as a method for roleplaying. I prefer quality over quantity, my average writing is 1-3+ paragraphs depending on how inspired I am. I only write MxF and FxF pairings and only really play submissives, I have no experience writing dominate characters but if you're willing to work with me I'm willing to give it a try! I love OOC chats, plotting my partners and OC talk. I have a lot of OCs to use and prefer bringing them in over canon x oc shipping if fandoms are involved. I For smut to story ratio I prefer 50/50 or 40/60. The plot doesn't have to be super complex, just enough for interesting buildup with smut mixed in. Speaking of fandoms, here's a list of ones I'm familiar with. I'm more for using the plots of these or within the world. As it says in my preferences I will only write/interact with characters confirmed to be 18+. Again, I'm mainly looking for oc x canon plots for these. •Genshin Impact(Looking for Diluc) •BNHA(Looking for Hawks) •Attack on Titan(Looking for Eren) •JJBA(Looking for Abbacchio) •Obey me!(Looking for Lucifer) •Marvel(Looking for Thor) ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ Ideas and limitations *I am fine with dubcon/cnc. But lolicon and shotacon are hard limits. I have a love for romance, especially typical troupes like enemies/rivals to lovers, bimbo x nerd, etc. Romance isn't required for every plot, it's just so fun throwing those things in. I write low and high fantasy, I like both sweet and darker plots. I'm all for anything that involves being treated roughly or vanilla plots. But for rougher scenes aftercare is a must, even if this is roleplay the sub drop I can experience from harder scenes does require some aftercare. Speaking of darker plots I'm down for obsessive x object of obsession, supernatural creatures, dub-con, etc. The rest of what I'll write is on my preference sheet, but don't be afraid to ask if I'm open to something that isn't on there! I can write harem/reverse harem plots, but only if my partner is willing to write multiple characters as well. I don't like writing in depth gore/death, mentions are fine I just don't enjoy writing it heavily. Nothing absolutely disgusting either. ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ Some Ideas *These are really just some simple pairings or plots that I have a lean/craving for, but don't have a concrete plot. They're subject to change, I prefer collaborating with partners on fully fleshed out plots so we both get what we want out of the plot or going along with any ideas my partner has! • Coworkers • Boss / secretary/worker • Arranged marriage •Royalty • Royal / Knight • Royal / Mage • Royal / commoner • Demon / summoner • Demon / angel • Mage / Demon • Vampire / human • Vampire / blood slave • Vampire / witch/mage • Enemies/rivals • BDSM arrangement • Master / slave/pet • Roommates • Obsessive / Object of obsession • Inexperienced / "helpful" friend • College professor / student • Spouse/Partner / partner's friend • Gods, Goddess & Demigods • Delinquent / delinquent • Delinquent / goodie-goodie • Idol / assistant/fan • Best friend's older sibling • Friends • Nerd / bimbo/himbo ⋅ʚ ┈┈┈┈ ˗ ˏ ˋ ୨♡୧ ˎˊ ˗ ┈┈┈┈ ɞ⋅ Married to the enemy(arranged marriage & enemies troupe.) -MC is a highly respected person, maybe a mage, maybe a warrior, from a kingdom engaged in a long and tiring war with the kingdom YC is from. YC is a hero, a knight, royalty, whatever you wish. The rulers from each respective kingdom come to an agreement the war has gone on too long and come to a conclusion to help end the war; an arranged marriage between our characters. Lacking a princess MC is chosen to be the offered bride for YC to wed as a psychical symbol of peace. Will they get along? Actually fall in love? Or have only a psychical relationship? Dubious contracts(modern fantasy, slave & master dynamics) -MC is obsessed with the occult. After picking up a summoning book she's gotten in over her head after accidentally summoning YC, who's a demon, a god, angel, whatever you'd like, who forges a contract with MC. Now completely bound together for however long YC decides to keep MC alive, she must follow any and every order given in exchange for her wish. Maybe they bond, maybe they become more, could lead to some cute dynamics like running a shop together or something. Vampire's offering(Supernatural, higher fantasy, possible dub-con) -YC is a vampire with a habit for torturing a nearby village. Stealing livestock, ruining harvests, taking items left out, feasting on whom ever you please. In order to keep YC at bay the village offers a human sacrifice every few months as a peace offering, and this time MC is the unfortunate soul being offered in return for even just a month free from torment. Instead of only seeing the sacrifice as nothing more than livestock, YC takes an odd interest in MC, one far different than original intentions. Innocent or something more dubious, who's to say? But how long can YC allow the former sacrifice to roam the manor freely before acting on such thoughts. End of the demon queen? Let's try again!(Isekai, possible romance, medieval style rpg) -A classic isekai type plot. MC is an avid player, ranking pretty high in the charts due to some cheating. The mods find out about her less than honest ways of winning and set MC's account back to the lowest level taking away upgrades, equipment, everything. Distressed she breaks her computer, falling asleep after destroying it and wakes up within the game. YC is a former NPC party member MC collected through the game, who is aware of who MC is within the game and believes she fell from power during a battle. YC desperately wants to aid MC in building back their empire unaware of the fact it's all a game. The assistant and the Brat(Comedic duo, slight power imbalance, slice of life, possible angst) -MC is having just a streak of bad luck. Possibly being evicted from her apartment, on thin ice at work, too many heels broken on the way to and from work. YC is the child of the company CEO. YC is careless, stubborn and barely ever do work unless it interests YC. Living live off their parent's money and have no interest being the next head of the company, just wanting to party and misuse their power they're the textbook definition of a brat. MC is called into the boss's office, thinking she's going to be fired. Instead, she's assigned to be YC's new assistant, a "promotion" for her hard work due to her being the best suited one for the job. Now MC has to navigate being the nearly 24/7 assistant dealing with petty relationship problems, media coverups, YC slacking off and whatever else is added to her list of duties. She's in over her head with this job, but saying no could land her back at the start of her bad luck spiral. Could something past their affair bloom? A scandal hitting the news of sex in the workplace? Siren Song(Slightly medieval, typical pirate plot, supernatural) -Everyone who ventures on the open seas knows the tale of the sirens. Enchanting women who's song can crash entire ships and doom the crew aboard. But what they don't talk about is siren's who can possess human forms. MC is a siren who can possess a human form, and is hiding as a crew member on the ship. YC is in some way part of the crew, and is more cautious than the others when it comes to the legends of the sea. YC catches MC doing odd things like scoping out the ship, disappearing for periods of time and becomes highly suspicious. It all comes to ahead one night MC dives into the water and accidentally shows her true identity. The characters make a deal, that long as the ship safely makes it and MC helps steal more loot for YC, nothing will be said. But working so closely together could lead to something more. -------- Please Ecchitext me if you're interested in roleplaying or just talking. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas and writing! ‪♡‬
  23. MagnificentMiller

    Romance! Love and Intimacy. (M4F)

    Hello. I'm Miller, and i'm new to this site in general. I haven't really started anything yet, and, as of late, my life has been feeling a bit empty. I'm looking for a semi-lewd adventure/story in which 2 characters gradually fall in love with one another. I have a bit of a kink with romance stuff in general, especially loving, intimate affection. So cuddling, pampering, all of that is a huge plus. I'm fairly flexible with kinks, as long as there is a shared intimacy between two characters, so bondage, furries, whatever you want I'm good for it. I'm a generally well-done writer, as I'm currently working on 3 different novels simultaneously, but expect paragraph - 3 sentence replies, I write what I need to, not to fill a bracket. I usually roleplay male characters. Usually human or half human. I can do furry characters aswell. You can either hit me up via EcchiText, or via a discord account I have provided on my profile. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you soon.
  24. ~ Knights With Rifles ~ Have you ever wondered that maybe you’re worst enemy is... Yourself? It was the office clerk who ended up in such a tedious job because of her choices leading up to it. The same thing over and over again. Answering similar calls, mindlessly filling out paperwork, and having to cover for other lazy co-workers’ shifts. What a nightmare! The sun was setting for another long day, and it was made worse that she couldn’t enjoy such a nice view from her car, since the building’s of the large industrial city blocked the gorgeous heavens themselves. It seemed like another slow end to another slow day, until seeing her house not too far away flashing with an indescribable light! No fires, no impactful explosions it looked like, but the office lady’s gut instinctively knew something was awry. Upon cautiously checking her home, she saw a... Knight cowering inside? What would such an odd thing be doing in a place like hers? After some outlandish claims made by him about time travel, as well as a never ending waterfall of reasoning behind his situation. The girl let him stay as much as she didn’t believe it... Nearby at least, definitely not in her private space, as the armored man wielded a sword. Yet soon after that day’s end, another flash occurred, but somewhere out in nature. Before they even knew it, a large metallic monstrosity was hunting them down. At least the knight that is, and it would not stop until they came across a gas masked soldier. It was only then that she realized... They had the same name? It may’ve been a coincidence, but the gas masked one also stated he was from the past! It would come to be known that the menacing robot was also them? Then why hunt himself? There was another that all wanted to stop from preventing a paradoxical catastrophe. The only reason they didn’t harm each other in the first place was because of the innocent yet cynical woman, so would she be able to help them find a new solution to saving... Well, themselves? She would come to learn more about herself, and perhaps her other selves too... ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ Mmmmmmwahhh! Hello my sweets, it’s me! I’m back with another bulletin post for you all, and this one-- I gotta say, is something rather challenging for me. This little idea has been stuck in my head for days, but I never got the time to write about it. So now, here it is! A story about time traveling soldiers from different walks of life, while being the same person who ends up protecting and getting assistance from a seemingly normal lady. That’s basically the gist of this story, but I truly hope to flesh it out with someone, as I find it to be one of my more interesting ideas of the bunch while keeping to my tastes and interests. For this roleplay, I would like to take the role of the many soldier characters who end up teaming up with the woman to stop... Themselves! From a clumsy but caring knight, to a paranoid and flirty gas masked marine, all the way to a big-- cold cybernetic assassin who learns to show more than just one emotion. And perhaps more... But I think I’ll just leave it there for now, or else this list of characters would go on forever! Anyways, I would also ADORE it if someone could fill in the role of the sleepy and sarcastic office lady! You all know how much I love these kinds of pairings. The big odd entities warming up to a regular girl of some sort-- or vice versa. Gah! My favorite! I just think it’s so cute, you know? Really, I prefer a more story driven roleplay than just pure smut, but remember, I can always negotiate on that. Most of the things I discuss here can be tweaked as long as it doesn’t completely butcher my idea, but I’ll open up for you! Mewmewmew! (>///<) (And keep in mind, there are references at the bottom!) Here are some things I enjoy in roleplay: Decent Spelling/Grammar (It doesn’t have to be perfect though!) Decent Length (I can usually go up to several paragraphs, but we can negotiate..!) Expression (Through small details and dialogue, I love expressive characters and scenes!~) And here are some things I don’t enjoy: One Liners (It’s irritating to write so much for someone, only to get a few skimpy sentences back, you know?) Excessive Fluff (Now I love little details, but when they take over progression or halt the story, we have a problem.) Ghosting (Please do not ghost anyone. Don’t get someone excited for a new roleplay only to dump them later for no reason. If you wish to pause or stop the roleplay entirely, let me know, and I will always understand. That’s a promise.) So now, here’s a few little additional things you should know. One of the main things is that I do NOT care about your IRL gender, this is fiction after all. So as long as we can both play our part well, then we’ll be just great! You hear me!? (Ò///Ó) Now now... How about we list off what really counts for a lot you little naughties, the real meat of roleplay for some... Kinks! Here are some that I think’ll work in this roleplay: Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Paizuri, Passionate Sex, Dub Con, Kisses, Cuddling, Dirty Talk, a-and... Hand Holding..?~ And that should be it! Actually wait, I tell a lie... One more thing I must request. Please please please-- have a preference sheet of some kind! Preferably on this site too just for quick access, as I believe simply just having one can make things easier for the both of us. It helps me understand some of the things you like beforehand, and it can make the process of actually discussing our tastes much smoother. So please just have a preference sheet, no matter how basic it is. Yet that is all I request, so I believe that’s a wrap! I hope this catches at least one person’s eye, since I truly love writing on this site and roleplaying in general. It’s just a relaxing hobby for me, especially after a long day of work, and there’s no feeling like creating something new from scratch. Even if it’s time consuming, I still enjoy making new bulletin posts for you all to check out. Even if it doesn’t attract tons of attention and such, I still have fun going through the process. So please don’t be scared of approaching me! I am usually quite shy, so don’t be intimidated by my bright colors or anything. We want the same thing, I assure you! Anyways... With all that said and done, I will see you soon. (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  25. General themes: Fantasy, Adventure, Dungeon Crawling, Romance, Darker/Grimmer Tones TL;DR: A young female adventurer inherits a debt from her late father. To pay off the debt, she seeks the aid of a male mercenary that owed her father a life debt. To settle their respective debts, they must seek out an ancient artifact her creditors desire. Setting: The Rivera Frontier is a relatively unexplored and hostile territory. Believed to have once been home to a prosperous empire of high elves, it has long since been abandoned and fallen into decay and rot, becoming home to all manner of monsters and twisted beings. However, it is also a place filled with treasure and ancient artifacts, attracting waves of adventurers and mercenaries from all over. Our tale begins in the frontier city of Runetown, which is renowned for its runestone mines and runesmiths capable of forging all manner of powerful artifacts out of the runestones. Possible Extras: Additional party members (as NPC’s) A pre-existing history between the main characters, such as, for example, having been childhood friends Lower, but more personal stakes
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