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Found 44 results

  1. ThatLewdCat

    Orcish 50s housewife

    From the album: Cat's fantasies - Inspiration pics and ideas!

    [ Female orc x Human(oid) Male ] A humorous setup here... For some unknown reasons - could be a curse, or a love potion accident, or something else entirely - this orcish lady has become completely enamored by a non-orcish male. Any civilized species would do, other than an orc. And for him, she's ready to completely change her lifestyle! To become a typical civilized housewife! Dress up accordingly in various dresses that, cook pies for him and all that "cute housewife stuff" that comes to your mind when given the input: "Cliche american housewife from the 50s".
  2. From the album: Cat's fantasies - Inspiration pics and ideas!

    Version 1: [ Female Dominant "prey" x Male or Futa Submissive "predator" ] Version 2: [ Futa Female Dominant "prey" x Female or Male or Futa or Trap Submissive "predator" ] This idea is merely inspired by this picture: A clearly more confident, assertive Bunny-girl, an innately prey species, is clearly making a move at a much more shy and not very confident Fox-girl, an innately predator species. So basically... It's all about ROLE REVERSAL of personalities over original "nature-given" roles. Mainly applies towards kemonomimi and anthros, but also can work in various other ways with a similar role-reversal in mind. I have a few suggestions of characters and stories in mind, but that's only for those who might get interested.
  3. ThatLewdCat

    A fantasy/sci-fi hetaira

    From the album: Cat's fantasies - Inspiration pics and ideas!

    [ Female Human(oid) x Multiple men ] The picture provided is merely ONE OF MANY OPTIONS for the looks of such a character. She can be human, elf, orc, alien, android, whatever I and the partner desires. The "Hetaira" were a type of prostitute in ancient Greece. Here is a wiki article about them (wiki link). But the short version: they were "high-class" and "elite" prostitutes who were often free (instead of working for a "pimp"), quite educated and intelligent, as well as provided more than just sex. Companionship and capable of holding a conversation, they only had relationships with a handful of men at a time. Basically, more of a courtesan (wiki link) or an oiran (wiki link) than a prostitute who only sells her body and that's it. So I'm interested in playing such a character. A female "Hetaira", a companion, a courtesan. An educated, clever woman who provides companionship for select few men, often to multiple at a time. Yet she's not treated as some trash street prostitute and is actually somewhat respected instead. Perhaps kind of like Inara Sera (wiki link) from Firefly TV-show - part of the social elite, often accompanying the wealthy and powerful. There is considerable ritual and ceremony surrounding their services, which appear to extend beyond sex to nurturing psychological, spiritual, physical, and emotional well being. Companions do not view themselves as prostitutes and are insulted by the suggestion. As a result of such varying inspiration, the character and story built with her in mind can be placed in Fantasy or Sci-fi setting.
  4. ThatLewdCat

    Triple trouble

    From the album: Cat's fantasies - Inspiration pics and ideas!

    [ Female younger sister x Two Male older brothers; Incest] Prepare for trouble, and make it double... No, triple! Basically, a humorous, fun, "fairytale" and story-driven fantasy adventure "pairing", but with an incest twist to it. The youngest sister and two older brothers, also with a minor age difference between each other. Each with their own "role" in the trio. On the main artwork above - she is a mage, one brother is a warrior, while the other is a rogue. But this is merely an inspiration for the idea. There are many other options of the characters themselves and they can be absolutely anything else... Not even humans depicted here. Just as long as they are adventurers and she's the youngest of the three siblings. Who says that such "pairing" can't be put into, say, Sci-fi and into space instead, for example, eh?
  5. ThatLewdCat

    I have created you...

    From the album: Cat's fantasies - Inspiration pics and ideas!

    [ Female x Male ] This one here is... A lil bit of a “wet fantasy”, so to speak. A personal one. Im sure we can all agree that no mater how different our characters that we play are from us, real selves... We still project ourselves on them and the opposite direction as well. So. My character is NOT me... She is different in most aspects about who she is. And yet... She is also a writer. And also single, which leaves her quite lonely at times. Surely, there could be reasons behind that - too high standards, impossible expectations and more. She is “the problem”, most likely. But nobody is ideal. Unless... Recently, she got her hands on an old typewriter, gifted by her granny years ago. Granny told her that it’s special, it fulfills one’s wishes and she only should use it “when the time comes”. And she would know when this happens. Perhaps out of desperation, curiosity or boredom... Most likely because of all three at the same time, she decided to try it. After all - magic doesnt exist and wishes just dont happen because of some “special” typewriter... But it actually does. Her granny’s letter hidden away with the typewriter explained “how it works” and the cost of granted wishes. A lonely woman and a writer with a good imagination... Made a wish. And put it down into just an introduction to a short romantic story about a woman... Who met her “ideal man”. The introduction was already enough. So yeah. I am looking for someone to play that “ideal man” for this writer woman. It might be too much to ask, but fantasies are fantasies, yeah?
  6. ThatLewdCat

    Are you a cat-lewder?

    From the album: Cat's fantasies - Inspiration pics and ideas!

    [ Female cat(girl) x Male / Multiple Males ] Somewhat anime/manga-inspired idea. Even though I'm not exactly a fan of anime/manga lol. A guy buys a Female cat for himself. But turns out, for his nice treatment of her, the cat reveals her “true self” - a sexy and cute neko. And she wants to repay him for the good treatment... With lewds! Cuz she’s in love with her “daddy” aka owner. Optionally: And also it would be nice if the owner wouldn't be alone... But there would be multiple men for the cat! Yeah, i love group sex a lil bit too much, i knowz that! So... Would you lewd your cat..? The same one that was purring on your lap just moments ago, but now is a sexy neko instead... P.s. OBVIOUSLY.... Everyone else still sees her as a regular cat. And even he does, with other people are around.
  7. ThatLewdCat

    Older sis, younger bro (18+)

    From the album: Cat's fantasies - Inspiration pics and ideas!

    [ Older Female Sister x Younger Male Brother; Both 18+; Incest ] A rather simple incest-themed fantasy... Picture is simply an attraction, not set in stone. I've got more pictures that give off the vibes of an "older sister". And this can happen across various settings, not just typical modern world. The premise is simple. Older sister, around 20-30yo, currently lives alone and separate from parents already - perhaps even in a different city. She has a steady job, fully self-sufficient and on a confident position in life. Yet there's no "couple" in sight, she's completely single and not looking. Why? Because she always had this... "Thing" for her younger brother. Lewd "thing"!!! He's just 2-5 years younger than her and never underage. And just so it happens, he never knew about her sister's "thing" for him simply due to being younger, naive, inexperienced in all things romance and sex. So he simply didn't notice her hints at all. But now that he's all mature too, plus moved to her town and she even invited him over to live with her... Maybe he would finally notice that... "Thing" she has for him? But let me be clear about this. This is not the type of a dynamic where the younger brother is this "shy anime boy", whom older sis has to seduce and force. NO. NOT THAT. He's an absolutely normal young man who simply never had any sexual or romantic thoughts towards his older sister, simple as that. But she clearly did... And still does. So now that he's more experienced and mature, he'll finally start noticing her "hints" and "moves" at him, perhaps talk to her about it openly, discuss this, etc... Like adults do. Starting a very interesting relationship, considering the fact that it's a new place, different city, where nobody actually knows they are related... Ya know? wink-wink?
  8. ThatLewdCat

    Lady and the Dragon

    From the album: Cat's fantasies - Inspiration pics and ideas!

    [ Human(oid) Female x Male dragon ] Another one of my older fantasies... A "dragonborn" human(oid) Female paired with a Male magical dragon with shapeshifting abilities. The idea is that the dragon has lost his "mate" to dragon hunters... Centuries ago. And it's been a while since he got out of his cave, spending most of the time in hibernation and grief for his loved one. But all that has changed... When he encountered a mortal woman, with the magical dragon blood in her veins. There are several ways in my mind of how they would meet... Anyway, it's all about the highly romantic and quite sexual, story-driven experience, built around the relationship of this mortal woman and a magical shapeshifting dragon. The dragon's forms: Full-sized huge dragon. Horse-sized, smaller form. Dog-sized, even smaller form. Taur form with 'anthro' top part. Anthro dragon (human-sized). Humanoid form with dragon features or literal form of a human/elf/whatever.
  9. AwakeningDesire1

    A few ideas if your interested

    Hi everyone I'm looking for partners for my 1x1 ideas that I have below. I'm very open to customising them and changing them if the partner in question wants to make changes. I play female mostly, as I know the female characters like the back of my hand and I leave the male characters open for customization. I do like to write long replies and would expect the same in return but obviously, it depends on the roleplay, time, etc. Adult relationships are welcome as well as they are part of the story as it were. If the roleplay isn't going where you want it to go or if you have ideas, please tell me. I'm open to ideas, suggestions and everything else. If you don't reply after 2 days, I'm going to assume that the roleplay is at a stand still. I do work and sometimes my schedule at work allows me to be online to reply but if not, I'll be replying in the morning and then all late evening but I'll let you know if anything changes. Please note these ideas can be changed to suit FxF as well! F- LIST Anyway, onto the ideas! : *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* The Boss's Daughter Set in present New York City, this will be possibly a long roleplay as the story itself is set over three parts which I’ve listed below. I’m looking for someone to play Ryan Lewis, the second main character and who is also willing to play secondary characters if required. The general synopsis and backstory is this: Set in modern day New York City and the story is based on the relationship between eighteen year old Lile O’Rourke and Ryan Lewis. The twist in the story is that Lile’s family owns one of the largest advertising businesses in the world and Ran works there, having just been made VP while her father is acting CEO. Lile was made the heiress to the business empire when she was ten years old by her grandfather and she will take over the business when she’s twenty-one, her training will begin when she’s nineteen. No one knows that she’s the heiress apart from her family. Lile has been in love with Ryan ever since she first met him at the annual Christmas party her parents usually hold, the only problem at the time was that she was fourteen years old and Ryan was having an affair with her mother. The affair was serious to the point where Lile’s mother, Mary, was willing to break off her marriage to her husband until she found out that in her pre-nup, she wouldn’t get any money if she divorced her husband. Mar beaks off the relationship with Ryan who is heartbroken; becoming a cold person on the exterior to anyone he meets. Lile has been waiting ages for this to happen and one day, she goes into his office and admits her feelings for him which he doesn’t return. Part One: Lile and Ryan have begun their relationship, a relationship they will have to keep secret from Lile’s parents, his parents and everyone else in the world. It doesn’t help that Ryan only wants Lile for one thing, while Lile wants Ryan for everything! This part will explore their relationship and the start of Ryan’s feelings for Lile as the relationship begins to progress. Part Two: Lile and Ryan’s relationship has been fully recognised in public and has become very serious. However, the strain is starting to show as Lile’s future at the company is under jeopardy as shareholders look to replace Lile with Ryan, destroying the old family tradition that a O’Rourke must be head of the company. Part Three: Ryan and Lile are now engaged to be married, with Lile being the CEO of the company. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* I'll Be Waiting Savannah has been living the highlife in Los Angeles for the past five years, leaving heartache and a terrible past back in Louisiana. However, as her career as America’s highest paid actress flourish, her past is set to make a comeback in the form of terrifying letters revealing intimate details not even her diehard fans know. Her protection now is top priority and when the protection is in the form of her ex-boyfriend, who caused all the heartache, Savannah doesn’t believe he has her best interest at heart. Daniel Williams made the greatest mistake of his life when he let Savannah go before their prom and the military life had never fully allowed him to heal but it helped him prepare for his career in personal protection and now his services are being called upon by his high school sweetheart. Can he protect her from this stalker while trying not to rekindle their long forgotten relationship? And how many secrets are going to revealed? *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Coming Home Eve Hatton was destined to be an actress from the moment she was born and at the age of 5, she was well known across America as one of the top child stars. The fame and fortune never went to her as she through school in her hometown of St. Michaels, Maryland. Her town was proud of her and the press never bothered her there, as the town sheriff would run them out though high school was a little different. The girls didn't like her and she only got on with one girl, who was often the troublemaker. But it was thanks to this friend that she would later meet the love of her life. Helping her friend for parents evening, Eve was painting the 'Welcome' banner when she was approached by Joshua Wallace. Josh asked her to homecoming, to which she agreed and the rest they say is history. Hollywood paid little attention to this boyfriend as he wasn't known and a nothing in their eyes. It's what kept their relationship going and after graduating high school, they bought their own home (which was a bit of a wreck) and began doing it up. (Needs more work on this) *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* The Long Walk Home Elissa Noel was use to not having her boyfriend at home, it was pretty much a given when he was the head of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit. He went looking for IED’s, sending one of his men to disarm the bomb when the robot or whatever failed to do so. He had been party of the army since he was 18 and it was all the two of them had ever known. They had a house, he the EODU and she had her bookstore in their hometown of McKinny, Texas. It was pretty much a routine that had settled into until the day the call came: Alex was coming home. But not the way she wanted. Alex Hunter had been the head of the EODU for the past three tours, his current one in Iraq. Pretty routine, nothing out of the ordinary. They were checking for IED’s and it had been Alex’s turn to check for them, nothing out of the ordinary…yet this time, this time was different. The bomb had gone off the moment he entered the building, had blasted him through a brick wall resulting in serious brain injury and badly broken bones. It could have been worse, he could have lost a hand or a leg or an arm like many of his men had. After several months in a hospital in Iraq, he was finally beginning the long walk home to Texas where his recovery would continue after a medical discharge from the army. But could he live a civil life? Could he finally live the life he wanted without the feeling of needing his rifle? And would this crazy feeling ever stop?
  10. AirAllie14

    The Lost Princess

    Hi there! I’m looking for rp partners for this role that I might want to try out. This role could be potentially very long, which I would love. Males and females are both welcome. I preferably play female but I can play males specifically traps, if you would prefer that. I’m also very submissive and cannot play the dominant one. I’m terrible at it. Anyway here is the story. Long ago only the Kingdom of Veku, ruled by the king and queen, a royal family of elves were both murdered by madman. The man after killing them toke over as the ruler of Veku, however, the king and queen had a daughter, Yukki, who escaped the day the man toke over. The new king knew of this and so he ordered his knights to eliminate the Elven race. Today, the king continues his tyrannical reign over the kingdom. He has ordered his knights that if they were to find any remaining elf among the land to bring them to the castle were he would decide their fate, either having them locked away, welled into slavery or be killed. One day a young knight (you) are out patrolling the town. You had recently pledged your alliance to the king but you were very skilled, thus you were immediately promoted as one of his royal guards. After patrolling you decide to enter a local establishment we’re you can sit down and have a drink and something to eat. Little did you know that the waitress taking your order, was actually, the lost princess Yukki. However you could not tell this for her appearance as she used a magical potion to make her ears appear normal like anyone else’s and because at the time of the massacre of the king and queen and the Elven race the princess was only 5 years old. Over time you begin coming back to the tavern more and more and eventually the two of you start to develop feelings for each other. One night however, while the girl sleeps, the potion wears off and you see her ears revert back to how they normally appear. What do you do? Do you turn her in to the king or do you try to save and protect her? The choice is yours. I’ll go onto more detail about the role when we start. First we’ll develop the relationship between my character and yours and then we’ll get into the other stuff. The story could go differently depending on what you choose.
  11. AthenaOC

    AEW romance roleplay

    Looking for AEW rpers for my fan girl OC. Preferably wanting: MJF But open to all roles. Athena is a big fan of AEW and would love to make a romance story. Message me if interested.
  12. Greetings members of EcchiDreams! My name is Soft Stroke, and yes, that name means exactly what you think it does~! Just so you have it, my Preference Sheet is linked here as well. I primarily play Switch and Bottom (Submissive). All my ideas are written below! I use MC (My Character) and YC (Your Character) as needed. NB refers to Futa/Nonbinary characters. If I play a male, it will usually be a Femboy! Please feel free to EcchiText me with any questions you may have! This Wasn't The Proposal! [FxM/NB]: MC never meant to enter a proposal. YC, an alien, monster girl or some other supernatural entity, simply happened upon them, and MC said the magic words and actions to somehow propose to them. Now, YC's family is holding MC into that marriage relationship, and the two will have to figure out how they're going to handle it now that it's begun... A Uniquely Sexed Assignment [FxNB]: A new job is an opportunity. For MC, it's work. A job has opened up for a live-in maid position, one that is meant to take care of someone that is listed as an 'extremely introverted recluse.' What this means is hard to say, but money is money. So, after accepting the job and moving in, the two learn about each other, and the unique... 'elements' that are required for this particular job. A Place Beyond All Decency [FxAny]: The term 'isekai' means 'in another world.' That's exactly what happens one day when MC is dumped into a new world beyond anything they know. A world that is filled to the brim with sex, sexual antics, and was sex mentioned already? Regardless of this fact, as the world sees its first pure human in a long, long while, things are about to go south for all parties involved, be it literally, or physically. The Succubi's Betroved [FxF/NB]: When a succubus has sex with a human, they can tell if that human is meant to be their own. If a succubus finds their true partner, then they forever bond to them, their nourishment from them and them alone. In this world, humans and demons live among each other, nervously. Thus, one day, a human opens their door to a succubus, waiting, happily smiling, and asks the human for their hand in marriage. His Monstrous Encounters [MxF/NB]: As a variation upon the 'Place Beyond All Decency' idea, rather than being dumped into the world, several years ago a dimension of Monster Girls merged with the current one, allowing for passage between them. As the societies have begun to merge, so too have the people. MC has recently been given a chance to visit this new Monster Girl dimension by staying with an internet pen-pal. You Look Beautiful As Them [AnyxAny]: MC attends a local anime convention, and tries their hand at cosplaying their favorite character to do so. During this, they meet up and hit it off with another cosplayer. After spending time looking for figurines and prints and spending time in the gaming hall, the two find themselves simply having fun spending time together, even out of character and out of costume. And as the two of them connect, the two find themselves getting closer even more than just in their time together. It Came From Simple Interests [AnyxAny]: They attended the club because they were interested. When they showed up, there was only one member. One person that was interested in what they had. And as the two found that interest together, they found they were far more interested in each other than they initially thought. These are currently my ideas! I will certainly be adding more over time. Thank you for taking the time to read so, and have a wonderful day! ~SS
  13. Reaper(Bandit)

    Something fun and festive

    Looking for a simple fun festival smutty day plot. A simple nice cute guy and his hot new flirty and bubbly gf having a fun and sexy christmas night and wake up with a smile on their faces the next day.
  14. RP name: Welcome to Eterea Genre: fantasy, supernatural In a world of hybrids, inhabited by people who don't look entirely human, division and segregation appear to be the only tools to avoid constant war. Predators, also known as the Eaters, and prey, or Peacekeepers, live in separate, autonomous communities. But law has its exceptions and that exception is Eterea, the city where Eaters and Peacekeepers may live together, rely on fruitful commercial co-operation and share a common culture in a lively environment. That of Eterea is a beautiful yet fragile harmony, as it is granted by the loop, a collar that Eaters who wish to live in the city must wear. The loop represses their predatory instinct through electric shocks that activate whenever they get the urge to hunt, that way they wont attack a Peacekeeper. Very few Eaters are allowed to live in Eterea without wearing a loop, it's the ones who have passed the ERA, an expensive program through which Eaters are trained to fully control their hunger for flesh. My character, a male alligator-hybrid, has left behind his previous life in a community of Eaters, looking for better luck and has recently moved to Eterea. After getting accustomed to his loop, he has found himself a job he can pay a rent with and he begins his new life. Your character, a Peacekeeper, becomes part of that new life when they meet. After that anything can happen.
  15. Mr. Bubbly

    Ideas To Bounce On

    Hello! So to start things off I am only looking for a female partner, I'm very sorry to anyone else. Welcome and I hope you'll find something you like! I have so many ideas and I hope you'll see something you like. I'll give the title of the RP and a brief description, if you're interest, please ask and I'll be more than happy to go into further detail. Bruising Streets: Set within a more Victorian era, the story circulates around a cut throat leader and their first hand bruiser, controlling their up and coming gang/cartel. The main driving point is both have feelings for the other, yet neither have the will to tell the other for fear of putting the other in danger, or worse, having a broken heart if things were to go wrong. With the business they run, that is an all too real threat. Either role is up for grabs! University Fights: A classic tale of the differing economic class. One character is an established name among the school, having their opportunities handed to them upon a silver platter, entitled and cold, their lack of love in their life has made them crave the attention of another all the more. The other is a working class student, making their way into the school through hard work and determination. The two are rivals, competitive, yet lusting under their tough exteriors. Both roles are available! Enchanter's Knight: Set in a medieval fantasy, the story revolves around a young, yet inexperienced enchanter. Due to his lack of combat skills, a knight comes to his aid to rescue him in his hour of need. From there, the knight escorts him to his destination. misadventures, romance, and detours ensue for this long haul of a journey. You = Knight Role. Subject On The Run: Scifi setting for this one, two roles, one an escaped subject of any humanoid design and make. The second a hired tracker/hunter who pursues the target into dangerous territory. Once caught the two realize they are stranded in said territory and must work together to escape. A trust builds between the two, as well as a romance and attraction. You can pick either role! Journey Of Adulthood: Set within a magical plane, two roles, can be whatever species/race you desire. Two adventurers become the most unlikeliest of allies as they meet under strange circumstances. One is on a journey to earn their namesake, the other is in it for the fortune. Both roles are up for grabs. Keep in mind, all of these will involve romance, consensual sex, and plenty of other messy fun whilst aiming for the end. Please let me know what interests you and I am more than happy to discuss details. I'm very flexible for anything you might want to add or change. Hope to hear from you soon!
  16. I am a teenage mage who just made a familiar contract with you, a female spirit. Not knowing that a familiar shares an emotional and psychic connection to her master, I didn't stop my habit of masturbation, even though you can feel what i'm doing. Even my lewd fantasies would be transmitted to you. At first, you decide to keep quiet, not wanting to upset me, but after one month of nearly daily masturbation, you just have to speak up about it. Besides, you can't help but feel upset how I never fantasize about you, when I fantasize all those other girls I've met. I'm thinking of your character being somewhat of a prude/unapproachable. Maybe an Angel familiar or a gloomy dark elemental. Someone I would never show my perversion to.
  17. Katie Watkins hadn't had this much fun in as long as she could remember. The party was loud, filled with teens, beer, music, food... everything she could imagine. She overindulged in the food and beer, dancing and laughing, random guys and girls joining her on the dance floor, grinding against her for a few minutes, then moving on to some other partner. She was in heaven. She needed to taste everything, hear it all, see what was happening in every room, feel every surface, every body pressed against hers, everything. She was going to do it all tonight. Everything. She hadn't always been this free-spirited. She used to be the quiet girl, the bookworm, the one who watched everyone else have fun but never participated. The scared one. The one who didn't take risks, didn't take chances. The one who planned everything out to the last detail and stressed when those details invariably didn't fall in line as she expected. But then she had taken ill. At first she had been tired. Just a bit run down. But in only a matter of weeks she was bed-ridden. A week later she had been hospitalized. She lived connected by tubes and wires to various machines. She had been that way for three years. She had missed her teen years. Of course, she studied. She was tutored. Her father could afford to pay for everything, and she only had the best. But it wasn't the same. There were no after school activities, no school plays, no book club, no yearbook club. All the things she thought she had wanted to do had been stolen from her by her debilitating disease. But today, she was back. All that was over, and she was making up for lost time. She grabbed another beer and downed it in several long gulps, earning her a cheer from the guys in the kitchen. She flashed them a peace sign, then grabbed another beer and took a sip. She blew a kiss to the shirtless hunk holding the tap and sauntered out of the kitchen and down the hall. She wondered what else she was missing. She'd been in the living room, family room, kitchen, dining room, out on the patio, even in the bathroom where several people were partying. She turned the corner from the hall, headed back toward the living room, when she saw the stairs. Of course! She hadn't gone upstairs. That's where people went to make out, or have sex, or whatever they did at these parties. She needed to go up there and see what was happening. She walked casually up the stairs, head swaying in time to the music, hair swinging back and forth in front of her eyes. When she reached the top of the stairs, she looked left, then right, then selected a random door. She checked and it was unlocked, so she pushed it open and stepped inside.
  18. New here. Looking to do a sorta romantic incest roleplay with single dad and an a young adoption daughter coming of age. Could make it into a ddlg roleplay along the way. Anyone looking to play the daughters role is welcome.
  19. Tactical harem

    Tons of RP ideas

    I am a multiparagraph RP writer. Here are some ideas. o War o MC is currently the acting platoon Sergeant for Blue Platoon, Delta Company, 1-12 Cav in Model Iraq. At 25 he is a SSG Tank Commander in charge of 16 men. The PL rescently passed away and the PSG is in recovery in Germany. It's 2006 and we are making do with less as the politics on TV are painting a different picture then what we are doing on the ground. YC comes to the unit as a reporter/medic/EOD Tech/or Fill in PL (officer). Instantly there is something between us but war is not the time. There never seems to be time... Still, with all the fighting we grow close. Not everyone is going to make it home but maybe we can manage it. o Our Lady Hellsing o 300 years ago monsters where all but pushing humanity to extinction. But one man stood up to stop them. Sir Walter Hellsing. Helping to hunt, kill, and qwell the monster hords, he helped push them back and build Britain with the first King. It took generations but 200 years ago all those left of monsters were stories and the Hellsing family was forever tied to England. Now as England expands to the new world to found the America's people have forgotten why the Hellsing family holds one of 13 seats in parliament. They often take the cream of the crop in the Queen's military for 3 years or more for additional training. Of which is a closely guarded secret. They hold a modest Navy at ports and own some questionable businesses. But with the passing of YC's father you are all that is left of the Hellsing line. Conspiracy to kill you will happen tonight at the wake for your father. That 13th seat will finally be open. But none would realize what would happen tonight. What is set into motion will undo hundreds of years of effort. For under this hallowed house swings the last and the original Vampire. Of your blood he will rise and once again be a blight on the world... Or be it's savior. o 1948 o Jullian Graves is a man of great pain. A son to a whore and the product if WWII, he is now the internal Hitman for the Mafia. When a member crosses the Don or the family he is called to action. Heavy on the drink and struggling with PTSD, he is beyond unstable. After the murder of Vinny Callous and his family of 9, the Don has to pull back on his bloodhound or put his dog down... Calling on YC to be his new partner he hopes Jullian can continue his work. YC child to the Don? Another Mafia member? An old war buddy? +++ All of YCs can be male, female, or Futa. Up to you.++++ Smut RPs o Good Wife o You have a successful and attractive husband who loves you and treats you write... But looking as you do at the GYM, Shopping, or at work men keep pounding you good and hard. Can't you keep a separate life outside of home and still enjoy a normal life? Risky sex and public places are the setting of most of this RP. Trap/Futa/Gay/Strait/or furry. o a little extra money o after school most go home. But no one is home for you. Just a cop father who is never there. But you have a side thing you started. Playing on your phone near the alley behind the school you take money for sex in and around the area. Rest room, the bleachers, a car. It's good money but things are getting complicated. Black mailed by teachers, friends father's getting to close, friends hating you for ruining their families. o make it hurt daddy o Mom left when you were young. Your father and you have been on your own for some time. Frustrated nights and side glances have lead him to look at you in a different light. Watching you dress, overly affectionate. At some point it's all going to boil over. o Werewolf Queen o Russian in the 1400s is a dressing place. In a small village a horse of werewolves ransack and kill, and rape the village. They are extremely rough and large breasts. Most girls who struggle or kick are killed during. YC makes the choice to try and survive and accepts it. Hours go by and soon YC is the only one left alive. Claimed by the aloha you are taken away and declaired to be shared. Over time you become the human queen on the pack as soon human's form hunting parties to seek out and kill the invading werewolves kin. Anime I will RP- Gundam Wing Neon Genesis Evangelion Gunslinger Girl Card Capture Sakura Claymore Berserker SAO Hellsing Pokemon Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Outlaw Star Tenchi Muyo
  20. Background. Our characters attend a school (college/university level) for higher beings. Anyone but mundane humans can join. Think of Hogwarts but more mature. Students end up in a variety of careers but at least half of them becomes Shepherds watching over humanity and protecting them from supernatural threats. The story would actually start where he's a demon and she could be a witch or something along those lines. They fall in love after he seduces her but to their surprise she's become a demon herself and they've also become soul bonded. Afterwards they learn that a race of dark beings wants to destroy them so they can conquer the mortal realm and they have to deal with that along with their responsibilities as students. There's more to it than this and it would be a long term story.
  21. Hey there, you! This is my post for any plots that happen to run through my mind so it will constantly be edited and added to. Have a look at my preferences sheet to get to know me a bit. Always open to your ideas as well! Fandoms I'm picky about but can enjoy. Fandoms - Pokémon - Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons / Rune Factory - Animal Crossing (not willing to use any of the original characters, but like the 'plot' idea) - Ask me. I may know your fandom and might like a good plot. Originals NOTE: Most of these plots can be role reversed. Also yes I'm so mushy gushy about stuff that every single one of these is romance related at some point. --- Plot #1 Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Within every wealthy kingdom held an adventurers guild. Hired work for coin to deal with monsters, bandits, and even all the way down to item delivery quests. Amongst all the kingdoms, The Kingdom of Dolus, held the most renowned adventurers guild. From the most successful high ranking monster slayed to the rarest of items found in hazardous areas many high ranking adventurers were held to high esteem throughout the land. Unbeknownst to the royal family those in the highest ranking fold of the guild had a hidden agenda: a coup de'tat. For years the royalty and nobles practiced under shady businesses involving slavery, trafficking, assassinations, and even going so far as to destroy neighboring villages who may pose a threat. An orphan child raised by the adventurers of Dolus had now reached age and rank where they were now invited to join said fold. His/Her childhood village, a victim of a royal ordered action, no longer existed on the map. Filled with rage and revenge they eagerly accepted their role in the fold. A royal child due to inherit the throne was always fascinated and admired the stories of the adventurers guild. Unable to stay locked away in the castle they joined the guild in secret and disguise, only specifically taking on short jobs at night. Over the years they honed their skills and even gained a reputation of their own. Similar age to the orphan they both often were grouped together as partners. Of course the royal child was offered a position in the fold as well. Once the Prince/Princess discovered the true intentions of the guild they are now placed in a difficult spot. Coming to terms how their royal family operated in the underbelly of the kingdom, wondering if their dream to rule in the future is for the best, and ultimately deciding which family they would side with. --- Plot #2 Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Lite Fantasy Every night ever since she was a little girl she would dream of the most beautiful places. Sometimes realistic and sometimes pure fantasy (honestly fantasy was more fun and favored). And every time there would be this little boy her age who shared the same ability. Over the years she would come to accept him as her best imaginary friend. Now an adult she still dreamt with him only much more infrequently now. Apparently imaginary friends can have different sleep schedules. After being dumped by her ex she accepts a job overseas as an assistant for the CEO's son who will eventually become CEO himself. The son is hopelessly in love a woman who won't return his affection. And secretly doesn't even want to take over the family business. Suddenly his old imaginary friend starts popping in more frequently in his dreams again and she happens to be the spitting image of his new assistant. (( When they dream I was imagining everything from very high fantastical studio ghibli film settings to imagined historical events like the Titanic sinking )) --- Plot #3 Genre:
  22. Greetings! I'm looking for a rp partner, especially a long-term one, the partner can be male or female as long as they're flexible to rp as a female character. By the time there will be 6 options of rp that you can choose, they are all different stories and series (animes, hentais, games, etc, I might update it in the future), we can rp the otther ones after we finsih the first you choose, if you want. But by now, just pick one. Roleplay 1 Pairing: My OC x Tsunade Senju Series:Naruto My Character: My Oc Parner's Character: Tsunade Senju Plot: Leroy (my character) was sent to Konoha to deliver an important message to the fifth Hokage, after an extremely dangerous trip, he manages to reach Konoha, getting there, he enters her office at the Hokage Residence and is received by her who immediately falls in love with him, the same can be said from him, he finds her very attractive, both of them don't resist each other and end up getting physical; Content: Rough sex, Romance, cumshot, impregnation (If the partner agrees) What I'd Like My Partner To Do:Play as Tsunade and have a good time with Leroy not letting him go. Roleplay 2 Pairing: My Oc x Hiroko Takashiro Series: Bible Black My Character: My Oc My Partner's Character: Hiroko Takashiro Plot:After the events of the original Bible Black, Leroy, who was an exchange student from the U.S, studied with Hiroko 12 years ago (Events of Bible Black Origins), came back to japan due to a business trip, after everything was done, he was about to travel back home, but he had a nostalgia about the high school and goes there to take a look at it in order to see how it changed and probably find someone he knew there and was friends with. That's when he finds Hiroko, the girl he had a crush on at the time he studied there who's now working in the school as an art teacher, the thing he is not aware of is that Takashiro has a crush on him as well since school days. Content:Romance, sex, cumshots, creampie, impregnation (If the partner agrees) What I'd Like My Partner To Do:Play as the teacher who has a crush on the exchange student who happens to have a crush on her too. Roleplay 3 Pairing: My OC x Your Oc Series: N/A My Character: My Oc Parner's Character: Your Oc Plot: Pm the idea so we can discuss it Content: Rough sex, Romance, cumshot, impregnation (If the partner agrees) Female domination (If the parner agrees) Male domination What I'd Like My Partner To Do:Play as their Oc with my Oc developing a plot and a probably romance. Roleplay 4 Pairing: My OC x Ruby Rose Series: RWBY My Character: My Oc Parner's Character: Ruby Rose Plot: I feel like discussing this one with the partner. Content: Rough sex, Romance, cumshot, impregnation (If the partner agrees), pull out game, Female domination (If the parner agrees), Male domination What I'd Like My Partner To Do:Play as the silver eyes girl who gets seduced by my Oc. Roleplay 5 Pairing: My OC x Nico Robin or Nami Series: One Piece My Character: My Oc Parner's Character: Nico Robin or Nami Plot: I feel like discussing this one with the partner. Content: Rough sex, Romance, cumshot, impregnation (If the partner agrees), sex trip, Female domination (If the parner agrees), Male domination What I'd Like My Partner To Do:Play as one of the girls while in trip on the sea. Roleplay 6 Pairing: My Oc x Succubus Series: N/A My Character: My Oc Parner's Character: Succubus Plot: I feel like discussing this one with the partner. Content: Rough sex, Romance, cumshot, bukkake, dangerous contract, summoning, Female domination (If the parner agrees), creampie, paizuri, blowjob, 69 What I'd Like My Partner To Do:Play as a Succubus who got summoned by my Oc for some good time. My preferences here:
  23. Basically what I am looking for is a dominant girl who would be interested in doing a roleplay in a world that is a bit similar to the world of ace combat. And it will involved hentai and BDSM but also action and romance
  24. I am also looking for a roleplay partner - at least one who is willing to invest in a story. I am starting to think that I am somehow the weird one. With so much fantasy on offer, I am looking for the strangest of them all - romance. I want to share a story with someone who is prepared to let our characters learn about each other and experience situations that happen as the story unfolds (and not pre-scripted in a detailed scenario). For me, the ideal partner must be a female - I am male and I only want m/f stories. I do not play female roles because I think they would be a cliche version and probably pretty insuilting to females everywhere! I won't do anything unnatural, illegal or abusive. I don't know if I will find anyone here - I remain hopeful that even if I am weird and a bit too normal, there will be someone out there who will say "well I will give it a go".
  25. Looking for a female RP partner to share in a romantic long-term RP. No specific scenario - we would work that out when we chat.
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