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  1. Hello all! You can call me plum! I’ve been rping for a looong time now and honestly it’s a lot of fun ! I really like the more taboo or forbidden romance kinda rp’s but I’m open to other plots/pairings that don’t revolve around that. I also really love angsty and dramatic rps because why not! I would also like to incorporate smut into all of these(duh)! I honestly really like a healthy balance between smut and romance and get bored with solely smut focused rp. I really like romance WITH the smut. I only do mxf pairings and I only play the female too! I have some ideas but I’m definitely open to anything you want to bring up. Honestly, it’s very important that my partner loves ooc and loves to plot and give their ideas as well! I really only do romance rp’s so nothing fantastical for me sorry! I also prefer longer replies and a more long term rp too! I don’t have many rules tbh but if anything comes up I’ll always communicate that with you! Ideas: Lady and Maid - MC has just inherited her grandfather's wealth and with it, a male maid (if you're willing to play multiple male characters, even better hehe). Whole idea is a dom x sub pairing. Open to being dom or sub! - marriage of convenience, The typical arranged marriage plot! This can go any which way, so I’d love to talk this out! - “princess and her knight”, the princess of a kingdom has been forced out of the castle after refusing an arranged marriage upon the assassinatior of her father, the king. The knight entrusted with protecting her has gotten her out of the castle and now they’re on the road trying to survive with all sorts of threats to the princess and their lives. With the knight madly in love with the princess and the princess thinking he’s too apathetic to feel anything towards her, how will their relationship develop? - summer love, Muse A has always had a crush on Muse B (MC) but never had the courage to confess his feelings. During the summer, Muse B runs away from her strict home and Muse A offers her to live with himself and his older brother. The perfect chance to really get to know her, right? Well. When his older brother takes a liking to her, things get complicated. Jealousies erupt and the competition is on - five seconds of summer {youngblood}- . I absolutely LOVE 5SOS and the concept of this song lmao. So this could also be a kinda toxic relationship/bad boy idea? Muse A is this bad boy who is in love with Muse Bbut he messes up and gets in trouble, lands in prison for a few years, and when he comes out Muse B is about to get married to someone else? He obviously still loves her and wants to get her back! - “Older brother” This plot has your character , the older brother of my characters husband going through a nasty divorce and forced to leave his career as a professional *** (career is up for discussion lol) from all the media of the divorce, what happens when he soon finds himself quite bored of being in the house with him and his sister in law from his brother constantly on work trips and such. What happens when he decided that he should make a move on her? - “Your mom is hot” This plot has your character, the bestfriend of my characters son, staying at his best friends house for spring break. What happens when the bestfriend has a thing for the mom that’s so graciously letting him stay at her house? He knows she wants I’m but she may need a little push to get what he wants ... These are the only ideas I have rn but I’m open to some more stuff like this! Please PM me!!! I can’t wait to do one of these hehe. Ecchitext and if u want we can rp somewhere else too!
  2. Hey everyone! Looking for roleplay partners ^^ here's a few ideas I had if you're interested please feel free to message me! PLOTS & PAIRINGS What i want to role play as is in Bold and what i'm craving has a * ⋙ PAIRINGS ›Mafia Boss X singer/civilian › Detective X Client › Demon X human › Knight X Princess › Demon king/Prince X princess › Monster X human › Stalker X stalked Best friend to lovers* Rivals to lovers Boss(male) X secretary (female) >>> THEMES › Forbidden love (adultery) › Damsel In Distress › Stockholm Syndrome › Forced marriage › Arranged marriage › Obsession › Stalking ›Yandere › Anything Fantasy › Supernatural Themes › Childhood best friends** Fandom/Games ***Undertale/ Undertale Au’s (Mafiatale***) Who i want someone to play: Classic sans, Underfell Sans ( or fell!mafia Sans***) or Cross Sans. ****Delta Rune/ Au's Who i want someone to play as: Jevil FNAF Who I want someone to play as: Foxy Legend of Zelda Who i want someone to play: ****Sidon or Dark Link or Ganondorf Starfox*** Who i want someone to play: Wolf O Donnell (might have my oc be human) pokemon ** Who i want someone to play: Shigeru/Gary/Blue or Adaman Kingdom hearts Who i want someone to play: Riku Resident evil Who i want someone to play: Leon or Heisenberg Days gone Who i want someone to play: Deacon Stardew valley** Who I want someone to play: Sebastian Fandoms/anime Boko no hero academia ( Aged up) Who i want someone to play: Izuku Midoriya( hero or villain version) Fairy Tail** Who i want someone to play: Laxus Dreyar Star vs the forces of evil (Aged up) Who i want someone to play: Toffee Gravity falls/ Reverse Falls ( Aged up) Who i want someone to play: Dipper Pines Sonic the hedgehog Who i want someone to play: Shadow( might have my oc be human) Hazbin Hotel who i want someone to play as: Alister Demon slayer Tanjiro or Rengoko Yu-Gi-Oh/ Yu-Gi-Oh GX Who I want someone to roleplay: Jun Manjoume/ chazz Princeton or Jesse Anderson/ Johan Andersen Super Mario (mainly craving a luigis mansion style rp) who i want someone to play: Luigi, King boo (humanoid) ⋙ Just a few ideas › Plot 1: { Mafia Boss X Singer/Civilian} Yc is one of the most well known and feared bosses around, coming into a club one night he spots my character on stage and is instantly drawn to her, from there he does everything to woo her from sending flowers, expensive gifts but she’s not having any of it. ( This can go one of two ways where YC becomes obsessed with MC to the point he just goes after her Or she can slowly fall for his attempts) › Plot 2: YC comes into the restaurant MC sings at everything was all and well until a rival gang comes in and starts shooting up the place, YC seeing that MC witnessed all of this goes after her not wanting her to run to the police and takes her back to the base. ( This would kinda be like the Stockholm syndrome theme.) ⋙ Detective X Client * › Plot Idea: MC is in trouble, she witnessed a murder while coming home from work one night,The men who did this noticed her and chased her down but she was able to escape, however as the days go by she feels like she’s being constantly watched, So she looks up and finds YC office and hires him to protect her and possibly help catch the killers. Plot idea 2: (similar to the first but a supernatural/paranormal twist.) MC has the availability to see things no human can see. When out and about one day she witnesses a shady deal going on between humans and a demon. unfortunately she was in the wrong place the wrong time. ( human/demon trafficking, drug deals etc) catching their attention. To a regular human the demon would seem like a regular person. However to her she'd see what they really are. Humans with those abilities are rare and would make a high amount on the black market. Once they realized that she could see the demon in his form she became an instant target. Fortunately she got out of their before they could get her. She ends up going to YC's agency for protection and help. As well as to help out the victims of the crimes she heard about. ( Anything could be added to this idea.) ⋙ Demon X human*** Plot idea: Our characters were friends as children despite MC not knowing yours was a demon.YC would always say she was going to be his bride when she was older but randomly left one day, Now MC isn’t your typical human she has an ability to see ghosts,ghouls,demons etc that regular people can’t see, her abilities only grow stronger and stronger as the years go by, on her twenty first birthday she notices the supernatural entities around her have now become aggressive towards her to the point of actually causing physical harm to her, which she couldn’t understand why. Until YC shows up one day saving her from being killed by a random demon, she doesnt recognize YC at first until the two start talking, he then tells her that he’s here for a couple of things, one to protect her he lets her knew due to her abilities she’s become a target for demons and since she’s the sage of 21 they consider her “ripe” So demons have one of two choice’s they can devour her and gain immense power or they can make her theirs and make their race thrive and prosper So the other reason he’s back is to marry her like he said all those years ago. ( Idea similar to the plot of Black bird and i’ve been dying to do this ^^) Demon X human ( This would be a reincarnation rp) Our characters a demon x human priestess ( MC) became friends after MC saved him from dying from a toxin. She was strong yet extremely kind young woman. After he was nursed back to health they spent more and more time together They protected the lands together, villages etc eventually falling in love with one another. Everything seemed fine they talked about settling down and starting a family not caring about the difference in races. However tragedy struck one dayas the priestess had the caught the eye of a demon lord. He attempt to court her and failed. Angry at the rejected and still wanting her he attacked the village she loved in massacring the innocent and taking her back to his castle. Once at the castle she fought against his forceful advances but I wasn't enough By the time her loved reached her it was already to late. Her dying words were that she'd come back to him some day and for him to look for her knowing how long demons could live.) So 100+, years ago by and the human is reincarnated once again the demon is surprised and trys to talk to her and she's just confused not knowing who he was. The demon lord who was also still alive but in a different form also learns she back and vows to make her his this time. So in this rp YC trys and help MC tap into her past memories while trying to protect her from the demon lord as well as other demons ( who wanted revenge on her, or to devour her and take her soul.) Best friends to lovers plot (This plot would include adultery) Both of our characters came from a lower/middle class family and are childhood best friends who met in kindergarten after MC moved to town she was getting bullied and YC stepped in to save her since then the two were practically inseparable as they did everything together. MCs family became rich at some point due to a booming business and the whole family changed and becoming stuck up and greedy except MC who continued to be humble and kind. As the years went on the family moved to a bigger home and no longer wanted our characters to to associate due to class difference's with each other so her father would do everything to stop them from chatting, taking her phone, computer privileges etc. MC hated it and missed YC. As MC got older her parents would set MC up for photo shoots and interviews/commercial to promote different products.(which she hated doing) So YC would see her on tv. Eventually it showed on the news she was getting married to some guy ( her father set up an arranged marriage to merge to sucessful companies.) The guy was a total asshole to her and all she wanted was out. But she could never go against her family. One day as she waited at the mall for her fiance to show up YC walks by and the first time in years the two see each other. Old feelings coming back along with new feelings. MC tells him she's getting married and he could tell she doesn't want to. Now that the two best friend have been reunited YC and MC start to secretly meet feelings for each other only growing stronger over time and YC decides he's going to do whatever it takes to get her away from everything. The haunted house MC just moves into town to start her life all over after a bad break up and bought a relatively cheap house on the market. Not really questioning it she put an offer in quickly fearing it would be taken. Fortunately for her the sale went though. One day as she's getting stuff for her house in town she runs into her neighbor who tells her the house has been abandoned for years due to the fact it's haunted. Of course MC brushes it off not really believing the paranormal and heads home. A few strange things happen hear and there like items going missing or things falling MC just brushes this stuff off to the house being old. When in reality YC who happens to be a ghost or demon. Originally was planning on trying to scare MC out of the house since it's their home decides to kick it up a notch especially after taking interest in her body now figuring why not have some fun if MC is going to stick around. ( This is pretty much a smut filled rp.) If there is any pairings you want to do but you have a plot in my please do let me know! Hope to hear from you guys!
  3. ...“Wait.” The screen buzzed with static for a few seconds before it showed a view of a small dirt path and a pair of hiking boots. “I think it’s on,” a voice said and the screen shook with the movement of bringing it up only to look at a forest of trees. “Ugh, let me see, I think it’s on.” A young woman turned the camera to face her and she smiled at the lens. The young woman looked a bit ruffled with her golden blonde hair pulled back in a messy ponytail and one side of her face still looked like it had bed marks on it. Her skin was pale and had freckles splashed across her cheeks and her eyes were a shining blue as they smiled at the camera. “Ok, I see the light now,” she said. “Hello everyone! We’re officially on the trail!” Her clothes were a bit wrinkled as well, a t-shirt and jeans is all she wore, but it was probably more than necessary on that bright and hot day. She still looked cheerful as the camera shook with her long strides along the forest trail. “We’re on route to our campsite and then once we get that setup, we’ll be on our way to our real destination and that being…” she starts as she brings the camera closer to her face for dramatic effect. “Parts unknown.” She turned the camera away from her and at the back of a young man who carried a large pack and a canvas tube that held their tent. “We’re currently walking along a deer trail in Falsewood Forest,” the young woman continued in her monologue. “And the reason why they call it Falsewood Forest is because of a certain tree that’s supposed to grow in the middle of these woods and the tree never dies.” They both have heard the legend that drew people of all sorts from every corner of the world, but she needed to recite it again for posterity. “And I don’t mean it’s just always been healthy for as long as it’s been there, I mean even in the winter this tree is still green and still flowering, I think people say it’s a Hawthorn tree and those trees are usually associated with magic and the Fair Folk,” she explained. Her companion at the front snorted at her use of the name. Ava-Rose Corey was a woman of many talents and beliefs, belief in faeries was one that she held onto since she was a kid. One had to adhere to rules, such as: Never step in a fairy ring, always ask permission before taking something from nature, and never insult the Good People. They don’t even like the name that humans gave them, Faery or even Little People. They prefer different names, like The Fair Folk, the Good Neighbors, the Gentry, and all such flattering titles. Even if they didn’t exist, she found it better safe than sorry. “We’re coming up on our campsite now, so we’ll set up and we’ll start out again,” she said and pushed the record button again for it to stop. The red light blinked off and she sighed as she put it away in her case as they did march up to a clearing with a firepit. This part of the forest only had a few campsites around and they were also far between, it was a perfect spot to do their odd little hobby that they’ve developed over the years. She set her pack down and began to take out a few things that they would need before she went to help with the tent.
  4. Hi Guys! This is my first ever request thread on any site I've ever been on: I really hope it doesn't suck A little about me: I've been role-playing more consistently for 3 years now; I usually play more dominant characters (I can play male or female characters) but recently I've been playing more submissive characters, loving it and looking for more role-plays where i can do just that. That doesn't mean I don't want to play more dominant or switch characters anymore, you're just more likely to grab my attention if it's a prompt where I'm playing a more submissive character. NOTE: Like I said, I'm definitely still down to play role-plays where my character is a switch leaning dom; and the last two ideas I have here are geared towards that. I tend to prefer Slice of Life role-plays but if you have a cool fantasy or Sci-Fi plot or pairing, I'd definitely love to hear it. Pairings: These are the pairings I'm currently interested in playing. I'm very open to plot ideas or new pairings so feel free to message me with any ideas you might have. - Teacher x Student - Boss x Employee/Secretary/Assistant - Rival Athletes or Teammates. - Best Friends - Friends with Benefits - Neighbors - Co-workers - Famous Person x Fan - Sugar Momma x Sugar Baby I can role-play in threads or in pm's. I definitely prefer those two options to outside sites like discord. I am open to discord roleplays though. Plot Ideas: I'm open to talking about the ideas; changing them up completely, listening to anything you want to change or add to the prompt or just brain storm in general about the direction we could take this in! I'd also love to hear your fresh ideas or pairings if you didn't like mine! Let's talk and come up with something fun. I'm not too picky about post length. I tend to just match what my partner delivers or write more if needed. I don't mind any length as long as it's not constant one sentence replies; You have to give me something to work with. I can consistently deliver 2-5 paragraphs and can write more if need be but I can also go shorter if you're looking for that or just a faster paced roleplay. I don't mind waiting a little for replies either. I understand you might be busy in real life, have different role-plays to reply to and it might be overwhelming or maybe you're just not in the mood for role-playing. That's all fine, take as much time as you need. I can reply a few times a day, it really just depends on how long our replies are because longer posts take me more time to write and can be a little draining. I will definitely reply at least once a week regardless of the length as long as I don't have something going on in my life and if I do, I'll make sure to tell you. Also, If you want to talk outside of brainstorming ideas for the role-play, that's cool. If you want to keep it strictly about the role-play, that's fine too. Kinks and Limits: None of my kinks are compulsory. I'm definitely fine with not including something you don't like :] Yeah, I think that's all; Hope to find some great partners soon!
  5. Xoddrecroth

    My RP Ideas List!

    Hello there!~ And thanks for stopping by!~ This is going to be my permanent ERP ideas post. It will be updated when any particular idea is filled, or when I have a new plot idea! It will likely start out small, but I'm sure there will be plenty of additions down the line! Please EcchiText me if you would like to reach out to talk about any of my plot ideas/would like to write them out with me. You can find my preferences below, as well as a more detailed kink list at the bottom of the bulletin, or you can ask for my F-List! I have been roleplaying for about 10 years, and ERPing for half that time. I can do either first or third person perspectives, it is dependent on either what the plot is (I.E. if I'm playing multiple characters), or if you have a preference. I try to respond pretty quickly as long as I'm not busy, and I can usually be contacted whenever. For length and writing competency, all I ask is that you at the very least put in a bit of effort. Around a paragraph at the minimum is great, and usually the length I type regularly, sans starter posts, though sometimes I'll type more depending on details. As long as you generally use proper spelling and grammar, and put in the effort, we'll get along great! I really enjoy reference images to help with detail writing, so please provide one for your character, and I'll provide mine via DMs/ETs. I am perfectly comfortable RPing here or on Discord, and if the latter is preferred, please request it in ETs. Slots are filled with first come first serve. I can let you know when a slot is open again if you would like to wait if it is filled. Without further ado, here are my plot ideas!~ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Plots~ Please Check: I can only divide up my attention so much! Open long-term slots: 1/3 Open short-term slots: 3/3 Corrupted Program Twin Cats Tentacle Fun Haunted House Hedonism Dragon Family Pokemon - The Coition Region! - Closed [Testing]! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kinks and Limits~
  6. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @rohan10 Overall premise: A young singer has used several years to try and establish a proper name and career, but so far only get gigs in small time clubs, bars and the like, with nothing much to show for it. However, a fateful encounter in a newly joined fitness club leads to a future and companions she never would have imagined. The first encounter with a demoness will eventually lead to three more and together they form a rather unusual, but loving and romantic thing together, as well as the demonic ladies helping her out with her career. ------------------------------------------------------------------ It is another typical Friday evening and it is the first time for the young singer to join the fitness class held in the local training center, where the name of the instructor seems rather odd as it is just "Judgement" and no last name for some reason, almost like a stage name of some sort. Still, the turn up is quite huge and many other young and pretty ladies around there. A few even giggle as they talk about the lovely looks of the instructor, despite how hard she smells and doesn't seem to care one bit. So the small room is pretty crowded. EVen from the other side of the room, the heavy stench of sweat and other weird stuff is felt and it only gets worse the closer one gets, so only the most diehard fans dare get too close. The instructor is already stretching and readying herself in front.
  7. Note to readers: I’m getting an introduction written here, but we want to finish a scene in a private RP before writing more in this, as well as other stories we’re doing (including a second one here). Also it is technically MxF, except the other character in question (the ‘new girl’) is a trap. Emily was a fairly outgoing girl. While not the sort to make friends with everyone, only the most jealous and bitter girls disliked her at all. She was warm, understanding, not the sort to judge. Even if she disapproved of something someone did, she was more likely to give them a concerned talk, trying to convince them why they should not have done what they did, maybe to apologize or otherwise make up for it, to ideally convince them not to do it again. Now she was in class, which had begun a few minutes ago. She quietly sat there with an excited smile on her face. The teacher was talking about how a new student would be joining their class today, that they would introduce themselves in a moment. She would not really say anything about the student though. It left Emily wondering so many things, was it a boy? A girl? What was s/he like? Could they be friends? It was the mystery that excited her. To get to know someone new.
  8. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Overall premise: The Literature Club is a newly formed place where lovers of literature can meet up and explore the many aspects that make up this entity such as literature. Monika. the club president, has already somehow managed to get two other young females to join there, but they are not enough members to be officially recognized and thus fulfilled as a club. However, a sudden fourth potential does eventually show up rather out of nowhere. A rather bombastic, blunt and brash sort of girl by the name of Natsuki. Even though her prefered type of literature, manga, is not exactly acknowledged by the merits she thinks it has, there ought to still be room for people who enjoy this, right? It may take some time and work for Monika and the others to accept this branch of literature and Natsuki herself... ---------------------------------------------- Another day is starting in the Literature Club for the three girls: Monika, Sayori and Yuri. By now they have more or less established some routines between each other and for themselves. Indeed, it is a rather and homogenous existance for the clubmembers in here on their own - even if they are not fully acknowledged by the school as their own club. However, there have been set a plan into motion with putting up flyers which is to lead to more members. Today, their prayers for more such members is half way heard as there is indeed someone new arriving at the clubroom. The door opens up and a pink haired and short lithe girl walks inside of the room, looking faintly unsure if she should have gone here in the first place."Hello. I am Natsuki...is this the Literature Club?", she asks, rather humbly so far. She glances over the three members, seeing there are only 3 of them and all of them girls. For some reason, she is quite relieved by these facts. She even recognizes the very famous and even more popular Monika.
  9. RP between @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Premise: A new transfer student joins Lisa's class. While the new girl seems very different from Lisa, they slowly begin to hang out more and discover that there is more between them than friends. With Lisa ashamed of her extra parts, she is even more insecure and shy and cautious around others, but slowly she is coming to terms with and even loving being born the way she was, as the new girls accepts her fully as she is. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Another day and another day of being ostrasized or worse among her peers and even those from older grades as well. Lisa is both happy about going to school, but also dreads it and sometimes even wishes that being home schooled would be an option. Sadly, she can do little else than try to be as invisible as possible. Turns out that it is pretty hard when you are this smart, informed and well read and spoken as she is. Every day she hopes and prays for some sort of relief from this anguish that most school days bring. Her brother is not much help and even he has to deal with the bullies from time to time, only being tolerated or allowed to hang with them whenever they feel like it. Soon enough the teacher starts the lecture, but unlike most days she has an announcement to make. She tells the class about a new kid joining the class. And oooof course the only free seat is next to Lisa, who already has her own dreadful thoughts and predictions about how awful this will be, surely only adding to her troubles. After finishing, the door opens up to reveal the new girl....
  10. Hi there! I am looking for a plot backed ERP with your character being a female. I prefer MC to be a male, older than your character. The plots I crave: apocalypse with a dark twist - everyone is gone except YC and MC. Unfortunately, it means there are no police which could prevent MC from forcing YC into things she may not necessarily enjoy fantasy - a veteran soldier had enough of wars, and after razing another city he takes a young girl as a spoils of war. He wishes her to be his wife -whether she wants it or not. sf - what it a sex doll android, or a scared girl, escapes from the lab and hides in MC space ship? He may decide to keep her - as his toy. sf - what if a frustrated guy decides to buy himself a sex doll android, but he's a cheapskate and contacts a black market to get a second hand one... and they deliver him a scared girl instead? modern - YC escapes from home and hitchhikes. Well, maybe it was not the best idea, since she can meet MC. NOTE: (1) As you can easily guess from the amount of mistakes I've made above, I am not a native speaker. The good news is that I will tolerate a massive amount of your typos and errors. (2) may play onsite via private messages or on discord (3) MC is not me. (4) I appreciate OOC discussion before jumping straight into the plot (5) Unfortunately, MC are not psychos, no matter how hard I try - and they will eventually obsess over YC, probably trying to kiss her, cuddle her and bring her hot chocolate to bed. (6) I don't ghost. (7) Discuss your kinks with me. Say what kinks you would want to introduce. I have my hard no's, but I might be open to some others. You may contact me via private messages, suggesting your own ideas for a plot. Hm, what else should I add... Usually I write about 200 words per message, but I can easily go up to 700. If you are a female dreaming about being femdom - well, this never was my kink before, but recently I thought it might be interesting to play as a young boy against older woman.
  11. Hi, I've been away for a long time, but I have gotten much better, and now I'm back for some rp, I've been wanting to do this for a while, and would like to know who would be willing to play one of the following characters? My character would adjust accordingly with whatever choice you pick. -Ranni from Elden Ring -Olivia from Fear and Hunger 2 Termina -Fiorayne from Monster Hunter Rize Sunbreak -Roxy from FNAF I have ideas for each choice, so just dm me and we can brainstorm ideas and Kinks involved. The tags I included are not all required obviously, some don't go together after all.
  12. Hello! Recently I got a massive itch to roleplay a cuter, more romantic roleplay about childhood friends slowly becoming something more. I always loved that trope and I think it'd be interesting to roleplay it. Text me if you're interested! We can flesh out more details then.
  13. Xcaliroth Vorigan, Garrett Flynn, Gillian Marcus, Cullen Magnus Redwood, Vincent Mcguire, Elliot Ross, Nicolas Adams, Colton Holt, Dylan Brooks, Axel Hayden, Mark Haider, Aliester Rory, Blaze, Salem Morgan, Teagan Goff and Andrew Oakley (will post pictures soon. based on multiverse theory so its a reality where they all resemble alike in look. Roleplayed better all together by one person) take care and love Adriana (human me/self insert). She has an equally sexual/romantic polyamorous relationship with all of them with no jealousy between them. She will have sex with them in pairs or groups of four, and they usually switch out with each other. They all share her between them and they like to watch each other with her. They make sure that she is loved and protected. They all bind her to each of them with entity sacrum lace connected to eight pleasure rings by a special entity bond that controls her sexual pleasure, and how her body responds. The rings go down her pelvis and below to her mound connected to her sacrum allowing her lovers to be the only ones who can give her pleasure there. Name: Xcaliroth Vorigan Age: 48 Gender: male Entity Species: Spirit entity Name: Garrett Flynn Age: 55 Gender: male Entity Species: Symbiote entity Name: Gillian Marcus Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Dark Cryptid entity Name: Cullen Magnus Redwood Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Dark Cryptid entity Name: Vincent Mcguire Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Veil entity Name: Elliot Ross Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Ethereal entity Name: Nicolas Adams Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Shadow entity Name: Colton Holt Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Infernal entity Name: Dylan Brooks Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Mystic entity Name: Axel Hayden Age: 48 Gender: male Entity Species: Nocturnal entity Name: Mark Haider Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Dire entity Name: Aliester Rory Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Obsidian entity Name: Blaze Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Beast entity Name: Salem Morgan Age: 43 Gender: male Entity Species: Dark entity Name: Teagan Goff Age: 43 Gender: male Entity Species: Ember entity Name: Andrew Oakley Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Arachnid entity
  14. A powerful lord named Robin has been traveling through kingdom to kingdom in sorting diplomacy and tactics to aid each kingdoms. However he has been rather pent up and it is making him unable to focus on what’s important for his kingdom. His secretary decides to hire some maids who volunteered to be his sex slaves. 5 maids: Mary, Elizabeth, Lilith, Ariel, and Beatrix. Each one takes a day to please him in whatever he desires, sometimes two of them just for fun (optional). It then becomes a competition for whoever pleases him the best can sire his heir and become queen. Lord Robin now waits in his chambers with a shirt off (he’s well toned and buff), for whichever maid wants to be his satisfaction. Limits: The extremes. Ntr, rape, cheating, beastality, scat, piss, etc. This intended to be romantic consensual fun.
  15. I really have a craving for a starfox roleplay and looking for someone to main as Wolf O Donnell. I'm willing to double as any other character for this roleplay ^^. Any plots would have a mix of story and smut. I do have an idea for a story but im willing to brainstorm ideas! Plot: MC daughter of the king of the planet Elara she is loved and adored by many she always puts everyone before her no matter who they are its just the way she was raised. Unfortunately hard times had come to the planet of Elara between bandits coming to raid them or just attack the citizens for fun. In a desperate attempt MC father king Mathias contacted and begged for Lord O' Donnell to protect the planet since the planet was in his territory. Wolf agrees as long as the king pays the fees. Of course the king accepted thus bringing peace back to the planet. Now years later the planet faces another hardship the king is running out of money and can not continue you to pay wolf and his crew. So when the time comes for Star wolf to come and collect their pay they're met with the king on his knees begging for an extension for the pay. Wolf not caring about the mans pleas takes out his blaster and threatens him to kill him where he stands if he doesn't give the money. Though being told to stay out this business MC quickly runs in after over hearing them and stands protectively in front of her father not caring that wolf is a dangerous man. Wolf stays silent and stares at the girl for a moment and smirks respecting the fact she stood her ground to him and tells the king in exchange for not paying he'll take his daughter instead. The king quickly trying to deny him and not wanting to lose his only daughter begs wolf not to take her. MC however stands her ground asking wolf to continue to defend the planet if she goes with him and to not harm her father or anyone else. he agrees to takes her away not allowing the king and princess to say goodbye to each other. The king brokenhearted , reach's out to starfox's team begging them to save his daughter from wolf and bring her back to him. Another idea I had was ether MC is a run away princess. She fled the planet due to the fact it was either attacked and she was forced to flee or she was arranged to marry a tyrant (possibly both.) As the years go by she ends up becoming a bounty hunter and has a run it with Starwolf joining his team after many run ins. The two have nothing but respect for one another's fighting styles. (Eventually falling for one another yet no one steps up first. Though obvious flirting occurs.) During that time wolf knows nothing about her past until they're close by the planet where he starts hearing rumors about a lost human princess and sees a missing poster that happens to look like his team mate. When confronted she tries to deny it of course. Wolf then mentions how they need to make a pit stop at the planet Elara which happens to be MC home planet. MC practically begs for him not to stop but he doesn't budge. (Eventually they'd end up running into the tyrant who took over.)
  16. Hello, I am looking to do a 1x1 long term fantasy adventure roleplay with romance and adventure. I have a few genres and ideas I am looking to do this with. All will be matured up to adults. They are not listed in any order. Black Clover Fairy Tail X Black Clover My Hero Academia Dragonball/Z/GT/Super One Piece -My character is the lone survivor of corrupt Marines destroying her whole village with devil fruits. She not only wants revenge she wants a fruit of her own, and to discover the secrets of their powers to end the world government. She can either make a pirate or revolutionary. Fairy Tail -My character was an orphan raised and experimented on. She recently escaped and now they are after her. What will she find after a life of captivity? Dragon Quest -My character and perhaps yours are the Luminary or Dragon Knight Emissaries of the god created to save the world from evil. Dungeons and Dragons -I would like to roleplay through all the campaigns, original story, and beyond. Isekai Genre -My character and maybe your character get somehow or another transported to another world with magic. Secret Magical World Genre -Harry Potter is an example of this genre but won't be used Psychic (me) and Detective (you) -My character will be a real psychic woman. She will do a lot of sixth sense type of things. Your character will have to be both the professional mystery solver and the brute force against the supernatural. Magic College/University -My character and yours go to a supernatural school, they also use their abilities to fight off magic threats, be them from the school or otherwise. Rules -Expect to use a Discord Server -Be 18+ (I am over 18 and expect you to be too) -Be willing to game master (game master controls story, outcomes, additional characters, and gets their own main character) -OCs (original characters) only. (Sorry I don't like to play with stories and characters preexisting. I might be talked into it if the series is over.) -If any cannon plot is mentioned the story will have to take place prior to any cannon or afterwards. -Be male (I play a straight female character so I expect a straight male as her romantic interest) -**Be expecting little to no smut** -Be familiar with the series or genre you are interested in -Have a fun magical adventure roleplay Hope to see some people interested, feel free to pitch any ideas, or questions if you have any, thank you. Please PM the word **Magic** when you message and let me know which you were interested in. If you don't, expect no response. Please also post here to keep the thread alive. Thank you, hope to have a magic adventure with you!
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    Futa search.

    This is a generalized search thread for someone who's willing to play futa characters in a wide varieties of rp. I have a large number of ideas to share, and am more than willing to brainstorm and shoot ideas back and forth to create a plot we would both enjoy. These plots can contain humanx human and humanxanthro plots. My general requirements are minimum of 2-3 paragraphs replies, long term, and my partner be dominant.
  18. Melethron

    My Selfish Needs

    Once more into the breach...and out again...and back in... Hello there my lovelies, and thank you for taking the time to read my interest check here. A little about myself before I get into the meat and potatoes of things. I’ve been writing and roleplaying for well over eighteen years now, and have been erotic roleplaying for five years. I have a taste for playing as males, futanari, a male-female couple or even monsters against females or traps. My kinks include romance, vanilla, lesbians, rough sex, aftercare (a kiss or a lick after some rough stuff is always fun), exhibition / outdoor sex, voyeurism (especially when my partner is masturbating), virgins, incest, threesomes/moresomes, harems, impregnation and breeding. If one of these kinks isn't to your liking, do let me know. I have few hard limitations, aside from the underaged, pain, bathroom kinks, feeding, vore and cuckoldry. Otherwise, if you wish me to scratch a particular itch, feel free to ask. Over 500 views...I will be frank, I never thought 20 people would be interested in what I had to offer. Particularly because this is an Interest Check not for general urges, but for very specific ideas I did not expect to find a partner for, whether I made an Interest Check for it or not. I would like to thank everyone who decided to give this thread a try, whether you reached out to play or decided I was not for you. Most of my partners I have found either through browsing interest checks and preferences, or through recommendations from friends. Through this, I have met many fun and interesting people, and have a circle of two dozen partners I regularly play with. Elsewhere, I’m known for my romantic, lighthearted romps which meld together plot, roleplay and smut. I’ve had some truly wonderful adventures. However, there is always a fresh idea, a new concept I want to try. An old dream, half-remembered, I want to experience again. I am always looking forward to a fresh romance. A new adventure. Will you join me? Be warned. Links are NSFW. --- Hello Ecchi! Its no secret that I have used this Interest Check as a way to hunt for RPs which are strange, or for waifus unusual and rare. Its been successful in the past. But now and then, you have that one rp you can never find a partner for. The reference is just too obscure, or the potential partners you ask fall through. This is the concept that has most eluded me. It is my white whale, a plot I have been hoping for over the years. But never found a partner for. And with all of my other plots over the years taken care of, I think its time I find it. This is Remilia Scarlet. One of the antagonists of Touhou, a bullet hell game with a large following in Japan. A respected noblewoman of the Yokai, her immaturity shines through in moments of stress. 'The Mistress' lives in a large estate with her younger sister and servants, and values an image of sophistication. Her immense age as a vampire has led to her having a somewhat jaded outlook on the world, and she covets new and interesting things. Even as she tries to maintain her appearance as a haughty lady. This is Perceval Greene, one of my more popular characters. He's about as different from Remilia as you could imagine. From the day he left his mother's womb, he had 'trouble' written on his forehead. He had a rough home life, leading him to act out in school. Sitting with his muddy biker boots on his desk and smoking in the bathroom. By night, he drives around his hometown. Earning pocket change on pool matches and getting into barfights, waiting to sneak into his own home when his father is asleep. Avoiding another conversation on his future being prison or the military. He is a gruff, hard, irresponsible and brooding. A Yankee through and through. You can see where this is going right? The classic Bad Boy x Lady. Of course, I know the request is very niche. But, if you think you have a substitute, be it a fandom or an OC, I would be happy to RP with them instead. Either way, I would love to emphasize the romantic aspect of their relationship. She has never been in love before, and may have trouble coming up with what would interest him. Writing poems and making art for a man who barely knows what a limerick or a landscape is. Percy on the other hand has never dated a real lady. He wants to impress her of course, but he knows more about engines and beers than tea parties and culture. A more mature person would realize their differences are what attract them, but both being young adults, they would worry too much at first about appealing to one another. I would also like for there to be a sense of...danger, for want of a better word. Percy may be a menace in a fight, but he is dating someone he wouldn't strike back, and who is much stronger than him. If he upsets her, she might become distraught, kick him out or even attack him. Leading him to have to calm her and smooth things over. This wouldn't be a request from me if I did not bring up my Harem interest, naturally. Though the how and why is ultimately up to us. Perhaps Remilia's sister Flandre is jealous of the strange attraction between her sister and the stranger, and decides to force him into affairs with her and others for her amusement. Perhaps the noblewoman has caught some pests, and decides her new lover is the perfect humiliation for them. Perhaps--as much as she loves it--his dick is just too demanding on her, so she has her servants 'calm him down' when she is sore. Its ultimately down to the atmosphere you want for the game. I know this probably won't find a bite. But I have been wrong about longshots before, and I think the idea has potential, even for someone leery of OC x Canon pairings or harems. If the idea interests you, my PMs are open, and I am happy to negotiate a game we will both enjoy. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= You're still here? Perhaps the idea isn't to your liking, but you hope there is something else? Well, I do have a few other characters I have been looking for. Not white whales, but more white porpoises. Canons I saw in RPs which sadly fell through, or characters that just don't get the love they deserve. I may want a harem to go with them, but the RP would focus mostly on one of these characters. I have a lot of ERP ideas for various Hololive characters. But the one I'm most into at the moment is shhhark girl herself, Gawr Gura. With her playful nature and questionable social skills, she has an endearing quality to her. And after reading stories about how she never spoke up around her genmates when she started, I am thirsting. Perhaps a foreign exchange RP, where Gura stays with a human family? Perhaps she is caught in a riptide and ends up far from Atlantis, and has to find her way home? Or Monster Girls are now illegal, and while trying to find some food on a farm she is caught by the kindly owner? Kiki was quite possibly my first anime crush. Something in her carefree spirit made her so attractive. And her skirt always tickled the imagination. Perhaps an older man comes into her life, or she has an invitation to learn magic from a library in town? Or, if odder RP ideas are your thing, perhaps she is kidnapped by an old witch and her apprentice to take her place as guardian of her woods? Lum is one of the sweetest girls I have seen in an rp. Sweet, doting and kind, its no wonder she kicked off the Magical Girlfriend genre. Sadly, the partner who played her took offense when I asked about dirty talk and hasn't been online since. I've looked now and then for someone familiar with the character, but with no luck. We could always go with the story of an alien in love with a human. Or perhaps she and a human are placed in a zoo for sentient humans? Maybe she is found by a human starship far in the future? Now we get to the weird stuff. I...am sexually attracted to Matilda di Canossa. The 11th century ruler of Tuscany. This woman was known in life as a benevolent and pious ruler, and a model for all women and rulers. In the CK lewd modding scene? She's the default demonstration model for whatever weird kink they are showing off. But there is a lot which can be done. Maybe an alternate reality, where she and a man she calls 'husband' unite Italy? A time traveling story, where a woman with very medieval sensibilities finds herself in the modern world? Or we could go the Lovers Lab route and make her secretly a succubus who is married to a tentacle monster. I don't watch Love Live. I have heard good things, but I don't have the time. I do know I find Toujou Nozomi very hot. Something about her elegant, mature demeanor and perverted nature always makes the clips I see or hentai I find of her extra alluring. If you're willing to indulge my ignorance, I am sure we will make a fun story. Perhaps a friend from abroad asks her to give a ghost tour late at night? Maybe after making love for the first time, she discovers she is actually a succubus and bound to obey him? Or she discovers she has a half-brother on the other side of the world. When she finally meets him...she discovers he is a a bit more than just a fan... One of the safest bets for finding good hentai, Prinz Eugen is a character in the browser game Kantai Collection, and probably the character with the least research material for a partner to go through. Cheerful, upbeat and very German...listen, I just want to pound some babies into a hot and playful blond. The fictional character materialized is always a safe plot bet. Perhaps one where they end up on a strange world together? Or we could just use her reference...maybe she and her boyfriend need some rent money, so they make amateur porn together? Roll, one of the forgotten leading ladies of early console gaming, and one of the few waifus who would actually make good wife material. Sadly there is not much of her nowadays, partly because she was a background character in an era where most game stories were in the manual. I think we should change that. A tale of an older man and his wife finding her body in a junkyard maybe? Perhaps she is stolen by a young tech student who reprograms her to take care of his home and be a nymphomaniac for his cock? Or she just gets a little too close to her brother? Tell me, did you sometimes feel like a loser as a teen? Did you walk up to the mirror and see your reflection visibly cringe at you? Well rest easy, because you could never be as cringey as Kuroki Tomoko. A wonderful comedy about growing up as an outsider in school, its an honest depiction of the thoughts of a teen girl. Tomoko was one of my first crushes, so if you could offer an rp where she hard crushes on a foreign exchange student, helps a lost foreigner find his hotel, or summons an incubus at midnight, you will make me a friend for life. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= That is all folks. Let me know your thoughts. Mel
  19. hello there. i know the title is a little long winded, but it sums up what i’m looking for perfectly. i’ve watched PMMM (this: https://myanimelist.net/anime/9756/Mahou_Shoujo_Madoka★Magica) and i found the idea of two magical girls finding some form of love in this context tragically romantic. spoiler warning before i elaborate, but magical girls are essentially lambs for the slaughter. their sacrifice means slowing the entropy of the universe. unfortunately, this means the life span of your average magical girl is quite fleeting. they could perish today, or maybe tomorrow. not fair in the slightest, but some choose to make the best with what little time they have left. that’s where we come in. i would like to roleplay as/with characters from PMMM, the spin off, magia record, or if nothing else, OCs. i would like to start with our characters meeting, forming a romantic bond, and then, sealing their bond by having sex. maybe they die soon after, or maybe they beat the odds together. if you’re interested, please send me a message. thanks, and i hope to hear from you!
  20. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Sexykittyboy. Overall premise: The conflict with Homeworld is over and done with, leaving Earth and Homeworld in a state of peace and tranquility, though the latter does need to reform over time to be fully well off. This does leave the Crystal Gems and their allies with little to do when it comes to defending Earth and the life residing there. Some gems travel here or away from it, but that is handled fairly easily. However, some remnants of past things still linger. One of those being the relationship between Greg Universe and Pearl. Their recent trip to the big city has at least solved the worst tensions and drama, but now something else seems to be stirring.... ---------------------------------------- It is another stary night at the beach at Beach City and tonight has been another eventless one, with nothing really to paint it as different than many others, which suits Pearl and the others just fine. After all, this peace is what all true warriors strive for. The gem sighs in relief again, over the fact that she doesn't have to keep being on her toes about having to suddenly jump into fights or bubble other gems. She has decided to wander about on the beach as the waves lazily splosh against the sand and the faint noises of birds can be heard in the distance. However, she soon hears the familiar sound of a guitar and a van she knows even better. Normally, she would hardly ever approach Greg unless she had to, but for some reason she feels like saying hello tonight as she makes her way over there. Once close enough, she tries to find a natural pause in his playing to make her presence known. She comes around the back, peeking around the open van doors."Hey Greg...looks like we are both out here alone tonight...", she says in a friendly manner. A recent incident caused her body to poof and thus turn into a gem, but once she reformed, she somehow ended up with a new kind of body, particularly, her flat chest now replaced with a giga sized one (OOC: as seen in my preference sheet) and an ass to match.
  21. Starcry

    Replacement bride.

    Basically, it would be an arranged marriage thing (could be collateral for a loan or just a general arranged marriage.) that was supposed to be with MCs older sister but she ran off with someone else. YCs family was offered MC as a replacement for her sister but his family would have given him the final say on whether or not he'd accept the change. When he meets his "bride-to-be" he would find out that not only is she barely of age but that she is a student at YCs school AND in his class. (Maybe the biggest irony is that she is often referred to as the teacher's pet when all she does is help out after school and is actually smart. Aka has earned praise.) The age gap would be something like 10-15 years older than her since she was a "whoopsie" baby compared to her sister who was actually a few years older than him. Romance and/or adventures would go from there. My character would be human and her birthday that made her legal would have been a week before this all happens, hence why I refer to her as "barely of age." You can choose between the following characters for this RP: Melina, Kanna or Caterina. To clarify - it would be 75/25 plot to smut. I put interspecies just in case you'd like to play an anthro, demon, angel, or whatever. The age gap wouldn't be the only thing in terms of difference. He would also be taller and built bigger than her. (hence the size difference) The setting would be modern and we can talk over kinks featured in this and other plots and such. Thank you for reading. ^^
  22. I’m looking for an FxF relationship. Something kinda slow. Let’s not jump right into anything smut/lewd. The plot is there are two girls who go to college both have different or same majors. While one girl is openly a lesbian, which would be your oc, the other girl is in the closet, my oc, essentially it would be a slow burn type of roleplay where your oc would find out or suspect that my oc is gay and would help her out of the closet slowly. My Oc
  23. Hi! I figured I would post discussing my interest in an Aggretsuko RP. I love the idea of a slow burn RP in said universe, with two unlikely characters. I don't really like playing canon characters (I never really enjoy clashing with canon) but we could write characters based on Retsuko and Haida, for example. Here are some things you should know if you think you're interested: - I play male! That's the big one. - I'm not in it just for the adult themes - I'm totally fine with adult themes and I don't believe in setting limits for characters in that regard. NSFW scenes can really make a story engaging when timed appropriately. - I write somewhere from semi descriptive to descriptive. Though it's always hard to establish where you are in regards to descriptiveness, it's so subjective. - I AM FINALLY FULLY CAUGHT UP! Season 4 turned me into a punching bag but I'm happy with it. Please do contact me if you're interested! I know I haven't provided a starter, but I haven't in hopes that we can write something great together! I prefer using discord for notifications and convenience purposes. If you don't use discord, I'm sure we can figure something out.
  24. kalei

    Boy x boy feeding an incubus

    Heyo! I am currently playing male character and I want to do a boy x boy erp in the current momment. I do dom, sub(but I'm mostly swich) and I can do power botton. I would like big replies. Romance focused and fandom only focused. I do have some lore ideas, but we can discuss more of the ideas deeply into dm. For fandoms: Black butler Mha Dsmp As for lore: I was thinking about a female character being cursed or something like this and becoming a incubus, trying everything to hide the fact that they did in fact become a incubus, they still soon will get found out and their crush will have to help them with this issue while also feeding them for the first time. Incubus: powerful demons that can lure anyone with their apearence/bodies and voice, amazing manipulators and good at extracting information, they feed off sexual relashionships and no matter how strong or strong minded you are, in the end you will be unable to resist those beings or what they might order you. In apearence, they have horns, their skin have a unique color, they have big dicks normally, but some rumors were told that they can change its size, they have wings coming behind their back and the ability to fully paralyze you in place if they desire so, it was told for them to be irresistible. Having black sclerea and sharper fangs, claws instead of nails, some have hooves and others dont If you want to do a no fandom erp then it will still have this main lore but not having romance. Ok with: Tight clothes Lingerie(sexy attire) Sex with clothes on Sex on the couch/counter Love confession while having Sex Shy top(but can be a bit bold, or a shy sub that can be bold) Rough sex Sexual/romantic tension Creampie Cross dressing Swimsuits Even the top side having pleasure of being sensitive. Latex clothes Gentle sex Lapdance Not ok: Any disgusting kink Abuse Collar Choking Knife play/blood Gore Vore Any sort of ince$t(even if they are step or cousins) P€do stuff. Master Pet play Mommy/daddy
  25. ElieCapulet30

    My first idea.

    Ah hello everyone this is my first idea and I'd really like to roleplay it out with someone. I just finished a manga about it and it gave me ideas. The setting would be Japan when cars were first coming about. Mc is the first girl to gifted family. However Mc parents married for political reasons so there was no love. However the father had someone else they loved and so when Mc mother dies because of I'll he remarries this women. They have a child and she is gained a wonderful gift and loved by all. Mc is then tossed to side and forced to clean,cook,take beating, and listen to whatever the step mother and step sister say. The father could care less for Mc because Mc is a constant remember of his first wife. After all the years of abuse and once Mc reaches age he sends me away to handsome young army captain of the elite gift unit or Yc. He hasn't kept a women by his side because when turns them all away because of how spoiled they are. Yc is confused on why Mc is so quite and says sorry all the time. Yc does some digging to find out my backstory and then slowly we each teach eachother that things will be alright but however the younger sister finds out and tries to switch her soon to be husband with Mc's love. What does everyone think?
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