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  1. Collin S

    A Fantastical world.

    Hello I'm Collin, and I'm looking for a female partner for me to DM for in a fantasy setting. The setting can be one that I create or we can work on creating one together, as long as we can both be satisfied in the end with the results. I plan on dming for whatever character/characters you decide to make and taking them through a story of their own depending on the type of world we create together. The story doesnt have to be focused on sex but I would enjoy some steamy scenes every once in a while to spice things up ontop of everything we have going on~ Shoot me a message if you're interested
  2. Hey so got a bit of an idea in my head I wanna try. The most basic version is two sweethearts that've been together since about childhood and have been each other's best friends and then lovers. Thing is both are girls, or one is and the other a secret Futa. And Char A(the possible Futa) being generally wimpy either in the nerdy, girly or both type of wimp outside the bedroom, While Char B is some type of sweet but tomboy with long hair and a bod about one step away from porn star being, in their own eyes, their only really feminine trait and thus not the best girlfriend for Char A, despite her reassurances, on both counts, especially in the 'bedroom' where while together could be classified as switches MC has slightly higher tendency to domming and yours to subbing. The reason that bedroom is in air quotes is the two have high libidos and tend to have sex where there is a risk of being caught. Enter the bully a shared NPC(one of us plays when they are interacting with your Char A and vice versa) who catches and takes footage of the two in a fuck-fest and proceeds to secretly start blackmailing Char B, playing on her protective tendencies. And while Char A is really good at sex, the bully is an absolute monster. Que the conflict of Char B being turned into the bully's personal slut while Char A tried to get a spine and save her. Of course can add modern fantasy, sci-fi or magical girl flavoring to the mix.
  3. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @BelleSoumis. Overall premise: Ever since the barrier was broken in the monster realm, the citizens from below have been able to come up and both live and explore the above world where humans live. As these new beings came into the lives of plain humans, things changed in various ways. As a whole, they were embraced by far most people and are treated fairly and fine. Of course, not everyone views it like that, but they are a fringe minority at best and thus doesn't serve any real threat and most often just a nuisance to monster citizens. Among these new monsters living here, are Alphys and Undyne, who even have minor celebrity status due to the role they played in the destruction of the barrier below. Just like before, they are mostly awkward around each other and have yet to fully recognized their feelings and attraction to each other. However, now that regular life is more the thing, it leaves such adventures easier to find and fullfil. What lies in their futures? -------------------------------------- Shortly after the barrier was gone, many monsters have since found homes and even work, with the help of their past experiences, knowledge and help of various humans and the institutions they run. In general, much aid was given so that these monsters could lead lives here up on the surface. Alphys had bigger ambitions herself, so for now she will have to settle with earning a living in a grocery store, both attending the register and general other tasks needing tending to. Undyne found it very obvious, fitting and drawing to join the local police department where they quickly took her in, gave basic training and soon she was able to patrol the streets in the mid sized town they live in. Overall, life is not too shabby for the two of them. Today, she is about to go for some lunch, but as most times she has "forgotten" to bring some and thus goes to where Alphys work to find something and for a chance to chat and catch up. The automated doors slide open and a fish lady looking awesome in her uniform steps inside...
  4. JC01

    Furry ERP

    One day, as I went for a stroll on the city as per usual. I was pretty lonely, and I felt the need to go out more to maybe find that special someone, or at least someone to talk to. Well, I was on my way until then I met this girl. She was pretty nice and she looked really beautiful, too. We talked and had a nice discussion about art, movies, anything we wanted. I then asked her for her number, and she gave it to me. After I called her to set up a date, everything was going perfectly normal, up until her skin started growing fur, and her body started to shift, and then suddenly, she was a wolf girl! I'm dating a werewolf! Man, and curves really got much thicker, too. She was shocked, but I told her that I've always wanted someone like her. She's the perfect girl already. Now I'm sleeping with a werewolf gal and it's all been just after one date! Wonder what's next for me?
  5. Hi Guys! This is my first ever request thread on any site I've ever been on: I really hope it doesn't suck A little about me: I've been role-playing more consistently for over a year now; I usually play more dominant characters (I only play male characters) but recently I've been trying my hand with playing more submissive characters and looking for more role-plays where i can do just that. That doesn't mean I don't want to play more dominant or switch characters anymore, you're just more likely to grab my attention if it's a prompt where I'm playing a more submissive character. I tend to prefer Slice of Life role-plays but if you have a cool fantasy or Sci-Fi plot or pairing, I'd definitely love to hear it. Pairings: These are the pairings I'm currently interested in playing. I'm very open to plot ideas or new pairings so feel free to message me with any ideas you might have. - Teacher x Student - Boss x Employee/Secretary/Assistant - Rival Athletes or Teammates. - Best Friends - Friends with Benefits - Neighbors - Co-workers - Famous Person x Fan I can role-play in threads or in pm's. I definitely prefer those two options to outside sites like discord though, sorry. I'm not too picky about post length. I tend to just match what my partner delivers or write more if needed. I don't mind any length as long as it's not constant one sentence replies; You have to give me something to work with. I don't mind waiting a little for replies either. I understand you might be busy in real life, have different role-plays to reply to and it might be overwhelming or maybe you're just not in the mood for role-playing. That's all fine, please just try to tell me if you're going to be gone or if you're not interested in the role-play anymore' I understand, It happens, No hard feelings. I'm politely asking you to please not just ghost me. I can reply a few times a day, it really just depends on how long our replies are because longer posts take me more time to write and can be a little draining. I will definitely reply at least once a week regardless of the length as long as I don't have something going on in my life and if I do, I'll make sure to tell you. Also, If you want to talk outside of brainstorming ideas for the role-play, that's cool. If you want to keep it strictly about the role-play, that's fine too. Kinks : Ass Worship, Rimming (Giving), Face Sitting, Cunnilingus, Teasing, Physical restraints, Rough/Passionate Sex, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Anal, Hot Dogging, Big asses, Femdom/Dominant Women, Interracial, Training, Pegging(Futa's are welcome.), Praise, Kissing, Pet Play, Begging, Orgasm Control, Collars, Mistress x Slave/Pet Dymanics(None of these are non-negotiable. I'm good with not including the ones you don't like and are not interested in into our role-play) Limits: Vomit, Piss, Shit, Vore, Underage stuff, Literally anything dick-hole related(Sounding) Yeah, I think that's all; Hope to find some great partners soon!
  6. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @rohan10 Overall premise: A young singer has used several years to try and establish a proper name and career, but so far only get gigs in small time clubs, bars and the like, with nothing much to show for it. However, a fateful encounter in a newly joined fitness club leads to a future and companions she never would have imagined. The first encounter with a demoness will eventually lead to three more and together they form a rather unusual, but loving and romantic thing together, as well as the demonic ladies helping her out with her career. ------------------------------------------------------------------ It is another typical Friday evening and it is the first time for the young singer to join the fitness class held in the local training center, where the name of the instructor seems rather odd as it is just "Judgement" and no last name for some reason, almost like a stage name of some sort. Still, the turn up is quite huge and many other young and pretty ladies around there. A few even giggle as they talk about the lovely looks of the instructor, despite how hard she smells and doesn't seem to care one bit. So the small room is pretty crowded. EVen from the other side of the room, the heavy stench of sweat and other weird stuff is felt and it only gets worse the closer one gets, so only the most diehard fans dare get too close. The instructor is already stretching and readying herself in front.
  7. RP between @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Premise: A new transfer student joins Lisa's class. While the new girl seems very different from Lisa, they slowly begin to hang out more and discover that there is more between them than friends. With Lisa ashamed of her extra parts, she is even more insecure and shy and cautious around others, but slowly she is coming to terms with and even loving being born the way she was, as the new girls accepts her fully as she is. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Another day and another day of being ostrasized or worse among her peers and even those from older grades as well. Lisa is both happy about going to school, but also dreads it and sometimes even wishes that being home schooled would be an option. Sadly, she can do little else than try to be as invisible as possible. Turns out that it is pretty hard when you are this smart, informed and well read and spoken as she is. Every day she hopes and prays for some sort of relief from this anguish that most school days bring. Her brother is not much help and even he has to deal with the bullies from time to time, only being tolerated or allowed to hang with them whenever they feel like it. Soon enough the teacher starts the lecture, but unlike most days she has an announcement to make. She tells the class about a new kid joining the class. And oooof course the only free seat is next to Lisa, who already has her own dreadful thoughts and predictions about how awful this will be, surely only adding to her troubles. After finishing, the door opens up to reveal the new girl....
  8. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Overall premise: The Literature Club is a newly formed place where lovers of literature can meet up and explore the many aspects that make up this entity such as literature. Monika. the club president, has already somehow managed to get two other young females to join there, but they are not enough members to be officially recognized and thus fulfilled as a club. However, a sudden fourth potential does eventually show up rather out of nowhere. A rather bombastic, blunt and brash sort of girl by the name of Natsuki. Even though her prefered type of literature, manga, is not exactly acknowledged by the merits she thinks it has, there ought to still be room for people who enjoy this, right? It may take some time and work for Monika and the others to accept this branch of literature and Natsuki herself... ---------------------------------------------- Another day is starting in the Literature Club for the three girls: Monika, Sayori and Yuri. By now they have more or less established some routines between each other and for themselves. Indeed, it is a rather and homogenous existance for the clubmembers in here on their own - even if they are not fully acknowledged by the school as their own club. However, there have been set a plan into motion with putting up flyers which is to lead to more members. Today, their prayers for more such members is half way heard as there is indeed someone new arriving at the clubroom. The door opens up and a pink haired and short lithe girl walks inside of the room, looking faintly unsure if she should have gone here in the first place."Hello. I am Natsuki...is this the Literature Club?", she asks, rather humbly so far. She glances over the three members, seeing there are only 3 of them and all of them girls. For some reason, she is quite relieved by these facts. She even recognizes the very famous and even more popular Monika.
  9. This is actually been a story I always wanted to roleplay with someone but never been able to finish. Here’s the plot: Once upon a time, there lived a Prince who was raised alongside 5 maids who acted as both friends and family to him while his parents were away. The prince was to be raised to be a king, and it was something he took in stride. While he had a great relationship with his parents, he also learned everything from them. Stuff like what it means to be a king, diplomacy, how to speak with nobles, and how to fight. However, there was one problem he had suffered. Noble women. Each time when his mother tries to throw a party for an upcoming princess or noble woman, they all have either cheated on him or wanted him all for his money. They thought they could get away with it, but he knew and kicked each of them out. All of it wore him down to the point he no longer wanted to attend the parties his mother threw for him. This all was a sign for the king and queen that he gave up on the noble women. Then comes his 5 maids, the ones who were always by his side since they were young. They each had feelings of love for him and could not stand idle to see him suffer. So they try to comfort him. And in those moments of comforting him, the prince realizes his feelings for his maids, and in deciding to take one of them as his wife, he decides to test them by having sex with them. This is a more plot based story while still containing smut, and something I wish to finish. If anyone who is willing to work with me in creating the story, and willing to see through it to the end, then speak here or echitext me. Also if this seems intimidating, then talk to me and we’ll negotiate. More details can be explained as well if need be. Anyone willing to write this story with me?
  10. alexandersebastiansalt

    Gay furry romance

    Looking to play the dom in an rp involving two males in a gay relationship. There would be a clear alpha/omega dynamic where my character is clearly in charge, but there would be a deeper connection between the two. The rp can start from any point whether they are complete strangers or already together and anything in between. And, of course, it would still be a kinky relationship. I'm fine with any species including human. Femboys are preferred, but not required.
  11. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @shrike. Overall premise: A noble and his son live together, still long after the boy's mother sadly passed on right after birth. After many years of failed attempts to woo other females, the father is quite distraught, saddened and depressed, thinking he may never again have a partner to share his love and life with on an intimate level. The son having noticed his father's increasingly declining mood tries to find ways to cheer him up and get his father back to his more vibrant and happy self from before. One day, he finds a fairly effective way, which he even ends up quite loving himself, turning into a bigger and bigger sissy for his father to love in more than one way, starting a very taboo relationship between a parent and his child. ------------------------------------------ It is another typical and regular evening in the large mansion belonging to Sir Edward Hamilton II. Things have gone worse lately since the two last courtships of his have been fairly close to each other and ended just as fast too. He is not at all sure what stops it from progressing better, making it even more frustrating for the man. The two of them. Edward and his son, are sharing another in the smaller and private dining hall. The mature noble is sitting and trying to at least seem cheerful and normal, but his soft sighs and less than thrilling facial expression tell a different tale. He decides to try and divert his thoughts for a bit, wanting to ask his son about his own day."So, boy...how was your day today? Did Mr. Greenwood teach you more about the art of trading?", he asks the young man.
  12. So I got a little inspiration for this one. And just like whatever else I have offered previously, it will be smut. But like the prince x maid smut, it will contain plot. Here’s what I’m thinking: There was a great kingdom ruled by a queen. The kingdom knew peace and prosperity for all who lived. However, the kingdom becomes threatened by a villainess who wanted to destroy it (could be the sister of said queen, can discuss it). The queen sends out many soldiers and knights to take her down. But all have failed or perished before her. However, there arrives a knight with a kind soul with great strength and a powerful sword. Some call him chosen, other believes he got his strength through hard work. Regardless, the queen begs the hero to go after the villainess and save the kingdom. And the hero agrees. However, in a plot twist, the hero gets to know the villainess and after realizing they share a lot of hardships and similarities, he falls in love with her, and decides to try and save her via sex. All other details can be discussed through echitext, but a few things I want to highlight: The villainess can be the following: Witch Evil Queen Death goddess Vampire lady Succubus It can also be suggested that there is multiple villianesses, like say a council of witches or Evil Queen/Death Goddess and her female followers. However that is up to those who wish to give it a shot. That being said, if any one is willing to try this with me, ecchitext me or comment here so we can ecchitext (if you’re like shy or something).
  13. Arcus

    Romance Smut.

    Hello everybody. I’m Arcus and I’m new here. I’ve been meaning to do some smuts for a certain time. Mainly Romantic mxf smuts. I am for many different prompts. Ones I particularly like are: Beach smuts Nuns/church setting Office smut (Boss x secretary) Nurses Master x servant There’s a particular smut that o actually wanted to do a whole series on for master x servant, particularly: Prince x Maid A brief summary about it is a Prince is struggling with love with princesses that keep cheating on him or loving only his money. However, he finds love in his 5 maids + bonus, and he has to find out which one he wants to marry. I will explain more in an ecchitext (I believe?). But anyway, if any of these strike your interest, feel free to ecchitext.
  14. "The latest of four young lads have experienced a tremendous tragedy today. Ryan Sandalan, age 26, has passed away today - the cause of death was related to an accident on the highway, of which all members of Hit-ups were subject to. The other three survived with only minor injuries, but nobody knows what this could mean for the band. Ryan famously wrote head to head with Trevor Burnham - the two working as the band's sole writers." -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.. "...In other news today, Trevor Burnham of the world-famous band Hit-ups announced the tour would be continued after a 3 month hiatus, leaving a post online stating; 'The support has been incredible, thanks to everyone who sent condolences and positivity. The tour will continue with prerecordings of Ryan, in hopes to carry on his spirit. This is what he would have wanted - he wasn't a quitter.' Sources state the band isn't sure what is next for them after the tour, and that tensions have been higher than ever before." -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.. The news just kept shuffling the same shit. It only made Trevor feel nauseous. The next album was as good as dead - the label didn't think the three could handle it. He was starting to doubt himself as well... Finding a replacement for Ryan would be impossible. He needed a partner, but... Where would you ever find one? Unfortunately, tensions truly were rising. They'd had filming occur on and off throughout the tour for some kind of documentary. The cameras always in his face only made him feel more pressured... The one silver lining he always appreciated was the fans, though. Surprisingly, they were amazing. Every show had him excited for VIP tickets - talking to people around the world who wanted to ask him about music, lyrics, playing instruments, anything. He loved it. And now, here he had that to look forward to again, in Massachusetts. You were definitely excited for the show - you were such a fan that you had learned the songs by instrument, learned the lyrics... The works. And now, you had a VIP ticket, out of incredible luck, which meant you got to talk to Trevor in a very casual setting after the show. That would be so amazing...! Of course, you wanted him to sign your guitar. So you packed it up, and headed out with your usual things. Camera? Check. Guitar? Check. Desire? Fuck yes. What would you expect other than an incredible show? Everything about it was amazing. There was something that made it difficult, of course, though - it was obvious Trevor didn't seem as thrilled as usual for the show. He kept a smile on his face and kept the energy up, but it was certainly different, something about him... After the show, the VIPs were let into a special room, which had security guards checking each entry, as well as keeping eyes on people so they wouldn't rush the band. Trevor was sitting on a really plush couch, and saying his hi's and hello's to everyone who came to talk to him. This was your chance to ask for a signature... What you didn't realize, was that tonight, your talent would be seen, and everything would change. //It's a short starter, but I want to have a really fun time with this one! It helps if you have knowledge about music, instruments, etc. This can be romance, smut, whatever! I'm fine with anything.
  15. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    (Disclaimer, currently I don’t feel like playing MxF RPs. I am currently craving FxF, FxFuta, MxTrap, FxTrap and TrapxFuta.) Hi there! Nice to meet you! Welcome to my post filled with lots of different rp ideas and plots that I would love to do with anyone! Firstly, let me start off and say that I am strictly sub! Now that that’s out of the way, I have been rping for well over some years now. I can post short length replies and I can post long length replies, up to you on which you prefer. I typically play female characters but I do enjoy playing traps/femboys as well and I can play a variety of ages as well. I am very open to kinks and have very few limits, check out my preference to get a good grip on what I like and don’t like or you can just ask me about a specific kink. For these stories, they can all go different ways and I can either play female or trap for really any of the stories, up to you which you’d prefer. I will also take any kinds of partners, Males, Females, Futas, Furries, Traps, as long as your the dominant one, your good with me! Also feel free to add things to any of the ideas I have if you want. Also, if you do not like any of these ideas but have an idea you think would work well with us both, feel free to share it with me. Now then, here are my ideas: 1. The Demon Maid. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can also be Modern or Fantasy settings.) One day while walking home from work, YC discovers a strange book laying on the floor in an alleyway. The book is old and tattered, some of the pages ripped. YC decides to pick it up and take it home. When YC gets home they begin to read the book discovering that it is in fact a book which tells you how to summon a demon. Of course, YC thinks it’s not real and a total hoax so they decide to test the ritual and that’s when MC appears. MC explain everything to YC and we make a contract with each other, binding MC to YC and now MC lives as YC’s maid, tending to your every need and forced to obey your every request. There is one price for MC’s services, YC’s cum. This idea can be more of a supernatural, slice of life romance as both characters gets go through the days slowly bonding and getting closer together. Plot can we added and discussed together and we can come up with a story or maybe some conflict if you desire it. 2. Demon Hunter. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can also be Modern or Fantasy settings.) In this world, monsters exist, everyone refers to them as demons. No one knows where they came from, but they exist. YC is tasked with eliminating these demons as a hunter. One day, YC discover an old building, it is rundown and decrepit. Inside YC find, blood, lots of it everywhere along with bodies. In the center you find MC crying, knees up to my face, blood also covering my body. When YC approach me, I look up and you see my eyes, blood red and you see fangs in my mouth, you think that I killed these people but I didn’t, someone else did and he turned me into a demon. They say that you lose yourself when you become one, but I didn’t, I still remember everything and I don’t want to kill anyone. This idea is heavily inspired by the anime Demon Slayer. This idea is more story driven. It follows our characters as they go on an adventure across the lands to find the person who turned me and to kill him for good and along the way, she bond and grow closer together and eventually fall in love. 3. Vampire Love. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can also be Modern or Victorian Era settings.) It was a night like any other. I always walk home like this everyday from school, something was different however. When I passed by an alley, I saw it, there was a man laying on the floor, another person(you) slumped over him biting his neck. You hear me and turned over to see me, your mouth bloody, two holes in the man’s neck. I feel stricken with fear and immediately take off running, hoping and praying that you weren’t following. This idea has a good path and a bad path. The good path is more of a romance plot. YC takes a liking to MC, with MC letting YC live with them and even letting yours feed off of mine. The two bond throughout this path and grow closer together and fall in love. There is hijinks to be had as well. The bad path is a more darker one. After the initial meeting YC stops mine and decided to kidnap them and use them as your own personal toy, feeding off of them and of course, using them in various ways. This path deals with non-con and stockholm syndrome, other kinks we can discuss as well. 4. The Last Dragon. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Fantasy setting only.) In the land, there once existed dragons, but not how people thought. These dragons were humanoid but could still fly and breath fire. Mysteriously, all died out, except for one (MC). YC is a hunter. One day while walking around, you stumble upon me. I immediately try to flee in fear knowing that it was your kind that killed mine and that you would do the same to me. Will you turn me in and kill me or will you try to befriend me and keep me safe from those who would kill me? This idea has two paths. A good path and a bad path. The hood path is very wholesome. Instead of killing me or trying to capture me and sell me off for money, you instead choose to befriend me and take me in. We go on adventures together and even eventually get close and fall in love. The bad path is a lot darker. Instead of killing me, you decided to capture me and take me in as your personal little toy or you can sell me off as a rare creature for money to people who keep me and use me as a sex slave. 5. My Pet (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Modern setting only.) Tonight was a regular night, YC got into bed and drifted off to sleep. Your pet (Cat, Dog or Bunny) jumped up onto the bed with you and laid down at your side, cuddling against your chest. In the morning, you feel the heat of something next to you. You figure it was your pet but it wasn’t, it was something bigger. Looking over, you see a young naked girl, her hair color and ears atop it’s head and a tail all matching the color of your pet. The girl wore a collar on her neck, the name of your pet was written on it. This girl was your pet, she had transformed into half animal half girl. There are two possible ideas of this story all depending on how old your character is. If you choose to play young, we could have some hijinks with my character watching to follow you to school, getting into trouble with your friends, teachers, maybe even the girl who has a crush on you, leading to a love triangle? There would even be some trouble involving your parents or even your sister and the pet. Threesomes and incest can be present in this rp. The second idea is if you decide to play older. My character would want to follow you to work and could get into trouble with your coworkers and maybe even the coworker who had a crush on you, possible leading to a love triangle? Maybe threesome down the line? 6. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap, furries welcome Fantasy setting only.) For this rp, MC is Red and YC is the wolf. You can either play a furry wolf or a humanoid wolf man, up to you really. This rp could go two ways, either on her way to her grandmother’s house, the wolf finds Red in the woods and rapes her or we could go the romantic route. Here me out, is this ridiculous... maybe. So the two could meet in the woods and subtly begin to form a relationship together, maybe he saves her from another pack of wolves or she finds him starving and offers him some of the goodies in her basket or she finds him hurt and brings him home where she tends to his wounds. If you do choose this rp to do with me, let me know what role you would like to go down and also feel free to let me know your own ideas. 7. Incest RP. (Can either be MxF, FxF, MxTrap, FxFuta, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can be Fantasy, Moder and Victorian Era settings.) I want something different from this one. Every time I do incest rps they are always the same, brother/sister or father/daughter or other similar pairings are left alone for some reason and they end up fucking or one rapes the other. What I want is something different, something deeper. I want romance, I want a slow burn, build up. I want the family members to have a deeper connection and a deeper bond whatever pairing it is. For this idea, I can play numerous age ranges, and I always enjoy playing younger to someone older, however, I do love love love twin rps! We could even do cousins who are the same age if you want as well. *8. Trap Rp. (Can either be MxTrap, TrapxFuta, FxTrap, TrapxTrap Can also be Modern or Victorian Era or Fantasy settings.) I’m really craving a trap themed rp lately and I have 3 ideas in mind. The first idea is one I really want to try out. In this story MC is a shy timid young boy who is feminized and turned into a trap by YC. You can play F or Futa. The woman who feminizes MC can also be his aunt or maybe his teacher or a woman he meets one day at a cafe. The second idea is more TrapxTrap. Either MC and YC start off as traps and discover their common interests and slowly begin to develop a relationship or YC can start as a trap while MC starts off as a shy timid boy who YC takes a liking too and decides to turn me into a trap like you and they develop a relationship together. 9. The Lesbian Experience. (Can either be FxF only Can also be Modern or Victorian Era or Fantasy settings.) This story, is a more yuri based story and is meant to be a more slice of life type of story. It follows MC, going through high school or college, trying to discover her sexuality. Ever since puberty, she had been struggling to find out who she liked, men or women, or even, both. Soon enough, she meets YC(personality up to you but, I’m really craving a tomboy/bad girl type) The two girls become friends and YC develops a crush on mine and slowly begins to convert MC into loving women.
  16. *** The Crimson Tide Desert is an inhospitable place where the heat of the scorching sun and the freezing nights are the least violent things that can kill you. As above, so below lurk many dangers; from monsters to ancient curses and many things in-between! It is a land of golden dunes tainted in blood, where the weak die and the strong survive. Refuge and relative safety are found in but a few scarce places, most prominently the various settlements, towns, and cities built around the oases that are dotted across the Crimson Tide. Some spend their entire lives in one of these places, not daring to take a single step beyond its boundaries. However, some do brave the sand ocean, be it for adventure, profit, or something else. These soldiers of fortune are called nomads and are oft employed to transport goods between various safe-havens. Banding together as clans, they traverse the sandy dunes of the desert not by foot, nor by horse or camel, but by so-called “sand skimmers”; light and fast vehicles resembling small ships equipped with not just sails but also special magical equipment that allows the skimmer to glide across the sand as if it were water. Our tale begins with the misfortune of two nomads, following a botched contract that leaves them in serious debt and the possibility to damage their reputation beyond repair. Granted an opportunity to settle their debt, they are tasked to set out and find the long lost tomb of the wicked warlock king Azmond II. But with just a single, vague clue at hand and their sand skimmer damaged beyond repair, the nomad pair has their work cut out for them. *** So the start-up for this one is pretty straightforward with a duo of nomads down on their luck, their skimmer was sunk and its precious cargo along with it, leaving them in debt with the contract givers. They are given an opportunity to pay off their debt in full, however, the task they must undergo is a daunting one. Of course, before they can even attempt to go look for the lost tomb, they have to secure a new skimmer. It's a pretty open adventure, with the tomb and debt serving as initial motivators for our adventurers and things can spiral into all sorts of directions before, during, and after they have completed their quest. Feel free to Ecchitext me if you're interested!
  17. Warning. Mature themes ahead. Potential themes of violence or self-infliction ahead. A character who mocks a disabled character. -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.. "...Hey, blondy! I'm glad to see you again...!" "...You can't see me. Are you blind, or stupid?" "...I... Uhm..." "...And don't call me blondy. Unless you want me to call you blindy." "...O-oh...Okay..." Blondy is Moody. Marie never really made friends easily after the 8th grade, when she was involved in a horrible accident that resulted in her blindness. People treated her different after that. Even now. _In high school._ Her social life went poof, of course... Surprising that she lived in silence, now that her world was only one of sound... Of course, she always tried...! Marie was certainly an optimist. She tried to talk to whoever sat beside her. Sometimes they pretended they weren't there... She knew better, of course... But once she caught Alex talking. And ever since then, she considered her a friend - calling her blondy, as she remembered she had blonde hair. Of course, Alex was annoyed. Being the blind girl's friend was annoying. She got singled out a few times over it... Kids were cruel... She hated that attention. So she figured she'd fight back. Bully Marie. That way, she'd never want to talk to her. Of course, it didn't really work, it seemed. She'd just try again every day. She didn't realize how it was hurting Marie, though. Because it was harder every day. Today was what seemed like another normal day. Marie sat down beside Alex, using her cane as well as her hands to find herself in her seat. Then, she took a quick check of senses, trying to see if she could catch Alex's presence... Perfume. Yup! She was there! "...Hey, blondy! Another Monday, huh...?" How did she know it was Monday if she couldn't see her calendar...? Heh, what a wise crack... -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.. And here we are! I'm mainly looking for someone to play Alex but you can play either role. Names are negotiable, too. I'm looking for someone who wants to turn this around into romance after a bit of some serious drama. I want to see Alex turn around from a cold heart to someone a little more kind and understanding. Let me know if you're interested! Characters are 18 or older. I prefer discord but PMs will be fine. https://youtu.be/1ccX9w4kiwM
  18. RP between: @JennyDK and @Linkina. Overall premise: The new farmer has recently moved to the valley following a letter they opened from their late grandfather. He was once a resident here with his own farm, which he has left to his grandchild. Unbeknownst to the young woman called Haley and the new farmer, a fated meeting would lead to so much more for both. While both being rather inexperience in the ways of romance, surely they can both grow to master it over time? Only time will tell! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is another beautiful, warm and sunny spring day in Stardew Valley, bringing out the many residents of Pelican town, one of which being one part of a sister pair who lives together. Haley often likes to spend time by the pretty surroundings around the place, especially the area around the old and rickety looking community center, which could really use a helping hand, but that is a story for later. Urged on by Mayor Lewis, the new farmer has been adviced to take the time and opportunity to get out and greet the townsfolk when possible and since the crops she has been donated are planted and watered, there is little to do at the farm at present time. The young Haley is quietly reading a book on a bench, humming lightly to herself as she does so.
  19. Shameful

    Reclaimed Throne rp

    (I'll propose a prologue for the rp but it need not be used if it conflicts with your character idea, etc) Family was murdered during a ball, during the same annual celebration held a hundred times before. Your father (or adoptive father/uncle etc), the king, was poisoned and all but you and your childhood best friend was cut down, including the help. After gathering old allies and building an army, and a long long fight, you finally lay siege to your old family capital to your birthright. With your trusted advisor and best friend by yourself, you fight for the throne room to finish the mad usurper off.
  20. Another kind of role-play that i really want to do is a yaoi involving anime(fandom) I'm wanting to do a oc x character btw. I'm using a oc. Like mha or either black butler. It's a genderbend thingy about a oc that becomes a incubus but is to ashamed of showing up or being seen at all, and since he is a incubus now he feeds off those kind of things as well. What will happen when their crush finds out and will their crush worship the monster to show then that they are amazing? The oc dosent understand their own self worth, they know that they are worthy but they don't understand some of the impacts that they do just by being the kind person that they are. They are so reluctant about this despise mostly seen as a shy, nice yet social person that is very sensitive. To now become a lustful beast that craves for sex. Mha: the oc haven't been showing up to much since that incident that happened with then in school, and if they did their behavior has fully changed, no, it's something else off about then, they look unrecognizable even and the other students were asked to not pry into his business. black butler: the oc have not shown up into the balls or invitations anymore despise being being who ascended into as a earl but was a woman disguised as one. this is worrisome, the only messages received are how they are sick and things like that. (Or can become another kind of monster like a siren or a lamia) I can play dom or sub but I'm mostly swich really.
  21. What I have in mind is the story of two high-school dropout best friends who weren't given a second chance at life yet. Both grew up in a troublesome household, abusive parents, bullied at school, nobody to understand them except for them two. They make it to senior year of school together, then one of them (preferably MC) gets dismissed from school and the other says fuck it and drops out of the school. The story then flows with MC becoming a gangster/drug dealer and either YC moves in with MC or becomes a stripper/escort to support herself. Through the years, they stick together, almost like partners in crime where YC finds rich dads, and MC blackmails them with footage YC captures while fucking them. However, it doesn't have to be the only route you choose for YC, it was just for an example for how dark or dirty the characters are going to be and to convey they didn't really have any romantic feelings for each other in the beginning. So as the story goes on, they will be becoming increasingly addicted to some drugs. Then one night, while high together, their friendship takes a different turn and they end up fucking each other's brains out. The next morning as they wake up, they both realize it wasn't only sex that felt good, and gets scared of it. The slight awkwardness remains but they begin to hang more often, especially when they are horny, without giving any obvious hints and letting moments take them like it did on that night. The days go on, and the feelings keep getting stronger but nobody brings it up; either from fear of losing the other, or ego of why they have to make the first step. Something messed up happens in the meantime. Either MC overdoses/gets in a bad fight or YC overdoses/gets gang-raped somewhere. Whatever it may be, or whoever it happens to, they figure they should change their lifestyles, for the sake of the other. We can start the roleplay from the night that their first time together happens, or from a point where they are already fucking each other and somewhat vocal about it. I would love it if you'd prefer to play from the very beginning too where MC/YC was dismissed from school. If you do prefer the last idea, don't hesitate to let me know if you lose interest in the middle of the story so I can bump the post again. Ecchitext me or Comment here, both are fine! TLDR; A story of two misfits who becomes each other's second chance at life that the society never gave them.
  22. Melethron

    My Selfish Needs

    Once more into the breach...and out again...and back in... Hello there my lovelies, and thank you for taking the time to read my interest check here. A little about myself before I get into the meat and potatoes of things. I’ve been writing and roleplaying for well over eighteen years now, and have been erotic roleplaying for five years. I have a taste for playing as males, futanari, a male-female couple or even monsters against females or traps. My kinks include romance, vanilla, lesbians, rough sex, aftercare (a kiss or a lick after some rough stuff is always fun), exhibition / outdoor sex, voyeurism (especially when my partner is masturbating), virgins, incest, threesomes/moresomes, harems, impregnation and breeding. If one of these kinks isn't to your liking, do let me know. I have few hard limitations, aside from the underaged, pain, bathroom kinks, feeding, vore and cuckoldry. Otherwise, if you wish me to scratch a particular itch, feel free to ask. Over 500 views...I will be frank, I never thought 20 people would be interested in what I had to offer. Particularly because this is an Interest Check not for general urges, but for very specific ideas I did not expect to find a partner for, whether I made an Interest Check for it or not. I would like to thank everyone who decided to give this thread a try, whether you reached out to play or decided I was not for you. Most of my partners I have found either through browsing interest checks and preferences, or through recommendations from friends. Through this, I have met many fun and interesting people, and have a circle of two dozen partners I regularly play with. Elsewhere, I’m known for my romantic, lighthearted romps which meld together plot, roleplay and smut. I’ve had some truly wonderful adventures. However, there is always a fresh idea, a new concept I want to try. An old dream, half-remembered, I want to experience again. I am always looking forward to a fresh romance. A new adventure. Will you join me? Be warned. Links are NSFW. --- That Time My Bullies Fell in Love with Me ( M x F ) Tags: Romance, Polygamy, Teen Sex Lewd Gaming Club (M x F, F x F) Tags: Harem, Teen Sex, Cosplay Revenge with Tea ( M x F, F x F ) Tags: Romance, Impregnation, Teen Sex Hololove (M x F) Tags: Romance, Breeding, Polygamy My Mother, the Succubus (M x F) Tags: Incest, Supernatural, Teen Sex Touhou: Mistress Scarlet's Princely Pauper ( M x F ) Tags: Romance, Impregnation, Teen Sex Love.exe ( M x F, F x F ) Tags: Romance, Mind Control, Age Difference That is all folks. Let me know your thoughts. Mel
  23. Hello! So I recently started playing stardew valley again, mostly to prepare a file for the 1.5 update; and obviously I got obsessed with the game again. As expanded as the relationship scene and heart events are in the game I really want more of it, so out of desperation I am here; looking for a partner to roleplay as Abigail with me. As for experience in the game, I have multiple files with over 100 hours on them. So I am looking for someone who is really familiar with the canon events, the character's relationship with the other npcs. However, I don't mind if you'd like to add non canon scenes as long as it's not out of the ordinary from the stardew valley verse. As for my character, he is more of a miner than a farmer, loves adventure and dark stuffs. As the story continues, you will see he wants to be a successor of Rasmodius more than becoming a successful farmer. Abigail will have an endless supply of amethysts and enough quartz so she never goes hungry again As much as I want erotica, I don't want the roleplay to be a smut only with a canon theme. If you are up for it, let's discuss cx Post a comment or shoot me an ecchi text. Although I am primarily looking for a private roleplay, I don't mind if you would prefer the roleplay to take place in a club or other public places cx
  24. On the continent of Scalia, there are two countries locked in a semi-hot war. One is the Empire of Absol, A totalitarian Empire that crushes any opponent they can, And the resilient Freelands, A collection of kingdoms and Merc. Bands. In this, a pair of adventurers live. One, a legendary warrioress who was once an Absolian slave Warrior. Another is a rookie adventurer that, though very green, has great potential. And the two may change the stalemate. Character:
  25. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @HornyHealer. Overall premise: A simple, romantic and cute slice of life romance between the angel Azazel and the demon Judgement, with one of them being a dickgirl. They live in the human world and are trying to simply get by after leaving both heaven and hell to live among mortal humans. Needless to say, there is a growing interest between them early on and along the way, they find out there is much love to be had between them. At first they are vaguely aware of each other, but fate has other plans.... ---------------------------------------------------------------- It is another long day on the job, as officer Judgement is getting to the end of the shift. Her partner and her soon split up for the day, leaving her to do more as she pleases. As it often happens, she needs something to drink and eat after several hours on duty. She sighs softly as she feels slightly exhausted, before then opening the door into the regular coffee shop. She vaguely knows the angel known as Azazel, who sometimes works here when she shows up. She still greets her, but the interaction is usually restrained to that. The bigger difference today, is that Judgement is wearing a rather large bandage on her one arm, appearing to have been injured somehow."Hey Azazel. Things busy today?", she asks, sounding fatigued.
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