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  1. I have been searching a lot for a submissive who would be willing to roleplay as Ranni from Elden Ring, It is an rp I have been craving for a good bit now. I'd like this one to be more romance leaning as opposed to my usual noncon tastes, though the sex can be rough If you so wish. I'll put a list of some kinks I'd like to include. Cunnilingus, Romance, Breeding/Impregnation, Mating Press, Missionary, Feet, Footjob, Breast Play, Making Out, Creampie, Cum Plug. Not all of these have to be included, but Impregnation is a must. If you don't wanna rp as Ranni, Sellen is a very welcome 2nd option.
  2. Hi, I've been away for a long time, but I have gotten much better, and now I'm back for some rp, I've been wanting to do this for a while, and would like to know who would be willing to play one of the following characters? My character would adjust accordingly with whatever choice you pick. -Ranni from Elden Ring -Olivia from Fear and Hunger 2 Termina -Fiorayne from Monster Hunter Rize Sunbreak -Roxy from FNAF I have ideas for each choice, so just dm me and we can brainstorm ideas and Kinks involved. The tags I included are not all required obviously, some don't go together after all.
  3. Looking to do an age-play private role-play based on a dad having sex with his daughter (Non-consent, or Gentle romance.) I will be playing the male in the RP. The kinks and limits of my character and the entire role-play will be based on my role-player preferences sheet. (lazy, I know.) I will be using my OC Lloyd, a 32 year-old father born in Wales, U.K. but raised in Florida, U.S.A. I don't expect you to have amazing grammar or insanely good writing skills, and multiple paragraphs of sentences, but I do expect you to be able reply with acceptable grammar and word choice. The role-play will take place inside of our house, in Florida. This won't be a very long or in-depth role-play experience. The role-play will start off non-sexual and slowly lead up to sexual things. Your character should be no younger than 8 and no older than 16. We can talk more about the details in EcchiText!
  4. ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORLD NOT REQUIRED So couple different ideas structured out here~ Will preface that these mainly require a strong dominating male lead willing to partake in many sessions over time~ RWBYverse~ Couple ideas here too~ hehe 1:Adam TLDR: jealous Ex decides to get back with girl and show her why he is a BULL~ just so happens her mom is also visit~ Adam sees Jaune and Blake together after their unagreed breakup. eventually cornered in a hotel she is visiting blake is "reminded" by adam why he is her bull~ Blakes mother Kali then walks in later to the scene, in his anger and lust he takes the original copy too~ Thus starts his conquest by dick~ Blake bargains and brings up weiss~ then Yang as her parnter~ Ruby to complete the set~ with so many angles to go possibilities are endless~ 2: Cardin TLDR: tired of seeing nerd ignore hot girl, jock takes action and lands not one, not two, but three~ after blowing of Pyr at the Dance Cardin has had enough of Jaune, with a tipsy Pyr she stumbles through a flirting Cardin who then takes her as his, over the moon with "a real man" she helps him get revenge by getting his crush~ only for the killing blow to be when, Juniper, Jaunes mother, shows up out of the blow and catches cardins eyes~ with just as many possibilities as the last~ 3: Jaune TLDR: tired of being made fun of and a loser Young man rises up, nails the cute girl and his bully's mom~ Jaune fed up with it all yells about it to Pyr who yells back about him being dense and her emotions~ which lead to a passionate explosion~ After this still being made fun of by Cardin Pyr makes a remark how the charity ball is coming up and his mom will be visiting~ and how she has an idea~ a big something called the "Arc Charm~" ~ a softer easier Dom then the last with some possibilities. DISNEY~ TLDR: one by one the Disney princesses become part of your Harem who will you start with? Having found a random piece of paper you are able to travel through story worlds, travelling through the Disney verse you stumble upon maid after sexually frustrated maidens, help them with their problems or take them as you please~ making Disney yours~ with some DreamWorks characters mixed in. Would mainly focus on expanding between the universes and the different settings to get each~
  5. DroolOverYou

    Slutty present

    My character was hosting a christmas dinner party with her family while yours just a family friend was invited over. after dinner my character told you to meet hers by the fireplace for a special gift, of course she got all dressed up and ready to give her virginity as a present to the guest.
  6. ImABadGirl

    My fantasies

    Hello! If you have some ideas or fantasies please reach out! I am a very kinky girl looking to roleplay some dark and hard to accomplish in real life roleplays. Please message me~ Below are some of the fantasies that have brought me here.. some : Cheating on my wife with a dominant male who doesn't mind the thought of having two turned lesbians as his cumdump Cheating on my old ex and showing him how a real man, you, would use me to really please and control a woman~ Bully my brother and now I gotta save him, maybe you have blackmail to get him expelled, or drugs on you that possibly make females beyond horny Mom?! What are you doing in your back with this stranger in you? And why is he saying I'm next to take his big black cock? strong touch: while at the gym someone gets a bit more handsy then they need to, soon doing a different workout.. Thank you for looking this far but this is still a work in progress, don't worry I'll be adding more hehe
  7. Lanatad_25

    Why do you hate me?

    Imagine being a duke in the 1800s' where reputation was everything. And your wife, the one who has managed to melt your ice cold heart gives you a daughter as a first born. Of course, on the second try you get your favoured son, but still have to look at that reminder every day of a failure... Then your beloved wife falls ill with a fever, and though you have allowed your daughter to study the art of healing, she was unable to save your beloved.. what use was she anymore to you? Or Imagine said Duke owing your family money, a large sum of money in fact, and then finding out he has a rather beautiful daughter he keeps locked away. One who has been punished most of her life just for being who she was. What a prize she would be, subservient and a great plaything too maybe she can help ease some of those sadistic traits.... That is where you come in. I have had my character for many years in all scenarios, but I'm craving the dark roleplays. A daughter abused by her father or a wife manhandled and tortured every day by her husband. The low downs: In the first Scenario, the youngest I will play my dear Lana is 12 ranging to 18. The second, she will be 18+ The older Lana will have this face claim (you have to imagine a younger version for the younger) Have a look at my preferences, I can be quite flexible, and am happy for it to go quite dark, but I do have limits as most do. The original idea was for the father to be a vampire, and one of the punishments was turning her so he could torture her more. The husband being a hunter, hence the torture. These are not set in stone though, talk to me, make it happen! I'm a semi lit - lit rper, give me enough to write with and I can do long rps, though I ask please no one liners, 3 paras minimum. Otherwise feel free to message me, want to include something or have an idea that aligns with mine? Go for it! I might just love that one even more...
  8. I am looking for a male character/s who want to play as the club owner who hooks his personal pet up in the lobby to be used during business hours. Only limits: No Scat or Urine
  9. If my mc is tied up he cant really stop you Or even defend himself Anything is allowed (Forced mouth openers, suffocation etc) Anything goes. Magical girls are allowed any species or type of character is allowed as long as they are futa
  10. My character had a hard day at the coffee shop she works out and comes home to masturbate on her bed. finding that her vibrator is gone she couldn't wait and finger fucked herself. being caugh by her room mate who had stolen said vibrator.
  11. My idea is to play a story involving a girl who has her old life completely shattered. She is forced to join some violent organization, maybe a gang, maybe a local militia helping defend the home from invaders, open to other ideas. What ever the case may be, she is given a weapon (probably a gun) and forced to use it to kill. Possibly on a defenseless target first, maybe a prisoner tied up and forced to kneel in front her and she is forced to kill him, and then to kill others in combat. At the same time, the group does not consider men and women to be equals. When not fighting, one or more the guys around her is having their way with her. Whether she is a soldier, gang member or something else, she likely only considered a true member after her first kill and one or more of the guys have their way with her. There could be some hierarchy involved, with people having to take turns with her and leaders getting her more often. I'm keeping this simple and brief to discuss the details, but ultimately its about a young innocent girl having her old lifestyle shattered, to be corrupted in numerous ways, which could go beyond sex and violence. I figure you will play the girl and I will focus on one or two of the guys, while also playing others as side characters. She is probably 14-15 with the guys in the 18-mid 20s. You can see my preference sheet, but I'm up for including just about any fetish. The story is both about the sex and how all of this changes her, the sex, killing, and anything else she has to do. It is going to be on the darker side, though her changes and potential wounds are likely to be all psychological.
  12. alexandersebastiansalt

    Sea Salt rp

    Alex (Sea Salt) is my main character. He is well-known in the furry world, but it's hard to find anyone who is interested in domming him. Settings and themes are fairly flexible. My only request is that the more that Alex is treated like his dom owns him, the better. Here's a link to his Dropbox folder. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xrn2os12kz96mob/AACBfYidb1ejP_fS7PUkZj7Ta?dl=0
  13. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Mounting the Centauress

    Will see if this gets more attention over here. This combines a number of kinks, will list some of them below and the story for them after that. Probably not a complete list though. Would probably play the male, but might consider the female Kinks: Non/dub con, shifting to consensual Training/taming. Human/nonhuman (male human, female centaur) Breeding Culture shift Ownership Early on there could be pain used as part of the taming. The basic concept is a loner human adventurer seeking a prize/trophy. In this world a man having a centaur as a mount is a status symbol, the wealthy/nobility can buy ones born in captivity, tamed from birth. If you want to make a real name for yourself you capture and tame one for yourself. There are practical values as well, a mount who can understand what you say, can wield weapons to help fight/defend themselves, and some do target females specifically for sex on the road. This hunter is looking for a female centaur in her prime, young adult or near adult (equivalent of mid-teens). Likely initially catching her in a trap, gradually wearing her down, introducing her to human society and being his mount. Eventually beginning to mate with her. In this story they can bear a human’s child, though they are still born as centaurs. The female would likely have a mix of his children as well as some conceived at breeding farms. The basic story is about ‘teaching’ to believe this was natural, to increasingly grow attracted to him as a human strong enough to tame her, perhaps even believing her kind would be happier in such a state. In the end the pair are a strange mix of owner/pet, master/slave and husband/wife, with a twisted sort of mutual love, though rather different than a human couple’s. These two are the core of the story, but there is possibility build a large setting/side characters around them. Both characters could have infrequent sex with others.
  14. Today I feel greedy for hung femboys, their cuteness mixed with a huge throbbing and menacing cock is a combination that drives me crazy. In particular I am looking for dom femboys who have no problems with kinks like kidnapping, rape and any other kind of abuse, even watersports and the most extreme. It is easy to understand that I want to play like their toy and be abused until my mind breaks or my body gives way, leaving me motionless on the floor like a broken toy to be thrown into a ditch. The kinks I like most are painal, forced deepthroat and asphyxiation, bonus points if you also like double oral or double anal~ If you are interested DM me!
  15. What's This? It's a non-exhaustinve list of ideas I've had and saved in the past years I've been roleplaying, most ideas are set by genre or theme. I play male characters in Hetero pairings BUT in a last case I can play a Futa or Trap (The latter can work well if we come with a case where someone pretending to be a girl would get easy access to sex, con or not). ——————————————————— Disclaimer: I love harem, orgy, threesomes or any situation where we can have different female characters be it simultaneously or not (actually the latter is always preferred) so ALL the ideas bellow allow for this option. My favourite kinks are incest and Ageplay and this list is thought with either of those in mind but we can work out something around if the idea is fun enough without them. But I"ll always prefer one of those 2 kinks to be part of it. Also, any post with the [Can be reversed.] tag means we can switch the idea so my character is the one who finds himself in that situation. If a post doesn't have it yet you want to try it let me know I generally dom (and this can still work with this tag) but I'm ok to switch to sub. —————————————————————————————————————— Fantasy • The issue with being a Wizard's apprentice is that you are basically also their test subject... Be it that you ran away from home to learn this secrets, are the mage's osest relative, join a magic school and practice with one of its teachers or fellow student or are sold to one and forced to follow this path you find yourself being part of experiments that go a bit too far and either end up in an interesting accident (be it by you or by the mage), a special initiation ritual gone wrong (or maybe not) or are just a way to use your body as this mage pleases. [Can be reversed.] • Is a well known fact that witches, succubi, vampires, some cultists and most practitioners of the dark arys need the essence of mortals for their most powerful rites as well as to enhance their magic, it is NOT as well known however (and maybe that's because not many survive or escape) that the best way to obtain that power is through intercourse and /or especially their sperm and vaginal juices. [Can be reversed.] So... A) Maybe we visit a young (insert one of the above mentioned) who in search for power decides to speed up the chase and finds a master, mortal pet or powerful teacher that for some reason seems to endure this harvesting quite well (and we'll enjoys it). Or rather this (idem) decides to go on a lustful rampage across the land (or is forced to by the lust or a related disease and it's maddening side effects() B) Or what if for the initiation of a new such mage, cultust or witch they need to survive a demanding rite? Or if we meet a teacher who is obsessed with creating the strongest practitioner? • You're either too young, too naive or belong to a race of creatures who keep their childish innocence or take quite long to develop into adulthood, in any possible case you just decide that the adventuring life is something exciting and fun you should try and leave your prior life in search of an adventurer's guild or a small party. [Can be reversed.] What happens next? A) Well, maybe you get instantly accepted by a small group of either string veterans looking for a rookie to train or a bigger group of new adventurers who are looking for hp on a difficult (yet "low level" quest) yet you're either fooled and taken to the wilderness, raped and left for dead or they take advantage of that innocence and force you to do some tasks that aren't adventure related. B) You find an interesting ruin, cave or similar place and decide to explore despite your little experience on this adventuring life and end up falling pray to traps, spells and monsters who are quite attracted to you... C) You completely miss the mark and end up recruited to the Dark/Demon/Undead lord's army, maybe thinking this is the good side, that you're part of an adventurer's guild (With odd looking members) or trying to find a way out of this situation which was forced upon you. Either way you get a lot of fun be it searching for someone to free you, doing the lord's dark wishes, being the army's pet / toy or searching a way to advance on its rank to become one of its dark generals (or adventurer's guild top rank member as you may see it). • After the chaos wars there's been many endangered species of demi-humans that are being protected by the new nations alliance, a group of powerful mages, divine creatures or other powerful group. However, their attempts aren't enough to avoid the traficking of this so rare creatures and private collectors pay fortunes so they can own such slaves. [Can be reversed.] —————————————————————————————————————— SCI-FI • IArk-n'Tech Engineering had recently improved on their companion bot units, releasing to the market a new version meant for parents who had lost their children and need help dealing with the loss, while not allowed to replicate the diseased or xommatose offspring at its exact likeness as that's against the point of it they do act very much alive and are designed to help their owners in the best way possible. However, maybe they do have a special secret (and therefore more expensive) option for those extravagant rich peor who want a copy of their kids or maybe some blackmarket engineers do know how to breech the gap to make it resemble those who are lost (or maybe not) and furthermore, maybe (but just maybe...) they add the functions left behind by the original designers to make the copy as human as it can be, even if it's purpose maybe illegal... [Can be reversed.] ——————————————————— Horror • A new owner has taken residence at Willow mansión, an ancient building locally known for being haunted but due to it having a very low price for such a big building since apparently not even the occultists liked staying long (or survived long) after buying it. This leaves two options for our story: A) The house is haunted by a little girl's ghost (free, inside a mirror, controlling a doll or other such creepy thing), a demon possessing a girl or a very young looking vampire yet either of them kept chained or similarly bound in the attic; either case they get curious once the new owner doesn't seem afraid of their usual attempts of driving people away (or killing them) and some twisted relation forms or they face against a master of the arcane / an expert exorcist and soon fall under their control or at least can't fight against their dark desires. B) The owner has a young daughter, plans to form a local orphanage or maybe it's a lost girl (so, not an owner probably) and the haunted house acts upon her (them if many girls, while the adults or just the makes suffer the usual deaths), but instead of its usual murder lust it experiences a different kind of interest for the girls body. • Death , some demon, corrupted angel or some other creature comes to those who just recently died or are about to die and offers a deal, be it that you become their slave for a while or randomly, are sometimes possessed or give away your soul or first born child; you can come back and live your life or half of a life (undead, ghost or other) or have the vengeance on the person who killed you. [Can be reversed.] ——————————————————— Post Apocalyptic WARNING: Darker kinks below, read only if gore and worse (death related) interest you: •A zombie apocalypse or localized outbreak has started or has been going on for months or even years: (Alternatively any other post apocalyptic setting works,but we shall work around it for the options bellowor find a new one) A) You're a survivor who had seem the worst part of it all, this zombies (or a special type who causes it) not only want to destroy and infect you but seems sometimes wish to satisfy some lustful desires or that's one of the way (or the only way) to infect others. B)A man lost his daughter, sister or close relative / young friend to the infection,however he keeps her licked up and as days pass he realizes she still keeps or gains some human behaviour... Meanwhile he might have been feeling lonely, decided that now that she is dead there was no problem with doing certain things or just kept following what he did before... C) You are kept alive by someone (Preferebly some relative(, maybe against your will, maybe as a bargain or maybe as your only choice; then maybe you got infected and they have a cure that doesn't last too long, you just can't survive by yourself or got captured and kept as a thing, let or slave; in any case the payment or use they've got for you almost makes you wish they left you to the monsters. —————————————————————————————————————— Surrealism • What if the realm of dreams and what we call reality are just a breath away from touching? What if we do travel between lands or access the laws of a different world and visit upon its shapeless creatures when we dream, and most of all vivid dream or suffer from sleep paralysis? What if the slightest disruption of the barrier between worlds can let us access their laws, act with their creatures or enter someone else's dreamscape? Well now, what if we use that idea for an erp? A) Someone with this knowledge and a very lustful mind has decided to use it to fulfill their twisted desires by altering reality at will and creating perfect opportunities on their victims be it by using this powers to have access to them and easily force them, blackmail them or otherwise convince them or by pulling them into a dream-like situation where they are easily forced or convinced into his wishes. B) Similar to the one above, this person instead enters someone's peaceful (or not) dreams and twists them to his liking then leaves their victim with physical proof of his acts (effects on / different clothes and other objects, changes on the body, semen and other fluids; basically as they are left before the dream ends). C) A creature of nightmare, born of lustful dreams from captured, frustrated, vengeful or otherwise "wronged" sex offenders, criminals or apparently normal people (that carry a dark wish for sex) has breeched the barrier and is now fulfilling its creators wishes by either visiting people's dreams and leaving them as traumatized as if they were real or has been serving humans with similar wishes as its first creators by letting them full fill their fantasies in shared dreams or in corrupted pocket realities where no proof remains of the dark deed. • In this little yet powerful country it has been so declared that women must be either their closest relative's property, owned by someone who pays for them and keeps them alive, are publuce livestock or otherwise left as free use or sold in the human trafficking market (which is a totally legal one, if at least only there) [Optional: Maybe it is as above but only to those who can't pay for a special tax for freedom, even so they maybe seem as second class citizens and still be owned when young] • You find yourself an offer online, on a small note, visiting a loaner; directly meeting a supernatural creature or some other way; in any case the option is the same, a wish for a wish, you get what's on the other person / entity's power or supposed ownership (be it just a normal person on the internet via a request post like "I am looking for a rich man...", "...a doctor...", "...someone who owns [X]..." or replying to one such post or such and such, up to a powerful (or omnipotent creature)) who can demand something back, the exchange magically or otherwise binding the two of you until both requests fulfilled or one dies. —————————————————————————————————————— QUICK PROMPTS (quite varied). —Genre Themed • Voodoo magic is real and making a doll of someone is as easy as getting some hair, blood or other token from their body, now what if we make a more complex toy? • Rumors of an alien species of shape shifting synthesoids (slime like) or mind controlling parasites are had lead a crew of space pirates to invade a small satélite or attack a ship that supposedly carries them. Either we see what they do to the crew and their shipment or we follow a future client as he tests the creatures. [Can be reversed.] • As above, but we switch the theme to a fantasy or horror one with slimes/oozes, doppelgangers or other shapeshifters. [Can be reversed.] • You're someone's homunculi, golem, robot or similar construct created to serve. [Can be reversed.] • We learn the story of a trapped genie who finds out that there should be a rule to forbid wishes like "be my sex slave", "create a magical contract that can't be broken" or "Fall in live with me" since those work around the whole "one wish per person" rule. [The contract option would basically let the person sell 2 wishes of his choice to people, make them forget his identity and wish their 3rd wish for him] • You're a goddess made mortal who needs to fulfill a set of tasks or satisfy a certain amount of believers prays before she can go back to her prior life. • Either a god has decided to come to earth and play or you've got a monotheistic religions god on your mind that tells you to do what he asks for making small miracles to help you out, in either case they're a lustful asshole. [Can be reversed.] —General Incest • Your older brother has been secretly molesting you for weeks... [Can be reversed.] (A too caring older sister, love the usual bath scene). • You never managed to say no to your son making him into a brat who basically forces you to obey his every demand (or you feel to satisfy his every whim even tho he doesn't orders you to) and now he has reached puberty... [Can be reversed.] Father and daughter or lustful mother and son. • You came into a deal with your brother, you two would help eachother madturbate and test some foreplay until you get your own bf/gf... Yet maybe this goes a bit too far (I like to try as much foreplay as possible) (Best if twincest). • Your twin sister has (due to x reason) turned into a guy and you two want to try out what this can mean. • You have been sending nudes and videos to some guy and accidentally they end up (or maybe that's the guy, yet you do it anonymously) at some relative's phone and they realize who this is. Blackmail, a punishment or a deal comes out of this. • Your father rapes you in front of your mother as a punishment to either of you (with one being an accomplice) or after he beats either or both when coming home drunk. [Can be reversed.] Reverse rape or conscented sex son x mother infront of the father (for either normal or reversed it can be present there or by cam). • Your mother either hates you, doesn't care or sees you as a tool which she uses to keep your father with her since he has threatening to leave for a while or has been fucking other younger girls. Either way you're used by him with her permission or even her help. [Can be reversed.] (Tho it's kinda odd) • Daddy said you and your brother/sister will be part of a small movie so he can pay the bills, you will dress up and do some fun games and maybe he will join you two as well... [Can be reversed.] Mother or aunt instead.• My aunt feels lonely and invites me to her house to watch movies with her... Honestly this comes from a small dream so it's quite specific, movies in bed, her wearing underwear and a shirt and romantic or cheating sex. A cousin can always join. [Can be reversed.] Uncle and Niece. • I'd like playing an incrstuous family which can be a Muslim (hijab fantasy),Japanese, medieval foresters or interracial. • ANYTHING with incestuous offspring and sex with them. • A breeding Farm ran and stocked by the one family and their members. —Miscelaneous Kinks. • Reverse sleep play (a girl coming to a guy's bed while he sleeps) or forced sleep play (blackmailing or otherwise convincing someone to do it to someone else). • A reverse trap situation, my character finds out about your secret and we either strike a deal or I blackmail you. [Can be reversed.] Reverse the reverse trap if it means easy non-con or a secret public sex relation with a classmate. • A rich man and his hand-picked dutyful maids and similar servants (doesn't need to include the kinks I mention at the start but needs multiple characters) • You get caught madturbating in public by your best friend, your class bully, nerd or teacher; or your big brother or father and that turns you on or ends up in blackmail/rape. [Can be reversed.] • You try to reach out for help to your teacher, doctor, priest, police officer, relative or other trusted adult to tell them what your father does to you or how your mother sells your body but they end up taking advantage of you as well... • You've been playing daring game with online people or classmates (with possible recording) and you're one of the bests at it since you don't shy from anything they throw at you. Alternatively, a supernatural daring game whi forces their players to obey or they face the consequences (Be it focused on a victim or someone who does all the daring). • Usual subway molestation or public spaces foreplay. • Public use cumdump left in a shady building or bathroom or a public use at a school (Based on some hentai....) • Objectification (Maybe unrealistic) • "Reverse" objectification? Antropomorphisation of objects or animals (not furry) • You're the king's favorite princess, a local noble with much power or the school's principal daughter and had always taken advantage of your position to scare and punish (if necessary or out of some twisted fun) your servants, the plebe or classmates until you find your match in wickedness (twisted relationship by torturing each other or by enjoying the fun together); or become the victim of their vengeance. ALTERNATIVELY (1) (and actually I prefer this two) you're one of the girl's victims or she finds a guy she likes and tries to win him over in a twisted way by forcing girls to satisfy his (found out or confessed) desires or her own. ALTERNATIVELY (2) Same as above but I'm the twisted character (male). Less fun than the last two options imo but still interesting to play. (All options apply except the vengeance). —Sandbox • A battle royale or survival game with some classmates in an abandoned or desert place. • Me playing as a Game Master for someone playing multiple characters and who is into the mentioned kinks AND / OR a fantasy sex dungeon crawl or adventurer's party. (Can even use D&D rules of wished for) • You being a Game Master. • A God mode erp (multiple characters, almost no plot just a sandbox for limitless sex). • Your character being turned into a sex magnet (same as above, Non-Con if possible) • Sex is a normal daily public thing with almost no Taboos (random characters from a town or country and their tales or following some daily life) • My character is being ignored by a town or is actually undetectable (as in they can't see or feel him in any way, and even maybe not notice the effects of what he does like noticing they're being undressed or do notice) and just goes rampant (as vengeance even) • A small island or village of peaceful people who won't act upon any act of violence (pretend it's not happening, look away or ignore and cast away anyone who becomes a victim) or one full of women who are for some reason easily excited and can't control themselves if stimulated (same as before but consensual or dub con) —————————————————————————————————————— Small fandom section: • Harry potter (youngest possible as for my Ageplay kink or adding incest) with an OC, Myrtle, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Cho or even a gender swap (but that being the normal situation and not something that happened suddenly). • Bakemonogatari x MC • Konosuba x MC • Almost any anime I know x OC —————————————————————————————————————— WARNING dark kinks apply here (gore and death related) • There's a site on the deep web where girls looking to die either indulge someone's or their own sex fantasy of being killed during or after sex, look on trying sex once before death or decide to leave good amounts of money to their families by it. • Similarly, you maybe deciding to suicide soon and your friend or some relative finds out, not wanting them to tell others or to stop you, you offer or agree to lending your body for once or a while as you just don't care anyways (or think you don't). Ternatively the offer is to snuff you while or after the sex. • A serial killer is lose on a small town baffling the authorities as they seem impossible to catch while also enraging the citizens as he not only kills but kidnaps and rapes his victims. • A small class/school, mental institute, young delinquents prison or similar is either attacked, bought by or secretly disapears (imagine some conspiracy theory or secret project allowed by the government) by black market criminals, some scientific company, a dark cult or a private collector who wish to try some fun social experiments or just play with the victims before disposing of or selling them. • Someone finds you seconds before it's too late (attempted suicide, grievous injury or almost getting killed or a victim of an accident) yet they decide that in your situation you don't seem able to fight so they rape then leave you to die / kill you to hide his act. • You're immortal and can regenerate, thought that was enough to live and do whatever you pleased but found out the hard way that there are worse dates than death... • You're some Necromancer's creation, a construct or captured soul that can inhabit corpses or possess others to satisfy his needs. And even when bodiless you can always take some half tangible ghost form too anyways. • Your character is an amputee, moves on wheelchair or is blind and taken advantage of due to it OR placed in those conditions by mine during the erp.
  16. I am gonna keep things short, as I am looking for specific craving/setup. I want to play a Princess, Queen or Priestess - or some other female character from medieval era - that gets taken advantage of by whoever around her. Her Father, her Advisor, her Guard... maybe even she gets kidnapped? Priestess could be involved with someone at the temple, or even a God himself... Details can be discussed. I am looking for something dark, non-con and intense (and, well, painful for MC). YC can be male or a futa, or well identify however they want but I'd like for them to have male genitalia. One thing I crave related to this are "lewd rituals", curses, etc. Situations where servants have to "prepare" MC, but it's an elaborate foreplay in reality. Curses, as in MC is cursed and has to indulge in sexual acts to remove the curse. Or, she is destined to be "sacrificed" and said sacrifice is more lewd than anything else. Honestly, I have a bunch of ideas, and it's hard to describe them all. I know this is vague and all over the place, but I do like brainstorm things and thought I'll just throw my cravings I had recently here, in hopes someone would want to indulge in them with me. My main thread is structured better, if you're interested. Oh, and btw. I could be M/Futa for any ladies that would be interested! Anyways, I leave you with a picture of a lovely Princess that awaits to be ruined.
  17. I'd like to play a trap or female, whichever you'd prefer! The premise can be pretty much anything, normal slice of life, fantasy, whatever. I want a ridiculously big dick and no limits on cum, the type of futa that's totally insatiable! Hehe, feel free to break me how you want really.
  18. Corrupted by a BioSuit (FxF/Futa) Two friends enter the dungeon seeking fame and fortune. Thanks to the dungeons traps and puzzles they are split up. Eventually one of the girls stumbles on a large locked chest. After finally breaking it open, all it contains is a set of light armor. Mostly looking like black leather. Looks awesome, why not try it on? It doesn't take long for the girl to realize the error of wearing just an outfit. It comes to life! FxFuta(s) Not much to say about this one. I will be playing a woman in this roleplay. She wants to be dominated by a futa (or two, or three, or four, or as many as we can get). The circumstances do not matter. Con, dubcon, noncon. Shoot me a message! Nympho-maniac Girlfriend A mostly sex based Roleplay. Ever just look at your man and go, "I want to fuck you now!" Well in this scenario we will play as a new couple where I discover you want it all the time. We have to find private (or not so private) places everywhere. Light Submissive Male Roleplay (MxF) The details aren't there yet. We can work on that later, but I've been very curious recently about being the submissive type. Ladies if you're interested, I want to try it. This is experimental and may run into road blocks when I find, I'm not into something. We will see though. Probably could be mixed with other ideas. Superhero x Super Hero/Villain WIP description. Depending on what you want I can play a hero or villain. The same can be said for you as well. I have an OC (hero) I have been working on for a long time (sadly no drawings of him yet). Usually I am all about Smut here on ED, but this one will probably have more story, given if I'm into the plot. Magic Controller Thanks to one, Yoko, I'm interested in this now. Ladies! Imagine if you had a device or power to do or change whatever you want about your significant other. In this roleplay you play as the Dominant and Nympho Girlfriend who gains the power or control to completely mess with me your boyfriend (or Siginificant other). Make me submissive, change my looks, change my sex, change almost anything. (Of course there are limits... just let ask.) A very Happy Couple This one is much more bland, but should be fun. This could range from a weekend a lone at home, an exotic vacation, or quietly fooling around. It all depends on what you'd like. I pick up a special package from the local pharmacy. Our sex lives have been healthy and happy, but we both longed for longer sessions. In this package were sexual enhancements and aphrodisiacs. They were meant to prolong and intensify every bit of a sexual encounter. We will have to take them about an hour before engaging, as it takes time for the effect to take affect, but once they do the sessions could last hours. It's going to be an amazing weekend/vacation/night out. At the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time What a beautiful evening; the stars are out in full presentation at these early morning hours. You wouldn't know as your headache and friend betrayal from earlier in the night force you to leave the party early. Your house is a bit away, but if you cut through the quiet industrial park you could be home much quicker. The quicker route is not always the best route. As you trudge alone and in your own world, wondering eyes catch a glimpse of you and set you as a target. Rape, BDSM, toys, name calling, etc. Will occur. A God among Humans In our modern world, gods live amongst humans. While they have cosmic abilities to shape the world around them as they please, they tend to live normal-ish lives. Most live in pure seclusion only to appear when earth needs it, but some interact with society on a daily basis. They do hide themselves amongst the crowds of humans. However that doesn't prevent manipulations from occurring. Our story will revolve around a young God named... Derek. Not really dramatic of a name, but it keeps him hidden in society. Like I mentioned Derek is a rather newer God; his very existence only forming a mere 25 years ago. He spent his younger years learning of the world around him and the power he weilds. After many years of isolation and hiding himself. Derek has intermixed with humans traveling to a university to find companionship. What he finds at this university depends on what is to come. Other ideas, but they are more intense and extreme.
  19. wolfmanification

    Trap roleplay

    Heya! I am a new member on both the website and the forum, and I gotta say, loving it already. I don’t wanna waste any time, so let me just cut to the chase: I am interested in roleplaying with a straight male (or someone who can confidently play a straight male) in a roleplay with me as the new “girl” in school. No one would know I am secretly a guy, and preferrably your character would be homophobic/unsure once they find out. I have a more specific prompt in mind, but go ahead and respond to this post if that sounds interesting and we can work out all the specifics together! Talk to you soon boys
  20. Shana Valentine

    Molding a new Drow Queen

    Thank you for spending some minutes of your time to read this post! One of my real life acquaintances introduced me to the incredibly deep lore of the Forgotten Realms, a Dungeon and Dragons' official roleplaying setting. Me, being the avid reader I am for everything not-useful, started to delve into this fantastic realm and swords, magic and heroism. This gave me a very lewd idea to satisfy my more submissive urges. You, my dear reader, are not required to know the DnD lore in the slightest in order to enjoy this private dream. ---- After defeating the evil queen of the subterranean Drows (aka Dark Elves), a great Wizard (can be female, male or anything in-between, you choose!) and a Rogue are splitting the great treasure. No one has idea the queen is dead yet, so our dear Wizard has the most brilliant idea. They cast a spell, turning the non-consensient Rogue (played by me) into a perfect copy of the old queen (You choose the new body type, since it will be your toy to play with), while enhancing themselves into a hyper-virile, fairly muscular and musky stud (or futa because, you know, magic). The plan is simple, yet effective: to destroy the soul and the mind of the new "queen", in order to force the Dark Elves to submit to their true destiny, aka being the sexy cumbuckets of the superior human race. We can discuss all the details, but I expect things to be really rough. I expect brutal mating presses, bone-breaking full nelsons, degrading racial slurs, punches, territory marking (cum or anything else, you choose). I expect to be fucked into a gold pile till my nose is bruised and I puke ultra-virile seed. I want to be put into a collar and forced to submit until I cum my brains just because my new human Master decided to spit on me. It will take a lot of training. But you can do it, can you? My only limit are guro and scat. Everything else is fair game. Even Loli stuff if you are into that body type. Bonus for every masculinity trope. Musky scent that can make women melt by just inhaling it, big balls, repeated impregnation... If you like we can do time-lapses, studying the long term degrading effects in being transformed into a Dark-Elven cocksock. If you have any other idea in mind, tell me. The more extreme, the better. Even if you are not interested in this, I hope your day will be great! Thanks for staying with me 'till now!
  21. The Undesirable

    My Desires~

    INTRO Hello there fellow Dreamers, I'm The Undesirable, also known as Desi! Thanks for taking the time to read this~ If you couldn't tell from the options I've selected, I like quite the wide variety of RPs, but please, allow me to elaborate! FAVORITE THEMES/KINKS So, I'm a lesbian IRL, and as such, my favorite pairings are between two women. And though I have a few truly depraved kinks listed, my favorites are definitely romance-themed. I write women-loving-women, though i don't mind playing a man or beast for the occasional dip into depravity. I will NOT play against a male character. Also, I'm poly. I have a wife, and we have a fiancee. So I obviously adore poly relationships in RPs, though it's not required. We are all very feminine, and while i find certain butch women very attractive, I definitely lean more towards femme-presenting females. Also, as long as I have something to work, I'm not terribly strict on post length. I typically write two or three medium paragraphs. As stated above, my favorite themes involve romance, though that's not to say it can't be rough and kinky romance. I can play anywhere from minimal or no smut, to simply fluffy smut fests. Below, I'll list a few plots and ideas I've had to give you a taste of my favorite stuff. PLOTS/GENRES/IDEAS Before I list my plots and ideas, keep on mind that this is a fraction of the ideas i had, and I'm very open to changing them to suit other genres such as cyberpunk, steam punk, fantasy, modern fantasy, etc etc. Also, I want to run through some basic themes I like. Adventuring partners: Exactly what it sounds like! Either world travelers or guild mates in a DnD world! Sex Work: Pretty straightforward. I really want to RP camgirls who love each other and simply enjoy filming each other. Slice of life: Simple meet-cutes and blushing, giggling girls falling for each other. Recovery: Feelings blossoming from one charavter helping another. Stardom: Celebs dating backstage or becoming smitten with fans.. And many more! Now, onto those plots! ____________________________________ Support Group: This one would be hella fluffy, maybe with some angst/drama. So, it go a couple of ways. It could either be a group of young LGBT individuals who have been kicked out of their homes/families after coming out, OR we could do something in high school where a gay transfer student is picked on, but befriend by a student who's either respected (popular) or feared (badass emo/goth). Short and simple. ____________________________________ Magic Camp: In a modern fantasy world, there exists a sort if rehabilitation camp for those who committed petty crimes with magic or who simply can't control their powers. There are activities and classes to help train and discipline the campers, as well as prizes that pit cabins against each other. We could have an entire cabin in a relationship, or situations where rival campers have a sexy back-and-forth. All kinds of possibilities here. ____________________________________ Business Deal: This one is really fun, and is usually set in a modern fantasy setting. But it involves a down-on-her luck artist happening across a pretty bakery owned by a sweet succubus, who's put off feeding to focus on her dream of having the bakery. The artist is instantly smitten with the succubus, finding her beauty inspiring, and starts flirting right away. The succubus ends up offering a deal. The artist can use the succubus (and any other lovely employees) as models, in return for the artist becoming the succubus's lover~ *CRAVING* ____________________________________ Companion: This is one I've been really wanting to do. Essentially, there's a new resort filled with all kinds of things to do and see, and whenever a single guest checks in, they are offered the chance t ok either be roomed with another single guest, or they're assigned a traveling companion to help alleviate boredom. ____________________________________ Idols: Obviously, this one is about a group of pop idols, one known for the PR making it look like they're dating. In doing cute, sapphic photo shoots, they find themselves really starting to feel like they're in a relationship. Conversely, a member of an idol group and a member if a rock band are seen together, just coincidentally meeting, but a tabloid runs a story of how they're dating. ____________________________________ -Owners- A few friends are living together in a nice apartment, all is well. Their neighbors, however, own a few slaves. In this world, magical creatures are bought and sold as slaves, that's just how it is. The neighbors, however, end up passing away in a car accident, and the slaves were simply going to be euthanized, as is custom. However, the friends decide to buy them from the state to save their lives, and decide to treat the poor things with all the love and care that they never received. ____________________________________ SUCCUBUS PLOTS These are loose plot starting points more than anything. I am happy to go very plot heavy or all the way to pure hot smut. I'm a hopeless romantic, so these can be made really sweet and fluffy, or just down and dirty. All plots can be discussed or changed, and I'll be happy to hear any plots you may have! Finally, keep in mind that these can be attempted for modern, fantasy, medieval, or sci-fi settings Also, I can play as either role in these, the succubus or the other party. ~You're Mine Now~ In this delightful tale, a struggling young mage attempts to summon a familiar in an attempt to make herself stronger, but somehow accidentally summons a very powerful succubus, who immediately "feeds" off the girl. Once done, she finds herself strangely connected to the mage due to the nature of the summoning spell. So, they make a deal. The mage gives the succubus a consistent source of sex, and the succubus splits the power she gains from it to make the mage stronger. We can go a few routes with this; it can be a sweet, fluffy, smutty Slice of Life story as the two genuinely fall for each other, the mage can use her new power to become a badass monster slayer with a succubus partner and wife, or perhaps the succubus uses her sweet little mage's body to gain favor with powerful queens. ~You're Mine Now~ |VARIANT| Similar to the first, but instead of it being a mage, it's a college age girl (or a pair of roommates) who summon the creature on accident with a ouija board. Like the first version of this story, the succubus feeds, but is attached fo the girl/girls, and decides to stay. The human would have to deal with the sudden realization that supernatural beings exist, but she would resolve to teach the succubus how to live in their world, and would show her the sweeter parts of being in a relationship with someone. VARIATION OF THIS VARIATION. In this version, the college girl is a new-but-popular camgirl, and takes a user Request to use a ouija board on Halloween. Surprise surprise, a gorgeous succubus is summoned, feeds, connected to the girl, yadda yadda yadda. To her surprise, her video with the succubus was believed to be incredibly well made, making her an overnight star in the porn world. I think you can see where I'm going with this. She and her new succubus partner not only make the hottest sex vids, but the demoness uses magic under the guise of CGI. Plus, her succubus gifts make it easy to seduce beautiful cheerleaders, gorgeous emo babes, and Milf teachers into joining in. ________ ~I Gift You with a Harem~ This one is a bit different. It involves a girl excited for her first date with a total beauty she'd met recently. After dinner and a movie, the woman reveals herself to be a succubus, and seduces the girl. I know what you're thinking, that this is the same. But wait, hear me out. The succubus actually dips in the morning! But, according to a text on her phone (or a literal note left if you want to go medieval fantasy), she learns that the succubus tainted her with sexual energy, and any other lady that shes attracted to will irrevocably fall very hard and very fast in love with her. The adorable snake-monster girl who lives across the road? New girlfriend! The soft spoken elf who works at the library that shes had a crush on? Neewwww girlfriend! This one will be verrryyyy fluffy. It can be kinky, sure, but it will involve consensual polygamy. There can be mild jealousy, but every girl who gets involved with the main character will also be attracted to the other women. _________ ~I Curse You with a Harem~ The flip side of the above story. In this one, the succubus takes the main character by force, and taints her with a sexual curse. Now, all manner of women and monster girls WILL have her body whether she wants them too or not. ______ ~Get Me out of Here~ In this tale, we have a succubus who has been made a sexual slave of a corrupt king. A palace worker (it can be a maid, a concubine, a female knight, spy, anything) finds herself revolted with the king's treatment of the poor creature, and plots an escape. This one must have at least minor plot, around 30% at the lowest. ____________________________________ BECKA RPs Ok, so before continuing, I have an old character who I just had commissioned, her name is Becka, and I just love her. I have many other characters, but she has a special place in my heart. Here she is. And I have plots specially formed for her, though I'm willing to use her anywhere! The Waitress Becka is a clumsy, adorable waitress at a pretty popular cafe/restaurant/resort. That's it. Your character will be yours, of course~ Will she be a kindhearted manager who simply asks her employee out? A dominant bitch customer who can tell Becky's in heat, and fucks her for the restaraunt to see? A fellow waitress who is just utterly smitten with the violet-eyed cheetah? Let's have fun~ ____________________ Best Friends Ok, so this ome definitely needs a lot of fluff. Basically, Becka and her best friend occasionally have benefits, mostly after her BFF breaks up with a guy, while Becka is absolutely in love with her. This is bare bones on purpose, let's brainstorm~ ____________________ The Resort Welcome to The Garden, the finest getaway on Gaia~ We have the finest Mana Spas, Crystal River kayaking, and Dragon-back safaris you could imagine! Also, we're well known for our consumer friendliness, and we offer our single guests to share Couple's Suites with one another at 75% cost~ Obviously, our girls would be two single guests at this fantastical resort~ ____________________ My Beautiful Slave Becka is a slave. Obviously. Captured and stolen from her people and forced into servitude. Who is your character? A lovely shield-maiden who raids the slavers and sets her free? Another slave? A lonely woman who simply wants a companion? ____________________ Sex Work Obviously, one of our characters is a sex worker. It could be a hesitant Becka as a new stripper with a loving client, a broken-hearted Becka in heat hiring an understanding prostitute. A cam-girl Becka could be manipulated into getting fucked on camera by a hacker who found her address. Ooooor a playful cam-girl seduces Becka into joining her. ____________________ Heat This one is both the smuttiest, and most open ended. Becka, for whatever reason, has a strange condition that makes her heat cycle almost permanent, and she has no clue what to do. We can work out basically any role for our characters, but I have some ideas I think would be fun. Her BFF could use Becka's condition to finally snag the cheetah for herself. A sweet nurse could offer to help the poor girl when she goes in for a diagnosis. A dominant wolf girl could out the big-cat catgirl in her place. These are all just possibilities, I'm open to anything! ____________________ Finally, here are some basic pairings that I don't have a set plot for ATM. Asterisks indicate cravings. Idol Group x Band *** (Would adore this in a poly RP~~~) Witches in same coven Rival Coven x Rival Coven ***** (Lots of love triangles would be fun Lesbian Host Club ***** Vampire x Slave(s) she rescues Fantasy Adventuring Partners/Entire Group Siren x Beautiful Pirate Ladies ***** Valkyrie x Demigoddess Amazon x Demigoddess Valkyrie x Amazon Lovely Tavern Babes x Customers Bartender x Customer Cheerleaders******** Anything with a succubus***** Camgirl x Cosplayer***** Camgirl x New Girlfriend****** Cosplayer x Cosplayer Emo girl x Cheerleader************ Emo girl x Bookworm***** Young teacher x Student Bullied girl x Prep Bullied girl x Hard goth************ New girl x Cheerleaders******* Antihero x Hero Antihero x Villain Hero x Villain Sex therapist x Clients****** ____________________ FANDOMS Obviously, these are some of the fandoms I like, though it's nowhere near all. Now, while I'd like to RP in these universes, either with a Canon character or OC, I'd be more than happy to use a Canon character as a simple faceclaim for use elsewhere, or even do a multiverse thing. And I'm totally down for genderbending. Again, asterisks indicate cravings. _______ SMASH BROS*************** ______ ANIME/CARTOONS Danmachi She-Ra Violet Evergarden Gamers Shield Hero Konosuba Anohana My Next Life as a Villainess My Hero Academia Naruto Danganronpa Last Airbender/LoK RWBY ___________ GAMES Overwatch Persona 5 League of Legends Final Fantasy Resident Evil Pokemon Cyberpunk Tomb Raider Halo Borderlands DnD League of Legends Diablo Detroit: Become Human Fallout Elder Scrolls Monster Hunter Red Dead Redemption Rainbow Six Vermintide Conan Exiles _______________ COMICS/CHARACTERS Teen Titans Justice League Avengers Dark Avengers Hack/Slash Crossed Harley Quinn Poison Ivy Spider-Gwen Silk X-Men Justice League Dark Young Justice Dark Avengers Zatanna Katie Bishop Ms. America _________ BOOKS Percy Jackson Harry Potter (Fuck JK Rowling) Fablehaven Eragon ___________ TV Victorious NCIS NCIS: LA Shake it Up Wizards of Waverly Place ________ FAVORITE KINKS These are my favorites to play. However, I'm willing to discuss anything I had listed under willing to play. Strap-ons. I fucking love them. Especially if they can fill my girl with a cream pie. I enjoy giving them blowjobs. I HIGHLY prefer this over futa Harems. Either having or playing as them. Polyamory. Give me a wife and girlfriend. Sex work. Film yourself fucking me. Body writing Nekos/Keno. I love girls with animal ears and tails. Sone furries are cool too. Messy sex. I'm fine with clean sex, but I LOVE messy, wet, slick sex. I love squirting, though only if its simply female ejaculation, not urine. Heavy emphasis on kissing. Breathplay. I understand not many people like this, I understand. But if you're comfortable, feel free to squeeze my character's throat. Or get your throat squeezed Cat-girl Vs Dog-Girl Passionate sex. Hair pulling, back scratching, screaming. I want to double down on hair pulling. I love that shit. Dirty talk. Tell me that you love fucking my pussy, cuss me out, call me a slut. Shower/bath/pool sex. Partially clothed sex. Free use. Exhibitionism Light to medium bondage/BDSM Food play. Fill me with whipped cream and eat me out. Leashes and collars. Alpha/Beta dynamic. _______ Alright, I think that clears it! I look forward to hearing from y'all
  22. CMMDR-Viper

    Scratching an itch

    Hello, im currently in the mood for some brutal gay smut! Which I’d like to play as the sub, usually I’m Dom but eh I like to switch sometimes. so if your interested or have any ideas ecchitext me and we can talk!
  23. I'm looking for someone who is willing to be a tentacle monster for me. ^^ I want to do a rough roleplay with things like in the tags.
  24. _euphoriaX

    Looking for a Dom Futa!

    I'm looking for someone willing to be a dominant Futa with multiple scenes. As in, like not sticking to one scenario, simply doing multiple we come up with! Most of the role plays I want to do deals with hardcore things!
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