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  1. Red

    Rwby MxF

    I want to do a roleplay with my OC character and any of the femal characters from RWBY. I am open to everything, I have no limits at all. My only real request is that you like feet, as that's my favourite thing during sex
  2. From the album: Sunny's Neko Collection

    © iesupa on Danbooru

  3. Sunstone

    Yang Xiao Long

    From the album: Sunny's Fandom Characters

    © NGDG on DeviantArt.

  4. RwbyFanBoy

    Seeking Rwby Harem

    Seeking a rwby rp that ultimately re-writes the canon, giving rise to a More Male Lead, with the Team Rwby being introduced to a male in the series that can actually hold his own. I require someone to play various girls from Rwby, I will handle any canon boys, plus my OC if required I do like using pictures in rp so thats always adored.
  5. lVergill

    fanfiction NBLA Ch. 2

    [Chapter 2] The Hero & Red Riding Hood The next day in the morning, I return to the same building to see a flying vehicle waiting for people to come and ride toward from what Ozpin told Beacon Academy. Ozpin gave me the necessary instructions to arrive to the orientation and so, I enter the flying contraption. After a while of waiting for others, the vehicle began to take off and flying to our destination. I look out at the window to see everything below which fascinates me with curiosity and joy at the wonderful view from this machine. The experience is cut short as people began talking in a weird screen about a man name Roman Torchwick wanted for something and it quickly into another subject relating to a group called the white fang. White fang?...Roman… I began thinking about those keywords to get something but nothing came to mind about neither the guy nor the group mention by the people from the screen. The screen made an abrupt pause and the image of a familiar woman came into view in the glass. "Hello, and welcome to Beacon." She greets. I am curious as to how she got here and possible use some kind of weird magic to appear inside of the glass. I couldn't figure it myself even with my power and I just look curious at the strange power from her. "My name is Glynda Goodwitch." Glynda introduced. Glynda…nothing comes to me, but at least I know her name. I ponder at the thought of my memories having no correlation with anything here which made me feel so alone in this world. "You are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future huntsman and huntress, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now, it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world." Glynda explain. The image of Glynda disappears from the glass as the students became excited from something outside which peek my interest. I look out of the window to see buildings below me and from afar; I could see a huge building near the cascade. My curiosity rose high as I lay eyes upon Beacon and I felt a bit happy to see it for some strange reason. I could hear two girls disgust by a young boy vomiting at something but my focus is on the academy itself. I notice other machines like this one flying together and carrying, even more, students like us. Are all of the students here, strong?... I became curious to see their power and what makes them so unique that they could attend such a place like me. The ship began to arrive to a drop point and slowly open the door so we can exit this vehicle. I left the vehicle as the familiar blond boy began to release his vomit in a nearby trash bin. I look at the school building with eager to find something relating to my joy but alas, no such sparks activate my memories. I glance around to find nothing worth analyzing except the fact this place is very large and very confusing for me to navigate. While I was thinking on my things, I could hear a commotion happening nearby with some girl but it soon ended peacefully as the red clothes girl strangely collapse. Wait, isn't she the girl from the flying machine? I clearly remember her with a blond girl but now she is alone in this place like me. Suddenly, I felt a small tap on me and I turn around to see a girl smiling at me. "Hi! The name is Aura Mist, nice to meet you, fellow peer." Aura happily introduced. I could see Aura raising her right arm toward me and expecting a good exchange as students of the same school. I respective shake her hand while I took a good look at this 5 ft. 4 in. cheerful girl. Aura has raven black hairs that reach her chin in a messy bob, with two long strands on either side of her face. She looks at me confused with her violet eyes at my silent and I release our hand. Her clothing consists of a violet short-sleeved blouse while underneath is a black V-neck pinafore with a pair of gray and white striped stockings. I could see a pair of black ankle boots with white cuff and pair of black fingerless gloves, also waist-length black capelet. She became uncomfortable by my silent and staring at her intensely so she nervously laughs while scratching her head. "Err….Do you want to see a trick?" Aura asks, trying to bring up a subject. Trick? I became curious at what trick she could do and I am hoping it is the ability to make yourself appear in the glass trick like Glynda did. I nod at her trick and she quickly smiles at my curiosity to see it. She sweeps her hand to reveal cards within her right hand suddenly appear and my eyes widen at the sudden appearance of those stacks of cards. I became focused on her as my eyes began to take necessary information while she continues with her magic trick. "Watch and be amaze with my magic trick, I will make this stack of cards change into a…." Aura trails off, as she twirls and smiling. I watch very carefully at her movement, hand patterns, aura, and semblance. Suddenly, I gasp as the deck of card disappear as she closes her right palm and she quickly opens it to reveal a bird flying away. Aura smile proudly at the magic trick and I applaud at the great talent she has but something felt odd about that trick. "Thank you! Thank you!" Aura happily bows. Hmmm…what was that a moment ago? When she closed her palm the item… I grab my cap as I began to think of the solution and how she manages to pull off such advanced trick without anything within her sleeves. As I think on the secret, I could hear another commotion happening behind me and I turn around to find a group talking with the girl. I could easily tell that those boys were up to no good and I also notice the guy from before starting next to her. "Hm? What's wrong? Do you know them?" Aura asks, curious. I listen to their conversation from afar as I took my dust crystals and began to focus on them for their exact movement, flaw, opening and weaknesses. "Are you new around here young lady? Why don't you come with up and we can show you around." The black hair boy smile. Wind…. "That's great! I was looking for a guide, come on Jaune." The girl happily said. "S-Sure." Jaune nervously reply. The heavy boy suddenly cut Jaune away from the girl and didn't want to include Jaune on their cooperation from the very beginning. Ice…. "We don't want you to bother us so get lost newbies." The slim guy angrily said. Water…. The last brown hair guy remains behind them and only looking out for them, like a support. I finally have the necessary information to make a plan by having one of my vajra hold a red dust crystal with a black crystal and the other one holding a yellow dust crystal with another black dust crystal. I made a quick pace toward the heavy guy and kick him into their group so those two can have some distance. I watch as the group groan and argue by their friend crushing them. "You little newbies! You pay for such disgrace!" the black hair boy exclaim. "Wow, hey!" I glance behind me to see Aura angry at my sudden behavior and probably didn't listen to their conversation like I did. "You can't start a fight mister, that's a bad start for a new student and trust me. I know." Aura protest. "I think your friend is helping us, you see the-" Jaune's words are interrupted as the slim guy made a dash toward us and slowly turning his body into water. The red girl suddenly pulls out her scythe to attack the guy with a slash but it did no effect to him. The guy's body is unaffected by a mere physical attack and she gasped at this find. "Hahahaha, you think you newbies can handle the real deal!" "What! That isn't fair." She gasps. As the slim guy celebrates on his semblance, I took this opportunities to throw my electric vajra toward him and causing some major damage as the shock forced him to return back to his previous state. The girl quickly follows up as she kicks him back toward the group and turns to me. "Nice one, and amazing! What are those things!" She asks, excited. I tilt my head in confusion as I shown my vajra to her and she quickly grabs it so she can examine it. I put my right hand on my chin to see her very happy to see my weapon and looking at every angle of it. "Wow, I have never seen this weapon before and! Eek! Are this dust crystal embedded in your weapon!" She happily exclaims. I nervously smile at this girl's excitement for weapons and I could see the group becoming angry for ignoring them while the slim guy is unconscious on the floor. The black hair boy glares at me for causing a lot of fuss and ruining their fun. "Let's go, newbie." He smirks. The boy with such confidence dash toward me in particular and I follow his lead while taking my vajra from her so we can end this in two blows. I notice the boy smirk while he uses his wind semblance to speed himself up and I was prepared for this as I foresaw this outcome. I could barely see him but even so, I could land one hit to him, we pass each other as I thrust my weapon and him punching his way. The damage hit my stomach which made me kneel down on the floor and I could hear the boy grunting at the fire damage. I glance behind me to see him glaring at me and then from behind him, Jaune nervously hit him with his shield. The boy faint from Jaune's attack which surprises him to see his own bravery in action. "I-I did it!? Err-I mean" Jaune cough, looking manly. "Of course! Don't worry ladies; Jaune is here to save the day." Jaune spoke, confidently. Aura laugh at Jaune and the red girl congratulate the young hero but meanwhile, the heavy guy took action. I felt step coming close to me which made me turn to see him rushing at me and I try to lift my body but couldn't from the early damage. I watch as the heavy guy extend his big right hand behind him while ice covering his entire arm so we could deliver a devastating right hook. I grunt as my body didn't respond and I didn't have more information from the wind guy. …. I slowly see his right hand coming close to my face until I felt light and move next to Aura. I look around confused by the sudden location transfer and I turn toward the guy hitting a pebble. Aura sighs. "That was close buddy, you should be more careful when fighting alone, but I am here to help you if such danger happen." Aura smile. What? She did that? I look at the heavy guy looking a bit nervous to see my sudden location and while the red girl smile at our advantage. The heavy boy didn't hesitate to retreat with the last guy and gather his fallen allies. I sigh at our victory with no casualties besides me and I lift myself up. Jaune and the red girl approach us to greet us. "That was amazing you two-Ah! My name is Ruby by the way, nice to meet you." Ruby smile. "Yeah, wish I could pull those amazing move but you know, I am the type of guy who delivery the last blow. The name is Jaune Arc." Jaune happily remark. "Aura, nice to meet you too. Although, I am worried about your strategy based on last hitting Jaune." Aura smile, while slightly worry for Jaune. Jaune became nervous as he fumbles with his strange shield and dropping it on the floor which he disappointing pick up. "W-Well! I am still learning the other stuff.." Jaune nervously answer. Ruby covers his mouth as she tries to hold her laughter but fail which made our little hero a bit embarrassed. "I remember you vomiting in the airship not too long ago, vomit boy." Ruby jokingly said. "Oh yeah! Well, I saw your face explode by dust and stuff, crater face." Jaune angrily reply. "Hey! That was clearly not my fault here mister!" Ruby angrily mentions. Jaune smile at Ruby's little accident which I didn't see, he gasps and turns to me with something in his mind. "I am so sorry; I didn't mean to skip your introduction. Like what my mom always says, good friends are like galaxies, you don't always see them, but you know they are there. Like you who appear from nowhere to help us." Jaune apologizes, and explain as he smiles. "Errr…I think you meant stars, good friends are like STARS not galaxies." Aura nervously smiles, as she scratches her cheek. "R-Really!? Ah…" Jaune sigh. "Now I understand why mom laughs at me every time I told her that." Jaune sadly reveals, as he hunches down depress. The girls laugh at Jaune's sad tale but quickly recover as he smiles at me and I remain silent at their intense gaze to find my name which I didn't have. Aura smiles at my quiet nature and turn to other to explain her version of my quietness. "It seems he isn't very talkative and I was trying to find out why.." Aura spoke, curious. "Is he shy?" Ruby asks. They turn to me which I shook my head to her questions and Jaune snap his finger at his next question. "Are you perhaps mute by any chance?" Jaune ask. I think for a second on that but I felt so confident that I don't lack such condition and so, I shook my head. "Then why stay quiet friend! Talk! I want to know about your weapons, you, and everything about you." Ruby cheers, excitedly. I still remain quiet regardless of their best effort to cheer me up to speak, but I felt something holding me back which I don't have control of it. Ruby sigh at my silent but she smiles as she extends her right arm to me and Jaune as well. "Well, I don't really mind it since you probably have your own reason to keep it a secret so! I can wait for that, silent boy." Ruby said, jokingly at the last part. "Me too, I am your friend now so count me on the waiting wagon." Jaune smile. I became speechless, or unable to think of my case since these three peoples have shown me kindness despite my rude matters as Glynda mention. A thinly smile appear in my face which I happily shake both of their hand and gathering three friends in total. Our little moment suddenly went away as Ruby scream at something and we turn to her. "We are going to be late for the ceremony!" Ruby scream, worry. Suddenly, she pauses and slowly turns to Jaune which he tilts his head at her growing smile appearing on her face. "Oh wait; we have Jaune as our guide. Phew! Here I thought we were going to miss the big ceremony happening..errr…somewhere." Ruby sigh, relief. "Wait! Huh!? Me!? I don't know where that place is-" "Actually, I know that place." Jaune stops as we all turn our attention to Aura raising her right arm proudly at her wise knowledge of this school's layout and event. Ruby is very happy with Aura and hugs her while Jaune sight at his chance for a hug from Ruby. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are a lifesaver. So, lead the way Aura and show us to the celebration. We can talk about each other on the way there." Ruby happily explains. "No problem, follow me, guys." Aura smile. Aura proudly marches in front of us while Ruby happily follows her lead and Jaune walk next to me ashamed. I notice Jaune leaning closer to me and about to say something very close so that the girls don't listen. "Hey, do you think I have a chance at getting a hug from a girl" Jaune whisper. Hmmm… I shrug at the odds of that happening since my power doesn't calculate that important factor and he looks down sad at my response. "Yeah, me neither.." Jaune sigh. [Chapter 2 End]
  6. lVergill

    fanfiction NBLA Ch. 1

    This the story about Nameless, and his journey with his team to fight against the Grimm while regaining his lost memories. Summary: The tale of an amnesia silent boy begin at Beacon Academy where Ozpin offers him the choice of becoming a huntsman and while also regain his lost memories he desires so much. [Chapter 1] Silent Boy [Glynda POV] I adjust with my glasses while I walk around in this barely lit room as the only light source is a bulb above us and lighting a young boy sitting near a table. I tap my right feet impatiently and a bit angry at this young man stubbornness to answer such simple question of mine. I sigh as I take another chance to the question and hoping for such little cooperation. I glance at the white-haired cap boy as his hairs reach his shoulder and his bangs covering his right eye. I notice him looking at me with his red eyes and difficult to see his expression change from his blank stare. His weird attire includes a black collar robe with red highlights and a white armor piece hanging from his left arm and black trousers with the same color scheme. This is a strange boy, but never the less; I must extract information from him before Ozpin shows up. "Tell me, what's your name young man?" I ask. The boy remains silent as he stared at me with a blank expression and not a slight tension from anywhere can be found. I became irritated by his state and rudeness of not answering the question. I sigh once more as I need to ask him even easier questions and hoping to get some response from him. "Where did Ozpin found you?" I ask, holding back my anger. Again, no answer from the silent boy and I quickly slam my riding crop into the table with anger as I glare at the unfazed boy. "At ease Glynda, he is just shy to new people." My glare turns to Ozpin as he casually enters the room and smile at my behavior which I cough to ignore such action took place here. "Shy you say? To me he doesn't look like the shy type from I can tell. Mute will be the precise word." I correct. He sighs as he walks to the boy with a smile like he always does and began speaking to him which caught his attention. "In any case, we can skip the interrogation now and focus on the little sparring I spoke with you, you remember right?" Ozpin ask. The boy quickly nods to his responsibilities which made him happy to see and me, a bit angry to see him getting some result from the boy. "That's good to hear, then shall we?" Ozpin ask. Ozpin glance at the door as he extends his right hand toward it and the boy began to get up. Ozpin took the lead as we follow him to the outside and wondering what this little sparring they mention. There is another young man standing outside and waiting for Ozpin as he waves at him. "So, are we ready? Is this the boy you want me to spar with?" He asks. "Yes, you both can start immediately while I and Glynda watch from the sideline. Good luck." Ozpin respond. Ozpin turns back to me as I cross my arm at this unexpected turn of event and meanwhile, the mute boy began standing on the opposite side of his opponent. "Care to explain this to me now, Ozpin? Why bring such a boy here, are you interested in him?" I ask, curious. He smiles as he watched the battle slowly starting as the huntsman smile with excitement and while the mute boy look unfit to battle compare to the other boys brought my Ozpin. "He's very unique from I can tell and I can tell from your expression alone that he may look unfit to battle this experienced veteran, aren't you?" Ozpin asks, smiling. I became a bit shock at his good guess but nevertheless, he spoke the truth and I will be honest with him about such conclusion. "Indeed, he lacks any proper composer, he doesn't keep his eyes on his opponent and I can see many opening right now. This boy lack not only combat experience, but also manners with his elders with his mute." I answer, coldly. Ozpin chuckles. "I thought so. " Ozpin smile. "To fill you in, I found this boy in the forest and I stumble on something special on that day." Ozpin mumble. "Something special? What do you mean by that?" I wonder. Ozpin concentrates on the subject as he looks up to remember but I notice him looking more confused when remembering such detail and becoming serious as he grips his cane. "I am referring to his semblance, although, even now I am not so sure if such thing I witness was a semblance." He spoke, serious. I remain quiet at his serious tone as I look at battle starting and Ozpin looking anticipate for this little sparring to begin. "Are you ready little guy? I will hold back so don't be scared of me nor my experience fighting Grimm." The Huntsman spoke. The mute boy finally turns to his direction and strangely kept his gaze firm on his opponent. I became a bit shock to see his eyes lock on the experience huntsman and Ozpin raise his hand to me. "Watch, it looks like he is doing it again for us to witness and I hope you have some opinion on this matter," Ozpin said. I concentrate all of my attention to the white hair boy as I see some new reactions coming from him. He closes his eyes for a moment and slowly opens them as he nods to himself which made his opponent confuse by this behavior. "Are you ready?" He asks, confuses. The boy took out his strange weapon and began to quickly fiddle with his weapon around the edges. "Oh, it has to be a while since I seeing a Vajra-user. It is nostalgic to see such complex weapon in action." Ozpin pleasantly said. "Vajra? I never seeing or heard such weapon before.." I mutter. The boy smiles proudly as he aims one if his vajra at the boy and it looks a bit different than what he showed first. The blades have now been changed into two ice dust crystal which made the huntsman nervous at the sight of this weapon, most specifically the ice dust crystal. I tilt my head in confusion at his reaction and Ozpin smile at my confusion as he glances at me. "You look confused, I allow me to fill you in. That Huntsman I brought in has the semblance to summon fire weapons of any variety you see." Ozpin explain. "Ah, now I understand his current reaction but what about it? You did tell him that, right?" I answer, unimpressed. "No, not a single word of his opponent I mention to him since I pick this student randomly from the many I had in mind for him. His semblance is strange and makes me very confusing to understand. This is the reason I brought him here, to see his potential in this fight." Ozpin clarify. I became a bit shock to see some profound potential on the rude one and became glued to the kid as I also became interested to see this battle to the end. [N/A POV] I dash at my opponent with a simple lunge attack and he easily avoids such predictable move like I expect it. He grits his teeth at my speed and I didn't let him breathe so easily since I spin my vajra on my right hand ready to attack. I throw my right vajra into his right arm which made contact and slowly freeze his arm. "What in the world-Oh, now I see what you trying to do." The boy confidently announces. He lifts his left hand to summon his fire hammer and began slamming it down into the small ice covering his arm. My eyes widen to see my opening as the ice need some good hit before it could crumble into mere pebbles. I ran after him to cause him to look at me which is a mistake I foresaw and I quickly hop into the air to deliver a roundhouse kick to his face directly. The boy body flew into the air for a bit before hitting a tree nearby and falling into the floor unconscious. I look down to see my vajra lose free from the boy's arm and I pick it up. I sigh at my power but I am not complaining of such easy task with my abilities. I approach Ozpin and that woman to hear what stuff they need me to do. "Well done, I have to be honest with you, I didn't expect this outcome at all and especially the timing," Ozpin said, clapping. "I guess you do have some potential after all but your manners could use some work." The woman smile, as she harshly comments. I glance behind me to see some people already helping the kid out and I was a bit worry for his safety since I did hit him directly into his blind spot. "Now that we seeing your potential, I have a favor I need to ask you," Ozpin announce. Favor? I tilt my head at this favor he speaks of since I don't have anything to offer for him. "I want you to enter beacon academy so I can watch your progress from there," Ozpin spoke. "What!" the woman asks, shockingly. I couldn't understand the meaning behind me being such thing and I don't have any memories to help me with such decision. I think on it hard since I barely woke up into this place and found by Ozpin in the woods to see my power. The more I thought of it, the more I realize I have nothing to go back to and this will help me in some way while I try to gather my memories. My decision is clear; I nod to Ozpin's favor which made him happy to see and the woman not very happy. "Excellent, your orientation should start tomorrow morning so rest up for today. Tomorrow will be a long day for you…err.." Ozpin said, struggling. Ozpin began thinking about something which made him difficult to finish his sentence and somehow, I knew the problem. Ozpin smile as he snaps his finger at an idea he has on his mind. "Since you don't have a name right now, I should call you Nameless from this point on," Ozpin spoke. "Is that a good name to give him?" the woman asks. I smile at my name given by the first person I encounter in this world and I will gladly take such name for me. The woman sight at my response to that name and tomorrow will start my long journey of living in this school they mention. [Chapter 1 End]
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    From the album: Vergil's Role Playing Characters

    Nameless, The Grimm has join Ecchidreams!
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    Neo is my favourite character by far and I love her ass in this pic
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    I love how sassy Yang is and enjoy rping her a lot
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