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  1. Greetings! ...again! This won't necessarily be a collection of specific ideas so much as vague concepts and the different manner in which they can be executed. I like the idea of starting with some simple seeds and then building the concept with my potential partner. If anyone wants to comment here feel free, though a message would be preferable. For more information you can check my preferences, or for some writing samples check out my short stories. Warriors That Bang: Settings where our characters are generally warriors of a sort in a smutty, sexually charged world. A potential setting is a post-apocalyptic Monster Hunter style world where everyone is separated into walled off fortress cities, scouts and hunters exploring the surrounding territories in order to hunt, scavenge, and perhaps even get in touch with other settlements. This could be a fantasy style with massive swords and spears, or sci-fi Anthem style with people in Mechs, and so on. An alternative is a sci-fi gladiatorial world in a universe where everyone undergoes a medical procedure to make them sterile, thus allowing for more rampant sexual interaction until a couple decide they're interested in child-rearing and thus reverse the procedure. Our story would take place during a tournament on a water-covered resort planet, where social media personalities and reporters sleep with the fighters on live stream after an interview, sponsorship deals are made above and under the table, and heavy duty brawls are on display for the wealthy vacationers while the locals work overtime. In my preferences I gave an idea of a universe filled with sorceress women whose magic has made them the dominant rulers of a world, yet relies on the life energy of a man's seed in order to fuel their spells. I imagine a lot of disputes are handled by pitting their male warriors against each other for sport, perhaps even betting their champions and trading them like one might trade baseball cards. Another universe that could be filled with hazards of monstrous proportions, or even build towards a war. Sailing Across a Sea of Stars: Earth has launched a series of seed ships into the galaxy in hopes of terraforming and colonizing other planets. However, it turns out humans are infertile during hyper space transit. Though this knowledge is known by all taking part in these expeditions, they are unaware that the united governments of Earth have secretly slipped small, hard to trace doses of aphrodisiac in the life support systems of the space faring vessels. The intent is to remove all inhibitions built from Earth living, ensuring that the citizens will be more than willing to reproduce upon landing on a new planet. This story would take place during the transit in space as our characters are feeling particularly libidinous and eager, prior concepts of monogamy and restraint breaking down. A crew of smugglers suddenly discover that they've been charged with transporting three human women, each genetically modified to be particularly lusty sex slaves. Unable to finish the delivery, the captain decides to instead flee with the women, uncertain what it is he'll do now that the Intergalactic Collective of Inner Planets and his original employer both chasing him down. Perhaps the women have memories of their old lives and thus leave them conflicted with their desire to service the crew, or maybe they've lost their original memories. Isekai: I like the concept of a typical "trapped in a game world" setting, but where the heroes are uninterested in chasing down how they got stuck there. Instead, they're just having a blast living in a video game, with the additional benefits of everyone's avatars looking supremely sexy and discovering just how much they experience the world's physical sensations. Perhaps a few women decide to gather themselves a brothel within the game world, or maybe the characters all had prior experience having cybersex and engaging in erotic roleplay within their guild and have now been sucked in. On the other hand, games like Caligula Effect or the anime Expelled From Paradise have inspired a different sort of digital imprisonment, the protagonists unaware they've been locked away into a world intended to appeal as a utopia. A school where every student is a senior and sex between students is rampant, but no one questions it as, within the universe, it feels natural. Though they're all rendered as students, they have a variety of different real-world backgrounds where many may even be adults. Do our protagonists begin to realize they're trapped in a fake world? Do they even yearn to escape? Eroge Style: A bit more simple. A plot similar to an eroge, such as a College drop-out being sent to his Uncle's small rustic inn to work for the summer, only to find himself in some way sexually engaged with every female employee (who is also sexually active with nearly every other male staff member). Make it an inn filled with cat girls or succubi for good measure to give it a bit of an exotic flair. Cyberpunk: A clean, Mirror's Edge style sci-fi setting where everything is pristine and pure... except for those roller-blading, spray-painting punks drawing dicks on all the immaculate corporate architecture. In this world the young adults have abandoned College, and while the prim and proper of society turn up their noses towards sexual expression these young men and women embrace it. One man might have a social media challenge to stream himself receiving one blowjob a day from a different girl, while this woman allows her followers to vote for which upper class neighborhood she'll roller blade through naked. Underground clubs and arcades are home to their gatherings, dances, and sexual escapades. ... I think that should cover it for now. If any of these seeds interest you let me know, or if you think I'd be interested in any of your own ideas send me a message. I'd love to hear from you.
  2. Based off of FNAF and Night at the Museum; Women Characters Only <New Job posting!> Full time position at City Museum. Night 'Curator'. What a wonderful opportunity ladies! Who would be interested in such an opportunity to be a 'curator'... at night... Isn't the museum closed at night? Yes, so its a fools way of tricking young women into such a lowly job. [[However unknown to you, the applicant, is that the museum is cursed. At night everything comes to life, but I wouldn't want to be a woman in there. Everything, and I mean everything is horny. The board of directors is aware of all of this and a deal was struck to keep the the exhibits in check. If they can find a (or more) female tribute to be there at night, then all exhibits will return rightfully to their places before the sun rises. Of course everyone expects the new hire(s) to quit immediately after the first night so don't be surprised to be locked up and bound every single day afterwards.]] Ecchitext me to apply or to inquire about further details. Enjoy!
  3. Hello there. I have some free time to roleplay so I thought I would make a post. Here is the plot I have thought of: 1. Failed Mission In the year 2032, the Second International Space Station that orbits Callisto sent a distress signal to Earth. At first it seemed like an accident, but that hypothesis was soon reconsidered once the station could be watched partially exploding on the outside with all of it's communication, fuel and electronic parts scattering in space and being drawn in by Callisto. This blew up in media. After a month of conspiracies of what could cause such destruction, NASA officially launched a campaign to send a well trained military squad that could withstand the harshness of space and could start a repairing process of the station once the original cause of its let down is destroyed or secured. In 2035, NASA's hard work had finally paid off. With the military squad they had assembled they sent it to a long but speed efficient journey to the station. With the advanced technology NASA had it only took 3 months to get to the station. The squad boarded off their ship and embraced the mission. But what they didn't see coming was horrible. In less than a day, the squad was wiped out by aggressive carnivore alien species. Black armored skin, most of them taller than 7 feet, wide flexible jaws with sharp shark teeth. Blind, and they only rely on sound or advanced Thermoception. Sharp claws that can tear through armor and long pointy tails with scales that can pierce and tear through like chainsaws. They have extreme climbing abilities and are fast. Their intelligence is extremely developed too and they can communicate with one another. Now there is only one left from the squad, a 6'6 tall and 25 years old man named Clarence. With broken armor and weaponry, the only thing he has is his training, eyes and ears and a basic wrench. His new mission is: to escape the horrors of this station. ----------------------‐---------------------------------------- Setting: Sci-fi, Space, Modern Playable characters: Human, Alien Species RP: Yes ERP: Possible Duration: Probably long Playable Character Genders: Male, Female, Hermaphrodite. (You can play as a female or male alien if you want, you're not forced to be one of these) -------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's it. We can make edit or add changes to the plot if you wish ^^ Make sure to check my preferences in my profile so that we can work something out. If you couldn't tell, this is heavily inspired by the game Alien: Isolation. I hope I can hear from some of you soon. Have a nice day ^^
  4. This is a bit of a niche request, but I need to satisfy this craving I have. Basically I want to RP a story between a Hero and a Villain, from when they both start as two clumsy dorks, to actual fearful arch enemies. My character will be an evil scientist (Trans or Cis Male), which can either be made on the spot or I can use one of my own OCs. Your character can be pretty much any type of hero. I don't have many ideas as to why my baddy becomes evil, but one idea I gathered was that he stumbled upon a machine that drove him mad ever since he found it when he was young. The world can also be hero-centered or similar to real life, where Heroes are only seen as fictional. This can start in any way you desire, but the ending is...well...fixed. Ya see, I made this prompt for the ending, specifically. I am a sucker for final battles between bad guy and good guy, especially the ones where right before the hero wins, the baddie pulls out his last resort. His plan B. Which often is a syringe to permanently or temporarily transform themselves into a hideous beast and try to crush the hero. This can either end well for the baddie, or well for the hero, or neither die and they both are reminded of their past as good friends. The two have a favorite song they shared since childhood! Sad stuff. There can be long dialogues between scenes/fights, and even lots of flashbacks! I love those a LOT, especially if they show the chemistry between the two. If you don't want to waste time for a backstory, we can simply begin the RP with the 'ending'. It can be angsty, it can be dramatic, but it's definitely going to be badass. No Canon characters, please. Only Original Characters!
  5. He wanted to vomit. Red lights circled and cyclically illuminated the brave face Harry tried to put on. Tight lips and a scrunched face gave him away, though. He hated shuttles. The craft yawed and the restraints holding his precious crates and equipment audibly strained against the force pressuring them. His hand shot to the side in the cramped quarters, trying to steady his gear. His head would roll through a bureaucratic guillotine if he lost a single piece of equipment on this expedition. The shuttle shook and rumbled in a disquieting display of piloting as it descended through the atmosphere. He regretted not listening to the quartermaster on the station. He told had told him it would be an iffy way down and that he should get a second trip for the gear. Grant money only goes so far, though. He thought he could be stingy. That, and that the guy might be hustling him. A heave bubbled up from his gut and he willed it back down as the ship yawed again. He hated shuttles. He almost regretted calling in nearly every favor he had to get this expedition approved. He smirked through the unease. Almost. This was going to make his career. He'd managed to keep the prospectors story a secret, even from the committees and board of directors. It had taken him a fair chunk of his savings, but he'd managed to keep the old survey pilots tales of a monolith in the middle of the Highwoods of Territh Beta under wraps with an incentivizing bribe. He hadn't bought eternal silence, of course, but a head start was all he needed. The ship rolled again and his breakfast poked at his throat. Damn station vendors. Why did streetfood have to be so good? He gripped the hand bars and sighed. It wouldn't be too much longer, only a few minutes they said. He looked up to his grad student. He almost envied them. He missed living under the illusion everyone above him knew what the hell they were doing. They probably had a rough idea this operation wasn't all it seemed to be, but that's why he picked them. He smiled reassuringly to them. "Rim pilots. Gotta love em, right?"
  6. World News Publishing Public Service Report: Desperate for Love? Having no luck in the dating game? Tired of all the mixed signals and "romance"? Of course you are! Who wouldn't be! I have news for you, our company has new listings of Mail Order brides for you Today! Skip the games, leave it to the young kids. In just one simple order you can be put in contact with these lovely ladies. They're desperate for love, and are all perfect wife material you can take home to the parents! We'll even write you a "how we met" story so you don't have to lie to them. They're here, they want you, why not give true love a chance? From over 7,000 Miles. Take a look at some of our recent wives to be: Honoka Ryo, 21 Don't let her young appearance fool you, Honoka is a university graduate from Zheng Zhou University where she studied Nursing. Ryo is a native Chinese girl with strong family oriented values. She puts her family first which is why she's chosen to leave China to expand her family's horizons. There is certainly no further implications of her actions other than strong traditional goals. Did we mention she's cute as a button? Valykri Yahontov, 22 Hailing from the Motherland of Russia, Valykri is a darling who prioritizes her partner first. Her focus has always been providing for her partner and local community. Just look at her squat, simply elegant. Her involvement with local politics has always brought happiness to her family. She makes an excellent Bliny(Crepe). Yoko Mio, 19 Back to the more promising of our ladies, Yoko is a South Korean girl who has mastered the kitchen and can cook any meal her partner could possibly want. Her small size, and big heart are sure to warm any house she cares for. Why not give an innocent traveler a chance? Look at those darling eyes. Such innocence. Athena Alanis, 21 A Greek girl with a passion for nature and the outdoors. She loves sports and was a gymnast in school. Having finished her studies on Family Psychology she's rearing to rear one of her own. Her inquisitive open heart holds no secrets. She's the kind of vault you can lock your own mysteries away in and never fear their release. Sophia Jones, 24 A participant who actually went out of her way to be as involved in the mail order process as possible, Sophia is a girl from the United States who? She, well. She's definitely interesting. We weren't accounting on her at all. Why don't we just let her explain in her own words. "My name is Sophia, I'm looking into this program because I really am desperate for love. You see I lost my legs from the thigh down in a car accident when I was a teen. I've learned to handle it well and I get by extremely well in my everyday life. I'm not a hindrance, I swear. I use prosthetic, wheel chairs, and canes to get around. I'm very active, I exercise daily and keep myself in good shape! I'll be a good wife if you'll give me the chance, I can cook, clean, sew, and I have a 4 year degree in Mechanical Physics. Please give me a chance! I'd love to love you. " Well that's her word not ours. Petra Jones, 21 Petra is our last member of this group. She's a thoroughly submissive girl who loves government and law enforcement. She is in no way a vandal or problem maker. Don't mind the tattoos and piercings, they're all for a stage show, yeah an act. She's an actor. Petra will be a nice wife, just make sure to always feed her the vitamins she needs daily that were included in her package. Good luck ace! This Concludes our local listing, please give any one of our excellent ladies a try, if you're disappointed with their performance, we have a no return policy you can make sure to take full advantage of! Have a nice day give us a call at 777-this number-is-fake-555 or text This isn't a scam to 777-wife for a text alert about new participants! (Disclaimer! I in no way encourage this kind of treatment of anybody. I find the idea of Mail Order Brides to be Archaic and grossly inappropriate towards women and their rights. Patriarchy enforcing stereotypes and behaviors in women to negative detriment. This is for the sake of a story I'd like to tell with some partners, and I'd like to explore what that negative phenomena was like in a neo dystopian future. So please, this is just a curiosity of mine. Thank you for reading this first.) (Further Disclaimer, Sophia is no way meant to make light of paraplegic people nor their struggles. I hope she represents them instead and prejudices some people might have towards them. I love her.) Okay, that's enough of that. For real though this is a kinda complex one. If you've made it this far you must be at least casually interested in it. If you picked up on something fishy it's on purpose. All of these cuties have been shipped off to remove them from causing "trouble" in their home countries. Except for Sophia. She's just a sweetie. The setting I have in mind is a near-future dystopia where government societies have cracked down on the local populace to great detriment of their personal freedoms. These girls just so happen to be ones involved in either over throwing the established order, or causing trouble in their local communities. Because of their actions they've all been drugged up, and "removed" from their own cultures in an attempt to "correct" their behavior to more traditional drone attitudes. The only exception as I said before is Sophia who is legitimately seeking love. Allow me to give a brief introduction to each of them for what they're really "in for.": Each girl has their own stories from different places, Honoka Ryo-A spy for a local insurgency she infiltrated a school in an attempt to stop a cloning program that copied people but programmed them to follow orders. Valykri Yahontov-A local activist that stood up to a local politician who was going to destroy the last cathedral in Neo-Moscow. Yoko Mio-Caught trying to cross the border to safety she has been tagged as a dangerous citizen wanting to travel the world. Something illegal in this dystopian culture without government approval. Athena Alanis-Athena is actually a spy for the Neo-Greek Government. Her interests are in mimicking other cultures and their behaviors. Petra Jones-A violent activists involved in the Dallas Riots, she was caught trying to throw a Molotov into an abandoned government building. Although her actions wouldn't have led to death, she is in dire needs of "reprogramming" her pills suppress her behavior and memories making her a complacent partner. All of these characters have stories, and I'm really interested in telling them as well as a overarching Science Fiction story. I'd like to give each of them a try. The story doesn't have to be extremely long, but they're stories that can be as long as we'd like. For the stories I'd consider them adventure, sci-fi, and romance. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I generally write smut But i'm interested in trying something new. If you're into it there could totally be dystopian smut as well. I'm always down for ERP. But that's not the focus of this story. I'd love to give this story a try, I'll GM it, I just need someone to tell it with me. Thanks for reading this book, Message me if you're interested!
  7. vindiction

    Spicy RP with Smut

    Hey everyone. Looking for some new roleplays. 4-5 maximum partners. Would like it to be well-written and tasteful, but sexy and hot. Steamy. I would like to play as a female. I'm open to adapting to other roles, but my primary character is generally a straight female. Story ideas: - Kidnapping (DDLG or Master/Slave with Stockholm Syndrome) - Competitive (eg. Monster hunter x Monster) - Romantic (FxM with kinks that may be implemented) My characters include a female knight, a selkie, and a faery. For DDLG, just ask. ^^ Please comment here if you are interested. I'll send you a private message and we can RP once we know we are compatible. Thanks!
  8. SoraKitty

    Game Over

    A slow, quite beeping wakes me up. I could hear it in the back of my mind and by the time I could consciously recognise it, my eyes where open. I’m staring up at an immaculate glass surface that reflects my own image. A light, vaporous mist surrounds me but I can clearly see and feel the tight blue sleeping suit that clings to my body. I can make out the green of my eyes, the purple dye in my hair and my pale skin that contrasts with the grey of my sleeping pod. I start to remember where I am and whats going on, at the same time I start to stretch my body in the confines of the pod. That beeping still rings in my ear every few seconds and my eyes widen as I turn to see a small, flashing red light down by my legs. The pod begins to open, painfully slowly, and reveal my surroundings. The familiar sight of the stasis room as been changed, corrupted in way I can’t understand. The air is heavy, with some kind of purple haze floating around it that cases my skin to tingle. The once bright fluorescent lights are now dim and flickering, illuminating the room before me. Strange slime coats almost every surface, building up into strange objects all around the room, staining the once white walls a dark green. I can hear a constant wet, sliding and slapping sound from every direction. Strange appendages slide up the walls and across the floor, the mere sight of which causes my skin to crawl. I have to get out of here. ____________________________ Hello Everyone! So today I watched the movie Event Horizon for about the 100th time and it gave me a lot of naughty ideas. I could write a lot more but I’d prefer to explore this story with other dirty minds. I’m mixing a lot of sci-fi alien horror cliches into one erotic story of a girl trapped on a ship thats been taken over by *something*. Or somethings. It uses human women to breed and to feed off them. Think along the lines of any hentai alien creature, points if you know the artist Ishimura! I love to play myself because of course I love to imagine all these things happening to me. I have dyed purple hair, 5'6, 34C, green eyes, pale skin and I'm skinny/athletic.I'll start off wearing your typical skin tight space suit, think Samus. My kinks include: Legs/Feet, stockings, socks etc, getting dirty/messy, much older men/women, all kinds of bdsm, pet play, non con, bad endings, body stockings, harnesses, mind control, stalking, corruption and many more.
  9. With far on the future. At a time of space travel. A local space station just another number in a series of many stations floating across the galaxy or orbiting planets. A crew of varied beings would be disembarked from their ship a Corvette known as "dark faith" to gather personal supplies. The captain a man named Sturm squinted softly as they walked the halls of the market place belonging to said space station. The man was 6 feet with a slight bulk to himself. Black hair pulled back with a five o'clock shadow. "Remember. Grab what we came for. Any spare recommendations and we need to set off for the spathi home planet. " The rest of the crew being of a krogan. Lycan. Female human. And arachnoid nodded. Dispersing themselves to get busy as Sturm never was one to enjoy waiting.
  10. "Starting up. . . Just for you!" Her computer said. It was strange, really. That computers became so advanced, that they developed emotions for their owners. The girl had ordered a new computer for work. But, she'd only end up getting distracted by the computer's sweet remarks and kind words. The computer she had bought could move it's own wires like hands, talk with her when she got lonely, and helped her with work when she wasn't caught up with talking to it in the first place. She'd come to love this computer, since it showed more emotion than regular people did. Whenever she got down, the little computer would help her get back up. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hello! I've thought about this idea for a while now, and I thought it was really cute! For this roleplay, I'm hoping to get someone to fill in the girl role, and I'd love for this to be a super cute and sweet roleplay with a lot of expression! As I've said, expression is one of my favorite things in roleplay. Having lots of emotion through text and things like that. This can also be a nice wholesome roleplay too, if you don't feel like doing smut and just want a sweet roleplay. But whatever you choose is okay! If you're interested, please EcchiText me~
  11. The-Silver-Waifu

    Story time

    Hi guys it's time for another rambly roleplay idea, this time we're going sci-fi! So i had a... phase as while back where i Really liked androids. I made a bunch of these all that once and never really got to play any of them! Drifter In the not so distant future humanity faces it's end on planet earth, With this stark knowledge several nations pool their resources and in an attempt to ensure humanities survival they looked to the stars. operation Unimir was launched, and massive industrial effort on the scale the countries likely hadn't seen since the 20th century. Unimir had two goals. the colonization of the moon, and the transport of as many lives as possible. Despite the best intentions, the plans stuttered and stalled, getting bogged down in bureaucracy and ethics. Once general public's learned of their fate it was tough for many nations to maintain order. in an effort to appease the people many of the surviving governments agreed to focus on the building of the transports. and the terraforming project was left crucially under developed. By the scheduled launch date of the first expedition of the nine members only five remained in the project and only two had finished their preparation for the first wave. never the less the first wave was launched a total of 164 men and women, mostly engineers and scientists were now heading towards Jupiter. Your ship would never make to the rendezvous. tragically being knocked off course just days into the voyage it meandered aimlessly, much of the hastily built programs failing the crew were locked into cryo sleep. with no way to wake up and completely unaware of their surroundings. there in the hollow solitude of space you slept. for what turned out to be decades, continuing to drift ever further off course. In the coming decades the sister ship has successfully landed on the moon and prepared the colony to the best of their abilities. Despite it's nature the Ai in charge of the ship worked tirelessly to get back on track, fixing most internal problems it was able to plot a course back to the original rendezvous. now working on archaic systems and having depleted most of the boron rods used for the fission reactor. the Ai made a dreadful choice. one by one it shut down the life support systems of those in the cryo tubes. starting with the least likely to survive and least crucial. But now by some miracle the TSS Tesla (Tm) Endevour after more than seventy years adrift had landed in the docking bay of New Cymry (Wales) Life had actually been fairly decadent in the colony, with none of the ferry ships ever arriving from earth, the colony had more than enough supplies to survive, able to become entirely self sufficient and even thrive to some extent. the population of the colony was still only around 100 people. The colony was a buzz with the news of the ship, but the horror of the ships grizzly fate quickly unraveled in the hanger bay. where a crew paw over the living tomb. you were the last surviving member of the crew on board the Endevour. and were quickly brought to the infirmary to be revived. (this is where we start) SO you wake up from your coma, to be greeted by me the colonies finest, doctor. I've been instructed to give you a full medical following your return to consciousness. you've never seen an android even close to this sophisticated and frankly adorable. with you're body pulsing with wake up stimulants and this cute android getting all close and touchy feely, you just cant help but lose control. Ahh it's done, well let me know if you like it, thank you for reading. I'll probably be posting a few more android or robot related ones next but with my schedule i need to stress that i'm unlikely to be taking any on right now.
  12. Adverse


    The basic idea - A few years back, gene splicing with other species was approved for the public, at it's own risk, and quickly became the newest trend to sweep the globe. Business owners were doing it, the rich, even celebrities, rather than plastic surgery, they spliced their DNA with that of another species to change, take on traits of the species or become something else entirely, ranging from cat ears (particularly popular) to looking like a hyena that can walk upright. It was risky, and I didn't understand much of it, but at the same time I did see the allure. It was something out of a sci-fi novel and the desire to become something more than ordinary was every human's desire deep down, this procedure finally gave them a way to do it, if they had the money or practically surrendered their body for research in exchange for it. I was always attracted to my boss. She was the branch manager at the programming company I was employed by. The job was mundane and I would often struggle to stay awake during each shift no matter how much caffine pumped through my bloodstream, but watching her (closely, at that. I'm a sick man.) walk through the office always seemed to give me a little more pep. She didn't really ever look like she needed surgery, she was shapely and beautiful as it was and men would die at her feet, but... She announced she would be out for a few days. When she returned... It was definitely still her, I could tell as she paraded her new looks around the office, she cut her hair in a flattering style to match her canine ears, her skin was naturally darker and she had a tail that flicked back and forth behind her short skirt. She was certainly proud and, despite my reluctance to be open minded about splicing, I was even more enraptured than normal... It seemed that with her new looks also came enhanced senses, like that of a dog. She could smell coffee before it started brewing, a few employees got busted for hiding liquor in their thermos and she heard every snide remark I would make, her hearing was in fact so sharp that I was sure she could hear my thoughts if she really wanted to... Though, I was sure I would be fired if she could... - This is an idea. Not set in stone. Various plots will happen with this, the core concept would remain the same. If you have role played with me or know almost anything about me, you know that I don't always like to be good to my characters. If I am ever nice to them, it's rare that I let them stay happy long. Why? Because that's life. This role play is meant to extend beyond humanity's perversion and fascination with the sexually taboo, while also exploring it. This is a role play that I wanted to do as the characters living in a mirror of our failures, our shortcomings and our imperfections and our quest for what we view as beautiful or perfect. Also, though, I wanted to, later in the story, explore how humanity's limitless perversion of nature and desire to push things they shouldn't have touched in the first place will, eventually, be it's undoing. I got the idea when I saw the two images and make a connection of how similar they looked, and then immediately recalled the future in Batman Beyond, where "splicing" is a thing and turns people into beasts, hybrids of human and animal. This idea is going to be a little more precise and controlled than that, but that's where the basic idea was derived. However, the science was thought to be exact. It wasn't. Eventually, not in all "Splicers", but in some, the more modification the higher the risk, their genetic coding, not meant to be infused with that of another animal, eventually begins to break down. They get sick, weak, and eventually go feral and begin to attack. This will open the doors for protestors, discrimination and fear of splicers from normal people. I love dark themes and drama, I love things going wrong and while there's plenty of room for sex (which could get weird, who knows?), there's more I want to do with this.
  13. Andromeda One Station (NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech) In a neutral zone on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy, in the darkness of space, lies a Space Station. This is the Andromeda One Station, in the system of Churchill's Legacy. Within the same solar system as the station is a jump gate that links to the Milky Way Galaxy, and Earth. On the station, Merchants come from all over both Galaxies for a chance to trade with other races. This station is run by humans, but is home to hundreds of alien species that are there for trade. Not only does it serve as a place of commerce, it is also a platform for Diplomatic parties of various species to come and speak to one another in a neutral part of space, as fighting and wars are not allowed to occur. The station is heavily armed to oppose any violent ships intent on war. Here you can create your own race, with their own culture and rules. Have them come to the station to trade or negotiate with others. How could it ever go bad? Skill level: Expert Relevant links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail, and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, non-Epsian/UFF species will not be allowed to wander onto the property/territory of Epsian/UFF species without permission. If a character attempts to trespass, they will be met with potentially lethal hostility. The exceptions being The Wet Hole, and Jen’starrs Bar and Restaurant, as these serve customers on the Andromeda Station. Anyone is able to create their own species, and have them have their own planet/territory in space as well as an ambassador. However it will require a very detailed extra information before it can be added to the list of related extra information.
  14. RP name: Welcome to Eterea Genre: fantasy, supernatural In a world of hybrids, inhabited by people who don't look entirely human, division and segregation appear to be the only tools to avoid constant war. Predators, also known as the Eaters, and prey, or Peacekeepers, live in separate, autonomous communities. But law has its exceptions and that exception is Eterea, the city where Eaters and Peacekeepers may live together, rely on fruitful commercial co-operation and share a common culture in a lively environment. That of Eterea is a beautiful yet fragile harmony, as it is granted by the loop, a collar that Eaters who wish to live in the city must wear. The loop represses their predatory instinct through electric shocks that activate whenever they get the urge to hunt, that way they wont attack a Peacekeeper. Very few Eaters are allowed to live in Eterea without wearing a loop, it's the ones who have passed the ERA, an expensive program through which Eaters are trained to fully control their hunger for flesh. My character, a male alligator-hybrid, has left behind his previous life in a community of Eaters, looking for better luck and has recently moved to Eterea. After getting accustomed to his loop, he has found himself a job he can pay a rent with and he begins his new life. Your character, a Peacekeeper, becomes part of that new life when they meet. After that anything can happen.
  15. This is set in a Sci-fi setting, it's not going to be super super sci-fi but it's rather steam punk one could say, my character, is actually not just one but two, his real body and the actual person he is exists in a completely different place in the world, he was the founder and creator of "Mechanical" an entity that can be used to manipulate machinery and raw materials to form into whatever they want but once formed can't change. But the usually has his other body, that does the talking and presenting for him, there's a huge bounty on his head of course since he's source of all money and power in this world that I've set. You as the other main character, you have climbed the high ranks of my company already and are at the top yet you know even the littlest of me, some curiosity kicks into you to find me, and when you do, that's when the "Condundrum" happens, now this can open up all the avenues to your kinks, let's say you like a bit of unrealistic stuff, we got something for that, just remember, everything will have a steam punk aesthetic to it for the most part, so I can even create steam punk style dildos and what not, I may even "trap" you, we can treat this as a smut write, a rather small one, but if you want a long term one, it'll truly be too long but if that's something you enjoy, we will go from base up to the top (wink wink) and do the roleplay head to toe, first we can dicuss our characters and their image, and we can start from when your curiosity kicks in, I hope to see some replies or messages! And if I am doing it someone else already ill make sure to inform you but keep you in touch incase I ever have new ideas and you'll be informed privately instead of me writing something like this, have a lovely day!
  16. Adverse

    New role play ideas!

    So, while I have a few role plays going and, like everyone else, I lose motivation periodically, I'm keeping myself inspired with new ideas. I can never have too many role plays, especially with good partners. So, I have some ideas for role plays that may or may not be intended for private or clubs. Pictures not necessarily related and are just for fun. Sexy Fairy Tale Adventure A role play about a Hansel and Gretel esque duo (who may or may not be brother and sister depending on what you're into) journey into the black forest and get lost. They always heard stories about the forest after dark, the deeper they go, the stranger things get and the inhabitants are restless... Various fairy tale characters are meant to be encountered in this one, meaning I will be playing more than one character in occasion, if my partner could too and add to the role play that's great, but I will not push. A great deal of wild, maybe taboo sex, but there's story too. I like story. Leave me alone XD. The Not-So-Silent Library The picture is relevant this time. The idea here sort of is an alternate concept for The Fairy Tale one listed above. I honestly might try to make a club out of this one anyways. There are those of us in this world who have desires, desires which are unfulfilled, and it is to us that the library calls. No one knows how to get there, even if they have been there before and not everyone finds their way back after their first visit. One day, you find yourself walking through the doors of your home, place of employment, etc, and find yourself in an expansive library with endless rows of books extending further than the eye can see. It is silent, behind a small desk in the lobby is a sexy blonde woman, who smiles warmly, greets you and has you look over the terms of membership for the library. You can now open any story of your choosing and live out your wildest fantasies, taking the place of characters in the stories, or entering as a guest... As long as you don't change the ending... The Four Kingdoms and the Wish A dark fantasy. Most likely a club. This one is story heavy but there should be plenty of room for smut, you beautiful pervs. The aesthetic of the role play world and many of the inhabitants are inspired by Henson fantasies, such as The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth. To get an idea of the bizarre, surreal landscapes and scenery. You can be anything valid in fantasy, man or monster or mythical creature alike. Essentially a D&D campaign without dice, the main party is in search of a mythic artifact that may have been proven to exist, which is said to grant the weirder endless knowledge and even grant wishes. Our characters come to an agreement after banding together, but there are many who are not so friendly in search of it for their own selfish reasons. Expect conflict, maybe a bit of non-con if you want (not my cup of tea but if it fits). There's a lot more to this, this is just a basic idea. The Resort Could be group of private. I didn't pay much attention to hentai really until this site, I found one about a tropical resort and goddamn. It was kind of a harem, though, and that's not 100% necessary. I don't mind playing a few characters to keep it varied and fun. Not much story here even though I could come up with one, just summer flings on vacation. Or more. Who knows? Monsters! I love monsters. Not necessarily monster girls as we know them in a hentai sense, but I like monsters of all kinds. I want to do a role play about fighting them, maybe if you've seen Castlevania you could get an idea what I want out of this. I could also do a monster girl role play if you want. Or a mix of both. Persona 5 Also most likely private. I would be maining Joker, you could play as whoever you want. Again, this doesn't have to be a harem. Mecha Mayhem! Could be a group or private. It would be fun in a group. The characters could be in school, or not, but in a futuristic world where mech suits are dominant in warfare, even with underground arenas for them to have unauthorized battles for wagers.
  17. Muramune

    A New Life

    A colony ship carrying humans on an exodus from a dying Earth crash lands on a strange planet. With the crew dead and the ship damaged beyond repair, the colonists have to find a way to survive this new world and even repopulate the world to thrive once more. If possible, I'd like this to be a multi-generational RP with each generation advancing the world from a near medieval setting to taking to the stars once more. If you're interested in this RP, drop me a line and we can bounce more ideas.
  18. Non-Playable Characters This thread has several purposes. The first of which, is to inform you of how Andromeda One deals with NPCs, and even Featured NPCs. While NPCs are often random figures such as a woman at a reception desk of some restaurant or shop on the station, a Featured NPC is an individual that is owned by a Roleplayer but isn't a fully formed character. This individual serves the purpose of driving a roleplay forward and for helping in the development of our characters, thus they are roleplayed only in specific circumstances. These featured NPCs, depending on how the owner wishes for it to be, can either be generally roleplayed by all players or restricted to the owner. The first place that NPCs can be found are Lore threads, such as the Andromeda Station one which has images of the Station Commander, Alexander Churchill, and the Chief of Security, Christopher Barnes. These are featured NPCs of the roleplay and are restricted to being controlled by the Game Master; Me. But these are figures that can be referenced by other characters, as well as spoken about. If you wish for a character to interact with them, please contact me and I will talk to you about it. Another place to find featured NPCs would also be Locations, where these NPCs would be tied to the location, such as CEOs, or even the Bar Owner for a bar, or simple clerks in a shop. Featured NPCs can also be tied to a character within their ID. However this thread is for NPCs that don't fall into any of these categories. At the moment, it's the only solution to keep them in one place since I currently cannot create a single album which allows everyone to post pictures in it. So post the images in the Extra Information Images, and post them up in this thread along with this simple template: Name: Date of Birth: Age: Species: Height: Weight: Nationality: Occupation: Information: Of course, you are free to add or change any of the fields if they are more suitable to your NPC. Double posting is allowed within this thread, as with all Extra Information threads.
  19. Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company Jennaea’s Company falls within the station’s tax laws. So much so that the company gives over voluntary taxes and thus it is important to the economy of the station as a whole. These funds are often directed by the station to aid facilities such as the sick bay, especially for the purchase of medicine and care for those living Down Below. The company serves both the economically dependant (Poor) and the economically independent sections of the station, delivering safe to consume food and drink regardless of price tag. Three main components make up this company: The Wet Holes (Bar and Restaurant, located in down below’s market district) Jen’s Pleasure Bar (Bar and Holosuites, located on the main floor of the central column’s main district) The Stuffed Holes (Restaurant, located on the upper floor of the central coloum’s main district) Station staff have access to free water or orange juice from this bar. They also enjoy the following discounts as a ‘Thank you for your service’ from the company: All drinks (Inc. Synthoholic) - 20% Off Meals - 25% Off Sweets (Desserts, Confectionary, Chocolates) - 10% Off There is a common misconception with this company: Whilst it can indeed provide a wide range of food and drink, they cannot do absolutely everything - certainly a problem with alien dishes, if they’ve never had access to those aliens food and drink before. But if that person has a sample, or can provide the exact specifications of the food in question, it may be possible that it’s servable. That said they still don’t have a menu, as with all earth dishes they can serve it. Since the starting of the company the station staff have become aware of a few differences that has allowed her to keep her costs low, and not sacrifice on quality, hygiene or principles. Whilst it’s not something that they would openly admit to everyone: Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company uses EPSI Federation sourced power sources and technology such as holosuites and energy-to-matter/matter-to-energy replicators/recyclers, but in the upper sections they bring in non-replicated food and drink as well. But because the technology isn’t compatible with the station’s power reactor (And even if it was, it’d sap all energy out of the station, because it doesn’t produce enough for the technology). The power-source is a non-reaction based dimensional crystal from the Eldyrannth state in the EPSI Federation, that can be recharged by the Eldyrannth for a fee. The company is an EPSI Federation Culture ran company; therefore the names of the components are designed to be sexually suggestive, and the company believes very deeply in the right to free speech and opinions but above all else after that they believe in being unwaveringly honest, and Jen’starr the manager believes in being blunt and to the point. This is emphasized by the sign in the restaurant that reads “All meat served by this establishment is suitable for vegetarians and vegan pussy’s.” If asked if their meat is Halal for example, their usual response is “Our meat was never alive to begin with.” Which is the truth. The bars serve both Alcohol and Synthohol (Or Synthehol); which is a chemical variant of alcohol that appears to have the same taste and smell as "real" alcohol to most individuals, but none of the deleterious effects associated with alcohol for most humanoids, such as debilitating intoxication, addiction, and alcohol poisoning. Most humanoids have an enzyme which breaks down the alcohol-like compounds in synthohol. The intoxicating effects of Synthohol can be easily dismissed. So it acts just the same as alcohol, makes you feel that you can be a lover, or wise, or all the things that alcohol does, but it's only temporary. With a force of will, you can shove it aside and you're as sober as you ever were. Brief History: The company started as a front in down below for Jen’starr to make new contacts in the underworld, and to sell weapons and such to less than shady characters as well as to be a bounty contactor connected to several bounty stations across the EPSI Federation, EPSI Pirates and Andromeda. Although no one had really heard of her, other than those that were poor, or specifically looking for her. Back then her bar was called The Moist Snatch, and she operated there for years without having any real problems. Many criminals in down below tried to take over her establishment, and almost all of them have ended up either dead, or disappeared. Every time she’s been forced to kill someone in her bar - in front of witnesses - she’s had to inform the station’s chief security officer of their death and why, as well as showing them covert recordings made from a yet unknown positioned camera, to prove that the deaths were justified as self-defence. A year prior to the current year she had a complaint put in about the name of her bar to station management stating that the name of her bar was ‘horrifically offensive’, ‘misogynistically sexist’ and ‘primitively minded’ to which her unofficial response when the station commander told her of this was “Tell them to get fucking stuffed.” She remained stubborn and stern on her stance and refused to change the name. Despite the mounting protests from a vocal minority who were using bullying to the station commander to force him to try and force her to rename the bar. They were even pulling in people directly from Earth just to protest the bar, both off and on the establishment. Eventually causing Jen’starr to force a ‘If you’re not here on business, you’re not welcome here.’ Policy, and told Christopher to “Remove them, or I will remove them myself. And you know what that means.” Station security were able to remove them, however they protested outside and prevented people from going in - and if anyone tried, they’d be bullied. This all came to ahead one day when Kal’loure Mako’demeri, a frequent bar patreon ordered them that if they didn’t get out of the way, he will start shooting at them, after they had blocked access for him, and even had a group of them just walking into him saying “We’re just walking. You’re in our personal space” Which had the effect of pushing him away from the door. He told them if they didn’t cease this, he’d shoot all of them. … That is exactly what happened. Using an EPSI Federation Phaser, set on stun, Kal’loure phased them all and simply walked over them to get into the bar. In the Police report he respected their right to protest as it is their free speech and opinion, but what he didn’t respect was to prevent access to the establishment, and to physically stop those from getting inside - as this was battery. This brought the ringleader and Jen’starr to the table with the commander being the moderator in the discussions to find a peaceful resolution to this. But Jen’starr refused, and told her “I will not be censored. You claim to fight for women’s rights, and yet you trample all over mine. Of course we all know that it’s because I don’t have the right opinion, so therefore I’m not a woman, I’m a gender traitor. I will not change the name of my bar. If you don’t like it, go fuck off and make one called the Flacid Cock or something. Or more accurately with you bitches: The Frigid Cunt.” With the talks ending in obvious failure, Alexander tried to talk to them separately, rather than put them in the same room as each other whilst at the same time establishing some new rules for station protests of a business. Such as you weren’t allowed to block and assault people from entering, of course that didn’t stop these ‘women’s rights fighters’ from simply trying to just pay people to not enter and make up slanderous lies about the owner. But by this point, even though the real problem was isolated to down below it was quickly disrupting station operations with frequent protests in highly public areas. The protesters were bringing more and more people onto the station to protest and it got to the point where enough was enough. Alexander spoke to Axel to try and understand why she couldn’t even compromise on this issue - not that he wanted her to, as he believed that Jen’starr had done nothing wrong. And Axel told him; “Because in the EPSI Federation we did this once. Capitulated to the demands of the vocal minority funded by a Corporate Entity. This eventually lead to more and more capitulation, until the point that this vocal minority now wielded the power that even the majority didn’t have. This brought in Keza Corp’s dystopia and all hell followed right along that Corporatocracy. No Epsian worth their soul, today will capitulate to the demands of unreasonable identitarian ideologues. She’s quite right to refuse and stand her ground; more power to her.” Axel then added, “I had no idea that this was the focus point of the disruptions around the station as of late… If you’ll excuse me, I am going to show my support for her.” With that Axel left, and went to Jen’starrs bar to spend his money there. Eventually Alexander returned to Jen’starr and told her that she will capitulate and change the name just like the protestors suggested. She immediately opened her mouth to fire something now doubt - very spicy - back at him but he said “Ah-ah! Let me finish. All they requested was that you changed the name. I suggest to you; that they should be careful for they wish for.” Jen’starr shut her mouth and then smiled. It was a smile that revealed her brain was ticking away on some good ideas, and it was very chilling, “The Submissive Bitch, it is then.” Jen’starr replied. “Perhaps a little… Too on the nose there.” Alexander said, before telling her that it’s about subtlety, suggestivism, that it should be witty and clever so that things could be turned back on them if they kicked up a fuss about it. Jen’starr really liked this idea, and said that she was going to close the bar down and renovate it at the end of the year anyway, but instead she chose to start on it now and expand it. She purchased three other locations above the bar in down below so that she would effectively have one company and she was going to split it up, make food available to people on the top. She went back to EPSI Federation space to hire the workmen and technology. The bar was then closed down for six months whilst the whole thing was being done up, this was enough time for the protestors to think that they had won, and left the station allowing the station to get back to normal operation. When it opened again they called the bar in down below “The Wet Hole”, which whilst sexually suggestive, could actually have a lot of meanings, to the bounty hunters - the wet bullet hole wound, to the sexually inclined - A cunt that was just as divine, to normal punters - The mouth of which you wet with drinks. The bar above it was to be the social centre of the station; and was simply called “Jen’s Pleasure Bar”, which had the nickname “Jen’s”, “The Pleasure Bar” and so on. This would be on the main section of the station, right in the path of new people embarking on the station, and on the path of disembarkation in the centre of the marketplace. This also was good for people who turned up waiting for their friends to have a place to drink. She got the idea of this from Deep Space Nine’s: Quarks. There would also be a suite of twelve holosuites there, allowing people to run sexual, hiking, swimming, fantasy, games, sports programs and many more. It could also be used for training new staff by the station’s officers. Upstairs to that, which was publically accessible either in the bar itself or from outside on the upper collum, was the restaurant, “The Stuffed Holes” which again could have multiple meanings depending on personal inclination. On opening day she dropped all prices for one day only, allowing everyone to get a good bargain and to celebrate the opening of the new company. She also implemented a new discount scheme to all station members of staff - including those who weren’t in command staff, such as maintenance workers, dock staff, waste management and so on. These discounts were equal across the board, and it didn’t matter if you were a manual labourer or the station commander - they all have the same discount - which is permanent.
  20. The Stuffed Holes Restaurant The Stuffed Holes, sometimes known as the “Stuff Yourself Silly, Restaurant” is a restaurant owned by the Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company. It is located above the Jen’s Pleasure Bar and is available to access at all hours, every day via the upper commercial rings or the stairs in the bar. It can accommodate upto 2,000 people maximum, and is usually busy around peak hours (Meal times). There are two empty and unused rooms in the restaurant at the moment that are unused - but probably will be used later. The food here almost assuredly replicated by the use of Matter-to-Energy and Energy-to-Matter converters, or Replicators for short. A technology inspired by Star Trek that the EPSI Federation has actually made a thing. As a result; as per her notices on the menus; “All meat served in this establishment is suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan pussies.” Whilst their food is more expensive than the Wet Holes (In down below) this is a safer area to eat, and the food is still far cheaper than real grown/cultivated food - and often safer too, and yet tastes, smells and feels the same as the real thing; and is as neutrictional, and filling. As food is replicated, it’s typically served within minutes of ordering, sometimes seconds - depending on how busy the restaurant is. But customers are not left waiting for more than ten minutes for their meal to arrive. If there is any left over food, the food can be put back into a replicator and recycled back into energy. The holographic band that play here, usually play classical music, and because it’s using EPSI Federation Holographic technology; it’s not really distinguishable from the real thing. This is of course; a real band could be playing there, depending on how good they are. This, like Jen’s Pleasure Bar is a legitimate business, and as such there are no shady or illegal deals going on between Jen’starr and the customers here. (Mockup - Layout) The restaurant is just as expansive as the bar below, and there are subtle air conditioners to keep it at a constant temperature as having lots of people in the room often raises the temperature and make it hot, and stuffy. The is a massive open doorless entrance way in which anyone on the station looking at buying can take a seat at any of the tables* and look through the menus. * It should be noted that a single person can’t take up a table designed for six or more, unless there’s no room, even then single people might be asked to sit with other people if larger tables are needed for groups - obviously if you're not already eating. Also the six tables with 14 seats around them are reservation/large groups only. The menu’s are more of an interactive piece, of datapads locked to the table where you can either buy what you want to eat from the menu there and then, or call for a waiter. It also shows every single pattern on a replicator, and will accept ‘Diet Cards’ issued by your Doctor to give you the best possible meal for your dietary requirements. Costs are clearly printed on the menus. Like with the windows down stairs in the Pleasure Bar, the windows up here look out into space, but have a holomesh on them so that they can actually be changed to anything, if Jen’starr so wants to. There are lots of smaller tables around them, as it’s usually considered a romantic spot for couples (or more) to sit and eat next to the windows. Although window seats have a 10% additional charge, unless the restaurant is full, which is handled through automation. Manager: Jen’starr Epsi’rikixi Parent Company: Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company Location: Commerce District - Right outside embarkation/disembarkation and station’s customs, Upper Floor, Andromeda One Space Station Services: Food and Drink, Take-away Capacity: 1,000 - 2,000 People Opening Times: Always For more information about holographic technology, replicated technology and the power source, please read the Company Topic.
  21. Jen’s Pleasure Bar Bar and Holosuites Also known as Jen’s, The Pleasure Bar, the Epsian Bar and so on. It is located in main commercial district and fully visible from the embarkation/disembarkation area around the main column. It is a low-risk, low-danger bar that is covered as part of Station Security patrol routes. I falls under the legality of the station, and therefore there isn’t as much illegality being conducted here as there would be in The Wet Holes, below this bar. This is more than just a bar though, it is a certified pleasure centre of the station; and as such there are twelve large holosuites that can be rented out on an hourly basis. It also contains a private bar for Ambassadors, although some have expressed concerns that the room could be bugged there has been no evidence of this, and Jen’starr has flat out denied it because it would be illegal, and she made a promise to Alexander that this bar would be legit and above board. The holosuites in the ambassidreal room are smaller, but they’re designed for less people (Small groups) and can be hired out for cheaper by ambassadors. (Mockup - Layout) The bar is an important social hub of the station. It is frequented by station staff who come here to socialise and have a good time with friends. It is one of the highlighted facilities in the tourist brochure with a high recommendation from even the Station Captain, Alexander. At the furthest reaches of the room there are large windows looking out into space, although they have holographic overlays inserted into the glass; meaning that Jen’starr can in fact change them to whatever she wants - if she wants to make it look like that Earth is right outside; she can and have it simulate daylight as if the sunlight itself was tempered by special glass to prevent it from burning everyone’s eyes out. From the moment one walks into the room through the open doorless space there is a hexagonal water fountain that quietly spits water up into the air seamlessly (Laminar Flow) and each stream of water changes colour through every colour on the spectrum. It is a very, very large room and has a capacity for two thousand people - maximum. There is a stairwell in the upper corner that takes you up to the Stuffed Holes restaurant, and in front of that is a classical band that play bar music (Holographic). The bar itself is massive; and behind the counter, on the shelves with the drinks, there is a wall waterfall that flows ice cold water through the semi-hydrophobic bottles that keeps the drinks at a very cool temperature. This bar is never empty and is open all the time, with staff that work in shifts around the clock, and as such it’s been a source of jobs on the station which helps keep people out of Down Below. Manager: Jen’starr Epsi’rikixi Parent Company: Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company Location: Commerce District - Right outside embarkation/disembarkation and station’s customs, Main Floor, Andromeda One Space Station Services: Drink and Holoservices Capacity: 1,000 - 2,000 People Opening Times: Always For more information about holographic technology, replicated technology and the power source, please read the Company Topic.
  22. The Wet Holes Bar and Restaurant The Wet Holes is a bar and restaurant located in down below, it is apart of the Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company owned by Jen’starr Epsi’rikixi, but this specific establishment runs and operates in ‘Down Below’. The problem with Down Below is that there is a lot of crime, and a lot of people in down below don’t have very much money - if any at all. As such The Wet Holes often takes the law in it’s own hands whilst operating and take a balance between Universal Rights Absolutism, Station Laws and Policies, and the Unwritten Rules of Down Below. Whilst on average food and drink is indeed cheaper in this bar and restaurant than the company’s other two establishments, it’s considered to be far more dangerous and filled with unsavoury characters. In the keeping of tradition; there is a lot more to this bar that meets the eye. The dangerousness of it and it’s location is a good place to keep prying eyes away from some of the more illegal and illicit services that are conducted here. As such the Bar and Restaurant main profit margin is covered by these services, the clandestine portion of it is but a cover for it’s real purpose. Caution should be advised here. Jen’starr Epsi’rikixi keeps weapons around her at all times, and she has been very well known to use them in the bar with deadly and accurate proficiency. Manager: Jen’starr Epsi’rikixi Parent Company: Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company Location: Down below, Andromeda One Space Station Services: Food, Take-Away, Drink, Micro-Casino, Gambling, Bounty Hunters Guild, Illegal/Illicit Services Capacity: 100 - 200 people Opening times: Always Appearance (Mockup - Layout) The Wet Hole Bar is a medium sized establishment. It follows the general appearance of Down Below, with a lot of metal bulkheads and it being rather dim in terms of lighting. The bar is long, with the counter being about stomach high on an average sized human male. Behind the bar are rows of what appears to be glass shelving, backed with RGB light panels that can be programmed to display whatever image Jen’starr desires. The shelves are stacked with various cups and glasses, as well as a wide range of bottles of alcohol that she serves to customers from a wide range of cultures such as from the Earth Alliance, EPSI Federation and any aliens on the station. There is a door behind the bar, which allows the bar staff to head into the back room. To the left of the bar, after it curved into the wall, are two doors that lead to toilets. One door leads into the female toilets, while the other leads into the male toilets. Tucked up against the bar are sturdy, but comfortable bar stools. They are sturdy enough to handle even a Grand Zeta. The main floor of the bar is populated with tables and chairs, allowing patrons of the bar to sit down and enjoy their drinks. Around the edge of the room, though, there are small alcoves with tables hidden within the dimness which allow patrons to have a measure of privacy from the rest of the room. The Micro-Casino is tucked away in one corner of the room, this has a few slot machines with stools in front of them, and a roulette table. Some of the tables in this corner are specially designed card tables that deal with large groups of people playing such as Poker and Blackjack. Prostitutes do operate in the area, however it is unclear if there is a deal going on with Jen’starr to allow them to pick up clients in the bar or not. Services Drinks The Wet Holes hosts a number of services, on the front and as far as most people are aware, it is a bar where people can have a drink and a restaurant. This bar serves both Alcohol and Synthohol (Of which you can see more information of in the Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company topic) drinks, as well as soft drinks and water. Food and Takeaway The food aspect is one hundred percent replicated, keeping costs at extremely affordable rates; even the poor can eat a five star meal with lobsters or several ounce steak for less than a credit. Orders can be made for take-away as well, which gives jobs to people in down below as delivery agents (Clean Criminal Record, Required), and they can do all kinds of food that would be available at the restaurants and food vendors on the station. She also has her infamous: All meat and dairy products sold on these premises are suitable for vegetarians and vegan pussy’s, sign. Gambling Of course with food and drink usually being sold so close to the cost price of the energy cost in replication; Jen’starr usually has a lot more other business on the side. As such there is usually a gambling master (Bookie) in her bar, who works for her via the EPSI Pirates; although he is a Tau’ri (Human) who is well known for his neutrality. As such he will take bets for anything presented to him. Micro-Casino There is also a micro-casino in this bar, where people can play certain games although to keep it legal under the station’s laws - she has not rigged any of the systems. She has made it clear to her staff that she will not cheat the poor. As such there is a few card games tables, roulette style games and slot machines, but there’s only a small number of them. Simply because there is a demand, but no supply - if there was a supply and no demand for her machines, she’d get rid of them and make way for more card games tables of which there seems to be quite a bit of demand for. Bounty Hunters Guild Jen’starr is a certified guild mistress for the bounty hunters on Andromeda One and she takes this job very seriously. Whilst 99% of the contracts undertaken through here are indeed bounty contracts, there are, on rare occasions one or two “Securities Contracts” in where a bounty hunter will be asked to provide protection to someone or escort a transport ship, or to retrieve something that is stolen. She doesn't like falsely advertised contracts and will protect those that take up contracts from mis-sold contracting. She takes bounty contracts from the following sources: Independent She will take contracts from those who are trusted or meet her criteria. EPSI Federation - An Epsus Galaxy Super Power She will happily take Federal Arrest Warrants (F.A.Ws) as usually those kinds of contracts are strictly ‘No Kill’ as the EPSI Federation doesn’t go about the business of issuing state sanctioned murder. EPSIPirates - Her Pirate Clan (Omega Runes) Unlike the EPSI Federation an EPSIPirate Contract might be a kill contract, it could be a no-kill contact or an either/or thing. The Madrelari Empire - A species in the Epsus Galaxy In complete opposite to the EPSI Federation: These are almost always kill contacts. Although on some rare occasions there will be one or two that are wanted alive. Andromeda One Station Police - Local Law Enforcement Like the EPSI Federation there are very, very few contracts that are kill. Most of them are no-kill contracts, and in that most of them are capture and detain/capture and bring to Station security. Earth Alliance - Milkyway Galaxy/Andromeda Galaxy Whether a contract is a kill or a no-kill contract will depend entirely on the planet of origin. Corporate Contracts This is a mixture of various corporations across three different galaxies. What the contract will demand will depend entirely on the corporation themselves. This is by no means a definitive list; but it gives you some idea of what she deals with. Illegal and Illicit Services It should come as no surprise that perhaps 100% of the stations Epsian narcotics such as Epsian-Cannabis, cLSD, Sparkpowder and Jet/Slo-mo comes through The Wet Hole. Although on rare occasions, another drug that appears from the Epsus Galaxy (Specifically: Xantal’lar, is where it started), called Daedra Dust is seen on the station - although it is extremely rare, and does not come through The Wet Hole; as Jen’starr does not deal in this narcotic - she does however deal in Daedra Dust Mk II. Epsian-Cannabis Cannabis is, has and probably always will be legal in the EPSI Federation. But it is also incredibly strong and can be used in either traditional methods such as dried and smoked, or cooked with oils in order to be processed and consumed. Or it can be vaporized in specially designed ultra-sonic Cannavape pens. It is usually stronger than Human variants and is not recommended in large amounts for Human consumption. Crystalised Lysergicia Acid Diethylamide (cLSD) cLSD is a tasteless and odourless psychotropic Crystalline Powder, similar to LSD that can be mixed into food, drink and even the air. It is derived from the psychotropic component of an Epsian Fruit known as Zeta Fruit (Discovered on the Cursed Utopian Island) which has been extracted and purified into a crystalised sheet before being crushed and grinded into a fine powder. Despite its name and what its similar to, it isn’t actually Lysergic Acid Diethylamide although the effects are extremely similar, and it is just as non-addictive as LSD. It’s effects on other species is generally positive too and it’s toxicity is so low that most would need to consume around 1 tonne of cLSD in just 15 minutes before a lethal response is triggered, which is obviously impossible. Although in its dried powdered form, it is flammable. It was discovered after several months of laboratory work after Kaylarvara brought it back from her first visit to Utopian Curse. Azafenide Pitoxetine Acycrudin (Jet/Slo-mo) Azafenide Pitoxetine Acycrudin, (Commonly Known As: Jet or SloMo) is made up of two drugs combined with a micro vaporiser, Azafenide which is currently used in the drug called Focusizine and Pitoxetine Acycrudin which is commonly used in the drug Temporaperceptizol. The drug appears to be a psychedelic that slows the users perception of time to 1% of its normal speed, in its purest form. It also makes the user see colours more vividly, and appears to have a euphoric effect. In earlier models of the inhaler, a Jet/Slo-Mo inhaler results in the mouth of the user suffering from freezer burn. It also (as a by-product) prolongs any feelings of pleasure or pain that the user feels at the time of taking it. Azafenide Pitoxetine Acycrudin was developed by Arcadian Soldiers, in 3451 during the EPSI Federation's years. It was developed as a way of increasing a soldier's performance and survivability rating against the Sarzi, but it was never endorsed or condoned for use by the Grand Council of Arcadia, or its State Marshall's. Once it was found out that this epidemic was happening; the drug was immediately illegalised in the Military and soldiers caught taking it were court martialed, and often dishonourably discharged for taking Narcotics whilst enlisted. The drug is extremely addictive; and this was one of the major setbacks that the Military had during this time period. Soldiers that were dishonourably discharged are rumoured to be the reason why it "Breached the Arcadian Barrier" and seeped into the General Public, as they were looking for ways of making money now that they were discharged from the Military and this was an easy, and legal way of doing so. It was marketed on the street as: "like seeing God through the cracks of creation". The creators of the drug claim that it is designed to find moments of beauty and tranquillity in the horrific events of the dystopian time period. Triamnazol Oloparin Diascopolamine (Daedra Dust) Triamnazol Oloparin Diascopolamine, (Commonly Known As: Daedra Dust) is one of the most illegal narcotics in the EPSI Federation due to its effects, and its use. In small doses the drug is fairly psychotropic, especially when combined with other substances. It severely impairs the ability to accurately determine reality for up to twelve hours. After twelve hours, you become non-responsive "Burnt out", and become 'Zombie like', unable to process your surroundings and in most cases suffers suffer from psychotropic effects. After eighteen hours, the user/victim usually falls unconscious (to sleep). When/if the user/victim wakes up, in 99.99% of all cases, they don't remember three hours before the hit, so usually they cannot give a description of the attacker, and maybe hazy as to where they were. Evidence shows up in urine/stool samples for up to three days after the administration of the narcotic, and upto twelve days in blood samples. It is described in following stages: Stage 1:- Ultra submissive, docile state, pliable and able to take orders from anyone who issues them. Complete loss of free will. (0 - 12 hours after the hit) Stage 2:- Zombie like on the outside, unresponsive and non-compliant but still docile, and passive. Psychedelic induced hallucinations, internally. (12 - 18 hours after the hit) Stage 3:- Unconsciousness. (18 - Undetermined/Highly Variable) Stage 4:- Complete memory loss in almost all cases from around three hours before the hit. May feel groggy, run down and lathargy, confusion and general "Coming Down" symptoms. (After waking up) In large doses it causes, usually the victim in a crime, to be completely robbed of their free will and to be ultra compliant. It reduces them to a zombie-like state, in where they will comply with all orders given to them, even to the point of self-termination (Suicide); hence the level of illegality. In higher doses; it can cause respiratory failure and even cardiac arrest which almost certainly results in immediate death, especially if there is no tolerance to the amounts the person is subjected to. It has zero effect on Xeno'vitiri and Xenovityr'ra physiologies, nor anyone who is part Xeno specifically those with bioluminescence from their Xeno hybridisation, as the hormone neutralises the chemical. If they aren't glowing at the time of having it used on them, it may affect them but it can be countered if they start glowing, for example sexual arousal activated glowing. Daedra Dust has none to extremely specific and rare medical uses, and it's primarily only used to subvert people's Universal Rights to Life which is usually criminal. There are a number of ways in which the drug can be administered; it can be ground to fine red and black dust which is both odorless and tasteless to even a Zeta, which means it's next to impossible to detect. From this power it can be either blown into someone's face, mixed into their food or drink, or used to spike other drugs with. It can only be detected by a molecular scanner. Smoking or vaporising the compound destroys it, due to the very high temperatures. Criminality goes hand in hand with this narcotic, it is it's primary use such as: 'Stop and Blow' Attacks - Where someone approaches the victim and blows the dust in their face, rendering control of their free will over to the blower. This affects the person immediately. 'Spike' Attacks - Where the suspect spikes food, drink and/or other narcotics. When digested it can take upto forty minutes to have effect but sometimes it can be as quick as ten minutes depending on various factors. It is extremely uncommon to be mixed with other narcotics that is taken via Nasal inhalation, due to economic factors and it's obvious when the drugs in question have been mixed. Triamnazol Oloparin Diascopolamine comes from three plants, one of which is native only to Xantal’lar, Epsus Prime, Epsus Galaxy. Jen’starr has never and will never deal, trade or supply this narcotic. Even to her: This is a no-go, she will not tolerate its use in her bar either. Oxanophen Alduramine (Daedra Dust Mk II) Oxanophen Alduramine also known as Daedra Dust (Mark II). It is a synthetic compound that was made to replace Daedra Dust, it is cheaper, safer and more legal and was made specifically for those who use Triamnazol Oloparin Diascopolamine recreationally. It isn't completely legal, but it is less illegal than the Original Daedra Dust. It was developed by Temaelrin Eldyrannth and Hanshaerin Eldyrannth, and patented under the ExoSinian Eldyr Corporation and can only be manufactured by corporate licenced pharmaceutical companies, with exception to EPSIMedical who are allowed to manufacture it, but don't generally outside of research purposes. Weapons and Technology Trading Jen’starr will sell weapons through this station, and will even allow for demonstrations of the weapons in a holosuite in her private room, so that buyers can test their weapons out before buying them. There are actual station laws that dictate what she can and can’t do, however. So for personal weapons for “Self Defence” if they want to acquire the weapon legally, they will have a serial numbered weapon that has been manufactured to specifications. That person must also pass a criminal background check otherwise she can’t sell them the weapon in question. If they want to go down the illegal route, she will put them in touch with an EPSIPirate Private Firearms Trader - Off the Station, who will give her a cut of the money - this protects her legally. If it ever came back to her, she would truthfully say that she did not sell them the weapon. For weapons being sold in bulk (Usually to militaries, mercenary groups) well, that depends on the group. If station command needed them for whatever reason, she will come up with them to specification. If it is an outside force (Most likely) she will do the deal and trade off-station in accordance to station law. She makes it abundantly clear that she doesn’t want to know about the details of why they need the weapons, and won’t ask questions; but that would also apply to the enemy that they’re fighting, if they came to her asking to buy and their credits were good, then she’ll sell - she doesn’t give a fuck and doesn’t want your life story, she’ll also say, “What you do with the weapons after you buy them is your business, so don’t make it mine.” Starship Weapons and Planetary Defence Weapons are sold through her by a contact in the EPSIPirates, or any of her arms manufacturing contracts, again she doesn’t want to hear why, if she wants to know anything she’ll ask. All deals will be concluded off-station. If two people want to use the sanctuary of her bar to trade weapons they have to adhere to three rules: Jen’starr gets 6% of the profit, and she will alert you if Law Enforcement comes through the door. The actual changing hands of the weapon is done off-station. No weapons deals involving genocide or biological warfare. What she doesn’t sell is biogenic weapons, bioweapons and anything used in biological warfare, nor does she sell to known genocidalists, or enemies of the EPSI Federation/EPSI Pirates.
  23. Andromeda One Ambassadors This threat contains a list of the played ambassadors and their Attaché (Assistant), that are currently on the Andromeda One station. These are characters that are owned by other Dreamers and will contain a link to their profile. If you wish to have a character as an ambassador, fill out the short form below and submit it to me in an EcchiText. And ambassador is allowed one Attaché that will help them with their duties. If you wish for an Ambassador to be an NPC rather than a played character, then send me an EcchiText with additional fields that are highlighted below. Name: Rank: Species: Age: (Additional field not required for a played ambassador) Height: (Additional field not required for a played ambassador) Weight: (Additional field not required for a played ambassador) Faction: Information: Profile Link: (Not required for an NPC)
  24. This is a species that is within the Andromeda Galaxy, but they are purely an NPC species. No one is allowed to create an individual of this species to RP with them. The purpose of this profile is to allow characters to reference them. It is why most of the fields are deliberately left out, because this is all the intelligence that other species have managed to collect on them which, considering their secretive nature, is not much. However I did include all of the ship designs, even if the Capital and Motherships haven't yet been seen. It just gives an idea as to the extent of their ships and technology. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Race: Sobani Species Age: Unknown Average individual Age: Unknown Origin/Location: Unknown History: Pre-history: Unknown Modern history: Not much is really known about the Sobani, nor the extent of their territories. They have been impossible to map out, as the Sobani attack the moment ships come within a few Light Year radius of their territory. They often leave no survivors. But for the moment, they seem content to remain in their own territory. Culture: Unknown Communication/Language: Unknown. They often do not speak to outsiders and when they do speak, it is a language that contains a lot of hisses and snarls. Food and Drink: Unknown Sports/games and other pastimes: Unknown Hierarchy: Unknown, theorised to be heavily militaristic. What the race consider as insulting/rude/ shameful: They are disgusted by even the thought of speaking to someone not of their species. What the race consider as Respectful: Unknown. Misconceptions/Myths/legends/Old wives tales: They can seem to sense ships approaching their territory from miles away. Name Style: Unknown, often unpronounceable by most species. General Race Behaviour: Extremely aggressive and hostile. They attack anyone who comes near their territory. Love: Unknown. Religion: Unknown. Laws: Unknown. Rituals: Unknown. Genetic Diseases/ Common Ailments/ Common Mental problems: Unknown. Anatomy and Physical Appearances: General look of the race: They look almost like a combination between an octopus and a nerve cell. They have a strange glowing feature on their chests, that becomes brighter when they speak. Below is the only recorded image of a Sobani ever caught on camera which was found in a homing beacon of a ship that was destroyed by them. Hearing: Unknown Smell: Unknown Eyesight: Unknown Touch: Unknown Feeding: Unknown Organ Function: Unknown Sexual Organs: Unknown Features: They are Aquatic. Mating: Unknown Offspring: Unknown. Abilities/ Powers and weaknesses: Unknown. RP Interaction: Basic Interaction: They are extremely aggressive and hostile. They make no effort to form diplomatic relationships with anyone. They shoot with no warning, and take no prisoners. Fighting: They are relentless and ruthless. They kill without mercy and do not give people the chance to escape. Technology: For the most part, unknown. They are extremely advanced, but it is unclear just how advanced they are. Due to the fact that they an aquatic species, their ships are filled with water. Some have noted from records found from destroyed ships that the Sobani utilise organic technology. While most outside species have only really seen Cruisers and Capital ships, these are the kinds of ships that one would expect when encountering the Sobani: Kamikaze ships: These are automated drones built by the Sobani and stored on most of their larger ships. The larger the ship, the more drones they can store. These drones will swarm enemies and slam into them, causing significant damage especially if a ship has no shields. Cruiser: These are the smallest ships other than the Kamikaze drones. They are quick and are able to easily out-maneuver most ships of a similar, or larger, size. They roughly store about one hundred drones at a time, and often move around in packs. Capital Ship: One of these ships is often accompanied by at least a hundred Cruisers. They are larger, and much slower. What they lack in speed, they make up in power, employing powerful disrupting beam weapons that eat through shields and disintegrate hull plating. They often have a few thousand Kamikaze drones on board. Mothership: The rarest of the ships that the Sobani have, and the number of them that are in service unknown. No one outside of the Sobani has seen one of these ships. They are extremely large, being roughly the size of the Earth Moon and employed a heavy contingent of weapons. It has one extremely powerful weapon that can destroy moons and even planets with one blast. These motherships carry millions of Kamikaze drones.
  25. This is a template that you are welcome to use to create a new planet. As it is only a template, you can add or remove any field you wish. It is merely a guide to help you think of ideas as to what to put down for them. -x-x-x-x-x-x- Planet Profile Template. Planet Name: (What is the name of your planet?) Native species: (What is the native dominant species?) Solar System: (What kind of solar system do they live in? What type of star and how many other planets? To help with star classification, click this link.) Planet Statistics: (What is the core temperature? The surface temperature? How strong is the gravity?) Atmosphere Makeup: (What elements make up the air? And what percentage of the air does it take up?) Natural satellites: (How many moons? Descriptions?) Unnatural Satellites: (Such things like stations or small satellites.) Natural and Species History: (How did this planet come to be? If it is a Colony, then how did it come to be colonised?) - Pre-history: - Modern history: Planet Surface: (What does the surface look like? How many continents are there? Describe if you can.) Ecology: (What does life appear on this planet? Is it carbon or silicon based?) - Planet Life: - Animal Life: - Insect Life: - Sea Life: - Microbiological Life: Planet Access: (How do space ships access the planet? Do they land on the surface, or do they need to land on the moon to access the planet?) Meteorology: (What is the weather like?) Political stance: (What is their political stance? Monarchy? Communist? Democratic.) Urbanisation spread: (How much of the planet is developed?) Biomes: (What environments are there on the planet? Mountainous? Desert? Rainforest?) Inhabitants: (Who lives on this planet? What is their social structure and hierarchy?)
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