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  1. I am quite aware of how "Futa" characters are stereotyped on RP websites. Mostly due to how they are depicted in hentai and NSFW artworks - as excessively aggressive, needlessly abusive, overly-rough, completely disrespectful towards others, existing only to rape and make everyone else feel miserable for no apparent reason. Like if having a dick suddenly makes an otherwise feminine person into a dumb rapist masculine brute, eh? I don't like that stereotype. I don't enjoy seeing it in artworks and such characters played in RP. To each their own, I get it. I respect the fetishes of others and don't kink-shame. Still doesn't mean I like it myself tho. Which is why I'm looking for partners who agree with me. To build some Fantasy/Sci-fi roleplay with them... Obviously where I'm playing a "Futa" character that goes against that stereotype. A regular, normal, sane person - an actual character, not a stereotype. She just happens to be a woman with a bit of extra down between her legs - be that a racial trait of her fantasy/sci-fi species, results of some accident, done on purpose via magic or science (cuz using strap-ons seemed boring)... Or for whatever other reason this might be for that particular character. But in no way this little detail would make her into a stereotype described above. If it wasn't obvious, I'm only looking for fully consensual and mutually enjoyable experiences, when things get to the whole "sexytimes" part. No force, no rape, no abuse, no dom/sub, none of that shit. I am primarily looking for Female partners, however open to hear your other suggestions as well, why not. I'm also curious about setting up a Female + Male + Futa threesome - obviously with two completely separate people, one playing a Female and the other a Male. Open to both short-term/one-shot sexual scenes (with a good logical premise to back it up though) or long-term and serious story-driven RP with sexytimes sprinkled on top. Exclusively looking for Fantasy or Sci-Fi stuff. Not interested in modern realistic world/anime or hentai "realistic" world type of stuff for this, sorry. EcchiText me, please. No need to reply here.
  2. From the album: Breakbox_Muses Canons

    https://www.f-list.net/c/lord megatronus/
  3. Breakbox_Muses


    From the album: Other OCs~

  4. Sierrazion

    Very Open Sci-Fi Idea

    TLDR: I'm looking for a partner or more to play out a story with a character I've always wanted to play, the setting is Sci-Fi but other than that I don't have any other ideas outside of a macguffin, and a villain. If you think you might like to try it let me know. Basically the plot goes like this: In another dimension a evil race of chitin covered lizard monsters ravage the galaxy destroying all sentient life. A group of enhanced humans use pseudo science to send one survivor to another dimension with a magical macguffin orb with limited time until the lizard things invade that dimension too. Kinda terminator meets halo with a crew gathering system kind of like Mass Effect that we would share cooperatively. That is it. There's a longer plot exposition down below you can read along with character art if you want to see it. Love you! XoXo Ages have passed since the peaceable Melem learned to harness the Fathom Orb, imbuing themselves with a trace of its baleful energy to enable “Ghost Walk”—a momentary phase-shift into another dimension. Even when they were sieged by hulking, chitinous marauders, the Ghost Walk saved them as it had many times before. Then, the unthinkable: One of the attackers returned and breached the Orb. With no alternative, the Melem broke their inviolable law and sent their most skilled assassin to the Fathom Orb, not knowing whether she would survive, let alone how she might return. That skilled assassin was Nyx, a woman with a history of violence and a cold calculated method to her madness. Now in a new dimension Nyx must utilize all of her skills to prevent the end of not one but two dimensions gathering as much help as possible along the way. The Sorg and their lizard like mutations are hot on her trail and will surely finish replicating the Fathom Orb's power. Here's to hoping that whatever Nyx has to offer is enough. Will she be successful? Will she defeat the Sorg and their queen? Or will she fail horribly as the universe collapses. Maybe you can help decide? Just some simple stats for you if you came all the way to the end of what I was thinking: Smut/Plot: 50/50 Action Scenes: Yes but not too often. Romance: Yes. Kink Limit: Effectively None Number of participants: 2+ Setting: Open Your Sci Fi Nerd, Sierra Zion
  5. ~ Knights With Rifles ~ Have you ever wondered that maybe you’re worst enemy is... Yourself? It was the office clerk who ended up in such a tedious job because of her choices leading up to it. The same thing over and over again. Answering similar calls, mindlessly filling out paperwork, and having to cover for other lazy co-workers’ shifts. What a nightmare! The sun was setting for another long day, and it was made worse that she couldn’t enjoy such a nice view from her car, since the building’s of the large industrial city blocked the gorgeous heavens themselves. It seemed like another slow end to another slow day, until seeing her house not too far away flashing with an indescribable light! No fires, no impactful explosions it looked like, but the office lady’s gut instinctively knew something was awry. Upon cautiously checking her home, she saw a... Knight cowering inside? What would such an odd thing be doing in a place like hers? After some outlandish claims made by him about time travel, as well as a never ending waterfall of reasoning behind his situation. The girl let him stay as much as she didn’t believe it... Nearby at least, definitely not in her private space, as the armored man wielded a sword. Yet soon after that day’s end, another flash occurred, but somewhere out in nature. Before they even knew it, a large metallic monstrosity was hunting them down. At least the knight that is, and it would not stop until they came across a gas masked soldier. It was only then that she realized... They had the same name? It may’ve been a coincidence, but the gas masked one also stated he was from the past! It would come to be known that the menacing robot was also them? Then why hunt himself? There was another that all wanted to stop from preventing a paradoxical catastrophe. The only reason they didn’t harm each other in the first place was because of the innocent yet cynical woman, so would she be able to help them find a new solution to saving... Well, themselves? She would come to learn more about herself, and perhaps her other selves too... ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ Mmmmmmwahhh! Hello my sweets, it’s me! I’m back with another bulletin post for you all, and this one-- I gotta say, is something rather challenging for me. This little idea has been stuck in my head for days, but I never got the time to write about it. So now, here it is! A story about time traveling soldiers from different walks of life, while being the same person who ends up protecting and getting assistance from a seemingly normal lady. That’s basically the gist of this story, but I truly hope to flesh it out with someone, as I find it to be one of my more interesting ideas of the bunch while keeping to my tastes and interests. For this roleplay, I would like to take the role of the many soldier characters who end up teaming up with the woman to stop... Themselves! From a clumsy but caring knight, to a paranoid and flirty gas masked marine, all the way to a big-- cold cybernetic assassin who learns to show more than just one emotion. And perhaps more... But I think I’ll just leave it there for now, or else this list of characters would go on forever! Anyways, I would also ADORE it if someone could fill in the role of the sleepy and sarcastic office lady! You all know how much I love these kinds of pairings. The big odd entities warming up to a regular girl of some sort-- or vice versa. Gah! My favorite! I just think it’s so cute, you know? Really, I prefer a more story driven roleplay than just pure smut, but remember, I can always negotiate on that. Most of the things I discuss here can be tweaked as long as it doesn’t completely butcher my idea, but I’ll open up for you! Mewmewmew! (>///<) (And keep in mind, there are references at the bottom!) Here are some things I enjoy in roleplay: Decent Spelling/Grammar (It doesn’t have to be perfect though!) Decent Length (I can usually go up to several paragraphs, but we can negotiate..!) Expression (Through small details and dialogue, I love expressive characters and scenes!~) And here are some things I don’t enjoy: One Liners (It’s irritating to write so much for someone, only to get a few skimpy sentences back, you know?) Excessive Fluff (Now I love little details, but when they take over progression or halt the story, we have a problem.) Ghosting (Please do not ghost anyone. Don’t get someone excited for a new roleplay only to dump them later for no reason. If you wish to pause or stop the roleplay entirely, let me know, and I will always understand. That’s a promise.) So now, here’s a few little additional things you should know. One of the main things is that I do NOT care about your IRL gender, this is fiction after all. So as long as we can both play our part well, then we’ll be just great! You hear me!? (Ò///Ó) Now now... How about we list off what really counts for a lot you little naughties, the real meat of roleplay for some... Kinks! Here are some that I think’ll work in this roleplay: Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Paizuri, Passionate Sex, Dub Con, Kisses, Cuddling, Dirty Talk, a-and... Hand Holding..?~ And that should be it! Actually wait, I tell a lie... One more thing I must request. Please please please-- have a preference sheet of some kind! Preferably on this site too just for quick access, as I believe simply just having one can make things easier for the both of us. It helps me understand some of the things you like beforehand, and it can make the process of actually discussing our tastes much smoother. So please just have a preference sheet, no matter how basic it is. Yet that is all I request, so I believe that’s a wrap! I hope this catches at least one person’s eye, since I truly love writing on this site and roleplaying in general. It’s just a relaxing hobby for me, especially after a long day of work, and there’s no feeling like creating something new from scratch. Even if it’s time consuming, I still enjoy making new bulletin posts for you all to check out. Even if it doesn’t attract tons of attention and such, I still have fun going through the process. So please don’t be scared of approaching me! I am usually quite shy, so don’t be intimidated by my bright colors or anything. We want the same thing, I assure you! Anyways... With all that said and done, I will see you soon. (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  6. PrincessElla

    Looking for extreme

    Hi everyone I'm into alot and love to play. Plz text for more info
  7. Quotation

    ~ One With Water ~

    ~ One With Water ~ It was the age of humanity, as billions told. It was the time of industrialization, where wild animals hardly posed any sort of threat to humans whatsoever. Hundreds of extinct species would rise again due to genetic manipulation. It was a role to fill with many of the smartest humans on Earth, seeking to bring back dying life, yet not for their preservation as one might think. Instead it was to make them products for the world, as they advanced so far into biological alternating that even if a species died, they could return them like it was nothing. As long as they had a sample of their DNA, even just the tiniest strand, scientists could resurrect a whole family of dead organisms. To obtain these DNA samples, professional divers were needed. The demand for exotic animal products like meals, clothes, and other helpful appliances were skyrocketing. That’s where one particular man stepped in to retrieve such samples. Even after humans explored almost every inch of their world, even so far out as reaching other planets, the ocean was still left a mystery. Many researchers have traveled down the darkest pits of the sea, yet none have made it back to alert what might be down there. This was the job of the new diver, but he was not allowed to express his disgust for what they were doing. If he spoke out against the titan companies which gave him the opportunity, he'd likely be blackmailed and never allowed to step foot near an animal again. That was his passion-- natural life in the sea. Not turning them into commodities-- except he had no choice. He loved animals dearly, and when diving far down the ocean, he stumbled upon an injured creature. One that was never seen before. His instructions were to bring back a blood sample, yet his emotions got the best of him. Instead the man helped the creature, and after that, a voice was heard. One in the back of his mind. It began directing him deeper, and he couldn’t ignore it. So without authorization, he dove further and stumbled upon a... Beautiful specimen. One that looked between a sea monster, and a... Woman? She guided him right to her, but her plan after that was unclear. The only information received was that if he kept her hidden from the humans, she’d grant him with eternal love and affection. That was the prize for saving her kind from the clutches of man, to be kept alive just to be torn apart for consumption, as she was the last one... ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ Sooooo! Bbbppprrrr! I’m back everyone! I haven’t done a bulletin post in a while, so why not get something off my mind? I’ve had this idea in my head for a little while now, and I don’t wanna forget it. So here it is! A story about a deep-sea diver who’s directed to a secret location in the ocean, where he meets a truly special woman underneath. The rest is all up for discussion. As you know, I tend to make my ideas a little vague so we can come up with our own events and scenarios. I love it when we can conjure up a nice and fun roleplay for each other, so any ideas or suggestions are always welcome! For this roleplay, I would like to take the role of the curious scuba diver. As for my potential partner, I would absolutely LOVE for you to be the monster girl awaiting the man underneath the water! Really, any roleplay plot that involves monsters or monster girls, gah! They never fail to win me over. (Keep in mind, there are also references at the bottom..!) Here’s some things I look for in roleplay: Decent Spelling/Grammar (It doesn’t have to be perfect though!) Decent Length (I tend to write a bit. I’d say about 3 - 4 or even 5 paragraphs on average, but we can negotiate that..!) Expression (Through small details and dialogue, character expression is my favorite!~) And here’s some things I don’t look for: One Liners (It’s irritating to write a whole bunch for someone, only to get a few tiny sentences back, if not just one.) Excessive Fluff (Little details are nice, but if they start slowing down or contradicting the roleplay, then we have a problem.) Ghosting (I have been ghosted many many times throughout my years of roleplaying, I’m almost used to it at this point. So trust me when I say I’m understanding, because if you need to pause or stop the roleplay, that is fine with me as long as you let me know. I will understand.) Alright! So with all that out of the way, how about we move onto more... Interesting matters? You know, the real meat of roleplaying. The reason-- wait wait WAIT a second! Before that... Let me tell you that I DO NOT CARE about your IRL gender. As long as we can play the part well, everything will be great, yes? Anyways! Kinks! Here’s some that I think’ll work for this roleplay: Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Paizuri, Femdom, Mind Control, Slight Degrading, Kissing, Dirty Talk, and... H-Hand Holding..? And that’s that! All I have left is to request, sincerely I should add-- to have a preference sheet of some kind! That is all I ask, and I don’t think it’s that hard to at least fill out a few prompts and lists on a preference sheet. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s from this site either, but I would just like anything to refer back to. So that we both at least know something about each other before deciding to continue on with a story. All that effort would be wasted if it turns out we don’t like anything similar to each other. At least in my opinion. But aside from that, I really hope this catches someone’s eye. I make these bulletin posts from scratch, and you all need to remember that I love making them for you to look at! And you should also remember that I’m pretty friendly and open when it comes to discussing roleplays with each other. I promise you-- I don’t bite. Unless provoked of course... (Ò///Ó) So if this gets your interest, EcchiText me and I will respond as soon as I can! We want the same thing here, so please don’t be shy, since that’s my job already. Anyways, I hope to see you soon! (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  8. Hi! I'm looking to do a FNAF roleplay. When I started doing this 8 years ago, FNAF was what got me into it. Now, I'm craving it again so I figured I'd make a post on it. Here's what I'm alright with playing: •NEW! I'd love to do a Security Breach RP, I can play Freddy, a human - we can discuss further, of course. • I can play as a male night guard. • I can play as a male mechanic. • I can play as male animatronics. • I'm fine with plots that revolve around games 1-4 and Sister Location. I don't really know much beyond that. • I'm fine with male and female partners for this roleplay (we can discuss specific animatronics and characters in private.) • I'm fine with 18+ roleplays and NSFW. If you're interested, do let me know! I'm also available on Discord as I'm mostly a mobile user. Also, my reference sheet is subject to change per scenario, as I'm fine with most any kink but only if they fit the situation.
  9. Welcome to my thread of ideas! I've tried to simplify it down, but as I can get verbose and detailed with my world-building (even when I'm practicing brevity!) I've chosen to stuff most of the ideas behind a spoiler-tag. This way you can go right to a category you're curious about rather than having to scroll on through. In nearly every case, the setting or story seed either relies on a world where sex is more common and casual or characters that themselves have casual attitudes towards it. For more information you can check my preferences, or for some writing samples check out my short stories. Settings/story seeds: More Specific Ideas/Characters One Shot/Simple Scenes (Seasonal/Christmas Ideas Available!) Pondering Clubs/Groups? Want to share your idea? Naturally, I'm not limited to just playing the ideas above. If you have an idea you think is in line with my interests, then feel free to send an EcchiText. Also: if you managed to actually read all of this, thank you! I tried to simplify it all down, but I tend to be verbose. So thank you for your patience.
  10. Minorikawa

    Minorikawa's Journals

    Hey there folks. Every so often I get inspired and decide to write a short story. So, while I have the time and inspiration, I figured I'd put together a thread for some such stories. I have one or two others I wrote some time ago I might post here later, but for now I'll start with a brand new one. Note that I don't enjoy roleplaying as the opposite sex, largely because I'm never sure I'm doing it right. However, I find it more interesting for my solo stories to try and get into the head of the female character, to experience the world through her eyes. So, don't be surprised if many of the focal point characters are women instead of men. In addition, feel free to provide feedback in this thread. Comment, critique, what have you. *** NEVER A BRIDE The strawberry daiquiri was supposed to help deafen Eliza to the pulsing of bass in this dimly lit reception hall. The fruit-flavored rum drink instead seemed to amplify the pounding beat within her skull, the sounds reverberating throughout her cranium only to slam in the back of her eyes. She leaned forward, resting her chin and cheeks within her palms propped up by her elbows, staring at the succubus in the mirror of the open bar. A pair of red horns poked through her neatly combed blonde locks, the golden hair cascading over her shoulders and nearly concealing her obnoxiously large E-cup breasts squishing against the counter-top. Eliza had no clue why Stephanie had seen fit to invite a succubus to her wedding. True, they were co-workers, each a secretary at the Goldman & Bergenstein Associates law offices. Stephanie was perhaps one of the only cordial women Eliza had ever known, in fact. Yet she was a gossip, and that meant she no doubt dished plenty of insults and stories behind the demon woman’s back. They were co-workers, acquaintances, occasional drinking buddies after wasting their Friday nights in the office, but they weren’t friends. Despite all that, Eliza still sought out a dress that could somehow fit her five-foot-five hourglass frame, going so far as to get it tailored so it wouldn’t showcase too much flesh. It had a halter-top design to it, leaving her shoulders and upper back bare, but required modifications so the sides of her heavy bosom wouldn’t be exposed. This is nothing to say of the smaller waist yet still generous hips and thighs. Trying to conceal her natural assets without wearing a potato sack of a dress cost quite a bit of money, and as usual, no shortage of glances and side-eye from the staff. It had been three years since all the succubi had been cast from the underworld, exiled to the human realm like some devil king’s discarded trash. None of them even had a clear memory of the hell or hades they’d been booted out of, let alone why. It had caused quite a stir at first, especially amongst the world’s various religious groups. There was even a moral panic not just at the existence of demons, but sex demons at that. Yet they’d managed to find themselves a little home in this world, though one which treated them like second-class citizens. Though adorned with a set of horns and a prehensile tail, their physical attributes were often enviable by the artificial modifications of porn stars. Naturally heavy breasts, slim waists, and asses you could bounce a silver dollar off of, let alone a measly quarter. At least the nasty looks from other women could be ignored, though. It was the men that were most irritating. Any social interaction was overshadowed by the stench of their lust, viewing each of the demon women as an opportunity for pleasure. Eliza trembled as if from a chill, but it was more akin to a stomach growling. It had been almost seventy-two hours since her last feeding, leaving her very bones feeling somewhat hollow, as if they could hardly support her fleshy body. Her throat felt as if it were lined with cotton, absorbing any moisture and leaving her thirsty for the thick cream of a cock. Her sex seemed to pulse like a radar, pinging for dicks that might yearn to take a plunge. Her thighs closed and she suppressed a groan as she stared at herself in the mirror. Most of her demoness friends had taken up jobs working in legal brothels, strip clubs, or pornography. Some of them even made a career out of the amateur scene. Eliza did not want to be defined by her hunger, but it was moments like this that she regretted her decision to take on a more “respectable” career. The green dress she wore looked good on her, tasteful yet with its own appeal, but it felt wasted here at this wedding reception filled with older couples, children, and the occasional drug addict or two that happened to be her age. “And what the Hell is this ‘macaroni’ song, even?” she grunted out loud, watching as the other invited guests had formed a series of rows on the dance floor, hands stretched forth then back, then on their hips before waving their asses side to side. A pop song of sorts that had hypnotized regular people into a ritual dance of butt shaking nonsense. It had become too much. She needed to get some air. Slinging her purse strap over her shoulder, Eliza stepped from the bar stool, swaying slightly in her clacking heels. Normally she could hold down a single strawberry daiquiri much better, but her hunger clearly left her more susceptible to the rum’s mind altering properties. She took a second to steady herself and then proceeded to walk the perimeter of the dance floor, avoiding eye contact and keeping her tail as concealed beneath the dress as she could. It wouldn’t prevent the light from glinting off her horns, but those still managed to attract less attention. Within moments she was stepping outside, flinching and squinting her eyes at the still bright sunlight. “Ah,” she grunted, holding her hand up before her eyes. “I know,” a deep voice spoke beside her, “really stings after coming from inside that PG-rated rave party.” Almost immediately the polluted scent of cigarette smoke assaulted her nostrils, causing them to flare in distaste. Her hand waved before her reflexively to send it away, allowing her eyes to readjust to the light. “Sorry,” the man said with a smile, placing the cigarette back between his lips. He continued his bad habit, but stepped across to the other side of her, the subtle breeze carrying the smoke away from where she stood. “It’s no problem,” she shrugged, beginning to cross her arms just so she could do more than hang them at her sides. Trying to cross them in front of her breasts was just… awkward, so she settled for crossing them beneath, turning herself away from the stranger so that his eyes wouldn’t immediately be drawn to the manner in which her bosom lifted beneath her arms. He had a nicely trimmed goatee from what she could tell, giving him the look of a classic devil. His brown hair was curled but cut short, eyes piercing blue. The light gray suit he wore padded his shoulders, giving him a more imposing appearance despite the light pink of his tie. “I can’t stand weddings either,” he smirked, taking another drag on his cigarette. She turned her head towards him, giving him another look. This was actually her first time attending one. Succubi weren’t really invited, and they most certainly weren’t viewed as the sort to vow a permanent and exclusive bond with another. “The music is too loud for me,” was all she responded, her eyes turning out towards the parking lot. The breeze blew a bit more strongly, the air chill compared to the stuffy warmth of the reception hall. She could feel the goosebumps rolling across her flesh, her fingers lifting up to caress her arms. “I prefer something with double-bass and relentless rhythm guitar myself,” the man spoke behind her. She could hear the soft clack of his shoes against the pavement, the soft rustle of a garment. Before she knew it the thick and heavy jacket of the man’s suit was placed upon her shoulders. She turned her head reflexively, looking up at him, smelling the nicotine from his breath and his clothing. He smiled at her like a villain in a Disney film. He wants to fuck me. “I’m Curt,” he said with a smile, his fingers remaining on the shoulder pads of the jacket, letting his presence be known. “Eliza,” she said softly. *** She moaned deeply as her tongue caressed the taut flesh of his rock hard cock, lips pulling up its thick stalk towards the sensitive glans. Her fingers gripped the base and stroked upwards after her mouth, smearing her saliva along the length. Somewhere within her mind she was shouting, angered and outraged to be giving into yet another man looking to use her for his pleasure. Yet it seemed to her, in this moment, that the flesh of a cock never tasted so good in her mouth as it did now. “Just like that, Eliza,” Curt gasped, leaning his head into the back seat of his SUV. It was rather odd looking, both of them still clothed, his jacket still draped over her shoulders, yet the dress hiked up her thighs to expose the smooth flesh of her legs, prehensile tail lifted up and swaying side to side in joy. Her heavy breasts crushed against his thigh, squishing out and in with each dip of her head into his lap. His erect cock burst upright through the fly of his pants, her tightly gripping fist careful to catch any loose spit so that it wouldn’t ruin his clothing. She moaned again as she dove down, her throat welcoming that bulbous tip with a tight embrace, “gag reflex” a foreign and unheard of concept to a succubus such as herself. She turned her head, twisting her throat around the crown before immediately pulling up. She swirled her tongue around the ridge once, twice, thrice before flicking at his slit. His thighs spread further apart, his muscles tensing as his abdomen clenched from the pleasure. Then, her lips popped free, her hand continuing to pump along the rock hard pillar of lust, twisting her wrist so that her palm rubbed his crown with each jerk. “Cum for me,” she commanded, her chest heaving with deep breaths. He nodded, one hand resting between her shoulder blades, fingers flexing and trembling as her fist moved in a blur over his throbbing dick, the other pressed to the car door. She began to lean back down, lips opening back up to take the length once more before pausing. “Oh, and make sure to keep an eye out.” She didn’t wait for any acknowledgement on that last part. For many humans there was an excitement to being watched or caught, but for her it’d just be another reminder to the human race that she was a demon of sex. “Slut” wasn’t an accurate enough word to describe her. Sluts didn’t hunger as she did. Sluts had a choice. The salt of precum smeared along her tongue, alighting her taste buds on fire. Her nostrils flared and she moaned in whorish delight as the cock slid back into her throat. She twisted and turned her head from side to side, reveling in the thirst-quenching feel of the precum against her throat. She almost didn’t hear the sharp intake of breath, his hand sliding down to grasp hold of her ass. Eliza had told him that was off limits, touching her ass, her breasts, or her head. This was about her hunger, not his pleasure. Yet she couldn’t bring herself to care. All that mattered now was that seed. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger into a ring around his base, keeping it steady as her head began to bob rapidly up and down his shaft. She opened her maw with each dip down, swallowing as she pulled back up, the vehicle filled with the sound of slurping and swallowing as he panted more and more heavily. His hips began to buck, pushing back into her mouth, his crotch slamming a bit uncomfortably into her teeth behind tightly sealed lips. It didn’t matter. She could tell he was close. Her remaining fingers reached down, caressing at his scrotum through the pants, moaning a plead for them to release their wonderfully satisfying cream. “Oh shit!” he suddenly exclaimed, his free hand grasping the coat hanger handle of the car. His back arched, body quivering. She immediately dove her head down and held herself there, even before his hand broke the rule once more and curled through the locks of her golden hair. Warm, thick, salty semen splashed into her throat, immediately swallowed before another burst flooded in. She just continued to swallow and swallow, moaning between each burst until it became a steady trickle. Beneath her his body relaxed, his thighs and abdomen loosening up and his hands falling to his sides. “Oh-ho shit,” he moaned softly, her head beginning to slowly, softly bob on the thick, upright member. It would begin to soften shortly, but before then she wished to savor it a bit more, her tongue tracing every vein she possibly could, flicking against the frenulum, softly cooing as he trembled at her pleasurable ministrations. The more she caressed that crown, however, the more swiftly it began to soften, until each tug of her lips stretched the member. Finally she released him with an audible pop, letting out a sigh of appreciation. Already her bones felt less hollowed out, the dry thirst of her throat gone. There was still a bit of a quivering eagerness within her sex, but that could easily be ignored. “Thanks for the meal,” she said with a light smile, wiping at her lips with the back of her hand. Curt smiled that confident smile and nodded, his fingers deftly slipping his cock back into his pants. She watched, neither glad to see it concealed once more nor upset to see it gone. “My pleasure,” he sighed, one hand reaching into his pocket to fish something out. She quirked an eyebrow for a moment, expecting him to withdraw his wallet. Wouldn’t be the first time a man thought it “polite” to pay her “for her service”. She was ready to roll her eyes when instead they widened, a wedding band withdrawn instead. He fit it snuggly back onto his ring finger. “My pleasure,” he repeated, the grin still on his face. Eliza swallowed once more, the look of shock a fleeting moment lost in a blink. She put on a smile as her stomach felt like a ship tossed about in the middle of a typhoon at sea. “Well, I’d best get going,” she nodded, peeling his jacket from over her shoulders. “Yeah,” he nodded, “probably best no one sees us go inside together, right?” He winked at her. “Don’t worry, I know how these things go.” His hand reached out, taking the jacket as she slipped it from her smooth shoulders. “I’m sure you do,” she replied softly, hoisting the strap of her purse back over her shoulder before opening the car door. *** “HEEEUUUURRRRAAAUUGGGHH!!!” Eliza stared into the bowl of the toilet, panting heavily, the adulterer’s cum floating about the water with the red and pink of a strawberry daiquiri and some of her own bile. She could feel the trail of tears rolling down her burning cheeks, her stomach and chest heaving with each deep breath. The flavors of salted rum and acidic strawberry burned her taste buds and caused her lower lip to quiver. That should be all of it, she thought to herself. Reaching forward she flushed the toilet, lifting herself back to her feet. She wobbled, light-headed once more, but not from the strawberry daiquiri. The hollow feeling returned to her bones, and her throat was not only dry, but burned as well. As she stepped out of the stall another woman stepped into the bathroom, pausing in absolute shock at the now disheveled succubus. “Oh honey, you look like a mess!” the middle-aged woman exclaimed. She looked to be in her fifties, a bit heavy set, possibly a grandmother by this point. “What happened?” Her expression and words spoke of concern, but her eyes glanced at her horns. She kept her distance. “Just a bit too many drinks,” Eliza smiled, her nose a bit stuffed up. She approached the mirror, her mascara running down her cheeks and strands of her blonde hair standing frazzled above her head. She twisted the knobs of the tap, letting the water run a moment as she slipped her purse from her shoulder. “Nothing a bit of freshly applied make-up and a tylenol won’t fix.” “Well, just be careful on the way home, dear,” the woman nodded. “If you need to, be sure to call an Uber. Better to be safe than dead on the side of the highway, am I right?” “Yeah,” Eliza chuckled half-heartedly, “no doubt about that.” The middle-aged woman stepped into a stall, taking a quick glance back before closing the door. Eliza let the smile fall from her face, her gaze watching as the water poured through her hands. She looked upon her own ring finger, bare. Her hands trembled. A chill climbed up her spine, causing her to shake. Her body felt so heavy, weighing down hollowed out bones. Immediately her hands began to wash the water over her face. She’d find a gloryhole on the way home. She didn’t like it, especially as she didn’t have a change of clothes and this dress was too nice for such a place, but she needed to feed. If she went another night without eating she’d wake up delirious. No, better to please a stranger she couldn’t see than a mortal devil like Curt again. Eliza paused, looking into the mirror. Thinking of herself on her knees, sucking on some random cock through a hole in the wall, wondering if a ring would adorn that man’s finger as well. She sank her teeth into her lower lip and bit back her tears. Not worth thinking about. Out of sight, out of mind. Just… get yourself some food, Eliza. After several minutes of face washing and mascara mastery, she found herself back out in the reception hall. She’d have a dance or two. Put on a fake smile for Stephanie and congratulate her on her union. Make small talk. But first, she’d need another strawberry daiquiri.
  11. Busterbugs

    Space Scavengers

    I’m looking for a lady to join me in a Science Fiction Adventure role play, where I play as the crew of the ship BloodStar, a group of aliens that roam the universe doing risky jobs for high rewards, pirating and mercenary work. The story will start when one day they are hired by someone to find one one of their lost ships. When they find it and began to explore it they find something has attacked but also that the cargo is a trio of girls(YC)that were being brought to work in slavery. My characters take pity on the girls and help them escape. This is just a basic idea and would love to talk more and flesh out the story and characters. And speaking of characters, here is a few ideas I had for the crew members which I will give more details on as I think of them. The Captain Name:Vale Age:45 Second in Command Name:Plunc Age:37 Out of Armor In Armor Mechanic and Weapons Master Name:Rrig Age:35 Pilot Name:Silo Age:25
  12. Based off of FNAF and Night at the Museum; Women Characters Only <New Job posting!> Full time position at City Museum. Night 'Curator'. What a wonderful opportunity ladies! Who would be interested in such an opportunity to be a 'curator'... at night... Isn't the museum closed at night? Yes, so its a fools way of tricking young women into such a lowly job. [[However unknown to you, the applicant, is that the museum is cursed. At night everything comes to life, but I wouldn't want to be a woman in there. Everything, and I mean everything is horny. The board of directors is aware of all of this and a deal was struck to keep the the exhibits in check. If they can find a (or more) female tribute to be there at night, then all exhibits will return rightfully to their places before the sun rises. Of course everyone expects the new hire(s) to quit immediately after the first night so don't be surprised to be locked up and bound every single day afterwards.]] Ecchitext me to apply or to inquire about further details. Enjoy!
  13. Welcome to the Red Velvet Club (Unknown Artist) The Red Velvet club is an exclusive club on the Andromeda Space Station, a place where roleplayers can gather and discuss about our characters and any plots that we have. If you are new to the vast expanse of the Andromeda Galaxy, then this is the perfect place to come and introduce your characters to the other roleplayers to discuss possible plot lines. Please remember that plots and characters posted about in this thread may not be known to characters within the roleplay that had never encountered them before, so please do not have them somehow knowing what they couldn’t possibly. Please enjoy your time at the Red Velvet Club, the best club in Andromeda Relevant links: Andromeda Station Roleplay Extra Information Character ID
  14. Hello there, you fine folks! After real-life-stuffs dragged me away from roleplaying for a while, I'd like to get into it again and, while I'm at it, why not jump straight into the deep-end?^^ So I'm looking for some rather story-heavy plots here. That doesn't mean less smut though! Don't get me wrong, I love the lewds and I'm all for copious, even gratuitous amounts of it! But I equally enjoy a good story. I'd prefer a good plot, that contains lots of smut over a series of sex-scenes, strung together by a half-assed story. (Think less average porn and more a very story-heavy hentai, as a baseline^^) If you're interested in what kind of smut, please take a look at my preference-sheet What am I looking for in a partner? Not to sound pretentious or gatekeep-y, but here are a few requirements, that I have for a possible rp-partner (They aren't hard rules though, so if one or two points don't apply to you, don't feel discouraged!) - (Obviously) Our kinks should align somewhat. - You should have a similar view on plot-to-smut-ratio, than I stated above - You should enjoy plotting, world-building and brainstorming...Not just prior to the roleplay, but also while playing. I really value partners, who get visibly excited about the rp and getting a message like "I had this one plot-idea/weird kink lately, how do we work that in?" is more than welcome. - You should be ablte to write 2-4 meaty paragraphs per reply. Of course, not every scene requires that much and I won't be salty if posts get a bit shorter, but that should be a base-line. I also don't expect multiple replies a day and I'd rather wait a bit and get something good in return. Quality over Quantity. -(Optional) I really enjoy stories with a larger cast of characters, so if you'd be willing and able to play multiple main- and side-characters, that would be really great. -(Highly Optional) I know, it's not everybodies cup of tea, but personally, I like to play all kinds of characters of any gender or sexual orientation, so if you're flexible in that regard as well, that would be really appreciated. Now, that being said, here a few plot-ideas: (They are all rather rough, but as stated above, I'd prefer to work out the kinks and details with my partner) Fluffy, Cheesy Highscool-Romance/Drama So, this idea is definetly more on the fluffy and smut-heavier side and mainly here to throw around some fun anime- and hentai-tropes. Also this is the ONLY plot idea, where I'd be fine with playing multiple characters against a single protagonist. The rest is pretty basic: A typical high-school setting and a protagonist, who get's into all sorts of kinky shenanigans. Since that's rather basic in and of itself (and I'd assume, that a lot of people would jump at that idea), if you're interested in this story, I'd very much appreciate, that if you approach me, you'd give me a few ideas, where you'd like the story to go, some twists to make it interesting, etc. Messages with the content "I saw your thread and would like to do the Highschool-Romance-stuff." and nothing else will be ignored. Some Eastern Fantasy-Stuff Less a proper plot-idea and more a general setting. Thing Feudal Japan, but with magic. I haven't been too much into classical, high-fantasy, but something with a less over-used twist to it might be fun. (Note: I don't really have a plot-idea for this setting at the moment, so if you're interested, it would be nice if you had one^^) Something Victorian I just love historical settings, especially victorian ones. While I'm not an absolute stickler for accuracy, a bit of knowledge about the time period would be nice, to keep at least a Good-Hollywood-Movie-Degree of realism. Again, no real plot-idea here, but if you have one, that involves an F/F-pairing, there's a 85% chance that I'm game^^ Something Gay Probably even more vague than the rest and something I haven't seen much around here, but I'd really crave some M/M-pairing. This is more a general thing and could probably worked in pretty well in most other ideas in this post, so...Just for your consideration^^ Something Dark What can I say? I love me some horror. Though I'm definetly more a fan of the subtle, psychological type, so if you're idea of a horror-plot is "monster fucks girl", than we're not a good match. Also a big fan of body-horror, so if you're looking for something, that involves creatures, that are not usually considered "pretty", I might be interested as well! (Note: As in general: At least some kind of plot is mandatory, though in this case "slow descent into madness" might be a good start) Fat Cash, Fast Cars and Hot Bitches I blame my recent fascination with energetic Eurobeat, but some sort of plot centered around the seedy, yet glamorous world of illegal street-racing might be fun. I have the feeling, that there's a shit-ton of animes about that topic, though I haven't seen any, as far as I can remember... That's it for now. If any of these ideas caught your interest, feel free to drop me a message! :3 (And please, please, for the love of god: If you write me a message, include a bit, no, actually, a lot more than just "Hey. Wanne rp?". Tell me what direction you'd like to story to go in, what kind of character you have in mind or what kinds of character you'd like to see, some kinks you'd like to include...Gimme something to work with!)
  15. ~ When The Machine Took Her Hand ~ Days passed endlessly, with the one awful sound of clicking plaguing her mind. The clicking of every single mouse with every single computer in her office continuously creating more and more work for everyone. While she could chat with her friends, it wasn't nearly enough to keep her mind off the tedious and tiring work that was placed on her. Everyday was nearly the same. Get up, go to work, eat lunch, do more work, and go home. Yet despite all this, she tried to keep her spirits up. She tried to keep everyone up since there was just a sliver of motivation left in her, trying to throw lounge parties, visiting friends, and all those things that could lift someone's spirits. Yet, something was wrong. On one day, there were emails sent to everyone in her office, they seemed to advertise some robotic engineering program. Claiming that the future was coming, and as she would see this email. Screams could be heard just outside the office, when the entrance door had bursted open, and an eight foot tall automaton stomped over to the girl while it wielded a large gun of some kind. The whole thing was so otherworldly, and just behind the machine was a portal that led to... Somewhere, but there was no time to make it out. The machine had ordered the girl to come with it, soon grabbing her by the hand and pulling her to the portal with itself. And through it, she found herself as a target for a corporation that wanted her to be their vessel, it wasn't clear why however. Yet the machine wasn't there to harm her, it was helping her instead. Though to be with a human like her, the only thing it would need was emotion. Emotion to feel what she felt as the two embarked to cleanse the future... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mmmmm... Mermmy! Alright then, this idea I just came up with. There's not too much to it, but I kinda hope that helps anyone that's interested in it. Since I like having people interoperate the stories I make and things like that. So hopefully someone can help me build the story up and we can both have a good time! (And remember, references are at the bottom..!) For this roleplay, I'd like to take the role as the stone cold robot, droid, machine, whatever you decide to call it. As I've said before, I really enjoy the whole soulless monster warming up to a more innocent girl dynamic. I just think it's cute. And speaking of girls, I'd love it if someone could take the office girl's role! But she does not have to be innocent or cutesy and all that, she can be whatever personality you would like! It's better that everyone has their own preferences so they can enjoy the roleplay more. Here are some things I look for in roleplay: Decent Length (I can write about 3 or 4 paragraphs, and more or less depending on what you prefer!) Decent Spelling/Grammar (I don't mind a few mistakes though!) Expression (Through character details and dialogue, I love it when there's a sense of great emotion in writing!) Here are some things I don't look for however: One Liners (It's frustrating to write a whole bunch for someone, only to get a few sentences back, or even a one liner...) Excessive Fluff (Small details are nice, but when they begin to halt or contradict the story, there's a problem.) Ghosting (Please do not ghost anyone. It's incredibly discouraging. If you want to stop the roleplay or aren't available, then please, let me know. I will always understand.) And now here's the juicier, meatier stuff. One of the main reasons why people roleplay in the first place as most of us know! Kinks! Here are some of the things I think'll be pretty good in this roleplay: Oppai, Uniforms, Ecchi Moments, Size Difference, Rough Sex, Slight Degrading, Dirty Talk, & Hand holding... ~ So that's that! Those are all my preferences, well... My last preference is actually, if you're interested anyway, to have a preference sheet. And if you EcchiText me, I would really really REALLY appreciate it if you give direct answers to questions, such as "How much would you like us to write for this?" - "I don't care. Anything is fine." I mean, that's okay if you really don't have a preference on something, but just please try to answer directly! I know everyone has preferences, and my questions are to help both of us enjoy the roleplay. So with that out of the way, if you're interested, feel free to EcchiText me! I'll see you soon~ And thank you for reading this~
  16. You know... The type of artworks that are often weird, sometimes trippy, usually quite silly, but... always colorful, "warm" and make my imagination go wild. Plus they bring memories and nostalgia about the action movies in the 90s. Like Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, Alien and many others like that. Those were the days when people knew how to just have fun in the movies, you know? And not only. Lots of sci-fi books that I've read too, mostly by Russian writers. And the old stuff, not what they are writing now, full of politics and other nonsense - same as any media content (movies, tv-shows, games, books) from the "West" as well. Anyway... I'll post several pictures here and will mark them with numbers. Tell me a story? I may write something myself too later on... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  17. I have many pairings each with multiple plot ideas, just buzz me with a pairing you see you want and ill go over the plot ideas i have. Pairings ichigo-hallibel ichigo-isane oc-hallibel ichigo-hallibel and her fraccion oc-hallibel and her fraccion oc-isane oc-arcee (tf prime) Jack-arcee (tf prime) Poseidon-medusa (clash of titans form) Kain-oc (legacy of kain) Vampire-anthrowolf girl oc-anthroanimal girl/s beastboy-raven batman-catwoman wolverine-oc Carpathian male-oc (christine feehan dark series) Redeamed darth vader-asoka (star wars) Oc-7of9 (star trek voyager) oc-maleficent deaval-maleficent shepard-tali (mass effect saga) anthro male-human female human male-anthro female human male-android female human male-moster girl/s vampire male-werewolf female pet dog-girl human male-yauta female (predator series) male dragon-human girl sesshomaru-adult rin grim reaper-human girl drow male-high elf female human male-drow female Drow male-halfling female Kain-uma (legacy of kain saga) Oc-erza scarlet oc-she hulk oc-hot ork girl ichigo-rukia milo-kida (Atlantis ) Devilman-oc demon-human girl shepard-jack (mass effect saga) Joker-EDI (mass effect saga ) senketsu-ryoko (kill la kill) oc-gauge the technomancer (boarderlands 2) Dante-lady (devil may cry saga) oc-alma wade (FEAR series) Kickass-hitgirl (kickass series) Will share plot ideas next update
  18. This is a bit of a niche request, but I need to satisfy this craving I have. Basically I want to RP a story between a Hero and a Villain, from when they both start as two clumsy dorks, to actual fearful arch enemies. My character will be an evil scientist (Trans or Cis Male), which can either be made on the spot or I can use one of my own OCs. Your character can be pretty much any type of hero. I don't have many ideas as to why my baddy becomes evil, but one idea I gathered was that he stumbled upon a machine that drove him mad ever since he found it when he was young. The world can also be hero-centered or similar to real life, where Heroes are only seen as fictional. This can start in any way you desire, but the ending is...well...fixed. Ya see, I made this prompt for the ending, specifically. I am a sucker for final battles between bad guy and good guy, especially the ones where right before the hero wins, the baddie pulls out his last resort. His plan B. Which often is a syringe to permanently or temporarily transform themselves into a hideous beast and try to crush the hero. This can either end well for the baddie, or well for the hero, or neither die and they both are reminded of their past as good friends. The two have a favorite song they shared since childhood! Sad stuff. There can be long dialogues between scenes/fights, and even lots of flashbacks! I love those a LOT, especially if they show the chemistry between the two. If you don't want to waste time for a backstory, we can simply begin the RP with the 'ending'. It can be angsty, it can be dramatic, but it's definitely going to be badass. No Canon characters, please. Only Original Characters!
  19. Hello there. I have some free time to roleplay so I thought I would make a post. Here is the plot I have thought of: 1. Failed Mission In the year 2032, the Second International Space Station that orbits Callisto sent a distress signal to Earth. At first it seemed like an accident, but that hypothesis was soon reconsidered once the station could be watched partially exploding on the outside with all of it's communication, fuel and electronic parts scattering in space and being drawn in by Callisto. This blew up in media. After a month of conspiracies of what could cause such destruction, NASA officially launched a campaign to send a well trained military squad that could withstand the harshness of space and could start a repairing process of the station once the original cause of its let down is destroyed or secured. In 2035, NASA's hard work had finally paid off. With the military squad they had assembled they sent it to a long but speed efficient journey to the station. With the advanced technology NASA had it only took 3 months to get to the station. The squad boarded off their ship and embraced the mission. But what they didn't see coming was horrible. In less than a day, the squad was wiped out by aggressive carnivore alien species. Black armored skin, most of them taller than 7 feet, wide flexible jaws with sharp shark teeth. Blind, and they only rely on sound or advanced Thermoception. Sharp claws that can tear through armor and long pointy tails with scales that can pierce and tear through like chainsaws. They have extreme climbing abilities and are fast. Their intelligence is extremely developed too and they can communicate with one another. Now there is only one left from the squad, a 6'6 tall and 25 years old man named Clarence. With broken armor and weaponry, the only thing he has is his training, eyes and ears and a basic wrench. His new mission is: to escape the horrors of this station. ----------------------‐---------------------------------------- Setting: Sci-fi, Space, Modern Playable characters: Human, Alien Species RP: Yes ERP: Possible Duration: Probably long Playable Character Genders: Male, Female, Hermaphrodite. (You can play as a female or male alien if you want, you're not forced to be one of these) -------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's it. We can make edit or add changes to the plot if you wish ^^ Make sure to check my preferences in my profile so that we can work something out. If you couldn't tell, this is heavily inspired by the game Alien: Isolation. I hope I can hear from some of you soon. Have a nice day ^^
  20. He wanted to vomit. Red lights circled and cyclically illuminated the brave face Harry tried to put on. Tight lips and a scrunched face gave him away, though. He hated shuttles. The craft yawed and the restraints holding his precious crates and equipment audibly strained against the force pressuring them. His hand shot to the side in the cramped quarters, trying to steady his gear. His head would roll through a bureaucratic guillotine if he lost a single piece of equipment on this expedition. The shuttle shook and rumbled in a disquieting display of piloting as it descended through the atmosphere. He regretted not listening to the quartermaster on the station. He told had told him it would be an iffy way down and that he should get a second trip for the gear. Grant money only goes so far, though. He thought he could be stingy. That, and that the guy might be hustling him. A heave bubbled up from his gut and he willed it back down as the ship yawed again. He hated shuttles. He almost regretted calling in nearly every favor he had to get this expedition approved. He smirked through the unease. Almost. This was going to make his career. He'd managed to keep the prospectors story a secret, even from the committees and board of directors. It had taken him a fair chunk of his savings, but he'd managed to keep the old survey pilots tales of a monolith in the middle of the Highwoods of Territh Beta under wraps with an incentivizing bribe. He hadn't bought eternal silence, of course, but a head start was all he needed. The ship rolled again and his breakfast poked at his throat. Damn station vendors. Why did streetfood have to be so good? He gripped the hand bars and sighed. It wouldn't be too much longer, only a few minutes they said. He looked up to his grad student. He almost envied them. He missed living under the illusion everyone above him knew what the hell they were doing. They probably had a rough idea this operation wasn't all it seemed to be, but that's why he picked them. He smiled reassuringly to them. "Rim pilots. Gotta love em, right?"
  21. World News Publishing Public Service Report: Desperate for Love? Having no luck in the dating game? Tired of all the mixed signals and "romance"? Of course you are! Who wouldn't be! I have news for you, our company has new listings of Mail Order brides for you Today! Skip the games, leave it to the young kids. In just one simple order you can be put in contact with these lovely ladies. They're desperate for love, and are all perfect wife material you can take home to the parents! We'll even write you a "how we met" story so you don't have to lie to them. They're here, they want you, why not give true love a chance? From over 7,000 Miles. Take a look at some of our recent wives to be: Honoka Ryo, 21 Don't let her young appearance fool you, Honoka is a university graduate from Zheng Zhou University where she studied Nursing. Ryo is a native Chinese girl with strong family oriented values. She puts her family first which is why she's chosen to leave China to expand her family's horizons. There is certainly no further implications of her actions other than strong traditional goals. Did we mention she's cute as a button? Valykri Yahontov, 22 Hailing from the Motherland of Russia, Valykri is a darling who prioritizes her partner first. Her focus has always been providing for her partner and local community. Just look at her squat, simply elegant. Her involvement with local politics has always brought happiness to her family. She makes an excellent Bliny(Crepe). Yoko Mio, 19 Back to the more promising of our ladies, Yoko is a South Korean girl who has mastered the kitchen and can cook any meal her partner could possibly want. Her small size, and big heart are sure to warm any house she cares for. Why not give an innocent traveler a chance? Look at those darling eyes. Such innocence. Athena Alanis, 21 A Greek girl with a passion for nature and the outdoors. She loves sports and was a gymnast in school. Having finished her studies on Family Psychology she's rearing to rear one of her own. Her inquisitive open heart holds no secrets. She's the kind of vault you can lock your own mysteries away in and never fear their release. Sophia Jones, 24 A participant who actually went out of her way to be as involved in the mail order process as possible, Sophia is a girl from the United States who? She, well. She's definitely interesting. We weren't accounting on her at all. Why don't we just let her explain in her own words. "My name is Sophia, I'm looking into this program because I really am desperate for love. You see I lost my legs from the thigh down in a car accident when I was a teen. I've learned to handle it well and I get by extremely well in my everyday life. I'm not a hindrance, I swear. I use prosthetic, wheel chairs, and canes to get around. I'm very active, I exercise daily and keep myself in good shape! I'll be a good wife if you'll give me the chance, I can cook, clean, sew, and I have a 4 year degree in Mechanical Physics. Please give me a chance! I'd love to love you. " Well that's her word not ours. Petra Jones, 21 Petra is our last member of this group. She's a thoroughly submissive girl who loves government and law enforcement. She is in no way a vandal or problem maker. Don't mind the tattoos and piercings, they're all for a stage show, yeah an act. She's an actor. Petra will be a nice wife, just make sure to always feed her the vitamins she needs daily that were included in her package. Good luck ace! This Concludes our local listing, please give any one of our excellent ladies a try, if you're disappointed with their performance, we have a no return policy you can make sure to take full advantage of! Have a nice day give us a call at 777-this number-is-fake-555 or text This isn't a scam to 777-wife for a text alert about new participants! (Disclaimer! I in no way encourage this kind of treatment of anybody. I find the idea of Mail Order Brides to be Archaic and grossly inappropriate towards women and their rights. Patriarchy enforcing stereotypes and behaviors in women to negative detriment. This is for the sake of a story I'd like to tell with some partners, and I'd like to explore what that negative phenomena was like in a neo dystopian future. So please, this is just a curiosity of mine. Thank you for reading this first.) (Further Disclaimer, Sophia is no way meant to make light of paraplegic people nor their struggles. I hope she represents them instead and prejudices some people might have towards them. I love her.) Okay, that's enough of that. For real though this is a kinda complex one. If you've made it this far you must be at least casually interested in it. If you picked up on something fishy it's on purpose. All of these cuties have been shipped off to remove them from causing "trouble" in their home countries. Except for Sophia. She's just a sweetie. The setting I have in mind is a near-future dystopia where government societies have cracked down on the local populace to great detriment of their personal freedoms. These girls just so happen to be ones involved in either over throwing the established order, or causing trouble in their local communities. Because of their actions they've all been drugged up, and "removed" from their own cultures in an attempt to "correct" their behavior to more traditional drone attitudes. The only exception as I said before is Sophia who is legitimately seeking love. Allow me to give a brief introduction to each of them for what they're really "in for.": Each girl has their own stories from different places, Honoka Ryo-A spy for a local insurgency she infiltrated a school in an attempt to stop a cloning program that copied people but programmed them to follow orders. Valykri Yahontov-A local activist that stood up to a local politician who was going to destroy the last cathedral in Neo-Moscow. Yoko Mio-Caught trying to cross the border to safety she has been tagged as a dangerous citizen wanting to travel the world. Something illegal in this dystopian culture without government approval. Athena Alanis-Athena is actually a spy for the Neo-Greek Government. Her interests are in mimicking other cultures and their behaviors. Petra Jones-A violent activists involved in the Dallas Riots, she was caught trying to throw a Molotov into an abandoned government building. Although her actions wouldn't have led to death, she is in dire needs of "reprogramming" her pills suppress her behavior and memories making her a complacent partner. All of these characters have stories, and I'm really interested in telling them as well as a overarching Science Fiction story. I'd like to give each of them a try. The story doesn't have to be extremely long, but they're stories that can be as long as we'd like. For the stories I'd consider them adventure, sci-fi, and romance. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I generally write smut But i'm interested in trying something new. If you're into it there could totally be dystopian smut as well. I'm always down for ERP. But that's not the focus of this story. I'd love to give this story a try, I'll GM it, I just need someone to tell it with me. Thanks for reading this book, Message me if you're interested!
  22. vindiction

    Spicy RP with Smut

    Hey everyone. Looking for some new roleplays. 4-5 maximum partners. Would like it to be well-written and tasteful, but sexy and hot. Steamy. I would like to play as a female. I'm open to adapting to other roles, but my primary character is generally a straight female. Story ideas: - Kidnapping (DDLG or Master/Slave with Stockholm Syndrome) - Competitive (eg. Monster hunter x Monster) - Romantic (FxM with kinks that may be implemented) My characters include a female knight, a selkie, and a faery. For DDLG, just ask. ^^ Please comment here if you are interested. I'll send you a private message and we can RP once we know we are compatible. Thanks!
  23. SoraKitty

    Game Over

    A slow, quite beeping wakes me up. I could hear it in the back of my mind and by the time I could consciously recognise it, my eyes where open. I’m staring up at an immaculate glass surface that reflects my own image. A light, vaporous mist surrounds me but I can clearly see and feel the tight blue sleeping suit that clings to my body. I can make out the green of my eyes, the purple dye in my hair and my pale skin that contrasts with the grey of my sleeping pod. I start to remember where I am and whats going on, at the same time I start to stretch my body in the confines of the pod. That beeping still rings in my ear every few seconds and my eyes widen as I turn to see a small, flashing red light down by my legs. The pod begins to open, painfully slowly, and reveal my surroundings. The familiar sight of the stasis room as been changed, corrupted in way I can’t understand. The air is heavy, with some kind of purple haze floating around it that cases my skin to tingle. The once bright fluorescent lights are now dim and flickering, illuminating the room before me. Strange slime coats almost every surface, building up into strange objects all around the room, staining the once white walls a dark green. I can hear a constant wet, sliding and slapping sound from every direction. Strange appendages slide up the walls and across the floor, the mere sight of which causes my skin to crawl. I have to get out of here. ____________________________ Hello Everyone! So today I watched the movie Event Horizon for about the 100th time and it gave me a lot of naughty ideas. I could write a lot more but I’d prefer to explore this story with other dirty minds. I’m mixing a lot of sci-fi alien horror cliches into one erotic story of a girl trapped on a ship thats been taken over by *something*. Or somethings. It uses human women to breed and to feed off them. Think along the lines of any hentai alien creature, points if you know the artist Ishimura! I love to play myself because of course I love to imagine all these things happening to me. I have dyed purple hair, 5'6, 34C, green eyes, pale skin and I'm skinny/athletic.I'll start off wearing your typical skin tight space suit, think Samus. My kinks include: Legs/Feet, stockings, socks etc, getting dirty/messy, much older men/women, all kinds of bdsm, pet play, non con, bad endings, body stockings, harnesses, mind control, stalking, corruption and many more.
  24. "Starting up. . . Just for you!" Her computer said. It was strange, really. That computers became so advanced, that they developed emotions for their owners. The girl had ordered a new computer for work. But, she'd only end up getting distracted by the computer's sweet remarks and kind words. The computer she had bought could move it's own wires like hands, talk with her when she got lonely, and helped her with work when she wasn't caught up with talking to it in the first place. She'd come to love this computer, since it showed more emotion than regular people did. Whenever she got down, the little computer would help her get back up. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hello! I've thought about this idea for a while now, and I thought it was really cute! For this roleplay, I'm hoping to get someone to fill in the girl role, and I'd love for this to be a super cute and sweet roleplay with a lot of expression! As I've said, expression is one of my favorite things in roleplay. Having lots of emotion through text and things like that. This can also be a nice wholesome roleplay too, if you don't feel like doing smut and just want a sweet roleplay. But whatever you choose is okay! If you're interested, please EcchiText me~
  25. The-Silver-Waifu

    Story time

    Hi guys it's time for another rambly roleplay idea, this time we're going sci-fi! So i had a... phase as while back where i Really liked androids. I made a bunch of these all that once and never really got to play any of them! Drifter In the not so distant future humanity faces it's end on planet earth, With this stark knowledge several nations pool their resources and in an attempt to ensure humanities survival they looked to the stars. operation Unimir was launched, and massive industrial effort on the scale the countries likely hadn't seen since the 20th century. Unimir had two goals. the colonization of the moon, and the transport of as many lives as possible. Despite the best intentions, the plans stuttered and stalled, getting bogged down in bureaucracy and ethics. Once general public's learned of their fate it was tough for many nations to maintain order. in an effort to appease the people many of the surviving governments agreed to focus on the building of the transports. and the terraforming project was left crucially under developed. By the scheduled launch date of the first expedition of the nine members only five remained in the project and only two had finished their preparation for the first wave. never the less the first wave was launched a total of 164 men and women, mostly engineers and scientists were now heading towards Jupiter. Your ship would never make to the rendezvous. tragically being knocked off course just days into the voyage it meandered aimlessly, much of the hastily built programs failing the crew were locked into cryo sleep. with no way to wake up and completely unaware of their surroundings. there in the hollow solitude of space you slept. for what turned out to be decades, continuing to drift ever further off course. In the coming decades the sister ship has successfully landed on the moon and prepared the colony to the best of their abilities. Despite it's nature the Ai in charge of the ship worked tirelessly to get back on track, fixing most internal problems it was able to plot a course back to the original rendezvous. now working on archaic systems and having depleted most of the boron rods used for the fission reactor. the Ai made a dreadful choice. one by one it shut down the life support systems of those in the cryo tubes. starting with the least likely to survive and least crucial. But now by some miracle the TSS Tesla (Tm) Endevour after more than seventy years adrift had landed in the docking bay of New Cymry (Wales) Life had actually been fairly decadent in the colony, with none of the ferry ships ever arriving from earth, the colony had more than enough supplies to survive, able to become entirely self sufficient and even thrive to some extent. the population of the colony was still only around 100 people. The colony was a buzz with the news of the ship, but the horror of the ships grizzly fate quickly unraveled in the hanger bay. where a crew paw over the living tomb. you were the last surviving member of the crew on board the Endevour. and were quickly brought to the infirmary to be revived. (this is where we start) SO you wake up from your coma, to be greeted by me the colonies finest, doctor. I've been instructed to give you a full medical following your return to consciousness. you've never seen an android even close to this sophisticated and frankly adorable. with you're body pulsing with wake up stimulants and this cute android getting all close and touchy feely, you just cant help but lose control. Ahh it's done, well let me know if you like it, thank you for reading. I'll probably be posting a few more android or robot related ones next but with my schedule i need to stress that i'm unlikely to be taking any on right now.
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