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  1. Hello all! I'm Sultry, a smut writer with a ton of kinks and a ton of ideas at her disposal! I play all of my ideas on Discord so if you want to talk and/or RP add me at: Rosewood#5556 If you don't like any of my ideas but still want to talk we absolutely can! IMPORTANT: I write all of my smut in non-traditional formats. That means I don't do traditional post-by-post RPs. The formats will be described below. The CYOA Format CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) In the CYOA format, rather than write posts back and forth, I will write posts and then present you with a list of choices for how you want to handle the situation your character finds themselves in. Let me give you an example: Bob walks down the road and finds the road forked in two, one road that led to the right and one that led to the left. He stopped to consider his options for a moment. Choices: -> Pick the road that leads to the left -> Pick the road that leads to the right You pick a choice from the list, copy-paste it back to me and I write out the next post based on your choice and it keeps going like that. Sometimes you'll also get situations like this: At long last Bob had found his way to a village, his feet were sore from all the walking and his stomach felt like a hollow pit, churning with hunger. But as he approached the village borders he was approached by a man. "Who are you? What is your business here?" the man asked, clutching a farmer's scythe like a weapon. There was a clear tone of hostility and wariness in his voice.... Choices: -> Tell him you are a traveler seeking a place to stay (your choice how) -> Tell him you are looking for work (your choice how) -> Ask him why he's so wary (your choice how) -> Say something else (your choice what) -> Do something else (your choice what) -> Leave (your choice where to go) In these situations you aren't just picking a choice but also providing details like dialogue and how your characters presents himself and what kind of tone he uses and so on, these are kind of like RP posts but short ones. It'd end up looking something like this: -> Tell him you are a traveler seeking a place to stay Bob holds his head as high as he can manage. "I am Bob, I'm just a traveler looking for a place to stay. I don't mean you any ill will," he said in a firm, strong voice that showed he wouldn't stand for being intimidated by some farmer and his sad excuse for a weapon! Now I understand this is unusual but trust me when I say that it can be absolutely amazing! Give it a try and if you don't like it, no worries! Below you'll find a list of ideas to go with it. Ideas You can pick any of these ideas. If you don't see one you like, no worries! Add me anyway and we'll create an idea together! Bang van It's the classic scenario: you drive around in an innocuous van and go on the road looking for fun and trouble! This can range from deliberately speeding by a female police officer to visiting strip clubs, going to colleges and hanging around the sororities, driving into a sub-urb to go looking for some MILFs, whatever you want! Pervert's Perspective Pervert's Perspective is a controversial new talk show that hosts female guests and interviews them live on TV. It's like any other talk show except for one thing: it's highly sexualized. The female guests show off their body, pose for pictures, talk about their sex lives and can be convinced to do much, much more.... You get to pick out guests from a list of profiles and then try to see how far you can make them go! The Critic You are an infamous critic who's reputation for harsh criticism is on the level of Gordon Ramsay. One bad review from you and a restaurant might as well close it's doors! When you come by restaurants will do anything, anything at all to appease you! See how far you can push the owner of the restaurant, her staff and even her customers! Sex Club Every highschool/college has clubs, chess clubs, sports clubs, debate clubs and more. One school now has a very controversial new club started by you: a sex club. It talks about and practices sex with the students, but not in any untowards way of course! Of course not... The Prowler Your character is a wealthy bachelor who spends his day prowling around town, looking for opportunities to indulge in all his favorite kinks. This ranges from him visiting the local college sorority to see what college girls will do for cash to infiltrating a wedding and far more. Go on a series of fun sexual adventures tailored to whatever kinks your bachelor might have! The First Date You are active on a special dating site for sexually promiscuous people who would love to go on a date with you. Browse the website, check out as many profiles as you want, pick a girl/woman, go out on a date with her and see how things get out of hand from there.... If you play your cards it can turn quite extreme and kinky. A New Family You have been dating a gorgeous MILF called Sarah for a while and she's finally ready to introduce you to her three daughters: Ashley, Anna and Amy. Today is the day that she finally introduces you to her family and she really hopes you and her daughters can be good friends.... She's nervous because she's been arguing with her daughters lately about their...lifestyle choices. Find out what her daughters get up to and see if you can't reconcile the family... The Ambassador You are an ambassador, sent to negotiate a peace treaty with a fantasy kingdom or a modern real-world nation. While you are a great negotiator your specialty lies in using your good looks and massive Cock to secure very favorable deals. Use your negotiation skills to talk the female members of court/parliament out of their clothes and into your bed. College Adventures You are an attractive freshman starting at a college famous known for a high count of hot women. Go to crazy parties, hook up with fellow students and teachers, sneak into sororities and get into all kinds of fun trouble. The Chaperone A wealthy mother and father are going on a vacation but are worried about leaving their daughter by herself and thus hire you to chaperone her. The girl invites three of her friends and they hang out in the living room together. Take advantage of the situation and see if you can't get the girls in trouble.... Porn Studio You are an underground porn producer with a cult following who has an unusual format. You go around with a hidden camera and approach attractive women on the street, talking them into engaging in all sorts of naughty, kinky and erotic shenanigans while you film it. Master of the Dungeon You are a powerful mage and live in a dungeon filled with monsters and traps. One day, an adventuring band composed of four ridiculously gorgeous elves has the audacity to storm your dungeon. In your eternal wisdom, you decide not to kill them but rather to corrupt them to your side. Using your magic to tempt them, your traps to catch them and your minions to pleasure them, you set out to turn them into your personal fuckpets and convince them to lead you to their village. After all, there might be other elves there for the taking.... The Elven Village An ancient hidden village populated by elves is visited by a human man, Your Character, for the first time in thousands of years. The elven women haven't seen a man as manly as you in a long, long time and they are obviously intrigued by you, much to the displeasure of the elven men. Seduce and corrupt the elven women, get yourself a harem of admirers and see how far you can go and how much fun you can have with them! Custom scenario Don't see a scenario you like? Work with me and we'll create a custom scenario together! Interested? Then add me on Discord at: Rosewood#5556 Please do it soon!
  2. This game is simple. Simply post one thing that one shouldn't say in the act of fucking or just after having sex. ^_^ It can be written from either perspective. Oh and no repeats. xD Example: You weren't that bad but your mum was better.
  3. Gangsta Moll

    Open Apocalypse

    A post-apocalyptic scenario that is unspecified but gritty, hard, with very few survivors who might eventually meet and work or at least journey together, where characters build their own stories and the back story to the world as they write. No rules, no formal posting format, just players writing a story that develops through their interaction. Characters may join without introduction - building their character through their posts and interactions. Bad actors might also join but I see the players creating those as third parties (non-player characters) to the story, mostly. To be clear, I do see this as wide open, including with sex, but the aim is to build a world together not to indulge in a quick fling.
  4. Gangsta Moll

    Open Apocalypse

    I would like to start an open role play based on a post-apocalyptic scenario that is unspecified, where characters build their own stories and the back story to the world as they write. No rules, no formal posting format, just players writing a story that develops through their (perhaps eventual..) interaction. I would start it with a post that hints at the post apocalyptic world and at my own character but leaves it as open as possible for others to insert themselves wherever and however they see fit. The post apocalyptic world I envision is gritty, hard, with very few survivors who might eventually meet and work or at least journey together. Bad actors might also join but I see the players creating those as third parties (non-player characters) to the story, mostly. I see this as a club, where players may create areas or join in to the single one I will create where my character is: giving the opportunity for players to build characters and their story independently before meeting, if they wish. I played in a similar role play a few years ago - one of my first - and it was wide open, enticing, involving and fascinating. To be clear, I do see this as wide open, including with sex, but the aim is to build a world together not to indulge in a quick fling. I am open to discuss the idea and adapt it, but do not want to over-think and spend ages on every tiny detail: it should be a few characters who like the idea and feel comfortable creating their character and the world through the narrative.
  5. So I got a little inspiration for this one. And just like whatever else I have offered previously, it will be smut. But like the prince x maid smut, it will contain plot. Here’s what I’m thinking: There was a great kingdom ruled by a queen. The kingdom knew peace and prosperity for all who lived. However, the kingdom becomes threatened by a villainess who wanted to destroy it (could be the sister of said queen, can discuss it). The queen sends out many soldiers and knights to take her down. But all have failed or perished before her. However, there arrives a knight with a kind soul with great strength and a powerful sword. Some call him chosen, other believes he got his strength through hard work. Regardless, the queen begs the hero to go after the villainess and save the kingdom. And the hero agrees. However, in a plot twist, the hero gets to know the villainess and after realizing they share a lot of hardships and similarities, he falls in love with her, and decides to try and save her via sex. All other details can be discussed through echitext, but a few things I want to highlight: The villainess can be the following: Witch Evil Queen Death goddess Vampire lady Succubus It can also be suggested that there is multiple villianesses, like say a council of witches or Evil Queen/Death Goddess and her female followers. However that is up to those who wish to give it a shot. That being said, if any one is willing to try this with me, ecchitext me or comment here so we can ecchitext (if you’re like shy or something).
  6. ch0055

    My wife's sister

    My wife is pregnant and in her last month, I had to put her under the care of her mother in her father’s house, according to what everyone’s opinions indicated, and her mother was not able to move to my house, and it was so, and I lived alone in my apartment, and I was not always successful in the stability of my life, especially matters of eating, ironing, cleaning, and spending some things that I had to The responsibility of the wife, and her mother felt that, so she had to send her older sister Fatima to my apartment on a regular basis, so that she would help me to solve some things, and I would leave the apartment under the care of the beautiful, mature woman for many times. Whether I am present or absent, she has a copy of the apartment key, and her husband works as an engineer in one of the Gulf countries. Once I found a strange video cassette tucked in a hidden way in the video room, so I decided to know its content, and I found it a porno tape with various sexual films, so I preferred silence and did not follow up. And one day I called her as if I was at work and told her that I would be a little late today. In fact, I was tucked into the house, and my plan succeeded in revealing my expectations. The beauty came to my apartment, and I hid in a place that would not come to my mind until I could see this girl who stole my heart and controlled my feelings. She is superior to her sister. Who is my wife in some things, especially her beautiful eyes and her charming looks, in addition to her slender, sprawling body. Fatima came and did the duty of packing the apartment, and after completing her work, she went as usual to the video room and started playing movies and spending time and then left. Indeed, she sat on the wheelchair of the beach, which gives the person sitting on it the opportunity to stretch on it as if he was lying on his back. He slept with her and began to lift her skirt and took off her knickers and sat down to masturbate with a great mood and desire and she was holding a very seductive and suitable rubber dick and she began to wriggle as she inserted the wonderful dick into her pussy and sucked and licked it and she was executing and imitating everything she saw in the movie and indeed she is a deprived female who settled on her legs and it was time to pick her but I adore watching girls while they masturbate, so I always did what I did this time, and she continued to masturbate after she finished the work of the apartment, and in fact she was passionate and burning, and I saw her in the same way more than once, and this time I was in disguise, and after she finished the apartment, I sat in front of the video She was completely stripped of her clothes and became completely naked, and the rituals of pleasure and satisfaction of her desire began, and on this day I was following her from the place of my disappearance, and suddenly my mobile phone rang, and its voice was very loud, so I was confused by what And I hit him with a squirt, and I stumbled into disguise, and the mobile was still ringing, and I quickly took it out of my pocket and silenced it. With my haste and confusion, it fell in the middle of the room Which frightened her greatly, and she ran out of the room while she was observing the situation, so I was forced to appear, and she began to cover her body with her hand, and she began to sit curled up on the ground to hide the features of her wonderful body, so I approached her politely, while I carried her dress and threw it on her, so she put it on while she was confused and wanted to ask many questions, and the most important of them was: Are you from when are you here? So, I reassured her and said to her, “Don’t mind, Fatima. You are a young woman. You have your sexual requirements. Do not hate me. I love you very much since I married your sister. You should know that the main reason for my marriage to your sister is to get close to you. I have been following you for about two weeks. Discoloration, redness, and shyness, and I decided to make her speak after the surprise held her tongue and succeeded in containing her and controlling the factor of shyness, and I asked her: Did you put all this cock in your pussy? She nodded her head while hiding her smile and took the initiative to snatch it from my hand and try to hide it as an eclipse, so I reassured her that what you did was something very natural and did not require all this eclipse. She said to me: Why are you spying on me and his nation, so I said to her: From an hour ago, I followed your behavior for the first time, and I was planting video tapes on your way to enjoy your lust and thirst. Enjoying you and what I see from you is much more beautiful than a million videos. Just looking at your sexy face is enough to ignite desire I love you very much, and I always imagine you in the place of a princess on my bed, while I am fucking her, and I wanted to confess my love to you, but I was afraid that you would turn me away, so I decided to remain silent and live on your one-sided oral love. And I used to talk to you while I was sneaking close to you to break the stalemate and start the beautiful relationship with you. I said to you, promise, Fatima, and she said, “It’s okay, and I will not forget this beautiful situation for you.” So, I approached her and kissed her on her cheek, and I found her giving me her lips. Despite her heavy weight, I took her to the bedroom, and she was watching me with her looks, and she had so many questions in her head, and I was an expert in making comfortable and safe and start together the sweetest events of forbidden love. I said to her, “No need, instead of a for you to use an artificial dick; instead, it will be a natural dick.” She looked at the place of my dick, a quick, fleeting look, which appeared clearly, wanting to slit the pants, although it was medium in size, but I took great care of it so that it would be steel. Mutual hugs while I sucked her lips and played on her pink body the sweetest of my groans, and I found her indulgence in an unprecedented way to complete a wonderful meeting with which she snatches pleasure on the bed of her sister and her husband, as if she wants to emphasize my broken eyes and enslavement of my desires. I replied in the negative, even though I joked about it and asked her: Who told you? She said: She told me that I slept with Charles, your sister's husband, and he was sweet. She was recovering in me, and from that day on I could not bear the world and what is in it. I often slept crying and my tears drowned my pillow and began to devour me. I healed my wounds, stopped my tears, was satisfied, preferred silence, and applied the proverb that says, “You feel good about me, and my profession is remorseful.” I often wanted to open up to you about this matter, but I did not find a sufficient or appropriate opportunity, and today I will be in Sally’s place, not my sister’s. All men are traitors, and our embrace quickly flared up. I threw words of flirtation at her and made a mistake. I called her by the name of her sister, so she started laughing to the point of snoring and sobbing. I heard obscene words from her that hid behind her an insatiable sexual personality. How is it that she is a sadist who loves humiliation in sex? This day we joked twice in one thread without rest, and the warmest meeting in the history of sex was what we did after careful arrangements and overwhelming lust that dominated all our emotions, and it was the day before her birthday, and Ammo and Tant went out to perform a duty in one of the cities that it takes to visit the whole day, and it was obligatory to deliver them by car Then return to them to bring them back to the house, and after I delivered them and promised to return to them at the end of the day, I returned to her to find her in full adornment and readiness for a meeting that we dream of for a long time. Her wonderful perfume used to intoxicate the soul, enslave the mind, and complicate the tongue from speaking. She asked me to indulge in her pleasure and for each of us to temporarily abandon his politeness. She said to me at that time, I want you to brutally fuck me, do not have mercy on my soul in a dick that will curse me and turn me off at the same time. With animal lust, it is the most useful to satiety, so I stripped her of all her clothes while I was tearing her apart, and she was eagerly yearning for what came after that, and she humiliated me to my actions that ignited my heart. I left her in the blink of an eye, and I found her lying on the ground on her back, pulling me towards her as if she was a message of guidance to sharpen my enthusiasm and break my shyness, and she told me to wrap myself in my body as she opened her labia with her index and thumb fingers, so I fell on my face and buried it between her thighs and began to lick her labia and caress her clitoris with my tongue and insert my tongue into the opening of her burning pussy and poke her clitoris inside my mouth She screams with lust, licks her boobs, and licks them with her tongue, while I embrace her from her thighs. She healed me, and since that day, I could not stand the world and what is in it, and I often slept crying, and my tears drowned my pillow and began to devour me, and she said to me, “I also think about you for a long time, but my concern for my sister was a barrier without harassing you, so I swallowed my pain and healed my wounds. I often wanted to open up to you about this matter, but I did not find a sufficient or appropriate opportunity, and today I will be in Sally’s place and not in my sister’s place, so I said to her Sally, “This is a big bitch, and she began to look at me with looks of suspicion and disapproval. In the name of her sister, she started laughing to the point of snoring and sobbing, and I heard obscene words from her that hide behind her an insatiable sexual personality, and she pinched me on the shoulder and said to me, “Beat me, Sheriff, or torture me. She threw herself into my arms and urged me to increase, and words flared up between us, and she confessed to me that she was irritable, and she did not care about anything for the sake of her desire, and on this day, I joked twice in one thread without rest, and the meeting was the last. Warmer in the history of sex, which we did after careful arrangements and overwhelming lust dominated all our emotions, and it is the day before her birthday, and Ammo and Tant went out to perform a duty in one of the cities that it takes to visit the whole day, and it was obligatory to deliver them by car, then return to them to return them to the house, and after I drove them and promised to return to them At the end of the day I went back to her to find her in full adornment and ready for a meeting we dream about for a long time and she was waiting for me on the balcony of the house and we closed our doors and I started carrying her in my arms while she was sitting and wrapped her hand around my neck and she started embracing me and I felt her soft body and squeezed her body and hugged her in lust and her wonderful perfume intoxicated the soul and captivated the mind and held the tongue from speaking and asked To indulge in her enjoyment and for each of us to give up his politeness temporarily, so she said to me at that time, I want you to brutally fuck me, don't have mercy on my soul in cock that will curse me and turn me off at the same time. I tore her apart while she was yearning for what came after that, and she humiliated me to my actions, which ignited her desire in a blink of an eye, and I found her lying on the ground on her back and pulling I came to her as if it was a message of guidance to sharpen her enthusiasm and break her shyness, and she told me to wrap her breasts while she opened her labia with her index fingers and thumb, so I fell on my face and buried it between her thighs and began to lick her labia and caress her clitoris with my tongue and insert my tongue into the opening of her burning pussy and poke her clitoris inside my mouth while she screams from lust and licks her boobs and licks her with her tongue as I meditate In her embrace of her wrapped, cohesive, wonderful, soft thighs, wrapping her thighs around my neck, squeezing violently, groaning, sobbing, and her body vibrating violently, as I licked her pussy and inserted my tongue between the labia, which caused her chills and increased desire and lust, as she rushed forward, sobbing and writhing violently, tearing my hair, tearing my shoulder, and holding me to her, and I felt softness Her lustful body and vitality that speak of sex, lust and love, and I began to lick her round knees and bit her thighs and began to bite behind the thighs from the top and lick between the openings of the pussy and the ass and this area that stimulates lust in me and ignites desire for her and my dick gets erect from it and I push my tongue into her pussy and move it right and left and inside and out Outside on the labia, feel the length up and down, and hold the palms of her feet with both hands, and suck on her toes, kissing the soles Her foot, which is the area raised from the ground in the palm of the foot, and I feel it with my tongue gently and tenderly, so I find her sighing and getting more painful and clinging to my neck and covering me with kisses, licking and sucking lips. I increased in licking her toes as she directed them to my mouth and moved them on my face. In fact, she was enjoying indescribable cleanliness as she looked at my mouth while I was practicing licking with intensity and lust. Between her thighs, I bent down to lick and dive more intensely, and her nerves began to collapse and the orgasm that I was keen on before entering my pussy entered her pussy, so that I could enjoy her if possible. In fact, she did everything I like for a female to do with me, and a phone came from my mother-in-law, and I answered it and told her that Fatima is not with me. Mama, I am on the way, I finished everything and went, and we went, and indeed we rode and set off. On the way, she pulled out my cock from the opening of her pants, and she began to suck it and caress him, and I warned her against ejaculation. I was very skillful in controlling the semen coming out of my cock. So I said get down on my hands and I left my cock spewing semen while she receives it on her hands and rubs my cock and sank and polluted my pants so how can I enter the house in this miserable situation and I wiped and sprayed a remover and a dryer but to no avail as the semen is not erased except with cold water and I handled matters in a satisfactory manner and we entered upon my mother-in-law and my father-in-law as if we were angels and cock missed and no lust She dies, and since that day, I fuck her more than once, even in the presence of her husband on vacation from the Emirates, as long as this is her desire. The woman who is skilled in love is able to impose her control over the lover so that he fears her and sanctifies their relationship, and this is due to her skill in imposing her power over me and my submission to what is between her thighs and the complete belief in her as a lonely and precious mistress, and I brought them back to the house. Thus, forbidden love is the most delicious and sweetest.
  7. JC01

    Furry ERP

    One day, as I went for a stroll on the city as per usual. I was pretty lonely, and I felt the need to go out more to maybe find that special someone, or at least someone to talk to. Well, I was on my way until then I met this girl. She was pretty nice and she looked really beautiful, too. We talked and had a nice discussion about art, movies, anything we wanted. I then asked her for her number, and she gave it to me. After I called her to set up a date, everything was going perfectly normal, up until her skin started growing fur, and her body started to shift, and then suddenly, she was a wolf girl! I'm dating a werewolf! Man, and curves really got much thicker, too. She was shocked, but I told her that I've always wanted someone like her. She's the perfect girl already. Now I'm sleeping with a werewolf gal and it's all been just after one date! Wonder what's next for me?
  8. This is actually been a story I always wanted to roleplay with someone but never been able to finish. Here’s the plot: Once upon a time, there lived a Prince who was raised alongside 5 maids who acted as both friends and family to him while his parents were away. The prince was to be raised to be a king, and it was something he took in stride. While he had a great relationship with his parents, he also learned everything from them. Stuff like what it means to be a king, diplomacy, how to speak with nobles, and how to fight. However, there was one problem he had suffered. Noble women. Each time when his mother tries to throw a party for an upcoming princess or noble woman, they all have either cheated on him or wanted him all for his money. They thought they could get away with it, but he knew and kicked each of them out. All of it wore him down to the point he no longer wanted to attend the parties his mother threw for him. This all was a sign for the king and queen that he gave up on the noble women. Then comes his 5 maids, the ones who were always by his side since they were young. They each had feelings of love for him and could not stand idle to see him suffer. So they try to comfort him. And in those moments of comforting him, the prince realizes his feelings for his maids, and in deciding to take one of them as his wife, he decides to test them by having sex with them. This is a more plot based story while still containing smut, and something I wish to finish. If anyone who is willing to work with me in creating the story, and willing to see through it to the end, then speak here or echitext me. Also if this seems intimidating, then talk to me and we’ll negotiate. More details can be explained as well if need be. Anyone willing to write this story with me?
  9. My character being a cheerleader your character can be a football player, teacher, nerd, or a fellow cheerleader. Getting blackmailed for help with my homework or not to leak a video or picture in return for some hot steamy sex on the low
  10. goodgirl

    Secret male sub

    My character found out a secret in her school. one of her classmates who is popular and percieved as dominant. but once he got attached to the succubus he wanted her to dom him hard.
  11. goodgirl

    Looking for futa!

    Looking for a futa thats down for public play, toys, possible tentacles, breeding and other kinky bits! I'm open for plots! ecchitext me!
  12. For my 18th birthday you gave me a surprise in the middle of my afterparty. a nice steamy fucking session in my room on the upper floor! taking my virginity with pride. Can be a best friend, stranger, friend, classmate, teacher ETC
  13. My character had a hard day at the coffee shop she works out and comes home to masturbate on her bed. finding that her vibrator is gone she couldn't wait and finger fucked herself. being caugh by her room mate who had stolen said vibrator.
  14. goodgirl

    Teachers pet

    I would love to be a naughty student who has been teasing the teacher all year long and finally gets steamily fucked in the bathrooms or their office, or their classroom!
  15. Arcus

    Romance Smut.

    Hello everybody. I’m Arcus and I’m new here. I’ve been meaning to do some smuts for a certain time. Mainly Romantic mxf smuts. I am for many different prompts. Ones I particularly like are: Beach smuts Nuns/church setting Office smut (Boss x secretary) Nurses Master x servant There’s a particular smut that o actually wanted to do a whole series on for master x servant, particularly: Prince x Maid A brief summary about it is a Prince is struggling with love with princesses that keep cheating on him or loving only his money. However, he finds love in his 5 maids + bonus, and he has to find out which one he wants to marry. I will explain more in an ecchitext (I believe?). But anyway, if any of these strike your interest, feel free to ecchitext.
  16. Warning: This Side Story contains scenes of a graphicsl nature. This includes, but is not limited to, sex, het, threesome and other such themes. If you do not like, then turn back now! Participants: Sophia, Kaylaen and Officer Thomas (NPC) Description: After waking up in the hotel to find their items stolen, Kaylaen and Sophia were forced to report to the hotel in hopes to not be saddled with the bill. The hotel called the police, causing Sophia to panic as she worried about being kicked out of the country. However she soon relaxed and used her feminine wiles on the men to wrap them around her finger. Not long after, one of the officers volunteered to return them home, where they decided to drop by Kaylaen's place where things are going to get heated as Sophia's orders compels her to add one more partner to her list. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- As Sophia shifted over to press against the officer, the man seemed to twitch a little, shifting as if he was uncomfortable and yet slightly leaning into her as she rested her head on his shoulder. From the way his hand twitched, he was aching to wrap an arm around her and hold her against him. He smiled when she asked if he minded, “No, no, of course not.” He said, before clearing his throat. He seemed to glance towards the bathroom, before leaning his head a little closer to Sophia to smell the scent of her hair. He pulled away again when she spoke, looking up at him. He cleared his throat and smiled a little at her, “I think I will be able to easily remember that name. Sophia. It’s a nice name. I am Thomas but you can call me Tom or whatever you wish.” He said, his arm moving down from the back of the sofa to rest on her hip. He didn’t move as she shifted a little to swallow the pills, but watched closely as the small bead of water rolled down her neck and along the crease of her cleavage. As she snuggled back against him, he held her again, his hand moving so that it was resting against her stomach, his thumb moving up to press against the underside of her breast. Kaylaen watched as Sophia snuggled back up against the man, trying to keep the smirk off of his own lips. From the man’s movements, he didn’t seem sure if he could really press further as if he was unused to being able to take what he wanted. But from where he was sitting, Kaylaen could clearly see the bulge in the man’s trousers. While he seemed hesitant, his body certainly wasn’t. If Sophia were to look down, or even wrap an arm around the man’s lower waist, she could be able to feel how eager this man was to fuck her. It seemed like the officer noticed where his gaze was, as Thomas looked over at him as Kaylaen looked back up. He could see that the officer seemed to freeze for a moment, but relaxed when Kaylaen just smiled a little at him. Thomas then seemed to get a little more confident as the thumb pressed a little harder and moved slightly to caress her through the blanket.
  17. I'm seeking an roleplay involving my Human Male Gentle Dom making a collection of female subs. He finds them, learns about them, and depending on who they are, he either seduces and lures them back as lovers & wives, or takes them by force as slaves & prisoners. Either way, they are taken to his self-made paradise, where they are transformed in body and mind, depending on the setting & plot, which they'll be a list of. - MC has endured and survived a multi-dimensional crisis and has found a mini-dimension/pocket dimension to make a new life in, and he certainly does not want to live it alone, so he explores what remains of the lost, damaged dimensions to find females to fight for him, to work for him, and to give him love & pleasure, using his psionic-magical powers, such as his special semen that transforms their mind and bodies from the inside, making them beautiful & glamorous while giving him complete control of them. - MC has found a sexy genie that will grant him an infinite amount of wishes, as long as he can satisfy her and give her his sex energy and semen. Fortunately, MC is very horny and has libido & stamina to go on forever. - MC makes man-made gemstones & crystals to give to females of his choosing, which begin to take over their minds and bodies, turning them into his hypersexualized playthings to have various smutty scenarios with as he pleases. - MC has found a way to take advantage of everyone obsession with computers & technology, using his own highly-advanced program & software to warp the minds and bodies of females to become his own personal playthings. - MC was abducted by alien invaders and violated in mind and body, but their efforts backfired and he took control of them, eliminating their leader and absorbing his knowledge & experience, and then taking out the other males and taking over the females. Now in control of the alien technology and resources, he sees Earth and decides what to do with it. Does he become its protector and rebuild what was wrecked, having the women love and adore him as a hero? Does he take it over and make every female on the planet his sex slave? Maybe he moves on and find another world to do what he wants with. Or maybe he blows up Earth, taking all the women and making his own version of Earth? - MC is a psionic-magic user in medieval times who uses his talents to make his own kingdom and claim sovereignty. He wishes to go across the world, claiming different kingdoms and continents as his own, uniting allies and conquering enemies, all while building his harem of lovers, wives, and slaves. - MC uses his psionic-magic powers to take on a witch/sorceress causing trouble throughout the land, resulting in an intense battle. MC beats her and uses her own power to make her his sexpot, using her resources to change the world as he sees fit. - MC is a space explorer that discovers a lost space station that seems to be overrun with rogue bio-technorganic fembots. Fighting and fucking his way to the main control area, he turns the fembots and its aggressive AI to his side, deciding to use it to keep himself satisfied, indulging in his fantasies while the bots milk him for his vital semen. - MC is lured to a high-fantasy world, captured by high elves who sought make him their slave & plaything. The tables turn when they accidentally unlock his psionic-magic power take over the high elves, making them his playthings and using their magic to find other females like faeries, mermaids, and anthros and make them his own, returning to Earth to do the same. - MC uses his technology to put himself to sleep for several years after an apocalyptic event wipes out most life on Earth. After re-awakening, he decides to train himself and go on a campaign to find any surviving girls and use their DNA to make clones to repopulate the world with, using them to make the world better and take out anyone in his way. - MC lives in a world of super-empowered heroes & villains, where aliens and dimensional beings are common, and epic fights are done on a daily basis. Using his technological knowledge and psionic powers, he becomes his own superhero and fight off evil-doers while collecting evil girls and turning them into his personal super-lovers to fight for him and satisfy his desires and hungers. Ok, that's about all the scenarios I can think of, but any others can be discussed later. Here's hoping I find some partners with these!
  18. You choose the scenario to start!
  19. Trappy

    Shota X Milf

    I want to try and play as a Shota who have something for his Mom. He would definitely be innocent and so does the mother but i would like to try and get some nice scenes out of it. My idea is: The Shota have a uncommon condition where his member grew too large for his age, that he isn't really capable of hiding it once he gets aroused since the size of his cock will be too large. As for the mother, she can be however you want her to look like, i'm not picky on that side. Just really want to roleplay this for a long time now but no one had messaged me for it. Also it doesn't have to be a mom, it could be big sister, friend or anything. But definitely would like to play as a clueless Shota who doesn't understand that incest could be wrong but his desires for his mom is just rising up and feels the need to do stuff on her, even if she is clueless about him as well. He watches too much incest porn so he can't really control his desires. If you have more questions DM me!~ ~DM me for picture reference of the shota~
  20. Haku Houtarou

    New here and looking for rp

    Hello ! I am new here and i am looking for a roleplay if someone is interested . I am not that great but i will try my best . Looking for female and the rp idea could be gf and bf , friends with benefits , brother and sister .
  21. Fu Tien

    Futamon Journey

    I'm looking for anyone interested to do a Pokemon ERP that I be a Futa Pokemon or Pokemon Trainer I basically accept anyone from any gender, we can do Pokemon x Trainer, Trainer x Trainer or Pokemon x Pokemon and we can talk about Plot/Scenario or Characters in EcchiText, I also can be a Top or Bottom (Random image because yes)
  22. MeinuOppai

    Super Fuckin Heroes

    The Pornography Industry is now the biggest on the world, some changes that can be considered weird happened, people walks in the street just using a bikini or a underwear, sex in public places is something very common, and even some foods you can choose the flavour "cum" But... this is not everything, a strange phenomenon have made some people gained super powers, approximately 20-30% of the population have some kind of super powers now, but these people have to follow some rigid rules to not cause chaos There is 4 types of people in the World Citizen: It's can be just a normal person without super powers, or can be someone that have powers but just use it on daily tasks or in a specific job Heroes:They are people who have Super Powers who fight Villains and Fight on the side of the Justice, some of then like to jark off watching some porn after a exhausted day Villains:People who fight the Heroes, they are known for just don't care about the strict rules of using super powers, some Villains are famous for being the biggest rapists that exist Vigilante:People who normally active at the night, they are people who don't follow the same of the rules of the Heroes, but likes to defeat some Thiefs or even Villains, they are not considerated as a Enemy's for the Heroes, but they also are not Allies Well that's it, I was thinking for the rp have just OCs, or at least use Famous Characters(that are not exactly super heroes) just as a Ref Appearance, and make a different character with a new Story and Powers(idk if I explain this part very well) Well this idea might be a little weird idea lol, but it's something that I want to try
  23. MeinuOppai

    Super Smash The Gals

    I'm looking for someone interested to do a ERP based on the game Super Smash Bros My idea is:in a world that, instead of punching your enemy in the face, try to take him off of the arena and even use your powerful final smash, they have sex in the ring instead of fighting(and the final smash make you have sex in the speed of the light, not literally but I think you got it) and I was thinking for the way that you or that your enemy loses is to see who cum first in the match There are some "preferred characters" of mine, but they are not necessary, I can basically rp any female character that is on Smash Bros that you want I have a feeling that this idea is kinda weird, but it's something that I want to try lol
  24. Rosily

    Wanting A Roleplay Partner

    Hey, there! I'm looking for a roleplay. Just I have nothing in mind. Soo, if you have something in mind.. Go ahead and text me or comment here! If you're not sure what my kinks and or how I am.. I do encourage you check my preference sheet and profile. Anyways, I am gonna be honest I am horrible at playing older people. And I am horrible at playing more than one person. I do love to play normally more submissive.. But, that's just me. I'm gonna be honest. ( Edit - Well, thanks to the comments I realized I wrote the wrong word. The word I meant to write was masochist-)
  25. As the tittle says! I'm looking for someone who would enjoy being this loveable juicy magical imp and going on different depraved adventures in the look for treasure that leads to some sticky predicament. I'm very open when it comes to kinks and thus the world this will take place in will be of some smutty material as well. All can be discussed though to shape this into our lovely lewd adventure! Text me if you are interested, if you have discord I suggest you give me that as well as I do like role-playing there a lot. That's all!
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