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  1. You choose the scenario to start!
  2. Trappy

    Shota X Milf

    I want to try and play as a Shota who have something for his Mom. He would definitely be innocent and so does the mother but i would like to try and get some nice scenes out of it. My idea is: The Shota have a uncommon condition where his member grew too large for his age, that he isn't really capable of hiding it once he gets aroused since the size of his cock will be too large. As for the mother, she can be however you want her to look like, i'm not picky on that side. Just really want to roleplay this for a long time now but no one had messaged me for it. Also it doesn't have to be a mom, it could be big sister, friend or anything. But definitely would like to play as a clueless Shota who doesn't understand that incest could be wrong but his desires for his mom is just rising up and feels the need to do stuff on her, even if she is clueless about him as well. He watches too much incest porn so he can't really control his desires. If you have more questions DM me!~ ~DM me for picture reference of the shota~
  3. Hello, I'm a cute white femboy with long hair, looking for a dominant man to fuck me deep, to mark me inside. I'd love to be your sex slave and let your turn me into a cumdump. I like big penises, muscles, mind control and breaking, spanks etc. Messages me I'm cool kiss
  4. Haku Houtarou

    New here and looking for rp

    Hello ! I am new here and i am looking for a roleplay if someone is interested . I am not that great but i will try my best . Looking for female and the rp idea could be gf and bf , friends with benefits , brother and sister .
  5. Fu Tien

    Futamon Journey

    I'm looking for anyone interested to do a Pokemon ERP that I be a Futa Pokemon or Pokemon Trainer I basically accept anyone from any gender, we can do Pokemon x Trainer, Trainer x Trainer or Pokemon x Pokemon and we can talk about Plot/Scenario or Characters in EcchiText, I also can be a Top or Bottom (Random image because yes)
  6. MeinuOppai

    Super Fuckin Heroes

    The Pornography Industry is now the biggest on the world, some changes that can be considered weird happened, people walks in the street just using a bikini or a underwear, sex in public places is something very common, and even some foods you can choose the flavour "cum" But... this is not everything, a strange phenomenon have made some people gained super powers, approximately 20-30% of the population have some kind of super powers now, but these people have to follow some rigid rules to not cause chaos There is 4 types of people in the World Citizen: It's can be just a normal person without super powers, or can be someone that have powers but just use it on daily tasks or in a specific job Heroes:They are people who have Super Powers who fight Villains and Fight on the side of the Justice, some of then like to jark off watching some porn after a exhausted day Villains:People who fight the Heroes, they are known for just don't care about the strict rules of using super powers, some Villains are famous for being the biggest rapists that exist Vigilante:People who normally active at the night, they are people who don't follow the same of the rules of the Heroes, but likes to defeat some Thiefs or even Villains, they are not considerated as a Enemy's for the Heroes, but they also are not Allies Well that's it, I was thinking for the rp have just OCs, or at least use Famous Characters(that are not exactly super heroes) just as a Ref Appearance, and make a different character with a new Story and Powers(idk if I explain this part very well) Well this idea might be a little weird idea lol, but it's something that I want to try
  7. MeinuOppai

    Super Smash The Gals

    I'm looking for someone interested to do a ERP based on the game Super Smash Bros My idea is:in a world that, instead of punching your enemy in the face, try to take him off of the arena and even use your powerful final smash, they have sex in the ring instead of fighting(and the final smash make you have sex in the speed of the light, not literally but I think you got it) and I was thinking for the way that you or that your enemy loses is to see who cum first in the match There are some "preferred characters" of mine, but they are not necessary, I can basically rp any female character that is on Smash Bros that you want I have a feeling that this idea is kinda weird, but it's something that I want to try lol
  8. This game is simple. Simply post one thing that one shouldn't say in the act of fucking or just after having sex. ^_^ It can be written from either perspective. Oh and no repeats. xD Example: You weren't that bad but your mum was better.
  9. Rosily

    Wanting A Roleplay Partner

    Hey, there! I'm looking for a roleplay. Just I have nothing in mind. Soo, if you have something in mind.. Go ahead and text me or comment here! If you're not sure what my kinks and or how I am.. I do encourage you check my preference sheet and profile. Anyways, I am gonna be honest I am horrible at playing older people. And I am horrible at playing more than one person. I do love to play normally more submissive.. But, that's just me. I'm gonna be honest. ( Edit - Well, thanks to the comments I realized I wrote the wrong word. The word I meant to write was masochist-)
  10. As the tittle says! I'm looking for someone who would enjoy being this loveable juicy magical imp and going on different depraved adventures in the look for treasure that leads to some sticky predicament. I'm very open when it comes to kinks and thus the world this will take place in will be of some smutty material as well. All can be discussed though to shape this into our lovely lewd adventure! Text me if you are interested, if you have discord I suggest you give me that as well as I do like role-playing there a lot. That's all!
  11. I am down for anything, but only If my character can be a loli, text me the plots you have in mind
  12. I am looking for someone to play as Medusa. The idea is that mc enters her lair, but instead of turning into stone, mc is somehow immune and is turned on instead~ https://images.app.goo.gl/Z5Uxi4ixvgvzdyzHA
  13. So! After a good while of thinking over it, I decided I should give it a try and share some ideas I had. Some of them are casual, others can be story-driven haha. Warning: may include incest or some other dubious things! 1st idea: Modern college setting, rich tsundere (my character) and the 'bad' boy. Cliché, I know, I know. But hear me out! Isn't rivals to lovers always a fun dynamic? It can be romantic, sweet fluffy or also more spicy smut or both because lol 2nd idea: Half-brothers kinda kingdom setting! In a noble family, man with 3 daughters marries a woman who already has a son (my character) after his first wife passed away. Later, they have a son who is grew up to be quite close with his older half-brother to the point of infatuation. 3rd idea: Ancient Japan/China that can be fantasy or not! This, I have many dynamics lol. I thought about general with enemy kinda where they cross blades many times before general becomes infatued with pretty boy who has good swordsmanship. Other is friends who both are disciples of some martial arts temple (?) and then there is Feelings and horny because they are training all the time with no breaks. 4th idea: fantasy au that can be modern but also kinda... mixed with medieval aspects? Like, it has magic, novels, kingdoms and stuff but also some advanced technology. Basically, like a vampire (my character) who is running away after committing a 'crime' (not really lol) who is on bounty for hunters, mercenaries, etc after the clan said he killed some youngsters of their clan. Well... 'Tis it? I tried to simplify things to not make too long. Still figuring out how things works around here. Feel free to dm(pm?) me if you're interested in anything!~ Ps: Yes, smut is definitely included and I'd like to also include some fetishes or modify some of these ideas if the opportunities arrived haha! Like brides, abo, 69, creampie... Anyways! Thank you if you managed to read through so far~
  14. IsabellaRose

    A Pirate's Life for Me

    My mother was a whore. It's nothing to be ashamed of; she certainly wasn't, and neither am I. Everyone has to make a living, and she made one the old fashioned way. She always told me that if she saved enough, she'd be able to send me to a boarding school where they would make a lady of me. She made it sound so glamorous, so mysterious. I saw the ladies in their fancy dresses and bustles, with their bows and ribbons, hats and parasols, and I wanted to be one of them so badly. They were beautiful. But thanks to my mothers profession, I learned very early on what men truly want from women, which was a striking juxtaposition from what they seemed to be when I saw them in the wealthier sections of town. I had trouble reconciling the image of the well-to-do lady I saw in town with what I saw my mother do through the keyhole. Then I heard the phrase, "a lady in the streets, a whore between the sheets," and it all made sense. We were decoration. We were not meant to be educated, useful, or skilled in anything other than what goes on in a bedroom. I knew that was not the life for me. Oh, don't get me wrong, I wanted to find out what could make a woman make those sounds. But when I did, I was going to do it because I chose to, not because someone paid or forced me to. When I was fourteen, mother found opium and I got a job on the docks. It was terrible, but it was work that didn't care if I was man or woman, only if I could do what needed doing. I could, and I did. I made enough to support us both, or so I thought. When I was sixteen, I discovered mother's habit had landed her in debt. I could not earn enough to pay it off. Desperate times called for desperate action. I stole from a ship, just one sack of spices. It was enough to pay off mothers debt if I could sell it quickly. But I didn't even get off the docks. I was caught, my prize taken, and fifteen lashes as punishment. They cheered as the whip fell, and I cried, screamed, bled. I was bound and made to stand before them, half naked, bleeding, and then my hair was shorn off. My mother died while I was locked up. As luck would have it, my jailors were incompetent and escape was easy. I wrapped my breasts tight so they would not show, found a ship, signed on as a cabin boy, and I was gone. Freedom at last!
  15. Greetings there everyone. I hope you're all having a wonderful day, night, or whatever time it is for you. Anyway, as for me, I'm looking for a female partner that's lax with response times to play out the below idea with me. I should also state that I don't do well with short responses either. Now I'm not saying it has to be novella. I don't think I could last too long going novella myself, but one or two paragraphs would be nice at the least. I'm also not too picky on response times so I hope you aren't as well, but feel free to message me if I go a week or so without responding. I will do the same for you after all. Scifi x Fantasy: I'm looking to combine my SciFi-based character and thrust him into a fantasy world of some sort. As for what he would be? Well, that depends on your preferences: Soldier: He would crash on the planet due to either a pirate raid on the ship he was working on or perhaps there were some lethal creatures on board that caused his ship to crash. Either way now that he's stranded alone on a brand new planet he needs to find a way back home as well as hunt down any remaining pirates that remain. However, his weaponry and equipment is limited and so he has to manage that. Plus being on a new planet means he has to find a way to blend in, and well picking up on social cues really isn't his strong point. Bounty Hunter: Similar situation to the above really, but it would just be his own personal ship that crashes down onto the new planet. In this scenario, the bounty hunter would have more resources and better social skills while still being a good fighter, but compared to the Soldier he would be a lot weaker in this case. Engineer: Again shot down by space pirates or dangerous creatures. However, he would suck terribly in a fight compared to the other two. His skill with weapons and hand-to-hand combat would be above average at best. In this scenario, though he can make nifty gadgets and tools and even robots/power suits that can compensate for his lack of combat skills. Finally, he would be a bit more sociable than the soldier but not as charismatic as the bounty hunter. Merchant/Explorer: He has the worst combat ability out of the bunch straight up, only being capable of some minor self-defense at best. He isn't looking to wipe out a hostile force trying to build a way off of the planet. No, he's just trying to survive. However, he does have some interesting trinkets and is capable of running a business if he's a merchant, while his navigation skills are top-notch if he's an explorer. Finally, his social skills are the best out of the four! Well, those are the options that I'm offering, I can work out some more in private messages as well. Anyway as for your character? I'm open to many different ideas. She could be a simple barmaid, a powerful mercenary, a studious mage, or even the ruler of the land. Finally, while I am playing my character as a human you're free to make your character any race that you desire. From being a fellow human to an orc, an elf,fae of some sort, or whatever else you have in mind! I'm really craving this idea so I hope to work it out with a partner or two! Avatar/Korra Since this would be an OC x OC plot the main story would be decided by our own two characters and how they interact. My character is basically a wandering swordsman hailing from the Fire Nation. The man has become disillusioned with the Fire Nation's objectives and Ozai's goals and thus has put his past behind him in order to learn about the other nations and their cultures. By studying them he hopes that he could use his knowledge to improve his swordsmanship as well as his understanding of the world around him. Depending on the story we build he could be an ex Fire Nation lieutenant or perhaps a bounty hunter. Either way he does have his own goals aside from traveling the world but those can be discussed via PMs. As for your character? Well, I'm open to pretty much open to ideas. Want to play a Fire Nation loyalist? Go for it. A sweet Water Tribe member? I'm game. Hell if you really want to she could be the Avatar for our roleplay and I would be fine with it. Just let me know what you want to play and hopefully, we can work something out! Here are some of my older ideas as well if any of them catches your eye: Female Machine/AI x Human Here I was thinking the story could revolve around an AI that has been working in a lab/starship/whatever. Anyway, the AI would eventually get ahold of a physical body at some point, and then use it to explore the world around her in order to understand humans better. As for my character he would be someone that was already working in the environment that she monitored. So it can be anything ranging from a simple janitor to a high ranking scientist. It's something that will need to be discussed more. I was also thinking the machine could be a droid stuck with one permanent body. In this case, she would be either his bodyguard or something else along the lines of a data analyst. Either way, the setting would be similar to the setting of Megaman X, a world where humans and sentient robots live with one another but there are still ongoing tensions between them. Amazon x Human Now for something like this we could go and just do the whole 'man gets stuck on an all-woman island' scenario, I'm totally fine with that. However, I was thinking it could be more interesting having it the other way around where the amazon is stuck in an more modern society. She could have simply been exiled, she could have managed to get lost, or perhaps she was kidnapped and is now trying to get away from her kidnappers and get back home. As for my character? I was thinking I could play a police officer of some sort that's trying to keep her on a low profile while teaching her about the society she is currently stuck in. But we can try to figure out a different role as well if that doesn't work for you. Monster Girl x Human This one is probably the most smut focused out of all my current ideas. Really I just have a weakness for monster girls. Now some of those include Lamia, Succubus, Vampire, Centaur, Minotaur, Holstaur, Arachne, and Centaur. However, I am open to others as well. This roleplay can be a slice of life roleplay, or there could be a lot more story and depth to what is going on. I don't mind combining this idea with any of the previously listed ideas either if you want. If you want to be another monster that isn't listed here that's fine with me. Finally below are the fandoms I'm interested in doing potentially: Zelda My first idea would be a Link x Mipha story. Now I haven't beaten BoTW yet and Calamity Warriors is on my to dolist next. That said I'm pretty spoiler friendly. We can have this take place in an alternate timeline where Mipha didn't die, or perhaps it could take place during BoTW if you want to find a way to bring Mipha back to life. I'm open to other ideas and suggestions as well. For my second idea I'm thinking it could be OC x OC. I'm thinking it could be fun having a roleplay that takes place during or after the events of the main game. For my character, I can have him as either a traveling merchant, a (friendly) barbarian of a mountain man, or perhaps a simple adventure searching the lands for treasure, wealth or simply exploring. This could be a more happy-go-lucky slice of life roleplay, or it can be a more serious roleplay. Nothing too dark though! Fire Emblem For this roleplay I'm looking to do Fire Emblem Awakening, Three Houses, or even Fire Emblem Warriors. I may be able to do Fates but that's kinda the last thing I'm wanting to do but I might be willing to do it if the pairing interests me. Anyway here's what I got for each of them: Awakening: is the one that I'm most familiar with at the moment. The characters that I can play from Awakening are Male Robin, Lon'qu, Stahl, or Gaius. As for who my partner plays as I'm fine with anyone really as long as it isn't Lissia, Nowi,Nah, or Maribelle. Those characters are kind of a no no. Anyway, I as thinking the roleplay would be at least after the timeskip to make things a bit simpler. We don't have to play exactly by canon either. I'm also willing to do pairings that normally don't have support with each other and in some cases, a first and second generation pairing. Just note that everyone is going to be at least 18+ for this as I don't like underage and it's in the site rules anyway. Three Houses: This one is a bit more tricky. I've only beaten Golden Deer and I'm doing my Crimson Flower playthrough at the moment. The characters I would be down to play as include male Byleth, Raphael, or Ignatz at the moment. Again it would have to be a post time skip setting so that way everyone is in their 20's. You can play as anyone as you like as long as it isn't Flayn. Warriors: Really this is just an excuse to get cross game pairings. All the characters I said that I would play as still apply here. If we were to do something like this though we would need to discuss the plot a bit more. Avatar/Korra Since this would be an OC x OC plot the main story would be decided by our own two characters and how they interact. My character is basically a wandering swordsman hailing from the Fire Nation. The man has become disillusioned with the Fire Nation's objectives and Ozai's goals and thus has put his past behind him in order to learn about the other nations and their cultures. By studying them he hopes that he could use his knowledge to improve his swordsmanship as well as his understanding of the world around him. Depending on the story we build he could be an ex Fire Nation lieutenant or perhaps a bounty hunter. Either way he does have his own goals aside from traveling the world but those can be discussed via PMs. As for your character? Well, I'm open to pretty much open to ideas. Want to play a Fire Nation loyalist? Go for it. A sweet Water Tribe member? I'm game. Hell if you really want to she could be the Avatar for our roleplay and I would be fine with it. Just let me know what you want to play and hopefully, we can work something out! Now I'm hoping to add more ideas in the future but for now this is what I have to offer. If any of this interests you I advise you check my kinks and limits next to make sure that we're compatible: Limits Non-Con Dub-Con Abuse Vore Gore Scatt Blackmail Corruption Assuming that I haven't turned anyone away with my limits here are my kinks, note that all are optional and if there is something you wish to discuss feel free to ask: Kinks Affection Lovebites and marks Breast play Nipple Play (receiving as well if I'm switching/subbing) Giving and receiving oral Fingering Vaginal Sex (I'm still good with anal.) Femdom Creampies Pegging Sex Toys Discreet Public Sex Well, that's all for now. Currently, this request thread is open. However, depending on how many responses I get I may or may not have to close it. But for now, go ahead and message me if you're interested in getting something started.
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    From the album: Grace

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    From the album: Rosaline Slayn

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