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  1. This game is simple. Simply post one thing that one shouldn't say in the act of fucking or just after having sex. ^_^ It can be written from either perspective. Oh and no repeats. xD Example: You weren't that bad but your mum was better.
  2. Xcaliroth Vorigan, Garrett Flynn, Gillian Marcus, Cullen Magnus Redwood, Vincent Mcguire, Elliot Ross, Nicolas Adams, Colton Holt, Dylan Brooks, Axel Hayden, Mark Haider, Aliester Rory, Blaze, Salem Morgan, Teagan Goff and Andrew Oakley (will post pictures soon. based on multiverse theory so its a reality where they all resemble alike in look. Roleplayed better all together by one person) take care and love Adriana (human me/self insert). She has an equally sexual/romantic polyamorous relationship with all of them with no jealousy between them. She will have sex with them in pairs or groups of four, and they usually switch out with each other. They all share her between them and they like to watch each other with her. They make sure that she is loved and protected. They all bind her to each of them with entity sacrum lace connected to eight pleasure rings by a special entity bond that controls her sexual pleasure, and how her body responds. The rings go down her pelvis and below to her mound connected to her sacrum allowing her lovers to be the only ones who can give her pleasure there. Name: Xcaliroth Vorigan Age: 48 Gender: male Entity Species: Spirit entity Name: Garrett Flynn Age: 55 Gender: male Entity Species: Symbiote entity Name: Gillian Marcus Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Dark Cryptid entity Name: Cullen Magnus Redwood Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Dark Cryptid entity Name: Vincent Mcguire Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Veil entity Name: Elliot Ross Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Ethereal entity Name: Nicolas Adams Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Shadow entity Name: Colton Holt Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Infernal entity Name: Dylan Brooks Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Mystic entity Name: Axel Hayden Age: 48 Gender: male Entity Species: Nocturnal entity Name: Mark Haider Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Dire entity Name: Aliester Rory Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Obsidian entity Name: Blaze Age: 49 Gender: male Entity Species: Beast entity Name: Salem Morgan Age: 43 Gender: male Entity Species: Dark entity Name: Teagan Goff Age: 43 Gender: male Entity Species: Ember entity Name: Andrew Oakley Age: 50 Gender: male Entity Species: Arachnid entity














  10. DroolOverYou

    Slutty cow :p

    Caught masturbating in the barn, you catch MC rubbing on her tight pussy in the barn, you decide to fuck her senseless and breed her like the cow she is.
  11. DroolOverYou

    Slutty princess

    A naughty princess with three others sisters has been getting into a bunch of trouble lately, her father the king decided to appoint her a knight as a bodyguard. being a hypersexual woman she tries to seduce him over and over again. The other three sisters were also trying to seduce him (This is a drama filled plot with angst, if you have any limits with darker themes let me know upon choosing the plot)
  12. DroolOverYou

    Slutty present

    My character was hosting a christmas dinner party with her family while yours just a family friend was invited over. after dinner my character told you to meet hers by the fireplace for a special gift, of course she got all dressed up and ready to give her virginity as a present to the guest.
  13. DroolOverYou

    submissive best friend

    After years of knowing eachother since childhood, the two best friends had sent and recieved countless selfies of eachother and some more explicit images but never nude. One walks into the others bedroom to find them roughly touching themselves to all the pictures and audios they have been sent.
  14. DubiousDucky


    This is a story written for a partner I was with to describe one of our nights together. "Can you do me a favor?" "Of course babygirl. What is it?" "Can you give me a massage?" I perk up as soon as the words reach my ears. A grin spreads across my face as I turn towards you. “I’d love to, princess.” Tossing the blanket aside, I slip out of bed. The room is dimly illuminated by the TV playing in the background. I make my way over to my bag, undo the draw strings, and reach inside, pulling out the bottle of massage oil I packed for this moment. As I turn around, I catch a glimpse of you slipping your sweatpants and panties off. My mind races with excitement thinking about having my hands all over your body for as long as i'd like. I crawl back into bed. “Where would you like the massage?” I ask, giving you a peck on the lips. You roll over, exposing your bare ass and legs to me. I pour some oil onto my hands, taking care not to spill any on the bed. Rubbing my hands together to warm up the oil, I slowly spread it across your butt and thighs. They’re soft and my hands glide smoothly across your skin. I watch intently as I begin to sink my hands into it. The massage begins with the heels of my palm, pushing deep into your ass cheeks. I feel them push through your skin and muscle and watch as they move it around. The round shape of your butt, slowly changing with each stroke of my palms. I continue this, focusing on trying to give you a great massage, but it doesn't last long. I begin to greedily grab at your ass. The feeling of gripping this beautiful body in front of me is turning me on. I work down to your thighs, feeling deep into the muscles. Pulling at your inner thighs, I begin to spread your legs. This gives me more space to massage them, but I’m also doing it for the view. I watch as your sexy pussy lips begin to show. Moving around your legs more, I watch as the lips pull apart slightly. My hands make their way back up to your ass. I dig my fingers deep into your cheeks, spreading them apart. I gaze at your cute asshole, imagining what it would look like filled by your rose butt plug. The thoughts of how I'd want to explore your body gets me fully hard. I massage you more intensely, focusing my desire on pleasuring your body. Pushing your ass around, I release to watch it gently jiggle back to its beautiful shape. It takes all my restraint not to spank you as hard as possible. The room darkens a bit as the episode comes to its end. I sit there for a second, holding your butt with my hands, it's time to take things further. Turning the TV off before heading to the sink, I take another look back at you. As my eyes still adjust to the darker room, I can still make out you rolling onto your back. I wash the remaining oil from my hands and dry them off, making sure they aren't too cold from the water. Making my way back to the bed, I climb in and lean over top of you, my hands near your head. I take in every part of you. Your eyes are bright and glisten slightly with what light makes it around the curtains. They stare back at me with what I make out to be a timid excitement. Your lips are slightly parted, expecting mine to soon join the,. I look further down you. Your breasts are still covered by your cut off t-shirt, but the shape they make beneath it, reminding me how much I love sucking on them, is nearly putting me over the edge. Then to your belly button. The jeweled ring reflects what little light there is and guys my eyes to your pubes. You're clean shaven, except for a well kept landing strip guiding me to your final treasure. Your sexy pussy folds catch my eye. I can't wait to be spreading them apart with my tongue and nibbling on them. But first, I want to get you soaked. I lean down and softly kiss you on the lips. Teasing you, I pull away for a second to look you in the eye. I use one hand to brush your bangs to the side before kissing your forehead. I lean back and strip my shirt off. Towering over you, I begin to pull up your shirt from the bottom. You lean forward a bit and raise your arms up, allowing me to strip the shirt from you. I stare at your exposed chest, your areolas and nipples catching my attention. Your chest rises and falls slowly, and I notice you biting your bottom lip. Giving into temptation, I begin to grasp and rub one of your breasts, enjoying its softness in my hand. I let go of it and lean back over you, this time putting my bare chest to yours and letting my full weight lay on you. Running both of my hands under your back, I kiss you deeply, enjoying the taste of your chapstick. We make out for a bit, and I'm starting to feel a bit more aggressive. One of my hands grips the hair on the back of your head, forcing you to tilt your head back for me. With your neck now exposed for me, I start out by slowly licking from your collar bone to your chin. Then, I begin kissing your neck all over, lightly sucking on it with each kiss. I draw back and move my head lower on your body. My tongue touches you just above your belly button ring, and I begin to lick all the way up your belly, between your breasts and up your throat. I can feel your body shiver just slightly, and I go in for another kiss, this time you're more aggressive with it and it really gets me going. I kiss you deeply, running one hand through your hair as the other drifts down to your chest, grabbing your beautiful breast. Drawing my lips away, I find a new use for them. I scoot back slightly and draw my head close to your chest. I lick around your breast, then begin to kiss and suck on your underboob, making my way up to your areola. I place my mouth around your nipple and begin tracing it with my tongue, looking up at you to make eye contact the whole time. I can feel your nipple perking up with my tongue. Focusing on your pleasure, I suck deeply on your nipple, drawing my head back so it tugs at your breast. Then releasing it, I watch it jiggle back to place. I repeat this a few times, mixing in small nibbles and pinches on your nipple. I keep an eager ear out for your soft moans and breathing. I can tell you're becoming just as turned on as me. Now, it's time for what's been going through my head this whole time. I scoot back a little more and return my head to your belly button. But this time, I begin giving you light kisses downwards. I kiss you 4 or 5 times before reaching just above your pussy, then I shift and kiss between your thighs. I really enjoy prolonging the build up as much as possible. Then finally, I look up towards you one more time. I meet eyes with you and can see the look of nervous anticipation on your face. I slowly place my mouth over your clit. I wrap my arms around your thighs and pull your pelvis towards me. I take my first lick at your clit hood and softly feel for a slight hard spot. Your body tells me I’ve found it when I feel you shudder a bit. I slowly massage your clit with my tongue, feeling your body moving with the licks. Sometimes your hips press in towards my mouth, yearning for more stimulation. I suck deeply on it and pull your clit with me, bringing more blood to the area. Pausing to take a breath, I pull away and look at your pussy. I can see droplets of your juices seeping out from your labia, which are currently stuck together. It looks too delicious to resist. I place my tongue at your vaginas opening, pressing it inwards, and lick deeply. As my tongue draws upwards it separates your lips and I can feel your full wetness. My tongue reaches your clit again and I feel your body twitch once more. I move down and nibble at your labia, playing with them in my mouth and tugging at them. I love this aspect of you. They’re very pleasing to play with and look at. After giving both of them attention I suck on my fingers, wetting them. I slowly push my index and middle finger into you. I can feel your wet, warm pussy swallow them. The muscles contract and relax around them as I push them all the way into them. I pull them back slightly and curl them, pressing the tips of them against your g-spot. Paying attention to your body, I can tell when I’ve found it because your body becomes more restless. I continue to massage inside of you while also eating you out again. I can feel you twitch more often as my tongue flicks your clit and my fingers stimulate your g-spot. Alternating between sucking on your hood and licking it gets your legs moving as I try to hold them steady in my arms. I continue for a while until I feel satisfied. I lift my head from between your legs and slowly pull my fingers out from you. Sitting up and leaning over you, I kiss you again. My lips are wet from a mixture of my saliva and your juices, and knowing you’re tasting them from my lips turns me on. I sit up and give you a devilish grin. I roll out of bed and go to your makeup desk. Grabbing the keys from your dish, I go to your sex drawer, unlock it, and pull out your lush. Turning back towards the bed, I see you opening the app on your phone. I set the vibe next to you as I slip off my shorts and underwear. My cock is already hard for you and I stand there stroking it gently. I crawl back onto the bed and kneel next to you. Watching as you use two fingers to expose your clit to the toy, I slowly start stroking my dick for you. I get close to your head, making sure you have a great view of my cock. Sometimes I stop and move the head close to your mouth, rubbing it to your lips. One time, I grip your hair and guide your mouth onto my shaft. I slowly move my hips back and forth, pushing slightly deeper into your mouth each time. The feeling of your lips and tongue wrapping around my cock is intoxicating. In an effort to edge myself and prolong the fun, I pull my dick out of your mouth. Instead, I replace it with two of my fingers as I reposition myself between your legs. I pull the fingers from your mouth and begin to slowly trace them through your labia. Then, in one instant, I push them deep inside you. You gasp slightly as I do this. I begin to slowly massage you g-spot again, feeling the muscle in your pussy moving, along with the subtle rumbling of your vibrator. Leaning back over your chest, I plant my lips firmly to your breast. Your nipples having become soft again from the time away leads me to trace tongue around your areola. I can feel it beginning to perk up from the stimulation, all the while my fingers rubbing inside of you. I suck deeply on your breast, tugging at it gently as I finger you a little faster. To increase the stimulation, I begin to pull and push my fingers further in and out of you. With each pass I rub them deeply against your g-spot. I can feel your muscles begin to spasm slightly and your breathing is changing. Knowing you're close to orgasming invigorates me. I switch breasts with my mouth and begin to aggressively suck and pull at it. My other fingers pinching your already hard nipple on the other boob. “I’m going to cum” I hear you say between gasps. “Cum for me” I respond. I lean back and really focus on finger movements. I rub them hard against the walls of your pussy with a little bit of shake to them. I can really feel the muscles inside of you moving. Then I feel your pussy tighten. You lurch forward as I continue to finger you throughout the orgasm, your mouth hanging wide open from the pleasure. Your free hand grasps me behind the neck as you pull me in for a kiss. I feel you pull the vibe away and your vagina relaxes once again. I can tell it has ended, but your fiery passion is still there. I slip my fingers out of you while we make out. We trade blows, you biting my lower lip, then I suck on your neck. But eventually we settle down. I'm laying on top of you, your legs wrapped tightly around me. Both of us are coming down from the highs as we just enjoy each other's embrace. After a few minutes of holding each other, I prop myself up. I raise my hips and press them down on yours, placing the shaft of my cock on your pubes. Kissing you again, I begin to grind on you, rubbing the underside of my cock between your labia and on your clit. I feel you moving your hips in time with me, eager for more than just teasing. I sit up straight and begin to mount your chest. "I'm going to need a bit of lube princess." Sitting on your chest, I set the tip of my cock on your lips. You obey willingly and begin to suck the tip of it. Making eye contact with you while you take my dick in your mouth is such a turn on. After a few seconds I pull it out and reposition it between your legs again. You spit some saliva in one hand and begin to rub it into your pussy, your other hand reaches for your lush. Now ready, you pull your legs back towards you, giving me complete access to your vagina. I rub the head between your labia and slowly press it into you. You're tight, but once it slips in it feels so good. I push it as far into you as I can. Your mouth gapes open from the full feeling. I just let it sit inside of you, feeling your warmth and the soft pressure of your pussy. You click a button on your lush and it buzzes to life. I hook your legs with my arms and begin to slowly thrust into you, finding a rhythm. I look down and watch my cock sliding smoothly in and out of you, your labia being pushed and pulled along with it. I can feel the rumblings through your body from the vibe. Pushing your legs forward a bit to tilt your hips, I lower my own, angling my penis upwards into you. I watch as your facial expression changes with the new angle. Your head tilts to the side and mouth opens slightly. I fuck you hard and deep now, ramming my cock deep into you. You turn your head back towards me and we lock eyes. I reach out my hand and wrap it around your throat. Pressing my fingers against the sides of your neck and pushing your head back into the pillows, I can hear quiet moans escaping from your mouth. I keep my steady rhythm pounding into you, lowering my hips each time before driving upwards deep into your soaking pussy. Your moaning is getting louder. "Please cum on me" I hear you whimper. A grin comes across my face as I lean down to kiss you. You're aggressive with the kiss, giving into the feeling and emotion of being railed hard by me. I lean back and begin to fuck you faster. The stimulation on my head from your pussy muscles contracting on it is getting me closer to orgasm. I push your legs back again and plow deep into you. Now, I pull my penis nearly out of you, so it's just the head in your opening, then drive it all the way back into you. The feeling of your pussy contracting along the length of my shaft is amazing. I can feel the cum building up inside of me. I keep fucking you until it's time. "I'm going to cum" I say, exasperated. "Cum for me" you respond. I slip my cock out of you and begin to rub it. I can see your head tilt forward to watch. It starts with a small amount of cum seeping out, dripping down the tip of my cock, onto my fingers, and flinging onto your pubes. But that's just from all the foreplay. I keep stroking my dick for you, the cum making a great lubricant. A grin has come across your face just from the little bit of warm cum sitting on your pubes. I can feel the second orgasm coming. The tension builds up in my shaft and I squeeze my pelvic floor muscles to hold it as long as possible. Then I burst. A long stream of cum shoots out. Landing from your breasts down to your belly. It's followed by 2 more spurts, covering most of your midsection with my hot semen. As I recover for a second and milk the rest of the cum from my dick, I watch as the streams of it begin flowing down the sides of your body. I can see the smile on your face as you enjoy being made a canvas for my semen. You press the vibe hard against your clit. I suck on 2 of my fingers and quickly slip them back inside of you. I start to rub your g-spot again, curling my fingers inside of you. Leaning over to suck on your nipple, I notice just how much cum is on you. I flick your hard nipples with my tongue as I feel your pelvic muscles spasm as I finger you hard. Your breathing becomes erratic as I hear those words again. "I'm going to cum." I vibrate my fingers inside of you while sucking deeply on your tits until I feel your pussy tighten. Your body lurches up again and you cum. I can feel more wetness around my fingers when this happens, then your body relaxes. You drop the vibe and pull my head to your face as you passionately make out with me. I feel your fingernails dig into my back and you run them down my spine. I kiss you deeply, but break it to suck on your neck some more. I put the weight of my chest to yours and feel both of us breathing heavily. We lay there for a second before I push myself up. I give you a kiss on the forehead before swinging out of bed. I grab the cum rag and wet it in the sink before walking back over to you. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I begin to gently clean the cum from your body while you recover. I run the warm towel down from your breasts, to your belly, and finally to your pubes, taking care to clean any out of your belly button and cute landing strip. Once I finish, I toss the rag in the bathroom and return to you. I slide in beside you and wrap you in my arms, surrounding you with warmth and affection. You do the usual after sex activities, using the bathroom and getting a drink of water. I'm in bed, lying on my back as you return. I lift up the blanket inviting you in. You cuddle up to my side and lie your head on my chest. I wrap my arm around you, pulling you tight to my body and let the blanket cover us again as we cuddle. I kiss your forehead once again and close my eyes. Making love to you has felt so good and natural that I can’t help but smile. Being with you is amazing.
  15. Gangsta Moll

    Open Apocalypse

    A post-apocalyptic scenario that is unspecified but gritty, hard, with very few survivors who might eventually meet and work or at least journey together, where characters build their own stories and the back story to the world as they write. No rules, no formal posting format, just players writing a story that develops through their interaction. Characters may join without introduction - building their character through their posts and interactions. Bad actors might also join but I see the players creating those as third parties (non-player characters) to the story, mostly. To be clear, I do see this as wide open, including with sex, but the aim is to build a world together not to indulge in a quick fling.
  16. Gangsta Moll

    Open Apocalypse

    I would like to start an open role play based on a post-apocalyptic scenario that is unspecified, where characters build their own stories and the back story to the world as they write. No rules, no formal posting format, just players writing a story that develops through their (perhaps eventual..) interaction. I would start it with a post that hints at the post apocalyptic world and at my own character but leaves it as open as possible for others to insert themselves wherever and however they see fit. The post apocalyptic world I envision is gritty, hard, with very few survivors who might eventually meet and work or at least journey together. Bad actors might also join but I see the players creating those as third parties (non-player characters) to the story, mostly. I see this as a club, where players may create areas or join in to the single one I will create where my character is: giving the opportunity for players to build characters and their story independently before meeting, if they wish. I played in a similar role play a few years ago - one of my first - and it was wide open, enticing, involving and fascinating. To be clear, I do see this as wide open, including with sex, but the aim is to build a world together not to indulge in a quick fling. I am open to discuss the idea and adapt it, but do not want to over-think and spend ages on every tiny detail: it should be a few characters who like the idea and feel comfortable creating their character and the world through the narrative.
  17. So I got a little inspiration for this one. And just like whatever else I have offered previously, it will be smut. But like the prince x maid smut, it will contain plot. Here’s what I’m thinking: There was a great kingdom ruled by a queen. The kingdom knew peace and prosperity for all who lived. However, the kingdom becomes threatened by a villainess who wanted to destroy it (could be the sister of said queen, can discuss it). The queen sends out many soldiers and knights to take her down. But all have failed or perished before her. However, there arrives a knight with a kind soul with great strength and a powerful sword. Some call him chosen, other believes he got his strength through hard work. Regardless, the queen begs the hero to go after the villainess and save the kingdom. And the hero agrees. However, in a plot twist, the hero gets to know the villainess and after realizing they share a lot of hardships and similarities, he falls in love with her, and decides to try and save her via sex. All other details can be discussed through echitext, but a few things I want to highlight: The villainess can be the following: Witch Evil Queen Death goddess Vampire lady Succubus It can also be suggested that there is multiple villianesses, like say a council of witches or Evil Queen/Death Goddess and her female followers. However that is up to those who wish to give it a shot. That being said, if any one is willing to try this with me, ecchitext me or comment here so we can ecchitext (if you’re like shy or something).
  18. ch0055

    My wife's sister

    My wife is pregnant and in her last month, I had to put her under the care of her mother in her father’s house, according to what everyone’s opinions indicated, and her mother was not able to move to my house, and it was so, and I lived alone in my apartment, and I was not always successful in the stability of my life, especially matters of eating, ironing, cleaning, and spending some things that I had to The responsibility of the wife, and her mother felt that, so she had to send her older sister Fatima to my apartment on a regular basis, so that she would help me to solve some things, and I would leave the apartment under the care of the beautiful, mature woman for many times. Whether I am present or absent, she has a copy of the apartment key, and her husband works as an engineer in one of the Gulf countries. Once I found a strange video cassette tucked in a hidden way in the video room, so I decided to know its content, and I found it a porno tape with various sexual films, so I preferred silence and did not follow up. And one day I called her as if I was at work and told her that I would be a little late today. In fact, I was tucked into the house, and my plan succeeded in revealing my expectations. The beauty came to my apartment, and I hid in a place that would not come to my mind until I could see this girl who stole my heart and controlled my feelings. She is superior to her sister. Who is my wife in some things, especially her beautiful eyes and her charming looks, in addition to her slender, sprawling body. Fatima came and did the duty of packing the apartment, and after completing her work, she went as usual to the video room and started playing movies and spending time and then left. Indeed, she sat on the wheelchair of the beach, which gives the person sitting on it the opportunity to stretch on it as if he was lying on his back. He slept with her and began to lift her skirt and took off her knickers and sat down to masturbate with a great mood and desire and she was holding a very seductive and suitable rubber dick and she began to wriggle as she inserted the wonderful dick into her pussy and sucked and licked it and she was executing and imitating everything she saw in the movie and indeed she is a deprived female who settled on her legs and it was time to pick her but I adore watching girls while they masturbate, so I always did what I did this time, and she continued to masturbate after she finished the work of the apartment, and in fact she was passionate and burning, and I saw her in the same way more than once, and this time I was in disguise, and after she finished the apartment, I sat in front of the video She was completely stripped of her clothes and became completely naked, and the rituals of pleasure and satisfaction of her desire began, and on this day I was following her from the place of my disappearance, and suddenly my mobile phone rang, and its voice was very loud, so I was confused by what And I hit him with a squirt, and I stumbled into disguise, and the mobile was still ringing, and I quickly took it out of my pocket and silenced it. With my haste and confusion, it fell in the middle of the room Which frightened her greatly, and she ran out of the room while she was observing the situation, so I was forced to appear, and she began to cover her body with her hand, and she began to sit curled up on the ground to hide the features of her wonderful body, so I approached her politely, while I carried her dress and threw it on her, so she put it on while she was confused and wanted to ask many questions, and the most important of them was: Are you from when are you here? So, I reassured her and said to her, “Don’t mind, Fatima. You are a young woman. You have your sexual requirements. Do not hate me. I love you very much since I married your sister. You should know that the main reason for my marriage to your sister is to get close to you. I have been following you for about two weeks. Discoloration, redness, and shyness, and I decided to make her speak after the surprise held her tongue and succeeded in containing her and controlling the factor of shyness, and I asked her: Did you put all this cock in your pussy? She nodded her head while hiding her smile and took the initiative to snatch it from my hand and try to hide it as an eclipse, so I reassured her that what you did was something very natural and did not require all this eclipse. She said to me: Why are you spying on me and his nation, so I said to her: From an hour ago, I followed your behavior for the first time, and I was planting video tapes on your way to enjoy your lust and thirst. Enjoying you and what I see from you is much more beautiful than a million videos. Just looking at your sexy face is enough to ignite desire I love you very much, and I always imagine you in the place of a princess on my bed, while I am fucking her, and I wanted to confess my love to you, but I was afraid that you would turn me away, so I decided to remain silent and live on your one-sided oral love. And I used to talk to you while I was sneaking close to you to break the stalemate and start the beautiful relationship with you. I said to you, promise, Fatima, and she said, “It’s okay, and I will not forget this beautiful situation for you.” So, I approached her and kissed her on her cheek, and I found her giving me her lips. Despite her heavy weight, I took her to the bedroom, and she was watching me with her looks, and she had so many questions in her head, and I was an expert in making comfortable and safe and start together the sweetest events of forbidden love. I said to her, “No need, instead of a for you to use an artificial dick; instead, it will be a natural dick.” She looked at the place of my dick, a quick, fleeting look, which appeared clearly, wanting to slit the pants, although it was medium in size, but I took great care of it so that it would be steel. Mutual hugs while I sucked her lips and played on her pink body the sweetest of my groans, and I found her indulgence in an unprecedented way to complete a wonderful meeting with which she snatches pleasure on the bed of her sister and her husband, as if she wants to emphasize my broken eyes and enslavement of my desires. I replied in the negative, even though I joked about it and asked her: Who told you? She said: She told me that I slept with Charles, your sister's husband, and he was sweet. She was recovering in me, and from that day on I could not bear the world and what is in it. I often slept crying and my tears drowned my pillow and began to devour me. I healed my wounds, stopped my tears, was satisfied, preferred silence, and applied the proverb that says, “You feel good about me, and my profession is remorseful.” I often wanted to open up to you about this matter, but I did not find a sufficient or appropriate opportunity, and today I will be in Sally’s place, not my sister’s. All men are traitors, and our embrace quickly flared up. I threw words of flirtation at her and made a mistake. I called her by the name of her sister, so she started laughing to the point of snoring and sobbing. I heard obscene words from her that hid behind her an insatiable sexual personality. How is it that she is a sadist who loves humiliation in sex? This day we joked twice in one thread without rest, and the warmest meeting in the history of sex was what we did after careful arrangements and overwhelming lust that dominated all our emotions, and it was the day before her birthday, and Ammo and Tant went out to perform a duty in one of the cities that it takes to visit the whole day, and it was obligatory to deliver them by car Then return to them to bring them back to the house, and after I delivered them and promised to return to them at the end of the day, I returned to her to find her in full adornment and readiness for a meeting that we dream of for a long time. Her wonderful perfume used to intoxicate the soul, enslave the mind, and complicate the tongue from speaking. She asked me to indulge in her pleasure and for each of us to temporarily abandon his politeness. She said to me at that time, I want you to brutally fuck me, do not have mercy on my soul in a dick that will curse me and turn me off at the same time. With animal lust, it is the most useful to satiety, so I stripped her of all her clothes while I was tearing her apart, and she was eagerly yearning for what came after that, and she humiliated me to my actions that ignited my heart. I left her in the blink of an eye, and I found her lying on the ground on her back, pulling me towards her as if she was a message of guidance to sharpen my enthusiasm and break my shyness, and she told me to wrap myself in my body as she opened her labia with her index and thumb fingers, so I fell on my face and buried it between her thighs and began to lick her labia and caress her clitoris with my tongue and insert my tongue into the opening of her burning pussy and poke her clitoris inside my mouth She screams with lust, licks her boobs, and licks them with her tongue, while I embrace her from her thighs. She healed me, and since that day, I could not stand the world and what is in it, and I often slept crying, and my tears drowned my pillow and began to devour me, and she said to me, “I also think about you for a long time, but my concern for my sister was a barrier without harassing you, so I swallowed my pain and healed my wounds. I often wanted to open up to you about this matter, but I did not find a sufficient or appropriate opportunity, and today I will be in Sally’s place and not in my sister’s place, so I said to her Sally, “This is a big bitch, and she began to look at me with looks of suspicion and disapproval. In the name of her sister, she started laughing to the point of snoring and sobbing, and I heard obscene words from her that hide behind her an insatiable sexual personality, and she pinched me on the shoulder and said to me, “Beat me, Sheriff, or torture me. She threw herself into my arms and urged me to increase, and words flared up between us, and she confessed to me that she was irritable, and she did not care about anything for the sake of her desire, and on this day, I joked twice in one thread without rest, and the meeting was the last. Warmer in the history of sex, which we did after careful arrangements and overwhelming lust dominated all our emotions, and it is the day before her birthday, and Ammo and Tant went out to perform a duty in one of the cities that it takes to visit the whole day, and it was obligatory to deliver them by car, then return to them to return them to the house, and after I drove them and promised to return to them At the end of the day I went back to her to find her in full adornment and ready for a meeting we dream about for a long time and she was waiting for me on the balcony of the house and we closed our doors and I started carrying her in my arms while she was sitting and wrapped her hand around my neck and she started embracing me and I felt her soft body and squeezed her body and hugged her in lust and her wonderful perfume intoxicated the soul and captivated the mind and held the tongue from speaking and asked To indulge in her enjoyment and for each of us to give up his politeness temporarily, so she said to me at that time, I want you to brutally fuck me, don't have mercy on my soul in cock that will curse me and turn me off at the same time. I tore her apart while she was yearning for what came after that, and she humiliated me to my actions, which ignited her desire in a blink of an eye, and I found her lying on the ground on her back and pulling I came to her as if it was a message of guidance to sharpen her enthusiasm and break her shyness, and she told me to wrap her breasts while she opened her labia with her index fingers and thumb, so I fell on my face and buried it between her thighs and began to lick her labia and caress her clitoris with my tongue and insert my tongue into the opening of her burning pussy and poke her clitoris inside my mouth while she screams from lust and licks her boobs and licks her with her tongue as I meditate In her embrace of her wrapped, cohesive, wonderful, soft thighs, wrapping her thighs around my neck, squeezing violently, groaning, sobbing, and her body vibrating violently, as I licked her pussy and inserted my tongue between the labia, which caused her chills and increased desire and lust, as she rushed forward, sobbing and writhing violently, tearing my hair, tearing my shoulder, and holding me to her, and I felt softness Her lustful body and vitality that speak of sex, lust and love, and I began to lick her round knees and bit her thighs and began to bite behind the thighs from the top and lick between the openings of the pussy and the ass and this area that stimulates lust in me and ignites desire for her and my dick gets erect from it and I push my tongue into her pussy and move it right and left and inside and out Outside on the labia, feel the length up and down, and hold the palms of her feet with both hands, and suck on her toes, kissing the soles Her foot, which is the area raised from the ground in the palm of the foot, and I feel it with my tongue gently and tenderly, so I find her sighing and getting more painful and clinging to my neck and covering me with kisses, licking and sucking lips. I increased in licking her toes as she directed them to my mouth and moved them on my face. In fact, she was enjoying indescribable cleanliness as she looked at my mouth while I was practicing licking with intensity and lust. Between her thighs, I bent down to lick and dive more intensely, and her nerves began to collapse and the orgasm that I was keen on before entering my pussy entered her pussy, so that I could enjoy her if possible. In fact, she did everything I like for a female to do with me, and a phone came from my mother-in-law, and I answered it and told her that Fatima is not with me. Mama, I am on the way, I finished everything and went, and we went, and indeed we rode and set off. On the way, she pulled out my cock from the opening of her pants, and she began to suck it and caress him, and I warned her against ejaculation. I was very skillful in controlling the semen coming out of my cock. So I said get down on my hands and I left my cock spewing semen while she receives it on her hands and rubs my cock and sank and polluted my pants so how can I enter the house in this miserable situation and I wiped and sprayed a remover and a dryer but to no avail as the semen is not erased except with cold water and I handled matters in a satisfactory manner and we entered upon my mother-in-law and my father-in-law as if we were angels and cock missed and no lust She dies, and since that day, I fuck her more than once, even in the presence of her husband on vacation from the Emirates, as long as this is her desire. The woman who is skilled in love is able to impose her control over the lover so that he fears her and sanctifies their relationship, and this is due to her skill in imposing her power over me and my submission to what is between her thighs and the complete belief in her as a lonely and precious mistress, and I brought them back to the house. Thus, forbidden love is the most delicious and sweetest.
  19. JC01

    Furry ERP

    One day, as I went for a stroll on the city as per usual. I was pretty lonely, and I felt the need to go out more to maybe find that special someone, or at least someone to talk to. Well, I was on my way until then I met this girl. She was pretty nice and she looked really beautiful, too. We talked and had a nice discussion about art, movies, anything we wanted. I then asked her for her number, and she gave it to me. After I called her to set up a date, everything was going perfectly normal, up until her skin started growing fur, and her body started to shift, and then suddenly, she was a wolf girl! I'm dating a werewolf! Man, and curves really got much thicker, too. She was shocked, but I told her that I've always wanted someone like her. She's the perfect girl already. Now I'm sleeping with a werewolf gal and it's all been just after one date! Wonder what's next for me?
  20. This is actually been a story I always wanted to roleplay with someone but never been able to finish. Here’s the plot: Once upon a time, there lived a Prince who was raised alongside 5 maids who acted as both friends and family to him while his parents were away. The prince was to be raised to be a king, and it was something he took in stride. While he had a great relationship with his parents, he also learned everything from them. Stuff like what it means to be a king, diplomacy, how to speak with nobles, and how to fight. However, there was one problem he had suffered. Noble women. Each time when his mother tries to throw a party for an upcoming princess or noble woman, they all have either cheated on him or wanted him all for his money. They thought they could get away with it, but he knew and kicked each of them out. All of it wore him down to the point he no longer wanted to attend the parties his mother threw for him. This all was a sign for the king and queen that he gave up on the noble women. Then comes his 5 maids, the ones who were always by his side since they were young. They each had feelings of love for him and could not stand idle to see him suffer. So they try to comfort him. And in those moments of comforting him, the prince realizes his feelings for his maids, and in deciding to take one of them as his wife, he decides to test them by having sex with them. This is a more plot based story while still containing smut, and something I wish to finish. If anyone who is willing to work with me in creating the story, and willing to see through it to the end, then speak here or echitext me. Also if this seems intimidating, then talk to me and we’ll negotiate. More details can be explained as well if need be. Anyone willing to write this story with me?
  21. My character being a cheerleader your character can be a football player, teacher, nerd, or a fellow cheerleader. Getting blackmailed for help with my homework or not to leak a video or picture in return for some hot steamy sex on the low
  22. goodgirl

    Secret male sub

    My character found out a secret in her school. one of her classmates who is popular and percieved as dominant. but once he got attached to the succubus he wanted her to dom him hard.
  23. goodgirl

    Looking for futa!

    Looking for a futa thats down for public play, toys, possible tentacles, breeding and other kinky bits! I'm open for plots! ecchitext me!
  24. For my 18th birthday you gave me a surprise in the middle of my afterparty. a nice steamy fucking session in my room on the upper floor! taking my virginity with pride. Can be a best friend, stranger, friend, classmate, teacher ETC
  25. My character had a hard day at the coffee shop she works out and comes home to masturbate on her bed. finding that her vibrator is gone she couldn't wait and finger fucked herself. being caugh by her room mate who had stolen said vibrator.
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