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  1. Actually, I don't wanna pick through anything. I love any kind. As long there is no adult babies, scat, vore, gore, watersports and. .. anything that seems disgusting for me of course. Just no offense for the people who like them but, just no. C'move to my pm's and we can discuss. Naomi has a short pink bob, fair-peachy skin, 4'9" height, 2-3 inches of meat and thick. Womanly, ready for fucking thick .<3
  2. ArdillaVerde93

    fanfiction Lovesick: A Moment Of Silence

    Some of you know I have a story on here called Lovesick. It's about a sick Shaymin in love with a trainer who wants to cure her. Well, I decided to write a prequel of sorts. This explains why Shaymin is with the trainer, despite being wild. This was touched on, but not really elaborated on. If I may stroke my cock ego for a bit, Lovesick is still up, and available for reading.~ There's more than one Shaymin. More than one Latios. More than one Latias. It makes sense, doesn't it? When you think about it, it's a bit ludicrous to step back and take in the view of a windswept meadow or a treacherous forest and think every blade of grass, every tree, every flower, and every dandelion puff was all the work of a single entity. Arceus Himself didn't even create Sinnoh single-handedly, let alone the myriad of species that live there. That's precisely why the Legendaries exist. Clearly, though, these deities are not immortal. Not invincible. The mere fact that a Shaymin had the incredibly poor fortune to contract a rare and fatal disease is proof of this. But that wasn't her first brush with death. All Shaymin have access to an island in the extreme northeast of Sinnoh. The sun beat down on this one in particular that day as she tended to her property. As it usually did; when Arceus designated that bit of land for the original Shaymin and her descendants, He called on Groudon and Kyogre, to ensure that the weather there would be hospitable towards the growth and health of abundant plant life. Shaymin herself included, of course. Judging by what, indeed, could only be called an abundance of plant life, it clearly worked. Few humans have ever been lucky enough to see what they've rather appropriately dubbed "Flower Paradise," but the general consensus is that, besides Shaymin, no wild Pokémon live there. This is simply fallacy. However, one can hardly blame the misinformed for being misinformed, given what the truth actually is. The plant life does attract Pokémon. However, humans do not typically have the opportunity to venture to the Flower Paradise unless Shaymin allows it. This is relevant because the wild Pokémon hide when a guest of Shaymin approaches. To date, the Flower Paradise has been home to dozens of Shaymin, and these Shaymin have played host to a myriad of human guests. Among these humans lucky enough to be granted an audience with the rulers of fertility, most have been trainers. However, there are exceptions to every rule. It's known that Professor Samuel Oak is permitted entry. As well, engaged and married couples are sometimes shown favour and allowed to enter. In fact, at least one recorded incident has taken place in which a Shaymin, having particular interest in a wedding, posed as the bride's bouquet. It is not the case, however, that Shaymin are attracted by the victorious, the studious, or even the betrothed. Rather, what attracts a Shaymin is gratitude. Of course, Shaymin have personalities all their own. But, as a whole, as a biological instinct, these wondrous deities are drawn to the thankful. Shaymin, as well, are quick to show gratitude of their own. In the Sinnoh region, in fact, Shaymin's name is evoked as the punchline of jeers directed towards the overly talkative, or the overly polite. Shaymin winced as sweat stung her eyes; only now did she realise how long she had been tending her island-wide garden. Moreover, the scent of rain was faint in the air, and she knew she'd soon have to retreat to her shelter. First, of course, her eyes needed cared for. Pure, clean water flowed in a spring nearby, and she used it to splash the sweat out of her eyes. As she blinked the last bits of water away, she smiled. She couldn't help herself from being prideful, gaze resting upon a magical garden of her own creation. Everything seemed to be in order, and the rain would only aid in their growth. Content with that knowledge, Shaymin began the short journey towards shelter. A burrow, cleverly hidden beneath one of the countless flower patches dotting the island. She had fashioned it with her powers some time ago. She wasn't the only one preparing for the rain, either. As she padded towards home, another smile crept up on her. Above, a group of Butterfree searched for a safe place to land. Being a Grass type, Shaymin typically disliked Bug types. She knew these Butterfree, however, and knew them to be friendly. "Come with me," she offered the worried couple. "I'll make room for you." Grateful trills were her reply from the winged beauties as they followed close behind her. They likely wouldn't have much room to spread their wings, but it was a far better alternative to getting caught out in the open during rain. It wouldn't kill them on its own, but their senses would be dulled, making them easy prey. For all of the next few minutes, all was well. It's a shame it couldn't stay like that. For starters, neither Celebi nor Dialga smiled upon her that day; time was not on her side, and rain was dampening her fur before her burrow was in sight. Then again, not much was in sight as it was, with the suddenly harsh wind blowing a curtain of leaves in front of her vision. Hearing the worried cries of the Butterfree behind her, Shaymin acted quickly. Not wholly unlike a child throwing a tantrum, she stomped on the ground with a stubby forepaw. All at once, vibrant flowers sprang up, leading to her burrow. Of course, Shaymin herself didn't need reminded of its location. But she rarely had guests there, and wasn't about to risk her friends getting lost. Due to her stature, she could only trust her ears in this situation, as the blowing leaves obstructed her vision, especially since the oncoming storm prevented her from reaching Sky Forme. But she was content with the wingbeats she could hear growing ever fainter before being drowned out by the howling wind. Meanwhile, she kept running. The sad truth, however, is that she didn't get far. To give credit where it's due, even with the path ahead obscured, Shaymin hardly seemed to have any trouble, her paws crushing fallen leaves and kicking up rainwater as she ran. But something felt wrong. Not just wrong, but very wrong. Shaymin was able to run for only a few seconds before fatigue hit her hard. At once, her gait went from a sprint to a weak stagger. Her breaths came shakily, and with much difficulty. She burst into a fit of harsh coughing, whimpering as every cough hurt. "What..." Shaymin could barely speak; she could hardly hear herself over the cacophony of nature's wrath around her, and the weak voice she had was mostly drowned out by coughs. Her chest burned as though she had just swallowed something too hot to be eaten or drank. "Wh-What... " Shaymin stammered desperately; this was all happening so fast. "What's... happening... t-to me?" She couldn't run anymore; whatever was doing this to her, she was helpless to stop it. Then, a flash of red filled her vision, before the world turned black. Shaymin awoke some time later, in a daze. Without even opening her eyes, she knew full well she was no longer in the familiar surroundings of Flower Paradise. Whatever she was resting on was soft and plush. Certainly not the ground she passed out on. Without opening her eyes, she shifted her position. Yes; certainly, this was a bed. And not the one she had fashioned for herself out of shed bits of fluff from Jumpluff and Whimsicott. Had Arceus teleported her away from the storm when she lost consciousness? She wasn't able to keep that thought in her head for too long, however, before a voice spoke. "Good; she's waking up." Shaymin finally opened her eyes. That voice. A young adult male. She didn't know who the voice belonged to, but it certainly wasn't Arceus. A boy stood over her, gaze fixed on her, and with a warm smile on his face. He wore similar attire to what Shaymin remembered Professor Oak wearing. A white coat, partially open, over a red shirt. Khaki pants adorned his legs, and he wore sneakers, mostly red and with light grey mesh, over plain white socks. Shaymin didn't feel threatened by him; merely uneasy. Nonetheless, she wanted answers. She opened her mouth, but, to her immense shock, could only manage a sort of raspy squeak. What's more, that short vocalisation caused her great pain. Her throat and chest both burned, quickly silencing her. "You can't talk?" the boy asked. Shaymin noted the genuine concern in his voice before nodding. Though she sensed no malicious intent, Shaymin didn't lower her guard. "Can you do me a favour?" the mysterious boy continued. Shaymin cocked her head quizically, allowing him to continue. "I know you must be in a lot of pain, but could you roll over? On your back, I mean. I think I know what's wrong, but I have to make sure." Shaymin complied, nearly as eager as this boy was to identify her illness. No sooner had Shaymin moved onto her back, her leafy quills flattening against her fur, then the boy produced an odd device. Shaymin was certain she had seen it before. But what was it called? A "stellar scope?" She shook the thought from her mind; far more important problems were present at the moment than pronunciation. "This will be cold" was the only warning she received before the boy placed 2 nubs on one end of the device into his ears, then pressed the other end - a flat metal disc - gently against her chest. It was indeed cold, but Shaymin didn't react, as she was warned beforehand. Besides, she suddenly realised something. Upon closer inspection, this boy was wearing white gloves. He wasn't a professor; he was a doctor! This revelation calmed her significantly. At least she was in good hands. Finally, the odd device was pulled away, though only to be repositioned on a different area of her chest. "Can you take a deep breath for me?" the doctor asked politely. "In through your nose, and out through your mouth." Again, Shaymin complied with the innocuous request. Soon after that, the device was again pulled back. This time, the doctor removed the nubs from his ears. "Your heartbeat is fine, which is a relief. But your breathing is definitely laboured." After that explanation, the doctor sat on the edge of the bed. Shaymin righted herself and listened intently as a few medical terms were tossed about. But the topic of the conversation changed quickly as a gloved hand was extended towards her. "I'm sorry; please forgive my poor manners. My name is Tyler Miller. I found you unconscious, and brought you to this Pokémon Centre." In spite of the situation, Shaymin found stifling a giggle rather difficult. Tyler's politeness was welcomed, of course. But it had been quite some time since anybody had spoken to Shaymin with such reverence. Blushing beneath the stark white fur of her cheeks, she nuzzled the boy's hand. Faced with affection from a deity, Tyler's professionalism faded somewhat. "U-Umm... See,... what's wrong is..." Unlike Shaymin, Tyler had no fur cloaking his cheeks. Therefore, when he blushed, it was very obvious. For just a few seconds, Shaymin was glad her voice was shot. At least Tyler couldn't hear her giggling as she backed off to allow him to diagnose her. Even then, Tyler needed a moment to compose himself. The next minute or so was spent in relative silence, save for the sounds of scribbling as Tyler wrote on a chart. "O-Okay. I won't keep you waiting anymore. Your symptoms add up to what I'm sure is bacterial pneumonia." It was, no pun intended, the perfect storm. Treating Pokémon is complicated, in and of itself. They can typically understand humans, but humans cannot easily understand them. Moreover, while Tyler was able to understand some Pokémon language, Shaymin couldn't speak, anyway. So the doctor could only assume his explanation got through to her. "There was blood on your face, mostly near your mouth. Since you were unconscious when I found you, my guess is that you coughed up blood right before passing out. So you fell in it." Tyler hesitated. Could Shaymin understand him? She was staring in wide-eyed shock, implying that the diagnosis worried her, or that she at least understood it. Of course, for all Tyler knew, it could just have been the word "blood" that got her attention, since even Pokémon tend to associate that word with injury or illness. It wasn't until Shaymin gave a slight nod that Tyler continued. "The likely reason for you losing your voice is that the coughing you were doing damaged your vocal cords. With pneumonia, that can definitely happen. Your lungs fill with fluid, and you start coughing to get rid of it." Again, wanting to make sure Shaymin understood him, Tyler fell silent until she responded with a nod. At that, however, he allowed a smile to come through. "There's good news, though. I can cure this." If she could speak, Shaymin would have cheered. But her face told as much as words could. Her eyes, usually emerald green in colour, but now faded with illness, sparkled nonetheless with joy. She made an attempt to voice her gratitude, but was again reduced to a painful squeak. "We'll have to work together to get your voice back," Tyler added. "It'll take a while, but..." Carefully, he extended a hand again. "...I'll be with you every step of the way, if you'll allow it." Not a moment's hesitation followed Dr. Miller's offer before Shaymin closed the distance in a single joyous skip. Of course she agreed to his help. Sure, she would miss Flower Paradise. But it wasn't as though she would never return there. This was merely a temporary setback. And, to be honest, she wasn't even sure it was a setback. She felt no fear towards this boy. He was, if anything, overly polite to her. Shaymin trusted the doctor. Besides, even weakened, the fact remained that she was a Legendary, and could easily fight him off if he attacked her. She would daresay she found a new friend. One that, ironically, she never would have known had she not fallen ill. And she was appropriately grateful for this opportunity. The next week, the duo didn't stray far from each other. And, gradually, Shaymin's health improved. But her voice did not return. While her gratitude was obvious, she couldn't voice it. Tyler had been right when he said getting Shaymin's voice back would require a joint effort. This took nearly another week. During this time, Shaymin learned that her saviour was a trainer. As the days passed, Shaymin's gratitude morphed gradually into affection. She followed him closely, and even slept by his side. But her greatest act of kindness came when she had fully recovered. Knowing she would have to return to her home, Shaymin offered Tyler a final gift. After a heartfelt, and finally verbal "thank you," she presented him with a Gracidea. A single, vibrantly pink flower, native to Sinnoh and sacred to the people and Pokémon there. If ever Tyler wanted her by his side again, she assured him he need only hold the stem of the flower and call out to her. Then, in a flash of white feathers, she took off, into the morning sky. She would see Tyler again. And her feelings towards him would be amplified many times over in the coming years. And some say that, deep in Flower Paradise, Shaymin fiercely guarded an empty medicine bottle. *Author's Note* This was actually fun to write. And cute. But WAS it cute? I leave that judgement up to you!~ Oh, and here are the references. "It's known that Professor Samuel Oak is permitted entry." Shaymin is an event Pokémon, unobtainable through normal gameplay. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, an item called Oak's Letter was required. Without it, there's only a white rock where people pray and give thanks for their blessings. Professor Oak's canonical first name is Samuel. "...a Shaymin posed as the bride's bouquet." A reference to a bonus mission in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia. The mission is called "For The Bride And Shaymin." "It wouldn't kill them on its own,..." Refers to several Pokédex entries for Butterfree, stating that the scales on their wings are waterproof.
  3. ArdillaVerde93

    fanfiction Nightmares

    The following story contains foul language, depictions of mental disorders, depictions of suicide, and rape. If you find any of these subjects disturbing, TURN AWAY NOW!!!! What follows is a bit of a summary of several roleplays I've done privately with the wonderful @SMFoxy. The story is told by a Jirachi who mistakenly and tragically wasn't careful when granting wishes, and who now has a wish of her own. To make things right with her victims. This is the second time tonight. The second time I've woken up, screaming bloody murder and drenched in sweat. I can't sleep anymore. Not without the nightmares. They won't stop; every fucking night, they come back to haunt me, like ghosts! What did I do to deserve this? Sure, I haven't been perfect, but nobody has! Dammit, I was just doing my job! Arceus put me here to grant wishes, and that's what I did. Can I really be blamed for the times they went wrong? How could I have known their intentions? I'm a Legendary, sure, but there are still things I don't know. I assumed they could relate. I assumed everybody could! I... I just didn't realise the effect I could have on them. 7 acquaintences became victims. Victims of an old saying. "Be careful what you wish for." In one fell swoop, I ruined the lives of a trainer and 6 Pokémon. If I could take it all back, I would. I can. They just need to ask. But they won't. I've caused them too much pain for them to wanna seek my help. But I'd love a chance to apologise. Anything to stop these damned nightmares! They're in them. Always dying. Always dying! Fuck me; I'll never unsee those nightmares, if I live to be 100 years old! The storm that started everything. Was it supernatural? That, I can't answer. The weather is outside of my jurisdiction. But it came from nowhere, and battered Goldenrod City mercilessly. I saw 6 Pokémon huddled around their trainer, in a closet. They begged for safety. But not for themselves. They wanted their trainer to survive. They all survived; so did the house, by some miracle. But I watched them intently that night. They surrounded the boy with affection. He treated them well. Even after everything I've done to them, I'll stand by this until the day I die; he was never abusive to those Pokémon. Quite the opposite, in fact. Rarely does a Pokémon legitimately enjoy waiting on their "master." But all 6 of them did. Their trainer fell asleep long before the storm subsided, but they still kept a close eye on him. It was honestly adorable. They each made a wish. And it was easy for me to grant them; the wishes were all the same. They whispered with each other how much they wanted to repay their master's love. It warmed my heart. I knew I had to help them, so I did. Finally, they settled on a wish. They wanted to be able to serve him properly. They eventually fell asleep, same as their trainer. It was... I think it was a half hour later. Not that it matters. I got started as soon as I was sure they were asleep. Fur and scales became hair and clothing. Their bodies, depending on species, either stretched or shrank. By the time the physical transformations had been completed, all 6 of the former Pokémon were mostly human. They still had their tails, and some other features. Their trainer could already understand them when they spoke their native tongues, but, since it'd be rather odd for them to walk around in public yipping and cooing like the creatures they were moments before, I altered their voices, as well, so they would speak English. This process, by the way, is not painless. None of them were; there's a reason why I waited until they were asleep. By the time I expected they would wake up, most or all of the pain would've gone away. But I wasn't finished yet. They wanted to serve; didn't they? They were all females. Their trainer isn't sexist. He just doesn't care for burly, musclebound brutes. His preference is for femininity, and it showed in his team. Not that he was ever sexually involved with them. He used to use them in battles, like the majority of trainers do. And, before you ask, no. I don't object to battles. There's a difference between contests of strength and skill, and brutal beatings. Yes, there are occasionally injuries from battles. But accidents can happen from the most innocuous of activities. Sweet, innocent Chansey Scouts trip and fall sometimes. It hurts, you cry, you get a bandage and/or a lollipop, and you go about your day. But I digress. The trainer of the Pokémon I had just transformed held a spot in the Johto Hall Of Fame, which he earned when his team defeated the six battle-hardened, vicious Pokémon of the former champion, a trainer who thwarted terrorist attacks, traversed the entire Johto and Kanto regions, and tamed even the guardian of the sea and the sacred winged rainbow. But he didn't battle with them after his victory. Following that tremendous upset, he left competitive battling to focus on the medical field. A passion of his for a long time. In fact, even before the championships were a blip on the radar, he showed decent skills, being able to repair minor wounds, and cure minor ailments. To make extra money, he would moonlight at Pokémon Centres. By the time he was considering going to the Indigo Plateau, he barely needed Pokémon Centres for healing his beloved companions; he could fix everything from cuts and stings to broken bones. It seemed like just the natural progression of things; forgive me, but it brings to mind another old saying. "What're you going to do now?" "I'm going to Disney World!~" He used his fame from winning the championship to secure a job at the Pokémon Centre in his hometown. This boy became one of my victims. He has nothing now. The 6 Pokémon I transformed were a Bellossom, a Goodra, a Pachirisu, a Sylveon, a Vaporeon, and a Wigglytuff. To grant their wishes to be able to serve their master, I turned them into maids. I thought it would go over well with everyone. At least I was right in that respect. For a while, anyway. When they awoke the next morning, they all eagerly began their chores. Vaporeon had the poor luck to be the one to awaken the boy. They had been made to think their roles had always been theirs. I didn't think - damn; that's a theme - I would need to hypnotise him, too. He was furious. Not from being woken up by a beautiful anthropomorphic Vaporeon. But from being waited on. Trainers can sometimes forget that, were it not for the Pokémon they care for, they wouldn't be trainers. Nor can the Pokémon be champions without trainers to teach them the finer points of combat. Everyone has to work together. Of course, every partnership is different; in some cases, the trainer may have a disability, and their Pokémon have to work harder to come out on top. Or vice versa. I've seen deaf trainers win matches because their Pokémon could understand sign language. I've seen Pokémon with impaired vision use their other senses to outwit and topple opponents. But, at the core of everything, it boils down to teamwork. And these 6 girls were well-versed on the subject, before and after their transformations. As crazy as this is going to sound, after all of the praise I've just given their trainer, it's him that doesn't understand that. But the misunderstanding in this case is probably the opposite of what you might expect. See, he doesn't expect these Pokémon to do everything for him; he would prefer to be the one serving them. I should explain that I knew this boy before the storm. Well, saying that I knew him is a bit of an understatement. I would go so far as to say we were friends. I'm not going to reveal his name; I've revealed too much about him already. In fact, to be fair, he was submissive with me, too, so I suppose his behaviour towards his Pokémon shouldn't be so surprising to me. But he explained that it's because I'm a Legendary Pokémon. One of many that keep this world balanced. So maybe he has a point. But he spoiled those Pokémon rotten when he was still a trainer. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I guess, since I grant wishes, I do more or less the same thing anyway. He devoted his life to the care of Pokémon. Studying, healing, and training. But it all came crashing down around him when he tried to play Arceus. The trainer was born fully human; during a rescue mission, he accidentally bonded his soul to an artifact that fused his DNA with that of a female Cinccino. Still, he went on with his life, and even grew to love his new fluff. Until he was raped for it, that is. That was my first mistake; I should've stepped in. I offered him a wish to console him, but couldn't give him what he wished for. With all of his Pokémon being female, he wished to be feminised. Could I have done it? Without a shadow of a doubt. Child's play. But he held a very important job back then - he specialised in emergency medicine when he was a doctor - that would be put in jeopardy if he showed up in a dress and makeup. So I had to refuse. As horrible as this sounds, if he asked again, I'd grant his wish in a heartbeat, now that he's lost his job. Not granting his wish was my second mistake. And, unfortunately, soon after that, he managed to get in far over his head. His mission was noble; the species he had recently become a member of was, and unfortunately remains, severely endangered. The next time I offered him a wish, he made it right away. His wish was for a massive increase in their population. That was a good bit harder. I can warp bodies, minds, inanimate objects, and more. But creating life is something I'm not at all well-versed in. Mew and Shaymin handle that; in retrospect, I should've asked one of them. Preferably Mew; Shaymin didn't get along well with the boy. I knew I owed him, though, so I tried doing things myself. I won't go into specifics, but I messed up. Big time. Again, I should've asked Mew. My name was certainly mud with the boy and his former Pokémon after that, not that I blame them. But, with that, I struck out with the trainer. As ironic as this sounds, I wish the troubles had ended there. Of course, they didn't. The trainer was ruined, but the girls were in good health. Unfortunately, that was about to change. Starting with Vaporeon. Vaporeon, objectively, was hit the hardest. But they all suffered. Those poor girls lost their minds, and a good bit more. Even I couldn't have predicted the horrors that would befall them. In a way, it angers me; it really, truly does. So many evil people in this world, yet an innocent boy and 6 innocent Pokémon were harmed, just for making wishes! A wish to help a loved one, and a wish to save an endangered species. Not exactly scandalous. "But Jirachi! Just make everything better!" Believe me, I want to. But I can't do anything unless the request is worded as a wish. Arceus added that rule. And no, I can't just make the wish myself; it doesn't work. I've tried. As for what happened to the girls - the "horrors that befell them" - it seems each one bears a different curse. Bellossom constantly exudes a ludicrously strong floral scent. Pachirisu cries at the drop of a hat. Wigglytuff is a glutton. Vaporeon is the opposite; she starves herself. Sylveon is addicted to cosmetics. And Goodra is convinced she's the doting mother of her trainer. Huh? Bellossom's fate doesn't sound so bad? She's scrubbed herself raw trying to remove the stench. To no avail. Goodra doesn't sound like she got a bad deal, either. But you don't see her. She has absolutely gone insane. She fills her bedroom with what she insists are framed pictures of the trainer and her. They're all blank. The victim I see in my dreams changes often, but they die the same way each time! And the deaths, in stark contrast to the victims, aren't pretty. Wigglytuff collapses in agony, dead of a heart attack before reaching the Pokémon Centre. Bellossom is mauled by wild Pokémon. She cries out, but nobody is willing to bear her stench to rescue her. Sylveon is taken into an alleyway, raped, then beaten to death after being drugged while on a date. Vaporeon takes a final, shaking breath in her bed before her organs give out from starvation. Pachirisu, the poor dear, has an emotional breakdown and commits suicide by drinking various cleaning chemicals. And Goodra dies of shock upon finding her "child" hanging from a ceiling fan. 7 images, counting the trainer, that I don't think I'll ever get out of my head. For fuck's sake, every fucking dream is a snuff film! I can't take this much longer! I can't help them; I want to. I really, really want to! But I can't unless they make wishes, or someone makes wishes for them. Vaporeon was helped by a kind Delphox who wished her back to good health, but her mind is fried; I have absolutely no doubt that she's still gonna starve to death unless someone wishes her shattered psyche back together. I don't blame the Delphox, though. He and his daughter have hearts of gold, the both of them. I'll go to my grave insisting that he had Vaporeon's best interests at heart. As for his daughter, her wish broke my heart. Her mother died when she was too young to remember her. All she knew of her mother was stories, as though she was brought into this world by a fairytale princess. Of course, she wished for her mother back. And, of course, I granted her wish. Sort of. As it happens, her mother was a Cinccino. I can't resurrect the dead, but I can revive their souls. The poor trainer of the 6 ill-fated girls used to have a Cinccino, whom he had recently rediscovered was living comfortably in a nature preserve after being released. Sacrifices were made, and that Cinccino was given the memories of the young lady's mother. Both of them, and the Delphox, still live happy, healthy lives to this day; lucky them. But for the Delphox and his daughter, I probably would've eaten a shotgun shell quite some time ago. The blood of 7 innocent victims is on my hands, and I can't help them until they ask for it! The Delphox and the trainer are close friends. That's lovely; otherwise, I have a sneaking suspicion the trainer would've been found hanged with his own tail. Maybe that Delphox can turn things around. But, just in case, let me broadcast a plea to everyone reading this. If any of you see a male Cinccino anthro, or any of the 6 maids I mentioned, I beg you. Please, for the love of Arceus, tell them everything will be alright. And tell them I'm sorry, and that I'll do whatever I can to make everything up to them. Oh, and, if you see me, wish for something that benefits one of them. I promise, if you do, I'll give you a second wish. Whatever you want. That's a promise, literally in writing, from a Legendary. Just make the nightmares stop. If you don't feel sorry for me, which you probably shouldn't, at least do something for their sake. As badly as my nightmares have scarred my mind, at least they end when I wake up. I can't say the same for them.
  4. ArdillaVerde93

    Tyler's Shaymin Sky Forme EX

    From the album: Fake Pokémon Cards

    I used a free app called Deckromancy to make this full-art EX card. I would love to credit the artist, but I can't find them, after a reverse Google search. Of course, with how important she is, Tyler's Shaymin had to make it in. She can't transform, but Arceus help anyone who angers her if she could. Thanks to SMFoxy for telling me the original artist. Aonik drew the Skymin picture.
  5. ArdillaVerde93

    fanfiction To The Sky

    *This is a story posted at the request of Neptune. Kai appears courtesy of SMFoxy. This is set to the song "To The Sky," by Owl City. To clear up confusion, the lyrics are for the parts after them.* It was nearly a year to the day since Shaymin's trainer's tragic death. With Goodra left in charge of the house, Kai and Shaymin were invited to stay. Kai had chosen the guest bedroom, while Shaymin had insisted on the shed in the garden. For the first month, Shaymin was inconsolable. But, with Kai's help, she had mostly gotten over her depression. What's more, Kai had helped her regain her Sky Forme. This day was bittersweet for Shaymin. She barely spoke as she tottered into the dining room to eat from a bowl of kibble left out for her. As much as her trainer thought she deserved the best, she honestly liked the processed pet food. [Shipwrecked in a sea of faces. There's a dreamy world up there. Dear friends in higher places, carry me away from here.] She looked around and saw that the other residents had their gazes fixed on her. She loved them, considering them all to be great friends. But this was the last thing she wanted to see now. She sighed and went back to eating. [Travel light; let the Sun eclipse you 'cause your flight is about to leave, and there's more to this brave adventure than you'd ever believe!] No later had the last morsel disappeared down Shaymin's throat, than she felt a paw on her quill-covered back. She looked up to see Kai, who said only 2 words to her. "It's time." Shaymin's response was similarly terse. "Do I have to?" [Bird's-eye view! Awake the stars, 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue.] After breakfast, everybody, Shaymin included, stepped outside to the front porch. Again, all eyes were on the petite Legendary. She wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear. Run back to the shed. Anything but what she was about to do. Kai's paw was placed on her again, making her jump. There was no turning back. She had to go. [Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery, 'cause, after all, those wings will take you up so high.] "O-Okay," she stuttered. "I'm ready." Kai pulled his paw away, and Shaymin turned to face everyone. 7 in all. And all with smiling faces. Again, not something Shaymin wanted to see in this situation. She gave them a sad nod. [So bid the forest floor goodbye, as you race the wind and take to the sky!] Shaymin began to glow. This transformation was still a bit of a strain to her, and she whimpered as her body shifted and contorted. Once the light faded, she no longer resembled a hedgehog. Now, she could almost be mistaken for an albino reindeer. [You take to the sky!] Reluctantly, and with a final, deeply genuine "thank you" to everybody, she leapt up with her hindpaws, her feathered ears catching the breeze and suspending her in the cool morning air. Tears fell down her face, cutting damp paths through her stark white fur. [On the heels of war and wonder, there's a stormy world up there. You can't whisper above the thunder, but you can fly anywhere.] The tears didn't stop, and Shaymin didn't dare speak. She looked straight up. Her instincts told her a storm was brewing. She knew she could only remain in Sky Forme for as long as the weather was clear. But, with her speed, she was confident she could at least reach the Ruins Of Alph before she would be forced to land. "You can do it!" Kai called out, as if sensing her trepidation. [Purple burst of paper birds; this picture paints a thousand words! So take a breath of myth and mystery, and don't look back!] Kai was right. Shaymin could certainly make the flight to Sinnoh; that wasn't in question. What was, though, was whether Shaymin wanted to fly away. If she dared show her face to the others, they would see she wanted to stay on the ground. The warm, dew covered ground. But, if she hesitated, she'd miss her chance for sure. She shook her head violently, as if trying to dislodge her own hesitation. Finally, she shot high up into the sky. [Bird's-eye view! Awake the stars, 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue.] She could hear her temporary family cheering for her, and, looking down, she could see the whole of the garden that Bellossom kept in such beautiful shape. She took a deep breath, smelling the familiar scent of forthcoming rainfall. [Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery, 'cause, after all, those wings will take you up so high.] Shaymin sped forward, the air whipping against her wing-ears. Soon, she was just a speck to the 7 onlookers that continued cheering. Suddenly, though, she turned around, and lowered her altitude. Skillfully, she flew just over the garden, plucking a single pink flower wth her mouth before departing again. "Sorry, Bellossom!~" [So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind and take to the sky!] She was actually slightly glad, at least in that moment, that she was flying alone. If the others could see where she was going, they'd almost surely try and stop her. The buildings of Goldenrod City glinted below her in the morning sun. Admittedly, it was a beautiful sight. She had every intention of going to Sinnoh, but later. There was something far more important she had to take care of first. She landed in the middle of a cemetary. [There's a realm above the trees where the lost are finally found. So touch your feathers to the breeze and leave the ground.] The gravestone she was looking for - that of her trainer, of course - wasn't far from where she landed. Shaymin hung her head, and released the flower, which fell in front of the gravestone. "I'm sorry. It's time for me to go." [Birds-eye view! Awake the stars, 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue.] Shaymin's voice was choked with tears. "I-I... I didn't want this. I love you, with all my heart! Why did it have... t-to end like this?!" Almost contemptuously, she kicked at the ground. [Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery, 'cause, after all, those wings will take you up so high!] Not trusting herself to keep from bursting into hysterical tears, Shaymin rose into the air again, just as lightning tore through it. She gasped, knowing what would happen next. She dropped like a stone, hitting the ground with a thud, now back in her Land Forme. [So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind, and take to the sky!] For once, Shaymin wasn't worried by the storm. She got back up to her paws, smiling. She used to be able to fly in storms, but even Kai's training couldn't return that ability to her. She looked up at the suddenly darkened sky. "Thank you." [You take to the sky! You take to the sky!] Shaymin didn't have a choice; she had to stay. She nuzzled the gravestone. "Don't worry; I'm not leaving quite yet." In the midst of everything, she let out a giggle. "It's ironic. You hated storms, but a storm is keeping us together!" Sinnoh would still be there when the storm broke. At that moment, Shaymin was right where she needed to be.
  6. Before I get into it, I want to thank @ArdillaVerde93, without whom's story (Lovesick) and blessing to post, this story would not exist. This is a side story of sorts to an entire plot of their devising, and is somewhat intended to be a part of Shaymin and Tyler's story through the eyes of another. A little backstory. I was asked by ArdillaVerde93 to help cure Shaymin, and I agreed. This is my take on the process, as well as information that came to my attention later. I haven't written in a long time, and it isn't much, but I hope people enjoy it. Without further ado, here we go. ~~~ Journal of Kai Russet; 08/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto Today, I happened upon a strange and miraculous discovery. I am not alone in this world. There is another, like me, who has... changed, into something else. Something more. Something between Human and Pokémon. I made this discovery entirely by accident whilst training with my Lilligant, and an innocent passerby got caught when a breeze blew a full dose of Sleep Powder their way, and without thinking I took them to my house to recover. Which is the story to which I intend to stand by. When he (though I initially mistook him as female, and was corrected later) came around from what I had subjected him to, after I apologised, he politely introduced himself as Tyler Miller, a doctor. My interest was piqued at this point, as I find it incredibly intriguing that our shared condition should have affected two practitioners of the same profession. Or rather I should say, did, since I no longer practise medicine. The odds seem astronomical that I should meet another, let alone a doctor. Returning to the point, he informed me of a difficult case he was working on, of course remaining within the bounds of professional confidentiality at all times, and talking over only the most basic points of the case, with no direct reference to the patient herself at all. It was apparent that the patient was suffering from infertility after pelvic trauma. Feeling for him and the patient, I showed him to my modest library, as well as the studies I had devoted myself to since being afflicted with my condition. Doctor Miller appeared to find certain things of interest, as well as relevance to the case he was working on, at which point I loaned him use of a pen and paper to write down some of his discoveries. Shortly thereafter, I showed him out of my house, wishing both he and his patient well. Note: Of interest is the fact that Doctor Miller, while male, appears to have been changed in part to a female Cinccino. This is curious to me, as my... enforced transformation into part Delphox, remained wholly male. ~~~ Journal of Kai Russet; 09/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto I was approached by Doctor Miller early this afternoon. It appeared as though he had spoken to his patient after leaving yesterday, and had talked her into accepting a consultation with me, due to my unusual medical knowledge. I have not practised medicine in a long time, but I could not find it in my heart to refuse such a request. I left with Doctor Miller to meet the patient. Imagine, if you will, my surprise at entering the room and coming face to face with a Legendary Pokémon. I will not deny that I had been expecting a Pokémon, and one very much loved judging from the tone with which Doctor Miller spoke of her. But I certainly had not been expecting a Shaymin. The chance to work with, and try to help, such a Pokémon made my heart race with excitement. It kindled a feeling deep within me, one that I had not felt for the longest time. I have always wanted to help both people and Pokémon, but since my condition, this... curse, or whatever it happens to be that has transfigured me, I have chosen not to. I feel I have been given a new opportunity to do what I have always wanted, and always loved, to do. I knew there and then that I must do my best, and so after a brief summary of the medical history of the patient, as well as an explanation of what exactly caused her infertility, I put every effort into describing and explaining my researches, how I hoped to help, and what the risks may be, but Shaymin seemed full of gratitude towards even the attempt to help. I bade farewell after the consult was concluded, and returned home. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 10/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto The procedure took a long time, but went along with no unexpected complications. However, whether it was a success or not, we will be unable to determine until tomorrow. I find myself feeling that I may wish to become a fully practising physician again. I gave up for a reason, but now I find the very reason I gave up may help more than hinder. I certainly very much hope that it helped in this case. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 11/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto Today was the day we discovered if my researches will help. To see if our labour bore fruit, as it were. There were no complications during the procedure, and a few routine tests led us the conclusion that it had been successful. Between magic, medicine and luck, Doctor Miller and myself cured Shaymin of her infertility. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 12/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto I returned to meet Shaymin and Doctor Tyler today, and together we took the tests again to ensure that the cure had indeed worked. Shaymin seemed incredibly grateful for our help. She agreed, at my request, to allow me a rare gift, and was very patient as I gathered pollen from her flowers, as well as plucking a few quills from herself for me. Words could not express my gratitude that she would accept such an unreasonable request, but they were all I had to thank her with. It is my hope that with these gifts, I will be able to study more types of mystical medicine to help people and Pokémon alike in the future. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 13/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto It was raining this evening, for which I was very grateful, as I was unable to prevent myself from tearing up a little. For reasons unknown to me at the time, for I did not pry, Shaymin has chosen to leave and return to her home, the Flower Paradise in Sinnoh. It is clear, however, that it was a difficult decision for both Shaymin and Doctor Miller. It was hard for myself also, though I feel my pain was not a speck compared to what theirs must have been. I later discovered, through Doctor Miller confiding in me, that it was his refusal to help Shaymin start a family that caused her to leave. I feel guilty, for it is due to my studies, my medicine, that Shaymin was cured. I feel at least partially at fault for her leaving. Between the awful things I did a few days ago and this, it seems that the relationship between Doctor Miller and myself is to be an unfortunately strained one. I have, however, made reservations at a local restaurant for tomorrow, in the sincere hope that Doctor Miller will be able to accompany me. I do not believe I could take the place of a much beloved Shaymin, and nor will I try. I merely wish to attempt to make up for my first mistakes, and try to ease the hurt of losing Shaymin.
  7. *Chapter 10: Broken Hearts* Shaymin awoke with a start mere minutes later, to Kevin yelling at her. "Shaymin! Shaymin, get up! Wake up!" "Mew Christ; I'm up!" Shaymin moaned. She wearily turned to look at where Tyler had been earlier, but he still hadn't returned. "What's... What's going on? A-And - yawn - where's Tyler?" "That's just it," Kevin answered, with an urgent tone. "Sakura found him in the bathroom, unconscious!" The instant Kevin finished his sentence, Shaymin leapt from the bed. She ran for the door, but, as Kevin was already there, she didn't get far. "Sorry, but I already called 911," Kevin explained. "The paramedics will be here any second, and you need to hide." "Absolutely not! Let me out!" Shaymin insisted. "If they see you, we're gonna have more problems that we don't need," Kevin argued. "Now, hide!" Kevin's voice was quite official-sounding, but Shaymin was completely undeterred. If anything, Shaymin only got more stubborn. Arceus Himself literally couldn't keep her away from her love, and she certainly wouldn't be impeded by a mere human. "I'll ask nicely, then. Kevin, please, let me out of here; I need to see Tyler." Unfortunately, neither demands nor politeness would sway Kevin. "Sorry, Shay. Don't worry, though; he's in good hands. Ellie's got him." That was all Shaymin needed to hear. Honestly, if Kevin had begun the conversation by informing her that her beloved Tyler was being looked after by the very person they - and Kevin, especially, being a police officer - should've been keeping him away from, she would've done exactly what she was about to do right then. "Alright, then; if she's looking after him, I guess there's only one thing to do." Before Kevin could even ask what that thing was, he was hit point-blank by a sphere of neon green energy, which threw him backwards with such force, the bedroom door splintered when he fell into it. With her only show of remorse being a "you-did-this-to-yourself" shake of her head, Shaymin stepped over Kevin's sprawled out body and ran to the bathroom. It occurred to her that any paramedic in their right mind would ask why there was a broken door, but, at the moment, it didn't matter to her. The bathroom door was open, for good and obvious reasons, so Shaymin didn't have to break it like she did to the bedroom door. She was no less inclined when she entered the bathroom, however, to attack than she was earlier. Sure enough, Eleanor and Prudence were knelt beside Tyler's body. Shaymin took a moment, not even paying mind to the girls' questions of what the loud bang they heard earlier was from, to steel herself for what she was about to see. Or what she thought she was about to see. She didn't know it, but what was happening was rather close to a role reversal. Where, before, Tyler was standing over her, she would soon be, for lack of a better term, standing over him. The difference, however, was quite obvious. Shaymin had almost no idea what was wrong, or how to help. Nonetheless, she was determined to be by his side, and what she had to do was obvious. Eleanor began asking her again what she was doing, but Shaymin interrupted her with a dark, sinister snarl. "Get. Out. Of. Here." Shaymin knew, or, at least, part of her did, that the odds of her, as small as she was, intimidating Eleanor were slim. Prudence, however, knew well enough to leave the room. She knew that, as soon as the thought occurred to Shaymin that, as a Legendary, she wielded immense power, Eleanor would almost definitely get killed. Unsurprisingly, the response Shaymin received for her threat was a scoff, followed by "not a chance, mate!". As furious as she was, and for good reason, Shaymin couldn't help but laugh as she took a few steps toward Eleanor, then fixed her with an angry glare. "Wanna bet?" Shaymin wanted nothing more at that moment than to assault the abusive girl in front of her. Unfortunately, she didn't get the chance; just as she was preparing to pounce, she heard sirens wailing in the distance. Before she scurried off to find a hiding place, though, she gave Eleanor a dire warning. "If he doesn't make it through this, you're next." As she left, she kept her head held high. It wasn't obvious to anyone but herself that she was choking up, tears spilling down her face. "Please!" she whispered pleadingly. "Don't take him from me! You granted my wish and brought me back so I could be with him. He means the world to me, and You know that. I'm begging You; don't take him away!" To escape detection, she hid in the backyard, blending in incredibly well with a flowerbed. There she stayed as the paramedics carried the love and light of her life away. Despite begging and pleading, Shaymin couldn't join the others. She suffered an agonising wait while they went to the hospital. Each minute seemed an hour as she worriedly padded around the house. "This isn't fair!" she finally decided, in a childish whine she wouldn't have dared to speak in, were she not certain she was the only one who could hear it. Despite her age, she still was a child at heart. And she wished, besides the obvious desire of Tyler's safe return, that she was young enough to justify curling up in his lap and sobbing hysterically. As had been commonplace lately, the obvious reality slipped her mind; age be damned, she was small enough to still manage a good cuddle and cry without causing Tyler any discomfort. "He doesn't deserve this!" she continued, referring, of course, to Tyler. "I should be there with him; not that bitch!" Even calling Eleanor a bitch didn't seem to sum up the hatred Shaymin held towards her, but she didn't feel comfortable uttering the 4-letter word that better described it; she swallowed, then shook her head, as if trying to dislodge the word from her thoughts. "I-If he..." Shaymin whimpered tearfully. "I-I-If he d-doesn't make it,... I-I'll..." What she would do, she didn't get to say; so preoccupied was she, she didn't notice Kevin entering the living room, until he actually spoke to her. In fact, she was visibly shocked when he did. "Shaymin,... I'm sorry, but I have some bad news." The tone Kevin spoke in was sad and serious; Shaymin knew in an instant he wasn't kidding. However, she could only formulate a single question. "Where's Tyler?" Kevin let out a heavy sigh, then sat down on a nearby couch and beckoned Shaymin to join him, which she refused to do. Knowing he couldn't keep the truth from her, he didn't bother. "Look, Shay... I'm sorry; there was nothing the doctors could do." All Shaymin needed to hear was "I'm sorry." She knew full well that very rarely is that followed by good news. She took a few steps back and shook her head. "You're lying." "I wish I was," Kevin replied. "The doctors said an aneurysm burst in his chest. He was gone before he got to the hospital." To say that Shaymin cried was an understatement; Kevin hadn't heard such heart-wrenching wailing in his life. He reached out to pet her, but she jerked away. Then, both to Shaymin's delight and fury at once, Eleanor walked in. "Oi! Shay, are you al- BLOODY HELL!!!!!!" In an instant, Shaymin was upon her. Shaymin's teeth and claws weren't incredibly sharp, but her assault still left some wounds. Kevin was quick to respond, and, all at once, Shaymin yelped as she fell to the floor with a soft thud, and began twitching violently. Kevin had hit her with a stun gun. Eleanor, battered and cut up, leaned against the wall, shaking in fear. "Thanks for that, mate." The next week, leading up to Tyler's funeral, was horrific for Shaymin. Sleep was fitful and came with much effort, when it came at all. She had night terrors constantly, causing Kevin and Prudence to drown out her wailing with a radio. Obviously, they also got precious little sleep. Shaymin refused all offers of food, and barely even took her medicine. Losing Tyler destroyed her. When she wasn't crying and screaming, she spent the week in a stupor. Her body was repaired, but she may as well have been in Kalos, as little as she seemed to notice anything. It took until the day of the funeral for her to engage in an active conversation. "I'm going with you." "Absolutely not," Kevin said firmly. "Are you out of your mind?!" "I have been, since he died," Shaymin answered, unwavering. "And I'm going, if I have to crawl on my hindpaws!" "And what will you do when everyone sees a wild Shaymin?!" Kevin demanded. "You'll be inside a Poké Ball before you know what hit you!" Shaymin scoffed at that. "Only if I let them catch me! More to the point, Kevin, you can't tell me what to do!" Their argument continued for some time before Kevin finally gave in, reasoning that, if Shaymin wanted to get caught, it was up to her. Despite being so vehement about attending Tyler's funeral, Shaymin kept herself scarce throughout the service. The amount of willpower it took her not to violently murder Eleanor was ridiculous. Instead, she occupied herself by looking around at the people who had gathered to mourn. She recognised Whitney straight away, and gave a slight smile, which was returned with a look of solemn understanding. Whitney didn't bring attention to Shaymin's presence; it didn't even surprise her very much. Having been Tyler's girlfriend in the past, she knew Shaymin's heartbreak almost as much as her own. Shaymin silently cursed the rarity of her own species; she wanted to sit in Whitney's lap. Instead, she could only return the pink-haired girl's gaze with a pleading look, and mouth the words "don't tell anyone," to which Whitney responded with an equally silent "don't worry; I won't," before gesturing as though she was pushing down on the air with one hand. Shaymin understood this as a signal to stay down to avoid detection. She did so, crawling beneath Kevin's chair and curled up, resembling an innocuous, flowering bush. This was a brilliant disguise, as the funeral was held outdoors. She kept quiet and still for a good portion of the funeral, but even she couldn't hold her peace indefinitely. The instant the casket was buried, she took off at a full sprint towards the gravestone. Kevin wasn't quick enough to subdue her, and Eleanor didn't care one way or the other. Shaymin's presence didn't go unnoticed. Several people threw Poké Balls at her. She made no attempt to dodge, so she got pelted as she ran. An astonishing thing happened, though. The Poké Balls that hit her didn't open; they recognised her as already having a trainer. So it was as she ran to her beloved's resting place. Finally, she stopped running, only to collapse and cry, like she did several times before from her illness. This time, though, pure emotion was behind her tears. "This isn't fair! After all he did,... he... We were... supposed to be together! A-And now..." It was as if Shaymin only fully realised the situation when she spoke of it. "HE'S GONE!!!!!!" she wailed, bringing over half of the crowd to tears. She was so distraught, she failed to notice that she had undergone an amazing transformation! She was considerably taller, and resembled a reindeer, rather than a hedgehog. She kept her white fur, save for her paws and what used to be her quills. Those were green, and her quills looked more like medium-length hair. Her ears had grown immensely, resembling a cross between a Latias' wings and a fleur-de-lis. The pink flowers that adorned her had changed into what appeared to be a crimson scarf made of flower petals. "I was supposed to watch over him,... a-and keep him safe. B-B-But I... I guess I couldn't do it. Not even for the person who meant more to me than anyone and anything else in the world!" Shaymin didn't look back at the crowd as she cried. She couldn't bear to turn her back on Tyler. His death darkened her entire outlook on life. She didn't have the willpower to do anything but sob hysterically and repeat several confessions of her love. Tyler's tragic passing rocked everyone who knew him as a kind, compassionate soul. However, in the aftermath, life eventually returned to normal for Kevin and Eleanor. Shaymin wasn't the same afterwards. *Epilogue: Where Are They Now?* Tyler's body was exhumed only a few days after the funeral, and brought to the hospital for an autopsy. His cause of death was something that could hardly have been predicted. Hypertension, brought on by his tumultuous relationship with Eleanor, led to an asymptomatic aortic aneurysm. Because Tyler was too busy, he didn't bother to get checked, and the aneurysm worsened, leading up to an aortic dissection, closely followed by aortic rupture. The autopsy was also able to confirm that Eleanor had abused him; several marks hadn't fully healed, and there was quite a bit of evidence of sexual abuse, as well. As a result, Eleanor was incarcerated for domestic violence. She was also stripped of a diamond-shaped pin(a Plain Badge, given to trainers who triumph over Whitney, the Goldenrod City Gym Leader.), as well as a Poké Ball containing a Cinccino. Both of those items belonged to Tyler, and the badge was set in his grave once he was laid back to rest. Tyler's gravestone read as follows: "Dr. Tyler Miller Loved by many, but died of a broken heart." Carved below that was "I'll never forget you, Ty.", next to which was a heart. Shaymin had used her Magical Leaf attack for carving. As for Eleanor, she was soon released on bail. Shaymin spiralled into a deep depression she never returned from. She spent the rest of her life guarding Tyler's grave. Her life was a very short one, however. She was still sick, and, because she didn't take her medicine, she passed away after a violent episode of vomiting. As her soul departed, the earth itself sprang to life, yielding a breathtaking abundance of flowers. Even Arceus wept openly at Shaymin's unfailing devotion. Whitney was given Tyler's Cinccino to take care of, and she did a fantastic job of doing so. Tragically, her life was also cut short; she fell from the second story balcony of her house and broke her neck. She was pregnant, and doctors were able to save her baby. Whitney's boyfriend was unjustly imprisoned for her death. Kevin, shaken up from the knowledge that Eleanor contributed to Tyler's death, dedicated his life to betterment. He eventually became a police chief, and was able to reopen the case Whitney's boyfriend was imprisoned for, and get him released. Afterwards, Kevin and his lovely daughter lived together happily with their son, Arthur. Team Espus remained the Orre League champions for several years, before losing in a match against Michael and Wes, the previous champions. Team Espus won the titles back in the next event. The story of Tyler and Shaymin was told again and again, through the ages. Their tragic, yet heartwarming tale served as a message, and as proof that love knows no boundaries. *Author's note* Well, that's it! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. And thanks, Neptune and Wolfie, for allowing me to include you. This has been a journey for me; in fact, as far as I can remember, it's only the 4th multi-chapter story I've finished. The end may come as a shock, but I wanted this to end badly. I wanted to show that the good guys don't always win. So, as much as you may hate me for killing 3 pivotal characters, please understand that I had planned it like that for some time. Also, I was hoping someone would get this reference before I had to explain it, but I've kept you amazing people in the dark way too long. The Eleanor Miller in this story is a humanised version of the character of the same name from The Chipettes. I don't hate her; in fact, she's one of my favourite characters from the entire AATC franchise. She was responsible for some of my favourite moments in The Squeakquel, Chipwrecked, and The Road Chip. I wrote her as a bitch and a nymphomaniac because that's how the real Kevin thought she should be. Aortic rupture was chosen for Tyler's cause of death because it's practically asymptomatic until it's too late to do something about it. Shaymin died of primary amebic meningoencephalitis, obviously. And, of course, Whitney took a nasty spill. Side note, I'm not too fond of redheads usually, but there are exceptions, and Whitney is adorable! And, of course, I had to at least try and add continuity from the "official" canon. Well, I suppose the important question is do you like it? If so, would you like to see more? Backstory, alternate universe, etc.
  8. *Chapter 9: Keep The Faith* "Click-thud! Click-thud!" Again and again, Tyler attempted defibrillation, becoming more desperate for success with each failure. Despite his undeniable skills, Tyler didn't have a perfect survival record for his patients. Over the course of his career, he had lost patients, but it was incredibly rare. There was his daughter, who died before Tyler could find out what was wrong. Then, there was the Sylveon. She was brought into the Centre with horrific injuries, which her trainer claimed she suffered as the result of a battle. Tyler soon discovered, however, that the injuries were, in truth, the result of abuse. The Sylveon died from her injuries. The trainer attempted to flee the Pokémon Centre, but he was cornered and taken into police custody. Of course, what Tyler was dealing with now was far different. And, of course, the stakes were far higher. Tyler didn't think he'd be able to bear the sorrow and guilt he'd feel if Shaymin died right in front of him. Determined to avoid that outcome by any means necessary, he kept trying. Just as Shaymin had done in her dream, Tyler realised that one of the most important things in the world to him was right in front of him. "C'mon," he pleaded, as Shaymin convulsed yet again from another shock. "You're too young, Shaymin; you have so much to live for!" He hung his head in sadness. "Don't go... Y-You... You can't..." Tragically, he was interrupted by the worst sound he could possibly have heard at that moment: a long, high, steady tone. Shaymin's heart stopped. Tyler couldn't believe his eyes. It was over. After everything Shaymin had been through, she died of something altogether unrelated to her condition. It was completely unfair! Tyler wanted to scream, and he had every reason to do so. But he didn't. He knew it wouldn't solve anything. Nothing would anymore. Shaymin was dead. That horrific truth began to sink in. Tyler dropped the defibrillator paddles he was holding, leaving them to dangle by the cords with which they were attached to the main machine. "No... Shaymin, no!" He shut the music off, then, in a show of emotion that belied his years of experience, began to cry. "You didn't deserve this, Shaymin. It shouldn't have ended like this! You had so much left to do with your life! You could've found a mate, or learned how to fly again!" His crying became louder, as he realised the injustices he had forced upon her recently. Or, at least, what he perceived to be injustices; were Shaymin still alive, she would doubtless have told him that she wasn't angered in the slightest by what he was talking about, and that she had, in fact, forgotten a great deal of it. "I know you can't hear me," Tyler continued, "but I'm sorry. You just wanted to help, and I shunned you for it("You most certainly did not!" Shaymin would've assured him, if she was alive.)! It's my fault you can't fly anymore, in the first place("What?! Oh, come on; you don't honestly believe that, do you?")!" Standard procedure requires doctors to wait 10 minutes after cessation of a patient's vital signs before declaring them dead. As such, Tyler didn't disconnect Shaymin from the monitors that she was attached to, which, by that point, were showing absence of life from all angles. No respiration, no heartbeat. The flatline tone rang out, unbroken, but Tyler didn't pay much mind to it. What mattered, of course, was who it was supposed to be showing vital signs for. As Tyler made short work of stitching up the entry incision he made at the start of the operation, a fairly dark realisation dawned on him. The irony of the situation, too, was not lost on him. For some time, Shaymin was in what Tyler assumed must surely have been agony. Wretched sickness that, as Kevin had said, not even a murderer was deserving of. Shaymin had slept, but what she had couldn't have been restful. As Shaymin lay motionless on the operating table, though, Tyler couldn't help but notice that she finally looked peaceful, how she hadn't looked in about 2 weeks. That was another thing that Tyler realised. It had taken only a matter of weeks for a microscopic organism to cut Shaymin's young life short. Not to mention, it had certainly taken even less time than that to put her through Hell. If there was anything Tyler could take solace in, it was that he assumed Shaymin was finally in a better place. He made the assumption simply to clear his conscience, which was much more cluttered than it had reason to be. In this case, however, he was correct. *Meanwhile...* Shaymin fell unconscious after her ordeal in the park. When she regained her senses, she was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of seraphic calm so powerful, she sighed as though somebody had placed her into a hot spring after a snowball fight. Her sigh was the only thing she could hear; wherever she was, it was silent. Slowly, she opened her eyes, hoping she would wake up and be back at the park with Tyler. She didn't get a good look at her surroundings, though, because she was immediately met with a stark white light, which made her quickly shut her eyes, then inhale sharply. "Wh-What the? What's going on?" She hadn't expected a response, since she believed herself to be alone. Therefore, when she got a response, in the form of a booming male voice greeting her and calling her by her name, she scrambled to her paws. "Who's there?!" The voice responded with a deep chuckle before speaking. "Calm yourself, and open your eyes." Shaymin didn't calm down, but she opened her eyes. What she saw when her emerald eyes adjusted to the light certainly didn't calm her down either. "Arceus?!" Indeed, standing before her was Arceus. Even on all fours, He towered over Shaymin's petite body. Shaymin, however, was, for good reason, preoccupied, and decided to skip formalities. "What happened? The last thing I remember, I was at the park with Tyler, and I started getting shocked!" "I'm sorry I'm the one who has to tell you this, Shaymin," Arceus said, with a sorrowful tone of voice that showed He meant it, "but that was merely a dream. Tell Me, Shaymin; what is the last thing you remember before going to the park?" The presence of Arceus, coupled with still not knowing what had brought her in front of Him, had muddled Shaymin's short-term memory. "Umm,... I-I think... yeah; I was at the Pokémon Centre. Tyler put something over my mouth, and I guess I fell asleep." Arceus nodded. "Precisely. You're still there, Shaymin." At these words, Shaymin's expression brightened. "So, this is a dream, too? But wait; why are You here, then?" "No, no, My child," Arceus corrected her. "Your heart stopped during the operation; you're dead, Shaymin." Shaymin wasn't incredibly surprised by Arceus' explanation; she hadn't had the heart to tell Tyler, with all he was doing for her, but she had known she was living on borrowed time, as it was. Thus, the gasp that escaped her throat was not due to realisation of her fate, but for Tyler, who had tried so very hard to keep her alive. For all Shaymin knew, her beloved was mourning not only her tragic death, but also the sad fact that he would now have nobody to comfort him as he lay in bed, wounded by Eleanor, as was commonplace. In fact, Shaymin remembered several nights when, fearful for Tyler's life, she had stood guard over him until he awoke the next morning. "If she ever does this to you again,..." she had said more than once as a vague threat. In the past, Tyler had helped Shaymin with far more than attempting to fight off a debilitating illness. As such, she felt that the least she could do to show the gratitude that her species exemplified was to offer someone so dear to her comfort and kindness in the dark moments of his life. "What happens now?" Shaymin asked simply. Arceus smiled warmly at her before speaking. "You lived a life of adventure, thankfulness, and, certainly, love. Your reward will be eternity in paradise. In addition, you shall be granted any single request." Such words are what many hope to hear, but, to Shaymin, they were almost meaningless. She shook her head in refusal. "What troubles you in a time that should be joyful?" Arceus asked her, in a voice of legitimate confusion. "Surely, you are not denying yourself Heaven, My dear?" Even against Arceus Himself, Shaymin didn't falter. She spoke with a calm, yet defiant, tone of voice that surprised even herself. "I'm afraid You're mistaken; You can't take me to paradise. At least, not the way I assume You mean that." "Oh, really?" Arceus challenged, advancing on her. "And how did you interpret My meaning that led to this?" "You wanna take me with You," Shaymin answered. "But where You'd take me would be Heaven in name only. You see, my Heaven is the pretty boy back on Earth. If I get to have a request granted, I know what I want, without a doubt. Let me go back." Hearing such confidence coming from such a small, innocuous source took Arceus quite aback. He could tell in an instant that the goddess of flowers was absolutely serious. Nevertheless, He made a fruitless attempt to change her mind. "I can return you to your body, if you wish, but is it truly what you want?" No sooner did the words leave Him, than Shaymin nodded. "I'm absolutely sure. Tyler needs me, and..." Finally, her voice wavered and cracked. It was as if what she said next either caused painful memories to resurface, or was new even to her. "I... I-I need him, too. Please, Arceus; bring me back to him!" There was nothing more Arceus could do, and He knew it, so He nodded. "Your words and your devotion have touched My heart. It is clear to Me that the love you have for this boy transcends even My comprehension. I would be a fool not to reunite you with him." Meanwhile, Tyler's gaze shifted between Shaymin and a clock on the wall. "C'mon, Shaymin; please don't let it end like this!" he pleaded, tears streaming down his face. "I don't... I... I don't wanna have to pull the plug on a Legendary." Only a few of the allotted 10 minutes had passed, but, to Tyler, it seemed much longer. The flatline tone still filled the room, and, to Tyler, the situation seemed hopeless, until, suddenly, the heart monitor began a rhythmic beeping once more. Tyler leapt to his feet. "No way! Her heart rate is... back to normal." He checked the various other devices Shaymin was connected to. "Respiration has resumed,... circulation has returned,... I don't believe it! She's back!" For the while that followed, Tyler had offered Shaymin several treats, which she politely refused. Finally, to placate her loved one, and thinking that she might have a renewed hunger when the medicine began working, she made only a single request. She asked Tyler to make her favourite breakfast, which was pancakes, following her healing. Tyler happily and immediately agreed. In addition, Tyler suggested, and Shaymin agreed, that they both spend the night in the guest bedroom. Shaymin was first to get into the bed, and she waited patiently for Tyler. The instant that Tyler was in bed, Shaymin curled up beside him, nuzzling against his neck. "Thank you, Tyler," she whispered lovingly. "Thank you for everything. Without you, I don't know where I'd be." "I appreciate it," Tyler began, "but I think you're giving me way too much-" "Stop it," Shaymin interrupted him. "Quit doing that to yourself. Shying away from the recognition you deserve, apologising like crazy for little things,... Has Eleanor ruined your self-worth to that extent?" She didn't tell him about her encounter with Arceus; she didn't want him to think that he had absolutely nothing to do with her healing. In response to her question about Eleanor, Tyler sighed. "I'd... rather not talk about her right now, if it's all the same to you. You're right, though; I should be more confident. After all, I'm in bed with the most beautiful Pokemon in the world; I must've done SOMETHING right!" Shaymin blushed and giggled. "Aww! You're so sweet! No wonder I love you so much!" The next few minutes were full of a serene calm. It was as though the air itself was full of the unorthodox couple's love. However, Shaymin, who was nearly asleep, opened her tired eyes upon hearing the rustling of the blanket. "Huh? What's... You okay, Tyler?" "Yeah; I'm alright," Tyler answered in a whisper. "I just forgot, I have to take my makeup off." With that, he got out of bed. "It's dangerous to sleep with makeup on." Shaymin gave a tired nod and a yawn in response. "Alright, then." She watched, as best she could in the dark, as Tyler walked away. She wanted to stay awake until he returned, but, as the gravity of what happened ran through her mind, she found herself unable to stay awake any longer. *Author's note* And this is why doctors shouldn't get romantically involved with patients. In Tyler's defense, though, that Shaymin needs to have a warning label. "Warning: Contains excessive sweetness. Not recommended for people with diabetes." Well, I suppose the important thing is that she's gonna be alright. So, you can put down your guns now. Anyway, this chapter's alternate name is "Living On A Prayer." I'm sorry it took so long, but I got busy and forgot where my priorities lie. I'll start work on Chapter 10, which will be the finale, right away.
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    Silent Night

    From the album: The 12 Pictures Of Christmas

    Okay, so this isn't Christmas-themed, per se, but c'mon! Look at this picture from black_kitty, and see if you can honestly say it isn't adorable! Plus, a couple of people have said that Tyler's Shaymin needs a baby. ^_^
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    Oh Come All Ye Faithful

    From the album: The 12 Pictures Of Christmas

    Aaaaaand I'm going to Hell for this one. Oh, well; YOLO! Come versus cum. Get it? And, obviously, more Shaymin, because reindeer. This picture was drawn by Itameshi. Oh, and remember the comment I made on "All I Want For Christmas Is You," where I wondered how a Pichu could wrap a present? Well, it looks like even Shaymin can't do it! I rest my case. ^_^
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    Oh, Christmas Tree

    From the album: The 12 Pictures Of Christmas

    Here, we have the most adorable Christmas tree ever! It begs the question, though; how many Shaymin are there? In the main games, there's only 1, and you need DLC to get her in the first place! But, in Giratina And The Sky Warrior, there are a few of them, but only 1 is important. And, in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky, there's a village populated entirely by Shaymin! Continuity; you're doing it wrong. Oh, and there's actually a name for the pairing of Jirachi and Shaymin. It's called "ChildlikeShipping." This picture was drawn by Alegria.
  12. *Chapter 8: All's Well That Ends Well* *This chapter contains a Pokémon version of the Creation Theory, which may be offensive to devoutly religious people. Reader discretion is advised.* *Location: Goldenrod National Park, Johto.* *Nighttime that same day...* It's a beautiful thing when a plan comes together perfectly. Such was the case for Shaymin and Tyler. Whitney was able to have Shaymin admitted to the Pokémon Centre immediately. Some teamwork between her and Tyler allowed Shaymin to get in without attracting any unwanted attention. The surgery was quite simple, equivalent to patching a rip in an article of clothing, and, with Tyler's skills, it went off without a hitch. Shaymin awoke with no side effects from the anaesthesia. Thanks to Tyler's near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the layout of the Pokémon Centre, the group managed to slip out effortlessly, attracting no more attention than when they came in. Healed from her lesser condition, Shaymin was able to comfortably swallow the medicinal syrup she nearly choked on before. Chlorpromazine, in and of itself, is a powerful sedative, which is why Tyler had to metaphorically jump through hoops to get ahold of some. As such, Shaymin fell asleep soon after taking it. It was a few peaceful, beautiful hours before she woke up, but where she fell asleep and where she awoke were 2 completely different places. Gone were the bookshelves lining pale pink walls. Gone was the afternoon sunlight streaming through the windows. Gone was the gentle breeze from the ceiling fan, offering her protection from her fever climbing even higher. And gone was the lovely bed that had been her home since Tyler began taking care of her. There was still a breeze, though, and she cooed softly as it ruffled her fur and quills. Considering that she fell asleep during the afternoon, it took a little bit for her eyes to adjust to the darkness; clearly, it was nighttime. She didn't know where she was, but she suddenly became aware of the sound of running water. "What's going on? Where... Where am I?" A voice from behind her almost made her jump. "Oh; you're awake!" It was Tyler. Shaymin realised at that moment that she was lying on his lap. "Tyler? Oh, thank Arceus! Where are we?" Tyler giggled as he stroked her leafy quills. "You don't remember? We went here together with Kevin one night. You and I laid down on a blanket and did some stargazing." Tyler's answer brought a smile to Shaymin's face. How could she forget? "That was one of the best nights of my life! So, that must mean... we're at the park?!" Being a Legendary Pokémon, Shaymin, as well as her countless ancestors, had been to just as many places, and seen just as many breathtaking sights. The Shaymin enamoured with Tyler, for instance, had seen such awe-inspiring sights as the frigid cliffs of Mount Coronet in the winter, the nigh-untouched paradise of Southern Island in the summer, a lovely view of Unova in autumn from atop Dragonspiral Tower, and Floaroma Meadow(made, ironically, by her ancestors.) in springtime, overrun with beguiling flowers. Arceus even ensured the survival of Shaymin as a species by having Groudon erect an island in the extreme northeast of the Sinnoh region. As a way of thanking the first Shaymin for covering the newly-created planet with plant life, He designated that island as her domain, off-limits to all others without her permission to enter. She lived comfortably on the island for many hundreds of years before losing her life in a failed attempt to quell a violent argument between Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina. Legends say that Giratina swallowed her whole, which he was banished to a distorted, twisted dimension for as punishment. During her life, the first Shaymin beautified the island to such a degree that, when civilised humans began roaming the earth, adventurers and artists alike referred to it as the "Flower Paradise," which is what it is still called to this day. In addition, in a remote part of the world, the first Shaymin's children founded a village, far from humans. But, even with an island and a village to herself, this Shaymin in particular far preferred the company of her loved one, and she had made no effort to hide that fact throughout her life. To her, an uneventful day with Tyler was preferable to an adventure that even some of the other Legendaries could scarcely imagine. Shaymin wasn't lying when she said that her night in the park with Tyler was one of the most pleasurable experiences of her life. "That's right, Shaymin," Tyler answered cheerfully. "I thought you'd like to come here, to celebrate the beginning of your recovery." Shaymin was ecstatic simply to be at the National Park again. Thus, when Tyler asked her to follow him a little further into the park, she was more than happy to do so. Tyler led her to the glorious fountain in its centre. Next to it, there was a dark red blanket laid out on the grass. "Ladies first," Tyler said, inviting Shaymin to lie down. Instead, though, she looked up at him. "You mean... we're really doing this? Just like before?" "Well, not quite," Tyler answered. "Kevin isn't here; it's just us." The situation just kept getting better for Shaymin, who still had her gaze fixed on the object of her affection. "Just us,... alone?" "Just us and the wildlife," Tyler assured her. "And most of that is asleep. So what are you waiting for? Let's not waste this time we have." Shaymin nodded in agreement, then curled up on the blanket. "Just like old times,... except better." Tyler soon joined her, lying down carefully, so as to avoid crushing her due to not being able to see her in the dark. "It sure is." As yet another gesture of kindness, he kissed her cheek, eliciting a soft gasp. "Huh? What was that for?" "Do I need a reason?" Tyler asked jokingly. "I love you, Shaymin. I've done a shitty job of showing it lately, but I truly love you. What's more, I'm gonna make sure you know it from now on. Starting right now." That was it for Shaymin; she couldn't help herself, and burst into tears. She didn't care if she woke up every Pokémon in the vicinity. As far as she was concerned, they weren't even there, anyway. Everything in the world that mattered to her was right in front of her. She was looking into the sapphire eyes of purpose, meaning, and love personified, at least to her. She didn't reply, at least not verbally, when Tyler asked if she was alright; she replied with a kiss of such passion, pure and unfettered, it brought tears to Tyler's eyes, too. He held his petite suitor closely, stroking her quills as carefully as if he were afraid they'd shatter if he applied pressure to them. He knew just as well as she did that they were both meant to be together, in a coupling ordained by Arceus Himself. Shaymin was so comfortable in Tyler's arms, she fell asleep within minutes, and she slept so peacefully, Tyler didn't have the heart to wake her up. The stars would be there tomorrow, but moments like the one they shared come along once in a lifetime, and are meant to be savoured like vintage wine. Besides, after the horrors that Shaymin had been through, Tyler was certainly in no mood to deny her the comfort she desired and deserved. Instead, the rapid twittering of a flock of Pidgey at daybreak ended her slumber. When she awoke, she took a moment after remembering where she was to take in the untamed majesty of her surroundings. The early morning sunlight was dim, but, reflected in the water of the fountain, it seemed almost to set fire to it. All around her, the grass, as well, sparkled in the light. It hadn't rained; it was dew that made that happen. As beautiful as the morning sun, and its effects on the environment, were, they weren't the only things that caught Shaymin's attention. She and the Pidgey flock weren't the only ones awake so early. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Goldenrod National Park played host to a contest in which trainers gathered and set out to capture one of the countless Bug-types that populate it. These Bug-types were all around. Some of them even crowded around Shaymin, fighting for a glimpse of the tiny Legendary. It was a bit too much for Shaymin, especially since she had only recently woken up, so she politely shooed them away. Now undisturbed, Shaymin took a deep breath of the fresh, lightly floral air and sighed. "It's even more beautiful than I remember it!" It wasn't until she heard the faint roar of a punk rock song that a thought occurred to her. Her heart, which, after the night before, was flying as high as she used to be able to, sank like a rock in a pond. "What day is it? Tyler? Ty; wake up!" Tyler awoke with a yawn before turning to look at the source of the noise that awoke him. Shaymin, of course. "What's the matter, Shaymin?" "What time is it?" Shaymin asked. Tyler checked the PokéGear he kept in his pocket. "7:00 AM, Thursday. Why?" When next Shaymin spoke, her normal, fluttery voice dripped with fear. "The contest! Tyler, we need to get out of here before somebody sees us!" Evidently, Tyler was too groggy immediately upon waking up to realise the seriousness of what he said to answer Shaymin's question. "Oh, yeah... That's - yawn - that's today; isn't it?" He giggled softly. "Well, sure, we can go, but I didn't think you'd be interested in - FUCK!! You're right! Let's go!" He got up quickly and grabbed the blanket the both of them had laid on. "Wait; how're we gonna get out of here? Trainers are probably lined up at the gates." Shaymin's heart sank even further at that bit of information. She looked around frantically for a way out. "Umm,... the trees! If we jump the fence, we can use the trees as cover!" As ridiculous and risky as Shaymin's idea sounded to herself, it apparently seemed logical to Tyler, because he nodded, then reached down to pick her up. Just before he touched her, though, she let out a yelp and fell backwards, as if she had been punched hard in the chest. "Shaymin?!" Tyler called out in shock. "Are you alright?!" Shaymin righted herself, gasping for air. "D-Did I just get Thunder Shocked?" "There aren't any Electric-types here," Tyler replied. Shaymin tottered over to him, hoping that what she felt was just a sting from an unseen Weedle or Wurmple. Unfortunately, she had taken only a few steps before the sensation struck her again, but even more powerful now. This time, rather than being thrown backwards, she shook violently before collapsing. The last thing her mind registered before she blacked out was the birdsong of the Pidgey becoming quicker, and synchronized. It almost sounded like a heart monitor. *Meanwhile...* *Location: Operating Room, Goldenrod City Pokémon Centre.* "Charging... CLEAR!!" In truth, it was still Wednesday afternoon. As perfect as Shaymin's dream would've been for everyone involved, it was, unfortunately, just that: a dream. She had, indeed, gotten into the Pokémon Centre without attracting undue attention, and the operation that she was undergoing was, indeed, a simple one. As was often the case in Shaymin's life, though, it didn't quite work out as well as it should've. Tyler had made a great deal of progress in repairing her esophageal tear, but she suddenly went into ventricular fibrillation on the operating table. The shocks that Shaymin felt in her dream were caused by a defibrillator Tyler was using in an attempt to steady her heartbeat. The song she heard was Green Day's "Jesus Of Suburbia," which was playing on a stereo system in the operating room. Music of the physician's choice is commonly played during surgery, and, for whatever reason, Tyler was in the mood for Green Day. "Dammit! What's causing this?!" he exclaimed, angry at nobody in particular. "Charging... CLEAR!!" The defibrillator made the classic "click-thud!" noise as Tyler firmly pressed both of the paddles onto Shaymin's torso. The particular defibrillator Tyler was using was made especially for use on smaller Pokémon; the metal-plated paddles that delivered the shock were considerably smaller than in normal defibrillators. Shaymin jerked violently as the electricity coarsed through her body, and the "click-thud!" rang out, but the reading on the monitor she was hooked up to didn't change. Tyler lifted the paddles, sighing with exasperation. "You're not leaving yet, Shaymin! Not after all you've been through! Y-You can't go! Not... N-N-Not yet!" He quickly adjusted the settings on the defibrillator. It was clear from his tone of voice that his pleas for Shaymin's survival were coming from love, rather than a purely medical standpoint. "Now, c'mon! If I crank this up much higher, I'll electrocute you!" He took a deep breath, then resumed the defibrillation attempt. "CLEAR!!" Again, Shaymin convulsed from the shock, but her condition didn't improve. "This can't be happening!" Tyler told himself. "Not now... For Arceus' sake, not now, after we've come so far!" His eyes filled with tears as he lifted the paddles, then brought them back down again. "C-Clear!" *Author's note* TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Well, this just got serious! I imagine this chapter is gonna get me some pretty harsh criticism, by the way, but that's not a reason not to post it! So, come at me! The end of this chapter is a medically accurate depiction of proper use of a defibrillator. The media tends to depict defibrillators as things you use when the patient's heart stops beating. In reality, you use them to MAKE the heart stop, in the hope that it will resume normal rhythm when it starts up again. Defibrillators(affectionately referred to as "Packer Whackers" in Australia.) are so called because they are used in the event of certain types of arrhythmias(irregular hearbeat.), and, in Shaymin's unfortunate case, ventricular fibrillation, which is an immediately life-threatening condition in which the heart shudders, rather than beating. This makes the heart unable to pump blood. Even the Trauma Center series incorrectly depicts defibrillator use, only making it available to the player in the event of cardiac arrest(when the heart stops entirely.). For an example, look up "Trauma Center Second Opinion For The Greater Good" on YouTube. As for the rest of the chapter, I have to admit, I cried while writing the kissing scenes. This entire chapter just seemed to flow from me, idea after idea. It's about time, too. The question is, though, do you like it? And, of course, should I bother with Chapter 9?
  13. *Chapter 7: Gracidea's Anatomy* *This chapter contains depictions of blood, vomiting, and extreme pain. Reader discretion is advised.* In his years of experience, Tyler had seen things that only somebody in his profession could fully make sense of. Pokémon training is a dangerous pursuit for trainer and Pokémon alike. From simple cuts, scratches, cases of the cold, and the like, to debilitating and disfiguring injuries and illnesses, Tyler had seen it all, or nearly so. The well-meaning trainer who groomed their Cinccino improperly. The bite from an Ekans, or the sting from a Weedle. The curious Pokémon who ate an overripe berry. The stray bullet from the gun of a Team Rocket member. The battle that went a little bit too far. The Gardevoir or Lopunny with a trainer who came home drunk or high. The innocent Pokémon who accidentally set off their trainer's short fuse. Burns, concussions, fractures, psychosis,... Not a lot surprised Tyler. But what he saw through the lens of the microscope definitely accomplished that feat. "That's... Th-That's Naegleria fowleri! How could Shaymin have been infected with this?!" Convinced that stress was making him hallucinate, he checked another sample of the spinal fluid he obtained from Shaymin. Sure enough, that sample tested positive for the same infection. With a heavy sigh, Tyler moved the microscope off to the side, its purpose having been served. "Well, that's that. How she got it is beyond me, but there's no getting around it; Shaymin has..." Taking a pen off of a nearby counter, he scribbled the disease name onto Shaymin's patient chart, which was kept in the clipboard he grabbed before tearing out of his house. "...Primary amoebic meningoencephalitis." *Meanwhile, back at Tyler's house...* "What the Hell is taking him so long?!" Kevin fumed. "He's not even answering that thing he carries around!" It had been almost 2 hours since Tyler had left, and, having not had contact with him since then, his patience was wearing thin. Shaymin had other problems. "Mmmmffff... I know you're pissed, but, with all due respect,... could you quiet down?" She was, predictably, on the guest bed, but she wasn't curled up, like she would normally be; she was lying on her stomach, her stubby limbs sprawled out beneath her. Until she spoke, she had her face buried in the blanket. Minutes prior, she was stricken with a horrific migraine. Her sickly, almost pleading tone of voice got Kevin's attention, causing him to walk over to her bedside. "What's wrong, Shay? Are you sick?" He immediately smacked himself in the face. Of course Shaymin was sick; that's why she was there in the first place! Luckily, Shaymin knew what he meant, or appeared to; she nodded weakly. "It feels-" She inhaled sharply through her teeth, hissing as the pain in her head spiked, then receded. "Ah! It feels like someone hit me in the head with a branding iron." "That's oddly specific," Kevin noted, smirking in spite of himself. "Well, I'm sorry, sweetie; I've been calling Ty, but he's not answering his damned whatever-that-thing-is(PokéGears are rare in Kevin's home region of Hoenn.). I'll try again, though." "PokéGear," Shaymin corrected him, "and don't worry; he wouldn't just abandon us." "Of course he wouldn't," Kevin agreed. "Especially when it comes to you." As sick as Shaymin was, Kevin couldn't tell whether she was blushing, or if she was flushed from her fever. Either was possible. He would've had his question answered, were it not for what Shaymin did almost immediately after opening her mouth. "Tyler wouldn't - hic! Hic!" Kevin didn't even have time to ask what was wrong; Shaymin began retching violently. On her face was a look of intense fear. She knew what was coming, and she knew she wouldn't like it, to say the least. Her eyes went wide, and, for a second or two, she looked up, as if she wanted to cry out and beg Arceus for mercy. Sure enough, though, she couldn't stave off the inevitable for long. Her entire body shook, making it hard for her to even stand. As she drew ever closer to something she knew would add to the immense pain she was already feeling, she looked at Kevin with sparkling eyes. Her expression, pleading for a respite from nobody in particular, touched even the hardened, ruthless officer, who put a hand over his mouth and looked away. Not even he could bear to see her as she was. Finally, she vomited bright red blood, staining another set of bedsheets. Like before, she collapsed afterward, a sobbing, flower-adorned ball of green and white. "That does it," Kevin snarled, retrieving his PokéNav(a device similar to the PokéGear, used by trainers in Hoenn.) from a nearby shelf. He flipped the device open, and began scrolling through the various features, before reaching the phone icon. "Arceus dammit; this is bullshit. So help me, if he doesn't answer his fucking phone this time-" He was going to say "I'm gonna have him arrested for malpractice," but he didn't get the chance. He heard the unmistakable sound of the living room door opening. "About time." He ran to the living room to confront his friend. Tyler was saved from a beating only by way of holding an amber-coloured bottle of medicine, which he had gone through a bit of trouble procuring from the Nurse Joy running the Pokémon Centre's pharmacy. Regardless, Kevin was determined not to let him off the hook. "What the fuck happened?!" "I could ask you the same thing," Tyler defended coolly. "How's Shaymin?" "She just threw up not even 2 minutes ago!" Kevin answered. He pointed to the medicine bottle while Tyler gasped. "I hope whatever's in there is gonna make her better, because let me tell you something." He took a shuddering breath. "I-I can't stay in there with her anymore. I can't do it!" Tyler was taken aback by the sudden show of emotion from his normally stone-faced friend. "Jeez, dude; I didn't know you felt so strongly about this!" "That girl,..." Kevin intoned darkly. "...she doesn't deserve what's happening to her. I wouldn't wish it on a fucking serial killer!" Tyler nodded. "I know. Believe me; I know. The good news is that this stuff should cure her. The bad news,... Well, let's go in there, so I can tell both of you at once." "Fine," Kevin agreed. "Be quiet, though; she has a headache." Shaymin slowly looked up at the duo as they entered. "Hello, Tyler." "Hello," Tyler echoed her politely. As an indication of success, he lightly shook the medicine bottle. Shaymin's expression brightened. "Oh! I-Is that for me?" Her migraine was starting to fade, but blood loss from her vomiting was having an effect on her, making her feel light-headed. Fearing motion sickness, which would've resulted in throwing up again if she got back up to her paws, she remained still. "Yes, it is," Tyler answered. "I have to tell you something, though." Very carefully, he sat on the edge of the bed. "I tested the spinal fluid I took from you, and the good news is that I've finally figured out what you have." Kevin wanted to clap his hands, but he wouldn't dare exacerbate Shaymin's headache. "The problem is," Tyler continued, "I have no idea how you got it. This is an incredibly rare disease." "Just my luck," Shaymin pouted. "First, I fell into that lake. Now, this." As had happened multiple times before, Shaymin's misfortune brought a smile of understanding to Tyler's face. "Lake? You fell into a lake?" With a look of confusion, Shaymin nodded. "A week ago; I was getting water for the garden. I lost my footing and fell in." "Well, that explains how you got sick," Tyler noted. "Shaymin, I'm afraid you have primary amebic meningoencephalitis." "Mew Christ," Kevin said. "That even SOUNDS nasty." Tyler nodded in his direction. "That's because it is. Shaymin, that lake was contaminated with Naegleria fowleri. When you fell into that lake, it swam up your nose and into your brain." Shaymin couldn't stifle a squeal of fright. "Th-That's what's making me sick?" "Yes," Tyler replied, "and it's even more serious than it feels." "You mean it's worse than it looks?" Kevin asked in disbelief. "I'm afraid so," Tyler answered sadly. "What's making Shaymin sick is the fact that it's... eating her brain." That was all Kevin could take; he stormed out of the room. Through the door that Kevin shut when he left, Tyler could hear him cry out "FUCK!!" "It's... eating my brain?!" Shaymin whimpered. Tyler gently rubbed her back. "Yes, but this medicine will stop it. It's called 'Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride,' and it's being tested as a treatment for this disease you have." If Shaymin had the strength, she would have leapt onto Tyler's shoulder and kissed him. "You mean, if I take this, I'll be cured?!" "That's the idea, but it hasn't been proven yet," Tyler explained. "What you have is such a rare disease, and, obviously, nobody is going to allow themselves to be infected for testing. It's still in clinical trials, so-" "For goodness sake; give me a dose," Shaymin interrupted. Her voice showed no anger; merely anxiety. Were she not as sick as she was, she would've been happy to hear whatever Tyler thought it appropriate to say. As the situation was, though, time was of the essence, and the less time she spent being eaten from the inside by something she couldn't even see, the better. Apparently, Tyler's body and mind were in 2 different places, evidenced by the fact that, when Shaymin interrupted him, he shook his head frantically, as if coming out of a trance. "Huh? Oh, y-yeah. Yes; I'll go get a spoon." Shaymin mentally gave Tyler credit for not saying "yes, ma'am." As she mentioned before, she disliked excessive formalities. Of course, Kevin was the other extreme, with his calling her "Shay," and whatnot, but Shaymin wasn't interested in him, anyway. She wanted Tyler, just like she had for quite a while. A couple of years, at least. Even she had to admit, though, that Kevin's recent emotional responses showed a side of him that, prior to Shaymin's relationship with Tyler, would've been at least slightly attractive. In the time it took for Tyler to find a suitable spoon and return with it, Shaymin lost herself in her thoughts. In such a short amount of time, her life was turned upside down, and put in danger. And, of all people, she would soon be saved, Arceus willing, by the very boy to whom her heart belonged. The wait, with Shaymin entertained by her short daydream, seemed almost instantaneous; before she knew it, Tyler had returned, bringing with him a teaspoon from Eleanor's supply of cooking tools(she was a phenomenal cook.). "Alright, Shaymin; I'm gonna start you off with a teaspoon, and see what happens." Now, it was Shaymin's turn to awaken from a self-induced trance of sorts. "What? Oh, yeah; a teaspoon sounds right." "Did I interrupt something?" Tyler asked jokingly. He had little reason to worry Shaymin further, since, if the rusty-brown-coloured syrup he was pouring into the green plastic spoon did what it was supposed to, Shaymin's battle against her microscopic attacker would be over. "Alright, Shaymin; say 'ah.'" Shaymin didn't need to be told twice. She opened her mouth wide. Predictably, the inside of her mouth was bloody. Tyler, obviously used to the sight of blood, administered the syrup anyway. Shaymin wasn't expecting it to taste as good as it did; it tasted of apricot and mint. She realized in that moment why children sometimes mistook medicine for candy. However, as good as it tasted, swallowing it was a big mistake. A mistake she would regret immediately. The instant the syrup came into contact with the wound in her esophagus, she shrieked with pain. Tyler leapt back and clutched his chest. "Shaymin, what's wrong?!" "M-My... My throat!" Shaymin cried, choking and spluttering. Tyler would've slapped himself for his stupidity. "Oh, dear Arceus; I'm so sorry, Shaymin!" Due to being in the midst of an incredibly painful coughing fit, Shaymin didn't respond right away. When she caught her breath and spoke, though, the response she gave shone with the forgiveness she was known for showing him. "It wasn't - cough - your fault. But how am I - cough cough - gonna get cured if I - cough - can't take my medicine?" Tyler came up with a solution rather quickly, but it was a bit of an odd one. "Well, that tear is gonna have to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. Normally, Mallory-Weiss syndrome is left to heal itself, but, in your case, I think surgical intervention is best. I'll get in touch with Whitney and see if she can't use her influence as Gym Leader to pull some strings at the Pokémon Centre and get you admitted." Sure enough, by the end of the last sentence, he was looking through the contacts list of his PokéGear. "I really appreciate it," Shaymin said, with all of the gratitude that her PokéDex classification as "The Gratitude Pokémon" would suggest, "but I can't just walk into a crowded Pokémon Centre in broad daylight without drawing attention. Plus, who's gonna operate on me?" Tyler had just begun the aforementioned phone call by the time Shaymin finished talking. With the PokéGear still ringing, he looked to Shaymin with a smile on his face. "You're looking at him." *Author's note* *Spoiler alert, if you haven't seen Giratina And The Sky Warrior.* In retrospect, this entire fanfic should've been called "Gracidea's Anatomy." Unfortunately, I didn't think of it, since I hadn't seen Grey's Anatomy when I started writing Chapter 1. Oh, well. I have some explaining to do; don't I? Well, first, primary amebic meningoencephalitis, Naegleria fowleri, and Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride are real things. I had originally wanted Shaymin to have bacterial meningitis, but Neptune convinced me otherwise. Thanks, Neptune! Secondly, I would like to make it clear that THIS IS NOT THE SHAYMIN FROM GIRATINA AND THE SKY WARRIOR!! Different Shaymin entirely. I actually haven't seen the movie in its entirety, because I can't find it in stores, but, from what I have seen, "Sky Warrior" Shaymin is a fucking brat. She eats all of the pancakes, asks for more later, bitches that she's being handled roughly, blows smoke right in Ash's face, tries to get him eaten, and tries to get Meowth to give her some food. She reminds me of the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I do love one of her lines, though. "Sorry, but flattery will get you nowhere!" Thirdly, Shaymin's migraine is called a "post-dural-puncture headache." Tyler didn't make a big deal out of it because he knew what caused it, and that it will eventually go away on its own. Fourthly(?), remember that this is based on a much bigger fanfic, written by the real Kevin and I. In it, Tyler was in a relationship with Whitney, or, as Pokemon fans call her, "God damn this bitch and her overpowered fucking Miltank!" It only lasted a short while, but, last anyone checked, they were still good friends. And, fifthly(?), I realise the throat and the esophagus are 2 different things. Shaymin's complaint of her throat hurting comes from a lack of knowledge on her end; not mine. So,... Chapter 8, or have you had enough of me? Somehow, I lost a whole paragraph explaining how Tyler got ahold of a bottle of Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride. Sorry. As a summary, though, he lies, claiming to be looking after a mentally ill pet Pokémon, as a favour for a friend.
  14. ArdillaVerde93

    Among Her Own Kind

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    Aww! Look at this little cutie! She has the face of "oh, hi! Is this your basket?" Yes, it is, but don't let that stop you. This picture was drawn by Wataame.
  15. ArdillaVerde93

    Date Night?

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    For some reason, this picture screams "date night!", even though not only would Tyler not date Shaymin, but, even if he did, the Gracidea stops working at 9:00 PM, rendering this makeover useless. Oh, well; it's still a pretty picture, drawn by Moyamoya Kuroi.
  16. ArdillaVerde93

    Pussy Vine-Whipped

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    "I am a shiny Legendary Pokémon, and you will treat me with resp- oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!~" This picture was drawn by Darkmirage.
  17. ArdillaVerde93

    Tyler And Shaymin: What If?

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    What if Tyler had gotten his scarf before he married Eleanor? He and Shaymin would be much happier! This picture was drawn by アイミ.
  18. ArdillaVerde93

    Just Dance

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    "Baby, what'cha say we go pickin' wildflowers? Got a spot way back in the woods. Sneak away for a couple of hours! You and me, baby, pickin' wildflowers!" - Pickin' Wildflowers by Keith Anderson. This is a picture I've wanted to upload pretty much since I became a staff member. Well, here it is! As for what I think of this pretty girl, I don't think she should be up onstage; she looks like she's either in heat, or she has a rash. Oh, and this picture was drawn by China-Kitty.
  19. ArdillaVerde93

    The Struggle Is Real

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think of Midna from The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess when they see this busty, chubby cutie? She may have a point, though; her ears don't look strong enough to carry her weight, especially in flight. Well, either way, this picture was drawn by Roy McCloud.
  20. ArdillaVerde93

    Terrible Aim

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    "Aww! That didn't go anywhere it was supposed to!" This picture was drawn by 炒飯.
  21. ArdillaVerde93

    *Insert Book/Library Jokes Here*

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    Hmm... Let's see... Frithrah! We don't need Fiver; I already found a new warren! This picture was drawn by Irootie.
  22. ArdillaVerde93

    Shaymin At The Beach

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    Despite living near several beaches, including a popular vacation spot(Siesta Key.), I've only been to the beach a few times in my life. If I had a girlfriend like this beach bunny Shaymin, though, I'd look into swimming lessons! This picture was drawn by G-Sun.
  23. ArdillaVerde93

    Playboy Shaymin

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    I guess there are people who think Shaymin Sky Forme is based on a rabbit. She's a reindeer. Either way, hot damn! This picture was drawn by Mayutrakan.
  24. ArdillaVerde93

    Like A Hand Grenade

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    "She's a symbol of resistance, and she's holding on my heart like a hand grenade!" - She's A Rebel, by Green Day. This picture has been around a bit. So has that Shaymin, apparently! This picture was drawn by Don'tFapGirl.
  25. ArdillaVerde93

    Dawn-To-Shaymin TF

    From the album: Thanksgiving Day Shaymin Collection

    Is it just me, or does Dawn look a bit pissed off? I don't know why; if Tyler could do that to himself with his scarf, it'd be pretty close to a wet dream for him! Oh, and, for those of you that don't know,... *Spoiler alert!* The girl is Dawn, one of Ash's companions. In Giratina And The Sky Warrior, Shaymin took a liking to her. This picture was drawn by Edmol.
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