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  1. caramelbear

    So Naive (MxF/Futa)

    For a long time ive been wanting to play a young boy in an rp. I've always liked the idea of MC being groomed by a teacher or parent or just kidnapped. sorry if this seems a bit sparce im better when im talking to a person.
  2. MilesPerHour

    Shota 4 Older women

    Hi! I wanna keep this short and sweet. As you may have noticed from the title, I'm looking for somebody who would be interested in a short to medium-term roleplay about a little boy being seduced by an older lady. I'm not interested in doing anything complicated today, just something mostly smut-focused with a bit of foreplay. I currently have two ideas I really wanna try: First one, is a babysitter plot. Basically, you would play a woman who took the job as a babysitter in order to try and pleasure boys while their parents are away. She failed to find one interested in having sex with her for a few months and in the last job before giving up, she finally found one. This time, trying anything slutty and flirtatious to get him interested, as they would be completely alone for two weeks. (Ref for the plot, or at least a part of it:) https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=6014925 And the second one, which is: My father sent me to take his place in a meeting and take notes as he was too busy to show up. However, once I arrived there, one if his co-workers has found interest in me and wanted to talk in private in her house after the meeting, which would quickly take a 180 degree turn. https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5915937 I usually write around 2-5 sentences. My kinks are: Shota, impregnation, soft femdom, seduction, teasing, soft kisses, small penis appreciation, daily sex routine. My turn offs are: Any kind of filth belonging in the toilet, vore, gore, torture, BDSM, NTR, non-con, violence. Thank you for reading my post and I hope we can soon work something out! Peace.
  3. I see you decided to check out my post. Good on you, I suppose. Ahem, anyway... Today I'm searching for anyone, doesn't matter what gender, that would like to play as any Ara-ara lady for a young, switch guy! You're free to bring any ref for yourself, as long as it's NOT a futanari or loli! My kinks are shotacon, lactation, breastfeeding, impregnation, romantic atmosphere, gentle/rough sex and many more that I probably forgot to list here. Now, my hard limits are NTR, vore, gore, stuff that should stay on the toilet, BDSM, violence, mindbreak and futanari. I have a couple scenarios in mind, so don't be afraid if you don't have an idea, we'll think of something together! I believe that's all. I also have a discord that I'll gladly distribute once we have everything sorted out. See ya later gamer girls~
  4. I have many pairings each with multiple plot ideas, just buzz me with a pairing you see you want and ill go over the plot ideas i have. Pairings ichigo-hallibel ichigo-isane oc-hallibel ichigo-hallibel and her fraccion oc-hallibel and her fraccion oc-isane oc-arcee (tf prime) Jack-arcee (tf prime) Poseidon-medusa (clash of titans form) Kain-oc (legacy of kain) Vampire-anthrowolf girl oc-anthroanimal girl/s beastboy-raven batman-catwoman wolverine-oc Carpathian male-oc (christine feehan dark series) Redeamed darth vader-asoka (star wars) Oc-7of9 (star trek voyager) oc-maleficent deaval-maleficent shepard-tali (mass effect saga) anthro male-human female human male-anthro female human male-android female human male-moster girl/s vampire male-werewolf female pet dog-girl human male-yauta female (predator series) male dragon-human girl sesshomaru-adult rin grim reaper-human girl drow male-high elf female human male-drow female Drow male-halfling female Kain-uma (legacy of kain saga) Oc-erza scarlet oc-she hulk oc-hot ork girl ichigo-rukia milo-kida (Atlantis ) Devilman-oc demon-human girl shepard-jack (mass effect saga) Joker-EDI (mass effect saga ) senketsu-ryoko (kill la kill) oc-gauge the technomancer (boarderlands 2) Dante-lady (devil may cry saga) oc-alma wade (FEAR series) Kickass-hitgirl (kickass series) Will share plot ideas next update
  5. Hey, thanks for dropping by. I'm posting this because I'm interested in Slice-o-life RPs involving the idea of casual sex being a common thing, whether it's a law thing, where men can rape women at will, or a school for breeding girls, or even something as simple as sex is considered little more than a greeting. I have no specific plots in mind, so feel free to reach out with ideas of your own. Loli/Shota ideas are welcome, as is Incest and Bestiality. I hope to hear from you soon.
  6. MilesPerHour

    Pokemon Incest

    I see that you decided to acknowledge this post's existance, which means the title must've caught your attention. In that case, let's get straight to the point. So, I really, really, really wanna recreate this set of images from etcexera: https://lotus.paheal.net/_images/9b03691bd0e71db16edea1dff4212a90/2206012 - Gardevoir Kirlia Porkyman etcxetc.png https://rule34.xxx//samples/2869/sample_73d17de588bcdafc97f286be235157fc7c9ba660.jpg?3218575 (By the way, I'll be playing as the Kirlia here.) https://lotus.paheal.net/_images/6f83914290824cca97ff813d7ec2c139/3086374 - Gardevoir Kirlia Porkyman comic etcxetc.png https://lotus.paheal.net/_images/e511b6631c813f51d8815df2cd020055/3086375 - Gardevoir Kirlia Porkyman comic etcxetc.png https://lotus.paheal.net/_images/4acae2ca67e114a0f1f758aa52aa7b3a/3086376 - Gardevoir Kirlia Porkyman comic etcxetc.png https://peach.paheal.net/_images/86707ae036eeaa7c11dcd3eaa89f3b2f/3086377 - Gardevoir Kirlia Porkyman comic etcxetc.png https://lotus.paheal.net/_images/650896e5a6a5267b273a20eac8b30770/3086378 - Gardevoir Kirlia Porkyman comic etcxetc.png about a mom Gardevoir (And the grandma if you're into that as well) and her son's sexual relationship. I have a few scenario ideas in mind, but I'm clearly open to suggestions. It can be sex-only or a slice-of-life, whichever you prefer! However, here are the kinks that I would love to include. -Age and size difference, with the male being on the smaller side. -Impregnation, breeding And... that's basically it. I'm open for basically anything else, as long as it's nothing similar to filth or gore. Oh, and vore is out. But aside from those, hit me up with your best shot! Edit: I'm too lazy to change the request right now, so I'll just add that I'm open to other ideas too! As long as you're fine with my kinks, hit me up! ^^ If you're interested, don't be afraid to message me! I don't bite~
  7. Imouto Kanna

    Beach wear

    From the album: Misaki

    Misaki in her beach attire

    © Kamioka Shun'ya

  8. Imouto Kanna

    Misaki Tights

    From the album: Misaki

  9. Imouto Kanna

    Misaki cleavage

    From the album: Misaki

  10. I'd like to rp as a perverted man sent into a fantasy world where he gains great power and gets a harem of girls as his entourage. He can be reincarnated as a young genius noble. Has a childhood friend who works as his personal maid. Has an older girl tutor that he eventually seduces. Meets with the king, befriends the princess and the female knight general. Eventually gets his own territory. Will get advisors of even more pretty females. Polygamy is common in that world, especially with nobles. So most girls would be pretty open with the idea. Outside, he would look youthful, with a dazzling smile that none of the ladies could resist. Inside however, he would use his magic to constantly set up embarrassing ecchi situations with the girls, with them thinking that it's all accidental. He would also use aphrodisiac magic to make the girls horny, so he could peep on them masturbating. Even in sex, he would still keep his innocent act, even as he gives them ungodly amounts of pleasure. I'm also into my character being absolutely innocent instead. Doesn't even know the difference between peeing and ejaculating. But he just keeps meeting with girls and women who want to get it on with him. Edit: Here's an actual plot idea. Mithras Academy. Located in the smooth grassy plains of Arlium, it was the forefront magic school for the many noble sons and daughters of the many human kingdoms on the Feren continent, both major and minor, especially for those who preferred sending their sons and daughters to socialize and perhaps even form enough of a bond with each other so that they would be engaged easily in the future (due to the high mortality rate, the average married age was around 13). My character was one of its students, Hugo Fleming, aged 11. The Fleming House had a small territory, only a mere village aptly named Flemingburg and its surrounding farmlands. His father, Cedric Fleming, was originally a commoner, only given the title of Baron as a reward for his service on slaying a rampaging dragon. He had retired since, using his newfound status and wealth to finally propose to his wife, Liliane, who used to belong to the Arcastel Family, one of the top noble houses in the Arcadia Kingdom where they resided. Hugo was gifted with an incredible intellect, able to memorize and understand any books he read in a single glance. He also had a frighteningly scary talent in magic, able to cast the basic elemental spells when he was only three years old. Noticing said talents, his parents immediately gave him all the magic tomes they could get, resulting in him already mastering Intermediate level magic (able to cast them without a chant) and able enough to cast advanced-level ones once he entered the academy at age 11. They started to joke that he might be the reincarnation of Merlin, the Hero of Magic that saved humanity a millenia ago from a full scale demonic invasion. The truth was, he was a reincarnation of someone else entirely. Someone he considered absolutely pathetic. Tired of the hardships of life, knowing that the only future he had to look forward to was bleak, he took his own life. Only for a goddess named Mila to take pity on him. She decided to give him a new life, a (hopefully) easier and more meaningful one in her world. She did not ask for anything in return. Only that he would live out his second life to the fullest. You, on the other hand, would be playing an entourage of girls surrounding him. First, there would be his classmate, a girl the same age as him named Mary DuPont. She would be his "partner in crime", so to speak, always following him around, sitting beside him, and chatting with him. He first became closely acquainted with her after he stood up against a tyrannical teacher who had incorrectly corrected her exam, giving her an abysmal score as a result. Her parents were the strict sort who would scold her dearly if she got a subpar score even once. And so, ever since then, she became good friends with him, even to the point of her considering to ask him to become her "beau", her fiance and future husband. The other early members of his harem would be a junior cleric of the Church of Mila, the Goddess of Sorrow, the very same goddess that brought Hugo to this world. Being a child abandoned at a church (by a prostitute, later on to be discovered in the story, possibly), she only ever knew the life of a church apprentice. She was treated well, and decently educated, but she was always eager to see more of the outside world. She was a cheerful, if, a little bit naive. Hugo first met her in an outing trip, as the church she was currently training in was close to the academy. He saved her from being attacked by a monster up on the mountains while she was gathering medicinal herbs, and from that moment on, she was smitten by him, thinking of him just like those prince charmings she found in her fairy tales. The three of them soon found their life changed forever, as a freak magic surge teleported them far, far away from home. straight into the Alysma Continent, the eternal battleground between the human and the demon race. There, they would see war and conflict and brutality that would force them to grow up, as they seek their way back home. I welcome your own character and story ideas, though I would have to approve them first. I also require you to reply on average once per day with at least 500 decently written words. I also want the typical ecchi common to the genre.
  11. I am in search of someone who would want to play as a big sister. Personnality : Attentive and caring. has a pervert side too. as a big sister, it is her job to teach him how to pleasure a woman's body while encouraging him to do perverted stuff with her. I encourage that you like what is shown in the tags list but it is not mandatory, as everything can be enjoyable if done properly. Story for the intro. I do not get why, but my mommy found a new man after my dad has been gone. With her man came in a big sister. she is beautiful and kind. she helps me anytime I need it and treats me well. I love her so much that sometimes, I feel weird down there... Is tole some panties the other day without her knowing too. I hope my big sister won't find out about it. One night my big sister comes into my room and I don't know why. What is she doing here? Please message me if you are interested in playing a character like that! Thank you all :)
  12. Lolicon and Shotacon Why EcchiDreams doesn't allow it, and why I'm unhappy with that. For a brief while, EcchiDreams allowed anything and everything Cartoon related (With exception to Guro). Now I don't pretend to know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I'm not a lawyer and quite frankly I have better things to do than to read and try to understand every stupid law that comes out, because a lot of it to me seems like censorship, which a free government isn't supposed to be doing. What's worse is these laws are often signed away from public eyes and that's generally not a good sign. Even when most of the population agree that a law needs to be changed (Take Marijuana for example) the governments do nothing about it. So much for democracy. [And that's an entirely different discussion and a whole lot of can of worms...] Lolicon has been illegalised in the following countries [According to Wikipedia]: Australia Brazil Canada Italy Japan <-- An Anti-Lolicon Bill that pretty much got turned into a Anti-Everything Bill. Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland South Africa Sweden United Kingdom <-- Which poses a problem for us. [Coroners and Justice Act 2009, sections 62–68] United States <-- Which poses a problem for the majority of our members*. [18 USC 1466A] *As of 28th November 2013. Obviously when this all came to light, our first reaction was shut the down the forums and scrub the Lolicon away. At the time, I wasn't the Site Administrator, but I was very vocal about this, and I guess in someways it still pisses me off today. Allow me to explain: I personally don't care for or hate Lolicon, or Shotacon, or anything that depicts or is a minor who is under the age of 18. That's not how I get my rocks off if you will. To me it's a fetish (Like, Chibis, Furry, Normal Hentai and so on). It doesn't show real abuse where real children are involved and therefore I don't see a problem with it, personally. It's one of those things that I'd tolerate and with-hold judgement against because that's who I am. At the end of the day; I'd rather someone use these images than images of actual children. People go by the logic that if someone looks at pictures of real children (Nude or in sexual situations) then that'd encourage them to abuse themselves. By THAT logic, if people look at Lolicon or Shotacon, the most they'll do is fucking draw Lolicon. But this isn't the logic they're using. Apparently if you look at Lolicon/Shotacon it's just as bad as the real thing therefore you'll do the abuse yourself. One problem with that... I've seen NO studies, NO scientific evidence that backs this up and as far as I am concerned there is NO link between people who look at Loli/Shota and Peadophilia. I find it hard to believe that if someone looks at say, the picture above and finds an uncensored version that they'll go out and rape children. That kind of mentality is so logically flawed, I wouldn't even know where to start poking holes in it. The problem is people use the line "WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN"... I say it's not the Governments job to do that, it's YOUR job as a parent and human fucking being to educate. This line is being used more and more. Even with the UK's new "Opt-out Filtering Service" [Which again is a whole different discussion with a whole can of worms.] Granted we do need to better protect children from Sexual Predators, but not like this. This is wrong on so many levels and I reckon the UK Government at least knows this, otherwise they wouldn't have passed the bill in secrecy. So why does EcchiDreams not allow it? It's illegal. (Despite my problems with this law) I do not wish to be branded as a peadophile just for allowing people to post their art. I do not wish to be put on the Sex Offenders Register. I do not want EcchiDreams to be shut down over this. I do not want members of this community being penalised in their countries for visiting this site. I can do without the drama. Do I (personally) like that we don't allow it? What do you think? No. Because I feel this is one violation of many of our right to Free Expression. I don't think any form of art should be illegal, really. Even offensive art. You have the choice to look at it or not. I find it disgusting and morally repugnant that the Government makes laws in private, not just laws like this but laws in general. I feel it paves the way to make more and more porn illegal, and it's already happening here in the UK. Once these things are illegal then they can control other things on the internet because it's common place. Don't believe me? It's already happened and is happening right now. The Government shouldn't be allowed to dictate what you can and cannot do in the privacy of your own home. At the end of the day, if the picture was drawn by a consenting adult, and viewed by a consenting adult then that's not any of their business. If you didn't want to look at it, then click the back button or fuck off somewhere else, it's not fucking rocket science. Granted if it's being shown to kids then the problem is supplying porn to minors, not the porn itself. I'd like to think of myself a reasonable thinking adult. I've never understood the world and frankly the world has never understood me. I always thought I'm the least qualified to say what should be acceptable and not acceptable in society, but fuck me... The Governments of these countries including my own are seriously fucked in the head. As I said this extends far beyond just Lolicon and Shotacon being censored, but when you look at it from an outsiders point of view you can see that pictures depicting rape and porn depicting rape is getting banned, despite the fact it's made (USUALLY) by consenting adults. Oh and I really don't give a shit if you're a parent and think the internet would be a better place for your child without porn - That, quite frankly is your problem. Don't make it everyone else's problem. YOU should be responsible for what YOUR children do online, not the fucking Government. I believe children should be educated not moddy-coddled and wrapped in cotton wool. That said, don't let me tell you how to raise your children, but don't you fucking dare dictate how I should or should not raise mine. We're stepping closer and closer to a nanny-big-brother state and I've had enough to be honest, but the population at large don't seem to see this. If you don't want your child to look at porn it should be up to you as the parent to block it on your network. If you don't know how to do this there are loads of tutorials online and even services that will help. Excuse my swearing, I am extremely passionate about our freedoms, civil liabilities and so on. I don't describe myself as Left or Right, politically speaking, or even anywhere near that two dimensional scale. At the risk of going off topic discussing the UK's Porn Filter [Which is switched on by default. YOU have to call your ISP to turn it off... That's fucking backwards.] I will wrap up. My point is; Lolicon and Shotacon are just images, drawn by someone who happens to like that art style. Either male or female, I don't really care. They're expressing their art, and I find it shit-covered-bollocking-crazy that people can tell people what they can and cannot draw, and what art they can and cannot look at. So what do you think? I'd be happy to debate this subject, whilst I'm extremely happy for those who have an opinion to state it, lets try and keep personal name calling to a minimum. We do have a Terms of Service. :) I don't expect everyone to agree with me here, but it's definitely frustrating to see this happening. My final problem is; it's written in such a way that you're practically guilty until proven innocent, which is NOT how the law is supposed to work. You're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. For example; they do not need to prove that the character IS under 18, if it looks under 18 that's probable cause. YOU need to prove that the character in question IS over 18. Which you can't do because it's a fictional character and the artist might be all the way in Japan or somewhere else. Sorry but to me that's fucking backwards and no law should operate like that. But then again we're seeing this an awful lot lately, guilty until proven innocent -- Just look at the NSA, GCHQ and other spying claims. Again that's another debate, and another fucking can of worms. All hail our great and infallible leaders. </sarcasm> [P.S. I know my spelling and grammar might leave a lot to be desired, but there you have it. People wanted my opinion there it is.]
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