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  1. The creator of that book and summoner of Eddie had been watching the entire time, mind-jobs and all. He had no idea who this fox was or what her deal was but he was not too keen on her running around in Eddie's head, at least not while he was still doing work for him. Although he had no idea what it was she found he certainly recognized her magic. After sitting back for some time Eddie's summoner had figured it was best to try and talk to this "Ren" character while she was still separated from any possible allies. Somewhere underground, though he was unsure of where, sat a beast of man. While his form was nowhere to be seen by Ren his voice reverberated throughout her. Not one person around seemed to pay any mind though and simply continued about their business. "Ehm-! Is this thing on?" Something sounding like glass being tapped on had suddenly surrounded Ren. "You got a moment?"
  2. Warning: This side story may contain scenes of a graphic nature. This will include, but is not limited to: Sex, authoritarian, bondage, oral, and stripping. If you find any of these themes disturbing or distasteful, then please avoid reading. Participants: Catherine Turner and Kuri Nakae Background: Kuri had stopped by the Black Unicorn during a mission for a quick rest and a drink. There, he met a girl named Catherine Turner, who he later revealed to have rescued during her teenage years. In return for his actions, she had agreed to go with him on his mission. And as pay for a new mission, Catherine had agreed to give Kuri her body ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kuri intertwined his tongue with hers as their passionate ambrace was deepened. Her lips and tongue tasted sweet, as if she were made from a sugary substance, though there was the slight taste of alcohol on her lips. He didn't mind though, as it seemed to give the illusion of more maturity than she displayed on her body. She breaks the kiss before starting to move through the curtains with her hand in his until he finds the bedroom. He leans down and whispers in her ear. "I want you to get on that bed and give me a nice strip tease~ " He gives her bottom a gentle pat before waiting for her to follow his orders
  3. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Yaoi, Anal, Drug use, Drugged sex, Stripping and Prostitution. If you find either of these themes distateful, then please do not read. Participants: Karma and Thaene Description: After a long day at work, Karma decided to have some fun at the end of the Christmas day by relaxing at a bar within Blackberry Falls. He was soon joined by Thaene, who had stormed out of his family home after a bad day. The two immediately hit it off, and Karma invited Thaene to stay the night. Not wanting to go back to his family, and liking the chance of getting laid, Thaene agreed. The two intended on watching a movie, however Karma pulled the fun dust, cocaine and they each snorted a line. Thaene then revealed he had some, as well as other drugs before hinting to Karma that he he wanted some, he would have to pay for it. He could not resist the price that Karma offered. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- “I can imagine.” Thaene grinned when Karma made a comment about having to throw away outfits due to over enthusiastic customers. Clearly he drove them wild, since it was usually against the rules to touch a stripper. He really couldn’t wait to try this. He watched as Karma picked up the piece of LSD, his fur shimmering and sparkling in the light as he did so. When Karma’s tail ran lightly across his arms, Thaene shuddered slightly as it felt like a million tiny fingers caressing his skin. He nodded when Karma told him to wait there. Thaene watched as he disappeared again, grinning in anticipation. While he was waiting, he pulled out his joint stuff, and quickly rolled out a few joints so that he didn’t have to bother with it later. He pulled a lighter out of his trouser pocket and picked one of the pre-rolled joined up. He decided that he could at least have a smoke while waiting for Karma. He lit the joint, taking a long pull of it causing his head to spin slightly from its strength. It was that amazing Keza Corp stuff, that was stronger than any strain they had around. It was the best stuff, and Thaene only wanted to sell that stuff. It gave him a high that was unrivalled by any other weed strain. While it was pursed between his lips, he picked up the bag with esctacy pills before taking out a couple. He put most of the drugs he had pulled out, away, leaving just the joints as well as the bag of powdered cocaine he had given to Karma. He pulled the joint from his lips and rested it in the ash tray that was sitting on the table, before pulling off his yellow jumper revealing his plain black top. He throw it over the back of the sofa before he reached forward and picked up the joint again. When he had smoked his way down to the halfway point, he heard Karma’s voice calling for him. He immediately got up before pausing. He picked up his jumper before hiding it behind the sofa cushion out of paranoid habit. He then straightened, picking up the other joints, lighter and pulls and went to the bedroom door, looking in to see the chair on the opposite wall. He couldn’t see Karma. He came in, saying, “I brought some extra goodies, too.” He went over to the chair, turning as he sat down. His eyes were slightly down as he put the items on the floor next to him, although he was still holding the lit joint. He then closed his eyes and sat up straighter as he took another pull from the joint.
  4. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to: Yoai, Yuri, Hardcore, Anal, Kitsunes. If you find any of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. Participants: Sophia, Kaylaen, Shez, and Emma Description: After a chance encounter with Sophia, Shez convinced the slightly drunken girl to work for him, in exchange for his deepest, darkest desires. They took their leave from the small pub they made their deal in, and bumped into a strange boy, Kaylaen. He seemed to take an immediate liking to both Shez and Sophia and opted their party. From there, they made their way to the luxury hotel they'd be spending the night in and managed to get the shy, purple haired Emma to join in on the fun. With Sophia already going at it with Emma, things are going to escalate. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Shez can't help but give off a small smile as he sees Sophia pin Emma against the wall and start to assert her own dominance over the girl. He rolls his eyes and turns to Kaylaen, taking a few gently steps towards him and placing his thumb and forefinger on the boy's chin. Shez uses this gentle grip to turn Kaylaen's head towards and up to his face. Shez leans down and whispers gently in his ears, letting his silky, seductive voice flow through the boy's eardrums "Now, I guess it's time to show you who the real man is here~" And with that, he licks the edge of Kaylaen's ear gently. He grabbed onto the boy's hips, attempting to tease him as much as possible by pulling Kaylaen's body in close to his. Meanwhile, Emma moans gently at the feeling of Sophia's velveteen tongue caressing the side of her neck. Her face was a deep crimson, which still hadn't escaped her. She gave in to her temptations, grabbing Sophia's waist and starting to kiss her gently. The taste of Sophia's lips were exotic to Emma, as if she couldn't get enough of them. She wanted more and more, starting to kiss Sophia more greedily and passionately. She barely breaks the kiss to answer her statement of what the two males were to do with them. "I-I figured as much, mademoiselle... I'll enjoy every single second of it!~"
  5. Public Rp Posters: ~Ava-Chan~ ShuyaHideyaki Kay looks at her clothes that she packed for this trip, and sighs to her self. "I wish I owned clothes more appropriate for a tropical resort..." She laments to herself. Picking out a lime green tank top and some khaki shorts, she rubs on some sunscreen and strolls down to one of the resorts casual eateries. She sits at a table outside, facing the ocean, and orders a mixed fruit salad, and a screwdriver to drink. She relaxes in the shade of the umbrella protecting her table, and let's the breeze billow her hair.
  6. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex, Oral, Female Domination. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. Participants: David and Silvina (minorchar) Description: David had come to the Naughty Cow Dairy for a job interview, for the position of Quality Control and met with one of the CEOs; Silvina. He passed the test with flying colours, and did well in the questions however the last thing he needed to do was sample some of the companies product. However the milk has effected David as much as it does anyone else. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Silvina noticed that he struggled to say that he was okay. His tone sounded slightly thick, with a hint of lust. She smiled, as she realised that he was definitely being affected by the milk. Pleased, she stood up and walked around the table so that she could get a clearer view of him. Her blue eyes immediately narrowed in on his crotch where she could see a noticeable bulge. She licked her lips at the sight before she bit her lower lip. She wanted it, quite badly, but she could sense from his demeanor that he was unlikely to push for it. In fact, the opposite. Which meant that she would have to take matters into her own hands. She had never dominated a man before, but the prospect thrilled her. Her old husband would have never let her do such a thing. Perhaps she could teach David how to fuck like a man. And she would feel the satisfaction of knowing that it was her that taught him. “Enjoy the milk?” Silvina asked, stepping closer to David and placing a hand on the back of his chair, beyond his line of sight. She leaned forward, allowing her breast to brush against his shoulder, the contact causing her nipples to immediately harden as a pang of her own arousal shot through her. She was liking this thought more and more it seemed. She suddenly reached down to his crotch, pressing her hand against the bulge that was stiff and resistant against her touch. She leaned closer to his ear, “It seemed like you did… Good. Because this interview isn’t over yet, David. Drinking the milk is only a part of the Quality Control.” She purred, before she ran her tongue around the rim of the ear. Her hand pressed harder against his cock, rubbing it slightly to help cause a distraction for him so that he couldn’t protest too much.
  7. Participant(s) @lVergill @Angela Daring ~ I took Angela's delinquent hand as I have her permission and walk together upstairs to have our private talk like I wanted to since the very beginning. I held her hand tightly like I didn't want her to leave and took her to the Private Room in the 2nd floor. This place was the only place capable of keeping everyone and everything from passing through, not even my warp can make me enter this place. I release Angela hand as I turn to face as the private room has one bed and one bathroom which has the setting of a private room. "To be honest, I wanted to take you here from the very beginning after I suggest you to heal you and ask of you something only you can accomplished." I explain. I became a bit nervous to have Angela alone in this room and I tugged my neck with my gloves as I felt a warm inside.
  8. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, rape and violence. If you find either of these themes distateful, then please do not read. Participants: Sophia and "Ichahod Crane" Diomedes. Description: Sophia has been lured down into the basement of an old house by a Succubus, who's intention is to use her as a virgin sacrifice in order to bring chaos to Ashaea. However, there is one hitch with this plan. Diomedes, who comes to stop this plan in its tracks and to punish those involved. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Kelania leaned towards Sophia slightly, her lips almost touching her ears as she spoke in a low, sensuous whisper, “The rumours do indeed explain what went on here… and indeed the name of the ghost. Her name was Dorothy Jameson. She was one of the original colonists of Ashaea, along with her husband… Jonathan Liam Jameson. Captain of the British Army. Dorothy was… let’s just say… less than loyal, to her husband…” Kelania moved her arm, unwrapping it from Sophia’s and instead wrapping it around her slim waist and pressing her hand against the small of her back. What Sophia couldn’t see, was that her hand glowed red for a brief moment. It was a spell, that Kelania was using to drive up Sophia’s lust, to drive her crazy. To want Kelania to take her, to sacrifice her. Kelania could feel her own pulse beginning to race in her own excitement, and her desire was so strong she almost moaned. Kelania’s tongue peaked out for a moment, lightly licking along Sophia’s ear before she continued, “This used to be her favourite place to bring numerous lovers to. It’s doubted that some of the children she had were even her husband's… She was a very naughty young lady…” Kelania nibbled on Sophia’s ear lobe as her hand glowed again, sending another intense wave of lust through the human body, “That ring, and that necklace… are hers. The rumours say, that one day, her husband caught her down here with one of her lovers. And he killed her. Her lover managed to get away… left her to die at the hands of her husband. She has been trapped here ever since waiting to be released. The rumours say… that she will appear… when two people make love where she used to be so free with hers. It’s the love that attracts her.” Kelania kept her voice low, and filled with desire for the warm little human beside her. She lowered her head and kissed Sophia’s neck a couple of times before she brought her lips back up to Sophia’s ear, “So what do you say, Sophia? Want to help me bring forth Dorothy?” She asked, casting yet another lust-inducement spell as her hand moved further down to Sophia’s arse and rubbing against it gently. Location: Basement of the Promiscuous Palace Diomedes had been spending his time sat at his desk, his feet up on the table as he was trying to distract himself from his restlessness, by reading a book. However he suddenly stopped, lowering his book and glancing to his left with a faint frown on his handsome face. Faintly, he could sense pulses of some kind of dark energy. It didn’t feel like Daedric energy, however it had a similar feel to it. It was dark, and malevolent. Slowly, he closed the book and placed it on his desk as he continued sensing for this energy. There was another pulse, causing Diomedes to slide his feet off of the desk and place them firmly on the floor. There was no mistaking that there was some kind of demonic entity playing around out there. He stood up, turning around as he picked up his black leather coat from his chair and put it on, as his wings were currently in their retracted state which hid them from view. He then reached into the inside pocket, pulling out a pair of sunglasses which he put on to hide his glossy black eyes. He didn’t do this because he was ashamed of his eyes. It was because he couldn’t control the Killing Intent ability that were tied into them and that ability had the tendency to reduce most people to a quivering, crying mess that reeked of shit and piss they were that petrified. He paused again as he felt a third pulse. One could have been passed off as a potentially accidental leak. Two, perhaps a coincidence. But three? There was definitely something going on, that he needed to go look at. He looked up at the computer monitors where the white furred Mako stared blankly at him. He averted his gaze, turning away from them as he knew that he would be back the moment he disappeared. Diomedes vanished from view as he phased himself out of any visible spectrum by slipping into another dimension that humans and most species couldn’t perceive. It also made the energy trail of this mysterious demonic energy clearer, allowing him to track it like a bloodhound. He then left the basement to hunt down the source of this energy to find out exactly what was going on. He wasn’t in the best of moods today, and this was just one more irritating distraction that he was having to deal with.
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