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  1. luck588

    rent my slave

    Me and my slave @ShotaTrap are looking for people interested in using her services
  2. I'm new to this website! I'm looking for someone to have dirty roleplay with. BDSM, anime, school, I'm interested in many things and am both a Master and Slave, I'm a huge switch. Thanks!
  3. I am a dom looking for a busty slave character to roleplay with me. Some of the rp ideas are -a student finds a online site that allows them to buy girls - a auction house that is selling slaves. My character is rich and buys one - a poor girl living off the streets has no home until someone comes to offer one up for the price of slavery
  4. Hello everyone! I seek a roleplaying partner who would be willing to play as a submissive Nico Robin from One Piece (a futa Robin would be good as well!) as she gets beaten, tortured and fucked! It is okay if you aren't aware of her or One Piece either. I have a few ideas in mind for the scene/setting but if you have any ideas in mind I would absolutely love to hear it! We don't even have to stick to canon and can go off the rails too! Either comment down below or text me to get started! I would also love to know all about your kinks and limits! I'm also fine with pretty much any text length. I am usually a dom/switch but on rare occasions can also sub to the right person! I am obsessed with beautiful long hair and have major hair fetish. Hair whipping/flipping, describing hair, licking and sucking on it, talking about it and involving it in RP to me is a major turn on. Other than that my kinks are - abuse, hatefuck, BDSM, violence, bullying, slavery, pain/torture, clothed RP, ageplay, humiliation, degradation, teasing and foreplay. (Hair will still play a role in RP.) Limits/dislikes: Furies, animal abuse, male and/or redhead and/or fat/chubby subs, vore, discussing RL and scat. I cannot wait to engage in lewd, twisted roleplays here! Just comment down below or text me to get started!
  5. Tale'teller

    A Gifted Diamond (Playable)

    From the album: Playable Pictures

    (This Scene is playable! If you are interested, please read on!) Pink Diamond kneeled, presented before the Emperor like the Gem she was. Her eyes were hazy, distant, her mind having been thoroughly pulped of nearly all memories and identity by the psychic might of the First Lord of Terra. She was presented in a pleasing, human form, though she was much larger than an ordinary man. Malcador, the First Lord, could easily reduce her size with a thought, just as he had forced her to take on her current form, but left her as is. After all, at her size, she was just large enough to be a match for the Emperor of Mankind, who sat enormous on his throne, not yet golden. "So this is the leader of the invading Xeno forces?" The Emperor asked, his bright eyes scanning over the presented humanoid gem with no small amount of subtle pleasure. "Indeed my Lord. Her name was Pink Diamond, and her species is most interesting." To Emphasize, he exerted his psychic control over the dazed alien leader once more, causing her breasts to swell, and then contract, altering her proportions as she was held still before them. She closed her, clenched her fists and struggled against the invisible force holding her, but to no avail. To cease her struggling, the First Lord blasted her mind with another psychic waver, causing her eyes to open, and roll up as she was brought to a sudden, mind shattering orgasm, mouth open and drooling as her brain roasted in pleasure for a few extended seconds. Gems, an intergalactic species bent on domination, exploitation, and expansion. Their true bodies are the "Gems" Anchored into them, and the rest is a morphable construct of light energy. And among them none were greater than the four Diamonds, none more perfect. And so, the Gems were caught completely off guard when they approached a distant planet, Earth, and found it not only inhabited, but well defended by a Government Known as the Imperium of Mankind. Though only in its Infancy, the psychic warlords of these Humans had handily overcome most of the invading Gem forces, and had captured Pink Diamond. Initially Malcador had only intended to break her mind for secrets, and then do away with her, the same as any other Xeno, yet the special properties of her body and the ability of a powerful human psychic to control her had given him a better idea. "She would make an ideal concubine for either your royal self, or any one of your crusading sons. I leave such discretion to you." The Emperor smiled as he turned his glowing gaze back to the female alien, presented naked and restrained, her xeno sword impaled on the ground before her as a further offering. Was she destined to serve him in the Golden Hall of the Imperial Palace, or would she be gifted to one of the crusading primarchs as a reward for victory? Only The Emperor could know such things. (If you want play as the Emperor of Mankind, one of his Primarch sons, or as Pink Diamond, please read my preferences and message me.)
  6. Tale'teller

    The Slave Princess (On Pause)

    From the album: Playable Pictures

    (This scene is currently on pause until some of the players already playing it conclude their playthrough) Jasmine had lost everything. Aladin had failed to save her, and though he had wounded Jahfar and freed the Jinni, he had died in the attempt. The only good thing about what had happened was that the wound had...unmanned Jahfar. She had hoped that this would keep him at bay, and in many ways, it had. He had not taken her, not in the truest sense, since he could not. But he had toyed with her, with her mind and body. She had lost count of the night he had forced her writhe under his lecherous eyes, his dark magic suffusing her, overwhelming her in every way. Now she was his slave, utterly, and still he hated her, still he could not have her...until now. Even then she danced for Jahfar and his guest, a powerful magic user in their own right. She knew not if they were also a king or queen, or if they lived alone. If they had riches, or only knowledge. All she knew was that they desired her, and that this guest was offering Jahfar the power to restore himself, in exchange for her. As they spoke, she danced as she had been trained to her, body burning, alight with the unnatural desires that Jahfar's magic had carved into her. She hoped they would take her away, that they would save her, free her from these cravings...or ravish her, master her, take her as Jahfar never could! She didn't even know what she wanted more anymore, only that she wanted to escape her current life, even if it meant servitude under an even crueler master... (If you would like to play as Jahfar's mysterious guest, or as Jasmine, please read my preferences and message me!)
  7. Tale'teller

    An Exotic Wonder (On Pause!)

    From the album: Playable Pictures

    (This scene is Paused, I am not accepting new players for it until some current games finish) The client entered the tent. They had been promised an exotic wonder, something not attainable to those who restricted themselves to the great fire nation cities of the North. But honestly, what could the client truly expect from the ransacked, frozen south? The answer was chained and displayed in the center of the tent. Her blazing blue eyes glared from her position, and her body was clearly toned by wild living. She had clearly been captured by the Slavers from the free roaming tribes of water benders which still managed to elude the fire nation authorities. Freedom still burned like embers in her glare, and yet her posture was perfect, her body, sublime. "She is bender." The ice raider told the client in his broken speech. "Bare good children. Fight hard if want. Is trained...er mostly. Give good price for her." The client turned back to regard the raider before returning their gaze to the potential purchase in question. The client had the money, and was looking for a slave just like this. But was this fate? Or something far Crueler? Only the client, whoever he or she was, could decide. (If you want to play as the mysterious fire nation client, or as Korra, please look at my preferences and message me! I normally play female characters, but I'm plenty flexible.)
  8. Tale'teller

    A Foreign Pet (Playable)

    From the album: Playable Pictures

    (This scene is playable! Read on if you are interested) Aurora shivered as she sipped the water being offered to her through the bars of her cage. She was still frightened, but was now mostly excited. It had been many months since she had been abruptly captured in her forested homeland by these "Humans". She had never seen their kind before, nor all their strange inventions. They had almost no concept of magic, and yet they had things her own people would never have dreamed of making with magic. for months she had been in a crate of metal, a substance she had never encountered before, and had been taken across the vast see on a huge boat. Now they had finally arrived, and her cage had been moved onto a large auction block alongside cages full of many exotic and dangerous animals. Below her men and women watched in a crowd as a man on a stage spoke rapidly in their strange tongue, far too quickly for her to understand, even with what she had managed to pick of their speech on the trip. She didn't know it yet, but she was being sold as an exotic pet at auction from "the new world". She also didn't know that she was the first elf to be encountered by human society, and that her magic and immortal blood would be worth thousands of times their own weight in gold. Now the strings of fate were left to play, would she be discovered by a scholar? A Scientist ready to unlock the secrets of her blood and land by her consent? Or perhaps a much darker entity was destined to possess her. Whatever the case, all Aurora could do was wait, and hope. (If you would like to play as an auctioneer who purchases Aurora, or as Aurora herself, please ready my preferences, and then let me know if you are interested)
  9. Warlock

    Looking for a sub.

    Hey all, myself ( @Warlock) and @Mikasa are looking for a potential third person to join our Rp. We are thinking of going with a setup that revolves around one dominant, and two submissives with the idea of one submissive being subserviant to the other. The idea for the RP itself is still up for debate, but we have made a small idea of what we might be interested in. Ofcourse with your input we hope to make it something we all enjoy. Requirements: - At least average language skills, small grammar mistakes is understandable, but lets not make it too bad. - Respond in a timely manner, if you sometimes get busy, thats ok. But lets try to keep a post a day going, if possible. - Timeline and duration of the RP is up for debate, lets figure out what works best for everyone involved. description: Raito Ichijo, 24, had been living with Meika, 20 for a while now. They had started as a normal boss and employee relationship, while she was working as a cook in his house. But after a while they relationship turned to something else, a Master and slave. Recently his business had been doing well and he hired a new girl to work as a maid for him. But that job was just an excuse, he mostly wanted to reward Meika for all of her good work and give her her own slave. It would be his too of course.
  10. _euphoriaX

    Two Dark RP Ideas

    I have been enjoying dark roleplays such as these a lot recently. Here are the two ideas. Though, between the two ideas, I can say that I like the first one more than the second. The Bride Market (Dark Level: Medium) The Bride Markey is a wonderful place for parents to sell their attractive daughters off to wealthy older men. The older men prefer to buy girls still in high school, and still virgins. You, for instance, want a busty high school girl, who is indeed a virgin, and very flexible. You want the girl to also be a blonde, pretty girl- someone who is smart, but also sexy. You want your wife to be submissive, to obey your every command. At the Bride Market, you were walking around, enjoying the many girls around. But soon, your eyes fell upon one girl only. Alice is a 16 year old student at Medan High School. She's blonde, busty, smart, and definitely a virgin. Her parents have made sure to keep her a virgin so she sells high at the market. She isn't really excited about being sold off, but she knows that she can't fighr tradition. Her mother has taught her how to be a good little housewife and to obey a man's every command, and how her job is to please her husband. Her mother made Alice wear some nice, black lingerie and some heels. You saw Alice walking alongside her mom, her blonde hair flowing lightly behind her, occasionally resting against her back. Many guys were going to be offering lots of money for her, bidding on her. But you knew that you had much more money. You're downright rich and powerful, and Alice waa going to be your little housewife. You were already planning getting her pregnant with many kids early. Now, it's just time to buy her. Into the Woods (Dark Level: High) You are downright insane, really. You're a 27-30 year old serial rapist who enjoys going after young girls. But, none of them have genuinely interested you. You just want a girl you can keep as yours... forever. You own a little, secret bunker in the woods, odd, yes. You even have specific drugs to make the girls be submissive, and do whatever you say. Though, you like to watch them plead for you to stop in the beginning. No one has been able to track you, none of the girls were being believed with their stories. They had no evidence once you let them go. You currently didn't have any girls, though. You wanted one badly, you were itching to release yourself inside a young one, and finally keep her forever. Anna, a 17 year old pink hairee girl, has always been a bit of a adventurer. She likes to stroll through the forest by her house, not knowing of the man that lives in there. One day, she didn't realize just how much her life would change. Anna was strolling through the woods, phone in hand, grinning. She was listening to her music, not paying attention to her surroundings. Everything happened so fast- you had found her, managed to capture and subdue her, and soon enough, you were dragging her to your secret bunker. You're quick, able to do things such as kidnapping without making a single sound. When Anna awoke, she was still wearing her school girl uniform. Though, her wrists and ankles were tied to the bed she was on. Her heart beat fast as she looked around, "wha... what the fuck?" She whimpered to herself, fear building up in her quick.
  11. sup, i'm new here. first off, i'm new here, hello. secondly, i wanted to start out by roleplaying one of my most classic roleplays: the orc roleplay. it's pretty simple. the whole thing is, woman wanders forest, orc sees woman in forest, orc likes woman. anyway, ecchi text me or whatever it's called. i don't really like one liners and i'm pretty descriptive in my roleplays. however i don't mind roleplaying with someone below my writing level, as long as they don't sit there and do *i look* all the time, ya know? probably around like 5+ lines or so would be good enough for me. anyway, thanks, and if you want to do this just message me.
  12. Story: I was a lonely man, my entire life is as cold as the blizzard ridden mountian from my home town
  13. (Currently looking for members to join a club around this rp, go and join that! Can;t work well with others? Then you can PM me, and we can try this out in private! ) My character begins to read an old arabian book. Somehow, he ends up in the book, meeting a genie (female yes? If not, a man can be fine too. Buddy Master genie). My character wishes for a harem, but the genie decides not to grant his wish. Instead, telling him of a way to get a harem uniting the (insert number here) kingdoms. Each have a princess waiting to be married. It would be tough to pull off marrying many princesses for a harem, but there must be some way to pull it off? M x F possible, as is F X F. Im even starting to do futas in RPs. Interested? Don't be shy!
  14. Hi all! First time on this site, but not new to RP, or ERP. I'm excited to be joining you all! A little bit about me; I am a trans man. That means I was labeled female at birth, but am now transitioning to male. But! I am a bottom and sub by nature, and luckily have no problem with the genitalia I got, so I most enjoy playing characters that allow me to have a vagina, cunt, pussy, whatever you want to call it. I will play female characters, BUT, if you really want to make my day, I would love to play as a trans man, or a cunt boy if you prefer. I also understand if the fact I do identify as a man makes you wish not to RP with me. In regards to that as well, I have no preference on the gender of the roleplayer, but am generally seeking to play against male characters. I am also very kinky! Please see my preferences for more detail, especially about what I won't play, but there are many, many other things I enjoy that did not make it on that list. Also in regards to my preferences, the posting length is more of a suggestion. I tend to match what I am given, so I can go shorter and longer. THE SCENARIOS The Harem A new slave is brought in, and trained to please the prince. This can be more fleshed out as we wish it to be, or kept real simple. Seeking 1 Male Character, with possible additions On the Hunt The full moon is a bad time to be out alone in the woods, especially with shifters about. Who knows what packs would find you? Seeking at least 3 Male Characters Scion of Fertility Once a year, one person capable of bearing children is chosen by the fertility spirits, and on the night of their festival, receives the blessings of all the seed-bearing members of town. Seeking Multiple Characters, either Male or Futanari
  15. Hello~ So, I am looking for a DOMINANT male partner. I have a bunch of sick and twisted prefrences and I don't expect anyone to really fullfill all of them just those you're comfortable with as long as you respect that I'm really into mind games and your character should ultimately be evil even if he has 'kind' phases to confuse my character. World description: There is a hidden world deeply conected with our darkest desires. But the world is not a Universe in itself. It once was populated by the shadows we had created.As time passed by, many new generations had been created in said world. Sadly, the young of the world were so cruel and sadistic to eachother that the King of the world had trouble controlling them. Afterall, they were the evil within us once. There was hope though. A young scientist found a portal to our world. When crossed, a person's existence basically vanishes and it's only their immortal soul inside an immortal body. Sadly, only those who's ancestors were partof the creation of the second world could travel. The king had an idea and thus, they began kidnapping those who could join them,making them slaves and lettingout their desires, reducing the overall crime rate. Requirements: I don't have a lot of requirements. I will send the actual starter once you ask for it. You can ask all questions here as long as they're related to the overall RP. Those regardin the character I will later on use should be kept until I send the starter as most will be revealed there. I do ask for a decent English though!
  16. Sola Haze

    Feeni Aewynn

    From the album: Sola's Private Roleplay Characters

    Name: Feeni Aewynn Appearance: Feeni is a thin elf with an evenly-proportioned body. She has long blonde hair that frames her face, pale skin, and light blue eyes, and pointed elven ears. (Some of my elf headcanons: Elves don't grow body hair; their ears grow longer as they age;) Personality: Feeni is an upbeat, optimistic girl with a tactical mind. She can be quite stubborn and headstrong, and she hates letting others get the better of her. She's quite good at taking orders, but she'll only take them from people she respects. Faceclaim: Tuka Luna Marceau - GATE Storyline: She can be anything really. She's an Elf, use that as you will. Roleplays used in: 1
  17. MetalRockShooter

    Looking for a furry slave

    Hello, I am new to this website and i am looking for some good Master/Mistress x Slave/pet roleplay. Please check my pref sheet for details on what i would like. Pm or what ever with starters 1-3 paragraphs ONLY. :)
  18. I will do anything~ I am fully at your service! Make me useful~ I am looking for a roleplay partner that is male and has no limits like I do~ You scared or wanna play?
  19. stardust

    Any partners wanted!

    Hello! I have some general ideas I'd like to roleplay out. While I do mention genders at times (I try not to) I'm open to writing these out with any sort of partner. Please also realise that some of these may seem to involve a nonconsenting partner, but will eventually be consenting. Any romance is purely in character. Not out. If interested, EcchiText me instead! I'll periodically update this too. O1. School Crush Your character is a schoolmate of mine, a popular female at the school. She refuses to give anyone attention and never dates. Her behaviour can seem snobby or overly haughty. One day, a classmate who knows how much you like her gives you pictures of her changing in the bathroom. You are encouraged to blackmail her. With this option, you can blackmail for sexual favours right away or go an innocent date route. Or you could tell her what happened and maybe she will start to see you as someone worthy of affection on her own.. You decide! O2. Dare Disaster Our characters are either friends or even siblings who have a faint attraction to one another. Out of shyness, my character suggests we play a sexual version of truth or dare. It can be any setting. A bus, at home, etc. Something really daring. One thing leads to another and things turn a little hot. O3. School Maid for a Day The kids at a bit of a dirty school hold a secret auction. Some popular girls are going to be sexual maids for a day in return for charity donations to the Cheerleading Team. My character is a girl, and you manage to win her in a draw. She's yours for a day - ensue romance and smut. O4. Late Love Romance is nice. So here's one romantic option. Our characters were friends as children. Then in high school, we drifted apart. Mine (or maybe yours) fell into sex trade. Became very thin, worked at a bad place, started giving body up for money. The other became successful at their profession, had a degree and maybe married. We meet again years later, and instantly there's is an attraction. Maybe some denial, but we talk and can't avoid it. This one is more of a soft approach to romance then love. It could be where my character hires yours or vice versa. O5. High School Your character has been offered a his dream job. A high school where parents never complain, students get amazing grades, and teachers have the best competitive salary and pension. You immediately fall for a pretty student. Who I will write as. The principal at the end of the day takes you to a special room where he claims he rewards his hard working teachers. He explains that any student you like, will service you here. In any way. Shocked? You have choices. Avoid the room and ignore it. Confront the police? Or maybe ask to have that girl called in to pleasure you. Choice is yours! Of course. Send me your ideas too! And we can do role reversals. I'm open to all genders/species. These are just ideas I find kinky. Cheers guys!
  20. Kevlar

    Beatrix Blackwell

    From the album: Kevlar's Role-Play Characters

    Beatrix is the top slave and lover of Ambrose Redgrave.
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