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  1. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @AirAllie14. Overall premise: The Literature Club is a newly formed place where lovers of literature can meet up and explore the many aspects that make up this entity such as literature. Monika. the club president, has already somehow managed to get two other young females to join there, but they are not enough members to be officially recognized and thus fulfilled as a club. However, a sudden fourth potential does eventually show up rather out of nowhere. A rather bombastic, blunt and brash sort of girl by the name of Natsuki. Even though her prefered type of literature, manga, is not exactly acknowledged by the merits she thinks it has, there ought to still be room for people who enjoy this, right? It may take some time and work for Monika and the others to accept this branch of literature and Natsuki herself... ---------------------------------------------- Another day is starting in the Literature Club for the three girls: Monika, Sayori and Yuri. By now they have more or less established some routines between each other and for themselves. Indeed, it is a rather and homogenous existance for the clubmembers in here on their own - even if they are not fully acknowledged by the school as their own club. However, there have been set a plan into motion with putting up flyers which is to lead to more members. Today, their prayers for more such members is half way heard as there is indeed someone new arriving at the clubroom. The door opens up and a pink haired and short lithe girl walks inside of the room, looking faintly unsure if she should have gone here in the first place."Hello. I am Natsuki...is this the Literature Club?", she asks, rather humbly so far. She glances over the three members, seeing there are only 3 of them and all of them girls. For some reason, she is quite relieved by these facts. She even recognizes the very famous and even more popular Monika.
  2. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @AHornyGuyRP. Overall premise: A slice of life RP with an argonian maid living in the mansion with its three brothers who all possess various professions and all are well off, successful and generous toward their new servants. The maid ends up serving more duties than she first thought would be required of a maid. ------------------------------- The young argonian recently moved to the land of Skyrim from her former homestead in Blackmarsh. Of course, she has some basic training and experience as a servant as she was a maid for another family there, but events caused them having to sadly fire her and with no other place to serve, she sought out hiring other places. Sadly, many places have a distrust of her kind outside of Blackmarsh, which finally led her to the northern regions where Skyrim lies. Eventually, she was led more in the proper direction, taking her path towards Windhelm. She was even made aware of the Stormcloaks having won the civil war and now comes the time of healing the land of a bloody conflict. She is just thankful for missing that whole thing as she straightens out her uniform that just BARELY contains her massive assets. When arriving at Windhelm she was then pointed at a place where they recently had their former maid pass away from old age and thus needing a new one. So that is where she went to. It doesn't take long before she finds herself at the doors of the wintery place.
  3. Hi! I figured I would post discussing my interest in an Aggretsuko RP. I love the idea of a slow burn RP in said universe, with two unlikely characters. I don't really like playing canon characters (I never really enjoy clashing with canon) but we could write characters based on Retsuko and Haida, for example. Here are some things you should know if you think you're interested: - I play male! That's the big one. - I'm not in it just for the adult themes - I'm totally fine with adult themes and I don't believe in setting limits for characters in that regard. NSFW scenes can really make a story engaging when timed appropriately. - I write somewhere from semi descriptive to descriptive. Though it's always hard to establish where you are in regards to descriptiveness, it's so subjective. - I AM FINALLY FULLY CAUGHT UP! Season 4 turned me into a punching bag but I'm happy with it. Please do contact me if you're interested! I know I haven't provided a starter, but I haven't in hopes that we can write something great together! I prefer using discord for notifications and convenience purposes. If you don't use discord, I'm sure we can figure something out.
  4. RP between: @JennyDK and @Linkina. Overall premise: The new farmer has recently moved to the valley following a letter they opened from their late grandfather. He was once a resident here with his own farm, which he has left to his grandchild. Unbeknownst to the young woman called Haley and the new farmer, a fated meeting would lead to so much more for both. While both being rather inexperience in the ways of romance, surely they can both grow to master it over time? Only time will tell! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is another beautiful, warm and sunny spring day in Stardew Valley, bringing out the many residents of Pelican town, one of which being one part of a sister pair who lives together. Haley often likes to spend time by the pretty surroundings around the place, especially the area around the old and rickety looking community center, which could really use a helping hand, but that is a story for later. Urged on by Mayor Lewis, the new farmer has been adviced to take the time and opportunity to get out and greet the townsfolk when possible and since the crops she has been donated are planted and watered, there is little to do at the farm at present time. The young Haley is quietly reading a book on a bench, humming lightly to herself as she does so.
  5. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @LardMcLovin Overall premise: Being rescued by a chieftain and his sons of an Orcish stronghold, the young argonian woman promises the chieftain that he can ask for anything as thanks for rescuing her life from the awful bandits. Without hesitation, the potential of a lovely lizard maid strikes the chieftain and thus she begins to serve him and his men in his stronghold, whilst partaking in any adventures they set out into out there in the province of Skyrim. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The cave only had a few bandits in it, but they were still huge, heavily armoured, strong as fuck and formidable foes - even for the ferocious and massive bodied orcs that found this place and cleared it out. The last room was the one where Misha - the prisoner they had - was held in a small cage. Now she is finally freed by her rescuers, even though they mostly wanted the fight and heard these were bad guys. The argonian woman is very thrilled and happy to be both out of her captivity and to have suffered no harm from her captors. Something that soon becomes apparent to her, is just how bad these men stench - even more foul than most landfills and sewers do. She is both heavily disgusted, but also intrigued and kind of drawn to it. She attempts to hide sniffing the air, but it is very clear to them still."Ohhhh, thank you oh sooooo much! You saved me...and brought death upon these nasty bandits. I am in your debt! Please....allow me to serve at your Stronghold to repay you", she says cheerfully and relieved.
  6. Ever since the rift opened up, monsters have been streaming into our world! Thankfully they're nice enough, from centaurs to nekos to slimes, just to name a few. The only problem is they don't know how to survive in the modern day. So, the government has decided to offer benefits to volunteers willing to welcome a monster into their homes and teach them about life on earth. Hello there! Hope that little blurb caught your interest. I'm looking for a partner for this idea, with one of us playing the monster and the other playing the human who takes them in. If this sounds fun, then shoot me a message and let's get to RPing! I'm a switch, so both doms and subs are welcome. I want the tone of this RP to be cute or even comedic, just lighthearted in general. Kind of slice of life, but with hot interspecies sex. Thanks for reading this post, and I hope you all have a great day.
  7. Hello all! My name is Mercy and I’d love to get to roleplay with you! Here’s a little about me! I play female or male roles and have experience in both. I write one to two paragraphs of quality writing or at least match my partner. I prefer EcchiTexts as my roleplay medium and won’t leave the site for it. Interests: Fantasy, medieval/historical, slice of life, modern era. Some pairings I like include boss x secretary, crime boss’s daughter x underling or some other pairing in that scenario, teacher x student, vampire x human. I’m fairly vanilla when it comes to smut. However, don’t let that make you think I only write vanilla! It’s just my preference. Potential plots: I’ll edit this section when I think of some good ones!
  8. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Jtcookie. Overall premise: A slice of life RP with an argonian maid living in the mansion with its two brothers who both possess immense wealth and influence, despite not having any guardians or not being very old. One being 8 and the other is 10. They discover the lovely joys and pleasures of finding a busty and wonderful argonian maid, whom they aim to make into a fully fledged bimbo and lover beyond just being a "mere" maid. ------------------------------------- With the victory of the Stormcloaks bringing an end to the civil war, order and peace must now be established and formed once more. The situations has sadly led to some unfortunate fates for some - like how the parents of the two young boys fleeing the estate for good since they supported the Empire. Jarl Ulfric has since made the two boys left the de facto new masters of the house, their business and so on. This further led to the boys having to get new servants as some positions were left empty due to all of these changes. Today they are to meet with a new applicant for the position of house maid. This takes the young Jeera to show up at the huge double doors to the mansion to knock on, wanting to try her luck here.
  9. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Deepanddeeperstill. Overall premise: Two unusual people get paired up by the adventurers guild as both of them have been asking for a partner to do jobs with. The roleplay will mainly focus on the fun and action packed adventures, coupled with slice of life and humorous shenanigans of the odd pairing of a sassy goblin paladin and a minotaur spellcaster. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- It is around noon and the main room of the guild building is fairly quiet and with most members away for now. One of the newer members, Beatrix Shattershield, is one of the few of her kind who has earned the position of a paladin. She aims to both smite all of the evildoers and their minions, as well as making some decent coin. As most goblins, shiny objects are one of her personal weaknesses, though not to the point where she switches side just for mere coin. Wherever possible, she will acquire such gain whilst keeping her oaths and codex intact and unspoiled. Most goblins favour light to no armour and small weapons, mostly to be agile, fast and dexterious. Beatrix, on other hand, very much prefers being heavily clad and even more heavily armed. She approaches the taller desk, so she has clear her throat to be seen by the human standing there, who has yet to notice her."Excuse me! Down here! Yes...you! I am reporting here as requested. Beatrix Shattershield! I was told I would be partnered up by now", she tells him, already seeming like things to go swift and smoothly. Hopefully, he will make no comments about her height, which is still below goblin average. Powers (let us say we both pick up to 4): Smite evil Pure faith Blessing Purify
  10. Disclaimer -Please do not reply to this thread. Should you spy something that peaks your interest, reach out to me through a private message instead. Introduction to the Writer Hello, everyone. Welcome to my small corner of the Moon. What you will find here on this thread is a brief summary of myself as a writer, as well as several points of interests regarding the genres and plots that I’m currently craving to play. Currently, I am seeking partners who would be interested in assisting myself in bringing to life some of my own fantasies. Fantasies that primarily center themselves around the slice of life genre, to be exact. However, before jumping straight to the good stuff, I strongly advise that you read this thread in it’s entirety to be certain that we would be suitable partners. I will be honest and inform you all that I am quite selective... I’m a straight male for anyone that might be interested in knowing, and prefer to play against the female gender. As one who has been writing for the better part of his life, I have always taken great care when concerning my writing abilities. I have never claimed to be perfect, as I feel that no one should. However, I do confidently consider myself to be quite a significant asset to anyone’s benefit. Should they be searching for the same writing criteria and genres as myself, of course. I’m a literate piece writer and a strong advocate for the immense detail that causes all of us to melt with pleasure. While grammar and punctuation errors aren’t uncommon, I do proofread my work before presenting it to my partners to lessen the chances of problematic blemishes within a text. I expect this same level of effort from my partner, as well. It is often extremely disheartening to put forth a great deal of effort into a piece, only to then receive what could only be described as an unfortunate and outright lazy attempt at continuing a story. Throughout the course of my writing career, I have found that my own best interests lay within the deepest depths of the rabbit hole related to smut. I adore stories that come covered in layers of enticing arousal that leave a body trembling with lust stricken angst. Stories with a healthy dose of foreplay and teasing, please. This rabbit hole can be found within a number of different genres. Though I will admit that the Slice of Life realm does take the majority of the space here. Like most other writers, and as I stated above, I live for detail. Though I’m also a big believer in quality over quantity, as well. Some scenes during a piece require less, others more. I write what is necessary while still providing the same level of quality throughout a story’s entirety. Should you be curious as to what this looks like, I will be more than happy to provide a writing sample upon request. I feel as though this helps a piece flow at a more graceful pace while keeping it from becoming too drawn out and bloated. Essentially keeping things interesting, as well. Should we share this trait, then we will get along wonderfully. Also, I tend to use different fonts opposed to the regular within my writing, while also using colors to highlight dialogue. In my opinion, a piece is so much more fun to read when the literature looks just as well as it sounds. Limits and Preferences When writing erotic tales, I’ve found that I enjoy the buildup to the action just as much as the action itself. Perhaps even a little more so. For myself, there is simply nothing like a healthy dose of provocative foreplay taking place between two or more characters before finally surrendering to one another’s desires. A slow seduction with plenty of tantalizing teasing that will utterly torment both parties. Torment in a good way, of course. I am not one to judge others on kinks and fetishes, though I will say that my limits fall within the parameters of all things bathroom related. Other than those subjects, I am open to discussing whatever a potential writing partner might have in mind. Please, if something that you’re into might be a little controversial, let’s talk about first, yeah? Plots In this section, you will find all readily available plots that I am currently seeking writing partners for. While most adhere to the more erotic side of life, the details concerning these said plots can still be edited to some degree as I am negotiable. I will always lend an ear to my partner should they have any ideas of their own that they would like to share, as well. If something that you see below sparks any amount of interest within yourself at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. —————————— Detention Sucks! Synopsis An erotic outing for the few that enjoy portraying multiple main characters at one time. This piece will center around three individuals. One male, and two females. Confined together within the walls of a small office during the after hours at a College University, these three individuals soon find unexplored and exciting new methods to entertain one another... Setting William, Arianna, and Emma. Three individuals who have known one another for as many years as they could count. Having grown up together while attending the same High School along the sidewalks of the same small town, the trio would remain close throughout their time spent together over the years. William, having always pursued the two females for the sake of a lust stricken angst, has never been efficient in successfully capturing either of the two playful minx. All due to the fact that Arianna and Emma have only ever seen their friend as just that. A trustworthy companion and a strong shoulder to cry on when other men would so often wrong them. However...this wasn’t to say that the duo didn’t enjoy the affection of his desire. All too often would they strut about while wearing some of the most provocative clothing. Flaunting their delicious figures and swinging those supple hips...all for his viewing pleasure in hopes of encouraging even the smallest amount of lewd behavior out of him. At times, even going as far as a subtle grope between his legs. To softly grinding their asses against him for a subtle spank...though only to swiftly jump out of his grasp the very moment he would move a muscle. A cruel game played by the trio that would soon become apart of their friendship and last into present times. Though dissipating almost entirely while the challenges relating to their futures continued weigh on their shoulders. In present day, the trio is now attending the same University. Final exams for the semester are fast approaching, and the two sultry female bookworms are hard at work while they cram for the upcoming tests. The two women are admittedly stressed over the situation, knowing that a fair and passing score is crucial to their degrees. Not only this, but their boyfriends are equally as enthralled by their own studies. Stranding the two women without anyone to quench their increasingly pent up desires. Their provocative little game with William not even an option, as they’ve been so incredibly focused on studying that they have yet to even lay eyes on him for the better part of three days now. Meanwhile, the man himself had been dealing with his own personal dilemma... Throughout his life, William had never been taken for as the academically inclined. Rather an unmotivated and confused individual with a lazy streak, baring no real plan for a profitable future. A completely opposite demeanor when comparing him to the headstrong attitudes that were Arianna and Emma. Admittedly, the boy had only followed the duo down the path of a further education at the advice brought on to him by his friends. Now, as their time at the University continues to prolong, even they seemed to have forgotten about him. Being as focused and successfully committed to their studies and relationships as the two girls were, it was a growing challenge to find the time to spare to relax and enjoy one another’s company like they used to. The times seemed to be rapidly changing around him...and needless to say, it left him with an empty feeling of dread for what was to come. It’s a Thursday evening at the University and most of the faculty and students have long since vacated the Campus. While some others still inhabit the various classrooms, all in preparation for the important exams that would soon come with the next morning. Of course, it would come as no surprise to find Arianna and Emma walking through the courtyard beneath the setting Sun. In route to the Campus Library for some last minute preparations of their own. Fatigued and frustrated with the stress of the current week, their anxiety is at an all time high. As is their heat... Overlooking the courtyard and hidden away inside of the Dean’s old office, sits William. Faced with the task of cleaning out the space as a form of extra credit to apply toward the resulting score of his final exams, which he hasn’t even the very least bit studied for. While attempting to fix this mess of an office, William is quick to notice two familiar and provocative figures passing by the window... ————————————- Trouble Synopsis Another rather erotic adventure that will center around a handsome older Stepbrother and his rambunctious, provocative younger stepsister. The gap between their ages is open for discussion. The premise for this story, is that these two characters have known one another for quite some time. Since the day their parents had started dating, this stepsister in question has relentlessly tormented the much more sophisticated and mature stepbrother with her almost constant lewd behavior whenever she finds herself in his presence. Her character could be described as very flamboyant, confident, charming, and sexy. While the stepbrother could be described as steadfast, loyal, and equally just as charming. Though again, in a more mature and sophisticated manner as opposed to her own slutty and thrill seeking self. Being the good man that he has always been known to be, he does his utmost best to simply just ignore this girl. However, this only encourages her. Oftentimes, this man finds himself fighting the more primal urges of his body. All while his stepsister continually threatens to break down this moral code that he holds so near and dear...will she succeed? Setting Tis the season of summer within the bustling city of Newberry, Tennessee. Universities, Colleges, and public schools alike, have all but continued to trap the countless amount of students within their cold, gray walls and endless halls. For this town, summer break is alive and well. Events that range from everything such as the large county fairs to the spectacular, thunderous display of colorful fireworks. A fine time for these normally busy students to return home for much needed social connections with old friends and forgotten family. One such individual doing just this, is a younger man in his early thirties. Returning home for two entire weeks to visit his more distant Father and Stepmother. As well as his infamously affectionate younger stepsister, Madison. Though better known under the alias of "Trouble" amongst her peers. Unbeknownst to William however, his Father had neglected to inform him of the impromptu getaway vacation with stepmother, Ruby. Leaving young Madison as the sole caretaker of the home for the entirety of these same said two weeks that he is scheduled to stay. What a uniquely strange coincidence...or is it? Is there a chance that someone else has withheld some important information form him? All for the purpose of obtaining some welcomed company to keep her entertained... ————————————- "Delivery!" Synopsis A pizza delivery girl becomes lost in route to an address that she is unable to find. After becoming increasingly frustrated, she ends up at the front door of what she hopes is the right house. Well, it isn't...and the stranger standing at the door begins to take full advantage of the situation. However, she is unable to help herself as she finds herself becoming curiously aroused by it all... Setting Arielle is an attractive young College Freshman who has just accepted a job as a pizza delivery girl for a local shop not far from the campus. The shop in question is notorious for the outfits that the upper management provides for their all female team. Identical provocative clothing that would encourage the worst behavior in even the most good of men. Arielle, having always had the reputation as the 'good girl' throughout her life, is a little less than pleased at the uniform she is required to bare. Though what choice did she have? She was broke and desperately in need of good, easy money. Money that would play a crucial role in aiding her journey through furthering her education. Even if that meant the noble sacrifice of her self dignity and respect. After all...putting up with the predictable catcalls stemming from the horny men that would no doubt be ogling over her tight little body seemed like a small price to pay. Opposed to the notion of starving and failing her degree, of course. So long as she was able to secure their fat tips, she would swing her hips to the beat of their drum with as much enthusiasm as her fake sultry smile could gather. It is now the evening of her first day, right around six o'clock on a Friday. Arielle has just slipped into the tight little uniform for the first time inside of the shop's less than claustrophobic bathroom. Despite the utter humiliation that she would be feeling from that moment until midnight, Arielle couldn't help herself but to glance in the direction of the full length mirror on the wall. Damn...she did look good. A petite and delicious dish served alongside a piping hot pie, no doubt. Perhaps playing the role of a slutty little cock tease would come more natural to her than she'd first anticipated. With a newly found stroke of confidence, she is quickly given her first assignment and is away far sooner than expected. Arriving at a large apartment complex on the east side of town, Arielle is unaware of its less than pleasant reputation. While searching for the correct door, she begins to become increasingly anxious at the amount of time that continues to pass as she struggles to locate her recipient's apartment. Nearing thirty minutes, the order in hand would soon become free. An error she could not afford, especially on her first day! Left with little to no choice, Arielle then turns to the nearest door and knocks on the wooden surface with an anxious appetite. "Delivery!" She calls out from the hallway, a slight desperation lining her sing-song voice. Standing there within the midst of that cold and empty hall, Arielle could feel her anxiety rising to new and unexplored heights. There wasn't a chance in Hell that the door she was standing in front of was her customer. She'd taken a complete shot in the dark, hoping to sell the order in hand to the unsuspecting stranger by taking advantage of some other methods not commonly used by ordinary delivery girls...a good review paired with a thick tip was all she'd needed to secure her spot on this team. In order to make a good first impression on her superiors back at the parlor, Arielle was determined that whom ever open that door would experience the best customer service in the city... ————————————- As of this moment, these are the only plots that I have readily available. More will be added in time, so please feel free to check again soon! With that being said, I am actively taking inquiries for the plots listed above, as they are my current cravings at this point in time. Should either of them peak your interest, feel free to contact me through a private message. I look forward to hearing from you!
  11. Evphcria_fae

    Tales of Sin(F looking for M or F)

    Good whatever time it happens to be for you lovelies! Since I'm looking for partners I thought I might as well post here. You can just call me Fae, my timeline is CST and I'm mostly available from 5pm-4am. I'm ghost friendly and I'd prefer on-site PMs as a method for roleplaying. I can write 1-3+ paragraphs depending on how inspired I am but I prefer quality over quantity. I write MxF and FxF pairings, I love OOC chats, plotting and collaborating so my partners get what they want or a plot we both enjoy. I prefer OCs to fandoms and have a wide cast of ocs I use. I'm open to trying fandoms if the idea intrigues me enough. I mostly write submissive female characters but I am open to attempting to male characters. For smut to story ratio I prefer 50/50 or 40/60. The plot doesn't have to be super complex, just enough for interesting buildup. ━━━━━━ • ✿ • ━━━━━━ Ideas and limitations *Like it says on my preferences I'm open minded to try anything once just no animals, lolis or shoutas. That's a hard no I will not sway on. I write low and high romance & fantasy, I like both sweet and darker plots. I'm all for anything that involves being treated roughly, whether as some kind of pet/slave or object. I'm down for a lot of force, humiliation, possession. Or just softer plots or even soft subplots. Speaking of darker plots I'm down for obsessive x object of obsession, supernatural creatures, dub-con, etc. The rest of what I'll write is on my preference sheet, but don't be afraid to ask if I'm open to something that isn't on there! I don't like writing in depth gore/death, mentions are fine I just don't like writing it heavily. Nothing absolutely disgusting either. ━━━━━━ • ✿ • ━━━━━━ Some Ideas *These are really just some simple pairings or plots that I have a lean/craving for, I can't think of them all so it's subject to change. I prefer collaborating with partners on fully fleshed out plots so we both get what we want out of the plot or going along with any ideas my partner has! • Coworker x coworker • Boss x secretary/worker • Arranged marriage • Royal x Knight • Royal x Mage • Royal x commoner • Demon x summoner • Demon x angel • Mage x Demon • Vampire x prey • Vampire x blood slave • Vampire x witch/mage • Enemies/rivals • BDSM arrangement • Master x slave/pet • Roommates • Obsessive x Object of obsession • Inexperienced virgin x "helpful" friend • College professor x student • Spouse/Partner x partner's friend • Gods, Goddess & Demigods • Delinquent x delinquent • Delinquent x goodie-goodie • Idol x assistant/fan • Best friend's older sibling • Friends • Nerd x bimbo/himbo ━━━━━━ • ✿ • ━━━━━━ A bride for peace (Contains arranged marriage & enemies troupe. Huge craving for this) MC is a highly respected mage/warrior from a kingdom engaged in a long and tiring war with the kingdom YC is from. YC is a hero, a knight, royalty, whatever you wish. The rules from each respective kingdom come to an agreement things have gone on too long and come to a conclusion to help end the war, an arranged marriage between our characters. Lacking a princess MC is chosen to be the offered bride for YC to wed and do whatever YC pleases with. Will they get along? Actually fall in love? Or have only a psychical relationship? Devious contracts(modern fantasy, slave & master dynamics) MC is obsessed with the occult. After picking up a summoning book she's gotten in over her head after accidentally summoning YC, who's a demon, a god, angel, whatever you'd like, who forges a contract with MC. Now completely bound together for however long YC decides to keep MC alive she must follow any and every order given in exchange for her wish. Vampire's sacrifice(Supernatural, higher fantasy, possible dub-con) YC is a vampire with a habit for torturing a nearby village. Stealing animals, ruining harvests, feasting on whom ever you please. In order to keep YC at bay the village offers a human sacrifice every few months, and this time MC is the unfortunate soul being offered in return for even just a month free from torment. Instead of only seeing the sacrifice as nothing more than livestock, YC takes an odd interest in MC, one far different than original intentions. Innocent or something more dubious, who's to say? But how long can YC allow the former sacrifice to roam the manor freely before acting on such thoughts. -------- Please PM me for any questions or ideas of any kind/offers of roleplay, looking forward to hearing your ideas and writing! ‪♡‬
  12. Here are the some roleplays I am looking for partners currently outside of my main little sister roleplays. They are all slice of life with focus on the relationship between the two people. Length is important to me, only a couple of sentences every time you respond isn't enough for me to stay interested. The descriptions are vague on purpose so we can flesh out the details together, though there are some details I will be more hesitant to change. For example most of the time I will want to roleplay in a Japanese setting. For the most part I have the character I want to play fleshed out whereas the exact plot and your character is mostly undefined. Older teen sister/shota-ish teen brother character sheet: Mother/son character sheet: Young Female High School Teacher X Male Student Important side note: I deal with some mental and physical health issues so sometimes I don't have the energy to be social, I will try my best to communicate when this happens so you're not left on read. So I hope you can be patient with my responses.
  13. Howdy! I am in desperate need of some experienced roleplayer(s) who like to put story and character interaction first and smut second. Gender has no bearing on how well someone roleplay's so it doesn't bother me what you identify as. I am however, only comfortable roleplaying as a man with the other roleplaying a woman, just cause I write best from what I know. I love character creation, world building and plot direction but I prefer something that feels natural and fluid, so I like for things to be driven by the character(s) and their interactions. I'm not looking for something specific in terms of genre or plot but I gotta have some sort of conflict or overarching narrative. I have a hard time being invested in short-term one-offs because not only do they lack meaningful conflict, they also don't make me feel very invested in the roleplay. It can be dark, light, slice of life or romcom or really anything, as long as there's some sort of overarching narrative/conflict. I gotta have that spiceyness to the rp for me to be invested and I very much enjoy creating things with my rp partners~, which also makes me feel more invested. Last but not least, I have a hard time replying to anything less than two paragraphs. Maybe it's just me but I rarely find single paragraphs or less to be reply conducive. Proper grammar, decent spelling and reply conducive para's is my kink ~ If you're an experienced roleplayer looking for something with more than just smut, if you like talking with your roleplay partner about the characters and progressing story, please feel free to send me an ecchitext! I will be eagerly waiting ^^
  14. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @yuuurisuccubus. Overall premise: The long and harsh war with the Fire nation has left the world scarred and out of balance. So even when the fighting has ended there are still many things to fix, help, regrow and so on. This, of course, leaves Aang the avatar with a great deal of things to deal with and in the end leads to his short lived romance with Katara to fall through and vanish. This leads her quite disheartened as she thought there indeed was something there. However, there is nothing to do about it and instead she eventually finds a new and even better romance in someone she did not notice in the same way before.... --------------------------------------------------------- It has been a week since Aang left the group once the many duties and missions take all of his time and focus, leaving behind the rest of the group who helped bring down the army and former Firelord. Naturally, his absence leaves behind quite a hole for team Avatar as they are left to do what they each please. Of course, all of them have some objective to help bring things back to order and normality, but they are far from as swamped and busy as the Avatar himself. Having a few days of relaxation and resprite Toph has been invited with Katara out to shop for new clothing and general curious shopping around the Earth kingdom capital. Thankfully, Toph's parents has finally allowed her to be much more free and welcome to do as she pleases, given how well she does on her own and especially after meeting the caring water tribe girl.
  15. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    A Meet- Cute

    I’m interested in seeking out role play based on the girl next door? Benjamin is almost thirty now and he’s spent most of his time just working and hasn’t had time for a relationship. What do you think happens when the girl next door locks her keys in the car? How about a fateful moment when true love might happen? If not true love...maybe a relationship that starts out at the convenience of both...but blossoms into something better?
  16. Somehow, a portal between the human and monster planes have opened up. Of course, this causes a lot of uproar, uncertainty, distrust and many other things of the bad kind, BUT also a lot of opportunities for new species and cultures to study each other and try to coexist. Monsters who cross over and try to live with the humans are all assigned a caretaker who is there to help them settle in and adjust, as well as learn about human history, customs, culture and so on - basically, making them ready for a life here among human beings. I am one such monster, who wishes to learn about your world and everything. You are my caretaker, aiming to try and integrate me among your people and society. Who knew that love and romance could spark between a human and a monster girl? Quick notes: 1) I will be playing a futa (let me know if multicocks is your thing ). 2) Less focus on drama and more on the developing relationship my caretaker and myself. 3) Light heartedness and wholesomeness required. 4) No males, this is futa x female A few options for my looks (look HERE if you want more options
  17. Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Cash Money Chad. Overall premise: Like so many other girls, she would love to be able to be a model when she grows up and she does even get an invitation for an audition, which she is thrilled to go to and start off her new career. However, the piece of paper it is written on, somehow gets smudged and she ends up in a very different studio - namely a porn studio and fate would have it that they were expecting a new potential starlet, who doesn't show up, but instead I do without being aware of it. Things proceed as I think them to be normal and she gets talked into doing stuff on camera she is not at all knowledgeable about and over time grows to be sluttier by the day. Kinks which will be included and learned to love: Body writing Bukkake Cock worship Continuous orgasms Double anal/vaginal Double penetration Extreme ageplay Fucked silly Group sex Heart pupils Huge size differences Lewd talk Lipstick marks Making porn Ovary fucking Powerhouses Screaming orgasms Size queen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is a quiet, sunny and lovely day outside on a peaceful Friday afternoon. Sarah Forrester was walking towards the place she has been getting an invitation from. One of her relatives knew a studio with interest in doing photoshoots with cute young girls and through there she was told of where to go. She had the address written down on a small piece of paper and kept it well guarded. However, due to some rain, it got smudged and text harder to read. So she walks towards the place she thinks this is, judging from how she interprets the text. The route now instead takes her to an entirely different place. She finally reaches what looks like a small office building, a bit far away from most places in the outskirts of town. Still, she has no idea how the place is supposed to look like, so she approaches fully and make her way into the reception area."Hello there. I am here for an audition", she says, smiling brightly at the person at the desk.
  18. ** Posted on the community board ** I just picked up the keys and moved into a studio on the 3rd floor. I don't have any furniture yet but I'd love to meet you! I don't have any local friends so please don't be shy - stop by! - Jen
  19. I'm interested in trying a bunch of random short term rp's acting as a free use couple in many everyday scenarios where one of them initiates sex. The couple's agreement is that if one of them wants to do something sexual the other partner is obliged to do what they are told. I imagine myself (man) being the dominant/initiating partner but I'm totally cool having your woman character initiate any of the scenarios/being dominant in them. Examples: (Insert decided names of characters once we discuss that) 1.) Your character is sitting on the floor with their back against our couch in the living room. She is reading a book and listening to some music in the afternoon as the setting sun is shining faintly through the halfway open wooden shutters. My character has just gotten out of the shower and is drying off as he enters the living room. Seeing her sitting on the floor in a very revealing tank top and running shorts he walks over to her and stokes his cock to get it harder than it already was. Then, since she had not noticed him because she was so focused on her book, he takes a few steps closer and rests his large balls on the book, making her lower it so his hard cock was all she could focus on and let her know what he wanted. 2.) Our characters love to wrestle each other in bed and tonight is no different. We have a large circular groovy bed in the late 60s in Britain. You and I met at a swinger's party and decided to take it home. We're both shaggadelic sex machines, legends in our circles of swingers and finally met to assess the other's prowess. Both of us enter the door to the bedroom, simultaneously ripping each other's clothes off and furiously making out. Our hand's lock and we get into a wrestling stance, I heave your over my shoulder and onto the bed, climbing on and tossing aside my scarcely remaining clothes ready to tumble and battle for sexual dominance in a fun sex wrestling night. 3.) The two are playing some dumb games made specifically to "accidentally" turn sexual. Twister, Truth or Dare, Simon Says, among others. It gets to a fake game that my character made up called the "can you guess what's in your mouth?" game (either of us can start the game as the leader.) The person who doesn't lead the game will be on their knees and blindfolded as the leader decides what to put into their mouth, and describe it how they want for the other player to guess. 4.) One partner is sleeping somewhere in the house. It could be the bed, the couch, the floor, anywhere. And the other person initiates the scenario while the sleeping partner wakes up and smiles seeing what is going on. (In this scenario the sleeping partner has previously consented and enjoys their partner's advances) 5.) We were invited to a fancy dinner party by one of my colleagues from work. We feel that this is a very important event but it's been far too long for you without us having sex. You decide in the middle of dinner, at a dimly lit long wooden table lavishly decorated by candles, fine linens, and a delicious feast, that you needed some dick tonight. You excuse yourself at dinner after I have gotten up to go to the bathroom; you wait outside the bathroom and wait to push me into the adjacent master bedroom as soon as I open the door. I'm surprised and stumble to say "o-oh I'm sorry I was actually just picking my teeth! I didn't drop anything at a random person's house!" You then ignore that and push me into the surprisingly empty but still cramped closet. Clawing at my pants and kneeling to pull them down. We hear from outside the closed closet door the sound of people looking where we had gone off to. You don't notice and finally get my cock out of my pants. From all the pulling and rubbing it had gotten quite hard. Out of joy for getting my pants down you are about to exclaim "YES I-" when I panickily grab your head and roughly shove my cock down your throat to quiet you. I turn and press you against the wall of the closet with my dick filling your mouth and my back against the locked closet doors so I couldn't pull out. You begin to moan and rub your tongue on my dick, causing me to moan a little too. I cup my mouth to quiet mine and thrust forward, forcing more of my cock into your throat to silence you.
  20. Therian

    Current Musings

    Hello all! I can roleplay male or female against the opposite sex. Sadly there isn’t any MxM, FxF or anything besides MxF or FxM pairings from me. I like longer length roleplays where I’ll get multiple paragraphs from my partner. I dislike single liners. It kills the mood and muse. I, myself, tend to match my partner’s length and provide quality posts. Otherwise I naturally provide a paragraph or two minimum. I like some plot with my smut. The teasing and torment between characters that can’t rush right into the bedroom is what I enjoy most! Don’t worry, eventually they will give into the cravings! ————— Stepsiblings Suggested Plot Muse A and Muse B both live in single parent homes until their parents meet, date and, after a while, gets engaged. Muse A's mother died when he/she was very young and Muse B's father left them not too long before the parents started dating. To say that Muse A and Muse B aren't too happy with this information, is an understatement. Muse A and Muse B has yet to meet and they already dislike each other but once they finally set eyes on each other, Muse A is dead set on obtaining Muse B’s affections while Muse B has more hidden feelings about the whole thing. After all, Muse A had just turned 18 while Muse B was in their mid-twenties. Muse A was persistent with flirting or subtle cues in the eyes of their parents, while Muse B did everything to avoid Muse A. One day, Muse A and B’s parents go out for a romantic evening, unknown to Muse B. Muse A entices him over with a promise of a family dinner but it ends up being an empty house with Muse A. Will Muse B finally given in to Muse A? I would could play either Muse but prefer Muse B to be male, and Muse A female. ————— Interested Pairs: Professor x Student Stepsiblings Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider Police Officer x Crook ————— In terms of kinks, I’m pretty vanilla. I don’t do anything super extreme as I’m uncomfortable with it. All characters must be 18+. Nothing younger. Again, I can comfortably play either gender for roles. If you have a plot you’re dying to try, run it by and I may be the partner for you!
  21. Master Blaster

    Looking for love

    I want to play the protective masculine love interest of a small sweet femboy. Whether it's an older brother always looking out for his younger brother or knight who's willing to sacrifice his life for his prince. I love the idea of these opposite characters falling in love. I can do just about any setting and pairing, and while my tastes are fairly vanilla, I'm open to discussion. I don't like long posts so talk to me if you have some time. Thanks!
  22. Hello there! While I'm still fairly new to the website, I do have over a decade of experience writing (erotic) role-play on other forums. For my first private request, I am looking to start off with something fairly straightforward. The main themes here are slice-of-life and romance and I am choosing the finer details to be discussed with a potential partner, but I prefer to play the male character regardless. As for what these finer details are, they can range from character ages, setting, the amount of desired smut, kinks, and so forth. I like the brainstorming process, so I look forward to exchanging ideas and combining them into something fun we will both enjoy. Hope to hear from you soon. -Hati
  23. So, as the title implies, I am looking for some partners to roleplay with regularly. Mostly short ones and possibly sex-only roleplays as I have been going through a writer's block for the longest time and still struggling with it. So unfortunately I don't have any solid story to start on. However I am down to experiment with any kinks and plot ideas. If you are interested, don't hesitate to hit me up and if you are going through something similar, we can try and come up with something together! I would love to hear from you. Have a good day
  24. Hi there I'm Rachel and I'm looking for detailed males to embark on some slice of life roleplays. I especially like roleplays that involve a forbidden element (not necessarily illegal, just a situation that would be complicated). While I enjoy smut, I do like details, characters arcs and plot development. I don't like to sound like a grammar snob but good spelling and grammar is a must for me, otherwise I get too distracted. I enjoy ageplay but I like to be the younger character (but I don't play under 18) I like to share character sheets/descriptions involving face grabs, age, personality etc. I don't do any plots involving rape or force. I also don't do plots involving bribery/blackmail/cheating. Here are some of my role suggestions but I'm open to others: Teacher/student (this could be something private eg. private music lessons, private sports coach etc.) Employee/boss's daughter OR boss/employee's daughter Daughter/dad's best friend OR best friend/best friend's dad President's (or prime minister) daughter/security guard Brother's best friend OR sister's best friend I'm interested in playing a preacher's daughter but don't really have a pairing for that. I'm also interested in characters/plot involving royalty I'd also love to explore a Harry Potter themed RP. I don't want to use canon characters, so it would be OCs and maybe set in modern times. Misc plot: MC and YC meet at some kind of corporate event (not necessarily suits and presentations but maybe a fashion show or something like that), instantly connect and spend the night. MC gets scared and leaves. A while later, she holds job interviews for her company and YC is a candidate. Final idea: Similar to the Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock film 'The Proposal', two characters hate each other but through mistakes and misunderstanding much pretend to be in a relationship. The tension and heat build and eventually fall in love. Perhaps this could be the angle for the royal characters? Please send me an EcchiText if you're interested and hopefully we can work something out Hope to hear from you soon!
  25. UPDATED 1/4/2021 Hi~ Thanks for clicking~ I am currently in the mood - no pun intended - for a completely smut FxF or MxF RP. I want there to be a little of story development in the beginning of course, but for the most part, this is all smut. I can play either Dom or Sub, and I don't have much of a preference really. Bondage is a must. Nothing too crazy or intense and not a lot of pain- these are my favorites: ~Orgasm Control (Denial\Forced\Ruined) ~Voyeurism & Exhibitionism ~Tied & Blindfolded ~Some Electro Play (Toys that give small shocks) ~Toys (vibes are preferred, but not limited to) ~Teasing ~Nipple Play ~Light Punishment What you can expect from me and what I prefer in a partner: ~I am semi-lit and have a one paragraph minimum. I CAN write more than that if my partner is more into the longer replies. I don't line one or two line responses; I need something to work off of. ~I can respond a few times a week at the least. I do work full time and am a full time student, so some days are easier to respond than others. But I can usually get back to you in a few days. ~Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. are appreciated, however, I know that people make mistakes and I'm not going to rage because you missed a few periods. ~COMMUNICATION - If you don't like something that's happening, let's change it! I want us both to be enjoying!! Pairings & Plots ***HUGE CRAVING***~Alien/Tentacle Creature x Human (I would prefer to be the human in this scenario. Also, I'm interested in making it MxF, but I am definitely down for FxF still. This could also be one that has more of a story-line and romance behind it if you would like, but it can also just be an ERP. Basically, MC meets YC who is visiting/hiding out/etc. on earth and can change his/her appearance to look human. His/Her alien form would be up to you, though I do love tentacles...(; Our characters meet, YC seduces MC and MC ends up finding out the truth. Please feel free to give me some new ideas for this!) ~Slave x Master ~Kidnapper x Kidnapped (Okay - I don't mean a rape scenario. That's a hard no for me. BUT I do enjoy when one character is reluctant and therefore is struggling against the other person, but secretly ends up loving it and does everything in their power to keep it from the other person.) ~Bad Girl x Good Girl (Maybe the good girl owes the bad girl some money, or refuses to do her homework, or something like that and has to be taught a lesson. I'm open to just about anything.) ~Cheerleader x New Girl (Maybe the cheerleader is showing the new girl her place, or she's jealous that the boys are all drooling over her, something like that.) ~Neko x Human (I prefer being the human, but I am willing to play the Neko.) ~Best Friends (I was thinking something along the lines of two friends make a bet, one loses and has to be the other's slave for a day.) ***CRAVING***~Thief\Spy\Assassin x Homeowner (One character breaks into the home of another - could be to steal something, or could be a hired gun to gather information on them, or is there to kill them. They get caught and the homeowner does whatever she needs to to get the truth out of her.) Those are just my favorites. If it's not on the list, that doesn't mean I'm not open to it! Feel free to throw some ideas at me! HARD NO'S: ~Rape (see kidnapper x kidnapped scenario above) ~Incest ~Age-play (I'm not into teacher x student, babysitter x parent, that kind of stuff) ~Vore\Gore\Anything that goes into the toilet ***For a complete list, here's my F-List: <Mod Note: Removed Link as per Section 14, Section 1> ***And my BDSM Test results: https://bdsmtest.org/r/e3UpYzdj I think that's about it. I'm always open for discussing ideas, so don't be afraid to speak up! If you've stuck around until now, then PM me and let's chat!
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