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  1. ArdillaVerde93

    House Of Horrors

    Though I've lived in the same city for my whole life, I've moved 3 times. Times are tough. Anyway, the second move by far put me in the worst situation. My grandmother and I moved in with my aunt and one of my cousins. Things were fine at first. We got along, had fun, and were civil to each other. I can't remember the moment everything went wrong; frankly, just mentioning this is making me uncomfortable. But I can definitely recall the 3 worst experiences of living with them. My cousin was the one who did the damage. He has a short temper, violent tendancies, and access to various weapons. Not a good combination. First, there was the day our internet went out. By necessity, the modem for the internet was kept in my cousin's bedroom. See, he had a desktop computer, so he needed to connect it directly to the modem to get internet access; he couldn't use wi-fi, like the rest of us. He didn't want anybody in his bedroom without permission, no matter the reason. So, try to imagine this. You're somewhere you know you aren't supposed to be, but you don't need to be there for long. Just long enough to press a button, then leave. Then, you hear the front door open. You pray it's anybody but who you think it is. Your aunt. Your grandmother. A burglar with a gun; ANYBODY but your violent cousin. Then, you hear something else. "You're fucked!" In an instant, he's upon you, connecting with blow after blow. The beating only lasts a few seconds, and is followed by a screaming match, in which you desperately try to defend your actions, to no avail. Nobody else is home; nobody can help you. It's you and this monster. I'm thankful he didn't shoot me, or break my phone. But my stomach hurt for days afterwards, and one of his punches busted my lip open. I later found out that he knew I'd do that, and set me up. I wasn't the target of the next one, but it was still scary. I honestly forget what set this off, but this was a fight between him and my grandmother. While I didn't see the fight, I heard it, and locked my bedroom door to keep him away. He broke my grandmother's phone, threw hot noodles at her, and spit in her face. Not to mention the raging and swearing. With my phone by my side, I dialed 911. In case you were wondering why I didn't do that during the last incident, rest assured it wouldn't have helped. Police did show up, but, despite my insistence that he was in possession of drugs and a firearm, nothing was done. Likely the most scared I've ever been was when I broke my cousin's prized mortar and pestle. He kept them on a shelf in the bathroom. I had just gotten out of the shower, and grabbed my underwear, which I had put on that shelf, as well. Suddenly, I heard something shatter. No. God dammit, NO!! The stick part - I forget what it's called - hit the tile floor and broke into 2 pieces. I thought, without exaggeration, that would be my last day alive. I wanted to run. To run and not look back until I was sure this demon couldn't find me. My grandmother, much to my horror, ordered that I tell my cousin the truth. So I did. Honestly, I'm still surprised I'm alive to type this. He screamed at me, and threatened to kick my throat in. But he never actually struck. He insisted that what I broke was irreplaceable, despite my telling him that I had found plenty more online that I was willing to buy as a replacement. We made up last Christmas, but I still have flashbacks. My grandmother and I moved to an apartment complex, where we live now. I actually don't live too far away from that house. I don't dare go back. I accidentally had something shipped there, because I forgot to change my shipping address online. Whoever lives there now can keep it.
  2. lVergill

    fanfiction Persona Paranormal

    This the beginning of a story of our protagonist, Luck and a lore to his story to people who are curious about his appearance and change behavior. =) Summary: A club is created to hunt the paranormal and the unknown of the world, each member having their own judgment tested by the masses and higher-up. They must confront the truth behind the rise of abnormality in their city and face the monster inside each of them to harness true salvation without their way stain by lies or illusions. [Chapter 1] Protagonist Descend August 21 Sunday Evening I watch the city below illuminating brightly from the darkness of the night as the airplane slowly descends toward my destination. I felt the airplane making a safe landing toward the earth and I could hear the captain announcing our departure from this place. "We arrive in New York City, please exit carefully and don't forget any belonging you may be forgotten. Thank you for flying with us and have a nice day." I smile at my arrival at this place and I quickly set afoot toward my exit as I became excited about my new future here. I manage to arrive at the main lobby with some help from peoples and attendants giving me handful guidance. Now then, I was told my mother that I will meet a certain someone here, but who can they be? I began to ponder on this strange acquaintance of father and began to focus too much as I felt a tap on my left shoulder without me noticing their presences. I turn around to see a strange young girl getting my attention. She has very long light-brown hair that reaches back halfway and two green eyes looking at me. Her clothing consist of a dark, long sleeves, collar shirt with a red tie and a gray skirt. Also, I notice her black knee high socks and black shoes. She began to think for a second as she examines me from top to bottom with curious eyes. "Based on your clothing alone, I am assuming you are Luck Arclight, correct?" She asks. I smile at my name called out from her lips and I slash the air in front of me as my clothing dance in the wind. "Yes! I am Luck Arclight, the protagonist! It is a surprise to see my name already reaching this far." I announced, fearless. I notice the young maiden sigh at my bold introduction and a few constantly gazing at me from some strangers passing by. I became curious at their stare but I need to focus on the girl for now. "Yup, you are definitely the kid. No wonder they didn't tell me your description, you stand out like a sore thumb." She mumbles. "Description?..." I mumble, thinking. "Wait! Don't tell me!" I spoke, shock. The girl smiles at my surprise and raises her right hand toward me as I look at her dumbfounded by the shocking result. "The name is Amy Smith, I am going to be your caretaker for one year so please don't cause any more problem," Amy spoke. "I see…" I spoke, adjusting my glasses. "It is nice to meet you," I reply. "Good respond, I hope you can stay safe and out of trouble. Anyways, let's head out and show you where you are going to stay."Amy explain. I nod at her explanation and she took my response as she turns around toward the exit of the airport with me following after her. We arrive in her car and drive toward my room where I can rest for today. I gaze outside through the window to see any building, people, and many new things I couldn't find back home. This is just hitting me, I never realized the new environment I am currently in and how far I am from home, but! I am the protagonist! I will do just fine here. After a couple of minutes passing green light and turning around some corner, we arrive at a peculiar crossroads with many building advertising many products around this strange place. Amy caught my curious wandering as she glances at me for a second. "This is your first time in New York, isn't it?" Amy ask. "Yeah, it is very different from the place I came from," I reply. "Well, this is the Time Square and this is where I pass the time with the job I establish," Amy explained. "Job you establish?" I ask, curious. Amy suddenly parks at a nearby building somewhat close to the time square she mentioned. I look up the sign to see Midnight written and I became curious about what job she has. I look at her to notice she is already at the door and I immediately follow after her. "Wait! You can't just leave..huh?" I spoke to her but I took a close look at her home to find myself inside a small bar. I could see tables filled with chairs and a counter where people could drink the night away. I enter the bar looking around to organize my thoughts about this place. I could see many beverages neatly stack on the shelf behind the counter and I notice another thing besides the beverage, a kitchen. I became angry at this place dark intention and I began to tap my right feet as I cross my arm. "What's this!? I hope you are not working here! I can smell evil vibe from this and I must speak to your boss about it." I exclaim. Amy smile at my anger as she confidently steps behind the counter and began to serve something behind my back. I wait for a couple of second before Amy brought me a glass of something dark with foam inside the glass. "You must be exhausted from the fly, why don't you drink this to cool you down," Amy spoke. I stare at the drink with disbelief and Amy sigh as she speaks once more. "It isn't what you think, it is just soda." Amy sigh. "Oh," I spoke. I took a seat behind the counter as I grab the cup and took a gulp of the drink. I could taste the root beer soda flavor hitting my taste buds and I let quick exhale after the drink. "Thank for the drink, but this isn't going to distract me from my previous question," I spoke, seriously. Amy look at me as she thinks about my question and slowly raise her hand toward herself which made me confuse. "Huh? Why are you pointing yourself?" I ask. "Don't you get it? I am the boss around here, Midnight is my place and the place I work at since I don't have any workers as of yet." Amy explain. "What!?" I spoke, shock. Amy smile. "Are you surprise? You shouldn't be, after all, I need money to pay for my college and all. In the end, most students would do the same thing." Amy spoke, calmly. "Yeah, but! Working in a bar isn't what most students do!" I reply. I pause for a second after I realize that Amy isn't your regular ordinary girl from some college and perhaps she could become the main character like I envision her to be. "In any case, let me show you to your room," Amy spoke. I see Amy leaving the counter to approach the stair leading to the floor above us and I follow her lead. We approach a door at the end of the stair and she pulls out a key from her pocket. It made me curious is to why she keeps this door lock. Amy open the door to reveal a room filled with boxes and I could faintly see a bed, desk, windows, and a couch with a table nearby. I scratch my head at the cramped room standing before me and how can I possibly sleep and do my stuff with this boxes. "Right, I forgot to move this boxes from this room. I felt like I forgotten something and this was it." Amy mumble, thinking. "What are those boxes?" I ask. "They contain beverages for the costumes and I usually put them in the fridge but I had a lot of extra than I expect. So, I move them here so it wouldn't bother the customers downstairs." Amy explain. I notice the word Fragile written in the boxes so I know her story is genuine and she could be trusted, despite her having a very sketchy job. "Anyhow, I apologize to say this but could you sleep in this room for now. I don't have the time to move this boxes since it is night after all." Amy spoke. "By yourself? I prefer to do it myself." I reply. Amy chuckle. "There's nothing to worry, I can call for help to move those boxes. For the meantime, you need to sleep for tomorrow and I need to drive you there for now." Amy said. "Oh, then I will do just that," I spoke. Amy nod. "Good and don't worry, by the time you come back from school, I will remove this boxes from your room." Amy smile. Amy left the room through the stair with a smile on her face and I focus my attention on my new room. I became happy in my new room despite the boxes getting in the way for now. I suddenly recall something as I sigh and rub my head. "it was a meteor, and besides, a kid like yourself should stay away from the government's business and listen to our judgment. After all, our judgment is what is keeping this great place safe and secure for our citizens." I became sadden at remembering something from back then and I manage to pass through the boxes to rest in my bed. I lay down as I release a sigh and I could hear a clock ticking near me. I began to feel angry at their judgment since they hide something from me and more importantly, the citizens. Judgment, huh? I felt my eyelids getting heavy and I need the rest for today from that long trip. I close my eyes to finally rest and soon I fell into deep sleep. I felt weird as my body float and I felt at peace somehow. I immediately open my eyes to see the blue sky above me and I slowly get up to notice nothing but grass within my vision. I could feel the cold breeze pushing the grass beneath me and I became confused at this dream of mine. "Oh, a visitor?" My body twitches at the sudden voice and I turn around to see a man approaching me. The man wore a black turtleneck shirt and black pants with a belt. I immediately notice his strange butterfly mask and I felt a strong connection to this person but I haven't seen this person. "There no need to worry, my name is Philemon. It seems death and judgment will be in your future." Philemon spoke. [Chapter 1 End]
  3. Before I get into it, I want to thank @ArdillaVerde93, without whom's story (Lovesick) and blessing to post, this story would not exist. This is a side story of sorts to an entire plot of their devising, and is somewhat intended to be a part of Shaymin and Tyler's story through the eyes of another. A little backstory. I was asked by ArdillaVerde93 to help cure Shaymin, and I agreed. This is my take on the process, as well as information that came to my attention later. I haven't written in a long time, and it isn't much, but I hope people enjoy it. Without further ado, here we go. ~~~ Journal of Kai Russet; 08/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto Today, I happened upon a strange and miraculous discovery. I am not alone in this world. There is another, like me, who has... changed, into something else. Something more. Something between Human and Pokémon. I made this discovery entirely by accident whilst training with my Lilligant, and an innocent passerby got caught when a breeze blew a full dose of Sleep Powder their way, and without thinking I took them to my house to recover. Which is the story to which I intend to stand by. When he (though I initially mistook him as female, and was corrected later) came around from what I had subjected him to, after I apologised, he politely introduced himself as Tyler Miller, a doctor. My interest was piqued at this point, as I find it incredibly intriguing that our shared condition should have affected two practitioners of the same profession. Or rather I should say, did, since I no longer practise medicine. The odds seem astronomical that I should meet another, let alone a doctor. Returning to the point, he informed me of a difficult case he was working on, of course remaining within the bounds of professional confidentiality at all times, and talking over only the most basic points of the case, with no direct reference to the patient herself at all. It was apparent that the patient was suffering from infertility after pelvic trauma. Feeling for him and the patient, I showed him to my modest library, as well as the studies I had devoted myself to since being afflicted with my condition. Doctor Miller appeared to find certain things of interest, as well as relevance to the case he was working on, at which point I loaned him use of a pen and paper to write down some of his discoveries. Shortly thereafter, I showed him out of my house, wishing both he and his patient well. Note: Of interest is the fact that Doctor Miller, while male, appears to have been changed in part to a female Cinccino. This is curious to me, as my... enforced transformation into part Delphox, remained wholly male. ~~~ Journal of Kai Russet; 09/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto I was approached by Doctor Miller early this afternoon. It appeared as though he had spoken to his patient after leaving yesterday, and had talked her into accepting a consultation with me, due to my unusual medical knowledge. I have not practised medicine in a long time, but I could not find it in my heart to refuse such a request. I left with Doctor Miller to meet the patient. Imagine, if you will, my surprise at entering the room and coming face to face with a Legendary Pokémon. I will not deny that I had been expecting a Pokémon, and one very much loved judging from the tone with which Doctor Miller spoke of her. But I certainly had not been expecting a Shaymin. The chance to work with, and try to help, such a Pokémon made my heart race with excitement. It kindled a feeling deep within me, one that I had not felt for the longest time. I have always wanted to help both people and Pokémon, but since my condition, this... curse, or whatever it happens to be that has transfigured me, I have chosen not to. I feel I have been given a new opportunity to do what I have always wanted, and always loved, to do. I knew there and then that I must do my best, and so after a brief summary of the medical history of the patient, as well as an explanation of what exactly caused her infertility, I put every effort into describing and explaining my researches, how I hoped to help, and what the risks may be, but Shaymin seemed full of gratitude towards even the attempt to help. I bade farewell after the consult was concluded, and returned home. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 10/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto The procedure took a long time, but went along with no unexpected complications. However, whether it was a success or not, we will be unable to determine until tomorrow. I find myself feeling that I may wish to become a fully practising physician again. I gave up for a reason, but now I find the very reason I gave up may help more than hinder. I certainly very much hope that it helped in this case. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 11/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto Today was the day we discovered if my researches will help. To see if our labour bore fruit, as it were. There were no complications during the procedure, and a few routine tests led us the conclusion that it had been successful. Between magic, medicine and luck, Doctor Miller and myself cured Shaymin of her infertility. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 12/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto I returned to meet Shaymin and Doctor Tyler today, and together we took the tests again to ensure that the cure had indeed worked. Shaymin seemed incredibly grateful for our help. She agreed, at my request, to allow me a rare gift, and was very patient as I gathered pollen from her flowers, as well as plucking a few quills from herself for me. Words could not express my gratitude that she would accept such an unreasonable request, but they were all I had to thank her with. It is my hope that with these gifts, I will be able to study more types of mystical medicine to help people and Pokémon alike in the future. ~~~ Journal of Doctor Kai Russet; 13/04/2016 - Goldenrod City, Johto It was raining this evening, for which I was very grateful, as I was unable to prevent myself from tearing up a little. For reasons unknown to me at the time, for I did not pry, Shaymin has chosen to leave and return to her home, the Flower Paradise in Sinnoh. It is clear, however, that it was a difficult decision for both Shaymin and Doctor Miller. It was hard for myself also, though I feel my pain was not a speck compared to what theirs must have been. I later discovered, through Doctor Miller confiding in me, that it was his refusal to help Shaymin start a family that caused her to leave. I feel guilty, for it is due to my studies, my medicine, that Shaymin was cured. I feel at least partially at fault for her leaving. Between the awful things I did a few days ago and this, it seems that the relationship between Doctor Miller and myself is to be an unfortunately strained one. I have, however, made reservations at a local restaurant for tomorrow, in the sincere hope that Doctor Miller will be able to accompany me. I do not believe I could take the place of a much beloved Shaymin, and nor will I try. I merely wish to attempt to make up for my first mistakes, and try to ease the hurt of losing Shaymin.
  4. Trials In Tainted Space: Extinction Prologue: The Beginning of the End The sky was dark with trillions of blue alien frigates, each one ready to fire its beam down upon the very planet, full of life that can’t escape their fate. A man was rammed through stonewall as a large, powerful battle was taking place. The proportions of the damaged area was unlimited, nothing but the ruins of a large structure stood in the destructions wake. There were five men, the man being one of them. He swiftly grabbed his Energy Chain Great sword and charged at another, while another being fought the other two. This battle would decide the fate of the universe, and the lives of those in it. The man’s armor was highly damaged, but he managed to keep the damaged gear on his body long enough for protection. His helmet had various cracks on it, it was not going to help at all in this situation. His opponent rushed, swinging the same type of blade upward, then would go for the downward slash if he missed. The man rolled back before pushing his feet off of a wall, in mid air for an aerial attack. The opponent was smart though, he leapt in the air, using some form of energy blast to help him get there. The opponent’s blade quickly formed into an axe as he flew passed the man, turning and smashing the man into the ground. The man got up, only to be caught off guard. His opponent came crashing down, swinging his axe as soon as he was in range for the attack. The man blocked the attack from above with his blade, not only destroying half of the blade, but also cracking his helmet in half from the exerted force. The opponent landing on the ground as he attacked then used his axe to cut half way into the man’s right arm. He then kicked the man to the side, sending him crashing through a ruined wall. The opponent walked to the man, picking him up by the throat, ready to give the final blow. As he sent the final blow, the man saw only white, feeling swift and immediate pain, but all faded into black. Chapter One: A new world, a new warrior type On the planet known as Mehn’ga, horny creatures lurk out day and night from all ways just to mate. Everyday seemed the same, until he arrived… The man stirred and groaned in tiredness as he began to awaken. He tried getting up, but only found himself stumbling into a tree, trying to shake off the feeling of death on his military body. He opened his eyes, quickly adapting to the night that surrounded the area from around. He could only see dark jungle, and the only light than was being emitted was the moonlight and the red lines from his new armor. He still had his helmet on, and his armor and equipment was repaired, as if nothing had happened, for the most part at least. The man looked around, his helmets HUD system scanning the area from around him, trying to see fit there was a way out of the dark jungle. He heard a noise from behind, but before he could turn to it, a large tail struck him in the back, sending him to the ground a few feet away from the attacker. He slowly got up, lazily looking as his opponent. The attacker had a fur upper body , but the rest of his lower half was a huge snake body. He didn’t know what this thing was, but apparently it spoke the deep words, “Another prey, how delicious.” The man didn’t know where his weapon was, but he got in a battle stance in a military like fashion. The creature only laughed, “Ha! Your outnumbered off-worlder,” He said as other creatures that looked exactly like the main attacker appeared out of the shadows, there were ten in total, surrounding the new stranger, “Now, we’re gonna make you our bitch!” They all attacked at once, but as they lunged, the man closed his eyes. When he shot them opened, time stopped. At indescribable speeds, he gave each of the creatures a quick blow to their different weak spots, as if they were paused. As time resumed, they all fell limp to the ground, nearly dead. The man looked down upon the main creature, lifting it up by its hair. He inspected it, seeing that it was male, he figured out that the others were as well. He threw the knocked out creature to the side, not caring anything less for it. He still needed to know where the hell he was. After two hours of walking, nothing but trees and various creatures were in sight. His HUD system read hazardous readings up ahead, but they were low, so they were not as dangerous as he would think. The man looked at himself, ‘My armor and gear are repaired, but I am missing my blade,’ He thought as a something stabbed him the in the back of the latex neck space silently. He felt the pain, but could only fall to his knees and to the ground, his fingers twitching every so often. His vision buried as a drug was pumped from the needle, putting him to a slow sleep. -Somewhere in the forest, not far from the man- A soldier of white awoke, his helmet and armor having scratches from the surrounding thorn plants. The grabbed out a laser knife and cut the plants off of his body, getting up with every plant that fell off. He was a Stormtrooper, but unlike his other comrades, he had the sense to train himself during free time. He wasn’t sure with how he got in this forest, perhaps one of the recon ships crashed somewhere and he fell off? But that would seem illogical; if he had fallen from the ship at that height he would have been dead. Grabbing his laser rifle, the troop could only see night as his HUD’ map began to pick up three red blips, meaning that there were enemies around. He readied his rifle, hearing shuffling in the nearby trees. Three snake like beings rose, surrounding the trooper, “Finally, a feast.” One of the creatures said gleefully. “Why don’t you run prey, just to make this fun?” The larger one said, prepping his claws for combat. “No,” The troop said raising his gun, keeping his wits sharp and his senses focused, “You are to stand down, or I am authorized to take lethal action.” The creatures laughed, “And who authorized that toy soldier?” “The Empire.” The trooper stated with confidence. The creatures could only smirk as they surrounded their prey, ready to strike at any moment, “We’re gonna make you our bitch!” The large one said as they all lunged at the soldier. The trooper fired a single shot, hitting one of the creatures dead in the chest, then shot another, shooting the other one in the arm causing him to slither back in pain. The large creature landed a hit on the trooper’s armor, creating a huge gash in the armor. The troop staggered back as the creature sprung up, hitting again, this time knocking the gun out of his hand and knocking him to the ground. The trooper struggled to get his gun, but was pulled by one leg as the creature began to get an erection, “Keep struggling! It’ll only make you ass nice and tender!” The trooper had remembered about his laser knife. He quickly pulled it out and activated it, its red blade cutting the very ground. He pulled In with his leg, but reached over quickly and stabbed the creature in the hand. The snake-like creature could only stagger back as well. The troop quickly got up, using his weight to lunge at the creature. Successfully he pierced through its chest, twisting and cutting at it. The creature screamed in agony as his chest was flared in red hotness, being cut open as blood splattered all on the troopers white armor. As they both fell to the ground, the trooper swiftly trapped the creatures left wrist with his foot, and the other with his knee raising the blade high above its head. He strikes, stabbing the creature’s head with one simple blow. It took a few minutes for the body to stop squirming, but after a few minutes of struggling to keep it contained, the body finally stopped moving. The troop let the body rest in its dead spot, where he had savored the victory. He stood up, grabbing his laser rifle where it had been knocked down. He checked his surroundings, and from what he saw on his HUD map there were no bogies in the area he was in. Just as he took a step further, he was struck in the back of the neck with a needle, his nervous system falling to a deep sleep as he fell to the ground. He could hear a female voice before his eyes shut, forcing him to deep slumber.

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