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  1. Wraith

    Love and War

    Love and War: In the world of Scalia, a prophecy for a great war is destined to place. The light is to be guided by a champion, A great heroine shall guide the forces of light into battle. Of course, the forces of darkness are commanded by an overlord. The two however, turn out to be lovers, both from the same village. The pair having a secret relationship. However, the overlord would be created by a failed witch trial and execution, setting the prophecy into motion. Will the war play out in full, or can the old flame they had counter the fated course? Characters:
  2. Rosalynn98

    Medieval Fantasy

    Hello I'm looking for someone to play a dominant male for the plot below. Ideally the story starts out dark, but slowly turns into a romance between the characters. On average I write a couple of paragraphs per response, but they vary greatly depending on the scene and what seems to flow. I also typically write in third person and like to plan major plot points out in advance, so we both know where the story is heading and can work on getting it there. Response times vary depending on the day because of my job, but I do typically respond several times a day and give a notice if I'm going to be gone for a longer stretch. I am also open to changing the plot, or if there is a totally different idea you have and you think we'd be compatible, I'm open to hearing that as well. Starting Plot: Rumors have swirled around the kingdom of Miridia for years, passed under the breath at risk of treason. The King was not the true king. Another was rising, coming to take what was rightfully his. The talk has started when the current king was just a child. His dark hair and eyes did not follow that of his ancestors, who were known for a steel gaze that could strike fear into the heart of any man. The queen must have had an affair, one that resulted in this child, in response to the king's own infidelity. The true royal blood does not run through his veins, but there was a child, far on the outskirts of the kingdom, that was rumored to be the true heir, a bastard son. Still, the rumors stayed rumors as both boys grew into men and had their own children. The current king, bitter from the loss of his wife and son, has become cruel, taking what he wants from the kingdom without any regard for his people. He ran the commoners into poverty, sent them off to die for his wars. He even pushed his own daughter away, keeping her in the dark about the kingdoms affairs. The worse he got, the more the rumors picked up. The blood heir had had a child. Strong, smart, and determined. People were flocking to him and his promises to take back the throne and restore the kingdom to it's original glory.
  3. The following plots are based on the OCs that are in my albums. Those are the only characters I will be using, but you can contact me if you have a different plot in mind! I have to admit that I'm currently on a rape fetish with a hint of teasing and/or sex toys~ And possibly some bondage and maybe some slave training. I'm kinky- I said rape fetish, but it’s kinda mutual, dominating guy that’s rough and convinces the girl through cock to not scream for help. Also- Dad bods are kinda hot now. Edit: More ideas to come! Plot #1: (Shizuoka) Contains: Lolicon, Sex Toys, Rape, Female Dom It was supposed to be a video game. You know those normal RPGs where you kill monsters, level up, search for gear? Well this popular game was supposed to be normal, and while you spend your time with this one NPC, there’s bigger things happening. Perhaps you’re too focused with having sex with this NPC, but there’s a storm brewing outside. Because it wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t the fault of anyone in your world, but rather, the fault of an idea. Someone came up with this world, created an idea that was so powerful, it came true. Now the game is seeping into reality, danger all around you. And that NPC… she’s here for a bit of revenge. Plot #2: (Shizuoka) Contains: Lolicon, Sex Toys, Rape, A magical girl? Hardly. She wouldn’t call herself that, at least, but Shizuoka is one of the strongest mages in this world. That’s only because she didn’t come from this world, slipping through cracks. But with her knowledge, she easily created an empire of drugs, and as a result, grew some unknown powers in humans of this world. And with power, especially from a girl that looks like a young teenager, comes jealousy. Many have been sent to take out this mage, and when they do, it’s time to teach the girl a lesson. What kind of lesson? It’s up to you, but at the very least, the boss wants her to learn “the reality” of being at the top where all the competition lies. Are you the hunter, eager to make this girl squeal at first sight? Or are you the boss, ready to trap this girl in your secret room in the office and make her your new test subject. ((Preferred for partner to be 2 characters, though wouldn’t call it a love triangle, more like double ownership over Shizuoka. )) Plot #3: (Nerezza) Contains: Lolicon, Sex Toys, Rape You just lost your job at a company because of a bitch woman and are wandering the streets during a rainy night. You find an unconscious orphan young girl in an alleyway, and she looks pretty similar to your bitch of a boss that got you fired on unfair terms. Angry, you take the girl home and tie her up, starting to train her to become your sex slave, making her your whore out of spite and revenge. And as you turn her into a little slut, it seems your luck is turning for the better. Maybe your little closet slut is something more than a mysterious little girl. Now you can turn things around and get your revenge. Plot #4: (Kusana) Contains: Sex Toys, Rape There’s rumours of a dragon girl wandering the forest, terrorizing the people and taking down hunters that try to capture her. After all— she is worth a high price. But that’s not the point. You’re a hunter, and whether hired to capture or wanting to do it on your own, you find the dragon girl and manage to do what no other Hunter was able to do: capture her. Now what? She’s young and in heat… and after all the trouble she’s put people through, turning her into a sex toy seems like a good idea. Her body is untouched, so make it as lewd as possible to teach this girl a lesson on where she belongs… At your beck and call. Nothing beats a prideful dragon girl begging for your cock… right?
  4. (Okay, so this is like additional comments on top of additional comments. That's why it's bold AND underlined! Anyway... instead of polluting the forums with my crackhead stories I'm just gonna post them all in here, k? I'll try to add the themes... tags, whatever above each story. Expect incest. (I tend to just lurk on the forums in CC and use the backdrop to just write random stuff because dark theme is nice and it's convenient.. I never actually post them because it's mostly just random shit pouring out of my brain to my fingers, and often makes no sense except to me. I copy them to notepad and save them in a folder. I have... many saved... Anyway, I sat down yesterday with nothing to do and just started writing for about 12 hours or so... I forget... and this is what happened. And it's... I dunno. Decent? It's dark with incest and noncon, but with a lot of dark humor, too so it's not all just misery. Oh, I should also explain that a lot of these stories I write... will start from a picture or two. From that picture... I formulate a fucked up backstory. I'd put the picture, but it's a RL picture of a blond chick in a white bikini looking very unimpressed by an indoor pool... but I don't think they allow RL pics here? I don't know. But from that picture... I just let my brain loose and this is what happened. Enjoy. Or don't. Don't think it officially ends, either. I mean it ends, but not an official ending. Or maybe it is if you think hard enough about it. Sometimes events in your life just end with an assgasm. I don't owe pigeons ten dollars...) The Price of Stardom (Incest, noncon, dubcon, dark humor, drug use, underage, light abuse and probably others I'm forgetting.) On paper, they were a rather wholesome family band. The father and uncle former musicians whose band didn't quite make it back in the day. Growing older, life goes on. One ends up having a few kids and settling down while still playing as a hobby and teaching his kids. Wife tragically passes, and the uncle returns to help with the kids and to aid his grief stricken brother. They find solace in music and the two sons and daughter take an interest. Family reunited through power of music! How wholesome. Story makes headlines, group gets attention and signed. They write songs, make an album... go on tour. Stardom ensues. But the price of stardom is steep. Especially when you involve your teenage children in acquiring the dreams you failed in your youth. You may not know when to quit and you may end up taking things too far. Especially when your 15 year old daughter is the frontman and face of the band. A girl who just wanted to share an interest with her father, now taking on a tremendous responsibility for someone her age as the pressure not only falls down upon her, but her father, uncle and brothers as well. From doing covers of well-known oldies and classic rock jams to original material and headlining tours, the dynamic has already changed dramatically. It wasn't fun at all anymore, especially for Alyson. Now she just yearned to go back to school and be a normal teen girl, yet the hopes and dreams of the rest of her family seemed to lay upon her shoulders... the youngest of them all. If it wasn't good enough she had the vocal range of Robert Plant and Geddy Lee to Layne Staley and Eddie Vedder, she now had to look the part. When did it suddenly become about image? Her father and uncle being the creative minds behind the group, they wanted to take them to a more 'edgy' style that would appeal to younger crowds as opposed to a passing nostalgia act. She suddenly had to act and say things that weren't within her natural character and dress in ways that were awkward and unappealing to her. Though she loved her father and liked to see him so happy, it was beginning to take it's toll on all of them. Tired, worn out, and frustrated they were all on edge... nearly worse than they were when the band was a healing influence on them. Her father, usually a kind and generous man was now becoming more aggressive and controlling. Her uncle, who was always a fun-loving positive person was succumbing to substances and becoming increasingly unhinged, suggesting more and more unusual and at times, inappropriate methods of gaining attention. Her oldest brother Miles, who was usually a mentor and guiding figure in her life was now also becoming controlling and indignant... acting like he's owed something for simply fulfilling his normal role. Middle brother Shane... who was always a smart ass, but in a humorous manner, was just now mean and rude. Blunt with no filter and often just hostile. While the youngest older brother Jakob played the role of shoulder to cry on and avid listener... which was always good, but now she couldn't help but feel an ill intent behind his otherwise positive actions. She didn't feel comfortable around any of them anymore and honestly just wanted out... but would be burnt at the stake for even suggesting such a thing. A lot of the promotional material was handled by them via social media accounts... FB, Twitter, Instagram... they had a YouTube channel, a Twitch channel and more recently... Uncle Jack suggested more risque photo ops for Alyson to promote her new edgy phase... to release a few public teasers, then hide the rest behind a paywall of Patreon and OnlyFans. Before appearing very modest and wholesome... they were currently conducting a swimsuit photo shoot, with summer around the corner... displaying Alyson in a variety of revealing bikini's while doing seductive poses. The wholesome girl next door is going wild! She hated it. Hated the bikini's. Hated the idea. Hated how they were profiting off of a 15 year old girl's sex appeal. And especially hated how everyone in her family was now looking at her as she hesitantly posed for them to take low-angle shots and hearing things she'd never thought she'd hear from her family members. "Push your tits up", "Pull it tighter so we can see your mound", "Present your ass to your father", and "Pull them apart just enough so we get a hint of your asshole!" It was literally making her sick. Not to mention some of the things her uncle was muttering to her... about how she's grown into a fine, young body. Her hips signified a proclivity to birth children as well as take a lot inside of her. An ass he could bounce quarters off of and a 'dumper' he'd be proud to park himself inside of. She refused to answer the multiple times he asked if she was still a virgin or had been fucked yet. Wanting to complain to her father about Jack's behavior, but he wasn't much better... comparing her to a young version of her mother didn't help... plus he was too busy bossing her around, telling her what to do and what to wear, where to go. Eventually, becoming too frustrated and overwhelmed, she told everyone to 'Fuck off' and made way to her room in the hotel they were shooting at. Finally... quiet and solitude. Two commodities that were now a rarity in her life. She took a drink from the bottle of water left for her and lied back on the bed, pushing her palms into her eyes. How did it come to this? This had gotten too far out of hand and something needed to be done or their family was going to implode. As expected, her peace didn't last long before without even knocking, her father burst into her room and began scolding and lecturing her... calling her a little diva and drama queen... stop being an entitled little bitch and do what's right for her family. Who's the one being dramatic here? She knew it was hopeless, but she tried to reason and express her concern about her uncle's lewd comments towards her. How it was inappropriate and making her uncomfortable, suggesting his drug problem was getting out of hand and he should be getting help. Instead of being met with calm, rational discussion... a swift, hard sting of her father's hand greeted her cheek as she was called more unwarranted names for speaking ill of her uncle in such a way. This man... this hero... a bastion of greatness who gave up his luxurious life of... manual labor and spending his evenings in a shitty bar drinking his life away to come to their aid in the family's greatest time of need and deliver them from their pit of despair after the death of her mother. Alyson's merely overreacting... he's just quirky and eccentric, it's her fault for taking his little quips too seriously. All this fame going to her head, she needs to lighten up! And to suggest this saint have a... gasp! Drug problem... is just ridiculous! The drastic changes in his behavior... from being a ball of uncontrollable energy one day to a useless heap the next who's often profusely sweaty with the shakes... to suggest drugs may be involved!? He's just passionate and tends to over exert himself is all! She knew it would be pointless, but she took a few hefty chugs of water, gearing up to let her father have it about how he's changed. From the strange comments comparing her to a young version of her mother, to his aggressive, controlling behavior... pointing out the slap from a man she once knew as so loving and gentle, willing to do anything for her, and everyone's happiness. Now we're all fried, miserable, frustrated and angry... with the final nail in the coffin that the band is no longer about keeping the family together, but rather it's driving everyone apart and now only exists because he's using his children to experience the dream that he failed at when he was younger, and needs to let it go and let them go back to being normal teenage kids instead of whoring his own daughter out for fame and glory. Alyson wasn't sure if it's because she went so hard, but she started to feel a little light-headed afterwards. Regardless, she felt good about it and it needed to be said... even if he was about to go off on her. She was prepared for it... a good yelling, another slap or two... bring it on! Though he just seemed to stand and smirk at her as she noticed she was having a hard time catching her breath. "What's....?" she tried to piece together what was happening to her. "Funny you mentioned us.... whoring you out..." He told her. She heard the door open behind her, and looked to see her uncle enter her room as well. "She drank from the bottle, then...?" He asked. She looked at the water bottle, then at her uncle... the pieces starting to come together... even though she couldn't believe it. "And she says YOU have a drug problem!" The two laughed as her legs went weak and she plopped down on the edge of the bed. "...drugged me!?" she looked to them with disbelief. Even considering their recent behavior, she never would have suspected she'd get drugged by her father and uncle. "...why!?" "Say hello to what I like to call 'day-rape,' Alys!" Jack began, "Part good 'ol GHB with a bit of meth mixed in..." He explained, "It'll render you helpless, but keep you awake and aware as we do... whatever we want to do." "You're right, Alyson... we're all a bit... high-strung. On edge. Tensions are high. Figured we'd need a way to relieve some of those tensions and we couldn't think of a better way than..." Her father explained. "Just like the old days!" Jack smiled, "Rather poetic, actually. See while we were in our 'failed little band' we used to bust this out on the uptight bitches who talked shit about us... take'em back and get a little revenge." He seemed proud of this. "Not all of them were uptight bitches, though." Her father added, "There was another member of our band that you probably weren't aware of..." They looked at each other, "Yeah... our sister!" Jack informed. Not aware, indeed. Alyson didn't even realize she had an aunt- "Aka... your mother." Her father dropped the bomb. "My... mother...?" Alyson wasn't sure if it was the drugs, or the shock of the news, but that moment seemed to stand still for ages... a blink causing time to start again, "...was your sister!?" She was processing. She knew she heard it correctly, she just didn't understand why or how. "Yup!" Jack patted her shoulder, "Like you, she was the frontman... front woman? Of the band. The only reason anyone really came to see us." He admitted, "Nobody appreciated our musicianship or songwriting... they just came to see the young hottie singing for the rock band!" "Indeed." Her father nodded, "Until eventually... it wasn't going as great as she hoped and was getting bored... so with all of our hopes, dreams and desires on the line... just decided to pull the plug. Call it quits. Game over." "It was after the show... we proposed a toast." Jack told, "We tried. It was fun while it lasted. All good things must come to an end... yadda yadda..." He waved his hand, "Only I had just mixed up a batch of day-rape in her drink and well..." He gestured to Alyson, "You know how it feels." "She was a selfish little..." Father shook his head, "Only cared about herself. Didn't work for her, so she sacrificed us. Threw us under the bus." He elaborated, "She even knew what we did to girls at shows... so when it happened to her..." "Bitch didn't believe it!" Jack laughed, "I tell you... we were unsure we'd even be able to... go through with it at first, but.... whew!" He was excited just reliving the memory, "Never felt so damn good in my life!" "It's true..." Father confirmed, "As harsh as it may sound... I never felt so... justified... while performing such a heinous act.. over... and over.." "And over! And over! And over and over and over and over!!" Jack added, "Lost count of how many times we took her.... never fucked so hard, continuously in my life!" "Yes. We took turns. Took her in different... areas. Sometimes even both of us at once." Father said proudly. "But how did..." Alyson tried to put it together, "Why did she..." It clicked, "Because she got pregnant...?" "Bingo!" Jack snapped, "You know your grandparents are quite the bible-thumpers... we knew she wouldn't say anything... and when she got pregnant..." "Our parents made her have the child... she said it was from a one night fling." Father recalled, "She was disowned by her parents... used by her brothers... loved little Miles regardless." He smiled, "She begged us to help her raise the child. Swore to never mention how he was conceived or who's child it truly was. And... we agreed." "Under one condition!" Jack geared up, "That she continue to be our little fuck-bag!" "She changed her name and we were never officially married." Father explained, "And... well... ended up giving us three more kids!" "Fun fact!" Jack pitched in, "To this day, we're not really sure who's who's!" "Saying.... YOU.... could be my real-" "DADDY!?" He giggled, "Could be, sweet cheeks!" "If I had to guess... I'd say you and Miles are mine... Shane and Jakob are Jack's..." Father shrugged, "But it's not like we can go get a blood test done, can we? So who's to say for sure?" "Wait..." Alyson stopped them, "So then... why did... what happened to mother...?" "She uh..." Jack scratches his chin, "Noticed our excitement after having a little girl... suspected that we might..." He gestures to Alyson and shrugs. "She wanted to come clean about it..." Father said, "Said she wouldn't implicate us in the rape... that it was consensual and that she even instigated it..." "But we couldn't have that.... so..." Jack folded his hands, and looked down. "You... killed her...!?" Alyson gasped. "Lets just say we... gave her an option..." Father said coldly, "And that was her choice." "Have you..." Alyson realized, "Planned this.... the whole time...?" "Yeah..." Father sighed, "See, honey... it was never about bringing the family together in a time of need... it was always about us using you and the boys to achieve our dream and well... it appears we've come full circle, now..." "Even younger... and sexier than your momma..." Jack was unbuckling his pants eagerly, "Been waiting for this, you little..." "What makes you think..." She looks at them, "That I won't tell...?" "Are you willing to ruin the lives of your brothers?" Father asks, "Perhaps then you'll have an accidental overdose of your own..." "Overcome with stress... front woman tragically overdoses..." Jack states, "That usually makes the group instant legends, so it's a win-win..." His dick was out and in his hand, as he seemed to be struggling to maintain an erection... likely due to his 'alleged' drug use. "For fuck's sake, Jack..." Father shakes his head, "Will you be able to--" "Shut up, John!" He retaliates, "It's gettin' there... I call back door!" In shock and disbelief... drugged and bewildered... there wasn't much Alyson could do as her uncle hoisted her up in his arms from behind and her father removed her bikini bottoms and marveled at her young womanhood. Not long after, she was lifted up into the air and slowly lowered. An intense pressure built under her backside as she was impaled... lowered onto her uncle's awaiting cock... sinking into her anus. His arms wrapped around her upper body and clenching her breasts. She closed her eyes until she felt some arms lift up her legs, opening them to see her father standing between them, and with a grin, thrust forward into her. She whined out... hurt more spiritually than physically... although she was become so full and stretched from both sides. Even if she could move, she'd still be helpless... body suspended and hanging between them... pinned and penetrated from both sides. All she could do was whimper and whine as they raped her from both sides. Even if she attempted to feel some, there was no pleasure to be had. Unable to moisten around her father, it only made it all the more painful and uncomfortable. Even if she was able to enjoy any bit of it, the constant pressure and pain wedged deep into her asshole took focus away from any other sensations that may have occurred. After a few minutes of awkward pain and grunting, Alyson emitted a shocked gasp... as bursts of warmth flooded her loins. Father's seed spewing forth within her. The first of many. Would she become like her mother? Impregnated through this heinous act? He gave her such a wanton look of... not even passion or desire... just... greed and sickening pride as he finished and pulled out. Of course Jack wasn't finished yet... holding her up under her legs, she whined as he rapidly prodded her asshole from below until the sickening warmth filled her backside... the only benefit being lubrication. Sadly, it only got worse from there. As they described with her mother, they took her over and over and over, etc. It was almost worse one on one. Lubed up from their cum, movement was now smoother and deeper. The drugs having an unfortunate side effect of making vaginal rape from her father and uncle feel good. Not mentally or emotionally, just causing intense waves of pleasure to surge through her body as she was thrust into... also causing her to moisten and even begrudgingly reach climax a couple times... the most bitter orgasms one could ever feel.. considering how they celebrated causing them as if it were some stellar achievement on their behalf. She'd almost say the anal was better because there were no pleasurable sensations occurring there... just painfully disgusting. And if the penetration wasn't bad enough, she was repeatedly slapped and smacked around, her hair pulled, choked and strangled in the process. Add one more layer of insults, degradation, dehumanizing, threats, humiliation and desires to impregnate and you've got a terrible evening, indeed. Alyson lost count of how many times she was taken, and how many times they eagerly unleashed their hot, sticky mess inside or onto her. Not only into her womanhood with promises of breeding... claims of marked territory on both sides... feeling it leak and seep from both ends.. onto her inner thighs and buttocks.. even her breasts and into her mouth... told to taste their dicks... their cum... her own pussy and asshole. Her eyes watering and gagging as they forced themselves into her throat. She just... wanted to be clean. Dropped into a vat of boiling water to take this filth off of her. She wasn't even sure of how or when it all ended... they either finished and she fell asleep, or she passed out at some point during the act. When she woke up, she was in the bathtub... full of warm water... nude... she appeared clean, but still felt horrendously gross. For awhile she couldn't even tell if it was all just a bad dream or drug trip. What was real and what wasn't. Trying to recall some of the things they told her... about her mother... Parts were like a fading dream, evaporating from her memory banks whilst she desperate wished to retain it. Did it really happen? Was it all true? Herself... and her brothers... were all... products of rape and incest by a pair of disgusting brothers against their sister? Would that cause... deformities or... high susceptibility to disease? Perhaps thinking too hard about this... Important thing... what.. if anything... does she do about this? Be like her mother and accept being a 'fuckbag' of her father and uncle? But she wasn't pregnant... yet... that she knew of... Unless she went public with it, she wouldn't imagine it would totally ruin the lives of her brothers... in fact... she felt they deserved to know the truth as she did... but there was also the threat of making her appear to die via an overdose. They drugged her once already... she'd have to be extra careful from now on... And if she did manage to get alone with one of her brothers... who would she want to tell? Miles being the obvious first choice, but he seems as gung ho about project 'Whore out my sister' as the other two perverts do. And what would she even say... and would he believe her? Was there any... proof... evidence she could use? Second choice... Shane? If by some miracle, he didn't immediately think she was just fucking with him, or just laugh and walk away... at surface, he'd seem the least reliable, but it is his shit heel attitude that makes her believe that he... of all of them, may actually believe her. She felt like Jakob would just blow a gasket if she even attempted to explain any of it to him. That, or... get aroused... maybe he is one of Jack's... She jumped when there was a knock on her door. "Alyson!? You in there?" A familiar female voice registered, "You alright?" It was Mel, their manager. Wait, that's it! Mel! But then again... how to explain with no evidence and their eyes constantly looming over her. Hell, managing to get a blood test could even be key.. but how? Fake an injury? But then she'd have to compare it to her father... and/or Jack's blood as well? "Mmmnnngghhh... Mel..!?" She groaned. Her throat was parched and dry, her voice hoarse. "Alyson!?" Quickly, she burst into the room, no shits given and looked over Alyson. "What happened? Long night? Booze? Drugs? Are you using? It's okay if you are. I just need to know!" Mel was a bundle of nerves, loosely packed with volatile thread. "They said you stormed out of your photo shoot yesterday... locked yourself in your room and nobody has heard from you since!" She was going a hundred miles an hour, "They called me to come and check on you, making sure you weren't dead or something!" "Mel..." Alyson sighed, "Slow down... I'm... fine...?" Lies, but... she needed to formulate a plan first. "Are you SURE!?" She leaned in, "You look like shit, hon!" "Tell me what you really think..." Somewhat comforted by their rapport. Though she was direct, she was... not deceitful. "Well, you still have half of a bikini shoot to make up for before you and Miles guest spot on that podcast THEN the AMA/QA stream after that then up bright and early to fly to NYC for the new album's release party! Yaaaaayyyy--!! Then we prep for Europe to hit the festivals and THAT'S a whole thing... so--" "Mel..." She rubs her eyes, "Where's everyone...?" "After you left, your father and uncle checked on you then said you weren't coming back anytime soon... you were out of it!" She gestures, "So everyone packed it up for the day, hoping you'd rest up and be ready to go bright and early today soooooo....." She leans in, "Are ya?" "Everyone's... waiting for me?" "....yyyyyyes?" "Great..." Alyson pushes herself up out of the bath and stumbles, nearly falling back in. Her head still slightly dizzy. "CAREFUL!" Mel waves her arms as if to balance her aura or something. "Are you sure no drugs? You can tell me anything, ya know!" Alyson blinked and looked directly at Mel, straight-faced, "I was drugged with a mixture of GHB and meth by my uncle and father before they told me that my mother was actually their sister whom they raped for supposedly ruining their dreams and impregnating her in the process. Disowned by her parents, she agreed to be her brother's fuckbag if they helped her raise the child, and they gave her three more... the last one being me before she voluntarily overdosed to protect us. Helpless from the drugs, my father and uncle then proceeded to rape me repeatedly until I eventually lost consciousness and woke up in this tub where you found me." "Okay..." Mel looked back at her. "Okay...?" Alyson raised her eyebrows. Was this actually gonna work? "Okay, so there's taking it too far, and then there's taking it TOOOOOO far." She started, "This is taking it fucking TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO damn far!" "Sorry... it's the drugs..." Alyson maintained her footing as she got out of the tub this time and reached for a towel. "Bikini shoot, then...?" "Yepyepyep!" "Bikini, where...?" Mel points... clearing her throat, "That... there... I think..." This a swimsuit or piece of yarn with a band aid wrapped around it? "...Awesome." She looks at Mel, "I'm 15, ya know..." Mel nods in agreement. Alyson sighs, begrudgingly changes, throws on a robe and makes her way down to the pool. "Uhm... Alyson... they're shooting this one... outside..." Stopping, pivoting, Alyson's gaze burns a hole into Mel, "Out...side?" Mel nods. "Where there's been a group of fanboys camped out?" Mel keeps nodding, then raises a finger, "Actually...." She winces, "They wanted to up the uhm...ante..." That phrase made Alyson cringe, "And made a call out to the fanbase to to... join the photo shoot with a theme of... going wild with the fans... on the beach..." "Can. You. Do. Anything!?" Alyson responded to the news, "FIFTEEN!!" "I... I... I... made sure you were not dead....?" She opened an eye. Alyson immediately felt regret for taking out her frustration on poor Mel, "Yes... you did..." She sighed, "Mel... I apologize... I didn't mean to direct my... frustration towards you..." "T-thank you?" She returned to chipper, "If you want, I can reschedule... but then you'll be even more pressed for time and who knows when and where you'll be able to-" "It's FINE!" Alyson turned strutting out towards the beach, "Lets go wild!" Sucking it up, she went out to face the humiliation and get it over with, but things were worse than expected. Aside from being outside and surrounded by dozens of oogling fans, she was also joined by the respected singer of the band they had recently toured with... a man older than her father... whom she looked up to and admired. Also not realizing until now the words on the strips of cloth that barely covered her nipples read 'Jail' and 'Bait' and the one stretched thin and tight over her womanhood was a do not enter road sign. Classy. She explained to him that she didn't know he'd be part of this and didn't have to participate if he didn't want to. He apologized as well, but said he'd already agreed to do it and it was too late to back out now... not realizing it would be so... risque. And the final nail in the coffin... as she disrobed, Miles shouted to her and called her over as discreetly as he could, informing her she forgot something and was slightly exposed. She checked, and everything seemed to be covered that legally needed to be... then he handed her something long and silver with a distinct shape and a smiley face on one end. "Your uh..." He cleared his throat, "Rear... exit... is showing...." He was clearly embarrassed, "They say you have to put this... uhm... inside..." He nodded to a curtain, "You can do it... over there..." A butt-plug. She knew a couple heads she wanted to crack open with it, but she sighed and ducked behind the curtain. "Um.... Miles...?" "...yeah?" "Is there any... um... ya know..." She hated this, "...lube?" "...no?" He replied. Of course not. Why would there be!? It wasn't small, either... taking her a few minutes to... work it in without any lube. Bending, spreading, gaping and taking it in bit by bit until she felt full and uncomfortable... could feel them... THEM... laughing at her awkward walk back. What followed was a series of suggestive poses with someone she considered a role model. Suggestive poses in front of way too eager fans who were going to enjoy masturbating to this image for the rest of their lives. The cool morning breeze caused her nipples to poke through the thin top strips. Multiple poses had her pushing out her hips with a low angle shot, the tight cloth below doing absolutely nothing to hide the shape and outline of her young femininity... especially laying prone with legs open, looking back... her pouty lower lips accented below the smiley face of the plug wedged deep inside of her asshole showing everyone how edgy she really was. A fifteen year old jail bait not afraid to show herself to fans and her heroes and let everyone know she enjoyed shoving things up her ass. Even worse when the aforementioned hero & role model was asked to pour white tan lotion suggestively on her backside and breasts at the end. That was the worst of them for the moment, but the other 'bikinis' were all specifically designed to show off a specific part of her body, whether it be her buttocks, breasts or pussy mound. Even one clung tightly to her to show off her holes and specifically anal dent... requiring her to remove the plug beforehand, leaving it gaped. Shots were not subtle... low angle, close ups. Not shy at trying to display what they wanted people to see. At 15, she'd done a photo shoot nearly on par with that of a veteran porn star. Finally, almost over and the last one being on a closed set inside. At least there would be some 'privacy'. But when she went for the suit... she couldn't find it. "Hey... Miles... Mel... where's the suit?" She gestures. "Well... Um... it's... ah...." Mel stammers. "There isn't one..." Miles looks at her, "This one is... nude." "But... won't it be illegal?" She looks at Mel, "Child pornography!?" "O-o-only if we show certain... areas in the pictures.." Mel starts, "If they are... covered, or o-obscured... it's fine!" "So then... what's obscuring me?" Putting her hands on her hips, a little curious at this point. "Hey, slut." A not enthused Shane walks over, "...I drew the short straw." Alyson couldn't help but laugh. She knew this was supposed to embarrass and humiliate her, but seeing a clearly 'sick of this shit' Shane in a banana hammock actually made her feel a lot better. "Hey yourself, slut!" She giggled, "Stuffed socks into that thing, or what?" "Bitch.... I'm packin'!" He presses it towards her to prove himself. "Easy! Easy!" She shielded her eyes, "I'll take your word for it!" "Considering how the rest have gone, you'll probably have to touch it sooner or later..." He utters. She wasn't sure if that was an invitation, or...? "Well..." She shook her head, "Sadly... wouldn't be the sickest thing I've done today.." "Ho, you should feel honored!!" He defended, "...anyway, you need to go.. uh.. change?" "At this point..." Alyson shrugs, unties a couple knots and tosses some strips of cloth aside, "There we go!" She stands, triumphantly. Proud she's much less embarrassed than Shane. "That's good and all, but..." Miles approaches, eyes averted, holding out a bottle of baby oil, "You need to uh... oil up..." "No lube, huh?" She bonks Miles with it. "It's... oil...?" He glances at her face, "You can use that for...?" "Of course!" She bounces, amused by her brothers' turning away, "...at least I THINK so..." She shrugs and nonchalantly begins to oil herself up, "Hey Shane... get my back?" "Dude...!" He stands, looking away. "My BACK, not my ass!" She defends, "Grow up, bitch!" Shane grumbles, awkwardly rubbing it into his sister's back while trying too hard not to look at her naked body. "Good...?" "Yeah..." She takes it from him, "Now... your turn!" She cackles and squirts the oil onto Shane. "FUCKing.... cunt...!!" He curses. Alyson is amused at how much more uncomfortable Shane is than she is while she rubs the oil onto him and he stands stiff as a board with his eyes pressed shut. "There ya go! All done, FAG!" She ridicules. "Not cool..." He begins, "You shouldn't use that word, even when-" "Oh shuddup, you know I'm just fucking with you!" She laughs, "So uh... now what?" Miles brings over a cart of various props... assuming to be held over certain areas to cover them. "Ok, first pic... Aly... take this..." He tosses a game controller at her, "Stand wide... hold that so it covers your... lower area... Um... Shane... stand behind her and cover her chest." "...with what?" He oddly shuffles behind his sister, "Got some controllers for me, then?" "...nope!" Miles replies, "Your hands, bro." "What?" "Your. Hands. Bro." Aly snickers as Shane sighs and moves his hands in front of her chest, being extra careful not to touch her. "This work?" "Says you have to like.... grab them..." "No way!" "Just... do it quickly, or something..." "This is so fucked..." Shane complains. "For fuck's..." Aly rolls her eyes, "Just tits, dude... Here!" She drops the controller, grabs Shane's wrists, "Open hands in grabbing motion!" she orders. He opens up his hands and she pulls them firmly onto her breasts, "And squeeze! Just... not TOO tight..." She feels his hands clamp firmly onto her chest, "Perfect!" "That's great, but you dropped the controller!" Miles points. "Oh, shit!" Without thinking, Aly bends over to pick it up. Shane, holding onto her chest, gets pulled forward with her as she bends over, the bulge of his banana hammock gets a warm introduction to his sisters gaping backside and the orifices within. "...ooohh~" She reacts, feeling her brother press against her. "WHATTHEFUCK!" Shane shouts, lets go of her chest, turns abruptly and quickly walks off to the side. "Sorry, Shane!" She shouts back, "I didn't mean to uh... anyway... got the controller now... just come back and grab the girls quick and we can get it over with, yeah?" Silence. "Yeah? Shane?" She turns. He's standing, petrified. "You okay?" "Dude, come on!" Miles instructs, "We already lost enough time, just-" He walks over to pull Shane over, and notices, "TheFU-" Miles pauses, "You hard!?" "...Miles!!" He scolds his brother for announcing. Alyson can't help but smirk a little, even blushes slightly. Weird... but still flattering. "Shane...?" She says back to him, "No worries! It's fine... just natural, ya know?" She reassures him, "I could care less, so get over here... grab your sister's tits and press that beast against my ass so they can take the picture!" "Sis..." Shane shakes his head, "You're fucked up..." He walks back over, still aroused, he reaches around to grope her breasts and presses himself firmly against her backside. Aly smirks as the picture is taken. Perfect. "See?" She affirms, "Not so bad, huh?" Aly has a confidence boost, standing proud for a moment. A... fairly long moment. "Hey Shane..." she whispers back. "Yo?" "...you can let go now..." She informs him, "...if you want?" With that, he immediately lets go and backs away quickly, assuring everyone he's cool. Definitely not getting aroused from his sister. "Well, that was... fun. Done, then?" "Ha! Hahahaha!" Miles laughs, "Dude, that was one of like... thirty? ...you two better get comfy, we got a WAAAYYYYSSSS to go!" "Fuckin'.... great!" Shane hangs his head. "There's worse things you could be doing..." Aly turns around, and Shane doesn't look away or avert his eyes from her, "Could be shoving something up your ass..." She tells, then turns back to Miles, "WITH NO LUBE!" "SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW!!" He responds, "Ok, Shane take the controller and sit down... Aly.. sit behind him... with your legs open and like... don't wanna say cuddle him but like... he's playing and you're leaning in and giving him hints, or something..." They comply with no awkwardness this time, "What are these pics supposed to say, anyway...?" Aly utters to Shane, "I gives so little fucks I play ze games wit muh bro NAKED!?" "Making incest cool again..." Shane snickers, "Something to be proud of..?" "Maybe we can bring it back..." Aly adds, "All the deformed hemophiliacs wandering around in the future can thank us..." They share a chuckle. Aly starts to consider if maybe Shane is the one she could trust with the truth. "Shane...?" She whispers. "Mm?" He cocks his head slightly. "If I told you something... can you keep a secret...?" she says it so quietly, she barely moves her lips. "Odd thing to say while sittin' naked with your bro... but sure..." He acts like he's wiping his nose to cover his mouth. "Not now.... alone... no one knows..." She sniffs. "OK! Switch spots, same position, mostly..." Miles thinks of how this will work, "Shane... hold controller around her to cover her chest and have like... a leg and foot...? In front of her to cover her cooter!" "Cooter!?" Aly raises an eyebrow. Miles shrugs and turns, giving her privacy as the two move into position. "If I can find a good time and place..." Shane utters as they reposition, "I'll ask for you to return the sauce..." "The sauce...?" "Yes. The sauce... do not question the sauce... or I'll stick my foot in your cooter!" He jokes. "Mmm... that a threat or promise...?" She returns as he starts coughing. "You okay, there?" Miles asks. "Yeah..." Shane breathes, "Air is harsh up here with her legs so far apart and all..." "..dick!" She edges back enough to bump into his and they share a chuckle. They go through a few more naked gaming poses... she lies prone horizontally, he lies back, using her butt as a headrest... she stands, holding controller to her chest as he sits in front of her, his head strategically blocking... her on side with knee up.. him in front blocking. Her on her knees facing, taking the controller from him as he's reaching over her from behind trying to grab it back... they even improv a couple humorous ones where he gets the controller back and shoves it somewhere, or where he stands behind her as she sits and accidentally hits him in the junk doing a victory pose. "Aren't you two the best of besties now?" Miles jokes, "Who'd have thought all it took was you two hanging out naked together?" He flips through the pages for the next set of shots. "Ok, uh... speaking of... my get a little weirder... or not?" "Why? What's up now?" Shane asks, "You joining in, or something?" "Not me..." Miles waves. "Hey guys!" A way too cheery voice chimes in... as Jakob... in the complete buff and already oiled appears. "It's me!" "Woah!" Shane and Aly both shield their eyes at the sight of Jakob's member. "Hey...!" He defends, "Gotta lose your hammock now, too, Shane!" He points. "Really?" "Yup. 'Fraid so..." Miles says. Shane shrugs... as Aly did with her bikini earlier, he drops the banana hammock and tosses it aside. "It was chafing anyway!" He stands triumphant. "Guys... gotta like... do a little at a time..." Aly shields, "Too much bro dong at once is a little overwhelming..." "Deal with it!" Shane retorts, "Been dealing with sister cooter for the past hour..." "True... but I wasn't shoving it in your face right off the bat..." She looks to Miles, "So what now?" "Drink sponsor..." He informs, "THE EDGE!!1 Energy!!" Miles and Mel bring out some open cans of THE EDGE!!1 Energy!! and place them down on the stage. "Awesome..." Alyson stands to stretch, and 'accidentally' stumbles towards Shane, "Don't trust Jake... do not.... drink the stuff..." "Why not...?" He coughs, "...thirsty.." "Just... trust me..." She whispers back, then turns to Miles, "This will require a lot of strategic blocking..." "No shit!" Miles has been looking at the first pose for awhile, trying to figure it out. "Well... first off... Aly? Remember the lotion pose?" "...which one?" "The ass one." He informs, "Essentially that with a strategically placed can... one of you lean back against her hip, chillin', holding a can like fuck yeah... the other be reaching for the blocking can, like you're gonna swipe it, but just... hold the reach, ya know?" Alyson and Shane already have this worked out, but the newcomer Jake is making things awkward and difficult... 'accidentally' pressing himself to her or touching her. Both Aly and Shane are getting easily frustrated, as it almost seems he's doing it on purpose. "Dude... just... get on your belly... prop your chest up on the back of her leg and pretend to reach for the can! It's not that hard..." Shane berates him. "...sorry!" Jake apologizes, "Kinda new to this..." He works himself into position, "I don't get a pass? I mean... I didn't get a shame boner on my first attempt..." Jake's burns are subtle and passive-aggressive as fuck. "Everyone chill..." Miles tries to calm, but has a chuckle, "Ok, next is mostly the same... but Aly you're on your back... one leg up, the other out... can blocking the cooter... someone lean over your chest, the other grabbing the can.." They keep the same positions, Jake getting into it a lot quicker this time. "Yeah!" Jake grabs the can and actually takes it. Aly quickly closes her legs. "Oh, sorry!" He looks to her, "I didn't mean to uh..." He giggles, "I just.. wanted a drink!" He takes a hefty swig. Shane and Aly share a quick glance, then he offers some to them. "It's good..." They both shake their heads. "Really!? All you can drink THE EDGE!!1 Energy!!" "I'm good..." Shane declines, "That stuff will shrink your dick anyway..." "No way!" Jake refutes, "You lie!" He turns to Aly, "You don't have to worry about that!" "Too much sugar..." She pats her firm belly, "Guess I gotta watch my figure from now on..." Jake shrugs and takes another swig. "Ok... er.... Aly...." Miles scratches his head, "Wide-stance bend over facing... picking up a can... one of you prone under her reaching for can... the other standing behind and trying to reach around her to grab it before she does... Get it?" Aly gets into position quickly. Jake looks to Shane, "Under or behind...?" He asks. "Under... I'm already down here..." Shane shrugs, sliding beneath her, not realizing he's looking straight up and accidentally gets a direct view right up downtown. "Shit...!" As soon as her realizes and quickly turns around, seeing Aly looking at him upside down, giving him a stink-eye. "...sorry!" She smirks and shakes her head. Jake's having a bit of a hard time getting positioned... trying not to step on Shane and not grab or bump into Aly. Once he gets a good position, he takes a moment, "Ok!" He looks, "I reach on... this side?" He figures. "Yep!" Aly confirms, "Opposite side I'm reaching!" "Ok!" He reaches on the correct side, but his other hand that he had on her hip for balance seemed to... misplace itself... reaching right between her gaping buttocks to grip for balance... a whelp erupted from Aly as Jakob felt a finger.... sink...? "Oh no!!" He immediately realized, "Sorry, Aly!" Then another stumble against her backside knocks Aly's balance off. "Shit!" She stands to try to regain her balance, her wide stance making her wobble. Shane flips around to see what's happening and to get the hell out of the way. As he turns, he sees main street coming straight down upon him. "Woooaahhh!!" Quite the... shocking sight for Shane to behold, as his face is about to be crushed by the muff, it stops mere inches from his face as Aly lands on her knees and falls down on her hands, Jake coming down behind her, holding on, but also stopping himself before disaster. He glances up towards Aly, "Uh... hey..." She looks to him, "You okay...?" "Yeah..." She breathes and nods, "I think so... You?" He glances at her pussy, then back to her, "...never better?" He smirks. It takes her a moment to realize, then she gasps quickly, "You shit..!" "I'm fine, too!" Jake confirms, "Don't worry.... Jakob is fine as well!" "Are you? Doing good there, Jake...?" Alyson inquires. "Y..yes? Quite well, actually..." He tells, "Scared at first, I didn't know what happened... next thing I know... we're all tumbling a-" "Take your finger out of my ass!!" Aly shouts at him. Some laughter erupts in the room. "Oh! No!!" Jake realizes, "Sorry, I-" He realizes... less talky more finger removy. Her tight squeeze follows his finger as he removes it... then a strong grip pulls him back... proceeds to pick Alyson up to her feet and pulls Shane up as well. "My hero!" Shane wiggles his junk at his brother who slaps him on the arm. "Alright... take a QUICK break, you guys..." He instructs, "Go stretch, rub one out, wash your hands... whatever you need to do. Gotta get through these quickly!" Jakob speed-hobbles towards the restroom to do... who knows. Aly heads towards Mel, grabs her robe and wraps it around. Mel hands her a bottle of water, in which she inspects the seal before opening it and taking a drink. Mel raises an eyebrow, "Problems with the water...?" "Oh... you know..." Aly sits by her, "Sometimes they're drugged... then you get raped by-" "It wasn't funny the first time!" Mel shakes her head, offering another bottle to an approaching Shane. He glances at Aly who nods, then he takes the bottle. "Don't worry... you won't be drugged and raped!" Shane gives Mel the most offended look he's probably ever given anyone, "What. The. Fuck!?" "See!? Told you!" Mel says to Aly and walks off muttering to herself. "What was that about?" Shane looked at Aly. "Need that sauce...?" She replied, unamused. "No..." He glances around, "Not yet... hold onto it..." He stands up and starts making his way to a private room in the corner, turning and nodding for her to follow. She waits a moment to not make it obvious, then follows him. Once inside, her heart skips as he shuts and locks the door behind her. "Still no sauce... just... tired of feeling eyes on me..." He smirks at his sister, "Sure you know the feeling..." "Too well..." She relaxes a bit, "At least I get to share the stage for awhile!" She grins, "But I don't get it..." "Get what...?" Shane raises his eyebrows. Aly places a finger to her lips, "Say.... I was being... punished.... the bikini shots... skimpy shit... calling fans and role models to humiliate me... that makes sense... but why put you and Jake up there with me, too? By now I'm used to it and it's worse for you two..." "Don't trust Jake...?" His voice is still quiet. "Don't trust Jake.... don't trust Miles... still on the fence about you..." She grinned. "And don't drink the water, apparently?" He looked at her, "You give Mel the sauce?" "...when the truth is stranger than fiction, everyone seems to believe you're just telling a bad joke." She huffs, staring off... not realizing she was looking in the direction of Shane's- "Like what you see, or what?" He jokes. "Hm..?" She snaps back, "Oh, fuck!" she shields her face, "There are towels, you know... or are you just showing off?" "Shouldn't talk..." Shane folds his arms, "I did just get a pretty close up view myself..." "Shane..!" She feels her face burn, "You suck." "It's no finger in the ass, though..." He keeps her reeling, then thinks, "Maybe that's it..." "What's it?" She looks. "What you're not getting..." He looks at her seriously, "Honestly... since we've started, you can't deny.. all joking aside.. that there hasn't been any... attraction... between us?" "Shane... I..." She chokes up. "It's fine..." He looks at her, "Couple hours ago, if we were the last people on the face of the planet, humanity would be going extinct... now...." He breathes, "Never thought I'd seriously consider the ramifications of incest so much..." "...to make us... or you and Jake at least... more sympathetic towards engaging in incestuous acts...?" Aly pondered aloud. "Jake and I at least!?" He repeated, "I open up and you give me nothing. I see what's up..." "Hm...?" She blinked, processing. "Oh!" She smiled, "Shane..." She opened up her robe, "You were... lying below me just now... surely you noticed a puddle.." She admits, "It wasn't from spilled EDGE!!1 or a finger in my ass, I can tell you that much.." "Leaky AC?" He approached and helped completely remove the robe, "Haven't gotten a good, personal look... one on one, ya know.." He circled around her. Both were so distracted, neither heard the doorknob shake, nor the key about to slide in as Shane himself put his arms around her from behind and clenched her breasts, as in their first photo. He knocks her water bottle off the counter. "Better pick that up..." Biting her lip, she starts to lean over, reaching for the bottle. Feeling herself open up, the anticipation of contact is making her turn into a faucet, the warmth of cock finally gracing her eager labial kiss, she emits a hushed moan... waiting for him to push in.. and there it was. She began to moan out, but bit her knuckle to silence herself as a welcome phallus filled her moist caverns. Suddenly, a quick noise and stern voice, "The shit!?" Miles reacted on what he'd just walked into. Shane and Aly both jumped... caught dead in the act as their large, powerful older brother stormed at them, pulled Shane back off of her and pushed her forward onto the counter, away from him. "Get a drink! Go to bathroom! Rub one out!! Wash your hands!" He looked at them, "Fuck your sibling wasn't one of those options, guys...." He looked back and forth between them, "I mean... I know it's a weird shoot, but really? What the fuck!?" They both attempted to plea to him, to be met with the point and glare. One for each of them. "I don't want to hear it!" He shakes his head, "Lets just finish this DAMN shoot already... and all three of us forget all about this, alright!?" They nod. He points to Shane, "Go cool that thing off in the ice machine or something!" Shane nods, tries to say something to Aly... gets the point again and is chased out of the room, where Miles shuts and locks the door after him... and twirls the key. "As for YOU..." Miles shakes his head, "Really doesn't pay to be the eldest child in this god forsaken family, does it?" "...Miles?" Aly began feeling that uneasy feeling once again. "You... good...?" "Oh, I'm just fucking great, Aly!" He approaches, making her try to back up, but he stops as he gets to her... leans towards her to speak softly, "Trying to do my damn job... you storm off yesterday... when I finally decide to check in on you..." He shakes his head in distress, using all his strength to hold back an outburst of emotion, "And I saw... what they had done to you..." "Miles...?" She gasped, "You knew...?" He was visibly shaking, "I don't know.... why... they did.... what they did..." He takes a deep breath and looks up at her, "I just... saw the result..." Tears welled in his eyes, "Those... disgusting..." He shakes his head, "I.... did my best to... clean you up.... and called Mel... I just told her.... you may have had an incident involving drugs and to come right away... to keep an eye on you... and I went looking... for them..." "You didn't see them...?" Alyson inquired. "You haven't seen them all day either, have you!?" Miles asked. "I needed... answers.... an explanation... vengeance! Anything!" He looked at Alyson, "I wasn't sure what to do... just wanted to get you... Shane... Jake... as far away from here as possible... then... I got a call..." "Was it...?" "...Dad." He sniffed, "He said... finish the photo shoot, and gather everyone before going to the podcast... no harm would come to you or any of us... they'd explain everything... and let us decide how to proceed..." "It... doesn't make sense, dammit...!!" Aly cursed, joining Miles in his frustration. "W-what doesn't? Why?" Miles looked. "Why is it so important to finish the photo shoot?" She ponders, "And it was all changed, right?" She gets an idea, "Everything we've done today wasn't what was originally planned, right? The fans, and suits... the fuckin plug and naked pictures with Shane and Jake?" "No..." Miles shook his head, "Originally it was just... a few more... standard bikini's... nothing as... extreme as today's has been.... originally was never any fans, guest ops and Shane and Jake were... never involved..." He paces, "Does it mean something?" "Before you.... caught us..." Aly hung her head, "Shane and I were trying to figure out why we were doing this...." She began, "If they wanted to punish me... why were Shane and Jake being involved now? Especially after everything else I went through... it was worse for them, right?" Aly gives Miles the point, "Shane figured out.... before we started the session... Shane and I... in a MILLION years... would never have even considered looking at each other naked... let alone...." She gestures, "You saw us...." She concludes, "He figured they wanted to make us more... sympathetic towards... incest... perhaps so we'll... you'll all probably agree with whatever half-baked plan they think they have for talking you out of busting their heads for drugging and raping me!" "What could they possibly...?" "MOM!" She points. "Mom...?" Miles raises his eyebrows, "What about her...?" "They did the same thing to her... and get this... she was their SISTER!" Alyson's piecing it all together, "They did to her what they did to me... only then... she got pregnant... with... you..." Alyson told him, "Despite what they did... she wanted to keep the baby... keep you..." She divulged, "She was willing to keep what they did secret if they helped her to raise you... but they also made her agree to let them keep...." She gestured, "You know... having her... thus... Shane... Jake and I followed..." "That's...." Miles couldn't wrap his head around it. She knew... she was there... while drugged! "I think they're trying to get you all sympathetic to the whole incest family thing... to convince you three to do to me what they did to mom!!" She clapped and cheered... though nothing to be happy about, she was excited she believed that she cracked the case. "So you think... they want us to use you like they used mother... with the whole photo shoot thing sort of... getting us... tempted and horned up for you, is that it?" Miles looked. "ExACTLY!" She pointed, "But we got those sick bastards, right?" "Strange..." Miles blinks, "I spend the whole time working. Clean you up. Call Mel. Do all the work. I don't get to do dirty poses with you. How do they think I'll go along with it?" "That's...." Aly shakes her head, "I have no clue, Miles...." "It's fine... I'll just go along with anything, right?" He laughs solemnly. "Fuckin dumbass Miles... Just point him in the right direction and he'll go, even if it means raping his sister!" He laughs again. "Miles...?" She leans in, "You... good?" "YEAH I'M FUCKIN GOOD SIS!" He blurts. "I'll do all the work, carry all the responsibility and get no thank you... no appreciation.. no naughty time with little sis!" He looks at her, "Ah gee, bro... you found me and cleaned me all up of their... DISGUSTING cum... possibly saving me from getting impregnated like mother did and becoming further victimized... do I question it, or ask for anything? No! Do I get a gee thanks, bro? No!" He keeps on going, "Jake's had a sick little obsession for YEARS, he gets to dick around and stick his finger in your ass... You and Shane have DESPISED each other, and you let him inside of you WILLINGLY?" "Miles... you're scaring me..." She backs away. "So... dear sister... whom I've wasted so much time and effort into helping, guiding, protecting... what will I receive for bashing their dirty heads in? Your... gratitude? And possibly prison time?" He closes in on Alyson, "I know what they'll offer me if I help them... what do YOU have to offer... sister...?" "Miles... I-I..." She was frightened. "MILES I I I I I..." He mocked and took her by the hair, "How about a little session of our own?" He raises his eyebrows and nods rapidly, "An impromptu livestream!!" He drags her out, busts the door down and takes her up to the stage. Mel, Jake, Shane all jump... frightened, shocked... asking what's happening. He scares all the extras away, and pushes back on his brothers. "Just taking a payment for my services, right Aly!?" He throws her down on stage, demands she stays put and everyone backs off. He's so large and terrifying that no one dares to defy him. He messes with a phone and the camera pointed at the stage. "Just tweeting... SPECIAL STREAM INCOMING!! Everyone come and see! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!" He waits a moment, "AND WE ARE LIVE!!" "Miles...!!" She tries to shield herself as he walks onto the stage, grabs her and looks at the camera. "Welcome to the stream, everyone! I'm Miles... Alyson's big brother here!" He pulls her up, "Say hello!" He waves, "This is my FIFTEEN year old sister. I'm going to RAPE her... for MY and YOUR amusement... because that's what you want to see, isn't it?" "Miles!" Shane pleads, "Stop this! I mean... they'll just cut it anyway... ifthey haven't already!!" "Not on the Darkweb, they won't... LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION AND ON TWITTER!! FREE TO WATCH!!" He gets behind her and starts to unbuckle his pants, and whip out his impressive phallus. She's amazed and terrified at the sight. Before she can react, he pushes her head down and mounts her. She feels his girth start to prod. She has no choice but to open herself up to him as much as possible, or he'll force and tear her apart. Even then, she lets out a guttural moan as he enters her, filling and stretching. She's just filled with pressure from all sides. As he begins to push and pull within her, he slides and drags her body back and forth until he puts his weight down on her shoulders. "You can take a lot inside of you, sis..." He groans as he begins to pound against her ass. She wails and moans as it's too much for her to be taking, but also can't explain it... a sensation building with each thrust into her... a pleasure building that's overpowering the pain of his girth. She's helpless to do anything but wail and cry as she's about to burst. He slams her for awhile longer, ending with three heavy pushes... pushing her ass up and folding her up til her ass is nearly over her shoulders and held up by Miles. She explodes... he legs shaking and convulsing as she seizes up and moans out. Something in her clicks and opens up just in time for the bursts of warmth from her oldest brother. Only this time, it isn't sickening and disgusting... she craves it... she needs it... something within her desires every drop of her brother's seed to be released within her for her to absorb. Once he's drained, Miles withdraws his mighty greatsword, lifting her backside up slightly as he pulls out, then dropping her. One knee lands vertical, the other leg goes flat as she involuntarily gapes and clenches her ass... still thirsting for more. Miles storms off as Shane slowly approaches. "Aly...? Aly....? You..... okay....?" He inquires foolishly. She replies with an elongated moan. Shane goes up to try to help her and like a possessed animal, she pounces on him. "WHAT...!?" He shouts, "The fuck...?" "You were aching for it a moment ago, Shane...." She breathes heavily, "So...?" She mounts him, "Get that sweet thing inside me and work it's magic like I know you want to...." The camera is now aimed right up her rear as she grinds onto her brother, getting him hard. Looking back, she sees Jakob. "What about you, Jake...?" She smirks. "W-w... Me...?" He looks, "You want... me!?" "You have some obsession with me.... right...?" She grins. "N-n-n.... I.... Well...." He stutters. "Well...." She raises her backside and gapes her asshole towards him, "You already had a finger in it... come put your big cock all the way into it and tell me all about your obsession.... hmm...?" She focuses back on Shane for a moment, "And you...." She smiles... "Despite your attitude... you really.... love me...?" "Aly... you're... you're flipping out..." Shane tries to reason. "It's a yes or no question, brother.... do you love me?" Noticing he's hardened, she lifts and raises herself, then takes him inside of her fully with a moan. "MMmnnnggghhhhhhhh.... I love you, Aly...." Shane confesses, making her smile. "I knew it...." She turns back to Jake, "Just waiting for you..." She opens up her backside again as Jake eagerly approaches and pushes into his sister's asshole. She emits a satisfying exhale, taking him all the way in as well. "Excellent... Now... lover.... you got alot of work to do if you want to compete with what Miles just unloaded... best start working my pussy real good...." she teases, "And Jake, honey.... You keep working it and tell me your obsession.... I'll dedicate my asshole solely to you...." Jake whines, "Is.... is this real....?" He was nearly in tears of joy, "Never thought I'd actually...." He sniffs, "When we were in middle school.... swim class... I'd always follow you up the ladder... those suits would just... cling... I'd look at your pussy... yes... but... I always secretly longed to feel your asshole.... so tight it would pull your suit inside... it had to feel so nice.... but only you... only yours.... hoping someday.... I'd be able to drain myself inside.... anytime I wanted...." "Your sister's backdoor is always open for you, honey.... let me drain you dry...." Were here last words before they started working her holes. Shane deep dicked her pussy, juicing her like an over-ripe fruit as Jake's cock dug into her asshole nicely. It wasn't like when her uncle did at all. She felt a kind of sensation building in her... different from the one Shane was causing... somewhere... deeper... "Mmmnnnhhh... Shane... never stop... you have my heart and pussy..... OOOooohhhhh.... Jake, baby.... dig deeper..... all the way.... deep as you can...." He was eager to oblige and she white-knuckled as her brothers fucked her holes deep. Shane building an orgasm of insane proportion as Jake was scratching an oddly satisfying itch she didn't know existed deep inside her asshole.... each itch building a separate bubble to burst. She moaned and wailed wildly, begging her brothers to fuck her harder and deeper. Shane was pumping her pussy into a waterfall about to burst as Jake's deep digging and probing was about to trigger something else she didn't know even existed. Shane gripped her buttocks, pulled them open and gripped as he gave his final unrelenting flurry into her aching peach. Her legs beginning toshake and waves of pleasure shooting out as Jake hit something with his hard, deep thrusts. It was all overwhelming... her legs shaking and convulsing as pushed and pushed hard up into her, eager to release his seed into his sister's womb, while at the same time, clenching and gaping her asshole around Jake's cock... feeling an intense feeling as if she had to release something out of her, but her pussy clamped onto Shane as he was about to burst and her asshole tightened around Jake's cock and sucked every bit of him inside as it could. She emitted the most intense moan, her whole body convulsing while bent and clenched uncontrollably until it clamped tightly on his cock... her entire lower body becoming a tightened vise grip over her brother's cocks, groaning out in her need to be filled as her womb and anus felt a flood of warmth... her body not only emitting waves of pleasure, but a feeling of contentment she'd never experienced before.... calm and at peace while completely satisfied... No drug or anything could ever replicate this sensation. She shook and twitched as the final drops were milked from their respective cocks.... Leaving her brothers depleted, she loosened her grip and released them.... Shane sliding from her pussy and shitting Jake's cock out of her asshole.
  5. “Have you ever seen true conflict? Irrational and unbridled hatred, between one another? How would you defend it? How long can you drag the people of your country through years of conflict, with a reason so vast, that they see past the losses? Simple.” “They’re different.” Let’s go through a story, a world with conflict so thick, a literal line has been carved into the earth between them. This is Avalon, a world shared by Humans, and Anthros. A beautiful world filled with mysteries and natural attractions, but split on a conflict that has dragged on for so long the people have forgotten what the original reason was anymore. Where the able and fighting are tricked into joining a war with no end, for the promises of glory and triumph. But it has, and will always, end in stalemates. Tensions are high, but, ever so rarely, two people on either side manage to form a companionship. How’d this come to be, how will it last, will it even change the fate of the world? Who knows. But I think you’ll have better odds, seeing it yourself. (OOC Context Starts Here!) Hey there! I’ve been feeling the desire to try out for a story based RP now, and why not try my luck here! I know you all to be good people! Except the people who lurk in your Recently Viewed, they’re goblins. Anyways! I’m looking for a partner to play out the Anthro Partner for this adventurer, but who could it be? Well, that’s up to you! Just bring an idea of your own character, or something from another media, and I’ll make a new character to go with yours. A lot of the beginning is capable of changing and adjusting, we could be soldiers who found it easier to keep each other alive even being on the opposite side or maybe we never even touched the war and had a different profession! Who knows! But, that doesn’t mean the world is different. There’s a lot of stuff in there that are constants, and whatever we aim to tackle is between us. It’s an adventurer, don’t worry about the specifics! I already have it thought of! Course if you are making a certain type of character or class, I can always tell you more about the world and it’s people to make it fit in better. Anthros do have their own distinct set of abilities than Humans here, so maybe that’ll be a fun creative dump. Hope to see you!
  6. Evphcria_fae

    Tales of Sin(F looking for M or F)

    Good whatever time it happens to be for you lovelies! Since I'm looking for partners I thought I might as well post here. You can just call me Fae, my timeline is CST and I'm mostly available from 5pm-4am. I'm ghost friendly and I'd prefer on-site PMs as a method for roleplaying. I can write 1-3+ paragraphs depending on how inspired I am but I prefer quality over quantity. I write MxF and FxF pairings, I love OOC chats, plotting and collaborating so my partners get what they want or a plot we both enjoy. I prefer OCs to fandoms and have a wide cast of ocs I use. I'm open to trying fandoms if the idea intrigues me enough. I mostly write submissive female characters but I am open to attempting to male characters. For smut to story ratio I prefer 50/50 or 40/60. The plot doesn't have to be super complex, just enough for interesting buildup. ━━━━━━ • ✿ • ━━━━━━ Ideas and limitations *Like it says on my preferences I'm open minded to try anything once just no animals, lolis or shoutas. That's a hard no I will not sway on. I write low and high romance & fantasy, I like both sweet and darker plots. I'm all for anything that involves being treated roughly, whether as some kind of pet/slave or object. I'm down for a lot of force, humiliation, possession. Or just softer plots or even soft subplots. Speaking of darker plots I'm down for obsessive x object of obsession, supernatural creatures, dub-con, etc. The rest of what I'll write is on my preference sheet, but don't be afraid to ask if I'm open to something that isn't on there! I don't like writing in depth gore/death, mentions are fine I just don't like writing it heavily. Nothing absolutely disgusting either. ━━━━━━ • ✿ • ━━━━━━ Some Ideas *These are really just some simple pairings or plots that I have a lean/craving for, I can't think of them all so it's subject to change. I prefer collaborating with partners on fully fleshed out plots so we both get what we want out of the plot or going along with any ideas my partner has! • Coworker x coworker • Boss x secretary/worker • Arranged marriage • Royal x Knight • Royal x Mage • Royal x commoner • Demon x summoner • Demon x angel • Mage x Demon • Vampire x prey • Vampire x blood slave • Vampire x witch/mage • Enemies/rivals • BDSM arrangement • Master x slave/pet • Roommates • Obsessive x Object of obsession • Inexperienced virgin x "helpful" friend • College professor x student • Spouse/Partner x partner's friend • Gods, Goddess & Demigods • Delinquent x delinquent • Delinquent x goodie-goodie • Idol x assistant/fan • Best friend's older sibling • Friends • Nerd x bimbo/himbo ━━━━━━ • ✿ • ━━━━━━ A bride for peace (Contains arranged marriage & enemies troupe. Huge craving for this) MC is a highly respected mage/warrior from a kingdom engaged in a long and tiring war with the kingdom YC is from. YC is a hero, a knight, royalty, whatever you wish. The rules from each respective kingdom come to an agreement things have gone on too long and come to a conclusion to help end the war, an arranged marriage between our characters. Lacking a princess MC is chosen to be the offered bride for YC to wed and do whatever YC pleases with. Will they get along? Actually fall in love? Or have only a psychical relationship? Devious contracts(modern fantasy, slave & master dynamics) MC is obsessed with the occult. After picking up a summoning book she's gotten in over her head after accidentally summoning YC, who's a demon, a god, angel, whatever you'd like, who forges a contract with MC. Now completely bound together for however long YC decides to keep MC alive she must follow any and every order given in exchange for her wish. Vampire's sacrifice(Supernatural, higher fantasy, possible dub-con) YC is a vampire with a habit for torturing a nearby village. Stealing animals, ruining harvests, feasting on whom ever you please. In order to keep YC at bay the village offers a human sacrifice every few months, and this time MC is the unfortunate soul being offered in return for even just a month free from torment. Instead of only seeing the sacrifice as nothing more than livestock, YC takes an odd interest in MC, one far different than original intentions. Innocent or something more dubious, who's to say? But how long can YC allow the former sacrifice to roam the manor freely before acting on such thoughts. -------- Please PM me for any questions or ideas of any kind/offers of roleplay, looking forward to hearing your ideas and writing! ‪♡‬
  7. Like a Foster Home, A Groomers Home is a place where unwanted or forgotten young girls who have yet to reach puberty are taken to and sexually groomed to be pleasure girls for those with desires for young children. I am very open to discussing all the different ways we can work on the story and details but let me know your idea too. Not looking for violence or abuse, This is more like dub/con than non-con, as the girls are corrupted and groomed but in a way that they might enjoy, for the most part! If this interest you let me know, and you can text me or say so here I am in serious need of some young loving, from caring, innocent, little girls! Age range 12 & Under only please, and keep your judgements to yourself thank you if you dont like my preference. Any race and I'm into anthro as well!
  8. So! After a good while of thinking over it, I decided I should give it a try and share some ideas I had. Some of them are casual, others can be story-driven haha. Warning: may include incest or some other dubious things! 1st idea: Modern college setting, rich tsundere (my character) and the 'bad' boy. Cliché, I know, I know. But hear me out! Isn't rivals to lovers always a fun dynamic? It can be romantic, sweet fluffy or also more spicy smut or both because lol 2nd idea: Half-brothers kinda kingdom setting! In a noble family, man with 3 daughters marries a woman who already has a son (my character) after his first wife passed away. Later, they have a son who is grew up to be quite close with his older half-brother to the point of infatuation. 3rd idea: Ancient Japan/China that can be fantasy or not! This, I have many dynamics lol. I thought about general with enemy kinda where they cross blades many times before general becomes infatued with pretty boy who has good swordsmanship. Other is friends who both are disciples of some martial arts temple (?) and then there is Feelings and horny because they are training all the time with no breaks. 4th idea: fantasy au that can be modern but also kinda... mixed with medieval aspects? Like, it has magic, novels, kingdoms and stuff but also some advanced technology. Basically, like a vampire (my character) who is running away after committing a 'crime' (not really lol) who is on bounty for hunters, mercenaries, etc after the clan said he killed some youngsters of their clan. Well... 'Tis it? I tried to simplify things to not make too long. Still figuring out how things works around here. Feel free to dm(pm?) me if you're interested in anything!~ Ps: Yes, smut is definitely included and I'd like to also include some fetishes or modify some of these ideas if the opportunities arrived haha! Like brides, abo, 69, creampie... Anyways! Thank you if you managed to read through so far~
  9. Hello! I would like to do a romantic plot that centers around YC fighting through other suitors of MC (exes or otherwise) with video game physics like in Scott Pilgrim vs The World if you've seen that movie. However, at the heart of the plot would be the two's relationship. I value mainly story with some smut. We can discuss kinks in PMs though keep in mind that I would prefer to keep the plot somewhat lighthearted. Just PM directly if you are interested and we can discuss our characters and the plot in more detail. Keep in mind that I would be the GM of the RP unless you had ideas otherwise if you wanted to reverse the roles of our characters.
  10. Ao one rp idea I want to try is an rp about a boy being transfered to an all girl school and being stuck there. As such there will only be 1 male character allowed and I was hoping to have one or two more female characters beaides myself. I kinda want to see if we can keep this going as a long term rp if possible. If anyone is interested let me know.
  11. Heya! I'm new to this website so this is kinda like a debut for me. I have ~2 years of RP experience and can be relied upon to give lengthy replies and proper grammar without question though I will ask the same of you. My main objective here would be to just have a great time roleplaying and hopefully create a fleshed out story in which we can both enjoy. I'm currently searching for a long-term or short term roleplay partner based off the tags and what I have listed here My favorite kinks • Breeding • Cum-play • BDSM Here's my full list of dos and don'ts I do seem to have a trend going here but fear not, I am open to anything you might suggest aside from the following. Big no-no's • Rape of any sort • Underage Characters • Scat • Watersports • Torture
  12. Currently closed for RPs. Will update as soon as I'm able to accept more. Hiya! I’m new to this website so I guess this is technically my “debut” of sorts. I’m looking for RP partners that would be wanting to RP with me based off of the tags and preference sheet provided in this bulletin. I have around 8+ years of experience RPing and I can be relied on when it comes to creating an interesting story, as well as proper grammar and lengthy replies if requested. The overall goal is being able to have a good time and create an awesome story with whoever would be interested. I’m currently looking for a long-term RP partner 1:1 for the related kinks that I’ll list below. Favorited Kinks -Weight Gain Male/Female (Preferably Male) Either it being magical, progressional, feederism (slob is fine, just not overly eccentric. Humiliation/Teasing would be part of this as well if desired), quick, or anything in relation. Belly Expansions are also on the table, depending on request. -Rapid Female Pregnancy (Will not do male) This can include through different means such as: alien impregnation, magical methods, scientific methods, or anything in relation. - Breeding My longer list: https://www.f-list.net/c/holtsajin Warning: Please no underage characters and RPer. This would suggest sexual themes and we don’t need that underage stuff up in here, yaknow? Things that I will never write: - Vore - Scat and other related fetishes - Anything in relation to rape -Underage characters or pedophilia -IRL characters -Cruelty fetishes/Gore - ABDL/Diapers -Farting fetish Replying with just a few sentences will make it extremely difficult for me to reply properly since it’ll leave little to go off of. Having it one sided with the length of replies would dwindle the urge to continue. It basically tells me that you don’t want to put in the effort to build off of the story. I'm completely fine with romantic or non-romantic relationships within the RP. I can do both dom and sub, but I am more experienced with submissive roles. If you wish to RP with me, don’t be afraid to DM me!
  13. Hiccup/Deku

    Fandom ideas!

    Hello! Just a few ideas I have in mind, though, they are rather canon-centric so apologies if that's not your thing. I've got a series of ideas ranging from a cute pairing like Hiccup and Astrid (from HTTYD) or Ezra and Sabine (From Rebels) to much steamier plots like a tentacle monster grabbing various canon girls and corrupting them into being brood mothers for it! Just give me a poke if you're interested! Or something based around smutty misadventures for an older Dipper Pines. Or perhaps something in Kingdom Hearts is more your speed? Outside of stuff like this..? I'm fairly flexible and I know quite a few fandoms so don't be afraid to mention any you like! Kinks I hope to play: Impregnation, pregnancy, cum inflation, creampies and excessive cum. But for ideas like a tentacle monster making conquests out of canon girls? I tend to defer to stuff like hypnosis and addictive cum too. Kinks I won't play: Gore, scat, horror, heavy bondage and anything hyper. Quick list of fandoms I like: Ben 10 How To Train Your Dragon Kingdom Hearts Gravity Falls Star Vs the Forces of Evil Miraculous Ladybug Naruto Spyro Avatar (Both Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.) Star Wars. (Big fan of playing Ezra.)
  14. Hiccup/Deku


    Hello! Just a few ideas I have in mind, though, they are rather canon-centric so apologies if that's not your thing. I've got a series of ideas ranging from a cute pairing like Hiccup and Astrid (from HTTYD) or Ezra and Sabine (From Rebels) to much steamier plots like a tentacle monster grabbing various canon girls and corrupting them into being brood mothers for it! Just give me a poke if you're interested! Or something based around smutty misadventures for an older Dipper Pines. Or perhaps something in Kingdom Hearts is more your speed? Outside of stuff like this..? I'm fairly flexible and I know quite a few fandoms so don't be afraid to mention any you like! Kinks I hope to play: Impregnation, pregnancy, cum inflation, creampies and excessive cum. But for ideas like a tentacle monster making conquests out of canon girls? I tend to defer to stuff like hypnosis and addictive cum too. Kinks I won't play: Gore, scat, horror, heavy bondage and anything hyper. Quick list of fandoms I like: Ben 10 How To Train Your Dragon Kingdom Hearts Gravity Falls Star Vs the Forces of Evil Miraculous Ladybug Naruto Spyro Avatar (Both Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.) Star Wars. (Big fan of playing Ezra.)
  15. Hello! Just a few ideas I have in mind, though, they are rather canon-centric so apologies if that's not your thing. I've got a series of ideas ranging from a cute pairing like Hiccup and Astrid (from HTTYD) or Ezra and Sabine (From Rebels) to much steamier plots like a tentacle monster grabbing various canon girls and corrupting them into being brood mothers for it! Just give me a poke if you're interested! Or something based around smutty misadventures for an older Dipper Pines. Or perhaps something in Kingdom Hearts is more your speed? Outside of stuff like this..? I'm fairly flexible and I know quite a few fandoms so don't be afraid to mention any you like! Kinks I hope to play: Impregnation, pregnancy, cum inflation, creampies and excessive cum. But for ideas like a tentacle monster making conquests out of canon girls? I tend to defer to stuff like hypnosis and addictive cum too. Kinks I won't play: Gore, scat, horror, heavy bondage and anything hyper. Quick list of fandoms I like: Ben 10 How To Train Your Dragon Kingdom Hearts Gravity Falls Star Vs the Forces of Evil Miraculous Ladybug Naruto Spyro Avatar (Both Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.) Star Wars. (Big fan of playing Ezra.)
  16. Hiccup/Deku


    Hey there, looking for girls to brainstorm with. I've got a series of ideas ranging from a cute pairing like Hiccup and Astrid (from HTTYD) or Ezra and Sabine (From Rebels) to much steamier plots like a tentacle monster grabbing various canon girls and corrupting them into being broodmothers for it! Pretty flexible all in all so just give me a poke if you're interested! If you've got a fandom you'd like to try, or an idea to suggest, let me know!
  17. Hiccup/Deku

    To brainstorm.

    Looking for some fun, be it a canon x canon pairing or something a bit more broad. I've got a few ideas in mind but I don't mind brainstorming something new. For anyone interested in something story based with no real smut to speak of, I've got some things in mind. For example, interactions between Lux, and Galio, either set in good ol' Demacia, or travelling Runeterra. For pairings, the first that come to mind are Hiccup x Astrid (duh), Deku x Ochako, Dipper x Pacifica or Wendy (depending on partner preference), and Ezra x Sabine. But! If anybody wants some downright lewd and naughty plots, I have ideas for those too, but they're vague and I'd like to brainstorm/iron out details.
  18. Looking for any Futa, femboy, or females who are subs and want to get a good story/smut roleplay going i have a few ideas but they mainly are about cheating and adultery. If your interested message me. I also do discord.
  19. I was doing a roleplay like this on a different site before it got shut down. Was really enjoying it. Would like a more dominant male to do this rp with please.
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