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Found 2 results

  1. Multiversal

    Galia Cynial

    From the album: Multiversal’s Lovable Characters

    Character Information Name: Galia Cynial Hero/Villain Name: Agaliarept Age/Date of Birth: 16 years old/June, 6th Sex: Female Citizenship: United States Ethnicity: Caucasian Occupation: Student at H.H. Physical Appearance Height: 4’11 Weight: 160lbs Eye Color: Amber Hair Color: Blonde Physical Description: A slim petite body with not much muscle compared to others. Her hair is a usually well kept, rarely ever being messy. She does not have too many curves, although her thighs and butt have a nice plumpness to them. Quirk Quirk Type: Emitter Type Quirk Name: Mind Gaze Quirk Details: Due to the increased number of neurons in her nerve cells, this grants her the ability to both read minds and communicate via one way telepathy with multiple people. Ultimately not a very offense based skill, however it grants her the access of information during fights and the ability to relay it to others. While she could detect future actions and current thoughts, Her quirk comes with several weaknesses. She can only read current thoughts with her quirk, as it is deemed impossible to try and dig into the past memories of others. She can maintain this ability for a long time, however both range and duration have an effect on her as well. If the target is far enough, her mind reading and telepathy will have a delay to them, before being unable to do any of the two of they are far enough away from her. Using her quirk for too long slows down her own thoughts and forces her body to become relaxed, rendering her to both move and think slower if it were to continue. Quirk Strengths: Mind reading of current thoughts, her telepathy that can target up to 5 people at a time, and has a effective range of 25 meters. Her telepathy can send messages just as quickly as she can read one’s mind. Quirk Weaknesses: Can not read past thoughts, telepathy is only one way (Only Galia can communicate with others), targeting anyone farther 26-49 meters will delay the responses of receiving thoughts and sending messages to others by a few seconds depending on distance, prolonged use will slow down the ability to think and move. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Galia is a playful soul, often enjoying to tease others for her entertainment. The reason for this is so that they could get used to her quickly, a way she has developed so that they would be aware that she could read minds. Although she does respect the privacy of those around her often, not peering into someone’s mind unless she is intentionally targeting them. She also has a interest in mystery themed books and anything that involves a mystery of some sort. Galia however hates it when strangers know her own secrets. Strengths: Galia is willing to help many people, as long as they wish to live on she will do what she can to help. She’ll gladly follow any plan as long as everyone agrees to it, and if it won’t get anyone into a life risking spot. Despite her frail body, she’s willing to also use it to protect others. Overall she’s selfless, and willing to play the dangerous part if needed to be. Weaknesses: She despises people who can read her tactics and movements. Her enjoyment in fights come from the surprise of opponents not knowing how their attacks are being countered, and this causes her to become brash with Her quirk, often resorting to using it for longer times than needed. Galia is also selfless to a fault in some situations, sometimes risking herself for the sake of others. Her selfless trait often is triggered if the situations reminds her of her savior. Ambitions for becoming a Hero: Galia Cynial was born into a small family who had a just as small medical business, she was raised with strict yet caring arms. Her mother Florence was strict, although caring while her father she never knew much about. She only knew that her mother had greatly cared for him, despite him being away most of the time for the sake of his work. One day on her weekly visit to her father, the ground beneath them would begin to shake violently. As the building would slowly collapse from one end to another, Galia heard the distant yelling of another woman. She couldn’t remember who she was, and vaguely remember what she looked liked. The only things that she remembered clearly about that woman, was that she was her savior, and the words that rung through her head that day. “If my body is the small price to pay for those in need, then let it be offered for the sake of the people who wish to live on.” The next thing she knew was that she and her mother were on hospital beds, next to each other after the indecent. The whereabouts of her father remained a mystery, even after the rubble was cleared. There didn’t seem to be a trace of him being there in the building when it came down. Her mother, Florence, had hoped that one day he would come back. Galia listened to the thoughts of her mother everyday, about how she wished for him to come back and make it a whole complete family once again. It was then Galia decided to become a hero in her future. She wanted to find out where her father had been, and why he hasn’t come back to them. She needed to know for the sake of her mother. The second reason... is for the chance to maybe see her savior and thank her. The incident happened when she was 12 years old, so the purple haired woman must be a hero by now right? For now, she will find out the mysteries behind the two, all while doing her best to save the other people who are in need. Hobbies and Interests: Teasing others, reading people’s thoughts, mystery related themes (mainly books), being cuddled. Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious Turn ons: Soft sex, frequent touching of the skin, licking, teasing Turn offs: Rough sex, sadism, masochism Breast Size: AA Cup Sensitivity: A bit more sensitive than normal. Additional Sexual Information: She has not experienced sexual encounters before, but prefers to keep any future encounters to a softer version. STD History: Clean Family Father: ??? Cynial Quirk Type: ?? Mother: Florence Cynial Quirk Type: Goddess’ Skin House: Galia lives with her mother in a bungalow styled house. Pet: None Additional information: She has a secret stash of her ‘Sherlock’s Guide: How to become an ace detective! (Outfit and Items included!)’ related items under her bed. This is classified information! No one must know about this!
  2. I will do anything~ I am fully at your service! Make me useful~ I am looking for a roleplay partner that is male and has no limits like I do~ You scared or wanna play?
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