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Found 20 results

  1. SweetBiteMe

    So Bite Me...

    Hello! You can call me Sweets if that works for you Hope we find something that works for both of us! About me and my style! I enjoy 1 to 3 paragraph responses. In general though my response are varied, and I encourage feedback so I can improve! I roleplay in the first or third character and tend to lean toward the submissive side of characters. I'd love to learn more about you, and what wonderful ideas you have floating arond in your head. Some thoughts that definately need fleshing out are: Superhero x Villian/Superhero/No Powers Basically I'm looking for some sort powered human in the pairing. Something X-Men, or comic book related would be welcomed. Let's talk about something interesting. Fantasy Based ~ I know, vague, sorry ~ But I'm open to most humanoid characters. Pirates A captive is taken by a ship as ransom. But she develops more into a past time for the crew. Musician x Aspiring artist/groupie An established musician/music producer meets a young aspiring artist. Perhaps making promises they cant keep. Greek Gods Pick a greek story really, I love most myths. Persephone and Hades is always a classic fave. Past or current time frames are well welcomed These are just some ideas but I'd LOVE to hear what you have going on in your noggin. Note I am here for roleplays that have some sort of smut aspect but if I'm honest I do like a little more depth then just this with at least some plot. I do perfer rough play, but let's talk about what you enjoy! I'm open to fandoms, more traditional pairing, etc. Check out my preferences list, and know I'll be very open with you about what I'm not comfortable doing. If I say I dont have a preference I truly don't! Hope to speak with you soon!
  2. Valentine

    The Maid

    My name was Valentine Andrews, and I was one of your new maids. You’ve been far too busy to really notice me from day one until you were in the kitchen. You bumped into me as I was cleaning the counters. You looked over and saw me bent over the counter as I explained, and sat up quickly. My face was flushed and I covered my mouth and cleared my throat, you smirked. “Oh—I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to..” I looked up and you said nothing. After that I always felt your eyes on me, you began to want me more and more with each day passing. I always felt my cheeks get warm and heat rising from the pit of my stomach whenever you were around. One day I woke up in my quarters and saw an outfit at the edge of my bed with a note on it, I rubbed my eyes and read, “Meet me in my quarters, and wear this -Your Boss.” I looked at the skimpy maid outfit and once again my body warmed up, but I did as I was told. I went to your room and knocked on the door gently, hearing you giving me permission to come in I did. I felt my face get red as you looked me up in down, the outfit looked like it might bust where my breasts were resting, the skirt was short and you knew the one little move and you could see up it, my hands clutched on the seams of the little cloth holding my bust and I looked down in embarrassment, but I couldn’t help but feel a little— or a lot— turned on. I heard you loving as you walked up to me, once you were standing in front of me you.. (This can be a romance/sexual or just sexual) (Let me know if you’d like to PM ^~^)
  3. Hello! I'm looking for Dominant role players to explore ideas with and start an RP. I have a few hard limits but not many, and beyond that I'm really an open book. If you prefer dominant roles and are looking for a submissive RP partner and have an idea you want to roleplay with me let me know!
  4. Looking for Rape only. Living insertions, anything you want. Like eels, worms, insects, fish, snakes, slugs, etc. With belly bulge (from womb, bladder, stomach etc) Please EcchiText me!
  5. Hello. A little about me before I jump into what i'm searching for. I live in the EST timezone and I make sure to respond at least once or twice a day (considering the plot). I roleplay in third person — as it's most comfortable for me to describe surroundings as well as my character's surroundings that way; honestly, I prefer to keep my person of the third decent. I can write anything from 300+ up to 800+ words depending on my muse; although, currently I'm looking for more fast-paced roleplays, so don't be surprised if my responses are on the short side of things. I am also submissive (BIG TIME). What I'm looking from you — adequate grammar, no text talk, decent yet fast replies, and no god modding. Please be alright with talking in OOC as well as plotting. Right now, I'm currently looking for a few topics— we can tweak them around if you like. —— My first interest is fandom based, but I've currently been reading Lore Olympus. I'd like to do a roleplay based off of Persephone and Hades. It can pick up off the latest issue or we can change the plot around a little bit. I just have a huge heart for both Persephone and Hades. I'd prefer for this roleplay to be a slow burn of a romance with the occasional sex jokes and tension. —— Angsty demon + Goddess —— Goody two shoes angel + God —— Rival leaders —— Cowboy + a fellow female camp worker (this plot would probably be heavily influenced by RDR2) —— Mage Knight + Queen // Mage Knight + Princess —— King + Mistress // King + Female suitor —— Open to much more. Just throw some other pairings out and I'll figure out something with you! —— Lastly, I'm currently into mythology. Norse or Greek. I would love to do a Goddess x God (doesn't have to be historically correct... we can spice it up). However, I don't wish to do "sons or daughters of a God/Goddess". I find it absolutely unoriginal and tedious. Small notes: — I will only roleplay over messages. I find it more organized and far more private. I don't, however, roleplay over Discord. — For the mass majority of things that I've listed as plot interests, I will use anime fcs unless otherwise told. I'd prefer the same from you! That's it. If you're interested in something or have an idea in mind, please let me know. Otherwise, have a nice evening!
  6. Hello! I'm looking to rp with the following character: Character wise, I don't mind who or what you use as long you're creative about it! As for fetishes, I have yet to find one that I can't work with. Paragraph writing is preferred but as long as you don't chuck one-liners it should be fine Looking forward to hearing from you!! Yippee123
  7. Umbra

    To be Yours

    Hello hello, I'm Umbra. This is my thread to hopefully tease and entice my next big predator to come and hunt me down...Well, in a sense. Either way, I'm going to put down some information about what I'm looking for and hopefully someone with similar tastes finds something interesting here to come and hit me up in the EchhiText. BE SURE to actually read the information listed, nothing is a bigger turn off than someone sending my an idea that is so unrelated to what I'm about that it might as well be in a different dimension. I write around 3+ Paragraphs, the more my partner writes the more I write. Single paragraphs or one line sentences will kill the story for me faster than any parent in Disney movies. PLEASE look at my preferences first to get an idea of what I usually like to write in terms of story style and usual pairings I'm game for many kinks, however even I can't get behind some extreme stuff, namely bathroom related kinks, snuff, gore and hyper inflation, if you are unsure of a kink be sure to ask me. I strictly play female submissives, but that doesn't mean they lay on their back like a dead fish, simply that I don't play girls who are dominate in their approach to men, they are the ones that get approached and dominated. Related Kinks to all my stories that are my top faves; Dirty old men Dark themes Noncon/Dubcon Buildup Mindbreaking/Creampie endings. Plot Ideas/Concepts to Inspire the Local Pervert. These are all rough plots with some descriptions, if any catch your eye be sure to message me. However if you do have your own ideas that go along with this please let me know. The formatting is gonna be an ugly nightmare for right now, but I will be updating this when I get more free time. Tentacle Plots The fated Day (Tentacle monsters, Princess, Armies, battle scenes) It's the climatic showdown between the Princess of Light and the massive tentacle demon that threatens the world. Yokai Spirit Task Force Scantily clad ninja babes fighting all sorts of demons with or without tentacles to keep the world safe. Defeated by an Unlikely Foe Sometimes; an octopus is all you need. Forced Plots Stalker Gets his Girl. Months of waiting for the right moment pay off. Downright Feral Pervert. A man succumbs to his desires so deeply he might as well be a wild animal in his perversion The babysitter's trap. Whether it be from her former charge, or an older brother or even the father, the babysitter is in for a hell of a night. Fantasy Plots Goblins are not as Weak as everyone says Typical Goblin slayer like premise, if you know what I mean theres no need to explain. The Apprentice Young Witch goes to learn magic, too bad her teacher has other plans for the naive girl. Princess and the Court Mages Perverse Affections The Princess is left under the care of the old court mage, oh how that will turn into a bad decision. Sci-Fi Plots Space Mission gone wrong Perverse aggressive aliens and skintight spacesuits? Where's the signup sheet? Abducted by Perverts Aliens on the simple mission of finding a species that is the most pleasurable to fuck. VR Stalker A man harrasses and toys with a girl in VR, eventually tracking her down to enact what he has been doing to her in real life. Modern Plots The Price of Losing Street-Fighter esque idea; except being a girl and losing a fight comes at a much higher cost. (WIP)
  8. So deeply interested in her dark magic, the young girl experimented with dark prayers that would do little, but soon she calls the name of a demon she knew little about on her spare time. Her books glowing, she was suddenly transported to a dark yet fiery world that led to a demon king by the name of Zaroth. Sitting on his throne, expecting an offering. The girl had nothing, yet the demon kind was feeling generous that moment. Deciding to grant her a wish that would benefit her normal life, but in exchange for herself. To be his little toy, to be his one and only that would either be loved, despised, or used to the fullest extent... I've had this idea for a bit now, and I'd like, well I'd love for someone to fill in a girl role for this scenario. I love playing monster / demon characters so much. For me, I roleplay in the 1st person, but if you'd like me to do any other POV then that's okay! I like decently long posts, 5+ sentences are good, but one liners are very dreary for me. I find it hard to continue on with a one liner. But nice expressive posts make me do the best, and I always get excited for them! I'd like to think that I'm pretty literate. So, if you are interested in this scenario, or maybe found interests in my other content, then please feel free to EcchiText me anytime! And if you'd like, we can discuss if you'd like to tweak the scenario a bit. Thank you to anyone reading this~
  9. Looking for a dom to capture me and let creatures loose inside of me just to watch me squirm ;D (non con only please ;3)
  10. Warlock

    Looking for a sub.

    Hey all, myself ( @Warlock) and @Mikasa are looking for a potential third person to join our Rp. We are thinking of going with a setup that revolves around one dominant, and two submissives with the idea of one submissive being subserviant to the other. The idea for the RP itself is still up for debate, but we have made a small idea of what we might be interested in. Ofcourse with your input we hope to make it something we all enjoy. Requirements: - At least average language skills, small grammar mistakes is understandable, but lets not make it too bad. - Respond in a timely manner, if you sometimes get busy, thats ok. But lets try to keep a post a day going, if possible. - Timeline and duration of the RP is up for debate, lets figure out what works best for everyone involved. description: Raito Ichijo, 24, had been living with Meika, 20 for a while now. They had started as a normal boss and employee relationship, while she was working as a cook in his house. But after a while they relationship turned to something else, a Master and slave. Recently his business had been doing well and he hired a new girl to work as a maid for him. But that job was just an excuse, he mostly wanted to reward Meika for all of her good work and give her her own slave. It would be his too of course.
  11. Mikasa

    Maid and Mistress

    [[closed for now]] ~Looking for a submissive girl~ Lin had built a huge fortune through hard work, seducing and blackmailing men and talent. With her long brown hair, 5'7 height, big breasts and a killer smile she could easily get all the men she wanted. But she quickly got bored of it and realized it wasn't fun. So she slowly started looking around to get a girl. Until she found one that looked perfect to her. And the second she saw her she knew she had to get her. She finally hired her as a personal maid and made the young girl move in her mansion. My character will be dominant. You can act feisty or shy at first or directly be submissive. Please send me an ecchi text if you're interested so we can talk about the details ^^
  12. Reaper(Bandit)

    Looking for smut public rp

    Looking for someone to play the role of a girl for a private rp of a dominant guy and a shy girl who becomes more and more perverted and performing more risky public acts over the course of the relationship. Will mostly be smut with less focus on story and more on different public situation that can be acted out. New to this so will be limited to one paragraph or a few sentences per message.
  13. Hi all, new here looking for female playing partners for short rps that are smut heavy. For links and genre, rough, kinky, noncon, humilation, slave ,etc basically will play a dom. Limits will be underage, blood and violence that not sexual and more severe than just slapping or hair pulling. Im not very good with story so will be a shorter rp with more smut, but if my partner is good with story i can follow her lead a bit on the story side. Happy rp guys, looking for some good ones.
  14. Hello! I'm new to this kind of thing but really want to do some roleplay with a female domme, mistress Mommy, or whatever you prefer. I'm very submissive, love being told what to do and will do my best to play any role
  15. closetwerewolf

    woof! Hiya, new FTM sub here.

    Hi, I'm Wolfie. I'm a transmale submissive pup with >5 years roleplay experience. Thought I'd try out this new site I have an (LINK REMOVED) and of course my roleplay references. Please HMU if you'd like to play! I have a KiK which I prefer to use the most. Thanks, please treat me kindly! I'm excited to have some good times with everyone~
  16. Actually, I don't wanna pick through anything. I love any kind. As long there is no adult babies, scat, vore, gore, watersports and. .. anything that seems disgusting for me of course. Just no offense for the people who like them but, just no. C'move to my pm's and we can discuss. Naomi has a short pink bob, fair-peachy skin, 4'9" height, 2-3 inches of meat and thick. Womanly, ready for fucking thick .<3
  17. Luscinia

    Some RP Ideas for all genders

    Hey! Not been having much RPs lately so I thought I'd post here with some ideas to see if anyone will bite. I'm a submissive and there are very few scenarios that can change that (though if you think you can go ahead and try). If you are also submissive, fear not there are some RP Ideas here made for sub/sub. Also to any ladies who crave dick, remember that being a sub doesn't necessarily mean I can't top, topping would just be at your demand. Every RP will have a character list next to it, which will note the best of my characters for this RP. So check out my character list under my albums. 1. Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one of if not my top fetish. The actual scenario for this RP doesn't necessarily matter as long as breastfeeding is the main theme in it, but here are some ideas. A mother that's overprotective of her children, still breastfeeding them despite them being too old for it (and getting naughty too). A demon with corrupted milk turning someone into a horny slut. If strap-ons (or maybe futa cock) are introduced then it would be alot of fun. Character List: Lucy comes to mind most as a small boy fucking his mommy while drinking from her breasts is a fantastic image to me. Lyle & Lynn are the only characters that canonically spend alot of time with their mother, and she's single and lonely no less, this RP would require strap-ons as Lyle has a micropenis. 2. Bestiality. Just to be clear I mean bestiality and not furry smut, not that I'm against furry smut it's just not my thing. The scene can be something conventional like "lost in the woods, captured by wolves". But I think I'd prefer something consensual, that being said don't hesitate to communicate any non-con ideas you have. Also I'd prefer a dog or a horse. Character List: Lena is the most open minded and experimental characters in my group, and is great for consensual bestiality. Lucy could be payed to have sex with an animal. Lulu is the best option for non-con. 3. Group RP. Doing a group RP sounds incredibly fun, if correctly managed. I'd say a limit of 4 characters is a good idea, of course we could have 2 people playing 2 characters each and that works too. One particular idea I have is "Mommy's new boyfriend" which would involve Lyle and Lynn, someone playing their mother, and someone else playing an incredibly dominant boyfriend who decides to bring the mothers children into bed with them. This is just one idea, there's plenty more potential with this. As mentioned in the intro, this would be an RP for any other subs reading this. Character List: Lyle & Lynn of course, but I think just about any character can fit this scene (depending on the chosen plot). 4. Extreme BDSM. a.k.a. the GO WILD RP This is where my character will be completely dominated by another, not just sexual, but physical, mental, and every other way too. I'm a bit of a freak myself, so I like the idea of playing a character who's getting beaten by their master, left bloodied and bruised. Fucked by their master (and whoever, or whatever, else the master wants them to get fucked by). I understand this RP isn't for everyone. This RP could either be non-con or consensual with my character openly giving up all their rights (but i think you'll all prefer non-con for this). As long as it doesn't violate any of the limits on my preference sheet its good... However if you think you can convince me to break a limit, go for it. Character List: Lulu is the only character that really fits this situation. Potentially Lucy but I am unsure. (I don't feel like writing anymore so I'll add to this in the future) Comment here first with an idea involving one of the RPs provided, and which of my characters you'd prefer to spend time with. Love ~Luscinia
  18. Luscinia

    An open invite to all doms for RP

    To all daddies and mommies, masters and mistresses, or just any guys or girls, I invite you to RP with me ^.^ I'm pretty much open to almost any kink, a few key exceptions can be found on my preference sheet. I have 2 characters currently, a trap and a girl, though I'm sure more will be made as time progresses. More details can be found in my character reference gallery. As far as scenes go, I'm down for about anything as long as it fits my characters. Both characters are currently built for modern day settings and are both human, but if you wish to RP outside these restrictions, I am willing to take the time to create new characters. This should go without saying, but I am a submissive 100% (probably more like 99% really). I love submitting to people, it's very fulfilling! Whether I'm happily servicing a dick, licking a mistress as she holds my head in place, taking a pounding from a dick/strap-on, or even something as simple as being breastfed - anything that makes me feel submissive is a huge plus for me. Just to clarify on some stuff about IRL me: Before anyone gets their hopes up, I am not a girl IRL. But I am a trap, I've been crossdressing for about 6-7 months and I love it to bits~ I'm 19 years old and I've had a fair amount of sexual experience but only with guys. I will NOT send pictures of me to anyone who asks, though if I come to like someone I'd consider offering. My IRL state should not be the primary reason for you messaging me of course, but I want to clarify these things as it gets repetitive to say it a lot to many different people. Anyway, if you read this far then thank you~ If you are interested send me an EcchiText, if not then why are you still reading I hope you have a great day~
  19. Well it' about to get really wet around here.Hi I'm whizbang69 I'm really on this site to have fun meet some ppl real or not and see how many orgasms I can bring the women I encounter while I'm on. I' open minded I really like being unable predictable and spontaneous. I want to jump right in and start some crazy sexual adventures so don' be shy if you want to have fun and bust a nut along the way hot me up
  20. Hi, I'm Maple, I'm always horny and ready for a nice hard fuck.
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