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  1. Kitsuyumia


    If you have suggestions post them here
  2. I would appreciate getting a notification if someone has left our ecchitext message. The way I see it is, it would show up like a new message was sent to the person/people remaining in the conversation. I know it shows it up at the top of the message, but that is only really useful after you've opened it.
  3. I know we can "donate" to members with credits that our account has "on us" as it were. But I think it would be cool if there was some sort of "transfer" feature so if you don't have enough credits in your wallet then you could transfer things directly to another member or when you buy stuff.
  4. It would be nice when it comes to private rp topic forum would be nice to have a feature to include a option to create a new private rp instead of having to use clubs to get the rp across( not sure of this is a available feature or not from the time I got into this site it hasn't been it seems to only affect what's posted on clubs which I highly disagree with and very very dissatisfied with in the website. But on the other hand is there any way possible to make a mobile app of this sight at all because it honestly would help so many imo without having to switch from on app or game social media etc just my opinion
  5. is it possible to do something about this: I dunno about anyone else but to me it looks kind of jarring and uninteresting. like idk, could you put images in these grey boxes?
  6. Hello dear ecchidreams-team and dear dreamers! First of all, I really like the new layout and really appreciate the switch button for the light and the dark mode! I was wondering what everyone was thinking of having the option to customize the main page (home page? welcome page? The page on which you get when you simply type ecchidreams.com in your browser ). What I often experience is that I find myself irritated of the pictures on the right hand side of this page, especially when I'm working on a plot in my head and just quickly want to check some statuses. I don't know whether this would be interesting for anybody else, but I thought it would be pretty cool to have the option to customize this main page. In the same way I might not be interested in images and find them irritating but would appreciate an overview over my ecchitexts, somebody else might not be interested in statuses and would like to have more space to appreciate the images, etc.. I'm just going to leave this idea here and am curious what you guys think of it Stay healthy and have nice holidays everyone
  7. I noticed that when you react to someone's status there is no "hug" emoji. Do you think it would be possible to have one added please?
  8. Hello and thanks for having this forum to allow our, sometimes, good suggestions and questions. As you probably know, I run several clubs myself and most often they are quite comprehensive in scope and thus needs to be flexible to accomodate how I choose to set things up so my members are able to find what they need easy and quickly. However, even owners of the clubs are not able to move topics around, delete topics and do the more large scale functions. Thus we need to ask staff members to do these tasks for us. I would like to see club owners having more freedom in how they arrange and set up things.
  9. What is says on the tin. If I had a penny for every time I closed a page by accident and had to rewrite my entire post from scratch, I'd have around a dozen pennies. And that's way too many pennies! What I'm suggesting is to add a prompt to confirm whenever a tab is closed while there is still text in the "new post" box (or any text-box if possible), to avoid instances of mistakenly ereasing all of one's written content. I'm sure it would save people many frustrations.
  10. So When you have a Club you have topics for topics.....I’m just gonna explain Club ———-Topics At the Top ———————Topic on the Main. okay, so you got that available so far. But what if you made another option, like changed it so iit becomes. ———-Topics At the Top ———————Topic for Topics ——> Topics for Chats The way you have it, you can only make it the topic once, so you have to make the categorization topics all at the top which ends up either: Making it look messy or making it so you end up with a huge list... I wanna be able to Make One Topic at the Top for example The Roleplay a would be the top topic, Then there would be Towns, Then Buildings. or The World - Towns - Building or The Town - The Buildings - The Rooms its hard to explain and I hope I did a decent job.
  11. I was just thinking.....anyway you guys could add another club for roleplaying?.....I was thinking of one dedicated to bondage and BDSM.....there is one club that incorporates this but also includes stuff like supernatural stuff
  12. As someone who uses EcchiText a lot for longer form RPs, it's deeply frustrating having to try and finish a reply in one go. Is there any way we could mark a message as a draft, so that the other parties can't see it until you're done tinkering?
  13. Has anyone on the dev team ever thought about adding features to clubs to make it so certain parts are restricted by like role (owner/administrator/moderator) or participation? For example you cannot post in the main thread until you add a character ID/picture.
  14. just a quick suggestion really, I know at one point ED tried to float a music section where people could link youtube videos and such on the site but this didn't seem to last very long (Why?) but I was wondering if we could have a music discussion area where people can make topics around their favorite artists and link videos in and such.......is this doable? is this even something that other people want? I made this a poll so people can vote. If it's not something that people want then fair 'nuff.
  15. I love the sidebar on the homepage dedicated to sharing the most recent images uploaded to the site, but I've quickly realized a problem. Some users like to upload whole collections of images in bulk, but there are only five slots on the homepage, so when a user uploads 5 or more images in a row, that user takes up the entire section on the homepage leaving no room for other users' images to show. And if any users make a regular habit of doing this, it will mean that pretty much only their images will ever show. I don't want to discourage anyone from sharing the images they want, so I think it would be nice if, rather than showing each individual image, this section could show the latest 5 users who have uploaded, displaying their latest image and possibly a link to the side of that that leads to that user's albums page. That way more users get to share the spotlight while still being able to upload as much as they want! What I'm thinking of is something like how Deviantart handles stacks of uploads from different users/groups you're following, except obviously these would be displayed vertically in the sidebar on the homepage in this site's case:
  16. Could we get an icon that shows us if we've replied to an EcchiText? I know there is a small icon that shows its unread so I think (I'm unsure) it shouldn't be too much of an effort to change. I imagine I can't be the only one who accidentally left someone on read and thought they responded.
  17. I've noticed a few small issues with premium profile backgrounds that might need addressing. Most notably, the issue of mobile versus desktop browsing. When you set a background image, you'll only get to see a portion of it when browsing in mobile because the image isn't the appropriate aspect ratio and can't be scrolled or scaled. I was curious to know if there would be a way you could allow premium users to use a different background for mobile browsing, or at the very least, set which part of the background is displayed, similarly to a profile picture? Another, much more minor issue, is that I find it a little disappointing that there's no standard way of viewing the background image without all the transparent boxes in the way. I think it would be nice if clicking on the background in the sidebar would allow you to see the image on its own without all the text boxes blocking it, kind of like how you can expand the banner to see the entire image. I see a lot of really interesting-looking backgrounds on users' pages, but I can never get a really good look. I appreciate the consideration!
  18. As of thinking about the notification for a long while now, I couldn't come up with a reasonable solution to the constant notification beside removing the option to receing a notification from posting or replying a post, preferably the RP Club I made since myself and @Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki being the most active will cause annoyance to our fellow Dreamers. I bought this topic to find a better solution to this rather than just turning the notification off since this will likely make some Dreamers unfollow or discourage them to follow due to the notification ringings constantly like there no tomorrow...
  19. This will be a mild suggestion with some plan added to sprinkle this topic and also trying something out while hearing some opinions. First, there two "ranking" in EcchiDreams, the Golden Dreamer and the Platinum Dreamer which is a nice thing to add for Dreamer to have a flashy username which I praise whoever come up with that. On to the point, Imagine if dreamer does try to get a title and seeing a lot of Gold and Platinum scatter around the site. It will be a bit redundant or lose value which I proposed an idea, what if you could get more option than just these two. There could be two paths I could take from this: Having a rank system with these and making more for Dreamers to have a variety to choose from. For example, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, etc. and each title costing more than the last. This will get some people excited to aim for the top which is expensive and motivate people to get some cash in order to get them. The other path I have is that all the title will cost the same but it will be expensive to some degree and the perk you mention could be a lock color. For example, If I buy the Ruby Dreamer, I can get the Red color being automatic and making the ability to choose different color gone from any Dreamer unless you get the desired title. This is just a plan I have in mind so this isn't much of a suggestion rather me telling you what I envision on using the Donation feature. xD I could use that feature as a way to get money by drawing people character as an example which I will post soon and cost currency of this site as payment~ Of course, it could be used for lots of other things such as story, drawing, poem and other stuff people may get them interested on donating away for that cause.
  20. Very happy with this site, just wanted to toss out a few suggestions, mostly on the nitpicky side, simply because I want to see the site be all that it can be. First, I think the RP Preferences could be expanded a bit. For my own purposes, the omission that sticks out the most is vore. I had no problem with giving some additional details in a few paragraphs under my "wills/won'ts", and I would encourage everyone to do that. But it would be nice for me to be able to tell at a glance if others had strong feelings for/against vore, because most people just select the dropdown items and leave it at that. I'm sure there's a few other kinks people might like to see added. Another thing you might add to the preferences is a short menu for "mood" or "tone". Lighthearted, romantic, and dark, for example. Even something like rape can be played for laughs and worked into a lighthearted RP if it's done right (think of a situation in an ecchi comedy that doesn't shy away from its logical conclusion). This would help with knowing what type of RP you could approach someone with. These next few things I'm not sure are possible, since I'm aware you only have so much control over the design elements of the site. If possible, a person's Preferences should have more visibility, ideally being a full-fledged part of their profile. Currently I have to click a profile, click activity, and click preferences on the list on the left side in order to find out whether or not someone has filled out their preferences, and if they have, that's another click to reach that page. It would be great if it could just be rolled into the About Me tab or something. It would be nice if the blurb that appears when hovering over user's names would include their gender and sexuality, and maybe the first few sentences of their About Me page. Currently the blurb really tells you nothing about the person. I'd love a real friend list or address book easily accessible in the dashboard or home page. It would be great to have a readily accessible list of members who you like to RP with, maybe with the option of adding little notes to yourself about them (for example: "likes X" "prefers Y" "ask before trying Z"). Finally, I visit this site in a private browsing window. My cookies are wiped when I leave, so my color choice for the site theme is not saved. I've given up on selecting a color that I like and have resigned myself to the default purple. It would be awesome if this could be remembered by your profile instead of your browser. Sorry to go on and on like that! It's only because I care. :)
  21. I love the idea of the Dreamer Of The Month. But I would like to see it have more meaning. Perhaps a little star or ribbon on the lucky Dreamer's profile. As it is, the only mention given is an easily missed notification. I won't go into specifics, but I will say that, if I had known earlier that I was DOTM, it would've saved my position, and prevented a huge fight and devastating sadness.
  22. is there any possibility of an AMA topic like maybe for a month where we can ask the staff members anything? there's a lot of new people here who maybe don't know how this site works, and maybe it's an opportunity for staff to make AMA topics where people can ask them anything, personal or site related so we can kind of get to know the community leaders better and perhaps start discussions with each other...... I know it might be a dumb idea but its worth putting it out there, even it's a like a time limited thing. I suppose it would largely depend on what other members think about this idea.......
  23. I've been thinking of roleplay situations that I would like to try and came upon this particular theme looks pretty good if it were to interest the community I've looked at the other roleplays and maybe this one could be among them. We could base off from the Highschool of the dead Anime (Lots of ecchi too in that :P ) So yeah.. we could make a map like in Craethiel Kingdom and then start off if people like this idea :) Some of the roleplay situations I can think of are: -People losing their sanity and wanting to rape others -Typical hero and sex reward stuff :P -Survivor orgies! -Zombie sex? (I'm not so sure about that.. and zombies tend to decompose so most peens might have fallen off :P ) - (Need to think of some more :x ) Well I guess that's it... Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes.. English is not my first language. And also sorry if I'm writing in a wrong format... Some help will be appreciated (and maybe rewarded *wink* ;) ) for helping me out in this. :)
  24. So I had this idea... When the RP opened up originally in 2007 we needed to base the RP off of some laws that already existed to save time on writing the rules. The leader of the RP section at the time had this somewhat narrowminded idea that really at the time would have solved the immediate problem but was never conceived in the larger scale. I think at the time I was admittedly that Roleplay Adminstrator. Of course back then it was just Thorndown Highschool which was very limiting. Now we have a fully open island based RPs (and Andromeda which is a open space RP and in my opinion virtually limitless if you can use your imagination.) It was admittedly a narrowminded idea which I think was actually mine. This idea now is rather... Limiting and unfair. Blackberry Falls is ran by the UK/US government. Therefore it's a blend of their laws. Now obviously this has changed with the RP department but the extent of change is the name. Nothing else. So I'm thinking to make the RP more free-ranged and less strict, which may (I'm guessing here) put off less-serious RPers and people who aren't from the UK or the USA who may (again just guessing here) feel sectioned and isolated from the RP. I think focus should be rules of the Roleplay. Not rules within the roleplay which may feel restrictive. It was all unintentional as I didn't anticipate this at the time and the community if memory serves me didn't care either way, but had a few loud voices who had one opinion or the other. I understand that there is BOUND to be laws in a civilization. But perhaps this could just be Blackberry Fall's laws rather than a fixed set of laws the exist in real life. It should be up to people to communicate with each other the cause and effect, the consequences of this cause and effect and think about their RP in a dynamic sort of way, they should be able to choose if they want to do that, not have it forced on them. If that makes sense. Now I posted this up publicly because I want roleplayers to put their voices, to get some real information. So in short I'm not really sure what to say, it's something I noticed and wanted to bring to attention. A sort of "Do we need to improve this?" sort of deal. One last thing. People shouldn't be scared to post suggestions up in the suggestion's forums. I want to assure everyone that I read every single suggestion personally, it's my job to. If there are other ideas and stuff that you want to share that you think may improve the site it doesn't hurt to bring it up. It's better that we are aware of any problems rather than being unaware.
  25. I know I am new to this site but i have an interesting proposal of an rp I want tto do. the idea is based off two stories ideas of mine times person and perosna three. the idea as follows. your chararcter is sexually frustrated. enoughto the point where a certan type of witch{chaotic good pansexual witch} takes notice and give syou the opertunity to solve your problem but with an twist. the pansexual witch will grant your wish. that is in one life. in the other she will get a perverted versionof that. she will do this by spliting your karma into two lives. thius you will exist between the two as if you had two lives. one life called nighgloom. the other called daychroem. this also opens you up to attacks forn other evil pansexual withces and their kunoich and alchemist but gives you powers according to what life your in. one life being a dream the other being extremely frustrating but not evil. the way i propose the second life come into play is an effect like the dark hour in persona 3. this will be every other week. only one more rule. all participantce understand that this is a bi or pan space to role play.{not sure how this will be inforced but I see what thehead of this site thiks first before I instatute such a rule ior see if i ma abel to. lastily though I am not sure if i will be able to do thisbecause I don't want to pay for it. I don't get but $45 a month and use that to edit books and get stories made. so if I do this it will be wth points. wahat do you guys think. will I be able tyo pul it off. if not don't worry I wil not post it unless I can afford it. last but not least apansexual withch conven hiarch. in order of power and rank. 1. the withches themselves{highest uip the latter} 2. kunoichi's{ their warriors that fight for them mal or female they look like girls though like form naruto} 3. alchemist.{like in full metal alchmist they make items for teh kunoichi and witches} 4. elves drow or holy{lowest on the totum pole but hard working.} 5. neko amd lizard people= cat girls ir boys or dessert dweling lizards both are physicalll powerful the lizards people are strong as the cat people are extremely fast. the cta people have only ears and tail though. 6. humans{not even on the totum pole in because they are usally naive to the mystically/technologicaly adavanced world of night.} the tech/magic of night and dya world si sci fiantasy. it where you the split world of day and night are magically just like the human world so you will not miss your life. humans can't tell the difference except that the people treat them differentily and there are powerul biengs. the only differenc is these worlds acknoledge the magaic. just tht normal humans can't use them. the modern day earth that will infkuence day and night. both day and night are warped mirrors of this world. you will still be experiencjing this world but throughthe perspectyive of each. this is because you are living in all three all the time. you are just expercing the normal world as it is. instigating witch splenda= is the one who will start the process and is over you. you can wisgh anything but upon doing so you will become at least bi and recieve powers. also becom a target of the witches as a power source. p.s tell me what you think / you can play as any thing here. I just wanted my hiarchy.
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