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  1. Hay, I’m Julieta - and if you’re looking for someone to RP with, hopefully I can help. P.S: don’t like half of my kinks? No problem, I can be vanilla too - with some wriggle-room. I’ll keep this concise whereas a verbose word-vomit isn’t necessary, and who wants to read that!! Anyway, I implore you to check out my preference page and the F-list attached there, though it only has a few of my kinks - more can be discussed through conversation. Generally, I am into everything, hence why making a list of such is hard - hit me with your best shot. I prefer to dom, be that on anything. Human, anthro, feral, male, female, nb, etc. However, I can sub if the scenario interests me enough! (Which doesn’t take much I promise you.) Typically RP characters of 14-22 age-range, with a preference to the lower median. Scenario-wise I’m looking for nothing in specific, just rather some patient, like-minded people to RP and chat with. Some genres and tropes I’m interested in are as follows in no particular order. - Fantasy: High-Fantasy (Elves, dragons, what have you.) Dark Medieval (Game of Thrones, realistic ‘fantasy’ settings), Dune, etc. - Futuristic: Star-Wars, Cyberpunk (CP2077, our own universe, blade-runner, etc). - Modern/pre-modern: 1970-(Present) - Apocalypse: Infectious outbreak (The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, etc) Mutually Assured Destruction (Stuff like Fallout). And to a more broad range: incest scenarios, mother and daughter, sisters, brother and sister - daughter and father, etc. Grooming, wherein I typically am the victim. Prostitution, rape, allat. School scenarios, love those - basically anything flies, don’t be afraid to message me. If I do not reply soon, probably asleep - writing this rather late. Personally I write within the 2-5 paragraph range per-post, however if you can manage two paragraphs, then we’ll be great! When you message me, say hi - bit about yourself, some kinks, etc and we’ll hit it off from there And finally, HAVE DISCORD!!!
  2. Basically a slightly gender swapped version of Weird Science, a nerdy girl or girls decide to try their hand at building the perfect virtual boyfriend, only to end up with a magical wish granting futa who decides her purpose in life is to make her new Mistress or Mistress's happy, successful, and popular, no matter how wild things have to get! Big opportunities for comedy, smutty goodness, and genie/monkey's paw style shenanigans.
  3. So the idea for this one would involve MC being a student who gets seduced by YC a teacher, and things spiraling into more and more depraved situations. Like it starts off pretty simple, female teacher feeling unfulfilled sexually starts to seduce one of her students, teasing a little at first before pressuring him into something a little more carnal. From there things start getting more intense as a relationship forms, they begin pushing limits, getting more extreme, to the point where the line blurs between which one is actually in control of the relationship. It's a bit rough but I'd love to discuss it further.
  4. The basic idea is MC is a rather inept supervillain with a habit of making double entendre's and is really more of a nuisance then a threat. However he has the misfortune of being paired against an exceptionally brutal superheroine played by YC. She takes pleasure in not just foiling his schemes but also roughing him up quite a bit. Eventually she decides to take things even further, taking him into custody and "rehabilitating" him herself, by any means. I figure there's plenty of room for all kinds of crazy shenanigans, and of course everything is up for discussion.
  5. Open to consider any kind of scenario and development within the boundaries of the title.
  6. Chulk

    New around the block... :)

    Hello! Ive heard from down the grape vine to try this site to find good erp, so i thought id finally get around to it A little about me is that im an m21 sub and just a few kinks to list off are incest/taboo relationships, ageplay/agegaps, light restraints, outersex (like thighjobs, footjobs, etc.), getting teased, giving and getting oral, videos/pictures (not irl! In rp) name calling (like baby boy, sweetie, honey, etc.), oh and hypnotizim. And i have a fairly open mind to other kinks~ Please feel free to hmu if interested, more than happy to talk more about with you!... I also can rp on discord aswell
  7. So this idea basically involves a female teacher getting into a relationship with one of her young students who has a rather amusing reaction to her in class. Now this whole idea does involve some rather taboo themes so it probably isn't for everyone, but I think it could be incredibly fun. Themes may include but are not limited to, age-play, sizeplay, premature ejaculation, excessive cum, pregnancy/impregnation, dub-con, light watersports, bukkake, public sex, and more! EDIT: I'm looking for someone to play the role of the female teacher. EDIT 2: The teacher would need to be a bit more on the dominant side, not necessarily a hard dom, but she would need to be taking control of things since she is the authority figure.
  8. Hello Everyone! So I'm trying to get some new partners on here since I've gotten a lot more free time lately and want to do more RPs. I'm a male and I'm currently looking for Female playing partners. The pairings that I do are MxF, MxF&M, or combinations with multiple males on my side and multiple characters on the other. I am open to a lot of different plot ideas. Usually I try and lean into more taboo and extreme spaces like NonCon, slaves, blackmail, etc etc. Though I am open to the less extreme if it's creative! I like to do plots of story mixed with smut at varying amounts. Please feel free to just throw your plots at me no matter how far they might be one side or another If you have any ideas you want to propose please send me a text and we can talk about it. Or you can send me some of your kinks and we can figure something out! Ideas don't have to be full ideas, could just be snowballing something or whatever. I have a few ideas myself but something new could be fun. Looking forward to hopefully hearing from yall! I do have a preference sheet on my profile, though I am leaning away from Furry and Futa at the moment. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  9. "The legend of Lady Luck was simply that, a legend right? Surely there wasn't some random woman roaming the Casino's, bestowing good fortune on random folks? Well it turns out the legend was true! Milo or "Mimi" as she often went, was this legendary figure. With just a kiss on the cheek she could turn the unluckiest schmuck into a High Roller, of course there was always a string or two attached. For starters, her affection is fickle; if she feels she isn't getting enough attention or the right kind of attention, luck can go south realllllllllll quick. Also her blessing can't be cheated, if the kiss isn't earned then the only luck that's bestowed is bad. She's also a bit of a brat, prone to throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way, but she can also be very sweet, like handing out winning lottery tickets to random folks for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But most dangerous of all is her boredom. If she's not kept entertained...she'll find her own fun. So come on down ladies, hit the tables, roll the dice, maybe Lady Luck will smile upon you, of course she may be more then you can handle!" Pretty simple premise, your character would be either a down on her luck gambler, or maybe just a tourist looking to win big at the casino's when you come across my girl, shenanigans occur and fun is had by all. We can discuss more details in messages.
  10. Hello Lovely person coming down in order to check this for potential Partner! The name's BlakeRP, I've been Rping non erotically for a few years now and I think i've been getting pretty good at it :). So, ima list some of my strength. -willing to rp just about anything -willing to rp just about anyone -Can adjust the amount of smut we have on the fly -Will happily play multi females if wanted -Is a pretty massive Sub so if you enjoy domming then that's great -Really likes a lot of taboo kinky stuff so if you're into well, the dark stuff (rape, incest, blackmail ect ect,) then i'm your girl. -good at writing my character as infatuated with your cock Weaknesses -A slow update speed, sometimes I go a day or two without updates sometimes a week, though I'm trying to get better. -other stuff i can't think of! Now I know what you're thinking I've been telling you rather general stuff, nothing really of note, well. I have a couple plot idea's for you to look at and you can tell me the one you choose to play! Please note I prefer to play the younger character, but that's not needed if you want to play a shota that's fine! Also I don't do scat, Vore, any of toilet stuff, that's what it is. Finally If you prefer to talk over discord feel free to add me Im in the echhi dreams server! Finally here's the moment you've been waiting for! I'll be adding more plots down the line, so don't worry about there only being a few (unless there's like 20 then ignore this) Also! I will be adding a cap to the amount of people who can do a scenario! I would like some spice! Best of Both worlds(closed) you were my ___ And we were close, very close, almost inseparable. I always wanted to be with you, my parents thought it was cute, and allowed you to be with me. They thought it was innocent, they thought it was sweet. What they didn't know is that it was anything but that. You used me for your perversions constantly playing with me and fucking me until I was addicted to it. I craved your cock, and I believed that this was the life for me. I was fully corrupted a prophet for your cock. But, then we moved away, and eventually i moved on, or so i thought. In some way you came back into my life (wether you tracked me down or it just happened to happen. I prefer you having tracked me down) and you quickly figured out that I was married. But you knew it was a lie, that I was still your little whore, all you had to do is pull it out of me, I'm not a bad wife, I love my husband and my two daughters dearly, But it doesn't take long for me to realize that I am still your cum dump, That i'm your toy to relieve your stress into, all those nights I Told my husband I had to stay late, I was bouncing on your cock, that time my husband went away on a trip and i invited you to meet my daughters and I helped you corrupt them to your cock. I'm a good wife, and I'm a good Cum dump and living this life is the best of both worlds. Kinks in this Corruption- I'll start off resisting your influence, but not able to really tell you no. Domination- you'll start telling me to do things to arouse you, and you'll give me sexual outfits to wear to your service (since I kinda like the idea of you bring a priest.) Cheating- Well obviously Harem- You'll corrupt my daughter's to want to be your cock whores as well. Public Play- You'll fuck me in front of your "followers" all of them having been converted into basically a cult that lets you do what you want. Public use- You'll eventaully have me and my daughters passed around during sermons so that your followers can fuck us while you preach. Humiliation- you'll have me wear sexually charged outfits, like a maid costume, or a sexy cat costume in public. Incest- You'll have me fuck my daughter's and my daughters fuck each other. Impregnation- Yeah Trapped in wall- At some point i want you to put my characters into basiaclly the walls as public use for anyone to eat out or fuck when they come in. Gloryholes- I also want them put into boxes where men can stick their dicks into for service Prostitution- You make them go out and get donations. By Any means! (Closed) I never took your class seriously, despite the fact that it was Vital for me to pass the year. My grades slipped further and further until here we are, just barely above an F, and I just bombed a test and this will make sure that I can't recover before the midterm report cards is out. A desperate spot for me, and one you know how to take advantage of. It starts off with lewd requests and erotic demands, not escalating to sex, but close, you'll have me show up to your class with no panties, or show up with a vibrator jammed inside me, one that you can control. Eventually I break, and I beg you to fuck me already and you do, then you give me the newest order, to help you corrupt my sister and mother until they crave your cock just like me I cream, You Cream, We all cream for ice Cream Your parents going to the festival was nothing new to you. They did it every year. And every year they left you with old Mary, some ancient 80 year old woman who was just BORING. She made you go to bed at 6:30 sharp, only let you watch tv for an hour, and play games for 15 minutes, thankfully she didn't know about mobile gaming otherwise she'd take your ds away and it would be REALLY awful. Either way it was nothing new, and as they opened the door you turned ready to see her, only for someone else to step in. She said her name was Neo, she'd be taking care of you for the week, she was a lot prettier than Mary. And as soon as your parents were gone, she gave you a big smile and pulled out some ice cream. The two of you sat on the couch and ate it, it was great! She insisted you sit in her lap though... Neo was weird, she left the door open when she showered, she walked around in her underwear, or sometimes without a top on, and one day she had pushed you down, pulled down your shorts and... So yeah this game features Neo, and yc. it'll be 1-6 boys ages 10-16. Neo and the boys over a course of a week will do funny and lewd things. Sometimes wholesome, mostly not. and when the 7 days are up, your parents return and Neo leaves with only the promise, that she'll come back next time they need a babysitter. Tall Tails of the Lake (get it tails cause mermaids kek) You didn't like the family vacation. Every year it was the same thing, trees, lake, and no wifi. Ugh, but it was required you come and no amount of weaseling could get you out of it. So, soon enough you're here again on the lake, middle of the night, and you can't sleep cause of all the noises when you hear it. It's soft, but... You know it's singing, and soon enough you find the singer, a beautiful... Mermaid?! The shock is deep, but it's quickly taken by arousal as she takes you into her arms, pulls you down... You don't really remember the rest of the night. Only the sensation of pleasure, and of her beautiful voice as she left. It's been a year since then, and the memories are still fresh in your head. You want to find the mermaid again. So for the first time you were the most eager to go on the camping trip. Pretty simple you come to the lake and look for a mermaid, what happens next is up to the two of you. A Midnight Fantasy The Night Festival is here! 2 whole weeks of partying, drinking, but most importantly COSTUMES! Everyone wore a new costume every day, it was the most important part of the party and wearing the same costume twice was seen as the ultimate LAME move. It was in this festival that you met her, a girl dressed as a devil, she smiled at you, danced with you, drank with you, and at night fucked you. It was magical and you wanted nothing more than to do it again and again, yet when you woke up, all you could see was a note simply saying it was great, and to find her again. Now you had to try and find the girl, but the only problem it's the Night Festival, she could be any of the girls around and damnit if you had to go through every one to find her than so you would do it! If I lose it all. High stakes- that's how you chose to live your life. Bet higher win higher lost it all and ante up again. You win and you lose, yet no one can make you stop playing. Every day you gamble higher and higher stakes, coming and going, back and forth, more and more, a lust to win has taken you and you couldn't stop playing. And now you were playing for stakes beyond what you thought possible. You've lost it all, and it's catching up now you have a choice. You can win it all back or let your choices swallow you whole. Of course you've always been one to ante up... This one would be a weird rp, as it would involve gambling betting and doing some rps where victory isn't ascertain. It's a gm style rp, where you and the master of games (Girl Above) begin to bet more and more. You can bet anything though anything you bet can be taken instead. And should you lose the bet, then you might just lose everything. Are you all in or do you fold? Don't Get Burned Hot and heavy, panting, melting, yet a heat that hurt so good. The Fire dancers of Akesh we're a rare sight in any town, and the fact that one was visiting yours was the talk of the town. The dancers were the greatest beauties in the world, but they were as willful as the flames they danced with. And it was known that displeasuring one left people burned in more ways then one. Can you take the heat? Or are you gonna get burned Here for this night only! The wonderous DeepColor, otherwise just known as Color, was visting. She was going to paint the town red... Green, and purple, and really whatever color looked interesting. Though if you'd like you could convince her to paint with a different brush tonight... Think you're up for it? The Most wonderful night of the year It's getting close, the most wonderful night in the world. So, you go to your local shrine, and give a prayer for good fortune. You never expected an answer? And you especially didn't expect an horny foxgirl, who said she'd answer your prayers but you had to satisfy her all night long... Though careful, if you didn't she'd take your soul... Kidding~ But seriously though take off your pants. Unreasonable Women You didn't know what you had done to meet these two. But it must have been something both wicked and great. For now in your day to day life you have to deal with two unreasonable women. They don't ASK you for time, they don't ASK what you want. You have something they want. And that means they're going to TAKE it. Your opinion on the matter is unimportant. They want to play with you, in public, in front of others, but never directly exposed. Just hidden enough that you have to make excuses. And they love to take their time with you, making a mess of you and leaving you to clean up. Is this Heaven? Or is it Hell? Who knows, but what you do know is that you're not getting away. The Good Daughter She was never one to start a scene, or draw attention to herself. Content to exist in the background, willing to allow her more talented sister take the lime light. She'd smile as her sister got their parents attention, accolades, and everything she could want. She'd accept that she was just the average one, she was a good daughter. Then her sister brought you home. And she decided in her own revenge. She knows it's wrong, she knows she's the bitch for thinking of it, and ever worse for doing it. But she won't be denied this one. And so begins to story of a good daughters seduction of her little sisters boyfriend. Service is it's own reward! It's been a long time since the rebellion had started. Moral was at an all time low, the men were weary of battle. They needed something to keep them from giving up the fight entirely. Enter the Superior Logistics and Uniting Tactics (yes that took me too long to come up with) or S.L.U.T these women are here to make sure that the men are ready to continue the fight, no matter the cost! Glory to the Revolution! Marionette (String along) She had once upon the time been a doll, something that your parents gave to you, it was old and you didn't really see the use of it. But then things started happening, things would move, and you started having dirty dreams of a girl you had never met. Then one day the girl of your dreams came to you, and it was not a happy moment, a puppet on strings, that's all you were to her. Something to use for her amusement. A toy to use until it was broken. College was supposed to be a new chapter in your life, you were going to become the man you had always wanted to be. And yet, the more you went into it, the more you realized that some things never change. And some demons follow you. Despite the thousand miles you put between the two of you, you realize that you never quite left her web. Can you break free before you break down? Or are you doomed to become a puppet on strings? Game of Hearts You were just a Bastard of no real import. She was a noble lady due to become one of the most important people in the world. So why is she currently on her knees in front of you? Why is she currently sucking you off, swallowing your seed like she was a lover? It didn't make sense, and you knew if you ever told anyone it would be execution for you. Yet, the encounter left you wanting for more, you craved to see that noble lady on your cock again. You wanted that night of passion tonight, and maybe every other night. All you know is that you have to figure it out, and that means you use what little resource you have you get yourself moved into court, her court. She'd be queen one day, and yet you had made her moan like a slut, you needed to know why. And how to get her to do it again. But be careful the questions you ask, for when you play a Game of Hearts, you either win or you die. You. Me. Eternity. Maybe there wasn't a happy ending to this story. Maybe the two of you were bound to suffer again and again. Yet that didn't matter, you had a power. You could return to the beginning when you died, that meant that you could find the answer. You just had to keep moving, keep struggling. Decide for yourself what your happy ending was, Or maybe accept that you couldn't have it all. Who knows, that's the end of the story, and you have a thousand chapters left to tell. Warning; this story is meant to be DARK, Due to the return by death feature things will happen that you might not like. So if you aren't okay with bad ends (even if temporary) and stuff like that maybe stay away. As a bad choice can lead to the girl getting captured and raped until she's mind broken and unable to even realize who you are. It's a story about struggling against fate to achieve happiness. Be warned it's meant to be unfair. Training Montage Maybe a little topical, But I love the idea of Neo and Ruby both decided to just have a near nonstop fuck fest with someone to train them for no nut November. Just a little fun idea.
  11. Like the title says, I wanna play a horny, shapeshifting slime. I figure we can play around with the specifics, but it could possibly be something like your character is an adventurer exploring a dungeon when she comes across a helpless little slime, taking pity on the creature she decides to take it as a pet, only to learn once she gets home that it is more predator then prey. Just a basic idea but I think it could be fun.
  12. Kai Ichimasu

    Let's Experiment!

    Alright I'm doing this again, I'm still open to hearing some new ideas and trying new things, but I also have a bit if a vague idea I'd like to try out. "A rumor was going around school, it all started when the girls locker room flooded during gym class, apparently the drain to the showers had gotten clogged but the weirder thing was class was in session, which meant no one should've even been in the locker room let alone running the showers. The next incident happened in the library, a few students went to check out some anatomy books only to find them all glued shut so tightly it took a crow bar just to crack them open. The final straw was the wildest of all, the entire cheerleading squad, first, second, and third strings, all vanished for a full 3 days. They had gotten on a bus for a football game Friday afternoon, and didn't reappear until the following Monday. They had no memory of where they had been, but they all had this weird goofy expression on their faces and they were all missing their panties. Rumor had it the school was haunted, that it was a ghost responsible for all of the shenanigans, of course the faculty all denied it. They simply claimed the cheer squad had been behind the pranks, that it was just girls fooling around and causing problems. It seemed to be the end of things, the girls were punished but not to harshly, and things seemed to go back to normal. Well...at least until the pregnancies started." Basically the idea revolves around a female character, either a student or a teacher really, looking into these weird occurrences before getting wrapped up in it herself. My character would be playing the troublesome ghost. I'm willing to discuss different options of course, this is just an outline really, so let me know if you're interested in doing this or anything else really.
  13. Kai Ichimasu

    Open to ideas

    Not gonna lie, I'm a bit low on ideas. So I'm putting this out there to say I'm open to suggestions! I'm willing to try new things, and really as long as it's not on my no-go's I'm open to listening! Really my only truly hard limit is no guys, I'm not interested in males or futas. Comment here or shoot me a DM if you've got a scenario you'd like to try.
  14. This just to see who is interested, but Im not going to outline a bunch of ideas or nothing. But if you like to play between 12-14 Im interested in something smutty with a good story! I have very few limits and I prefer interracial
  15. Hello? Let me begin by saying I would never condone this kind of thing IRL in ANY capacity, but lately, I find myself kinda curious to give it a try in an RP setting where no one is actually at risk. That being said, I ask that you keep this on the down low. I don't want my friends or followers getting the wrong idea, ya get me? Anyway, I'm currently seeking someone to do a Shotacon/raceplay RP with me, where I would play a shy, cute, friendly, and easily flustered young man, and you would play a dark-skinned, dominant, and sexually devious woman. Kinks, limits, and other details can be discussed as needed. Please be aware that I do prefer literate partners who can do a decent amount of detail in their responses. If you're interested, either comment here, or ecchitext me.
  16. Honestly I'm looking to do a sort of twisted slice of life story, something where both parties are just absolute deviants who found each other and are almost competing with each other to see who can be the biggest perv? The basic idea is that the 2 meet each other online, maybe they sext, exchange photos and whatnot before deciding to meet in person, only to discover one or both of them have been lying about their appearance/age (we can work out what kind of taboo we'd both be the most comfortable with) but decide not to let that stop them from having their fun. As they push each others limits they slowly find themselves falling in love with each other, and also discovering new and exciting forms of debauchery! I'm willing to work this into a fantasy setting as well as a modern one, really it can be anything we'd like.
  17. On this post I will try (and probably fail) to write a few ERP ideas in a more immersed way, leaving details up for discussion on most cases, always open for the inclusion (or exclusion) of non-con, dub-con, incest, ageplay, interracial/interspecies, dark and similar kinks (I've few limits). The prompts aren't meant to be taken as how the roleplay will develop or start, in fact they're just to (hoping I wrote them decently enough) spark am idea. I apologize for any error I didn't correct, I wrote this on phone late at night when my brain and vision are at their lowest. Some general ideas by genre High fantasy Dark fantasy - Banned secrion's catalogue - Spells and magical workings that are usually utilized for criminal purposes. (…) The following had been specially used for the violation of female students' physical or psychological integrity in the past. Stigmatic Blindspot - This spell is similar on it's working to a veil or invisibility spell but easily ignores the usual sensors. It can also be improved in such a way that whatever is half seen is rationalised by the viewer's mind. Althusser's Waking Dream - This spell forces a vivid dream on a sleeping person's mind, the level of detail depending on the caster or host's mind. Utilized with some intrusion spell can easily break most mental barriers and be used for subtle manipulations or just psychological violence. Evanizer's pocket portals - A thieve's favourite device, a very advanced yet small construct that opens portals to small openings through sympathy linkage, vulgarly known as voodoo hole. "Poor man's time stop" - Considered local legend created by students it is fabled to create an effect similar to time manipulation spells by forcefully stopping a victim's mind or delaying their memory proccesses, this however would probably cause severe brain damage due to it's sudden application. There had been a few reported cases that support its existance however yet it hasn't been proven. Speremaxhtic concoctions - A category of alchemical drugs usually disguised or combined with basic potions or elixirs crafted or catalyzed through sexual components, specially sperm. Usually used for corruptimg a victim's libido (usually more potent than normal love potions) or pheromone production. Although not banned, tentacle related spells must be closely observed for their similar application. Apparently spells or potions that control nerve connections can easily connect this fake appendices to erogenos zones and be (…) Related Banned conjurings: Succubus, Incubus, lamía, LennanSidhe, Lust pixies, Seed vampires (…) Cosmic horrors of the Tentacle variety - Anima Vitalis, translations of the works of by Al-Kalam Ibn Hazzi and his own transcriptions of Pethoritas of Senos work. Indexation of cabalistic, alchemical, astrological and divinative proven practices by the masters: On the creation of homunculi of the human variety - The perfect servants. Abreian and Hensian secrets for the construction of basic automaton - Clay, stone and bronze, the use of flesh for coating or base matter is a [lost fragment] Reanima- [lost fragment] Sabian astro-spectro-mancy, the dead and the stars, the dead and the basic alchemical constituents. Stasis of the soul and flesh - Pain, injury, degradation and restauración. —Most of the texts has been lost after the publication of the condemnation and Malleus Necromantica, whose edicts were followed by the iron inquisition movements were performed through the continent. - Extracts from A commentary on the Malleus Nevromantica's section on practitioners of the arts by Temres d'Chatre. …It is true that witch covenants work on trios for that is the nature of the original pagan practitioners they draw upon, but they show their diabolic tendencies at the "Hexia" where they take to the choosing of the next generation of hags (…) it is said that the naked dance is not just so but a rite of initiation where their creation blood is taken by fiends or demon possessed victims who proceed to impregnate the witches who would then some day give birth to new witches or demons in a (…) Whereas the proliferation of warlocks or sorcerers (as the former is now used to describe a new type of diabolic practitioner popular in Albia) consists on the reinforcement of the blood ties to the source of power and shared cultivation of those sources, act that dark enough by itself as it (…) however, the wickedness of it is worsen by the lustful nature of the supposedly more effective methods that were reported by knights and priests of the faith who had the terrible misfortune of observing them on action… (…) Lastly, as my aim is not to describe all the minor mistakes about the other practitioners ways —namely shammans, sabians, druids, Magi, sophists, xian-men, etc —but point out the most important discoveries after the application of the Malleus (…), the necromancers are known to create a new type of servitor and future heir in the form of partially possessed young vessels (…). Warlocks of the modern Chaldean variety are discussed on a commentary made by Bathory to the Emerald Tablet, they are a mystery to many in various aspects but seem to keep their dark trade by means similar to sorcerers, necromancers, Magi and witches in different ways. Gothic Horror - The Von Die Gurrett Brother tales of haunted Io lists most of the darkest creatures that haunt our collective imaginary by the recounting of local stories about (…). Apparently the brothers had to censor or ignore quite a few of their tales for they were way sexual in nature, a list of these tales is supposed to be compiled and published by a "Carroll of Lendbart" but the heirs of Gutrettian study deny that (…) these tales include: The Captive Vampyr of Erkshire, fed and kept on undeath by her father or husband, who depending on the version brought her back, kept her locked in life until she transformed by her grief or was discovered to be such creature after her marriage (…) The haunted Albenhive grounds, said to be the place of disappearance of many young ladies who pass by. The collector, a dark tale of the fair folk's less known but most despicable character said to be the cause of most changelings, loses of faculty and twisted contracts (…) Cosmic horror - I wrote this on the eve of the ritual in the hopes that, if the preparations go wrong or worse, I succeed, someone knows what to do with the mess that will be left behind, since after what I have found on Emily's diary I can't seem to imagine any result other than these two, and yet, who would have believed it be [Blood Splash] she has taken it, what a brave lady she is, makes me think of her mother, she won't feel when it happens and that's a relief alongside the knowledge that either way [Blood] and the group of cultists will take their due time, the markings and (time) are right, we will either banish this or open Pandora's box but I only pray that the lord forgives me for what I have to do to her in order to prevent a greater calamity. "Cyberpunk" - Cyberspace's Dictionary for Local Slangs Puppets: Local slang for prostitutes who go through a memory altering or mental blocking proccess via Neural port devices, existing of two varieties those who get one drug induced trance, of the cheaper variety but banned in many corporation regulated zones also known as _zombies" or "Oracle's" depending on the drugs used; or those mentally blocked or controlled by some digital system from as simple as a simple OS to NSI or even corporate A.I. usually referred as true puppets. Puppets generally choose this system of business to forget any sexual act performed, while this reduces the stress of the activity it is fairly known that many less regulated businesses bend the contracts to force their puppets into nom agreed (…) Dolling - The act of hacking or corrupting a neural device and installing a "puppet system" (i.e. turning the user into a puppet) without the user's consent. Voodoo Dolling - Similar to Dolling but eliminating the memory modification or mental blocking features so the victim is fully or partially aware of what they're being forced to do. The term comes from one of the strangest yet more infamous Dolling that occurs through Simstim. Simstim sex - Refers to the use of Simstim virtual devices to allow for AR or AR-Cyberspace sexual activities. - (…) Yet another crime against the world and human condition was commited in the name of corporative feudalism, our readers may remember the last article that coated us our niche on a supposedly free speech spot on the cybernet gazette (…)a yet this time the perpetrators have one face, if not many bodies. We are talking of the Seedherth family, yet you may know them better as the Drone-Clones from the multinational A-T, I warned you about (…) so, they didn't just infringe against human nature and (…) on their act of preserving their leader through cloning and neural transplant but it has been revealed that this aberrant immortal has been cloning not only his countless wives but also relatives for his sexual amusement!! (…) Last saved extract from The Voice of Reason Deep Web magazine author before his reported disappearance. Post Apocalyptic -We are the survivors! We are the chosen! Our blood has been hand-picked by God to carry on the legacy of human kind! We need to survive, the line can't decline, I need to make sure they keep breeding, we need to achieve a critical number to make sure the population doesn't decrease after I die. We can't mix with the male outsiders, the women could probably bear second rate humans if our blood mixes with them but the males are too weak, their mutations are proof enough. (…) I can't pick a successor yet, many if them just bring me females which is necessary but the few males have been insolent and unfit to rule, exile or execution are the only remedies I'm afraid. (…) Yet another young one died but she served her purpose, exponential growth is achievable if they at least bring two new wombs to this world. Science-Fiction - 543th year of the Intergalactic calendar. Harenies ship. "Uhm... Well... Mission report? Look, I shouldn't be awake but something went wrong and... Ah... The pleasure ship owner is now dead... And the god damn automatic system is refusing to cooperate so... Basically I'm lost in the middle of interstellar nowhere with a broken ship and who knows how many cryogenically preserved alien, mutant or... Heck I think there's even some artificial women... All supposed to be sold to some interstellar pimp and now I'm probably gonna die here, I would say that in my situation any man would do as I plan to do, don't judge me too hard whoever sees this. I'll probably add more ideas, I'm always open for modern normal ideas if they involve taboo kinks! (I have a few ideas but I've ran low on energy for writing them rn)
  18. Daddy Pheonix

    Sibling Tension

    First of all Hello, and thanks for clicking on. I am looking for a partner to roleplay this with me. Our parents are out of town on their anniversary. Sexual tension between YC and MC has been high for a while but is even more high because they are home alone. Will the situation escalate it a romantic relationship or maybe a purely sexual relationship. Find out on the next episode of dra- Oh sorry wrong site. All of these decisions can be up to you and we can work out characters setting and a whole bunch of stuff in Dms. Hit me up if you’re interested.
  19. I'm looking for someone willing to play a Mother and Daughter for some naughty fun, I'm thinking something like the daughter is failing in school so her and her Mother have a conversation with her teacher to see if there's anything they can do to help her grade. That's just one possibility, I'm open to other ideas as well containing that same dynamic. There would be scenes with just him and the daughter and just him and the mother as well, but a few threesomes would be appreciated.
  20. Hey everyone, new here. Male mature writer seeking taboo relationships and all others as well. I am seeking females to play opposite my males. Excuse me for not being entirely set up as I am navigating the site and new. But I have and play multiple males of many ages. I look for characters that are able to interact and advance a plot. For example I'm fine with playing more underage characters but they have to be able to engage in conversation and be mobile enough for adventures. On the flip side that goes for older characters who have to be at an age to be active, verbally and in mobility. I would like to meet someone who is into very long term roleplays, who is into world building and can focus the main two characters in a romantic relationship. I play heavily consensual and do not have interest in force and rape UNLESS it is something to advance a plot. I enjoy darker themes, Bonnie and Clyde, riding until they die, taking prisoners etc. But it has to fit the story. Because I have been roleplaying for nearly 20 years I am open to all kinds of stuff and all kinds of pairings as long as I am in the mood. I will list ideas and themes that I am interested in and you can tell me about a character you want to play opposite of the main character. Themes Teacher / Student - Coach, Guidance Counselor, Principal, Janitor included. Father / Daughter - Other male Family members included. Boss / Employee Cop / Criminal - Juveniles / co-workers etc. Southern Plantation Owner - Circa 1800s U.S. - This is focused on darker themes and will contain accurate activities. This is where my interest in story supersedes violence and rape. It will not contain a lot of it, only enough for the plot. This will focus on interracial, raceplay, romance, taboo. Thank you for reading, thanks for those that have reached out already. I hope to chat with you soon. I am into making friends but please don't take my kindness for granted. Do not approach if you are just horny and looking to sex scene immediately. If you start off planning by talking about how to get into a sex scene such as "Oh And she can start rubbing his crotch-" just don't please. It comes off as you sounding like a horny little boy and giving yourself away. I'm not into it. If you are not like that then you have not taken offense and know the art behind the roleplay. Let's talk! Thanks everyone.
  21. Nekoboi

    Taboo family rp

    Looking for someone who wants to create a dirty family role. Ideally looking for a father or brother character but I'm open to anything. If you've got any kinky family ideas be sure to message! Nothing is too kinky for me, don't be shy! Send me a message and we can discuss the specifics. I'm happy to make any changes or additions you like. Maybe you want to make it furry or rough or add an another element. I'd be glad to include your fantasy. I try to respond to all my messages as soon as I'm able to!
  22. Hello all! You can call me plum! I’ve been rping for a looong time now and honestly it’s a lot of fun ! I really like the more taboo or forbidden romance kinda rp’s but I’m open to other plots/pairings that don’t revolve around that. I also really love angsty and dramatic rps because why not! I would also like to incorporate smut into all of these(duh)! I honestly really like a healthy balance between smut and romance and get bored with solely smut focused rp. I really like romance WITH the smut. I only do mxf pairings and I only play the female too! I have some ideas but I’m definitely open to anything you want to bring up. Honestly, it’s very important that my partner loves ooc and loves to plot and give their ideas as well! I really only do romance rp’s so nothing fantastical for me sorry! I also prefer longer replies and a more long term rp too! I don’t have many rules tbh but if anything comes up I’ll always communicate that with you! Ideas: Lady and Maid - MC has just inherited her grandfather's wealth and with it, a male maid (if you're willing to play multiple male characters, even better hehe). Whole idea is a dom x sub pairing. Open to being dom or sub! - summer love, Muse A has always had a crush on Muse B (MC) but never had the courage to confess his feelings. During the summer, Muse B runs away from her strict home and Muse A offers her to live with himself and his older brother. The perfect chance to really get to know her, right? Well. When his older brother takes a liking to her, things get complicated. Jealousies erupt and the competition is on - five seconds of summer {youngblood}- . I absolutely LOVE 5SOS and the concept of this song lmao. So this could also be a kinda toxic relationship/bad boy idea? Muse A is this bad boy who is in love with Muse Bbut he messes up and gets in trouble, lands in prison for a few years, and when he comes out Muse B is about to get married to someone else? He obviously still loves her and wants to get her back! - “Can we share?” This plot has your characters sister, try to set up you (the bestfriend) with me (the other bestfriend) . However, as she soon finds out that her best friend and her brother (your character) actually both want her, what will happen when they team up to take her and make her theirs? (You’d have to double up on characters for this!) - “Older brother” This plot has your character , the older brother of my characters husband going through a nasty divorce and forced to leave his career as a professional *** (career is up for discussion lol) from all the media of the divorce, what happens when he soon finds himself quite bored of being in the house with him and his sister in law from his brother constantly on work trips and such. What happens when he decided that he should make a move on her? - “Your mom is hot” This plot has your character, the bestfriend of my characters son, staying at his best friends house for spring break. What happens when the bestfriend has a thing for the mom that’s so graciously letting him stay at her house? He knows she wants I’m but she may need a little push to get what he wants ... These are the only ideas I have rn but I’m open to some more stuff like this! Please PM me!!! I can’t wait to do one of these hehe. Ecchitext and if u want we can rp somewhere else too!
  23. Hey there everyone I am finally back on Ecchidreams and I am looking for a certain Fandom RP seeing as there is no Fanfictions between them now as you can see it is from the show Helluva Boss and the pairing I want is Daddy x Daughter aka Blitz x Loona, now obviously how it needs to go is totally up to you and me seeing as we can possibly do whatever kind of idea we have in mind for them, yet doing something that correlates to the latest episode of the Show could also work our minds are the limit! Disclaimer: I have never Roleplayed as Blitz nor do I believe I can do him justice, however, I do think that I share similar personality traits, therefore I think I can still Roleplay as him. Now if you are a huge fan and want to RP with me don't mind giving me pointers
  24. * Please, for the love of all that's unholy, don't send me messages that consist only of 'do you want to RP?' ; my prompts, themes & ideas exist to intrigue you and I would love to know which ones did and what are you craving / looking for! ** Do not godmod my characters. I'll be dropping people who do that. Hello all! You can call me Daphne or any other sweet little names you can come up with! I am also open to flirting and chit-chatting if that's your thing! If you just want a quick smut, you can come into my DMs, push me down and take what you want... whether I want it or not ;3 I am mainly looking for dark, non-con, messy, bizzare RPs! I rarely indulge in vanilla or fluff, maybe as part of something bigger but not main theme. I want my girl to be used, abused and ruined. In all ways possible! Plots down below are meant to give you some ideas and pointers, but here's a quick list of themes / things I am heavily into recently: - medieval / historical setups (so princesses, noble ladies, kings, adventurers, taverns...etc) - obnoxious, lewd ceremonies - lewd curses / blessings - monsters, ghost, bizarre creations vs my cute girls - size play (I like playing shortstacks <3) - age play (I like playing 15/16yr olds) - breeding Note: While I primely play as females, I've been recently looking to play some trap / futa characters (subs), especially in non-con and dub-con scenarios! Hmu Some stuffles & pairings I simply adore and are always welcome: - MC just lost somewhere. School at night? Haunted mansion? Forest? Yes, please! - Medical play can be quite hot! - DaddyxDaughter and UnclexNiece setups. Being bent over a knee makes me hot and bothered! - Aphrodisiacs, drugs, being forced to orgasm, massages... - Big, big toys put it into dem tight holes! - Princesses and Queens, I love playing them! - PIRATES! I need more good pirates stories in my life, honestly! I have a gallery with girls you can pick as refs! Some do have their backgrounds / descriptions, some don't yet. Here are a couple - a little vague - prompt ideas that we could work from! The more emotes & boldness, the more I want it! \(★ω★)/ Foreign, unknown knight wins the competition, only to shock the public when the helmet is removed and it is obvious, the knight is a woman. Alas, the Kingdom does not allow women to compete in such ways, or be knights at all. Pulled into the dungeons, the knight is punished in most lewd ways... (or, perhaps, in front of the public?) I'd like this to involve some torture or sadistic elements, where MC has to endure painful punishments, not just lewd ones. \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ It was either being homeless, or joining the nuns in the convent, Nuns seemed recluse, but they took her in. From the first night, the nuns she shared room with became more... "friendly" and touchy than the girl wished. After her meeting with the Priest over-seeing all, she realized she joined sex and fetish-focused group, and now she was one of them, slowly falling into depravity. \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ Due to low fertility rate, new laws were incorporated. MC is just sixteen when she arrives at her "check-up", which involves plenty of intimacy... checking her reactions, giving her drugs to see how fast and how much she can orgasm, and even testing how her body reacts to sperm. After such traumatic experience she is sent to a well-chosen household, to be their "breeding girlfriend". \(★ω★)/ \(★ω★)/ MC is a curious young woman, with enough money to sate such curiosities. She leaves for a resort that is known to allow the customers live up all their fetishes... but at the same time, things are not well over-seen there, and an element of chaos is definitely common. Still, she enjoys her arrival at the resort, how servants welcome her, but perhaps... she will run into things she never even dreamt of? \(★ω★)/ MC is short on cash and found a rather specific and lewd way to get some: testing sex toys. Sex toy owner, a female uses them on her and she provides comment. One of the days she goes to do her job, however, things don't go as planned... [PROMPTS] # there aren't going to be many; sometimes I have this loose idea of something I REALLY WANT and come up with starters for these, so... thought I'll add these here, perhaps they may interest somebody # feel free to send me EcchiText with response to any of this! # fantasy / princess x Any Andrea closed her eyes as she was laid down on the soft mattress of the bed. Her body naked, her curvy shapes exposed. She was already shaven clean, after the long bath... Bathing aphrodisiacs made her sensitive and as she laid down, her legs spread open, revealing her wetness. She was still unsure about this whole tradition, this 'serving the males in royal family' thing. But it's not like you can defy a King, even if you're his daughter. She felt the maids began to oil her whole body, in even more aphrodisiacs. Her body trembled as fingers invaded her tight body. She wasn't looking, but something was pushed inside her bottom, deep inside. And there she was left for a whole, long night... Of course, young Princess didn't sleep at all. In the morning, she looked idly at the ceiling, after a long, long night of constant orgasms hitting her body. Her legs were spread, the mess she made in bed quite obvious, her virgin maidenhood aching and gaping. Her bottom both feeling good and painful from the insertion. Who knew what was going to happen to her now? pirate prompt When she woke, she was blindfolded and gagged. She wasn't sure by whom... but memories slowly came back. She could feel she was still on a ship, but probably not hers. They killed her crew and sunk that ship, most likely. Maybe someone managed to escape -- Those thoughts were broken when she felt someone attach something to her nipples, tightening around sensitive little nubs. She felt hotter as the mix of pain and pleasure filled her mind. Then her back arched, as somebody whipped at her exposed maidenhood. And again. They were probably leaving marks. Obviously, she had become a toy for somebody's amusement. A few more hits against her, now, moist maidenhood, and her legs got spread wide open... when she tried to move them, she realized they tied them to something, and so, she couldn't really do anything. Somebody was about to fuck her, the real question was just whom, and for how long... incest / breeding Due to drops in fertility new laws and rules came into life; Lilly just turned sixteen and it was time for her check-up. The doctors made sure she's healthy and fertile enough, but she didn't realize that they gave her medicine that will kick-off her libido that evening. It was now common that the father would initiate his daughter into the world of breeding, and then other males in family would help to make sure the girl gets pregnant. It was 9PM and Lilly went to bed, but had to resort to sleeping naked -- she felt so warm and... bothered. She breathed heavily laying in her bed, rubbing her legs together... the medicine kicked in finally, making her all wet and ready. It even made her tight ass itch! The girl put a pillow between her legs, trying to get some sort of release before alarming anyone, unaware that her father was going to check on her...
  25. It was the beginning of winter term at Hogwarts, and there was an excitement in the air, much like the chill, you could feel it, and even see it in all the bright eyed faces of the students at King's Cross Station. It took the man back to years gone past, when he first attended the prestigious school of Wizardry as a young lad himself. He had not been back in over a decade, it was all nostalgic to him. He thought back to just a few days ago, when he first arrived after several years over seas, and doing some dangerous under cover work, it was nice to be able to just take it all in, and relax a bit. Viktoroso Cobrissi was now the new adjunct professor of the Dark arts teaching a psychology of Dark Arts course. Not very popular stuff but it was right up his alley, as a member of the super elite, top secret Ministry Against Darkness, Necromancy & Evil Secret Societies just known as M.A.D.N.E.S.S to those who knew, but so few even knew. A slight dusting of snow had just blanketed the school grounds in pretty white coat of wintery magic, as Viktoroso wondered about the campus, looking for a nice place to just sit for a moment, his mind was heavy with thought and fresh air always helped him think. He had remembered a very secluded spot he use to duck away too, as a boy, where he could always be by his lonesome when he need be. Black boots stomped through the fluffy snow covered paths, with muffled his steps, but left no trail, thanks to some trusty spy magic he had picked up long ago. As he cleared the reddish-brown brick corridor he came to a secluded cobblestone nook with a tree in the midst and a bench encircling it. To his surprise there was a girl sitting there, under the bare branches, reading a book. The reason this place was his favorite as a child was the tree, called an Umbrella Oak, had this magical ability to prevent precipitation of any kind from falling directly under it, so one could sit there in any weather an remain completely dry. The flip side to that was peculiarly enough, the tree produced no shade in the summer, even with its branches full of leaves. "Well Lillim, would you look at that, who do we have here I wonder...What do you think should I kick'er out my secret spot?" he craned his neck left, as small snakes tongue lick in the air and at his face before retreated back into the warmth of the cloak. "alright alright, I'll play nice..." He walked silently up on the girl, face buried in a rather bizarre binding, so bizarre in fact, he could tell from 100 feet away what she was reading, and he just had to inquire about it, and introduce himself. But in his stealthiness, he had manage to completely mask his presence, and there was something about watching her this way, unbeknownst to her, that captivated him. Like watching a beast in the wild, it seemed like this was her natural habitat, detached from the rest of the world, in this cold yes whimsical place; it would have been a shame to disturb her in the middle of a passage, so he waited until she turned the page, to make himself known. "Why hello, maybe you can help me, I appear to be lost...!" He took several steps closer, this time releasing the magic that subdued his steps and left no trail, so the sound of his boot squishing down snow actually caught her attention a moment before he spoke.
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