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Found 18 results

  1. DoctoroMindbender

    Sex Education (M4F)

    MC is a new, young teacher who is bringing in experimental, hands-on teaching techniques, and who more then a few students in his class have a crush on. His hands-on teaching techniques applies to human anatomy and sex education, and he needs to models for demonstration purposes. He'll use himself as the male, and YC is a female student he selects out of class as the other demonstration.
  2. The X-mansion is a wild place, as you might've guessed. A bunch of young men and women with superpowers trapped in a secluded school away from friends and family. Of course theirs gonna be some hormone fueled shenanigans, thats what I wanna RP. I have a few ideas, but the basic scenario I want is to play students at Xavier's School that get into some nonsense, the kinkier the better. Maybe the students throw a party, maybe Storm decides to play the mommy to a few boys, maybe the school slut wants her way with the X-men team. I'd love to hear your ideas and share my own.
  3. goodgirl

    Teachers pet

    I would love to be a naughty student who has been teasing the teacher all year long and finally gets steamily fucked in the bathrooms or their office, or their classroom!
  4. GodFuckingDamnit

    Erotic Roleplay Masterpost

    This is a masterpost of sorts for all of my ERP plots here on out. If ever I want one I'll just put it here. Helltaker (Modeus X Azazel) Yeah, this one's fairly self-explanatory. I love Modeus x Azazel as a ship, but I am godawful at writing both of them. If somebody can play either Modeus or Azazel for me, then I can play the other for you. This plot will have an equal focus on lewd stuff and sexual themes, considering that I do legitemately want this to be a romance-focused plot as well as something with a notable influence from Modeus' excessive horniness. But yeah if you want to do a romance plot with the two, then you know what to do. Dating Sim Esque RP This ones' more of an experiment than a fully-fledged RP, but it's fun to disguise it as one! So, I have a 16+ character dating sim, complete with fully planned out characters. I don't want to list them all here, I'd rather save that for DMs. So, for the sake of simplicity, here's a brief description of all the characters that you're able to fuck in this dating sim: The mean business woman, the passive aggressive barista with a dark secret, the skater-kid-school-bully who doesn't feel entirely...right in their own skin, the teacher that you should avoid dating at all costs, the surprisingly normal pizza girl, and the space rabbit. This RP will be split into 5 days, in which different events will happen featuring different characters. Day 1 allows you to do basically whatever you want and getting as many points with a certain person as possible. From here on out, the dating sim is split into 3 paths, and your actions here will determine which character you end up with. If you do all 6 of them, you get to do a 7th where things are...a bit more serious, with way more stakes, and unfortunately I don't mean the kind of fancy meat you order at a restaraunt. That was a terrible joke. More RPs coming soon, if the ones currently shown above interest you at all, message me.
  5. Yukina

    Immoral Studies

    Pretty simple plot : A private teacher is hired by wealthy families to give lessons at home for their daughters. Of course, lessons would be as well physical...
  6. Here are the some roleplays I am looking for partners currently outside of my main little sister roleplays. They are all slice of life with focus on the relationship between the two people. Length is important to me, only a couple of sentences every time you respond isn't enough for me to stay interested. The descriptions are vague on purpose so we can flesh out the details together, though there are some details I will be more hesitant to change. For example most of the time I will want to roleplay in a Japanese setting. For the most part I have the character I want to play fleshed out whereas the exact plot and your character is mostly undefined. Older teen sister/shota-ish teen brother character sheet: Mother/son character sheet: Young Female High School Teacher X Male Student Important side note: I deal with some mental and physical health issues so sometimes I don't have the energy to be social, I will try my best to communicate when this happens so you're not left on read. So I hope you can be patient with my responses.
  7. Busterbugs

    Family Sex Stories

    Would any lady be interested in doing a role play where a family gets into sexual trouble in their day to day life. I would play as the male family members and the other male characters that the family meets. Male Family members I would play- -A older dad who is a well off business man but has a problem with breaking in the female employees with his large cock. -The oldest son, a handsome college playboy who loves to fool around with any girl he finds, including his sisters. -The middle son, a high school student who has all the girls in his school attracted to his good looks and large cock -The youngest son, a shy 13 year old with adorable looks that draws older woman from all around but his hiding a huge cock in his baggy pants. -Other male characters I could play as, a teacher, a married neighbor, a group of gym nuts, a stalker and a uncle. As for your characters you can decide, but I was thinking a mom and a older and younger daughter for the basics. Does that sound interesting to you and if it does or let me know.
  8. First of all, this needs a multirole player, meaning someone that could play a bunch of characters. Between 15 and 20 ideal, a dozen for the least. Its actually easy, no need to describe each and everyone, just put a lead character and one or two that you can name, rest is fine. In the worst case if you really can't handle it, play two or three characters and I will play the others acting as well as my character. Second, important and it's actually pretty obvious, 3rd persona writing is required. Finally just respect the whole plot and we're good ! Feel free to add ideas or some things you'd like and see what we can do ! Plot : Action takes place in Japan (important for the plot) in a difficult high school, were students are regular slackers and almost hopeless punks. It's the last couple days before summer holidays and a whole group of boys got in detention, due to a fight in the cafeteria. Survey goes to Mrs Winkler, a foreign american woman, teaching english, known to act like a bitch most of the time. She will give some blank tests to pass the time and some students take a bet. If they win they can ask whatever they want, if they lose, they got some more detention in holidays. She accept, having no idea of how much backfire she'll get. They'll ask to strip then giving her a traditional japanese treatment. Mrs Gladys Winkler : Possible : Gokkun (cum drinking from a container) Filled condoms decoration Filming Light bondage NO: Watersports Scat Gore
  9. Come and join the Institute! Headmaster and founder, the mysterious and illustrious Cayleth Wolfe, has sent you a PERSONAL invitation. The Institute is always hungry for new students and teachers. It has a taste for unlocking their will to pleasure. What cutting edge adventures await? What twisted fantasies does Professor Wolfe indulge at the Institute? What is it they're REALLY studying? And what happened to the innocent and ambitious young lady who entered? She's certainly HAPPIER now..... But who back home would even recognize her? LENGTH: Variable but short. I don't want 6 paragraphs every exchange, but if you've got one that REALLY needs that much once in a while, do it! I also don't want like three words every time. One or two complete descriptive sentences is plenty, and we're all good up to about two paragraphs, as a general rule. Expect me to usually write one complete paragraph. 2-5 sentences, but generally shorter in times of high action, and possibly longer on rare occasions describing a dream scene or something. Consistently too short feels like a lack of investment, and too long breaks stride having to wait forever and doesn't allow partner to act. GRAVY: My top kinks that I'm looking for are, in no particular order: hypnosis, ageplay, pregnancy, incest, D/s, bestiality, heathenry/sin. I don't want or expect to have all of them in every RP, and I'm open to virtually any you might want to include as well. But I'm not going to be interested without two or three of those taking frontish roles. Dr. Wolfe IS a hypnotist, and HIS fetish is unlocking the potential of young women to embrace their happiness.... while also encouraging them to submit to him. DURATION: I prefer long-term play, because I like to build things up, and there isn't as much time for that if you're worrying about when to end. I try to time crescendo and decrescendo with how much time we've got, to the extent that I know, and life happens, but I generally want play friends who will come back day after day for a longer and deeper story.
  10. I'm a brat that mommy and daddy happily give support to onanything I do. I cause disturbances in class but my parents never wanna hear complaints, I fail a class well no biggie it was probably the professor's fault and they should be fired for being a bad teacher. What can't I do at the school? Why don't you help me see that?~ Comment or Text me.
  11. Jack Bright

    The horny student

    Jack (me) is in love with his hot teacher. His grades getting worse due to him beeing distracted by the fine tits of her. Today she call's him in for a private chat to figure out, why his grades are so bad.
  12. Hello! I'm looking for someone who could do the "sexy teacher" role. The type with nice breasts and that every male students would like to enjoy some "private time" with. It doesn't matter if she's a futa or not. What does matter is that she's a dominant lady. I love brewing a story on the go during the roleplay, it just adds to the feel of it ^^ But just so we're on the same page: - dominant lady - can be futa - scenario starts in the middle of class, where I start to behave like a bad student. The rest can be brewed out during the roleplay itself! Hit me up! ^^
  13. High school roleplay ((this might be a short roleplay or a long term one, depending on what you want and how well we match. I can roleplay in first or third person)) Mika was an 18 year old high school student. She wasn't part of the popular gang nor the losers. She had quite a nice body, long brown hair and big brown eyes. She had average notes and was the quiet type in class. But one day you saw her hiding drugs in her bag and quickly took a photo. After class you went to talk to her. You can be a teacher or another student, male or female or futa. I want your character to act dominant and blackmail me with the photos, I would first act bratty and try to resist but will become obedient after some time. If you want to roleplay this please send me a message with a description of the character you'd play and how long you want the roleplay to be ^^
  14. Multiversal

    Totsu Furiku

    From the album: Multiversal’s Lovable Characters

    Name: Totsu Furiku Hero/Villain Name: Penance Age/Date of Birth: 21 years old/13th, January Sex: Female Citizenship: US Ethnicity: Japanese Occupation: Proving Grounds Teacher Height: 5’1 Weight: 175lbs Eye Color: Magenta Hair Color: Violet Physical Description: A violet haired woman with a well endowed bust is the most noticeable thing seen. Her hair usually goes down to her waist, with a ribbon to tie up a bit of her hair to prevent it from getting over her face. While other parts of her body equal to her breasts, she has nice curves over all. Outfit Reference: Quirk Quirk Type: Mutant Type Quirk Name: Masochistic Constitution Quirk Details: The irregularly formed nerve tissues inside her body cause her nerves to think of some pain as pleasure. Further study has been proved that about 45% of her body’s nerves will think of pain as pleasure. Her nerves however also trigger a rapid biological regeneration response to whatever it is that triggers pain. This also triggers a rapid blood clotting process to any areas that are bleeding. Things such as slash wounds, cracked bones, and even impalement can be fully regenerated within time. However, there is no physical defense to this quirk, as all lethal wounds will remain lethal. The loss of limbs, broken bones, and lethal wounds to vital organs are not affected by her regeneration effect. The regeneration only rapidly repairs the body rather than altogether fix it. Regeneration also weakens her nerves further, causing them to be less sensitive to both pain and pleasures, although this can become normal as long as it’s not being constantly regenerated. Quirk Strengths: Dulled pain responses that transfer to pleasure responses, mediocre regenerative prowess, reduction in sensitivity to both pain and pleasure from regenerated parts for a limited time. Quirk Weaknesses: Lethal wounds can still be lethal, and may forget about severe wounds due to the lack of pain nerves. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: A generally kind woman who enjoys nature’s scenery and being a shield for her students. While her nature is that to a Vigilante, she decided to side with the Villains as it was easier to complete her goal with their help. She makes sure her students are always being noticed for their achievements, making sure to pay attention to whatever they do. She will apologize profusely to someone if they were to say something that they did that had gone unnoticed by her. Her masochistic nature makes her more forgiving to those who physically hurt her, as well as eagerly working as a protector for her students if the time arises. Her Masochistic Constitution allows her to survive fights for a long time without being bothered by the wounds she suffers, as some pain is transferred into pleasure as well as regenerative factors and a blood clotting ability. She uses her mechanical arms for means of transportation, offense, and defense. Ultimately they are just large arms with extremely durable material and sharp talons. However she does detach them to use her more humane arms most of the time. Strengths and Skills: With a kind attitude and a steel will to protect those close to her, she is a selfless woman who’s willing to put her body forth to take whatever beatings are out there. Her weapons, Durga’s Talons, grant her extra combat options when in need of fighting, defending, or moving. Durga’s Talons is a self made weapon made by Totsu herself, having many ways to be used in battle. The talons are sharp enough to cut through strengthened steel, and extremely durable. It can be used to dig into the ground or walls for mobility or standing ground, as well as defend attacks due to its large size. A well balanced weapon, but falls short when it comes to more distant ranged attacks alongside the heavy weight of the weapons themselves. Weaknesses: She is extremely selfless to a fault, often putting herself first in the line of fire to ensure that no one else will get hurt. She relies on her regeneration abilities to heal her fast enough to keep going, although a part of her energy is driven off the rush of pleasure. The more she regenerates, the weaker the nerves the regenerated parts will have. Durga’s talons also cause her to get heavier, as well as not having any ranged weapon features besides throwing debris. Reasons to become a Villain/Ambitions: The general loss of her own arms, as well as the US hero politics making her sacrifice seem to be in vain caused her to want the recognition of all those who sacrificed themselves in battle. The business of heroes also disturb her, thinking it as another reason why the lower ones and students weren’t recognized for their good deeds. A woman who would’ve been a great protective hero if not for the past incident. Once she was a hopeful B course student, wanting to protect people for the sake of them as what any hero should ask for. A incident involving the collapse of a large structure of a small medical company, which in turn she saved a child and her mother with the cost of her arms being torn off to save them. She had thought her sacrifice would be an example to other heroes, as a way of saying that they should be prepared to sacrifice for the betterment of the people. Though in turn, what she had received was nothing. The politics kept going about their business with the pro heroes, the students didn’t seem to be fazed at her loss, to which some even poked fun at her for. She came across a realization, that the heroic title she once sought after, was more like a pedestal to fame and nothing more. Who would become a hero just for the sake of money and fame alone? The politics barely seemed to cover much about the pro heroes personalities alone, mainly focusing on their ‘heroic’ deeds. The frustration of being the one who’s dream had died, and in place, another had arisen. If she were to able to renew the Hero system, then perhaps there would be hope for the better and less sinful heroes. To renew the hero system would mean to completely erase it, before starting it from scratch. Within time, she eventually managed to slip into the darker scenes, getting herself a cybernetic pair of arms before building up her own weaponized ones after that. Eventually, her success in the sabotages of politicians involved with the heroes earned her a spot as a teacher for the rumored underground villains school known as the Proving Grounds. She had accepted, and now goes across the school as an over all kind woman who even emphasized with those who’s achievements go unnoticed. Though, she didn’t join this school to be a villain. She joined it to be the next leading role model of a hero. To remove the corrupt from the heroes, she had to remove both and start again with a new slate. The new era will draw ever closer, as she will spare no mercy to those who have didn’t even spare a glance to the sacrificed. Hobbies and Interests: Repairing (mainly her gear), kittens, being a punching bag to ‘test’ her student’s strength, making sure everyone is noticed. Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn ons: Sadism (receiving end), breastplay, clothed paizuri, rough sex, pain. Turn offs: Necrophilia, adult baby, rape, blood, scat/piss. Breast Size: E Cups Sensitivity: On the lesser scale of sensitivity, usually she wants rougher sex to scale it upwards. STD History: Clean House: (Proving Grounds) Private Teacher Dorms Pet: None Additional information: Totsu is a kind woman, although strongly despises the heroes she once looked up to because of her belief that they were too focused on fame and money. She also loves all sorts of animals, but always afraid when bugs get too close. She is currently trying to get over her arachnophobia, and manages to get somewhat tolerable with smaller spiders. Larger ones... not so much.
  15. Yukina

    Teacher teached

    A stern maths teacher got to give detention class. The room is full with nasty young boys all implies in a large fight. She accept a ridiculous bet and then...she will drink something else than her herbal tea in her mug.
  16. AzumiMoonLove

    Steamy Meeting RP

    Azumi stood, staring at the drink in her hand. Her blonde bangs softly framing her face, being separated from the rest by a ponytail. Still in her white button up blouse, and short black pencil skirt from work, she looked around the room looking bored. "Damn, even here i can't find peace." She sulked, sipping her drink. Work was terrible, she had stayed awake for days finishing every project she had only to be told it wasn't good enough. Her soft, pink, lips parted as she sighed. ((I will probably start out like this. ^.^ Please comment and let me know if this interests you))
  17. Neptune

    Lydia Cransworth

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lydia Cransworth Date of Birth: 25th January 1991 Gender: Female Religion: None Species: Human Origin: Blackberry Falls City (UFF Designation: Tau’ri) Nationality: Ashaean Occupation: Thorndown University Lecturer of History Physical Appearance Height: 5’6” Weight: 58kg Eye Colour: Green Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Lydia is the average height for a human female. She is slim and well proportioned with a slim waist that curves out into nice hips, which then go down into nicely shaped long legs. She has D-cup breasts, which are still quite perky due to the fact that she is under the age of thirty. Her black hair is cut to a medium length, just brushing her shoulders, and is usually straight in style and framing her face. She is usually seen wearing formal, or casual-formal clothes. This ranges from suits, skirts to blouses and even dresses although she personally has a preference for trousers. She is usually very modestly dressed, and doesn’t tend to show off a lot to other people. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Lydia is quite a kind, sweet young woman who doesn’t like to say anything mean about anyone, even when she dislikes them. The worst she is likely to do to someone, is to cross them off of her christmas card list, but then she always tries to see the good in people, rather than focusing on the bad. She has a big heart and is quite charitable. She often gives to local charities and will also help out whenever she can, such as taking time out of Christmas day to help feed homeless people. Her kindness, and selflessness tend to make people think very highly of her, however it does mean that she is particularly vulnerable to being used by others. She is also very modest, and doesn’t tend to take credit for things even if she is well within her rights to. She would rather help people around her achieve success, rather than tear them down for her own gains. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: She is quite a normal human, and she doesn’t have any super-powers or abilities that makes her a step above everyone else. She has skills when it comes to teaching her class, as she is able to plan a lesson and then teach it to an entire lecture hall of students. She’s very good at doing research, and finding out more information about history and the truth of it as she is very good at finding and looking through historical records. She’s a reasonably talented cook, but then she has lived alone for quite a while and doesn’t like ready-meals. Weaknesses: As she has no special abilities, she is very vulnerable to a wide range of attacks that can result in her injury, or death. Her kind and selfless nature can be very easily used against her, especially as she prefers to see the good in people. This can be used against her, to lure her, unsuspecting, into a trap. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To be a world renowned historian. Hobbies and Interests: Her biggest interest is history, whether it is human history or not. She is rather obsessive over it, actually. She also has a garden at home that she likes to spend time in tending, or relaxing. In warmer weather she often likes to sit out there and plan her lessons. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Hetero-sexual. Turn ons: Loving, romantic sex so that she can feel a close connection to her lover. She loves very sensuous sex. Even though she really likes romantic encounters, she also sometimes likes it rather rough. She likes to be pinned down and fucked hard by her partner. She likes nails digging into her hips, and her hair being pulled against. She also doesn’t mind being choked as it makes the sensations much more intense. Along with being fucked rough, Lydia also likes a bit of bondage, so being tied in place and even blind-folded. Sex in public gives her a massive thrill especially if it’s done with the chance of being caught. Turn offs: Scat, vore, gore and other waste fetishes. Necrophilia. She isn’t someone who likes a large amount of pain. She is a mild masochist. Humiliation of any kind. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: D-cup. Sensitivity: Average. Additional Sexual Information: Lydia is monogamous, and thus is unlikely to seek more than one relationship at a time. She also does not like her partner having more than just her, thus she will break it off if she catches someone cheating. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: James Cransworth Mother: Lillian Cransworth Siblings: None Grandparents: Jim Cransworth and Katherine Cransworth on her father’s side. Helen Wilkinson and Frank Wilkinson on her mother’s side. House: Lydia lives in a three bedroomed house that she is able to easily afford on her Lecturers salary, even though she has no one to share it with. The house has an entrance hall, a visitor lounge, a living room, kitchen, a dining room with a bar area. It also has a study, and a twin garage. The Master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, as well as a walk in closet. The largest of the two other rooms is decorated as a guest bedroom. The smallest of the three rooms currently lacks any furniture, or decoration and is just filled with boxes, along with odds and ends. There is another bathroom on the first floor, for use for the other bedrooms. Car: 2013 Volkswagen Golf, red in colour Pet: None. She wishes she had a dog, but she just doesn’t have the time to care for one thus she feels that it would be wrong. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean. Medical Record: Clean. She has not had any major health-related problems. Bio: Lydia was born to a middle class family, in the city of Blackberry Falls. Her father was a historian, like herself, while her mother ran a child daycare. They had enough money to live very comfortably with a number of luxuries. Lydia went to a good school, and did very well grade wise. She wasn’t always the best in her class, but she did well, as she was quite an intelligent child. From a very young age, she became as obsessed with history as her father. She would sit and listen to him talk for hours about the subject, and she would drink it all in. In school, history was her number one subject and she always outshone all other students. Everytime her father went off to do a lecture, she would insist on going with him however he would only let her if it didn’t conflict with school. If it did, he would video record it and give it to her later. After she was finished with elementary school, Lydia went on to Saint Arc High School, which was the best all girls school in Blackberry Falls. Sitting opposite it, was Mercury High School which was an all-boys school. At first, she was confused as to the separation, however she was soon to discover that it was often that classes swapped between the schools and they sometimes shared school trips. Like with her previous school, she did well in her subjects with history being her absolute best. She wasn’t exactly popular in school, however not even the hardest of bullies picked on her because of how sweet and kind she was. Lydia was always considered ‘off-limits’ as she would go out of her way to help everyone, even those with the worst reputations in the school. It was also around this time that she began to notice boys, especially the ones that would come over from Mercury. It was well known that students from each side tended to sneak over to the other school to ‘play’ with each other. Lydia was no exception to this, as a friend of hers convinced her to meet a few of her male friends. At first, it was nothing more than a few sneaky kisses however Lydia took a particular liking to one boy who seemed as well versed in history as she was, by the name of Keith. He would often come out with various quotes and talk to her about various historical events. Lydia was convinced that she had found her soul mate. She found herself falling in love with him, and one day after school while her parents were still at work, she let him take her virginity. For a time, she was convinced that she was having a fairy-tale romance, something she had always dreamed on having. However she began to notice a few things wrong. Sometimes, Keith would get the odd fact wrong, and when she corrected him, acted as if that was what he had said in the first place. She then began to ask him questions about rather obscure historical events, but he seemed to know what she was talking about… even when she was deliberately giving him false information. Slowly, she figured out that he was only pretending to be as knowledgeable about history so that she would go out with him. He actually found history extremely boring. Hurt by this, she broke off their relationship as it had started on false presumptions. He tried to protest, but she confronted him about it and he admitted that he didn’t like history in the slightest. He just wanted to fuck her, and he had gotten what he wanted from her. After her relationship with Keith, she wasn’t interested in one with anyone else. She kept her head down and continued on with her school work, working as hard as she could to get the best grades possible. She graduated from High School with top marks and had decided to attend Thorndown University to do a history course. She was well aware that she was very capable of learning all of the course material for free, on her own time, however she felt that she might be able to make some important connections while she was there which would lead into giving her good job opportunities. It wasn’t a waste, either, as she absolutely loved the course and did everything with a grand enthusiasm. She made some very good friends, and even a few relationships although none really progressed very far. She just was never able to connect with anyone. At the age of twenty-one, she left University and started working with her father who took her across the world to various digs, locations and lectures. She loved every moment of it, and she gained experience and knowledge in leaps and bounds. She then began getting quite interested in the history of her home island, something that had always baffled her and of which her father actually had no answers to. She returned to Blackberry Falls, and applied to the University as a Lecturer who also requested research grants into looking into the history of Ashaea and its neighbouring nation, the UFF which seemed to have sprung out of nowhere. She has since then worked there happily, teaching students and working on her research.
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