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  1. Roleplay between @satairoleplayingguy and @AirAllie14 Basic premise: My character is a woman with a particular desire. She has always loved animals. Dogs particularly. But now she wanted something a little different. A human who she could train into a proper pet, to act and think like a dog. Still retaining some human characteristics, like speech, but not treated like one. (Some of these are ideas I had, we'll see how many get included. We only talked a little about setup, only went over some of these) Things like usually only wearing a collar, unless outside in public. Leashed. Often but not always on all fours. Perhaps eating out of bowls. Taken outside to do her business. Letting her actual dogs fuck her, maybe other animals as well. Expected to somewhat act like a dog/animal in general, but with some lingering humanity. Obviously it is hard to find a girl willing to do that. So she looked to into the darker side of society. Paid a group who had experience in kidnapping girls and selling them, no questions asked, to people interested in this sort of thing. Her new pet is about to be delivered. --------------------------------------------------------- The day had came. Amy heard the doorbell ring. A discrete black van was outside. She opened the door to see a man in a suit. The sort who was here to get things done quick then leave. "Where do you want the package?" Amy gestured to the back. "Let's put her house in the backyard." It was an isolated house. At least a few minutes drive from the nearest neighbor. No one to see or hear anything. So no concern about that choice. The man nodded and went back to the van. From the back several men carried a large metal box. Solid except for some small grating on the tops of the the two longer sides, to let air and light in. They slowly walked the box to her fenced in back yard and set in down in the middle. Inside the box was a girl. Already stripped. With nothing else but a thick blanket to sleep on. It was technically intended to be her 'dog house'. Though Amy intended to give her other places to sleep as a reward, after she started behaving, when she was a good girl. When the box was placed. The men quickly left. All payments had already been made. Nothing to sign. No records. They would never meet again, except maybe if Amy bought another pet from them. Once they were gone, she returned to the box, "Welcome home, my pet. I'm sure you are very confused. Don't worry, you will start to figure out what is happening very soon." She would not let the girl out immediately. Only when she was sure she would not put up a fight. Of course she had a plan too, if the girl did decide to fight or try to run.
  2. Note to readers: I’m getting an introduction written here, but we want to finish a scene in a private RP before writing more in this, as well as other stories we’re doing (including a second one here). Also it is technically MxF, except the other character in question (the ‘new girl’) is a trap. Emily was a fairly outgoing girl. While not the sort to make friends with everyone, only the most jealous and bitter girls disliked her at all. She was warm, understanding, not the sort to judge. Even if she disapproved of something someone did, she was more likely to give them a concerned talk, trying to convince them why they should not have done what they did, maybe to apologize or otherwise make up for it, to ideally convince them not to do it again. Now she was in class, which had begun a few minutes ago. She quietly sat there with an excited smile on her face. The teacher was talking about how a new student would be joining their class today, that they would introduce themselves in a moment. She would not really say anything about the student though. It left Emily wondering so many things, was it a boy? A girl? What was s/he like? Could they be friends? It was the mystery that excited her. To get to know someone new.
  3. Note to other readers: This is an idea based off one of my private bulletins. The idea is a brother and sister. They were always close as kids, but between getting older and differences between boys and girls, separate friends and other things, they have gradually grown more distant. Neither really wanted it, but after so long neither had an idea of how to fix it. Then one New Year, they ended up going to the shrine together, still awkward, not much said. But when they made their wish, it was for the same thing, to find some way to get closer again. Little did they know they would get their wish, but in a way neither expected. The next morning the brother would wake up as a girl and in a younger body. The sister had been in the 15-16 area, the brother had been 17-18, but now 13-14. After initial shock, 'she' reluctantly goes to her sister for help/advice. That’s the set up. It will be a slow build up, an at least somewhat more realistic adjustment to the character becoming a girl. One or both characters might have other relationships before they get together. Such relationships could possibly be MxF, FxF, maybe FutaxF. We'll see what happens there as it goes. It was a new morning. Hikaru lay in bed quietly, struggling to get back to sleep but not really wanting to get up either. It was nice to have another day off. Though she had no plans for it, she thought back to yesterday. She was getting ready to to make the yearly shrine visit. More out of habit than anything. She passed her older brother in the hall. She thought back to all the fun they had as kids. How they had slowly grown apart. They did not notice it at first, but gradually they spent less and less time together. That was probably why she asked. She asked him to go with. They did not say much, but it was still kind of nice to spend some time with him. When they got to the shrine, originally she did not know what she was going to wish for. Now she did. She wished that somehow they would find some way to get closer again, regain at something like what they had. Even at the shrine and on the way back, they had not said much to each other. Once home, they did their own thing, eventually she went to bed. Having no idea her brother wished for the same or what effect the wish would have on him while he slept. That her older brother was already now, physically at least, her younger sister.
  4. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Several Different New Ideas *Updated*

    Have a few different unrelated ideas here, some more elaborate than others. "Mating Season" This is a world similar to ours, with people that are mostly the same as in reality, but the human reproductive system worked out differently. Rather than an individual monthly cycle, humanity has a mating season. Every adult woman in her fertile years is filled with an intense arousal. One that quickly becomes almost painful to ignore. They will look for a man, preferable on the younger or stronger side or otherwise powerful but if they are desperate just about anyone will do. The males get horny and desire to have as many women as they can, to father as many children as possible. The sex is pleasurable and temporarily relieves their urges while it is happening. But their bodies won't let them stop until they have been impregnated. They will keep looking for guys until they are pregnant or the mating season passes. The season usually lasts 3 or 4 weeks in the late summer, so that in the spring hospitals are full of nearly the entire female population giving birth at the same time over a several week period. Sex can and does happen outside of the mating season, though it is less frequent or intense and there is zero chance of pregnancy. Men and women don't create the same sort of relationships, as no one is expected to tie themselves to one person. I'm looking to start at the beginning of a new mating season, but possibly a longer term exploration of such a world as well. Covering multiple seasons and stuff between them. Breeding is the focus, but also some exploration of sex in general and how men and women look at each other in such a world. There are little or no kinks I wouldn't be willing to write, feel free to make suggestions. I might play one men or several and you could play one or more women (it might be interesting if at least one of them is in her first season that she goes into heat and has to figure out how to satisfy her new desire to breed). The pairs could be anything from co-workers, (adult) classmates, friends, customer/client, complete strangers or just about anything else, again feel free to make suggestions. I could also consider a version with you playing men and me women. "Reliving Life as a Girl" (Semi-Gender Bending) In this idea I would be playing as a male character who just died, the how is probably not important, though maybe we think of a way it is. Rather than an afterlife or the nothingness of pure oblivion, the character wakes up in his childhood bedroom, as a female version of himself. 'She' is incredibly confused, she remembers her old life but also has memories of life as a girl. I am thinking we start with her around 13, though we may jump around to various points in her life. It is a story of how she relives her life in different circumstances. It could be MxF and/or FxF. Her old friends, do they still treat her as friends, ignore her because she is girl, or do they develop a sexual interest in her? Does this bother her, does she like it, even encourage it? Does her mixed memories give her a different viewpoint on sex and make her more inclined to being a 'slut' and earning a reputation as one? Do girls, including possible former lover(s), look at her as a female friend, rival, ignore her, or a different sort of lover? These are some of the things I would like to consider. This could involve detailed planning, including details of the differences between her two lives and her varying experiences with some of the characters. I am hoping for 'sex heavy story'. "Everyone Has a Price" (BrotherxSister) I could play either the brother or sister here. The idea is a teenage pair of siblings who go wandering deep into corners of the internet they probably were better off not knowing even existing. Either someone contacts them or they find an offer. Someone is willing to pay a LOT of money to be able to record a video (even more if multiple videos) of two true teenage siblings having sex. The sort of video that most people would never see but a small audience would pay a lot to see, enough to justify the siblings' offered pay. At first they just laugh it off. Both of them found the idea of sex with each other disgusting, but the money was very tempting. Enough that they would not have to do any other work in their lives, especially if they did a series of videos. So eventually they had seriously talk about it, and decide short term unpleasantness is worth a life time of comfort. They agree to accept the offer and their contact gives them an address to come to. This idea is semi-realistic, so of course this not all quite as simple as it sounds. The offer comes from an employee of a secretive company, one whose primary purpose is to create 'specialty pornography' high price stuff that one cannot find easily. For those who become their customers, they are told anything can be produced for the right price. When the siblings arrive at the given address they are basically kidnapped, heads covered and tied up and drove off to the company's real studio some distance away. Once there, they are informed they are still expected to perform the job they were hired to do, and would be paid the promised amount. But due to the nature of the work, things had to be very discrete. They were expected to live in the studio. They were given a room to both live and work in. There were a number of other men and women stuck there too, other performing employees of the company. They had different specialties though, the two of them were the first to agree to help produce incest videos. This is a story both of their work and living in such a place. Their supervisor did give them a promise that their situation could change. Some employees were given various degrees of freedom, including the ability to freely come and go from the studio. But that required them to become proven enthusiastic, loyal employees. The sort who were proud of their work and company, who would eagerly keep it secret and be willing to be punished without revealing anything else if they were caught. Will one or both of the siblings eventually reach that point? Will they come to enjoy their work? Those are some of the things this story would explore. The focus, especially early on, will be fairly conventional sex (other than the whole sibling thing), but many other fetishes could eventually be covered, "Becoming the Class Bitch" (Gender Bending) The idea here is what is supposed to be an all male boarding school, but it one with a peculiar tradition. Each class when they arrive has everyone draw a number and then a number is picked. The student with the matching number becomes the 'class bitch'. The how isn't really important, but the school knows a way to permanently turn a boy into a (100% functional) girl. They decided it was close enough to all boys, to have one that changed into a girl in each class to relieve the boys' frustrations. The idea is that she is shared by the entire class, though there is a hierarchy and some boys get more time with her than others (optionally the teacher can have a little time with her too). The idea here is I would be playing the changed character and you would be playing some of the boys (not necessarily the entire class, but ideally more than one). It isn't excessively dark, but she is in fact the 'class bitch' and treated as inferior to everyone else, sometime both physically and psychologically rough, with the idea of making her 'act like a girl' and subject her to various sexual experiences, though some would likely treat her better than others. "The Princess' Knight" The basic story: A somewhat masculine looking heroine saves the day. Everyone assumes she is a feminine looking man, and she does not bother to correct them. She saves the princess, who falls in love with the heroine as she is escorted back to the castle. The usual cliche marriage arrangements are made by the king, only on the wedding night is the heroine's gender revealed (two options here, starting with the wedding night or with the rescue and the princess falling in love). This idea would be more story heavy and potentially long term (the heroine is assumed to be a man partially because of her appearance and partially because it is one of things women aren't supposed to do. The marriage goes through and she has to pretend to be a man, with only her new wife knowing the truth, how she adapts will be part of the story). This one could have a little bit of MxF mixed in, especially when they wrestle with the question of how to produce an heir. It is a sex heavy story, but also focused on maintaining the illusion, and gender roles. My idea is to play the heroine, though I would play the princess instead if someone else really wanted to play the heroine. In this case, with such a heavy FxF focus, I would prefer to play it a woman, though I would not rule out playing it with a man, I'm open to considering some variation/suggestions if you have any. "I am my sister/my friend's sister" A simple body swap idea. I was considering a few different ideas with it, maybe a brother and sister (probably teens, but we can discuss exact ages) randomly switch bodies one night or a boy finds himself in his friend's sister's body. I would be playing the boy-turned-girl, whichever version is chosen. The idea is to cover several aspects, adjusting to gender change, trying to blend in, possibly adapting to being in a new family. The change to love/sex lives would get a heavy focus. Did the girl already have a boyfriend before the body swap? Does she have an interest in other boys? Does she start hitting on girls (either the girl's existing friends and/or strangers)? In the case of friend's sister version we could optionally go an incestuous route. It is a general idea, and we could figure out more detail before starting. "The Tomboy Grows Up" In this story we are looking at a group of life long childhood friends. One girl and a group (exact number to be determined) of boys. I would be playing the girl. Nobody cared about each others genders for a long time, but now there is a tension. Some/all of the boys are starting to have new desires for the girl. She may or may not have any interest in some of them, but at least has a curiosity. Eventually they start giving in to curiosity. The question is how it impacts the group? Do they act largely how they previously were, but with sex mixed in? Does she favor one/some over others? Is it purely sexual, or do other feelings start to grow? Do she do one at a time, or is she shared? Do the boys take a darker view and start 'training' her, trying to 'put her in her place'? It could go many ways and range from lighter to darker.
  5. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Girls’ School Adventures

    I am going for a twist on my earliest role playing here. The setting is an all girls boarding school. Everyone lives there, no home visits or anything like that, for the four years until they graduate. At such an age, and with no contact with boys, most of the girls turn to each other for both pleasure and love. There is a long established sub-culture, even girls who consider themselves entirely heterosexual cannot escape it, and are pressured into it one way or another, occasionally forced into it. Sometimes it is an expression of love, sometimes taking sex in the only way they can get, sometimes it is simply the more popular/socially powerful girls asserting their power over their inferiors. Many of the teachers also get involved with some of their students, for a mix of the reasons above. ‘Teacher’s Pet’ being a more official and literal position in each class. One that, depending on the teacher, may even be desired by many of the girls. Things like dances and other such couple activities still occur, but oriented to FxF couples. That’s the basic idea, I would be playing a new girl getting pulled into this subculture. There a wide range of how this story could go and how how dark it might be. Looking for a woman to play with in this case, just because in FxF stories I like the idea of at least one woman involved. She could be involved with several girls at a time, including classmates, upperclassmen and/or one of her teachers. They could have different reasons for getting involved with her. If the story plays out long enough, she might go after younger students after being around for a year or two. My character considers herself a straight girl at the start (unless we do the option below), that may or may not change, even if it doesn’t, she will be pulled in the school’s ‘lesbian culture’. One optional twist is my character being a genderbent boy-turned-girl, the change being necessary for her to be involved. In that case, some of her partners are likely to try to feminize her as well, get her to think of herself completely as a girl and have no desire to change back. I would prefer to keep it to 2, maybe 3 people. Of course multiple characters could be played, though I would at least mostly stick to 1.
  6. Several years ago, your mother got sick. A long, slow disease. Ultimately fatal. The family watched as she slowly declined, regularly visiting. It was painful, but all we could do. Treatments could only delay the inevitable, and it was not likely she would ever leave the hospital again. That's when one of the doctors proposed an experimental therapy. That would allow her to live on in a sense, her daughter could receive a mental transplant of sorts. Not a true personality switch, but she would have all of her mother's memories, and possibly a degree of personality mixing. Two people as one, more the daughter than not, but also becoming her mother to a degree. Some of the more religious/spiritual doctors believing she would also at least partially receive her mother's soul. To truly live on in a sense, perhaps even aware of everything from the corner of her daughter's mind. You did not hesitate to go through the procedure. Unfortunately your mother died in the process, but when you woke up, you could really remember her whole life. Perhaps you did even feel something you wanted to believe was her soul entering your body. Now we are back home, but knowing what happened, can the relationship between father and daughter remain the same. Or will they be pulled into a different, secret relationship. One that they may or may not be able to keep secret. That's the idea, a story heavy idea, but with plenty of sex mixed in and a somewhat more natural evolution into an incestuous relationship. A relationship confused by the union of mother and daughter. It does not immediately turn incestuous, but both find themselves increasingly drawn to each other, as man and woman.
  7. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Older brother becomes little sister

    My last idea that was loosely inspired by an anime has got me a few really good stories, so I thought I would try something inspired by another. Note: While the pair of sisters will be major characters I can go either way on it turning incestuous, there could be another girl as my character’s love interest. The idea is a brother and sister. We’re always close as kids, but between getting older and differences between boys and girls, separate friends and other things, they have gradually grown more distant. Neither really wanted it, but after so long neither had an idea of how to fix it. Then one New Year, they ended up going to the shrine together, still awkward, not much said. But when they made their wish, it was for the same thing, to find some way to get closer again. Little did they know they would get their wish, but in a way neither expected. The next morning the brother would wake up as a girl and in a younger body. The sister had in the 15-16 area, the brother had been 17-18, but now 13-14. After initial shock, she reluctantly goes to her sister for help/advice. That’s the set up. I do want this to be a slow build up, an at least somewhat more realistic adjustment to the character becoming a girl. Focusing on every detail that we are comfortable with, no matter awkward for the characters, I’m willing to go deep in that side of the story. There will eventually be sex in this story but a rather slow build, first focusing on the changes to his/her life and their new sibling relationship. We could go the incestuous route, though if we do those feelings will develop slowly. Alternatively she could go for another girl, maybe a new classmate, or one of her sister’s friends, or something else. At least for a quite awhile, no one outside of the family will be aware of the change or who my character used to be. I do want a woman as a partner here, partially out of preference for that in all FxF stories, but also want someone with first hand experience with what her character will be teaching her new sister.
  8. This is the “love story” of a middle-high school pair. Your character is a girl who has been bullied by mine for years. Insults, getting things stolen, light physical harassment (tripping, light smacks to the head, things along those lines). It is a constant thing, you came to accept no one cared enough to stop it. You just had to wait for graduation and it would be over. Now though, as you get older it has taken a new shift. Sometimes he just stares at you, a few times he has slapped your ass as he passes you in the hall. That was just a warning of the coming day, the day that would change everything forever. Both of them ended up on a class field trip to a water park. For a while it seemed to be an ordinary day, both of them doing their own thing and having fun. Then, when he caught an eye of her in her swimsuit, he took it a new step. He waited for a chance she was isolated, out of sight. Then cornered her and fucked her, not caring how she thought about it. After that things changed, he looked at her differently, like she was his. He found more chances to take her, telling her how worthless she was, that no one else would ever love her. Love? Maybe she started to believe it, to want it. Pulled away from friends, family, towards the boy who claimed her. That’s the idea. Starting with the day at the water park, a girl being pulled into a relationship with one of the worst possible men for her, and worse, starting to love him and believe everything he says about her. Increasingly desperate for his ‘love’, gradually becoming a completely different girl. How far will she go (these are optional possibilities, if we are going dark, almost anything can be considered)? Runaway from home to be with him? Intentionally try to have his child/children? Be his living toilet? Arrange her friends/sister(s) to be raped by him like she was? Or his sister? Other suggestions could be considered.
  9. This is a story heavy idea, with a good deal of sex mixed in. It could be a mix of MxF and/or FxF. I’m likely to play both 1 male and 1 female character, as well as minor characters when needed. The idea would be for you to play another female character, and any side characters you want/need to. Magical girls had always been around. Think the noble Sailor Moon style of magical girl, fighting off various monster/alien threats. They were heroes, who kept their identities secret. Protectors of all humanity. At least, they used to be. Some years back, during a lull in non-human threats, one of them got the idea to convince the team to start dealing with human caused threats. To take out criminals and corrupt government officials, or even overthrow tyrannical/corrupt governments. They were successful on a small scale, but quickly got in over their heads. Eventually a government managed to capture them…then saw some value in using them. Over a period of time they were broken, beaten, and fucked into complete submission. A new government agency was founded to use them, as spies, agents, assassins. They were taught to be completely loyal to their superiors. To obey orders and fight for the government’s interests. There were still occasional supernatural threats, they still fought those, but only in the way they were ordered to. They also fought human enemies of their country, spying, seducing, sometimes killing. Your character is a new magical girl, kidnapped and brought to the appropriate agency facility. My two major characters will be the man who will be her superior, and an older veteran magical girl, there to give her some sense of what being a government agent means and to at least sometimes fight alongside her.
  10. Something on the lighter side for my stories, loosely inspired by several different anime/manga series I have read/watched, and to a slight degree, my own life. Would prefer a female partner. While I obviously don’t have an issue playing girls or other guys doing the same, in FxF stories, I like at least one side of the story to be written by a woman. On one side there is my character, a girl who has crippling difficulty interacting with others. Says as little as possible. Perhaps up to this point, never even said a word in class, few people outside of her family know her much at all. Any interaction she has with people her age is largely limited to any sibling(s) she might have. She intensely fears interacting with others, but is not happy about her likely future, friendless, alone, lucky if she even manages to find/keep work. That’s where your character comes in. At the start the characters are either complete strangers or know very little about each other. Possibly classmates, maybe a friend of my character’s sister, something along those lines. Something draws them together, and eventually they get closer. First as friends, eventually more. I don’t have a lot of the details figured out, it will depend a bit on who the characters are. One or both of us could play side characters as well as wanted/needed, potentially of either gender (that’s where the possible MxF comes in, and/or the threesome/groups, though that could be left out completely). It may or may nor get rather kinky when we eventually get to the sex, I’m rather open minded there, as seen on my preference sheet.
  11. This is an idea in a setting very very loosely based on the world of Fallout. A world where civilization collapsed and has only very recently begun to be reestablished in some places. The story will explore most of the darker aspects of such a world, the story is focused on a brother and sister, with no surviving family. Their parents were recently killed and now they are on their own and need to do whatever they can to survive. Both are reasonably well armed at the moment, knives, several guns with ammo. Eventually they need to replace/resupply them though. Both will quickly learn they can only trust each other, and they have to do anything they can to survive. Within the first few nights, the brother will cross the incest line, whether she wants to or not. Once crossed, it will continue. They will need to kill, both humans and non-humans. Both will likely have varying amounts of sex with the creatures of the wilds, sometimes more willingly than others. The brother will sometimes sell his sister for the night for money, or temporarily give her to others to avoid trouble (but will kill anyone who tries to keep her). Sooner or later, she is likely to have one or more of his children. Desperation for food may even lead them to cross the cannibalism line. Just about any line might be crossed in one way or another, in a story of love and survival for a desperate brother and sister.
  12. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Joining the Holy Emperor's Harem

    For thousands of years the Holy Vanorian Empire ruled nearly the entire world. The first emperor was said to be a demi-god and had great powers. His heirs over the years still have some of that blood, long mixed with other peoples, but still with great magic power and longer lifespans, seeming to verify their divine ancestry. The emperors and their empire seemed invincible for countless generations. But around 500 years ago cracks appeared, which led to a gradual yet drastic decline. Civil Wars, independence uprisings, and several generations of lazy emperors led the empire to lose more and more territory. Small bits on the frontiers at first, but then more and more, with increasing speed. Today, only the ancient capitol, Vanor City remains under the emperor's rule. It is a vast, wealthy city still. Protected by layers of magical barriers of divine magic and the last of the ancient Vanorian legions. A single city, but the one piece of the ancient empire that will never fall. The empire is nearly extinct, but the world still holds a degree of respect for their former emperors. He is seen as a higher power, one that even kings kneel to, when they visit his court. If two realms have a dispute and they seek to avoid war, they ask him to settle the dispute. The family of rulers and lords also offer their daughters to his harem. That is where you coming in, playing one or more of these girls, offered to the imperial harem. To honor your family, your child will not likely be heir, but just to have a member of the imperial line share your blood is a great honor, to live in the ancient capitol, a living relic of ancient glory, still with vast wealth and be an ambassador for your people/realm/family. All peoples of the former realm are free to make the offer, human or not, emperors have a history of taking non-human concubines. You have just reached the gates to the city, to offer yourself to him.
  13. Daddy Pheonix

    Teen Titans

    Welcome to this post. I was scrolling through twitter and came across an image that gave me inspiration. Specifically this one. This is basically going to be an RP about different relationships inside of the Titans Tower. I mean 6 Teens living together? This was bound to happen. This is a group RP and Requires 6 people including me. I will be taking the role of Cyborg. The other 5 slots are open. I will also allow you to play different characters inside of the DC universe in relation to our characters. Like Jinx or AquaLad. As long as they directly tie in with the Titans it will be fine. Still if you want to play a character outside of the Titans shoot me a DM and I'll get back to you. The requirements are as follows. Semi-Literate, Minimum 1 Paragraph, and at least one response a day. if you have things going on in your life that is understandable but please let me know so we can adjust accordingly. Once I have the other 5 people I'm looking for I will create a group DM for an OOC. If you all are comfortable moving to Discord we will role-play there. If not I will create a DM onsite for us to use. I look forward to the responses and if you have any questions just DM me and I will try and answer them. Thanks for reading.
  14. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    A Few Ideas (Two MxF, one F/FutaxF)

    Taking a shot at posting a few random unrelated ideas here. The first two are MxF, me playing the boy, the other is F(tempFuta)xF 1. Dive Into Your Mind This may be rather obscure at this point (and even somewhat obscure when the inspiration was new) but this idea is loosely inspired by the by the 'Ar Tonelico' video game series. Not in the same setting, but using a variation of one of its plot details. In this case, part of dating between boys and girls has each of them getting into machines and the boy essentially making a trip into the girl's mind. As of this point the technology only works this way, it has to be MxF, and the girl has to receive. The creators of the technology at this point do not know if it is scientifically possible to make variations, or if there is a biological link, mirroring the male/female reproductive roles, that prevents other variations from being possible. Basically, over a number of sessions, depending on how much the girl trusts the boy, he sees deeper and deeper into her mind. He learns her biggest/darkest secrets, witnesses important memories, and her dreams/desires/goals (someone which maybe subconscious to the point she is unaware of them). All guided by aspects of her mind that take her shape, but are not her, or more accurately, a piece of her. The girl herself has no real awareness of what the boy sees, she is in a deep sleep through the process. It can potentially have an impact on her though. Some of it can be unconscious therapy/addressing old wounds, waking up feeling like a weight has been lifted off her, and it can make the girl lust for/love the boy more, without fully understanding why. The boy is encouraged not to tell the girl too much about what he saw or learned, though he may end up giving hints of it in things he says/does over time. The idea is to explore the relationship both inside and outside the mind. The sex scenes could occur in both places, with the girl herself, the aspects of her mind, and possibly others in her mind/memories if it makes sense. As the boy pushes deeper into her mind, her arousal and later love for him will grow more intense (by the time he is allowed in the mid level, she is practically begging for sex, at the deepest levels, she years marriage or something of similar seriousness). It isn't so much manipulation. Being allowed into the mid/deeper levels does change her mind/desires somewhat, but the boy can't enter these levels unless she trusts him enough for him to pass the barrier, so at least on some level she wants the change. Optionally, it could be a M/F/F relationship. Two girls brought to the deeper levels by the same boy would be more likely to see each other as partners than competition. Though it is likely something relatively few boys succeed at (or even try). 2. At Our School Everyone is Assigned an Opposite Sex 'Partner' Each Year Imagine a school with an unusual quirk as part of its efforts to educate its student for later life. As part of the yearly registration process, each student is given a picture and a little basic information (name, age, possibly contact information, anything else that might be important on an individual bases) of an opposite sex student. Sometimes older, sometimes younger, sometimes same grade. In all likelihood there is no real attempt to match compatibility, not caring much other than that they are opposite sex partners. Except for rare occasions they have the same homeroom, they are not together a lot of time, though there are classes that are made up only of pairs of partners. At things like school dances and other school wide activities, you expected to bring your partner as a date. Certain classes, like home ec and even sex ed, involve the partners together, learning to at least act like a couple. Officially students are not allowed to date anyone other than their partner, but the school of course has rather limited ways to enforce it. Sex is basically an unspoken assumption, but generally not encouraged, with the possible exception of actually having sex as part of sex ed. That's the basic idea, I want to play as a high school boy, who in this case has just randomly been paired up with your character, a girl at the same school. They may or may not already know other, as classmates, or even friends/neighbors/friend of the other's sibling. There are several varieties we could go with here. 1. A 'lucky pairing', reasonably compatible and without complications. 2. The boy is a quiet kid that has no idea interact with girls, or possibly people in general, the girl needs to encourage him to much of anything. 3. The girl is a lesbian, the school does not care, and pairs everyone up with the opposite gender. I'm open to consider other possibilities as well. Looking for a longer story, exploring their lives and having to deal with each other as basically an 'arranged couple', boyfriend/girlfriend in all but name, and not by their choice, at least in the beginning. 3. A Different Sort of Spin the Bottle (Temp Futa) A group of teen girls have gathered for a sleepover, a mix of friends/friends of friends/classmates/maybe a sister of the girl putting it together. Most of it is fairly conventional, but there a big event planned for the middle of the night. A few years back a special drug was produced, ‘Futarna’, it is a drug that makes a female who takes it into a futanari for several hours. It was originally developed as a way for lesbian couples to have biological children together. But of course some use it just for a twist on sex. It generally requires a prescription, but one of the girls carefully stole a few pills from her mother and brought them for a party game. A variation of Spin the Bottle. The first time it is spun, the girl it lands on takes one of the pills, after the change, it is spun again and the first girl fucks the second girl it lands on, while the others watch. Depending on how it goes, the first girl may fuck several girls and/or a second girl might take the pill and also fuck some girls. The idea is to play out this game and the party around it. I want to play as the girl (or at least first girl) to take the pill and go Futa, while you play one or more of the other girls, other girls being side characters. Ideally we keep playing after the party, see how things change between the girls and if the relationships between two or more of them change.
  15. Wraith

    Alexis Rodi

    From the album: Characters

    Age:16 Personality: Short fused, always up for a fight, A slacker, Has tendency to rebel against authority, prickly, Is suprisingly tender hearted, A bit bugged by her lack of femninity, Loathes her condition, Pervy Kinks: Groping, rough, masochist(not that she'd ever admit it), "Dom"(Sub), Fights for dominance, Outdoors, public areas, etc. History: The young woman has always been a ball of trouble. Rebelling hard against her nueral shock and an uneasy home life has led to her acting out against the authority and the world to a degree. Still, she has a calming presence that anchors her and gets her to play nice. As lovers, she even slowly being reformed after a period away from her childhood friend. Though, she is still quite rowdy and a trouble maker.
  16. Wraith

    Katey Moore

    From the album: Characters

    Age:15 Personality: Very shy, rather frilly girly, supportive, Bookish, wimpy on the surface, Has a hidden steely will, Sappy romntic, suprisingly pervy. Kinks: Dom, sadist, ribbons, pubkic areas , Groping, BDSM, toys rough and gentle, oral, anal, vaginal, etc. History: Katey was always the bottom of the totem pole. The girl always seemed to have a target on her back since day one, and was easily cowed by it. still while she would bend, she would never break, seemingly thanks to the protection of her childhood friend, who would become her girlfriend. She in turn always was supportive, and made sure she would come out of her episodes in one piece and much like she had been before. RP:BFFF
  17. Wraith

    Corey Vale

    From the album: Characters

    Age:16 Personality:Geeky, Shy, Very intelligent, Sappy romantic, pretty wimpy, Perverted, Has buried Iron will Kinks: Groping, Dom, public areas, Rough, Sadist, BDSM, vaginal, oral, anal, etc. History: Corey was the scrawny geek that got hit with a great number of bullying. He was the type to bend, rather than break, however. He was protected by the girl who he would make a girlfriend and loved dearly.
  18. Wraith

    Catrina Kirk

    From the album: Characters

    Age:16 Personality: Competitive, big sisterly, very Athletic, not extremely book smart, Very protective, Insecure about her condition and Femininity, bit of a perv. Kinks: Uniforms, Sex games, getting groped, Ahego, Vaginal, Oral, Anal, Exhbitionist, Rough, gentle, iceplay, sweat, Hair pulling, Latex, Sub, Masochist, Climax denial etc. History: A young woman that has been the star of the school's athletic teams, whether it be Gymnastics, Basketball, Swimming, karate or Track and Field. This earned the young woman quite the reputation and was fairly well liked. It is always a mystery why she hung out with The wimpy kid so much. Said Wimp wasn't at the bottom, but no where near the top, and seemed pretty unlike her. Little did they know of the bond they share, her trust whenever her Neural Shock Syndrome acted up, them making sure she got out the otherside the same. And a few secret hobbies and active romantic and sexual relationship. RP:BFFF
  19. Wraith

    Tori Gale

    From the album: Characters

    Age:16 Personality: Very much like big sister, Slightly slacker, rather active, Average booksmarts, Self concious about her conscious and especially her lack of feminity, pretty pervy Kinks:Groping, Doggy style, Rough, Ahego, Public areas, BDSM, Sub, masochist, Hair pulling, etc. History: Tori was never like most girls. She was bever afraid of a creepy crawly, and willing to rough house and get dirty. She strangely took to a rather bookish kid, and in time they would spend quite the bit of time together, her protecting him from bullies, him protecting when her nueral shock acted up. And this blossomed into quite the steamy romance. RP:BFFF
  20. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    The Troublesome Shapeshifter

    There is a strange individual around town. No one really knows the truth of anything about this person. True name, age, gender, past. All of it is a mystery, none of which the individual is inclined to reveal. It may not even be human, but for the most part no one really can say anything about it for sure. This individual is a shapeshifter. That is about the only thing anyone can say for sure. People have seen the person shift their form. Sometimes male, sometimes female, their favorite hobby is to play with the desires and taboos of those around them. Sometimes s/he fulfills personal fantasies, sometimes s/he intentionally picks a form to make the other person uncomfortable. Most likely s/he has a website/email address where people can make requests and sometimes s/he goes looking for people to have fun with, at least sometimes the person may not even realize it is the shapeshifter, sometimes they know, and sometimes they suspect but can't/won't confirm. The shapeshifter is known to occasionally attend classes at local schools as well, but it is unknown if that is a confirmation of true age, or if the shapeshifter has influence with people in power to allow it (s/he does have such influence, but it may or may not be necessary for this particular arrangement). This can a lot of ways, along with one or more characters, the shapeshifter could take forms of: Random male with female partner Random female with male partner Random female with female partner Random futa with female partner Form of the other character's friend/crush/lover/relative/lover of someone they know. Form of a fictional character Form of a teen for older character Form of older character for a teen Same aged form Non-human form Possibly other things too. The other character could be a stranger, a classmate, maybe even a casual friend (in that they do stuff together, but the friend still doesn't really know much about the shapeshifter). More likely than not the truth of the shapeshifter will remain hidden. Don't have much of a story planned at this point, it will largely depend on the other character(s). It potentially could include things like cheating/affairs or 'fake incest' (in the sense of taking the form of someone else's relative), possibly sometimes doing it openly, sometimes pretending to be the one s/he is impersonating. Possibly with the idea of tempting the other character to do something they might not otherwise.
  21. Should I use Nate here as well? I'd prefer if he's a bit kinder to his sister - I have a lot of people who want it rough, but again, something different. What's her name and do you have a look you'd like to see Nate (?) have?
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