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  1. A certain knee-long straight haired blonde girl in her black robe was walking slowly to the depths of the forest from a road, she seems searching for something and her sea blue eyes moved as it search for her object. Unbeknownst to the girl, there is one blue creature that is aiming for her far from behind, but this little creature play its things smartly as it seems like it loves surprise attacks on some female victims that catches its eye, and yes, the slime is taking sight on the said blonde because the blonde happens to have a very buxom body that is very soft and bouncy, and all fats are in the right places, and none go to her waist nor stomach. From the slime's eyes, the lady have a very huge boobs that it never met before, and her ass is not losing in terms of size, which is well hidden beneath the robe but not the slime's eyes. The lady itself was a young enough, but the reason for her youth is located to her race with its signature long and pointy ear, which belongs to the elven race. The slime quitely sneaks from behind the said elven girl while it can sense her magic power, she also can sense its(the slime's) magic power in the same time. "Huh? It is like someone is following me?" the blonde buxom elf thought while seeing back, and didn't find any trace of the magic power source. "I shall continue on my search for some meds." she thought again while going inside the forest to search for more said meds. Scrubbing noises can be heard two sides, one is for searching for medical plants as the blonde elf recognize few of them and put it on her basket. Few hours passed, and she noticed there is a tentacle right behind her and attempted to freeze it with some spell she knew but the slime was evasive enough to avoid the spell. "What are you trying to do?" The blonde asked while standing up after have a squat for few hours, searching for medicinal plants that she should have right now. The slime tentacle dismiss itself to one of the bushes and dig to the ground beneath it and cover it with another ground with same time and runs away, as if trying to hide but actually, it is still closer to the said elven girl. "Huh... Slimes as usual, they are scared of powerful magics..." The girl thought while smiled a bit as she removed one threat from her eyes and continues her search for a while, keep walking inside the forest for slightly more herbs. It took the slime for a while but it hides very nicely that the girl who was able to detect his magic power, right now unable to do so, at least while the slime is underground. "I am done. Time to concoct some potions " the girl thought while seeing the plants that she got for her potion making, before a certain slime and its tentacle showed up slowly again, but this time, it moves so fast that even the elven girl unable to do any spells before getting captured by the slime. "What are you doing?!" The blonde elven shout as the tentacle already embrace her arm and legs, each tentacles holds one limb, spreading it apart as the girl try to freeze the slime's liquid with another ice spell of hers and vaporize some of it with the fire spell that she knew. "By the elv... ummppphh!!!" The girl chant for another spell which she tends to do when her arms and legs were being tied, but her mouth was quickly filled by another piece of tentacle. Another tentacle came and release her robe gently to make sure she is naked, showing her a huge breasts and a very large also bubbly ass, while also showing her slim waist and thick thighs which a looks like a goddess if wearing some kind of clothes, not to mention this girl is younger and more beautiful than its previous preys. It prefer to not rip the clothes since it wants to give her clothes back once it is done. The slime once sees how men grope women's breasts and ass, so it turned one of its unleashed tentacles to an arm shaped tentacle while the other remains as a long tentacle that wraps around her breasts, each of them play her breasts up and down, clockwise, anti clock wise, left and right, push and pull the nipple, and so on. The tentacles also rubbing and groping her ass and rubbing her thighs, while also moving the tentacle in her mouth front and back, as if the girl was forced to suck the tentacle like she was sucking a dick. The tentacles that gropes her ass and rubs her thighs is also rubbing both of the elf's lower mouth and its rosebud. The girl was initially fight so hard and sometimes tries to use a body reinforcement spell or even body strengthening spells right now. "Release... Mppphhh... Meee!!!" she shout while keep having her mouth being shut with a tentacle. She shake her body and tries any ways to release herself from the grip of the tentacle which surprisingly strong, the slime did remember that it can hold the strength of an ogre(see Tenshura Ogres for this) or an onii girl, which a very strong one. Little that the girl know she starts to enjoy the tentacle's treatment that slowly but surely, and the tentacle itself has some aphrodisiac properties to make any girl, regardless of strength, submit to the slime, as the slime hosts some soul of Human First Hero himself, which is a very strong men in his age, one of the strongest that makes any people from other race think twice before attacking human places. Fatigue from hours of fighting the slime, her accumulated lust due to the slime's treatment, and some kind of internal feeling that she only knows makes her submit bit by bit. 'Why, I hate this, but this tentacle feels so good?' the elven girl ask while squinting a bit, letting out some tears. 'Being tied and being forced to do this corrupted act... Is this what I want right now?' she thought again while sucking the tentacle while enjoying the groping. Few hours passed and it seems the girl didn't hungry, else than being aphrodisiac, the tentacle liquids tend to be nutritional and sometimes fulfilling someone's hunger and thirst in the same book. No wonder why the girl keep feeling not hungry nor thirsty while getting this treatment. The girl starts to accept and even starts to play with the tentacle, as her hand is making a gesture that it wants to stroke few tentacles. The girl starts to make moans after moans to heaten up their play as she starts to accept it and it seems the slime also reads her mind and her fantasy, which is surrounded by many huge dicks and being forced to service each of them while also being gangbanged in the same time. 'I don't mind this tentacle then... Dominate me, slime...' the elven girl thought after thinking. The slime starts to give some of its liquid but this one is another liquid to her mouth and make her swallow it a bit, it is not what the slime release when it is orgasm but it is something else. The blue eyes of this elven girl widened as her breasts also ass starts to feel hotter when she swallow it. It took lesser than 10 minutes for her to grow another few cups of her breasts, making her nipple larger, and have a larger ass also hips, which consequently also have a larger thighs while remaining her stomach and waist thin. The slime also use its tentacles to ring her long hair like trying to make it look like she has some liquid ponytail to pull her hair, she did enjoy what it is doing. "ummmpphhh... mmmmmpphhh... Yes... Mmmppphhh..." The girl who was already give in to the pleasure start to suck the tentacle in her mouth lustfully and lick it as it is her favorite thing. Her breasts starts to feel hotter and feel like it is being filled by a liquid, none other than her own breast milk. The buxom blonde feels that her breasts is like her clitoris, which is far more sensitive that it used to be and she starts to let out some liquid in feeling of lust and ecstasy. "I am... Commmiiiiiinnnggg... Againn..... Aaahhhnnn... It doesn't stop... Ummpphhhh..." She starts to feel like she is on another place because how strong the pleasure she taste from the slime's treatment. Then, a huge torrent of breast milk came out from the elven lady's body, in a very large volumes of it. The slime starts to take another two tentacles which are moving to in the front of her nipples and starts to suck her breasts while the other tentacle beneath the sucking tentacle inserts itself to her already enlarged nipples and moving back and forth inside of her breasts, in short, the slime fucks the elven lady's nipple aggressively. The slime lets go of its "cum liquid" inside of the girls mouth and breasts, which the tentacle inside her breasts were absorbed by the mammary glands and the ones in her mouth was swallowed as much as she could, since the slime shove it even to the depths of her throat. It lets go so much that her breasts enlarged by few cups semi-permanently and her stomach starts to inflate a bit because how much it is. The girl starts to push the tentacle in her mouth as she wants to speak something, her pussy also starts to being so wet that the land below her was filled by her genital fluid which being the slime's drink too. The slime lets go the tentacle and starts to hear what the girl says, "Puah.... Your liquid is very delicious, I like it... I want your tentacles inside me, slime, please... Put that huge tentacle dick inside me and ravage my insides like there is no tomorrow... Hah... I want it... I am yours... Fill me in every hole I have with your tasty liquid and make me to breed more slimes...." the elf moaned as she shaking her ass, asking the slime to insert the tentacles to her body. The slime fulfilled her words and inserts two very huge dick shaped tentacles deep inside her said "pussy", it seems like the tentacles make a 40 to 50 centimetres long and 10 centimetres wide of dick that inserted to both of her pussy and her anus, in the same time, sending this girl to her highest pleasure amongst what she feels right now, which is long not felt by the lady ever since her "special one's" passing. "AAAAHHHHHMMMMPPPHHHH.... THIS DICK.... AAAAAAAHHHHH........ FEELS TOO GOOD, IT IS TOO LARGE, BUT I LIKE THIS ONE!!!" the elf shout while also trying to make her mouth reach the tentacle in front of it, asking the tentacle to return to the mouth of hers and fuck it, and the slime does shove her mouth back with the said huge, burly, hard, and long tentacle dick of his to her mouth. The slime sucks her breasts milk and fucks her every hole in every possible way, even the tip of his tentacle dick pierce through her wombs and it starts to ram her womb, anus, breasts, and mouth hard enough, while the girl. The slime endlessly do this to the said elf for next few hours and even it is night today because of what it does to the said elf, and changing poses in between while also keep playing with her body. The Elven girl likes this treatment and longed for it too long that she starts to give in even more, and she is in the middle of stroking two huge dick shaped tentacles, that even put a minotaur or centaur in shame due to its sheer size when it is asleep and it is awoken. The blonde sucks the tentacles and shakes her hips fastly, even using her magic to make her body able to do it faster since she wants all of the slime's liquid, while she feels the magic is very familiar yet arousing for her, reminds her of that "Special one" of hers. "Ummmmppphhh..... Mmmmppphhh... Slime... Let it all out inside me, make me have as much little slimes in my body as much as you want... Mmmppphhh... Haaammpphh... Ummmpphh...." The elf moaned. The slime starts to put more magic in its body and do it far much faster as it wants to make its next victim, as it wants to dominate her and make her another girl who likes this treatment. It also does this to its previous victims secretly with its clones, which possible to produce because it gets enough "food" from the victim. The slime starts to make another two tentacles and use it as whip and hand to spank both of her already modified breasts and ass, making more pleasure to her. "AAAHHHH... SLIME-SAMA, THIS FEELS TOO GOOD... AAAAHHHH!!! YOUR DICK IS THE BEST!!! AAAAHHHNNNN!!!!" The buxom elf shouts as she enjoys this new treatment. "LET IT BE INSIDE ME, PLEASE! I AM CUMMING AGAIN, AND AGAIN, IN EVERY TIME YOU RAM YOUR DICK IN ME!" The elven girl said while leaking some of her breasts milk and genital fluids because she constantly letting out of those, and keep reproducing them in the same speed. Soon enough, after thousand orgasms of the said elf, the slime let go so many thick cum liquids to her beautiful yet already inflated buxom body, deep inside her stomach, womb, and breasts in the same time, making them inflate so much, as the girl falls after the slime releases its tentacles from her body, and her body constantly let out so many slime liquids, vaginal liquids, and breast milk all over the place. (meanwhile) A certain figure is laughing in the deep realm of black, which is this slime consciousness. "Ahhhh... Another victim for me... Yes, with this form, I can have sex as many girls as I could. Thank you, My Lord for letting me inherit all of my powers in this slime form of my reincarnation, also thanks for giving me this slime body." A certain young muscular brunette that looks so handsome in his genuine smile said in the slime's mind while laughing. The hero also wants to meet its few former companions, which are all females and somehow, are still alive and becoming an immortal beauty, while not realizing that the elf is one of them, and the closest of it. "Wait, why this magic power so familiar?!" The said man shocked as he realized that he uses the slime body (Back) "What is he...." The girl thought as she remembers the same feeling from the slime and the certain someone in her mind right now. If anyone who does this intense to her, it should be someone that is very familiar to her, "You are... Zion-sama?!" The girl realize the magic within her womb as she cried to the said slime, as the slime puts a heavy sweat drop as it could feel that the elf was someone he once knew. Zion is the said First Human Hero with tremendous amount of magic power and able to do almost everything with ease, in combat and sex area of course, and maybe some political and some other things. The girl and the slime realizes the real identity of each other, and one is shocked in surprise and one is shocked in awe, lust, and arousal.. "Zion, how naughty of you, to pleasure me with this slime form... I wonder how many girls have been fallen in love with your slime dick right now..." The elven seduced the slime after the slime nodded as it agrees the suggested identity of it, because this slime has the soul of said "Zion", the first human hero, the strongest of all, the bane of demons. "Ara... It is me, Anna, one of your companions... So you are here, now... While the other girls aren't here, shall we continue?" The elven girl said after smirked, licking her lips, and spread her legs, thus, the slime continues its "debauchery" act to the said elf.... -The End-
  2. Wraith

    Tentacled Love

    The girls are your normal school girls in in love with eachother. Some Love Letters, Hand holding, kissing eating lunch together and dates. However their sex life is a little more frequent and more intense, for good reason. One of them is host to a rather perverted, persistent parasitic predator. One that feeds on sexual fluids of females. While their relationship remains solid, there are other dangers: The Government, Vigilantes, and possibly spawn of the parasite... Tentacled girl: Girlfriend:
  3. onearmeddruid

    To keep them warm

    Defeat is all she needed to hear from the PA system around the battel area. Another time to go home or rather back to her lab. Sonja sighs the powers been out and its getting colder inside. Sonja is the medic and she has to deal with random bargins in, healing the smallest of wounds. and three tentacles that live in her lab for an unknown reason. They are helpful, caring creatures but ones that do not take to the cold very well. The LAb is already cold. i need someone to control tentacles to well have sex with my character here Sonja
  4. Moongrove is a small city surrounded by a crescent-shaped mountain range. Despite having only one entrance and exit, the city still managed to be a popular place for commerce and mercenary work. Filled with dozens of mercenary companies looking for work, Moongrove also sported several inns and taverns, the favorited establishments of sellswords. A group of five entered the city around midday. By their reputation alone, their presence caused several groups of onlookers to break off into gossip blocks. The Black Bastards, they were called. The Orcish Leader, Bashuk, the wily and highly charismatic, Jek, the elderly, but highly skilled craftsman, Olru, and the newest member, Olru. The last of their group was a beautiful and voluptuous elf named, Alia. Her exotic beauty and alluring body was envy of many human woman and the obsession of human men. Even more enchanting was the white dress she wore. The garment seemed normal enough, but upon closer inspection it was obvious that the dress was made of a sheer material, leaving the wearer exposed. Especially since Alia wore no undergarments. "By the gods, that's one lewd elf!" One man whispered. "Do they all take turns with her, ya bet?" Another man chimed in. "She's positively indecent. John, don't ye be staring at her or you'll be gettin' me spoon upside your head, don't ye doubt!" A woman chastised her husband, shaking her head at the elf's manner of dress. But not a single member of The Black Bastards paid the whispers any heed. In fact, at the sight of the leader, Bashuk, most tried to keep their whispers from being heard and scrambled to get out of his way. The orc had a fearsome reputation on the battlefield, with a myriad of scars to match. It was said that he fought like a demon possessed, wearing little armor, taking many blows, but fighting on as though the blood and cuts were little more than an annoyance. The group made their way to a nearby tavern, the five gathering around a table and immediately ordering drinks and food. But before Alia could take her favored place next to Bashuk, Vogrin grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her tight against his side. It had only been a few hours since he'd felt her soft, warm touch and already he was aching for more. His shifted his loincloth aside, exposing his large, curled, pigman cock and a pungent odor quickly filled the air near the group. It was the smell of a week's worth of sweat, unwashed flesh and semen and made the patrons near him gag and cover their mouths. Vogrin let out a great belly laugh and said loudly, "Guess I could use a good bath after a week on the road." He took hold of Alia by the back of her head, twining his fingers into the strands of her silky white hair. "Well, get cleaning, bitch!" And suddenly he pushed her head down into his crotch.
  5. Hello everybody, I have three different, but similar ideas that we would roleplay. All the ideas involves you, or both of us, playing a slime girl. The plots would be focused on stomach expansion so if you're into it, I'm your partner There will be plenty types of inflation, including: CUM INFLATION, which would work as usual. WATER INFLATION would work in a way the slime girl needs to absorb water from time to time to survive as she would be made of it,and after absorbing water she'll have the chance to choose between her tits or belly to store some slime juice she gets from water absorb, inflating either of them, it can be milked from her breasts. FOOD INFLATION/STUFFING: She'll just become bigger with every single bite or piece she eats, way faster than humans. Her belly would grow like cum inflation, not like weight gain. SLIMW INFLATION: this one will take place only in two of the three rp ideas. The slime girl would use tentacles to pump slime into mine. Once explained the types of inflation, lets move on to the ideas. FIRST IDEA: We two are a pair of girls , who are girlfriends, and me being a futanari, that would wake up one day like normal... But with tge twist that they'd be turned into slimw girls of a sudden! However, they are not the only ones as everybody has turned into a different monster girl/boy. They two would have to get used to their new lives, together. SECOND IDEA: I would be either a futa or male human for this one and it involves me creating a slime girl that would be my personal pet or fucktoy. However, her personality would be an issue as she wouldnt be that obedient. THIRD IDEA: Very similar to the second idea, but with the difference that this one would be a romance between a human male and a slimegirl he creates,they two would end up as a couple, or married or even further than that... Up to you ^^ (NO slime inflation in this one) All Im asking is one thing, and its that I need you to be as detailed as you can. Only detailed people as these ideas would be really fun if we two do our best! ^^ Its not compulsory, but please be detailed and descriptive. I can explain every single idea in detail on discord if you want as I dont want this post to be longer that it already is, so send me a friend request on discord if you are interested as I'll only rp there! I'd like you to comment me first and then we'll jump into discord as I find roleplaying there way more comfortable.
  6. I am a Sea monster or maybe you can be trapped in a under sea lab by male doms or fem doms scientists waiting to be freed by a hero/ine/x Lets have fun together!
  7. FieryDreams

    Supernatural Event

    Being young and dumb is half the fun, but never in your life would you have been this stupid... When a an abandoned placed is marked to be "dangerous, no trespassing". Wouldn't it be best to stay away? Your character will travel to a place of legend and mystery near by. This could be an abandoned mansion, laboratory, or a religious site. What you find there depends on your desires/kinks. You could find monsters, insects, ghosts, and/or demons. In this story you will play as a young woman. Possibly in high-school (no younger than 16), college, or et cetra. We can play as a group of friends as well (I'll help). It doesn't have to end after one encounter. Let's keep the ball rolling until we find an endgame or not, but death is never an option here.
  8. onearmeddruid

    Magical mishap

    In the dinaric Alps hiddennby magical runes. A castle stands tall, ita sole inhabitant Klara Helden protects the world and studies magic. She is a professor of the college of magic in the arcane expanse but has decoded to go on vacation to work on her magic. Unfortunately one wrong rune messed it up.
  9. Roleplay-Girl

    Non-consensual roleplay anyone?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for some interesting rape ideas. I would love to hear what you have. ^w^ I have a few ideas of my own below if you want to see them. Other than that, I'm extremely open as long as my character is getting raped and such. Cyber ideas- Idea 1: Kinks included: Slime, beastiality, virgins, monsters, insect people, impregnation, egg-laying, tentacles, cum inflation Everything had been normal at the hospital that day, people were leaving and coming into the hospital, patients were constantly coming in. As time passed though, there was a loud boom in the distance of the city and it seemed as though everything went silent for a few minutes. Smoke spreaded over the city from the large explosion that seemed to be coming from a building on the outskirts of town. Secretly though, it was a laboratory and it was currently in flames. Something had happened and it is unknown what has escaped, but the smoke settled in over the city engulfing it and making it a fog more so. People were coming in from outside frightened and taking refuge in the hospital, everything was fine for an hour before screams could be heard. Some people come in from the fog and say to lock the hospital down! Creatures were exploring the city. Now a group consisting of hospital employees and citizens of the city were inside of the locked down hospital and were listening to the screams outside. The city was being overrun by slime monsters and insects which use to be human. The smoke/fog from outside doing something to the men of the city and now the creatures are looking to breed. Can this fog be stopped and can the citizens of the city escape this monsterly fog. Idea 2: Kinks Included: Werewolves, tentacles, vore, impregnation, cum inflation and other things. My character and you have been best friends for a while and we lived together in a village surrounded by a forest that was rumored to be infested with a wide variety of creatures. My character is skeptical about it while your character believed it, one night they go out to the forest edge. My character was a bit frightened by this aspect and when your character accidentally hit my character too hard on the back she stumble’s forward into the forest. Suddenly everything goes silent and my character realizes that there is a barrier around the forest and right now she was stuck here with a variety of monsters. She tries to escape but there is no way out of the forest the way she came in. Now she’d need to find another exit. Idea 3: Zombie rape Idea: Left 4 Dead or The Walking Dead or Resident evil. Kinks Included: Large cocks, tentacles, cum inflation, virgins, zombie sex, maybe zombie impregnation, blood, weapon play (weapons being used as sex toys, knives, guns etc), oral sex, fellatio A sudden zombie outbreak happens and though the zombies did eat people, they mostly fucked every woman they saw. They killed most of the men around causing their numbers to increase and the women to fight for themselves. The zombies are of different sizes, some are very large and have large cocks, while others have tentacles attached to them, but some have extremely long tongues. There are many different varieties. Now they are out to rape all the women, can the uninfected people stop this outbreak before it consumes the world? Idea 4: Kinks Included: Aliens, Space, Virgin, Cum inflation, Tentacles, Eggs and other kinks that I haven't thought of yet. XD Humans were exploring space and a space station was heading to colonize another star system, my character is an android who is taking care of the ship while the colonists and such are in hibernation. Of course my character isn't the only android but she is the main character. While they are on the way to the new star system the ship is attacked by various aliens and my characters tries to fight them but unfortunately, she ends up getting raped over and over by many different types of aliens. I thought it would be a fun and interesting idea, it could have many different kinks in it I believe.
  10. Part I: A Summoned Power This wasn't right. None of this was right. She'd wanted a familiar. Not whatever the hell this ogre was. It had been the better part of an hour since she'd stopped thinking about if she'd gotten a rune wrong or if she'd mispronounced part of the incantation or maybe forgotten some cosmic date or errantly performed her ritual on some unknown ley line. She'd not been given the luxury of considering such frivolities with this brutish demon in her presence. From the beginning, he hadn't needed to say anything. From the moment that his rippling, red skinned, nude form materialized out of the gathered shadows at the centre of her magical circle... From the moment his evil eyes froze the blood running through her veins and the tug of a smile at the corner of his lips caused her to instinctively pull her legs closer together in defence of her sex, she knew. She'd barely had the time to take a hesitant step backwards before the monster had sprung towards her closing the distance between them in an instant. With the same inhuman speed he'd seized her by the throat and effortlessly lifted her off her feet, flashing a fang-filled grin up at his new captive. She had tried to kick, to scream, to wiggle free and fight back in whatever way she could, but it was more reactionary than anything. He was impossibly stronger and faster than her, and the haphazard blows that managed to connect with his iron skin barely seemed to even tickle the masculine demon as he held her in the air and smiled. She felt the precious oxygen she needed rapidly spend itself in her body—his iron grip preventing her from drawing in more air—and she began to lose strength as he reached up and tore her sleeveless blouse clean off her. With her breasts now bare in front of him, the demon expectantly licked his smiling lips with an inky black, sinuous tongue. He let her suddenly drop just as her thoughts were getting muddled by lack of air, causing her to collapse at his feet when she was incapable of properly catching herself. She'd hardly been given time to cough and gasp for air before she felt his clawed hand take her by the hair and pull her up to her knees. He wasted no time in pushing the head of is all-too-fat and quickly stiffening member into her mouth. She tried to pull away, tried to bite down, but nothing allowed her to resist him. He held her tightly in place as he gripped both her hair and her jaw, and the leathery flesh that covered his bitch-breaking cock seemed to hardly even dent under the pressure of her teeth. So she was forced to feel her jaw nearly dislocate and her throat distend as he pushed his flesh into her mouth and down her windpipe, sliding forth until her nose was pressed against his hairless pelvis. Soon enough she had no will to try and fight back against the throat fucking that ensued. Not only did she know it was futile, she was too busy trying to keep herself conscious by drawing in what air she could every time he pulled back, knowing that the following thrust of his rigid meat would completely stuff and block her windpipe. She resigned herself to his brutality, crying from the shame and the pain of his roughness, and she knew without having to look up at him and his evil smile that that was exactly what all of this was about. After all, he didn't cum. Whether it was because he couldn't or wouldn't, she didn't know, but the way he fucked her face wasn't centred around his physical gratification. He was breaking her in. Making her into his toy. Playing with her life as well as her body each time he stuffed himself entirely down her abused throat and held himself in place until her lungs burned for air and her eyes began watering afresh. This was the time where she made herself think about what she might have done wrong, what could have gone awry in her spell. Not because she had any hope of fixing it, but because she wanted something, anything, to distract from the sensations she was being subjected to: the taste, the smell, the pain. Thinking about her magic, useless as it was to her now, was at least some form of escape as she resigned herself to the raping of her mouth. Of course, he didn't allow for that for very long. His rough thrusts and choking girth made sure that she wouldn't be able to consistently block out his presence as he made play of her throat for that long quarter hour. When the mental and physical numbness finally started to settle in despite the treatment, he deprived her of air again, for much longer this time. She had grown used to to the practice in a sense, knowing it was just another tactic to make her fold. This time however, with how he refused to pull out even as she started howling and struggling, hitting against his thighs and desperately attempting to bite down through the log of meat keeping her from live-saving air, she became scared. As much as she tried to rationalize that the beast only wanted her submission, part of her began to scream in her mind that this was really the end, she was going to lose consciousness and never wake up thanks to this fucking monster. She had been wrong. It wasn't her submission he wanted. It was that fear. When he pulled out and she was finally allowed to breathe again, she was too distracted with choking and gasping for air to even notice his hand coming for her. she was entirely caught off guard by the meaty palm that struck against her cheek and sent her to the floor. Somehow, she didn't yelp nor cry. The first was probably because her throat felt too sore to attempt much of any sound now. The second... maybe because she knew so much worse was yet to come. He picked her up off the floor by her hair again, making her stand to her feet though she was still only at eye level with his chest. He then grabbed her by both arms, pinning them to her sides and lifting her up in the air effortlessly. He handled her with the ease of a throw pillow as he moved her over to her bed and pinned her down onto her mattress, quickly straddling her. She'd always known this was coming, but feeling him grab at the back of her skirt and tear out a hole with his clawed hands she felt... compelled in a way to try and resist. To yell out whatever protest and expletives her hoarse throat could manage, to try and wiggle free from his grasp, to look back at him with what hate and defiance she could though her misty eyes. Consciously, she knew it would avail to nothing but... perhaps somewhere deep in her mind, it wasn't pride that motivated her, but the fear of what more he would do to her if he didn't get the reaction he wanted out of her: if she made him feel he wasn't hurting her enough already. He just smiled, lay himself on top of her, and shoved the massive member into her terrified pussy by force. She couldn't help but whine out in pain through gritted teeth as the incomprehensibly large cock pierced her and spread her wider and deeper than anything she had ever felt before. He was too big, too strong, too fat. She felt like her insides were displacing and her womb made to collapse as he forced her body to accommodate his otherworldly dick. She was no virgin, not by a long shot, but nothing she'd ever had could have prepared her for how it felt to have this mistake she had summoned into her world turn her womanhood into his breeding hole. Holding himself flush against her, she could feel the heat of his smokey breath against her as he pulled back slowly, and thrust himself deep back into her a few times. Slamming her down into her sheets with the weight and power of his hips with every plunge, she couldn't remain silent and he delighted in the mindless, choked squeals that came from her every time. She didn't fully know what made her tears flow more at that moment: the pain of his rough domination, or the guilty knowledge that despite all of this, despite how everything was happening completely opposite to how she'd hoped, a sick part of her deep within was somehow feeling pleasure from having such a hot, meaty cock abuse her and dominate her. She didn't want this, she hated this, hated this monster that played with her and raped her. And yet, she feared that the otherworldly creature could somehow smell the craving coming from her. That somehow he... it knew that her body was aching for more in stark defiance of everything her mind screamed. It had to be just her body. She couldn't really be wanting this. Whether the demon knew or not, it didn't voice it, and she imagined that the knowledge or lack thereof wouldn't have changed what it did next anyways. Buried deep into her, he shifted his position to be up on his knees, and pulled her back by one of her arms for leverage while he began rocking his hips back and forth rapidly. Scraping at her insides with his bitch breaker with every thrust and retreat, he made her produce intelligible moans and whines as she grit her teeth and clenched onto the bedsheets with her free hand. He was too much, too rough, too big, too deep, too good, too rough! She whined and cried and wished for him to sow down, to pull out, to leave, to let her forget and drown away the mistake of this night. She didn't want to feel this any more, the way he split her apart like nothing she could have imagined. She couldn't bear to hear the squelching of her sopping pussy as he raped her to his heart's content. She closed her eyes, tried to send her mind somewhere else, divorce it from this body of hers that betrayed her so and didn't let her fight off this aggressor, but he would have none of it. While he held her wrist and kept her back arched with his left hand, he craned the right one up in the air and began repeatedly slapping her ass hard while he fucked her. She'd have thought he was holding nothing back, but if that had been the truth he would have been carving chunks of flesh out of her easily with his super human strength. No, he wanted her in one piece, clearly, because he didn't so much as draw blood. He just hurt her, over, and over again. All he wanted was her pain, her fear, and her sorrow as she was made to understand that her life, her body, and her very will were now his. He grunted and smiled each time he slapped her. Did her clenching body feel good wrapped around his demonic meat? Or did he just love the flashes of searing pain he was subjecting her to each time? Was there eve much of a difference to this beast? His claws scraped against her, his palms left her reddened, his grip made her feel like he would turn her wrist into gelatin, and she could only whine, moan, and cry, while she looked back at the monster and wondered how much would be enough, when he would finally be satisfied. It wasn't over quickly, he made a mess of her pussy and abused it without rest for at least twice as long as he had worked her throat. She knew because he brought her back to attention in whatever way he wanted any time she tried to block out what was happening to her, at one point even roughly shoving a clawed thumb into her asshole to bring her back to attention. His lust for her emotional suffering clearly knew no end. However, she eventually did get an answer to her previous question concerning whether he hadn't cum in her throat due to lack of will or lack of capacity. Little had come in the way of warning from the brute, but she recognized full well what was happening when his thrusts became more and more pronounced for a few seconds, and he then sheathed himself completely in her while his thick meat twitched inside and she felt a sickening warmth spread through her. The size of his load was entirely as massive and inhuman as the demon was himself, making her feel like a geyser was erupting inside her womanhood. Sore and abused as she was, the sorceress still knew that she was feeling his thick seed spurt out the sides of her pussy around his twitching cock from how violent his orgasm was, and she found herself desperately hoping that she at least would be graced with the mercy of being incapable of bearing the demon's children. It felt good, she had come to accept, much like his power over her, but that didn't mean she was ready to become his breeding sow. As he seemed to be winding down and slid himself out somewhat, she looked back to him with the pain and hatred she knew he wanted to see, and felt her heart sink as her eyes met with his. He wasn't done, she could tell. Tonight was not yet over, and tonight would still only be the beginning of her servitude. This wasn't right. None of this was right. She had wanted a familiar, a servant to help her uncover more about the dark arts. Instead, here she was, poised to be this brute's slave and plaything for however long he found her entertaining. She hated it. She had to hate it. Nothing of who or what she once was would remain if she didn't tell herself that she hated all of this, no matter how good it felt to be hurt by him.
  11. ~ Tentacles In My Girlfriend's Vent? ~ Everyday seemed the same. Get up, go to school, and come home and sleep until the cycle repeats itself. At least that's what it would've seemed like if it weren't for someone who brightened up their day, nearly every day that is. A couple of two girls had been together for quite a while, they had met each other at their academy on the first day. It seemed like they only hung out with each other because they didn't know anyone else, and they were both shy enough to only keep to themselves most of the time. And in a lot of other ways, they had a lot in common. Their friendship together, their trust, soon turned into a full on relationship where they began to love each other. And everything looked normal for them, but for one of them, who had planned to bring their significant other over to their home... Noticed something. There were strange noises coming from the vents, and all of sudden, they met them. These... Weird tentacles. They could talk, and they warned her that if their girlfriend was loud, something bad would happen. That same day, they couldn't help keeping their hands off each other. After such a long time, the most fun they had was teasing each other, but more was needed. When they had come back to her house, only just from slight touches, the pleasure had rushed to one of their bodies, causing them to squeal. Loud enough for the tentacles to hear, and they rose up above both of them. What they'd do then would depend on what they would... Would they fight them off, or possibly accept them into their fun times together? There were only seconds to decide... So they had better decide well. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hey there! Mhm..! So this roleplay, I wanna try something just a bit different. For this one, I would like to play at least two characters, depending on your preferences that is. Where a Yuri couple are interrupted by tentacles that may or may not want in on something they've been teasing each other for. And even though I'm a guy in real life, I believe that I do the girl role pretty well. I've definitely had my experience a long time back then... So why not add something that more people may enjoy, along with something that I do? Tentacles and Yuri! What could be better? Some things I look for in roleplay are: Decent Spelling/Grammar (This doesn't mean perfect, but somewhat alright spelling, punctuation, and grammar is nice to keep things concise!) Minimal Fluff (Fluff is alright sometimes, but when unnecessary details start to contradict the roleplay, or let alone stop it. We may have a problem..!) Decent Length (About 2 - 3 or maybe even 4 paragraphs are plenty! You do not have to be a professional writer, but a good amount of details and such are very encouraging.) Expressive Text/Dialogue (Like when a character uses ' ~ ! ? -- ' You know? Those little things that make roleplays just that more expressive? Things like that if it makes sense.) But things that I don't enjoy in a roleplay are: Lack Of Direction (Surprises are fun and all, but if a roleplay has no structure or anything to it then it sort of becomes confusing and aimless... You know?) One Liners (One liners are incredibly discouraging. Especially if you work hard on a good few paragraphs to only get one or two sentences, or even worse... One word.) Ghosting (Please, if you're going to EcchiText me and discuss things with me, then please do not ghost it. If you have to take a break or stop the roleplay, please let me know because that's okay. It's very discouraging and annoying developing a roleplay to only have it fade away for no reason. So please, if we develop a roleplay, please do not ghost it.) So with that out of the way, let's discuss kinks! For this roleplay, I mean, obviously I would like tentacles and some cute romantic things with the Yuri couple. But besides those main things, perhaps casual sex, slight BDSM, slight masochism, and of course... You cannot forget, dirty talk! I think that has to be my favorite, I mean what is a good sex scene without dirty talk? But anyway, I can do other more intense things like tentacle rape, and while I do enjoy that, I only do in spades. I don't like anything too extreme. Sometimes it becomes less exciting and fun, and just becomes... Well, scary. Yet that's all just what I think, it's always more about the other person's preferences and tastes, so you can let me know what you like. But remember, please keep within our own boundaries. Things like Lolicon or scat or extreme gore are instant turnoffs for me. So please remain within my limits! And if that wraps it up, and you find yourself interested. Then feel free to EcchiText me! I'll usually be available and I promise you a good roleplay. This took me a while to type up so I hope it's not for nothing at least. I'll see you there~ (>///O) And thank you for reading this~
  12. - Tentacles For A Yandere - Strange isn't it? Tentacle monsters were usually the kind of creatures that would try to taint and touch everything they saw with those slimy tentacles of theirs. Yet, this one particular monster wasn't like most tentacle monsters. Instead of being a ravaging and forceful monster, he was instead much more shy and timid. A rare thing for such creatures. In a world similar to ours, a monster with a hidden face attended an ordinary academy with next to no other monsters in it. Feeling a bit lonely in return of it. Yet the world of humans and monsters was peaceful, they had come to accept one each other. And one girl that knew this tentacle monster was a bit too accepting. Trying to continuously confess to this one shy monster seemed simple, but everything else made it feel like the world was against her when she built up the courage. One day, she couldn't take the tension anymore, and kidnapped the tentacle monster. To only do the things she had hoped it would do to her back in the academy. Confessing? Kissing? What else could there be? She had hoped to keep this little monster all to herself... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tentacles! I love them! And I love being monster characters, so why not make something like this? Considering that I've also found a new appreciation for yandere girls, I decided to mix the two up! And I hope to play out this roleplay as a shy and nervous tentacle monster with a bit of smut in it. But also a lot of cuteness too! Like the yandere for example, I'd love it if someone could fill in the role of the female yandere and have a fun, lighthearted, but also a somewhat intimidating feel to them. Seduction would work well too in that. Now, this plot, as I thought of it, isn't too plot based. Yet a plot with events happening throughout leading up to the well... Climax of the story would be great. Whether it be slightly scary moments, ecchi scenes, or maybe just funny moments would be lots of fun to play through. And what would make it an amazing time is if there is a good amount of details, nice expression/personality, and replies that continue the story! Because let's be honest here, no one roleplays just to write the whole darn thing by themselves! Someone should always be adding onto the roleplay in some form or fashion, right? For the beginning and middle of the plot, I mostly have it worked out. Maybe starting out with her trying to confess but things continue to get in her way, or possibly an accident leading up to an exciting moment that embarrasses both characters? Well, we'll have to see what we both like. The end however, is something that I'd like to work out with someone. Whether it be a cliffhanger or a detailed scary event that wraps things up, or maybe it's just the beginning for this poor tentacle monster, yes? Hee... Here are some of my kinks that I'd for this roleplay! (Remember though! These do not have to be in there if you really don't like them...) Dirty Talk (This one is a MUST HAVE however!) Slight BDSM Femdom Kisses! ^w^ (Whether it be cute or forced.) Ecchi (Ex: Seeing a girl's panties for a moment, or accidentally touching breasts.) Non Con Master x Slave Slight degrading And for characters, well, they can be anything you'd like! As long as they're a female yandere that is. Whether it be an OC, a character from a game or anime and so on, or a newly made one specifically for this. The one I will be using will probably be the tentacle monster image down below. One last thing for replies though, just some things that I'd REALLY like to see. Decent Spelling Good Grammar Somewhat Detailed Replies (About 2 paragraphs at least.) Decent Contribution (Like I said, no one wants to write the whole roleplay themselves the entire time!) Personality! (Using !'s, ?'s, and ~'s effectively if that makes sense, and just traits from your character's personality too.) These things here are what keep me going in a roleplay. It's hard for me to enjoy a roleplay if I'm just getting measly detailed and bland replies, and my goodness... One liners... I'm not asking for perfection! Because I'm far from perfect when it comes to roleplaying, but care in a roleplay is very important to me. What's the point of roleplaying if it's not fun, and there's very little care put into it? So! I hope that covers most things for this roleplay! I'm really really really looking forward to playing it out with someone who can fill in that sweet female yandere! (By the way, your real life gender doesn't matter.) I hope at least one takes interest, because I actually like making bulletin posts and making new and hopefully unique roleplay ideas. And I'm open to suggestions, tweaks, and questions so please don't be shy to ask! I look forward to this roleplay a lot. I promise you a great roleplay! And thank you to whoever's reading this~
  13. So, I'm craving a rape roleplay that involves invisible creatures or ghosts. I recently watched a hentai like that and it turned me on, so I wanted to attempt it. The idea I had is that your character/creature sneaks into the school, it begins raping the resident girls of that school. It's a dormitory school, so your character/creature could just rape girls in their rooms as well. But since your character is not seeable, it means your character can get away with raping as many girls as you want. You could even impregnate a few if you're into that kind of thing. Or we could do a scenario where your character inherits a mirror from family. This mirror is magical and can let you see anything, but what you want to see is normally; bras and panties. You eventually start touching girls, groping them, fingering them, licking them and things like that. At least until you get tired of everything and start to rape the girls, since your penis can go through the mirror too, making it where no one will know what you are doing to them.
  14. Linkina

    A Heroines Journey

    Our Heroine has a long journey ahead of her, through lands unknown with unknown dangers ahead of her. I am looking for someone who wants to play the role of some sort of Game master and make Linkina’s path to her goal not that easy. For the Game master role you need to know the games well, you need to know their plot and their way of acting. There will be noncon situations, there will be all kinds of creatures to explore situations with. The imagination is the limit here, as well as some no noes but otherwise, anything is doable. Of course, I will play Linkina, and for this, to work I need you guys to know about her. Name: Linkina Age: 18 Gender: Girl Personality: She is a very stubborn girl, she often tries to handle a lot herself and does not easily open up to anybody thanks to her past. But she can also be caring, and a bit happy from time to time. Bio: Linkina was born in the land of Sermin, it lies not far from Hyrule. Her life started out as a normal princess's life starts, with a lot of raising and a lot of learning. When Linkina was 3 years old, her brother Lei was born. A happy child, that didn't have much trouble in his mind. The whole family lived happily until Linkina just turned 5, An evil man with the name of Zanyu appeared at the gates. He slaughters almost everyone in the royal family, with his furious army of dark creatures and dragons. Linkina and her brother managed to escape at last, but it was the last time they ever saw the castle and their family. The next months in their life were tricky, Zanyu taking the throne and starting to spread evil and fear across the land. They managed to find a swordsman in the woods that took them in, but that only lasted until Linkina was 9 and her brother 7. Zanyu had made it an order, that all boys around the age of 7 would be called into his castle to become his new army. Upon discovering the swordsman hid two children, he got killed and Lei got taken away. Scared and unsure Linkina fled the best she could, She has been traveling to Hyrule for years now, hiding from Zanyu's army of shadows. She heard a tale of a Hero in a neighbor country, called the Hero of time. Even if it was a long shot she had to meet him, she knew that maybe he could help her defeat Zanyu. Her journey through the land took many years for her since she was hiding the whole time it took longer than it should have. She heard how the Hero of Time defeated a powerful man from the desert, which motivated her even more to find him. Now that's out of the way, I guess we are ready to see what you guys got. Anyone is welcome, Linkina swings all way in this roleplay. Guards, Monsters, Bandits anyone can take advantage, male or female or anything really. I will be able to fill smaller roles as well if needed, so you won’t have to fill em all if you don’t want to. So that is pretty much it, I hope I catch some of you take care.
  15. FieryDreams


    Hello, I am the tentacle/monster fiend. I am back with another nasty roleplay! Ecchitext me if you are interested. This can be shaped in either a sci-fi or fantasy setting. Read the tags to find what roleplay will consist of. Who knew society could be so sexist? Females always get the brunt of shit, because they are "inferior" and etc. Because of this men usually rule the realms and usually take the easiest and highest paying jobs first. Who knew that would bite them in the butt first? In a realm untouched by society, (a space station/planet/region/forest/temple) a male dominated company establishes a research site. There they discover many fine treasures, but unlock a beast (depends on what type of creature you want) not ever seen before. The entire Male team is massacred. Wave after wave of male teams are sent to eradicate the beast(s), but none are successful. Eventually it is determined to send in a lone female (or party containing 1 or multiple women) into the fight. Where men were killed the female survives, but she achieves something unexpected. A curse, an infection, etc. After days or weeks of being there. The women are released only to bring that curse to society. Where men fall and women breed.
  16. SoraKitty

    The Cult

    My parents wanted me to have a good education and just about everyone I knew was tired of my rebellious streak, they wouldn’t except that its just who I am. So they sent me to Madam Antoinette’s boarding university a supposedly famous and well respected establishment. I had no choice since I couldn't afford a flat on my own. The car journey there was the usual with my parents, full of awkward silences interspersed by fights, I just couldn't stand them. I watched with one headphone still blasting music into my ear as my parents car disappeared down the old country road. Now I stand in front of a huge old building, its large wooden doors stand like trees in front of me before they slowly swing open. A women comes walking out of the darkness to greet me. She’s wearing a blouse, the tightest skirt I’ve ever seen and stocking with some strange pattern on them. The inside looks auspicious and grand, with many paintings and carvings on the walls. The stars look like they’ve been carved by hand, The design shows strange looking tentacles guiding people up the stairs. “Welcome to our school Katherine.” She says in a strict tone her hair tied back and her cheeks are a bright red, almost like she’s excited. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Too clarify this story is based in a college/university setting and of course everyone is over 18. I would love to write more into this intro but at the same time I want to leave this idea quite open ended. My thoughts are that this university has been taken over by some kind of cult or is in the control of some lovecraftian monster. Everything seems strange at first but it devolves into aa perverted nightmare that I have to escape from. I think the story would work best with me playing the victim (myself) and someone acting as a game master of some kinds, but I'm open to anything. There are lots of possibilities for this prompt so its kind of hard to describe, excited to play it out with you guys.
  17. Baby-Girl

    Pushing the limits

    Hi, thanks for clicking on my post. I'm looking for RPs. Very little limits (depends on the day) Tell me what you want kink wise. My RPing. -First or third Person. -I play female Submissives. Younger characters around 21. -I don't play seductive characters, she will not actively seduce your character. Nor will I play an older female. ♡Likes♡ DDLG is a fav Non-con Kidnapping BDSM PetPlay Human (me) x Furry (preferably canine) Beastial Age play Tentacles!!! ◇Want to try◇ Soft vore Some thing about MC being shrunk Message me and lets talk! Push my limits, suprise me <3.
  18. SoraKitty

    Game Over

    A slow, quite beeping wakes me up. I could hear it in the back of my mind and by the time I could consciously recognise it, my eyes where open. I’m staring up at an immaculate glass surface that reflects my own image. A light, vaporous mist surrounds me but I can clearly see and feel the tight blue sleeping suit that clings to my body. I can make out the green of my eyes, the purple dye in my hair and my pale skin that contrasts with the grey of my sleeping pod. I start to remember where I am and whats going on, at the same time I start to stretch my body in the confines of the pod. That beeping still rings in my ear every few seconds and my eyes widen as I turn to see a small, flashing red light down by my legs. The pod begins to open, painfully slowly, and reveal my surroundings. The familiar sight of the stasis room as been changed, corrupted in way I can’t understand. The air is heavy, with some kind of purple haze floating around it that cases my skin to tingle. The once bright fluorescent lights are now dim and flickering, illuminating the room before me. Strange slime coats almost every surface, building up into strange objects all around the room, staining the once white walls a dark green. I can hear a constant wet, sliding and slapping sound from every direction. Strange appendages slide up the walls and across the floor, the mere sight of which causes my skin to crawl. I have to get out of here. ____________________________ Hello Everyone! So today I watched the movie Event Horizon for about the 100th time and it gave me a lot of naughty ideas. I could write a lot more but I’d prefer to explore this story with other dirty minds. I’m mixing a lot of sci-fi alien horror cliches into one erotic story of a girl trapped on a ship thats been taken over by *something*. Or somethings. It uses human women to breed and to feed off them. Think along the lines of any hentai alien creature, points if you know the artist Ishimura! I love to play myself because of course I love to imagine all these things happening to me. I have dyed purple hair, 5'6, 34C, green eyes, pale skin and I'm skinny/athletic.I'll start off wearing your typical skin tight space suit, think Samus. My kinks include: Legs/Feet, stockings, socks etc, getting dirty/messy, much older men/women, all kinds of bdsm, pet play, non con, bad endings, body stockings, harnesses, mind control, stalking, corruption and many more.
  19. SoraKitty

    Old Manor House

    I had recently got accepted into university in a relatively small but expensive city and was desperate for a place to stay for the year. That is when I came across the ad for an old house that is a few miles outside of the city which didn’t bother me since I had recently passed my driving test and gotten myself a rusted old car. The place was incredibly cheap, especially for how big it was. Apparently the owners were gone and the property was due to be abandoned but I’d have taken anything at this point. The house is surrounded by a dark, old forest that stretches for a few miles in every direction, totally cutting the place off from the outside world. I never realised how big the house was until I actually got there, my small amount of stuff could hardly fill two rooms! The inside is just as old as the out, with old wooden doors and walls covered in odd paintings. Cleaning this place up would be a challenge, I didn’t even know where to start. Old books lined big, ornate shelves filled with strange languages and drawings. I have only been living here for about a week now but I keep noticing strange things happening all over the house, like missing jewellery and clothes, especially my socks and underwear. I hear strange noises and sometimes find odd markings carved into the wood of nearby tress and on the walls. I feel like I’m being watched all the time, like I’m being hunted by something. I’m pretty sure I’m just being paranoid though, I’ve always noticed strange things that others don’t seem to. Little do I know, I am am being watched. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I’m letting my imagination run wild with this one! The basic premise is pretty simple; old house is haunted by some perverted magic. I’m open to ideas from others but here is mine; The house is in the territory of many perverted creatures most importantly a group of perverted goblin creatures. Of course they want to corrupt me and turn me into their pet. My limits are scat, gore and ageplay. I love to play myself because of course I love to imagine all these things happening to me. I have dyed purple hair, 5'6, 34C, green eyes, pale skin and I'm skinny/athletic. My kinks include: Legs/Feet, stockings socks etc, getting dirty/messy, much older men/women, all kinds of bdsm, pet play, non con, bad endings, tentacles/monsters, body stockings, harnesses, mind control, stalking, corruption and many more
  20. Hello! Just a few ideas I have in mind, though, they are rather canon-centric so apologies if that's not your thing. I've got a series of ideas ranging from a cute pairing like Hiccup and Astrid (from HTTYD) or Ezra and Sabine (From Rebels) to much steamier plots like a tentacle monster grabbing various canon girls and corrupting them into being brood mothers for it! Just give me a poke if you're interested! Or something based around smutty misadventures for an older Dipper Pines. Or perhaps something in Kingdom Hearts is more your speed? Outside of stuff like this..? I'm fairly flexible and I know quite a few fandoms so don't be afraid to mention any you like! Kinks I hope to play: Impregnation, pregnancy, cum inflation, creampies and excessive cum. But for ideas like a tentacle monster making conquests out of canon girls? I tend to defer to stuff like hypnosis and addictive cum too. Kinks I won't play: Gore, scat, horror, heavy bondage and anything hyper. Quick list of fandoms I like: Ben 10 How To Train Your Dragon Kingdom Hearts Gravity Falls Star Vs the Forces of Evil Miraculous Ladybug Naruto Spyro Avatar (Both Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.) Star Wars. (Big fan of playing Ezra.)
  21. Hiccup/Deku

    Kingdom Hearts.

    Lookin' for anyone willing to play girls from Kingdom Hearts. I've got a few ideas, so feel free to poke me. Example: A Heartless tentacle hive/plant making portals into various worlds, and luring girls in for more than a little fun. Details to be discussed!
  22. Please EcchiText me first to work out details ;D
  23. Alexander Bodide

    Harsh torture! (M for F)

    I'm in the mood to push my own limits, and maybe yours too. I have in mind an absolutely relentless torture RP not for the faint of heart. You can expect: Tentacles, chains, whipping, electrocution, altered senses, breath play, multiple mind breaks, large insertions, deep insertions, cum inflation, loss of bladder control and maybe even loss of bowel control (I'll leave that last one up to you). I normally don't touch 'bathroom' stuff, but like I said, I'm experimenting with my limits. Speaking of limits, expect your character's body to be pushed to and held at its absolute limit, and maybe a little beyond its limits. There may even be gore sort of? We won't be hacking off limbs or doing any disemboweling, but I can't guarantee anything else. Be prepared. On that note, I can't say for sure whether or not your character will come out of this alive. If you're not okay with that possibility, this RP isn't for you. For reference, the RP will be based on these short clips: Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 (Note that I have not watched the show these are from, and I don't expect you to have seen it either) The RP will probably be on the long side. I will be detailed and I ask for some effort in your responses. You don't have to be a novelist or anything, but be an active participant. I won't be around much until the middle of the week, but please drop me a line!
  24. Looking for any female interested in the tentacle breeding space colony rp. Turning a space station into a giant tentacle space nest with one lone space explorer.
  25. Okay... so, my style has normally always been abiut futa stuff. I want my characters to be raped and ravaged and pumped full of cum. Like, it yiu aren't about that extreme stuff, then we probably won't do much xD. The types of ideas I love deal with being a cum slut, a slave for your huge futa cock. I love tentacles and having my character being experimented on. i love being impregnated with eggs too, any kinds of eggs. Any kind of monster (as long as it is somehow a futa monster) can shove their monster dick in me and bloat me with their cum and eggs. Like, I want futanari characters to literally cum in me for d a y s. I need this shit lol.
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