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Found 6 results

  1. Kalvoras Vertal

    Lance Sullivan

    From the album: Shuya's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lance Sullivan Age/Date of Birth: January 2, 1988 Gender: Male Religion: Atheist Species: Human Origin: Delwore Nationality: Ashaea Physical Appearance Height: 6’4” Weight: 198 lbs (89.81 kg) Eye Colour: Corn Yellow Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Lance is a tall, thin male with black hair that reaches down to his shins. He has a blue tattoo on his left cheek that reaches up to his forehead and another tattoo just on the left side of his nose. His eyes are a yellow that is most similarly related to that of corn, and his eyes are often narrowed Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Lance is not what most people would call the most stable of people. He is often prone to angry outbreaks and was known in his life before The Kings to be a kleptomaniac. He reacts to his people problems with aggression, often attempting to injure anyone that gets on his nerves. Rarely anything catches his eye in the now desolate wasteland of Ashaea, but if he sees something he likes, he will do his damndest to get his hands on it. He is quite smart, but doesn’t really think on his actions when put under too much pressure Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Stealth: Because his previous hobby was thievery, Lance knows how to sneak around quietly without gathering attention to himself. This has proven useful to The Kings for missions where stealth is most needed. Physical Strength: Despite being quite thin, Lance wields a surprising amount of strength for his build. He is often found in the gym/weights room area of the compound. Though the strongest muscles in his body are in his legs, his upper body and arm strength come in second. Close-quarters Combat: Lance specializes in hand-to-hand or close quarters combat, in which he can get up close and personal with an enemy to beat the senseless or unconscious. His fighting style is mainly Jiu Jitsu. Ranged Firearms: While Lance is mainly a fist fighter, he also excels at using medium to long ranged weapons, normally focusing on sniper rifles when he has the chance to. He isn’t too fond of close ranged firearms due to the higher chances of being injured in combat. Weaknesses: Hair: Lance knows that his long hair is a hindrance, but he refuses to cut it since he enjoys the way that it feels to be able to have his hair any way that he wants it, unlike how it was when he was in the military. Having long hair means that it could be yanked on or caught on something and cause a severe disadvantage for him. He usually keeps it tied up in a braid or a bun when out on missions, though. Overconfidence: Lance has the tendency to be overconfident about what he can and can’t do. He will often pretend to be able to do one thing, but then fail to be able to carry through with it when given the opportunity. He is fairly lucky that most everyone already knows what his capabilities are. Quick Temper: Lance isn’t the most patient man in the world, and he isn’t really able to control his temper when faced with things that annoy him. He isn’t very easy to get back under control and is prone to attack when aggravated. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams) : His only hopes that he has in life now are to get the fuck off of Ashaea and find somewhere safe to live without the aid of the raiders. Hobbies and Interests: Lance is fairly good at puzzle games, since they allow him to take his time and focus on the task at hand. He can often complete challenges or puzzles in short times, since he is fairly adept at working with time limits. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Lance is pansexual. If it has a pulse and a mouth, ass or pussy, he will fuck it if it interests him. He is currently very interested in one of the other raiders that he works with. Turn ons: Rape: Lance loves to take his victims by force, often restraining their legs and arms before gagging them before having his way with them. His favorite way of doing this is with groups of victims instead of individual ones. Unprotected Sex: Due to the lack of friction when using a condom compared to the friction of raw sex. He also loves to defile his victims with his cum, making them take it and wallow in their grief of being soiled. Sadism: Lance enjoys inflicting pain on others, often being extremely rough with his partners and using “toys” that are known to inflict harm on others. He enjoys using a dog choker on his victims and giving gentle tugs with a leash, just barely enough to draw blood with the dull edges of the inward pointing spikes. Oral: Lance with almost always start off a sex session with making his partner go down on him. He enjoys the maneuverability of the tongue and feeling his partner gagging on him when he forces himself down their throat. Turn offs: Scat/Golden Showers/Vomit: Lance isn’t to keen on having his victims or any willing partners defecating themselves or vomiting while in sexual intercourse with him due to the horrible smell it brings and how disgusting it looks Receiving Pain: Lance hates feeling pain at all, as it causes him anger and he will punish whoever has caused him pain if he has the chance to. Being Dominated: Lance enjoys being the one in charge, and will never let his partner take control of his actions. He only lets the higher-ups control him because he knows of the consequences of if he disobeys. Penis Length: 10½” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Lance has normal sexual sensitivity for a human male STD History: None History Awards/Commendations: N/A Criminal Record: Lance has been charged before on multiple counts of battery, aggravated assault, and assault with a deadly weapon Medical Record: Lance has before been treated for bullet wounds, stab wounds, and blunt force trauma wounds. Bio: Before the apocalypse, Lance was a veteran army private who had been released from the force due to assaulting and seriously injuring a fellow team member after being told that he was “a little bitch who can’t take care of himself”. He spent a few months in jail before being released and since then getting in trouble with anyone that has cared to piss him off. Lance was picked up by raiders from The Kings almost directly after the apocalypse and he was almost made into a sex slave when he assaulted his captors and was then approached by Tobias King, who offered a position as expedition leader in exchange for his freedom from slavery.
  2. The Kings is a large Raider Gang that operates in the post apocalyptic world of Ashaea. They have a base located at Kalath, which allows them access to most of Ashaea. If one has heard of them, then they know that this is a gang to be wary of. They will kill indiscriminately and will completely strip a location of supplies. They will raid loot from characters, and will happily kidnap and rape their victims. If a victim is lucky, they may be made into a sex slave, or forced to become part of the gang. The gang is highly organised and well armed, almost militarily so, thus they are highly dangerous. For characters who want no part in their sick games, it is best to avoid them as they are as dangerous as the zombies that haunt their streets. The Base The base itself is surrounded by a makeshift wall, with guard towers that ring around it. With this, they have been able to starve off all attacks from zombies, although they have yet to encounter a dragon. This makeshift wall is made from huge metal cargo containers, wired fencing, barbed wire and various pieces of scrap metal. Ringing around the wall is metal spikes, that are used for zombies to impale themselves on to damage them and make it easier to take them out. It is a designed fortress, that will be almost impossible for other survivors to scale without the proper planning and equipment. The walls are always guarded by gang members, who are always keeping an eye out on not only zombies but also other survivors that they could either kill or capture for making into slaves, either sexual or labour. Inside, there is a large area where labour slaves toil away growing crops and tending cattle to feed the gang members. These slaves are under constant guard by the gang members, who will not hesitate to beat anyone that steps out of line. The lives of these slaves are hard, as they work all day long and only receive a single meal in a day. They are housed in some small makeshift houses, where they sleep on mattresses on the floor. Their only means for toilet relief is a filthy latrine which they have to clean out themselves, often using it for fertiliser in the fields to increase crop yields. They get only the most basic of medical care, and aren’t allowed to take days off sick. The thought of revolt has never crossed their mind, as they only have access to pitchforks and shovels while the people looking over them are armed with guns. The gang members themselves live in either the ruins of houses that are encompassed in the camp, or in houses that they have had slaves build for them. They have access to the medical facilities on sight, and the medicine loot that they have on hand. They also have access to the guns, food and water that they have in stock as they are the soldiers of the gang and thus must be kept relatively healthy and satisfied. There is even an entertainment lounge where gang members can watch videos, play games such as pool and drink alcohol from the bar. The centre of the encampment is dubbed ‘The Palace’ and it is where Tobias King, the leader of The Kings, lives. He lives in absolute comfort and has his every whim satisfied. It is an old office building that is twenty stories high. He lives at the very top, taking up several floors while ‘special’ members are allowed to live in the lower levels of the office such as special sex slaves or well liked members of the gang. He has a large bedroom, that contains a large bed and a wide variety of clothes. Due to the kind of loot that his gang has collected over the past year, he has rooms with his own television, entertainment centre and a working computer. He also has a room completely dedicated to growing cannabis for his own personal consumption. Basically, he lives quite a luxurious life for someone who lives in the apocalypse. The encampment has their own on-site power generation as well, as they have looted solar panels and gasoline from various sources which allows them to have electricity. This ensures that their spotlights can always be running at night, and their entertainment systems are always functioning. They also have a large storage shed that is filled with the loot that they have managed to collect, including guns, ammo, clothes, miscellaneous items, food and water. It is always heavily guarded and slaves can only enter if they are being escorted. If any slave, or gang member starts displaying the symptoms of the N-virus then they are likely to be shot on sight. The supply of Necrotacin that they have on site is reserved only for Tobias and his ‘specials’ and the gang will not take chances with infected people in having zombies within the confines of their bases. Area’s controlled The Kings control a good amount of Kalath, but not all of it. While the gang itself is not something that survivors would want to encounter, the zombie population count in the town is relatively low thanks to them. They control several office buildings, and a number of houses but outside of their encampment these are not policed heavily. Outside of town, though, they control a water treatment plant which they defend vigorously. It is this that supplies their encampment with clean water which gives them an enormous amount of power within the region, as they control the biggest source of not only clean water but decent food as well. It also helps them that, due to their numbers and the amount of items that they have been able to look, they have several working vehicles which they use to go on expeditions to reach various destinations quickly. The Raider gang can often be seen in all areas of Ashaea, including Blackberry Falls although the closer to Blackberry Falls they get, the larger their scouting gangs will be due to the higher numbers of zombies. For survivors the gang can be a blessing and a curse. If caught, survivors will soon regret it. However the gang tends to clear out zombies as they go, which can reduce the dangerous conditions for survivors in lootable areas.
  3. Neptune

    character Kane Hunter

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Kane Hunter Age: 25 Date of Birth: 15th April, 1995 Gender: Male. Religion: Atheist. Species: Human Origin: Blackberry Falls, Ashaea. Nationality: Ashaean. Physical Appearance Height: 185.4cm (6.1”) Weight: 69.6kg (11st 6lbs) Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Kane is taller than average for his species and gender but only by a couple of inches. He has a slender body build with very little fat on him due to only being able to eat enough to keep him alive. He does have a good amount of muscle on him, on his arms, chest and legs including a six pack in his stomach. He keeps his black hair at a medium length and rather messily styled as if he had just gotten out of bed. He has deep blue eyes that are set at a slight angle, with a well formed nose and well shaped lips. He has a slender jawline, that does give him a slightly feminine look although it would be hard to mistake him for a women. All it does is give him a pretty boy appearance. He tends to wear dark clothing, usually a dark pair of trousers or top. He has some relaxing clothes that he tends to wear in his room however he has clothes that he wears outside of his room, including around the base. A set of black combat trousers that fit well and held up with a worn black belt. He has a tight fitting T-shirt with a tactical vest on top of it. He wears heavy combat boots that are laced up tightly as well as fingerless gloves that give his hands some protection. On his belt he has a couple of pouches where he keeps things like wire cutters, wires, and pliers along with a gun holster for his pistol. He also has another pouch that is tied onto his left thigh where he also keeps supplies. On the lower half of his left leg he also has a small knife holster. Around his chest and back, is a holster where he keeps his short sword in which he uses in melee combat. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Kane is a rather quiet and introverted man who prefers his own company than that of others. He can find the presence of others trying, but he will put up with it if he has to but he will find any excuse to go off to be alone with his thoughts. He is a hard worker, and can happily involve himself in his work as it brings him a sense of peace. When he works, he tends to want to work alone but will happily work as part of a team. Despite being a part of The King’s raider gang, he isn’t as ruthless or nasty and does actually have a sense of empathy. However, in trying to keep himself in ‘disguise’ he will shoot people to kill, or rape someone. In his opinion, his life is far more important than that of a stranger and in this world, and he can’t afford to risk his own life for a stranger who might not even give him a seconds thought. That said, with the sex slaves that are kept by Tobias, he is considerate of them and is never rough unless they want him to be, or if he is drunk. He can also be the brooding, pensive type, given to bouts of silence as he becomes involved in his thoughts to the exclusion of all others. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Marksman: He is good with a handheld weapon such as a pistol. While not the most skilled at shooting a gun, he is reasonably good and is able to hit his target most of the time. Physical strength: While not as strong as most men in the gang, he still has a good amount of physical strength which he can use to his advantage in combat and moving objects around. Electrical Engineering: Kane has qualifications in electrical engineering, thus he is able to build and repair electronics. He can also find good electronic scrap which he can use to his advantage. He is also quite good at using a computer which is why he is trusted with Tobias’s computer. Basic first aid: While no medic by any stretch of the imagination, Kane knows some basic first aid that can home in useful. Weaknesses: He is mortal, like most people in this wasteland. He can die from injury or disease, and is vulnerable to the N-virus. Combat: While good with his sword, he isn't too good with hand to hand combat. He can fall prey to someone with better fighting skills and superior strength. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To one day escape The Kings and get to safety. Hobbies and Interests: Playing with electronics and building new toys with them. He also likes programming on the computer in his lab and playing any of the games in his selection. His work is his passion. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, with a preference for females. Turn ons: Unprotected sex. Being the one on top. He likes to dominate his partners. If his partner is agreeable, then he likes to fuck rough and deep. He also likes tying his partner up and fucking them senseless. Submissive partners, both male and female. Crossdressing male, especially if they are a trap. If female, he likes sexy clothing and has a weakness for thigh highs. Turn offs: Being dominated Being forced Being subjected to pain Gore, Vore, Scat and golden showers Penis Length: 10” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: He has a typical human like cock, which is quick thick especially around the base. He also has a reasonably quick recovery time. STD History: Clean, thus far. Extra Information Father: James Hunter (Deceased) Mother: Lillian Hunter (Deceased) Siblings: Olivia Hunter (Deceased) Children: Lily Hunter (Deceased) Pet: None Additional information: He smokes and tends to drink a lot. He also takes other drugs on occasion although nothing serious like heroin or meth. History Awards/Commendations: Masters in Electrical Engineering. Criminal Record: Clean before the outbreak. After… well, it's a lawless land. Medical Record: Quite good. Not even been infected with the N-Virus. Diagnosed at the age of four with mild autism. Bio: Kane was born and raised in Blackberry Falls City in the suburbs. His father was a software engineer and his mother a lecturer at Thorndown University for English. As such he had a very easy childhood, with plenty of food and toys. He had a young sister, Olivia, who was a couple of years younger than he was. The two would sometimes fight, but they loved each other a lot and would always make up afterwards. From a young age, Kane was fascinated with electronics and would always pull things apart to look into them. This did cause him to get into trouble with his parents a lot, especially when he pulled things apart like their current family computer. One of Kane’s difficulties when growing up was that he was never good at being able to articulate himself. He couldn’t communicate properly with his family, and when they missed what he was trying to say, he would become frustrated and angry, often leading to a massive tantrum. His parents took him to a child doctor, who after examining him for a while, came to the conclusion that he was mildly autistic. This allowed them to help Kane to better speak for himself, and for his family to practice better patience and understanding with him which improved things tremendously at home. Kane started elementary school, but due to his introverted nature he didn’t make many friends and he was often picked on while at school. Not that he cared. He just bent his head down and did his work without giving them the attention that they were craving, even when they became physical. The few friends that he did have, didn’t like to see him bullied but Kane always shrugged it off. He genuinely didn’t care, and would openly call his bullies to their face, cowards and pathetic people. If they tried to get him into trouble for it, he would shrug and say that they were trying to intimidate him and he thought it was cowardly. Kane also told the teacher that she shouldn’t be bothering him with it since, if she had been doing her job properly in the first place, none of this would ever of happened. He had a bit of a nasty habit of telling people the truth even if it hurt. And it got him in trouble with the Principle, who was a lot more understanding than his teacher. After that incident, his bullies realised how fruitless it was to even bother bullying him and Kane was left alone to his own devices. He worked well through elementary and middle school, before moving onto Mercury High School. It was at this school that he was really able to start getting engrossed in his passion; Electrical Engineering. Before this point, he had been taught by his father about software engineering and computer programming, which he did on a regular basis on his computer at home. But at school he was able to take a dedicated course in electronics which he absolutely loved. He didn’t pay attention much to the sneaking of students to and from the Saint Arc High School, until one of his friends dragged him on such an adventure. It was on this incident that he first lost his virginity. He couldn’t remember her name, but he did remember that she had blonde hair and blue eyes and smelt like roses. His friend had encouraged him to let the girl fuck him, so he did. He had her over some boxes inside of a janitor's closet. It was unprotected as well, and he loved the feeling of the flesh on flesh contact. From that incident, he frequently went with his friends to fuck the girls from Saint Arc. He was also taught from this young age by his father how to handle and fire a gun, as his father felt that the more Kane knew about guns the less likely he was to injure himself or someone else with one. Once Kane finished high school at the age of eighteen, he immediately went on to Thorndown University to do a degree in Electrical Engineering, which ultimately finished when he was twenty one. He left University and immediately secured a job with a company that was designing and creating a new kind of solar panel that would be more efficient and far more durable and cheaper than current designs. It was at this company that he met a woman by the name of Jane Williams whom he immediately fell head over heels in love with. The feelings were mutual, and the two started dating and having sex. At the age of twenty two, Jane gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lily, whom Kane absolutely adored. His parents were thrilled that they had a Granddaughter, and lavished their love in her. Kane thought that everything was going perfectly, and he didn’t want anything to change. However, then the meteor struck. Like most people, he didn’t pay it much attention. He had watched the news report from his suburban home with his girlfriend. Other than thinking of it as mildly interesting, he didn’t really comment on it and neither did his girlfriend. But then the illness began to spread and Kane began to get mildly concerned. Then, all hell broke loose. As Kane was in Blackberry Falls City, he knew that the dock was the quickest route off of the island. He took his girlfriend and tried to get there, but the army hampered their progress, forcing them to take a longer route which frustrated and angered Kane. While he and his small family were waiting to get past a checkpoint, a horde of zombies attacked the entire group. His girlfriend, who had Lily on her lap, was torn screaming from the car and Kane was helpless to watch the two of them be torn apart and eaten by the mindless horde. He tried to use his gun to kill the attacking zombies, but he was too late. Jane and Lily were dead, and he was forced to flee back into the city. He spent several months trying to survive on his own, grieving for his lost family. He tried to visit his parents home, only to find the corpses of his parents and little sister, meaning that he had no family left in the world. It was then that Tobias stumbled upon him, along with a group of his raiders. Things were tense at first, but when Kane mentioned that he was an electrical engineer, Tobias offered him a place in his gang. In exchange for food, water and safety, Kane would take care of all of their electrical needs. As Kane was struggling to survive by himself, he agreed and was taken by the gang back to their base. He helped set up the electrical circuits, and the power generation plants that they had on site to power not only their spotlights, but their entertainment systems. He was also able to fix Tobias up a computer for him to use which got him a position of being a ‘special’. It wasn’t all fantastic for Kane, though. He hated Tobias’s demands and learnt very early on that to refuse Tobias meant pain. He usually kept out of the man's way and usually used sex slaves a means of putting a shield between himself and the leader of the raider gang so for the most part, he’s escaped that method of payment. But he hopes to be able to get out of this raider gang and to leave Ashaea for good.
  4. Neptune

    Tobias King

    From the album: The Kings Raider Gang

    This is an image of Tobias King, the leader of The Kings. He is a ruthless dictator that rules with an iron fist.
  5. Neptune

    The Kings Base

    From the album: The Kings Raider Gang

    This image is a representation of part of The Kings main encampment in Kalath.
  6. Neptune

    The Kings Logo

    From the album: The Kings Raider Gang

    This is the logo for The Kings raider gang. This can be seen in areas that they control.
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