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Found 43 results

  1. Sierrazion

    Terumi Ako

    From the album: A Place for my Characters

    A trap who works at a maid cafe out of desperation. He's a cold Kuudere with a poker face and a rude countenance. But inside he's sweet and just wants to be loved and desired for what he is. He also enjoys both rough foreplay and sex. Alittle bit of a masochist. Terumi is 5'2" Sleight built, petite with a small cock of only 3 inches hard. He generally pairs well with male characters who like to dom or be active in the RP since he's alittle cold.
  2. Kalvoras Vertal

    White Furry

    From the album: Furries

  3. Goth_Queen_Dahlia

    Fantasy futa/trap rp

    I have a situation I want to rp. I was going to discrib it but a link is easier. Not looking for playing word for word. But this is the main idea
  4. Hello everyone. I'm trying to find someone who wants to RP with me. Literally me. I want to be myself in an rp. I'm a tall goth mtf trans. I'm open to most ideas. So let me know who or what you would like to be.
  5. Goth_Queen_Dahlia

    Brother "sister" fun.

    I want someone to rp a fun night with me. About a brother telling his brother about his sissy secret life and showing him. Only to have it turn into sex.
  6. AirAllie14

    Trap RP

    Hey there. I’m looking for someone interested in a trap rp. I will be playing the trap and I’m also very sub and would like to do trap x male, trap x female, trap x futa or trap x trap. Send me an EcchiText if your interested, we can throw around ideas and make a rp together.
  7. Goth_Queen_Dahlia

    Lost in Wonderland. (Private rp)

    Looking for someone to join me in an Alice in Wonderland rp. In my story Alice is a trap/trans girl, lost in Wonderland and finding herself in some compromising situations. Any of the other characters are open for play, in any form. (Furry Cheshire cat, futanari Red Queen are the last two I rp'd with.) Below is my normal starter. If you want to join feel free to ecchitext me your reply. Alex was never the popular type. He was slender, and fair skinned. After two years of growing out his blonde hair he finally looked like he dreamed. He wasn't ready to come out yet, but he was eager to go out finally as a girl. The local college was having a costume party. It would be perfect, no one knew him there. He spent hours getting ready. An adorable Alice in Wonderland costume. With cute purple and black striped socks. He blushed at his reflection in the mirror. "I'm cute." He walked nervously, but with purpose. Several people commented on how adorable "she was." He blushed deeper, but made sure to curtsey. Running late, he started through the park. "A short cut. I don't want to be late." Running behind a tree was the last thing he remembered, before everything went black. (Using her from here on). She opened her eyes slowly, her head was throbbing. "Where am I?" She looked around, she was still outside but this place was strange. Sitting up, she adjusted her dress. "Hello?" She stood up on shaky legs. The trees seemed to reach out for her as the woods thickened. For a moment she enjoyed the cool air as she walked. (This is open for anyone to find her. If you want to join just ecchitext me your response. I'm open to most ideas. I'll let you know if I disagree with something.)
  8. Goth_Queen_Dahlia

    Welcome to Wonderland

    I decided to post this idea I had for a while. It's a private rp, with Alice and any of the other characters in the story. My version of Alice is a trap, who is interested in anyone willing to be with her. (M/F/inbetween) and some good options for furry characters too
  9. Hello! I'm looking to rp with the following character: Character wise, I don't mind who or what you use as long you're creative about it! As for fetishes, I have yet to find one that I can't work with. Paragraph writing is preferred but as long as you don't chuck one-liners it should be fine Looking forward to hearing from you!! Yippee123
  10. Disgraced Angel

    femboy The Envoy

    From the album: My original Characters

    Character Details A nameless Envoy for the woodland folk. Created by the unknown mother of the great woodland, he is the speaker for every creature that dwells beneath the enchanting canopy of the forest. His job consists of pleasing the nearby lord, barons and self proclaimed kings, too ensure they do not make any more lumber yards, or anything else that can harm the Woodland in which his friends dwell. He was created by the mother of the forest herself, to be used as a kind and innocent diplomat for her forest. Due to his purpose, the Envoy is very naive, not fully knowing what he does as he pleases the lords, that the act he is committing is taboo. He is eager to protect his friends in the woodland by any means necessary. He uses his mouth to secure alliances and promises that they won't harm the forest, which of course the lords break just to use him again and again. He is very dutiful and innocent, with a keen disposition for submission and pleasing. His pale green skin, as it's appearance might suggest mimics the abilities of plants. He can breath through it, rapidly absorb and even photosynthesize. Due to this however, it also means his skin is very sensitive, water and other liquids causing him great pleasure or even sometimes pain. One of the most sensitive parts of his body, being his large, adorable ears which are encircled by his curling ram-like horns. Plot Ideas I had a few ideas, but nothing is set in stone and i am open to any of your own ideas. Due to his submissiveness, innocence and general femininity, he is best being paired with something with a dick, be it a futa, dick girl or a man! A romantic plot where he is discovered by a new lord or baron and is taken pity on, despite not minding his treatment. The lord is intent on having a meaning relation with the envoy rather than having a sexual agreement like he usually does. Having not properly felt love, the Envoy is taken aback, having been given pleasure in way's he's never felt. Another story, however, this one is much darker. The envoy could be captured by a lord who has had enough of agreements and wants the creature permanently. Caged and to be used as a sexual prize, it could also lead to being sold to a circus like establishment, or just used as entertainment at a royal estate. The femboy being so innocent, doesn't see much wrong with it, just a little scared, but still eager to please. It would take a lot to break him as he is so kind natured. Alternatively we could take it away from the humans completely, having it set in the enchanted forest, with the envoy meeting one of his own kind to fall in love with, or is it the mother of the forest herself?
  11. They can be any fictional character from any game, series, film, book, or any other media. Do you have any favourites? List them below! For me it will always be Chihiro Fujisaki. I love everything about him.
  12. I thought joining this group there would be a lot of TRAP type characters to RP with. Since I did not see an RP request here I figured it was either not allowed or no one had made one. So here is mine. I would like a MxM trap RP but FxM is fine too. As for the plot or pairings I could easily do- High School: Student x Student College: Student x Student Military: Soldier x Trap, Soldier x Trap Soldier. Or some Trap form of the plots listed in my very long and complicated Preference page information.
  13. From the album: Daniel's Lewdies

    Mood. I want to have someone sit on me like this.
  14. Evo

    Trap or Futanari needed~

    There aren't nearly enough futa or trap cocks to worship So if you're one of the two, just send me a message and make me your slut~
  15. LittleMawrina

    Looking for basically anything!

    Hey everybody I'm kind of bored so I'd be looking forward to really any type of roleplay (thats in my preferences, of course, you could check that out here So, don't hold anything back, just DM me if you're ready~!
  16. Alex Flinn


  17. Kalvoras Vertal

    White Furry

    From the album: Furries

  18. imabitmorethanhappy


    From the album: Sammy Moonridge

  19. imabitmorethanhappy


    From the album: Sammy Moonridge

  20. imabitmorethanhappy


    From the album: Sammy Moonridge

  21. imabitmorethanhappy


    From the album: Sammy Moonridge

  22. imabitmorethanhappy

    Blonde Sammy.jpg

    From the album: Sammy Moonridge

  23. Neptune

    Daniella Taru'zenari

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Daniella Wilson Age/Date of Birth: 23. Born 4th April, in the Epsian year of 4143. Earth Equivalent: 2513 Gender: Kay Species: Taru'zenari Origin/Nationality: Xantal’lar, Epsus Prime, EPSI Federation, Epsus Galaxy Occupation: Unemployed Faction: Independent Rank: Civilian Physical Appearance Height: 4'10" Weight: Slender Eye Colour: Vivid, but deep purple. Hair Colour: Pink and black. Physical Description: As a Taru'zenari, he looks very similar to that of a human, or Tau'ri as the EPSI Federation identifies them ask. However, he is not. He is descendant of a Tau'ri that used to live on Earth, however he has been with other Taru'zenari that have separated away from Earth. He also isn't completely Tau'ri, either, as he has Xeno ancestry that links back to Dez'rarzii back in the UFF with a Tau'ri called Krystal. This coupled with his lineage being separated from Earth for a few thousand years, makes him a Taru'zenari. One of the most obvious things that make him distinctly non-Tau'ri is his vivid purple eyes which are never found among the Tau'ri population. His body shape is quite slim, although he has quite curvy child-bearing hips despite the fact that he is actually a male appearing individual, however he is able to become pregnant and carry children. Despite the slenderness of his torso, his thighs appear well-fleshed and lightly toned like the rest of him. His cock is about 8 inches in length, and human-like in shape although he does several small bumps that run along the underside of his cock. His face is very feminine to the point where most people think of him as a female. Along with his vivid purple eyes, he has a cute button nose and a small mouth with plump, kissable lips. He also has his hair quite short, with it only going down to his jawline. The top part of his hair, is a very bright, vivid pink in colour. On the underside, it is black. This makes his hair stand out, and makes him very easy to spot. He also has a small tattoo just under his right eye, of a small pink love heart. He also dresses in very feminine, often revealing, clothes which often help fool people into thinking that he was female. He gets a thrill out of tricking people like that, although it's never meant maliciously. He just loves the fact that he can get away with looking like a woman. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Daniella is a very friendly person, who easily greets others and easily makes new friends. He can chatter to someone, and spur on a conversation with them. He's quite a good listener, and will always give time to those who simply want a chat with him. That said, he is quite respectful of another person's space, and would leave them alone if they asked him to. He is quite easy going which allows him to get along with a wide range of people. He is quite bubbly and energetic, and doesn't tend to easily worry about things. He also forgives quite easily, unless the person did something so bad towards him, that it's something that he cannot look over. He's also quite affectionate, with friends and especially lovers. With friends, he will hug a lot and often link arms with them. With lovers, he tends to be very cuddly, and often gives them kisses or other signs of affection. He always likes to gift things to people, for the joy that it brings them. He seems to thrive on making others around him happy. Daniella is quite kind and gentle, and will never intentionally harm anyone. He will always help those who need it, even if it means just some of his time to sit and listen. He will always do small, kind gestures, like feeding someone or helping someone with luggage. Along with his kindness, he is also very generous. He will always give to others, even if he does not have much for himself. When giving gifts, he will never expect anything in return and when asked why, Daniella will simply say that he just likes making others happy. As such, he can also be described as unselfish; putting the needs of others above his own. He will always bend over backwards to help others, or mould to their plans. He will help someone, no matter what others would think about it. He will never judge someone from the offset, and most certainly not from mere gossip unless it's some a source he knows as reliable. Daniella is quite hospitable, always welcoming others into his home. He will always ask them if they want a drink, or something to eat. He will also never think twice before offering someone to stay the night if, for example, they've become homeless or they've stayed over so late or while drugged. Daniella is quite charming as he has an easy attitude, and can easily chatter to people. He's very welcoming of others, and remembers people well. He has a good sense of humour and always loves to have a joke such as laughing at himself. He is also quite flamboyant, as he dresses in a way that catches the attention of others, and often acting in a bold, confident manner. He enjoys the attention he gets from others, but would never do something bad to get it such as bullying others or humiliating people. Daniella is also quite flirtacious towards others and will make comments that can be taken in a sexual manner. It's quite easy to tell when he is very interested in someone, as his body language is quite open. He'll bite his lips, and look openly with the person of interest. He is quite sensual, and always loves being touched especially by the ones that he is really close to. He tends to linger on drinks and food as he takes his time to enjoy them and gives himself over to the taste, or even sensations, to the point where he loses awareness of his surroundings. As such, during sex, he loves it when he is touched. Even more so when he is blindfolded. When it comes to sex and relationships, he is quite promiscuous. He never settles with the single sexual partner and will go out and seek sexual gratification from others. He is quite confident and bold, with himself and his interactions with others. He will always look someone in the eye when he is speaking to them, and his body posture is always that of a confident individual. He can always take criticism, as well as laugh at himself. He tends to compliment others easily, but will always be honest with them. He is not intimidated by others, even if they are twice his strength and a lot stronger than they are. He faces challenges head on, and will not back down easily from them. Along with this confidence and boldness, is the fact that he's quite adventurous and a bit of a daredevil. He loves participating in extreme sports for the thrill and adrenaline rush. He always likes to go to new places, and do new things. He is quite courageous, and will face danger head-on rather than cowering from it. He will always stand up for others, even if it puts him in danger. That said, sometimes he can be a little reckless, and end up putting himself in a sticky situation because of it. Sometimes he doesn't think through something completely before doing it, which can cause a situation to turn against him quickly. But that being said, he is quite adaptable, and can think on him feet. This results in him being able to get himself out of the situations that he put himself into in the first place. He tries to think ahead, but sometimes he doesn't think through something fully before acting upon it. But he recovers quickly from setbacks, and always finds a way to recover quickly. He can be a little cocky, especially to those who really irritate him. He can become sarcastic with his language, and mock them. He'll set out to irritate them as much as they've irritated him. However if he feels that he has gone too far, he will apologise for it, although would tell them not to irritate him again or they would get his cocky side again. And not the good kind of cocky. Daniella is always willing to work with others, and works well in a team. He is good at communicating with others, and being open to new ideas. He helps the group plan towards their final goal, and will do all he can to assure that. He can be very enthusiastic and passionate, especially concerning one of his hobbies. He can talk about them for hours, and will always encourage others to join him the next he does it. He doesn't tend to let anything get him down, even when faced with numerous setbacks, and is always determined to charge towards his goal. Due to his enthusiasm, he always seems to be bouncy and full of energy; always on his feet, moving from one place to another and never being able to sit down for several minutes unless he's been given a reason to. Danielle is quite honest, even if he risks upsetting someone. He would always try to frame the honesty kindly, as is his nature, but he will be completely honest nonetheless. He will own up to his mistakes, and will strive to learn from them. He's honest with himself about his own shortcomings, and will openly talk about them with those that he is close to. When he encounters a problem with a relationship, instead of bottling it up and burying it, he will talk to them and be completely open and honest with them about it. To those that he is close to, and trusts, he is extremely loyal. He will easily stand up and defend them from anything and anyone. Daniella can be quite playful at times, preferring to do things that are entertaining rather than working. He often makes jokes, and will laugh often. He often encourages others to lighten up and have fun as well and will often suggest things for them to do. Daniella can be a bit gossipy, although he would never lie or embellish the truth. He just like exchanging information with others, and chatting about certain people or places. He always wants to know what is going on and will often tell others if he's seen or heard something interesting. One that that is very noticeable about Danielle is that he's quite materialistic. He likes to buy expensive clothes, and have expensive accessories and objects in his home. He takes great pride in his belongings and often shows them off to others. When it comes to things Daniella is doing, he's very meticulous and a bit of a perfectionist. He will never leave a single dirty mark on whatever he is cleaning, and he will always make sure everything looks perfect. He can sometimes agonise for a long time over something if it isn't right, or isn't going the way that he wanted. He will always teak it until it's exactly the way that he wants; perfect. When he is unable to, Daniella can become quite irritated and frustrated but still be unable to pull himself away. He has to do it right, or else it is not good enough for him. Daniella is very vain about his appearance, which along with his perfectionism, can mean that he will agonise over his appearance until he looks just right. Sometimes he can spend hours getting ready just so that he looks the way he feels satisfied with. If someone mentions a physical flaw about his appearance, he will obsessive over it, and will not be happy until he has sorted it out. To those that he feels worthy, such as Bad Boys, he is very subservient. He will obey them without question, and allow them to do what they want to him. He gets a sexual thrill out of being controlled like that, and having others decide what he should do. This is due to the fact that he is a very submissive masochist. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Cooking: He has the ability, while cooking, to be able to season any dish with perfection. While cooking, he will add herbs and spices at seemingly random amounts and often rather negligent looking. But actually he knows what he is doing, and the dish always comes out perfectly seasons. He also seems to know exactly when a dish is cooked perfectly, as he seems to have some kind of higher instinct. He also has a fantastic tasting palate, but this can make him quite fussy with what he eats. Stamina and vitality: While Daniella may appear human, or Tau'ri as they are called in the EPSI Federation, he is far from one. He has distant Xeno ancestry, which is apparent by his eye colour. He also has superior stamina and vitality to that of a normal Tau'ri. He is able to outrun a normal human and out-pace them. He's also quite quick and agile, which added to his small height, actually makes him quite tricky to catch. Athleticism: From a young age, Daniella has had a love of athletics. He can do any number of stunts like flips, cartwheels and is also very good at climbing up surfaces. With this, he can out-manoeuvre others and lead a very merry chase. Nanites: As he is an EPSI Federation citizen, he has their nanites. These can heal injuries quicker than his natural healing. They can also save him from a number of life threatening injuries, although there are still a large number of ways that he can be killed. These nanites can also afford him protection from a wide range of diseases, including sexually transmitted ones. Weaknesses: As is the case with all mortal, sentient beings, it is possible to kill him in a number of ways such as poison or a bullet to the head, despite his accelerated healing. He is not invulnerable, and he is also subject to the effects of ageing. As he is so small, and physically weaker than most people, including Tau'ri, it is very easy to overpower him and restrain him. He also has little combat training, and thus it's very easy for him to lose in a combat situation. At this point, he is more likely to run, than fight. He is also quite squeamish when it comes to dirt and grime, as it makes his skin cruel and he gets the overwhelming urge to either run away, or clean it. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To find himself a bad boy which will control, and dominate him. Daniella doesn't want to work a conventional job, and instead make money from things he does on the EPSINet that he can do in the comfort of his own home. He just wants to live in domestic bliss with a bad boy. Hobbies and Interests: Daniella really loves keeping a home nice and clean and will spend hours in a week making sure everything is spotless, although not to the point where it looks sterile. While he likes things clean, he does like a home with a lived-in look. He is also very passionate about cooking and will find any excuse to do so. He loves trying new recipes, especially if they catch his fancy. He loves cooking for a number of people, as he enjoys the satisfaction from people loving his food. While he does not have an official job, and is thus classed as unemployed, he does earn money through the EPSINet. He has a video series running called the "Diary of a Bad Boy's Bitch" where he posts a video log of his relationship with a known criminal in the EPSI Federation. He monetises these videos so that he is earning his own money. Daniella also has his own website; "badboysbitch.epsi", which he also posts videos, as well as pictures of himself that he takes. Usually sexual ones, showing off how much of a trap he is, as it's something he's very proud of. He also takes a lot of selfies, sexual and non-sexual (including after-sex selfies) and posts them on the website as well. He also designs fashionable clothes and sells the designs on the Replicator Marketplace. He also really likes playing games, especially things such as Ocean of Cum, and Pokémon. He also has several gaming consoles that allows him to play some games on a computer, or while sitting in bed. He really loves playing numerous sports on the holodeck such as surfing, bungee jumping and water-boarding. He is also quite good at ice skating, particularly figure skating. But his favourite sporting pastime is climbing. He loves the challenge of being given a difficult surface to climb. He also loves climbing with as little safety equipment as possible as that gives him an extra danger thrill. He has special climbing equipment, designed and produced by the ExoSinian Eldyr Corporation. These includes special gloves, foot pad and knee pads. The material becomes tight when out on, to become completely skin tight to the user. The equipment is covered in nano-hairs that allows the user to stick to most seemingly smooth surfaces. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: He is Aliea-pansexual when it comes to sex. However when it comes to relationships, he prefers exclusively male partners. So while he would have sex with other genders, he wants a man to take care of him. With Epsian citizen's, he likes to have unprotected sex with them and has no issue with getting them pregnant especially as part of a breeding contract although at the moment, he has no interest in raising a child. However, when it comes to non-Epsian species, he is insistent on wearing a condom. This is to protect both himself, and his partners, from diseases. He also will refuse to get someone outside of the EPSI Federation pregnant, as he doesn't want his children to be raised outside of it. So while he has his sperm protection off, he will still insist on the condom due to the disease protection. Epsian Condoms (Stolen from Jake's profile) Traditional Condoms - These are either silicon based or latex based. These are obvious to both the wearer and the person receiving the condom clad cock, and it's primarily purpose for him are for kinks, for example - Pushing someone else's cum deeper into them. They provide protection for quite a number of venereal diseases. Whilst they work as a contraceptive, the failure rate is well known to be as high as 50%, for Mako'demerians because of 'Cock Knotting'. Sometimes when having sex with someone after another cock has been on them, Daniella will sometimes use this for the kink that they provide, as it also feeds into his subservient sexual nature. Epsian Spermless Condoms - These are completely invisible to the naked eye and the neither side can feel the condom on them. This allows for the feeling of unprotected sex, and still lets semen to pass through but not sperm. The primary purpose is birth control, and not venereal disease protection. Daniella will use this with Non-Epsian species, but only if he trusts them. Epsian Cumless Condoms - Like the previous they are completely invisible and naked to the eye, neither side can feel it however it doesn't let anything past. They're far more reliable than other condoms; as Traditional ones have a habit of breaking under the extreme stresses of the Mako'demerian Knot. These condoms are unbreakable and their primary purpose is birth control and full venereal disease protection. (Not guaranteed with unknown Aliens) For random fucks, and affairs with Non-Epsian species, this is the condom that Daniella would use. Turn ons: He has a huge weakness for bad boys. The ones that have a very bad boy reputation, but is actually a kind person. They really, really turn him on. Having unprotected sex. He loves getting filled with a lot of cum. Being made love to, by people he loves, and doesn't love. Being promiscuous. Being a trophy girlfriend. He loves being taken care of by his boyfriend, and he will be there to look sexy and beautiful for them. Being fucked hard and roughly, especially by a Mako. He loves the feeling of their cocks, and feels that they are the best shaped cocks in existence. He loves the feeling of a knot expanding inside of him, as he loves the feeling of it stretching him open. He loves being made to be a loose slut. He loves having claws digging hard into him, to the point of bleeding, he loves being slapped and spanked, slut shamed, spoken dirty to and a really dominating partner that will pin him to the bed and use his body to pleasure themselves. Being tied up, and used. He also loves being bound and teased mercilessly. He loves being teased to the point where he's begging at the top of his voice for relief. Being forced to fuck someone else. He loves a bad boy to have that kind of control over him. He especially loves it, when the bad boy is fucking him, while forcing him to have sex with someone. Partners taller than himself; both women and men. He loves having a man towering over him while pinning him to the bed and fucking him hard. With a woman-like gender, he loves being dominated by them, or being able to fuck them while being able to play with their breasts. Being teased for being a feminine kay, by any gender. He loves being mocked and humiliated about it, and his cross-dressing. Being promiscuous. He loves being a raging slut. Having multiple partners, gangbangs, swinger parties and orgies. Sex in a public place. Turn offs: Submissive, meek partners. Gore, and Vore. He will also refuse to do necrophilia. He will refuse to have sex with someone under the legal age, especially an alien species. Penis Length: 8” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Sensitive Additional Sexual Information: He's very sensitive in areas such as his neck, back and inner thighs. His arsehole and cock is also very sensitive. Daniella is a very submissive individual when it comes to sex. He always likes to be told what to do, and dominated by his partners, no matter their gender. He will absolutely refuse to dominate someone, as he feels too awkward to do so and doesn’t like it. He currently has all reproduction turned off. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: James Wilson (Taru’zenari) Mother: Katie Watson (Taru’zenari) Siblings: His mother had many other children than himself, with numerous species within the EPSI Federation. Daniella was close to some of them, although he doesn't often contact them. Ship: He lives on Kal’loure’s ship. Place of Residence: He lives with Kal'loure Mako'demeri on his ship, and his quarters on the station. Pet: None Additional information: He frequently vapes cannabis and takes cLSD. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Clean. Medical Record: He has always been a healthy Taru'zenari. Bio: Daniella was born to a promiscuous Taru'zenari woman, who had a large number of other children by many fathers. A number of them did pay her child support, but only because they had equal custody of their children and thus they were often away with their fathers. His mother also would also happily breed with someone and then give the child to the father once they were born, with full parental rights. But his home was usually visited by various men, who would drop by to have sex with her or go on dates with his mother. Daniella never minded this, as the men would often play with him, and spend time with him and the other children. So from a young age, Daniella was surrounded by a lot of men. Even from a young child, Daniella tended to dress himself as a girl and tended to spend more play time with his feminine siblings than his masculine ones. His mother was more than happy to allow Daniella to dress and act as he wished, as he felt that it was Daniella's path to discover what he was like on his own. Due to the nature of Epsian culture, and the fact that he was born after the period of Keza Corp, he was well liked in school and never experienced any nasty behaviour from other students apart from playing and teasing that wasn't serious. Daniella did well in the early years of his life. He learnt his Universal Rights easily and could recite them word perfect. Also from early in his school days, he became involved with athletics, as he enjoyed the physical challenge that it provided. He often remained after school with other students to join the club. Afterwards, he would be picked up by his mother, or even one of her boyfriends at the time, to be taken home. So Daniella's childhood was quite a safe one, if providing its own challenges in regards to his school. But he relished his early years, and was a typical, happy, confident child. As Daniella began to develop into his teenage years, he continued cross dressing and coming across as a female. For him, it felt right and he felt truly himself, although he continued to refer to himself with masculine pronouns as he felt that he was a trap, rather than a feminine trap. And he was comfortable with who he was. Even through puberty, his voice didn't drop noticeably so it remained rather feminine sounding, which was something that really pleased him, as it helped with the illusion. Like many teenagers, he became obsessed over his appearance and would wear clothes that were designed to make him look sexy. As he did odd jobs such as babysitting for his mother's friends, and various lovers that had children, he earnt himself money which he spent on clothes. This is also when his signature hairstyle came into his life. He came up with the idea after flicking through the EPSINet, and he loved it so much that he has never changed it. He felt that it highlighted his flamboyant personality and it suited his vivid purple eyes. He still continued with his athletics, although often visited the holodeck to play extreme sports such as rock climbing, skydiving and waterboarding. He has been a thrill seeker ever since he was young. Not because he welcomed death; he just loved the adrenaline rush that it gave him. As he continued to grow older, he began getting more aware about sex, and his urges in that regard. He knew a lot about sex, and relationships, from his education and things that his mother had taught him. He knew that he shouldn't be ashamed of his sexual appetite, and late at night he would sit alone in his room surfing the EPSINet for content that he could wank off to. At first, he was unsure as to his sexual orientation, however he did have a marked preference for males although he still felt aroused when thinking about having sex with one of the other genders. He felt that he was, for the most part, gay, but open to sex with other genders. He didn't discover his masochism until he was sixteen. He was struggling a little in one of the lessons, so he spent time after school with his teacher, a large Mako by the name of Kaloar. He was very tall, and very muscular appearing but he was a good teacher and patiently taught Daniella until he finally understood what the lesson was about. Daniella had noticed that while Kaloar kept a professional air, he had one raging boner in his trousers. Now that Daniella was better, he suggested doing something to thank Kaloar for his patience. He seemed to consider it, before agreeing since he had achieved the goal of getting Daniella to understand and that was his first duty. That day, Daniella ended up getting fucked hard across the teachers desk, and he loved every moment of it. He pinned him down and ravaged him. Clearly Daniella had hit a lot of buttons with the guy and he was clearly having trouble restraining himself. But the more rough he was, the more Daniella liked it and asked for more, until Kaloar was fucking Daniella like a fuck toy and spanking him hard. This began Daniella's first affair with one of his teachers that continued throughout his school career. Kaloar was not Daniella's only affair at the school. His athletic's teacher was a female Zeta by the name of Jyana'kynarr. She was a tall, slender Zeta that was a real Zeta woman. She was dominating, and brooked no-nonsense. She expected nothing short of perfection from her students, and drove them hard although not to the point where it put them in danger. Daniella loved the challenge, and dived into them head-strong even if he encountered problems in the beginning. One day, after such a session, Daniella was helping Jyana pack everything away. His teacher complimented him on his performance, which caused Daniella to become very flattered as he did not expect such high praise from her. Daniella admitted that her heavy handed approach encouraged him to do better as it seemed to energise him, as well as make him quite excited. As he spoke, he didn't realise that he was getting a boner, which Jyana noticed. She grabbed Daniella and threw him down on the mats, asking if he liked being ordered around like a good little bitch. This only turned Daniella on more and he pretended to resist although he did make it obvious that he was not complaining in the slightest. Jyana then stripped them both, before pinning Daniella down and riding his cock while humiliating and shouting at him. Daniella was in heaven. He loved being dominated like this. So much that he kept going back to Jyana for more. At home, Daniella began to have sex with some of his siblings, the ones that were old enough. He also seduced and had sex with several of his mother's boyfriends and even sometimes had sex with them in his mother's bed without her knowing. Sometimes even when she was in the kitchen cooking a family meal. Throughout school, he continued accepting babysitting jobs, and would frequently have sex with the parents as well when they came back from wherever they had gone to for the night. It was one of the little extra services that he threw in for a little extra money, essentially accepting money for sex. He left school when he was eighteen, with very good grades, although he had no idea what he was going to do with his life. For a time, he hung about at his mother's house, having sex with people, including his mother's lovers, or he went out doing various activities such as rock climbing. Eventually, he decided that he wasn't really one to attend University to get a high flying job. He wanted to find someone that could look after him, and that he could repay them by being the ideal wife for them. But for the meantime, he did need to earn money for himself, so he got himself a job as a bartender for a local bar. He met a lot of people, although none that caught his fancy. He slept with a lot of customers, but none of them were what he was looking for in a relationship. He did sometimes meet up with his old teachers, and they were able to really satisfy him sexually however, they weren't exactly what he was after. After looking around on the EPSINet, he stumbled across his biggest weakness. Bad Boys. He was watching a porn movie, one starring Autumn Mako'vitiri in a Dystopia world. Daniella loved the main villain of the porno, and He often wanked off over the thought of being controlled by such a person. In fact he began collecting such porn movies, as well as the holo versions, so that he could put himself in that situation. It made him truly feel that he was a little bitch that existed for their pleasure, and the feeling was addictive. He began looking around for a Bad Boy himself, and although he found some potentials online, they fell through. He read about some of the more notable Bad Boys such as the Daedric Wolfe, Dark Star Wolf, and a Mako going by the name of Kal'loure. He privately doubted he would ever meet them, but they often appeared in his fantasies. One day, while serving at the bar, two of his biggest fantasies walked in through the bar. The Daedric and Dark Star Wolves. As he served them, he flirted with them outrageously of which they reciprocated. But despite his efforts, they didn’t seem eager to go home with him. So after work, he returned home, feeling disappointed. However there was a surprise waiting for him, as the two had broken into his home where they proceeded to fuck him hard where the Daedric Wolf promised to own and control him just the way he wanted. <(Some EPSI Federation content snipped)> After following the news for a while, a story appeared about Kal'loure, one of the men that he often thought about. Since fleeing from the EPSI Federation, he had been spending his time on the Andromeda One Trading Station being a Bounty Hunter. It was one of the men on his dreams, Daniella felt. He looked into how long it would take to get there, and the costs involved. He needed to save up, but if it meant meeting the man of his dreams, he was willing to do so. He worked every moment he could in the bar, saving every penny that he could. He even got people to pay to have sex with him, and he often did special favours for them. When he had enough, including enough to get back if he didn't find what he was hoping for, he said his goodbyes to his mother and left to go to the Andromeda Station, to be one of the few EPSI Federation civilians to be there.
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