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Found 6 results

  1. Sunstone

    toriel (undertale) by secretly saucy.jpg

    From the album: Sunny's Furry Collection

    © secretly_saucy on e621.

  2. Prologue Hear My Name I lay back in my rotating chair as I stare intensely at the machine in front of me while swaying from side to side while thinking about at the possible outcome. In reality, I didn’t care much about the sacrifice and consequence at this point as I made my mind a long time ago and glaring with a powerful gaze at a picture of someone before turning down. A big grin appears as the machine was finally complete at long last as the thirst for revenge is going to be fulfilled and after a long, deep search of the DT Extraction Machine. I managed to recreate Alphy’s creation of extracting SOUL from a human being and after many fails attempt to reach this point, my dream will come true. “Finally, it felt like years to reach this phase of my work. How much longer do I must wait to annihilate everything I hated.” I spoke, grinning. I got up from my chairs as numerous paper began to fly away from my sudden rise and charts filled with many texts filled the thin paper of my recent work. For every step I take was one too many as I raise my shaking toward it and began caressing like a dear child. A chuckle could be heard in this pitch-black room as the thought of killing these inhuman things filled my mind and soon becoming irrational for every second as lose my insanity which I give in. I attach myself with some tube sprouting from the DT Extraction Machine into my body when the sensation of fatigue made my head spin which made me grunt and shakes my head since I need to do this now. My right arm slashes across the table to push anything that stood in my path and hearing the loud crash of many items falling into the cold floor below as I move the monitor of my computer closer to my presence. The light became unbearable as it affects my sight's radius and narrows my eyes to get used to the sudden brightness while setting up the right material to begin. The game of Undertale was brought up into the monitor as the usual title screen appear and attaching the major cable from the machine into the computer. "Almost there..." I pant. I pull up a drawer from underneath the table to grip a special USB drive and hearing the jingle of the opening song filling this silent room. His gaze slowly drifts into the lever nearby as he grips it with his other hand and thinking about a certain someone while his hair covers his expression from the world. The sound of the flip flipping could be heard as the machine began to suck his SOUL from this puny human body of mine and smirking while panting since this machine was draining his soul which made him feel tired to no end. I grunt as I fell on the floor below as my body felt cold and hearing the machine roaring as it sucks out my SOUL completely and slowing drifting away from his world. ... ... ... Name the Fallen Human I gasp as my breath became sharp to touch around my new body as I look at the words scramble in front of me as I need to name myself in this story and looking a bit stun at my big project working after all. I laugh softly until It became a manically laugh as I stare at the empty void surrounding my new being and having the necessary power to kill every monster and the entire game itself from this point on. I began messing with the name section as I name myself using my real name but it a little twist to add to it since I have no desire to make friends with them. G.I.L I grin at my name showing up in the black void as I nod to myself at the confirmation and see a sudden bright light showering this dark space in the rift which made me cover my eyes from this. "And it begins with me, Greater in Life." I comment. [Prologue End]
  3. lVergill

    fanfiction Undertale SYOC

    I am going to write a story or an RP, haven't decided but leaning on a story at the moment, about 6 souls harvesting the last remaining sou and wander across the underground together as one while knowing each other as they cross many obstacles. Please, be as descriptive as you can just like Neptune or Jericho. xD The form is here: Name: First name only. Nickname: Optional Age: Preferably around 13~15 Gender: Color: Only solid color that represents Patience, Perseverance, Bravery, Justice, Kindness, and Integrity. Any other world will be label a different color up your choice while any similar world would be label with the corresponding color. Word: A word that represents yourself and belief through your whole life. Alignment: Pacifist, Neutral, or Genocide Hairstyle: Hair color: Eye color: Height: ft & inches Weight: lb. only Clothing: Personality: History: Your character will remember their past before abruptly forgetting how they came here or how they manage to get themselves trap in the boy's body. Likes: Dislikes: Strength: Weaknesses: Quotes: Fetishe(s): Turn-on: Turn-off: Anything else?: Roy [Resolve]
  4. NickWantsToRP

    Controversial Undertale Opinions!

    A place to share your controversial thoughts about everything Undertale! I feel like my opinions could start a war. HERE WE GO! 1: I like Asgore more than Toriel, and I like Flowey more than Asriel. Yup! I like Goatdad more than Goatmom! I feel like he's more deep and I empathise with him more. I tend to find Toriel too controlling. I like Asriel. Who doesn't? But I LOVE Flowey. I find him absolutely fascinating. I think he's far more interesting than Asriel. 2: I disagree with most popular ships. I don't support Soriel. Or Frans. Yup. Not into Sans ships. I don't see him as a dating kind of guy. I prefer Asrie... their child is their ship name... Really, one of the only ships I support is Alpyne. And it's cannon. Side note, am I the only one who finds Echotale really discomforting? Why is Frisk in a ripped top with shackles? Makes me uncomfortable to think about it. 3: There are songs I like more than Megalovania. I love Megalovania. But I love ASGORE more. And Finale. I like them a bit more. No matter what, I'll stand by these as my favourites. Especially ASGORE. 4: I don't like Underfell. The idea is there! Evil Undertale. That's cool. But the execution is lacking. I think it's a visually boring AU. Everything is red, black, white and yellow. I love colour theming, but this is just too much. I also think Sans is just bad in this AU. I really don't like the direction of his character. This also goes for Outertale. Cool idea, uninteresting execution. Everyone has the same colour scheme. I like the constellations, but you could do so much more with space Undertale. 5: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... If you have any controversial Undertale opinions, post them below! Be civil everyone!
  5. NickWantsToRP

    Favourite character?

    Who is your favourite Undertale character? Comment down bellow! (See what I did there?) I'm quite torn. I love the skeletons, but who doesn't? I love Flowey, I find him fascinating. I love Asgore, and I think he gets too much hate. And I like his theme (Bergentrükung/ASGORE) more than I like Megalovania. And I love Megalovania. A real off the wall choice is Mad Dummy. I love him! So dumb but so cool. I think I'll stand by my man Asgore and call him my favourite. I even made a gif of myself as him. Take this question either way, I mean, the site has ecchi in the name. To encourage you, I'll include one of my most regrettable drawings. I was requested to draw Chara with big boobs by an infamous DA user, SuperUndertale. No judgement if you are into it, this is a safe place. But why is this my most well known piece? Why?
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