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  1. Welcome to the Utopian Curse (Photograph of Saint Martin (island). Photographer unknown) Blinking against the harsh light of the sun above you, you awaken to find yourself on an island. An island you have no recollection of travelling to or arriving at. Scanning the area you can tell only that the island is a tropical location, with palms trees swaying gently in a light breeze, and the fresh smell of the ocean on the clean air. Unknown to you is the fact that you have been taken by beings to this strange island, taken from your bed and planted here on this small tropical island. But what for? There are no clues, so you are left to only guess as to your reason of being here. A dream, perhaps? An experiment? Perhaps merely a kidnapping? A strange occurrence comes about when you meet other ‘survivors’ on the island. It becomes apparent that the time space continuum is being crossed. People are being taken from planets and time lines not of this world, and placed here alongside you. But why? Upon this tropical island there is limited technology. Resources are only what the island can produce for you to survive. Other ‘survivors’ litter the island and some may possibly not be as friendly as you would assume, or even dare to hope. Survival is the priority. Teamwork a secondary point. Will the ‘survivors’ of the island come together to survive and build a community to ensure safety and peace? Or will they fight for space and resources, shedding blood upon the golden sands of the tropical island? What will be YOUR tale in this strange, yet beautiful island? Skill level: Expert Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, characters cannot come along and expect to live with the Epsian’s without agreeing to their terms. This is a strict rule I will not budge on. Anyone violating this will be asked to leave the RP immediately with little chance of returning. No character can magically get off of the island, without my permission. There is only a single island, so a character cannot sail off and magically find another one without my express permission.
  2. Welcome to Palm Beach (Artist Unknown) Palm Beach is a beautiful beach along the shore of the Utopian Curse island. It is a perfect place for roleplayers to come and discuss their characters and plots. If you are new to the island of Utopian Curse, then this is the best place to come and introduce your characters, and request for plots or roleplaying partners. Please note that things discussed in this thread may not be known to a character, so you cannot have one of your characters somehow knowing something that was discussed in this thread, unless they were exposed to it within the roleplay. Please enjoy your stay on the beautiful Palm Beach. Relevant links: Utopian Curse Roleplay Extra Information Character ID
  3. SilverGirl20


    From the album: SilverGirl20 Utopian Curse Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Aria Age: 25 Gender: Female Species: Human Origin: She is from the future. There was a devastating war that caused the entire human race to come together after every human on earth was nearly whipped out. It knocked the population down to 10,000 people. The new nation considers themselves to be Earthians rather then separating themselves into nationalities, because this divide was one of the reasons for the war. Nationality: Earthian Speciality: Cooking, Gardening, and Scavenging Universe: Futuristic society on Earth Time Taken: 2040 Physical Appearance Height: 5'3 Weight: 130 Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: light brown Physical Description: She looks cute because of her planets advanced technology. The oldest person to date was 280 so she it considered vary young. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: She is cute and innocent or at least she tries to be. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: She is good with a knife and fast. She is crafty. Weaknesses: shes not vary strong or technologically smart. Ambitions: She wanted to open her own restaurant but now she just dreams of getting back to earth. Hobbies and Interests: she loves cooking and crafting things. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn ons: being dominated, chased, pinned, bullied, pounded, while she pretends she doesnt like it. Turn offs: having someone submit to her, scat, pee, or hair in her mouth. Breast Size: D Sensitivity: Ass, pussy, and chest Other info: Shes a vergin History Awards/Commendations: She had a degree in health and wellness. Criminal Record: The worst she has done is steal food. Bio: She was 10 when the war started and lost both of her parents to it. The war only lasted 3 years. It ended because multiple nuclear bombs were fired and nearly destroyed the planet. She was forced to servive on her own in a world that was falling apart. She was forced to steal food and live in hiding. When she was 15, she got to whiteness the survivors coming together and forming a new nation. Life was still hard but it got better. To prevent another war from happening all the survivors agreed to never judge each other because of their differences. Those that didnt listen were quickly executed. For the next 10 years, she was trained in her world's version of college and got her degree. Meanwhile she got a job as a maid at a restaurant and hoped to save enough money to build her own restaurant.
  4. tarox

    Torax Ford

    From the album: Tarox's Characters for Utopian Curse

    Character Identity Information Name: Tarox Ford Age/Date of Birth: 20 - 02/19/99 Gender: Male Religion: Wiccan Species: Human Origin: Ontario, Canada, Earth Nationality: Canadian Speciality: Resourceful with herbs, hunting, and natural remedies. Time Taken: Earth Year 2032 Physical Appearance Height: 5'11 Weight: 183 lbs Eye Colour: Brown H air Colour: Brown Physical Description: A tall, tan skinned beauty, Tarox is a gentle giant. He seems intimidating with dark eyes, a broad stature, and a smirk on his face half the time. His hands are calloused and rough, as are his feet, from his time he spent in the forest. The dark haired man is fit too, having a lean physique. He can often be found wearing a white t shirt, light colored pants with a belt, and calf high boots. He has an 'x' shaped scar on the left side of his face. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Charismatic, eclectic, carefree Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Skillful in the wilderness, optimistic outview Weaknesses: Reclusive, Stubborn, blunt Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To get off the island and become a veterinarian Hobbies and Interests: veterinary services, art, spellwork Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Dark hair, pale skin, stripping, domination play Turn offs: Feet, scat, body hair Penis Length: 5.7 inches Sensitivity: High STD History: n/a History Awards/Commendations: n/a Criminal Record: n/a Bio: Just generally a chillaxed dude.
  5. Note: This will likely to be a single RP(No extra characters inside unless NPCs or I allowed to(Via Ecchi text if desired and must connect to the logic why you can meet him, also it is not likely for him to have a friend and reply to the said character), a side story that happens after Leon leaves Cassandra and Dezrin Leon is walking through the forest right now and he just walk to any direction that he desires with his own feet that covered by a pair of black military rubber shoes, it helps him on walking this annoying piece of land(in his prespective) that is filled with a bunch of dirt and carcass. He just walked with no care and since no one is around based on his clones' intel, he just keep killing mosquitos, bees, and any annoying insects with a small but always hit fire magic and the fire magic burns the insect till the ashes not remain in the place. He just walked to a certain point of interest, which is a Lighthouse that he saw upon back when he is stranded in this island. But he doesn't care and walk away again. According to the said clone, that elf woman didn't wear a dress and just laying on the dirt. He doesn't flinch and care about that fact, it is useless for him to talk to someone like her. He won't even came to her again and pray that he doesn't need to see a nuisance called woman and IF they are in heat, he will be in serious trouble. He is thinking of finding a place to cultivate his mana back to his original state once more. Maybe he will cultivate while using gravity magic and time acceleration magic(He can't control the world's time but he can control his own "time") which will consumes his mana a lot based on his own calculation. He will die soon after IF he does dare to do so. (Will continued later)
  6. Native Species Guide While this Island may look similar to Earth, it will have some differing species living and breeding upon the island. Do you have an idea for a plant or animal? Maybe something peaceful and tamable, or something deadly to spice things up a little? Just reply to this thread with the information below. You can either fill it out as a form, or do a description of the creature. Once an creature has been posted up, then anyone within the roleplay may reference them. Name: The name of the animal, or plant Habitat: What kind of home do they live it? The sea? In the trees? Diet: What do they normally eat? Description: General look, behaviour, special characteristics, etc Intelligence: How intelligent are they? Strengths, abilities and weaknesses: What kind of strengths do they have? What are their weaknesses? Danger: Are they hostile? What kind of a danger do they pose? Remember, they don't have to be hostile to be dangerous. For example; a Poisonous plant Edible: Can they be eaten?
  7. Mr.X

    images (6).jpeg

    From the album: My Character Album

    Character Identity Information Name: Leon Dimitri Age/Date of Birth: Unknown, since he is "immortal" and he looks like always in his 20s, there is no possible real age for him Gender: Male, and always be a male Religion: Atheist, he doesn't care about a b/s(in his opinion) named religion, why should he care about it? Species: Human(Already reach peak Superhero stats in some areas like mana, enhancement, and else) Origin: Outside World, he got transfered here. Nationality: Unknown Speciality: I don't know but his powers maybe? He is also will never want a friend, his magics are enough for him to survive Physical Appearance Height: 180 cm Weight: 60 kg Eye Colour: Dark Brown Hair Colour: Brown Physical Description: He is a hourglass body type male with a six pack beneath his clothes due to his training, he always wearing his brown shirt and a blue coat also a pair of blue jeans and a pair of brown leather shoes. He doesn't have any special things that makes you interested maybe. To be remembered, he is just an ordinary human and he doesn't have any specialties on his body feature or so he does? Maybe if a girl is daring enough, prepare to be unable to walk till the next afternoon. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: "Just an ordinary human with a lots of magic and blessed by his mana but he get it by his own hard work and smart work." Personality: A true apathy is what he has, and since he could do literally everything, he became an apathetic person and not a goody two shoes, he doesn't inspired to do his things and he will never . He will never help people and say "hello" to them, he will just pass by the person and even saying hello to him won't make any words from his mouth came out, maybe "Just passing by.". He is a passive aggresive type of a person, as long as you don't make any problem, he will not attack you. Don't expect you can get him just by having what is on his turned on list. He doesn't care about b/s(in his prespective) thing named romance, but the right one will be the person who will break that ice of ignorance of his. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: 1. He could do vast amount of magics, and was able to learn something just by seeing it, back then in his world but not in this world. All elements, "telekinesis(Only one spell about this)", all martial arts, vast amounts of cultivations, and else maybe. Note: Even he could do something like mind control and hypnosis with 100% effectiveness, he won't use it, and never he has interest except if that's the only last non-lethal option to make his escape. 2. He already stop his own flow of time so he can be a "forever young" person. You need money, he can make it, either by selling his things(which still a legal one) or he can create them if he desires but he doesn't want to. His mana Regeneration is already on the highest among all. Being the master of all means he could immune to many of them at all costs, mind control, soul control, voodoo, and its friends won't help you on killing him.(Includes sex related pheromones, he won't be affected(but will do in over-time exposure to that pheromon)) 3. His clones inherit 100% of his things and they will only follow the original body. 4. Soul-Related Magics are 0% Effective against him due to his "Immortality", but in some cases this immortality is unreversable(Due to its side effect when reversed, absolute death), but if a "God" says he must die now, yeah... He will be dead sooner or later 5. He is 90% Sick-Proof, but sickness could distract/disrupt his mana regeneration by roughly 50%. Why I said 90%? In below, I will say that his mana quality plays the sick proof part. Like is too damn high enough to make him accept diseases. But some diseases could attack him. Weaknesses: 1. Although he could do all of his magics, his huge weakness is only because of the fact that he is still a human, and nothing can change it, he could shapeshift but that doesn't help. His mana makes him "literally immortal" but he still could be killed in a way that human could die, except for disease and bacteria due to his high quality of mana. This is his biggest unchangeable weakness, he can't do anything about it and he isn't a demi-god or something Note: Don't expect you can take his mana by drawing his blood, it wouldn't help you. He is still a human but a lot harder to kill but not that impossible. His teleportation magic and flying magic can't be used to make him get out from the island no matter how strong it is and he doesn't have any reason to escape either. 2. He also has his own social weakness and physichological weakness even he is not someone who is emotionally unstable. 3. His regeneration magic also uses his mana constantly and his "forever young" magic also uses his mana and constantly asks for the mana as his own payment. His Immortality permanently takes up 25% of his total mana per that date and he can't ask his mana back, he will die in few minutes if he did so.(Also, his mana amount don't increased since that day, but still the highest amount). Note: Maybe his mana production could cover this weakness, but if he keeps constantly regenerating, he will ran out of mana and he will die. He also can't alter time and space, except for himself only, not the worldwide scale. 4. He is highly apathethic person and doesn't want to help unless he found something interesting, maybe the most Apathetic person. Don't expect him to be a "Goody Two Shoes" or a Kirito-like person, he won't help you if there is no reason to. His magics makes him kinda a little bit apathetic and he is kinda hollow. Note: He also the one who rather hides and conceals his skills than showing it like a Kirito-like character does. He is a person with 99% no interests(Not 100% because maybe he will have some). His apathy can be lost when he saw a child/baby/his loved one(even he doesn't have any). In a normal human eyes, he is same as you guys and doesn't look like he has power. So as long as you don't threaten him or being a "so-called friend" to him, he won't attack you. And, even it does, he will choose the non-lethal way and he will only use less mana if he could. 5. He is also almost inhumane in some way even he has his own "humanity". Proof by his way of solving things and non-lethal solution of finishing a fight. Note: Also, don't think if your character has what's on his "Turned On" list will help you to persuade him to do whatever you want. 6. Back to his "payment" weakness, he can't just literally make a huge meteor rain or milions of clones just for his own fun, because he has a certain amount of mana to be used to keep him you. He also can't be a walking generator just for your own pleasure, his mana is many but not infinity and he needs certain amount of mana for his "forever youth" and he already sacrifice roughly 25% of his mana(not more but could be less, and he got less price due to his mana quality and quantity). He usually pre-emptively used that for his clones which alreafy took a certain amount of mana constantly. Note: His Immortality is only stopping him from aging and can't die because of time and disease, he is also a poison and alcohol immune. A single bit of the mana deficit will add his age by 1 month. He doesn't immune to weapons, nuclear, and such. 7. Another social weakness, he has no interest to make even just one friend and he even won't do so except if he need to. 8. He could do magic right, here are the weaknesses: a. Creation(Includes elements, clones, and such): The higher the quantity and quality, the higher the mana cost of his creation So don't expect that he could make a "real currency" here that equals to 1 Billion USD, he would ran out of mana if he did, or so his a hundred thousand of signature Platinum ingot with jewels in the middle. Maybe creating a thousand of god killer weapon that made from the best of the best items will kill him? b. Manipulation(Telekinesis and such): The bigger the object, the more the mana cost. The mana cost also affected by the object movement speed and how hard the object to move. Moving a mount everest is the upper limit to his telekinesis and he only could do it in a second, 1 second moving that will cost a whole damn lot of his mana and run out in a count of a second. If Everest filled by gold and diamond, he won't be able to do such. -Note: If based on Superpower Wiki, his Telekinesis is only on expert level of dexterty, and Master level of Mass/Weight and such. He can't control germs or such. c. Teleportation: The further the place, the bigger the mana cost, and will never can leave the island(The furthest: Only to the sea, and maybe he will face a shark???) d. Enhancing: The greater the enhance, the bigger the mana cost, (This already pre-emptively used to enhance his eyes(around 20% of significance on his learning ability) and body, so he has use few amounts of his mana) e. Mobility(That allows him to flight, walk in the water, wall, and such): This one is using his mana constantly, the longer he fly, the more he spend but the usage per second doesn't improve. He can't fly/run/climb through to escape the island, he will fall like a bird that was shot in the moment. If he is walking on the sea, maybe sunken for a while and his mind will automatically teleport him back to the island if he fall or sunk. f. Any attacking moves: The stronger the attack, the more mana will be used g. Martial Arts: Well since this will never use him any mana, unless enchanted, he will never use mana. h. Shape-shifting: This one same as the mobility but more to morphing and transforming to a certain creature and object, the more the size and duration, the more mana will be used. Depends on size, he will constantly uses his mana based on the size of the object. i. Permanent or impermanent expansion: The bigger, the more mana cost that he should pay j. sexual related magic: The longer and the greater the effect comes with the higher price and he can't do a metropolitan-sized magic just for a night(I mean less than this) j. Concealment: The more percentage of concealment, the more mana that will used constantly, since he uses this to 100% Note: Quantity and Quality matters in his magic using. In a nutshell, "The Greater the power, The More the responsibilty" 9. There is limit on learning something and he won't be able to learn something new since he already on the peak of his knowledge. He can't learn someone's magic and use them in this world. Just say as his learning skill is sealed in this world, if that is for someone's magic but not for knowledge, he still could learn the knowledge. 10. His fixed Mana Production is roughly 5% of his mana PER HOUR and will stop regenerating when full(to 65% of his mana(if you count the "paid" ones), or 100%(if you don't count the "paid" ones). This could be affected on how clear his mind, if he is getting that feeling of hungry/thirst/fatigue, there is a chance of significantly lowers this(in most cases) or 90% reduced when he got three of them in major condition. Also, when he doesn't eat/drink properly, he can't regenerate his mana well. (As for the suggestion, I say thanks) Both in previous and today's world, eating/drinking/sleeping is still became his own needs. But as for outfits, he could make it in a second or break it in a second as well. "House? What is a house?" he said. His mana is saved to say that he only has around 65% of his total mana in previous world to be play withBut that amount is still a huge amount of his, because his total mana is "many but not infinite". 5%/Hour means, 0,8%/Minute, 0,0013%/Second, even more than human standard the numbers is enough to do some magics and spells, and the amount of this mana regen(Tje current 5%/Hour) of his already been cut by his "Forever Youth" magic(-5%/Hour). His mana regen is kinda a little bit broken in numbers but pretty hell damn weak in percentage. Note: He can't use any op powers in carelessly in here, and magic limit already plays its part(below) 11. Magic limit, he has huge amount of mana, a huge amount of magic, but of course, all of that has its limits. He maybe could use all without usage limits, but he can't use more than certain type of magic in the same time or same minute in the worst case scenario. Since he always use his body enhancement, concealing magic, five clones, and also cut by his regeneration magic with another fact of him being using only maximum 75% or to be precise only 65%(some are used for his daily life magics). This nerf actually only allows him 10 magics at one time, but since he is not ordinary human with not-ordinary magics, he could do until 15 magics at the same time or minute, with the assumption that is not the High-grade or OP ones. He only could do the OP ones 2 or maximum 5 times in an hour(in a fight, this is incredibly disadvantageous), using them 5 times in the same hour will make him on mana stagnant condition for few seconds(already deducted with his regeneration, eternal youth, and immortality). This nerf is happened on him since day one in this world but not in his previous world. 12. The clones will feel what the host feel, but they can't make the host change his feels Example: if he is hungry, the clones will be hungry, but clones can't satisfy the host's hunger. 13. Yes, he is immune to some diseases but in the case he got sick, his mana regeneration will also drop, depends on how severe the disease is. 14. His mana is his energy, he needs to use that for all of his magics and he needs to keep fulfil his own basic needs to sustain his mana regeneration. His mana Regeneration will keep being at the fixed count as long as he is at much doesn't get severe hunger/thirst/fatigue. The amount mana use is equal to energy that he used to do something. If he didn't managed to fulfil his hunger/thirst/fatigue, his mana regen will be depleted significantly (50-90%, depends on severeness of ,his condition. Although his forever youth cap and his regeneration cap(Combined) is still filled), the severness meter: (Slightly Severe Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue, one of them at least) 50% Mana Regen Reduction: Can't use some high-level magics anymore, and can't do heavy things (Severe Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue, two of them at least) 75% Mana Regen Reduction: Can't use some medium level magics anymore, and only can do normal things. (Severe Hunger, Thirst, and Fatigue) 90% Mana Regen Reduction: Can't use any magic anymore(Reserved for his Forever Youth and Regeneration, Prioritizes Forever Youth in any cases of he can't make a regeneration magic), maybe still can do some "soft" things and basic human things, but no more than running. His Mana Regen is still fulfiling his own Forever Youth and Regeneration(These two magics will remain active in all situations) List of his daily life magics: 1. Regeneration 2. Shadow Clones, usually he will dispatch 5 clones to find something for him, but this only applied on first few days, so he doesn't use the clones anymore. Unless he is forced to, so this is the former 3. Concealment(100% concealed): Unless by some "high-class" creatures(in terms of power), he is completely look like and seems like also feels like he is a normal human(he will always use this, more than Shinchou Yuusha's Seiya does) 4. Enhancement(Especially his eye and also affects his whole body), concealed but yeah at least he could do one-hit-disable, remember he is a non-lethal person, he won't kill anybody with his power. (Forever/Everlasting Youth price and his Immortality is already cut from this list) Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): None maybe, remember, he is an almost aphathetic person, even to himself. "Just leave me alone." he said Hobbies and Interests: Sleeping, adventuring alone, or maybe he just interested in playing with his magics but not in a place where people could notice. He loves doing anything alone and the only thing he cares is if he wants to sell some jewelries that he make by his own magic. His Jewelry are in 100% purity and 100% real. Note: Don't expect to get this just by having sex with him, he won't give if you don't pay in money. He only accepts money as the form of payment to his jewelry sale. Personal Sexual Information (This whole part is optional) Sexual Orientation: HETEROSEXUAL(Unchangeable) Turn ons: When he is a dominator in the play, big breasted girls and big assed girls(Prioritizes Breasts) but they also must be a beautiful ones Turn offs: When he is a submissive one in the play, "traps", and non-straight, he also doesn't interested to the "Flat-Ones" Penis Length: -Turned Off: 15 Inch(Could be more) -Turned On: 18 Inch(Could be more) -Penis Width: 5 Inch(Could be more) Sensitivity: Not that sensitive, needs extra effort to make him "turned on" Additional Sexual Information: His sexual stamina without magic is enough to conquer at least 100 women non-stop in a single night. His sperm amount is high and potent, but he usually will use his magic to make his sperm not potent(So don't worry on pregnancy, he won't make you pregnant if he doesn't want too). He is a dominator type of person when it comes to having sex. In sex, he never uses any and will not use any of his magic, except clones in a certain situation needed. (End of Optional part. The rest of the form is required unless stated otherwise.) History: He hasn't any special history, no special thing that makes you want to hear from him. He only someone who manages to learn all magic. Awards/Commendations: None, maybe he already learn all magic and has a huge amount of highest quality mana? Making a friend will also said as awards for him. Criminal Record: None, he doesn't interested in crimes Bio: "I'm just an ordinary human with lots of magic and blessed on my mana." That's his catch phrase when he done with his fighting and just seems like a normal person, regardless of his magics. He doesn't have any special things in his life, he only learn like a normal kid, read like a normal kid, live a life of normal person. Except since his first age, he took interest on magic books and things which he could read and learn it well but of course, baby steps, he needs a full year to learn the 7 basic element magic and telekinesis, and he also learn a lots of martial arts since five. His clones is also helping him on gathering knowledge, but he could only summon five clones at that time. His main weakness of that moment was his absolutely low quality and low quantity amount of mana, but just having the lowest ones will be considered as a gifted person. Knowing that, he aspires to cultivate his magic with his main body while the clones are learning any sorts of language, magic, martial arts, and real life skills. The clones inherit his analyzing and learning skills that is well-trained to master to the highest degree some of them in matter of months. His mana cultivation was suprisingly quick and his mana quality and quantity sky rocketed in few recent years. One day, he is reach the maximum amount of mana that a normal superhuman could get and he wants a thing name eternity and forever youth, he managed to get it with a huge price. A Quarter of his total mana is taken for his "immortality" and to keep him young, he needs to pay a certain amount of his mana per certain amount of time as the payment. Knowing this, he couldn't do an armageddon spell just for his sastifaction or a million clones just to sastify his needs. His learning skills is what makes him could do all of this, his learning skill is improve by the time goes on, he could memorize a whole book when he is a university student. But, he just play as a "ordinary person" to fool people and think that he is not that special. His university score is a B-, but he fooled many people including the rector. He is a person who has the potential to get out from the university with magna cum laude but he decides to not to do so just to lay low. About his life? Don't worry he will survive with his magic. His analyzing skills is also a huge factor of why he could learn everything on one sight, he doesn't magically gifted at that part, it was full of his hard work to learn so many types of magic and things in one year. Learning magic is only done by 1 out of 1 billion people in this world and 1 person only wishes to learn 1 magic, except for him. In his world, if you are blessed with mana and magic, better to learn it but keep your head down at all times for your own safety. You can't just freely use your power for your pleasure and show-off here. People scorn those haughty people. His... ehem.... is also one of the biggest or maybe the biggest until a point that sex-thirsty wives wants him but his another level of apathy makes him don't do that to them. Few times ago, he just got a paper that sends him to another world, the "Utopian Curse" as the name of that world says and locked in there. His clones were misteriously missing when he is sent to that world. He can't use his flying or teleporation magic just to escape the island no matter how hard he tries. The more the effort, the harder to escape. It makes an apathetic person like him found no point to escape in this world and enjoy what this world offers. "Hmmm.... Instead of escaping, maybe I just lay here for a while" he says. (This OC is a Ecchi counterpart of my "The Magus" OC in some RP) Is this char God Mod? Nope, he is a human but he could be killed by human ways to die except death of time, poison, disease, and such. He is only harder to kill, but he maybe can be unguarded when sleep and if you could thurst to his heart and brain at the same time, he will be dead. Few notes: 1 I repeat this again, His Immortality is not absolute 2. His mana is not infinite only has a huge amount of the good ones, even the highest he doesn't have many of them 3. Shot, stab, burn, slash, freeze, sunk, lack of oxygen, and else could kill him in the right amount, how about throwing him to the volcano on his sleep, guarantee death on him, trust me 4. He can't do whatever he pleases and he has his own limits 5. He is a passive aggresive and he is a non-lethal person, also an ignorant and apathetic one, so don't expect to see him one hit killing, only one hit disabling for a while. He doesn't into killing and violence 6. He can survive without eating but imagine that his mentality is disturbed by the feel of hunger, same as his thirst and fatigue
  8. Neptune

    Talrin Eldyrannth

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Federal Council of Citizen Records (FCCR) ACTIVE RECORD Name: He was born with the name Talrin Eldyrannth. However in this roleplay he will utilise two other names. Talarin, which is the name of his War Form, and Talor which is his Mako’demerian name although his Mako’demeri form will sometimes go by the name of Talarkor, especially if he is getting into a fight. Age/Date of Birth: He was born in the Earth year 1200AD. As for his age; he has long since ceased caring about that. Gender: Kae. Religion: The Order of the ExoSinian Eldyr Species: Eldyrannth Origin: City of Vorserend, Craethiel Kingdom, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy. Nationality: Eldyrannthian. Speciality: He is a good leader to those under him. He has extensive survival training, and is a talented healer with a speciality in genetics but he knows a lot about old healing techniques as well as herbs and other such medicines. He is also a decorated war veteran, having fought in many wars thus he is a fully trained soldier. He’s good with animals and has quite the green thumb with extensive botany training. Universe: EPSI Federation RP Time Taken: Epsian year 6666 Physical Appearance Height: 8’6” Weight: 166lbs Eye Colour: On a passing glance, black. However if one looks closer, they can see a dark purple haze to them. Hair Colour: Black, that can sometimes have a slight purple sheen in the right light. He has blond streaks in his hair, but these are completely natural and are not artificial highlights. Physical Description: I will put a physical description of all three forms that may be seen with this character. Talrin, his Normal Eldyrannth form (In main picture): Talrin holds the record, along with his son Temaelrin of being the tallest Eldyrannth to ever be born. This is part due to the fact that he is a King-type Eldyrannth, who are naturally taller than other Eldyrannth men, on average a foot taller. He is quite slender, and well muscled to give him a very fit, and strong appearance. Due to the fact that is is a Kae, he has proportionally wider hips than males, which gives him a slightly curvy appearance. He has quite an effeminate face, with well formed eyebrows, slightly slanted eyes which are black in colour with a purple haze. His nose, as typical of the Royal Family, has the signature flick at the end, and he has well shaped shaped lips that complete the effeminate look. His hair is black in colour, although there are numerous natural blonde highlights, with a slightly messy look. Most of it is relatively short, coming down to roughly below his ear, and there are some longer parts that curl about his shoulders. Talrin suffers from the 'Trap Paradox' which is where, when he makes no changes in his appearance and dresses in feminine clothing he looks hyper masculine. When he's dressed in masculine clothes, however, he looks so feminine it would even put Kaylarvara to shame. Due to a genetically engineered strawberry that he eats often, he gives off the smell of strawberries, especially when he sweats. Like with all Eldyrannth, Talrin has an Eldyr form. It's a western style dragon, with three sets of limbs; the front legs, the wings and hind legs. He has hard scales that cover most of his body although there are some softer scales on his under-belly especially where a lot of movement takes place. His wings are large, at least four times the length of his entire body, and are made from delicate looking wing membrane connected to the 'fingers' of the limb. He has a tail, that makes up for at least half of his body length which ends with what appears to be singular spine, with the central part being solid while the two outside looks to be layered scales. However, Talrin can expand the two central parts to convert his tail into a deadly weapon. The parts that appear to be layered scales, expand to form two blades, on each side, that are actually very sharp. The two blades can also be made into a singular blade that is just as sharp, but stronger. Even when the blades are still retracted, the tail can be used as a sharp weapon, as well as a battering club. He has spikes that run down from his head, along his spine and tail. He has two large horns that grow back with a slight but majestic curve as they sweep back however at the end they flick back up. There are also two smaller pairs horns, making four, beneath that, but they are comparatively tiny and rather straight. He also has a range of tiny spikes on his eye-ridge that is just above his eyes. His scales are a very deep black in colour, and don't tend to sparkle like other Eldyrannth. Instead, it seems to glitter with a liquid brilliance which gives him an almost sinister appearance. Unlike other Eldyrannth, though, he is not made up of a single colour. Like with other King-types, his wing membrane, tail fin, spikes, horns and talon claws are Neutronium purple in colour which is an intense and dark colour of purple. His eyes are black, with a purple haze. Due to the fact that he can enlarge and shrink, his Eldyr form size is relatively meaningless. He can be as small as ten centimetres, to as long as several hundred metres in length. Proportionally, he remains the same, so his wing size will always be in line with his body size. Talarin, his War Eldyrannth form: Physically, he looks a little similar to Talrin however there are subtle differences in the shape of his face and facial features. He looks like an identical twin to his son’s Temaelrin, War form. Like in his normal form, he is very tall standing at over eight feet tall. And like in his normal form, he has a slender, but muscular build although like both his normal form and Temporin, he is a lot stronger than he appears. Due to the fact that is is a Kae, his hips are proportionally wider than that of a male which gives him a slightly curvy figure. Like in his normal form, his legs are quite long, allowing for a long stride and is partially the cause for his tall height. His face is quite slender, like Temporin's and his eyes and eyebrows are shaped similar to his son's war form as well which gives him a very intense look, especially with his black eyes with the purple haze. His nose, mouth and chin however were more similar to that of his father's war form although the Royal flick is not as pronounced in his war form. Gone are the golden streaks that is common in his normal form, and instead his hair is pitch black. He also has it longer than his normal form, to mid-back, sometimes longer if he feels like it. It does have a slightly messy look to it, with pieces of his hair flicking out but for the most part it keeps straight. He ties it up, out of his face, with the use of a purple coloured cloth. His name comes from the Xenovity'ra word; Talark'aar. Talark means 'Dark Star' and the "'aar" contextualises the word to mean 'Bringer of the Dark Star'. Talrin named his war form Talarin as it rather suited him. However he is the very origin of the word, due to his involvement in the Zantenadaar’ra War which he does not realise until much later. War Eldyr Form: Talarin's war Eldyr form is quite different from his normal Eldyr form. He seems to be much larger, and much more muscular. So much so that it is actually clearly visible. His scales are not the same reflective scales that his normal Eldyr form has. Instead, they seem duller and more like Zeta scales however they are just as hard, if not harder, than Eldyr scales. In fact they are similar to Temael'ontarrs cellular scales (A Zeta Clan Leader). His chest is very deep, giving him the ability to let out a rallying roar that can be heard hundreds of miles away, allowing him to call Eldyrannth to him for defense, or to attack. His front legs, seem shorter than his back ones, however they're relatively the same size. They only look smaller due to the deeper chest. While his scales are primarily black in colour, he has overlapping plated scales that run from the front of his neck, down onto his chest to go down his stomach to the underside of his tail. These scales are a Neutronium purple in colour, and actually completely remove the weakness of the underbelly as, in his normal Eldyr form, the scales are a lot softer. Not for his War Eldyr form, as these plates are much harder and overlap to produce a flexible but almost impenetrable layer. From the underside of his head, down to the chest is a set of long fin-like appendages which makes his chest appear even deeper and adds to the bulkier appearance. On his shoulder, he has more overlapping scale plates, black in colour, which are designed to protect the vulnerable wing shoulder joint. The main arm of the wing is very muscular, indicating the power within those wings. The joint of the wing has a long, black claw that emerges from it which has a dark purple sheen to it. Wrapped around the finger, just behind the claw is a silver coloured ring. This claw, the the 'finger' that it is attached to, is fully prehensile and he can use it to grip and move things which means that he can fully utilise his wings as a second set of arms. The other fingers of the wing are not usable past their function of being part of the wing, and help the wing move and flex to enable flight. The first set of fingers, near the end has two rings that wrap around it. All the fingers end in very sharp claws which can easily slash and injure foes. The membrane between the wings is dark purple in colour. Unlike his normal Eldyr form, though, the back of the wings is covered in black, tough scales which are there to protect the wings from damage as they are considered one of the most vulnerable spots on the Eldyr form. His head in this form is less triangular than in his normal Eldyr form. It seems a bit more rectangular in shape. The bones are more dense, and a lot more reinforced than in his normal form. His eyes are, naturally, black in colour with a purple haze. His mouth is also not as uniform, and seemed to curve upwards in a jagged line to just in front of, and below, the eyes. Mid-way are several teeth that are visible even when the mouth is closed. Three of them emerge down from the upper lip, while one emerges from the bottom. Emerging from the top of his nose, is a very thick and tough looking horn that is almost as long as his muzzle. Two crisscrossing silvery rings wrap around the bottom of the horn, and one is wrapped around near the tip of it. On his chin, he has a rather unusual looking 'beard' that grows downwards, made from a mixture of white and black hair. This gives him a very 'old' appearance, although it would be a mistake to think that he is old and decrepit. Along the underside of his jaw, he has a row of small black spikes that go back to the back of the jaw which leads into more Neutronium purple fins. Two of the spikes that run along the jaw, have more silver rings on them and a couple of the fin spikes also possess rings. Going upwards, are two very long black horns that emerge from the top of his head, growing backwards before flicking upwards. The left horn has a piece of metal that is wrapped around it, like a multiple layered ring. Sitting just before these spikes, are two more that grow slightly back but curve very slightly backwards but they do not grow as long as the main horns. The left horn has two silver rings wrapped around it, near the base. Starting from between the two horns, and growing back down the neck, black and across the top of the tail, are more Neutronium purple fins. The material of all the fins is a very tough, hide-like material that is difficult to puncture. The fins running along their back also prevents anyone from being able to ride him without specialist equipment or the use of sticky hands. At the very end of the tail, he has a very deadly weapon at his disposal. While it is mainly black, it has a silvery sheen to it, suggesting that it is partially comprised of metal. It is a long spike, with a sharp pointed tip at the end. There is also another tip closer to the tail, where it leads into the tail blade. It curves upwards and back, and there is also a sharp hook underneath the blade which gives the entire appendage multiple uses. The legs are very muscular looking, which the front ones leading into hands which possess three fingers and a thumb. These hands are more designed for grabbing attacks, rather than fine movement. The claws are black, with a dark purple sheen to them. They are proportionally extremely long and deadly. They could easily pierce metal, and crush rock within their grip. On the left hand, on the smallest finger, there are two silver rings. Not only that but there are two small hoop rings attached to spikes that emerge from the elbow. On the right hand, Talarin has two more silvery metal rings wrapped around his wrist. The back legs, lead into the back feet of his War Eldyr form. Again they have three main toes with the middle being the longest. The claws are, again, black with a purple sheen. However on the inside of the feet, there is another toe where the claw is curved backwards which can be used to pierce and pull at enemies or objects. On the top of each foot, the scales are thicker and more ridged to afford more protection. Around the ankle of the left foot, is a very thick silvery ring. On the right foot, on the very inner toe, and the toe closest to it, both of them have two rings wrapped around them. The last thing of note about this Eldyr form is that he has glyphs that appear on his shoulder, beneath the scales that protect the shoulder joint. They glow blue, and spell out in Ancient Eldyrannth’rarian ‘Talarin’. Talor, his Mako’demerian form (Or Talarkor when on the warpath). Also known by the title of The Dark Star Wolf: Talor is a tall, good looking Mako'demeri male. His fur is primarily black in colour, and he is heavily muscled to give a very strong appearance. Due to the way his chest is muscled, he has a well toned stomach and a trim waist that go onto his muscular thighs of his digigrade legs. He back paws have long, very sharp claws, and with his muscles, he could deliver a very powerful kick to opponents. He has the usual five digit hands, with long black claws on his fingers. His tail is quite long, and very fluffy in appearance, which is unusual for a Mako. Another very unusual feature is that his ears are extremely long and sweep back, almost like an Eldyrannth's. This is due to the fact that the genes that make up his Mako form has distant Eldyrannth ancestry that has caused this feature to appear. It actually allows Talor better control over directional hearing and he has better hearing than most Mako’s. There are a couple of bits that look to have been torn out, however neither indent has a ragged appearance. At the and of each ear, are usually three silver earrings. His hair is very messy looking, and actually comes down to his waist, with some of it framing his neck almost like a mane. He has a very masculine looking face, with a pitch black nose and black eyes, with a tuft of fur at the end of his jawline. The irises of his eyes are a deep purple in colour. The whites of his eyes however are pitch black, like his fur, thus making it hard for people to tell the difference between his eyes and fur. His natural Mako cock is completely black, indicating that he is in fact a black Mako. His balls are very large, and heavy looking, and he has some fur above his cock much like pubic hair. His fur has a number of very interesting qualities. Even though he is black in colour, there are some parts of him that are a shade lighter, giving him an interesting pattern on the front of his torso and his arms, as well as around his eyes indicating that he is a Xandaar Mako. Another interesting quality is its ability to camouflage him. When he is in shadows, with no light source nearby, he becomes completely invisible to the naked eye. This gives him a great advantage, especially when hunting at night. But even though people cannot see him, they can still hear and smell him. His fur is so dark, that even vantablack looks light compared to it. Thus when people look at him, they can’t see any definition and he appears almost 2D to others. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Talrin can be a very hard man to figure out, mainly because he does not offer much information about himself, especially to strangers. He is a very quiet individual, and does not talk much unless it’s needed. He is someone that cannot stand small talk, and will always choose to be silent than continue a meaningless conversation. One of Talrin’s most unique qualities, is the fact that he has a smile that everyone finds pleasing and infectious, which is quite a stark contrast from his rather anti-social seeming behaviour. His smile is described as being very handsome, and suiting him. His grin even more so. They are described as being ‘full of life’ and ‘to touch their very soul’. His laugh is a perfect example of this. People find it extremely infectious, and it has a curious effect on any wildlife around him. Wildlife tends to go crazy, and make a racket and become excited. Sometimes, they would even approach him, without a shred of fear. His laugh is often described as the most beautiful laugh people have ever heard, and people often feel rather empty when he stops laughing. Talrin is a very calm person, that does not allow his emotions to rule him even in the most stressful of situations. He keeps a level head so that he can come up with a solution, better than if he was allowing his emotions to influence his decisions. He has an exceptional command of his emotions and even if he was in a towering fury, it would not be reflected in his mannerisms unless he’s in a fully blown rage. The only time when emotion can get the better of him, is a condition that is common among Eldyrannth, where they become angry enough that they produce a large amount of lactic acid in their bodies, which they cannot naturally break down which would sent him into a state of berserk where he cannot even tell friend from foe. But otherwise, he does not allow his emotions to get out of control and strictly controls his anger to try and prevent himself from going into a berserk state. Talrin is a very discreet man, who holds many secrets and does not give out information without reason. He will even keep secrets from himself, which has happened many times due to the fact that he has the ability to communicate with his past and future selves. However it has been demonstrated many times that his future-self holds secrets from himself, even allowing him to make mistakes in which to learn from. He also respects the privacy of others, unless the invasion is given over by consent, such as being his slave. He is someone that tends to work quietly in the background, and not draw much attention to himself. He usually watches, paying close attention, and being very aware of his environment. He is very slow to trust others and usually avoids questions about himself. He is very careful with his words, and often thinks before he acts. Talrin is an extremely patient man, and can easily play a very long-con game. He never really hurries with things, and takes his time to ensure that he does a proper job of it. For example, he took several thousand years to take down the Daedric King, and instill himself as the High King. Talrin is a very private person, and does not eagerly share information about himself and will not answer personal questions except to a very select few individuals. He doesn’t like personal information about him circling about as he really does not like people knowing much above his private life. Talrin is quite professional, and speaks with a strong command of language and is very articulate. He usually thinks carefully before saying something, as he doesn’t like messing up his words and he certainly doesn’t like explaining further. He is a very hard worker, and when he is given a task he will work tirelessly until it is done. When explaining something, or working with others, he will keep a very professional manner and when it comes to something he knows about, he will speak in a very knowledgeable way. He is a strong listener, and will often remain in the background and listen carefully. He dresses in a professional manner, especially when working or out and about. He will always keep his promises and his word, and will work hard to ensure that he does. As such, he will never make a promise that he knows he cannot keep. Talrin is quite proper in his manner, and rarely swears unless he is very surprised, or really trying to emphasise a point. He always keeps a tidy home, and he always keeps his workplace clean and well organised. He doesn’t like to make a scene, and he most certainly doesn’t like drawing negative attention to himself and he especially doesn’t like to do something that would humiliate or embarrass himself. He has quite good manners, and he doesn’t like looking like a mess when seen by others. Talrin is often considered as being very callous, because he seems to completely disregard others feelings when saying things. Often, he will condense an entire sentence to that of a single word. This has sometimes gotten him into trouble with others, because he will say something that seems very bad, when he actually means something else. Those close to him often know what he is talking about, but those that aren’t familiar with his mannerisms can quite often misunderstand what he meant, and become offended even though he genuinely did not intent to cause any offense. With him being an Eldyrannth, who exist as a Hive species linked telepathically together, only compounds this problem. Often, especially when in a dire situation, he can appear to be dismissive of peoples feelings as he wants to try and focus on the solution to their problem. This personality aspect proves quite useful in the field of medicine, as it allows him to put any personal disgust or sorrow aside, to continue working. Talrin is rather confident, especially when it comes to things that he is knowledgeable on. He will always step forwards to give his opinion, or to teach others what they are lacking, and that he knows and he can be quite assertive. He does not let anyone dominate him, or to make him feel intimidated. Even if it is with someone that technically outranks him, he will treat them more equally than outranking him. There are a few exceptions to this, such as some of his duplicates that serve others, but even so he still tends to be on equal footing rather than subservient unless it’s due to extreme circumstances. Due to his confidence, he takes criticism with dignity, and will strive to learn from his mistakes and rarely makes the same mistake twice. He isn’t often swayed easily by the opinions of others, and prefers to figure things out on his own rather than relying on others but he will ask for help if he knows he needs it. He is confident, not arrogant, especially as he will admit if he’s made a mistake, especially since he is very honest. He will not willingly lie to someone, although he might sometimes only give a little bit of the information and avoiding what he doesn’t want to be known, so that he can avoid having the lie about it. When giving his opinions, he will always be completely honest, even if it means that the receiver doesn’t like hearing what he has to say. He doesn’t like being accused of lying, or being dishonest, and will strive to prove otherwise. It is why he always keeps meticulous records of everything that he does, even going so far as to emulate his son, Temaelrin in having his tablet record everything that is going on around him, so that he can prove later that he didn’t do what he was being accused of. Despite the fact that Talrin doesn’t think that he is honourable, he does display some traits of being honourable. He will never lie to anyone, and will always be as honest as possible. He always keeps his promises and works hard to ensure that he doesn’t break it. He has quite a strong sense of ethics, even though it might not be entirely what people consider ‘good’. But, one of his well known codes, is that despite having the ability to give people Genetic Modifications, he doesn’t actively go out and give them to people. Instead, he waits for them to come to him. This is not something that he has ever budged on. Due to the circumstances in his life, Talrin has become very independent, and has learnt how to be completely self-reliant. Thus he’s well able to go off and do things alone, without really needing any help from anyone however he is not unwelcome of help. As mentioned before, he protects his privacy and doesn’t often talk about himself to others, often leaving it up to them to try and figure him out. He is quite introverted, which explains why he isn’t often found in social events. If he does attend one, he often wants to remove himself afterwards so that he can rest and recover from the strain of socialisation. There are only a few people that he can tolerate to being around when wanting to be alone. He doesn’t talk that often, and he loathes small talk. He tends to think a lot, as he is quite pensive, and will sometimes appear to just sit there silently staring off into space, but he is in fact deep within his thoughts. He enjoys peace and quiet, and always tries to ensure that he has somewhere like that, that he can retreat to. Even though he can work well in a team, he actually prefers to work alone with nobody to disturb him. To those that are close to him, especially his family, he is extremely loyal. He will do anything he can to ensure that they are safe. He has even gone as far as to bring down the old city of Vorserend, to ensure that the Eldyrannth, and his family, continued to live on, despite the detriment to himself, especially his mental state. Unless they were to do something very bad to him, with genuinely malicious intent, then he will remain steadfastly loyal. He is very protective of them, and will put himself in the way of danger to ensure that the ones he wants to protect, are safe and away from the danger. He can also be quite protective of the places that he considers ‘his’ such as his lab at Kaer Eldyr and does not take kindly to intruders. Due to events in his life, Talrin tends to be quite cynical. He doesn’t trust others easily, and one must work hard in order to gain it and even then, often when it seems like he trusts you, he doesn’t. As such, he tends to keep his emotions to himself, so that no one can tell what he is truly feeling. Due to the fact that is he pessimistic, he always prepares for things to end their worst, and makes arrangements if such a thing were to pass. While this can annoy other people when he seems to always see the worst in others, this has indeed saved his skin a number of times within the Daedra Realm. It is a habit to think up of the worst that could happen, and expecting failure, and it is a habit he is unlikely to break out of because this allows him to come up with contingency plans to any number of situations. Talrin is quite a perfectionist, and will accept nothing but perfect from those that work for him, those that serve him, and from himself. He is always doubt checking his work, and often prefers to work on it himself, so that he can oversee every aspect of it, so he can ensure that it goes perfectly. If someone else does the work, he will always double check everything to ensure that it is properly done. He also doesn’t tend to take praise, when he feels that he doesn’t deserve it, as he didn’t achieve his best and he didn’t achieve perfection. Talrin is quite a proud man, and he hates failure. While he accepts his mistakes and failures with dignity, it doesn’t stop him from feeling ashamed with himself. He works hard to ensure that it won’t happen again. His proudful nature is often why he doesn’t tend to take part in activities that will mean he will make a fool of himself, or shame himself. Or make a mess of himself, especially as he is very vain. He has put a lot of effort into his appearance, and he doesn’t tend to appreciate having it messed up. He doesn’t like going out, unless he’s at his best. Talrin even went so far as to find the best ingredients possible, to make himself his own shampoo and body wash so that he would always look his best. It also has the added advantage of ensuring that he smells his best, too. He wears neat clothing, and doesn’t tend to go for something that can be easily messed up. One trait that is somewhat well known about Talrin, is that he is very vindictive. For those that do him, and often his family, any wrongdoing, they find themselves on the bad side of Talrin. He will drag them down into the Daedra Realm and ensure that they are punished for their actions. Often, the punishment will end in only one way. Servitude. When it comes to his work, Talrin is very ambitious. He will strive towards the greater goal, and doesn’t tend to let anything get in the way of it. He thinks ahead, and plans to find the best way to achieve his goal and will often work with a single minded determination and he will do it in the most efficient way possible. He will break things down into smaller tasks and work on each one so that he can build them up into the much larger goal. He tends to get straight to the point, instead of beating around the bush, and he doesn’t tend to like wasting time and can become quite frustrated with those that keep wasting his time. He will save time, and money, wherever possible but not at the expense of his work. When it comes to his work, and sometimes in other aspects of his life, Talrin is quite analytical. He will learn everything he can about a subject, to expend his knowledge, and to give him a better understanding. He is very good at going through information that he has been given, and reason his way through using logic, to digest it and to give him an accurate representation of what he’s reading. When it comes to his work, Talrin is extremely focused, and complete devotes his attention to it to the point where he excludes all others. He will often ignore people when he is engrossed in his work, and he finds it irritating when he is pulled away from it. Like most in his family. Talrin is very intelligent. He is naturally very curious, and always seeking the answers to his questions. He uses logic and reasoning to help him find his way towards the answers, and does it in a quick and efficient manner. He is well spoken, and has a strong vocabulary along with a very aristocratic accent which makes him sound just as intelligent as he is. Due to the fact that he is usually very quiet, and tends to step back and study everything around him instead of diving headfirst, Talrin is quite observant, as well as perceptive. He tends to notice things that others miss, and is able to link things together in his mind about things unknown before. He observes a lot, and remembers a lot, too, as he is incredibly meticulous about it. This helps with the fact that he is studious, as it lets him pick up lots of facts that he can absorb and process. He likes to learn new things, and will strive to learn more than he previously did. He can become frustrated if answers are not forthcoming, however he isn’t easily dissuaded from trying to find the answers. One of Talrin’s biggest flaws is that he is a Workaholic. He will spend long hours at work, and will work himself to the point of exhaustion and he often tries to go beyond that. With no one keeping an eye on him, he will also forget to eat and drink as well, thus causing him to neglect himself in favour of his work. He will even neglect his own health, such as working even if he is sick, and if he’s too sick to work it becomes extremely frustrating for him. He doesn’t like being pulled away from what he’s doing, and will make it known that he isn’t happy about it. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Genetic Science: One of the things that Talrin has become very adept at, is Genetic Science. He can easily research and pull apart DNA and pinpoint what genes, do what function. Not only that, but he has devised methods of being able to manipulate the genes of an individual, through the use of exotic science. Shapeshifting ability: He has genetically altered his body to utilise one of his inventions; The Genetic Ark. This Ark allows him to store a lot of Genetic information, and even allows him to shapeshift into the genes that he chooses which is why he has a Mako’demerian form. His brain, however, remains purely Eldyrannth so that he can take advantage of its superior processing power, memory retention as well as his abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. He can also create new genetic strains with this Genetic Ark by stimulating reproduction between genes. Thus he can create an entirely new person if he so wishes. War Form: Like some Eldyrannth, Talrin has the ability to change into a War Form. This form is physically stronger, has faster reaction times, and does not hesitate in fighting opponents. His personality also has a marked change, where he will become more quiet and more observant like a predator stalking its prey. He will take no bullshit, and will be more aggressive in this form. When he is in his warform, he is not to be messed with. He will utilise his war form in order to defend those under his protection. Time, Space and Dimension: From his Daedra influence, Talrin has the ability to pull himself across the Timeline as well as hop from one Dimension to the other. He also has a unique understanding of each subject, only being rivalled by select individuals such as the man that came to be his father. He also has manipulation over Time, being able to slow it down, speed it up or seeming to freeze it. Eldyr form: As he is an Eldyrannth, he has a dragon form in which he can turn into. In fact, he has two versions of his Eldyr form. His Normal and War form. See physical description above. Like all other Eldyrannth on the island, he has the ability to be able to shrink himself down. At total length, he is 800 metres from snout to the tip of the tail, with a wingspan of 3200 metres. At his smallest, he can fit within the palm of your hand. Telepathy: As an Eldyrannth, Talrin is an extremely powerful telepath. He can handle the weight of tens of thousands of active minds. He can also communicate with people not of his species but the risk towards the non-Eldyrannth species is great. He can also bridge a non-telepathic mind into the mind of another (Either telepathic or not). But again, it is risky. Omnikinesis: For an Eldyrannth, he is exceptionally strong with telekinesis. He is able to shift weights that are many, many times his weight and his control is a lot more fine than what other Eldyrannth can even hope to achieve. He is also able to easily multi-task with his telekinesis, and manipulate many objects at once. He is able to manipulate objects on an atomic level as well as being able to manipulate energy. This allows him to completely destroy an object, by breaking it down into the individual atoms or by converting it to energy. He can also take energy and condense it into matter. Fly high and tolerate low oxygen levels in Eldyr form: Due to his one way breathing system (Like a bird), he is able to fly higher than other winged creatures as he is able to tolerate lower oxygen environments as he is able to extract oxygen more efficiently than beings with a two way breathing system (Like a human). Thus he can hold his breath for several hours before suffering the effects of oxygen deprivation. Scales: His scales are almost as hard as Neutronium, due to the Neutronium that he was bathed in which absorbed into his scales. He also had other elements such as Negatium to help counter the weight problems of the Neutronium. You would need a lot of energy to break through the scales. The scales are small and layered in such a way that allows him to move. The scales themselves are not flexible. These are pigmented and have a refractive quality that actually protects him against numerous environmental hazards such as radiation. Skeleton and Super-Human strength: Strengthened skeletal structure that has a high tensile strength and yet is nearly 20% lighter than a mammalian skeleton. In his tarunoid form (humanoid) he can lift about 4 times his weight and in his Eldyr form he can lift twice his weight. Inchor and healing: When he bleeds the scab forms a resin looking covering over the wound (like a tree). This is to protect the wound from infection. He can heal in nearly a fraction of the time of a human and this includes broken bones. The Inchor in his blood is broken down to Chor (What he uses for the fire. See Eldyrannth extra info for more detail) and stem cells. When in a battle and breathing fire a lot, his body goes into overdrive to produce more Chor. This in turn produces more stem cells for healing, and thus heals slightly faster. However this puts a huge tax on the bodies resources. Eldyrannth specific physiology: The Eldyrannth have a number of physiological differences between them and other species. They have two main forms, their tarunoid (humanoid) and their Eldyr (dragon) form. Most of the differences are outlined in the abilities such as the fire. They also have nano-hairs on their hands and feet that allow them to stick to numerous surfaces, and allow them to climb trees and mountains with ease. It is also how they bond to one another, as they excrete enzymes through these nano-hairs which get absorbed into the skin where the hand is stuck, which creates a bond between the parties. Due to the Inchor in their blood that breaks down into omnipotent stem cells, this gives them an amazing regenerative ability. They are even able to recover from extensive brain damage, or even regrow lost limbs. Fire: His body breaks down Inchor into stem cells and Chor. The stem cells go off to heal while the Chor reacts further to produce the flammable Gas of Chor. This is stored in a gland at the edge of the lungs, with tubes going up the throat to the top of the mouth. There is a small spark producer here, that ignites the gas to produce the flame. Inchor can he spat out alongside the gas, creating a lethal napalm effect. The vapour from the liquid is also a heavy irritant and any unprotected eyes can be affected. This is why when producing flame the Eldyrannth closes their second eyelid which they have in both forms. The second eyelid is used in both aquatic and aerial activities as it is transparent and still allows them to see. They can also spit out Inchor without igniting it to put a waterproof layer on something. However this is highly flammable. His fire has been improved by the Neutronium, as several atoms managed to get into his flame sacs. This makes the fire burn hotter. Not only that, but his fire is a dark purple in colour, rather than being the usual oranges, reds and yellows. Soul Manipulation: Talrin has the ability to manipulate the Souls of himself, and others in a variety of ways. He can split, merge, break apart, seal, create and destroy souls. He is also very capable of being able to heal damaged souls. This is one of his affinities, thus he is actually quite skilled with this. His soul is one that cannot be bound, sealed or manipulated due to its sheer strength (As he is a fifth incarnation of this Soul but this is unimportant to this plot). Soul Seer: Talrin can see the Souls of others, and get an impression of their personality. He can also see the aura of an individual, and thus get an idea of their moral alignment as well as their current emotional state. He is even able to see wandering souls, such as ghost, and communicate with them. Life Manipulation: He has the ability to sense life forms around him, as well as manipulate life around him such as plants. He can also feel the life force from others, and can even replenish it in others. Animal magnetism: Animals, even predators, seem to find Talrin absolutely irresistible. They will always act friendly towards him and will even defend him from attack. Much to his irritation, they will do one thing that irritates him. Licking his face. Modular Voice Box: Talrin has a natural ability in his Eldyrannth form. He has a modular voice box which allows him to sing in ranges that would not be possible for an individual as masculine as he is. He can make himself sound as feminine as Talivana, or make his voice as deep as the likes of Barry White. Voice Acting, and Singing: Talrin is quite a skilled singer, as it’s one of his favourite pastimes, made easier on account of his voice. He’s also a very good voice actor and can speak with one of hundreds of accents. Normally, he has a rather aristocratic voice, similar to that of a very posh British accent, however he can drop that in an instant to adopt a Southern American accent. Again, this is very useful in regards to his singing as he can make it sound completely natural and thus he is able to sing a wider range of things. Linguist: Another of his hobbies is learning languages. He knows almost all languages on Earth, and a fair number of alien ones as well. If he adopts their accent, he can make himself seem like he came from Germany, Italy, America of even Africa. He is able to translate other languages on the fly due to the speed at which his brain processes it. He is also able to learn a language by listening to someone speak it, as well as reading their text. He has often been known to beat Universal Translators. Cooking: He’s quite good at cooking, but then he has spent a lot of time alone and it was one of the ways he could keep himself sane. But he rather enjoys making a meal from scratch and consuming it as he finds it strangely satisfying. But then he has always enjoyed a home cooked meal. Medical Skills: He is one of the Eldyrannth’s most accomplished Doctors that specialises in genetics although he is a good general doctor who was able to heal a wide range of issues from cuts and bruises to aggressive cancer. He was the very top of his field, and a Doctor that everyone went to due to his level of skill. On the island, due to the lack of technology, there are some problems that he will be unable to deal with. However he had extensive knowledge of old medicine and what plants and herbs would be useful. Mako abilities: Due to the intense darkness of his Mako fur, Talor becomes completely invisible in the dark. Not even those with good eyesight, or night vision can see him in the dark. He completely blends in with the shadows unless someone shines a light on him. Not only that, but he is able to actually place himself within shadows, including a persons shadow. When he is in the shadows, he can make his eyes and teeth appear, like when he is grinning, which is the only part of him someone would see. So they would see a shadow with purple eyes and a sinister grin. When he is in someone’s shadow, it will allow him to follow them around without notice. Unless of course he creates himself as a second shadow. Basically, he can ‘hook’ himself onto someone and become a shadow for them. Due to his long ears that allow him to direct them in most directions, he has exceptional hearing, able to hear most things that most Mako’s cannot which is extremely useful when he’s hunting. He also has good eyesight at night, able to see as well as he can during the day. This is because he needs to be able to see where he is going while moving through the darkness. Weaknesses: Energy requirements: Due to the energy required by many of his abilities, he has an absolutely insane metabolism. In order to use his abilities to the full, he requires at least six large meals a day with hearty snacks between them. This means that most of his stronger abilities like omnikinesis, soul and life manipulation and his daedric abilities are almost disabled. He will only use them in dire circumstances to avoid expending too much energy. If he uses his abilities too much, without keeping his body sated, it can lead to him losing weight, and compromising his immune system which will lead to him being more vulnerable to disease. Time and Dimension: He only uses these abilities due to his intimate knowledge of how they work. He knows that messing around with them too much will attract unholy creatures even by daedric standards, and can tear the fabric of the Universe. He will be very rarely utilising this ability. Absent Twin: Like all Eldyrannth with twins, Talrin can feel the absence of a twin most keenly. This is because Eldyrannth twins share an intense, close Soul-Bond with one another. If his twin were to be killed, it would feel as if half of himself was killed along with her. The experience is so traumatic that Talivana’s death would cause him to commit suicide. If he does overcome the shock and trauma, then he lives as a mere shadow of his former self. The absence of a twin can be emotionally taxing on an individual. Despite his experience of being separated from Talivana before, he will still be vulnerable to the disorientating feeling of not having her nearby. It can also make him feel an intense sense of loneliness that no one else can banish. Cold (In dragon form): When he is in his Eldyr form, he slows down in colder weather. This is due in part of his cold blood as he does require the sun to regulate his temperature and if he is too cold, he tends to slow down. Although due to the tropical weather of the island, this doesn’t present much of a problem. Inchor and the Crystals: In return for the large amount of power gained from using the powers (When he does use them), over time, the crystals power turns the Inchor into crystal itself from the exotic radiation that the crystals give off every time they are used. As Inchor is a constant presence in the blood, this essentially crystallises the blood. In the later stages of this illness, as the blood thickens and the crystals scratch them from the inside out, it can become very painful. If death does not occur soon, the victim can ask another to end their life to end the suffering. The more the Eldyrannth uses their crystals, the quicker the blood turns to crystal. They are also more susceptible to infections the further down the illness they are. Most hope that they die of a virus then the crystallisation of their blood. Telepathy: The Eldyrannth are a race that has a natural, telepathic, hive mind. This means that Talrin is an extremely powerful telepath and can hear a thousand voices at once while being able to handle them. With people not of his species, his mind can overwhelm other races, and they can become lost in his mind easily. He could, accidentally, destroy someone’s mind. When away from the hive mind for extended periods of time, it can give him the overwhelming feelings of isolation, and homesickness. Omnikinesis: While powerful, this ability has a number of downsides. The first being that it is very energy consuming on him. Thus he can only use it sparingly to avoid overtaxing himself and putting himself at risk. In order to use certain aspects of this ability, he needs to be well versed in sciences such as Quantum mechanics and chemistry. If he, say, creates something from energy then he needs to know an exact atomic pattern of said item. If he uses this ability too much, then he will cause a strain on his brain and cause potential fatal brain damage. Fire: He only has a limited amount of Inchor at one time and must wait for his body to produce more. Mako abilities: These abilities are only available in his Mako form. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To get off the island. Hobbies and Interests: By nature, Talrin is a Scientist and Healer. Thus he tends to spend much of his spare time involved in his studies which includes things like reading and experiments. When he is deeply involved, there is very little that can pull him away and he rarely eats and sleeps when in the middle of doing something. When not working on his projects, he often spends his time having sex (If someone is available), as he very much enjoys having sex. This is a very, very unknown fact about Talrin, and very few people know about this, but he actually rather likes to play on string instruments, like a violin and he is also a very talented singer and will often sing to himself when working or thinking. He is also quite good at painting, but lacks the resources to do so while on this island. He likes growing his own plants, especially his favourite fruit; strawberries. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Alieapansexual. Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially if it results in pregnancy. He loves making someone suffering during sex which can mean causing them pain and humiliating them. He does this in a wide variety of ways that are just too many to list here. He can be very sadistic. This can include raping someone, and not just rape-play either. This is due to his Dark Desire which he cannot help however this desire can be satisfied by those that are with him on the island, so most other people outside of the Eldyrannth do not need to worry about it. Any of the Epsian Species. He loves having when with them due to their attitudes towards sex. Sluts, whores and those with a free attitude towards sex. He loves having sex with a freshly filled pussy, and loves filling a pussy that is to be fucked by another cock. Making love to someone in front of their loved ones, either consensual or willing with the partner. Due to his turn on with sluts, he likes it when someone he loves has sex with another person, especially if it results in a cum filled hole. He also likes it when they become pregnant from someone else, as that it the ultimate level of a slut. Sexually corrupting someone who is known to be a very sweet, innocent individual who is a well known prude. Especially if it turns them into a completely deprived slut. Having sex with someone who is cheating on their monogamous partner for him. Fucking someone deep and hard. Having sex with someone he doesn’t love, or even know. Turn offs: Gore and Vore. Necrophilia, scat and water sports. Being forced to be the submissive in the relationship/sex. Succubi and Incubi are instant turn offs for him. He finds them plain, boring and predictable. Penis Length: 20” in both of his Eldyrannth forms. 18” in his Mako’demerian form. Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Extremely sensitive in his Eldyrannth form. Average in his Mako’demerian form. Additional Sexual Information: Running along the bottom of the penis is a spine that makes several hard protrusion along the lower part of the cock that the Eldyrannth can make pulsate at will. This usually makes it feel like he is coming inside of a partner, and it can sometimes be so powerful that it feels like his entire dick is vibrating inside of then. It is a biological trick that he, as a Kae Eldyrannth, uses to trick an Eldyrannth that can have children, into heat and to drive them wild in mating lust. The head is also rather large and is slightly pointed so that it is easier to get the penis into the female vagina. Ringed behind the head of the dick like the ribs of a spine, going down to about mid-shaft while getting smaller each time, is a ring of hard flesh that pulsates much like their shaft. Each ring wraps around the entire shaft to the spine that runs along the underside of the penis. Due to the fact that Talrin has a Dual cardiovascular system, these vibrations can become so intense that they are clearly audible. Talrin, along with his Mako form, has a quick recovery rate and thus he can have several orgasms in one sex session. As a Kae, he actually has the capability of becoming pregnant through anal sex to produce a clutch of eggs, which is how Eldyrannth produce their young. As a King-type Kae, he is able to be both extremely masculine, and extremely feminine. When being the giving partner, he is far more dominating and masculine. However as a receiving partner, it is quite the opposite. Due to how sensitive his arse, he will moan loudly and in such a feminine manner it puts an actual female to shame. However he is very selective about those that he lets fuck him and doesn’t let anyone that is isn’t comfortable with, see him like that. At this moment in time, he has all reproduction at an absolute minimum. In his Mako form, he has a completely different shape to his cock. It is long, and canine like. It has a pointed tip, allowing him to easily penetrate a sexual partner. Talor is slightly different from other Mako’s though. Most Mako’s have a single knot at the base of their cock that swells upon orgasm. Talor, however, has two. A double knot. The second one doesn’t swell as much as the first, but it still swells quite a bit. The knot helps trap his cock inside of his partner and it will remain that way until he has a secondary orgasm or waits for it to die down. The pointed tip of his cock also swells upon orgasm, mainly because the pointed tip is used to penetrate the cervix of a womb. The swelling helps trap the head of his cock inside of their womb allowing him to cum directly into their womb. STD History: Quite extensive, but then he has had so many sexual partners he has lost count. But he is currently clean. Extra Information Father: Prince Kayrin Eldyrannth (Biological father) and King Temaelrin Eldyrannth (Adoptive Father) Mother: Queen Jyravana Eldyrannth. Siblings: Grand Queen Talivana Eldyrannth (Twin sister) Grandparents: Queen Kaliavana Eldyrannth and King Xharin Eldyrannth. Children: Kaylarvara, Wolfrin, Kitrin, Dezrin, Siori (In her Eldyrannth form which will not be present in this RP), Raelarvana, Dizzie (Adoptive son/grandson) and Rassai (Adoptive son) Grand-children: Tripprin. Pet: He has an Aymar companion by the name of Wincohr (Win-core). He is usually on Talrin’s person at all times, often hiding as a piece of jewelry such as a ring, or bracelet. He sometimes changes up the location as to where he is hiding. He is sometimes called Wincohrin if he has shapeshifted into an Eldyrannth (See NPC file for more information). Additional information: Talrin will often indulge in drugs such as cannabis as he rather enjoys the feeling of being high. He will not indulge as much in other drugs, not unless he knows he has some control over the situation. It is why he doesn’t particularly like being drunk, as he hates the fact that he loses control of his emotions and inhibitions. However he does sometimes indulge himself, especially if there is someone he trusts nearby to keep an eye on him. He also prefers someone doing it with him. He seems to have an addiction to the consumption of strawberries, as it is his favourite fruit. History Awards/Commendations: Talrin is a very heavily decorated war veteran, with many medals. Most of which I will not bother listing here because it would be an exceptionally long list, plus most of the medals have no use here on the island. Dragonclaws Zeta’s Heart Medal: This is the highest regarded award in Zeta Society, only given to a very rare few and it is even rarer to be awarded to a non-Zeta. It gives Talrin full privileges of being a Zeta citizen. Zeta’s only give this award to those they consider the most honourable. The award is handmade by the giver from complete scratch. As in they will go mine, and refine the materials themselves using ancient techniques, as well as cut the gems and cut them with their own hands. It can take years to make a single medal. Herculaerin White Heart: An award given to those that have done a great deed for the Eldyrannth. He received this for his efforts in saving the Eldyrannth from the Daedra. Herculaerin White Heart: Awarded for his actions in the Zentenadaar’ra War. Herculaerin White Heart: Awarded for fixing the damage done to the Eldyrannth by a figure known as W M. Eldyrannth Medal of Knowledge: His first medal was received when he was five-hundred years of age for his advancements on medical technology, especially in the area of genetics. Eldyrannth Medal of Knowledge: Later given for even further breakthroughs of Medical Science, especially Genetics. Criminal Record: He was cleared of all charges relating to the attempted genocide of the Eldyrannth. But otherwise it is relatively clean. Medical Record: Crystallisation Stage: 0 Crystal Clot: When he returned to the Eldyrannth, he had to undergo brain surgery to remove a crystal clot that had lodged itself in the main artery leading into the brain. At some point, it had cut through the artery wall and plugged it up, causing the artery to heal around it. He had to have it removed before his crystallisation stage could be fixed using Royal Wine. Refusal to enter Aelacinor: When Eldyrannth grow older, they enter a state called Aelacinor where they enter their Eldyr form and find a place to hide away. They then spend centuries ‘walking their minds’, reliving their life and coming up with new ideas that previously escaped them. For a long time, Talrin had been holding off on this state and it caused numerous problems such as memory retention problems, causing him to forget where he is and what he was doing. Eventually, he slipped into this state using a duplicate. PTSD: Due to the fact that he is a combat veteran of numerous wars, including one that lasted tens of thousands of years, he has had to recover from extremely severe PTSD. While he has seemed to have recovered from it, he does have the occasional nightmare or flashback. Bio: Talrin is an Eldyrannth from the long lost Kingdom of Craethiel. Indeed, he was born in the City of Vorserend, the destroyed City of the Eldyrannth which no longer exists. He was born to the then-current Queen; Jyravana. He and his sister were born at exactly the same time, coming out of their mother clutching one another. For the first few years of his life, Talrin’s father was completely absent from the family home, an absence that caused a lot of anguish to the young Talrin. Due to his gender, Talrin had a lot of problems from an early age that only his father could answer. However Kayrin absolutely refused, and stayed away from the family home. This caused Talrin to act up a lot with his mother which began to cause relationship problems between him and Jyravana. Talrin often went off on his own, sometimes finding himself in Temporin’s Clock Shop. Talrin loved to come by and watch the clock pendulums, as he found them relaxing. He also became good friends with the shop owner, Temporin, and his assistant, Wolfrin. In fact, Talrin would sometimes gather up mint plants to trade with Temporin, in exchange for strawberries which was Talrin’s favourite fruit. When he was four years old, his life began to change for the better. It started off with an incident where he had lied to his mother and as punishment, she had spanked him. Due to the fact that his arse is extremely sensitive, it caused him to moan as it caused sexual pleasure. When his mother realised, she stopped immediately but Talrin was too humiliated to speak to her anymore. In her desperate attempt to make things right for her son, Jyravana went to Temporin and begged for his help. Temporin suggested that she take him to a child therapist to find out what was wrong. She agreed, but asked him to convince Talrin to go. She knew that if she tricked him, he would never trust her again and she would just be making things worse. And right now, he didn’t want to listen to her. Temporin agreed, and went back with her to the Palace and explained to Talrin that his mother wanted to take him to see a therapist because they knew that there was something not right, especially because Kayrin’s absence was clearly having an affect on him. Reluctantly, Talrin agreed and several days later Jyravana and Temporin took him to see Gaerin, the Child Psychologist. After speaking to Talrin, Gaerin concluded that Kayrin’s absence was having a definite impact on Talrin’s mental health. However luckily for Talrin, his mother had attached herself to Temporin who was acting in Kayrin’s stead in looking after Talrin and his twin sister. The psychologist also did a few other tests, and concluded that Talrin was the most intelligent child born thus far, exceeding everyone else he had tested. But, Talrin also had the Eldyrannth version of Autism, which caused several social problems. And yet at the same time, it boosted his intelligence and ability to absorb information. Since that day, Temporin moved into the Palace with his adoptive son, called Leametrin who had become Talrin’s friend. And through becoming friends with Leametrin, Talrin also became friends with another of his classmates; Sargrin. With Temporin acting as his father, Talrin’s behaviour began to improve and he was becoming happier overall. Unknown to the adults through, he and Leametrin had begun to ‘play’ with each other, as Talrin was becoming sexually aware at such a young age. It was a problem with the Royal Family, where the children were becoming sexual far too young, in part due to the rampant incest that went on as they mainly bred within the family. Talrin knew fully what he was doing, as he was incredibly intelligent, and mature. Almost like an adult in a child’s body. The next significant moment in his childhood was his sixth birthday. The day did not start out well for him. His father, Kayrin, finally returned home. However Kayrin completely scorned and spurred Talrin. Kayrin took Talivana, and her friend out shopping while leaving Talrin at home crying in the foyer. Jyravana, angered by Kayrin’s attitude towards their son, told Talrin that she and Temporin would stay with him and that they would have their own private party with Leametrin, along with Talrin’s baby sister, Makovana. Throughout the day, Talrin cheered up and found himself having fun being with his little family. But then Kayrin returned home with Talivana and her friend. While his sister and her friend went off to put their shopping away, Kayrin came into the conservatory and began throwing his weight around, telling Jyravana and Talrin to come away from Temporin. Talrin absolutely refused, telling Kayrin to go away. He then made the mistake of calling Temporin father, instead of Kayrin. This made Kayrin become extremely angry, and he grabbed Talrin up, locking him under his arm. Talrin tried to get away, while Jyravana was screaming at Kayrin to let him go however Kayrin was too angry to listen. He had entered a state of Eldyr rage, and thus nothing was going to be able to get through to him. He dragged Talrin into the kitchen and proceeded to try and wash his mouth out with soap but Talrin, in his own rage, actually ate the soap. This did cause Kayrin to pause in confusion as Talrin started shouting at him, calling him by name instead of ‘father’. Leametrin then came and tried to pull Talrin out from Kayrin’s grasp, however the bigger and stronger adult threw Leametrin across the room and actually killed him. Luckily, for both of them, Leametrin had a regenerative ability that allowed him to come back to life. But then Temporin stepped in, forcing Kayrin to hand over Talrin. Temporin then told him, along with the rest of the family, to go into the living room which Jyravana did not hesitate in doing. While in the living room, they heard signs of fighting, but none of them could see what was going on. Jyravana fussed over Talrin and looked to see if he was alright. That incident taught Talrin that his mother was on his side, not Kayrin’s. That caused Talrin to actually begin to trust and love his mother like he had never done so before. Temporin then came into the living room, telling them that he had chased Kayrin off back to wherever it was he had been hiding out with his own father, Xharin. He fixed Talrin a drink with a toxin-cleansing dust to help with the fact that Talrin had eaten an entire bar of soap which wasn’t good for him. Talrin told Temporin that he considered Temporin to be his father, not Kayrin. Because Temporin actually cared for him, whereas Kayrin was always gone. And the one time he did come back, he was throwing his weight around, hurt Talrin and almost killed his friend Leametrin. But this was not the end of the life-changing day for Talrin. Later, when he went into his bedroom after getting ready for bed, Temporin was there waiting for him. Temporin then sat himself and explained a few, very shocking things. The least of which was that Temporin was also called Temaelrin, depending on whether he was being a lover, or a warrior. And that Temaelrin was actually Talrin’s son, from the future who had come back to do a few things, including be there for Talrin because if he didn’t, Talrin’s life would be negatively impacted. Temealrin had tried to get Kayrin to be Talrin’s father, but this day proved that his efforts were fruitless. Thus Temaelrin was having to step in to do the job Kayrin should. He explained to Talrin that he wasn’t male, like Talrin had believed. He was a Kae, which meant that even though he looked male and acted male, he could also get pregnant. Temaelrin also explained to him that he was a King-type Eldyrannth, something which had not yet come to full fruition. But it meant that Talrin also had to keep himself ‘balanced’ by regular sessions of being fucked. Failure to do so would result in numerous problems, such as out of control anger, hallucinations, paranoia and even insanity if left for too long. This worried Talrin, but Temaelrin assured him that it was nothing for him to worry about for a long time. Temaelrin had also come with a gift for Talrin, which was actually a set of female clothes. Something Talrin had been doing in secret with his sisters clothes. He was a little embarrassed, but Temaelrin assured him that it was fine and that Temaelrin wanted to help him become more comfortable with it. Talrin agreed, and asked if it was something that they could do now, so Temaelrin took him to the office of his clock shop and helped dress Talrin up. It was that night that Talrin lost his virginity, by his own asking. He was the one that pushed for it and it was the man who he came to see as his father who did it. After this, it definitely caused an improvement in Talrin’s behaviour. He became calmer and didn’t have as many autistic episodes as he used to. He dedicated his time to study, and was even doing University level work at the age of six. His family became his mother, Jyravana, and his father as Temaelrin along with his twin sister, and the many children that Temaelrin and Jyravana had. The improvement in his behaviour was also the result of the fact that Temaelrin had begun training him from a young age. For millions of years, the Eldyrannth have been engaged with War with Daedra and Temaelrin knew that when Talrin was older, he was going to be a central figure of this war. So he had begun training Talrin for this role, from a young age. This helped Talrin with focusing, as well as discipline. It also let him be able to hold himself in a fight. When Talrin was thirty, his relationship with his friend Sargrin changed. Sargrin had originally been dating Talivana, Talrin’s twin sister, however a rift formed between them due to the fact that Talivana was a member of the Sorceresses Guild who were well known for their very sexist views towards men, a fact that Sargrin didn’t agree with. When he tried pointing these problems out to Talivana, she refused to listen to him and broke off their relationship. When Talrin heard about this, he immediately went to his friends house to see how he was doing. Sargrin had been spending his time after the breakup by losing himself in his books as he was investigating the Sorceresses Guild. It was around this time that some strange events began happening. Temporin’s Clock Shop, for example, had been strangely crushed by an asteroid that had not fallen from the sky. And it had not caused any damage other than to Temporin’s shop. Talrin dragged Sargrin to the scene of the crime, who immediately blamed the Sorceresses. The attending Police Officer, Rincerin, originally scorned this however Talrin and Sargrin were insistent. So he agreed to go back with them back to Sargrin’s house, only to find that all the books that Sargrin had been studying were gone. Which was a big problem as Sargrin had borrowed those books from the Vorserendian Library. Rincerin was concerned, however he couldn’t immediately investigate as there was a report that came in about a fire on the outskirts of the City. He firmly told Sargrin and Talrin to stay where they were. They seemed to comply, and went back up to their bedroom, but the moment the door was closed they shifted into their Eldyr form and flew out of the window and followed Rincerin. When they arrived at the scene of the fire, they found a single female Eldyrannth standing beside a bonfire… of the books that Sargrin had been studying from. Talrin and Sargrin hid themselves in the bushes and watched as Rincerin confronted the individual. The Sorceress cast a spell, flinging Rincerin back and into a tree, knocking him out and almost killing him. Sargrin crept out of the bush, with Talrin following behind, unsure of his friends intentions. Then, to his shock, Sargrin pushed the Sorceress into the fire and watched as she burnt to death in her own fire. Neither of them had time to really hang around, as other Police Officers were converging on their location. The two of them fled, however Temaelrin space shifted the two to him and told them to get out of here because he would cover for them. The two of them fled back to Sargrin’s house, where Talrin told him to strip because he wanted to have sex. Seeing the Sorceress suffer as she burnt alive, had turned Talrin on like he had never been turned on before. He loved hearing her screams of agony and loved knowing that she was in a great amount of pain. Having sex would also give them an alibi if they were asked where they were and what they had been doing. Since that day, Sargrin and Talrin started dating as boyfriends, a relationship that Talrin found very rewarding and very satisfying. Talrin’s childhood continued without much drama, other than a strange incident where their entire herb garden had been salted and all of the plants destroyed. But it allowed Talrin to design the very first greenhouse, which he built with the rest of his family. A task he relished. He spent a lot of time in that greenhouse, tending the plants within it as he found it just as rewarding as his studies. As was typical for most Eldyrannth children, his age of maturity occurred at roughly one hundred years old. He entered his first heat at the age of one hundred and six years, and fell pregnant from Temaelrin who had shapeshifted into a Zeta; Temael’ontarr. Thus Talrin’s firstborn son was a hybrid of a Zeta and an Eldyrannth; one of those hybrids which were a perfect mix of the two. His first pregnancy allowed Talrin to become even closer to his mother, although this is something he kept from everyone but Temaelrin and Jyravana. He had no idea how his sister would react, or how his boyfriend would react either. Ten months later, he gave birth to his son, Talmaelrin who was a King-type Eldyrannth like himself and also a Kae. Talmaelrin however had loving parents around that were able to help him with the tough questions early on in life. Talrin did eventually figure out how Sargrin would react. During his second pregnancy, he had gone to check up on Sargrin as his boyfriend had a habit of hiding himself away in his study, with his research. Talrin came to pull him away from the books and to cook him a proper meal. However when Sargrin went to hug him, he felt the unusual bump and when he saw it properly, he promptly fainted after asking if it was his. After he came to, Talrin explained the situation to him and was relieved that Sargrin had the sense to understand and not to be upset in the slightest. Now that Talrin was an adult, he could pursue his main passion in life. Genetics, as well as just about anything medical. He continued his training with his father, as he had by now fully accepted that the Daedra were a problem that really needed to be dealt with. However, as a Doctor, he found the thought of fighting to be distasteful. But it was something that he was just going to have to man up and deal with as he couldn’t hide himself under a rock for the rest of his life. At the age of two hundred, he had decided that the issue of his genetic father needed to be dealt with. Kayrin came back every ten years, fucked Jyravana before he was off again. Talrin was getting sick of his behaviour. There was a secondary reason as well. The reason why Kayrin had spent so much time away from Vorserend, and thus the family, was because he had fallen into the hands of a Daedra by the name of Diomedes, who had corrupted Kayrin and made him into a pet bitch along with his father, Xharin. Talrin wanted to get them out of this. He and his father, Temaelrin, planned together for a way to capture Kayrin. Temaelrin wanted to make Kayrin into his own pet bitch, as part of his rehabilitation to make him into a better person and to help expunge the corruption from his soul. Talrin and Temaelrin were going to harvest an Okela Flower which would send Kayrin into a deep sleep for twenty-four hours. During that time, they would trigger his heat and tie him up on a specially designed bed that had a hole for his face to look through. While hunting for this flower, he and Temaelrin encountered a problem. There was Daedra activity near the cave which they had turned into their private Kae Cave. As was typical, the Daedra attacked the two upon sight. Temaelrin, who had shape shifted into a Mako by the name of Temaelor, or The Daedric Wolf, distracted the Daedra by running by him and stealing several things from him including his underwear and his cock. Talrin then swooped down in his Eldyr form and grabbed onto the Daedra’s ear, forcing him to spin around and fall down, snapping his neck on a tree root. Talrin then dropped down and began pecking at the Daedra’s skull until he had broken a cock-sized hole. Then in front of Rincerin and Thor’taour, his Godfather, he proceeded to skull-fuck the dead Daedra to send them a message. Once he had finished, he and Temaelor continued looking for their flower. However they were attacked by another Daedra who had shot Temaelor. This infuriated Talrin, who dove straight at the Daedra who opened fire on Talrin. The young Eldyrannth, however, suddenly seemed to disappear. Due to his unusual perception with Telekinesis, Talrin was able to learn one of the rarer Eldyrannth abilities. A telekinetic shunt into a small Dimension that allows them to cover large amount of distances in a relatively short period of time. They often call this method of travel as ‘Going between’. Thus far, Talrin is the youngest to have ever learnt this. When he reappeared, he jumped on the Daedra and clawed him to death. Luckily, Temaelor was completely fine due to his regeneration ability. Talrin was then spooked by the appearance of several primitive Xendaar Mako’s and went to hide up in a tree. The Mako’s were scared off by the appearance of another legendary figure; The Dark Star Wolf. Once the Mako’s were gone, Temaelor gathered up some of the flowers and went to get Talrin however he found that his son had fallen asleep as he had hidden himself up in a tree which had an Okela Flower sitting beneath it. Temaelor got Talrin down before taking him back to their Kae Cave. Once Talrin woke up, he began working on extracting the active ingredient within the flower and making a special pellet that they would use to knock Kayrin out. Once finished, Temaelrin lured Kayrin away from Xharin before using a slingshot to fire the pellet at him. He then dragged Kayrin back to their Kae Cave and the two of them fucked Kayrin to trigger his heat. Then, as Kayrin would be out for at least a day, the two spent the time preparing the special table to keep him tied in which would have ability nullifiers to prevent Kayrin from being able to do anything to them. While they were doing this, Talrin and Temaelrin spoke with one another and Talrin expressed his distaste of fighting and getting involved in any wars. He told Temaelrin that he didn’t want to end up fighting the Daedra day, after day. Talivana, his sister, was a fighter and thus didn’t mind making a living from it. Talrin didn’t want to do that. He wanted to end this war without too much bloodshed. He told Temaelrin that his ultimate goal would be to take over the Daedra Realm and reform the entire species. To defeat the Daedra by, eventually, making them friends. This caused the two of them to draw even closer to one another, as they were both of a similar frame of mind like this. Temaelrin told him that he had captured Diomedes, and had emptied his body so that Talrin could use it to go undercover within the Daedra Realm. Diomedes was now within a different body, going through their own rehabilitation process. Once they had everything ready, they tied Kayrin into the table. When he came to, Talrin began to question Kayrin, forcing him to answer and admit to the fact that he had become a Daedra’s little bitch. Talrin let Kayrin know his place within the family. He was no longer Talrin’s father, and Jyravana was no longer mates with him. She had left him for Temaelrin, who was a thousand times better than Kayrin was in every single way. Kayrin eventually agreed to go under Temaelrin’s ownership, as his pet bitch, so that he could learn to be a better person and to be a better father. As Kayrin was a Kae like Talrin was, and he was in heat, Talrin fucked him and ended up getting him pregnant with a son who, when born, was called Rubaerin. When Talrin was three hundred years of age, his mother did something that shocked everyone. For millions of years, the Eldyrannth have had Queen’s, but no King’s. This was mainly due to biological reasons; an Eldyrannth Queen is a stronger telepath than other Eldyrannth. Queen’s were the ones responsible for the care of the Hive Mind and keeping everyone connected. There is no King to serve a similar function, and thus the men of the Royal Family had no official titles although they were all doing jobs and responsibilities of the noble class. Queen Jyravana issued a proclamation that decreed that all the mates of the previous Queen’s were to be known as King’s. This made Temaelrin the official King of the Eldyrannth, and made Talrin the Crown Prince as he was next in line for the position when his sister took up the position of the next Queen. By the time Talrin was four hundred, he had done something that no one had ever done before in the history of his species. He had completely mapped out the Eldyrannthian Genome and put it, letter for letter, down in books. He filled entire bookcases with this information and even wrote other books detailing on the genes and their functions within the body. He even affectionately called the project “Project Generin”. This, plus several medical studies he had done, rocked the medical community of the Eldyrannth. Thanks for his efforts, their medicine had taken leaps and bounds in the terms of progress to rival that of modern 21st century medicine. And this was during a time when humans were still quite primitive (900BC). This allowed Talrin to get his medical license and to begin his career as a Doctor, to heal the sick and dying. He kept up with his research so that he could help further medical breakthroughs. At first the medical community refused to acknowledge him, however when their patients kept going to Talrin instead of them, they had to give over a medical license which allowed him to legally treat his patients. When Talrin was six hundred years of age, he went on an exhibition with Sargrin, Temaelor and The Dark Star Wolf. They visited an old, abandoned library. Outside, they encountered primitive Zeta’muluri which were almost like Wrym’s, yet they still held a measure of intelligence. The first one they were able to calm down with a piece of meat that Temaelor had provided, sending it off to his own son. The second one, however, snuck up on Talrin and seemed very keenly interested in him. Temaelor had given Talrin more meat to give to the primitive Zeta, however the dragon was after something else. It saw Talrin as a potential mate and instead of eating the meat, it proceeded to fuck Talrin, giving him one of Talrin’s most unusual children; Ferin. It was during his pregnancy with Ferin that Talrin also found his love for spicy food. It was in his library that Talrin found a strange artifact which allowed him to switch the minds of people. He discovered its properties after Sargrin handed him the device and the two of them swapped bodies. After they had managed to get back into their own bodies, Talrin studied the device to try and figure out how it worked. His ultimate goal was to use this to get his hands on Diomedes’ body so that he could do under cover. He had discussed this with his parents, who have been helping him prepare for that role. He was going to make it appear as if he had been doing illegal experiments on unconsenting individuals, as well as doing illegal experiments on Daedra that he had hidden in his lab. He made it look as if he was a Daedra collaborator. He was ‘caught’ when he was eight-hundred years of age and was sentenced to banishment along with his partner in crime, Lusravana. Just hours before he was ‘caught’, Talrin had gone to his twin sister who was deeply asleep at the time. Without her even knowing, he pulled his own Soul from his body and tore it in half. He returned one half to himself, before implanting the very best half of himself into Talivana so that she could deal with being separated from Talrin. He then left her bedroom, a shadow of his former self. This caused a marked change in his personality, making him more cynical, aggressive, easy to anger and he certainly didn’t smile as much anymore. The moment he was banished and his Gauntlets stripped from him in shame, he left Vorserend, turned into Diomedes and gave Lusravana her own corrupted Daedra form so that they could delve deep into the Daedra Realm together. She took the position of the Daedric General of Lust, and he continued the position of the Daedric General of Time, Space and Dimensions. It wasn’t long after he had submersed himself, that he discovered that Kayrin had followed him and had been captured by Daedra, and hauled off into the Daedric Prison to be tortured and put to a slow death. Talrin, however, couldn’t let that happen. He snuck into the prison and instead of allowing Kayrin to die by the hands of the Daedra, he murdered his own genetic father himself. He knew that Kayrin had been making an effort to be a better father, and his heart had softened towards him to the point where Talrin called him ‘Dad’. Talrin gave him a peaceful death, and rescued his Soul before it could be lost within the Daedra Realm to be completely and utterly corrupted. Kayrin had been saved from that fate once before. Talrin wasn’t going to let it happen again. For the next few thousand years, Talrin spent his life as Diomedes, gathering information on the Daedra and working behind the scenes to help sow the seed of distrust between the other Generals and the King of the Realm; Lucifer. One of the main things that Diomedes discovered was that Lucifer was completely insane. He was essentially a raving lunatic who held all the power in the Kingdom. But he was dangerous in his sanity and it would not be easy to bring him down. Thus Diomedes had to work quietly to destabilise the Realm in his work to dispose of the King and to take the throne for himself. Due to the fact that Time moved faster within the Daedra Realm, about three times as much, Diomedes aged at a much faster rate than his sister. But when she two-thousand-five-hundred years of age, Diomedes had one of his rare Temporal premonitions. He had to face a very tough choice. He had to destroy the city of Vorserend. If he did not, then the Eldyrannth would bring doom to every species on the planet due to the fact that when they started going up into space they attract attention from some of the worst species in the Universe which would love nothing more than to take over Earth and enslave everyone. Thus he had to destroy Vorserend, and make it look as if everyone was dead, save for his sister. He snuck back into Voserend, to speak to Jyravana and Temaelrin, who assured him that it was fine. Temaelrin let Talrin know that their plan for saving the Eldyrannth was firmly in place. That even though Vorserend would fall, the people would be whisked away from Earth and away from danger. Relieved, Diomedes planned for the attack that would bring down the ancient city that had stood the test of time and war for almost five million years. When the fateful day came, Diomedes lead the attack on Vorserend with an army of Daedra, killing anyone that they came across and bringing the city to its knees and destroying it. Once it was complete, Diomedes reported his success to Lucifer who praised him for finally winning this war, little knowing that the people of Vorserend were long gone. For the bodies that were left behind, Diomedes buried each and every single one of them. Once that task was done, he returned back to the Daedra Realm to continued his mission. The next time he emerged was in the Earth year of twenty-ten, the time when Wolfie Mako’demeri disappeared. His disappearance caused Temporal Spectres to appear at the Promiscuous Palace. These Spectres were exceptionally dangerous, and would have killed everyone within the Palace, as well as everyone on Earth. With the help of Kaylarvana and a Keza’maraki by the name of Frankie, Diomedes evacuated everyone out of the Palace before it locked down sealing the Spectres within the structure. Diomedes then purchased the property from the owner, Tripp, the the equivalent of ten million Blackberrian Dollars in gold bars. Ever since then, Diomedes has remained underneath the Promiscuous Palace, living in the basement as he is guarding the property. Not only to prevent unauthorised individuals from breaking into the property, but also to stop the Spectres from escaping. Most of the rest of his history is rather sparse due to spoilers. But needless to say, when the UFF had completely left Earth, he founded the nation of Vorserendia and was even voted in as their President, as Talrin Eldyrannth. Later on, in the Epsian year of 4166, he and the rest of Vorserendia left earth to join the Eldyrannthian State, who had settled in a new planet. Vorserend, Vorserend’s Stand. The Eldyrannth had been informed to the nature of his deception, and he was accepted to being the King of the Eldyrannth, later to be known as the Grand King (A rank akin to a High King, with other Kings below him in the hierarchy). He later on went to fight in a war beside his son, Temaelrin. It was a war during the Universe Dark Ages, against a species called the Zentenadaar’ra who consumed all stars and planets within their reach. They threatened to overtake the entire universe and wipe out all life. He and his son lead an alliance of species against them, eventually winning a war that lasted for tens of thousands of years. It was during this time he unlocked his War Form which allowed him to separate his more kind and caring side, the Healer, from the Warrior. <Rest of history scrubbed due to spoilers>
  9. Neptune

    Lexi Jayne Heart

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lexi Jayne Heart Age: 25th April 2541 (Earth year). So she is 23. Gender: Female. Religion: None Species: Taru'zenari. Origin/Nationality: Stoke-on-Trent, England, Earth, Earth Alliance. Specialty: She is a fully trained space pilot with some emergency survival skills. Universe: Andromeda One Universe. Time taken: Earth year 2564. Physical Appearance Height: 5ft1 Weight: 149lbs Eye Colour: A deep, beautiful blue. Hair Colour: Light blonde hair. Physical Description: Lexi is a slender individual, with long slim arms and legs. She has a hint of muscles on her, although she is slightly stronger than she looks due to her genetic heritage. She has wide hips, and F-cup breasts that give her a pronounced hourglass figure. When she arrived on the island, her skin was extremely fair and pale, due to long hours without being in direct sunlight to develop a tan. She has a beautiful, angled face with beautiful Keza’marakian blue eyes. She has high cheekbones, and a natural rosy flush to her cheeks. Her hair is blonde in colour, and is straight and long, going down to the small of her back. In her hair, there is always a blue butterfly ornament. She wears it no matter what she is wearing. When Lexi came to the island, she was wearing a rather functional jumpsuit, despite the fact that she was taken while asleep. It hugs her body tightly, almost like a second skin. It helps protect her skin from injury, as it is made from a tough and durable material. She also has a pair of heavy, steel capped boots that protects her feet from injury. Her jumpsuit is quite waterproof, and good at keeping her dry. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: She is a shy, but sweet girl. Due to her shyness, she can find it hard to deal with strangers, but becomes more confident once she gets to know them. When in a dangerous situation, she can sometimes forget about her shyness and become a leader-like person for people to follow. Her first concern is always the safety of others. She likes to speak and hang out with friends on occasion, but really loves sitting at home quietly reading a good book. Lexi has always preferred her own company to that of others, but tolerates it from time to time as sometimes the presence of friends comforts her and makes her forget her worries. Due to her nature of putting others before herself, she often worries about other people, even if she doesn’t know them that well. She will neglect herself if someone else needs her help. Lexi has a good affinity with animals, and tends to get along with them better than people. In the bedroom, Lexi can turn into a cock-loving, cum-craving little slut that is generally open to doing anything new at least once. Lexi is an unselfish lover, and tends to allow her partners to love and fuck other people, providing she can do the same which is an unusual attitude for a human. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: She is a skilled pilot, if a little fresh out of flying school. Lexi has a good attention to detail and can catch small and fast movements with her eyes, which are skills she uses heavily in flying. She has some basic survival skills, such as how to make a shelter, how to get clean water to drink and how to catch small animals. Lexi is quite athletic and flexible, with good stamina from training she did at flying school. Lexi has average skill as a hand to hand fighter, and is reasonably good with a hand-held weapon of her time. For a human, she is able to take cocks that are of a larger size, which is unusual for her species. Also, due to her Keza ancestry, she has a unique reproductive cycle for a human. She knows when she is at a fertile stage, as every month when she ovulates, she goes into a heat like condition but the need for sex isn't as strong as for a pure breed Keza. Lexi has average cooking skills, and usually needs a recipe book with her to get a meal correct. Weaknesses: Despite being slightly muscled, she is not that physically strong and can be overpowered by a more powerful opponent. Her hand to hand skills are average at best, so again, can be overpowered by a more powerful opponent but she can hold her own. Being human, she tends to be a lot weaker than other races, as well as slower and less agile. Being mortal, she is vulnerable to killer blows, especially in the usual spots of weakness for humans such as the neck (Spinal Cord). Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To become a pilot for an exploration vessel. Lexi also wants to, one day, settle down with a husband and have children. Hobbies and Interests: Lexi loves flying ships, as that’s her passion. She loves spending time alone, especially when she has a book with her. Despite her shyness, she loves sex and usually puts out on the first date. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Having unprotected sex, especially with the risk of getting pregnant Making love to someone she has deep feelings to. Making love to someone she doesn't love, or even know. Rough, lust filled sex especially when she's very horny. She really likes it with a Mako, dominating Coda, or a Zeta. Having multiple partners Sex in public. Her partners being tactile, such as touching and groping her. It makes it feel even more intimate for her, which further turns her on. Turn offs: Being abused, and her partner(s) being violent towards her Gore, Vore and Necrophilia Scat and Golden showers Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: F-cup Sensitivity: Sensitive Additional Sexual Information: She is quite sensitive and she can be made to cum quite easily. She can also take cocks that are much larger than humans easily, and she has a reproductive cycle more similar to that of a Keza than a human. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: James Heart (62) Mother: Lily Heart (58) Siblings: Jackie Peterson (29) who is a married stay at home mother. Grandparents: She never knew her grandparents as they died before she was born. Place of Residence: None at the moment. Pet: None. History Awards/Commendations: Best flyer of a graduation class of 152 students (Number One Graduate) Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: She has been healthy her entire life. She hasn't even had any broken bones that have had to be dealt with. Bio: Born in 2541, Lexi is the youngest child of Lily and James Heart. She has an older sister, whom she idolised as Jackie was an extremely popular girl at school. Due to Lexi’s shy nature, she hardly had any friends, and had quite a lonely childhood. Her parents tried to encourage her to socialise, but Lexi had trouble fitting in with anyone at her school, and was usually bullied for being the shy child. So Lexi spent most of her free time reading as a child. However when she was six, her parents took her on a spaceship to the moon, a rare treat for the family as they rarely could afford holidays. Lexi immediately became fascinated with ships, and even went to chat to the pilots when her family came upon them at the Lunar Cafeteria. Since then, Lexi studied as hard as she could, hoping to one day fly in the graceful machines across the Galaxy. Her parents encouraged Lexi’s fascination, getting as much help as they were able to afford. They felt it was a good career path for the little girl, who would otherwise spend her life poor. When Lexi left school at 18, she immediately enrolled to a Piloting school, which was funded by the Government as they needed pilots badly. Other students had come from wealthier backgrounds and had an advantage over Lexi, but she buckled down and worked harder than anyone. The girl dated a few men during her time at school, and lost her virginity when she was 18. She discovered that she loved sex as much as she loved piloting. Strangely, it didn’t harm her grades at all. In fact it improved them as having sex was a good way to clear her head and improve her reaction times. At the age of 22, she graduated with the highest score in her class, which was a huge achievement for her. Her first assignment was a passenger liner, which at the time she didn’t know would be her last.
  10. Utopian Curse Overview The Utopian Curse island is a holidaymakers paradise. Warm, tropical weather. Lush vegetation. Miles of perfectly smooth sand beaches and water so clear that you can see for metres. However, it is not called Utopian Curse for no reason. Anyone who arrives on this island almost never leaves. They are forced to live out the rest of their lives on the island. And despite its peaceful seeming nature, the island is filled with danger that make it hard to survive. It isn't a large island, but it certainly isn't small. It takes about six hours to run from the South to the North, providing that the ground was flat and there were no obstacles in the way. With the same conditions, it takes approximately eight hours to run from the west side of the island to the east side. That said, with obstacles all there, it takes several days to traverse the island. The forested areas are very thick, and it take hours to hack through even the smallest part of it. The Mountains are steep and dangerous to climb. Most people who attempt to climb them are often met with strange accidents that prevent them from reaching the peaks. The wildlife is also very strange, and dangerous. Huge, plant eating beasts roam the grasslands, attacking anything who attempted to hunt them. And to hunt these huge, strange beasts are even bigger predators who would look at a human as if they were a piece of snack. Without a means to defend yourself, the best choice is to just run. Despite the strangeness of the island, it may fool someone into believing that they were stranded somewhere on Earth. Lining the perfect, sandy beaches are miles of coconut trees. And that isn't the only similarity. Many survivors usually claim to find something, no matter how small, that they recognise from where they had come from. Not only is the island ecology strange and alien, but there is something about the island itself. As stated before, it is almost impossible to leave. If a character has a means to either fly or get into space, they would encounter fierce storms if they climbed too high or flew too far. The storms would come from nowhere, and are usually not visible to the island itself. The fierce winds would drive them back towards the island. The same thing happens when someone attempts to swim or sail off of the island. As soon as they get a certain distance, they usually experience strong storms that drive them back, or break up the boat and perhaps even drown the passengers if they are unlucky, though they usually find themselves back at the island. If people attempt to fly or sail away from the island in an attempt to find land, there is a small chance that they wouldn't encounter any storms. Instead, what they find is even more bizarre. The other side of the island. So if a person flew or sailed South from the island, they would end up on the North side. There is no obvious explanation as to why this happens. The world simply couldn't be that small, but there is no way to find out. It also seems that, far from shore, there lurks a huge and dangerous creature that attacks any ship or boat that attempts to leave the island. There are also some signs of an ancient civilisation, including some temple ruins that appear to have been already raided. They hold nothing of interest, but it appears that some ancient race was once on the island. Did they die out, or find a way off? On the South East of the island stands an old, crumbling lighthouse that is hard to get to without flying or sailing. Again, it is not obvious why the lighthouse is there, or who had built it. Perhaps it was one of the other survivors? There may be others out there, on the island. But do you dare seek them out? They could be as dangerous as the local wildlife. They might be as likely to attempt to kill you on sight as they are to try to be your friend. You won't know unless you try. Relevant roleplay links: Main roleplay thread Character ID OOC Utopian Curse Maps This is a map of the island that is featured within this Roleplay. It is made in a similar style to the Craethiel Kingdom map. It is likely that most characters will not immediately know their way around the island, and unless they come across another character that has explored the island, they will need to explore it before they would have a map of the island. It is currently only in black and white because it is still somewhat in the process of being made, because it is still very open for additions such as character camps. Legend - Mountains - Hills - Grassland - Rivers - Lakes (sometimes without the wave) - Water - Forest/Woodland - Tropical Foliage like palm trees. - Sea Monster - Place of Interest/Importance (See below for more information on the places of interest) There will be some locations within Utopian Curse that will not be mentioned in this extra information; that is because they are placed within their own extra information so that they can be linked back to this one, as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information, they are linked to Utopian Curse but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information must be approved before it is added to this list, the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Utopian Curse, without exception. List of related extra information: Native Species Guide EPSIFleet Outpost 333 ~ Last Hope on Xak’tor (Is in need of updating)
  11. Tema


    From the album: Temaelrin's Utopian Curse Characters

    Federal Council of Citizen Records (FCCR) ACTIVE RECORD Name: Rassai Age: Unknown, for his species he's in what's they'd call "Stage-One" which means he's a very small child. Gender: G'ccalonne Religion: Unknown Species: Ggterran using Taru'zenari disguise Origin: From what everyone, including him are aware of; he was born on this island and left here. Nationality: Under EPSI Federation Protection (Pending Asylum) Speciality: He is just a child. Universe: Native. Time Taken: N/A Physical Appearance Height: 3' 9" Weight: 18KG Eye Colour: In his Taru'zenari form he takes on a light blue, somewhat like Epsus Blue, but different. Hair Colour: Reddish Brown Physical Description: Rassai is a small child, he pretty much sticks to his Taru'zenari Form to appear less threatening to other people, he is capable of switching to his real form which is described as being the look of pure evil, hate and fear which are emotions, not descriptions (his main form is indescribable) Rassai comes from a very, very advanced race, however he is just small lightweight child. When coming to the care of the EPSI Federation he is a normal Human Boy. He looks about six years old. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Rassai is playful, friendly and usually considerate and profoundly insightful. Despite looking six, this Taru'zenari form is a representation of the Stage he is in. Rassai is intelligent, however he hardly ever speaks (yet) and sometimes relies on Telepathy or even a series of facial emotions and actions. He likes hugging people a lot, and see’s Kaylarvana and Wolfrin to be mother figures, and Talrin and Kitrin as father figures, Dezrin as an older brother, and Lexi, Siori and Dizzie as younger siblings who he treats as older because of their maturity verses his. He is absolutely pacifistic at the moment, and will not use violence, under any circumstances, and anyone who fights him is considered as pathetic. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: He has a series of “Godmoddy” powers which are only used in his defence, such as teleporting, a protective shield can form around him and a group of people and lastly his true form which should scare the shit out of anyone who has never seen it before and does not understand. He is immune to dying (Like a Fable II/Fable III child), and if such a thing was to happen he’d likely regenerate with different hair colour. He can shapeshift and take the shape and colours of anything he wishes. He has a lot of random abilities that he’s still learning and trying to control. He is telepathic and possibly telekinetic. His one true ability is that he can copy other people's abilities by watching them, although controlling those abilities once copied is another question entirely. Weaknesses: He doesn’t fight. Teleporting is random, and he cannot seem to control it. The Shield is the same way, and there’s no telling how powerful it is. His immunisation to death is because his species are generally resilient. He doesn’t talk much, and he is a child, that under any other time of day doesn’t use any of his powers except for playing around. He has the emotional maturity of a child, because he is a child. He doesn’t like “cruel” people. He certainly doesn’t like people arguing, although he tolerates it as long as it remains verbal. He only uses his powers in a passive and non-aggressive way, and most of the time when he needs it in combat they don’t work, so he doesn’t fight. His ability to copy abilities doesn't give him the knowledge on how to use them, and in fact this ability is hindrance to him right now. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To get the hell off the planet. Hobbies and Interests: He is uncertain at the moment. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: This character is a child in this RP who does not and will not have sex. Ever. Don’t even ask; the answer is no. Additional Sexual Information: Too young for sex. Extra Information Father: As far as he's concerned Talrin Eldyrannth is his father. (He also sees Kitrin like a dad) Mother: As far as he's concerned Kaylarvara Eldyrannth is his mother. (He also sees Wolfrin like a mum) Siblings: He has siblings, but they're not here. Pet: None. Although he is seen frequently following a particular moth. History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: None. Medical Record: This appears to be Rassai from the beginning. Rassai was born with a genetic defect, which essentially turned his morals, reasoning and even empathy back on. For that; his people left him on this island. Bio: Rassai was born on this island, he didn’t know much other than he was left and abandoned to die here by his own mother because he was “Defective”. Ever since he’s been on this island, forgotten. He was so lonely, so sad and when he detected a somewhat strong mind on the island he went to try and introduce himself to them, that’s where he met Kaylarvana not too long ago, but she screamed in horror, and soiled herself before running off, something he didn’t understand. He witnessed her turning into her dragon form and flying away from him as quickly as possible, over the next few weeks he learnt how to imitate that same dragon form, only smaller and cuter, and went off in search of Kaylarvana, whom he found crying on a rock facing the sea several days later. The dragon landed on her shoulder and chirped at her, delightfully, and in the end Kaylarvana never saw him in his true form whilst she was there, he was a pet that hung around her and she looked after. It didn’t appear like she had noticed it was the same person. One day his new friend disappeared and once again he was alone, that was until he saw more people waking up on the beach, he flew into cover up a tree and watched carefully.
  12. Kalvoras Vertal

    Chazin Ryoku

    From the album: Kal's Characters

    Name: Chazin Ryoku Age/Date of Birth: April 26, 1804 Gender: Male Species: Chazin is known as a being called an Unversed, or a hybrid caused by the breeding of an angel and a demon (Often forced upon the cleaner of the two). Origin: Chazin was conceived and birthed in England. Nationality: Chazin was born and raised in the United Kingdom, and he often visits his birthplace each year, though not always at the same time each year. Specialty: Chazin has chosen to be a Demon hunter/Spiritual cleanser, both influenced by his parents. Universe: Universe #2 Time Taken: March 23, 2018 Physical Appearance: Height: Chazin is measured to be 2.04 meters (Or six feet and seven inches.) Weight: The last time he was weighed, he was around two hundred and fifteen pounds. Eye Colour: Black with red irises/White with blue irises Hair Colour: Jet black with a streak of blonde near the nape of his neck. Physical Description: Chazin is thin with dark, jet-black hair and nails. A small streak of blonde hair can be found on the back of his head near the nape of his neck. The whites of his eyes are black with red irises, though he can change those at will (normally to white with blue irises). He wears a trenchcoat that is torn and tattered at the bottom over a clean, white tank-top. His look has changed over the years, and this is the one that he’s settled for. His knuckles and neck are tattooed with runes that enhance his abilities farther than that of a normal Unversed. Or even a demon or angel. He wears black jeans and black combat boots. On his chest and back are a series of marks. They often disappear and reappear, completely rearranged. He has pearly white teeth with sharp, elongated canines. His skin is pale, pasty and sort of feels rubbery to the touch. Though they have rarely been shown to anyone, Chazin possesses bat-like wings that are coated with dark gray feathers. They have only been shown to those that he has deemed trustworthy and have proved to be able to keep their mouths shut during extreme conditions. Personality, Traits, and Abilities: General Overview: Chazin is normally cool and collected unless if someone gets to the end of his rather long fuse. When this happens, he does not think clearly and just acts on any sort of whim that crosses his mind. He will not stop at anything to get back at the person or people that pushed him over the edge. He is a person that is not easily able to forgive someone, though he gives mercy more freely than he should. He has a silver tongue, easily able to persuade people into giving him what he wants. When someone is able to counteract his smooth talk, he simply smiles and walks away from the situation. Strengths, Skills, and Abilities: Chazin has amazing strength to match his abilities. He is super quick and smart. And what’s worse is that he likes to flaunt it, though he never gets too uppity as to show off his true potential when it isn’t needed. His abilities are as shown with their weaknesses provided. Reminder: Chazin has tattooed runes on his fingers and around his neck that enhance his abilities farther than the normal Unversed, demon, or angel. Telekinesis: Chazin can lift, move, or control any object/being with a simple thought. This ability comes with a great price, though. He normally has to concentrate extremely hard to work this, and the physical exertion is extreme. The most he has suffered from this had been short term brain trauma. This method is usually a last resort. Abnormal Speed: Chazin is quicker than most people and he uses this as one of his main resources during battle or to just impress someone. This requires an extreme amount of food since his metabolism is through the roof. The weakness of this is his limited amount of stamina, which usually lasts for about half an hour to an hour. Though, he usually can get things done quickly before he reaches this limit. Cloning: Chazin is known for creating clones to trick and deceive people. It is also a helpful trick to use during a fight. In order to use this, he must have an open wound for blood to pour out and make a replica of himself. Another alternative to this technique is to use a portion of his reserved energy. He could possibly suffer from blood loss or fatigue and pass out during battle. This is also a last resort to be used during battle. Telepathy: Chazin can read other's minds or project his thoughts into another’s mind. He is often known for placing false thoughts into another's mind for information or just to play a cruel joke. This takes a lot of concentration, though, and can take up to half a minute to activate the ability. It can make him light headed and susceptible to risky actions on his part. Abnormal Strength: Chazin is stronger than the normal person, demon, or angel. He can easily lift about four times his own weight with little strain on his body. If he pushes himself, he has been able to lift (and throw) an object of maximum ten times his own weight. The weakness with this ability applies with the weakness for his speed, having to eat a ton and exercising to keep himself in shape. Anti-Magic Attacks/Reverse Incantations: Through various training exercises with various trainers, Chazin has learned to counteract any spell or incantation placed against him. These anti-magic attacks or reverse incantations take energy, though not very much. He often only uses these when he needs to get into a building that is barricaded by a spell or against enemies that like to use curses or magic against him. They don't always work, however, and also might backfire against him. Enhanced Hearing: Chazin's ears are so sensitive that once, he was able to hear a pin drop in a room full of noisy people. This ability has many weaknesses, ranging from different pitches of sounds to being completely overwhelmed by a room full of people. He has learned to dial this back and tends to fare just fine when he is in a crowded area, though he does tend to enjoy his peace and quiet when he isn't hunting. He is not normally one to be found at parties unless if he is hunting in that area. Silver Tongue: Chazin is normally easily able to persuade a normal person with his smooth talking. It has a bit to do with his demonic heritage. This ability works alongside his telepathy, where he is able to push anything he wants into one's mind. Anything he speaks will be pushed into the person’s mind to try and persuade them to give him any sort of information or do something that Chazin wants them to do. It doesn't work all the time, though. Those that are able to keep a clear mind can easily deflect this and deny what he is ordering or requesting. Demonic Detection: Chazin uses this ability to track dangerous demons that are nearby. Ones that are an utter threat and cannot be relinquished with a mere exorcism. He can detect demonic activity from a radius of one and a half miles around him. Of course, if the demon is strong enough, then it can be detected a bit outside of the radius. This takes concentration, which is not very helpful in stressful situations Weapons Master: Chazin is very skilled when it comes to weaponized combat. Chazin has learned many types of weaponized combat, but it still doesn't beat his favorite: fist to fist. Though, if he is given the chance to use a weapon in a precarious situation, he won't hesitate to use it. He has learned to use over three hundred weapons, his favorite of which is the mace. Simply out of the sheer damage and mutilation it can cause. The drawback to this is that if he is handed a weapon that he doesn't know how to use, he will simply discard it and settle for his fists, which can be very dangerous for him while fighting stronger enemies. Chef: Chazin is no stranger to cuisine. When he is tasked to make a dish, if he has the right ingredients to produce it, he will do so without hesitation. He has actually cooked for the Pope once, having been invited after saving the elderly man's life from an extremely powerful demon. He had only happened to be in the area (luckily) when he felt the presence. Enhanced Sight: Chazin is able to see three times farther than the naked human eye. He is also able to see perfectly in the dark, almost like it is complete daylight outside. The night is when he normally likes to hunt when nobody is around to witness the sheer brutality that he displays during his battles. It does hurt his eyes when he is out during the day, and he wears sunglasses for that as well. Extreme Immune System: Chazin’s immune system is the best out of any mortal. Once a virus is detected, it is automatically destroyed. Biological warfare does not work against Chazin, and he has never been sick in his entire existence Mixed Martial Artist: Chazin has learned, mastered, and used all commonly known types of martial arts, including some that are not as common as others. He is savage when it comes to hand to hand combat, and he loves to show it off. He mainly uses one type of martial arts, which would be Jiu-Jitsu, but he often likes to throw in various combinations of different martial arts attacks. He can often combine various abilities of his with his martial arts to make him a more formidable opponent. Lone Wolf: Chazin likes to work alone most of the time, which is just enough to take down most of his opponents. He will team up with a friend from time to time, as long as it is necessary and crucial to attain a victory in his hunt. He is hardly seen with any allies unless if they are needed. He travels alone and is often caught up in dangerous situations. He does have friends, though, and he often contacts them to let them know that he is safe and to check in on them. Complete Demon Form: When Chazin is enraged to the point that he is no longer able to think about anything reasonably, he has the ability to change into this form. It rarely happens, though. He has only used it twice and has demolished anything that stood in his way. This form is only in short five-minute bursts. However, Chazin is currently working on a way to control and harness the powers of this form to make it last longer, be able to use it whenever he needs to and to remain completely in control of himself. Complete Angel Form: Recently, Chazin has learned the ability to obtain a 100% angelic form from the angelic DNA in his blood. His hair turns white and his eyes turn a shocking icy blue. His wings take the form of a bird's with pure white feathers and he is able to conjure a bow and arrows made of his own energy. His physical strength isn't quite as strong as the complete demon form, but it is ten times as efficient in magic and energy usage. Weaknesses: For the demon half of him, Chazin is weak to extended periods of being introduced to light. During the day, he is often seen wearing sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes. He is also weak to any sort of religious incantation performed against his being. He tends to steer clear of churches or temples in case he is found out to be half demon. He does visit them from time to time to pray to God to keep his mother safe from any evil (more on that reasoning in the bio). As the angel part of him, he is less protected against dark magic or demonic attacks. He has found a way to get over this though by taking various sorts of anti-magic classes and cleansing incantations that he learned from his mother before she was taken back to Heaven. He is also weak to Satanic curses, which are harder to get rid of than normal curses. He is still able to be rid of them, nonetheless. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He wishes to keep humanity as a whole safe, even though they themselves are destroying their very being. He would love to get stronger to be able to enhance his abilities. His abilities as a whole grow with him. He would like to track down Diomedes and learn how to get stronger from the Daedric General himself. His long term goal is to hunt down his father and kill him for what he had done to his mother. Hobbies and Interests: His favorite thing to do is fight and to get stronger. His other hobbies include playing cruel pranks on unwitting strangers and (believe it or not) completing jigsaw puzzles. He can normally complete a one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle in about three hours. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn-ons: Chazin enjoys toying with his mate, Being as rough as he is allowed, having sex in public places, small partners, cum inflation, cum control, asserting his dominance Turn-offs: Chazin absolutely despises any kinds of bodily fluids besides cum, scat, vore, being disowned, being tied up or unable to use any of his appendages, being dominated Penis Length: About a foot in length Sensitivity: Chazin is not very sensitive and it takes him about half an hour with a normal human to make him ejaculate, though he does have a sort of weakness for skilled mouths. Additional Sexual Information: Chazin can be brutal in bed, treating his partner like a toy for him to pleasure himself with and he doesn't care whether his partner is pleasured or not. STD History: He has had no history of sexually transmitted diseases because his body automatically destroys the virus once it is detected. Extra Information (This whole part is optional) Father: Agthos Mother: Synthia Careblou Siblings: Rosal Grandparents: Unknown Children: None Grand-children: None House: Chazin has no permanent home, but does not live on the streets. He rents hotel or motel rooms in the area that he is hunting in until the hunted demon is vanquished. Then he moves on to the next destination Car: Chazin owns a black Chevrolet 1996 Corvette Pet: None History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Trespassing on private property, destruction of private property Bio: When Synthia Careblou had come to Earth in England for a mission, to care for a newborn baby girl, the last thing she'd expected was to be raped by a demon known as Agthos. She was deflowered and bore a half demon, half angel child. An Unversed. She cared for little Chazin Ryoku as best she could until he was the age of eighteen, when her spirit had finally been cleansed enough to return to the place of eternal rest, Heaven. But Chazin would never be able to join his mother. His burning hatred for his father and his love for his mother's line of work, he set out to be two things: a demon hunter and a spiritual cleanser. He trained in many different countries to practice hand to hand and weaponized combat. He has picked up numerous abilities over his lifespan, many of which had been picked up from the various demons that he had slain, such as his silver tongue, telepathy, and telekinesis. He would like to kill his own father and make him pay for what he had done to his mother, and finally, put his mother's mind to rest about the ghoulish father figure. He longs to join his mother but is forever condemned to earth due to his demon heritage. He roams the globe, relinquishing any demon that dare stand in his way or threaten a city or friend. Chazin had finally found what he'd been searching for, the humble Diomedes, while following the trail of a succubus. He had been examined by the Daedric General before he was followed so that his battle skills could be gauged during combat with a more powerful demonic entity. The entity turned out to be Chazin's own half brother, Rosal. Rosal had forced Chazin into his complete demon form, in which Rosal was bested and humiliated utterly before he was taken to the basement of the haunted hotel in Blackberry Falls, Ashaea. Rosal attacked both Diomedes and Chazin in a fit of rage before being tortured in a brisk fashion with his own fears and broken digits. Rosal then accepted his place as a sort of "familiar" for Chazin and served him when Chazin began to work with Rayvenne on behalf of Diomedes
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