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Found 11 results

  1. Neptune

    Talrin Eldyrannth

    From the album: Character Images

    This is the image that represents my character, Talrin, in his natural Eldyrannth form.
  2. Neptune

    Diomedes 1

    From the album: Character Images

    This is the image that represents my Daedric character; Diomedes.
  3. Neptune

    Diomedes 3

    From the album: Character Images

    This is an image that represents my Daedric character, Diomedes.
  4. Neptune

    Diomedes 2

    From the album: Character Images

    This is an image that represents my Daedric character, Diomedes.
  5. Neptune


    From the album: Character Images

    Xalia is a Dryad that appeared on the Utopian Curse island. Currently she has been there for two years.
  6. From the album: Character Images

    Diomedes is an Eldyrannth inhabiting a demon's body. More specifically, the demon of Time and Dimension. Diomedes is not his real name, and this will not be revealed for some time. Diomedes has complete control over his hosts body, as he used his Transcended mind to force the original occupant out and take complete control over it. The demon is dead, his mind completely gone. Diomedes also has his dragon form, but due to the demonic influence of his new body, it has changed his other Eldyrannth form to reflect this. It is black in colour and glitters whenever light is shined upon it.
  7. Neptune

    Dezrin Eldyr'maraki.

    From the album: Character Images

    Dezrin is the son of Triavana and Tripp. He works in the Astrometric lab on the EPSI Enterprise-D. He's a very open and friendly man and is a very good listener. He respects Wolfie a lot, as well as having a huge amount of respect for his Grandmother, Talivana. Despite his open and friend manner, he is not one to fuck around. He could bite you in two. Literally.
  8. From the album: Character Images

    Hosh'naarux is a Xeno of Tactics and Sex. She has been liberated from Indoctrination by Kaine Coda'zotoxi in the EPSI Federation. She is turned on by anything, and can change her tastes to suit that of her partner(s).
  9. Neptune

    Kaine/Kain Coda'zotoxi

    From the album: Character Images

    Kaine is the direct Grandfather of Kain. Kaine resides in the future, in the EPSI Federation. When he and Wolfie were sent back to 1942, he had sex with a Coda called Trixie. She gave birth two twins, who grew up, got together (the twins, that is) and had Kain and Kumiko. It appears that Kaine's genes had bred true in Kain as the two look identical to one another.
  10. Temaelrin

    The Doctor

    From the album: Scenario RP Character ID's

    Doctor Who fan thing. He has two active incarnations at the moment.
  11. Temaelrin

    Dizzie Zeta'demeri

    From the album: Scenario RP Character ID's

    [blackberry Falls] - Dizzie a Time Travelling little punk. Is usually seen having sex with the females of the past, and on some occasions, getting them pregnant. He chose one place he knew his father wouldn't be in. However he's also seen out the corner of someone's eyes. The person who he is seen the most with is Neptune. He male is unknown, yet the females who've slept with him don't say anything quoting "Temporal Prime Directive". Which has been extremely strange because there is no such law. [Craethiel Kingdom] - He is wanted for lewd acts, and having sex with married women. He's also wanted by the Keza'maraki Royal Family for calling the king "A two bit, good for nothing, lazy, homophobic, sexist prick." He is also been known to have sex with the Queen, and a Mourning-Star Clan Member, as well as some others. Suspected Time Traveler, is often seen with Tripp Sin-Keza'maraki.

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