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  1. Once he had young Trey squared away with the mistress, Grey Norton left the room to give the man his privacy. He was sure he wouldn't be welcomed for Trey's first time at the House. Maybe his first time, period. Trey hadn't been specific and Grey didn't need him to be. The reedy older man moved to the bar, ordering himself a strong drink and looking around. He wasn't one to find one girl and stay, though he didn't mind making reruns. He looked over to the bartender serving him his drink. "Out of curiosity, you have anyone I haven't seen yet available tonight?" "Indeed we do, sir, many. However, given your proclivities from last time, only a few are available to you. I can suggest Crystal. She is young, as you prefer." The tender lowered their voice, "Also, the little tart is on my shitlist. Broke one of my glasses, so I don't mind throwing her to you, Mr. Wolf." The voice returned to normal volume. "Shall I have her fetched for you?" Grey tipped his glass in agreement as he was shown to a larger room with a bed and he was shown how to use the false wall for the 'toys.' @KinkyKathy
  2. I’m looking for a Master who can be Rough, Is Okay with BDSM/Non Con/Rape/Humiliation/Toys/Kidnapping/Mild Violence Restraints / Sleeping Locked is a Must have for me, I can do I’d you want: Drugged (Chloroform) / Tattoos / Branding / Piercing / Whipping / Edging / Ass Play / Gangbang / Petplay / Leashed+Collar / Feet (don’t go overboard and spend two hours here) / devices (shock collar exc..) / Degradation Hard Limits: Excesseive Gore / Scat / Death / Amputation of Body Parts. Soft Limits: Piss So I have a huge rape / non-con fetish/kink and would like violence and being. Convinced I’m useless and worthless, . If that sentence turned you off...I’m prob not the best partner. I would like for the rp to be a rape that escalates into a kidnapping that escalates into a slave/master scenario. It would be compleatly non con. What I look like and my age can be 100% up to you.
  3. Hello everyone! I seek a roleplaying partner who would be willing to play as a submissive Nico Robin from One Piece (a futa Robin would be good as well!) as she gets beaten, tortured and fucked! It is okay if you aren't aware of her or One Piece either. I have a few ideas in mind for the scene/setting but if you have any ideas in mind I would absolutely love to hear it! We don't even have to stick to canon and can go off the rails too! Either comment down below or text me to get started! I would also love to know all about your kinks and limits! I'm also fine with pretty much any text length. I am usually a dom/switch but on rare occasions can also sub to the right person! I am obsessed with beautiful long hair and have major hair fetish. Hair whipping/flipping, describing hair, licking and sucking on it, talking about it and involving it in RP to me is a major turn on. Other than that my kinks are - abuse, hatefuck, BDSM, violence, bullying, slavery, pain/torture, clothed RP, ageplay, humiliation, degradation, teasing and foreplay. (Hair will still play a role in RP.) Limits/dislikes: Furies, animal abuse, male and/or redhead and/or fat/chubby subs, vore, discussing RL and scat. I cannot wait to engage in lewd, twisted roleplays here! Just comment down below or text me to get started!
  4. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, extreme violence and gore. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. This thread will not contain any sex; it is an adventure thread. Participants: Daedrin and Izanagi Description: After Izanagi found a mysterious sword in the forest, he approached Deadrin to have it repaired however lacked the funds required to repair the sword. So the two came to an agreement that if Izanagi went into the Rosayia Forest and got his hands on Kraerhil, a rare exotic metal used in sword making, Daedrin would pay him for however much he retrieved. After some discussion, Daedrin agreed to accompany him on this quest as well to be a guide through the forest as well as to get their hands on more. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Once Izanagi joined him, Daedrin gave him a nod to show his approval before he turned back towards the forest. It seemed a little too quiet for his tastes, and he already had a gut feeling that they were going to encounter something very soon. But then he had inherited his Fathers tendency to get into trouble. He snorted a little in amusement at that though, the sound soft enough not to be overheard by Izanagi. Daegrin stirred a little restlessly, and Daedrin stroked his neck gently, “Daegrin senses that there’s something nearby. Let’s move, and keep an eye out.” Daedrin said in warning as he kicked Daegrin’s flanks lightly causing the Aelda to move forwards slightly, heading along the river. Daedrin pulled out his sword, not wanting to be caught completely off guard. He could cut their travel time down by cutting through the forest, but it was rather dangerous due to the fact that the more dangerous monsters lived deeper inside the forest. He didn’t fear being lost, as his sense of direction was as good as any Eldyrannth, allowing him to navigate the forest with ease without being caught in never-ending circles. Daedrin cast an eye up at the sun, seeing that it was the mid-afternoon so they had at least a few hours of travelling time left in the day before they even considered settling down for the night. His eyes returned to the forest, watching it carefully as he strained his ears for anything. In the end, he wasn’t able to see or hear anything. But he could smell something with his sharp nose. He opened his mouth slightly, inhaling sharply before snapping his mouth shut as he resisted the urge to evacuate the contents of his stomach. The stench of rotting flesh pervaded the air, getting stronger by the moment. Daegrin stirred again, snorting in a challenging manner. Daedrin looked over at Izanagi, “We have company. There are ghouls nearby…” He said, before casting his mind out around them, careful to avoid going close to Izanagi’s just in case the man could sense the touch of telepathy. He could sense at least five of the bastards that were homing in on their direction. He pulled his mind back, shifting the grip on his sword to be more comfortable. There was a sudden growl from the bushes as something leapt out towards Daedrin. The figure was completely naked, and was so emaciated that it would have been mistaken for a reanimated skeleton if it wasn’t for the rotting pieces of flesh that clung to its body. Its hands, although human-like, looked like claws with filthy black fingernails. Its cheeks were gaunt, as its eye sockets were sunken into its face as the eyes gave them a gormless look that was filled with an insatiable hunger. Its jaw was hanging low, only attached by a few thin threads of flesh, as its tongue dangled from its mouth. As it flew through the air, Daegrin jumped to the side as Daedrin swung his blade in an arch. The silver blade easily sunk through the flesh of its neck, chopping its head off. The body tumbled to the ground as the head sailed further through the air before rolling into some bushes. The remaining four ghouls appeared, snarling at the two of them. Daedrin glanced at Izanagi before returning his gaze to the rotting creatures. Two of them completely ignored him and leapt towards Izanagi, leaving Daedrin dealing with the remaining two. One of them leapt forwards, but Daegrin danced out of the way before twisting around and kicking out with his powerful hint-quarters. Daedrin could hear the snapping of bones as the ghoul was kicked back at its companion, knocking them both to the ground. Daegrin turned around just as the two scrambled to their feet and lunged again. Daedrin brought down his sword, the sharp blade slicing down through its skull and into what remained on its brain causing it to become limp and drop to the floor, dead. Unfortunately, his blade seemed content to remain lodged within its skull despite how hard he tugged it. The third creature leapt up towards him, intending on pushing him out of his saddle. Daedrin tugged at his sword more, but it refused to move. He turned his head towards the creature, intending on using telekinesis to deflect it however Daegrin reared up with an angry whinny. He lashed out with his front legs, knocking the ghoul down onto the floor. Before it could even get up, Daegrin brought his polished hooves down and began to stamp the monster into the ground until it lay lifeless beneath him, as if the Aelda took the danger it posed as a personal affront. This gave Daedrin enough time to pull his foot from his stirrup and use the strength of his leg to push the ghoul off of his sword. He then turned in his saddle to see how Izanagi was fairing.
  5. The plot/outline listed below is Semi-AU to make the Canon characters 21+ **Very bottom of post has couple list. ** These plots are FxMultiM only! ** My Roleplayer preference sheet: https://ecchidreams.com/roleplayer-services/preferences/some-of-my-preferences-r691/ PLOT/OUTLINE: Slots: 1/2 Alright so I know for this rp, -I would like my OC to work at a hero agency, I’d like her to be a sort of jack-of-all-trades girl there. Fixing things, delivering paperwork, filling out paperwork, ect. -Some vigilante group (which she is wither a part of for Intel gathering and fighting or just intel gathering). has been..well not trouble exactly. They’ve actually been helping keep crime down. However, they are doing it in a rather..unethically. They are mainly hog tying the villains, leaving notes taped to their chest, with their crimes written on them. Never in the same handwriting though. On the door steps of police stations and hero agencies, In America. - The vigilantes are causing so much ruckus, heroes have their hands f
  6. So I am Slayer. I am an experienced writer who roleplays elsewhere. Trying out this site to see if I like it. I am into very kinky things and enjoy submitting to a big bear in leather. I do not do bathroom play or pregnancy. Ever. End of story. Despite how short this request is, I am quite experienced and capable of writing. So you should be fairly adept with the English language. Message me with an idea. I'll fill this out later. Things I enjoy Calling you "Daddy" Husky men with beer bellies Well hung men who know what they have Alpha males Rapists in leather hoods Serial killers Kidnapping Fear Being hunted Wearing extremely slutty clothes Wrapping my legs around you Being a dominatrix Sexy bears that dress in all leather (Leather Daddy? Oh, yes please.) Young, muscular boys who want an assertive, older mistress
  7. Mr. Thorne

    Mr. Thorne's Dossier

    Hello, my name is Mr. Thorne, and I will be providing tonight's entertainment. I am a man of varied interests and tastes, and it is my hope to attract like minded individuals for roleplaying opportunities. Below I shall post a list of story lines which interest me, and if you are attracted to any of them, please feel free to respond in the thread, or via chat. If something you like isn't on here, but you think we might have common interests, please feel free to suggest an alternative. I am quite open to new ideas. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my preferences before making suggestions though. Reborn In Darkness (MxF/FxF) Vampires, Mild/Extreme S&M, Body Modification, Violence, Blood/Gore A young woman falls prey to a terrible accident, but is saved in the last moment by the intervention of a vampire. The result of this action is that she is transformed into a monster herself, and he must take on the role of her guardian, protecting and teaching her about the World of Darkness she has entered into. This roleplay concept is based upon a tabletop game called Vampire the Masquerade, though the actual content of the roleplay can vary as much or as little as you prefer from the source material. I just love the concept of siring and raising a fledgling vampire. Secret Lust (FutaxF) Futanari, Blackmail, Teacher/Student, Non Consensual, Romance? Kiko Koyama is a recent addition to the teaching faculty at the Alliance Preparatory Academy, but she's already made a large splash with male population and more than a few of the women. She does have a rather large secret that she's hiding beneath her skirt that might spell disaster for her teaching career. Things heat up when a student stumbles across her secret and tries to exploit it. This concept is a fairly smutty one that has been percolating in my brain for some time. The crux of it is a sexy Cat and Mouse game between Koyama, and the female student who discovers her secret. Owned (MxF) Bondage. S&M, Domination, Non Consensual, Drugs, Choking, Possibly more She awoke in darkness, with little idea of what had happened, or where she was. Last night's party was a blur, ending with a cab ride across the city, and then darkness. Now she hands, her arms bound to the frame behind her, a blindfold rubbing softly across the bridge of her nose. When He speaks, she tenses up, surprised by his presence. This is a pretty straight forward abduction plotline, with you playing an unwilling victim to my character's rampant desires. This can be played straight up, or tweaked based upon my parter's interest and inclinations. I'd be willing to delve into a backstory between the character, build a romantic relationship, or just keep it as smutty fun.
  8. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, rape and violence. If you find either of these themes distateful, then please do not read. Participants: Sophia and "Ichahod Crane" Diomedes. Description: Sophia has been lured down into the basement of an old house by a Succubus, who's intention is to use her as a virgin sacrifice in order to bring chaos to Ashaea. However, there is one hitch with this plan. Diomedes, who comes to stop this plan in its tracks and to punish those involved. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Kelania leaned towards Sophia slightly, her lips almost touching her ears as she spoke in a low, sensuous whisper, “The rumours do indeed explain what went on here… and indeed the name of the ghost. Her name was Dorothy Jameson. She was one of the original colonists of Ashaea, along with her husband… Jonathan Liam Jameson. Captain of the British Army. Dorothy was… let’s just say… less than loyal, to her husband…” Kelania moved her arm, unwrapping it from Sophia’s and instead wrapping it around her slim waist and pressing her hand against the small of her back. What Sophia couldn’t see, was that her hand glowed red for a brief moment. It was a spell, that Kelania was using to drive up Sophia’s lust, to drive her crazy. To want Kelania to take her, to sacrifice her. Kelania could feel her own pulse beginning to race in her own excitement, and her desire was so strong she almost moaned. Kelania’s tongue peaked out for a moment, lightly licking along Sophia’s ear before she continued, “This used to be her favourite place to bring numerous lovers to. It’s doubted that some of the children she had were even her husband's… She was a very naughty young lady…” Kelania nibbled on Sophia’s ear lobe as her hand glowed again, sending another intense wave of lust through the human body, “That ring, and that necklace… are hers. The rumours say, that one day, her husband caught her down here with one of her lovers. And he killed her. Her lover managed to get away… left her to die at the hands of her husband. She has been trapped here ever since waiting to be released. The rumours say… that she will appear… when two people make love where she used to be so free with hers. It’s the love that attracts her.” Kelania kept her voice low, and filled with desire for the warm little human beside her. She lowered her head and kissed Sophia’s neck a couple of times before she brought her lips back up to Sophia’s ear, “So what do you say, Sophia? Want to help me bring forth Dorothy?” She asked, casting yet another lust-inducement spell as her hand moved further down to Sophia’s arse and rubbing against it gently. Location: Basement of the Promiscuous Palace Diomedes had been spending his time sat at his desk, his feet up on the table as he was trying to distract himself from his restlessness, by reading a book. However he suddenly stopped, lowering his book and glancing to his left with a faint frown on his handsome face. Faintly, he could sense pulses of some kind of dark energy. It didn’t feel like Daedric energy, however it had a similar feel to it. It was dark, and malevolent. Slowly, he closed the book and placed it on his desk as he continued sensing for this energy. There was another pulse, causing Diomedes to slide his feet off of the desk and place them firmly on the floor. There was no mistaking that there was some kind of demonic entity playing around out there. He stood up, turning around as he picked up his black leather coat from his chair and put it on, as his wings were currently in their retracted state which hid them from view. He then reached into the inside pocket, pulling out a pair of sunglasses which he put on to hide his glossy black eyes. He didn’t do this because he was ashamed of his eyes. It was because he couldn’t control the Killing Intent ability that were tied into them and that ability had the tendency to reduce most people to a quivering, crying mess that reeked of shit and piss they were that petrified. He paused again as he felt a third pulse. One could have been passed off as a potentially accidental leak. Two, perhaps a coincidence. But three? There was definitely something going on, that he needed to go look at. He looked up at the computer monitors where the white furred Mako stared blankly at him. He averted his gaze, turning away from them as he knew that he would be back the moment he disappeared. Diomedes vanished from view as he phased himself out of any visible spectrum by slipping into another dimension that humans and most species couldn’t perceive. It also made the energy trail of this mysterious demonic energy clearer, allowing him to track it like a bloodhound. He then left the basement to hunt down the source of this energy to find out exactly what was going on. He wasn’t in the best of moods today, and this was just one more irritating distraction that he was having to deal with.
  9. *Chapter 10: Broken Hearts* Shaymin awoke with a start mere minutes later, to Kevin yelling at her. "Shaymin! Shaymin, get up! Wake up!" "Mew Christ; I'm up!" Shaymin moaned. She wearily turned to look at where Tyler had been earlier, but he still hadn't returned. "What's... What's going on? A-And - yawn - where's Tyler?" "That's just it," Kevin answered, with an urgent tone. "Sakura found him in the bathroom, unconscious!" The instant Kevin finished his sentence, Shaymin leapt from the bed. She ran for the door, but, as Kevin was already there, she didn't get far. "Sorry, but I already called 911," Kevin explained. "The paramedics will be here any second, and you need to hide." "Absolutely not! Let me out!" Shaymin insisted. "If they see you, we're gonna have more problems that we don't need," Kevin argued. "Now, hide!" Kevin's voice was quite official-sounding, but Shaymin was completely undeterred. If anything, Shaymin only got more stubborn. Arceus Himself literally couldn't keep her away from her love, and she certainly wouldn't be impeded by a mere human. "I'll ask nicely, then. Kevin, please, let me out of here; I need to see Tyler." Unfortunately, neither demands nor politeness would sway Kevin. "Sorry, Shay. Don't worry, though; he's in good hands. Ellie's got him." That was all Shaymin needed to hear. Honestly, if Kevin had begun the conversation by informing her that her beloved Tyler was being looked after by the very person they - and Kevin, especially, being a police officer - should've been keeping him away from, she would've done exactly what she was about to do right then. "Alright, then; if she's looking after him, I guess there's only one thing to do." Before Kevin could even ask what that thing was, he was hit point-blank by a sphere of neon green energy, which threw him backwards with such force, the bedroom door splintered when he fell into it. With her only show of remorse being a "you-did-this-to-yourself" shake of her head, Shaymin stepped over Kevin's sprawled out body and ran to the bathroom. It occurred to her that any paramedic in their right mind would ask why there was a broken door, but, at the moment, it didn't matter to her. The bathroom door was open, for good and obvious reasons, so Shaymin didn't have to break it like she did to the bedroom door. She was no less inclined when she entered the bathroom, however, to attack than she was earlier. Sure enough, Eleanor and Prudence were knelt beside Tyler's body. Shaymin took a moment, not even paying mind to the girls' questions of what the loud bang they heard earlier was from, to steel herself for what she was about to see. Or what she thought she was about to see. She didn't know it, but what was happening was rather close to a role reversal. Where, before, Tyler was standing over her, she would soon be, for lack of a better term, standing over him. The difference, however, was quite obvious. Shaymin had almost no idea what was wrong, or how to help. Nonetheless, she was determined to be by his side, and what she had to do was obvious. Eleanor began asking her again what she was doing, but Shaymin interrupted her with a dark, sinister snarl. "Get. Out. Of. Here." Shaymin knew, or, at least, part of her did, that the odds of her, as small as she was, intimidating Eleanor were slim. Prudence, however, knew well enough to leave the room. She knew that, as soon as the thought occurred to Shaymin that, as a Legendary, she wielded immense power, Eleanor would almost definitely get killed. Unsurprisingly, the response Shaymin received for her threat was a scoff, followed by "not a chance, mate!". As furious as she was, and for good reason, Shaymin couldn't help but laugh as she took a few steps toward Eleanor, then fixed her with an angry glare. "Wanna bet?" Shaymin wanted nothing more at that moment than to assault the abusive girl in front of her. Unfortunately, she didn't get the chance; just as she was preparing to pounce, she heard sirens wailing in the distance. Before she scurried off to find a hiding place, though, she gave Eleanor a dire warning. "If he doesn't make it through this, you're next." As she left, she kept her head held high. It wasn't obvious to anyone but herself that she was choking up, tears spilling down her face. "Please!" she whispered pleadingly. "Don't take him from me! You granted my wish and brought me back so I could be with him. He means the world to me, and You know that. I'm begging You; don't take him away!" To escape detection, she hid in the backyard, blending in incredibly well with a flowerbed. There she stayed as the paramedics carried the love and light of her life away. Despite begging and pleading, Shaymin couldn't join the others. She suffered an agonising wait while they went to the hospital. Each minute seemed an hour as she worriedly padded around the house. "This isn't fair!" she finally decided, in a childish whine she wouldn't have dared to speak in, were she not certain she was the only one who could hear it. Despite her age, she still was a child at heart. And she wished, besides the obvious desire of Tyler's safe return, that she was young enough to justify curling up in his lap and sobbing hysterically. As had been commonplace lately, the obvious reality slipped her mind; age be damned, she was small enough to still manage a good cuddle and cry without causing Tyler any discomfort. "He doesn't deserve this!" she continued, referring, of course, to Tyler. "I should be there with him; not that bitch!" Even calling Eleanor a bitch didn't seem to sum up the hatred Shaymin held towards her, but she didn't feel comfortable uttering the 4-letter word that better described it; she swallowed, then shook her head, as if trying to dislodge the word from her thoughts. "I-If he..." Shaymin whimpered tearfully. "I-I-If he d-doesn't make it,... I-I'll..." What she would do, she didn't get to say; so preoccupied was she, she didn't notice Kevin entering the living room, until he actually spoke to her. In fact, she was visibly shocked when he did. "Shaymin,... I'm sorry, but I have some bad news." The tone Kevin spoke in was sad and serious; Shaymin knew in an instant he wasn't kidding. However, she could only formulate a single question. "Where's Tyler?" Kevin let out a heavy sigh, then sat down on a nearby couch and beckoned Shaymin to join him, which she refused to do. Knowing he couldn't keep the truth from her, he didn't bother. "Look, Shay... I'm sorry; there was nothing the doctors could do." All Shaymin needed to hear was "I'm sorry." She knew full well that very rarely is that followed by good news. She took a few steps back and shook her head. "You're lying." "I wish I was," Kevin replied. "The doctors said an aneurysm burst in his chest. He was gone before he got to the hospital." To say that Shaymin cried was an understatement; Kevin hadn't heard such heart-wrenching wailing in his life. He reached out to pet her, but she jerked away. Then, both to Shaymin's delight and fury at once, Eleanor walked in. "Oi! Shay, are you al- BLOODY HELL!!!!!!" In an instant, Shaymin was upon her. Shaymin's teeth and claws weren't incredibly sharp, but her assault still left some wounds. Kevin was quick to respond, and, all at once, Shaymin yelped as she fell to the floor with a soft thud, and began twitching violently. Kevin had hit her with a stun gun. Eleanor, battered and cut up, leaned against the wall, shaking in fear. "Thanks for that, mate." The next week, leading up to Tyler's funeral, was horrific for Shaymin. Sleep was fitful and came with much effort, when it came at all. She had night terrors constantly, causing Kevin and Prudence to drown out her wailing with a radio. Obviously, they also got precious little sleep. Shaymin refused all offers of food, and barely even took her medicine. Losing Tyler destroyed her. When she wasn't crying and screaming, she spent the week in a stupor. Her body was repaired, but she may as well have been in Kalos, as little as she seemed to notice anything. It took until the day of the funeral for her to engage in an active conversation. "I'm going with you." "Absolutely not," Kevin said firmly. "Are you out of your mind?!" "I have been, since he died," Shaymin answered, unwavering. "And I'm going, if I have to crawl on my hindpaws!" "And what will you do when everyone sees a wild Shaymin?!" Kevin demanded. "You'll be inside a Poké Ball before you know what hit you!" Shaymin scoffed at that. "Only if I let them catch me! More to the point, Kevin, you can't tell me what to do!" Their argument continued for some time before Kevin finally gave in, reasoning that, if Shaymin wanted to get caught, it was up to her. Despite being so vehement about attending Tyler's funeral, Shaymin kept herself scarce throughout the service. The amount of willpower it took her not to violently murder Eleanor was ridiculous. Instead, she occupied herself by looking around at the people who had gathered to mourn. She recognised Whitney straight away, and gave a slight smile, which was returned with a look of solemn understanding. Whitney didn't bring attention to Shaymin's presence; it didn't even surprise her very much. Having been Tyler's girlfriend in the past, she knew Shaymin's heartbreak almost as much as her own. Shaymin silently cursed the rarity of her own species; she wanted to sit in Whitney's lap. Instead, she could only return the pink-haired girl's gaze with a pleading look, and mouth the words "don't tell anyone," to which Whitney responded with an equally silent "don't worry; I won't," before gesturing as though she was pushing down on the air with one hand. Shaymin understood this as a signal to stay down to avoid detection. She did so, crawling beneath Kevin's chair and curled up, resembling an innocuous, flowering bush. This was a brilliant disguise, as the funeral was held outdoors. She kept quiet and still for a good portion of the funeral, but even she couldn't hold her peace indefinitely. The instant the casket was buried, she took off at a full sprint towards the gravestone. Kevin wasn't quick enough to subdue her, and Eleanor didn't care one way or the other. Shaymin's presence didn't go unnoticed. Several people threw Poké Balls at her. She made no attempt to dodge, so she got pelted as she ran. An astonishing thing happened, though. The Poké Balls that hit her didn't open; they recognised her as already having a trainer. So it was as she ran to her beloved's resting place. Finally, she stopped running, only to collapse and cry, like she did several times before from her illness. This time, though, pure emotion was behind her tears. "This isn't fair! After all he did,... he... We were... supposed to be together! A-And now..." It was as if Shaymin only fully realised the situation when she spoke of it. "HE'S GONE!!!!!!" she wailed, bringing over half of the crowd to tears. She was so distraught, she failed to notice that she had undergone an amazing transformation! She was considerably taller, and resembled a reindeer, rather than a hedgehog. She kept her white fur, save for her paws and what used to be her quills. Those were green, and her quills looked more like medium-length hair. Her ears had grown immensely, resembling a cross between a Latias' wings and a fleur-de-lis. The pink flowers that adorned her had changed into what appeared to be a crimson scarf made of flower petals. "I was supposed to watch over him,... a-and keep him safe. B-B-But I... I guess I couldn't do it. Not even for the person who meant more to me than anyone and anything else in the world!" Shaymin didn't look back at the crowd as she cried. She couldn't bear to turn her back on Tyler. His death darkened her entire outlook on life. She didn't have the willpower to do anything but sob hysterically and repeat several confessions of her love. Tyler's tragic passing rocked everyone who knew him as a kind, compassionate soul. However, in the aftermath, life eventually returned to normal for Kevin and Eleanor. Shaymin wasn't the same afterwards. *Epilogue: Where Are They Now?* Tyler's body was exhumed only a few days after the funeral, and brought to the hospital for an autopsy. His cause of death was something that could hardly have been predicted. Hypertension, brought on by his tumultuous relationship with Eleanor, led to an asymptomatic aortic aneurysm. Because Tyler was too busy, he didn't bother to get checked, and the aneurysm worsened, leading up to an aortic dissection, closely followed by aortic rupture. The autopsy was also able to confirm that Eleanor had abused him; several marks hadn't fully healed, and there was quite a bit of evidence of sexual abuse, as well. As a result, Eleanor was incarcerated for domestic violence. She was also stripped of a diamond-shaped pin(a Plain Badge, given to trainers who triumph over Whitney, the Goldenrod City Gym Leader.), as well as a Poké Ball containing a Cinccino. Both of those items belonged to Tyler, and the badge was set in his grave once he was laid back to rest. Tyler's gravestone read as follows: "Dr. Tyler Miller Loved by many, but died of a broken heart." Carved below that was "I'll never forget you, Ty.", next to which was a heart. Shaymin had used her Magical Leaf attack for carving. As for Eleanor, she was soon released on bail. Shaymin spiralled into a deep depression she never returned from. She spent the rest of her life guarding Tyler's grave. Her life was a very short one, however. She was still sick, and, because she didn't take her medicine, she passed away after a violent episode of vomiting. As her soul departed, the earth itself sprang to life, yielding a breathtaking abundance of flowers. Even Arceus wept openly at Shaymin's unfailing devotion. Whitney was given Tyler's Cinccino to take care of, and she did a fantastic job of doing so. Tragically, her life was also cut short; she fell from the second story balcony of her house and broke her neck. She was pregnant, and doctors were able to save her baby. Whitney's boyfriend was unjustly imprisoned for her death. Kevin, shaken up from the knowledge that Eleanor contributed to Tyler's death, dedicated his life to betterment. He eventually became a police chief, and was able to reopen the case Whitney's boyfriend was imprisoned for, and get him released. Afterwards, Kevin and his lovely daughter lived together happily with their son, Arthur. Team Espus remained the Orre League champions for several years, before losing in a match against Michael and Wes, the previous champions. Team Espus won the titles back in the next event. The story of Tyler and Shaymin was told again and again, through the ages. Their tragic, yet heartwarming tale served as a message, and as proof that love knows no boundaries. *Author's note* Well, that's it! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. And thanks, Neptune and Wolfie, for allowing me to include you. This has been a journey for me; in fact, as far as I can remember, it's only the 4th multi-chapter story I've finished. The end may come as a shock, but I wanted this to end badly. I wanted to show that the good guys don't always win. So, as much as you may hate me for killing 3 pivotal characters, please understand that I had planned it like that for some time. Also, I was hoping someone would get this reference before I had to explain it, but I've kept you amazing people in the dark way too long. The Eleanor Miller in this story is a humanised version of the character of the same name from The Chipettes. I don't hate her; in fact, she's one of my favourite characters from the entire AATC franchise. She was responsible for some of my favourite moments in The Squeakquel, Chipwrecked, and The Road Chip. I wrote her as a bitch and a nymphomaniac because that's how the real Kevin thought she should be. Aortic rupture was chosen for Tyler's cause of death because it's practically asymptomatic until it's too late to do something about it. Shaymin died of primary amebic meningoencephalitis, obviously. And, of course, Whitney took a nasty spill. Side note, I'm not too fond of redheads usually, but there are exceptions, and Whitney is adorable! And, of course, I had to at least try and add continuity from the "official" canon. Well, I suppose the important question is do you like it? If so, would you like to see more? Backstory, alternate universe, etc.
  10. *Chapter 5: One Step Forward* *Trigger warning: This chapter includes a short scene involving male-on-female domestic violence.* *This chapter contains implied watersports, and a South Park spoiler.* Between Tyler and Kevin, Tyler was most definitely the brains to Kevin's brawn. That isn't to say that Kevin was stupid, or that Tyler couldn't hold his own in a fight. Simply that Tyler wasn't as athletic as Kevin, whose profession requires physical strength. Likewise, Kevin wasn't as learned as Tyler, whose profession requires a keen mind. Nobody on the streets of Goldenrod City on that particular day, however, would have had any way of knowing that Tyler wasn't particularly athletic; he ran like he hadn't done before in his life. Normally, Tyler could only run in bursts before stopping to catch his breath. Now, though, the realization that not only was Shaymin not improving, but she was getting sicker, spurred him on. As he ran, memories of his time with Shaymin filled his mind. The specific moments went by quickly, but he could hear her voice, high and sweet, almost as clearly as it she were standing right next to him. "Thank you so much,... Tyler, was it? Would you consider staying a bit longer?" "T-Tyler?! Oh, wow! Fancy seeing you here!" "Happy birthday! I didn't know what to get you, but I hope you like this!" "It's awfully cold; do you think... do you think there might be room for one more?" Those thoughts and more raced through Tyler's mind as he ran, and, before he knew it, he had reached the doorstep to his house. His adrenaline still pumping, he practically punched the front door until Eleanor opened it, scowling. "Oi! Mate, I dunno what has ya so angry, but you'd better calm the fuck down before - BLOODY HELL!!" Tyler made it a point not to hit girls, and he stuck to it. Though he didn't hit Eleanor, he barreled past her, knocking her down. He paid her no mind and kept running, not stopping until he reached the door to the guest bedroom. On the other end of the door, Shaymin, having heard what she believed to be a fight, was visible only as a quivering bulge beneath the bloodstained and vomit-soiled blanket. In fact, since Tyler hadn't spoken when he walked back into the house, Shaymin had no way of knowing if it was even him. She couldn't go by what Eleanor said, either, since, being Australian, she called most everyone "mate." Not willing to take the chance of being discovered by what, for all she knew, may be a burglar or serial killer, she remained hidden, albeit terribly, beneath the foul pink shroud. Anyone with decent eyesight would have no problem finding her in mere seconds. Tyler, of course, was no different; he spotted her, or, more accurately, the shape of her body, under the blanket the moment he walked in. Armed with only the knowledge that the "intruder" was in the same room as her now, it was all Shaymin could do not to scream and beg for mercy(in her condition, physical and mental, it didn't occur to her that, even in her weakened state, she had sufficient power to have killed the "intruder" already.). Tyler, of course, was not a bloodthirsty murderer; in fact, what he saw took him by surprise. The pink bedspread stained several colours, primarily scarlet. He knew that Shaymin had vomited, of course, but he hadn't expected to see such a mess, considering Shaymin's small size. He, of course, knew better than to voice his surprise and worry her, though, preferring to make his presence known with a joke instead. "So,... did Ellie put you in time-out or something?" If Tyler was talking to any female besides Shaymin, he probably would've jokingly diagnosed her with emesis gravidarum(commonly known as "morning sickness."). In this particular case, though, it would've been a terrible joke to make. Shaymin was made infertile years prior as a result of sustaining blunt-force pelvic trauma. Tyler knew that joking about her having a condition only associated with pregnancy was close to the equivalent of telling a "yo mama" joke to somebody whose mother is dead. Whether or not the "time-out" joke he used even had the desired comedic effect was unknown; Shaymin was so happy to hear his voice, there was little he could've said to her that wouldn't have immediately taken her from afraid for her life to ecstatic and relieved. There was a soft rustling noise, and Shaymin emerged from underneath the blanket, just enough for her head to show. Her voice was weak from profuse vomiting, but the emotion in it was still evident, and she showed every indication that, if she weren't sick, she would be in his arms by this point. "Tyler! Oh, praise Arceus; I thought you were a burglar!" "That's understandable," Tyler admitted, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "I did kinda storm in here, after all. Sorry if I scared you." "Don't worry about it," Shaymin said, immediately forgiving him. "You're here, and that's what matters." She was blushing, but it wasn't visible through her stark white fur, and, even if Tyler saw it, he would've thought it was due to her high fever. At any rate, it took an admirable amount of willpower for her not to flirt with him. "Uh, I-I'm really sorry... about... well, y-your bed." Tyler looked at her in disbelief. Was she actually apologising for being sick on the bed? "Oh, poor girl. Your fever must be spiking again." Shaymin returned his look with one of confusion, which prompted him to give her an explanation. "The Hell with the bed; are you alright?" As he spoke, he took a clipboard and a pen from an ornate bedside table. The clipboard held several papers, each of which contained notes and information pertaining to Shaymin, written by Tyler himself. He rearranged the papers, then continued talking. Through the motions, Shaymin watched him intently, not even answering his question. "Eleanor told me you threw up," Tyler began as he scribbled more notes on the top paper, "but she didn't say you were throwing up blood." He turned his gaze from the paper back to Shaymin. On closer inspection, he could see that some of the fur around her mouth was stained a bright red. "That's called 'haematemesis,' and it's very serious. When did that start?" "Right before you got here," Shaymin answered quickly. "Less than 10 minutes ago." Tyler nodded, then went back to writing. "Did it hurt?" Shaymin's reply was nearly immediate. "It still does; it feels like I tore my throat up. That was how it felt when I first threw up blood." Apparently, Shaymin's answer was exactly what Tyler was hoping for, because his expression changed to a satisfied smirk. "You look happy," Shaymin noted with a weak giggle. Tyler didn't immediately reply; he set his clipboard down. "That's because I figured this out already! A prolonged episode of vomiting, followed by painful haematemesis,... Shaymin, my diagnosis for you is Mallory-Weiss Syndrome." Shaymin didn't know how to react. Certainly, she was happy to have a name put to her condition after such an agonising wait. On the flip-side, however, she only knew the name of her condition, as opposed to whether or not it was curable. Nevertheless, she had to give credit where it was due. "Oh, Tyler! I knew you could do it! After all this time, you finally found out what I have!" Tyler, unfortunately, while he was happy for sure, didn't quite share the divine hedgehog's excitement, and, as such, he shook his head. "Not so fast, Shaymin. We're not done yet. I have some good news, and some bad news, followed by more good news." His words quickly dulled Shaymin's joy, but he kept talking. "The first good news is that Mallory-Weiss Syndrome is not uncommon, and it's treatable. The bad news is that, from what I've seen so far, it's just a symptom of a bigger disease." "So, we're no closer?" Shaymin assumed, hanging her head. Again, though, there was a smile on her de facto boyfriend's face before he answered. "Well, that's the second good news! See, now that I know you're throwing up, that narrows down the list of illnesses you could have! We ARE closer; a great deal closer, in fact!" Shaymin didn't have enough lung strength to breathe a big enough sigh of relief. It was as if a Snorlax had been lifted off of her chest. She felt lightheaded and, most certainly, giddy. "It's practically over! It's... It's practically over!" "You have faith in me," Tyler noted, "and, believe me, I'm honoured. But-" With a weakness in her voice that made her sound as if she were covered by the soiled blanket again, Shaymin cut him off by shushing him. "Don't ruin this, please." "Sorry, Shaymin, but you need to understand-" "Shh! Tyler, let me tell you something about me. Something very important. No; put your clipboard down and come over here. Please?" Even giving orders and trying to be authoritative, Shaymin's voice was sweet and almost fluttery. Not being one to refuse the wishes of a Legendary, Tyler set his clipboard down and walked over to Shaymin's bedside. "What is it?" "I don't think you realise how much you mean to me, Tyler," Shaymin said. "Do you not understand that, if I wasn't afraid that I'd throw up on you, and in your mouth, the smart money says I'd be kissing you right now?" "Gee; thanks!" Tyler joked. "Do I really look that bad?" "Do you think I'm joking?" Shaymin scowled. "'Cause I'm not!" Having surprised Tyler, and herself, with her sudden assertiveness, she sighed, then coughed a few times. "Look. I love you, Tyler; with every fibre of my being, I love you. And, for the record, you look fabulous; if I had hands instead of paws, I'd do spirit fingers." They both had a good laugh at that before Shaymin continued talking. "It's because I love you that I need to say this to you. Ever since we've known each other, you've acted like a peasant talking to a queen. I'm not a queen, Tyler. I'm a Legendary Pokémon; there's quite a difference. I'm not above you. I have no more authority than you do. I want you to see me as an equal; not as an almighty goddess." "That's what you are," Tyler stated flatly, making Shaymin sigh again. "So, I can control plants. I'm not the only one, y'know! Celebi can do that, too, to a degree(that wasn't a very convincing argument, seeing as Celebi is also a Legendary Pokémon.), and Meganium can bring them back to life. Kevin's Lopunny could throw me around like a rag doll, especially as I am now. I probably wouldn't even last long against your Goodra!" "What is it you want from me, then?" Tyler asked, quite politely, considering his wording. Shaymin flashed a warm smile. "Let's stop the formalities, doctor. That's all. The formalities and your gratuitous modesty. It was cute for a while, but, now, it's sad. After all, you figured out this Mallory thing; not me." As much as Tyler wanted to form a rebuttal, he simply couldn't. Shaymin's uncanny ability to be authoritative without sounding like it left the young doctor at a loss for any conceivable argument. Luckily, after having known him for such a long time, Shaymin picked up on that, and changed the subject. "So, how's Kevin?" "You'll be able to ask him yourself in a few minutes," Tyler answered. "Him and Prudence, for that matter." "Ooh!" Shaymin said excitedly. "They're coming over?" Tyler nodded. "Yep, and it's a good thing, too; I have another test I need to run on you, and I'll need his help. Are you up for it?" The moment Tyler finished talking, Shaymin made her decision. "Absolutely! What is it?" Shaymin's response was so downright cartoonish, it was all Tyler could do not to laugh. "I-It's called... a 'lumbar puncture.'" His voice cracked with stifled laughter. "Sorry; your excitement... I couldn't help it." Shaymin dismissed his slip up immediately. "Don't worry about it. So,... you'll be puncturing something, I assume. What else can you tell me?" "Yes," Tyler began, happy to explain. "A lumbar puncture is like giving you a shot, except I'll be taking something from you, instead of putting something in you. I'll be sticking a needle into your back, near your spine. You don't have blood there; you have spinal fluid. The objective of a lumbar puncture is to collect that fluid for analysis." Shaymin, who had been listening intently throughout Tyler's explanation, nodded in understanding. "Alright; that seems straightforward. What do you need Kevin's help for?" Tyler got straight to the point. "The procedure is quick, but painful, and I can't give you anything orally to numb the pain, thanks to your torn esophagus. I'll need Kevin to hold you down, so you'll stay put; if you move around too much, I might make a mistake. In fact, I need to ask you for your permission, because of the risks involved." Shaymin took in a quick, sharp breath. "I see. Well, we've come too far to give up now! I hereby give you permission to perform the procedure." To emphasize her enthusiasm to help Tyler any way she could, she added a joke. "Just don't Eric Cartman me, m'kay?" "That's Mr. Mackey," Tyler corrected, giggling wildly(not at Shaymin's incorrect impression, but at her bringing up the South Park episode "Tonsil Trouble," in which Eric Cartman contracts Human Immunodeficiency Virus, commonly known as "HIV," after a surgical procedure.). "Well, whoever it is," Shaymin said dismissively, "let's do this!" "That's what I like to hear!" Tyler exclaimed, practically cheering. To Shaymin's incredibly pleasant surprise, he picked her up. "First, though, we have to get you cleaned up! Poor girl, covered in sweat." Shaymin's face flushed beneath her fur. "That's... not all sweat. Sorry; you scared the Hell out of me when you walked in." *Author's Note* Sorry; I had to get that joke out of the way. Shaymin wetting the bed; not the South Park joke. I came up with that on the spot. The bedwetting joke had been planned for a good while. No, Shaymin has not become incontinent. If the idea of that turns you on, however, try FurAffinity; there's a shocking number of pictures I think you'll like. By the way, so you don't go crazy looking for it, Tonsil Trouble is the first episode of Season 12. This is the first chapter without an alternate name, but you can make up your own, if you'd like. Also, I apologise for Tyler hurting Eleanor; something tells me he'll be paying for it later. As for Shaymin, for those of you not well-versed in medicine,... "She was rendered infertile after receiving blunt force pelvic trauma" = "She broke her lady parts, so she can't have babies." Mallory-Weiss Syndrome is a painful, but non life-threatening, condition caused by intense or profuse vomiting. Vomit is very acidic. Throwing up a lot can cause the acid to burn a hole in the esophagus. The main symptom of Mallory-Weiss Syndrome is painful haematemesis(vomiting blood.) Tyler failed to explain something to Shaymin, by the way. He said he needed Shaymin to remain still for the lumbar puncture, but he wasn't completely truthful about why. If Shaymin moves around, Tyler might accidentally stab her spinal cord, which could cripple or paralyse her. He didn't want her to worry too much, after she gave him such a lovely speech. So, what do you think? Who thinks they could bear a Chapter 6?
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