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  1. Wraith

    Love and War

    Love and War: In the world of Scalia, a prophecy for a great war is destined to place. The light is to be guided by a champion, A great heroine shall guide the forces of light into battle. Of course, the forces of darkness are commanded by an overlord. The two however, turn out to be lovers, both from the same village. The pair having a secret relationship. However, the overlord would be created by a failed witch trial and execution, setting the prophecy into motion. Will the war play out in full, or can the old flame they had counter the fated course? Characters:
  2. Heresytiem

    Female x Female rp

    Heya everyone! I'm looking for people to do some lesbian rps with! Mostly revolving around the idea of our characters having a sexual rivalry with one another that could them into lovers! We could talk about the fandoms and the plot details in dms! I'm a fairly literate roleplayer so I'm not afraid to making roleplays big or taking up several characters on me to roleplay! I have a few limits however such as: Furry, Gore, vore, underaged, toiletplay and all the really extreme ones!
  3. The seeds were sown by the confession of a popular guy to a girl a grade under him. The girl ended up turning him down, especially after she started to get bullied for it by upperclassmen girls. It only got worse after, and she ended up becoming a shut-in and going into a major downward spiral. The fertilizer and growth happened when the school nurse came and slowly helped her out of the darkness, and love and passion soon bloomed. The two going on dates, spending the night at the nurse's apartment and even enjoying eachother at the school or other places, primarily a bed in the infirmary. Of course, a weed that is the gym teacher soon comes to threaten their little haven. Nurse: School girl(Preferred):
  4. A relationship that would give any journalist a field day. A number one idol(or rocker), engaged in a relationship with a punk(or girly) girl type. A sleezy journalist working for a tabloid happens across it, but is willing to stay quiet, for a price. Now will the target be saved and avoid a career ender, or a rather nasty fate await them? Idols: Fan/Lover:
  5. My idea for this plot is a woman growing up in a fantasy verse kingdom where her only options are to get married to a man, or become a magic user and she ends up becoming a magic user officially trained at a school or by someone she apprentices under. However she is into women, but the kingdom is very anti LGBTQ+ and her lover gets killed because of it. It turns into a desire for power along with revenge seeking and keeping secrets as she tries to gain enough power to get vengeance and burn everything to the ground while hiding who she is in terms of her sexuality. For bonus angst points it could have been her mother who turned her lover in, it could be that her dad was accepting though and that's why she had her lover meet her family cause she thought it would be okay and now she blames herself because it was not at all okay in the end. Could end up being a full villain thing with destroying a kingdom, could be a redemption thing, could be somewhere in the middle. Shaye could be her bodyguard, assistant, second in command, or some other trusted close person. Shaye of course is also into women, and very attracted to this hurt woman she works for and wanting to help her. Lots of story, plot, but also a fun amount of lewd stuff when they get close enough. Also angst and issues with having to hide who they really are. If anyone is interested feel free to send me a message. I'm also just looking for RP in general, and love writing so if you have ideas or plots you think I might be interested in feel free to share them.
  6. Mya

    Lesbian rp

    Looking for a dominant woman for an yuri/lesbian role play. Can be futa or monstrous to a certain extent. I am semi lit and pretty detailed. I have plots and am also open to building one. I’m a switch but I lean more towards bratty sub. college students x teacher bitchy boss (me )x worker good ol d&s / dominatrix x sub friends to lovers enemies to lovers For more in-depth explanations of plots messages me or comment Hope everyone has a great day !
  7. Wraith

    Tentacled Love

    The girls are your normal school girls in in love with eachother. Some Love Letters, Hand holding, kissing eating lunch together and dates. However their sex life is a little more frequent and more intense, for good reason. One of them is host to a rather perverted, persistent parasitic predator. One that feeds on sexual fluids of females. While their relationship remains solid, there are other dangers: The Government, Vigilantes, and possibly spawn of the parasite... Tentacled girl: Girlfriend:
  8. _euphoriaX

    Futanari Based RPs

    Hello! I haven't done one of these in a while, but... here I am. I've been itching for more futa rps, with me being the submissive party of course. I have all kinds of varying ideas, so if this interests you, message me please.
  9. Heresytiem

    Yuri rp

    Heyoo everyone I'm looking for some roleplayers who'd want to do a female on female rp with me! So a lesbian based rp, I'm a fairly literate and veteran rper and I have a fun plot revolving around a rivalry between the two women! My limits are: furry, vore, gore, scat, ageplay, extreme bondage
  10. Floofenstein

    A floof's search thread!

    Hello! A bit about me: I have been roleplaying for about, oh, twelve years now. I'm a rather laid back individual, near impossible to actually offend, and I am really very flexible. I like a lot of things (such as video games, long walks, sex, nature, neat tech....lotsa stuff), and honestly? I rather like sharing and talking about stuff! Super social, y'know? So...please be able to actually chat about at least our rp. I'm looking to get into a roleplay. Ideally, the pairing would be female with futa, but i'm okay with pure yuri as well. Fetishes and stuff, you can see in my preferences sheet! Of course, i write quite a lot (like, 2-4ish paragraphs), so please be able to write a lot in return, you know? a paragraph at least! Little is more of a turn off than getting one or two sentence replies, it's terrible. Oh, and...well, i usually prefer lighter hearted storylines, y'know? Really not good with domming, sorry! It's very much a maybe Oh, and, just to put this out there because it keeps happening: I like cleanliness, and I sure as heck don't like musk. Please do not do that, ew. If you message me, please don't just....Vanish, okay? It's getting really, really, really, distressing. Like, seriously. And depressing. Just...yeah. Present craving: Being GMed for would be absolutely love. Adventure in fantasy, sci fi, post apocalyptic, cyberpunk, or whatever would be awesome. And lewds, of course. Sort of Special Request: Long ago, had a Star Wars roleplay going, wherein my character was a jedi padawan who'd been captured and was being corrupted by a sith mistress...but, of course, my partner for it vanished. Doing this again would be pretty much top of my list of wanted things, so, yeah Some basic ideas I have include: Siblings! A girl discovers her sister's secret, which leads to naughty fun times. A tale of taboo sex and comforting relationships. Married couple! A married couple enjoy life and sex together. A tale of happiness and fun. Suspicion! A pair from different species meet for the first time....And resolve their differences with sex! A tale of lust and wariness, and eventual trust. Consequences! Tired of being ignored, a girl decides to take advantage of her lazy, sleepy friend! A tale of annoyance leading to action and punishment. Primitives! A group of primitives, isolated tribals or a developing species, are encountered...this could go different ways, either with one of the primitives being captured for nefarious or benign ends, or the primitives capturing their civilized intruder! A tale of differences, of being in a dangerous situation, and curiosity. A goddess! A deity of some sort enjoys her worshippers...reasons vary, from a sacrifice, to grant a boon, or just for fun! A tale of fun, of being in the thrall of a higher being. Spookyness! The restless dead need loving too! Be they ghosts, zombies, or scarier things! A tale of taboo, sometimes lack of consent, and perhaps fear. Mistress' love. A maid, or other type of servant, must pleasure her mistress...It is her duty, after all! A tale of devotion, willing or forced. The Creator. A relationship, loving or casual, between a created girl (robot, golem, summoned, or what have you) and the one who created them! Breeding the Queen. An alien or eldritch force, anything from the Alien Swarm of Locusts, cyborg, or just plain robotic, alien swarms, to some sort of eldritch corruption has spared someone from it's recent conquest...needing them to either breed the queen, or get bred by the queen. A tale of breeding and fear, worry. Cultist fun! A new member of a cult (totally loony, evil, benign, whichever), finds out just how much fun it is to be part of it! Or, perhaps, it is time for the cult's "Chosen One" to, willingly or not, be used in a ritual...one involving lotsa naughty sex! Odd pair. More a modifier than anything, I want to do a roleplay involving fairly major size difference, or body difference (ie: human and lamia or mermaid or tauric thing) Hive Mind ~ Odd One Out: One of two things, either a hive mind of humanoids has captured an individual from a different species and plans on...enjoying it, or a drone of the hive mind has been separated from it's people, and now lives amongst others...and is likely to be 'enjoyed' by them. First Time: A shy, naive, virgin, with little clue about sex, has her first time, with consent, or without. A tale of learning and fun, of gentle teaching, or forceful taking. The Joys of Sex: A girl, curvy and friendly and attractive, but otherwise rather plain, travels, or hosts travellers a lot...and is -very- happy to spread her legs for each and every one of them. A tale of sex with many different people (or not-people) of many different species. The Harem: A harem plot! Someone in a position of power (my character, ideally) with, well, more than two slaves or servants that belong to her for sex. Either a futa in the center of it all with a harem of lovely ladies, or a woman with a harem of lovely futas! The Bad Girlfriend: A good girl (you!) has moved to a new school. she is, well, a good girl, the quintessential type, really, good grades, participates, cute, everyone's enamored with her and she can hardly escape people who want her as a girlfriend. But she doesn't want any of them...at least no one who's so openly interested in her. No, unfortunately for her, she fell for the bad girl (me!) of the school. You know the type. Tall, athletic, sexy, grumpy, smart but just doesn't put any effort in. Hardly ever on time, gets into fights....secretly has a cock and fucks every girl who finds out. That sort. Of course, the bad girl just doesn't care for the good girl...Well, at first, anyway. One way or another, the good girl finds her secret, and gets claimed as a girlfriend. Not the healthiest relationship at first, it eventually blossoms into actual romance. A tale of opposites attracting and eventual romance...and sex, of course. blah being dominant right now Intruder!: One girl is a sneaky type...Thief, ninja, assassin, something like that. Infiltrating a place for whatever purpose....either she comes across a sleeping girl and...enjoys her, maybe even coming back to repeat, growing attached to her victim....or, ends up caught, and punished. Secret Identities!: One girl is a superhero, or other such individual who does fairly-public heroics and has a secret identity to keep the heat off. She also has a girlfriend, who's thankfully rather understanding about the sudden 'work issues' that sometimes interrupt their dates, and she, regrettably, hides the truth of the matter from. One day, a new villain shows up...Cute, slightly inept, much more friendly than you'd expect of a villain, but still a villain. Who is also, unbeknownst to her, her girlfriend...the story of their lives, their battles, their love, and eventually, what they do when they put the pieces of the puzzle together. Live Forever, Fuck Forever: Our protagonist here is immortal. Well and truly unable to die....And she's been around for a long time, and will be. A bit of an episodic and strange idea, following a girl who is going to see it all. From the time of tribes and cavemen, classical era, medieval times, on through to modern and space and beyond, and all the situations she get into in her life. Owned as a pet one century, successful and influential the next, and all that. A strange tale...but it came to me, so, yeah. Fandom ideas....Well, I don't usually do those, but if you have an idea, go ahead and suggest, even if it's not on this list. Not that my reference pool is terribly broad. That said, I have a few that are more than possible! Fire Emblem (been playing since gba era) Final Fantasy (played a smattering of them, ask for specifics) League of Legends WoW....maybe. Diablo, also maybe Monster Hunter (monstergirl style) Warhammer Neptunia Persona5 Certain specific characters: Samus, Rosalina, Zelda Specific fandom ideas: Fire Emblem: Corrin being dommed by one of her sisters, or making a harem of them? Persona 5: Liking the idea of....well, any of Makoto, Haru, and Futaba together, probably post-game. and, again, feel free to ask! Just because it's not listed doesn't mean it's a no, flexibility and friendliness are my specialties! Fandom stories will likely be totally different from the uh, generic ideas up above But...Y'know, I'm kinda terrible at ideas when i'm not working with someone, so I'd love to hear yours as well! And all of these ARE pretty basic, so we can work out the details to make them jusssssst right! I'm good for a variety of lengths. From oneshots on up to truly lengthy plots! Send me an ecchitext if you are interested, and thank you for reading!
  11. Heresytiem

    Yuri rp

    Yooo I'm new here and I was looking for some Yuri rp (so FxF). I had an idea that I wanted to try out of a rivalry between two sexy and busty women who grow envious of each other's sexy bodies. Thus they eventually tease and flirt with each other and that then turns into a sexual confrontation between the both of them~. Characters and plot we can discuss in dm's, dm me if interested! My limits are: furry, gore, vore, death, scat and all the really extreme stuff
  12. Hello everybody, I have three different, but similar ideas that we would roleplay. All the ideas involves you, or both of us, playing a slime girl. The plots would be focused on stomach expansion so if you're into it, I'm your partner There will be plenty types of inflation, including: CUM INFLATION, which would work as usual. WATER INFLATION would work in a way the slime girl needs to absorb water from time to time to survive as she would be made of it,and after absorbing water she'll have the chance to choose between her tits or belly to store some slime juice she gets from water absorb, inflating either of them, it can be milked from her breasts. FOOD INFLATION/STUFFING: She'll just become bigger with every single bite or piece she eats, way faster than humans. Her belly would grow like cum inflation, not like weight gain. SLIMW INFLATION: this one will take place only in two of the three rp ideas. The slime girl would use tentacles to pump slime into mine. Once explained the types of inflation, lets move on to the ideas. FIRST IDEA: We two are a pair of girls , who are girlfriends, and me being a futanari, that would wake up one day like normal... But with tge twist that they'd be turned into slimw girls of a sudden! However, they are not the only ones as everybody has turned into a different monster girl/boy. They two would have to get used to their new lives, together. SECOND IDEA: I would be either a futa or male human for this one and it involves me creating a slime girl that would be my personal pet or fucktoy. However, her personality would be an issue as she wouldnt be that obedient. THIRD IDEA: Very similar to the second idea, but with the difference that this one would be a romance between a human male and a slimegirl he creates,they two would end up as a couple, or married or even further than that... Up to you ^^ (NO slime inflation in this one) All Im asking is one thing, and its that I need you to be as detailed as you can. Only detailed people as these ideas would be really fun if we two do our best! ^^ Its not compulsory, but please be detailed and descriptive. I can explain every single idea in detail on discord if you want as I dont want this post to be longer that it already is, so send me a friend request on discord if you are interested as I'll only rp there! I'd like you to comment me first and then we'll jump into discord as I find roleplaying there way more comfortable.
  13. Owl House TF prompt! Guess whose gotten addicted to Disney's newest magical girl show recently? That's right! I'm smutfishing for someone to do some cool rubber Owl House Transformation lewds with me! I'd love it if Amity or Luz open up about some transformation kinks they have, the other encourages them and understands. Together they decide to explore this bold new road together and use magic to alter the other in whatever ways they choose. This can be them becoming different characters, stereotypes, inanimate objects, drones, costumes, mannequins, beachballs and rubber objects and sexdolls, whatever our imagination comes up with. The more the one being confessed to embraces it, the better! All chars will be 18+! Luz pepped up at the front gate, tapping her foot to be admitted in. How had things lead to this with her girlfriend? She'd gotten into one silly argument that lead into a bet, the arrangement simple. If she'd won, she would get to spend a week with Amity Blight, living in her mansion, doing her schoolwork and enjoying the perks of an Emperor Coven's apprentice. If Amity won, she'd get to dress Luz up in different costumes for a week. How could they have known they'd both lose? The odd result actually benefited Luz in a strange twist of fate, she'd be reaping the rewards of both ends in actuality. The game was simple, they'd pull up their most obscure spellbooks, look for spells based around transformations, taboos from odd skintight fabrics like 'latex', and even mind alteration spells in a loving game of cat and mouse, taking turns casting spells on each other and loving the other during. The gate opened, Luz went over as the door to the Blight household opened wide. On the other side, was none other than the girl Luz had the honor of calling her girlfriend. "Hi Amity!" Luz said, waving with satisfaction to the love of her life. Upstairs Luz knew a whole closet full of both magical spellbooks and magical outfits laid in wait, and they were a stairway walk away from indulging them in full.
  14. Washingpole_victory

    A twisted lesdom romance

    Heya everyone! As the title says I'm looking for a female domme to have both a cruel and gentle lesbian roleplay with! In this I'm looking to play a rather taboo relationship between my character, a relatively young, virgin girl, pure and untouched by others hands, who is quite naive being taken advantage of by your character, who I would imagine to be in their mid to late thirties and teaches my character about the world and her body, but in ways that aim to twist my character's perception of the world and make her fall deeply in love with your character whilst breaking down her connections to everyone else. I want the relationship between our characters to feel deeply romantic despite how twisted and wrong it really is, that's out of the bedroom at least, in the bedroom your character will be a harsh and downright sadistic domme to my character as she trains her and moulds her into the perfect little sub to satisfy her every sexual desire. Some examples of pairings I think would be fun: - Mother and Daughter: I'm in my last year of highschool and nearly ready to fly the nest for university, however you have other plans, my father had left us at a young age and you've been raising me by yourself, watching me develop into the beautiful girl I am today and you cant bear to see me leave, you need my companionship, not just as a daughter, but as a partner and you desire my body too and so you decide that you'll convince me to stay with you, but not only that, you'll take my virginity too and make me fall in love with you the same what that you love me. - Schoolgirl and Teacher: you've always been my favourite teacher and, although I may not know it, I've always been your favourite student, though it wasn't for my good grades, or for my attentiveness in class, no it was because you always thought that I was a sweet girl with an even sweeter body, and so you've decided that no matter what you'll make me yours, how will you do it? Will you keep me after class? Maybe ask to see me in the office? Heck maybe you could offer to drive me home, but instead you ask me if I want to have some fun and when i say yes you hurry us to a sex club? Eventually I want us to be more than a fling and fall truly in love, perhaps I even move in with you. - Schoolgirl and Businesswoman: you're a successful businesswoman who has always enjoyed the company of an obedient sub who's been more than happy to please throughout the years, however she has recently moved on and so you're in the market once again for a new girl to train, that's where I come in, perhaps I've found myself in the wrong part of town or stumbling into some form of naughty establishment, you catch sight of me and seeing how pretty I am as well as how innocent and lost I look you decide that you'll present yourself as a friendly face who wants naught but to help, seeing how curious I look about my surroundings you offer to teach me about the world I've found myself in, once you find out just how pure I am that'll be the icing on the cake. I want you to tear me out of my previous life and make me believe that you're the only person that cares about me in the world and along the way, despite how twisted our relationship is, I want us to fall deeply in love. Also I should mention that I play in first person
  15. KawaiiUwU

    Me and Saori

    Me and Saori: chapter 1: Sensei and Saori Saori loves her teacher, more than normal. Yumi and Saori: Saori gets a girlfriend! Kana and Yumi and Saori: A new, foreign loli comes to shake up the relationship!
  16. A simple roleplayer for fu

    Loli club

    Loli's one of the more taboo kinks, even among erotic sites it's considered a no no, but that's part of what really makes it so alluring, and a certain group of girls happen to know all about that, they know how hot they are for perverts and they love to flaunt and tease, hoping to get some brave souls to take a piece, the scared ones run, but the brave ones go for it, and as the saying goes, fortune favors the brave. Loli club is made up of some of the hottest loli's from many different series, each with their own particular tastes and favorite ways to get it on with people, or each other, these girls know how to have a good time, no matter how it is, and when they're together they usually share what fun they've had on their own, plan ways to get people to play with them, or just have lots of naughty sex together, the fact that they're all futas with high sex drives doesn't make it any easier. Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10), Jade Chan (Jackie Chan Adventures), Penny (Inspector Gadget), Toph Bei Fong (Avatar), Wilykit (Thundercats 2011), Wonderloli (Justice League), Energizer (Powerpack), Violet (Incredibles), Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Shanti (Jungle Book), Sari Sumdac (Transformers Animated), Gruftine (School for Vampires), Lynn Loud (Loud House), Cindy McPhearson (Boondocks), Lor McQuarrie (the Weekenders), and Spinelli (Recess). The idea behind this is these girls going around getting into naughty situations with your characters, giving you lots of teasing and hoping to have a chance to really get dirty with you, this could take a number of different forms and I actually have a few scenarios in mind. You play a babysitter who is put in charge of one or more of the girls while their folks are away, the girls are eager to see if you'll play with them. You play a new teacher at an all girls school, it's up to you to instill discipline and respect in your girls, make sure they know who's in charge. You play the counselor for the girl scouts, you need to help the girls earn badges and raise money for charity, however that might best be. And if you have your own ideas I'd love to hear them, your character is up to you, just no men, and hope you love playing with naughty futa lolis, be sure to read my preferences so you know what to expect, later.
  17. Washingpole_victory

    A romance of sisters

    Heya all! Just a quick little RP advertisement just to let you all know that I'm looking for anyone who would like to do an RP based around two sisters either twins or a younger and older sister with me playing as the younger of the two. I'd very much like for this RP to start before our character's relationship together and for it to be a very passionate and romantic thing between them, I love the idea of their relationship being forbidden and them having to hide it because of that! ------- I have a few ideas for how we could begin that I'll go over below: - 1 - One of us walks in on the other masturbating to photos of us together - 2 - We could be watching a movie together, were cuddled up like we always used to, but one of us gets excited and begins to get handsy with the other - 3 - Perhaps one of us has written several love letters to the other with the hope of giving them one say, but never being able to because of the fact that we are sisters, but the other of us accidentally finds them and comforts the other about them ------- For the setting I think it would be best if our characters were still living at home so that we would have to hide our relationship from our parents and also anyone who would know us since we would still be where we grew up ------- As for my character I'd like to have pale skin with freckles dusting my face and shoulders, brunette hair that ends at about halfway down my shoulder blades, small a-cup breasts and a slighlty fluffy pussy. Also if the relationship ends up going into a dom/sub direction I am 100% a sub so please keep that in mind! Further details can be discussed when you message me!
  18. A FOREWORD I believe we all should have some base knowledge of what a succubus is and stands for, but just in case, let's ask the all-knowing Wikipedia what the prerequisites are for someone to be considered a succubus: 1. They are a demonic or a different supernatural entity 2. of the female gender 3. who has sex with men to drain their life (read - semen) 4. to be able to reproduce through the help of incubi. It is also believed that they have at some point in their lives slept with the archangel Samael (better known as Lucifer or Satan), at which point they gained their succubi powers. THE INTRODUCTORY INTRODUCTION If you've read any Japanese Hentai manga or watched their Hentai anime and have encountered a 'corruption' tag, then, after sifting through the massive amounts of poor works containing an 'ugly bastard' of some kind, you'd have found that quite a few of them contain a succubus, someone cosplaying as them, or having the title of a 'succubus'. And usually in these works, the succubus is corrupting some poor soul to convert to the 'dark side' through sexual means (because they haven't figured out that chocolate-chip cookies corrupt faster ). Now, this is all well and good, but I came up with a twist on this formula while looking at the picture below: What if the corrupter and the corrupted are the same person, only from different times? (I know, it doesn't actually have any connection with the image, but this sparked the idea, and so it is shown) THE ACTUAL PROMPT, EXPLAINED You are a recently corrupted demon general, well versed in the art of sex and lust magic due to the Demon King himself and his most prised concubines overseeing your progress. However, due to him needing to invest all of his resources into breaking you, the Hero's party that you were a part of before your conversion was able to successfully invade his domain and is currently storming the castle, intending to save you and kill the Demon King, not knowing that your fall has already happened. Understanding that nearly everything is lost, but not willing to give up just yet, he orders you, his newest and most powerful subject to date, to travel to the past and corrupt your younger self, a powerful mage, before she joins the hero's party, so that the future him has two powerful commander he can command. Obviously you follow your master's orders, thinking that this should be easy - after all, if your future you came to you and suggested something so that good things happen, you would obviously agree, right? However you were wrong - as soon as the past you sees you, she begins attacking you, only increasing her ferocity when you reveal that you're her corrupted future self. Understanding that it's not going to be that easy as you hoped, you manage to knock out your past self and bring her to a nearby abandoned mineshaft, which you begin to configure into a BDSM lair to fully corrupt your past self. I've imagined that my character (the mage before the corruption) could look something along the lines of the ladies in the spoiler below. However you are free to suggest your own appearances. Since your character would be corrupting her past self, during the process of which her appearance is no doubt going to change, the image's don't need to be of the same character. However there are some restrictions I am going to impose: ● They need to be female, not futanari (a strap-on, a 'parasite' masking as a penis or some kind of spell that morphs her clit into a dick is fine as long as it's temporary and and be taken off) ● They don't have unrealistically large assets (their breasts and/or hips aren't larger/wider than their head; you can use this as an example of when it's too much) ● They must have some 'unnatural' appendages (tails, wings, horns, etc. They don't necessarily need to be demonic in nature either) The starting point of the roleplay can be discussed, but I have 3 ideas of when to begin: 1. Soon after your corruption, when the Demon lord orders you to go to the past and corrupt your younger self (I begin as the demon lord). 2. Just as you've located your past self and are about to swoop in to talk with her (you begin). 3. When my character (your past self) begins to awake in the BDSM dungeon in-progress (I begin). This would most likely be a rather long and extremely involved roleplay, as your character slowly and painstakingly warps my character's mind and introduces her to the pleasures of flesh through various means - brainwashing, hypnosis, drugs, etc. TL;DR Your character (a succubus) has been sent to the past to corrupt a younger version of themselves (me). Since her current powers excel in sex, she decides to corrupt her younger self with sexual debauchery. Since this prompt involves almost every kink that exists, here are some that SHOULDN'T exist in this roleplay: ● Amputees (if it's permanent limb removal. Sealing them in another dimension through magical means for a period of time is fine) ● Body modification (if it goes to the extremes, like unmanageable ass and breast sizes) ● Adult baby, gore, hairy, musk, scat, (because just no. That stuff is disgusting) However, there is one main kink that should be involved in any iteration: Yuri. There can be gangbangs or orgies involving several males (or futanari's), but in the end it is about the future female demon corrupting her past female counterpart. So some girl-on-girl action will be necessary.
  19. Mayu Makinami

    Lesbian Slice of Life Drama

    Manami and Ryumi are a couple, and have been together in secret since middle school. Entering high school, Manami joins in with Sakura, the popular girl, not knowing Sayaka is pure evil.
  20. Mayu Makinami

    Mayu No School Life

    I want an extreme/taboo lolicon rp featuring 1X year old student Mayu living a normal school life with her kind girlfriend/roommate Akane and her other friend Rei (a crossdresser)..but things go very wrong. Stalkers, being the uke to a sadistic bully named Ryuko, and being stalked by a yandere named Kasuko. She can return to normal by snuggles from her duo of besties. She and her friends are orphans, calling each other the Roommates Club, living in the mansion of sadistic Sojiro.
  21. Bonjour everyone! I am looking to do a twincest rp and have a few ideas. 1) Supernatural world, where certain characteristic or sequence of birth determines who will be superior and who will be inferior. Twin A could have been born first and seen as the perfect one while twin B was born second and was seen as the inferior one. Some Master x Slave or Master x Pet. 2) The twins have been complete opposite since birth, from personalities to the path they've chosen in life. One of the twins could be in love with the other one, this could be played as one sided at first or playing out how its used against the twin. Sadism/ Masochism, Master x Slave or Master x Pet. 3) The twins have been together since birth, they do everything together and practically act like the same person even though their personalities might not be identical. One is more sadistic and extroverted while the other one is more introverted and masochistic. They could have decided to explore with each other their desires. Of course, we can also come up with our own plots. I'd like either MxM or FxF, I tend to play dominant characters Check out my reference sheet to see if we match up and if we do,feel free to send me an ecchi text! -KSA-
  22. Hello again everyone! I've been wanting to do an arranged marriage for a while now, either with two powerful supernatural families in order to become allies and create a cease fire between them but one of the family is using it to infiltrate that country and defeat their enemy...whether that happens or not is up to the RP. The other one could be between a human and a supernatural creature: The first part to this one could be that the human doesn't know at first that they are getting married to someone who isn't human. It's being done in order to try and keep protection in the village or land. Or the human could have been send as a sacrifice but the supernatural creatures takes a liking to the human. Third one I thought of was kind of like The Magus Bride for anyone who has seen that anime, where a powerful creature ends up saving a human or a weaker creature, they end up in an arranged marriage but at first the powerful creature doesn't really see the human or weaker creature in a romantic light and tends to kind of keep to themselves. This can either be romantic and lighthearted with a bit of angst and drama, or it can be darker depending on the RP. We can come up with other ideas as well. MxM or FxF only please -K.S.A-
  23. Hello again everyone, This is an idea I've been brewing on for a while. Malice is Wonderland idea 1) A darker version of Alice in Wonderland where Alice [could be a guy or a girl] is not as innocent as everyone seem to think. The first idea with this is that she is in wonderland but she's more of the villain and trying to take over, perhaps becoming obsessed or liking one of the characters there [Mad Hatter, a humanoid Cheshire cat or humanoid White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts or White Queen]. The second part of this idea is that Wonderland isn't even real, its all Alice imagination as she has a psychotic break and she's in a mental hospital. In this one she could like someone in the mental hospital, perhaps another patient or something. Looking to do MxM or FxF my character would be the domme in the relationship. Frankenstein's Lover idea 2) My second idea is a take on Frankenstein but perhaps more modern or something. My Frankenstein was revived by his brother who was also a doctor, after Frankenstein died as a human from a rare illness. His brother couldn't accept it and used his forbidden research to bring Frankenstein back using either a rare plant, a rare creature or something like blood from virgins/ innocence. When Frankenstein was reborn he had no memories of his past life, if he was reborned using plants he gives an allergic reaction to certain people and creatures, if its from blood of something/ someone innocent he has to feed on blood in order to sustain himself. The only thing that he can recollect is a face which belonged to his lover when he was human, that is where your character would come in, either being a reincarnation of that human/ creature or a descendant...or even that lover from his past. Looking to do MxM or FxF might do MxF. RP can be either light and romantic or we can go dark with it. Comment down below or Ecchitext me if interested.
  24. who am I? Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Sunny. I have been role playing for about the past 15 years or so, and recently decided I needed to come back to it so I didn’t go insane. I’m still new to the site and learning how it works. My life is hectic sometimes so I sometimes vanish. I write about 100-300 words, sometimes more if motivated. I have 100% been listening to too much TSwift. Some Highlights + Quality Post, quantity isn't wanted. + Communication, if we aren't meshing let me know. I'll do the same for you. + OOC chat is nice, but I swear to God I don't want to see anymore dicks. + I absolutely love tension between our characters. I will push buttons. + There are few things I won't roleplay: Scat, loli and rape/kidnapping. Types of things I like to roleplay: slice of life (friends, married couple) Ddlg breeding lactation pregnancy risk public play sexual tension fox girls absolute craving: ddlg, sexual tension fandoms: star wars digimon pokemon kingdom hearts stardew valley story of seasons/harvest moon world of warcraft new girl Doctor Who (Doctor x Rose) phoenix Wright (mia x godot) idea highlights daddy please- a contract is involved between YC and MC, which mine unknowingly signs it and becomes YC sex toy. Ddlg, pregnancy risk, sexual tension. sexual tension- exactly what it sounds like. story of us- dramatic slice of story, just a love story between friends or whatever you can imagine, resulting in passionate sex. band roleplay- reverse harem roleplay of a little indie band that loves their singer very, very much. The 1- dramatic long roleplay chronicling the ups and downs of an on again off again couple. YC and MC have known each other for years, but the differences in their choices always drives them apart. But opposites eventually attract right? sexual tension ahoy. text- separated by distance, our characters resort to alternative means to relieve themselves, with the occasional rendezvous. Closer- a long since separated couple come to terms with an event that wedged them apart, resulting in one final good bye. brothers-(inspired loosely by what I remember Of the movie) having grieved the loss of her partner M.I.A. presumed dead, MC turns to YC, their sibling, for comfort. The partner could eventually return and they have to accept reality for what it is once again. captivated- YC, a musician, MC, a dancer. Brought together by the arts, can they make it in a world that values "use" over "beauty"? ask me for more info. Suggestions wanted! update 6: added highlights.
  25. Full disclaimer! I am M playing F! Kinklist!! https://i.imgur.com/Y0HjuTb.png I'm looking to roleplay a lesbian BDSM scene with someone. In this I will be playing the submissive character and I would like you to dominate me. We can either do OC or fandom, my favourite fandom to RP would be My Hero Academia, but I'll definitely like too hear your suggestions! I would like for you to be very dominant in this scene, however I would also like this to be a someone romantic scene where you are both a caring and cruel domme. I want you to degrade me lots and subject me to lots of pain and torment. My limits so far: alcohol, smoking, vomit, sounding, cheating, cucking, scat, snuff, permanent damage and gore. And to list some of my favourite things: - Anal - Ass to mouth and ass to pussy - Watersports - Fake cum - Lube and oil play - Bondage - Petplay - md/lg - Breathplay - Whips, flogs, crops, paddles... etc. - Electroplay - Spanking - Beating - Womb penetration and pussy prolapsing Interested? Message me
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