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It all started with Glob, a lonely tentacle monster just trying to find love. After tentacle raping his way across the galaxy, he finally met Leigh, a human with an insatiable appetite for sex. He took her back to his homeworld and showed her off to his friends. Soon, all the tentacle monsters wanted their own human pet, and Glob and Leigh decided to play tour guides, helping the tentacle monsters find willing, loving human pets. That has expanded to a booming tourism trade between the two planets as diplomatic channels are opened and possibilities are explored.

The Current Situation

Tentacle Monsters are being welcomed in controlled centers on Earth where they are meeting earthlings for various reasons (mostly for casual sex and/or breeding)

CHARACTER IDEAS: Your character could be a tentacled tourist, an accommodating human host, or anything related to the hospitality industry built around welcoming alien visitors to Earth

Travel between Earth and Tentaculus IV has been established via FTL starships. The journey between the two worlds takes 2 weeks and luxury passenger liners have been constructed to ferry beings between the worlds.

CHARACTER IDEAS: Your character could work on a passenger cruiser staff, perhaps the dashing pilot looking to bed as many passengers as possible, the hostess trying to make the passengers stay comfortable through whatever means necessary, the passenger just looking for fun, etc.

Earth scientists are trying to catalogue all the various alien species that find their way to Earth. 

CHARACTER IDEAS: Your scientist needs to know ALL about tentacle monsters, your tentacle monster loves being subjected to all the sexual tests, your human gave him/herself to science to be used in sexual experiments, etc.

Earth politicians are looking for an ambassador and support staff to setup an embassy on Tentaculus IV. 

CHARACTER IDEAS: Your politician needs to assess the capabilities of every applicant, your character wants to be the ambassador with the knowledge it will mean lots of tentacle sex, your character just wants to go to an alien planet as support staff and is willing to endure all the sex just to explore, etc.

Earth military is trying to gather alien technology to help defend the planet against the new "threat" from space.

CHARACTER IDEAS: Your military specialist knows that sex diverts the tentacle monsters and is willing to use all their special skills to get the tech they need, your tentacle monster manages a tentacle monster version of Radio Shack and has a constant stream of human military spies sexing them up to get their hands on alien tech

Sex is a major (unofficial) bargaining tactic, diversion, goal, form of entertainment, form of payment for many debts, etc. because... let's get lewd! It's alien/human sex, for crying out loud. Do we need a reason? Let's make it sexy!



The setting is the near future, and the two main planets are Earth and Tentaculus IV. 


The tone is light, fun, possibly comedic. There will definitely be copious amounts of sex, possibly even non-con if that's what individual players want, but overall the idea is to keep it light, fun, and sexy. Non-con should probably be more like "surprise sex" vs "violent and rapey"... I'm not shooting for anything dark here.


Players can be:

  1. Tentacle monsters in any configuration you can imagine
  2. Humans interested in tentacle monsters and/or alien sex.
  3. Other alien races UPON GM APPROVAL. Please remember to keep your characters light, fun, possibly even comedic. 

Skill Level

mixed.png in the intermedate.pngto advanced.pngarea.

This is a mixed skill level game, in order to welcome as many interested players as possible. As it's a light roleplay, I would expect most posts to fall in the intermediate to advanced level in the open roleplay areas. If you have start a thread for limited players, your skill level can be whatever you all agree upon.

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