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    Here's a question. If an anthro needs medical care, do they go to a veterinary clinic, or a hospital? Especially Pokémon anthros, like my main character. Does he go to a hospital, or a Pokémon Centre? XD

  4. mio


    hi everyone~

    anyone up for a rp or just a chat? im boredd

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      Dreamers Protip: Bored? Why not check out the forums in our community and take part in the hundreds of topics and discussions. There's a whole host of content just waiting to be explored.

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    prefs 🌻

  6. Name: Forest Troll. Region: Can often be found within deep forests (duh). Diet: They eat damn near anything that fits in their mouths, both meat and fruits. Description: An adult is usually about 5 meters tall. They live most of their life alone, meeting only on mating seasons, very territorial, they are capable of using tree trunks as clubs and skin of dead animals as clothing, confrontation is not recommended mainly because of their brute strenght. They are also known for being formidable foes that will hardly give up on a fight, some adventurers have reported trolls that kept on fighting even after losing an arm. When extremely irritated they can enter into a berserk-like mode that increases they blood flow, causing their skin to get visibly red and their attacks to get stronger for a few moments. If engaging in battle can't be avoided, it is recommended to target it's vital spots and try to kill it as fast as possible, their anatomy is very similar to a human's, asside for the bigger muscles, stronger bones and thicker skin, so strikes in the head, neck and heart are the best approach, they are also uncapable of creating strategies, taking advantage of their inferior intellect is also recommended. Even though their hearing isn't really good, they have an incredible sense of smell, which they use to detect the smell of other trolls and their domains, a normal human nose can't detect those smells so easily, which result in people invading their territories by accident and getting killed as result. The males tend to be more agressive than the females, but if found pregnant or with it's child the situation changes. Intelligence: Primitive, capable of using basic tools, but not much else, more detais in the description. Weaknesses: Their main weaknesses are their lack of intelligence and predictable behavior, but also, due the amount of fat in their skin, they fairly easy to set on fire, which is why they will usually avoid contact with it, however, it doesn't scare them enough to make them avoid a battle. Hostile: They are very aggressive and won't think twice before attacking if you are in their territory or if they are hungry, more detais in the description. Danger: Very dangerous, they are strong enough to lift heavy boulders and rip trees from the ground with without much effort, plus they often use tree trunks as weapons, avoid getting hit at all costs.
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    Morninggggg. Here's a morning post then a break~

    I just chose randomly xD



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      Jill Valentine


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      ^////^ Hehe~

  8. Yesterday
  9. https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/16/15729120/star-wars-immersive-hotel-westworld-disney-d23-expo-2017 basically, something with host and guest I want to play a guest but I need some ideas for which fandom to choose or if it's a massive crossover how to do that maybe make into a club or something
  10. Neptune

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    Alright. It's nice to let them have a little bit of happiness before everything goes to shit... lol
  11. Yeah, a side story might be fitting considering where this story seems to be going x3
  12. Neptune

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    So... it's perfect to have them reunite later on, then xD It will certainly shock Rowan and he might not know how to react. Although he is likely to be fuming at Xenoth because Natia is unlikely to be the sweet, innocent girl he fell in love with. Speaking of which; did you want me to set up a side story when I next post?
  13. I have grown a bit attached to these two x3 I might want them to reunite later on. Although that in and of itself could lead to more tragedy since Rowan might have moved on under the belief that she was dead.
  14. Neptune

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    @Aura I could almost feel bad for what Xenoth will be doing to Natia in the future. Almost. lol
  15. This was him. The man Natia had waited her entire life to meet. At first, she had her reservations. She expected an Aequu. Another tribe whom she could share with her people, where all of her friends could meet new husbands and wives and share their children. She thought he would just show up one day and it would be the happiest day of her life. She had no idea it would happen immediately after the greatest tragedy she'd ever experienced. Yet here she was in his arms, kissing the love of her life whom she'd only known for a day. Their lips pressed firmly together, her whole body hot and flaring up, as if she were just getting started. Cera had answered her prayers. Not in any of the ways she'd expected, but in so many more beautiful ways. She'd learned so much more than she'd ever thought. Rowan's hands exploring her body only helped her to understand her purpose here more. Rowan needed her as much as she need him. Though she couldn't fully understand what for, she knew he needed her. Perhaps he had been lonely or isolated... whatever the case, she was never going to leave his side from this day forward. Her breath was bated as their lips pulled apart. she slowly pieced together the words she wanted to say. "Then I am yours..." Her face cradled in his hands, she knew that couldn't be anything short of the truth. She didn't want to ruin the moment by speaking to much, but it was clear from the feelings coursing through her body, the feelings Cera had given her that she only felt from the lewdest of fantasies... She bit her lip again and looked up at Rowan in silence, her head cocked slightly and her silver hair draped over her shoulder. She couldn't at all think of how exactly she could word such an embarrassing request. She could tell, though, that the same thing had been on Rowan's mind for a while, even if she had been ignorant of it before. It was just a feeling in the air. "I'm your girl, Rowan. Please... show me what that means to you... Show me exactly what you want from me. There's no shame anymore. You've proven you deserve it. I will do everything I can to make your wishes come true!"
  16. Location: Deadrin's Blacksmith, Selil marketplace. At that point it was more than clear to me that Deadrin really cared about the two horses, hell he was even talking to them and they seemed to understand each other in a very deep way, even thought the animals were clearly not capable of speaking, they were obviously communicating with each other, that made feel... weird, not exactly because I was quite literally watching a men talking with two horses as if they were actual people, after all though the years travelling around I had seen my fair share of weird stuff, not to mention that I had the soul of one of the most powerfull demons in existence fused with my own, if that isn't weird, than I don't know what it is, but seeing the way that the men and the animal were linked with each other,all that... respect, caring and, may I even dare to say, love for one another, that was causing me to feel... envious? I couldn't say for sure, but it was clear that what I was seeing right there in front of me was something that I myself haven't felt in a long time, in fact the only two that ever made feel that way were my parents, but my father was long gone and my mother was, hopefully, safer without me back in my hometown, so I guess it only made sense to feel a little... bothered by that. My thoughts were, thankfully, interrupted by Deadrin saying that pretty much everything was ready, all we had to do was to get myself a horse and we would be ready to begin our quest "Right" I said nodding a bit and trying to hide how thoughtfull I was just a second ago "Please lead the way"
  17. Rena-Amane


    I really hate when rps die without a warning or reason. I Have 3! Rps that have died and I'm really sad about it.

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    2. Rena-Amane


      Same here @ForgottenSin

    3. ForgottenSin


      I mean  I can sometimes reply incredulously slow sometimes but I never drop an rp without saying anything or if I am doing multiple rps with someone I might focus on one over the other but never drop the rps


    4. kingddude


      I'll stick around if you do depending on what your into 

  18. Murderfactory


    If anyone wants to rp feel free to message!

  19. Sleepy Shota

    • Sleepy Shota
    • ForeverAstraea

    what happened?  😞

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    2. Aura


      We can't volunteer much information on these matters, but rules are rules. There's nothing stopping her from coming back with her original account if she wants to continue any roleplays or conversations she may have been having with you all. It's up to her whether or not she's willing to do that, though.

    3. TimidNekomimi


      Wait... Does that mean she can’t be banned on her other account for this? 

      I won’t push anything by the way if you cannot or won’t answer that this is just curiosity!

    4. Temaelrin


      @TimidNekomimiTypically speaking if someone has a single duplicate account the Secondary (Duplicate) Account gets banned, the primary account gets warning/infraction points. This may or may not be true for someone who has more than two accounts, including their primary account. I can confirm that in this case that the primary account is not banned, and as @Aura has stated they can come back, with that account and continue as normal.

      Just in case anyone asks, no I won't and we don't reveal the identity of the Primary Account. That will be up to them to say, but otherwise we keep it quiet.

      I hope this helps. 🙂 

  20. Wolfe Health: 71 Hunger: 94 Hydration: 98 Sanity: 65 Items: Map (Quest item) Katana Sword Box of Crackers Map Cash: $53 Cold/flu medication Compass Lisa’s Diary (Sentimental, non-use item) The Hungry Caterpillar book (Sentimental, non-use item) 2 Pot noodles (beef) Empty bottle Bottle and a quarter of disinfectant Duct tape Gloves Bottle of water Unclean bottle of water (river water) Cotton buds Zoe Health: 14 Hunger: 97 Hydration: 98 Sanity: 70 Items: Woodcutter axe Can of Spam Clothes (One top, one leg cover, one set of shoes) Cash: $77 Tea Bags Chocolate bar Sewing kit Location: Suburbs Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 16:41, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. Wolfe came to a pause, pressing a hand against the wall beside him as he took a few moments to catch his breath. The wound on his leg was throbbing painfully and felt hot and swollen. The last couple of days he had been walking on it far too much, but there was nothing he could do about it. He needed to keep moving, to keep searching. To get Zoe to safety, and to find medicine for her. He was hoping to find a pharmacy, if it had not already been raided dry. But as he knew nothing about the layout of the town, he was pretty much stuck to wandering aimlessly. He glanced up at the sun, frowning slightly as he could see that it was dipping downwards. If he could judge it, it was about five in the evening which meant that he only had about four or so hours of sunlight left. He also had no idea if there was anyone else in this town that he might encounter, and that again caused him to pause. He had no idea if they were hostile, and the fact that he was alone and injured, it made him vulnerable. He had known for a fact that there was no one else in Havenborough. Or at least, if there was, he had never encountered anyone. In Taiom, though… he was completely stumped. He had no knowledge of the town, and cursed the fact that he had never played close attention to the town before hell had broken loose because he was paying for it now. Shaking his head, Wolfe looked down at his leg as he adjusted the bloodied bandage on the wound. He needed to check it when he got back, because he had the feeling that the stitches had broken which would explain why the makeshift bandage was absolutely soaked. It made him worry, too, just in case there was any wolves hiding about, stalking him by the scent of his blood alone. He was broken from his paranoid thoughts when he heard the clip of toenails against the pavement. At first, he shoot up straight, his eyes snapping towards the sound as his hand had moved towards his katana. He froze however when he saw Penny looking up at him with warm brown eyes. In her mouth she held a pigeon that she must have caught, and she was looking very proud of herself for it. Wolfe relaxed again, breathing a sigh of relief, “Damn, Penny, you scared me.” He said. While he knew that the dog couldn’t talk back, he felt the urge to talk to her to help stave off that feeling of loneliness. The border collie wagged her tail at him before she lay down at his feet and proceeded to eat the bird that she had caught. With a shudder, Wolfe looked away but didn’t stop her. After all, any food that she caught for herself helped save their own food supplies. It made him wonder if that was how she had survived while on her own. Catching birds and other animals to eat. He could hear the crunching of bones, making him inwardly cringe each time and he absolutely refused to look at the gruesome sight. Instead, he glanced around, keeping a look out for them just in case zombies decided to keep them company as well. But everything seemed quiet, save for Penny, which gave Wolfe a chance to lean against the wall, putting his weight on his good leg as he took advantage of the time to rest. He wanted nothing more than to curl up and sleep deeply in a way he had not done so in over a year. He felt absolutely exhausted, and yet he knew that he couldn’t stop. Not when Zoe relied on him. While she had survived the initial shock of her wound, there was always the chance of secondary effects such as an infection that would take her life away from him. It was why he was hoping to find some antibiotics at the pharmacy so that he could stop it before it even starts. He was well aware that he was at risk of infection as well, but in his eyes Zoe was far more important. He had promised to get her out safety, and he was determined to do just that. That marked map was the key to doing just that. He felt a nudge at his hand and he looked down to see that Penny had finished. The only remains being a few bones and feathers scattered across the pavement. Wolfe snorted softly in amusement and petted Penny on the top of her head gently before pushing himself off of the wall, “Come on.” He told her in a soft voice and she easily fell into step with him as he continued down the pathway. He glanced around them, seeing that they were still in the suburbs of the town which didn’t surprise him. From what he remembered, Taiom was mainly comprised of housing as well as a small shopping district that was used by both Havenborough and Delwore, the latter of which was a factory town. Wolfe considered heading there, but in the end decided against it. He doubted he would find anything of interest there, and it was too far out of their way to even be worth bothering with. Wolfe returned his attention back to his surroundings as he turned the corner in the street, peering ahead of him to make sure that the coast was clear. When he was sure that it was, he continued forwards, heading further up the street as he mentally mapped out where he was going in his head so that he wouldn’t get lost. He then came to a stop and looked to the side when he saw the home to his right had the front door broken into. But what caught his attention was the fact that it didn’t look like zombie damage. Reaching up and taking his katana out and holding it low to the ground, Wolfe moved forwards on silent steps. Penny, noting his cautious behaviour, crouched low as she moved with him, occasionally bumping into his leg. Wolfe moved towards the front door and came to a stop, straining his ears as he tried to hear anything within the house. But he couldn’t hear anything, but if there was someone hiding inside, they might be waiting very quietly. His curiosity overwhelming his caution, he moved further into the home, moving as quietly as possible. He looked down at Penny, but she didn’t seem that disturbed. Wolfe peered into the empty living room and saw that there was a blanket lying scrunched up on the sofa along with a pillow. They looked as if they had been unused for a while. His eyes then moved to a cabinet, where he could see photo frames with pictures within them of a young family. He could see the father and mother, with a child no more than four years old as well as a newborn. Wolfe quickly blurred the faces, knowing that if he tried to figure them out, he would lose his sanity, grieving for people he didn’t even know. He turned back and continued down the hallway, before pausing as Penny let out a low growl. Wolfe’s nose twitched as he caught the scent of death and despite himself, he moved towards its source. He came across a closed door and he pressed his ear against it to try and listen to anything behind it. But again, he couldn’t hear anything. Slowly, he opened the door to take a peek inside. There was a sudden snapping sound, along with the twang of snapping line. Pain suddenly exploded on his right arm, causing him to hiss in surprise as he stumbled back. Penny whined desperately, backing away from the door as she looked at him, clearly worried. Wolfe looked at his upper right arm to see a fresh wound, the blood boiling up through the gap. He looked at the wall behind him to see that there was a bloodied kitchen knife embedded in the wall, causing his eyes to widen. A trap. If that knife had been aimed a bit more to the left, or Wolfe had been standing on the other side of the doorway, he would have been killed. Gulping thickly, he turned back to the now open door and saw the simple slingshot trap. He carefully stepped into the room and looked around, seeing the tripwire attached to the door. It was a well constructed trap, and it had almost worked. But he couldn’t see any other traps that would cause him harm, causing him to sigh in relief. However, this was the room that stank the most like death. He looked up, noticing that the window was smashed and there was traces of blood across the windowsill and the broken glass. Filled with a sense of trepidation, Wolfe moved around the wooden dining room table before he stopped as he stared at the sight of a half-eaten corpse. The eyes of the man were staring up at him blankly, his gaze empty and follow. The mans mouth was open slightly, as Wolfe could see flies moving across the man's pallid skin and open the open orifice. The corpses guts had been torn open, his entrails spilling out onto the floor which was splattered with the man’s blood. “Oh dear fucking God…” Wolfe said, gagging slightly before he turned and limped out of the room, closing the door behind him. At least he knew that this house was clear of people, but even so, that was not something he had wanted to see. He looked down at Penny who whined softly, distressed that he was feeling distressed. He gave her a smile as he scratched beneath her jaw, “I’ll be alright, pet…” He said softly before taking a shaky breath to calm himself down, putting his katana away as it was now unneeded. That haunted gaze seemed burnt into his brain and he was having trouble shaking it off. He silently cursed himself, feeling a measure of weakness. And yet he couldn’t help himself. He had wanted to become a paramedic because he wanted to help people, because he was a compassionate man. Traits that would have been useful in that line of work. And yet those same traits were coming to bite him in the arse quite hard. He wasn’t sure how long he was going to remain sane here. He closed his eyes, trying to get that image out of his head as he breathed deeply to calm his racing heart down. After a few minutes, he opened his eyes again and decided that he would make a quick raid of the house before leaving. It was not a good idea to remain so close to a half-eaten corpse. He moved off to the nearby kitchen, quickly moving through the cupboards and peering inside. Most of what he found was inedible, or just simply weren’t useful. However he found an unopened pot of strawberry jam. He paused at the sight before smiling. Perfect. He had some crackers, and the jam would make a fantastic accompaniment to it. A little treat for him and Zoe. Shrugging his bag off, he opened it up and put the jam inside before he continued his search. He opened the fridge, wrinkling his nose at the smell of rotten vegetables however his eyes lit up when he saw a bar of unopened chocolate. They already had a bar, but a second one would be very welcome. Zoe loved her chocolate, and it was a good source of energy as well as one or two trace minerals. He picked it out and placed it into his bag before he closed the fridge and moved out of the room as he had exhausted the possibilities of the room. It was very likely that most of the food had already been eaten by the… previous tenant of the house. Wolfe peered into the downstairs toilet, but didn’t find what he was looking for. A medicine cabinet. He had seen no sign of medicine in the kitchen, and wanted to find it before he left this property so see if there was anything that would be useful such as a bandage or painkillers. He pulled back out of the toilet before moving to the stairs leading to the first floor, with Penny at his heels. Carefully, he climbed the stairs, his blue eyes snapping around as he kept a lookout for any other unexpected traps. But he couldn’t see any. He reached the landing, finding that the doors were already open, allowing him an unobstructed view of inside. He glanced into the first room, finding that it was much like Lisa’s room. Pink and girly, with an unmade bed and toys scattered across the floor. Wolfe averted his gaze as he moved on, glancing into the next room which held a baby crib, with a more blue theme. He saw a teddy bear sitting on the changing table, leaning to the side slightly and staring almost mournfully at Wolfe as he passed the room. Wolfe stopped at the third door he encountered, finding the master bedroom. He looked inside, seeing a neat and orderly room with a made king-sized bed, a large wardrobe with the doors firmly closed as well as a vanity table. Ignoring the items in the room, Wolfe saw another door and hoped that it lead to an ensuite bathroom. His guess was proven correct when he crossed the room, his feet barely making a scuffle on the thick carpet, and he opened the door. He could hear Penny behind him panting softly before he glanced back to find that she had jumped onto the bed and had curled up on it. He smiled slightly, because she looked so comfortable and at ease. He turned back to the bathroom and stepped inside and saw the pale blue decor of the room. He then saw what he was looking for, a medicine cabinet above the sink. He opened it up, finding mostly empty bottles and packets. But then his eyes fell on an unopened packet of Tylenol and he smiled widely. Thank fuck! Despite the shit he found in this house, he had come across a small piece of luck. Quickly, he picked it up and threw it into his bag before putting his bag back on. He left the bathroom and whistled softly, instantly causing Penny to jump down and come to his side. He patted her on the side of her chest, rewarding her for her prompt response. He left the bedroom, quickly moving back downstairs without glancing into the other bedrooms. He then quickly moved to the front door and left the property, not bothering to close the door behind him. He glanced down at Penny and smiled slightly as he stroked the top of her head affectionately as they moved further down the street. Wolfe Stat changes: Health: -10 Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: -5 (Sight of half-eaten corpse) Item Addition (Rolled for by @Kalvoras Vertal): Chocolate, pot of Starberry Jam and packet of Tylenol. Zoe Stat changes: Health: +1 Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1
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    I was planning on changing my Username! I was wondering if anyone had a cute idea that involves Neko or a variation of the word Nyaa?

    Any ideas? ^-^

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    3. Jason ♡

      Jason ♡

      ANIME REFERENCE ALERT: Nekohime (prounouced neko-hee-may)

    4. TimidNekomimi


      @Jason ♡

      Nekohime from “And you never thought there was a girl online”?


  22. Location: Along with Ageon River, North of Rosayia Forest. When Natia spoke about how others used her people, Rowan gave a slow nod as he understood that most of the time, that would be the case. It was unfortunate, but that was the way of the world especially when you had greedy people who were willing to step on others just to get what one wants. However his sombre mood melted away into a smile when she moved on to talk about him and he knew from her words that she was grateful for everything that he had done for her. She had not turned a blind eye to it all, and was truly thankful. In response to that, he said, “That’s because I’m not like most people.” He vaguely wondered what her reaction would be if she realised he wasn’t quite what he said he was. That he wasn’t just another nameless traveller. If he kept her with him, she was bound to find out sooner or later, but he didn’t want to reveal that card just yet. He didn’t know if it would frighten her to know that he was a Prince. Besides, he could understand what she was saying when it came to others using her people. People tended to try and use him for their own gain as well, simply because of his relation to his father. It was one of the reasons why he did not want to inherit his father’s throne. Having to deal with the mental mind games of power hungry bastards was tiring. He didn’t know how his father did it and was glad he wasn’t the named successor. But then his father had yet to name which son would take the throne when he died. Knowing his father as well as he did, Rowan could only guess that, that bastard would leave it in his will and not mention it until he died. He was brought out of his thoughts when Natia shifted slightly, her face coming closer to him. Once again, Rowan felt that fluttery feeling in his stomach as his heart sped up. His entire focus was riveted on Natia. The sound of her soft breathing, the beat of her heart which matched his beat for beat. The words she then spoke caused Rowan’s breath to freeze in his throat and his entire body seemed to still for a moment, including his heart. A warm feeling spread throughout his body, causing him to unfreeze and for muscles that he didn’t realise were tense, to relax. His lips twitched up in a smile as his golden eyes glinted with the happiness he felt at hearing those words. He felt almost giddy and he wanted nothing more than to clutch Natia to him and never let her go. His smile widened as her beautiful face reddened in her sweet little blush, making his heart ache in want at the endearing gesture. Rowan’s hands moved of their own accord, gently stroking up the sides of her slim body before they came to rest on her flaming cheeks, feeling the warmed of her smooth flesh. He stroked his thumb against her cheek in a tender gesture. At this moment in time, the rest of the world didn’t exist for him. His smile widened at her, “I love you too, Natia… and I want you to be mine…” He told her, his voice barely above a whisper, his voice filled with as much love and affection he could manage. He then added, “And because of that, I won’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with.” He said that, to let her know that there was nothing he was going to pressure her into, that they would move at a pace that she was comfortable with. The movement of his thumb paused on her cheek before he pulled her face forwards those precious inches until their lips met as he put as much tenderness into it as he could muster, revelling at the feeling of her soft lips against his. After a moment, he pulled back and pressed their foreheads together as he smiled at her, his fingers moving up into her hair to lightly caress her scalp.
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    Good morning ×chuckles an looks at the time then outside×

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      hey newbie

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    The last post of the day..or night


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      Yuuto Hiroshige

      Mmm...look so good.

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    *looks at my chest*


    *watches the gif, then looks back at my chest* ...


    1. Kalvoras Vertal

      Kalvoras Vertal

      "Ey, flat is nothing to be ashamed about, love"

    2. TimidNekomimi


      I understand your pain 😥

  26. *It was at that instant, when Alez was at her most hopeless, that something mysterious happened that made things go Alez' way..if just this once. It was then that all the lights started to flicker and then suddenly went dead, plunging everything into darkness. The guards instantly reacted to this strange development, swearing to themselves as they did not bring any flashlights with them. One of them fumbled with their pockets to try to take out their mobile phone, so that they could use its flashlight. "Fuck, did something make the circuit breaker trip AGAIN?" one of the guards could be heard saying as they tried to find their way around in the dark. Due to the lack of windows and natural light in this area, without the lights, it was very dark indeed. Whatever had caused the lights to be cut off seemed to have done a number on the computer as well, as Alez would not be able to sense any demonic aura anymore. Apparently, with this mysterious failure of the electricals in the building, the computer had been taken down with the lights. Apparently, no one had thought that the electricity in this building would run out or be forcibly shut off temporarily. Anyway, whatever had happened and whoever caused it bought Alez some much needed time.*
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    You see the girl that she's measuring? Yup, that's my patience x3


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    Oh maria! So cute!!~♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


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      Yuuto Hiroshige

      可愛いですね ~kawaii desu’ne~...

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