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  2. Master Sendo

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    • Melonie

    Hi hi and welcome to E.D. 

  3. Yuuto Hiroshige

    Yuuto Hiroshige

    Yoi everyone!

    Work isn't so busy with customers as I hoped for but the tips were substantially okay...so can't complain haha. Enjoying my break...well kinda, still trying to perfect opening q wine bottle with precise presentation. My manager is a real intimidating man I say lol.

    Soon as I get back home...will be back on rp duties. Take care of yall selves and love ya!

  4. jp500

    [OOC chat]

    Hey! There are a couple of us active in the apartments at the moment. I mainly use this for a slice-of-life type RP. Going to work, meeting new people, maybe getting to know them more intimately, etc. My character Jen has a studio apartment on the third floor, if you'd like RP a meeting let me know. She works two waitressing jobs and I imagine her going to a local café for a coffee or to the park when she has the time.
  5. Jen's eyes rolled upwards as the vibrator in her pussy and Cassie's mouth on her tits did their work. Her body began to quiver and her breathing became rapid as she made soft whimpers and cries. Her senses were overwhelmed by the stimulation and then she existed in a single glorious moment. She moaned, loud, and came.
  6. Today
  7. Writtingforfun

    The Corruption of Canon

    So I’ll just say this outright and up front: this is basically just a cliche power fantasy and just really mostly 90% smut. Just know what you’re getting into. So basic premise is just taking a show and just taking the characters in canon and fucking them senseless. So for example my character (I prefer playing the male) would just go around said world and really fucking the girls there not caring about anything and breaking them. Sort of a more instant loss thing. Example using Fairy Tail (and this is a quick sample thing and not a showing of how I roleplay.): Lucy: sorry I’m about to head on a quest with my friend. *5 minutes later* Lucy: moaning and being fucked via a mating press while forgetting the quest. For canon universes I know quite a bit so feel free to ask what I might know. Although some I wouldn’t mind looking up and starting if it’s worth it. if you find yourself interested please let me know if not, have a good day.
  8. JennyDK


    After a lot of painstakingly trouble with the first time going through this, I gave it some better planning and ideas for the second try to edit something. After a lot of time and effort, I hope you guys will enjoy my newest video creation! ❤️


  9. Daddyslittlewhore

    My rp rules

    My preferences are mainly CNC and gangbangs
  10. Cassie glanced at the wet spot under Anjali's ass on the couch. "Hmmmm....looks like somebody's enjoying this...." She went to the couch, climbed on top of the girl and began grinding her pussy on top of Anjali. "I don't know who will be a better slave pet....you or Jen.....should I enslave you both?" She teased the girl for a while before climbing off and began sucking Jen;s nipples as the vibe worked it;s magic......
  11. Cute bish

    Cute bish

    "Ew its all over me dumbass. Isnt that enough, you came like ten times already! On my boobs, in my mouth, my hair, on my face, its everywhere." She says while looking up at him pissed, tears in corners of her eyes threatening to spill over. "When are you gonna be done blackmailing me huh?? Its so embarrassing having to dress in these ridiculous costumes and having to be used up by someone like you." She opened her mouth to continue arguing but instead of words out of her mouth came moans and gasps as he started thrusting his cock in between her breasts yet again, rubbing his shaft against her soft flesh and completely ignoring every word she just said and secretly she liked it.


    1. Chuck89


      "Until I knock you up~" He replied while moaning loudly. "Besides, when did I say I would ever stop blackmailing you~? You thought this was going to be our only session~? You're going to be my personal cum dump for as long as I want you to be~" He then came into her cleavage again.

  12. Kitsuyumia

    [OOC chat]

    I am surprised there was no occ chat in general. So I am makimg this one I guess. And I would like to start off by saying hello to anyone who is on here!
  13. JennyDK

    Teachers office

    Isabella, slightly red in the face from embarrassement, frantically begin to pick up whatever books she can. She honest did not notice her fellow teacher being here until she spoke up to her, making stare in a manner that makes her look slightly weird."Oooooh, I am just fine...I hope the books are okay though", she replies back and smiles slightly whilst accepting the hand as the other teacher pulls her back up. She looks at her desk afterwards."Sooo...what were you up to before I literally...crashed...your thing, haha?", Isabella adds, trying this thing people call "humour".
  14. anjali's eys wide opened looking at the huge vibrator dildo and as it was suddenly plunged in her pussy she squeaked and then tried to shout in pain but voices muffled due to gag....."uuuuu uuuuu ummmmhhhhhh" but her whole body felt the vibrations as it slowly eased in and started quivering the Gspot....anjali enjoyed it and her eyes closed in pleasure and moand of pain turned to pleasue...Ummm ummmm ummm" softer voices
  15. Cassie stepped back to take in the sight....both girls were facing each other, their inviting pussies wide open and so vulnerable..... "Let's see," she said...."Which one should I torment first?" She took a 10 inch rabbit vibrator, clicked it on high power and slipped it in Anjali's pussy....she was still wet so she had plenty of natural lubrication. She would need it later... She watched the girl squirm around on the couch then took another rabbit and plunged it deep in Jen.s cunt.....before long both girls were moaning through their gags....and both looking like they were enjoying it
  16. Okay, so basically I'm brand new here and wanna start my time off with a super dirty and taboo RP. Now, I do have to warn that the stuff I'm into is super heavy and not for the faint of heart. Proceed at your own risk. KINKS: I enjoy heavy ageplay (Partner stays the same age but I act very young, no younger than 10) Beastiality, that's simple. I'll fuck anything with a cock, but I like doing horses, dogs, and just about anything else you can think of. I like roleplaying NonCon, or no consent, basically rape. I enjoy being abused and beat, slapping, punching, choking, just general violent behavior. Being peed on or having somebody use me as their personal urinal Futa. I. Love. Futa. Being tied up, I wanna be strung up and fucked whenever anyone wants. Gangbang. I enjoy taking several cocks at the same time incest. I enjoy being fucked by my daddy or brother. So. Now that that's out of the way, I'm not going to state a specific scenario I want, it's all up to whoever likes this idea, so anyways, I enjoy long-term continuous RPs and I'll probably end up being your cockslut for however long you want.
  17. Anjalilesb


    "nice meeting u katyusha" sonali said professionally..."so, i see we have slaves here too" sonali says pointing at Liana Then sonali says to Liana.."sit down there, i will arrange ur hair in a moment...girl...gimme some time with comrade Kats here" Then turning to Katyusha sonali says.."so, i think u were the one who contacted me for a job here....so, can u please tell where i shud bunk. if not barraks anywhere i can sleep. But this Liana girl here told me that barracks were empty. so, can u please tell me which place isnt occupied...? besides i have to make a sniping point somewhere high to silently kill the bots. Can u advise on that too?"
  18. Lexi

    Looking for female to fill roles!

    Idk if this is how I do this, cuz I'm brand new, but these all seem super great- I'd love to do all of these
  19. Shana Valentine

    Shana Valentine

    Hey beautifuls, I added another plot into my VERY NICHE reference chart! Not for the faint of heart, and only for the super submissive with transformation cravings, feel free to check it!

    Happy dreaming out there!

  20. Shana Valentine

    Shana's big trove of VERY NICHE request (On constant update)

    ADDED PLOT 8: Chronicles of the Dragon king for the super submissive!
  21. onearmeddruid


    "Katyusha" she saus bluntly
  22. Too weak to react Anjali was surprised but cud not do anything to defend or respond and only muffled sounds of weak protest came out of her gagged mouth..."hmmm hmmmm hmmmm..." she saw cassie with a little surprise, some horror and tint of some excitement.... Then she felt herself being dragged by the stronger cassie....anjali tried to shout in pain but again only muffled sounds were heard.."hmmmmm hmmm hmmmmuummm" She then looked at Jennifer being dragged similar to her and looked at her in pity but whole scenario excited anjali with anticipation and she cud see herself nude and wide open along with Jen, in front of the obviously dominating sexy cassie
  23. Godot

    Keya's Dorm Room

    Keya doesn't mind how close she gets on the bed and just smiles at her anyway, laying on his back now as he then reached up only to put a thin blanket over himself and her, but she can remove it from herself at any time. He yawned as well, showing his very sharp teeth. "Yeah, good night." He says, sounding weaker now but he finally falls asleep soon afterwards.
  24. This was the moment Cassie was waiting for, when both girls came and too exhausted to put up much of a fight. Cassie got up and ran to the bedroom....luckily for her, between both girls there was plenty of thigh high stocking, bathrobe belts and scarves. Not giving them time to react, she quickly took scarves and gagged both of them, then grabbed their hands and tying them behind their backs. She took Anjali off the floor, dragged her to the couch and spread her legs apartm, tying them to the ends of the couch legs. Next she took Jen and opened her legs wide, tying them to various furniture. Both girls were now gagged nude and bound wide apart.
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