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    Current status: placing foot firmly into mouth.

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    Hello !!!

    Hi there! Welcome to Ecchi! I should Message you some time?
  5. Aura


    When I say abuse is a kink of mine in RP, I don't mean whips and getting tied up. I mean absolute degredation. Harsh punishments with little justification. Nothing tasteful like holding an uncomfortable position, but horrible things that no sane person would consent to: beatings, strangulation. I want bruises, broken bones, gashes and scars. I want the criminal holding my characters captive to laugh at their misery as they force them to use their broken limbs and punish them for not being fast enough. I want them to be beaten down emotionally, told they're worthless, convinced that they're the cause of everything wrong in their life. That this is the fate they deserve. Kinks? The more disgusting the better.

    Most importantly, I want my characters to end up, through some sort of survival instinct or calculated system of brainwashing, to slowly snap and begin to enjoy the treatment, only to begin seeking out others to inflict the same pain and suffering onto. I want my characters to exist on a whole other plain of understanding when it comes to torture and abuse. If my character ends up dying from the harsh treatment? Let it happen. She might just impress you with what she can take.


  6. ArtoriaAlterFuta

    Unpopular opinions

    Unpopular opinion: Voting is pointless. You statistically have a better chance at winning the lottery then you do of swaying the outcome of a vote.
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    EcchiText me to play! ❤️ 


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    Nasty Majesty pt2 ❤ ❤


  9. Thanks to Rose's cooperation, it was quite easy to get her up to the front and seated in the passenger seat. Anhara gave the pretty flower a gentle kiss on the cheek before putting her seatbelt on and closing the door of the truck. She giggled uncontrollably as her eyes met the soggy, tear-stained eyes of her new pet. She couldn't wait to get home to play with her toy. But even more importantly, she was excited to ride in daddy's lap on the way home! She was about to cross over to the other side when she heard a voice from behind the truck. "Anhara, come here." the familiar voice called out to her. Anhara's heart fluttered as she skipped around to the back of the truck, out of sight of Rose, to meet with her daddy, who she soon found out wasn't quite as amused by her behavior as she thought. In less than a second after locking eyes with her daddy, her pretty little head was slammed down against the cold steel of the trailer with a loud thud that would have shaken the entire truck. Her skirt was lifted and he began whipping her ass with his own belt with such intense force that it took the air from her lungs and left bloody welts around the holes of the belt. After whipping her several times, he leaned over her and took a fistful of hair, whispering into his daughter's ear. "'Just a second,' huh? I'll have you know it'll take 'just a second' to tear you apart once we get home. Do I make myself clear?" "Y-yes daddy" Anhara whimpered under his weight. Though she appeared to be suffering from an intense punishment, the young girl hadn't been this turned on in quite a while. Her pussy was dripping wet and she knew exactly what her daddy's threat meant. However, there was only one way he could truly punish her and she knew exactly what that was... In less than a minute, Anhara was tied up and gagged with the very equipment her father had brought to gag her new pet and she was stuffed into the bin in the back of the truck. The bonds were tightly tied so she couldn't move, let alone touch herself. The horny girl just rolled her hips, dry humping her own legs due to the awkward position she was tied up in that she'd have to endure the entire way home. The gag was a moderately-sized ball gag that made her jaw ache and caused her to drool all over herself. By the time they got home, she'd be quite the mess. From Rose's perspective, she would have been able to see none of this and only been able to hear the sounds of impact followed by Anhara's grunts and moans of pain followed by the man finally walking up and climbing into the drivers' side of the vehicle alone. He started up the car and began to drive off without a word to his new victim, though he kept an eye on her to ensure that she didn't have any funny ideas of escaping. The door was locked and there was a special safety lock activated as well that prevented the passenger door from opening from the inside. So even if she'd managed to break out of her bonds, she'd have a hard time getting out. Still, if she was resourceful enough and he wasn't paying attention, she could manage to get away. But he was more than wary enough to ensure that wouldn't happen. Any hope Rose had of escape by this point was gone. She was his property now.
  10. Alex Flinn

    Honeydew Hotel

    He slowly looks down at the book curiously opening it and softly looking around for something. Once grabbing a pen he slowly wrote his name, the orc lettering spelling out Rilog. With gentle eyes he looked up at her and softly sighed as he slowly pushed the book back. "Being an bastared Orc has brought notions to me...it will be nice to be looked at for other than that. As for my out fit..." he looked down. He was dressed pretty loosely, a brown almost bralette covered his upper torso, while a leather skirt covered his legs. "Yes...please..I'll take a new one, I presume that the people here may not find it fitting for a male to dress in what my tribe called...slaves garbs."
  11. YaBoyKagi


    Anyone here listened to the Street Spirit (by Radiohead) cover by the drummer of SoaD, singer of Avenged Sevenfold, and guitarist of Rage Against the Machine? I love it

  12. Melancholy

    Hello !!!

    I'm new to this site and I'd consider myself a skillful author and enjoy roleplaying almost anything! Shoot me an Ecchitext if you've got a role-play youre not finding any luck with, there's a very high chance I'll take you up on the offer! Hope I'll be welcomed into the community
  13. Hand Solo

    Hand Solo

    ...can't sign in...can't sign out... pissed...

    1. Temaelrin


      You're signed in already, because otherwise you wouldn't have been able to post this status. What do you mean that you can't sign off? Are you having problems locating it?

  14. Melancholy

    My preferences <3

    I'll do most immoral/dark fetish roleplays if they're not on my blacklist, just ask first!
  15. Sophia just shrunk down again as Kay told her not to worry about prostitution. She was sure the boy didn't quite understand her position, but what he was saying was probably true. The idea of working in a brothel for the rest of her life caused bile to build up in her throat. She wouldn't be running around sleeping with a bunch of daring men, she'd just end up getting bedded by whatever smelly old perverts had money to spare. She was already repulsed by the idea of performing at those bars, knowing very well that she would be asked time and time again for special 'favors' for extra tip money. And in her position, she'd be a lot more inclined to say yes... This whole lifestyle change her master had forced on her... Was this really what she wanted deep down...? Kay then offered a potential solution, what that Sophia was very quick to shoot down already. "-no." She cut him off. "I can't just do that. I can't be a burden to you. My mission is to please men, not beg for someone to save and protect me." She paused again with a sigh and thought over the words he had just finished on... "You'd really... appreciate the company? But... I'm a waste of space. I don't have any income, I can't carry a job, I'm irresponsible, I'm stupid... All I'm good for is using my body to serve my superiors." She bowed her head in shame as she crossed her arms under her tits. She was still completely naked. "This is all I have to offer, and surely you'll get bored of it. I'm nothing special at the end of the day, I'm just a slut to be passed off from man to man... That's all I am and all I'll ever be." She bit her lip reluctantly and shook her head, trying to fight the tears back. "I'm not worth loving... Why else would God take everyone else away?"
  16. DozleZabie2

    Honeydew Hotel

    Juzo went and go lean on one of the walls next to the seating still keeping a eye on everything
  17. lustfullilgirl69

    Unpopular opinions

    hmm my unpopular opinion is that soda fountain coke is better than store bought coke, but McDonalds have the best soda fountain coke of them all Also: pineapple belongs on pizza
  18. Natia tilted her head in curiosity. A drink that wasn't very well liked and didn't seem to offer any benefits to drinking... She didn't quite understand the purpose of such a drink. Why wouldn't one just drink something that tasted better? As an excuse to spend time with their loved ones? Why would they need an excuse for something so simple? Especially such a simple excuse as wanting to drink a drink that nobody really seems to enjoy in the first place. She was contemplating asking the many questions floating around in her head when the barmaid returned with their plates of food. However, the centerpiece of the entree that immediately caught Natia's eye confused her. She'd never seen such food as this before. Granted, that's pretty much how all of the food she's eaten since meeting Rowan was, but this was perhaps the most bizarre thing she'd ever seen. It seemed to be some sort of brown lump but what disturbed her most was that it seemed to be... bleeding? Steam was rising from the plate and she could feel the heat rising from the plate. Whatever this 'steak' was, it must have been prepared pretty freshly. But it had a smell to it not at all like any of the other food she'd eaten. She gave a concerned glance over at Rowan to see his reaction, but he seemed completely unphased... "Um... what... is... 'steak' ?" Natia finally asked, eyeing the suspicious gory-looking lump, reaching forward and poking at it with her finger. It was soft, almost like flesh, but it was wet like the inside of a fruit. It left an oily feeling on her finger, though, that wasn't like any fruit she'd ever touched before. Touching it also caused more of the blood to seep out of the spongy substance. "Is it... bleeding?"
  19. onearmeddruid

    Honeydew Hotel

    Sonja blushes a light red as she waits for bubblegum to play back in the lobby Klara sits down
  20. Lollipop

    Honeydew Hotel

    Mint: She Pat's Sonja on the head and then takes her turn.
  21. DozleZabie2

    Honeydew Hotel

    Juzo took deep breath "thats a good thing just try not to sue that sword on anyone here less they ask for it "he took a drag from his cigarette"well the front desk is right behind me if you want to sign in to stay or what ever you want to do "
  22. onearmeddruid

    Honeydew Hotel

    "i am calm" she says
  23. DozleZabie2

    Honeydew Hotel

    Juzo"beast you mean the guest here and there is no hunt here has far has i know this place is for parides or your wildest dreams not a blood bath so im just here to make sure you don't hurt anyone "he was keeping his focus on her movement "hopefully one of the other staff members will be here to word things better then i can just stay clam alright "
  24. onearmeddruid

    Honeydew Hotel

    "hunt is still on, i am a hunter, there are.....beasts everywwhere" she says
  25. DozleZabie2

    Honeydew Hotel

    Juzo"ill ask one more time nicely put the sword away please no one here is going to hurt you " took a quick drag from his cigarette he was not even not even carring that the sword was pointed at him he was watching her closely
  26. onearmeddruid

    Honeydew Hotel

    she points teh sword at him
  27. DozleZabie2

    Honeydew Hotel

    Juzo sighed has he keeps watching the armed women looking around the room .took his cigarette from his moth to blow smoke out of it "best try to calm her down before some bad ends up happening i just hope i don't get stabbed cause of my looks ". he walked up to Klara to try to calm her down "easy there miss i don't think no one here is going to end up hurting you here " this coming from a 6'6 tall guy with a gun for a head
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