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  1. Today
  2. Temaelrin

    Aware of a major problem with the EcchiChat Bar (That didn't take long). I'm working on it right now.

    1. Temaelrin


      I apologise about that, it should be "Somewhat Working" again but the original bugs I was trying to fix kind of exploded in my face, so I will be looking at it all again, and trying to fix the root problems (Such as Scrolling problems).

  3. Yesterday
  4. My first RP ^^

    Just look into my preferences :)
  5. My first RP ^^

    what kind of things in a rp?
  6. ArdillaVerde93

    I finally got our internet back up!~

    1. SMFoxy


      Always sucks when the internet goes down. Like, what are you even meant to do? xD

  7. Saraphia

    Christmas is coming! IM SO EXCITED!! *squeals* Sorry...I just had to let that out. Hehe

  8. Hello, welcome to EcchiDreams! We're happy to see you here, in out little corner of the Internet! If you have any questions, or need any help, please don't hesitate in contacting a member of staff!
    • Saraphia
    • MasterInMichigan31

    Welcome to ecchidreams, hope you enjoy yer time with us and merry Christmas XD

  9. Sounds interesting
  10. Oh my gosh the “shino” in yer name reminds me of someone from a different roleplaying place XD oh and welcome.
  11. Welcome to EcchiDreams, BlackShino. Great to meet you too. Hope you have a fun time here, and if you ever need any help, don't hesitate to ask, okay? Sweet Dreams~
  12. ibbyk91

    Forever alone watching this over the weekend:


  13. I searched for a group like this for several months or maybe years,first time i did roleplay it was almost 3 years ago and i can say that is pretty fun and it feels so good to be here with other amazing roleplayers.Nice to meet ya all!
  14. Last week
  15. Temaelrin

    General Announcement: I've updated the EcchiChat, should now work a bit better on mobile phones. Although the downside is that you would have lost all read messages (Sorry~). But everything seems to be running smoothly and the chat works, better than before. 

    1. SMFoxy


      Nice new EcchiChat, @Temaelrin!
      Looks awesome, I love it.

    2. Sunstone


      Woah, ah the surprise! 😍
      Love these changes very much! I'll have to get used to the new sound effects too. I still imagine the "Bwoip" sound effect is there when it's not. x3

  16. Things you can say about this topic but not your partner. Whoops... Looks like I let this one die. (Better resurrect it. xD)
    • ibbyk91
    • Sunstone

    Ayy sorry buddy :(

    • Noah Takumi
    • Sasuke

    If you need help all you have to do is ask, I've been waiting for you.

  17. Questions Only

    Why am I observing this?
  18. Jakies

    I need a good Roleplay girl 


  19. ArdillaVerde93

    Tomorrow, I begin work on my Halloween costume. I'm going out with some friends on Halloween, so I decided to put together a costume of none other than the pinnacle of cartoon femininity. Minerva "Minnie" Mouse!~

    1. SMFoxy


      That's part of the fun of Halloween. Dressing up and such, I mean. Though I've not done that myself for years. xD
      The free sweets is my favourite part. xD

  20. BlackShino

    I'm new here, any girl wanna have some fun with me role-playing? 

    1. Saraphia


      Hi, new here and I might be interested....*winks*

  21. ArdillaVerde93

    I got back into SMITE, because it's Triple XP Weekend. I realise now, a few things.

    I tend to employ a hit-and-run style. Run in, kill-steal/gank, then head back to the base for healing and upgrades.

    My best character seems to be Cupid, though I also main Chang'e, Ratatoskr, and Da Ji.

    You can be the best SMITE player ever(not AT ALL saying I am). If you have an entire enemy team gunning for you, you're going down hard. Individual skill matters, but don't forget, you're in a team. Act like it.~

    So many variables decide the winning team. In one match, I chose Ratatoskr, who I am familiar with, and we lost big time. I chose Ratatoskr for another match, and, not only did we win, but I racked up 8 kills and only 1 death! Then, I chose Artemis, who I rarely use, and we still won again! O_O

    1. SMFoxy


      Wins do rely on a number of factors. The skill of your team, the skill of the enemy team... Even sheer dumb luck. xD

      Unrelated, I don't play it, but I think Da Ji is my favourite, for... reasons. xD

    2. ZoeyA


      I actually started playing again as well, today.

  22. Requesting literate male (character) for RP

    I'd be happy to help just let me know if you're still interested.
  23. Detailed rp , into many genres

    I want to be entertained, if you want we can do an interesting genderblender.... That should be fun. I liked detailed rps I hope we can play sometime.
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