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  3. Sinful Vampire

    Sinful Vampire

    My offer about the three sex dragons is still open... It may actually get added to my plotlist

  4. Gwen10Tennyson

    Exchange Student Gwen

    Gwen was shocked to see how they went at each other like animals Gwen couldn't believe what she was seeing from Michelle now obviously she wasn't shocked with Amy due to what the bitch had already done to Gwen prior nonetheless she couldn't keep her eyes of them as she began feeling her pussy getting wet from all the action, Gwen was surprised by Michelle's moan as she was shocked that she normally never woke up from such things as well as all the squirting that Michelle did Gwen had heard about such things before but never seen it happen...
  5. Sinful Vampire

    Kitty maid

    *steals the cat maid away*
  6. Always Sunny

    Sunny’s Always Sensual Smut

    Finally decided to share with you degenerates. Enjoy.
  7. JennyDK


    Time for me get off the desktop and into bed for some relaxation time.
    Goodnight everyone. I will look forward to return to you ❤️💋

    1. Guroda


      Sorry our time schedules have made it difficult to message. Have a good night ^-^

    2. JennyDK


      Don't worry about it. Neither of us are in a rush after all 😄

      I will be getting back to replyng tomorrow ❤️

      I will also still be around via mobile, so you can still message me if you want ^^

  8. (then let's make the soundwave and renew stamina her first ones. ) The giant was impressed by the bravery of one so jiggly on its opinion. Though as the stranger approach the giant crashed his hammer into the ground as a show of force only to see her all cocky....then she spoke as the giant pondered this once more. The biggest misunderstanding some people had of the giants was their intelligence. Though the species was not as smart they did communicate, make clothing, and herd the mighty being known as the mammoth. The giant begun...
  9. Cute bish

    Cute bish

    She tilted her head to the side, supporting it with the palm of her hand. With a smirk on her face she looked at the attractive boy sitting beside her before quietly saying ''Hey... think i dropped something under the table, do you mind getting it for me?

    The boy not knowing what awaits under the table skirting bluntly lifted it only to be faced with her lifting her skirt and wearing no panties underneath. 

    "So are you gonna stare all day or get it for me?'' she asked the flustered boy.



    1. Jason ♡

      Jason ♡

      *I nervously look up at you with a beet red completion. My flustered face looks around to make sure no-one else saw. I lean in and wishper to you*


      Wh-why....you're not wearing any..underwear..?

  10. WARNING! This story prompt is not as well thought out as some of my others and can be very well considered a work-in-progress, so don't judge my writing skill just by this (essentially stolen) idea. A FOREWORD In this day and age where anime has almost become main-stream (if the raid on Area 51 and Netflix's Castlevania are anything to go by), it's unlikely you haven't heard of...
  11. dani2020

    School Girl Bully

    "I'm never going to stop ... I don't care to stay here forever" she approached his ear whispering to him "I also wouldn't mind staying alone for awhile~" She said in a seductive way causing a shiver down his back, He couldn't tell if what she said was true or not.
  12. Heisenberg 24


    Thomas rolls over to see his slave is asleep he gets out of the bed and walks over to the window looking out on the city. He contemplated what he had done. He smiled he turned around to see Cynthia still asleep. He crawls under the covers until his face meets her pussy. While still asleep Thomas licked her little snatch from bottom to top. Focusing on her clit Thomas continues licking her when she stirs and wakes up He put a finger inside of her as she does making her moan in pleasure " I told you I'd give you a treat" he says burying his...
  13. dani2020

    Across the Land of Kalthernia

    Libelle laughed after hearing that request "Are you really asking me to join your hunt? Humans always think about killing..." She thought for a moment,Gilnear could be her only option to escape alive, she then sighed smirking as she looked at Gilnear "Okay human... I'll join to your carnage, just because I owe it to you for saving me hours ago" She said accepting the request of the knight, she no longer had any other options, unable to fly, she needed help to get out of the forest.
  14. WetNoodle

    Quality Lewds

    Non-specific good quality smut.
  15. WritesNaughtyStories

    Exchange Student Gwen

    While Gwen his in the closet, Amy made sure Michelle came multiple times. She lowered her head to Michelle's pink pussy and licked from bottom to top, exploring the folds and rolls of her nectar covered lower lips with her wiggling tongue. Amy's big, black ass pumped and twisted as she dry-humped the matress, groaning into Michelle's cream drooling hole. After Michelle had orgasmed, her hips bucking against Amy's large, dark lips, Amy rolled into her back and pulled Michelle onto of her. Michelle straddled Amy's massive cock and began...
  16. JennyDK

    OOC talk for Monster Academy.

    After some cleaning up (after refering with the members), there are now more staff member positions open for character creation. These are the following new open positions: Nurse Human biology teacher Human-monster relations consultant English teacher Secretary
  17. Kendra Love

    Kendra Love


    It's been a while~ ❤❤

    1. Akuja


      Welcome back, Kendra~!!!! 💕💕

    2. Jason ♡

      Jason ♡

      Happy to hear from you again!

  18. KinkyKathy


    Cynthia gazes at the young man, then pulls back the covers and lays down beside him on her side, facing him just in case he might want to fondle her tits or play with her pussy..... before long they both drift off to sleep. Cynthia begins to have dreams, visions of the videos, pictures and words that flashed across the screen while she was wearing the VR headset. It was if she was being taught further in her sleep.
  19. Always Sunny

    Always Sunny

    Gossip Girl is just the right amount of trashy drama.

    1. Xeed


      I’m just waiting for Vikings 😩

    2. WetNoodle


      It suits you, then.

    3. Always Sunny

      Always Sunny

      Fuck you, you stupid fuck. XD

  20. JennyDK

    S M U G bitches!

    You know you love them!
  21. Allie smiled and nodded along as they walked. It felt good to break Lisa’s shell and have her come out and talk to her like this. “Cool, that like me and sports. One day I just picked up a ball and well, everything started rolling since then.” A question then popped into Allie’s mind to ask Lisa. She wasn’t sure if wanted to ask it, or if she could, but she toke a deep breath, they were comfortable enough to with each other now. “Hey, after school, do you wanna hang out together? Do you know any cool spots we could go to? I’ve...
  22. It wasn't really decided by either of them, but rather it seemed like the natural thing to do right now, as Allie and Lisa begin to walk around together. Luckily, it was the final class of the day and thus they have plenty of privacy with most students just wanting to go home afterwards. They even seem to fall into conversation rather naturally as well, which makes Lisa relax even further. As her anxiety lowers, something else takes its place instead as the mental images seem to show up with some interval, most of them rather normal while...
  23. OOC: Honestly, I find it more fun, interesting and exciting if I am not the one deciding on that. I hope you are liking this so far ^^ Ronja is fully unfazed by the giant approaching and trying to intimidate her. She has her usual cocky grin plastered on her young face. Her assets continue to bounce and jiggle even when taking small and minute steps forwards. There is not a single trace of fear in her eyes, movements or anything. Despite having never learned other languages, a part of her lineage is making her able to understand and...
  24. Allie smiled as Lisa told her that she would show her around. She liked hearing how the girl was getting more comfortable and used to her. “Yeah, that sounds nice. I’m still sort of finding my way around this place...” she said rubbing the back of her head. “The saxophone? Really?” She asked a bit surprised, “I don’t know know many people who would use that instrument. Why did you choose it?” As they talked, Allie decided to start walking around the school with Lisa so she could show her around it as they talked.
  25. Celest


    If anyone is willing to do dm smut roleplays hit me up, I am always up for some private fun! ^>^spacer.png

  26. (but so many can be so good. I feel like soundwave of lust and renew stamina might be the beginning ones honestly. Makes sense in my head unless you feel a different set of two would be better like instant erection or alter body) The giants seemed to be in their own world as they rummaged through some of the items. It wasn't until they heard the noise of Ronja approach did they look over in that direction out of curiosity, though once one of them spotted the loli it seemed the giants were able to make some sort of giant speech amongst...
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