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    Daddy and his friends needed some help relaxing... ❤️ 

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  5. _euphoriaX


    Bro, does anyone want to try a certain roleplay with me? I don't know why, but I'm actually interested in a romantic roleplay- and I have a specific idea for it. ♡ For once, I have an idea away from smut. XD

  6. Balthier

    Super Power from a song

    I would go with chosen ones by Dream Evil. Riding through thunder, slaying dragons. What's not to like?
  7. ArdillaVerde93


    Just fucking great. I haven't even had my TV for a year, and it's already broken. It keeps rebooting itself.

  8. Adverse


    When you're trying to get back into role playing, try to think up new ideas and come up with squat lol.

  9. Yuuto Hiroshige

    Home alone.jpeg

    Wish I could keep company owo
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    My temptations

    Some images to keep my warm at night
  11. Akira

    Keep a word... Replace a Word.

    Dead silence
  12. Clerverly

    Keep a word... Replace a Word.

    Blissful silence
  13. I would wonder if they're playing a joke on me...also our relationship status. (Just met, enemies, friends, etc...)
  14. Question the fact that how every time I wake up the person who sleeps next to me changes magically and then someone now below me will do something to me and I'm the person in their bed now instead of mine
  15. Xeno


    Freedom, alas tis mine! 

  16. Reven


    Ever since i joined this site i realized how much i improved at roleplaying. From only a few lines to paragraphs. From almost no emotion to so much. Mainly improvements all around. I just wanna say thanks for all the tips people ive talked to. And all the people ive roleplayed with. 🙂

    1. Adverse


      Experience brings excellence. Read, study, pay attention and you'll only see yourself get better and better.

  17. Being full was a strange sensation for the insatiable little wolf. Rarely did food manage to get her this way. In fact she could probably count on one hand how many times it had happened! Wait, could she even count? It didn't matter. The fact was that this feeling was very unusual to her. It was oddly satisfying. Did normal people feel this way all the time? It certainly made the whole sex part feel even better! "Nilaa not feel hungry?" she asked, lowering her gaze between them. A faint bulge existed where TV Head was buried within her body. She ended up moving a finger down, running it along the length. Perhaps she would need to do this more! And perhaps this was another way of eating sausages! Hands traced along her thin body, settling against her hips. She felt fingers dig again into the very upper portion of her cheeks. He certainly did enjoy grabbing there, didn't he? But before she could really make a note of it she found herself being lifted up! A sharp exhale of air left her lungs, head pressing into the man's chest while paws gripped more tightly against shoulders. The thick head scraped against her sensitive insides and allowed the flesh to return to what it had been before he'd entered, instantly healing any light damage that had been done to her. But the fullness also left her in this way, leaving her feeling empty once more. For a moment Nilaa grew worried that he was about to pull out of her. She didn't want that! It felt really good! She wanted to feel full! Thankfully he ended up stopping just before his tip managed to leave her, holding her pale lips spread just enough that the bright pink inner flesh of her petals was left exposed to the warm water. And then he started to push into her body again. The tiny creature grew dizzy with bliss. It hurt a tiny bit as her body had already managed to heal slightly, but most of the pain was gone as she started to adapt to the feelings. Instead it was replaced by pleasure. Pure pleasure. A low groan left the young girl as TV Head's thick cock stretched open her tiny tunnel. Her body squeezed around him once more, clamping down with suffocating pressure like a hand trying to fit into a glove half the size it was meant to, only this glove actively resisted said hand and was both wet, squishy, and abnormally hot. When her lover finally settled against her cervix once more Nilaa leaned up, planting another kiss against his screen. She was at a loss of words, mind far too addled by pleasure. But she wanted more. She wanted more of him. Her hips shifted around in slow, agonizing circles, scraping the intruding flesh around against her flesh, drawing forth a hushed moan from the young student. Clearly she was ready for more!
  18. Yuuto Hiroshige

    Yuuto Hiroshige

    “Could you leave me alone for a bit? You’re kind of getting on my nerves.”

    Never have I ever said “Ouch..” intensely before.

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  19. Adverse



  20. “I’m twenty, not fourteen like you seem to picture me as.” The redhead stated firmly at his question. She then figured out how to get the shower going and smirked. “Are you going to join me or back out like a wimp?” She still had a bit of a teasing hint in her voice. She pushed some hair over her shoulder with a loud huff to show her disappointment before she walked into the shower, letting the warm water hit her skin. This time a satisfied sigh left her mouth as she closed her eyes, soaking in the feeling.
  21. "Student. . .punish-what. . .?" Takeshi muttered to himself, "Adults?" Takeshi blinked his expression away from embarrassment to confusion. When Karma turned away, however, Takeshi's eyes started to meander down to spy at her ass. But Takeshi caught himself, letting out a small "ah" as his hand shot up to cover his eyes. He spun around on a heel, now turned away as well, but still kept his eyes covered despite his maneuver. There was a moment of silence as Takeshi waited for the sound of the shower to start, as though the sound was his que to leave, but nothing happened. Instead the two just stood there in awkward silence, one staring at their hand and the other at an empty shower.
  22. With every inch that sunk deeper into Nilaa the longer TV Head groaned, spreading her open until her small body had reached its limit. He couldn't believe that someone could be so tight and so soft at the same time. The alloy-muscles of his body were already conducive enough to heat so it didn't take much from Nilaa to make him feel as though he was melting inside of her. That was until her body suddenly grabbed onto his length. In an intense wave of pleasure TV Head was paralyzed. TV Head let out an audible gasp as he felt Nilaa's body constrict and throb around his member. His hands tightened against Nilaa's body, unable to do anything in that moment but gasp and groan until there was no more room left for Nilaa to squeeze TV Head into. The intense hold of Nilaa's body and its constant attempt to resist them both actually only worked to coax more out of TV Head. He could feel his balls swelling with his first load, as though Nilaa's own body was trying to suck it right out of him. Nilaa's sweet kiss prompted him to look down at her and take in everything that had just happened. It was going to take some getting used to, if there was even such a thing with someone like Nilaa, but TV Head was doing his best now to see through the daze he was in. Nearly a full ten of his twelve inches had been taken in by Nilaa, his girth clearly stretching her beyond what she was ready for. A small trail of blood had trickled down what little of his shaft remained visible. From it a feint pink mist had faded into the water. Still, despite taking it all in, TV Head was at a loss of words. He went to speak but nothing came out. Instead, he drug his hands across Nilaa's body to grab her by her hips. The divots of Nilaa's wide hips acted like natural placeholders for TV Head's thumbs and her plump rump was excellent for handling. It was almost like Nilaa was made to be fucked by the villain, a perfect fit for his cock. TV Head simply nodded before working Nilaa along his length. Slowly he drew her up from his cock, taking his time as he emptied her of his presence, before filling her up once more. He took his time letting their bodies fuck each other, his cock breaking past her closing walls with every inch as Nilaa's pussy pushed and tightened. The head of his dick rolled along the walls of Nilaa's pussy until it reached her cervix again, stopping his advance from reaching further into Nilaa's depths.
  23. “Yes you are” she pressed on as her pace picked up to get in his face. She then put her hand forward, lightly trailing her fingertips across his neck. “I was really hoping for some student punishment” she said as she pouted cutely. She then stopped as she felt for now her teasing was enough. “I thought we could be adults about this. But I guess not” she sighed as if she was sad. The redhead made a abrupt turn as she walked away and towards the shower. “But alas you are boring.” She stated with a smirk on her lips. She looked at the shower and tipped her head to the side as she tried to figure out how to turn it all.
  24. The taunting had definitely struck a chord with Takeshi's pride, or perhaps being so blatantly called out like that was what had done it. But it was more than enough to make Takeshi's eye twitch with both embarrassment and agitation. "Wh-What?!" Takeshi gasped as he turned his chin away from Karma, as though that would somehow put more distance between his eyes and Karma's nude body. Karma was onto something though that Takeshi did not appreciate someone like her picking up on; his weakness for women. A weakness that was as physical as it was mental. Because of this Takeshi did his best to avoid these sort of situations. It made him weak, just as Karma had said. "S-scared?! Aha, ahahaha, no no, nononono," Takeshi laughed nervously as his foot searched for its footing behind him. "Misunderstand, you misunderstand." Takeshi stepped back as Karma stepped forward, moving his hand from pointing to open, desperately urging Karma to halt. "I-I didn't see anything, hahaha," Takeshi continued to laugh as his eyes darted from Karma's eyes to around the bathroom and back to her eyes again. All he could do now was do his best not to lose his balance as he tried to walk his way back out of the situation.
  25. If it were not for the mess of feelings swirling around within the wolf's head then perhaps the echoing noises might have distracted her. Indeed, she probably would have ended up barking at them! But feeling their bodies brush together and working through the strange emotions welling up within her mind did quite enough to draw her attention away from such things. Soon, however, something else would do the job. Nilaa's tail started to wag excitedly once more! He was going to make them feel even better?! This already felt pretty great! How was he ever going to do it? Initially she thought that they'd return to what was just happening between them. The hand on her tender rump pulled her down, brushing her sensitive spot against the large sausage once more! And, once more, a shiver of pleasure ran up along her spine. Only this time he didn't stop. Tiny pale lips were parted and stretched around the throbbing helmet of TV Head's dick. A hushed whimper left the girl. It did hurt a little given their sizable difference. Such a sudden tug downwards drew a little blood, stretched her out a little more than she was ready for, but this also ended up activating her unique quirk. Try as it might her body couldn't exactly fix what little had been changed, and so the incredible heat put off by the process remained in place as the quirk did it's best to do it's job, only to be halted by the current intrusion. Incredibly warm flesh wrapped tightly around the invading penis. Her body squeezed around him with enough power to hurt a normal person, perhaps even damage something delicate enough, but thankfully TV Head was made of tougher stuff. Still, it threatened to push him right back out! Nilaa however despite the pain did feel something else. Gradually the pleasure overcame that initial shock. She wanted more. With another whimper and body shaking Nilaa gripped tightly upon the man's shoulders, using them as leverage to assist with the push downwards. Inch by inch her lover sunk into her wet depths, each gain only increasing the pressure with which her tiny body clamped down upon him. And then finally with most of the length buried into her body Nilaa stopped, settling the tip of TV Head's cock against her cervix. A few inches remain free from her body still but what else was she to do? Push him into her womb?! Not that she knew of such things to begin with. Her tongue hung out from her lips as she caught her breath, eyes just a bit watery from the intense experience. Hips slowly shifted from side to side, squeezing her already impossibly tight folds around the villain's penis. Now that had been a battle! A battle that, unbeknownst to her, had just begun. Still, the emotions welled up within her prompted her to tilt her head up and to plant a single kiss right up against her friend's screen! "Nilaa happy. It hurt. Nilaa hurt for friend. It okay. Friend happy?"
  26. “Talk like what?” Karma blankly asked as she looked over at him. Not minding that she was naked as she didn’t see the issue with it. She was the type that fully believed ones of opposite genders should be fine seeing the other nude. Also it helped that she was defiantly confident of her body. She took notice of his reaction and a smug look appeared on her face as a slight blush also popped out against her pale cheeks. She started to slowly walk towards him. “Something wrong?” She asked innocently as she proceeded to walk up to him. “Does my body..scare you?” She teased as she stood in front of him, placing her hands on her hips. “Technomancer...I never took you as the type to get all weak like over seeing a female’s body” she commented with a smirk.
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