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    I'm not saying fairies are real, I'm just saying that I left home without any plan for dinner, and when I got home, my parents were gone and there was a still hot steak waiting on the table.

    Why would they make a steak? It'd be so much easier for them to just throw Hot Pockets at me...

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    I'm honestly just really looking for someone to do some hardcore futanari rape like scenarios with me ;<;
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    Reina Harmary

    Well, I'm glad you like her.
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    Reina Harmary

    She’s hot
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    Your Choices-

    This is basically the characters you can choose from, you can choose who you want to rape or have fun with.
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    rp: ooc The Crooked Saloon (OoC)

    Sorry, it took so long buuuut I think he is finally finished! I hope he is ok. Let me know if anything needs to be changed!
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    Why hello newcomer! Great to welcome you here on this site 🙂

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      Thanks for the welcome Yuuto-san.

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    Roleplay Characters Appearances

    This is full of my cyber characters or hentai characters.
  12. Anhara could see the tears building in Rose's pretty eyes from the pain, it was cute, but those weren't the tears she wanted. There was a specific kind of crying she wanted to see and judging from the reaction to her threat, it was clear exactly how she was going to manage that. The desperation in the flower's voice as she begged for her dog to be spared was just adorable and melted Anhara's heart. That dog was certainly going to be a key part of their little game. As Rose began to negotiate with her, quite pathetically at that, Anhara just giggled. "Oh, sweetheart. It's gonna be very clear what I want from you before long. For now, why don't you call off your little mutt so we can get back to our fun~?" She readjusted her grip on Rose so that her arm was pressed firmly against her chest, pinning her down against the couch once again while her free hand, still holding her knife, gently ran through the girl's hair. "I'm going to have so much fun with you, little flower. So cute, so innocent, so precious... It's just a shame you made your lips so ugly now... they were so pretty before." She frowned again as her eyes focused on the bloody cut. "Now then, let me explain to you exactly what's going to happen. You're going to call off your dog, then I'm going to call daddy and you're going to be enthusiastic about talking to him, and then you're going to let me play with you however I want and the whole time you're not gonna try any rude tricks! You're not in a position to agree or disagree, sweetheart, so I suggest you don't say anything stupid and do exactly what I say right now."
  13. The girl blinked in surprise as she felt the man's gentle touch on her red cheek. His tone was suddenly much less cold and strangely comforting, like a father teaching his little girl how to solve a simple problem she's gotten frustrated with. Had she misinterpreted this man's feelings toward her? This response was the last thing she had expected form the way he'd been treating her like a tool this whole time. Perhaps he really did understand she was only human after all... Still, his gentleness didn't change the fact that the last thing she wanted to do right now was suck his cock. It was still just as humiliating, being coached on how to give a proper blowjob. But, in a way, perhaps he was just preparing her for what was undoubtedly to come... With his gentle nudge back toward his dick, she parted her lips and allowed the head to enter once again, wrapping her lips around the shaft and ensuring to be extra careful to prevent her teeth from touching it. Once the cock reached the back of her mouth, just before the point where she'd start to gag, he allowed her to stop moving forward. Eye contact was still extremely difficult, so her eyes just focused on his crotch in front of her, the smell of his manhood invading her nostrils once again. As she held this posiiton, her tongue naturally rested at the base of his cock, allowing her to taste the sweaty skin that had been trapped in his boxers all day. All these sensations together, it was impossible to imagine that this was a feeling some girls could get addicted to. She was hoping the experience would at least be enjoyable. Perhaps it was an acquired taste... She began to follow his advice, taking a deep breath through her nose before pushing herself about an inch deeper. Once again, her neck convulsed and she gagged, but this time she only pulled back slightly and, at Zack's command, she'd relaxed her throat some more and tried to force it deeper. She'd managed to get a good few more inches, about 5 in total, before being hitting a wall that seemed impassible for her. Regardless, she continued to pull back and try pushing deeper, her gagging only getting louder and almost disgusting sounding, like she was going to throw up if she kept at it. Yet, she couldn't just disappoint her client. He wanted her to take as much as she could... she... she had to keep going...
  14. Location: Outside of Delwore. The carrot was slipped away into one of her pouches. That was fine. More snacks for her and Lucky! But if she did change her mind, well, she had extras! Not too many left, but a few! Actually she probably should have bought more food while she was in town, but that was fine. She had enough supplies to reach the next one and, failing that, she had potions to assist further! Also they could go hunting! Really they had plenty of options. "Okie dokie!" she chirped, fine with Rayvenne leading the way! It was probably safer. Also, well, she knew where they were going! It was part of the reason she was hired, after all. She did hear Rayvenne speaking to what was probably the familiar. One of her ears perked up on reflex, tilting towards the source of the noise. But she didn't actually want to spy on them, so a hand quickly moved up to tug down upon it! Bad ear! Very bad ear! Leaning forth, Luna rubbed her hands against the part of Lucky's neck that she could reach! He was such a great companion. He never complained, but then she did end up spoiling him a lot too. Being good to others had gotten her through a few iffy spots before, including with bandits! After all they were still people. Most did it as a way to feed themselves. Only a few were actually really bad, and in those cases, well, magic had her back Also alchemy! One would be surprised by how many applications potions could have! When Rayvenne glanced back Luna sat up, waving excitedly towards the woman! At least she had companions now who could talk back to her! I wonder what sort of familiar I'll get! Oh, I should look for a spell that'll let me talk to animals! That'd be neat!
  15. Hanako Health: 100 Hunger: 87 Hydration: 87 Sanity: 85 Items: AA Batteries (4) Blanket Box of Aspirin (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Co-Codamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Crackers Box of Ibuprofen (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Paracetamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Tylenol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Can of Spam Family Picture (Sentimental, non-use item) Instant Noodles (Chicken) Machete Map Small Knife Small Knife (Dull) Vitamins (3 Doses) Location: Hideout, Suburbs, Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 18:18, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. Of course getting their wounds all properly treated too precedence over any sort of relaxing bath. Also having water for drinking and preparing food. Only then could they worry about bathing, and only after that should they even worry about washing their clothes. Soap was a great idea too. People certainly took it for granted back in good days, but now it could be a life saver. Still, it probably wasn't best to use it on their clothes. Thankfully there were two bathrooms! But there was another issue too, one that Wolfe wasn't addressing. Perhaps he hadn't run into it. She had. Or, well, her first group had. Still, he seemed so excited! Perhaps there was a way around it? Or maybe it wasn't the same thing here? She'd hold off on bursting his bubble, simply nodding her head once while she followed him around. A piece of chocolate was extended to her. Amber orbs widened, hands reaching out to snatch it up! It was immediately pushed into her mouth. She didn't bite it. No, she'd let it just melt. It was best to savor these little treasures. Still, it did leave a smile behind. It also kept her mouth closed for the moment, gave her more time to think while they ventured up the stairs. When they reached the master bedroom Penny seemed to immediately claim it as her own. It was actually pretty cute and Hanako probably would have giggled if it were not the chocolate she was sucking on. Of course she would certainly prefer the master bedroom, however there were other things to think about. It did have plenty of clothes too, but she doubted any would fit her. After all Hanako was very small. Kid's clothes probably worked better in all honesty, but she liked the ones she wore. They reminded her of a better time. An unconscious tug against one of her sleeves also reminded her that they were worn for other reasons. Regardless, once she'd finished melting the chocolate in her mouth she swallowed it down and finally spoke! "It depends, I think. If it gets cold maybe we should all share. Or maybe we should drag another bed in here and share anyways. Might be safer. Um, either way, you two should have the bigger bed, especially if she is hurt." She paused, looking towards the bathroom. Unfortunately she hadn't thought of any better outcomes, so she came right out with it. "Back when I had a group we ran into a house with running water. It ran out in a couple of days. I think maybe some was still in the pipes or something. I dunno if it is the same here or not, but we should conserve it. Uh. Maybe we clean out a tub and pour a little water in it. Use it to clean our wounds. Then we get whatever we need for drinking and eating. I think we need more containers maybe? I guess we can use glasses if they have any. Or something." Another pause. Her right hand drifted up, running through her hair. It was a clear sign of when she needed to give thought to something. Or when she was nervous or feeling awkward or embarrassed. Really it depended on the situation. "I think we should use soap for cleaning our wounds and bandages, but maybe we shouldn't for our bodies or clothes. It would be nice to smell really nice but other things might pick up that smell too. Um, unless we're deciding to stay here for awhile. Then maybe it would be okay? But smelling clean and nice is, I think, as bad as being bloodied, especially when everything else smells not so good." Honestly she didn't know what the capabilities of zombies were. Maybe they could smell. And even if they could, she didn't know if they'd pick up on that. But people could smell. In these survival situations, at least for herself, she'd noticed changes. Senses had heightened. Maybe not to extraordinary heights, but she was sure that if someone clean showed up she could maybe pick up on that smell if she was close enough. Maybe. "I dunno how we'd share bath water either, especially if we're staying awhile. I guess we could take turns? Or, well. . ." Once again her hand reached down, tugging at her sleeve while she trailed off. There was an alternative. It did seem very embarrassing. But it also made sense in this situation. Sharing together at the same time meant less water was used and they all had a chance to at least have some clean water. Of course she was willing to go through with it. Zoe wouldn't be too bad. They were both girls. And while Wolfe was a boy, well, even that she'd be willing to do. Desperate times called for desperate measures and they needed to think long term, especially now while they were excited about their find. But she wouldn't bring the idea up directly out of sheer embarrassment. No, she figured he'd catch on to it and throw his own two cents in. Hanako Stat Changes: Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A
  16. Location: Outside of The Wretched Rat tavern, Delwore. Raeghan stared at Luna for a few moments longer before he let out a cawing cry, ruffling his feathers a little before turning back on Rayvenne’s shoulder to look out front. The dark haired woman stroked his chest a few times before she turned her head to address Luna to answer her question regarding the carrot, “I think Maedoc will be fine for now. Thank you for the offer, though.” She said. She rarely gave Maedic treats like that, as she usually didn’t carry anything with her. So he wasn’t one to expect such things. His main treat was being able to run free at a pace that suited him. He was an uncomplicated horse. As long as he was able to run as much as he wanted, he was quite happy. “I’m going to take point.” Rayvenne then said, referring to the fact that she was going to move so that she would be in front of the wagon so that if anything like bandits rushed at them, she would be the first one that they encounter. With Luna hauling a wagon, she was a prime target for criminals who might want to steal her wares. In fact, Rayvenne thought it was a little strange that Luna didn’t travel with guards to protect her merchandise. She was either stupid and naive, or she had some other way to defend herself. Which, given the fact that she was a witch, in training at least, she might very well be able to take care of herself. Unless they had a witch hunter among them. Then it would be an entirely different case. They were specifically trained to take down witches, and even experienced witches had a hard time with them. It was one of the reasons why Rayvenne thought it as foolish for Luna to be so open about who she was. She was practically inviting trouble with wide open arms. It had been the fate that befell Maed, the witch that Rayvenne had defriended and who had summoned Raeghan. She nudged Maedoc into a trot, positioning herself at the head of the caravan, a little way in front. Once she was sure that she couldn’t be overheard, she said quietly to Raeghan, “I know I said I would be heading to Dragon’s Eye, but Luna hired me to help her track down a Red Dragon.” The Raven rustled his wings a little before saying, “I gathered it was for a job. You don’t usually have company for the hell of it. You do realise that she’s a witch, right? I can see that a mile away.” “Yes, I’m aware. She was very open about that fact. Foolishness.” Rayvenne said, causing Raeghan to caw slightly in a laugh, “You can’t help everyone, Rayvenne. She also seemed quite well aware that I’m a familiar.” “I did wonder if she would catch on.” Rayvenne said, as it confirmed that she was a witch as not everyone could tell a familiar for a normal bird. Most people thought Raeghan as just unusual due to his blood red eyes. She then turned her head towards him and asked, “Can you patrol around us? Keep an eye on bandits or any other dangers like witch hunters?” “Sure thing.” Raeghan said before launching off of her shoulder and flying off, disappearing into the trees as he went to spy around for her, which was his usual job. Rayvenne glanced behind her to check up on Luna before returning her eyes back to the front again to keep an eye on the road.
  17. Wolfe Health: 41 Hunger: 82 Hydration: 86 Sanity: 45 Items: Map (Quest item) Katana Sword Box of Crackers Map Cash: $53 Cold/flu medication Compass Lisa’s Diary (Sentimental, non-use item) The Hungry Caterpillar book (Sentimental, non-use item) 2 Pot noodles (beef) Empty bottle Bottle and a quarter of disinfectant Duct tape Gloves Bottle of water Unclean bottle of water (river water) Cotton buds Chocolate bar Pot of Strawberry Jam Tylenol (16 pack, 8 doses) Antibiotics (Necrotacin) Antibiotics (Amoxicillin) Dinosaur Toy (Sentimental, non-use item. For Penny) Zoe Health: 26 Hunger: 85 Hydration: 86 Sanity: 70 Items: Woodcutter axe Can of Spam Clothes (One top, one leg cover, one set of shoes) Cash: $77 Tea Bags Chocolate bar Sewing kit Location: Hideout, Suburbs Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 18:18, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. Wolfe paused at the mention of a bath. He had not thought of getting one, even though he knew that he sorely needed one. Bathing was an infrequent luxury in these times, especially with running water so hard to find. He couldn’t believe his luck to have stumbled upon a house with running water. Clearly the amenities in this town weren’t as badly damaged as the ones in Havenborough. A bath, even a cold one, sounded like heaven. He even wondered if there were any soap or shampoo left by the previous occupants of this house. He doubted he could give Zoe an actual bath. He would likely need to give her a sponge bath. He doubted that she would be too pleased, but it was better than nothing. “That’s actually a good idea. I can get all my wounds cleaned up and treat with disinfectant.” Wolfe said, thinking of his thigh and arm where the knife had gotten him earlier. There were no doubt some towels hanging around as well so they could clean themselves down. They might be a little musty smelling, but it was better than nothing, “And there are two bathrooms. One is an en-suite in the Master bedroom and the other is the main bathroom, at the end of the hall opposite the stairs. So while I’m getting clean, you can clean yourself up so I can look at your wound as well. I think it should be possible to clean our clothes using the bathtubs. The washing machine is completely out of the question. Not only do we not have electric, but it would be far too noisy. But there might be some kind of soap for that around here…” He said, wondering if he was reaching too far for a fantasy of being clean and being dressed in clean clothes. He limped over to the sink where he opened the cupboard and peered inside where he found a box of powder meant for washing clothes. He reached in and picked it up, finding that it seemed to be reasonably full. He put it back down and straightened as he closed the cupboard, “Yes, very possible.” He turned and grinned at Hanako. Things seemed to be looking up since she met up with him. Perhaps he could call her his good luck charm. Being mindful of his wrist, he shrugged off his bag and put it on the side where he opened it up and pulled out the two beef pot noodles and placed them beside Hanako’s noodles. He would need to get up into the attic to get the other can of spam, as it was with Zoe. He then pulled out the chocolate bar, tilting it to show Hanako with a slight grin. Using his good hand, he opened it up and broke off a couple of pieces. He slipped one into his mouth, before giving the other piece to Hanako, to show that he was perfectly willing to share his food as a act of good faith. He saw Penny looking at him pleadingly and told her, “Sorry, Penny. Chocolate and dogs aren’t a good mix.” She let out a soft whine before she snorted. Wolfe stroked her on the top of her head before he turned to Hanako, “Come on.” He said, picking up his bag before leading the way out of the kitchen to the stairs which curved in on themselves as they went up. When he reached the landing, Hanako was able to see three doors on the left, the one closest to them being firmly closed. The second door appeared to go into an airing cupboard while the third one went to a bedroom. The door directly opposite the stairs lead into the main bathroom, while the door on their left went into the Master bedroom. Wolfe moved to the master bedroom, pushing the door open and looking inside. He moved over to the window, peering out of it carefully before he drew the curtains to block out any view from outside. He turned back around to find Penny curled up on the bed, her toy sitting between her front paws as she panted contently. He ruffled the top of her head before moving back over to the door, “Would you prefer to use the master bedroom bathroom? So you can use the bedroom to get dressed? There might be some spare clothes around…” He said, looking back, his eyes shifting to a large wardrobe. He moved over to it and opened it up to find that there was quite a number of clothes. It was obvious that there was a husband and wife that lived here, as there were both feminine and masculine clothes. At least there was plenty to make bandages from. He turned away from the closet, “Yeah, plenty of clothes.” He grinned at her. Wolfe Stat changes: Health: +1 Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Zoe Stat changes: Health: +1 Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1
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    Don't ever let anyone tell you that microwaved pizza with soda is not a good breakfast 🌟

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    "Soft scoop ice cream" what a load of bullshit... 

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    Just beat Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin for PS3. My very last update game months ago was for regular version... Unless they said fuck it and gave the PS3 versions the SotFS. Which is chill. I get to continue to NG+ and Not use the Great Souls so I can actually do the extended parts of the game, like the Ivory King 

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      SotFS was a great update to the vanilla game. Getting the crown in NG+ makes the other NG+ cycles more fun. Saving the Great Souls and doing all of the side quests are also pretty rewarding in themselves. I hope you keep having a good time with it!

    3. BladeRunner


      I do have a question. Can I do the Sunken King DLC or is that still seperate from the game?

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      Yes you can. 

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    Jason ♡

    Hello everyone! It's been a while...! Would anybody be interested in dominating me in a futanari roleplay?

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      Are you picky on post length? and what is this futa plot you talk of?

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  23. Location: Outside of The Wretched Rat Tavern, Delwore. Her head nodded excitedly. Rayvenne had slept well. That was good! Not only for the woman's mood but also because, well, it was good for her! Sleep was important after all. Oh sure, she had potions that allowed someone to skip that important phase of the day, but doing so for too long could be unhealthy even then! Luna would know: she'd done that before and it had started to lead to hallucinations. What a fun, wacky journey that had been! Once the massive black horse took lead Luna guided Lucky to follow behind. The little horse could keep up at this pace, even with the wagon cart. Heck, he could probably keep pace at a faster rate. If she used magic it could be pushed even further still! There were a few spells she knew to help with this journey. Some she needed more practice on though. At least she'd have good time and reason to practice them now, especially with Lucky doing most of the work! "Um. Would your horse like a carrot? I have extras!" And then approached a large raven! Luna's eyes widened, glittering with awe and glee! It was so pretty! Maybe her idea about Rayvenne's name was true? But more importantly, this was no ordinary raven. It took her a moment longer than she'd like to admit but she did manage to catch on to its little secret: it was a familiar! That meant Rayvenne was probably a witch too, right?! Or was at least competent in magic of some sorts? Then again maybe this raven just liked her. Who could say? Familiars were far more intelligent than normal animals. Luna wished she had one. Even though she was a witch she'd yet to find her own. Perhaps someday, right? Regardless, she lowered her head respectfully towards the raven. She wouldn't give away the fact, just in case he was keeping it secret for whatever reason. Or she. Luna had trouble with birds, unless they were the colorful type. Usually males in those species were the more colorful ones.
  24. Hanako Health: 100 Hunger: 88 Hydration: 88 Sanity: 85 Items: AA Batteries (4) Blanket Box of Aspirin (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Co-Codamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Crackers Box of Ibuprofen (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Paracetamol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Box of Tylenol (16 Tablets, 8 Doses) Can of Spam Family Picture (Sentimental, non-use item) Instant Noodles (Chicken) Machete Map Small Knife Small Knife (Dull) Vitamins (3 Doses) Location: Hideout, Suburbs, Taiom, Ashaea. Time: 18:17, Wednesday 5th August, 2020. Another one. Of course. She nodded and moved back over to the same chair. While she continued to listen to Wolfe she worked, chopping away at a second post. At least they were the same length, shape, even the same width. It was perfect. And if it was too long? Well she could chop it down. Her machete was good for fighting, sure, but it was a hardy blade with plenty of utility too. A katana would have been nicer for a fight, especially given its reach advantage, but she doubted it could stand up to the same sort of punishment for stuff like this. When she returned she settled the new post with the first one. Her eyes trailed over Wolfe's form, focused mostly upon his injuries. She wasn't a doctor. None of this stuff she quite knew. Unfortunately he was right about the fire: they'd need to conserve that. That meant no hot baths. Still, a cold one would be better than none, right? He did have a fine idea for the food. One hodgepodge meal would work better for them and would let them conserve more. Noodles were fine. Maybe the broth would even help quench her thirst a little. Spam would be a good addition. And yes, Penny certainly deserved some as well. She nodded once in agreement. Chocolate?! The little girl perked up a little when she heard that not only did they have chocolate but they also had jam! She hadn't had any sweets in forever. But those, she felt, could be eaten another time. They didn't want to waste all their food now, right? Also they apparently had a compass. With their maps and compass put together they could probably find their way to anything they wanted. Apparently his plan was to get to the coast. She felt a little uneasy about it. A lot of people probably would try the same. That meant their chances of seeing zombies only increased as they went further east, as did their chances of seeing bad people. But could they really live here? Probably not. Maybe it is better. Hanako moved a little closer to the man, further inspecting his wounds. They caused her to wince. It certainly did look painful. Duct tape was a good idea. But she had a better one. Maybe. "Do you want to take a bath first? Otherwise you'll be using up duct tape before and after, right?" She paused, hand moving up to brush through her hair. Okay, that sounded bad too. She nearly blushed, but managed to continue speaking first, hoping to put her social awkwardness behind her. "We could get your arm temporarily set up. Then we get any of your other wounds taken care of. Then we help your sister. Then we can sort of baths and cooking. Once you're all cleaned up we can get the splint secured with duct tape. Uh. We could try to find a way to clean our clothes too. Maybe not with soap but water should help, right? Or should we keep them dirty? I don't know which would be worse for scent: dirty clothes with our sweat or clean clothes without our surroundings." Regardless, she removed her can of spam and her noodles, setting them on the kitchen table. At least she had someone else to run ideas by now, and to give her ideas too. Already she was starting to enjoy the new company. Hanako Stat Changes: Health: N/A Hunger: -1 Hydration: -1 Sanity: N/A
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    Welcome back~

  27. Devlyn was pleased when Aria enthusiastically obeyed him, continuing to suck his cock despite the fact that she was barely breathing. His eyes half closed, enjoying the feeling of her suffocating around his cock. Just knowing that his cock had the power to extinguish her life, brought a thrill of excitement to the Dreshza. She was at his complete mercy. He decided whether she loved or died. And he would make sure that she loved that fact. His power over her. He could see the lust clouding her eyes, even as she began to look a little woozy. As long as she didn’t actually pass out, he didn’t care for her state. As long as she pleasured him, he didn’t care. His eyes closed completely, enjoying the feeling of her mouth moving up and down his cock, her throat muscles constricting around his cock each time she pushed down as far as she could, surprising him when she was able to thrust her mouth down to the base of his cock. Not many people were able to take in a cock as large as his into their mouth. It wasn’t long before he could feel his climax approaching, stirring his loins. He didn’t bother trying to hold it back, since she deserved to have a mouthful of his cum. Despite her initial resistance. She was a good girl and thus deserved to be rewarded. He tightened his grip on her hair before pulling her head down, forcing his cock deep down her throat. His hips twitched forwards slightly, instinctually trying to drive his cock as deep as he could into her body. He held her head still as a soft growl escaped his throat. His cock twitched and throbbed as he unleashed his cum directly down her throat. The sensation was incredible as it felt as if her throat was milking every drop of cum directly from his balls. His head spun slightly from the force of his orgasm and it felt as if it lasted longer than usual. When his orgasm had died down, he let go of her head so that she could pull herself up for some air if she wanted to. He smirked down at her, opening his white eyes to stare down at her. He chuckled softly, the sound filling the air around them, “Such a good girl.” He crooned, giving her a patronising pet on the top of his head like one would pet their dog, “If you want even more, why don’t you bend over the table and beg for more.” He instructed, watching her carefully to see if she indeed wanted more.
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    Curry pot noodle and bacon? Don't mind if I do~

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