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  2. ibbyk91

    THREE shinies in ONE hour








    POKEMON US/UM are broken.

  3. ibbyk91




  4. General Out of Character Chat

    Thanks @Manni. I've hit a roadblock. I apologise for not posting for a few days, I haven't been sure with what to respond with yet.
  5. ibbyk91


    *Reshiram appears*



    W H A T

    I S

    T H I S

    G A M E ?!

  6. Sophia couldn't help but grin against Kelania's lips while their kiss deepened. For a moment, it seemed as though she had completely taken control. However, things only escalated further as the sneaky woman reached around and unhooked her bra. Sophia blushed a deeper shade of red as she realized her situation. If she moved too far, her breasts would be exposed completely. Despite the way she typically dressed, nobody within the city limits had ever seen her naked. She was glad to let Kelania see, but she knew the moment she did, there would be no turning back. She was going to surrender her virginity to this woman. Yet, somehow, she didn't mind. Perhaps somewhere in her mind, even without Kelania's spell, she already had a strong desire to lose her virginity. The spell, of course, was still completely unknown to Sophia whose mind was still in a foggy, euphoric state. She knew she had previously had her reservations on the matter, but not once did the promise she had made to her parents cross her mind. Instead, she just continued to play along, right into the demon's pretty little puppeteering hands. Just as she was about to reach down and help Kelania strip off her pants, she felt the woman's soft yet forceful hands move her arms away as she pulled back and gazed into her eyes. Sophia grinned as Kelania complimented her. "You're not so bad yourself," she responded, still in a hushed tone. "I just can't get enough of your perfect lips..." her eyes glanced down at Kelania's form-fitting clothes, just in time to watch her remove her own top, exposing a rather expensive-looking bra. Immediately obsessed with the woman's physique once again, she was completely distracted long enough for the demon to snatch her bra off of her chest, exposing her bare breasts once and for all, the light from Kelania's phone blanketing them in a white tint. Instinctively, her hands raced up to her chest to cover her nipples as her face was coated in a far brighter red than ever before. But once again, her guard was dropped when the demon moved in to kiss and suck on her neck, eliciting notably louder moans from her. "O-oh.. my god..." Her breathing became stilted. The feeling of Kelania's perfect pillowy lips and soft, wet tongue along her neck was already enough to drive her insane, but it didn't end there. Soon, she felt the woman's slender, delicate fingers slide stealthily into her jeans and begin rubbing her already soaked crotch. "Ahh~" She moaned with a shaken voice as Kelania played with her clit from outside her panties. She was already on the verge of cumming and she hadn't even been touched directly...! "F-fuck... Kelania...!" She couldn't help but moan louder as the teasing intensified, now coupled with her incessant nibbling of her ears. Without realizing it, she had been stepping back and soon found herself tripping over the desk with the jewelry. As if in a panic, Sophia quickly unbuttoned her jeans and tugged at them to pull them off, leaving her matching black panties exposed. In an effort to regain any sort of control, she swiftly moved both of her hands to Kelania's chest, feeling her perfect bust mold to the shape of her palm in much the same way her ass did, God, they were so perfect! Everything about Kelania was perfect! She had to see more! Without even a glance into her eyes, Sophia reached around and unhooked Kelania's bra, tearing it off and flinging it across the room as she quickly took one of her nipples in her mouth and began sucking, nibbling on it slightly with her teeth as she continued to grope the other one and slide her hand down Kelania's ass, this time reaching under her underwear. She pulled back with an almost pitiful look on her face. "F-fuck me... right here. Fuck me, Kelania, please! I need this!!"
  7. ibbyk91

    Lime chan is best girl 10/10 :) :3


    No automatic alt text available.


  8. Crazymerc22

    Woot! Woot! Finally finished all my finals! Now I'll finally be able to relax and have some fun! Yay, Winter Break :)

    1. SMFoxy


      Woo~! Congratulations on finishing your finals!

  9. Miss Beloved

    I like to tame....

  10. Tentaclegirl

    Looking for another lady to roleplay with, message me if interested!

  11. Alaniz

    I think that it looks like people has to go join my club!


  12. ↁɨϕทɣsนs

    What do you guys honestly think about Kirito's Gun Gale appearance?

    1. Buio


      That SAO is the twilight of anime and anything it does beyond neat fight scenes has been better portrayed in isekai that both came before and after it. Mostly. :)

      but. more to the point. Anime has too many traps already.

  13. Yesterday
  14. Fall of a housewife

    Kazumi is living a comfortable life in a quiet neighbourhood. Her husband is employed in an electric company but one day he made a mistake. The ugly son of the boss is taking advantage of her. She was forced at the beiginning but she grows liking it and the depraved ugly boy will soon invite more friends to enjoy the woman...
  15. Alaniz

    Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame.



    (Go join MY and only MY club! 


    1. Bio_cock420


      Woah, not enough roleplayers In your club?

    2. Alaniz


      Only one. Girl mad. (Although thanks to her for joining)

  16. Alaniz

    If you dont join the club, traps and futas become gay...unless you are gay then traps and futas wont exist

    1. Bio_cock420


      But traps and futas are already gay

  17. ibbyk91

    Is there REALLY any difference between a male and a female Mr. Mime?

    1. SMFoxy


      The gender? xD

    2. ibbyk91


      Isn't the female one supposed to have any physical changes or something?

      Or is it the true definition of an anime monster trap?

  18. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    "I think I did pretty good on my finals. 89% is good, right?"
  19. EcchiTown

    Neptune gave a nod, “You can indeed do it like that, yes. But it’s something to think about, and be aware of, because you never know this town could grow later on down the line and you will need more people to lighten the load even more. But for now, two might be enough, but it will mean that the two of you would be doing a lot, and there is no one to cover you if you get sick or have a day off. So, perhaps you can try having two at first; yourself and your partner, but if things start getting a bit busier you might want to consider getting a third person to help cover things. Or if things get haywire when there is only one of you working that day. So this second individual… I can put the position down as an Assistant Manager, rather than a partner or a co-owner as that would suggest that they would have some legal ownership to the property and business. Which they won’t have unless you decide to do that… and I recommend against doing for now until you’re working with someone that you know you can trust. As for wages… because they will be doing more than one job, they may expect more than just a living wage. But I could put down that the starting wage is, say, sixteen thousand with the price being negotiable. That way they can talk to you about it and you can explain why you want to keep wages as low as possible.” She explained.
  20. Hello Sunstone, I will get to it soonish!
  21. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    Awesome. I can't wait :D Hopefully you did well on your finals.
  22. Raven _Haven69


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    2. Zanimus


      Was having my lunchbreak so I guess ^^ and you?

    3. Raven _Haven69

      Raven _Haven69

      Awesome well I'm gonna sleep goodnight

    4. Zanimus



  23. Blackberry Café (OOC)

    Alright, with finals out of the way, I should be able to roleplay a bit more frequently. I'll try to get a response to you tomorrow!
  24. General Out of Character Chat

    Minor 'autohit' on @ZoeyA, who hasn't been online since 04/12. Like, so minor I wouldn't necessarily even call it as such. It's more my characters observation of her character. Either way, just wanted to explain the case to cover myself. xD
  25. EcchiTown

    "Well, I'd say the town is small enough that it shouldn't matter too much where you pick. But I can appreciate that you probably want to get to the clinic pretty quick just in case of an emergency, right?" Foxy ponders, mostly thinking aloud to himself, but including Tee in his thought process. It didn't take long to walk all the way around the town, at least not for him. He'd also familiarised himself with the streets; although he couldn't give directions very well, he could probably find the quickest route from A to B without even trying by now. "I would say wait until you have chance to speak to Temaelrin about running the clinic, find out where it is, and look for places nearby after that?" He suggested, turning slightly to look at the shortening queue. Shuya and Aura, the two that had sneaked in while 'his' group waited outside, as well as Serah, had already been seen. Now, the only people remaining were Sunstone, who was currently standing in front of the desk, Zoey, and Tee. Zoey seemed to be spacing out a little, so he guessed after Sunstone was dealt with, it would probably end up being Tee's turn.
  26. ↁɨϕทɣsนs

    dis boi is thinking about unleashing his inner kirito rn.

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