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  2. karma


    okay but I actually enjoyed this hentai


    1. onearmeddruid


      What hentai is ?

    2. karma


      Rance Quest for Hikari 

      if I recall right @onearmeddruid

  3. Today
  4. TheSourestPatch


    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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    2. TheSourestPatch


      We'll bite her together.

    3. Harmony Frost

      Harmony Frost

      Hahaha sounds good to me 

    4. TheSourestPatch


      It's like, when you go to the supermarket? And you're looking in the deli and they have the big slabs of lunch meats and shit? And you just feel this overwhelming urge to just fucking, like, pick one up and just sink your teeth in, like somehow that would be the most satisfying thing in history.

      It's like that level compulsion. I'm a sick man.

  5. Dark Soul Opera

    Monster Girl: Manticore (IsabellaRose x Dark Soul Opera)

    Isaac stopped in his tracks when the blade went flying from his hands and he saw the woman before him in full view for the first time. His eyes went wide and he gulped softly as he watched the monster, eyes tracking her tail as it swished around him, his body unable to move from where he stood due to fear and confusion. Her voice when she spoke did not feel like it matched what he was looking at, the human parts of her were certainly quite beautiful, but he had no idea what the rest of her was, and that was what terrified him. "W-What are you?" he asked, but was cut off by her question. His heart pounded in his chest as he felt her tail beginning to coil around his leg. He was trapped, and he was slowly beginning to fear that these were going to be his last moments on earth. "W-what do you mean?"
  6. Randomchick66

    Threesome RP (MMF)

    Alrighty, I haven't posted in a long time. I am honestly kind of full on rps. However, there is one I have been wanting to do forever now. It's been nagging at me lately, so I am hoping someone on here would be willing to it with me. It's a rather simple plot, but I am willing to add more on to it for sure! This rp is um..well I'd say 60/40 Smut/Story. Which I usually don't do, but this rp I feel needs that ratio. Anyways! I am looking for someone who Rps 3rd pov Detailed! (Paragraph or more is preferred) Willing to Rp as more then one person. Kinky stuff! (Light bondage, biting, scratching, dirty talk and ect.) Alcohol (drinking and bring drunk) This is a Threesome RP Two males, one female. I play the female. Yaoi is allowed and welcomed! However, to keep in mind this is, a Threesome rp. Plots: (This is more a bare bones plot I am willing to build more onto it) The trio have been friends since high school. They've been through some shit together. Good times as well of course! Well, both boys come to fall in love with MC. They end up having a fight over her, which she doesn't know about. This fight is so bad, that they decided to go their own ways and end their friendship. Not only with themselves but with MC as well. Fast Forward seven years(this is where the rp starts) The two males have come back into contact with one another. They have a long talk, and they come to realize, how stupid they acted in the past. They both get in contact with MC. Who is ecstatic to hear from them both again. She suggest they have a movie night, at her place, like how they use to back in the good ole days. Well they all agree, and the boys come over. They apologize to MC and she forgives them of course. Well, before movie night can start, MC realize she forgot some special snacks. Thus she hurries out of the house, telling them to make themselves at home like always. They do so, and while one of them is snooping through the living room. They find a black leather bound note book. Which turns out to be MC diary. In it, she describes how much it hurt to lose them both. With nearly no explanation. How much she missed them, to the point it physically made her scream in pain. The several nights she lost sleep. How she would drink herself to near black out condition to forget them. Throwing herself into her jobs she had over the years, again, to try and forget about them. How much she loves them, but of course can't tell them. It also includes several entries of sexual fantasies. Which always has them both pleasuring her to near oblivion. Well of course, now that they've made amends. The male who found the diary shows it to the other. They decided, to make up for hurting MC so much, they will play out one of the fantasies from her diary. Now, either they can plan it out for a later date, or reenact it that night. Either way works for me. If it's set for a later date, i'd like for them all to go out together on the town first. Maybe even meet some aquianteces she's made while they've been gone. Maybe make them both a wee bit jealous? I'm up for ideas! MC Name: Lumina Belle Donahue Nickname: Lu(prefers to be called this), Lulu, Lulu Bear, Lumie Age: 27 (She's younger then both men. No more then 7 years younger thought) Looks: Carmine red hair, which hangs to her lower back. Always up in either a bun, ponytail or braid. 40DD chest. Farmer tan skin, with a light dusting of freckles on her cheeks, nose and shoulders. Hazel eyes, slightly large. Smallish hands and feet. Sexuality: Bi-Sexual History: She Meet the two boys back in middle school. Where she always offered to share her lunch with them because, "You two look kinda hungry, and eating with others always makes food taste so much better." Instant friends and have been every since. Lu is the only child to Her parents. Both of them are famous and shrewd business people. They are loving parents, truly, but they tend to get rather wrapped up in their jobs. Leaving ray usually alone, in a house with a few servants. Now that she is old enough though, she's set out on her own. She makes a tidy living as a mechanic, owning her own shop and mainly working on classic cars. Which she absolutely adores. Along with working at a local and well known bar during the night time. She lives in a house that her parents bought for her, as a gift for her eighteen birthday. It's a simple brick house, two stories, two bed, two and a half bath. The bottom floor is very open, with a spiral stair case leading to the second floor. It also has a basement, where ray keeps most blankets, and other things a household needs. Theres also a wrap around screened in porch. A huge separate building garage, where she can work on cars. It's nestled back in a fairly well forested area. She actually has a swing, which she made herself. Hooked up to a huge and sturdy oak tree out front. Ect: She had 4 tattoos. One being a treble clef behind her right ear and a base clef behind her left ear. One over her heart, it's a large valentine shaped heart. It's covered in stitches with a blood dripping from it's bottom tip. A bullet is lodged into one side, a knife up to it's hilt in the other. Barbwire is wrapped around it to. Above that, in a simple banner, in bold black, old english script is one word. BEWARE. The fourth and final tattoo is of a large rainbow tye-dye rose, which encircles her belly button. Coming off of it, on both sides are wines with thorns. They go around her entire waist.
  7. EnchantedNymph


    Has anyone ever just heard a song and wanted to make a story or roleplay about it?

    Or maybe I'm just weird....🤔

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    2. TheSourestPatch


      Several role players do.

    3. Dark Soul Opera

      Dark Soul Opera

      I know what you mean, been there before.

    4. Kaldor


      actually yea.....renegade by daughtry


  8. Yuuto Hiroshige

    • Yuuto Hiroshige
    • ~Ava-chan~

    Welcome back T~T

  9. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Setting Things Up

    Potentially, this is how I see my characters interacting with other people's current characters: Ciara: No plans currently, could change if we start getting more male characters. Ashley: With Maggie currently of course, that is probably who she is going to be primarily involved with out of the current characters. Logan: Catina is going to very likely be his favorite girl, but he will likely try others. Possibly Sonja (though probably only once/rarely, due to her preferences), maybe Eve (though he has a preference for pure girls over futas) and almost certainly Maggie too after she likely becomes an employee, less often than Catina, but probably more often than the others. Aileen. She will certainly end up with Maggie at some point, potentially soon. Probably not Catina (I assume straight means men only, and futas would be too close to women). Could end up with Eve sometimes to be on the receiving end for a change, and yes she could end up with Sonja as well. The potential daughter: Will likely be around her mother, whether Eve or someone else, most of the time. Though I was thinking her partners would be at least mostly male.
  10. She saw the blade as he stepped into the thicket where she crouched concealed, and a quick swipe of her tail sent it spinning through the air and into the underbrush. She stood now, furred legs and arms clearly visible, the tiny skirt and half top covering her curves, but her all too human stomach bare. She smiled at him, her ears twitching atop her head, and said in a sweet voice that he recognized as that of his damsel in distress, "Thank you for coming to my rescue." She smiled again, her tail swinging slowly closer, circling around behind him as if it had sensory organs of its own and could see or smell him. It rose behind him, seeming to peer at him over one shoulder. Her tail wrapped around his leg, the bulbous head circling up to his waist. "Do you think could do me just one, little favor?" Her eyes were filled with mischief, but also hunger. Most men would feel fear looking into those eyes. The claws and tail probably wouldn't help to calm anyone.
  11. IsabellaRose

    Transhumanist Romance (Spermonator x IsabellaRose)

    "Oh, we wouldn't want that," she said, watching him twitch in her grip. She moved a bit, getting closer, still kneeling beside him, and bent over him. Her face was right there, staring at him in her hand. She watched him, fascinated at the reaction he was having, wanting to know what else she could make him do. Of course she knew what to do next; she had seen plenty of videos online. She moved her mouth closer to him, close enough that her vision of him blurred. She moved her mouth right before his head, her breath warm on his tip. She leaned in, planting a soft kiss on the very tip, then darting her tongue out to swirl around the head. Before he could react, she had taken him into her mouth, surrounding him with warm wetness. She didn't move so much at first, getting used to that fleshy, salted taste in her mouth. But then she moved her head down, her lips sliding lower toward his base. She engulfed him, lips tight around him as she slid her mouth down his length, and then slowly back up. She let him come out of her mouth for an instant, gasped in a breath, and then she was on him again. This time she moved with a steady pace, her lips and tongue working his length in a steady rhythm, up and down, up and down. She was excited. She had never done this before, and this might be her only night. She started to moan as her mouth was on him, sending vibrations all through him.
  12. Yesterday
  13. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Ashley x Maggie - Blooming Flowers

    Ashely was capable of taking a more aggressive style, but this was part of the job, to figure out what the customer wanted and give it to him or her. If this girl wanted a softer more affectionate approach, that was what she would give her. She also found the novelty of it interesting and arousing, both the more ‘feminine’ approach and doing it as two girls. Taking the hint for what she assumed it was, she reached further in, pulled down Maggie’s panties but left it to her to take them off. Her finger went to work, rubbing the girls slit for a moment. This was a part she was going to be mostly guessing on. She had not spent a lot of time yet trying to pleasure herself, so she had a limited idea of what to try, but after a moment of rubbing, she pushed one finger in, keeping it in for now, but exploring and rubbing against various spots of her insides. It was hard to keep the finger stead though it occasionally twitched and she moaned as the other girl sucked her breast.
  14. EnchantedNymph


    Air conditioning never felt so good. ♡

    Glad to be back indoors.

  15. Writtingforfun


    I dont know why but I still have this urge to do a hypnosis roleplay. I am just a bag of weird.

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    2. Writtingforfun


      hypnotize my partner.

    3. IsabellaRose


      That seems to be the one everyone wants...

    4. Writtingforfun


      I can't say exactly for everyone. Though I would have to change what I said before cause I do remember playing a demo of a game where both main characters were hypnotized and that could always lead to hilarity and a decent plot.

  16. cutiepieyuki

    Ashley x Maggie - Blooming Flowers

    Maggie moaned and spread her legs a bit as Ashley slid up her chubby thighs. She was lost in the mewling, moaning pleasure; she knew it would feel good, but somehow missed that it would feel THIS good. Maggie encouraged the girl's soft strokes as she placed her hand on top of the other girl's, leading it up her skirt to her rapidly-dampening panties. Maggie's face was bright red as she whimpered in need to the girl, her mouth finding the prostitute's nipple and sucking slowly. The girl was so soft, so smooth, so gentle... She had imagined sex as a rough, hard, mean thing, but this was like floating on pillows.
  17. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Cantina x Logan - Losing Virginity in the Whorehouse

    That did unfortunately come with the job. Customers were primarily looking for their own pleasure, and considering they were paying for it, it was not entirely surprising they would feel that way. Of course some got satisfaction from being able to please the women, and some just did it naturally by their style and technique. Things were sometimes different too with longer term customers, especially those who tried to make a degree of connection rather than keep it purely business. All of this was still too far off for Logan to think about though. Losing his virginity came first, after that he could decide what came next. With several hours he could afford to take his time a little bit. It was hard to guess exactly how long the actual sex would last, but if he rushed into it too quickly they might have too much time left over either sitting around awkwardly or with him leaving early. So he decided to start simple and delay that a bit. Aileen had told him there was no judgment here. The girls got all sorts of customers and as whores themselves, it would be fairly hypocritical for them to judge their customers, but he did not know for sure how true that was yet and he was not sure how she would take his starting approach. “I’m going to start simple.” He walked behind her, wrapping one arm around her waist. The other hand groped her breast for a moment, wandered over to her ass and then back to her breast, cupping it, gripping it, just getting a sense of how it felt. As a man with no experience, he had curiosities about a woman’s body he wanted to indulge a bit before getting more serious. Partially to prepare himself, partially to make it slightly less ‘innocent’, he also ground his crotch against her ass. While he did not think he was going to start with anal, was not sure if he would not try it tonight, he slight pressed his cock inside and out to the extent their clothes made it possible, not nearly far enough in to properly penetrate but teasing it to a degree. “There are a few simple things I need to experience before we really start going at it.”
  18. TheSourestPatch


    Spooky things are coming along alright, all of my creativity is going into it atm, trying to create an entire town and history with it's own ghost stories.

    🎃  🎃  🎃

    Replies to private role plays will be sent soon.

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    2. TheSourestPatch


      Oh, stop it, you flatter.

    3. EnchantedNymph


      I'm not even joking. Favorite so far is the rhyme one.

    4. TheSourestPatch


      I actually put a lot of thought into that one lol, it's longer than I would have liked, but I had to tell a whole story about neglect, loneliness, giving into temptation and deception. That's also the only one that doesn't have inspiration from something else as a backbone and is 100% original.

  19. TheSourestPatch

    Reputation 69

    Ha ha niiiiiiice.
  20. IsabellaRose


    Non-character images
  21. IsabellaRose

    Cantina x Logan - Losing Virginity in the Whorehouse

    Catina felt his eyes devour her frame, felt the appraisal in his gaze as he circled her. She knew he had selected her from photographs and a description, so he must already find her attractive; she hoped her reality matched up to his expectations from the photographs. She hadn't pegged him as the dominant type when he came in, but it looked like he might try to assert himself based on his posture and attitude. She smiled demurely as he explained his reasons for being here. She turned to face him, her eyes filled with the promise of an adventurous evening. "Where would you like to begin?" She asked the question simply, without pretense or any sort of dominance in her voice. She was his to use as he saw fit for the next three hours. She hoped he could please her as well as she knew she could please him, but after his explanation about his lack of skill or experience, she didn't have high hopes. It looked like this might be another night of a man taking his pleasure from her body, then trying to find her own pleasure with the toys in her nightstand drawer after he left. Catina trailed her fingertips down the side of her neck and onto her chest, then down between her cleavage as her eyes held his gaze.
  22. onearmeddruid

    Setting Things Up

    ((so Aileen would hang out with Sonja since she also prefers women
  23. IsabellaRose


    Sometimes you just want to do some "we shouldn't be doing this" things.

    1. TheSourestPatch


      🎶 Sometimes I think of doing terrible things, I know I shouldn't think it but I do anyways 🎶

    2. IsabellaRose


      We need a "swoon" response emoji ... 🙂

    3. CuteRoleplays



  24. IsabellaRose

    noncon Titan vs. Haven (Titan01 x IsabellaRose)

    Ellie's eyes grow wide when he smacks her ass. He's coming to my room? Does that mean this is it? She hadn't even had a chance to form any kind of bond with him, to perhaps humanize herself in his eyes and keep him from forcing himself on her. She walked back to her room woodenly, stepped in through the door, and then sat on the edge of the bed. She watched as Jason entered the room behind her, and wondered what he would do.
  25. TheSourestPatch

    Legends, History and more

    I wonder if you can guess what each legend is inspired by?
  26. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Setting Things Up

    I've been thinking about this for a for a little while, it might require some rewriting of Eve's profile if we do it, so it is up to you. I was considering one more character, an idea I had mentioned elsewhere. A younger girl who was born from one of the other women working there. To explore the idea of a girl a little younger than some of the characters already here, who is there because she was born into it. To also see what a mother/daughter relationship is like in such a place and to what extent the mother is involved in encouraging her daughter to join the line of work and how involved she is in preparing her for it/helping her in the early stages. If Eve isn't the mother, it could be someone else, especially now that we are getting even more members. As for Aileen, while she prefers to get paid to do it, she does sometimes get sexually involved with other employees on their mutual off time as well. She does probably prefer the girls, but on the occasion she wants cock inside her, Eve would probably be her first choice (and she would return the favor, but she would generally only take it from another futa, rather than a man). Aileen and Ashley probably have done it at least once at least once as well. I don't have much planned for her at the moment other than Maggie will eventually be involved with her as well and her secretary role to help set each encounter up. I originally intended her to be a semi-background character, though that could change.
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