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  2. Locochameleon


    will not do a rape rp in any scenario am always open to rps just send a message and I will get to you within at least 6 hours will do streaks that last at least 30 mins which means quick replies as soon as I get the message
  3. Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki

    • Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki
    • Neptune


    "Happy birthday from the new pet, Nep ^_^"

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  5. Locochameleon


    so I think I've set up my profile properly now,

    new pfp new cover,

    I don't think I have anything left to do,

    do I?

    1. Aurafox1


      Well, if you're looking for roleplay, I would strongly suggest filling out a roleplayer preference thread and adding the link to your profile so that people can find it more easily! You should also introduce yourself on the welcome forum

      Welcome to the community! ❤️

    2. Locochameleon


      thanks if you ever want to rp go ahead and pm me ^_^

  6. Once again, Vergil had his prey right where he wanted her. Medi was mindless, all of her worldly concerns were gone. All she wanted was him. Her whole body grew hotter the moment his lips press against her neck, she feels her tongue gliding along her skin and her tender but firm breasts being groped. Her breasts gave slightly as he squeezed them and the girl already couldn't help but moan quietly between the various forms of pleasure she had been blessed with. Chills went through her entire body when she felt Vergil's teeth nibbling gently on her ears. "Y-yes sir..." her voice was shaken with lust, but her humility was slowly fading with each word. It was becoming easier to accept her position. "I am... I am your... slave..." the moment the words left her mouth, her heart rate doubled as her body was filled with lust and excitement. "I am your slutty little slave, master." She spoke again with a lustful smile spreading across her lips. She soon feels his cock push against her soaked pussy, but this time, it enters almost effortlessly due to her willingness. Immediately, she lets out a loud moan of pleasure as her cunt practically sucks her master's cock deep inside. Her pussy began to cling tight around his shaft, as if desperate to never let go. She even began to push back against him just to feel his cock go a few centimeters deeper. "I-I don't care anymore, master! I want to be your bitch! Make me your bitch!"
  7. Valesti


    Good luck and best wishes to all of you stressing over finals. 

  8. Neptune

    suggestion Notification Hell

    Yes I use the activity stream when I'm kind of idling on EcchiDreams so that I can make sure I can see stuff that I want to see. Like this thread, because I'm not following it xD
  9. Temaelrin

    suggestion Notification Hell

    In the notifications options; I have this turned off for this reason:- I get the problem though, it's a little monolithic, like a shotgun approach to followers. I'd prefer it if it was a little more... Modular. But it's somewhat modular enough that you can turn it off; but as you've both pointed out... That's not exactly perfect. This is why I use the Activity Feed; a lot. Because you can set up to show all content, or the content from people you follow. You can even make your own custom streams, from the menu at the top of the site (Or on mobile, in the hamburger menus) click/tap on Activity and then look at My Activity Streams.
  10. Aurafox1


    Is there a reason the tab keeps telling me I have new messages? o.o

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    2. Temaelrin


      Oh no, on the last update I silently depreciated it, partly because of the "thousand dings and pings of death bug" Which is as funny as it sounds; but it's why there is only "Recent" and "Contacts" now; instead of "Recent", "Contacts" and "Groups".  The second reason is because it kind of defeated the point of it. 

      Have you have absolutely no messages through EcchiChat at all, then?

    3. Aurafox1


      That might have been the issue, I checked my messages just now and had one, but when the "new message" thing started popping up there wasn't one. Maybe it just hadn't loaded yet or something?

    4. Temaelrin


      Mm, I will certainly take a look into that for you. I can tell you at least that this has nothing to do with IPS. 😄 

  11. Focused on her own noise and listening to whatever she could hear from Bob's apartment, she hadn't noticed her sister's groan. With a bit of a struggle, Isaac managed to flip her over onto her back without releasing his grip on her muzzle. Frantically, the young girl began to shake her head, still kicking to slam the bottom of her feet against the floor. It didn't make nearly as much noise, but hopefully it would be enough to catch Bob's attention. A bright blush of embarrassment coated her face as Isaac could now more clearly see her chest. She always dressed modestly and hated the idea of anyone seeing her in such a compromising position, much less being forced into one like this. She was far too embarrassed to maintain eye contact with the stranger. She continued to whimper as her captor began to tug away at her panties and lift away her skirt, revealing her pussy which, to further her humility, was already slightly wet beyond her control. Alex's eyes shot wide open, however, when she noticed Isaac begin to pull his pants down and expose his rod. "N-nn..!" She whimpered while shaking her head, tears spilling more frequently from her eyes as she begins to understand just how hopeless she is. Was this really how she was going to lose her virginity? After hearing the alarm end in the next room, she frantically began screaming, thrashing her head from side to side trying to free herself from Isaac's grasp. It hurts as his grip tightens around her jaw while she fights to open it. "HMMPHH!!" She begins to cry out with all the air in her lungs. "HMMPHH MMPPHH!!" She had no idea how well the sound of her voice was carrying, but this could be her only hope to be saved. Soon though, her throat grows sore once again and she looks up at her captor miserably once again. "P-pls..." she tries to beg, her eyes and ears twitching pathetically.
  12. guy_sas

    New Sodom [guy_sas x Whimsical Dreams]

    A moment of silence and complete stillness hung in the cave for just a moment, as Alice walked towards the gun, and the tentacle of the creature grew closer and closer to her, even as she inched away from it. The sharp, knife-like, tentacles grew out of the ground, but they just moved up and began to cut away the clothes on the chief's body, slowly stripping him down. Then the moment broke, as Lora turned towards the door, and started to run. Only to run face to face with one of the towns members, a male deer who was smiling with a smile way too wide. It took Lora a moment to realize, and then it hit her, he wasn't the only one there. There were many people, all around, and behind him, at least a hundred others, some faces she recognized. She could see their fur, a collage of different shades of brown, grey, and black, all pushing towards the cavern, all with the same smile plastered on their faces. While the parade pushed their way into the cavern, pushed her back, Lora felt something cold and wet touch her wrist.
  13. Neptune

    suggestion Notification Hell

    You're just going to have to make sure that you follow the threads that you're interested in. It's actually a good habit to get into. At least it is for me xD
  14. Aurafox1

    suggestion Notification Hell

    That's a good idea! I might take that approach to it. My main concern is that, in that case, I wouldn't get notified of all the new threads outside of roleplay I might be interested in, but again, I suppose it's a situation where compromise is necessary.
  15. Locochameleon


    ayyyy I finally got a computer which means i'll be able to post more and of different things so expect a lot oh hentai and ecchi posts and me makinf random posts ^_^

    1. Temaelrin


      I am happy to hear about your new computer. What kind of spec is it? (I'm a bit of a tech geek lol)

  16. Neptune

    suggestion Notification Hell

    I don't think you did, because I tend to have the problem where I get a wall of notifications for roleplays I am not involved in, nor interested in even reading. I think I am going to disable following a Dreamers post, and then if I want to see posts in an RP I am interested in, I'll simply follow the thread itself. It's a trade-off.
  17. Aurafox1

    suggestion Notification Hell

    I see, it all comes down to the IPS again, of course. Well, I suppose the system's as good as it'll get, I suppose, unless I misinterpreted Vergil's initial problem.
  18. Temaelrin

    • Temaelrin
    • Neptune

    🎂 Happy Birthday Neppy~! 🎂

    My Partner in Crime 🍰 


    1. Neptune


      Yay~ Strawberry cake! Thanks Temae 😄 

      And that picture is so fucking adorable ❤️ Pikachu family~!

    2. Aurafox1


      OH! Timezones! It's not her birthday yet here x3 Happy birthday anyway, Neptune! ❤️

    3. Neptune


      Thanks Aura! Much appreciated :3

      It's half two in the morning here, so it's just barely my birthday xD

  19. Neptune

    suggestion Notification Hell

    You can already do this, in a broad sense, with the notification options. Other than that, there isn't much we can do because it would require huge changes on the IPS software which we cannot do. @Temaelrin could suggest something to them, but there is no guarantee that they will implement it.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Isaac growls softly before taking hold of Alex and flips her onto her back to keep her from making anymore noise. He smiles as he tears off her panties and lifts up her skirt. He chuckles and pulls out his shaft, still slick with her sister's juices. He places the tip at her entrance and begins to stroke up and down her slit "I'm gonna make this quick, bitch~" One hand remained over her mouth to prevent her from screaming as he heard the sounds of the alarm being turned off and the neighbor walking into the next room over
  22. Fℓåку


    Classmate: how are you? I haven't seen you since a week ago

    Me: *massaging forehead*

    Me: *COUGHS 5x*

    Me: *sniffles*

    Me: *pukes out water, tearing up a bit*

    Me: *throat hurting* I'm fiiiie😀🏻 (nose block)

    1. Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki

      Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki

      "Damn... I hope you feel better soon!"

    2. Fℓåку


      Hope so too... it suckss

  23. Whimsical Dreams

    New Sodom [guy_sas x Whimsical Dreams]

    "You... you know of this... thing? You know what's going on!?" Lora asked fuming as the smug mouse started to reveal just how deep her involvement was. And of course, the mare could see where she was going. Yet with the creature blocking her path, and the sharp tentacles rising around it, Lora had little choice in the matter. Maybe she could get the shotgun and hide further along the dark tunnel... perhaps catching her unaware. Carefully watching the creature, she started shifting along toward the tunnel away from them, hoping to be able to break into a sprint before the creature could react and before Alice grabbed the gun.
  24. Whimsical Dreams

    If I Can't Have You... [~Ava-Chan~ x Whimsical Dreams]

    By the time the hyena managed to drag herself and her unconscious muse to her front stoop, she was out of breath and sweating profusely. Exhausted, Eris really had to push herself to keep going. Her parents were out for the day and would be back at night, so she had to make it quick. As much planning as she had put into this kidnapping, she hadn't really thought about where to keep her lovely prisoner. Perhaps the backroom of the basement? It was pretty much abandoned since they started using the attic and neither of her parents really went downstairs anymore. She figured it would be the best place to put Sasha. Lacking strength, Eris lay Sasha down as they entered the house, locking the front door behind her. Now, she started to drag the unconscious vixen through the living room, kitchen, and down the stairs to the basement, having to be careful not to fall and let Sasha's weight drag her down. Somehow, she managed to get downstairs without anything going overly wrong, and the exhausted hyena had to put all of her remaining strength to drag the vixen through several storage rooms, all the way to the empty room in the back.
  25. The rumbling shuffled a few items about, including Claudia's unconscious body, which shifted a bit further along the couch, causing her left arm to also dangle over the side. "Mghn…" a light, muffled groan came from Claudia, showing the very first of the drug's effects wearing off. Other than that, though, Claudia didn't show anymore signs, so Isaac was at least fine for now. Though he could judge he had now a limited time to deal with Alex before he had to deal with her again. As it was still early afternoon, most of the other residents were either out working, shopping, or in school, and so far, none of Alex's desperate actions caused enough commotion to be able to alert anyone. Though when the alarm clock suddenly stopped, sounding like someone had clapped their hand on top of it, they could at least be sure that Bob had heard the alarm, albeit likely was still woozy.
  26. Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki

    Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki


  27. Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki

    A Twisted Situation {Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki x ~Ava-chan~}

    He continues to roughly fuck her, leaning down and licking gently at the tip of her ear. His fingers begin to work harder and faster on her hard clit, tweaking it and rolling it gently between his thumb and forefinger. He whispers in a husky, seductive voice into her ear "You love what, Lauren?~"
  28. ~Ava-chan~

    A Twisted Situation {Shuya "Cheshire" Hideaki x ~Ava-chan~}

    Lauren starts to moan quietly as the tingling sensation starts to fill her up, twisting her stomach, making her lightheaded. She begins to buck her hips, helping him hit her sensitive spots. Her clit sends heat waves through her pelvis as he toys with her. Lauren begins to stammer "I-I lov-ve, I l-love, L-Love..."
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