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  2. PinkieBing

    Kink requests

    Hi gang! Brand new here-any interest in tickling?
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  4. Mini Magi

    New Isekai Life (frisbee x Mini Magi)

    Got her! A glorious success in bringing awe to that troubled little soul. And it kept her curiosity up. "That's a long and complicated story with so many dramatic twists and plot points... that you'd surely fall asleep." He giggled while walking past her. "Nah. I'm not gonna keep it a secret. But do my a favor and ask me about it another day. We talked about me quite a lot for a day." The least he could do afterwards was show her around a little. The glass bottles contained many substances she was familiar with. And especially dangerous ones were labeled properly, such as one containing white phosphorus, liquid sulfur, mercury even. "So
  5. Nafarman

    When you see the poster above, what do you think of?

    Damn, that's a lot of ecchicredits (P.S. Nafarman is an urdu word, means disobident, rebel etc. In some contexts the word is used as an equivalent word for Antichrist in some muslim texts)
  6. She squirmed at his touch as his fingers began to pet her wet lips once again, feeling the thick cum inside her being pushed out as they slid in once again. Looking up at her new Daddy she began to pant like a dog with her tongue out and whined in pleasure once his hand connected with her face again. She gave short barks and whimpers as he told her that pain meant love. Her inner folds began to tighten around him as she whimpered louder, that funny feeling forming in her tummy again like everything she got touched.
  7. Zeeff

    Sissy for Futa

    Okay! I understand now and I like the first idea more Do you want to talk more about it over Ecchi Texts?
  8. iRoleplay

    Sissy for Futa

    Sounds and looks interesting, I would love to chat and discuss more if you'd like to.
  9. IsabellaRose

    Shitty Superpowers

    You have the ability to eat and digest any material, but the world needs you to save it from it's garbage problem... by eating it all.
  10. IsabellaRose

    The Super Power Game!

    You can talk to animals and understand them, but when they find out they all seek you out and THEY NEVER SHUT UP. EVER. 24/7 animal chatter. I'd like the power to turn invisible.
  11. IsabellaRose

    Fuck, Marry or Kill the poster above you and why

    Fuck. I have a weird fantasy about fucking a killer.
  12. MiniRaptor

    Julia Paternus' lovely room.

    The harpy jumped in her seat as she started being talked to. She legitimately hadn't expected a few people to come up and talk to her, forgetting the cardinal rule of avoiding attention warrants attention. But luckily, she didn't mind much. "Oh! Hey. I'm not really your usual crowd so no need to worry. I'm just here for her." She pointed over to her sister, still dancing away with the guy from before, flaunting herself.
  13. IsabellaRose

    Say Something Factual // Say Something False

    Fact: Whenever I’m about to do something I think, ‘Would an idiot do that?’ and if they would, I do not do that thing. False: My feelings regenerate at twice the speed of a normal human's.
  14. Black Cat 666

    Sissy for Futa

    That's up to you! Either you're a effiment Boi who's dream is to be a futas cocksleeve or she spikes your drink with her milk and daterapes you.
  15. IsabellaRose

    Answer a question with a question!

    Do you want to see the horrific images it generated?
  16. Sinful Vampire

    Sinful Ideas

    Always looking
  17. Sinful Vampire

    The Lewdest Of Boiis Has Arrived!

    Welcome to the site ^-^
  18. Sinful Vampire


    Welcome to the site ^-^ hope you enjoy your stay here
  19. caramelbear

    Answer a question with a question!

    You wouldnt be lying now would you?
  20. IsabellaRose

    Answer a question with a question!

    Would you trust me if I said to never have an AI art program imagine a foot heart?
  21. OOC: Sorry if it ended up a bit short. I feel compelled to compose an answer as soon as I read yours, lest I forget about it for too long. If I read a post and don't answer right away, I'm worried it'll fall by the wayside. Trixie keeps looking out the window for a moment, before looking back over to Starlight, almost like her voice is pulling her back to consciousness. For a short moment, her expression remains flat, before she snaps back to her usual confident smile. "Nothing at all! Trixie was just thinking about all the ways she can have fun with you today. It's been a long time since Trixie has been at a sleepover." She skips up fro
  22. caramelbear

    Answer a question with a question!

    Oh god, is my foot heart showing?
  23. MynameisAlly

    Shitty Superpowers

    You have the ability to change the color of your socks.
  24. Gr00mersJOI

    Gr00mer's Home For Forgotten Girls

    He lifted he little chin up to face him, caressing her little cheek, where he had just left his mark "Dont be sad little puppy, a slave should feel proud when her Master leaves a mark on you, its a sign of ownership and it pleases me to abuse you and mark you up, as it will most Daddies you serve for me!" Like a true pedophile he could not Key his hands from her loins for long, and he was right back at it after a short pause, taking liberties with her cunny, as if she was just some object, he rubbed at young slits back and forth, until they naturally slid back into her opening. "Good little doggy, unless I tell you to speak, you
  25. Zeeff

    Sissy for Futa

    I actually only have a couple questions. My character starts off as Male right? So is he already a sissy or effeminate then the milk just changes his gender? Because I'd very much like to start off with me being more masculine and then the milk takes effect, turn into a sissy, then the gender change?
  26. IsabellaRose

    Keep a word... Replace a Word.

    Physics Test!
  27. EternalOne69

    OOC talk for Monster Academy.

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm still learning my way around the site. I'll probably be asking a few questions as i figure things out. Thanks again!
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