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  2. The shop itself is a fairly small and compacy building and from the outside it doesn't really look like much either. The sign is simplistic and rather ordinary in all ways. The more interesting part is when she enters the place. A small chime is heard, as a magical rune is making noise when the door opens up. Inside there are many shelves and glass displays with all sorts of items, big and small. A few of these even emit some faint light. Everything an adventurer may need appears to be in here, from the simple rings and up to massive weapons or armours. There is, of course, also a long and large counter. Behind this sits a young woman with some very delicate
  3. "While I do share that sentiment, we do need to look for everyone, big and small, after all. Shhhh...now we need quiet down some..", he exclaims as they are very near. Matthew makes a signal that seems to indicate that they need to walk slower and more carefully. The site they are walking towards is upon them both. It looks like a small building which seems to extent down underground. The fence around it seems closed and probably locked off too."A blade is quiet, easy to hide usually and quick...good choice", he momentarily says. Barring the way forward is now this fence.
  4. LovelyLem


    Honestly if someone makes you bend more than you want to in an RP, don't disrespect yourself. And if you're a picky son of a gun, you take the reigns and make the decisions - I was gonna do a roleplay with someone when they said they wanted to do a smut roleplay. It had a lot of characteristics I'd like for a roleplay, and I was like 'cool, this will be fun.'

    It's a smut RP about canon characters that like each other. That sounds nice - but what have we here? The other party involved doesn't want to do romance - no romance. They're very blunt about it and I'm like... I mean alright I guess? So then they ask about kinks, and every single one I suggest - they make it feel like either I'm boring them, or they're like "that is way more than I'd like the do." They also suggest bizarre and unrealistic things while complaining once about one of my suggestions, because it 'didn't sound realistic.' So finally I just ask 'what would you like, dearest?' and I pick some from their own list of stuff. I should've been weary of this next thing, but they leave me to write the starter. Big mistake, because I write it with a little exposition - Every character vocalizes at least a teeny tiny bit, just to establish the world. They all act and have a few words just to introduce the setup of the story. You could hardly say there's any character to them.

    This #$&@€ tells me "woah, biiiiig no-no - you don't write for other people's characters."

    I'm like, are you kidding me? The way the starter and idea was setup was that we needed to have a bit of introduction. I didn't even dictate character actions beyond what we'd suggested, and now I'm being lectured?

    So I say 'I've been doing this for 8 years' - this isn't to brag, it's just defending myself. I've done RP for a long time, and I know what I've seen, I know where character control is drawing the line and not, and I know this isn't a big deal because I've seen this since I began roleplaying.

    She goes 'I've been doing this 20.' She ones-up me. This was clearly with intent to belittle me.

    That was an immediate block. I don't need this behavior and attitude, and if anybody acts that pretentious with you, don't put up with them, no matter their reputation. Stand up for yourself.

    1. KanDaKnight


      I think you're right about their attempt of feeding their ego and trying to go extreme fiction with it. Though, you dont seem to be aware that everybody does things differently with starters. Your way of doing it isnt fitting for some. Roleplay is a descriptive hobby, where everybody has unique experiences. Just a point of view for consideration.

      P.S both parties would have better chances if they're not picky, since its a play of roles. I'm not sure why'd you state what you stated about the picky sons of guns, its a contradiction to your opinion of compensation. There's a reason why "critical" is a synonym of "picky". Leaning a shoulder can lead you further in a situation that deserves it.

  5. JennyDK

    Sunveil mall.

    The goblin storeowner is not really sure what to think of the two of them as they make more light "jabs" at each other like that, but at least it is different from the more stuck-up, dull and predictable interaction she usually has with customers. It does at least seem more fitting and cute since they are young girls and not like middle aged women. The thought of the latter sort doing the same kind of stuff kind of makes her grimace a bit inside."Ah yes, I remember her. One of my bigger clients, after all. She has even invited me to join a few events over the years too", she replies back as she accepts the parcel given to her. She even slips up a small and c
  6. AstraGal3

    Bimbofy and Possession

    I'm wanting an ERP where your character (Guy or Futa) has their eyes set on mine. We can discuss what my character is in terms of position, like a student, teacher, boss, etc., and is turned into your loving love Doll through means of hypnosis or mind control. And through the use of triggers or something can make my character's body and mind grow into sexy bimbo doll proportions whenever they want to have fun times with them. (Willing to use Discord as well if you'd like)
  7. Today
  8. JennyDK


    Day 14 of art of girls suiting up! ❤️

  9. Hello everyone! I kinda ditched the whole “collection” post, mostly because I know that would’ve been a pain to keep updating and crap, so I’ve decided to move on with a plot idea I’ve been wanting to do for a While, and am very turned on by the idea. The idea is simple, an Anthro/Furry parent and a Human child connecting over some reason, and eventually being sexually active. I don’t care what the genders are, we could have it be a Trans Male dad and a daughter who’s packing a bit~ We could have it be a milf and a son, we could do whatever you want! And, if you want to, we can do the opposite, where the human is the parent and the Anthro character is t
  10. Jae


    Been really lacking sleep lately, hope my RP partners may be patient with me 😓

    Thanks and i love yall ❤️

  11. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Another chance - Ranna and Kappei

    Reiko shook her head. "This is something Ranna will consider punishment, at least at first. But it is for her own good, and as family, it is my responsibility to do my part to help correct her mistakes. It isn't something you are really suited to join in on either, you will see what I mean in a little while." Her idea was something intended to help her share in responsibility of keeping an eye on Ranna, preventing something like that from happening again, at the same time, she hoped and expected it would even help her in the long run. Ranna was not going to say anything about that, until she knew exactly what Reiko was planning. She saw a chance to
  12. onearmeddruid

    I'm in love with the mad doctor

  13. DrMender

    Sunveil mall.

    Millie had glanced over at her sister at her introduction after she had noticed miss Violette the store owner when she heard the store owner's voice causing her to roll her eyes in her direction muttering, "air-head" as she turns back to the store owner before them that was behind the glass case. She would stifle a giggle at the mention of the rich patrons not being in their prime with her hands covering her mouth with a small sound escaping, "Tee-hee" before her face turns a similar scarlet red as the compliment of being cute finally process in her mind. At the lack of response from her sister about the package or whom their Lady would cause Coco to l
  14. Izabella giggles softly at the mention of the little guys needing to look after each other before she abruptly stops covering her mouth with her black leather fingerless gloved hand, which she replies softly, "Its why I chose to be a medic to help the little guys and those in need" as she watches him pull out his machine gun. She would look down at the aforementioned sidearm that he was patting as they edged closer to the fenced area of the thugs' base, which she would shake her head in negative as she replies, "Mmmm no I have my trust blade" that she has hanging from her left hip and continues saying, "Besides that and my rifle, I have actual medical suppli
  15. As Pruszia is skipping down the road leading to the next shop at her destination before she pauses momentarily as an image of the big burly blacksmith being visited by big rugged fellas looking for his swords. She begins to giggle randomly at the thought of the blacksmith playing pitcher for the burly fellas once she had made the 30 minutes down the road to the new shop, which she would peer into the new shop with a great reputation and the owner being a skilled mage. She would enter into the shop through the door as she giggles every now and then due to the strange perverse image fluttering through her mind.
  16. Dozle The Crusader

    Dozle The Crusader

    hello is there anyone who needs a crusade to happen i might be more busy cause im hooded on elden ring and poking on vrchat but my armored ass is here and ready to crusade 

  17. Anastasia petrova

    Tentacle cave

    I'd be interested MSG me if still open with more details
  18. Anastasia petrova

    [M4F] Disney Princess taken in her own castle

    this sounds like something interesting I'd be willing to try msg me with more details please
  19. Breakbox_Muses

    Broodmare, Dr. Steel...

    Dr. Steel is an OC originally made for Resident Evil, but I am happy to play her in other settings. I prefer post-apocalyptic, modern, horror, and sci-fi settings, but am open to fantasy. ^^ Dark themes are involved with the character but do not have to overtake the roleplay. Looking for a male to breed her full of eggs and watch her breasts, belly, and thighs grow over time... feel free to overfeed her and pump her full of cum~ Would prefer porn-with-plot, and would LOVE to play her in the RE universe (you can play a canon or OC, I like both ^^). Steel is a broodmother-type OC so get her nice and full! ;3c 3-6 paragraphs and advanced grammar
  20. Anastasia petrova

    Anastasia petrova

    Hello everyone I'm kind of new getting back into the RP community but would love to join in different erotic themes, and i'm always willing to try something once please feel free to msg me anytime

  21. Venus

    Venus' Characters

    Characters I plan to use for RPs.
  22. BladeRunner

    Roleplay Requests Megatopic

    Hello, I guess I found myself here after all. So without further introductions I'm look for an RP down South here, it can be a variety of scenarios, genres, etc. whatever you want to do I can work with. Let it be with one or two people, I enjoy world building and playful long-term RPs. My main thing is I play a lot of straight characters, whether it's male or female (female is iffy tbh), and my limits are scat, watersports and vomit, that whole shebang. I haven't really "experimented" so whatever kinks I have are pretty "vanilla." But if you're interested, hit me up.
  23. Nan-Yo

    The Gauntlet (Schala Initiation Flashback)

    Rubbing her back for a bit and giving her a false sense of security, Ghezal made it abundantly clear to everyone watching that he considered her his pet right now with the implication that he would continue thinking like this until he stepped down from his position. Like the majority of students here he planned to secure himself a position in his own family and society as soon as he graduated from the high-school curriculum. He already had money and power, so the only thing the school provided him with was a place to make connections and carve out his own future. He had no need for any higher learning or education aimed at a profession... "Now... does m
  24. TaleTale

    Potential Characters

    Just an album of pictures for potential characters. (I don't claim to own the art! Just found them pretty while browsing.)
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