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  2. Moon Hound Hati

    OOC Chatterbox

    Sounds good to me. Good opportunity to have our characters dressed for a change. Get it?!
  3. Moon Hound Hati

    The Beach

    @Lynnette He’d caught himself before bursting out into laughter at her deadpan joke, which, for some reason, tickled his funny bone a lot harder than it should have, managing to tone it down to a hearty chuckle. “I’ll be sure to blend in like a chameleon,” he responded as he leaned forward. Resting his weight on one arm, his torso lightly pushed up against her smooth backside as his other hand made motions to reach for the small bottle of suntan oil laying on the warm sand, just before and in-between their beach towels. Inching his hips forward in tandem, his manhood slipped further
  4. BenHawkinsLivesHere

    OOC Chatterbox

    I think that could be interesting. Might allow some of us to even give our characters more definition. Prequels might give us the extra dimension....cool
  5. Today
  6. I like that compromise!
  7. Lynnette

    OOC Chatterbox

    I think I'll consider the poll done for now, with the result being mixed between not allowing multi-threading, and being okay with it, with one person preferring the option. As a compromise, as a way to let those who want to write a lot more, I propose this; The option to do "prequels" and "Epilogues", basically, private scenes that take place before, or after, the trip. I figure they'd be considered non-canonical, though I'm up for input on that, but basically just a way to write something different as well. Perhaps how characters met each other or simply interact, outside of
  8. JennyDK

    DDLC FxF romance.

  9. JennyDK

    A rising star (public RP)

  10. Washingpole_victory

    Mail order torture slave

    Wanting to find and RP partner who wants to play as either a female or futa who is very cruel, sadistic and dominant I want to play as a petite catgirl (ears and tail) delivered to you in a small wooden crate, once you open the crate you'll find me inside, curled up in a ball with my arms and legs tied, my mouth gagged and me eyes blindfolded, affixed to my left nipple via a pin is a little name badge that simply reads "Lily" and within box next to me is a deed of owner ship that specifies me as "rape meat" Feel free to use your new piece of property in anyway you see fit (within my
  11. Nishka waits some more, before the danger finally seems over with. She gives a nod at soft Slazzen and Snow."Nishka feels it is safe. Move towards North we can do now! Just be careful and try to not make too much noises", she says quietly, before emerging from the shrubbery and once more pointing and guiding the others in the direction that they were going.
  12. Gardsorm

    OOC Chatterbox

    Hahahah, nothing to apologize for! I could use the speed since I'm just coming off nonstop MH Rise for little more than a week, and I gotta get my writing focus in order. xD
  13. Sorry I typically respond pretty quickly when I'm not busy. Also I'm sure Takuya is just getting warmed up!
  14. Gardsorm

    OOC Chatterbox

    Geez, Blue and Chiya... I thought I'd have a little more time before my next post and then you got those posts out in record time. Well, there goes mine, and pinky is as terrible as ever!
  15. Gardsorm

    The Beach

    @Bluenails @Chiyako Akiho certainly had plenty of motivation within him to be cheeky, it seemed. To any onlooker, it would almost look as if two cute, small ladies were wrapped around each of his arms, pressed quite close... At least until one saw just what Akiwas packing, but even despite that, Takuya felt like someone who'd won a lottery ticket that day, two of the school's cutest students (in his opinion at least) walking with his arms in their embrace. Could this day get any better? Oh, most definitely it could... "Hahah, are you sure you should be giving me a choice like that?
  16. JennyDK

    Location: Verdina.

    Britta's face mostly grows only one colour at the words from Axel, namely red. She looks around for a few seconds to see if there are anyone blantantly watching them. While there are a few people nearby, they are minding their own business. After making sure, she gets close to her dear husband and embrace him nice and tightly. She has no problems with public displays of affection, but she is not fond of getting stared at. She takes off her mask for a bit, so she can smile properly to him."I know and it is mutual for me too Axel. If you ever get into trouble I will make sure to save you...and T
  17. JennyDK


    I am considering changing the image theme of my profile. While I have plenty I love to do, I think I would will let the first commenter here decide.

    So what theme do YOU think my profile should, presentation and image wise?
    A few options:

    • uniforms
    • armours
    • magic
    • monster girls
    • shortstacks
    • gas masks
    • heavily armed women
    1. BenHawkinsLivesHere


      Well monster girls is my vote ❤️

  18. Abbie Wolvenfist

    Abbie Wolvenfist

    I don’t usually do lesbian stories with smut but would anyone like to do a mom/daughter rp with me? 

    1. JennyDK


      Could be interesting. What did you have in mind?

    2. Abbie Wolvenfist

      Abbie Wolvenfist

      PM me nwn I never done anything like this before I wanted to give it a shot 

  19. In one of the major slums of town, there is a large abandoned apartment building. Street thugs and the like frequent this area of town, but this place is mostly empty, especially in the basement area. The basement is like a smaller maze of corridors and hallways, one of which lead to a fairly sized room which is now the place of operations for Jessica @JennyDK and Keiron @Neptune. At least so far these are the members of a duo who aims to make mischief, crime and terror in the city of Sunveil. The room is barely lit up by either streetlights (with a fair share of this in disrepair or not a
  20. JennyDK

    City of Sunveil

    Jessica takes a small round in the room, checking everything out, hoping there isn't anything that easily might give them away, but she soon feels fully confident in its usefulness."Excellent! Now that we have a place to meet up, we can whatever we want or hang out whereever we wish between meetings and operations. I do think we need a city map, a large desk for planning and such. You know, to help us be a bit more efficient and organized. At least as much as we need". Meanwhile, she conjures an illusion for Keiron, so he is able to see how the room could be transformed into a minor station of
  21. JennyDK

    Dining hall.

    The two of them spend quite a nice time together in the dining hall and Malikah even offers some of the food she didn't see Kayla pick, to offer her something new to taste. The goro athlete is very pleased with how things have turned out and making such a wonderful friend with Kayla. Both monster women chat, eat and in general just enjoy the company of each other. Malikah keeps smiling the whole time and even shares some of the stories from back in the village where she is from back in the monster realm.
  22. Alexander Bodide

    Alexander Bodide

    I still draw breath! It's been the same old story: lacking the time and/or energy for roleplay lately. But I still think about the roleplays all the time and miss doing them. And I even continue having new ideas for roleplays, but I'm really in no position to be starting more of them yet - that part's a bit frustrating. Anyway, please hang on a while longer for my next round of replies!

  23. JennyDK

    • JennyDK
    • Washingpole_victory

    Hello there and welcome to our lovely site and even more wonderful community! ❤️

    I hope you will come to love it here and have tons of fun! 😄

    Jenny 💋

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    2. JennyDK


      If you have questions about anything or just want to talk, you are always welcome to hit me up 😄

    3. Washingpole_victory


      Okie dokie! Thank you very much 😊

    4. JennyDK


      You're quite welcome ❤️

      I wish you a good and lovely evening/day/other space outside of normal time.

  24. Professor Tentacruel

    Seeking Fluff and Romance

    Just as the title implies, I'm seeking some cute, wholesome romances; something lighthearted and sweet. Smut is welcome, but story and some build up is highly preferred. Now, I don't really have too much of a plot in mind, but I'm always happy to plot things out with you, down below will more or less be a few settings I'm looking to do, preferred genres, some open characters and all that good stuff. I'm not really seeking anything dramatic or dark at the moment, just something cute and wholesome. So, enough of my rambling, let's get onto the desired fandoms and settings and all that. Canons an
  25. Neptune

    Location: Verdina.

    "Yes, I do know that," Axel agreed, "But it doesn't stop me from worrying, Prism." He gave her a smile, using a softer tone on the last part. Prism was a nickname he sometimes called her, in reference to the colours splashed across her lower face. It wasn't a very imaginative name, however he absolutely loved the effect of the colours separating from a prism into their individual colours. It was beautiful to him, just like Britta was. He couldn't help but to think that every time he looked at her. She was his prism, his shining light in this gloomy world.
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