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  2. WritesNaughtyStories

    Weirdest crush?

    Not a crush, exactly. But fuck, I want to be Ava Silva from Warrior Nun - I just want to hold Beatrice and tell her how beautiful and loved she is.
  3. babygirlchari

    characters lily

  4. Hello all! I'm Sultry, a smut writer with a ton of kinks and a ton of ideas at her disposal! I play all of my ideas on Discord so if you want to talk and/or RP add me at: Rosewood#5556 If you don't like any of my ideas but still want to talk we absolutely can! IMPORTANT: I write all of my smut in non-traditional formats. That means I don't do traditional post-by-post RPs. The formats will be described below. The CYOA Format CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) In the CYOA format, rather than write posts back and forth, I will write posts and then present you with a list of choices for how you want to handle the
  5. Today
  6. Pixel

    Sultry here!

    Hope you have a great time!
  7. Moon Hound Hati

    Sultry here!

    Greetings, fellow Dutch person! Welcome to ED. Depending on what kind of ERP you'd like to do, we might be able to work something out. Feel free to look af my preferences page and shoot me a DM if you're interested.
  8. SultrySuccubus

    Sultry here!

    Hello everyone! I'm Sultry, an experienced ERP'er who just happened to stumble across this lovely forum! I'm hoping to pick up some good partners here ^^
  9. Zaria snickered at his words amused by the almost exasperated town he took with her, she knew he loved it when she was like this but the little game was they played were half the fun of the sessions. " Well of course I'm impatient, I got one of the best cocks in the camp right in front of me and it's taking so long to get to it. " His cock was so big that she couldn't take it in just one hand in fact she had to put both hands together just to wrap around it entirely, stroking it up and down. She helped herself out of her top her juicy tits on full display before she pushed her body up against him stomach and tits pressing into his shaft
  10. It started off as these things normally do, you and your boyfriend were sharing your deepest, darkest fantasies. You told him what you had been burning for, and he did everything he could to make those dreams a reality for you. But now, it was your turn to give him what he wanted, and the only thing he asked for, was to penetrate that tight, puckered hole tucked behind your two juicy cheeks. The only problem? Both of you are complete anal virgins, not only has your back cherry not be popped, he has no idea how to properly stretch a virgin ass. So of course, you did the only sensible thing any good girlfriend that wan
  11. Coffee? Who needs coffee when you are already bouncing off the walls
  12. "haha while I've never had one at that angle personally, I do believe it looks a lot better with your cute lips wrapped around it! " The man says as she continues to lick and suck on the tip, his cock which was already a respectful 14 inches seemed to continue to grow 15, 16 19 24 30. It grew and grew until Frida had his cock firmly lodged in her mouth and down it while he thrust up in between her giant breasts. The exact length of it was lost to her at this point but the It was larger than any of the Drauger. "If you were having second thoughts lass I won't blame you for leaving it at this. But if you think you can take it then I h
  13. Pixel

    Fuck, Marry or Kill the poster above you and why

    After that how could I not marry
  14. IsabellaRose

    Fuck, Marry or Kill the poster above you and why

    fuck until we were both exhausted then snuggle our sweaty bodies together
  15. Me, enjoying it, but thinking it's the literal least I could do
  16. Pixel

    Fuck, Marry or Kill the poster above you and why

    Fuck, and appreciate her during
  17. holy shit. coffee before I get out of bed?! I would pleasure him in ALL THE WAYS just for being that thoughtful. ALL THE WAYS.
  18. IsabellaRose

    Fuck, Marry or Kill the poster above you and why

    I'm in a witchy mood, what can I say? Fuck!
  19. Have coffee ready before she wakes up, bring it to her in bed and ask how she slept.
  20. Pixel

    Fuck, Marry or Kill the poster above you and why

    The black widow strikes again but it's a pretty sweet ride, up to that point
  21. IsabellaRose

    What was the last thing you saw before you login on ED today?

    the other screen that's full of work I'm ignoring
  22. IsabellaRose

    Keep a word... Replace a Word.

    incomprehensible lyrics
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