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  2. Hiccup/Deku

    Canon harem RPs

    By fandoms I mean other franchises.. Case in point I call Gravity Falls a fandom, Amphibia a fandom, Miraculous Ladybug, How to train your dragon, so on.. And that's fair on the multiple characters front. I can certainly give that a go but I'm not really sure who else to play aside from Dipper. Just took a look at your preference sheet, sorry I'm a little rusty with using the site, and I meant limits plot/kind wise, which I now know.. Who would you recommend for me to play alongside Dipper? I could mix in a couple of OC monsters, but I'm not sure what else. I'm also kinda curious about who you might want to see me play alongside older Steve
  3. Aaron

    Monster New World Order

    All options are good, but i would like to see a list of pictures of the characters you can okay as.
  4. JennyDK

    Monster New World Order

    Very lovely to hear Any sort of race you would like to play and/or for me to play as?
  5. JennyDK

    Canon harem RPs

    Fandoms? What do you mean? As for Gravity Falls: Not really sure what you mean by what you said there either? Limits on what exactly? I am very happy to brainstorm though. In case you have not read my preference sheet, I do have to note that I only play 2+ females with partners willing to also play multiple characters at some point.
  6. Hiccup/Deku


    My god it's been a while since I last truly poked my head in here. Hey everyone! I'm back and raring to get into some RP! Really not sure what but I guess my ideas haven't changed that much, or maybe they did.. I feel like I've got a digital version of jet lag. Send me a Dm if you wanna talk.

  7. Hiccup/Deku

    F here to play your Fandom or Celeb crushes!

    Hello there! I just came across this and I'm kinda curious if you'd be alright with playing across from a canon guy. I tend to really enjoy playing out canon x canon stuff..!
  8. Hiccup/Deku

    Canon harem RPs

    Hey there! I just saw this and I'm kind of curious about what you might have in mind for Gravity Falls so far as brainstorming or limits go, and I'm also kinda curious if there are any fandoms you haven't got listed you might wanna take a look at.
  9. Hiccup/Deku

    Fandom plots, slightly revamped

    And here's another bump! Wow it has been a long ass time since I last did this.
  10. Pixels

    Minorikawa's Game Club Lounge with Coffee and Booze

    Speaking of Sonic The collaboration event in Monster Hunter Rise is live and the event quests play City Escape and Live and Learn for the music tracks, and with the Sonic layered armor for the Palico, when you give it the Felvine, it turns into Super Sonic. They both have unique run animations On top of that, Paramount added an unlisted video to their Sonic playlist. We could be seeing a Sonic 2 trailer in the next few days.
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  12. AirAllie14

    RP Ideas

    @Titan01 sure! Send me an EcchiText and we can discuss more!
  13. Yesterday
  14. Pixels


    I've got some great partners right now, but the role playing has been a little light and I'm looking for a few more to fill some more time.

    Check out my preferences and idea thread, send me a message if you're interested. I'd be happy to come up with anything new, too.

  15. Pixels


  16. DreamsnThings


    The short answer is probably variety, humans fundamentally like traits they dont see often... so sometimes a green skinned shortie just looks too good to pass up ;3
  17. Pixels


    Yeah, I like orc and goblin women. I don't know why But yeah, it looks good
  18. DreamsnThings


    Glad you like her! This is actually an edit i did of an existing image (the hair was not originally pink and the skin was slightly less yellow) to make a set of images for an rp work together... Its still a really nice pic regardless tho ^u^
  19. NyxAvatar69

    Sunveil mall.

    "Very well. However, I will be busy with my plans for a bit, so I will not be able to respond right away," Vangor answered after thinking it over for a few moments, taking his phone out of his pocket. Only then did he realize upon checking his contacts that he had absolutely zero people in his contacts list. He knew if he had admit to such a thing, he'd be a laughingstock, so instead, he jumped to his usual tactic. "Be lucky, vampire, as you will be yet another in my grand list of phone contacts," he went on.
  20. Longtermed reformation, taming and bimbofication of canon gals Lately I have been very much craving to have a very long termed bimbofication process and even almost in the name of good and decent behaviour. Therefore I present a list of possible candidates who are either villains or just characters who have some less than pleasant character traits Azula (Avatar) Shadowweaver (She-ra) Chrysalis (My Little Pony) Pacifica Northwest (Gravity Falls) Mom (Futurama) Merryweather (Zootopia) Fenneko (Aggretsuko) Cait or Piper (Fallout 4) Undyne (Undertale) Aquamarine, Peridot or Lapis (Steven Unive
  21. JennyDK

    Canon gal sluts!

  22. JennyDK

    Canon harem RPs

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