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  2. So focused was Emi on her destination that she didn't notice her new pursuer. At least not initially. The darkness hid them both to a degree, sure, but it was also one of her greatest allies. Her bestial blood enhanced her senses, including her vision in the night, but most importantly her specific breed could detect sounds far beyond what any Human may be able to achieve. This was especially true at night when the air grew colder, the wind speed generally decreased, and ambient noises fell overall thanks to reduced activities, especially in a place like the one she was in now. By the time she had noticed the one following her it was too
  3. Hope I can still schedule a first appointment for the program
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  5. Alexandrine kept her eye on the street. It was getting darker now. Harder to see, but then there was something. An unusual figure running down the street. With the distance and growing darkness, she was unsure if it was anything unusual. But it was worth investigation. She chased after it from a distance, sticking to the roofs. Drawing just enough power to keep up the chase and jump from roof to roof, without transforming. While powers varied by individual a degree of physical enhancement was shared by all such people. Stronger, faster, more agile than ordinary humans. Though only slightly so when not drawing on their power. She wa
  6. That’s good. She can do her own thing, or possibly work with Zorn, either long term or temporarily. Whatever works. She can possibly torment a separate team if people start making one.
  7. Heyo, I can think of a few ideas if you want to dm me
  8. I was feeling inspired and went ahead and posted a Demon character. No idea what I want to do story wise yet, but sounded fun.
  9. Name: Exzelcryth Race: Nexus Demon Alias: Exzel, "X" Gender: Female Age: 600 Hair: Black Eyes: Purple Height: 5'8" Short Bio: Exzelcryth is a Nexus Devil, a type of Demon with innate magical abilities to open portals to other places and dimensions. This makes them valuable as scouts, couriers, and transportation for Demon warrants, and unfortunately also targets for enslavement by Demon lords. Exzel had served as a slave bound to an ancient Demon lord Gyomah for centuries, however he was defeated some years ago, which left Exzel unbound and free for the first time in hundreds of years. Free to t
  10. Hey there, I'd like to dm a rp, set in a fantasy world we can make up. In this rp I'd like your character to start with nothing, however we can create an aim your character strives for. I'd like to find the right balance between story and smut. Kinks you should be up for a noncon, bestiality/ monsters, but of course we will also include con and non monsters/animals. Also your character does not have to be human, so we can discuss any other race. Also the starting point of the rp is discussable. Hit me up if you are interested or have any questions!
  11. I would be interested in trying this out if it is still open.
  12. It seems one way or another Xyvee is going to learn quite a bit on her first day!
  13. I mean… procreation can be a form of recreation…
  14. I scrolled up really fast and accidentally read "Recreation/Engineering" as "Procreation/Engineering". Foreshadowing I guess.
  15. It just occurred to me now that Xyvee is in the security room. She has access to all the cameras. She is able to view everything that happens… everything…
  16. Wait. Which of us is even in charge? Maybe neither of us? The little creature beamed her friendliest smile up towards the much larger furry robot, hand settling back down to her side. "Evee ees seecooreetee" she began, hands lifting up to point towards Vulture and then back to herself. "Maet." That doesn't sound right. Mate? Close. Err, wait, no! Partner! "Pootneer?" Pointed ears wiggled slightly. A noise which had lingered in the background had caught her interest. Making her way over to the desk the Luanari hoisted herself up to look over towards the screen. It was some sort of battle. Perhaps a study of combat formation
  17. Usually she didn't need to worry about this part of town. Those who might spot her were often the sort to drink excessively. People who imbibed in drugs. Suffered from hunger. Or, of course, were criminals. And those who were simply down on their luck were often believed to be one of the former. Their word wouldn't go very far. Not for most officers. It wouldn't however stop magical girls or knights from investigating. Weird tabloid news articles had often ended up with the discovery of some monster. I doubt any article written about me would be very serious. 'Bunny girl spotted in the city!' Real scary. But I suppose it is better than a
  18. This was the problem with ‘hunting’, especially by herself. Without a stronger lead, or the target causing damage/making a scene, they were hard to pin down. She was just as likely to run into some petty criminal, the sorts of thing they preferred to let conventional authorities handle. Alexandrine wished she left it up to others. But now she was here, she had to at least give it a good look. She looked for higher ground. Working her way up to the roof of a damaged abandoned building. Three stories up. She knelt at the edge, looking over her surroundings, for any hint of anyone who might fit the description. Anyone who looked or
  19. Sighing again, Vulture went ahead and turned on an old 80's styled television set that was built into the wall. He went with Recorded Sports ecirdedabd sifted through the various clips until settling on a more recent one... After the end of the war of course, a month afterward actually. Griffball (I'm stealing this from Halo/Red VS. Blue) was a sport that came into being in 2042 A.D. and quickly became an American favorite. The Protogens minds were composed of a combination of Human and animal cells, so memories that weren't his were available. "Let's see... Ah, Texas Marshalls against the Kansas Chiefs, this ought to be a good one."
  20. Sorry for the late reply but finally did make one!
  21. Finally got a reply in! And also added Emi's height to her profile.
  22. Upon each thigh Emi strapped a thin black holster, each of which carried a couple extra slim magazines and a small handgun. Her transformation wasn't required for every job. Sometimes mortal weapons worked well enough, especially when it came time to deal with other magical girls or knights. As long as they hadn't transformed themselves it was often all she needed. Heck, she didn't even need to fire them. If she was quick enough on the draw that was typically enough to allow her a chance to escape. It also came in handy when dealing with civilians or, occasionally, law enforcement. And of course there were quite a few monsters who were still
  23. As you walk into the large hotel like building, you see a nice young feminine figure sitting at the desk (rp can either be furry or human) for furries: for humans: “hi there! Welcome to submissives 4 you! As you may be able to tell, submissives for you is branch of its parent company “mistresses 4 you” however, this company focuses on helping doms find their ideal subs! So come on over and take our quick survey, and we will help you find your ideal pet, slave, or even lover!”
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