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  2. Flora smiled and slumped all the juice, it was sweet and she liked that, then obeying she sucked on one of Lillian's breast and she massaged the other breast her hand. For Flora, Lilian's moan were music to her ears. She loved to hear her mistress moan. The man was absolutely furious. His wife was a lowly dog to a dominatrix and soon this dominatrix would be rich but she will also have to pay a price. Many women came back to Lillian for another session, even the ones who had been blackmailed. After all once you tasted the venomous touch of...
  3. God of RP

    The Pool

    In her mouth, Nadia’s tongue wraps around Zero’s dick and rubs along it. Her eyes look into his, and it was her way of telling him he can do what he pleases to her now.
  4. CaptKiraXAlice23

    fanfiction Female Partners Need

    This is still needs a partners. And still looking for females
  5. CaptKiraXAlice23

    Top Anime for Rps

    Still looking for female partners for this ideas and storyline still open.
  6. CaptKiraXAlice23

    Anime and fun Rps

    Bump still looking for female partners
  7. So I have had an idea for a longer period of time and finally got to writing it out. Since I am very open to discussing details and such, I will give the overall premise here. Premise: A princess/queen has been kidnapped by usurpers in the middle of the night and then taken far, far away into "unclaimed" lands, which is basically a huge area where monsters live and roam. Here she is...
  8. NyxAvatar69

    The Pool

    Zero groaned in pleasure as Nadia sucked on his cock. He clenched his fists, trying to resist the urge to pull her closer to him.
  9. Today
  10. JennyDK

    Dining hall.

    "Oh, why nervous? Have I said or done anything to elicit such a reaction? Ohhhh, nice to hear you have some friends already. Perhaps someone we might know? Who are they and what year?", she goes on, now drilling for information and hopefully get ideas for further shenanigans for other students. She gives a short wave to Jessica and Claire, letting them know things are looking good so far and that she is working him over. She puts a hand on her hips and looks Hiro over as he mentions her sisters."I will take that as a compliment then", she...
  11. aLittleCrow

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I would like to create several characters, so that I could Service more people. Is that allowed? A: Sure! Go for it! Except there are going to be some limitations: You can only have 3 different ATMGlory characters active at the same time. If there is someone or someplace you don't like Servicing anymore, in the thread's status (written in the square brackets) put [ABANDONED], You can not undo this action, as a Leader or the Owner seeing this status will permanently lock the thread, stopping any new posts from being...
  12. JennyDK


    With a window available to do some light RPing and such, feel free to place some nice and short lewd orders from my ATMGlory ❤️


    1. Typical Blue Haired Dude

      Typical Blue Haired Dude

      It was a great time that we had, I was quite the satisfied customer!  I plan on making some more orders later on when I get some more credits and time for myself ^.^

    2. RadChad


      I'm about to pay you 

  13. While you take care of the smaller critter, I try to use my wits and knowledge to figure out a way to do this in the fastest and most efficient way. Luckily, with you having my back free, it allows me to do some rapid thinking and something that should have appeared clear to me, is being realized and I look directly back at you, hope and determination beaming from my eyes and general facial expressions. A surge within me causes my holy blade to gleam and light up ever so slightly, the words engraves onto it and while I want to do this to save...
  14. JennyDK

    OOC talk.

    I am back I hope the ones still up are good
  15. JennyDK

    Loli Dragonborn

  16. JennyDK

    Monster gals!

    Lots of monster women of all kinds of shapes and sizes.
  17. JennyDK

    Groups of merriment.

    The more, the merrier
  18. JennyDK

    Shestud futas

    Just a collection of lovely ladies with fun extra "equipment". Meant as both normal eye candy and character references.
  19. JennyDK

    Sexy and pretty ladies

    My ever growing collection of lovely ladies either for use for RP or general viewing pleasure (or both)!
  20. Armor’s a little strange but kinda looks cool!
  21. JennyDK

    Uniforms and armour.

    Women in either armour or uniform. DISCLAIMER: Though some will be in a nazi uniform or have other such symbolism in the image, I hereby state clearly that I do not condone or stand by the vile ideology behind. They are purely here for the aestethics.
  22. Logni


    Hey all just had a long night. I'll need to get to all my partners in Ecchitext but in case I don't I'm making this status. Had a very long night so if you don't hear from me that's probably why. Not sure if I'll be on tomorrow but I promise to get to all my rps once I've recovered from all this. Thanks for understanding!

  23. Rhazzel

    My preferences

    HELLO! WELCOME TO MY PAGE! Im looking to have a good time. I enjoy new making friends and being good to old ones. I love playing the submissive type. So if your looking to role with me this is the way to pull at my lusty heart strings. I dont mind a good set up, but i like to let things happen organically. We should be making the story together as we roleplaying not...
  24. Typical Blue Haired Dude

    Typical Blue Haired Dude

    On the rare occasion that I’m not horny at night, I become a desperate and hopeless romantic.  Being the virgin 20-year-old that I am that never once had a relationship, I can get super lonely sometimes.  Sometimes, I just don’t need the lewds, I just want someone that’ll love me and hold me tight whenever I really need it.  I have plenty of love to give, too-

    I also just wanna cuddle and do nothing else with someone in bed.  I call myself a soft boi for a reason, and this is part of the reason why.  God, the desire for something so wholesome is killing me because I know I’ll likely never get to have this- 


  25. Aim2Plz


    Hitting the hay for the night. Hope everyone has been enjoying their rp's! Rest easy and stay beautiful everyone!

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