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  2. Sir.alex


    Random passing thought ..💭

    Definitely 😌 it's all about the outfit 🖤⚡spacer.png

    1. ThatLewdCat


      Outfit is nice. Upper body proportions are definitely weird tho... Somehow. I dunno.

  3. onearmeddruid

    Just a blowjob

  4. Thatannoyinggod

    OOC talk for Monster Academy.

    Hey guys. Probably not going to be on much today. Work is slammed for me today. I'll try to hop on occasionally when I have the time
  5. Today
  6. ThatLewdCat


    Squish that cat


  7. GoddamnHero


    Good morning, dreamers! I wish you nice day! Somebody want a coffee?



    1. LazarusLuna


      With some extra cream. 😉

  8. aLittleCrow


    Actually you'd have 3, since futanari's actually exist (kind of).
  9. aLittleCrow

    Naked and belligerent

    I saw an uncensored version of this accompanied with an (eerily similar) image:
  10. NyxAvatar69


    For the first time ever, I (partly) saw a regular sized Dodongo eat a bomb in Majora's Mask when I was doing randos.  I have never seen that happen since I typically default to using Goron Link against them so I don't die and get moon crashed and lose my progress.  Below is my reaction shortly after it happened.


  11. Peridot doesn't really have any high standards in terms of domicils and while it is minimalistic and simple, that is honestly how she prefers it. As the tour comes to an end, she gives Norton a soft nod and light smirk."Pragmatic and simple. I like it. No space is wasted on unnecessary clutter or furnishing. Very efficient, haha", she says and puts her hands on her hips when admiring it. Then the proposition about beer is brought up. At this point, no one has really offered Peridot anything to drink or eat and she has never even had the thought herself."What is this...b-e-e-r? Is that some sor
  12. maid lover

    An odd invention

  13. Lisa has to hold back a bit, as she is not at all used to sensations like these, especially from how intense it feels. The tightness of Allie is immense around her members and she already feels close to releasing her own climax due to it, but she keeps her focus and manages to not blow her loads, at least for the time being, but the temptation is certainly there as she has never felt anything even close to this."Nghhh..ahhh...f..fuuuuuuccckk! N...no..not sure...how long I..I will lassttt...buttt..I will..give it my...hahannn...alllll", she pants out and decides that if she has trouble not nutt
  14. Godot

    Yoko's dorm room.

    Relieved once more to all the things she said, he feels much more able and relaxed now to watch the movies beside her, despite things becoming awkward just for a moment. Once credits roll, he, too, looks at Yoko. Since she's the first to speak, he listens her out with a soft smile. He nods a couple of times, gently. "Yes, of course I'm having a good time around you despite all that, Yoko!" He starts to blush once again, as he speaks while looking in her uniquely colored eyes. "Truth is, I feel good around you. I'm not sure if that sounds weird, or anything, so I'm sorry if it is!" He chuckles
  15. Icarian Dreams

    OOC talk for Monster Academy.

    Welcome back everyone! For me it's gonna be sitting around idly until my lectures finish, then studying (or trying to) for most of the day, then coming back to EcchiDreams and/or watching some dumb shit on YT. So, basically, the usual
  16. JennyDK


    ❤️😉 What might she be saying to her darling? Cast your votes now! 😉❤️

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    2. Godot


      I'd gladly explore that 😛

    3. JennyDK


      Orgy time is best time? ❤️

    4. Godot


      Hell yes! ❤️

  17. JennyDK

    OOC talk for Monster Academy.

    Gameplay trailer for what exactly? Sounds like a nice flow for a day.
  18. JennyDK

    Yoko's dorm room.

    "It's allright. You just spoke your mind and I really prefer that rather than you being silent around me. Besides, we always make things okay again, right?", she says with a bigger smile on her face and a hand lingering on his shoulder for a bit longer before finally letting it go and settling herself onto the bed once more and letting the movie draw to a conclusion, which isn't too far off. Once it does end, she looks at him."I hope you are having a good time in my presence, awkwardnes and all, haha", she says and even laughs a bit and then moves to get the DVD out of her player device. She t
  19. Not much plans, no! Apart from the usual replying to the few scenes I got going on, I think today is going to be relaxing. I'm looking forward for a gameplay trailer releasing 6 P.M. my time, though.
  20. JennyDK

    OOC talk for Monster Academy.

    I am pretty good ^^ just getting myself some food and ready to do some replies. I will be offline from the site for several hours though, as it's my weekly tabletop RPG day and some of my guests come by quite early, as we enjoy to play somes games before we are all together and about to start. Do you have any plans for the day?
  21. JennyDK

    Sexy and pretty ladies

    My ever growing collection of lovely ladies either for use for RP or general viewing pleasure (or both)!
  22. Heyoo, dear Welcome back! Doing good. Yourself?
  23. JennyDK

    OOC talk for Monster Academy.

    Hello everyone I am back! How are you guys doing this fine day?
  24. Nishka smiles softly at the cute exchange between them and Snow, then begins to trek the route she has set out for them, which should lead them nice and peacefully out of Mainland. Once in a while, she gives signal to stop and wait, while she looks around, sniffs the air or does some other stuff that might look strange to most, but which does has its use in terms of tracking danger and their route.
  25. JennyDK


    Of course a Shitlord needs her album for shitposts! Disclaimer: If you get triggered or some shit. Tough. It's just fucking images on the internet!
  26. ThatLewdCat

    Lewd memes

    Because why not?
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