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  2. Abbie Wolvenfist

    Abbie Wolvenfist

    Drawing boobs are so hard sometimes especially the nipples 😖

  3. JennyDK


    ❤️😉 The best things sometimes comes in small packages! 😉❤️

    1. Teppo


      "Hurr hurr, it bodes well for me that you enjoy small packages."

  4. Today
  5. BlakeRp

    Darker Rps for Futa x female

    Would you like to try an rp?
  6. JennyDK

    Tamamo's room.

    Sarah can tell that Tamamo is being quite serious about that and while she does have her...unhinged moments, she does know when to pull them and this being one of them. She does want the fox to trust her and this seems like part of it - to regard her story as much as she can. Once it seems over, she leans a bit closer with her face and smiles wiiiiidely."Ohhh, I wouldn't want to leave your side....at all. You're way more fascinating than most humans!", she answers, her stare intense and direct. The human(?) girl is delighted to hear she is free to do more as she pleases here, so she slips off
  7. JennyDK

    WoW shortstack brothel

    Ahhh, gotcha. Very nice with some context and such. Will you be using image references for the various males? Just to make it clear (in case it it wasn't before): The smaller partners would not interest me. I am looking for as big sizes as my partners are willing to toss at me! Nah, I prefer planning actually. That is how we, hopefully, avoid any major issues along the way. Would you prefer that he owned it? Personally I think it would be fitting, but I am also open to him just being a regular patron there. I plan on slowly building on the "roster" there over time - so proba
  8. _ReplacedPart_

    WoW shortstack brothel

    Hey there! I am aware! I just wanted to write up one character that would be present in most if not all orgies/gangbangs and one on one scenearios most of the time. Consider him as a semi lead character that will appear much more than other WoW races you listed your interest in? I'm planning to add a tauren bartender and such but Radcliffee as the head of the brothel given he has the coin and will use it to build the said brothel! Well that's what I was hoping to discuss! I was thinking we could come up with an idea, whether he buys the brothel off of someone's hands or
  9. JennyDK

    WoW shortstack brothel

    Hello there and thanks for the interest. You seem to be the second person who cannot access the gallery - I will try and ask some more and see if it's a general issue! It is certainly an interesting backstory and such, but I hope you are aware that I do seek plenty of scenes with 2+ males too? If that is no issue, then great. What I am unsure of: How did any of this lead to my idea? What is his deal with the brothel? Is he the owner of it or what?
  10. _ReplacedPart_

    WoW shortstack brothel

    Not really used to using comments to tell people I'm interested but what can you do. ;s I do hope I'm not late for this! If I am, apologies for bothering ya. Small writing sample below for a possible character (Can go as something else!) (Also can't access the gallery for some reason :x ) For a Worgen "Radcliffe", is a rather intimidating fellow, having been a member of Gilneas Liberation Front in the early days, serving under Darius Crowley earned him a fair share of riches he was keeping hidden. Even affected with a Worgen curse, every man and woman was af
  11. RunaLegend


    I have been out all day and just got home. I'm going to try and reply a bit before I call it a night 

  12. Noah Takumi

    Transfer Student's Rough First Day

    As the attention was drawn toward the front of the class, Noah had looked up to see what was going on. "A new student so late in the year." He'd mumble as he saw her looking for a place to sit. Scanning the room, Noah looked over her wondering where she was from, she was beautiful and unlike too many females he had seen around here before. That cute, big plump breast, and excellent lower body. Before she could make a decision on where to sit he'd raise his hand. "It's a pleasure. If you're looking for somewhere to sit you might as well sit here. I'm Noah Takumi. If you would like, let's try to
  13. Jason ♡

    6.) The Role Play

    *About a year has passed since I first stepped into the Haven. Not much happened there. Every once in awhile there would be Travelers going in and out, looking for a place to stay. I would house them as I had been housed not too long ago. It has been months since I last saw the owners of this establishment and their guests. I decided to temporarily put my traveling on hold and maintain this place, at least just until the caretakers return. I never figured out what happened to Daniel and Phen, but like the Caretakers, I assured myself they were safe. Today, I attend to my daily duties tidy
  14. kalei




    a woman that became a monster that desires to have semmen and have more spiders in her insides~

    1. Chuck89


      I do love ne some monster girls~

  15. Teppo


    "Why, yes, I'd like a pizza.  A pizza dat ass!"


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    2. Teppo


      "Guess you'll have to settle for a consolation prize." *wink*

    3. Typical Blue Haired Dude

      Typical Blue Haired Dude

      "...Bitch, I want my food."

    4. Teppo


      "Well, how 'bout some dessert?  I could go for a lovely creampie right about now."

  16. Rei Inafune the Shota Trap

    Rei Inafune the Shota Trap

    I missed it by 10 days but me and my master @luck588 have been married for a year now!

  17. Rei Inafune the Shota Trap

    Looking for someone to RP

  18. Yesterday
  19. kalei



    both girls or a girl and a shota transform into a monster together as now they are both extremely horny and can use their smell to attract humans to have sex with while they can have sex together 

  20. kalei



    I can't stop from thinking that this futa is so hot! trying to hide her boner and never having a dick before but her body is asking for more wanting to feel a pussy and com inside of it!~

  21. Ginger Jailbait Gwen

    Ginger Jailbait Gwen

    Hey there everyone I am still looking for someone to do the Guy fucks another man's wife I am saddened to say that DatNectar didn't want to continue the RP with me even though we had gotten it going and was having a good conversation so I am quite saddened about that fact 😞 but as said I am still looking to do the RP though I do need some time to get over this. . .


    1. Noah Takumi

      Noah Takumi

      I wouldn't mind doing that... Do you mind making the starter?

  22. Johnc99


    I got really busy these last few days so I might not reply this weekend. Which is annoying since I usually only reply on weekends. Maybe I need to figure a way to balance my irl stuff better. So who knows, I might take a break for a bit. If I do, I'll let you guys know, otherwise I'll reply as soon as I get a chance.

  23. Giving off a small whine as she felt the snake vibrate against her pantied clad pussy. She felt amazing like a kid trying candy for the first time. She gasps and moans erotically as her ass was played with. Lillian whimpers,"Honestly, I want freedom. Freedom to practice all kinds of magic with no limitations...no boundries....to be able to not worry even about muggles interfereing." Gasping out loud she blushes furiously as she felt herself have her first orgasm. The arousal juices soaked her panties making its way down her legs. Feeling tears in her eyes she closes them hoping to k
  24. Noah Takumi

    Noah Takumi

    Its been a while since I've done a good rp, I can't wait to do one with either character. For either character I would like it if the rp was filled with fun, and arousal. Like an ecchi anime, except I would desire sex eventually but I'm in no rush for it. I'd rather tease you until;

    Noah: your wet and so eager for it so my very touch causes you to leak of all those sweet juices that I plan to enjoy.

    Nimiko: your so turned on that your dick is begging for freedom from your pants, to be pushed deeply into my womb.

  25. JennyDK


    Good day to you all! I have another gallery for you all to, hopefully, enjoy!

    So here you go! ❤️


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