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    Weclome to dreamland: I hope you find partners for the role plays you are seeking.

  3. Sarah_1964

    Dark ages.

    The Inquisitor's presence disturbs me: that one such has been attracted all the way to this backwater both confirms my own interest but I fear the formal ferocity of the Church when roused will disturb the more ancient, subtler, evils that may be surfacing here. Blood and screams, violence and noise, are the stuff of Inquisition: they draw it, and it in turn feeds them: here, it is the deeper changes I seek - subtle sounds not screams, horror hidden by terror, evil so deep that it twists the very fabric of the world. I shrink back into the shadows, away from the Inquisior's soft but searching gaze.
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  5. He took both their hands in what could only be described as both professional and courteously while others may have expected lingering touches or even unwarranted kisses he seemed to be keeping this meeting cordial. Clearly he had met monsters before, but there were still lingering stares of curiosity from him. In their own unique way, each of them was beautiful and it brought a smile to his face at finally hearing their voices. He finally pulled himself together and responded. "I apologize, I mean no offense with my staring. I often do that when I find myself attracted to beautiful women." There was a wink to indicate an intentional attempt to charm them bo
  6. Mysthero

    OOC chat for Elder Signs.

    I know there isnt a posting order, I just wanted to checkin, are we waiting on me? Or are we going to reorganize who is in the active investigation?
  7. He looked around for a student to call on, he pointed at the girl "You, cutie pie, come here" he took out a sharpie black!
  8. "Well, well, someone certainly is curious, but that's good," he paused for another kiss, which too had an ulterior motive, his spit was also a poisonous snake venom that he discovered had an alternative effect on witches & wizards that acted like a love position or aphrodisiac! His fingers started to wonder again, as their mouths met to exchange more fluids, he sucked her tongue into his own mouth, and carefully started to strum a finger down her clit, the child, of 14 was slick! That's what always enticed him about young girls, so curious and willing to please, their cunts were always bursting with arousal! "Would you like me to show you how to pl
  9. onearmeddruid

    A barmaid

  10. onearmeddruid

    The fair maiden

  11. Writtingforfun

    The Corruption of Canon

    Just another bump
  12. Cash Money Chad

    Last post wins (nsfw)

    *He pets the kitty before groping and massaging her tit, using his hips to slide that thick veiny cock back and forth through her wet little pussy. His moans growing louder as he feels the little kitty purr around hos cock.*
  13. "Actually we arent" he said letting her suck his big black cock.
  14. Meri


    Come and fuck me if you dare

    1. Mysthero


      There is something to be admired about an offer that doubles as a challenge.

      Also the bluntness can be very alluring as well.

  15. I think I'd probably leave the gentlemen to get on with whatever it is they are doing to each other, they seem busy.
  16. DatNectar

    Planet N259

    Monique took in a sharp inhale as she again felt that burst of emotion. She saw the bee was agitated. And felt his emotions. She bit her lip, her eyes drifting to his cock. She swallowed back saliva. Her nipples perking up against her bra and her panties clingy to her warm flower. She shook her head. Looking up at him fiercely as she sent another message. Her fear turning to frustration though unbeknownst to her it was also melting into an erotic curiosity. It was unclear. She sent another message, her own feeling of refusal. Her brows were furrowed as water still came down from her hair, wetting her face and shoulders. Her hands were now in fists on her lap
  17. Zegrin

    Looking for Specific Fandoms/Muses

    No thanks I'll pwss
  18. Busterbugs

    Planet N259

    The swarm Warrior felt a push of emotions from the female, surprised because had never felt late before from things anything but his kind before. She was afraid, and wanted to leave. The Swarm shook its head in agitation, sending back a feeling stubborn refusal and his lust, trying to say they needed a female to mate with, to be their queen.
  19. I am looking for anyone interested in anyone rping in any of the Fandoms and Muses that I have listed in my references page. I am also preferencial to rping on Discord so please ask me if you wish to have my handle. I am looking for someone to do a Canon against my OC; 1x1 only and I do not double so do not ask. There is one exception for there to be more than one Canon character involved in a rp as I have a mansion rp idea that I would love to do if you are interested in playing more than one Canon character. Thanks in advance if interested.
  20. te-ginger


    Hey gang!

    After being gone for so long, dealing with my own shit and finalizing some school stuff, I'm finally ready to hop back on Ecchidreams (let's goooo!)

    So sorry to everyone I left stranded. If we had an RP that you'd liek to finish or anything like that, please reach out! And once again, so sorry, but happy to be back!

    Much love

  21. UniqueQueen3

    Looking for Specific Fandoms/Muses

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VYwefXf84ejQW6I7ffhNeVvp54bSxnSK72EnJDfOoAA/edit?usp=drivesdk This is who and what I am specifically looking for. I would prefer to rp on Discord but you will have to message me for that.
  22. DreamsnThings

    Last post wins (nsfw)

    *the kitten lass was softly groaning as her inner folds parted, wrapping around the tip of his mushroom meat, her textured bumpy cunny tunnel was eagerly clutching every inch... purring as she got head pats... as she was on her back and could not get those scritches*
  23. Aura

    All the Pokemens

    We soon arrive at the base of Mt. Blaze. While we scared off a handful of pursuers by coming here, there's no doubt that there are still rescue teams courageous enough to brave the fires of Mt. Blaze, so we still can't afford to rest for too long. You might have noticed this Kangaskhan statue here. This statue actually allows you to access your storage... through some sort of witchcraft. It also allows you to save your game. You still can't access your friend areas or the shop and bank, but this does give you a small taste of the services that were available back home. You can store your valuable items for safekeeping and withdraw items to repleni
  24. Elena Ichinomiya

    What was the last thing you saw before you login on ED today?

    My YouTube subscription
  25. Cash Money Chad

    Last post wins (nsfw)

    He bit his lip and let his moan rumble deep in his chest as his thick fuck meat eased deeper into her hot little tunnel as it squeezed tightly around his cock. When his cock filled that throbbing little pussy he propped him self up on one arm and started petting her head and back to get her purring and vibrating on his dick.
  26. WritesNaughtyStories


    Tacking out early. Hitting it hard in the AM.

  27. DreamsnThings

    Last post wins (nsfw)

    The neko was lazy n out cold... the only reaction you got as your thick swollen length of fuckmeat slowly inched inside her warm moist cocksleeve of a cunt was a subdued little wimper of a moan and a soft twitch as her pussy walls briefly clench and cling to your cock
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