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  2. DirtyRPgirls

    Rp characters!

    These are some characters that i would play as in scenarios you make with me! They can be just the characters or we can rp what they are doing in a pic! Please text me and give me some scenario ideas you'd like with a character below of your choosing! https://lolibooru.moe/post/show/268203/1girl-d-absurdres-arms_behind_back-bangs-bare_shou ...
  3. Today
  4. JennyDK


    Time for me to get into bed (with you?) since it is another workday tomorrow.
    It has been a lovely day together with you guys as per usual. It is so nice to be part of this wonderful community 😄
    With that, I bid you, my lovelies, a sweet goodnight and may your day or sleep be wonderful until we meet again ❤️ 💋

  5. Rosemary Jay

    Rosemary Jay

    Okay hiya all


    I'm going to be going on hiatus in order to focus on my studies. >-< I apologize to those who im role-playing with but I think that I really do need to focus on my studies. I hope you all can understand.

  6. MultiChara69

    Last post wins (nsfw)

    Which is why we were lloff the picture
  7. PixiLust

    Last post wins (nsfw)

    You were just off screen.
  8. Iori


    I wonder, how it feels to be worthy, or to matter.

  9. JennyDK

    B E W B S!

    The best of tits!
  10. Tsuki


  11. Tsuki


  12. Tsuki


  13. Ftwxachieve

    When you see the poster above, what do you think of?

    I think about tits
  14. Tsuki


  15. Tsuki


  16. Tsuki


  17. More Halloween ladies to go around!
  18. Tsuki


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