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  2. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    He almost had no clue what was going on until she pulled him into the room. His face turned a bright crimson, showing off the fact that he had never actually been in a situation like this. He had a fairly vague idea, though. On a whim, he slowly steps forward, placing his hands on her hips and pulling her body flush against his as he kisses her. His lips locked with hers, and they slightly parted to allow his tongue to slip out and caress her sweet slips gently, as if seeking entrance into her mouth.
  3. Rei moaned lewdly as she felt her new master's hard dick rub inside her pussy as it felt good for her too as the pain subsided, She wrapped her arms around her master as she kisses him deeply as he slowly thrust in and out of her wet yet a bit bloodied pussy as she lost her virginity by her lover and master
  4. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    Ru pulls down her hoodie to cover her blushing face as she stands up, grabbing him by his wrists as she storms into an inn, as they enter an empty room the inn keeper provided, Ru stands in the middle waiting for shuya to make his move
  5. ShuyaHideaki

    Vegeta: "So what're you doing here?"

    Gohan: "Oh... You know... Just flying around"

    Vegeta: "Flying around?"

    Gohan: "Flying around"

    Vegeta: "Thwarting my plans?"

    Gohan: "Thwaarting your plans?"

    Vegeta: "Are you?"

    Gohan: "No."

    Vegeta: "Good, 'cause that'd be bad"

    Gohan: "How bad?"

    Vegeta: "I'd have to kill you."

    Gohan: "That's bad"

    Vegeta: "Indeed. Stupid looking watch you got there."

    Gohan (Holds the Dragon Radar close to his apparatus): "Yes... It tells time. And nothing else."

    Vegeta: "Well yeah, that's what a watch does. Dumbass"

    ~Vegeta and Gohan: Dragon Ball Z Abridged (Season 2)

    • ShuyaHideaki
    • Heather

    "This is one kinky girl O.O ^_^"

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  7. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    A small flush crept onto the face of Shuya. There was no way that he'd actually said that, right? It was too early! Though, he did feel something stirring in this nether regions at just the thought of mating with her. It made him feel... Excited. He sat down next to Ru, pulling his knees up to his chest. "I agree... That is pretty embarrassing... But you're very beautiful, so I wouldn't mind..." He said that last sentence under his breath, but he had no doubts that she heard exactly what he'd said.
  8. rp Lock & Load [Vergil x Känną]

    Mishi got on the bed with a soft sigh, and hugged the pillow under the blanket once again. "Welp.. goodnight". She closed her eyes, not taking long for her to fall back to sleep. Though as she was in her slumber, the noises she heard outside continuted; they roamed around the neighbourhood. There was no such as a city prank, was there? Morning Mishi was already a mess on the bed. Her arms and legs spread as they slept. Her blanket was now halfway down, and her pillows were everywhere!
  9. ShuyaHideaki

    Vegeta (In head): "Ah, it's the simple things in life you gotta enjoy"

    Cui: "Hey there, Vegeta"

    Vegeta (In head): "Speaking of simple..."

    Vegeta: "Hello, Cui"

    Cui: "And where are you off to?"

    Vegeta: "To plow your mother"

    Cui: "Ha! Shows what you know! We reproduce asexually!"

    Vegeta: "Gross"

    ~Vegeta and Cui: Dragon Ball z Abridged (Season 2)


    1. Yuuto Hiroshige

      Yuuto Hiroshige

      Vegeta: Gross out of my way...

      *holds shoulder* Cui: Off to Namek are we?

      Vegeta: ....Come again?

      Cui: We heard about the dragon balls. We know that the Namekians made them, and Frieza is way ahead of you.

      Vegeta: What how?!

      Cui: The scouter was on the entire time.

      Vegeta: That’s impossible, my transmitter was off the entire time! Who’s scouter was~ Whiplash realization..GOD DAMMIT NAPPA!!!

    2. ShuyaHideaki


      @Yuuto Hiroshige "I'm sad that they had to hold off on making new episodes... God dammit, Toei and Funimation..."

  10. Neptune

    Welp. There goes my plans for sleep until these damn painkillers finally kick in D:

    1. Manni



    2. ShuyaHideaki


      "Damn. Well, good luck with that, Nep! ^_^"

    • Yuuto Hiroshige
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    Please to meet you and nice to seeing you returning to the site.

  11. Naruto Uzumaki

    is bored

  12. vampyregoddess

    After getting off work later than I expected along with my low sugars( I'm diabetic) I'm calling it a night right now

  13. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    Ru was still having her face covered by her clothes the waiter said... that.. we should... mate.... this is so embarrassing... kissing a guy i just met that made me fall in love with.. and now the waiter says i should have sex with him?... im embarrassed....
  14. Video Game discussion & Strategies

    I'm learning to hate Lunatic+ from the overload of resets alone. At this point, I'm ready to say "I would much rather do another Lunatic Conquest run than this." Even if Lunatic Conquest is unfairly hard in some chapters, it's still more fair than Awakening's Lunatic+ shenanigans.
  15. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    Shuya boxes their food and takes it with him as he follows her out. He walks into the alley where he's hiding and stands in front of the opening. He waits for a few minutes before sitting down next to her and smiling. He hesitantly reaches up and pats her head gently. It was an awkward motion, but he had never really tried to console anyone before. "It'll be fine, Ru. What did that waiter say, anyways?"
  16. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    the waiter comes up and whispers into Ru's ears as she blushes more and jumps back, she then tries to hide her face as she pays for the food and rushes out, going to a nearby alley as she couches there, hiding her blush with steam visible from the top of her head
  17. onearmeddruid

    wouldnt mind a rp

  18. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    "Responsibility for this? What do you mean?" He smiles as she rests her head on his chest, rubbing her back softly. She'd just met him and her caring nature had only escalated things from there. On Earth, it would be called weird for someone to do that, but in his heart, there was only one word to describe how he felt: Happy.
  19. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    Ru pulls herself away from the kiss as she blushes badly, she gives up fighting him as she rest her head onto his chest as the people applaud around them Shuya baka... you'd better take responsibility for this...
  20. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    Shuya smiles and continues with the deep kiss, even going as far as to stand up as well. He was fairly taller than her, so he had to angle her head to look up at him. He grins and grabs onto her hips as the rest of the people in the restaurant begin to applaud and whistle.
  21. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    Ru's face blushed bright red as she felt shuya's hand under her chin and his tongue enter her mouth, she tried to struggle to set herself free but it was impossible for her, it slowly felt too good to let go. she then just went with the flow, twirling her tongue around his
  22. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    He was about to protest, but the way that her lips fell upon his completely and utterly silenced him. Out of instinct, he reached up and took hold of her chin, deepening the accidental kiss between him and his new girlfriend.
  23. Demonic Love {ShuyaHideaki x Rei Senpai}

    Ru sees shuya put the meat back onto her plate, she then does the same as she wanted shuya to eat up Hey! shuya! no, you eat it... im fine, you need more food than me as Ru stands up to give shuya the meat, she looses her balance as she accidentally kisses him on the lips
  24. onearmeddruid

    well im bored

    1. ShuyaHideaki


      "Same XD I'm thinking about just posting a whole bunch of abridged anime parody quotes O.O"

    2. onearmeddruid


      tbh i wouldnt mind a rp i do have that new oc Neely ive been writing stories

    3. ShuyaHideaki


      "I'm kinda swamped on RPs already, both on here and offsite... Plus I'm creating a new character as well for Blackberry Falls..."

  25. onearmeddruid

    1. ShuyaHideaki


      "An old NSFW story that I wanna read ^_^"

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