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  2. onearmeddruid

    Innocence taken

    Send me an ecchitext and we can discuss some things of ya wish
  3. Lisa

    Innocence taken

    Yes to both options, either public or private. It's always a pleasure to play with you.
  4. Aura


    Just finished that Emergence doujin I shared a while back. It was a really sad story o.o but it was definitely a lot more than just fetishy. Saki was a very relatable character and the story is a shockingly realistic portrayal about how cruel the world can be to people with too many insecurities. If you're not disturbed by fucked up sexual imagery, then I would honestly suggest taking a look! It's definitely not just for turning people on, though, which I really appreciate. It's pretty rare that sex is actually used as a means to tell a greater story rather than being the focus of the story. I wish more hentai/doujin was like this! I was seriously invested in Saki's character!

  5. Valadrass

    Is it wrong to fuck a friend?

    The thing that has worked in my friend group, which has the potential to go very badly so don't take this as definite advice, just something to maybe consider, is to get everybody together for a drinking night. We start out with some icebreaker drinking games, like Never Have I Ever or watching through something like YouTube videos and playing Drink Everytime x Happens. Then going onto Truth or Dare, which is how we've poked around to find out everyone's sexual tastes, their openness to certain experiences, what they've already experienced, their current attractions to anyone if they have them and a load of other random shit on top of that. Also with the dares it tests how well you know the other people to pick up on a weakness they'll be fine taking a joke over, how confident in themselves they are and what their boundaries are. I know so much about my friends because of all the nights we've had like this and I guess this approach is what opened up the conditions for the things to happen with R. Then also if something goes wrong during the night, later on it could be just a case of 'oh shit, I'm sorry I was an idiot while we were drunk. Can we forget about it?' or if she says something that you think could be an in you could bring it up with her later when you're sober. BUT like I said, doing this could come with a lot of risks. People do get stupid when they drink and mistakes can be made. It's up to you to judge whether this is something you'd want to try, if there are any points that could go wrong, and if it's worth a shot. But it is just also a fun way to bond with friends if it is your kind of thing, as long as everybody is safe and responsible enough not to cause any damage.
  6. Aura

    Is it wrong to fuck a friend?

    Yeah, phrasing is definitely critical. You want to be absolutely sure that she knows you're not only into her for sex. As for how exactly you should say it, again, only you can really figure that out since you're the one who knows her the best. In the event that she does take it the wrong way, make sure you give her time to cool down before trying to explain yourself again.
  7. Yesterday
  8. smash642

    Is it wrong to fuck a friend?

    @Aura I think that is possible. She is in London, and I'm a fair bit out (but not too far), so something like that could happen? I just hope I could manage to ask if it was just us two, as a couple of others in our group are also in London, so she might be inclined to invite others too depending on what I planned on doing. I may as well try it though I think I could bring up sex kinda naturally somehow XD. It could make sense to transition quite nicely, but I think the delivery will be so damn crucial here. And I'd say there is a little bit of a flirty attitude between us already, so that was one of the things that made me think about this in the first place
  9. Headless

    Wilted Lily (guy_sas x Headless)

    William made a mental note to be cautious. A wise choice. This time, Lily meant no harm or foul with her request. It was as genuine as it could get. Lily really only sought for a way to better perform her job. The only shred of selfishness in her motives was being able to lower the chances of failing... At least for a s long as William wished to help her, a fatal weak point she hoped would be in the distant future. However, Lily was sharp enough behind that unintentional curtain of long pauses and dull words that she would pick up on any suspicious information that was to be passed to her, even when she wasn't looking for any such hints in particular. After another long pause, Lily finally seemed to decide on what she wanted to know from William. Her words were long, stretched out, and filled with more than a few breaks, but in the end, it was a threefold request: if there were any other Goldenleaf slave facilities, information on a direct source of slave stones, and, assuming William concealed knowing anything about the location of the Feltons' stashes, a request to work together with Lily on weaving a trap around them until they all slipped up. Of course, with the last proposal came also a reveal from Lily that she had spread a false message to all of the Feltons.
  10. Aura

    Is it wrong to fuck a friend?

    Well, if you two are so close, why not hang out over the summer anyway? It doesn't have to be sexual, just spend some time with her and see where it goes! If sex comes up naturally in the conversation, you can bring it up. If you're friends, it's not weird to hang out, I wouldn't even say it's weird to flirt a little.
  11. Lucas grinned an almost psychotic smile as he stared down at Luna's trembling body at his feet. "Did I stutter?" He then lifted Luna's face with his fingers, cupping her lower jaw in his hand as he forced her to look into his eyes. "I have never been more confident about anything in my life. You two will be mine forever. And you will love it." Seeing Sierra's clothes soaked in his cum only got Lucas more excited. His cock hadn't gone limp yet, although it was slightly softer than before. But the visual did give him an idea that made his heart throb faster, but he would have to explore that avenue later on. Right now, he had to settle his urges. "Don't think you're done yet. Open that pretty mouth." His cock was still dripping with semen as he pressed the tip against Luna's lips, the texture of her silky smooth skin against his head already making him crazy. The sight of his cum already dripping down the girl's chin and a single drop running down her neck, inching tantalizingly close to Sierra's beautiful dress... It wasn't long before his cock had grown fully erect once again, just as hard as it had been before. "You've got a lot of work to do! You open that mouth!"
  12. smash642

    Is it wrong to fuck a friend?

    Thank you all for the sound advice so far! It reassures me to have found out it isn't such a morally wrong thing as I first thought haha. I think, however, I will end up waiting a fair while from now before formally acting up on this. For one, we're still on summer holidays, and won't be until early October. I think it would still be quite rude to ask to meet up over the summer to just ask if we could fuck haha. In addition, I need to (somehow) find out if she's in a relationship. She wasn't before we left for summer I believe, but I don't want to interfere with a relationship she may have found since the holidays started. With all of that being said though, I am still greatly considering going through with this. I have grown more confident thanks to your replies and advice. We have messed around with each other a bit, so I think we do have a somewhat close bond. I don't think it would easily shatter if I brought this idea up, especially if she is a sexual person like I think. On the other hand, I wouldn't be disappointed either. She is my friend, first and foremost, and I will respect her decision on that front. I don't want to be upfront straight away, but I won't be playing sly mind games with her. Either way, I think this would be something to talk about in person. Something like this may not come across right on my phone. I could always ask to just casually meet up one day, and then bring it up later on, but I feel that may be a bit much like masking my intentions if I then brought it up. Being both at uni, it would be easier to bring up, and actually act upon. The other challenge would be trying to hide it from our friends haha. Again, thank you so much for the responses to this post! I wasn't expecting this amount within only just over a day. I kind of want to keep this discussion going! I'd likely update for when I do make the move on this idea, but I still want to be getting advice and whatnot. Plus, I just find the idea of having this kind of relationship with friends interesting, so, if you wouldn't mind sharing, I'm all ears ;).
  13. LycanDragon


    Alright everyone goodnight I'm hitting the hay for the night. Hope you all have a wonderful evening.


    Also I'd like to thank everyone who had joined/ visited my forum page and I really do appreciate you sharing your thoughts I hope more people who are shy will join us to get comfortable. If you do know someone who is ultra shy, well first help them yourself and if that doesn't work then direct them to the forum since we talk about topics there regarding being shy (though at the moment we go random) I'll try and look for ways to help everyone gain a little bit more confidence as well. That's all goodnight. 😊😊😴😴

    1. Aura


      You're doing a wonderful thing! Keep it up! But for now, get some good rest.

      Goodnight~ ❤️

  14. Kai


    Hey everyone, going to be off for a while but I hope everyone takes care, love y'all!

  15. Location: Along the river Adil, Ildgara. Liva looked on with a little smile, observing Reyveene's black eyes with wonder. She hadn't noticed it until now, but they were a pretty feature of hers, they complimented her well. They were quite unique, much like her own. She then saw Reyveene's reaction, obviously upset that she had asked that. This made her a little bit nervous, wishing she had better phrased her question, as to not offend her. Discovering that the witch was dead, it was probably a solemn topic for her, something Liva didn't want to probe into, as she definitely didn't want to irritate Reyveene. The woman took a deep breath and composed herself, sitting upright instead of leaning on the tree, looking more serious as she said, "I-I apologize if that was a rude and ignorant question. I... I didn't mean to offend you in any way, may the Lord forgive me for doing so..." She took a deep breath as she mentioned her lord looking at her bible in her bag. She looked at it for a few moments, murmuring something under her breath before looking up at her with a little smile, watching up at her as she fed the raven. She decided to ask other questions, hopefully not getting a similar reaction from her again. "Where are you travelling to, Miss Reyvanne? You look prepared for a long journey."
  16. ArdillaVerde93


    Does anyone else find it odd that I have very little interest in sexual RPs, but I adore including ludicrously kinky stuff? Even I think it's odd, and this is coming from a 24-year-old whose music selection consists mostly of Bon Jovi and Alvin And The Chipmunks. XD

  17. PinkKitten

    • PinkKitten
    • Mysthero

    Happy birthday, Myst!! Have a great day!

  18. Aura

    Innocence taken

    I still love the idea of playing her big sister in an abduction story, although Shuya's been in a bit of a slump with irl stuff from what I understand. I wouldn't mind starting a new roleplay with someone else while we wait or, we could even do something with just the two. I could have my character being blackmailed by a third party into doing lewd things with her, in which case, I would be able to play with her with just the two of us
  19. Herp Mk.ii

    Things Herp Has!

    Just some pics that I'll be using for RPs.
  20. Akira flinched and brought her head away as soon as he touched her, nearly scoffing when he called himself her master. She turned for a moment to look at him, confused when he smirked before he explained to her what was going to happen “...a...dog?” She questioned “just let me go you monster” she spoke softly, before she realized hay he had said the word punish “...what are you going to do to me if I...as you say, resist” she questioned, forcing herself to sit up so he distance between their heights wasn’t so great.
  21. An hour or so later, Charon returned and picked up the plate from where she had left it. He looked at her for a moment, and then made his way over to pat her head, like she was a dog. ”You know it’s rude to eat the food that’s given to you, without thanking your master,” he said with a smirk, “I think it’s about time, I explain the rules of how things are going to work around here. You’re pride is too great, for me to teach you anything. You think you’re a person with certain rights, so for the near future I will treat you like a dog. If you accept your new role, then you could work your way up to being treated like a person. However, if you keep resisting then I’ll keep punishing you until you accept your role.”
  22. Amira felt humiliated when he laughed at her, flinching when se got spanked, she half expected him to continue with his torment. She glanced up for a moment when he actually got up before squeaking when he pressed against her neck again. She closed her eyes and continued to be quiet when he cussed at her, looking down to the food he had left as she briefly wondered whether or not to eat it. She didn’t know if she could hold out on starving herself, but perhaps if she ate the food, she’ll find a different chance later? it was obvious of her logical mind and her body, who was making the conclusions and running the show at the moment. Some time later, the plate was half empty again while Akira had feelings of regret while a relatively full stomach.
  23. NariChan

    • NariChan
    • Neptune

    This continued poke war. I will win

    1. Neptune


      Cute. Someone else who thinks that they can win against me xP

    2. Aura


      She's right. War never changes.

  24. NariChan

    Noob here..

  25. Noah Takumi

    • Noah Takumi
    • NariChan

    I hope you have a chance to get to know people on here, but even if you don't I like it on here because it save messages and there's much you can do if you want.

    1. NariChan


      I think I will like it here too just got to get use to it~

    2. Noah Takumi

      Noah Takumi

      Right, I'll be here if you need anything.

    3. Aura


      Hi Narichan ☺️ We would appreciate it if you would introduce yourself in our welcome forum so that everyone has a convenient place to introduce themselves to you as well as for staff to help you with any initial questions you may have!

  26. Noah Takumi

    • Noah Takumi
    • NariChan

    I happy now, I get to be your first friend.

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