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  2. Welcome to the site, bohba13. Hope you enjoy your stay here. If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask me, or another member of staff. In the mean time, have fun! Sweet Dreams~
  3. so. I'm a new guy, though not as new as some of the others who joined since I did. I did my prefs and private RP things first, so. SUP!
  4. Yesterday
  5. I had a pretty bad experience with one of my old energy companies... one that, at the time, I wasn't even a customer of. Keeping to non-specifics here, I once had a room mate that put my name down on the account, without my consent. They racked up a huge bill, and then ran off leaving me with the debt. I didn't even know about this until a couple of years later when a debt collecting company had purchased the debt, and started hounding me for the money. We had to go back and forth with this debt company, and the energy company... around and around and around... it was a nightmare. For one reason or another, one company couldn't talk to another, but had to get information from the other. We had to try and convince the energy supplier that I didn't consent to my name being on the account, and despite repeated assurances that I was removed, I kept getting the debt collecting letters. Then when I called up the energy supplier, I was back on the damn account. This happened several times until eventually it stopped. I haven't had a letter in a few years. Hopefully they found my room mate, who was responsible for the debt, and are bothering him for the debt unless they are at the point where they just don't care about it anymore. Either way, I'm glad that was over. Wolfie really helped me with that, and he was absolutely wonderful. So that's my nightmare explained xD
  6. New, that I am.

    Hello and welcome to EcchiDreams! It's good to see you in our little corner of the Internet.
  7. Last week
  8. Saraphia

    Oh and yassss, I put as my uh..sexuality as other cause, didn't have the option I wanted, so I'm straight for anyone who was wondering. 

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    2. Saraphia


      Gosh I didn't mean to offend anyone. I'm sorry but I do lack some smarts and I don't know all the fancy names for sexuality.

    3. Wolfie


      I'm absolutely not offended; so no apology needed, I was just genuinely curious, I promise. Perhaps my wording, although verbose did come across as snarky, this is not what I intended, at all. 

      I'm quite rather verbose. I didn't realise it was a 'Fancy' term, you see... but then I'm British, and I'm told we're uncouthly fancy sometimes. And you didn't realise that Hetrosexual means Straight. So we both learnt something new today, therefore the day hasn't been wasted. 😄

    4. Saraphia


      Ah ok. I'm mostly German. But I understand now. So I suppose we did both learn something new. I'm just too lazy to be fancy,hehe.

  9. Saraphia

    I figured there should be some more of Saraphia, I'll maybe add to it later. So putting this in...meaning Saraphia herself can be in a rp, aside from my other characters.
  10. Saraphia

    Just some pics of me, Saraphia!
  11. The problem is here, despite the rudeness is that business owners should have the right to do or don't do business with anyone they please. The thing is though if they act like that to enough people they're going to cause more stress for themselves in the long run because people just won't do business there, after all you have the right to shop somewhere else, absolutely. This is not a sensible way of running business, even I know that. I'm not saying that I doubt this happened, because with my experiences with Customer Services for many companies I wouldn't be surprised if this was true; and I can believe it. I don't often have good luck with Customer Services, at all, I can't single any single incident out because I've had some pretty horrendous ones and I'm not sure how long I'd spend complaining about it that it wouldn't look like whining, on my part. I often get into arguments and shit with them, and they tend to fly off the handle and try to control me via false shaming. It's gotten to the point where I record all my calls, so I can complain, or bring it to the public's attention. It's why I try to provide good customer service here (Even though no one buys anything, because we don't sell anything) because I try to imagine myself in the other person's shoes. It's not easy though, some people are indeed assholes (Although thankfully no one here has been this way inclined, yet).
  12. New, that I am.

    Welcome to EcchiDreams Saraphia. :D
  13. Fetish and fantasy talk.

    I'm a Dom. I like the idea of being the one in control while I pound my partner's pussy. Sadly I'm still a virgin. Though I also have the fantasy of a FFM threesome where my cock is worshiped as well. But again, life gets in the way.
  14. Thankfully, this doesn't happen too often for me (then again, I don't go out to many stores anyway.) ...but today I had the misfortune of visiting a store that is quite infamous for it's terrible customer service. I just wish I had've read the reviews online first... It was a fancy dress store. Didn't even last five minutes; I was the only customer there (and from the looks of things, I was probably the only customer who had been there for the whole day), and almost immediately the woman at the counter snapped at me, speaking to me very arrogantly saying "You're not allowed to go past there." I asked if there's any silly wigs or accessories there, to which she went on a massive lecture about how her fancy dress store is a "Serious Business" and "Everything in here was crafted by me and if you're looking for something like that just go elsewhere." She did say something else rude about the way I look, which I'm not very comfortable going into much detail about... but yeah just throwing that out there. Worst customer service I've ever had. And looking at the reviews online, I'm amazed this business is still running. So... what are your worst customer service experiences? :/
  15. Looking to rp! Doesn't mind who.

    I'll hit you up when I have consistent internet again.
  16. I haven't really seen any hentai manga or shows...
  17. Open world rp, where you are the main character

    Sounds interesting! I'd like to try.
  18. Magic Roleplay [Female Roleplayer Needed]

    I can do that. Magic is fun to play with, hehe. Although I'm not a super fast typer....so a lot of words would take a bit, just gotta be patient. I've got many characters for rping, you can choose. If you'd like.
  19. hentai RP Please❤❤❤

    I can be any role you wish for me to be. Also if you like long detailed rp. You just have to be patient, cause I would be putting a lot of thought into it, to make it good. I have many characters so you can choose and the like!
  20. Hey all, I am just looking to rp. It doesn't really matter what kind any would do. Also I can do many, so don't worry if someone is rping with me already. I have many different types of characters that I can chose to rp with whoever! I'm not an expert rper but I'm no beginner also.
  21. New, that I am.

    Thanks. And I'll be sure to ask if I have any questions.
  22. Hello there! For those of you who enjoy long posts, please don't be detered by my short post preferences. I tend to match what I am given. That being said , a few rules of thumb: -QUALITY OVER QUANTITY -let's try to not repeat eachother -let's be pals and communicate OOC I tend to prefer playing human characters, but fully enjoy the gamut of monsters and creatures - exotic and classic alike.
  23. hentai RP Please❤❤❤

    >.> <.< Wishes I had internet at home.
  24. New, that I am.

    Hey there Saraphia, welcome to the site. Don't hesitate to ask if you need any help with anything. In the mean time, it's great to be able to welcome you, and I hope you have a lovely time here. Sweet Dreams~
  25. hentai RP Please❤❤❤

    Hi! I'm Hina! I was thinking of roleplaying with you guys in a lot of fun ways❤ I would like to RP where I'm dominated or raped, or It could be incest, beasts, monsters. Let me know what you think❤
  26. New, that I am.

    Hello! I'm Saraphia and it's nice to meet fellow dreamers and rpers.
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