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  2. Rei Senpai

    All Kinds Of Smut

    Rei is intregued with all these plots... :3 furry FTW!!
  3. Jtcookie

    • Jtcookie
    • Nyaa~Chan

    Please come back soon...

  4. Jtcookie


    My most sincerest apologies to everyone that I owe a reply to. I was taking a bit of a break from rping and now I'm back for more.

  5. ArdillaVerde93


    So, ever since I saw a commercial for the first Super Smash Brothers game when I was very young, I've associated the song Happy Together, by The Turtles, with Pokémon. That was the only time something Pokémon related used that song. Well, I saw the Detective Pikachu trailer, and HOLY FUCK ON A FUCK SANDWICH WITH A SIDE OF FUCK, THAT'S HAPPY TOGETHER BY THE TURTLES!!!!!! O_O



  6. KittyKat1111

    My characters.

  7. ForgottenSin

    • ForgottenSin
    • KentuckyEevee

    thanks for the follow ^_^

  8. ForgottenSin


    Will be adding a new plot people can pm if interested although there is a bestiality warning that I will apply 😛

    1. onearmeddruid


      what plot?

    2. ForgottenSin


      just added it


  9. Yesterday
  10. PetitChaton

    The Pilgrimage ((Mysthero X PetitChaton))

    Celestia was extremely impressed with the way that Collin handled those guards. It reassured her that she was safe in his care, though she still watched the guards carefully as they passed through the gates. At just after sundown, the city was in a strange state of quiet and bustle. Most of the shops were closed for the day, with wooden signs hanging in Windows as items waited to be sold on the morrow. There were lights on in the homes they passed as families sat peacefully for supper. Then every so often, as they walked down the main road though the city, a tavern was bustling with boisterous music and laughter. As a maiden, Celeste often wondered what happened in a tavern. Father Melrose always said a maiden should not be seen in a tavern full of ale and sin. But if it was full of sin, was that not exactly where she aught to go? Perhaps there were lost souls in need of her aid? But the local church was the first stop. It was customary to pay respects wherever there was an established temple. The temple in this city was in the center near the counsel hall. All of the buildings towered and easy was easy to spot the chapel as they approached. "Let us pay our respects, Collin. After...I would like to visit tavern." She blurted it out quickly before losing her nerve, knowing that suggesting such a think was not very lady-like. "Father Melrose always said it was full of sin, so a tavern is he perfect first stop. Wouldn't you agree?" Too embarrassed to wait for his reply, she rushed ahead into the temple, walking too briskly to the alter to kneel and pray. Please guide me in this endeavor and give me strength to aid at least one lost soul this night. She shit up from her kneeling position, clearly excited, and spoke a little too loudly in the quiet church, "Well! Shall we then?" Someone shushed her from the shadows, making her blush and apologize softly.
  11. Harmony Frost

    Harmony Frost

    Watching PBS because, why not?

    1. Laroy


      You could watch the old season 1 pokemon for its old humour 

  12. Okay, so I’ve had a couple ideas on how this could work out. EcchiText or PM me and I can discuss details if you’re interested.
  13. KittyKat1111

    Looking for a dom

    Pm me if you are interested or have an idea.
  14. Mysthero


    Hey everyone, thank you so much for being so understanding of my announcement yesterday. Most of y'all completely saw where I was coming from and I appreciate your support!

    As time goes on and I free up some of my workload, I will be getting more involved again.

    1. Rena-Amane


      💝 we'll be here waiting for you!

  15. PervertedDragon


    I have to admit I am a fan of this lovely lady, and what she's doing right now.
  16. Neptune

    new dreamer Hewwo úwù

    Hello and welcome to EcchiDreams! It's good to see you here, and I hope you can share some of your work with us. If you need any help, or just have a question, please don't hesitate to ask!
  17. SMFoxy


    Just hit 100 Followers. Thanks @KittyKat1111.
    Also, thanks @Sunstone for the correction; second place. 🙃

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    2. SMFoxy


      Best Fox. 🦊 🏆 👍
      😂 🙃

    3. ArdillaVerde93


      You deserve it!~ Congratulations! ❤️

    4. Temaelrin


      I could be such a dick right now. xD

      But I don't actually care. Congratulations. 🙂 

  18. SMFoxy

    new dreamer Hewwo úwù

    Sunstone beat me here, but honestly, I'm rarely first anyway... Welcome to EcchiDreams, HushedWhisps. Hope you enjoy your time here, but if you need any help, feel free to ask. If you're an artist, we have a Creative Corner where you can post any arts you make, including writing. Looking forward to seeing what you do. Sweet Dreams~
  19. SMFoxy


    I think I probably have the most followers on ED.
    I have no idea how or why. xD

    1. Mysthero


      Because you are awesome. No explanation required.

    2. Sunstone


      I ~think~, at the moment, you have the second highest amount of Followers. @Kalvoras Vertal has 108 Followers at the moment, and I haven't seen anyone else with a Follower count in the triple digits.

      But I'd say you have a lot because you're the best fox! :3 ❤️ 

  20. I smiled and nodded slightly at Deadrin's response. "Alright, we think more about it after we get back yeah?" I was actually happy to hear my companion accepting my challenge, not only because I was curious about his power, but also because it would be my best chance to get more evidence that he is in fact not human, after all, no human would be able to keep up with for long, mainly due to my superhuman speed, strength, stamina and resistance, not to mention all my weapons training and years of experience fighting both people and monsters. Plus it is a lot easier for me to 'read' a person while in combat. "Looking forward to it" I simply replied with a small smile "I think it will also be nice to be able to cook without having to worry with monsters showing up and wanting us for dinner huh?" I said playfully. Truth to be told, I was a lot calmer already and that was pretty easy to notice, even without my Soul Eye, I could tell that the same was true for Deadrin. That little misunderstanding between us wasn't exactly fun, but we could surely understand each other a bit better now, as ironic as that might be. I paid close attention to Deadrin's explanation. Getting too excited while fighting enemies and even enjoy to make them suffer was certainly something I could relate with, but by the time he was done talking I had more questions than before. A elder race of living beings that lived here even before humans? Bill of Universal Rights? And more importantly, he had been with them before? I was suspicious about that specific part, not because I didn't believe in Deadrin, but because I began to wonder how did he meet them in the first place. That was however, something I could worry about later. "I... see..." I said, clearly confused. "Look, I think we should get back on track, we still have to find that mineral right?" I calmly turned to Lucky and walked in her direction, she was surprisingly calm, considering everything that happened. I gave her a few pats on the neck before letting out a soft sigh and speaking again, without turning back to Deadrin, since it would be easier for me say the next sentence that way "Look, I see where that logic of yours points to and I do agree with it to some extent, but I still think it is better to cut the roots of the problem when possible, if you know what I mean. And uh... you probably noticed, but rage is something that is particularly hard for me to keep under control... for reasons that I prefer to not talk about right now..." I turned my face in your direction slightly "I just... thought I should tell you that"
  21. Sunstone

    new dreamer Hewwo úwù

    Hewwo to you too ... Joking aside; welcome to EcchiDreams, HushedWhips! It's nice to see a new face around here, and I'm digging those interests, especially making music! That's awesome~. If you would like to look for someone to do a Roleplay with, perhaps you would like to take a look at either the Private Roleplay Bulletin Board, or explore around the Roleplay Clubs and see if you would like to join one that interests you. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don't hesitate to write to a staff member (our names are in purple!), and we would be glad to help. We hope you have a nice time here in our Roleplaying community!
  22. Fℓåку

    • Fℓåку
    • Monta

    Hi hi! Welcome to EcchiDreams!~ x3

    1. Monta


      Hey hey! Thank you! 😛

    2. Fℓåку


      If you need any help you can ask me and the dreamers here, or the admins here. Their names are in purple 😄

      'Hope you enjoy your stay here! :3

  23. HushedWhisps

    new dreamer Hewwo úwù

    Hello- wait, this isn't comic sans- Lmao so hi, my name is Caitlin. I'm a freelance artist who enjoys watching YouTubers, playing video games, listening to and making music, some acting, and writing on occasion. It's been a while since I last roleplayed, so I felt I should get back into it. I definitely prefer multiple paragraph lit style roleplay, but I'm willing to do some script and what have you. uhh tbh I'm not sure what else to say lol
  24. ♢monochromatic♢


    I am, thank you!
  25. Rei Senpai

    Rei Senpai




    1. Temaelrin


      Here's a few things you can do:

      • Head over to the Introduction Forums and potentially make new friends. By welcoming people to EcchiDreams. 😁
      • With your Roleplayer Preferences in your signature you can increase your exposure and get yourself out there in the community by posting in any of our many topics; or even making your own topics to talk about things you want to talk about with like minded dreamers. Each post you make will automatically display your signature so it's free advertising, it's getting your name out there and it's taking part in the community - It's win, win for everyone. https://ecchidreams.com/community/
      • If you want to play some forum games; check out the Forum Games section

      There's a whole host of content waiting to be explored. 

  26. Sunstone


    Hey there Monochromatic, welcome aboard! Hope you are having a nice time here Dreaming with us, and continue to do so!
  27. ForgottenSin


    I want to rp but none of my partners are on >.<

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