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  • Welcome to EcchiDreams Roleplay Community

  • Who we are

    EcchiDreams is a growing but friendly PbP (Play by Post) Roleplaying and General Interests Community for like minded adults. Even staff here take part in discussions, just like a member of the community would. EcchiDreams is for people over the age of 18.

    What we do

    We host a diverse forum where members of our friendly community (Dreamers) can talk about a wide range of topics. Our roleplaying section caters to roleplayers of all skill levels. Start your own Independant Roleplay or play in our exclusive Scenario Roleplays.

    It's free!

    EcchiDreams is completely free to register and to use, with minimal advertising. You're rewarded for participation and contribution in the form of EcchiCredits, which is used to buy things on the site like Premium Membership as opposed to using real money.

    • Warning - This site contains Adult Content
    • Welcome to EcchiDreams Roleplaying Community
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