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  • Welcome to EcchiDreams...

    ...We are an adult Roleplaying and General Interests Community!

    Our staff aren’t robots, but passionate contributors to EcchiDreams who are bound by the same rules, just like everyone else. Our friendly community is one where each member can be themselves without feeling like they need to hide behind a mask. Hang out and chill with other users in an understanding and open-minded place, where you can contribute freely.

    EcchiDreams is a place where you can read and tell the stories you want to. Create your own Universe for both yourself and others to come and enjoy. Build your worlds- or destroy them. Take the path you want in your very own epic adventures. We have the means for you to be private with your roleplays, or enjoy the community public roleplays or even have complete control with a customised premium roleplay. There are many ways for you to express yourself, and almost no limit to what you can do.

    Delve deep; experience new universes.

    New to roleplaying? Click here to learn more.
    • Roleplays that cater to everyone's skills from casual one liners to epic long novels. If you can’t find a roleplay that’s right for you. You can easily create your own.
    • Adult Roleplay for those who like it steamy. Our community was founded by Hentai fans, and we’ve kept to the spirit of pro-smut.
    • Can’t find a host for your steamy picture? Upload and Browse with our own gallery, stress free. Adult images are allowed.
    • Looking for a way to improve your roleplaying? We have guides written by the community that will tell you all their secrets on how to create better stories.
    • If you are stuck and need help, our friendly staff are online frequently and are more than happy to lend a hand, if you need it. Just ask!
    • EcchiDreams is not some Corporation, we’re completely free and independant so your roleplays can be too.
  • Private Roleplays

    Private Roleplaying lets you create as many personal stories as you like through EcchiTexts. Just create an advert, letting other roleplayers know what you are looking for in a private roleplay and find Dreamers that will create unique and fun adventures with you!

    Learn more

    Public Roleplays

    Public Roleplays are made by the community, for everyone to take part in. If we don’t have it, you can create it and become a Game Master. Each roleplay is categorised by difficulty level, which is the recommended level of detail that is expected in that roleplay.

    Learn more

    Premium Roleplays

    Want to create your own roleplay but a single thread is not enough? Premium roleplays puts you in control of your own roleplay with moderation tools. Control your roleplay section, articles and up to two of your own moderation staff for your custom roleplay.

    Learn more

  • Your dreams are waiting, so come sleep with us.
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