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    Terms of Service

    • Last Updated: 16th July 2018:- Corrected grammatical errors spotted by Sunstone.

    EcchiDreams ~ Terms of Service

    This document is an important document that is written as legally as possible. If you have any questions about the content of the Terms of Service and would like any of it clarified then please, by all means contact the Administrators; who’ll be happy to assist.

    Table of Contents:-

    1. Acceptance of Terms
    2. Content Notice
    3. Registration Information Requirements
      1. Date of Birth
      2. Email Address
      3. Display Name
    4. Privacy and the Disclosure of Information
    5. Account Responsibility
    6. Unauthorised Access
    7. Premium Membership
    8. Zero Tolerance
      1. Membership from Minors (Under 18)
      2. Posting content that includes naked or sexualised Actual Minors
      3. Distribution of another person’s Personal Information
    9. Duplicate Accounts
    10. Harassment (and our Definition of it)
      1. Pestering other members for Cybering, Online Relationships and Sexual Contact via Webcam
      2. EcchiDreams is not a Dating Site
    11. Bugs and Exploits of the Forums and it's Applications
    12. Member Conduct
    13. Plagiarism
    14. Advertising and Spam
    15. Offensive or Inappropriate Posting
      1. Illegal Content
    16. Community Articles
      1. Perverse Click-bait
      2. Full Disclosure of Reviews
      3. Comment Sections
    17. EcchiDreams Roleplay
      1. Public Roleplaying
      2. Private Roleplay Adverting
    18. EcchiDreams Gallery and Images Uploaded or Posted to EcchiDreams
    19. Commissions on Art
    20. Other
      1. EcchiCredits
      2. Abuse Towards Staff Members
      3. Content Posted in Debate Forums
      4. Unverified and Inactive Accounts
    21. Account Termination
    22. Violations of the Terms of Service

    1) Acceptance of Terms

    EcchiDreams is providing free services to its members and visitors under the condition of the Terms of Service which are outlined here. Whenever you’re using the services provided by EcchiDreams, you are subject to these Terms of Service. Registering to the EcchiDreams website (https://ecchidreams.com) implies acceptance of these terms. The Terms of Service may be changed at any time with or without direct notification to the users, so it’s recommended that you check the Terms of Service document every so often. We will always put the date that the Terms of Service were last updated at the top of the document, under the title. Even if you’re a premium or staff member; you are still bound by these terms like everyone else. These rules apply to all sections on EcchiDreams, for example the Forums module and Gallery module in the clubs.

    2) Content Notice

    By viewing the content on EcchiDreams, you agree that all individual content is the sole responsibility of the individual which the content was created or posted by. Whilst using EcchiDreams you may be exposed to content that you subjectively may see as offensive or objectionable, but you agree that you will in no way, shape or form hold EcchiDreams, nor its owners, administrators, moderators, hosts, sponsors, affiliates, or the advertisers liable or responsible for any ‘offence’ that may come to you or others as a result of viewing this content. EcchiDreams does not usually screen content before it is posted and we will not be held liable or responsible in any way, shape or form for the content posted by others. It is our view that offence is taken and not given, and finding something ‘offensive’ is not a violation of anyone’s universal individual rights. We are also free from liability if you do something to the advice of someone else in the community and it ends up causing you or others, harm, or property damage; this is not our responsibility, as you - the individual - are responsible for your own actions.

    Furthermore; You agree that EcchiDreams and the above mentioned groups are not responsible for any and all content that you (personally, or via proxy) post, upload or even view. EcchiDreams only controls content posted on the community as far as to the Terms of Service and cannot guarantee the validity or authenticity of said content in any way, shape or form.

    3) Registration Information Requirements

    EcchiDreams does not require personal information such as your real name or other identification that can be easily traced back to you. Although there is no affiliation, mutual or otherwise, with the following, we do allow registration via Facebook, Twitter and Google. This means you can use your Facebook, Twitter and/or Google account to register (at a click of a button) and log into EcchiDreams. Upon registering with this service your login name may be your real name. It’s highly recommended that you change your display name, as the display name will be your public identity on EcchiDreams. You will be given the option to do this when you first register.

    3.1) Date of Birth

    Unfortunately; EcchiDreams requires a Date of Birth from all of its members, this is mainly for legal and responsibility reasons as our site contains adult and pornographic content. As we do not have any measure in place to verify your age we cannot take appeals for violations under Section Eight (8) Paragraph One (1) of our Terms of Service. Please be sure to fill out this field correctly.

    3.2) Email Address

    Whilst we don’t require your primary email address if you don’t want to give it, you will need a real email address if you want to validate your account, or if you lose your username or password and would like it reset. We will not recover any accounts if we cannot confirm that you’re the account holder. The email address you provide at registration will be kept in the strictest confidence and will therefore be kept private. Of course, you can divulge it yourself but this isn't recommended at all. We do not sell, give out, spam or otherwise pass on your email address to anyone outside of EcchiDreams. The only exception to this is if your account is used to spam on our site, to which details will be passed to our trusted Anti-Spam partners to combat spam with other internet communities.

    3.3) Display Name

    Creating or using a forum account with a name clearly intended to impersonate forum staff or other users to falsely claim to be that member as well as terms of service violating usernames could result in your account display name being changed, with the option to change it later.

    4) Privacy and the Disclosure of Information

    Under normal circumstances, EcchiDreams will never release information that you have provided to us to anyone other than authorities, and then only if a warrant or court order (from our Country’s jurisdiction) requires us to do so. Please see our privacy policy for more information. Posting private information (doxxing) about another person is strictly not allowed, and you will be banned immediately.

    In the event that you’re a spammer, and if your account is spamming our forums, we reserve the right to give your display name, IP Address and Email Address, along with a sample of evidence to trusted Anti-Spam agencies (Such as Stop Forum Spam).

    Staff on EcchiDreams will only look at EcchiTexts if a report has been made which contains the EcchiText in question; in these circumstances the Administrators can (but rarely) add themselves to the conversation and see it in it’s entirety and context, but will only do so if a report has been made. We take the privacy and security of our members seriously. That said; EcchiTexts should not be considered private; as anyone in the conversation can screenshot or even quote the EcchiText, and make it public without violating the Terms of Service.

    5) Account Responsibility

    It is the members’ sole responsibility for protecting their accounts from any access not by the owner of the account, be that authorised or unauthorised, and it is highly recommended that forum members do not share their accounts with others. If you must share your computer or other browsing equipment with another person, or using a public computer, it is highly recommended that you make sure you log out of your account after use. We certainly don’t condone it whilst there are minors (Children, under 18) present, and we strongly recommend against viewing EcchiDreams in a public location. EcchiDreams strongly recommends and encourages that users select a password that is:

    • Hard-to guess by a third party,
    • Is not a dictionary word,
    • That it contains an assortment of letters, numbers and symbols,
    • Being over 8 characters long to help prevent brute forcing (a technique used to systematically go through every character in any language to guess the password),
    • That, if possible - do not reuse any password on any other site where it might be known to the owners, administrators, staff, or their third-party-companies of that site.
    • If possible; if you’re using a complex password, please use a free open source password manager with encryption. Do not write your password or store it, in plain text.

    Remember: EcchiDreams Staff will never ask for your password, ever.

    6) Unauthorised Access

    Accessing or attempting to access any EcchiDreams user account not belonging to the user in question without permission is not allowed, and we will ban anyone with or without warning for this.

    7) Premium Membership

    Premium Membership is purchased through the contribution based currency ‘EcchiCredits’ and cannot be bought, sold or purchased legitimately with (real world) money, cash or cryptocurrency. By being a premium member, you will have access to services that non-premium members won't have. External advertisements will be hidden from you, and you will have more things allocated to you, such as EcchiTexts, role-play characters, and so on. Premium Membership is non-transferable once purchased/earned and is non-refundable; nor is it redeemable for (real world) money or any form of cryptocurrency. Being a premium member doesn't give you free rein over other users, premium or not. It also doesn't entitle you to break the rules. A premium membership is for the lifetime of the account, not necessarily the site. You can still be banned.

    8) Zero Tolerance

    There are three things the community universally doesn't tolerate. These will result in a permanent ban being levied upon your account; in almost all cases, bans of this nature cannot be appealed against.

    8.1) Membership from Minors (Under 18)

    To register to EcchiDreams you must be eighteen (18) or older, and legally classed as an adult in your country, state or other jurisdiction. This is a strict requirement; EcchiDreams does not willingly or knowingly collect any information from any users who are under eighteen (18) years of age. Furthermore, we specifically disclaim any responsibility or liability for any misrepresentations regarding a Dreamer's age. If it is found that an under aged user has registered, by truth or fraud in regards to information provided, the account in question will be terminated indefinitely without prior warning, with no right to appeal as we do not and will not have any system in place for ‘Government issued ID’ checking everyone; therefore, those that are terminated for violating this cannot appeal. Be absolutely sure to fill out the correct information when registering.

    8.2) Posting Content That Includes Naked or Sexualised Actual Minors

    Content that actually contains (or appears to contain) child pornography, or children that are nude or in sexual situations, will be removed and the user’s account terminated without prior warning (aside from this section of the Terms of Service), indefinitely. Our staff will enthusiastically give assistance to the authorities should they get involved.

    Posts that depict drawn, 'cartoon', or 'virtual' (fictional) minors in sexual situations or nude will be removed, and the account holder risks a severe infraction for posting it. This includes sexual images of Lolicon and Shotacon, which is classed as Child Pornography in most countries.

    We also believe that there is no reason to post images of (real) children at all, and this may result in a warning at the discretion of the Senior Staff, but not necessarily a permanent ban.

    8.3) Distribution of another person’s Personal Information

    Content that contains the personal details of someone else, such as: name, address, phone number, etcetera, may not be posted on any of our service(s) - even when disguised as a roleplay post it isn’t allowed. Accounts that do so will be banned, with or without warning.

    9) Duplicate Accounts

    EcchiDreams does not allow the registration of more than one account per person, even if you have chosen to terminate your original account. If a user is found to have more than one account, all accounts including the original/main account may be suspended immediately, with or without warning, at the discretion of the senior staff. If a user is found to have more than two accounts, all accounts will be banned, and we reserve the right to ban without further warning (aside from this section of the Terms of Service). All banned users will have the chance to appeal via the contact us form. We have systems in place that are specially designed to detect multiple accounts; therefore if you share a computer with another EcchiDreams member, it is important to contact us before we contact you about this.

    10) Harassment

    Defined as: (Verb) to disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; or persecute.
    Evidence Policy: The person being harassed must have repeatedly requested the harasser to cease and desist. When a report is made, evidence to that effect will be asked for, to help us build a case. This, in our opinion, is not unreasonable and does not constitute “Victim Blaming”, as any case requires evidence.

    Continual harassing behaviour directed towards a certain individual or group, with the intent of causing an intimidating and/or hostile environment on the boards, with or without uses of any kind of threat of violence, is strictly prohibited by law and we will not hesitate to ban the user without warning and assist if the authorities get involved.

    Users being harassed must file the report through the appropriate channels; we do not allow “Mob Justice” on our forums. Third party claims of harassment may be investigated but without a report from the person subject of the potential harassment it’s unlikely to have any kind of outcome. Excessive false claims of harassment may result in at least a warning; as that in itself is harassment as we've defined it. This shouldn't have to be said, however; using the Services in their intended manner (Eg; Followers System, Pokes, etc), does not constitute as harassment or cyber-stalking institutional or otherwise.

    10.1) Pestering other members for Cybering, Online Relationships and Sexual Contact via Webcam

    We don't appreciate nor tolerate members harassing (see Section 10 for definition) other members for sex, roleplays or relationships of a physical or cyber nature. Repeated pestering falls under harassment and we take this very seriously.

    10.2) EcchiDreams is not a Dating Site

    Further to the previous paragraph: EcchiDreams is not a dating site, so don't treat it like one. We're a community of people who share interests in a particular niche. Granted it's not unusual that a relationship may form between you and another Dreamer over a long period of time, and we're absolutely not stopping that; but that happening over a brief period of minimal contact is exceptionally unusual, even more so when it's done to multiple Dreamers in a short time frame.

    All reports of harassment will be dealt with on an individual, case-by-case basis.

    11) Bugs and Exploits of the Forums and it's Applications

    Using or endorsing external scripts, bugs and/or exploits in the EcchiDreams source code, its engine, or its server(s) to gain privileges or access abilities not intended by the board design, will; depending on severity, result in punitive measures such as taking away your unfairly earned advantages, up to and including prosecution if prohibited by law.

    Whilst we discourage the use of any software, scripts and applications designed to circumvent advertising displayed on this forum, we will not stop you from doing so, nor will we admonish you for doing so. We do request that you turn adblockers off for our site, but it is not, and never was, a violation of Terms of Service to use these, as it is your personal right.

    * Whilst we discourage the use of any software, scripts and applications designed to circumvent advertising displayed on this forum, we will not stop you from doing so. We do request that you turn the adblocker off for our site, but it is not, and never was, a violation of Terms of Service to keep adblockers turned on, as this is your personal right.

    12) Member Conduct

    If a conduct of an EcchiDreams user or staff member outside EcchiDreams is impolite, rude, or otherwise unprofessional, it is not the responsibility of EcchiDreams, and nor is it in the jurisdiction of the staff of EcchiDreams.

    Do not multi-post (the act of posting one after the other in a topic, for example; posting in a topic when you were the last to reply) within the main discussion forums. There are places where you can though (such as the Character ID topics). You can edit your post if no one has replied, we advise using that. We accept accidents happen, so if you have double posted by accident flag your post and a moderator will be happy to fix it for you, without penalty. If it was clear that it wasn't an accident, you may face an infraction against your community account. Repeat offenders will have all their posts moderated for a period of time that is determined by the severity of the infraction(s), prolific multi-posters will be suspended or even banned.

    This is an English speaking forum; as such posts must made in English, only. We asked in addition to refrain from text speak (Example: c u l8er m8) in the forums, and roleplay areas, with exception to casual roleplays, unless the roleplay owner specifically says it's okay. You can type however you wish in EcchiTexts and on the Chatbar, as it's a matter of quality control.

    13) Plagiarism

    Plagiarism is defined as: a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work. This also extends to images which are drawn by someone else and presented as your own work. Plagiarising other people's work, and posting it on to EcchiDreams as your own is not tolerated. This includes other people’s posts, however quoting (either by “quote” or using the quote system) doesn't constitute as plagiarism. Just credit the original creator where applicable.

    14) Advertising and Spam

    Posts and signatures that clearly advertise a commercial service or product are not allowed on the forums. This includes, but is not limited to; unsolicited commercial communications or personal website advertisements, for sale, for trade, for auction, classified, wanted notices, or the various make money fast schemes, chain letters, pyramid schemes or emails addresses for private services. These are not allowed, in post, topic, chat bar, or EcchiTexts. This rule does not apply in the Roleplay sections providing the service advertised is in the roleplay, IE not real life.

    • Text and/or images that contains links and URL's to other sites are only allowed under the following conditions:
    • The website link/address isn't breaking our Terms of Service in any of its sections.
    • The website link/address CANNOT point to a site that's primary use is pharmaceuticals, sexual "aid" sites (such as Viagra), camsites, paysites or direct competition.
    • The website link/address must not go to a site that has viruses on it, either by download or web page execution.
    • EcchiDreams and it's staff have the right to edit, or delete links for any reason at any time.

    15) Offensive or Inappropriate Posting

    The term “Offensive Post” is subjective to an individual, and EcchiDreams promotes free speech and free expression. Your right to free speech on this site only ends when you call or advocate to violate other people’s individual universal rights. If what you're saying is promoting or endorsing the violation of rights of another individual it may not be posted here. We do not consider ‘the Right to Not be Offended’ as a valid universal right. We are all adults and we can all be civil; with that said, disruption of topics can be moved elsewhere by staff and the report button is available to all members. Freedom of Speech is a core principle of what EcchiDreams believes in, it’s the freedom to make a fool of yourself, and it’s the freedom for others to tell you you’re being a fool, in an open marketplace of ideas.

    15.1) Illegal Content

    Posts that violate the law, or incite others to break the law, are not allowed, and may be reported to the authorities. This includes but is not limited to; obscene child abuse pictures (See Section Eight), warez and serial key discussions, and torrents to copyrighted material, as well as vandalism and incitement to commit property damage and/or physical harm to others is not allowed.

    16) Community Articles

    Community Articles are a great tool for members to inform and tell other members about something within their interest. The Community Articles follow the Terms of Service; with addition to the following three additional clauses:

    16.1) Perverse Click-bait

    Perverse Click-bait isn't allowed in the Community Articles suite for quality control reasons as this is not what our community engages in; for example “Is (subject) deeply and intrinsically problematic?” isn't allowed. Community Articles have to be accurate to the subject of the text you’re writing about.

    16.2) Full Disclosure of Reviews

    Despite the fact that EcchiDreams is not a Review site; any Review Articles done that the writer of the article has a vested interest in; must be disclosed. If you are paid to review the object of your review then you most certainly are not allowed to post it here. Do not give your review ratings (Example: X out of Y), this is again for quality control reasons. Bear also in mind; that our review section isn’t a place for you to preach your politics/religious beliefs.

    16.3) Comment Sections

    EcchiDreams will never take any steps to remove comment sections from articles. If you write something that the individuals in the community then call you out on in the comments, we will not limit their free speech, unless it is genuinely in violation of the Terms of Service. Their free speech to call you out on your article is protected by the same right as your right to post it in the first place. Criticism and dissenting opinions of your article is not abuse, or harassment.

    17) EcchiDreams Roleplay

    EcchiDreams has a roleplay section for roleplayers of all levels of experience and tastes. With Private, Public, and Premium, there is usually something that Dreamers can find that suits their needs. While the roleplays allow for a great amount of freedom, there will be certain rules that you will have to read and abide by in order to roleplay in that area.  Failure to abide by the rules may result in your account being suspended or banned from the roleplay or section, or from the site in general, depending on severity. These rules can be found in the appropriate sections.

    We support Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression when it comes to roleplaying, so we accept certain ‘Legally and Morally Questionable Acts’ and ‘Characters Performing Illegal Acts’ in the role-plays such as (but not limited to) bestiality, incest, under age sex, drug use, and weapon ownership and usage, as long as it remains in text format and a warning is put up for said Side Stories. EcchiDreams, it’s staff, and community as a whole, doesn't promote, support or condone these illegal acts in real life. 

    17.1) Public Roleplays

    Public Roleplay topics are not staff moderated, meaning we will not automatically look out for each public in-roleplay rule breakers, as rules could vary from topic to topic. For more information on formatting please view the Roleplay rules. Creators of the topic can report individual posts for violating their rules which will alert the staff to problem areas, where actions can be taken, up to and including banning someone from your roleplay. Creators of public roleplays must:

    • If your Roleplay Scenario has a difficulty of Intermediate or higher; you must create a public Character ID Topic, and link to it In the first post to make others aware of what character ID’s roleplayers are using. They must also have an appropriate Extra Information, detailing about the roleplay environment.
    • Clearly state in roleplay rules - If you don’t want the rules to be any different, put “EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules” with the link. But for example if you’re running an “Witches/Wizards Only” Scenario this is where you’d put it.
    • At this time Public Roleplays cannot be transferred from one owner to another. Topics that are “Shared” ownership are really owned by whomever created the topic.
    • Topic creators can request to close down (Lock) their topics under certain conditions at the senior staff’s discretion. Locked roleplays cannot be unlocked. Locked topics do not count toward your allowance list. After a period of time it’ll be sent to an Archive.
    • You’re allowed four (4) individual (Unlocked) public roleplays open at any one time as a Dreamer. Gold Dreamers can have up to five (5) and Platinum Dreamers can have up to six (6).
    • Your Rules must not override the Terms of Service. (For example in Character ID’s you are not allowed pictures of minors that are nude or in sexual situations).

    17.2) Private Roleplay Advertising

    As Private Roleplays happen in EcchiTexts they’re not subject to staff moderation; however the advertisement topics are.

    • Private Roleplay Advertisements are for EcchiText roleplays only; do not post other contact information to your topics. Contact information that leads away from EcchiDreams will be removed.
    • You can only have one (1) Private Roleplay advertisement topic per person.
    • You can request (via report button) to have your topic removed for whatever reason.
    • There is absolutely no moderation of EcchiText Roleplays outside of the advertisement topics.

    18) Gallery and Images Uploaded or Posted to EcchiDreams

    EcchiDreams provides for the internal image hosting and publishing of user submitted content via the Image Gallery for contributing members. Access to the Gallery is not a right, it is a privilege for the enjoyment of contributing members. We are a Roleplaying and Hentai community, not an image hosting site. We do not allow hotlinking from our site at this time. These rules, to reiterate, also apply to Gallery Modules in the Clubs and across EcchiDreams as a whole, as stated in Section 1. This also applies to statues, avatars, profile covers, About Me pages, profile backgrounds and so on, hosted here on EcchiDreams or linked externally from another site. 

    Regarding your content submissions, you agree that you will NOT submit any content or post anywhere on the site that:

    • Depicts (or appears to depict) a cartoon/drawn/sketch/pseudo-photograph of a minor (under 18) in sexual situations or nude, as this counts as Child Pornography (by Law). 
    • Depicts (or appears to depict) a real life minor, and certainly a real life child in any way, shape, or form (pornographic or not). A roleplay character is not a valid exception.
    • Depicts (or appears to depict) a person who is deceased (dead), and in a sexual situation or nude, cartoon, real, or otherwise.
    • Depicts (or appears to depict) excessively violent acts, sexual or otherwise against real life people or animals. Cartoon violence is accepted as long as it doesn't violate any of the other points, such as excessive gore.
    • Depicts (or appears to depict) a person having sex with an animal (bestiality), cartoon, real, or otherwise.
      • This is not including furrys, anthromorphs (anthro), or monsters, unless the furry/anthro/monster is depicted or appearing to be depicted having sex with an animal.
    • Depicts (or appears to depict) real people in a sexual situation or nude, regardless of whether the picture is of yourself.
    • Infringes any trademark, copyright, or any other proprietary rights of any party, especially if it's stated in the posted image. Example: if work has "DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE" on it, it's not allowed. Unless it's yours, of course. If it is yours. please state in the description of the picture that you, the copyright holder, authorise EcchiDreams to host this image as yours, and make use of the copyright field.
    • Are illegal or in violation of any United Kingdom, United States, or other local laws.

    Regarding your content submissions, you affirm that:

    • You have the necessary licences, rights, and permissions to use your content submission in the manner intended by EcchiDreams Terms of Service.
    • If you're posting up a person in a private album, you have written consent and release of each identifiable person to use their name and/or likeness in your submission, to enable the use of your content in the manner intended by EcchiDreams, and these Terms of Service.
    • You retain all of your ownership rights to your content submissions. You grant permission for the owners of EcchiDreams to use and publish your content submissions in any media formats and through any media channels, including social media channels as we see fit.
    • You grant each user, visitor, or staff of EcchiDreams a non-exclusive license to access and share your content submissions, as permitted under these Terms of Service, for as long as such content is hosted by EcchiDreams.
    • EcchiDreams reserves the right to remove user submitted content without prior notice and for any reason, including excessive bandwidth usage or to preserve server hard drive space.
    • While the staff of EcchiDreams will attempt to remove objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review all comments and submitted material. Therefore, you acknowledge that all content expresses the views and opinions of the user and not EcchiDreams, and hence we will not be held liable.
    • EcchiDreams reserves the right to block users or websites from accessing our gallery, without prior notice, and for any reason.
    • You agree to indemnify and hold EcchiDreams harmless from any liability, claims, damages and expenses, including attorney, solicitor, court and lawyer fees, made by any third party due to, or arising from, your use of EcchiDreams.

    19) Commissions on Art

    Commissions on Art (Such as drawn, written or other creative/design content) on EcchiDreams is currently restricted to EcchiCredit transactions only. We simply do not have the resources to deal with commercial (Real Money) transactions, and this is a non-commercial website. The restrictions are as follows:

    • If you offer paid (real money) commissions, then under Section 14 of these Terms of Service you must not:
      • List the price on this site.
      • Link to a site that is used for commercial reasons (GoFundMe, Patreon, etc).
    • You can link to a site that showcases your work and have whatever links you want on your own site, this would be considered an off-site transaction and not under our jurisdiction. 
    • You must not conduct your (real money) business here, on any part of the EcchiDreams community.
      • EcchiDreams is not responsible for any transaction towards commissions on this site, or any other site for that matter.
      • If you were mis-sold something and you paid real money for it, that was arranged through this site, then this is your fault and you were warned, and thus EcchiDreams is completely free from liability.
      • We are not responsible for cryptocurrency transactions, and we do not allow them on this site at this time.
    • If you want to conduct EcchiCredit business here, you're free to do so.
    • You may not link to anything that violates linking rules stated in the Terms of Service (Illegal Content, Viruses/Malware, Warez, etc)
    • If you were mis-sold something, and you paid EcchiCredits for it, you can raise a dispute with any of the senior staff, up to 14 days after the transaction. This only applies to transactions done on the EcchiDreams website.
    • Remember it's the account holder's responsibility for EcchiCredits, and all sales unless mis-sold are final.
    • Under no circumstances are Art pieces, Creative Writings or Character ID's to be sold for real money on this site.
    • If a topic or post is made in the creative corner it must have the content within it, otherwise it'll be removed.
      • Adverts in the Creative Corner passed off as content will be removed. This is not a free speech violation, this is simply removing spam.

    20) Other

    Any other activity that is disruptive to the flow of conversation and normal activities of the board may be moved to a new topic, with or without the permission of the person who posted it, with or without warning.

    20.1) EcchiCredits

    EcchiCredits is a system on EcchiDreams that allows members to collect a fictional currency only useful on this site, as a record of contribution. It allows members to obtain premium membership, and hopefully more uses in the future.

    EcchiCredits are NOT redeemable for any amount of cash/physical items. If an account is caught selling or trading EcchiCredits the account will have its assets removed and a cut will given to the reporter(s) as a bounty, your account may also be banned.

    Nothing bought for EcchiCredits is worth any money outside EcchiDreams. EcchiCredits cannot be used to grant you special abilities on the forums other than what is stated. (IE, you can't swap a billion EcchiCredits for Administrative access)

    20.2) Abuse Towards Staff Members

    Abuse towards any member(s), including any staff member(s), will not be tolerated.

    Our staff should have the right to work and help people in a healthy environment; considering they’re not getting paid to do so, they shouldn't have to put up with being abused.

    If you have a problem with a member of staff and feel they've done something which violates the Terms of Service, talk to them about it in EcchiTexts or take it up as a complaint with any other staff member, it doesn't matter if that staff member in question is the Community Administrator, you can report rule breaking behaviour and lodge complaints with all staff.

    20.3) Content Posted in Debate Forums

    Debate Forums must not be reduced to a state of personal insults. Information presented as fact must be cited from a source that verifies what you’re stating.

    20.4) Unverified and Inactive Accounts

    Unverified accounts (Accounts that have not been activated through email) will be removed automatically after seven (7) days. Accounts with at least one (1) post will not be removed after any amount of days.

    21) Account Termination

    If you wish to terminate your account, please contact a community administrator. Please note we only delete users with a dream (post) count of zero; if you have posted anything, we can only deactivate your account. You can request reactivation through the Contact Us form, at any time. If you have a terminated account and you want to come back onto EcchiDreams, you must use the Contact Us form to ask us to reactivate your account, as registering a new account will still violate Section 9 of the Terms of Service (Duplicate Accounts).

    22) Violations of the Terms of Service

    Violation of any of the above rules may result in action been taken upon your account (this could be anything from a warning, to temporary or even permanent suspension of your forum account). Messages and topics may be removed at any time for any reason and is at the sole discretion of EcchiDreams and its staff. All determinations of what is "acceptable" and "unacceptable" content will be determined solely by EcchiDreams and its administration, based on these ToS. You agree that the decision of the moderators and administrators is final, and you may not legally contest their rulings.

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