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Statistically Dreaming 2020
Every now and again, I release some statistics for EcchiDreams. For 2020, I got a bit of a large one. If you'd like to see more of these every year or so, please let me know in the comments below. If any of the pictures are too small, and you can't see the text, please try opening them in a new tab. You might be able to see them better. I will improve on the graphs next time. 
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Jenny's Totally Serious Reviews!
I believe it is time for a new entry in "Jenny's Totally Serious Reviews". Your premium, detailed and peer reviewed critiques for free! (Comedy, Humour, Funny)
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Minorikawa's Journals
Every so often I get inspired and decide to write a short story. So, while I have the time and inspiration, I figured I'd put together a thread for some such stories. I have one or two others I wrote some time ago I might post here later, but for now I'll start with a brand new one.

Note that I don't enjoy roleplaying as the opposite sex, largely because I'm never sure I'm doing it right. However, I find it more interesting for my solo stories to try and get into the head of the female character, to experience the world through her eyes. So, don't be surprised if many of the focal point characters are women instead of men. In addition, feel free to provide feedback in this thread. Comment, critique, what have you.
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Administrator Rambles: Some things that need to be said
My statement regarding recent events on EcchiDreams...

This probably isn't going to age well, because I think with what's going on in the world right now, we're experiencing some very frayed mental states after being locked down for so long and having lives changed because of pandemic. Now; I realise that this is an extreme minority of people that is causing the majority of the problems, so if you're just trying to do your thing, then please carry on, and I am sorry that this post was necessary. Who knows, this post might have absolutely no meaning in a years time and we'll all look back on it and say "Ah yes, that was a bit of an embarrassing period, oh how we've gotten better since then. I don't even know why I hated X." Ha. One can hope...
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EcchiDreams Newsletter April 2020
Newsletter that discusses the current going ons, around EcchiDreams.

Before I get stuck into this, there's an apology in order. I'm sorry that the last update news was way back in March of last year. I assure you that this isn't intentional, and we've not really gone anywhere either. We're still as busy as ever. But I'm going to try harder to keep everyone in the loop about everything that is going on here. I've decided to present these as newsletters, that I want to start releasing more frequently perhaps, I don't know. It's a new format I'm trying out. Click the article link to read more...
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Pain Indie Ass - Baba Is You
Game: Baba Is You
Developers: Hempuli Oy
Platform: Windows (this review), OS X, Linux, Switch
Price: Steam (UK) - £11.39

Pain Indie Ass - Baba Is You
- Baba Black Sheep... -
-Third Pain Indie Ass review (two and a half years later...)-

I have thus far come nowhere close to completing this game, but it's been forever and a day since I've written a review, and this is one of the most recent games I've played. For those of you who are new to my reviews, I will be looking at the gameplay, art, level design, replayability, and anything else I can be bothered to add...
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Community Staff Application 2020
EcchiDreams has not looked into bringing in new staff since 2018, and in just two short years we've grown pretty wildly with over a hundred active people per day. It has been crazy how far this site has come in a very short time. Would you like to help Dreamers, moderate the site be part of the staff here at EcchiDreams? Well apply here. :)
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All the Pokemens
So, a long time ago I started a thread to share my opinions and discuss anime that I'd been watching. I kinda let that die as I got burned out on watching five episodes a day. (Great idea, I know...) But I've had an interest in rebooting something like this with a new take. Something I'm much more interested in exploring and discussing and I hope I can get a better following in doing this here!
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[EVENT] EcciDreams joins the fight against COVID-19 with Folding@Home
Folding@Home Event

EcchiDreams is once again working with Folding@Home to help combat diseases, this time we're fighting against COVID-19, by donating our idle computer and graphic card clock cycles to a worthy cause! This event will last until April 16th (Barring any extensions) and we will be awarding EcchiCredits based on scores and Work Units completed!
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My Journal
"My Journal" is a fictional diary written by IsabellaRose which seems to be turning into a running series.

Dear Diary,

Is that how I'm supposed to start this? I hope not. That sounds stupid. This whole thing sounds stupid. I've never kept a diary before. I'm not even sure what to write here. It just feels dumb. But I need to get past that. I need to find a path forward...
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GM Angel's Story
An erotica written by GM Angel.

"So you've known Karen since she was a girl?" Cammille asked the farm girl while she lit a joint, carefully rolled to look like a cigarette to passing cops, as she pulled out of the farm girl's dirt driveway and out onto Route 39.

The farm girl, Sammy, nodded but didn't say anything, neither answering Cammille nor commenting as pot smoke slowly filled the old silver Honda Civic.

Cammille, everything about her appearance, manner, and possessions New York chic except her car, stared at the woman for a long moment but noted how she seemed to keep her eyes downcast and away from her own...
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Dreamers of EcchiDreams: We need to talk...
Hello everyone; 

I've been trying to put this off for quite some time now, however I've recently had it made clear to me under no and uncertain terms that I cannot put it off. This is something I didn't want to talk about, and I had hoped that citizens subjects in the United Kingdom would have raised their voices and told the Government to go fuck themselves, but apparently that's not going to happen and now we (as an industry) have to deal with it. 

Click to read more.
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2019: Winter Updates
This update has come a little later than we initially planned. Originally it was scheduled for Christmas as the End of Year Update for 2018, but we had various things not go our way, and we had to push it back with the Winter Updates Release. Whilst it is a meteorological spring time here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is still astronomical winter until March 20th. There are quite a few things to cover in this update, so for more information please click on this.
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Shit I've Bought from eBay #2 - Pokémon Cards
When you were younger; did you collect Pokémon Cards?

Chances are if you were born in the late 80s/early 90s you probably did, I know I certainly did and I was pretty efficient at doing so, owning at least 6,000 or 7,000 Pokémon Cards by the time it went out of style, but I handled many, many more despite the fact that I only ever purchased 2 booster packs at the very beginning. I am going to start this topic by sharing some of my memories of Pokémon Cards and I really hope that you also share your memories too; please leave a comment and tell me what your fondest or darkest memories of the whole thing was for you.

Do you still have your Pokémon Cards? Did you used to collect them? Please leave a comment below and share your experiences! 😄
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2018: Summer Updates
Hello fellow Dreamers,

It's that time of the year again, and this update has been focused on fixing as many bugs as possible, rather than adding new features or changing things. Some of you may already be aware of some of these changes, as I softly announcement them via my statuses, and this acts a sort of "This is what we did this season." This is not as big as the previous "2018: Spring Updates", but there have been a number of changes.
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2018: Spring Updates
As some of you might remember, EcchiDreams had a number of updates around the end of April and the beginning of May. However, due to my ill health, I was unable to make an announcement on the number of changes that had happened. Firstly, I want to thank absolutely everyone who came out in support of me during my run of bad health and encouraged me to get better, these messages warmed my heart and I am happy to say I am much better today. Although there are some long term (and potentially lifelong) secondary things that were picked up on during my hospital visit, these are not life threatening, and are absolutely manageable; as the saying goes - "I'll live." This is why this announcement is a little delayed compared to previous ones; but that just means I have a few more things to talk about. This is a fairly large announcement, but quite a lot of it is stuffed with pictures, so thanks in advance for reading.
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The Need for Speed... And EcchiCredits.
This year has barely begun and already we're working hard to improve the service for everyone here at EcchiDreams. Firstly we all hope you had a wonderful Christmas (Or holidays) and a Happy New Year. This update was focused mainly in the back end, which would affect the stuff you see, although there isn't that many feature changes... That's coming in the Spring Update. 

I also want to address the new influx of Dreamers that have found themselves making an online home here at EcchiDreams; Welcome to EcchiDreams! Thanks to you all, and some of our veteran members alike; we achieved 50 online Dreamers in the space of 24 hours; and for a small site like ours with next to no advertising budget, this is a big deal. We hope EcchiDreams continues to grow, and that you stick around. EcchiDreams has come a long way, and we hope that it continues attracting like minded roleplayers who want to RP and have fun.

This announcement covers:

~ Server Side Updates
~ EcchiStore and EcchiCredits (¢)
~ EcchiChat

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Anime_Freak's Review: Saga of Tanya the Evil
Psychotic loli versus the world. Normally you'd hate this sort of character, but something about her is kind of endearing. Maybe it's the fact that she's almost cartoonishly evil. Maybe it's because she's adorable and knows just how to use that to her advantage. Maybe it's because seeing that crazy grin still makes you want to pat her on the head. Whatever the reason, we love her and want to see her dominate the world.
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Winter Updates
This year is coming to a close, and there have been some pretty major updates on EcchiDreams that have been aimed at making things easier and giving roleplayers more control over their roleplays. This update has been focused on overhauling the guide section and bringing it up to date, and doing the same for the homepage. This announcement will cover all of that, but at the end of the announcement we have something that's pretty serious that we need to put out there; I don't think it's going to be well received, but it is what it is. 

This announcement will cover:

~ New Guides Section
~ Refreshed Homepage for both Guests and Logged in Dreamers
~ Dropping Twitter Sign In and the effective closing of our Twitter Account
~ Club Permissions Finalised
~ Depictions of Minors in Nude or Sexual Situations (A rather serious topic)
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Anime_Freak's Review: Symphogear
Anime_Freak has written a review on the Anime: Symphogear.

This is a magical girl anime with tons of over-the-top action scenes, strangely entertaining characters, and catchy J-Pop soundtrack. The show is currently wrapping up it's fourth season and a fifth season is already in the works, so it's clear that this series is going strong. Sure it's not perfect, there's quite a few moments that leave you groaning and rolling your eyes, but the show is just a blast to watch overall. All you need to do is kick back, turn your brain off, and enjoy the spectacle.
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Autumn Updates
Quite a small announcement on the recent changes this autumn. As I softly announced in my status; this announcement will be focused on some areas such as:

~ Revision to Club Information: specifically in relation to Owners, Administrators, Moderators and Members of Clubs.
~ A reveal of a new reaction.
~ Information New Help and Support section (Already live here: https://ecchidreams.com/help/)
~ Information on a staff shuffle and a new member of staff.
~ Plans for our Facebook Fanpage.
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Clubs and Fixes!
We have some more information on the clubs thus far and we're very keen to share these ideas with you, as well as keep you up-to-date on what's going on around the forums, as well as the future direction of the Roleplay suite, which was updated only a year ago. This is a' follow on' from the Summer Update news article we posted a few weeks ago. Thanks to the feedback we got on the article itself, in EcchiTexts and the Chatbar, and though internal discussions between Neptune and I, we have both come to the conclusion that the clubs will indeed be kind of a multi-use feature on our community. Please click here to read more.
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The Summer Update
We've just completed an update, so our site now uses Invision Power Suite 4.2, which has added a lot of new features and improved already existing features such as the like system. I've also updated quite a number of EcchiDreams Specific Modifications (with some big ones still to come) as well as the applications and plugins we use to provide our service. 

Over the next few weeks I hope to have the bugs ironed out, but if you do find any please, let me know! Even if you're not sure, I can let you know and it doesn't bother me in the slightest, because it allows me to help you out. You can contact me via the contact form, EcchiTexts, or if I'm online, over the chatbar. There is no bug tracker anymore, that was referenced in the Halloween Update (2016) because it was a feature only enabled during the Beta of the big update, but the same bounties apply.

To highlight some of the changes made to EcchiDreams:

~ Clubs (Coming Soon)
~ Complete Your Profile!
~ Device Management
~ Gallery Improvements
~ Leaderboard Enhancements
~ Richer Embeds
~ "Our Picks"
~ Reactions
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