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General FAQs

How old do I have to be to register to EcchiDreams?

As a legal requirement: You have to be 18 or older. If you're 18 in a few days or in a few minutes, then please wait until you are actually 18. This is a strict legal requirement as stated under Section 8 Sub-Section 1 of the Terms of Service.

Due to a slight change in the rules, if you later reveal that you were under 18 at the time of registering and were under 18 on the 1st January 2020 you will be banned for presenting fraudulent information under the same sub-section.

Can I donate money to EcchiDreams?

No, we neither want nor require your money to run EcchiDreams at this time. We do not accept donations or money given; and Premium Membership is bought with EcchiCredits, which is a contribution based currency, which can not be bought for with real money.

If you see a crowdfunding site, or anything like that, that is made to look like an official EcchiDreams money raising page - please report it to us immediately and do not donate to it because I can assure you that the money is not reaching us, nor did we set it up, and that the page creators are potentially scamming our members out of their hard earned money.

When reporting it please include the URL of the page that is advertising it.

Can I have multiple accounts here on EcchiDreams?

Absolutely not. This is actually against Section 9 of the Terms of Service.

Some sites allow you to create multiple characters through different accounts, conversely, other sites allow you to have multiple characters under one account only. EcchiDreams is the latter of the two. You have no limits as to how many characters you have. But you can only have one account. We're pretty strict about this.

How do I report a post?

Along the bar at the top of the post in question, in the far right hand side you will see three dots next to a box. Just click/tap on that and it will open up a small menu where you will find "Report Post". When you click on it click the reason you want to report the post and if it's other please explain which Terms of Service Section you think that they're violating. 

What are the Terms of Service?

The Terms of Service is an important document that is written as legally as possible. Which you can view here: https://ecchidreams.com/terms. The Terms of Service on EcchiDreams is actively enforced, and applies to all dreamers, regardless of status (Normal Dreamers, Premium Dreamers, Staff and even Community Administrators).


A Terms of Service doesn't have to have any particular terms; it can lay out rules, it can create obligations on behalf of the website, it can create obligations on behalf of the user to that website, or it can be simply a disclaimer that disclaims any kind of warranty or any kind of relationship at all between the website itself, and the users of that website to try and get rid of liability as between the users and the website itself.

-- Quote from: Devin James Stone, Esq (Lawyer for Stone Law DC, USA)

The Terms of Service is a contract that everyone signs when they register to EcchiDreams and it is bound universally on all Dreamers including members of staff. The contract governs the relationship between the site and it's users. Whether you read the Terms of Service, or not, the Terms of Service still governs the relationship between the user and this website.

A Terms of Service do a couple of things;

  • They set out the rules by which the users must abide by, if the user wishes to use the service.
  • They also provide the obligations that the website is going to give to the user in return for being a user of this website. 

Roleplay FAQs

How do I set up a Club Roleplay?

Before you begin setting up your roleplay, you might want to read through the Game Master's Guide which gives you advice on things to consider when dreaming up your new roleplay, from the universe, to the plots involved. When you come down to actually creating your club, the guide of Club Roleplaying and You gives you all the information you need to be able to create and set up your own club. It tells you all the tools you have available to you and how to utilise them.

We also created this handy little guide on how to create a good Homepage for your Club that acts as the front door to your roleplay.

How do I get started with Roleplaying?

The best way to get started in roleplaying on EcchiDreams, is to fill out a Roleplayer Preferences Sheet. If you're not sure on how to do it, then there is an easy to understand guide that we wrote on how to set up your own preferences sheet. This sheet lets other roleplayers see what you prefer when it comes to roleplay, such as doing sex only, or not interested in impregnation roleplays. 

Next, you might want to decide if you're interested in doing Private, or more Public Roleplaying. Go for what you think is best for your own style. I would advise that you take a look at this etiquette guide which advises you on how to treat your fellow roleplayers both in, and our of roleplay.

We have an ultimate guide on how to start roleplaying, especially for a beginner. It is called the Crash Course in Roleplaying, and gives a lot of hints and tips for roleplayers, both new and old and contains all the information you need.

If you are new to setting up your own roleplay, then we also have a Game Master's guide which can be useful for both new Game Masters, and old. It details out all the things you should consider while setting up a roleplay, especially if it is complicated.

What kinds of roleplay are there on EcchiDreams?

There are two main types of roleplay that you can on EcchiDreams. Public, and Private.

Private Roleplay:

This can be done in the EcchiTexts or the EcchiChat and is handled privately between any dreamer involved in the roleplay. We have a guide that has more information about how to approach other Dreamers, and how to use the Private Roleplayers Bulletin Board to advertise any private roleplays that you wish to partake in. 

Public Roleplay:

The public roleplay is handled within the Club system, which allows Dreamers to create their own Roleplay Clubs that they can self-moderate. You can create roleplays that anyone can join, or ones that are invite only. The club system provides great flexibility for Roleplay creators but it can get a little getting used to. We have created a guide for this as well.

Gallery FAQs

How do I know if I can or can't upload an image to EcchiDreams without breaking Section 18?

Read Section 18 (Gallery and Images Uploaded or Posted to EcchiDreams):


Gallery and Media Uploaded or Posted to EcchiDreams

EcchiDreams provides for the internal image hosting and publishing of Dreamer-submitted content via the Image Gallery for contributing members. Access to the Gallery is not a right, it is a privilege for the enjoyment of contributing members. We are a Roleplaying and Hentai community, not an image hosting site. We do not allow hotlinking from our site at this time.

Section 18 of the Terms of Services applies to Gallery Modules in the Clubs and across EcchiDreams as a whole, as stated in Section 1. Unless otherwise specified: This also applies to statues, avatars, profile covers, About Me pages, profile backgrounds and so on, hosted here on EcchiDreams or linked externally from another site be that images, videos or any other form of media.

The actual gallery (https://ecchidreams.com/gallery) must only contain character reference pictures or roleplay related media, and must not contain image dumps. Images posted to the gallery must not be animated GIF images, either. Any violations of this will result in that content being deleted with no notice.

Regarding your content submissions, you agree that you will NOT submit any media content or post anywhere on the site that:

  • Depicts (or appears to depict) a cartoon/drawn/sketch/pseudo-photograph of a minor (under 18, fictional characters or not), in sexual situations or nude, as this counts as Child Pornography (by Law). 
  • Depicts (or appears to depict) a real life minor, in any way, shape, or form (pornographic or not) even if that person is a public figure. A roleplay character is not a valid exception.
  • Depicts (or appears to depict) real people, regardless of age, in a sexual situation or nude, regardless of whether the picture is of yourself.
  • Depicts (or appears to depict) a person who is deceased (dead), and in a sexual situation or nude, cartoon, real, or otherwise.
  • Depicts (or appears to depict) excessively violent acts, sexual or otherwise against real life people or animals. Cartoon violence is accepted as long as it doesn't violate any of the other points, such as excessive gore.
  • Depicts (or appears to depict) a person having sex with an animal (bestiality), cartoon, real, or otherwise.
    • This is not including furrys, anthromorphs (anthro), or monsters, unless the furry/anthro/monster is depicted or appearing to be depicted having sex with an animal.
  • Infringes any trademark, copyright, or any other proprietary rights of any party, especially if it's stated in the posted image. Example: if work has "DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE" on it, it's not allowed. Unless it's yours, of course. If it is yours. please state in the description of the picture that you, the copyright holder, authorise EcchiDreams to host this image as yours, and make use of the copyright field.
  • Any kind of QRCode, Datamatrix, Barcode, or other such thing, that contains anything that violates any Section of the Terms of Service.
  • Are illegal or in violation of any United Kingdom, United States, or other local laws.


  • Nudity: Not wearing clothing, or sensitive areas (female nipples and/or male or female genitalia) being visible through or around any clothing being worn. 
  • Sexual Situation: A character is considered as being in a "sexual situation" if they are clearly having sexual intercourse or are exposed to it in some way either directly or indirectly, or that there is some kind of sexual activity being performed.
  • A Minor: Someone who is under 18 years of age (i.e.; is not an adult).
    • Please keep in mind that a 1000 year-old woman who looks like a child still appears to depict a minor and a character who is canonically underage but is "aged up" in the image is still treated as a minor, neither of which are permissible under the Terms of Service.
    • This would mean that you also can’t use a picture that is of a sexual nature, or has any nudity in it for a character who is under the age of 18, as per your character profile.

Regarding your content submissions, you affirm that:

  • You have the necessary licences, rights, and permissions to use your content submission in the manner intended by EcchiDreams Terms of Service.
  • If you're posting up a person in a private album, you have written consent and release of each identifiable person to use their name and/or likeness in your submission, to enable the use of your content in the manner intended by EcchiDreams, and these Terms of Service.
  • You retain all of your ownership rights to your content submissions. You grant permission for the owners of EcchiDreams to use and publish your content submissions in any media formats and through any media channels, including social media channels as we see fit.
  • You grant each Dreamer, visitor, or Staff of EcchiDreams a non-exclusive licence to access and share your content submissions, as permitted under these Terms of Service, for as long as such content is hosted by EcchiDreams.
  • EcchiDreams reserves the right to remove Dreamer-submitted content without prior notice and for any reason, including excessive bandwidth usage or to preserve server hard drive space.
  • While the Staff of EcchiDreams will attempt to remove objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review all comments and submitted material. Therefore, you acknowledge that all content expresses the views and opinions of the Dreamer and not EcchiDreams, and hence we will not be held liable.
  • EcchiDreams reserves the right to block Dreamers or websites from accessing our gallery, without prior notice, and for any reason.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold EcchiDreams harmless from any liability, claims, damages and expenses, including attorney, solicitor, court and lawyer fees, made by any third party due to, or arising from, your use of EcchiDreams.

Can you explain your no Lolicon/Shotacon rule?

Absolutely, we have several times. We do not allow images that appear to depict minors in nude or sexual situations. So this would include:

  • Characters that are canonically under 18.
  • Characters that look under 18, but are a million years old (Or something like that).
  • Your roleplay characters that are under 18 must not be NSFW pictures.
  • Lolicon
  • Shotacon
  • And so on.

To find out more information and to see a flowchart click below:

Under 18 Images Flowchat.jpg

EcchiApps FAQs

Why are there so many different types of Club?

To help people search for the type of club that they\'re looking for as the club feature isn't primarily roleplay stuff. There are several different types of clubs such as:

  • EcchiDreams Specific Community Clubs
  • Fan Clubs
  • Roleplay Clubs
  • Social Clubs
  • and "Other"

Are private clubs exempt from EcchiDreams Terms of Service?

Absolutely not, and all staff are able to see private clubs and their contents at all times.

EcchiCredits and EcchiShop FAQs

What are EcchiCredits and how do I earn them?

EcchiCredits is a contribution based currency only applicable here on EcchiDreams, and cannot be bought, sold or otherwise traded for real cash/tangible items. You earn them by contributing to EcchiDreams, such as making posts, threads and content that people react to, take part in, and such. Reporting bugs. And so on. They can then be traded for things on this site, typically from the EcchiStore such as premium membership or display name changes.

Do I have to Pay for Premium Membership?

Yes, but not with real money. We don't accept real money. You can use your EcchiCredits to pay for it, which you get by contributing to EcchiDreams. You can buy Gold Premium Membership (20,000 EcchiCredits) or Platinum Premium Membership (100,000 EcchiCredits), from the EcchiStore. Also: If you get gold first, you can upgrade to platinum later for just 80,000 EcchiCredits (Pay the difference)

What is the point of Premium Membership?

You get many benefits to being a premium member the following is not a definitive list:

  • Gold and Platinum: Customisable Profile Backgrounds.
  • Gold and Platinum: Ability to insert Profile Videos.
  • Gold and Platinum: Unlimited Gallery Usage (No max Bandwidth per day).
  • Gold and Platinum: EcchiText Limitations
    • Normal: Able to store 500 conversations, only allowed to start 60 a day, 10 per minute.
    • Gold: Able to store 5,000 conversations, only allowed to start 120 a day, 20 per minute.
    • Platinum: No limits at all.
  • Gold and Platinum: Max Number of EcchiText Recipients in one conversation.
    • Normal: 6 Recipients
    • Gold: 12 Recipients
    • Platinum: 18 Recipients.
  • Gold and Platinum: Search Cooldown Improvements.
    • Normal: 20 Second Cooldown.
    • Gold: 10 Second Cooldown.
    • Platinum: 5 Second Cooldown.
  • Gold and Platinum: Increased Clubs.
    • Normal: Ability to run/own 6 clubs.
    • Gold: Ability to run/own 8 clubs.
    • Platinum: Ability to run/own 10 clubs.
  • Gold and Platinum: Image limits in Albums.
    • Normal: 200 Images per Album.
    • Gold: 350 Images per Album.
    • Platinum: 500 Images per Album.
  • Gold and Platinum: Image upload size limits in Gallery.
    • Normal and Gold: 2MB per image.
    • Platinum: 4MB per image.

There are more features being added over time.

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