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    Its all about the team work
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    I ain't afraid of no ghost...
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    So much had happened and Yuumi could only but chuckle. Until it was her turn. She smirked, oh well. What do I gotta lose? She thought before joining in, approaching the young waitress, she bowed slightly and smiled, “Yuumi Faust is my name. I can’t wait to taste such a fine young flower as yourself my dear.” She softly winked as she leaned down. Her tongue licking up the salt. She done it in her alluring teasing way, feeling the eyes of those around her on her, the men in particular. She decided to make this a rather sensual show for them. Once she had the salt she stood up and downed the shot before leaning down to the lips of the waitress, her own luscious full lips which had some traces of salt still on them almost teasing a kiss from the girl. Grabbing the lime from her lips in an equally sexual and aero using manner she stood up again and smirked at the others in the bar, before leaning with her elbows resting on the bar as she licked the lime a little to get its taste and swallowing it. She slightly blushed as the booze hit her but never lost composure
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    Pressed my breast on window as he pound me so hard.
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    One day I was walkin' and I found this big log And I rolled the log over and underneath was a tiny little stick, and I was like, "That log had a child."
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    Happy New Years!!
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    From the album: Yuri

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    I'm really not gonna be too active tomorrow/later today on New Year's Eve due to having to help my family cook and spend some time with them, but later that evening I will be able to be on. Until then, take care everyone! See you next year! ;3
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    Masturbate in public because daddy told me to do it.
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    Sooo im back.. i think? Been few days so yahh
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    Some kids back in the day make a fuss they wanna be red rangers when watching the show... However when this show appear...that's where i jump in! "a party? at my house? Excu~se me!" anyway, i pick butch. (hey! if we add Jerry as extra, we can make that song! Smile! Sweet! Sister! Bruder! Sadistic! Surprise! Service! EXCU~SE ME!)
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    Name: Yuumi Faust Age: 20 Gender: Female Species: Witch/Human Origin: Born to a noble bloodline of magic users, Yuumi was trained from birth to eventually work as a specialist operative for the main coven in her world, The Grand Order. She is widely skilled in a variety of magic but is especially talented in potion making, transformation spells and black magic. She is so used to living in a world mainly populated by humans it has become second nature for her to try and hide her magical abilities. She loves exploring and loves a bit of mischief. Height: 5’9’’ Weight: 134lbs Eye Colour: Ocean Blue with a hint of sparkles Hair Colour: White Physical Description: Tall and has some curvature in the right places to make her appealing to most. However hidden behind the beautiful figure is muscles honed for her main job, battle. Rather pale skin and pink tender, full lips. Her hair long and straight flowing down her back, she has a side fringe which she tries to keep tucked away behind her ear. She is known for her dark attire, a pure black long coat that extends to her knees, a black outstanding witch hat, a red, rose patterned corset underneath with black leather pants and a belt with a gold rose imprinted buckle. Finally she wears black heeled boots Other Details: She has a pouch on her belt that helps carry smaller items however she is usually able to summon most of the objects she needs or can imagine. Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn ons: Transformations, Switch from Dom to Sub, Dirty Talk Breast Size: DD Cup Sensitivity: High Abilities/Powers: Magic, Katana wielding, physically strong with a lifetime of training. Skills: She is a charmer and a flirt. She can usually wriggle what she wants out of a person through her words, and if that doesn’t work she always has a wide range of magic spells at her beckon call that can help with that.
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    Sometimes someone comes along and turns your world upside down. You're not ready for anything even close to the L word, in fact you can't even write that damned word in relation to yourself and your feelings because life has told you that not only can you not expect it to work out but people like you don't earn love you just earn lust. Then suddenly there's someone who just appears and things are amazing and wonderful and you tell yourself that it can't possibly work because reasons, but your heart hopes. You spend way longer than you expected with this person, and there is literally not a flaw, so your mind starts to create some, and then this person dispels those creations. You know what's happening, but you can't admit it because you know it won't last and in the end it will hurt so much worse if you let yourself feel it. But you can't help it. You feel it. You feel it so hard that it makes you smile at work for no reason and touch yourself alone in bed thinking of this person. Everything is perfect. It's so damned perfect it hurts. And then she's gone. She doesn't live near you. She has a life elsewhere, and she returns, and you're alone, and it hurts to be away from her so much worse than you imagined it could and all you want is her and her touch and to look in her eyes and you cant have it. You snapchat, facetime, chat, but it's not the same as being there and you know it can't be, and your body ACHES for her touch. Your own fingers only work for so long, and then you NEED her touch. And you can't have it. Then you'll settle for any touch, anyone at all, please touch me, make me feel alive. And then he's there, no judgment, no pressure, just willing to be what you need in that moment, moment to moment, day to day, and it really does help because even though it's not her it's something, someone. It's a connection, and it scratches the itch. And the next thing you know you're at his house every night and you wake in his arms and you worry that you might be getting too close. He says he knows you're not his, and that he's only here for as long as you need him, and that makes you want him that much more. And then where are you? Pining for someone who fits you perfectly but can't be there, spending time with someone who gets you far better than anyone else, gives you everything you need including your space and emotional distance and somehow draws you closer the more he pushes you away? Up is down, left is right, and nothing makes any damned sense. You need to stop. Think. Figure this out. It's too much, too confusing. But there's his call, and you know you're going to answer, and you'll end up there, and he'll say those words and do those things and you won't even want to stop him. And he won't stop, and you'll let him do anything, everything, and you'll love every minute of it. And when you wake you'll wish she was there, but he will be instead, and he will be enough, and maybe more, and you still won't know what the hell is happening.
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    I've been rather radio silent, I've been dealing with some irl things so I haven't replied to people...I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not in the headspace to reply. ;; I will attempt to reply to messages tomorrow, apologies for the wait.
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    Finally got done replaying Devil May Cry 1 through 5. I ended up remembering how much i loved the series that i ended up just buyimg a few books and the manga they have.
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    Just the feel of her hand in mind, fingers interlaced, fitting perfectly together like no other two hands on earth. The smell of her skin, fresh and clean with a hint of lavender from her favorite soap. The touch of my lips to the back of her hand. The sound of her soft breathing. And that look in her eyes when I finally opened mine. These things must sustain me until I can see her again.
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    uhm...y'ever had a time when your writing desire drops to very little? That's where I am at the moment, with a dash of inexplicable unhappiness. Apologies if posts take a bit.
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    My New Year's Resolution; get super powers and save the world.
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    Does anyone else choose theme songs or songs that fit their OCs/Characters? Or maybe even songs that fit your roleplays or pairings? I do this often because I find it rather fun to do
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    Be a good kitty and get your milk.
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    From the album: New Characters

    Name: Eri Tajima Age: 22 years old. Species: Human. Occupation: Model.
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    She should be embarrassed that the younger girls saw her, but she wasn't. They would label her a whore, slut, and worse, but she no longer cared. This was what she wanted, this was what she craved, and now that she had finally built up the courage to seek it out, the social stigma associated with it seemed pointless.
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    Hello there fellow dreamers! My name is Sisngood. I am a straight female normally a sub. Lol For my preferences, please check the link that I hope is in my profile! I think I did things right! Lol I'm about to find out because this is my first post! Keep dreamin-
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    when not in battle, she is the most loving character than others...just don't mention any ship in amazement. (anyway, get in my docks already! i need no Enty!)
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    Hello there! If you've read this far, then congratulations and thank you for taking your time in reading this. EcchiText me if you'd like to roleplay with me or just talk, you know. I'm open to most kinks and ideas! Here's a pic as a reward~.
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    Greetings Dreamers! My name is Soft Stroke, and yes, that name means exactly what you think it does! I actually managed to forget to write a small introduction thread! Allow me to do so here. For those of you that are interested, Soft Stroke is the name of an MLP OC that I created nearly 6 years ago, and over time he has become my primary femboy avatar that I use to represent myself online. My two favorite colors are fusha and sky blue, which make up his primary color scheme. I have many pictures of him over years of commissions and gifts, and am always happy to share! A few things about me! I am not new to RPing! In fact I have been doing so since I was 13. I started doing it by writing a story back and forth with a friend on the ride to school, and once she introduced me to a small RP site that sadly no longer exists, I became addicted. Over time I have written more and more to the point where going days without writing at least one post is seen as a rather confusing one to me, personally. I write fanfiction! I currently am working on a massive passion project called Enter the Ninjaverse, an Into the Spiderverse inspired story for Ninjago, as well as a smaller story called Autobiography of a Legend, also set in Ninjago. I LOVE anime. When I arrived at college a few years ago, I had seen Soul Eater and Madoka Magica (my absolute favorite) and joined the on-campus club at random. Once I did, I was given nearly 50 anime to watch, and after plowing through them all, I was addicted. My personal favorites Madoka, Re: Creators, A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Soul Eater, The Ancient Magus Bride, Kobayashi-San's Dragon Maid, High School DxD, Rosario + Vampire Capu2, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo! Other fandoms I am apart of would be Doctor Who, The Legend of Zelda, Ninjago, ATLA, Gravity Falls Undertale and Deltarune, MLP and Steven Universe! I collect Lego very avidly. Ninjago is my pride and job and I am working towards a full collection of every set released, polybags and exclusive figures included. Bionicle is another theme I one day wish to fully own. Any Original IP from Lego I also collect, with my two current favorites being Ultra Agents and Galaxy Squad. My gaming career is... interesting. I had a Wii back in the day but that broke. Lego Dimensions was the only reason I really stuck with the XBox 360. For Christmas 2018 I was given a Switch with BoTW and Odyssey. After buying Dust: An Elyssian Tale and Muse Dash, I became addicted to the thing. I have not experienced Joycon Drift, here's to hoping I don't in full! In terms of my favorite game, Hollow Knight is currently up there, along with Twilight Princess. The Largest Lego set I own are two that were meant to add together: Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks. Combined, they were $550 bucks, which is bigger than the Death Star in piece count, price and size! They are my pride and joy because of this. Dragons are best creatures. I am a Brony! I became one around the start of Season 4. I binged the series and started a Brony Club specifically in my High School to bring together any other friends. We watched all of Season 4 in that club before the teacher eventually had to leave us. Soft Stroke is a unicorn MLP OC! I needed a number 10, so please, use wall strips to hang up framed prints. I tried using tack at one point and Bill Cipher crashed into my floor in the middle of the night and terrified me. That's all I have to say! In my signature you can find my Bulletin Board post and my Prefences sheet! Thank you for reading this far if you have! ~SS (A commission from a friend!)
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    I really could do with some hookers and blow.
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    Fella : *release a lewd pic on album* dude/dudette : *put background pic for reference on club RP* me : *trashing around the google search for hot pic* look everyone! i do my homework! "hey, perhaps someone should suggest a mini game for ED site!" *hic* #NoIdea #GodHasLeftAgain #FridayNoot #HowToPlay
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    Time to go to sleep, so tired damn.. ni ni everyoneee
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    This has been a busy week and I’m not sure when I can get to replies. Thanks for your continued patience. I will get to replies when I can!
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    A little late on this one but Happy New Year everyone.
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    even though my role playing skills suck just a bit . you all are awesome people and some awesome friends just to talk to when ever
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    Hey there! I was just looking for a roleplay forum as I used to do smaller roleplays online before and always quiet enjoyed them. Well and that's kind of how I ended up here ! I know the roleplays that work for me (like siblings / rough sex or without consent) yet I'm always up for trying out new things and finding new things that I like! So yeah, see you around
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    Huh, so the Witcher on Netflix is actually pretty darned good. Not the usual mess made of adaptations.
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    From the album: New Characters

    Name: Elizabeth Dalieth. Age: 20 years old. Species: Human. Occupation: Teacher or Assistant.
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    I'm breaking up with you because... you haven't been around in two years. I can't believe it took me this long to call it off!
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