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    Hey lovely lads and ladies! Sorry I haven't been around lately- things have been nuts again. I'm afraid I won't be around during the week but I'll be snooping around on weekends so HOPEFULLY I'll be around to getting back to replying to ecchi texts and checking in on you amazing people~! 😚
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    Hello everyone. I'm so, so sorry I haven't been on. You know I said i hoped for things to get better? WELL I was wrong... Like, MAJORLY wrong. Things kinda hit the fan, bounced off the blades and hit even more fans! It's a huge spray of crap and life. So thing things are really mad and my free time is incredibly sparse. Consider this a little 'hiatus'. I'm so sorry for being on and off... It's nuts. But I'll try and be back soon. I'll also try and reply when I can to everyone who have been so kindly RPlaying with me and chatting with me (thank you for your support you absolutely AMAZING people~!). Speak to you all later~!
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    I'm back; to some degree, trying to get my characters and such sorted out for RPs.
  4. 4 likes
    Room fully decorated, computer set up just how I want it, some neat gadgets here and there. Also with some free time after work now. Missed certain folks around here. What I am trying to say is: I am back (again). =]
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    Give somebody you love a big, warm hug. It just might make their day~. It sure made mine~! 😊 <3
  6. 3 likes
    Today I learned: Under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), humans have a Conservation Status (Least Concern). Not relevant to anything, it just amused me that we're on that list. xD
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    They were sold out of the boots, but I didn't leave empty-handed. I got a white shirt, a black tank top, yellow barrettes, and pink spray paint. The costume is almost finished!~
  8. 3 likes
    How long do you think it'll be before Fidget Spinners get blamed for a school shooting? Wouldn't surprise me.
  9. 3 likes
    My cosplay is coming along quite nicely! I can check a yellow backpack off the list. I also have something for Sarah Natochenny to sign. A copy of Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew! Why that movie specifically? It comes with Mastermind Of The Mirage Pokémon, which was Sarah's debut as voice actress for Ash Ketchum. Previously, Veronica Taylor did Ash's voice. She later went on to voice Eleonore "Leo" Kliesen in Tekken 6.
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    I have two USB 360 controllers (third party). It's very tempting to take one apart and (try to) convert it into a USB Arcade Stick, but I'd need a suitable case. That and it would almost completely limit the use to 2D Fighters. xD Will keep you all updated if I do decide to go through with it.
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    After the paint dries, and I do a bit of cleaning, I will have modified a smart watch into Dawn's Pokétch! At this point, the hardest part of the outfit will be the boots.
  12. 3 likes
    Just upgraded from Skullgirls Encore to Skullgirls 2nd Encore. For dirt cheap. And it still runs on my laptop. <3
  13. 3 likes
    Skullgirls: Finished all the Story modes of all the characters, and played through the Arcade mode with everyone too. Only Marie 300% to go now, and three more Achievements, before (technically) 100%ing the game. There's also a DLC that unlocks two further game modes, but I don't have that yet, so it's only 100% as much as I can do it. But I'm not holding my breath on any of the above, because the remaining Achievements are such a pain in the ass.
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    Hewwo looking for someone to Rp with💞 Let's have a good time. x)
  15. 2 likes
    Found a bunch of new Pokémon, including a huge haul behind a church. Unfortunately, my phone died trying to catch a Murkrow. Oh, well. Still got some goodies and a few new Pokémon, plus a level up to Level 13!~
  16. 2 likes
    After half a year of being unable to play, I finally fixed a serious error. I have returned... TO POKÉMON GO!! Still representing Team Mystic, still followed by a Pidgeot, and still happy to brave the harsh weather to find rare Pokémon in the Florida region. XD
  17. 2 likes
    Today I had the best moment so far. I went inside my favorite bookstore to read in their reading &relaxation launch. Met a girl there who's into the same books, talked for hours and then she asked MY number. Well today is an 11/10
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    Feeling in the mood for squishing my bewbs around a cock or very nice futa~ <3 Msg me for an rp like that if you wish ~
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    It's looking likely that I'll be moving. For the 3rd time in 4 years. My mom is strongly considering moving to Safety Harbour with her rich boyfriend, and, of course, is taking my brothers with her. They want me, too. I'll be happy to move, but this seems like the beginning of a fairytale. And they tend not to end well for step-children. XD
  20. 2 likes
    Oh, my dear, sweet Lord! MASSIVE Pokémon news!! Gold and Silver are getting Bank-compatible Virtual Console re-releases, and there are 3 GAMES coming out!! Pokken Tournament DX, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon!
  21. 2 likes
    Dear lord i have soooo many bookmarks for stuff to watch , manga to read , games that i have in my steam library that i still didn't play , why do i have to be this lazy xD
  22. 2 likes
    I was actually dancing, spinning, and raving in the lounge room to this tune tonight (especially when that bassline kicks in at 1:42~ <3): ( All the while my Mother was watching and she was just shaking her head and was like: "You're crazy." xDD
  23. 2 likes
    That moment when a video game character randomly belts out the chorus to one of your favourite songs. <3
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  25. 2 likes
    The watch took a bit longer than expected, but it's done!~ Next, I'll work on the wig. I have one coming in the mail, and I purposely got a lighter blue than I need. so I can use the tried and true Sharpie method to dye it to the dark blue Dawn has.
  26. 2 likes
    I played "Throw my little cousins into the pool" repeatedly today, does that count? When was the last time you got fashion advice from a close friend only to reinforce the idea that trends look stupid?
  27. 1 like
    After playing the MVCI demo, and seeing the confirmed on-disc characters and 2 confirmed DLC characters(Ultron Sigma and Black Panther.) here is my new character wish list. Marvel: Squirrel Girl, Gambit, Angel/Archangel, Psylocke. Capcom: Felicia(Darkstalkers), Amaterasu(Okami).
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    Heyo! So sorry for disappearing into the void never to be seen for like 2 months, but I'm back and in fact alive. I'll be on and off in the coming days, so feel free to shoot a hot loaded message my way. (ha, MESSAGE)
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    "What better way to show gratitude to a Shaymin than by plowing them in the middle of their favorite flowers?" - F-List. That's right up there with the "tapping her for syrup" line from Lovesick. XD
  30. 1 like
    I have boots coming, as well as elastic string for the bracelet. And I'm having great luck styling the wig. That just leaves the skirt.
  31. 1 like
    The hat for my Dawn costume is done! It just has to dry. Next, I suppose it's down to the clothing. The actual outfit part.
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    Western Digital Diagnostic Tool. Yeah, I don't think that's going to come up with anything. Here's some hard drive porn anyway: From:
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    Hello, Stella. Welcome to EcchiDreams :D
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    Hello, welcome to Ecchidreams! It's good to see you, and I hope you enjoy your time here :) If you need anything, just let any of the staff know.
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    Hello, Stella. Welcome to EcchiDreams! Hope you have a good time here.
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    I actually don't like comic books, but I played Marvel Heroes Omega, and it's actually really fun! I got Daredevil for free for being a PlayStation Plus member, and I got Squirrel Girl as my starter! I think I'll unlock Gambit next; I hear he has a better chance of getting rare drops.
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    I love when my cousin surprises me at night. This time, it was with a box of pizza he had to tilt to get through my bedroom door. Unfortunately, I don't keep the tidiest of rooms. Suffice it to say, I suffered minor, delicious burns. The pizza is fine, intact, and still clean.~
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    Soo after a steam sales this week , i bought the witcher 2 for a really cheap price , it was for 2 or 3 dollars i think , aaaaaand then my laptop couldn't run the game properly , my guess is that because this was the "enhanced edition" oh well xD
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    Just had my cpu delidded and temps have dropped by average of 20 degrees across all cores!
  40. 1 like
    Ahh, paranoia. I started up my PS4, and found myself unable to sign in to my PSN account. My immediate thought? I was banned from PSN. What actually happened? I just needed a free system software update. XD
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    It looks like Killing Floor 2 will be June's free PlayStation Plus game, alongside Life Is Strange. I hear Killing Floor is good. And I always get the free games.
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    I'll be away for the next 2-3 days due to experimental de-lid of my CPU. Will hopefully be back soon with good results.
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    Not for over 3 years, before that sure X.X When was the last time you felt like you where being watched?
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    Does an Apple Pie count? If so, a few months ago. When was the last time you had faith in your government?
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    today, I played a game that was released a year before me XP you guess which it was XP When was the last time you got a message from a persone you completely forgot existed?
  46. 1 like
    Pretty much every day, I try not to give into it though. When was the last time you played a video game older than you are?
  47. 1 like
    yesterday when I was mistaken for someone who gives a fuck. when was the last time you felt like "fuck this. I'm going back to fucking bed"?
  48. 1 like
    A few days ago, its pokemon and digimon XD When was the last time you got mistaken for someone else?
  49. 1 like
    Earlier today. When was the last time you played a game?
  50. 1 like
    A few days ago with a girl I met at a bar XD So if it is your buisness then you can surely know what happened XP When was the last time you did something with toys to yourself.
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