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    Currently out in the middle of nowhere with @Neptune taking some star/space pictures and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be.
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    After a prolonged (excessive), unannounced, and unexplained Leave of Absence, I have returned to EcchiDreams. It's great to be back, and a pleasure to see all the new faces that have joined us. Hope you all didn't miss me too much.
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    Mmmmm... Hello.. I'm your teacher Ecchitext me and we'll get class started
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    When it takes you almost 3 hours to write a post because you are doing it on your phone... ughh!
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    Hello everyone! It's been some time since i've been here...i think that around 4-6 months? I dont remember completly. Life has been amazing for me, really busy and fun, and i hope it has been the same for y'all!!! To my own surprise, i did end up going to college, even though i thought i didnt want to. I am currently on a short two week winter vacation, so i guess that's the time i'll be around before i dissapear for the 2837827362838483rd time Anyways, this has been kind of an explanation on why i haven't been here, hope everything goes right, and i am anxious to meet all the new people that have joined since i dissapeared. Love y'all!!
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    Good Morning everyone, Slowly getting back into RP and looking for some fun.
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    Quick Update: so it's been awhile since I've been on. My computer was fried and I really don't have the means to get a new one right now, despite my efforts most of the week. The computer I have access is to my dad's work computer, which is in the most used room of the house. I finally have a chance to log on while no one is home (well except my dog but I don't think he'll rat me out hehe). Unfortunately, this comes on a day I have to work, and soon, so I'm just popping on to say I'm not dead yet! In the meantime, I'm working a whole bunch, saving my money to buy a new computer, though that's still a ways off. I should have a couple hours next week to be on for a bit, though, as my family is going on vacation without me. Hope to chat with you guys again soon!
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    An experimental beta test of a new addition to EcchiDreams is now available for both premium members and staff, something I hope to get fully released for all Dreamers by the end of next month once I've taken in suggestions, comments and feedback as well as fix any bugs that exist with it. It will be a space where dreamers can upload their favourite music tracks, (from videos uploaded on YouTube). It's a rather simple system that will allow people to search by artists, songs and genres via the tagging system. https://ecchidreams.com/ecchimusic/
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    Account Security Announcement: Under Section 5 of the Terms of Service It is your sole responsibility for protecting your account from any access that is not you, be that authorised or unauthorised. If you haven't done so already you can set up two factor authentication of your account; which we highly recommend. Please view the guide below to find out more, and how to set it up. It doesn't take 5 minutes to set up and it's an extra layer of protection for your account that is free and easy to use.
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    EcchiChat is back online with the new software. It definitely works better in my opinion, but if you spot anything please let me know. Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience.
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    Calling all roleplayers of the Public RP Club! The original owner (@lVergill) has left EcchiDreams under personal reasons, and has left the club to be ran by @Neptune and myself (as secondary). We normally wouldn't accept the transferal of a club like this to us when someone leaves but we genuinely think that Vergil had a good idea here, and that's why it's a featured (Official) Roleplay Club by EcchiDreams. It is unfortunate that Vergil no longer wants to be around here anymore, but it is what it is. I can't hold a gun to his head and force him to stay... That's not very nice. So we've had to make do, unfortunately whilst a good idea, I personally think it's been executed rather poorly. That is not a slight against Vergil, it's an observed opinion. Now we don't want to make a buttload of changes and make things unnecessarily complicated but something has to be done to address the current issues outstanding with the club to make it better for everyone. At the same time we don't to transform it away from the original intention, and potentially piss everyone off. That is exactly why we are open to consultation from the rest of the community and especially from those that roleplay there. You can make your voice heard and take part in the overhaul over at topic in the general area of EcchiMeta: The whole point of the Public RP Club is to allow Dreamers to set up a Public/One-time-use Roleplay very quickly, very easily, without needing to make a club for that one time use roleplay. Due to the fact that you can't make an infinite amount of clubs. We want to keep it to that, and only improve, without changing what it is completely.
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    Hello~ I haven't been on for a long time... I bet you miss me because I really miss you
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  15. 5 points
    Cow has finished and passed all of her exams!
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    EcchiChat Related Announcement: Upon review of the error logs I've found that a number of people have been facing an error when clicking on the view profile of someone via EcchiChat (Something I was able to replicate with @Neptune). I've issued a fix and this should now be working correctly, the problem is that it was going to /index.php?/profile when it should have been going to /dreamer/. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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    Hey everyone! I've just cleared out my profile, sorry for all the nice messages you've all sent to me. ;-; I just wanted to start anew! If you've ever messaged me and never received a response, I'm really sorry, but I was busy a lot and dealing with a lot of problems, but now I think everything should be great! I'm willing to Roleplay with anyone again, and I'm sorry if I've ever seemed rude or apathetic!
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    I went out last night and took over 160 pictures of the night sky, at 10 second intervals. I then put them all together in a kind of timelapse video and the end result: 11.5 seconds of sheer awesomeness:
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    I'm new and very excited and scared!
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    Sorry for roaming around but while looking at your profile, I noticed a better version of your profile pic if you wish for something less pixelated:
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    Good morning everyone! ^.^
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    Alright lovers, thats it for me. Off to my second job! Met some cool people today! Look forward to getting to know you all! As for the rest of you, I will see yall tomorrow!
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    Maybe a little dark for some people, but I love scenarios like this~
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    Have a funny.
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