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  1. 16 points
    My statement regarding recent events on EcchiDreams... This probably isn't going to age well, because I think with what's going on in the world right now, we're experiencing some very frayed mental states after being locked down for so long and having lives changed because of pandemic. Now; I realise that this is an extreme minority of people that is causing the majority of the problems, so...
  2. 12 points
    This may be a long one, so I understand if you skip it. However, I will be quite happy if you read it and want to give some feedback of any kind. So today was the last session I had with my weekly therapy group. Of course, there is a lot of joy and other good feelings about it, but it is still mixed with other emotions of various kinds. Luckily only very few and faint negative ones. I have been in a few kinds of therapy since I was diagnosed about 4-5 years back. Things just went slowly and without much progress for multiple of those...
  3. 11 points
    TL;DR: I'm okay, please don't worry. I feel like I owe you all an explanation. First, let me say that I am physically well. Mentally and emotionally, a touch unstable, a bit on the sad side, but nothing for you to worry about. I will come out the other end of this like I always do. I assure you there is nothing to worry you. Now the explanation. I present myself a certain way here, as I do everywhere online. The image I present is "Me As I Wish I Were." This is, by far, my favorite of the three main versions of myself. The other...
  4. 10 points
    This is a site for users 18 and over. I don't mean to be condescending or talk down to anyone, but please don't act like children. Blocking someone and continuing to talk shit about them while hiding behind a shield is pathetic. I've made a statement on my disappointment with this sort of behavior already and I still stand by it. You are adults. We shouldn't have to be policing "he said she said" issues. Everyone on this site has freedom of speech. Whether you like their opinions or not and whether we agree with their opinions or not. We've...
  5. 9 points
    I might be entering a local Smash Ultimate tournament next week. o.o I'm hyped! Though a bit nervous because I actually haven't played any of the Smash Bros. games in... months.
  6. 9 points
    The cynical old man in me has this to say, "Best to stop talking about it before it becomes an argument about the old argument." Recursion isn't always amusing.
  7. 8 points
  8. 8 points
    I can't tell why people here being nice when they got a chance to put me in my place. I was expecting that today so i steel myself. But instead i got...a friendly chat, a warm welcome, a small joke and of course some reply on RP i manage to answer tonight... I never felt so glad when my expectation proved to be false... "And for that...i'm grateful..." (Hashtag is for idiot they said. See you at 9 yes?)
  9. 8 points
    I am equal parts relieved and frustrated that my thoughts about the increasing community divisions in EcchiDreams have been validated by official statements. Relieved, because for some time I was worried that my sense of perspective had been distorted by recent events, and frustrated because, well... I used to like logging in, dammit. Now I find myself thinking, "Oh, gee, I wonder who will...
  10. 8 points
    I only want to say two things. I like turtles. That is a really big read for ‘Don’t be a dick.’ It is pretty simple to me, it is like ‘Do you want somebody verbally harassing you?’ No? Then why you doing it to another? Don't be a dick and get your head out of your own ass. I am not a word poet like most of you as I am very much a blunt person. When I get ignored I...
  11. 7 points
    So we got fans of BOOBS and BUTTS. But... What about FLAT? Not everyone is "gifted", sadly
  12. 7 points
    “You! Insolent Being reading this post, come closer. Whether you have ignored me, acknowledged me, or even spoke to me, I shall let you know...” ”Do kindly have a good day, and may your future be ever so fortunate.”
  13. 7 points
    172 people online in one day. Wow. Every single one of you are so fucking awesome. Thank you all. Keep dreaming and keep safe.
  14. 7 points
    Lets step up our relationship for the better~ "Still insist being BFF? Oh hush you. Give me your dick. Bet it taste sweeter than these candy~" (For better, or worse?) PS: Sorry for double post. Somehow hit send by accident. Ayy...
  15. 7 points
    Apologies for the brief interruption of service there, the server wanted to be rebooted due to the installation of security updates, which promptly broke the site, and I needed to fix it. This has been done now, but if you run into any problems please let me know! Cheers!
  16. 7 points
    @Elena Ichinomiya @Peculiaritree @WritesNaughtyStories I feel kinda sad right now. I've had many new people on EcchiDreams thank me for being so kind to them and explaining things instead of being rude. Who on this site is bullying new people? It's just... shameful. Even though our preferences weren't compatible, it doesn't mean that anyone should be rude. Rather, I did have that happen, but I told them. I still explained preference sheets, and if they hadn't done one, we both wouldn't have known. You know, some people aren't...
  17. 7 points
    I've been trying to make an effort to be more positive towards people as of late..............I think the situation between @XenoSera and I was eye opening, cuz I've been trying to do better since. I'm not perfect of course........nor am I an angel, but there has been some good that's come out of all of this. Xenosera and I were able to achieve this by talking to each other privately. we...
  18. 7 points
    i my self have not liked what is going on i was gone for like 2 weeeks and a lot of drama came around i still love this site in all of my crusaders little heart bu seeing so much negative going on almost made my want o keep my break going but i have to many awesome friends to walk away anylonger i my self beed dealing with family problems and it has messed up on what time i go to sleep cause im...
  19. 7 points
    I'm still virgin ???: hey, lets RP FxF Me: A-okay (Although bland, the RP going smoothly anyway) Dude: Uhh...i find myself not comfortable playing as female...how come you're so good playing as female character without being squeamish single bit? It felt like RP with real woman" "Dudebro...first of everything, i AM a woman! My word, don't zoom out the page when you check my profile!" (He make it sounds like i'm a dude) #ListenHere #DudeBruh #ImWhatNow
  20. 7 points
    Let’s have a play date
  21. 6 points
    It's finally happening! Today I very much expect to be handed the keys to my new apartment I have all to myself. All I need to do, is show up to inspect it for any damage or other flaws. Then note them down so those I rent from knows what they need to fix, free of charge for me, of course! So soon I can begin to actually move in little by little
  22. 6 points
    Remember what innocent little red hood say to the wolf in disguise? "Granny your teeth is so sharp, why you got snout? Why you grinning like mad?" "And why you look so...horny?" (Btw, i'm heading out to cooling off~)
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  24. 6 points
  25. 6 points
    "I'm not a whore, but... Bag of gold is a bag of gold. Especially if it's pretty much my salary for a whole year in this shitty tavern... With everyone constantly trying to grab my ass (or worse!) FOR FREE. Ugh..." "And you seem like a nice handsome fella... So I think we have a deal."
  26. 6 points
    Wanna cuddle with this little ball of fur?
  27. 6 points
    As a follow-up to yesterday's thing... BOOBS?
  28. 6 points
    Last time I got low I cut my hair stupidly short. I got it fixed and it's a kind of cute bob with more body than I expected. This time I might have bleached the living shit out of my hair until it was this pale yellow, almost platinum blonde, and it's quite possible I did some permanent damage. But a quick internet search and an online order later and... voila. Perfectly white hair, which it turns out requires more maintenance than I expected. But for now, I have a short, curled, white bob, and I must say, it's also kind of cute. ...
  29. 6 points
    Hi! You can call me Charlie! I’m 18,(19 on the fourth) and have been poking around the adult roleplay community, I guess you can say I’ve graduated from non-adult roleplay(Not that I won’t do more!) i guess there are a few things you should know about me, First off, I have Borderline Multiple Personality Disorder, So please bare with me I might not act the same all the time. Which I suppose is good for role playing second, I don’t lie, if your writing stinks I’m gonna tell you! Of course I’m going...
  30. 6 points
    I honestly want to hop aboard the train, I guess, and say that it is disappointing. It sucks when such a fun little community of sex and debauchery and whatnot...is turning into people against one another. There was a user that said that real world stuff shouldn't be brought into here. And while you can't control what people can or cannot say... I somewhat agree to that. This site is my escape,...
  31. 6 points
    While I get along with others pretty well usually, I am one of the primary offenders of status update Roleplay and the conveyor of barf worthy public filth. In addition derailing threads with sexy RPing seems to also be primarily me as far as I can tell. I sincerely apologize. Ok Dokey, I shall stick to appropriate role play channels now and continue trying to remember not to go off...
  32. 6 points
    As someone who has been wronged by this behaviour twice now, I can honestly say that I very much am happy this is getting adressed, but I am saddened by the fact that it needed to be said. I know I am not always the most politically correct (check title here) and I personally have shifted in my political views quite a bit (we all change throughout life after all), but when I act and talk in a...
  33. 6 points
    I have been on Leave of Absence for the last month, as I've had a very rough month that has been very hard on me and my family. I was not expecting to come back to see the kind of shit flying around on this site. I'm not angry. I'm just very disappointed, and pretty upset that the fun and friendly community that I've helped to create has become so hostile. It's honestly heartbreaking. ...
  34. 6 points
    2020 has been rough and brutal but I want everybody to be safe, stay healthy, and love each other.
  35. 6 points
    Wow such a warm day~ Maybe going to shower, eat, and then hang out here with you guys~
  36. 6 points
    IMessage: “I know you are still at school babes but I just wanted to send you this so you know I’m thinking of you.”
  37. 5 points
    Psst... pssssssst... Hey, wake up. You’re finally awake. Please kindly enjoy your time here in this site as well as this comic I have to provide.
  38. 5 points
  39. 5 points
    Working from home = hentai/roleplay breaks Yay!
  40. 5 points
    Someone is happy... "Shhh~" (See you at 9~) #ShiftChange
  41. 5 points
    All job finished...for now. The room temperature is at 32-35 degrees...for now. Guess i can reply and stay a bit longer than usual~ "You're next i assume? Come closer please~"
  42. 5 points
    Oh~? Been a while isn't it? I almost forgot how i do my shift change so... #ShiftChange
  43. 5 points
    Just an update, i'm still busy for now. If i'm lucky, i could finish the job quicker for...2-3 days? Idk. But if things go bad, it might take a whole week...or more. But don't worry, when i login, reply is assured. But not everyone would get their reply on the said days. Lately i'm always get the job done near my shift change hours. Can't risk sleepy reply take over especially to the one who currently having a smut scene. And i have to wake up early (4-5AM) like what happen right now to give report since i don't want to get buried in a...
  44. 5 points
    I have updated my preferences, I will now RP anything at all.
  45. 5 points
    The person reading this has been intercepted by two FAT cows, how can you continue moving past them?
  46. 5 points
    Erotic Roleplaying is so great! In addition to having unlimited freedom to do what you like there are no STDs so my extreme paranoia and safety measures I take with real sex can be ignored! Yay! Bukkake all day!
  47. 5 points
    Hello master, omae wa... Dude: so you're gonna be my maid. You know the drill right? Me: what should i call you? With title? Just name? Or something else? Dude: name would do. Wait, name and title if you could (So the RP goes without hitch. But i realize that my role as maid, isn't exactly a maid. I got involved in shooting, driving getaway cars, even hide the bodies after assassination...) Me: (OOC, when you said maid...you sure this is the kind of maid you prefer?) Dude: (Yeah, you did alright, why?) Me: (Mister, i...
  48. 5 points
    Yet another trap to fall into. Just less busty than the one from yesterday.
  49. 5 points
    Roomate just now: "I can tell you are talking to that Elena person again..." Me: "Huh? What? How do you know that??" Roomate: "Because the entire living room smells like pussy..." Me: ".......sorry."
  50. 5 points
    Non-RP related Me: *do dishes* Big sis: *cleaning kitchen* Me: *clean living room* Big sis: *clean everyone room* Me: *mopping living room floor* Big sis: *cleaning garden* Job done! Big sis: say Elena, ever grow a dick? "Sis did you sniff something crazy while cleaning the garden?" (Of all things, dick?) #DailyBasis #SisMoment #TellMe #WhatTheHey #DickMove
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