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    BOO! Happy Halloween everyone
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    yelling “WHO CLOSED LAST NIGHT” hits different when it was me who closed
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    Hey everyone sorry for being really quiet tonight. I was out with a delightful lass, one could call it a “date” I suppose. Will get replies out tomorrow, I’m not in the mind space for it right now.
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    Some images to keep my warm at night
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    Good morning! Don't forget the most important meal of the day!
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    Rinako's eyes remained glued upon the food, ears perked up just a bit. It looked so delicious! Also it was always fun watching him cook. He was really good at it! Hopefully she'd pick up some of those skills someday. Of course when Kyle started to speak she cast her gaze up towards him instead. "O-oh? You think they would?" The wolf's gaze fell again to the food, but mostly to cover the pink tinting her cheeks. That would be pretty nice! Of course doing stuff with them would be neat and she was honestly very curious about it all, but it'd also help her in case she ever planned on getting into the same business! Plus it could just be kind of fun, right? She could make more money too! And maybe it'd help with those after work heats. Legs squeezed together beneath her dress, ears folded back while her mind wandered. Maybe she should just ask them sometime. When Kyle leaned in for a word the wolf's closest ear perked up! She liked secrets! Although she certainly wasn't expecting that one! What? As lips pressed against her cheek the poor girl's face shifted to a bright red! Both ears were briefly perked only to flatten back against her head. Hands squeezed at the fabric of her dress, wringing it between slim fingers. "R-really? Ya really like me? B-but they're so much prettier. And they can do things I can't! G-gosh." Despite the timid drawing in of her body Rinako's tail betrayed her, fluttering excitedly behind her!
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    *coughs casually while casually making another casual thread for Dameon and Gemini... casually*
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    Dack kept a side eye on Liam as he walked by and for a brief second his gaze met his, and at that moment he knew he had been recognized as well. He sighed as he turned his gaze away. The man hadn't drawn his piece, so maybe he wasn't in for as much trouble as he feared. He did his best to take his mind off things as he looked back up at Annie who still stood across from him at the bar and smiled "Well, I can certainly tell you've got a good cook here," he agreed with her as he finally started on his breakfast. "The company's even more divine, though," he flirted, doing his best to relax, even more now her offer sounding more enticing to him as he kept his gaze fixed on the redhead before him.
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    If you want, I can worship your cock and be your whore, or I can fuck your brains out and make you my dumb bimbo~
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    Lmao! Actually Day 1 is the perfect place! Dameon is about to leave his office and come back out to the bar... as for Kyle and Rinakao... they may scurry off to Kyle's room to test their limits! What do you think @Chiyako?
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    if you could just tell me where i should make my first post (amusing i have enough to make a post)) that would be great.... i figured day one would be the place but it looks like people are abit uh... "busy" which makes me think i should come into the story abit differently.... past that having someone to talk to IC would be wonderful hun!
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    Reasoning had left the building at this point! The heat of Nilaa's lips had all but worked it out of him, relaxing TV Head with the rotating of her hips until all that remained was libido. Now his hands moved onto Nilaa's small body and embraced her against his torso. The villain's head began to become hazy with a faint dizziness and his hips began to move on instinct. His back arched, sucking his abs in to better position Nilaa against his body, letting her small form become cradled in his. "Ahhh," TV Head sighed contently. "Keep this up and you can feel nice with me whenever you want~." The hand that had once gripped the side of the bath now was grabbing at Nilaa's rear. It cupped her perky rump, the large fingers squeeze the fat of her ass between them. TV Head used his grip to guide Nilaa's pussy up and down along the width of his head, letting Nilaa feel it spread her lips just for it to tease her little button again and again. His other hand was caressing the back of Nilaa's neck, running itself down between her shoulders and up again, keeping her close. At times, TV Head would buck his hips a little higher, just enough for his head to tease Nilaa's tight entrance with his cock. The more he did it the more he felt his length ache to be buried inside Nilaa.
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    For some strange reason TV Head's sausage moved on it's own accord! When she touched it the thing twitched! And now that she held herself close to him she could feel it throb. It was really warm too! But it wasn't the only thing getting warmer. Somehow the thing had ended up between her legs. Now whenever her hips moved she felt it press against her own sensitive region. Suffice it to say the feeling it delivered was a whole mix of emotions. Heat grew between her loins. A pleasant tingly sensation skittered up along her spine. She actually enjoyed the contact made between them. Overall the entire experience only made her more curious. "Nilaa feel nice." Ears flattened back while a hand patted atop her head. She was pulled with the man while he leaned back. When TV Head's hips rose up Nilaa felt the tip of the not-to-be-devoured sausage squish against her little mound, briefly parting for but a moment the pale lips of her pussy. A surprised gasp left the girl, slightly muffled as she pressed her face against the man's chest, arms squeezing around his torso a bit harder. But it only encouraged her hips to continue their movements, not only from side to side with her wagging tail but also now with the occasional slightly circular drag back and forth, sliding her sex along the top of her friend's rod. "Feel weird. Nice weird."
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    Nilaa was surprisingly light in TV Head's hands, so much so that it took nothing out of him to lift the two of them together. TV Head wondered just where it was all that food went after so soon, but holding Nilaa close proved to be just as pleasant as she was light, as TV Head noted how soft and warm she felt in his hands. "Hahaha, yeaaahh, learn fook, right," TV Head chuckled nervously. It wasn't until TV Head had brought the two over to the bath that he had noticed the bit of saliva at Nilaa's lips. "Are you already hungry again?" TV Head asked as he lowered the two into the relaxing water. The same juicy meat that had caught Nilaa's eye before was now floating comfortably just beneath the surface, the thick sausage bobbing with TV Head's movements in the water. But TV Head paid no mind, instead having all of his attention sucked up by the adorable dribble of spit at Nilaa's mouth. Just for a moment Nilaa's lips reminded TV Head of the frustration and appetite Karma had left with him, his member twitching at the thought. TV Head gulped, his gaze instinctively moving on its own from Nilaa's lips to down her small body.
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    Heh my dog is snoring next to me its cute
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    hello! here's my thingy. If there's something not listed in yes or no, then i just don't rly think of it....but if it's in no, then, yeah, NO. Also, i'm really just not into men...Sexual. As people, writing partners, friends, that's fine, but sexually? I know what i like, and it's curves and softness. But if you yourself are a guy, don't let that stop you from messaging me! If you wanna talk about a roleplay, feel free to message me thanks for looking?
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    Oh he'd be absolutely distraught if something was happening and he didn't know where his students were, especially Karma. But I also imagine that it would be pretty easy for TV Head & Nilaa to find Karma again, (all past events considered haha), without Takeshi being aware for a while, if at all. If it happens off campus or out of sight that is ~
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    Then Takeshi would be away but probably act like a worried parent (x
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    The little rabbit's eyes were glued to Isaac's hand while it drifted downwards. He started to masturbate for her, just as she'd dared him to do, but at this point it wasn't really surprising at all. They were both clearly horny. While she observed Emi didn't even notice the hand on her breast shifting around, softly groping and rubbing against the slightly squishy region. Her other hand drifted down, fingers settling upon her left thigh. Fuck. This is tough. At least the truths should help calm us down. At least, a little bit. Heck at this point I wouldn't even disagree to a good romp. I bet it'd feel pretty great. Hurt a bit at first but, well, yeah. He's big enough. Doubt he would disagree either. But it's really about who cracks first now. When Isaac stopped Emi relaxed again, sighing softly to herself. Another easy question. Still, despite their nudity and despite what they'd just done in front of each other Emi was still a little embarrassed to answer such things. It was all very new to her! She was starting to write out a response when she remembered the person he'd been with before. Right. This game had started no so lewd. It'd help calm her down a bit too! Although she didn't want to fall back into the habit of only doing truths as well. 'They sound pretty fun. I wouldn't mind one. Or more. Who was that person working with you the other day? Also I'll take a dare.' Even so, despite her trying to calm down Emi's gaze occasionally returned to Isaac's dick. Her heart hammered within her chest. Heat filled her despite the lack of clothes. And she was doing everything in her power not to simply start rubbing herself again.
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    Location: Emi's apartment (714) 9:43 am. Truth or dare eh? It's a simple enough game and it sure could be a lot of fun. Not to mention things would probably go a lot more straight forward now. He found no reason to disagree. Emi also went ahead and began the game. His first thought was to go for 'truth', but he was still feeling a bit bad for the 'boobs' thing, so... "Alright, I choose dare. Do your worse!" he replied in aplayful tone and with a smug grin on hid face. He was also curious to see how far she would go.
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    Location: Emi's apartment (714). 9:26 am. And so, the battle of obvious observations kept on going. She did shoot for a more geral one, since Isaac is older than her and is a boy. That was just an overall nice play on her part. He chuckled a bit in response as he lowered another one of his fingers, leaving only two left. Truth to be told, facil hair wasn't really something he had to deal with very often, but he has had to shave his face before, so... one less point for him. "Alright, well played. I'll admit I wasn't expecting that. You took a risk there, didn't you?" he then placed his free hand on his chin as he began to think on the next one. Since she took a risk, he should do the same. What else does he know about her? Well, she is pretty much an anvil, so... is that too much of a low blow? Oh well, only one way to find out "Well, my turn to take a risk. Never have I ever wished to have bigger boobs" he had to hold his laugh at the end of that one.
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    Location: Emi's apartment (714). 9:23 AM. The bunny's smirk remained plastered upon her face. Who would run out of obvious ones first?! Probably her unfortunately. Even so she had one up her sleeve! But that was to be used in an emergency. Again she was hit by a very obvious one. Emi lowered her ring finger. Two left. Definitely not good. Wait a minute. He was a boy and he was a little older than she was. Maybe she had something she could use? Again she wrote into her notepad. It would be more of a stretch, but she felt it was a good one! 'Never have I ever shaved my face.'
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    Location: Emi's apartment (714). 9:16 AM. And so the game began! What a dirty opening it was too! Large floppy ears stuck straight up in surprise at the first round! It was probably as close to cheating as one could get! But she wasn't upset, evident when she ended up sticking her tongue out at Isaac. Simultaneously she lowered her thumb. Cheap shot! Okay, now I have to get a bit ruthless. Wait, I know! It should cement what I know about him too! Her free hand swiftly wrote down a simple response! She was really getting excited now! 'Never have I ever entered a portal to another realm.'
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    "Yes, we certainly are." He said nervously, as he wasnt sure if that was an invitation. Rinako's comment about her teeth didnt cause the fantasy to subside, only made him think about the ways he could orally please her. His breath was starting to grow heavy as he could feel the need over powering him. It wasnt against the rules, technically she wasnt one of the working girls. So it wouldnt be that bad! His brother couldn't be mad at him for that right? One hand gently moved from the wolf girl's ear, down to her cheek. His thumb gently caressing her smooth skin as his fingertips curved beneath her chin where he lifted it gently. If there was a stopping point to all this it would be now, but Kid being who he is... he was already flying by the stopping point. Once Rinako's head was tilted just a little further back, he leaned his own head down. Titling to the side slightly so his chin wouldnt collide with her nose. And before he could think things through he pressed his lips firmly against Rinako's.
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    Will do! And she most certainly is.
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    The bushy white tail started to smack against the older man as he shifted around behind Rinako. Thankfully it was a gentle thwapping and not much else. It did however cause the little barmaid to perk up, head tilting back enough to allow her to look up towards Kyle. Now what was he doing back there? Fingers brushed through her soft hair only to end up against the even softer fur of her ears! "N-not like they are" she mumbled, hands braced against the table in front of her, gripping while digits squeezed and massaged against her sensitive ears. Eyes shut. A soft sigh left the girl, legs pressing together beneath her skirt. It felt pretty great! Also it was being done by a man who'd just laid down a confession upon her. That certainly hadn't gone away yet, nor had the heat in her cheeks. However beyond the growing warmth within her chest there was also a growing warmth just a little further down. She could pick up both the noises and the scent between Dameon and Gemini. Her breathing picked up just the slightest bit. It didn't help either that Kyle was standing so close behind her. Her imagination ran wild with what might happen between them. Kyle did have a point. Such things she could learn when the time came. And who knows? Perhaps there were things she could do better! She'd just have to discover them for herself! Although it did bring another question to mind. "What sorta things do you like most Mister Kyle?" she asked in a timid whisper, leaning her head back until it settled upon the man's chest. Blue orbs were revealed once more, peering up towards her kitchen companion. Her head even tilted just the slightest bit out of curiosity, although she was still very much leaning into the massage she received. The rest of her body was simply following suite!
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    Lol. Its alright. Thanks for the info! Its good stuff. And who knows. Maybe one day Liam will hear that thats what a high end girl makes, and come back to spend that.
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    Location: Emi's apartment (714). 8:45 AM. As it turned out The Syndicate's careful maneuvering seemed to stump even the detective! That was a bit unsettling, but then she also knew that she couldn't just expect to have results right away with this sort of thing. It would take time. Preparation. Their own careful maneuvering and positioning. Perhaps even a stakeout! People still did stakeouts, right? Data? Well he does have a point. Something that big has to have records somewhere. But that's still an issue. Emi jotted down a quick note, passing it on over to the boy's lap. 'Disposable phones. Can you still track that? If so then we could do it that way. We'd need to exchange numbers. Do you still get reception when you leave through the portal? I don't know how that works.' Waiting. She didn't like waiting, especially not after getting her hopes up like this! But if she had to wait then she'd wait. If that were the case though what would they do in the meantime? Did that mean he was going to leave? It's kind of nice having company over for once. I'm going to miss this, even if it is a bit quiet.
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    Aww the interaction between Kyle and Rinako is so sweet! We need more reaction options!
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    Gemini has her ways. I won’t be surprised if she ends up in some trouble at some point lol
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    Location: Emi's apartment (714). 8:42 AM. While Isaac looked over the note Emi remained completely still. It was a bit awkward sitting next to a boy like this. Alone. In her place. He was pretty handsome too! And he could do some neat things. If circumstances were different then perhaps they would be on a date! They'd be sitting and eating popcorn while watching a movie. Or, well, whatever else people their age did in these circumstances. Fooling around. Probably. I bet it'd be pretty nice too. Alas things were not different. They weren't here on a date, but instead they were here discussing how to take down an evil organization without getting her parents killed. Nor were they ordinary teenagers. Emi was a serious little thief and Isaac was a serious detective! The chances that either of them would be up to those sorts of things was very unlikely. Well, probably. I guess if this were a noir thing we'd probably be doing stuff, right? The detective always sleeps with his client. I think. The bunny's big fluffy tail wiggled slightly when Isaac spoke up. He was going to help her! That was a relief. He did have a good point as well. If they could kill off the leader then maybe she could find some escape. But it wasn't going to be that easy and there were a few issues with this idea. Another note was passed over. 'Problem is I don't know who their leader is. We never meet in person unless I mess up. They'll send some people to correct me if I do. It's not very pleasant. Thing is I don't mess up. I'm good at what I do and I don't like being hurt. They only ever send me a disposable phone in the mail. When they call I answer. Usually it's just texting. I relay instructions for pick up and then I destroy the phone. Unfortunately they are very organized. Even if we killed their leader someone else would just step up. I'd also need to wipe out any information they have on me or my parents. Getting rid of people who know about us and then the information would free us. But I don't even know where they work out of.' A gentle sigh left the girl. One hand drifted up, scratching atop her head. She slid her hat off, settling it upon the table before flopping back into the couch's cushioned embrace. The thought that she might be able to finally break free from these people's grasp was making her a little more anxious than she liked. Having a cute boy in her apartment didn't help matters either. Even so she tried her best to put those thoughts off. Once she got thinking about them, well, things got a little warmer under the collar. I guess maybe we could try luring them into a trap. But as soon as we did that they'd be on to us.
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    Alright everyone. I'm off to bed. I know some of you are still waiting on my replies. I beg your forgiveness and will get to them when I am able. I just haven't been sleeping too good and now that the truck stopped moving it's my best chance to actually catch up on sleep. Love yall! And for you special beautiful people who helped bring Pearly Gates Saloon to life tonight... I could never thank yall enough for giving my world a try! I will do my best to keep things interesting!
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    The way he caresses her jaw made Coco nearly swoon, but she kept a professional mien on her face. Dameon always knew how to get under her skin. The man had a particular talent. Or perhaps, she was just vulnerable because of what he and his brother did. Either way, she knew she’d have to be careful with her urges. Dameon might not take to being propositioned by a saloon girl. Damn it, she needed that bourbon. When the glass finally reached her ebony fingers she quickly went to take a swig, only to be interrupted by Mr. Weiss’s question. “If you mean has he been in my room; then no,” Coco let out, giving Mr. Weiss a level gaze. “And if you’re asking me to tell on the other girls...well you know just how well I can keep secrets. But no worries, they know they’re not supposed to give anymore freebies... Oh, hi Annie.” Glad to have the tension easing, she raised her glass at the proposed toast, finally, finally, enjoying a much needed swig. Ahh, liquid courage. This stuff has certainly gotten her through many a tough time. Just then a patron entered in, and Coco smirked as she watched Annie begin to work her magic. That girl definitely had a pull about her. Coco preferred to lie in wait. She kept an air of mystery which usually attracted wealthier clients. Or the dangerous ones, but that couldn’t be helped. “Well Weiss, looks like we’ve got our first official client,” She grinned, rubbing his forearm affectionately and focusing back on her drink.
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    Location: A simple cafe. 8:14 AM. A single ear lifted into the air while they walked, focused upon the boy following along by her side. So he was new to the city? This was actually pretty good news! That made it less likely that he was within the corrupt clutches of her employers. It also meant that he was less likely to be well known by the organization and, therefore, he was a bit safer. After all she was trying to avoid hurting anyone. It's not like I have anything to lose by trusting him at this point. I'm pretty sure he isn't with them. And there is no way I can take them down alone. Not with what they have. Emi jotted down a quick response within her notepad, holding it up for the detective. She was really going out on a limb with this, but it was also only fair that he knew the risks. He was a detective though, so perhaps he already understood what he was getting himself into here. 'If you think you can find them then I don't mind taking you to my place. However if they see you entering with me then you might get roped into things really quickly. These are very dangerous people. I don't want you to get hurt. I would like to trust you, but only if you know the consequences for helping me. If all this sounds like too much then I would understand if you decided to just walk away now.' Even so she'd begin leading the two of them to her place! It wasn't very far from the cafe. She'd chosen the place because it was close. Also it had good food. A double win, really. When they reached the street corner she stopped, leaning against the closest building. Halfway down the block lay a very large modern apartment complex. She'd nod towards it, writing out another note. 'That is where I live. Room 714.'
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    Location: a simple cafe. 8:09 am. The detective noticed the waitress arriving with the girl's order as she wrote on the notepad again before pushing it to Isaac once more. The silver haired boy couldn't help but yo notice that smile on the bunny girl's face was actually pretty legit, or at the very least she was way better at faking it than he. Isaac didn't like lying to people and he wasn't really good at it either. Before reading the note again, the detective noticed that, while eating her pancakes, the bunny girl seemed to be really happy and enjoying herself, it was kinda cute actually. "Pancakes huh? I should have guessed you would order that" he said with a slight chuckle, faking the whole 'date' stuff again. As for the note itself... well, it sure clarified a lot of things about the girl. Like why she simply refused to speak to him. She wasn't avoiding talking to him, she simply couldn't, bacuse she is mute. Isaac felt somewhat bad for approaching the subject the way he did, but at least he got her name: Eri. A pretty nice name, sounded good. Out of all of that however, what got the most attention from the detective was the 'involuntary work' part. Was she being forced to do all of that? By whom? And why? And what were threatning her with? His mind was absolutely flodded with questions after reading that part. Once again, the detective found himself dealing with another internal conflict. On one hand, he would likely be getting himself involved with some really dangerous people, but on the other hand, he didn't want to leave Eri to deal with a problem of that scale by herself. It was also clear that she couldn't deal with that problem alone. Plus... his damned detective curiosity kept tingling with excitment. Before Isaac could consider the part about sharing breakfast for the sake of the 'date' cover, the waitress arrived with his waffles and placed them over the table. He nodded at her in thanks before cutting and eating a small piece. The waffles were great! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Still, keeping the cover was in his best interest... he would have to think on something, but for now, he decided to write on the notepad. 'Oh... I see... I am sorry, I didn' know. Well, before I decide if I am going to help you, I'll need more information and details on what we are dealing with, so... yeah, sure. We can go somewhere else after we are done here. I'll be paying for my breakfast, though. As for covering our "date" a bit better... well..." Isaac then pushed the notepad back at Eri and waited for her to read before cutting another small piece of his waffles and stabbing it with his fork and offering to her. He had a slight blush in his face as he did that, despite his attempts of hidding it. "Came on, give it a try" he said in a soft voice tone
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    1. I have a thing for doing some..”dangerous” situations lmao. I’ve had sex in a city park bathroom stall and showering stall. At the city park bridge in the middle of the night. My ex’s mother’s bed as well as his dad’s(separated parents.). One time behind a ex’s shed during his mother’s birthday party. Multiple times in the car. Given a blowjob in the theater. Churches, woods, beaches, hiking trails, etc. Had been fucked behind a door while answering the pizza delivery man who was delivering my food I ordered. But only at home for masturbation. 2. I’m pretty open to having sex in multiple places. The rush of getting caught gets me every time. I only will masturbate in my home though. 3. I always wanted to try and have sex while trying to talk to my mom on the phone and get away with it.
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    Location: a formely haunted museum 10:26 pm Seeing how the bunny girl clearly didn't want to reply, Isaac decided to take matters in his own hands "You don't want to talk to me huh? Well, that's a shame... I was legit curious to know about you, considering that you were bat shit crazy enough to actually come to this place and try to steal such a valuable necklace" said Isaac in and honest and somewhat dissapointed voice tone. "And that's not all master. Had you not intervined, she surely would be able to escape this place with it. I am sure I saw her passing through a wall not long ago" added Yoshitzune in a serious tone "She can go etheral as well?" Isaac was a bit chocked to hear that. Although... that surely explained how she was able to infiltrate the museum and steal the precious item without triggering the alarm. The detective then sighed again before making a decision. "Yoshitzune, can you please check on her bag? I am sure the necklace will be there" the Yokai simply replied with a slight nod before moving to the bunny girl's side and checking the bag. While he was at it, Isaac put on his very serious face and looked the girl straight in her blue eyes "I am not going to hurt you. I wouldn't feel right doing so, since I don't know much about you. That said..." it was then that the detective pulled down the cloth covering the girl's face, giving him a complete view of her facial assets "...I now know your face, and I am pretty good at finding people when I want to. I don't mind if you steal someone's crap, but be warned. If I find out that you killed an innocent person... you'll see me again, and I pretty sure you don't want that, do ya?" Isaac's voice tone was manecing as all hell at that point. He also made sure to keep eye contact with the girl, he was dead serious about what he said. "I found it, master!" said Yoshitzune after taking the necklace and bringing it to Isaac. "Thank you." He replied his friend with a slight nod as he took the necklace in his free hand. He then turned to the girl one last time "As for you... well, looks like you are a girl after all... your facial features don't lie. Plus, your legs and thighs... *ahem* anyway... you are free to go" and just like that, the strings were gone and the girl was free. Isaac now had his mind focused once more on fiding the missing guy. He went back to the necklace exibition and kept on scanning the area. Eventually, he was able to find the weird roof part again and, with the help from another Yokai, was able to dispell the illusion that had been cast creating a false roof where the missing person was hidden. The guy was alive, but very weak. Yokai magic was holding him there as a medium sized lizard-like spirit drained it's victim's energy "Yo! Sorry to interrupt your dinner, but are closing in a few minutes. Would you mind getting the fuck out of here?" said the detective in a mocking tone while already preparing himself for combat. Obviously, the spirit wasted no time and jumped at it's enemy, but Isaac's strings quickly entangle it and shredded it to pieces, core included. The magic holding the night guard at the roof was gone and he fell to the ground. The detective alerted the other guards, before placing the necklace back on it's place, with a little help from Yoshitzune. An ambulance was called and the missing person sent to the hospital.
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    Location: haunted museum 10:00 pm Soon enough, night fell over and the skies went dark with only the moon and the stars providing light. Isaac got permission to stay with the other guards during the night shift. After the doors were closed and the alarm systems activated, a dead silence filled the place. After talking a bit with the other guards, Isaac got the location where the disapearence had happened last night: the necklace exibition. The detective advised the others to keep an open eye for anything weird and to call for him should they spot anything out of ordinary. On his way to the necklace exibition and out of the other guards view, Yoshitzune decided to manifest himself in his etheral form "Well? What do you think we are dealing with here?" asked the Yokai warrior "I am not sure. I mean... there certainly are some minor Yokais around here, but how many and what kinds is hard to tell. Plus..." Isaac then directed his attention to a janitor's closet neaby. His instincts were telling him something else was going on there "I have the feeling we'll have more problems to deal with tonight" the detective tried to open the door, but just as he suspected, it was locked. Just to be safe, Isaac summoned another small Yokai in etheral state so he would be warned if anything went down over there. Finally, the detective had reached the exibition area. The first thing he did was to have a good look around. There were a few paintings around, but those seemed normal. The unsettling thing about that area was the heavy negative energy in the air. The was something wrong there. Very wrong. Isaac made sure to be ready for anything as he kept on investigating.
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    It was just another seemingly normal afternoon in Blackberry Falls when Isaac arrived at the town. He came by the bus station and, after getting out of the bus, took a deep breath. After hours traveling, being finally able to strech his legs was a heavenly feeling, but Isaac didn't allow himself to dwel in thise thoughts for long. He was a straight to business kind of guy anyway. After walking around for a bit and asking for directions a couple of times, Isaac was final able to reach the museum he had heard about in the rumors. Not wanting to waste any time, he presented hinself as a supernatural detective and asked to one of the nearby employees about the haunting rumors. The woman explain that the night guards have been complaining about objects moving for no reason, some paintings coming to life and that last night one of said guards even dissapeared. Isaac took upon himself to deal with that problem and got permission from the owner of the museum to investigate.
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    Have been really out of it yesterday and today... Really wish I could get out of my headspace.
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    Ok, so I didn’t know where else to put this, but it’s been on my mind lately and I really felt it was necessary to get this out there. I will want you right now that this story may be deeply upsetting to some people, and it touches on a pretty serious topic so if you’re really not looking to be bummed out turn back now, but to those of you who may need this right now I’ll leave it here. A little over a year and a half ago a dear friend of mine went missing. She was my mentor for the theatre honors fraternity and a newly graduated alumni of my college. She and I had been decently close and I was even closer friends with her boyfriend, another member of the theatre program and another fellow classmate. Denise (my friend who went missing) was one of the kindest, happiest, and most helpful I have ever known. We had a drafting class together and our tables were next to each other and we grew close during her final semester of senior year. It was that following summer after graduation that she left us. I heard about her disappearance as soon as it happened, my friends and I were all freaking out and several of them were driving multiple hours to where she lived to help search for her. I was unfortunately unable to accompany them. The hours turned into days and the days into a week, still no sign of her. Then, at the end of that week, she turned up. Her body was found near a river a few blocks from her house. We were all destroyed. I’ve never cried so hard in my life. None of us could wrap our heads around it and we all wanted answers as to what had happened to our dear friend, but when we got the news it hurt even more. Her cause of death was ruled a suicide by intentional drowning. I couldn’t believe it. I had seen her just two months prior and she seemed like everything was going her way and like she couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t accept it, it didn’t make sense. I refused to believe that was even possible, but as the months passed, I had to accept it was the truth, I had lost a friend to the beast that claims far too many today. Depression. I still think about Denise multiple times per week and I still tear up when I do, tonight was no exception, but tonight I was inspired, I decided I should share this story with you all and tell you that I, too have had my battle with depression. I just want to put this out there for anyone who might be struggling through hardships, battling depression or fighting with thoughts of taking their own lives. I am here. Please, please, don’t be afraid to reach out. If you’re contemplating suicide or just feel down and need a friend, I. AM. HERE. Message me, I’m always around to talk. I will never refuse an opportunity to help someone out any way that I can. I don’t care if I know you or not, I will be there for you. TLDR: No matter what the situation, I am here for you all, and I love every one of you. You matter and you are loved. Remember that.
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    You know what calms me down? Some good tentacles.
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    I hope that everyone is doing alright today!
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    Karma turned her hard gaze on the battle suit as if glaring at it. "Bite me" she muttered. She then put her hands behind her head as she started to walk back towards the gates. "I'm sure this place has like a pool or pond or something I could always try out" she said, half joking. Part of her serious due to not wanting to be anywhere near the rooms. It made her uncomfortable, feeling like she'd get murdered in her sleep. But she stopped in her tracks and thought for a moment. Ugh what a drag, she rolled her eyes and turned back around. She stalked back towards the complex. Glaring heavily at the suit as she passed it. "I hate this," she muttered as she found her way back to Takeshi, with still the hint of a glare in her amber eyes. She stared him down before huffing. "Well..show me so I don't kill myself trying to shower" she grumbled at him, avoiding eye contact as she took this as a defeat. She tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for her teacher to show her around and how to use everything.
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    From the album: Chiyako's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Emi Linavi Age: 15 Gender: Female Religion: None. She doesn't really believe in any such things. Species: Ostaran Nationality/Origin: Ashean, born in Blackberry Falls City. Occupation: High School student by day, intelligence and materials requisition by night. Physical Appearance Height: 4 ft 8 in Weight: 84 lbs Eye Colour: Sapphire blue. Hair Colour: Pinkish-blonde with red streaks. Physical Description: Emi is a startlingly small creature, typically hovering just short of four feet, her full height only really showing whenever her ears manage to raise up. Her body is equally petite being slim and with very little in the way of muscle development. Despite her occupation she has managed to keep her body flawless, her skin smooth and soft all over. Unfortunately her family has always churned out very pale children and she is no exception to this. She has a flat chest and a slight roundness to her posterior, although her hips are a little wider than expected and her thighs just a hint fuller. Emi's posterior length hair is a pink shaded light blonde and typically left hanging loose, although there do exist a few streaks of red. Atop her head is settled a pair of snow white rabbit ears, the same shade as her poofy rabbit tail. Her eyes are the same color and intensity as a sapphire which often sticks out when compared to the rest of her pale self. As far as her outfit goes there is very little complexity. A simple white silken dress with red trimmings is her typical attire, although there are darker red frills along the bottom edge. She usually wears a pair of white gloves, white ankle high socks, and a pair of dark red shoes. Beneath her dress she wears a pair of black spats, just in case her physical activities might threaten to expose something, along with a couple of small pistol holsters on her outer thighs. Emi also wears a large red fluffy silken hat and a tiny white porcelain bunny hair clip. While on infiltration jobs her attire is exchanged for something more fitting. During these she keeps the white gloves, although everything else is drastically changed up. She dons a pair of white shoes, a white body suit, a white filtration mask, and a pair of white goggles. Her hair in this situation is kept tied up in a pony tail, and other than her clothes she might wear a few strap-on holsters and an accessory belt. When it comes to holding a poker face Emi is queen. She has learned to keep her emotions hidden behind a blank mask: part apathy and part skepticism, a permanent slight frown fixated upon her face. Only something extreme is capable of shattering this facade. However this does make it difficult for her to fake emotions when they actually do manage to show through. Her body is quite soft and completely smooth with warm skin and warmer fluffier parts. She is extremely flexible and typically smells faintly of cherry blossoms due to her favorite soaps. She is mute and while she favors her right hand slightly she is ambidextrous. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Despite her emotional mask Emi does actually have a personality. She is skeptical of most people, finding it difficult to trust them. It has helped to keep her alive on more than one occasion, although it also does make it more difficult for her to find kinship or assistance. However for those few who she does manage to trust they will find her to be incredibly loyal unless they give her a reason to be otherwise. Emi is great at thinking on her feet and absorbs information easily, thereby giving her great adaptability in the middle of tough situations. When she approaches a problem Emi typically focuses on the most direct and efficient route, even if that might lead to a little bloodshed. She doesn't leave a job unfinished and does her very best on each one of them. After all she wouldn't want to leave her employers disappointed! Her favorite color is red, probably because she also enjoys cherries and it reminds her of them. Comfort is very important to her. She avoids pain at all costs and hates leaving work unfinished. Tofu is her least favorite food as she feels it is bland and has a weird texture. Because of her past she fears betrayal due to what it might end up doing to her, although she also fears being helpless. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: CQC: Emi is skilled in close quarters combat. Her primary focuses are on leg based strikes and knife fighting. While grappling is a field she needs work in it is not to be underestimated. Enhanced Senses: All of Emi's senses are elevated, however the greatest would have to be her sense of hearing. Those ears are not just for show. Ethereal Shifting: Emi's greatest gift and one bestowed upon her by her mother. She is able to phase through the material, to carry herself into the realm of the ethereal. Mostly this is done in short bursts and when timed properly allows her to bypass most defenses. Holding it for extended periods quickly tires her out and while she is able to bring things she makes contact with into the ethereal along with her body she is still learning how to utilize the ability on larger objects. Firearms: Emi has trained herself to use all sorts of firearms, although obviously lighter ones are the best for her. She prefers weapons she can utilize on the go with pistols being her favorite. Incredible Healing Factor: One of Emi's two gifts, this is a more powerful version of her father's ability. She is nigh-unkillable, able to heal from the most grievous of wounds. Her guess is that only full disintegration will stop her. Of course this doesn't mean she is unstoppable. Nimble and Swift: Emi's speed is one of her greatest assets. She has utilized it enough times to master it and combined with her small size makes her a formidable target to hit. On top of this her flexibility, ability to adapt in stressful situations, and her training allow her to pull off some incredible feats. Stealth: A combination of her small size, her quiet demeanor, and a light foot make Emi an expert in the field of stealth maneuvering. This is the skill she utilizes most while on her missions, after all. Strong Will: Emi has an incredibly strong will. It would take a true feat to shake her let alone break her down. Super Jump: Emi is gifted with super strength within her legs, a gift bestowed upon her by her race. Not only does this allow for quick and powerful leaps but also a fair degree of striking power, which she often uses during close quarters fighting. Weaknesses: Emi finds it incredibly difficult to make friends or allies. This comes as no surprise to anyone thanks to her often cold demeanor towards others, although her occupation certainly doesn't help either. If she is cornered she will typically try to flee her way out of a situation first and, pending failure, will lash out and fight her way out if possible. She does not go down quietly which sometimes places her into more danger than it is worth. Secrecy is also important to her and if what she does ever got out into the open it would be devastating for her. Her family might also be considered a weakness as both they and their debts could be used against her. Physically she is very short. This can be turned against her, especially if a fight goes to the ground and into a grappling situation. While her legs are strong and she does have combat training she is not exceptionally powerful save for her legs. Knowing and taking advantage of this might lead her into troubles, especially if she fights someone just as capable as herself. When acted against properly her senses, especially hearing, can be turned against her. Like her parents before her she was cursed with an incredible sex drive which in certain circumstances can also be used against her. As far as her special abilities go she also carries weaknesses with them. First, while her healing ability is incredible it does have limits. Wounds are taken normally and then healed. The same amount of pain is still there, as is the extra pain which comes from her body stitching itself back together. A bullet to the head won't kill her but it will knock her right out. Blood loss can slow the process and like any other person can slow her down, even render her temporarily immobile or unconscious. She'll simply live through nearly all types of wounds inflicted upon her, although in an interrogation situation this might actually become a curse. Her ethereal shifting is another imperfect ability. First, the scale is currently limited to her and whatever she can carry on herself, although she is working on improving it. Anything longer than a short burst can become quickly tiring for her as well. Other objects or creatures who delve in the ethereal realm can also still interact with her even while she is shifting, making them particularly dangerous. While she can choose to phase into the material realm while occupying another space this will cause the portions of her body within such areas to fuse with whatever they are interacting with. It is very painful although in some situations can be useful. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Emi is just trying to survive. If she had to dig down and choose an ambition it'd be to retire young, fully pay off her family's debts, and enjoy a peaceful, safe life. Hobbies and Interests: Much of her day, indeed her week, is spent in school. After all she is still a high school student and to break from that would be bad for both her future and her cover. She enjoys her work, especially when she is able to break down bad people's lives with it, although occasionally she is forced to assist worse people. On her time off she is generally found training in some way through target practice, cqc training, studying up on new techniques, or practicing her power. Otherwise she might venture out to gather intel or supplies. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn Ons: Endurance: When Emi is fully aroused she can go for hours and hours on end. She expects her partners to be able to keep up with her. Exotic Partners: Emi enjoys exotic people. Finding a partner who is exotic, whether they be from another region or whether they be another exotic race, is something which she might find enjoyment in. Kissing: Although she wouldn't admit it Emi does enjoy romance. Kissing is especially pleasant for her, but anything romantic will melt her heart. Large Breasts: They are like pillows! She is completely lacking herself but she doesn't really care about that. However she does love comfort. Larger Partners: Not a difficult task for most people. She enjoys larger partners because they are typically stronger. Other specific parts of them might also be larger which, she believes, is also important. Multiple Partners: Emi's sexual appetite, once it is worked up, is voracious. Multiple partners helps to quench this hunger. It also just seems more fun to her. Natural Sex: Emi feels that it would all feel best if it were natural. Skin on skin action. Certainly it must, right? Strength: Emi admires strength. Strength means a partner who will take charge and a partner who can manipulate her body with ease, leading to all sorts of exotic positions! Trust: Trust is the biggest turn on for Emi. If she can trust someone then it propels them quite high in her books. She is free to express herself, to relax and seek comfort. Without it sex just wouldn't be the same. Turn Offs: Bondage: Emi hates being tied up. It brings back some bad memories for her. Distrustful People: If she cannot trust someone then Emi simply cannot bring herself to enjoy the experience. Of course her body might say something else, but then she doesn't have as much control over that. Pain: Emi does not like pain. Taking Charge: Emi is not experienced with sex. Taking charge is better done by those who know what they are doing. She would much rather someone else take charge. Teasing: To be teased means that she isn't getting the pleasure she craves. She doesn't like it. Penis Length: N/A Breast Size: Flat Sensitivity: Emi's ears are quite sensitive, especially the very tips. However the most sensitive part of her body (save for the obvious ones) would be her tail. Additional Sexual Information: Despite her past and her occupation Emi still remains a virgin, not that one would be able to tell even if she wasn't one. After all it'd simply be another wound for her body to patch up. She distrusts just about everyone and finds it incredibly difficult to make friends. This has understandably put a damper on her ability to find a partner. It also means showing her emotions which is just something she doesn't enjoy doing. Emi has no hair save for that on her head and, of course, the fur on her tail and ears. She is incredibly flexible in all aspects of her body. Naturally her healing factor might also prove useful for certain partners. STD History: Clean. Extra Information Father: Bill Linavi Mother: Anne Linavi Siblings: N/A Grandparents: George [Deceased] and Martha Linavi [Deceased] Children: N/A Grand-children: N/A House: Emi lives alone in an apartment she rents near her high school. She funds it with her secret work. Car: N/A Pet: N/A History Awards/Commendations: None. Criminal Record: Despite her activities Emi has yet to be caught and so, for the time being, has no criminal record. Medical Record: For obvious reasons she is perfectly healthy. Bio: Emi's early life was normal. Her parents took great care of her and the family seemed to live in harmony. They were fairly well off thanks to her father's occupation as a lawyer. However within her tenth year of life things took an unfortunate turn. Her father was arrested and charged with helping certain criminal elements within the city. He always pleaded his innocence and somehow managed to get himself free, although it all came at a cost. There were debts to be paid to some very bad people. The family's funds soon ran dry. One night they were paid a visit and Emi was tied up with her mother. There were guns and she was even hit once or twice. Both of her parents were crying and pleading for mercy. So was she until she took a particularly nasty bump on the head which nearly left her dead, although it also seemed to awaken her father's gift to her. In the end they left the family intact and her father somehow managed to scrounge up enough money to keep the bad people off their backs for awhile. Emi started learning how to defend herself and when she managed to unlock her mother's gift she started to steal in order to assist the family with debt repayments. Eventually she earned enough to move out of the house. She convinced her family it was best, just in case the bad men returned and so they couldn't use her against them. However it was partially to allow her to continue her criminal activities without involving them. Not only would they look poorly upon it had they found out but they could be used against her if she was living with them. These days she continues her work, although with her growing skills come bigger jobs and, likewise, greater rewards!
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