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    "Have some unassorted hentai ^_^"
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    Here's something cute for you all today! <3
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    My parents are away shopping... *le gasps* This is what I want to do right now~
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    "Here's something for @PinkKitten, @SMFoxy, @Yuuto Hiroshige, @Moshingxmyxdemi, and @lVergill ^_^"
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    That moment when you have the world's fastest completion time. Serious~! Look on the official leaderboards! http://steamcommunity.com/stats/751250/leaderboards/2337536/ To be completely fair though, only 96 people appear on that leaderboard because this game is obscure and mostly unknown to everyone. 😂 I'm sure if the game was more popular, I certainly would not be in first place. If anyone wants to try and beat my fastest time, by all means, climb the tower as fast as you can~. P;
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    Hey everyone, I know I've been spotty at best lately, but I finally got my computer fixed! Going to be able to not have to type on my phone now.
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    "Uncensored hentai is best hentai~" "I remember when I used to do these about three to five times a day ^_^ I'm gonna pick it back up, I promise ^_^"
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    ~Again....super sorry for the tags...I don't normally do this~ Finally after so long, spring break has arrived! A whole week of freedom...hope I can be around here better throughout and I also hope everyone else is having a spectacular day. (There were some i wanted to include tag...but I miss them greatly though might not hear back for a while) @~Ava-chan~ @AzumiMoonLove @Çhërry @Clover @CuteNeko @Fated Melodi @HinaAmane @Ikn0wb0ss @Liily_ @lVergill @Mash @Moshingxmyxdemi @NickWantsToRP @Noah Takumi @PixelBoi @Rei Senpai @ShuyaHideaki @SMFoxy @Violet flames ~Love 広重ゆうと [Hiroshige Yuuto]~
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    "Sorry for speaking for you guys, @Temaelrin and @Neptune" @gokuplayer "Driving is not permitted in EcchiTown, except for the delivery truck that delivers a resident's possessions to their home. There is a parking area outside of town, where residents can park their car and walk to EcchiTown. It is clearly stated in the introduction of the Roleplay tab" Driving cars inside the town:- This is agreed to when your character buys or rents a house. There is a path from the town that leads back to the main road, which goes to the motorway/highway that goes back to Blackberry Falls. But at the end of the path is a multi storey secure car park where residents can store their car or bicycle. CCTV is in operation here. When moving in, a truck will come up the commercial road, and is allowed, although they have to drive slow, to go to the house in question to unload the cargo to the property in question. This is the only exception.
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    "S-Stop it..~"
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    Congratulations @Yuuto Hiroshige for winning Dreamer of the Month. Don't forget to cast your vote for April 2018 by voting here: Vote Dreamer of the Month! Notice: In an effort to be more transparent about this system, I will, starting with April 2018's pick, take a screenshot and show you at least the top ten from now on. I will not be showing who voted for who though. It will show in clear English who got what and how many votes.
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    What do people think about random community pro-tips? Much like this one; Community Protip: If you need help with any technical issues, want to report a bug, appeal a warning or even ask about anything relating to EcchiDreams, then take a look at our private help and support area. Only you and the staff can see your tickets, so don't be embarrassed. It's our official helpline and we're happy to help! 😀 I was thinking I could include them in certain areas of the site; maybe even make a community pro-tips box on the homepage that has a few of them.
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    Playing d&d tonight, so will be replying to rps either later tonight or tomorrow.
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    "Finally got down to the story telling ^_^ Thanks for tuning in, you guys ^_^" Dark Descent: Chapter 2 - The King, Queen, and Royal Guards
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    Gonna be out for a lot of tomorrow...Traveling makes for a miserable neko-nya TwT
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    FREEDOM PLANET IS TODAY'S FEATURED ARTICLE ON WIKIPEDIA! 😍😍💗 That's like, my favourite Steam game ever~! ^w^ I'm probably overreacting. lol. But still, that's so cool to see. :3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
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    A few of my private roleplays have been put on the backburner for now for various reasons. So I am looking for someone to workshop a scenario and characters with for a new rp! A few things you should know: 1: I am posting out of Hawaii so my time zone is GMT -10, and we don't have daylight savings here. So our posts may have long gaps between them depending on my schedule. 2: Depending on the situation, my post length varies between a few sentences and a few paragraphs. If post length is important please let me know. 3: I normally prefer playing female characters , but I am willing to play a male, or even a creature or whatever, just depends on the scenario. 4: I would prefer to play OC's, but I can research a character if you have a specific fandom you were looking to play with. 5: I'm kind of just getting back after computer and internet issues at my apartment. So if we already have a rp going that might have gotten lost in the flood of my inbox and notifications, please let me know! I'm really sorry if I seem like I was ignoring you, I just lack organizational skill on here. So take a look at my old rp preference sheet, I think I checked yes to most things. And leave a comment or send me a message. Thanks a bunch! ♡ ~Ava~
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    "Neko and Kitsune SUPER POST! 16 IMAGES, JUST FOR YOU!" "Hehe~ I thought that @PinkKitten, @Moshingxmyxdemi, @Yuuto Hiroshige, @lVergill, @Mysthero, and @NickWantsToRP would like these ^_^"
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    Waves ~Please be gentle, senpai Q w Q~ I'm new to this, have done some RP in the past but on a site where things are required to be super super PG. I'm excited to see what it's like here! Takes a bow
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    "Here's some more hentai, and some angels for @lVergill ^_^"
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    I was thinking that we should open up a new forum one that is specifically for EcchiDreams related topics, like tips and tricks about the site, analyising prizes, the economical impact policies here on EcchiDreams have on it's own community-based currency system (The EcchiCredit), and little known tips, tricks, Easter eggs and so on. To be honest the suggestions and feedback forums should probably just be apart of this section as that is a Meta forum, afterall. but this is just an idea. it can also serve as a place where people can ask questions and other people in the community (like @lVergill, @ShuyaHideaki and that crowd) can answer, maybe a good platform to award dreamers who frequently answer questions there, with most helpful dreamer awards or something for when the awards system becomes active.
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    "AAAAAANNNND Nekos ^_^"
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    Sorry i haven't been around much lately, Life has taken a strange turn. I promise i'm going to get back into things soon.
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    Hello everyone! First off thank you so much for coming to check this page out! I'm not entirely sure what to put here but after some thought, maybe a writing sample? I don't have anyone to play with at the moment so... hmm something that expresses some fun? Ooo what about... Pixie panted breathlessly as she locked the door of her bedroom behind her. It ached so much all day long especially when she found out she couldn't control it. Confident in her privacy, those delicate hands quickly reached up to her blouse as her fingers worked quickly to unbutton each individual button of her white blouse. The last button was barely undone before she pulled the blouse apart and allowed it to slip off her small arms to the floor behind her. Pixie reached up and and ran her fingers through the strands of her fiery red hair while simultaneously stepping out of her shoes. 'Not much longer' she thought to herself as she stepped in front of her mirror and looked into those beautiful green eyes. Those eyes traveled down to the full mounds barely contained by the pink lace bra that was hugging her chest. Her lips parted in a soft exhale as she took her hands behind her back to fumble with the clasps of her bra. Those green eyes closed as she felt to wonderful freedom of release when the last clasp finally came undone! Her shoulders came forward allowing the straps to slip off her shoulder before the entire bra fell from her torso to the floor below. Pixie admired herself in the mirror for a moment. The new athletics program and diet was paying off and she enjoyed seeing 'some' of the changes that had occurred. After scanning herself for a moment she bit down on her bottom lip for an instant before placing the palms of her hands on her stomach. Dragging her hands upward until she cupped both her breasts in his hands before allowing both hands to squeeze. The sudden rush of self pleasure forced her mouth to open in a soft moan. Her left hand stayed on her breast, index finger and thumb teasingly twisting the nipple, as her right finally traveled downward to the waistline of her pants. With a sharp pull she managed to unbutton her pants. It ached so bad she just had to relieve some pressure of that horrible pressure. She had endured it all day and now it was time to satisfy the urge. Her second hand finally went down to her pants as she continued to try and free herself. As the fly came apart she dipped her thumbs beneath the waistbands of her underwear and pants before swiftly pulling them down past her curvy hips. The pants and underwear fell effortlessly to her ankles and finally her eyes were bold enough to go back to the mirror. Everything was perfect, the results of lots of hard work and care... everything except. Her eyes moved down to her pelvis and there it stood proudly just above her vaginal lips, a throbbing rock hard cock. She had seen one before, sucked off her boyfriend a few times but never moved beyond that. She wasn't sure what was happening as she had woken up this morning with massive morning wood. Keeping it hidden throughout the day was very difficult and she struggled with random and powerful erections that only got worse around that cute guy at work. She took her hand and finally wrapped her fingers around the base of the swollen member. It was warm against her hand and throbbed violently against her hand. She took the time to finally thoroughly examine it, it was a little bigger than her boyfriend's but otherwise it seemed normal. The veins pulsated along the shaft and the swollen head seemed to bounce with each throb. 'Would it help?' she thought to herself as she gripped it just like she would her boyfriend. With a soft squeeze she moved her hand up the shaft all the way to the base of the head. She let out a pleasurable gasp before bringing her hand back down the shaft. It felt good, better than she thought it would. Pixie quickly pulled her chair over by the mirror and took a seat. She leaned against the back of the chair and continued to stroke herself. Her free hand came up and gave her breast a soft squeeze. Before she knew it, her hand was pumping the hard dick violently as pleasure started to take over. "Oh fuck!" She moaned aloud between gasps as her hand moved up and down. During one of the strokes she started to experiment. Her thumb rubbed against the head, she applied more pressure on the vein on the underside of the dick just like her boyfriend instructed her to do when she pleasured him. It's not like she was new to masturbating but this was something new entirely, but it felt so good she had to see this through to the end. Her breath started to quicken as heat began to raise to her chest. Her hand moved faster and faster and she felt something starting to happen... was she about to...? She couldn't hold back anymore and let out a loud moan. Her hips bucked up off the chair as the first stream of hot gooey cum streamed from the head of the dick in her hand. She hadn't aimed, hadn't prepared for what just happened, so as the violently pulsed in orgasm, string after string of cum landed on her stomach and thighs. Her hand continue squeezing and pumping the member as the final drops of cum escaped the head and drizzled down her hand. Her head rolled to her shoulder as she tried to catch her breath. Her body shaking from the powerful orgasm that gripped her body. Maybe this wasn't such a bad thing after all?
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    From the album Aura's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Human - Ariana Hayashi; Celestial - Ales Age: 11 at death; Unknown as time does not pass in Coelis and Celestials do not age with time, so they do not keep track of such trivial information. Gender: Female Religion: Caelism Species: Celestial Origin/Nationality: Coelis/Celestial Occupation: Scout Physical Appearance Height: 4'9" Weight: ~70 lbs (Physical form only) Eye Colour: Sapphire Blue Hair Colour: Blush Pink Physical Description: Ariana's body appears to be quite ethereal. As a celestial, her body exists as a manifestation of light rather than a collection of cells, although she can manifest an identical physical form by focusing on a powerful human emotion. Her appearance reflects the nature of her character so, theoretically, a life-changing event could alter her personality and, by extension, her appearance. A darker nature would be reflected in the color of her hair and wings and, in an extreme case, her wings could turn black and permanently rot away from impurity and corruption. On the contrary, her tender and loving nature is reflected in the pink hue of her hair and wings, although her wings are not visible in her physical form as they cannot anatomically exist. In her celestial form, her body gives off a bright pink glow and her skin is a pale, ghostly white. When she takes her physical form, her radiance disappears but she gains a more natural flesh color. Physical Form: Before her death as a human, her appearance was drastically different and reflected her half-Hispanic, half-Japanese heritage, not unlike her older sister. Human: Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Alez is extremely empathetic toward people who are suffering and wants to do anything and everything she can to help those in need. While she values her life, she also believes she should dedicate it to giving back everything she can to the world she fell in love with. To some, she may seem to be hot-heated, but in actuality, she's just desperate to make sure that innocent people don't get hurt and often has doubts that her comrades will make it in time. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Magic - All celestials are capable of at least some level of magic as their life comes from the goddess Caelisia. As a relatively new celestial, Alez isn't particularly well versed in the field of magic, but she is capable of utilizing basic light and nursing magic. Caelisia's Blade - Members of Caelisia's troop all have the ability to call on Caelisia's Blade, a mythical sword capable of banishing demons to limbo where they will be judged by Caelisia herself. More often than not, the demon is sent to a deeper circle of hell as punishment for escaping, but it has also been known to occasionally grant demons a second chance at salvation. The blade is absolutely harmless to mortals but can separate a demon from its host in the case of possession. The blade's power is determined by the skill its wielder possesses in regards to high-level magic. In Alez's case, that isn't very much. Wings of grace - An inherent ability of a celestial, they can wrap an individual in their wings and control the temperature of the air around them. It will take more magic power the greater the difference in temperature is. (It takes a lot less magic to cool down from a warm day, but it would take a great deal of magic to keep someone cool in the middle of a volcano). The celestial will still be exposed to the outside temperature as well. Appearance shift - Celestials are capable of modifying their appearance slightly, but their freedom to do so is limited only by how true to their personal nature they are. Alez is very open and comfortable with her nature, so she can control her appearance quite well. She can make herself appear as a child and a mature adult, although her hair, eye color, and proportional height will usually stay consistent. Form shift - Celestials have the ability to change between their physical, flesh-based form and their more ghost-like ethereal form. They cannot use their magical abilities in their physical form, but they cannot make physical contact in their ethereal form. While in their ethereal form, they cannot be seen by mortals except for the ones that have touched their sky pendant. A celestial will remain in their physical form if they are experiencing an overwhelming human emotion. Alez is trained to hone her emotions so that she can switch form on command. Feeling search - By touching another person's chest and feeling their heartbeat, her heart will begin to beat in sync and she can gaze into the person's eyes. As long as that person is willing, even partially, she can see their true emotions no matter how deep it's buried in their own mind. The deeper these emotions are hidden, the more power this takes. Sacred milk - A trait exclusive to female celestials, their breast milk is extremely nutritious and can revive a malnourished individual to peak condition. It is also said to be especially delicious and highly addictive. Some demons hunt female celestials specifically to farm their milk either for profit or just to satisfy their fetishes. Since the milk is considered sacred, this is a large reason Caelisia's forces are predominately male. Chastity seal - All celestials have a seal of chastity applied to their genitalia upon creation. This is to prevent celestials from having sex even if they fall into submission. However, many demons and even some particularly clever mortals have devised rituals and hexes to remove these seals. It is strictly forbidden for a celestial to willingly allow their seal to be removed. Sky pendant - As long as her pendant remains around her neck, she is capable of creating a portal to return to the kingdom of Coelis. As a safety precaution, the pendant will not work if there is a demonic, or demon-like entity within a mile radius. Immortality - A celestial cannot die unless killed with a demonic weapon. Demonic weapons are capable of harming a celestial even in their ethereal forms as they are designed specifically to hunt them. Weaknesses: Trapped - An inexperienced celestial can easily become trapped in their physical form. Many celestial hunters force them into a constant state of fear by torturing them or someone they care for in order to capture them. However, they must be kept in a constant state of fear as if they are given even the slightest break, they might be able to refocus their emotions and return to their ethereal state. Limited power - Although eating and sleeping aren't necessary requirements for a celestial, they must return to the kingdom of Coelis when they become exhausted in order to recover, as goddess Caelisia cannot bestow her power from a different plane of existence. Corruption - It is very easy for a celestial to become corrupted. This is usually caused by a celestial committing a sinful act, although demons have forged cruel methods of torturing celestials by forcing them into corruption either through repeated rape or brainwashing. A corrupted celestial's wings and hair will become darker, black, or even rot away entirely. When this happens, their power will be weak or gone completely. Depending on severity, corruption could be healed with prayer, or it could become a permanent curse the celestial must suffer with for all eternity. A corrupted celestial is no longer capable of entering the kingdom of Coelis as the sky pendant will read them as a demonic entity. This is often seen as a fate worse than damnation as these "fallen celestials" are often harassed relentlessly by demons and even other celestials on occasion (although such behavior is heavily frowned upon and hecklers will face consequences if they are found to be doing so). Naivete - Being relatively unfamiliar with human culture, Alez can be easily tricked into embarrassing herself or acting out sexual favors without realizing what she is even doing. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Alez hopes to one day be promoted to being a guardian. Her dream is that one day she and her comrades can lead all of humanity to an age of peace, and from there the darkness of the world will be eradicated and that humans and celestials will be able to live together without fearing for their lives. It is a dream she has convinced herself she would fulfill even if it meant sacrificing her own life or freedom. If it meant humanity would suffer no longer, she would sacrifice anything and everything. Hobbies and Interests: Alez rarely has any free time as she usually prioritizes her job over any sort of fun. Although, after spending time on earth, she has fallen in love with the beauty of the planet and the creations of its inhabitants. She awes at the incredible works of art created by humans and finds classical music very pleasant to listen to. She often imagines that, in a more peaceful era, she would want to become an artist and paint the gorgeous scenery that the mortal realm has to offer. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Straight (or so she thinks ;3) Breast Size: 37C Sensitivity: Very high Additional Sexual Information: As long as her chastity seal exists, she cannot be penetrated, although it is still possible for her to orgasm without being penetrated at all. STD History: None Extra Information Father: Eiji Hayashi (deceased) Mother: Isabella Hayashi (deceased) Siblings: Sophia Hayashi (19) House: A large manor in the kingdom of Coelis, though it's usually left vacant due to her spending most of her time on scouting missions. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: She has gotten in trouble for potentially jeopardizing a demon pursuit by ignoring orders and attacking a demon despite being unprepared for the encounter. Medical Record: As a human, she was admitted into the Blackberry Falls hospital where she was operated on before being pronounced dead. Bio: As a human, Ariana Hayashi looked up to her big sister in every way. Sophia was smart, beautiful, funny, and always knew exactly what to do whenever she was feeling upset. Ari wanted to be just like her when she grew up. However, tragedy struck when she was just 11. She was far too young to understand anything that happened, she just came home one day with her parents to find a stranger holding her big sister hostage with a gun. He forced her family to comply with all of his demands, raped her mother right in front of the whole family, and then separated her and Sophia from her parents to be sold to complete strangers like livestock. In the process of transportation, Ari fell ill shortly before their auction. Despite her high fever and dizziness, she was still forced to walk naked in front of countless men who all bid on who would use her and her sister's bodies for their foul desires. Thankfully, the man who won the auction for her and her sister was a very kind man who had no intention of mistreating them. Instead, he freed the two of them and even handed her big sister a large stack of money. But at this point, Ariana's illness was reaching critical condition and it wasn't long before she collapsed. Her sister was going to take her to the hospital in the UFF, but that was all she knew when her breathing and heart stopped completely. She never awoke in the same world again. [For more detail, see Sophia Hayashi's bio] When she came to, she found herself in a whole new world with absolutely no recollection of her past. She awoke in what seemed to be a bright white palace with the gentle caress of Goddess Caelisia on her cheek. The woman happily explained to the newborn Alez that she was her latest beautiful work of art, and introduced herself as her mother. The world seemed so pleasant, it felt like a place she would never want to leave, and this woman's snow-white hair, glistening eyes, and silky smooth skin just made her long for her mother's gentle touch. After some chatting back and forth, Alez came to understand just what being a Celestial was all about. She had no direct responsibilities and was free to live her life how she chose, so long as she obeyed her mother's guidance. She knew that she had lived a previous life that was full of misery and despair, such an idea was horrifying an unthinkable to her. However, part of the rebirthing process involved having the memories of her previous life washed away in the mythical faded river where they would be carried downstream to a place that has come to be known as the sea of abyss, as it is said that the dark memories of human life that collected there could corrupt a celestial to the point where they would have no hope of ever returning again. The way Caelisia described human life nearly made her weep, but she was quickly hushed by a gentle kiss from her mother who reassured her that she was safe and that she would be doing everything in her power to ensure the safety of all of humanity as well. Still, the idea that humanity lived such horrid lives that many were never even able to find happiness at all was a thought that saddened her any time it came to her mind. She thought everyone should be able to experience such an incredible feeling the pure bliss she experienced in Coelia. Because of this, she came to Caelisia again and asked if there was a way she could help the people of Earth to achieve happiness. Her mother just smiled blissfully and explained to her that she had a troop of soldiers that fought for just such a purpose. She explained that humanity's sorrow came from the evil that sought to torture and pillage the people of earth. She went on to explain that this evil came in two forms: demons escaped from their prison in hell with the sole purpose of exacting revenge on her by tormenting her people, and the inherent impurities within the soul of a human being. Distrust, anger, hatred, many of the emotions in a human's heart would spark conflict between themselves and led each human to live in fear of each other rather than in a collective community like the Celestials as intended. Caelisia's troop was divided into three groups; scouts, pursuers, and guardians. Scouts were the entry-level rank and are merely trained to scope out portions of the earth in search of demons and humans in need of guidance. The scouts then report to Caelisia through prayer so that she can immediately dispatch the necessary troops to quell the problems. The job of a pursuer was to track down demons that terrorized the people of the earth while the job of guardians were to offer guidance to individuals in the form of the individual's conscience. These troops risk their freedom every day for the sake of keeping the mortal realm safe from the horrible tyranny it would face otherwise. She also explained exactly what those dangers are, and what these soldiers risked. Failure could result in corruption, enslavement, eternal torment at the hands of the very demons they sought to eliminate. All of this sounded horrifying to Alez, but if it meant the world could become as peaceful as Coelis, it would no doubt be worth the fight. And so, she went on to join the training program for Caelisia's troop in which she was trained to be a scout through what would be years of tedious and rigorous training in which she was taught the basics of how to use her celestial body effectively in battle, honing her emotions in order to switch between forms on command and switching to her Ethereal form to avoid attacks and then into her physical form to land her own attacks. But most importantly, she was taught never to engage a demon and only to fight if she was ambushed. A command that she would soon find to be much harder to follow than it seemed. When it came time for her first mission as a scout, she was sent to survey a small village and found it to be ravaged by a single female demon. As per protocol, she prayed to Goddess Caelisia, but it was then that she noticed the demon grabbing ahold of a crying little girl who was frantically struggling for her life. The very sight broke her heart. She couldn't just stand there. If she waited for a moment longer, that poor girl would be killed...! She wasn't thinking clearly and let her anger get the better of her. Her body took on its physical form and she charged head-first at the demon who just cackled. In one swift move, the battle was lost. The demon stepped forward and reached out with her hand. In the blink of an eye, Alez had tripped and fallen to her knees. Her anger switched to fear and soon to agony as the demon twisted her arm and pulled her scythe against the curve of her neck. "How pathetic. You know, I could kill you here. In front of all these humans. But I the way you're whimpering and trembling... I think you would make for a really cute pet. Alez gulped and, before she knew it, she felt something hot against her knees, as if they were burning. She glanced down to see to red circles opening up and immediately realized what was happening. She quickly shrieked out. "N-no! Wait! Please!! L-Lady Caelisia! M-mother! Please save me!!" It was at that moment that another soldier swooped in and slashed at the demon and lifted Alez to her feet. Upon her return, she was faced with nothing but ridicule and shame. But her mother accepted her with open arms and a warm smile. She was just glad to see her in one peace. Still, Alez was assigned more time training which she found to be humiliating. She thought she should be back on the battleground, doing her part in protecting the people, but she knew that wasn't what she was commanded to do. She swallowed her pride and continued to follow her orders. Finally, after what felt like an even longer period of time, she was finally given the opportunity to return to her position as scout. Her next destination was set: Blackberry Falls, a city where suspicions of demonic activity had been rising. It was set in stone this time. She wasn't going to make the same mistake again. This was her time to prove herself. She didn't care what dangers she was going to face, and she wasn't going to let her softness get in the way either. She put her faith in her mother's judgment. Every life was going to be protected in that city.
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    Ima be blunt ima be honest I like sockjobs they are like footjobs but with socks on my pfp will stay like this for awhile and if you want to feature this in any erp’s go ahead but i am publicly saying this because i dont want to hide it any more Thw main way i like it is a girl subblisivly giving the guy a sockjob or a agressive girl that latchs to the guy’s back and gives im a sockjob from the back thats all i gotta say thanks for reading
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    I can't even believe it myself, but I am now officially two decades old~! Or...20 years old, as most people like to celebrate in years, and not decades! 😝 This day marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life; the start of a new decade~. They say that your 20s is the most important decade of your life, and, I'm finally there now..., but I'm going to make the very most of it! 😊 I want to thank you, everyone on EcchiDreams, for being so awesome and for the birthday wishes. You guys are wonderful, and I'll cherish the times we've chatted, RolePlayed, and been there for one another, for a very, very long time...probably forever, most likely. :'3 Love you all~. 💖💖💖 ~Sunny. 💞
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    That might just now become the EcchiAwards application name, if I can ever get it working.
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    I like this idea... It's actually a pretty decent one too, but I was already thinking about this and I am in the process of making it as a club, as we speak. (Private at the moment).
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    Updates are complete.
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    Miss all my favorite ppl❤ I hope I can talk to u all soon❤
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    To those who I am RPing with, do you still wanna continue or rp a new one?
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    Congratulations to our (current) newest member, @Lean, for being the one to receive the poke that put me in second place on the leaderboard (Pokes Given).
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    "Uncensored hentai is best hentai ^_^"
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    Very happy with this site, just wanted to toss out a few suggestions, mostly on the nitpicky side, simply because I want to see the site be all that it can be. First, I think the RP Preferences could be expanded a bit. For my own purposes, the omission that sticks out the most is vore. I had no problem with giving some additional details in a few paragraphs under my "wills/won'ts", and I would encourage everyone to do that. But it would be nice for me to be able to tell at a glance if others had strong feelings for/against vore, because most people just select the dropdown items and leave it at that. I'm sure there's a few other kinks people might like to see added. Another thing you might add to the preferences is a short menu for "mood" or "tone". Lighthearted, romantic, and dark, for example. Even something like rape can be played for laughs and worked into a lighthearted RP if it's done right (think of a situation in an ecchi comedy that doesn't shy away from its logical conclusion). This would help with knowing what type of RP you could approach someone with. These next few things I'm not sure are possible, since I'm aware you only have so much control over the design elements of the site. If possible, a person's Preferences should have more visibility, ideally being a full-fledged part of their profile. Currently I have to click a profile, click activity, and click preferences on the list on the left side in order to find out whether or not someone has filled out their preferences, and if they have, that's another click to reach that page. It would be great if it could just be rolled into the About Me tab or something. It would be nice if the blurb that appears when hovering over user's names would include their gender and sexuality, and maybe the first few sentences of their About Me page. Currently the blurb really tells you nothing about the person. I'd love a real friend list or address book easily accessible in the dashboard or home page. It would be great to have a readily accessible list of members who you like to RP with, maybe with the option of adding little notes to yourself about them (for example: "likes X" "prefers Y" "ask before trying Z"). Finally, I visit this site in a private browsing window. My cookies are wiped when I leave, so my color choice for the site theme is not saved. I've given up on selecting a color that I like and have resigned myself to the default purple. It would be awesome if this could be remembered by your profile instead of your browser. Sorry to go on and on like that! It's only because I care. :)
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    Let's see, where do I start. Yesterday, I sort of had like a strange "panic" attack or deep depression but it is hard to explain in words. The factors leading to that was fatigue, sickness (barely getting) via fever, "depression?" and other small thing IRL. I was actually going to leave since I already updated my FF and decide to rest before writing my follow up story. I came here by accident since my phone from work is automatically log in here and not in cognito since everyone can see me. I decide to explain my situation after I read the EcchiText and status.. Anyhow, I became afraid which made me quietly run away and expected to see no reaction just like @Eilauver But in the end, it didn't came to that. I guess I am a self-sacrifise person that could led people to think I have bad intension but I am always like this and prefer to make other happy. Although, people have being telling me this IRL but I choose to follow my way and do my best at it. I already explained my bad past here: In reality, I depend on @Zanimus @Rachel Chan @Angela Daring and @Local Tit Cow too much as my mental barriers. Once those barriers were gone, so to my confidence left me and I turn like the coward I was. I do apologies for the sudden rudeness and I will apologies as I need to make you forgive me. I haven't decide on what to do next so I will think about it.
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    "Well, I guess that I'll start doing these since Vergil's gone.... But it's time for the long forgotten Family Sleepover" "I hope that everyone sleeps well, and I won't be going to sleep for a long while." @~Ava-chan~ @Angela Daring @Anime_Freak @Arno @AzumiMoonLove @Çhërry @Clover @Damask @Enchanted_Dream @Fated Melodi @Hakixy @Laroy @Link @Lnik3500 @Local Tit Cow @M. Valtore @Moshingxmyxdemi @MukoShunzo @Neptune @NickWantsToRP @Noah Takumi @onearmeddruid @PixelBoi @Rei Senpai @Shadow dreamer @SkylarSlut @SMFoxy @Sunstone @Thesewords @Violet flames @Xaciel @Yuuto Hiroshige @Zanimus
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    This isn't possible within the engine of the forum software. Even if it was, it's not something we would do. It will make it far too big, which is incompatible with our mobile users. @Temaelrin can explain the more technical side to this. That's something I think @Temaelrin should address. That's not my field xD But I agree with you; you shouldn't have to do that every single time. It's a bit of a pain so I can understand your frustration. For the first point, yes. We need to keep mobile users in mind which make up for half of the people who come to the site. So the hovercard is intentionally kept as concise as possible, in fact we're looking at removing things from it-not adding more to it. Because as I said, mobile users don't have the screen room to display it properly. This is how it currently looks on my S8+: And you have to mess around with the zoom settings just to get it in frame. This also affects laptop users, with lower resolution monitors. Our extensive modifications have kind of bitten us in the arse there and the fact we only really test it with the S7 Edge and S8+, at different screen resolutions, 1080p and 4K, plus whatever ancient resolution @SMFoxy is rocking. The goal is to try and make it as readable from any device there, and as you can see we've had to make compromises like this in certain features. The hovercard isn't intended to be a blurb persae, but more of this is their standing on EcchiDreams, and if you wanted to go look into their profiles you can. Unrelated, but kind of not... We were looking at losing the chatbar at the bottom of the screen and instead ask that people open a separate tab to https://ecchidreams.com/ecchichat/ instead and have it open in another window, because of it's incompatibilities with mobile browsers, although I am trying to work out how to have my cake and eat it on that score. I think it's theoretically possible to add the gender/sexuality thing but I can't see us doing it, as that information is easily accessible in the profile. Certainly can't put any potion of information from the about me page though. Just not enough space. As for the second thing that Neptune has asked me to answer, I am deeply disappointed that you have to do that, because you shouldn't have to do that. I've raised this with the designer of the theme which we've heavily modified for our site, and he's basically told me that the Software Engine itself would have to have that feature built in, or that there would be a separate hook or plugin for it. However he's not looking at making one in the near future, and I'm not sure what to recommend to that. We are looking at possibly installing a Dark EcchiTheme at some point this year (Been requested by a few people) you'd be easily able to use that and it'd remember you using that EcchiTheme. If it will contain different backgrounds or colours or something that won't save - I don't know. I will try to keep it uniform though. Which is a challange in it's own right on a forum that has both light and dark themes. If this is something you're interested in, let me know.
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    "I have to say that my roleplaying skills have come a very long way since I've arrived at this wonderful site. If it weren't for me pushing myself to be my best here, I probably wouldn't have even attempted to make myself better. Sure, I may hit the occasional writer's block, but it's nothing that I can't overcome ^_^ I have to mostly thank @Neptune, who's really been helping me better myself by giving me advice and protips ^_^ Thank you, Neptune! But there's more than just Neptune that I have to thank. I also have to thank @lVergill for flaring up my competitive spirits in trying to be better than others. But mainly, that's just me being me, trying to do my absolute best and reach the top. I have everyone to thank for making me feel like I'm not just another member, but someone that you guys look forward to seeing, talking to, and RPing with ^_^"
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    I'm going to bed guys. Good night love y'all
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    Wew! I've reached 5,000 received pokes! Thanks everyone for helping me get there :D And thanks, @Temaelrin for being that magic 5,000-th poke!
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    "Here's something for all of you Final Fantasy lovers out there ^_^"
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    "Here's something for all you elf lovers out there~"
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    I am aware of a bug with the live search feature here on EcchiDreams. The third party developer has been notified and the bug is being patched by them in upcoming update. Hang tight.