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    Hi guys❤ Hope you're having a great night❤
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    Good fucking lord. This site made me like hentai... -.-
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    There seems to be a spate of people who keep registering more than one account on EcchiDreams. Let me make this clear to those that have not read the Terms of Service: This is not okay. As Section 9 reads: Even if you 'Deactivate' your primary account you're not allowed to re-register. If you want to use the site again, reactivate your primary account. We're trying to be pretty lenient here, but this can't keep happening people. You should know that: When we have a rule, we enforce it - for everyone, equally. Even the staff are held to these rules.
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    Trying to remain positive. Hope everyone is having a good day!
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    aaaaand I passed! ^^
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    "Come on everyone, Squweee with me! Squweeeeeeeee!"
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    I love getting my pussy devoured by someone's juicy mouth
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    Service Update (Regarding Adverts): We're trailing a new ad provider out. These will be located in the same places as the original adverts (Bottom of every page, and after the first post in a topic) with the addition that they will also appear in the light-box of any image that's viewed. The new ad provider is: A lot more privacy focused - Not tracking you whilst you're browsing our site, and shouldn't leave cookies on your machine unless you actually click/tap on any of the links. Doesn't use java-script - So browsing on mobiles should be slightly faster, less CPU intensive, which would mean better battery life. Uses fewer pictures (As far as I can tell) - So less bandwidth is required on your end so data caps can breathe slightly more easy, and no images that violate Section 18 of our Terms of Service, which was a big problem for us, as they kept showing ads that was like Kim Possible, or Misty/May from Pokémon, who are canonically under 18. All in all I've found that the site loads much faster now, and appears to be less buggy when it comes to Javascript that's necessary to EcchiDreams and it's functions. There are also less shady adverts. I've given the previous ad provider ample opportunity to sort their ads out and they've been unwilling to fix the problems that I've outlined including legality issues. So it's time to try something new. If you're seeing them when you shouldn't be, or you're having issues - please let me know.
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    I am now fully ready to roleplay! ^^
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    Today will be a good day.
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    I'm home now! I'm ready to get my roleplay on. I had a real fun time with my mom today, but, my feet hurt so it's time to relax haha.
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    Good night all, gonna cuddle into my bed and be happy its my bed and not whatever it is you call what they make you sleep on in the hospital. Its good to be back!
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    From the album: Akane Mako

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    Big brother I couldn't help myself... but I didn't know you were there!
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    Gonna get my diploma today. Temperature slowly dropping too, so I'm hoping to get more active again soon!
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    Plotting is difficult when you're both inspired and have writer's block.
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    There has been an update to our recent most article: Turns out the implementation is being delayed again, so for now we're good, apparently.
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    Feeling kinky... Entry 3 He's becoming addicted, and to be honest, so am I. Every evening this week, I've watched him lock the door to his workout room, something he didn't do before. Now he does so in anticipation that he'll see me through the window. I make him wait...make him long for me. And now he's on edge, unsure if he'll see me but desperately hoping he will. I've prepared a treat for him tonight. When I lift the blinds, I'm already completely nude and sitting on a plain, straight-backed wooden chair in front of the window. He notices me as soon as the blinds open, and I smirk. I knew he was watching. I can see the excitement paint his face as he puts away his weights and strips off his shorts. His cock is already at half mast, and I lick my lips. He searches the room until he spies his workout bench and pulls it over to his window. Already, he knows what to do. He wants to copy me or be prepared to enact his part in our sordid deeds. He sits on the bench, facing me, and I spread my legs wide for him, jutting out my hips. In response, his legs part, and his balls look heavy and full. I feel warm arousal seep from my spread cunt, and I know it's time. I start slow, my hand caressing my smooth skin, teasing my sensitive nipples, and he wraps his hand around his massive prick, stroking it with slow, even strokes. I watch his length grow even longer, thicker, his erection growing harder by the second. I reach beyond the my window to a small table I grasp a pair of nipple clamps, hiding them from his view, and then I lift one breast, suckling the erect nipple, drawing it out, and then I pinch it, pulling it, stretching it from the full globe of my breast, and attach a clamp to it. I hiss, my back arching as I do so, and I watch his face, his eyes darkening when he realizes what I've done. I repeat the action, working my other nipple, attaching the clamp, and soon my pussy is gushing. I decide to give it the attention it so needs. My finger tease my clit, my body becoming flushed with need. I watch him through the windows, and I see him jerking harder, so I grab dildo from the table. It's an ugly object, a strange colored shaft meant to imitate my favorite part of the male anatomy, but it's effective. He stills his movements when he sees the toy, and I wink at him before guiding the head of it to my wet pussy. Oh, so slowly, I press the dildo into me, letting it part my folds, my body trembling with need. I pause when it is a couple of inches in, and my eyes meet his. He is panting, jerking his cock with unimaginable force, and I bite my bottom lip as I thrust the dildo deeper into my cunt. My mouth falls open when I am full, and I pull the toy out before thrusting it in again. He watches, his breathing fast and hard, his hand flying over his cock, and we are fucking, hard, fast, furiously. I watch his balls draw up, and I begin rubbing my clit as I slam the dildo into me again, and when he shoots ropes of cum, I give in, crying out as my orgasm hits me, my pussy clamping down on the toy, and my body spasming. I take longer than usual recovering, and I ease the dildo from my spent body. He is just staring at me, watching me, taking in every movement. I decide he has earned one more treat and bring the toy to my mouth. I lick it, tasting my release, before wrapping my lips around the head and sucking once, twice, before pulling it out with a pop. I see his cock starting to stiffen, and I grin, lowering the blind and obscuring me from view.
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    I have finally updated my Roleplayer Preferences. It's actually easier to read now, and has some quick and easily accessible information at the top of the preferences extra info that can easily be reviewed for those who are looking for specific things. I've only been wanting to update my preferences since for like - ever.
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    I am but a simple man, I wish for lewds.
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    New to the site, Hi everyone! Looking forward to checking things out here~❤
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    @SMFoxy has shown me this lovely picture, and I just had to share it. The subject here, to me, looks like a mother. She has that kind of warm - no pun intended - facial expression. Or perhaps she's just a random Delphox trying to dress modestly, but being stopped by her endowments.~ Also, her hair clips look to be Gracidea, the flower that causes Shaymin to become Sky Forme in every main series game since Platinum.
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    Feeling saucy... ENTRY 1 I watch the man from my window, taking in his hard body as he finishes his pushups. I lick my lips, my body responding to his, nipples hardening, aching. He stands, and I step into the window, raising my blinds, my eyes averted to appear nonchalant, but I can see him still from the corner of my eyes, and I know that he sees me. I've done this before...once...twice...a dozen times, my darkened apartment framing my body with inky velvet as the light from the parking lot offers a spotlight on my skin. I raise my arms, stretching, letting him see my breasts rise in my shirt, taking my time as I tease him, taunt him. He is alone, his wife working late again, and I give in to my desire to toy with him. I glide my hands down my torso and gently pull up my shirt, peeling it from my body and tossing it behind me, obscure in the darkness. And then I reach behind my back, unfastening my bra and letting it sag slightly, still holding my breasts but still taunting the voyeur. I raise one hand and slide my left strap down and then the other before slowly letting the fabric fall to the floor. My breasts bounce in their freedom, unconfined after a long day, and I sigh, cupping them, caressing them as my fingertips lightly pulse against my nipples. I look at him from beneath my eyelashes and see that he is leaning toward his window, watching, his chest rising and falling in his arousal. I pinch my nipples, rolling them beneath my fingertips, and then lift one pert breast as I lower my mouth, my tongue rasping against my nipple before my lips wrap around the extended bit, suckling. I close my eyes, imagining him, his lips on my breast, and my body quivers. One hand snakes down my body, unbuttoning my shorts and pushing them down until they pool at my ankles. I step out of them, releasing my lips' hold on my nipple. I'm flushed my body aching for more, and I have to obey. Slowly, I slide my fingertips beneath the band of my panties, slowly rolling the lacy fabric down my hips, revealing my mound to his view, until my panties have joined the shorts. I raise one leg slightly, placing my foot on the windowsill, standing so that I am open, giving him a glimpse at my petals, and I slowly stroke my lower lips, enjoying the gentle touch. I feel my aroused nub--my clit--poking, and I tap it, teasing it as it throbs. My body heats, breasts moving in my desire, and I slide two fingers into my heated cavern as my thumb rolls my clit. I whimper, my hips moving against my hand and my channel gripping my fingers as it searches...searches for more. I give in, thrusting both fingers in, retreating, thrusting, over and over again, my body glistening in heady arousal and need. I need to see him, and my eyes raise, not hidden behind lashes, but open, wide, watching, staring directly at him as he strokes his cock beneath his shorts, staring at my hand. He senses my observation and looks up, staring into my eyes, and I mouth, "Come with me." Her jerks a nod of agreement, his hand moving faster, and mine mimics his rhythm, our bodies jerking, panting, pulled tighter and tighter like a bow until I give a strangled gasp, my head falling back, and my orgasm takes over. My body finally stills, calming after my release in a haze of bliss, and I again look through my window. He is staring, his hand touching the glass of his window, his chest heaving from our shared moment. I smile. He smiles. And I lower the blind.
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    Good morning everyone! I'm going to be taken a small portion out of my day to spend time with my mom today, since I haven't seen her for a while. Starbucks and ice cream, I'll be with you soon~ ♡
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    I have an interesting idea for a club but I don't know if I have the energy to make it on my own.
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    It would be great if ecchi dreams was turned into an app, so we can get the notifications even if we are not it.
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    Ended up making myself a grilled cheese sandwich. Yum!
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    Just arrived a few hours and I am already roleplaying my favourite kind of hentai rp, this place is heaven ❤
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    Looking back, Tea Gardner was actually kind of hot. *shrug*
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    If y'alls celebrating the independence and junk, be careful with the boom booms.
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    I'd like to say sorry for the lack of responses since the beginning of this week. I've had to help a friend with his business, and it's just taken everything out of me. I'll be sure to reply more promptly moving forward.
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    I will try to get to replies today. I just feel a little depressed and slightly overwhelmed, but I know it’ll be okay.
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    I am essentially back! Bleep Bloop, Dreamers! Okay, what did I miss?
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    I wasn't able to post again today..and I'm sorry. I hate to keep anyone waiting, but I simply can't write a decent post right now. Nothing happened, I'm fine! I've been busy with things too, but that's not the main reason I haven't been able to post...I just can't focus at all because of how hot it is! It was almost 40 degrees Celsius today..and now that it's midnight, it's still close to 30 degrees Celsius outside! It's just hell..and the heat really weighs on you. I hope the temperature drops soon and I'll try to get posts in frequently, but I can't make any promises. I know it's a dumb reason not to post, so again, I'm sorry to everyone waiting. :c
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    Had a busy weekend but replies are coming! Have a good day everyone!
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    Trade some ecchicredits for a morning Blowjob ?
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    I made this. I refuse to apologise for A R T.
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    I feel that I should just add onto the end of this that I don't ever play dominant roles, they just don't interest me.
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    Can't sleep, anyone looking for some roleplay fun? :3
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    What do you call a computer strapped to the back of a monitor? Apparently it’s a AiO computer… I found this strange little thing on bid for £4.99, and there really wasn’t all that was said about it. No specs, no model number, nothing. Just “It turns on” but “It has a password” therefore it was being sold for spares and repairs. A BIOS password is extremely easy to bypass; usually it’s just a matter of moving a jumper and turning the computer on, or just taking out the CMOS button cell battery (Usually a CR2032). I figured at £4.99 (Plus £9.99 shipping) there really wasn’t much to lose, and took the plunge, putting in a bid for it. My max bid was £20; I wasn’t really willing to spend more than £29.99 on it, because it was a curiosity more than anything, and I had no idea what the specs were, at all. I was surprised that no one else was interested in it. He claimed he had brought a load of them from a joblot and was selling them individually on eBay. It was advertised as coming with the power cables and VGA cable, but other than that; there wasn’t much. Of course after I bought it, the seller started charging £14.99 for them +£9.99 Shipping. Item: Ex-School AiO PC (Parts and Spares) Price I paid: £4.99 Shipping: £9.99 (Courier) Total Cost: £14.98 Came With: A heavily modified Windows 7 Installation. This topic won’t be as long as the others because there’s not really much to talk about. When I got it, I was impressed with the condition of the machine; I have to admit I had reservations about the overall build quality, especially when one of the CEO’s for Viglen back in the day was Bordan Tkachuk who is perhaps famous/infamous for saying: He’s completely wrong, of course, in more ways than one. So I wasn’t inspired to say the very least, as the man seems to know nothing about basic knowledge for people who are supposed to be working in Technology. Anyway, the condition of the machine was pretty good, and when I booted it up there was indeed a BIOS Password. Removing this was a simple matter of opening the case and flipping the jumper which was readily accessible. When I turned on the PC it told me that the password had been cleared and that I needed to reboot the machine with the jumper in the correct position. I did that, and I was presented with not Windows Vista (Which is what I was sold) but Windows 7 (Enterprise, I think) and it was very heavily modified. It seemed to have come from a primary school, and thus it was expecting a domain server on the network that it couldn’t find. I’ve spoken about this before in regards to school computers and servers. Quite often there are no sensitive files on these machines because the files aren’t stored on them. Instead they’re stored on a kind of ‘Profile’ on the server that allows you to log into any authorised computer on that network, and have your files/documents travel with you when you log onto that computer. This is because the files aren’t stored on the actual computer - it’s just a workstation. The files are stored on the actual server. So there wasn’t any sensitive files on this device - I knew this before I hacked my way into the OS. Once I was in the OS (Using a backdoor user account that was created on the machine probably during setup) I confirmed that there was nothing groundbreaking left behind. Not a single document, or text file, incriminating evidence, family pictures or otherwise. I ended up wiping the hard drive and put Windows 10 on it - although I some issues after I opened it up again and took it apart. Which I will get to in a moment. I had rolledl back to Windows 7 whilst I was sorting these issues out, but eventually I diagnosed the fault and put Windows 10 back on it. And it works perfectly. Before I get into it this time; let's find out what I bought: Viglen Genie AiO PC (With Intel DQ35JO Motherboard) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (E8400) LGA775, 45nm Chip Dual Core @ 3.00GHz L1 Cache 2 x 32 KB instruction caches 2 x 32 KB data caches L2 Cache 6MB (3MB per Core) 4 KB Pages, 4-way set associative, 128 entries 4 MB Pages, 4-way set associative, 32 entries 52.81W Typical Power Consumption (65W TDP) 4GB Max Supportable RAM Chipset: Intel(R) Q35 Express Chipset Family (North Bridge: Intel Bearlake Q35) (South Bridge: Intel 82801IO ICH9DO) RAM: 4GB DDR2 (4 x 1GB) 2x Samsung M3 (1GB Each) Non-ECC RAM Bandwidth: PC-5300 (667 MHz, DDR2) Timings: @ 333 MHz 5-5-5-15 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 20-43-3-5-3-3 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP) @ 266 MHz 4-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 16-34-2-4-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP) @ 200 MHz 3-3-3-9 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 12-26-2-3-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP) Model: M3 78T2863QZS-CE6 2x Kingston (1GB Each) Non-ECC RAM Bandwidth: PC2-5300 (667 MHz, DDR2) Timings: @ 400 MHz 6-6-6-18 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 24-51-3-6-3-3 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP) @ 333 MHz 5-5-5-15 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 20-43-3-5-3-3 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP) @ 266 MHz 4-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 16-34-2-4-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP) Model: Unknown Optical Media: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7633A SCSI CdRom Device Firmware: 1.00 Can read: CD-ROM CD-R CD-RW DVD-ROM DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+RW DVD-RAM DVD+R DL DVD+R9 DL Can Write: CD-R CD-RW DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+RW DVD-RAM DVD+R DL DVD+R9 DL Network Cards: Intel(R) 82566DM-2 Gigabit Network Connection (1000M) Graphics: Intel GMA 3100 (Integrated) on the Intel(R) Q35 Express Chipset. VGA Output DVI Output Upto 256MB shared memory PSU: 1 x Enhance 250W Power Supply (80 Plus Bronze Efficiency Sticker) Model ENP-7025C HDD: 1 x 80GB (Originally: WDC WD800AAJS-00WAA0, 80GB, 7200 RPM, SATA II) Monitor: A 4:3/5:4 Ratio Maxdata Belinea 17” Display with USB Passthrough and built in speakers (They’re awful). Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio (Realtek ALC268) Stereo Speakers Integrated with Monitor (I don’t know the wattage, they’re absolutely atrocious though). For £4.99 ($6.30 USD, $9.09 AUD, €5.57 EUR, $8.35 CAD, at the time of writing) the specs are really not bad at all! I could easily flip the computer on it’s own for quadruple the price, which makes back the shipping and I get a free monitor for my troubles. It could make a fantastic computer for a child who uses it for homework and basic word processing, as well as light internet usage. I think it’s got reasonably competent connectability; a gigabit ethernet port is a major plus with this machine, which is on the back with a firewire port, six USB2 ports a VGA and DVI port as well as microphone, headphones/speakers and a lineout port. On the front it has two USB2 ports, a headphone jack and a microphone jack. However; as I expected with Viglen - which might as well mean buy the cheapest possible components and throw it all into a computer case to see if it sticks - the internal engineering is absolutely abysmal. At 5.1KG for the computer unit alone, (5164g) this is not a lightweight. Cable management was an absolute nightmare and no thought was put in to the case either. Take a look at the inside: This is after I cable managed it. The major problem with this machine is heat, and on that note I’d love to meet the absolute spanner who thought it was a good idea to put a PSU directly above in near contact to the Intel 82801IDO Southbridge heatsink! It gets to temperatures in the region of 92oC hot and it cannot dissipate the heat properly because there’s no airflow over that area, and to top it all off the PSU is generating a generous amount of heat as well. In addition; the HDD is right on top of the RAM (Also generating a good amount of heat). The Power distribution of the system seems precarious at best. The thermal paste was god awful and was causing several Thermal Cutoffs (Where the machine would outright shut down to protect the CPU), not allowing me to do an accurate test of the CPU temp before thermal pasting. But in fairness most OEM’s have poor quality thermal pastes. I replaced it with my standard Arctic Silver 5, but under the current configuration it’s temperature is erratic under load: But at least it’s not cutting off outright. This is this machine’s biggest enemy, and I think I might know of a few solutions to help with it. The CPU fan seems to be an intake, where as the PSU fan and the one opposite are output fans. Picture I took whilst I was dismantling it to replace the Thermal Paste: After stabilising the machine, I did some cable management and tied it up. I did try replacing the HDD with a higher capacity one, however I had lots of errors happen when I did that, such as “Memory_Management”, and so on until the computer just outright failed to detect any other hard drive other than the 80GB one. You’d hear it power up, and then it’d power it down repeatedly - and this was with a good hard drive (Because I use it in the HP AiO now and it’s absolutely fine) This is why I suggest that the power distribution is precarious… Perhaps and SSD will do fine in this system - were it not for the heat issues I’m finding. I do not like subjecting SSD’s to more than 35oC of heat, certainly no more than 45oC if I can help it. That said. Despite the system running much hotter than I’d personally care for, it does run now, and I’ve not had a problem with it. But perhaps I will run it in the winter when I don’t want to use the heater in the house. I believe this motherboard could be translated to a different case and utilised to its fullest extent. With a decent cooler on the CPU there is plenty of upgradability here; especially with those SATA ports (Red one is designed for External SATA). There’s not really that much more to say about this machine, it was extremely cheap and you get what you pay for, however individually, the parts are worth more to me than the whole machine. Why I can use the RAM with another old machine I have, and the CPU with the next item I will be featuring. If you do have any questions please leave them below! I’ll close with some AIDA64 Benchmarks, but I will be comparing them to my next ‘Shit I’ve Bought on eBay’ as the next machine is comparable as it has the same CPU: RAM: Memory Read: 7,098 MB/s Memory Write: 6,955 MB/s Memory Copy: 6,384 MB/s Memory Latency: 100.0 ns Central Processing Unit Benchmarks: CPU Queen Score: 12,662 CPU PhotoWorxx Score: 3,498 MPixel/s CPU ZLib Score: 75.3 MB/s CPU AES Score: 328 MB/s CPU Hash Score: 959 MB/s Floating Point Unit Benchmarks: FPU VP8 Score: 2,102 FPU Julia Score: 4,056 FPU Mandel Score: 2,144 FPU SinJulia Score: 1,099 SIMD-Enhanced Ray Tracing Benchmarks: FP32 Ray-Trace: 582 KRay/s FP64 Ray-Trace: 305 KRay/s Next on: "Shit I've bought from eBay" - ACER Veriton L670G PC
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