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    *boop* hewo~
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    At work but loving these steamy role plays!!
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    I just want a guy who will always be by my side. ...or on top of me. Or under me.
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    I should probably do replies.
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    I love Autumn. I love everything surrounding the season. The not warm, not cold breezes. The scents of pumpkin, fire and marshmallow that float through the air. The cheesy horror songs and movie marathons. Most of all, I fucking love Halloween. Naturally, in celebration of the rapidly approaching spooky time, I wanted to do a role play to share the spirit. Initially, based on the best kinds of Halloween movies, I wanted this to be an "Anthology" role play, or, essentially, various smaller, self contained role plays that all happen on the same night, in the same town, with the potential to cross over with one another and intersect stories, whether they be camp or serious, bloody or funny. The idea of characters from separate stories bumping into each other has always had it's draw for me. However, looking at this realistically, the limited market for spooky role plays, the varying imagination scales and attention spans of dreamers would clash and things would fall apart in that sort of format, much to my dismay, so instead it will be one bonkers story with various locations. I wanted everything to be evident, all the Halloween and horror cliches, representation for classic activities, the works, and also pay homage to a lot of my favorite creature features. More to come, but feel free to throw in your two cents.
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    Come away with me to the world of pure fantasy. Where your wildest dreams come true. But beware for when the night falls even your nightmares will get their due~
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    Y'know, I've noticed that there's a surprising amount of other girls on here. Starting to wonder how many of them are actually girls
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    I broke down and bought a D&D Starter Set. Now I just need friends to play it with...
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    Random pic for tentacle lovers~ Start off this week
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    I have finally found the biggest problem with making new chracters are. Actually naming them XD And with that gonna go figure out something to do.
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    Hey guys, I am back ^^
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    Here are all the images for characters I'm playing in the Public Roleplay club.
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    I don’t remember my first specifically, but I remember the one that got me really hooked. I started out needing a creative outlet and a way to help my writing and figured the RP scene might be a good way to flex my creative muscles a bit and create some fun stories, live out fantasies etc. I started on the Free Yourself roleplaying, a site that I honestly have no clue of it still exists or not, and fell in love with RP after a Werewolf x Hunter romance story with the first partner I ever had that I actually connected with a bit ooc for a while, it was a great time and lasted longer than any RP I’ve ever had, but as all things generally do it sort of faded away after a while, but it’s one of the only early role plays I did that I still think about.
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    Account Notice This account will not be deactivated not deleted, however due to me being back in some school time madness, Tis difficult for me to even be on here. I offer sincerest apologies for those who I was close to here, but please know I won’t be on here until I get more of a break from school. I hope you all understand. Sincerly Furrom A Kitty Pun Lover, -Multiversal
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    She moves her forearms to cover her breasts as his hands grope her, trying to keep him from touching her. Why did it have to come to this? She was crying now, tears rolling down her cheeks. She presses her thighs together before his hands can find their way between them. Her shoulders shake with the sobs. She wants to say something, to deter him, but her lips are trembling too much. She can't speak. Instead s whining sound comes from her throat, a brief hiccuping cry, quiet but tragically urgent.
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    Her face burns bright red as she moves her arms out the her sides and takes a half step, putting her feet shoulder width apart. She feels a single tear break free and roll down one cheek, then another down the other cheek. "Please," she says. She doesn't even sound like herself. Her voice is a whimper. "Please don't."
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    Dexter Helsing was having the best time ever. Honesty when got the invitation for the party he was pretty sure that the event was going to suck. His last experience with partying was pretty bad so he was suspecting that this party was going to be lame and total wasting of time. However after some persuasion from his friends he decided to go. Once he arrived he was pretty surprised how many people were there. He immediately felt the good vibe that was being projected by all the people that were having fun. The good atmosphere made him totally forget about his suspicions. He let loose all his fears and begun having fun.He was biggest drinker or dancer so he focused on interacting with people. This was a little difficult to achieve since most of teens around where either dancing or drinking. He tried his best to flirt with some of the girls but that didn't work since many of them too drunk get his hints. After another failure of trying he decided to try hishimself luck up stairs. He already knew what was going on over there. People where making out and having sex. However that didn't stop him to go check out for himself. Perhaps he could get lucky with some girl. Making his way up to the stairs he reached the corridor full of doors where girls and boys were having some private fun together. His heart imideatly started beating faster. He even begun sweating when he made a few steps further and heard some moans of a girl coming from one of the rooms. Apparently the walls were pretty thin so he was able to hear everything. The sound of loud moans really made him turned on so much that he had a huge erection. Dexter didn't even noticed how did that happened but suddenly he felt a very strong need to release his sexual tension which was growing inside of him with each passing second. He decided to take a risk and try one of the doors. It was unlocked so he slowly entered the room. It was empty. That was huge relief to him since he desperately need to achieve orgasm put end of his suden sexual desires. The moans from the next room were getting louder so he quickly closed the door and headed for the bed. Laying on it he pulled out his thick fat member and started stroking it trying to finish himself before someone comes in. Seconds later he heard someone opening the door of his room. His eyes quickly looked at the door way he begun cursing himself in his mind for being so stupid for not locking the door in order not to get interrupted. The boy was just so turned on by the situation of knowing that others were having sex in all this rooms that he totally forgot locking the door. The time was running out and he realised inot horror that the newcomer was about to caught him righthanded masturbating without being able to hide his own manhood. It was purely visible cause of the light in the room. Dexter was totally screwed.
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    Haven's eyes grew wide. "Wait, your grandfather was Titus?" She turned to look him up and down again. How could that be? "How...?" She wasn't even sure what she wanted to ask. How did the Earth's greatest hero become the grandfather of its worst villain?
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    Haven says, "He sounds intimidating." She remains close behind Titan as they approach the ground near the house. "Animals usually like me," she adds, hopefully. "Maybe he'll surprise you."
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    Welcome to Ecchidreams!
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    "You know how he disappeared?" He stops walking entirely "Well I had caught him trying to force himself on some poor girl who couldn't have been more that 15. I liquified every single organ in his body. He may have been invulnerable on the outside but he wasnt on the inside" He looks off into the distance "I may be a bad guy but some of you heros are worse than me"
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    "There's not much to tell. You said it already: I'm the newest member of the League. I had to train and stay on monitor duty for three months before they let me on patrol even once, and then they still wouldn't let me respond to our first two emergency calls." Haven follows him down onto the next platform, then continues. "Did you know we don't even get to pick out our moniker?" She waits for a reaction, but when she gets none, she continues. "Yeah, some marketing types come up with ideas, run them past the rest of the League, and they pick the one they like best." She shakes her head, remembering her frustration. "My options were: Safeguard, The Ivory Guardian, Shield Maiden, Bastion, Barrier, and Haven. Can you believe it? I should habe quit right there." Haven is talking more than she should, but continues, unthinking. "I wanted to be called Aegis, you know, from Greek mythology? Shield of Zeus, used by Athena? That would have been badass." She's talking softer now, but continues. "But, no. The marketing guys said it wasn't relevant, had no recognition. Instead they came up with Shield Maiden? Really?" Haven stops. I was on my way to the kitchen and I overheard them discussing my name. I shouldn't have, but I eavesdropped. I wanted to know what they were going to call me. They had it down to Shield Maiden and Haven. Do you know why they chose Haven? Do you?" She sounded upset now, angry, even. "Pistolero, remember him? The guy with the suit of armor covered in guns? He said he'd like to place his pistolero in the haven of my bosom." Her face was serious. "They all laughed. And the next day, that's my name. Haven. And when they gave me my suit and name, there was Pistolero, winking and grinning at me." She shakes her head again, then sighs and looks up at Titan. "Probably not the kind of thing you wanted to know, was it?"
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    Sonja as stated in her bio was amercenary I can see some scenes where she threatens someone with violence
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    More likely than not Logan is going to take Catina down an avalanch of kink over time. A lot of the more extreme stuff could be covered as we go (though some of it might be with one time customers instead), whether that makes them close or not will be interesting to see. My start for the two of them is actually starting with quite a bit between Logan and Aileen setting it up. The first post might end with that and then letting you give Catina a chance to prepare on her own shortly before their appointment.
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    From the album: EnchantedNymph's Relevant Stuff

    Taking things to a whole new level with shrooms. Haha.
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    Please post in the role play now
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    Sweet cheeks? Did he just call me sweet cheeks? A bright blush creeps up Haven's cheeks as she stares at him. "If you had left my powers, I could have made a force field around myself and your power could have vibrated me all the way home."
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    Kouta showed no hint of reaction, he required a much more direct approach. If she was going to talk to the group, let someone else be the one to respond. Ignore it, be ignored. That was the best way to handle it and easier on him. Hopefully they would just assume he either did not hear it or if someone else responded fast enough, that he was politely minding his own business. Ciara was only mildly more responsive. She found this sort of cheerful happy girl simultaneously charming and annoying in equal measure. They were less likely to be the sort to cause any trouble for her, but at the same time she could only handle so much of it without. She was less certain that such a girl would be very effective in the sort of fighting they had been gathered to sure. A slow nod before her reply. "Sure, I'll keep that in mind." She had not stopped looking ahead and impatiently tapping her foot. Reina, being at least somewhat similar in personality, was the one most willing to respond and was in agreement with the other girl's logic in trying this. Though she still did turn her eyes from the window. "Same here! Let me know if you need any help and I will be glad to so." A response that was deceptively casual and seemingly just friendly. No hint yet of how far she would go to help people, that it was almost a request to walk all over her, or that it potentially included intimacy for the boy.
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    Haven was the only one who could "see" her shields; they appeared in her vision as faint outlines around whatever she protected. Right now her shield appeared as a dome over her, Wildfire and Monsoon. The blast that washed across her shields was strong, the dome showed cracks almost immediately, then fissures. She could feel the reverberations, even through her shield. She concentrated, strengthening her shields, pouring all of her inner reserve of power into maintaining the only protection that stood between her and this villain. Her shields seemed to heal themselves. "Because when you face one of the League, you face us all," she said, her face serious. "You may have defeated a handful of us, but you shall not prevail."
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    Colab Post: This post was a collaboration between myself and @Neptune who did the Christopher, Kal'taour, and Alexander. We did this over at Google Docs before transferring it to here on EcchiDreams. Location: The Wet Holes, Down Below, Andromeda One, Churchill's Legacy, Andromeda Galaxy. Whilst Daniella and Kellina coversed with each other briefly, Jake took a sip of his own drink and continued trying to picture Kelina in a nursing home, all old with crooked hair, perhaps naked with a bottle of booze in one hand, a spliff between her fingers in the other hand and a lampshade on her head, partying an infinite percent more than the others around her. He could also picture the nursing home in an absolute state, as well as a wheelchair which had clearly been modified with some kind of jets on the back of it, as if a frat house had been through there. He drunk more of his whiskey. When she looked at him again, and asked if she could fly it at some point and made a reference about paying followed by a wink, he grinned back at her for a moment. “I don’t see why not, you’ve flown my Vulture before and it’s pretty much the same kind of controls, although I will need to take it out to the edge of the system, and I’ll give the command deck a heads up, for weapons testing. You know, blast the crap outta some asteroids or something.” Jake replied however Jen’starr called out “Not under the influence you’re fucking not. You’ll fucking sobre up first.” “Alright Mother!” Jake called back in a sarcastic tone however Jen’starr just replied, “Damn straight boy.” Leaving Jake giving Kellina a look he had given her a thousand times. Jake then looked back at Kellina and said, “Right, well… As for specs. It’s a Eldyrannthian variant of the Imperial Clipper, and it’s the small one because that’s the smallest one that will even fit on the station’s largest landing pad that and the next size up would require eight crew members. It’s kind of like a mashup of the Taru’zenarian version so it has an Eldyrannthian style power core, it has transwarp drives because the ship is too small for quantum slipstream drives, and it has impulse engines rather than frameshift technology like my Vulture started out with. The weapons is pretty much awesome, by default it should have four beam weapons or missile launchers in the two large hardpoints and the two medium sized hard points, but instead it has torpedo launchers in the large hardpoints and pulsed phaser cannons in the medium hardpoints. In addition it has two wide arc phaser arrays along the top of the ship and the bottom. It’s got an Aymar style cloaking device, and Eldyrannthian Shield Generators that are strong against energy weapons, although Anti-Exotic shit might be a problem… Thankfully the only people we know of with Anti-Exotic shit is the Daedra. It’s pretty damn good. Oh and it’s a Talium-Neutronium-Negatium alloy mix hull. I also have a holosuite in there as well as some replicators. Although I need to get some credit for it. However the downsize of all of this, because of the limited space is that I can only carry about seventy units of cargo. That might be a hard one to explain though...” Jen’starr saw the look and would have said something, however the entrance of Christopher drew her attention. When he neared her, she said, “Twice in one hour. I would say you have a problem, Chris. Another orange juice?” “Nah. I’ve come for the company.” Christopher said back with a tang of sarcasm. Jen’starr chuckled and said “I’ll get you a glass of water. On the house… I insist.” She then walked off to get Christopher a small glass which she put some ice cubes in and filled with water, this didn’t take her very long, and she came back with the glass and put it down in front of Chrisopher, before saying “Now you’re a customer again. Just like that.” “Best water on the station.” Christopher said, picking up his glass and sipping it. “Not sure that’s got anything to do with the water, it’s more like the company you keep.” Jen’starr replied before smiling at him, as she winked once. “Probably.” Christopher admitted with a slightly nervous laugh as that comment made what he was about to ask even more awkward, and yet to anyone listening to it was a naturally flowering conversation of a different meaning, “Speaking off… I would like to have a chat with you in private.” Jen’starrs smile melted into a smirk and said “Oh finally, Christopher. I bet you do. Well then, big boy, why don’t you step into my office, and you can take me over the desk, like I know you’ve always secretly wanted to do.” Christopher let out another nervous laugh, “Aha… yeah…” He said as he heard a few snickers around them. “Kal'taour; I’m going to leave you with the bar for a little bit… I’m goin’ on break.” Jen’starr called out to her Zeta’mulurian assistant who gave her a thumbs up and called back “Have fun, boss!” Jen’starr then jerked her head over to the section of the bar against the wall, and walked down to it, where she opened up the gate to allow Christopher in behind the bar. Once he was behind the bar, she lead him through the back of the bar as Kal’taour closed the gate. She then walked in through the door into a corridor and lead Christopher to her office which was through the door on the far end. Her office was clean and minimal, there was a strange green cactus that seemed to be glowing purple in the corner of the room next to a sofa and her desk against one of the walls with another door. She sat down on the sofa and patted the space next to her for Chrisopher. Along her wall behind her desk was what looked like a schedule with coded language and on the opposite site was pictures of banned patrons, including several ambassadors who were in the ‘Temporarily Banned’ section, and several shady characters known by Chrisopher in the ‘Permanently Banned’ section. Christopher looked around the office for a few moments before saying, “You’ve got a nice office here…” He sat down next to her on the sofa before adding, “I hope you didn’t misread me out there, by the way.” Jen’starr smiled and replied, “It’s quaint, modest. But I like it. The walls are actually smart walls, and I can change whats on them from my computer, and er… No. No I didn’t. But if this is a quick five minute thing, you might not want to leave the same way you came in. People will be thinking you’re a quick silver or something. Luckily there’s a door there that goes up to the Pleasure Bar, and another set of stairs there that go up to the Stuffed Holes, where you can sneak out from the staff room and quickly duck out onto the top floor of the promenade.” “Ah, that’s good, because I don’t have the time for that anyway.” Christopher said, before realising that what he said could be taken that, even though he had no time for that today, he wasn’t averse to the idea. He cleared his throat a little before asking, “Either way… are you aware of a drug called Dust?” Jen’starr blinked at him and asked, “Dust? Daedra Dust, Ice Dust, Glitter Dust, Daedra Dust Mark Two, Iso Dust, Kassa Dust, Kraeeg’s Dus-” She started listing off all of the drugs she knew called ‘Dust’ to which she was interrupted by Chrispoher shaking his head. “No, it’s just called Dust.” Christopher replied, pulling out a picture and showing her a picture of a sealy bag with white dust in it, causing her to ask, “Cocaine?” “If I was asking about Cocaine, I would call it Cocaine. No, this is a new drug that’s been floating around the Earth Alliance. It stimulates the telepathic gene in humans, but it’s highly unstable.” Christopher explained. “Oh~! Yes that was going to be my next one. The EPSI Federation designated it: Teletropic Dust, because of the telepathic effects as well as the psychotropic effects; to some degree. I don’t usually approve of mashing two names up together but in this case it is mashed up, Telepathy and Psychotropics, it’s a telepathic psychotropic. Man I love that word… But yes, I came across a sample of it down here actually, I saw that was being sold, bought a sample and had it shipped off to Hanshaerin Eldyrannth in a medical samples container.” She explained. “Okay… I’m going to let that pass. Because it’s beginning to turn up in larger amounts on the station. We’ve already had several victims in the infirmary who’s been… well, mind-raped for a lack of a better term.” Christopher said. “You know me, I want to make sure I know what’s going on under my nose. I got a very detailed report back from Doctor Talrin Eldyrannth and Doctor Hanshaerin Eldyrannth who ran it through toxicology and a battery of tests. The nearest that they could tell, was that it was synthesised from the ground up in a lab, a very well funded lab, possibly Government or rouge agency type, it was created on purpose to latch onto the genes involving telepathy to enhance it and let people take a … I think Hanshaerin described it as a Universal Rights violating joyride in people’s minds, living out their entire lives in minutes or something. It’s effective on Taru’zenari individuals, not at all effective in Zeta’s. Very interesting stuff… It’s also fucking banned from my bar.” Jen’starr replied, before asking “Would you like a copy of the report? We’re allies so… I can share it, it’s not classified either.” “Yes, please. Daniel would love to get his hands on it. Especially if it has any information that can help him treat the victims of these Universal Rights Violations.” Christopher said. “Yeah… Unfortunately, I only had a small sample which isn’t, or rather wasn’t enough for them to do a battery of tests involving treatments. There are a few things that I think they crossed off the list, but other than that, they never found a treatment. They want more, but I told them to get it themselves, because I won’t allow it in my fuckin’ bar… But if you happen to intercept a shipment of them, let me know, and I will let them know, so that they can send a medical ship…” She replied earnestly. “Well that’s the thing. It’s only recently reared its head on the station. I was hoping you might be able to point me towards potential smugglers?” Christopher asked to which Jen’starr replied, “I only know the dealers I’m afraid, and I ain’t going to be snitchin’. I’m sorry, but I have a business to run, and if they ain’t bringing it into my bar anymore, then I don’t have a problem. But I’ll tell you what, if they do, and you just happen to be here when they do, then it ain’t snitching is it? It’s fair game.” “I didn’t think you would snitch, but can’t blame a guy for trying. But I’ll take the fair game.” Christopher replied. “Speak to Axel. He might be able to convince EPSIMedical to send a medical ship out this way to give you a hand if you need it. They will also use their technology to help your doctors come up with a neutralisation agent or treatment, if it is indeed possible. I really don’t think they’d object… But I’ll get you that report. Do you have a datapad?” She then asked. “I’ll keep that in mind, thanks Jen’starr… and yes, I do.” Christopher replied, pulling out a datapad that he usually kept on his person, to help record notes of evidence and conversations with people. She took it from him and went over to her computer and put it down on her wireless interface. She then typed away at her computer on the console to locate the document that was required. Of course her pad was automatically making a copy of everything on Chrisopher’s datapad, but she didn’t pay any attention to it, she copied over to the document and said “You’re still working on the byte scale, aren’t you? This document is about two gigabytes big, and the accompanying raw data is about twelve gigabytes… Plenty of space on this…” “Copying my files off of there again, are you?” Christopher asked with a slight tilt of his head as his eyebrow arched up. Jen’starr chuckled lightly and said “Guilty~! Nah, it does it automatically… I’ll delete it, you can watch me do it if you want.” “I think I will. I like you Jen’starr, but I don’t think it’s wise to really trust you.” Christopher told her as he got up and came over to her computer, which of course was entirely in Epsian which he didn’t understand, so he asked “Can I see this stuff in English?” “Sure.” She replied before picking up a visor, which looked like a set of glasses and handed them to him, which he looked at before putting them on, to see that everything was translated instantly. He had to lower the glasses and look around the lenses and look back through them repeatedly to see it change depending on if he was looking through the lense or not, “Okay, that’s genuinely impressive… Can I keep these?” “...No. You can buy them though, they’re like dirt cheap on the Unity One station… Or I can buy you a pair a gift from one friend to another… Or buy them for you, so you give me the credits. They’re universal translator visors. Neat, I know.” Jen’starr said as Chrisopher read the screen which indicated that the data on his datapad was encrypted, but easily broken by her machine, and he knew this because his password was on the screen itself ‘!~L0on3yToOns~!’ And he made a mental note to change that password later, “God damnit Jennaea…” “Sorry. It is automatic.” She replied indifferently, “Just like in real life you should watch where you stick your peripherals… Or in this case, who’s going to put your peripherals into their ports.” Christopher paused for a moment, frowning a little before he said in realisation, “Ah.. sex joke.” To which she grinned and said “And a computer joke.” She then looked at the screen as it said ‘Transfer Complete’ and she reached over for the datapad and gave it to Christopher, who took it and said “But for you, it’s a sex joke first.” “Yes, it is.” She replied before looking at the now decrypted files which seemed to be automatically scanned by her computer, and read ‘No incriminating evidence against you, found’ To which she said “Then I’m not interested. Delete!” She then deleted all the stuff it had copied off of the datapad as Christopher said, “Like I’d give you a datapad that has information on current investigations on to you, to you.” “Well… I would think less of you if you did. One of your men, didn’t. He came by here last month with a datapad. That’s how I knew you were looking into my - well how we say, comm logs, and allowed me to nuke my tracks.” She told him with a chuckle. “I did wonder how you knew. I always keep my datapads nice and light when I come to see you.” Christopher said. “Yeah, and feed me with false information, no doubt, eh, Chris~?” Jen’starr asked with a big grin. “Of course, Jennaea~!” Christopher said with false glee. “Yeah. I learnt not to trust that kind of information from you, you cheeky git. I’m like a Kaine Coda all up in this shit. I don’t make the same mistake twice.” She replied with a flutterance of her eyelashes. “I would be disappointed if you did.” Christopher told her. “Good. Now that should have the information you need… And er… I had it translated it into English for you. Rather… Doctor Talrin did, fucking language nerd. He said that you should be able to understand it… Well… At least as it’s written, I’d understand if you didn’t understand the medical jargon.” She said pointing at the datapad. “That’s what Doc Dan is for. He would understand it. Medical jargon is not my thing. I know basic first aid, but that’s about it.” Christopher replied. “I’m glad to help… But if I do hear anything, like big shipments coming in… I’ll make use of dead drop Tango-Alpha Four Six One-Delta.” “Alright, thanks Jannaea. I really appreciate it.” Christopher said with a smile before saying “Right, I’d better get this to Doctor Dan.” He turned to walk off so that he could take the back entrance. “Visor…” Jen’starr said holding out her hand for the visor that he was wearing. He stopped, looking at her blankly for a moment before he realised what she was talking, “Oh, shit, sorry. I didn’t realise I was still wearing it.” He said, taking them off and handing them back. She chuckled in response and said “Talium and Negatium, makes them incredibly light, so that you forget that you’re wearing them… So it’s cool.” She took the visor back and put it down on her desk. “Take care, babes~!” She called out after him as he crossed the doorway to the spiral staircase. Although he didn’t respond as the door closed behind him. She sat in her chair and said “Fuck I love that man.” Location: Ambassadorial Quarters, Suite of Epsus (Axel's Room). The moment Axel got back into the zone of his meditations his door chime sounded off, to which irked him a little, but he ignored it. However shortly after the chirpy little chime sounded off in the room again as Axel said “For crying out… Tali we need to have a little chat about what ‘Do not disturb’ means.” “When would you like to schedule this conversation?” Tali asked. Axel opened his eyes and looked deeply unimpressed, for a moment he didn’t say anything, but when he did speak he said, “Don’t get snippy with me.” “I shall file it away as an unspecified appointment.” Tali replied to which Axel said “Remind me also to get an engineer from the EPSI Federation to take a look at your files.” “When would you like to schedule my maintenance appointment?” Tali asked. Axel frowned and looked even more unimpressed, before the door chimed again. He then sighed loudly before saying “Come in…” The door opened to reveal one of the ambassadors for the Andromeda Galaxy, as usual he smelt like he had a little bit too much to drink, and was indeed acting as if he had been hitting the bottle too hard, he usually spoke with such a courtly tone, and an oddly Czechoslovakian accent, despite not being from Earth, let alone Czech Republic, “Ah! Axel my man. Just the Epsian I wanted to see!” “Well you did buzz my door three times. So I’d imagine so… Unless you’ve lost your way to your Unic’s quarters again.” Axel replied. “Unic?!” The other ambassador said indignantly before laughing, “He’s not a Unic. A bit spineless maybe… Not er- quite right in the head, perhaps but I assure you I’ve not cut off his… Well. Ehm.” He coughed nervously. Axel looked up at him and said, “Hollan. What is that you want? I hate to sound rude, but I’m trying to meditate.” Hollan then seemed to put on an act, like he cared that he was disturbing Axel, and yet Axel didn’t need to be telepathic to know that it was an act, he could see right through it, “Ah, that’s a pity. Hopefully I can get an answer from you quickly so I don’t take up more than necessary of your… valuable time, Ambassador Coda’zotoxi.” Axel sighed again and stood up gracefully before looking at Ambassador Hollan and asked, “Well then more to point, what’s the matter?” Ambassador Hollan stepped in so that the door closed behind him and asked “Is your damn computer recording everything I’m saying?” “Always.” Axel replied. “Well can it not? I don’t consent, or whatever it is to make you stop. I want this strictly off the record.” Ambassador Hollan replied to which Axel said “Yeah-no, that’s not going to happen. What is it? I mean if you’re just after some questions being answered then there’s really no need, it’s just administration and mainly note taking.” The Ambassador looked around before saying “Gah. Very well then. Does your Government take part in… How do we say? Making people disappear?” He then asked. Axel blinked at him and asked “Disappear as in..? What? Cloak them? Hide them in a cupboard?” “More like make them disappear in space. Assassination’s. You know… ‘Make them disappear’, although I wouldn’t mind cloaking technology. That could come in handy if I want to watch the ladies-...” He chuckled before seeing Axel’s stern expression which soon killed that. “No.” Axel replied. Hollan then said “Okay, maybe you call it something different, like ‘Extra Judicial Killings’ then?” Axel then folded his arms and frowned, “Absolutely not. The EPSI Federation Government does not take part in such activities. Even if it did, it would not take part in actions for other states like this. We have a bounty board of which all criminals are wanted ‘Alive’ to face justice, not ‘Dead or Alive’ and certainly not ‘Dead’. We’ve actually been down that road before and it’s not something we’re keen on revisiting, to be perfectly honest with you, Hollan.” “Pah! Your people shoot and kill other people all the time!” Hollan replied in an exuberant tone. To which Axel asked, “What are you talking about?” “Well if someone starts you know - shooting at one of your ships, you don’t exactly hold back.” Hollan replied. “Okay, stop you right there.” Axel replied before saying, “That is in the name of Arcaedian Rights; what you’d call self defence, or against those that we’re at war with, such as the E’Cothri for example… Although they don’t really exist anymore… At least not in our neck of the woods.” Before Hollan could ask what he meant by that Axel said “Idiom, I know. It means our region of space, our areas, etcetera. In a case where someone starts shooting at one of our ships, we actually try to disable them, at least that’s EPSIFleet Policy. Whether or not civilians live up to that or not, I don’t know, but they should, as they have to justify any killings that they do. Look - Our forces try to Police our own areas and come to the defence of allies where it’s appropriate. We don’t take part in killing people just for your state’s benefit. If you’re looking for mercenary work, go elsewhere. My Government is not the Universe Police.” “Gah!” Hollan grunted out in irritated dimission, “Bunch of Goody-Two-Shoes.” “Uh-huh… I think this conversation has rather quickly met its end. Please leave.” Axel then said in a neutral tone of voice. “Everyone has a price-” Hollan started as Axel then interrupted “Ah! No-no-no! Stop you right there, before you say something that’s a felony, as you are on Epsian ground right now. I will not take bribes, nor will I assist you in going down this highly illegal route. This conversation is over. Leave, immediately. And er… Speak to Jen’starr. She might be able to put you in touch with someone.” “She’s banned me from her bar! Me! Of all people!” Hollan replied to which Axel snorted, “That’s, so - not my problem. Bye, Ambassador Hollan.” “Gah!” Hollan grunted again before waving his hand dismissively, he then turned around and left the room with the doors automatically opening to let him pass, and closing behind him when he left. Tali then asked “Do you want me to inform Station Security of what just transpired here?” “Er… In case this comes back later and bites us in the arse, yes… Please let them know, that this is what he was looking for, knowing him, he’s going to drag the station into something eventually… He usually does.” Axel replied before going back over to his mediation spot, where he sat himself down and got comfortable before closing his eyes once again to go back to mediation. However… Tali informed him, “Your reminder to see Alexander is now.” “Oh go eat a bag of dicks.” Axel replied before opening his eyes, he stood up again and went off to his wardrobe to pick out a suitable cloak to dress in, as Tali said “I will file that away for later.” “Oh har-har…” Axel replied, before muttering under his breath, “Why did I go for a version of Tali with a simulated personality?” A little later… Location: Captain Alexander's Office, Command Deck. Alexander’s door chime sounded off as Axel stood outside, waiting to be let in. When Alexander warmly called out, “Please come in, Axel.” The door opened revealing Axel in full EPSIFleet Uniform, signifying his ambassadorial rank, but this was masked by an EPSI Federation cloak, that was Epsian Purple in colour and signified the EPSI Federation Emblem on the back, his shoulders and the the front over one of his hearts, he bowed his head and walked in. Once inside he took off his cloak and hung it up on a cloak hanger before walking over to his desk where he stood behind a chair. “Please, sit.” Alexander then invited, having stood when Axel had entered the room and now indicated the chair in front of the desk. “Thank you, sir.” Axel replied before bowing at him again, respectfully. The two of them sat down as Axel asked “Forgive me if I get straight to it, but what is it that you need my help with?” Not for being one to beat around the bush, Alexander got straight to the point, “For the last few years there’s been a new drug going around that we call Dust. It creates unstable telepaths that go for a joyride in peoples minds. The Dust has made a recent appearance on the station.” “Interesting… That is exactly the phrasing that Doctor Hanshaerin Eldyrannth used too. The EPSI Federation have been made recently aware of this narcotic, they call it Teletropic Dust, because of it’s telepathic based psychotropic effects. We agree that this is a problem. I’m uncertain as of this time who tipped off Doctor’s Hanshaerin and Talrin Eldyrannth but I have a pretty shrewd idea who it was. I don’t think Jen’starr Epsi’rikixi will put up with this narcotic being traded in her bar. If I know; she most certainly knows. We’re allies and it’s not classified, so I can give you the research that we’ve done on it, including the limited, although ineffective treatments that our Doctor’s have tried.” Axel replied. “Yes… Christopher has already spoken to her and she gave him the paper that the two Doctors put together. He’s already given it to Daniel and hopefully it can help those already in the infirmary.” Alexander replied. “Huh.” Axel replied with his left eyebrow raising, “Jennaea and I on the same page again. That’s pretty rare, considering the difference between us is as expansive as the difference between a virgin and a sodomite.” He replied. Alexander raised his eyebrow at the graphic analogy, but let it pass, “I’m a little ignorant on how your particular telepathy works, but is there any way that you could actually help us here?” He then asked. “Yes. As an Eldyrannth, I can actually protect other people’s minds, and even trap those that are trying to ‘go for a joyride’ in other people’s minds. But you have a bit of a bigger problem here. PsyCorp is here; I passed an officer on my way here, he was trying to hide in the shadows, but I cannot mistake the usual probing of my mind. After some vague threat about breaking eighteen of his bones in one punch, he backed off. I can call for Special Agents Raelarvana Eldyrannth and Dez’rarzii Xenovityr’ra if you need me too, with the hidden Eldyrannth already on this station we can throw up a protective telepathic blocking shield around you, and others, as well as to point out any users of the drug… Although this is likely to be conditional.” Axel then said in a neutral tone of voice. “Of that I have no doubt, but any help would be welcome. At least from you. I’m not happy to hear that PsyCorp are already here. They didn’t tell me that they were coming, and they weren’t flagged when they came on board. It must be an undercover agent.” Alexander said, frowning. “The thing is; they’re not stupid… Most of the time. If they know that I have sensed them, which is unmistakable, they’re going to know that I will tell you. So they know that their cover isn’t so secure for much longer.” Axel replied before looking off to one side, and slightly downwards as he spoke briefly, telepathically to Raelarvana. In just a few seconds, he had fully briefed her of what was going on, and what Alexander had asked of them and got a response. He then looked up at Alexander again and said “The condition is, is that whilst we’re going after the users, we would like to see you offer them every possible chance to help you locate who dealt it to them. So that you can go after the drug dealers and suppliers rather than the impoverished poor, which is most likely the group that is actively taking the drug. If this is compatible, we will be happy to help.” “It’s very compatible, because that’s how Ashaean law works anyway. We much prefer going after the dealers, smugglers and producers, or the suppliers and manufacturers of drugs. The users are usually people down on their luck, and stuck in an addiction cycle that they can’t help. The only time when we will punish them, is if they do other illegals activities while under the influence such as assault.” Alexander replied. “Indeed. There might be some cause for concern; I’ve taken a look at this drug and I think that there is a perhaps small chance that people given this drug, at least the first time around, may not have been aware of what it was in the first place. We saw the very same thing on Xantal’lar with a drug called Azafenide Pitoxetine Acycrudin - otherwise known as Slo-mo or Jet depending on if you're a fan of Judge Dredd and Fallout, and again here with a Xantal’lar based drug called Daedra Dust. It’s sad, but it is possible. I’m glad we have come to an agreement.” “So am I. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to bring a stop to this. If we can find out who’s smuggling it onto the station, we might be able to trace it back to its origins.” Alexander said. “Indeed. The EPSI Federation’s Grand Council of Hael’aar, which deals with Medical Related nonsense, has agreed to send a medical ship out to you in full cooperation of your investigations, and to render whatever medical supplies, and medical help they can to your Doctors. They will also have a science lab on board, so if you find more of the drug, they can be tested under laboratory conditions, fully contained away from the station. Your medical staff would be allowed on board, if they’re allowed to come to your medical centre too, under the EPSI Federation and Ashaean Common Interests Treaty.” Alexander nodded and said, “I will make sure to let Daniel know. I imagine he would be quite happy to have the assistance.” Axel then nodded and said “Both sides can learn something, so it’s mutually beneficial, and also - try and stop Doctors from saving lives, am I right?” He then asked with a soft smile before telepathically giving EPSIMedical the green light to come. “Oh yes.” Alexander said with a returning smile, “Daniel has been known to do pretty much anything to save the lives of others.” Axel nodded and in agreement, he then wanted to relay the information onto Alexander, so he knew what to expect, “Indeed. EPSIMedical is sending the EPSI Haelycia out of which Doctor Talrin, Hanshaerin, Tahurin and Ukerin are on board. Talrin is a very good Doctor, all round with a speciality in Genetics. Hanshaerin specialises in pharmaceuticals and biochemistry, Tahurin - in Neurology, and Dietary, but that’s a hobby, and then there’s Ukerin - an all round research medical scientist. That’s pretty much the A-Team right there. So we’re sending the best. We’re also sending a Prime Queen along, she’ll er… Let’s call her ‘Plan B’. Prime Queen Eldyrannth are omnipaths. Exceptionally dangerous to be on the wrong side of one of them. Other than that, it’s filled with Doctors and researchers from all the species in the Federation - it’s a nice diverse mix, with different ideas, and different ways of looking at problems. Crew complement of around two thousand, a Lyravana Class Ship. Reasonably well armed, but obviously it’s a medical ship.” “You have well armed medical ships?” Alexander asked. “Oh yes.” Axel replied with a nod before saying “We had an incident a decade ago where we were dealing with a medical outbreak on Targonra Four, where we had to beam the population of an alien settlement onto the ships. Turns out their neighbours believed in the only way of curing a plague is to sterilise the infected… Started opening fire on the medical ships. Ever since they’ve been well armed. The Aymar have had problems with it too, from a very old and wayward faction of the United Families Federation - not to be confused with the United Federation of Families… They lost a ship with all hands.” Alexander frowned a little, “I don’t approve of doing that; attacking medical ships. And yes, I know about the United Families Federation, and the difference between the two. Ashaea had some problems with them before they changed their tune.” He said. “Well, we don’t anticipate any problems, given that there is a major starbase just nine light years from here. But it’s a just incase. I’m aware of the problems Ashaea has had, I don’t think anyone has been unmolested from either the Neko Resistance Space Alliance, or the Syndicate. Hell even we’ve had problems with them… Bastards.” Axel then muttered the last part under his breath. Alexander smiled a little before saying, “They are quite the thorn. It’s why I have my own intelligence network keeping an eye on their activities. I’ve passed along a lot of intel to the EPSI Federation.” “Oh yes, speaking of which. I have a Taru’zenari who wants to join the Rangers at some point. I will pass his file onto you. He used to work for the OIA back on Vorserend. He was a very good field agent.” Axel then said, as it seemed as good of a time to bring it up with him. “Mm. I will certainly have a look at it.” Alexander said with a slight nod before saying “I know you’ve been trying to mediate, so thank you for your help… If I need you can I contact you?” “Absolutely, and I pretty much gave up when that strange ambassador with the weird hair came to my quarters asking for my Government to off someone for him.” Axel replied. “Ah, Ambassador Hollan?” Alexander asked with a raised eyebrow. “Indeed.” Axel replied courtly and in his accent, as if mocking him. “Yes, I’m well aware of him. You’re not the first ambassador he’s approached. I’ve already told his Government that if they don’t send a replacement for him, then their Government will not have an ambassador on the Station.” Alexander told him. “Oh, I don’t think he’s going anywhere. He usually pulls something out of his arse, to save said arse at the last minute. I have counted fifty-seven times in the last decade that I know of alone. So I won’t hold my breath, Captain.” Axel replied with a smile brought about by frustration. “Oh, I really hope you’re not correct there, Ambassador. He’s become quite the nuisance.” Alexander said with a resigned sigh as even he could see the truth of Axel’s words. “Well… We shall see… The medical ship should be here… Now.” Axel then said as Karla intercommed into the office, “An EPSI Federation ship just appeared not far from the station. They’re coming up as a heavy hael’aar cruiser, the EPSI Haelycia.” “Right on time.” Axel then added. “Yes, they were expected, Commander. Under the EPSI Federation and Ashaean Common Interests Treaty. They’re going to be helping Doctor Daniel Tucker with our Dust problem.” Alexander pressed the comm on his hand to reply to which she said “Very well, sir. I’ll let them know shall I?” “Please do, Commander.” Alexander replied before pressing the comm link again to close the connection. Axel then said “I think I will get out of your hair… I am feeling mildly hungry. So I might take a trip over to the Stuffed Holes. Please do feel that you can contact me whenever you like, Captain. Despite me telling Tali that I don’t want to be disturbed, you’re always an exception.” “I’m flattered, Ambassador. Please, enjoy your meal.” Alexander replied with a smile. “Eh. Not all of us are dickheads.” Axel replied with a smile, he then stood up and bowed his head “Thank you, Captain. Please take care and I hope you find whomever is responsible for all of this.” Axel then walked over to his cloak and took it back down off of the hanger before putting it back on, he then said “Until next time.” “Yes, until next time.” Alexander replied as Axel gave him a slow bow of his head once more. He then lifted the hood over his head and walked out of the door, heading back to the promenade.
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    When you plan on just watching hentai and responding to RP's all day but life has other plans for you I will see all my lovely RP partners later today
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    There is just something about rain that makes me feel so at peace. I feel like I could stretch out like a cat and take a nap.
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    I feel like I woke up in my grave. Ugh. Here's to hoping the rest of the day is better.
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    Okay, so just to point out a typo and an observation, in order: 1 - You fell back into calling her Kaianna; it's Kianna. xD 2 - I'm slightly surprised that, in a presumably/relatively well growing forest, there aren't any sort of long grasses and/or large leaves that Bellossom could use in lieu of bandages? It could never be a permanent solution, but even if she quickly braids together some blades of grass, it could cover the burn, and the damp grass would also go some way to soothing the burn too? With that 'negativity' aside, once again a great chapter. Characters using/displaying their skills, and their natural charms, to their advantage works out really well. There's no insane amount of fast paced action, which makes it a pleasant read, but it's not so long as to be dull, either. Chapters of about the length you've been putting out definitely suit your writing style (at the moment/though I'm sure there's eventually some action to come). It's a good way to flesh out the characters and the situation they've found themselves in in the mean time, I think. I certainly think you should keep it up; I truly enjoy reading this story, and I'm looking forward to part four, whether anyone else is or not. xD Also, you're welcome to use the characters; you write them well, and I'm always happy to help out (and that you come to me for help) if there's anything you're not completely sure about how they'd react to.
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    Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory Raeghan frowned a little when she mentioned that some men before had made her do things. He didn’t like the sound of that. One thing that really made his blood boil was bad treatment of women, and forcing themselves onto woman that weren’t interested. He had always treated the women he had been with, with the utmost respect. He tilted his head slightly when Luna began asking questions, making it very clear just how inexperienced she was when it came to the subject of sex. He then gave her a reassuring smile, wanting to put her nerves at ease. He reached up, gently cupping her cheek as he brushed his thumb over the soft skin, “Well, it depends, honestly. Not only on the people involved, but their mood at the time. Sometimes, people like to just get down and on with it. Others like to prolong the experience, to take their time to enjoy it. To give, and receive pleasure and exploring to find out what feels the best. And with you… I think that it the method I would prefer to go with.” He said, giving her a charming grin before he leaned forwards and pressed his lips against Luna’s. It was a light kiss, neither forceful nor demanding. He didn’t deepen the kiss, and pulled away after a moment and said, “I personally don’t think kissing is too far.” His grin widened once again as amusement made his blood red eyes twinkle in mirth, “As for the naked thing… we’re both pretty much naked already.” He said.
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    In the need of some good futanari stuff. ♡
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    Though this gives a general outline, I believe that it may be subject to change and experimentation, with prior consent of course.
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    I will roleplay almost anything, as you can see, I'm really open to everything, but my fav one's are femdom, feet, mind control and BDSM ... Mind control being by corruption, parasites (aliens) or just hypnosis. (BDSM and femdom mainly as me being the male, female and futa is the opposite.) Don't worry, my legs are pretty wide open, hehe~ so you can bring on a lot of kinks, hardly I'll not be able to rp because I don't like.
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    From the album: Roleplay Characters Appearances

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    From the album: NPC's

    Name: Aria Gale Role: Onlooker Age: 18 Summary: Aria is a young girl, freshly 18. On her 18th birthday, her mother was abducted by the Vipers and she was left with a ransom note that demanded nothing more than her presence and life savings. Dissatisfied with the meager $300 she'd brought, the Vipers decided to continue holding her mother hostage and force her to join their gang as a prostitute until she manages to earn $500,000 or watch her mother suffer a horrific death. She is an extremely timid and shy girl with an immense fear of blood, but she is determined to make the money necessary to buy her mother's freedom by any means necessary, including selling her virginity.
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