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    Hello fellow EcchiDreamers! We've just completed an update, so our site now uses Invision Power Suite 4.2, which has added a lot of new features and improved already existing features such as the like system. I've also updated quite a number of EcchiDreams Specific Modifications (with some big ones still to come) as well as the applications and plugins we use to provide our service. Over the next few weeks I hope to have the bugs ironed out, but if you do find any please, let me know! Even if you're not sure, I can let you know and it doesn't bother me in the slightest, because it allows me to help you out. You can contact me via the contact form, EcchiTexts, or if I'm online, over the chatbar. There is no bug tracker anymore, that was referenced in the Halloween Update (2016) because it was a feature only enabled during the Beta of the big update, but the same bounties apply. To highlight some of the changes made to EcchiDreams: Clubs (Coming Soon) Complete Your Profile! Device Management Gallery Improvements Leaderboard Enhancements Richer Embeds "Our Picks" Reactions Clubs The clubs application (New in IPS4.2) is a way of supporting sub-communities within our site, it's a kind of social group function. However EcchiDreams being EcchiDreams; this could be used to replace the public roleplaying suite because it's exceptionally powerful at what it does and lets club leaders control what goes on in their clubs or roleplays. But it could also be used for the intended purpose, such as a Tech-Geeks club or Steam Gamers club, or even Pokémon Fan Club or Bible Black Fan Club (You get the point). We're currently not entirely sure how to implement it for our site because there are a load of options and not much in the way of clear answers (So we'd appreciate your feedback!) There are four types of clubs: Public - Anyone can see it, and post in it without even joining the club. Open - Anyone can see, and join but they can't post unless they're a member of the club. Closed - Clubs that anyone can see in the directory but joining must be approved by a Club Leader or a Club Moderator. Non-Club Members who view the club will only see the member list - not the recent activity or content areas. Private - Clubs that do not show in public and users must be invited by a Club Leader or a Club Moderator. (Staff can still see them, obviously) For closed clubs there is an approval process, that is exceptionally simple and straightforward "Accept" (Tick) or "Reject" (Cross). Leaders (And I think Moderators) get a notification when a Dreamer requests to join and the Dreamer gets a notification if they've been accepted or rejected. Club Users: Each club has three levels of user, this is why we think it is exceptionally powerful for the roleplay suites, because it allows the Club Leader to moderate the content, and the roleplays they'd run under this system, as well as appoint a single or a few club moderator(s) to do the same. However I do not believe that you can have more than one leader, the "Club Administrator" if you will. Leader - A leader has all of the permissions of a moderator, and can add other moderators. They can also add content areas, which I'll get into shortly. The club owner is automatically the leader of it. Moderators - As the name implies, Club Moderators have the ability to moderate content posted within the club. The actual permissions of the moderator is currently not set at this time, and can only be done from a Site Administrator level (Read below). Users - Anyone else that joins the clubs. The Moderator permissions feature would be perfect for large roleplays as this is currently not possible with the current format of doing it on the forums (As the topic starter is required to send an EcchiText to a staff member to deal with problem Dreamers) This why we're going to have to think about how this is implemented because what we set has to be universal across all clubs for (as far as I can tell) Club Administrators and Club Moderators. A follow up announcement will be posted explaining in detail (In the interests of transparency) what the permission sets are for Club Moderation. The current permission settings are as follows: None of these permissions are currently active, but this is what we have to work with, so any feedback is appreciated, as a Club Leader cannot pick and choose, as I said it's universal across all clubs. If you'd like more information please ask in the comments below, I will endevour to answer them. I will add my personal recommendations, and explain why I think this way. Club Leaders should be extremely careful about picking Club Moderators, if it's someone you can't trust - they shouldn't be a moderator, at this time there is no way of distinguishing permissions between the two as far as I am aware. The only difference is the Leader can appoint and fire moderators of their club, not the other way around, and a moderator can't do that to other moderators of the same club. Pin Content - This makes a topic within the club appear at the top of the topic listings, much like how pinning content works on the Forums. Perfect for rules and such. Unpin Content - Self explanatory. Edit Content - Ability to edit other people's posts. I wholly recommend that this is left off for obvious reasons. Hide Content - Hiding something doesn't mean deleting, it's more of a shadowban of that post. Hidden posts would flag the Community's Senior Staff Member, if asked or required to delete said content. Unhide Content - Unhiding hidden content. View Hidden Content - This allows the moderator to see content they've hidden. I think this should be turned on, it will allow the Club Leaders and Moderators to view the hidden content inline (As it appears, and it should obvious when it's hidden). Set Future Publishing Dates - Content that will remain hidden until a set time/date. I'm not sure at all what this should be set to, because I cannot currently think of a reason why this is needed - at all. Perhaps for special events? Even then I'd assume that the club leader should be responsible for that. View Content with a Future Publish Date - Basically it'll be visible to the Club Leader, and Moderator if enabled. If you can do the above, I think you should be able to see it otherwise it'll vanish until the date set, thus not giving you time to re-proofread your content. Move Content - To move something from one area of the club to somewhere else within the club. I personally don't think this should be enabled, because it can be quite destructive, but this is why I want to hear your feedback. Lock Content - The ability to lock a topic within the Club. I think this should be enabled. Unlock Content - The ability to unlock a locked topic. Likewise I think this should be enabled. Reply to Locked Content - So you can lock immediately, and worry about adding a reply later. Perfect for situations where it's so heated that there is a new post every second or something. Or to add rules, or something. I wish we could separate the two permissions of Club Leader and Club Moderator, because I think that should be up to the Club Leader but I'd love to hear feedback. Delete Content - To make content within the club disappear, forever. I do not believe this should be enabled because in a "Rogue Moderator" scenario they would be able to effectively destroy your club. Hiding content, is in my opinion the best way to go, that and if it's something serious (ToS violating, such as someone posting someone else's dox) then Community Staff need to see that for evidence to take appropriate action, as we do not accept screenshots due to the fact that tech savvy individuals can alter things on a page using a browser console, which can be used to frame someone. We act on hard evidence. Split and Merge Content - If someone double posts, or makes a similar topic then it allows one to merge them together. I do not believe this should be enabled because it is destructive if used by a Club Moderator who's gone rogue, this is why I recommended hide content rather than deleting content because I don't think Moderators should have access to potentially destructive tools, Community Moderators don't even have this ability. Hidden content can be made visible again, merged content on the other hand -- not so much. What is "Club Content" and why do you keep saying it?! Club Leaders can add a varity of content areas to their club(s). Forums, Calendars and Images (Exactly like the Gallery). They will appear in search results and activity streams*, users can follow them, embed links to them and so on. If a user has permission to see a forum (For example) within a club it will behave exactly like other forums they see, and the same for all kinds of content. Each content area a leader adds can have a custom title and will appear in the club's navigation menu. This means you can have multiple forums within a club and give each a different name. * Depending on type of club. I believe we can indeed do both Social Clubs and Roleplay Clubs, and have them searchable/filterable, and the club owner can select what kind of club it is. For example "General Club" for Social Clubs, "Fan Club" for well, fan clubs and "Roleplay Clubs" for Roleplays. I think this is the best way of doing it, honestly. But I am very interested in hearing ideas, and if you have a different kind of club in mind - then by all means talk to us, lets see what we can do. Complete Your Profile! In an effort to make registration quicker and easier, we now offer a stripped down registration form that only asks for required information. You can either sign in with Google+, Facebook or Twitter which is exceptionally quick and should be painless. Or fill out: Display Name Email Address Password (And Confirm Password) Birthday (Because you have to be over 18). Then check a box that says "I'm not a robot", and that you agree to the Terms of Service, then that's it. You're in*. What it will then do is allow you to use EcchiDreams as normal, and you'll be asked to make a signature, upload a profile cover and avatar which you can do whenever you like. Simple! You even get a little progress bar in your Account Settings control panel. *Email Validation Required. Depending on SpamScore, Administrator Verification may be required. Terms of Service apply. Device Management When you sign in to EcchiDreams for the first time a special "Key", a Cookie (Not the editable kind, sadly), is created to recognise your browser on subsequent logins. Which allows you to say logged into EcchiDreams without having to put in your username and password every single time you come to EcchiDreams (because that would be annoying as fuck). This then stores said information for you to see in your "Recently Used Devices" under your account settings that allows you to do a few things. Firstly you can disable automatic login from the device you're on or - say if you've left your phone somewhere, you can use your computer to sign out. It also allows you to see if your account has been compromised, if strange devices from strange locations start appearing you can sign them out. -> Then change your password, and set up Two-Factor Authorisation, which we provide through Google's Authenticator application. If someone does log into your account with an unknown device (or in an unknown location) then you'll get an be notified via Email - immediately. Please note: "Disable Automatic Login" does not disable the device from using the account, it merely means you have to log back in when you're logged out. Gallery Improvements The gallery has had some major improvements that should make using it much clearer to understand, such as picking an already existing album of yours to add images to. As is adding information to the images rather than copy and pasting information to every image, in a specific batch. To quote IPS directly, In addition to this a number of features have been added to the actual albums rather than per image, such as: Commenting Reviews Reactions Messages Featuring (Mod feature) Hiding (Mod feature) Locking (Mod feature) Reporting Searching Also - if someone uploads (for example) 50+ images to the same album rather than getting 50+ different entries in the Activity Feed they'll all be grouped into one entry, reducing the clutter. Leaderboard Enhancements Our Leaderboard just got a lot more powerful, it's well worth checking out. There are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and even all time leaderboards, and for different sections. Getting on this leaderboard gives you a trophy in your profile that all logged in Dreamers can see. Yep we're competitive now, deal with it. 😄 You can easily search through the different categories and such within the system to see who's the top Dreamer. Richer Embeds I'll just show with some examples, because it's amazing! Time for some shilling. (Might not show if you're not logged in): A Gallery Image: A Gallery Album: A Topic: A specific post: Rules: News: YouTube (Not me, just a random video): Twitter: Facebook: And you get the point, although at the time of posting this, I do not know why there are black boxes around it. That's a bug and it'll be fixed, if you don't see that then it's been fixed already. Moving on: Our Picks This is another useful and new feature with IPS4 that can be found in the menu under "Explore", Our Picks. It is content we've hand picked by the Community Administrators. It allows us to promote content, which is consistent, an advantage that community platforms like EcchiDreams have over social media platforms. The content on our community is generally speaking, going to always be here where as a social network is all about the right here and right now, if you blink you miss it and miss out. This will mean content put in Our Picks is posted on our Facebook Fanpage and Twitter as well (I will be testing it with this article). Reactions Gone are the days of simply "Liking" posts, now you can react to them, we've always had requests such as "I wish I could love this" (I got that earlier before the update actually), and with this system you'll be able to do that. We hope to expand it but keep it manageable (IE: Not a million different reactions). It is also touch friendly (For our Mobile Dreamers). There are currently five reactions that play a part in reputation scores, they are: Standard Like - Adds 1 point to the receiver's reputation. Thanks - Adds 1 point to the receiver's reputation. Haha - Adds 1 point to the receiver's reputation. Confused - Doesn't add reputation. Sad - Doesn't add reputation. I am thinking about changing the standard like to a thumbs up, and making the like icon to "Love" which will add 2 points to the receiver's reputation. There is some talk amongst @Neptune and I about adding negative reputation but we've not used this since 2010/2011 when it was abused to bully other Dreamers by a particularly nasty piece of work that racked up hundreds of fake accounts, as well as mass down-rep'ing a lot of people's posts using bot/scripts, and pretty much successfully managed to give nearly everyone that ever posted negative reputation for no reason. So I'd love to hear your feedback on that especially. And that's it, there are many fixes and tweaks all over the place, and probably many new bugs (Because this update went way too smoothly) so be sure to check them out and let us know what you think in the comments below. I do read all of them and if it warrants it I will reply or at least leave a reaction, to show I've read it. ------------------ Article Image Artist: qbspdl (Yes, really) Links: Pixiv I chose this image because it's an artist we've never covered before and they have some very good art. You should, if you like this picture, check out their other work on the above Pixiv link. It's got great attention to detail and makes a good use of the colours, with it being quite vivid and bright, and yet it's not over saturated. It also has a very 'picture' look, as if someone was taking a picture with a camera, as it's nicely framed by the foliage of the trees and flowers. Despite some details looking simplistic (such as the birds) it's still quite nicely done, and the use of multi-toned colours for the ocean is, in my opinion perfect for this picture. Thank you for reading. We're EcchiDreams, wishing you a very Ecchi Summer.
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    Alright guys I'm back and open to suggestions on improving EcchiDreams; I see a lot of new Dreamers lately and I welcome you all to drop me some feedback. I will also be looking at updating the boards soon with some new features but we might be saying good bye to EcchiCredits as the systems involved haven't been updated in two years.
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    Mm, "Shocked" could be another Neutral one, and I don't see why not, you can embed YouTube and SoundCloud music pretty easily. So a Music Club should theoretically be possible. Because it's set in three levels: Positive Neutral Negative
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    I think I'm in agreement with you, @Wolfie and @Sunstone. I'd can the idea of having reactions that give negative points, and just have it so they give no points (at worst). With that said, however, if you're gonna have reactions that give no points... Why? Honestly, if people don't wanna react and give you points, they can just not react, right? @Sunstone: I think part of the point is being able to make your own clubs. So you could easily make your own music club. xD
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    Wow! Love these new updates very much~! Just finished reading the entire announcement, I guess I only have one enquiry regarding the Reactions: Personally, I...wouldn't bother with implementing negative reactions.. sadly, I see the risk of that feature being abused/misused as too great. Definitely wouldn't want a repeat of that story mentioned about someone creating bots and manipulating this feature just to be a jerk. 🙁 Maybe at the "most negative", there could be a Reaction for "Shocked"? Probably nothing more negative than that, if that makes sense? But yes, asides from that, I was thrilled to read this news tonight! 😊 ~Love~ the idea of Clubs too. ~Maybe~ I could have some involvement in a music Club~? I listen to waaay too much music, hehe. But this feature could be lots of fun! ^w^
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    I'm back, bitches!~ <3
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    [Im so orry for not being online so much ,work got in the way ] [Know im back and ready to fuck,yes i can be a futa aswell]
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    Thankfully, this doesn't happen too often for me (then again, I don't go out to many stores anyway.) ...but today I had the misfortune of visiting a store that is quite infamous for it's terrible customer service. I just wish I had've read the reviews online first... It was a fancy dress store. Didn't even last five minutes; I was the only customer there (and from the looks of things, I was probably the only customer who had been there for the whole day), and almost immediately the woman at the counter snapped at me, speaking to me very arrogantly saying "You're not allowed to go past there." I asked if there's any silly wigs or accessories there, to which she went on a massive lecture about how her fancy dress store is a "Serious Business" and "Everything in here was crafted by me and if you're looking for something like that just go elsewhere." She did say something else rude about the way I look, which I'm not very comfortable going into much detail about... but yeah just throwing that out there. Worst customer service I've ever had. And looking at the reviews online, I'm amazed this business is still running. So... what are your worst customer service experiences? :/
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    The problem is here, despite the rudeness is that business owners should have the right to do or don't do business with anyone they please. The thing is though if they act like that to enough people they're going to cause more stress for themselves in the long run because people just won't do business there, after all you have the right to shop somewhere else, absolutely. This is not a sensible way of running business, even I know that. I'm not saying that I doubt this happened, because with my experiences with Customer Services for many companies I wouldn't be surprised if this was true; and I can believe it. I don't often have good luck with Customer Services, at all, I can't single any single incident out because I've had some pretty horrendous ones and I'm not sure how long I'd spend complaining about it that it wouldn't look like whining, on my part. I often get into arguments and shit with them, and they tend to fly off the handle and try to control me via false shaming. It's gotten to the point where I record all my calls, so I can complain, or bring it to the public's attention. It's why I try to provide good customer service here (Even though no one buys anything, because we don't sell anything) because I try to imagine myself in the other person's shoes. It's not easy though, some people are indeed assholes (Although thankfully no one here has been this way inclined, yet).
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    I am still the same person; just trying a new name.
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    The Poke War of 2017 has begun.
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    [Decided to change my Avi and cover]
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    A handy flow chart to help... 🙃 Are Traps Gay? Does 'Trap' / like men? \ | | | No | Yes | | | V | V No Homo! | Yay Gay!
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    Oh bloody hell... First off, I know this is just a meme, and not as John Bain (Totalbiscuit) says "Transphobic" but I'm going to go ahead and say this anyway because this topic's existence needs to be validated according to the rules of EcchiDreams and I don't want to take it down, it's a debate so it's valid... So I'm going to be a dick and say: Not Necessarily. Then attempt a wall of text explaining my position, because apparently I've got nothing better to do. Yes, some "Traps" might be gay, some "Traps" might not be gay. It's all down to individual circumstances and you can't really take a brush and paint an entire group as being homosexual, just because they look feminine. Likewise you can't take the same brush and paint people who don't look like traps as hetrosexual. I mean if you answer No, does that mean that "Reverse Traps" are not "Reverse Gay", and if you answer yes, does that mean Reverse Traps are Reverse Gay? It's the logic of it all. A "Trap" who is a male and looks female might be straight, is that "Trap" Gay then? And by that logic if that "Trap" is actually into males then does that make the Trap, straight? Assuming of course that Trap = Dude that looks like a lady, and that Reverse Trap = Lady that looks like a dude. It's age old question, one which we may never answer definitively in our lifetimes. But... In tribal politicts I'm going to answer "No." and I will viciously defend my position until I die... And in the spirit of this clickbait shit going on, I give you: Top 5 Reasons Why Traps, Aren't Gay! Assuming you are a male and your partner is also male-to-female trap. Traps aren't gay. There is like... Literally not scientific proof to back up the assertion that they are. 😄 Liking Traps doesn't make you a "Faggot" - One could argue that if you're just fucking someone who looks, acts and talks feminine then you won't end up with a child, no matter how many times you fuck them. If you get married to one, you don't have to worry that "she'll" turn around, divorce you and fleece you blind in the divorce courts, because legally (I'd assume) you're both male, so stand equal chance. For that reason alone, that's sensible, to marry a trap, also No Children = No Child Support. Traps are more likely to be empathetic. This is not gay, on it's own. Traps know "How to take it like a man". Are you still reading this? It's already established that Traps aren't Gay! The Science is Settled! REEEEEEEE! Inb4 someone is triggered over this post, it's a joke.
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    Sorry to be the Debbie Downer here, but... Last time I got hyped for a game; it turned out to be extremely underwhelming (X-Rebirth). Ever since I've been highly skeptical, and when the likes of No Man's Sky came out it kinda got validated. I was highly skeptical about that and it turned out to be around ten or twenty times worse than I expected which has solidified my skepticism to the point where I'm rather cynical. Elite Dangerous is one of those there it started off great, but the subsequent additions and as of writing this post the unfulfilled promises as pretty much crushed any optimism I've got for games, as I was quite hyped about that too. These are just a handful of experiences that I've had, and just a few examples of many that have not either lived up to their promises or expectations set by the developer(s). I am told that Egosoft (the Creators of X-Rebirth) are making X4 and it'll follow a similar system to the previous X-Games... However they've damaged that trust and I'm not sure if I can trust them again, seeing as they're the cause of my skepticism in the first place. I'd just rather wait for the game to come out and then I'll judge it by various medias to look at it before I buy it. Another trend I'm getting put off by with is the over-politicisation of games, where political narratives are injected for no reason what-so-ever other than petty virtue signalling. It doesn't add to the story and overall makes it cringeworthy and comes across as two-dimensional, because; and I hate to break this to any story-writers reading this: No one cares about your political narrative other than you, and no one wants to buy something to preached at by it... For example: I don't mind a trans black lesbian midget in my game, that on it's own doesn't "*trigger*" me. But when his/her sole identity based on the fact that she's a trans black lesbian midget and that's all the character seems to be centred around then it just comes across as a two dimensional cardboard cutout and crappy. If a game comes out that features such a character and they can make a story line that is just as rich without the political nonsense I'd be invested in that, I don't care that it's a trans black lesbian midget, at the end of the day it's still a fictional person with a believable story, a "Person" if you will. There is so much to more to individual people than group labels, and your preferences and such shouldn't be your whole identity. That's my two cents.
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    Just as an update, I'm gonna be out of town. I'm on vacation, and while it's super pretty and I feel super lucky for it, wifi is pretty bad. So if I reply slowly, now you know! (and knowing is half the battle, G.I JOEEE)
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    I just joined this site a little while ago and this place looks really awesome. I hope I can get some fun roleplays going with you beautiful people! :)
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    MASSIVE thunderstorm hit this morning, and may have damaged the internet modem. I keep getting "IP configuration failure."
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    Welcome! My dream girl? Hmm... I have a few, but I'd rather not say. It's embarrassing. XD Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here!~
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    I had a pretty bad experience with one of my old energy companies... one that, at the time, I wasn't even a customer of. Keeping to non-specifics here, I once had a room mate that put my name down on the account, without my consent. They racked up a huge bill, and then ran off leaving me with the debt. I didn't even know about this until a couple of years later when a debt collecting company had purchased the debt, and started hounding me for the money. We had to go back and forth with this debt company, and the energy company... around and around and around... it was a nightmare. For one reason or another, one company couldn't talk to another, but had to get information from the other. We had to try and convince the energy supplier that I didn't consent to my name being on the account, and despite repeated assurances that I was removed, I kept getting the debt collecting letters. Then when I called up the energy supplier, I was back on the damn account. This happened several times until eventually it stopped. I haven't had a letter in a few years. Hopefully they found my room mate, who was responsible for the debt, and are bothering him for the debt unless they are at the point where they just don't care about it anymore. Either way, I'm glad that was over. Wolfie really helped me with that, and he was absolutely wonderful. So that's my nightmare explained xD
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    Hello and welcome to EcchiDreams! It's good to see you in our little corner of the Internet.
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    Oh and yassss, I put as my uh..sexuality as other cause, didn't have the option I wanted, so I'm straight for anyone who was wondering.
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    From the album Saraphia

    I think I look good in ears.
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    I haven't really seen any hentai manga or shows...
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    Just thought I'd check something but can any member make a Club and how many can they make?
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    There should be another update on the clubs functionality in the next few days. It will be going through a few more tests until then but we are looking at moving the public RP suite at the very least to the clubs under something called RP Club. This allows other types of clubs to be made too such as Social Clubs, Fan Clubs, etc.
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    Not to get anybody's hopes up too high, but I'm currently the winning, and surprisingly only, bidder, with less than a day left, on an original copy of the coveted Lorimar VHS release of The Chipmunk Adventure! O_O
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    You can't get much more one-of-a-kind than the newest addition to my collection. A piece of a 35mm film reel of The Chipmunk Adventure, in an acrylic case, fashioned into a keychain!
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    My Chipmunks collection just got some AMAZING additions! I was able to track down and secure 3 rare CDs from eBay. Chipmunks In Low Places, Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes, and the crown jewel. An advance copy of We're The Chipmunks, only provided to stores for promotional purposes! <3
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    How is your community reputation determined or how do you gain community reputation?
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    Hi everyone, I'm so glad I found this site, looking forward to roleplaying with some of you soon ❤️ I have a major thing for futanari x girl action (or futanari x futanari), witches, schoolgirls, and monster girls. I'm happy to play male characters too but I always feel like a futa can give you the best of both worlds ;) Tell me, what's your dream girl right now? - Annika
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    Admittedly, I'm a bit late for the hype. But I discovered that 2 songs from the Rock Band 3 on-disc setlist(Free Bird and Beast And The Harlot) were released as Rock Band 4 DLC! Fingers crossed for more! Namely, and most importantly,... The Cure - Just Like Heaven Devo - Whip It Smash Mouth - Walking On The Sun I'm trying to make a setlist of all of the songs The Chipmunks and The Chipettes covered, and those 3 fit the bill.
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    I'm in the mood to play with someone<3
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    So, I had an epiphany. The main character in Doctor Who, as far as I'm aware, is simply called "The Doctor," though it's said he has an actual name. The epiphany is that this might be purposeful. They're 14(?) actors in right now, and it'd be confusing for all of these incarnations of The Doctor to have the same name, when they look, and act, like completely different people! It also explains the title. Doctor Who. That, or his name changes with each incarnation. Mind blown, right?
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    I survived Tropical Storm Emily! Honestly, the thunderstorm a few days ago did more damage.
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    ARE TRAPS GAY? Lets discuss. My answer if of course, no. maybe I will elaborate if I am asked to.
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    I just thought if people are neutral towards it, they probably won't bother reacting. If people are negative towards it, they either won't bother, or will just post. But yeah, that pretty much makes sense. xD
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    We have a lot of the same interest although I like hentai the story for them sucks, well except 'tropical kiss'. Maybe even that.
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    Apologies for the late welcome, but - Welcome to EcchiDreams. :D
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    Blazblue Cross Tag seems cool, although Blazblue is only one of the four things I like. I wish Guilty Gear was in it, because Guilty Gear vs Blazblue is the dream crossover. As anyone who is into Arc System Works games will tell you. I understand that Guilty Gear would be too difficult to put in. I don't really get hyped about games often. Last year there was Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir. A remake of a PS2 game, and my favorite game of all times. The remake fixed all the small problems with the original and added a lot of new content, making it the most perfect game EVER!
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    The world is a scary place. For the longest time, I wondered why people would say that. I felt love and happiness, so I didn't understand how this world could be so scary, when I saw beauty in it. I still see beauty, but not as much light, or happiness. And I understand now why the world is scary. Not to mention why I didn't understand it before. Because I had you. I loved you, and that hasn't changed. I saw you were hurt, and I wanted to help. I promised you. I promised to always be by your side when you needed me. But I broke that promise, and I've never forgiven myself. You were hurting so much. It hurt me, too, but I'll never pretend to understand your sadness. But I truly kept you in my heart, and I still do. I always will. But I guess I shouldn't use that word. The word "always," that is. I turned that into a swear word when I wasn't there that day. I tried to make it up to you, by spending time with you. I stayed beside you for so long, hoping for forgiveness. Not from you, but from myself. And it never happened. I'd give anything to turn back time. To be by your side in your darkest hour. I know it can't happen. But I won't forget you. When you left, it felt like you took the sunlight with you. My entire world fell apart, and, even now, I walk around in this lonely world with a feeling I can describe best as a bitter chill. A chill that permeates my every cell. You were my warmth, whether you wanted to believe it or not, and I know you didn't. I gave up trying to count the number of times you told me I should find someone better. That I deserved better. That you weren't good enough. No. I saw the signs. But I didn't help. It would've been so simple for me to make you happy. I was selfish. I worried what others would think, and I left you alone, to fall deeper into depression. Into abuse. If anybody was undeserving, it was me. I know you wouldn't have wanted me to cry. But I can't do anything else. If I lived for 100 years, I could never apologise enough. But I'll start, anyway. I'm sorry. I told you that the monster of a girl who put you in the situation that made you need me in the first place was unworthy of you. May she rot in the bowels of Hell for what she did to you. But I think I hurt you even more than she did. You trusted me, and I ran away with that trust. I cry every day thinking of how easily I could've saved you. I see beauty, but I can't feel anything anymore. Except sadness. Deep, crushing sadness. And that chill. That damned chill! I'll never find anybody else. I don't wanna even try. On that day, when you left this world by your own hand,... When I lost you, I lost myself. I know we'll be together again someday. But someday is too long. I hate to use this word again, but I can't think of another way to say it. I love you, and I promise, whatever that's worth now, that you'll always be in my heart. Author's note~ Don't worry; I'm not suicidal. And I'm not mourning the loss of a loved one. I just wrote this from boredom. I don't wanna say it's an inside joke, because it isn't a joke. But it's something only SMFoxy and I will truly get. But the basic story is this. A girl falls in love with a boy who's married to an abusive woman. He ends up hospitalised, and the girl can't make it to the hospital to see him, like she promised to do when she promised to always be there for him. The boy recovers, but the abuse doesn't stop. The girl tries to offer comfort, but the damage has been done already, and the boy is mentally and emotionally scarred. A shell of his former self, thinking he doesn't deserve her love. Eventually, he commits suicide. All in all, I think this was an hour's work.
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    Well, I was. xD And that makes a lot of sense. Most people probably wouldn't bother formatting a personal journal or internal monologue. xD
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    Would you like to roleplay with me?
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    Welcome to the site, Annika! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Hi everyone, I'm a futa obsessed girl who likes scenery/location and costume specific roleplays. Happy to chat with anyone 😊
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    I'm a big fan of bondage, mindbreak, rape stuff, but romantic is ok too. I WILL NOT DO INCEST ROLEPLAY. I may be flexible on the bestiality sometimes, but never for incest. If you want to RP with me, you've got to be brutal if we're doing my favorite type of rp. Also I tend to prefer RPing as a girl.
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