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    Nailed it~! (30/09/17 20:42)
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    >When you wanna Follow all the Dreamers.
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    Now that I am once more with a lap top. I was musing over the idea of starting a open rp for moderate to advanced roleplayers o.o! But I do not know how to start one or anything v.v .... I have always wanted to run a upscale whore house with rare beauties of both men and woman... or do a space themes one where alien creatures taken over... People would be assigned a role with there oc..for example if I did the space one you could be an alien creature or a part of the crew... idk though... just a thought
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    Just a quick status to let everyone know: We're going to be updating the roleplay guides over the next few weeks or so, and completely refreshing the section so that it looks more presentable and easy to navigate, as well as easier to read. We'll also be updating the homepage for both logged in dreamers and guests to the site. All in all we hope these changes will be done by 1st December 2017. If you have any suggestions please comment in a reply to this status. Thanks! 😀
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    Open a door and are this behind it, what do you do ;3 ?????
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    As my username goes, I watch a lot of anime, an unhealthy amount. I've found a lot of shows that were pretty great. I've found a lot of shows that I wasn't super fond of. After being pointed to this part of the site, I figured I'd give this a shot, see how things go. If this goes well, I'll try to put up more reviews of other shows. Now, it's time to raise our determination to fist, I'm gonna start things off with a review of one of my personal favorite shows, Symphogear. To start off, this is a magical girl anime with tons of over-the-top action scenes, strangely entertaining characters, and catchy J-Pop soundtrack. The show is currently wrapping up it's fourth season and a fifth season is already in the works, so it's clear that this series is going strong. Sure it's not perfect, there's quite a few moments that leave you groaning and rolling your eyes, but the show is just a blast to watch overall. All you need to do is kick back, turn your brain off, and enjoy the spectacle. One thing that many viewers will notice is that the show involves a lot of music. In order to activate their powers, the main characters must sing in order to synchronize with their weapons, using them almost like a tuning fork, so a good chunk of the cast consists of voice actresses that are also popular idols, such as Nana Mizuki (Hinata Hyuga from Naruto), Aoi Yuuki (Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica), and Yoko Hikasa (Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD). The music is emphasized so heavily that there are times that the concert scenes seem to have more of a budget than a lot of other important scenes. The majority of the music is pretty catchy though, each character's songs having a different theme. For example, the girl that fights with guns and artillery has a bit more of a rock/metal tone to her songs, while the girl that fights with a katana has more of a classical Japanese tone to her songs. Another thing you notice about the show as you watch, some of the weapons get kind of ridiculous. Sure you've got your typical weapons, girl with katana, girl who punches, girl who fires guns. However, things start to get strange like sword divekicks and guns becoming massive missiles. There's even one girl that fights with saw blades (I feel that someone watched Gurren Lagann and decided that saw blades will be the next big thing after drills). The main heroine, at the start of the series her weapon is arguably the weakest of them all, that being her fists, but after a bit of training and a few moments where she goes berserk, she quickly gets to the point where her fists turn into giant pile bunkers and she's punching her way through mountains. As for the story, it's kind of forgettable. The first season feels like it's clearly drawing off the popularity of Madoka Magica, with the series having a bit of a dark and angsty tone to it, an ancient goddess summoning otherworldly... things while trying to build up a tower of babel to take down the moon to end God's curse on humanity and allow her to ascend into godhood (actually I think she's trying to get some of God's D). Okay, so the show starts to get weird by the end of the first season once the villain reveals her true plans, and the show starts to roll with that weirdness when the second season introduces their next villain, a scientist that you can totally trust by the end of the first episode. The mad scientist steals the show with his constant loud and violent outbursts, his twisted desire to become a hero, and by the fact that he's voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki Sakata from Gintama). As the series goes on, the premise continues to get weirder as the threats get bigger, and as a result, the action scenes get bigger and more explosively entertaining. Of course the show isn't perfect, there's a few parts that aren't that great. I've already mentioned that the first season is a bit angsty and drags on a little as the show kind of tries to figure out what it wants to be. The second season has a few moments where you're kind of bored because the villain might've stolen the show a bit too much. Season 3 has a sub-plot where the main heroine reconnects with her estranged father, the only problem is that he's a dirtbag and the show makes it obvious that we have to care about him. There's also a brief point in the third season where the main heroine is refusing to fight, not exactly something the viewer wants to deal with while watching a show that's popular for it's fight scenes. So, is the show perfect? No. Is it fun to watch? Yes. I would definitely love to see more people talking about it. I personally love the show for how dumb the story gets and how crazy that action scenes get. The music is catchy, there are enough characters for most viewers to find a favorite (best gurl), and it's always fun to wonder how the show is going to top it's last crazy stunt from the last episode. If you can get passed the rough patches, I feel that a lot of people can come to enjoy this show. I hope I gave a decent review, I hope that I've encouraged some of you to go out and watch this show, and I hope I didn't spoil too much of the plot (however much you care about it). And before I go, I'd like to leave you all with this. ;)
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    Loving the new reaction option! Nice work @Temaelrin!
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    I can't figure out how to change my mood heh... But currently I am a bit down... Hopefully it will pass soon... emotions are fickle like that :)
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    Hey! It was snowing on EcchiDreams!
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    YAAAAY computer...accepting rps once more !!!! such a grand day... i am awake
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    Is there anything better than Oreos? Yes - Double stuff Oreos. Is there anything better than Double stuff Oreos? Yes - Taking two of them, and making quadruple stuff Oreos... xD
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    Hello fellow Dreamers, As I softly announced in my status; this announcement will be focused on some areas such as: Revision to Club Information: specifically in relation to Owners, Administrators, Moderators and Members of Clubs. A reveal of a new reaction. Information New Help and Support section (Already live here: https://ecchidreams.com/help/) Information on a staff shuffle and a new member of staff. Plans for our Facebook Fanpage. Clubs I spoke at length about the clubs however since then we’ve made some changes and such that will need a correction article (This one) to explain them in more detail, as well as correct the information that was previous stated as updates have happened since the launch of Clubs. The types of users in Clubs was previously mentioned as “Leader, Moderators, Users” this is no longer the case; as it’s “Owners, Administrators, Moderators, Members and Guests” which with their own low-level (The same across all clubs) set permissions, depending on that permissions they are in any given club. Owner - The owner is obviously the person who owns the club, they have pretty much sole authority over their club and have extensive permissions. They should be able to edit, hide and make posts appear, change the layout of the club or even collapse the club completely. Administrator - Be warned: I think they have the exact same powers as the Owner does, but they can also make other people Administrators! Do not arbitrarily set people to be your club administrator especially if you don’t trust them 100%. They are essentially, co-owners of the club, the only thing they can’t do is oust you, but in the wrong hands they can do some serious damage. Moderator - Moderators are bound by permissions that give them the ability to moderate content posted within the club. Usually these are non-destructive and easily reversible by both Administrators and Owners. Members - Members are people who have joined the club but have no permissions to moderate the area. Guests/Visitors - People who have not joined the club, in question. Private clubs are completely invisible to these people, and closed clubs show up on the clubs directory but the pages are not visible until they become members. Open clubs are visible but not postable in and public clubs don’t require joining to post in. Does this mean an Owner or Administrator of Club A, are an Owner or Administrator in your Club, Club B? No. They would be whatever you set them to be, if they’re even in your club at all. I think Administrators and Moderators might have the same powers; except Administrators can add other Administrators/Moderators. Or they could have the same power as the owners. The documentation wasn’t clear and I’m not able to test it as I have “Owner” abilities on all clubs as a Community Administrator. So please exercise caution. If anyone does find out, please let me know in the comments section, I will happily correct this article. Things to look for: Can Owners or Administrators edit content, unhide content, move content, delete content and split/merge content. New Reaction I am pleased to announce that on Thursday night, I was able to modify the reactions so that like would be represented by a thumbs up button. I also added a new reaction: Love. When you like a post/comment/status/image so much that a mere like just won’t do. The like button now looks like this: The love button looks like this: A love doesn’t add two points; in contrary to my previous article, you cannot do ‘+2’ rep, you can only have ‘+1’, ‘0’ or ‘-1’. As we don’t use ‘-1’, the current reactions will add the following points to the receivers reputation: Like: +1 Love: +1 Thanks: +1 Haha: +1 Confused: 0 Sad: 0 Help and Support We have replaced the Community Help Centre (Center, if you don’t use British-English) with a more universal Help and Support Centre (Again, center if you’re not using British-English). There will be a status indicator on there in the near future that will tell you the expected waiting time for replies; but if you follow your topics there you can be notified instantly when replies are made. The section is a private one-to-one help and support area available to all Dreamers. Only you and staff will see your own posts, much like in the same way that the Sandbox Area works. Currently the three sections in there are: Help and Support - Do you have a question about something related to EcchiDreams or need to ask how some features work? Or perhaps you've run into something you're not sure about? Then that would be the place to put such a request for help or support. Bug Report - If you are having technical issues with EcchiDreams, or perhaps you've found a bug that you'd like to report, even if it's a spelling mistake, please log it here so that we know about it and can fix it quicker. Please include the steps you took to reproduce the error, will help us confirm the bug quicker. Infraction Appeal - Did you get an infraction or warning that you want to appeal against, or discuss, with staff? Then that would be the place to discuss it. You have to fill out very minimal amounts of information and we can do the rest, so setting off a bug report, or help request has never been simpler. Also we now have a central location for Infraction Appeals; where Dreamers can ask the staff more about their infraction, or even getting it appealed if they believed they were warned unfairly (Never happens, but just incase, right?) Although a little warning in advance: if we get “I didn’t know it was against ToS” when it’s clearly stated in the ToS, your appeal will be rejected. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read the Terms of Service or not, they are enforced here, and ignorance of the Terms of Service is not valid grounds for appeal; please make sure that you have read the ToS so you don’t end up in that situation. Instantly Banned members (Usually from Zero Tolerance Offences) can use the contact form, but successful appeal chances in these cases is currently 0%. We don’t give out warnings/infractions lightly and when we do, we’re usually 100% sure about it. May seem pointless, but you never know what could happen. To check it out, go here: https://ecchidreams.com/help/ Staff Shuffle It is with sadness that we’ve had to let @ArdillaVerde93 go from being a member of staff here on EcchiDreams, for private reasons of a personal nature. ArdillaVerde93 posted up sometimes on our Facebook Fanpage, and has put in many years of good work with us, and we deeply appreciate all the hard work they have done. ArdillaVerde93; we hope that you stay and continue dreaming with us dreamers, and that we have many years of good times ahead. I’d also like to congratulate @SMFoxy, who has been around for quite some time now on gaining a promotion to Senior Staff as our Social Media Operations Administrator, and of course, EcchiDreams Moderator. Finally; I’d like to welcome @Whoreo, who is bringing his usual vibrant energy into EcchiDreams, as an EcchiDreams Moderator, for both the site and our Facebook Fanpage. He will start posting, I’m told: "Daily at 18:00hrs (6PM) BST/GMT starting tomorrow." Apparently, he will only be posting high-resolution art work when posting, to promote artists far and wide. He wants to bring some engaging discussions to the page, and we look forward to seeing what he has in store. Such as it is: we’ll be looking at more frequent postings from EcchiDreams on our Facebook Fanpage, and if you have Facebook already (because not many don’t), then why not become a fan of the page and take a look around? We currently have 145 people who like our page, and 150 followers;m which isn’t bad, considering we don’t usually advertise anywhere. So a big thanks to our fans and followers thus far! As always: please leave comments, suggestions, and feedback relating to this article below; I read every single comment posted, and it's my pleasure to. Article Image Artist: Cait Links: Pivix, Twitter, Patreon What can I say: I really like this piece, and I think Cait is an amazingly talented artist. It's Kashiwazaki Sena, from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai: I don't have many friends). That's all I have to really say on it, aside from that, she looks very warm, inviting, and friendly; hopefully a lot like EcchiDreams is. If you like to the picture, I would recommend checking out some of Cait's other work.
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    Just had to get creative (or rather destructive) with a drinks can, because I left the bloody thing in the freezer to long (or too close to the edge or something), and it froze solid enough to break the can tab instead of opening. Can openers are such wonderful inventions...
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    Christmas is coming! IM SO EXCITED!! *squeals* Sorry...I just had to let that out. Hehe
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    General Announcement: I've updated the EcchiChat, should now work a bit better on mobile phones. Although the downside is that you would have lost all read messages (Sorry~). But everything seems to be running smoothly and the chat works, better than before.
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    Tomorrow, I begin work on my Halloween costume. I'm going out with some friends on Halloween, so I decided to put together a costume of none other than the pinnacle of cartoon femininity. Minerva "Minnie" Mouse!~
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    Happy Birthday to me~ Ɛ>☆゚.*・。゚☆🎊ᕕ(´・ω・`)ᕗ🎊☆゚.*・。゚☆<3
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    Is there any greater pain than stubbing your little toe? If there is, I never want to experience it. xD
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    I have a tournament on Tuesday. The game is Mortal Kombat XL. I checked the challenge leaderboards after some training, and it turns out I'm in the top 70 worldwide! Even above a professional fighting game player who I actually fought before,... and lost... quickly.
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    *This is a story posted at the request of Neptune. Kai appears courtesy of SMFoxy. This is set to the song "To The Sky," by Owl City. To clear up confusion, the lyrics are for the parts after them.* It was nearly a year to the day since Shaymin's trainer's tragic death. With Goodra left in charge of the house, Kai and Shaymin were invited to stay. Kai had chosen the guest bedroom, while Shaymin had insisted on the shed in the garden. For the first month, Shaymin was inconsolable. But, with Kai's help, she had mostly gotten over her depression. What's more, Kai had helped her regain her Sky Forme. This day was bittersweet for Shaymin. She barely spoke as she tottered into the dining room to eat from a bowl of kibble left out for her. As much as her trainer thought she deserved the best, she honestly liked the processed pet food. [Shipwrecked in a sea of faces. There's a dreamy world up there. Dear friends in higher places, carry me away from here.] She looked around and saw that the other residents had their gazes fixed on her. She loved them, considering them all to be great friends. But this was the last thing she wanted to see now. She sighed and went back to eating. [Travel light; let the Sun eclipse you 'cause your flight is about to leave, and there's more to this brave adventure than you'd ever believe!] No later had the last morsel disappeared down Shaymin's throat, than she felt a paw on her quill-covered back. She looked up to see Kai, who said only 2 words to her. "It's time." Shaymin's response was similarly terse. "Do I have to?" [Bird's-eye view! Awake the stars, 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue.] After breakfast, everybody, Shaymin included, stepped outside to the front porch. Again, all eyes were on the petite Legendary. She wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear. Run back to the shed. Anything but what she was about to do. Kai's paw was placed on her again, making her jump. There was no turning back. She had to go. [Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery, 'cause, after all, those wings will take you up so high.] "O-Okay," she stuttered. "I'm ready." Kai pulled his paw away, and Shaymin turned to face everyone. 7 in all. And all with smiling faces. Again, not something Shaymin wanted to see in this situation. She gave them a sad nod. [So bid the forest floor goodbye, as you race the wind and take to the sky!] Shaymin began to glow. This transformation was still a bit of a strain to her, and she whimpered as her body shifted and contorted. Once the light faded, she no longer resembled a hedgehog. Now, she could almost be mistaken for an albino reindeer. [You take to the sky!] Reluctantly, and with a final, deeply genuine "thank you" to everybody, she leapt up with her hindpaws, her feathered ears catching the breeze and suspending her in the cool morning air. Tears fell down her face, cutting damp paths through her stark white fur. [On the heels of war and wonder, there's a stormy world up there. You can't whisper above the thunder, but you can fly anywhere.] The tears didn't stop, and Shaymin didn't dare speak. She looked straight up. Her instincts told her a storm was brewing. She knew she could only remain in Sky Forme for as long as the weather was clear. But, with her speed, she was confident she could at least reach the Ruins Of Alph before she would be forced to land. "You can do it!" Kai called out, as if sensing her trepidation. [Purple burst of paper birds; this picture paints a thousand words! So take a breath of myth and mystery, and don't look back!] Kai was right. Shaymin could certainly make the flight to Sinnoh; that wasn't in question. What was, though, was whether Shaymin wanted to fly away. If she dared show her face to the others, they would see she wanted to stay on the ground. The warm, dew covered ground. But, if she hesitated, she'd miss her chance for sure. She shook her head violently, as if trying to dislodge her own hesitation. Finally, she shot high up into the sky. [Bird's-eye view! Awake the stars, 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue.] She could hear her temporary family cheering for her, and, looking down, she could see the whole of the garden that Bellossom kept in such beautiful shape. She took a deep breath, smelling the familiar scent of forthcoming rainfall. [Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery, 'cause, after all, those wings will take you up so high.] Shaymin sped forward, the air whipping against her wing-ears. Soon, she was just a speck to the 7 onlookers that continued cheering. Suddenly, though, she turned around, and lowered her altitude. Skillfully, she flew just over the garden, plucking a single pink flower wth her mouth before departing again. "Sorry, Bellossom!~" [So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind and take to the sky!] She was actually slightly glad, at least in that moment, that she was flying alone. If the others could see where she was going, they'd almost surely try and stop her. The buildings of Goldenrod City glinted below her in the morning sun. Admittedly, it was a beautiful sight. She had every intention of going to Sinnoh, but later. There was something far more important she had to take care of first. She landed in the middle of a cemetary. [There's a realm above the trees where the lost are finally found. So touch your feathers to the breeze and leave the ground.] The gravestone she was looking for - that of her trainer, of course - wasn't far from where she landed. Shaymin hung her head, and released the flower, which fell in front of the gravestone. "I'm sorry. It's time for me to go." [Birds-eye view! Awake the stars, 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue.] Shaymin's voice was choked with tears. "I-I... I didn't want this. I love you, with all my heart! Why did it have... t-to end like this?!" Almost contemptuously, she kicked at the ground. [Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery, 'cause, after all, those wings will take you up so high!] Not trusting herself to keep from bursting into hysterical tears, Shaymin rose into the air again, just as lightning tore through it. She gasped, knowing what would happen next. She dropped like a stone, hitting the ground with a thud, now back in her Land Forme. [So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind, and take to the sky!] For once, Shaymin wasn't worried by the storm. She got back up to her paws, smiling. She used to be able to fly in storms, but even Kai's training couldn't return that ability to her. She looked up at the suddenly darkened sky. "Thank you." [You take to the sky! You take to the sky!] Shaymin didn't have a choice; she had to stay. She nuzzled the gravestone. "Don't worry; I'm not leaving quite yet." In the midst of everything, she let out a giggle. "It's ironic. You hated storms, but a storm is keeping us together!" Sinnoh would still be there when the storm broke. At that moment, Shaymin was right where she needed to be.
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    I would have given a sad react, but that doesn't give you a rep point, which I feel that you deserve for this. I didn't read it when you first posted up, because I've been having to deal with something when I first got up. But I'm glad I waited, because this was worth taking several quiet minutes to read. I'm in agreement with everything SMFoxy said. It wasn't huge, it wasn't tiny, it was just right. The pace was perfect, and it tugs at the heart strings. I think the best way I can describe it is, along with SMFoxy's 'Bittersweet' is; Poignant. Sweet, but gave a very sharp feeling of sadness to the reader. I most certainly had a lump in my throat. And a bitter kind of smile at the very end there. It's that very final goodbye. Gone. But never forgotten.
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    (I'm sure) I said it before, and I'll say it again: I really like your writing. It's not a long story, but... It doesn't have to be. It's as long as it needs to be, and I think that's important. It gets across what you were trying to, without too much fluff (everything is relevant from the 'personal' perspective it's written from), but it's not boring, either. I think it's beautifully written. The content is... well, I'd say the perfect word is already right there in the story... bittersweet. It has somewhat of a "life goes on" feeling, but it also conveys that no one has really forgotten or completely gotten over it, especially not Shaymin, and I feel that her perception has been emphasised well. That is to say, with the story being from her perspective, it's crafted to a point that, while she may not necessarily doubt that the others are still affected, the way she sees it, she's affected the most; everyone else seems to be focused on her, and happy for her, but there's enough there (to me) to show that they do still care. But maybe I'm reading a little too much into it/between the lines with an observation like that? I like that despite the tragedy and depression of the events preceding, there are things to be happy about too, and overall, the story balances that in a lovely way. The best 'metaphor' for it is the storm; it's the most literal example of things being both bad and good in the story, because it's specifically one thing that is both, in this context. I won't be overly specific, though, because I don't want to spoil a story both so well written, and that wouldn't take that long to just read anyway. In regards to the songfic aspect: For the speed at which I personally read, the length of the paragraphs in relation to the relevant section of the song is perfect. In fact, I could even read the first paragraph while the intro to the song was playing. So clearly well thought out and carefully planned (or you listened to the song a hundred times as you were writing/rereading it, and it fit how fast you read? xD). Anyway, I feel like I'm out of things to say really, but I'm sure something I missed will pop into my head at some point later and taunt me until I either forget it, or add it. Keep up the writing, @ArdillaVerde93; it's wonderful work.
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    Attention all Dreamers! Halloween event (Facebook)! We're going to be doing a Halloween Image dump on our Facebook fan page towards the end of the month. If anyone has any nice, SFW Halloween themed images, please go right ahead and link them as replies to this status. As a general rule, if you wouldn't post it to social media, it's probably not SFW enough. xD Other than it having to be SFW, it can be guys, girls, furries, straight, gay... And anyone whose images are selected will get credit for finding them. You have two weeks, roughly; so please get them in by the 19th of October for consideration~! Thank you~, all you lovely Dreamers! <3 P.S. Our facebook page is here, so please go like it if you haven't already! xD https://www.facebook.com/EcchiDreams/
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    A little before and after comparison of some work I did in Photoshop. More like before and during really, because it needs more work... Female, Before: Male/Trap, After/In progress: What do you guys think so far?
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    I CHALLENGE YOU TO TRY INKTOBER. Inktober is an art challenge for all levels of skills, sketch in pencil first then go over and add finishing touches in ink: pen, markers. There’s many inktober lists out there, can be found on Pinterest or google or whatever. But I did day 1 yesterday, fabulous. Thought I’d let all my pals on ecchi hear of it. Stay fabulous folks ^_^
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    This gallery is for all of the characters I Roleplay with. Most characters in this gallery are pictures taken from Danbooru.
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    Welp, haven't posted anything at all so here it goes, eh? I guess you could say i'm "New" as I haven't posted a thing on here from being busy. So if you stumbled upon this semi-active account then welcome! Hope you uh enjoy your stay. But if ya like, send a message or if ya want to rp just ask, i'm open to anything really. But yeah, peace!
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    With a final team consisting of Solgaleo, Flygon, Decidueye, Ribombee, and Kommo-o, my Pokémon Sun "ChoiceLocke(1 chosen capture per area.)" is complete!~
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    Hello there ;) I think I will definitely enjoy myself, and thank you for the offered support @Neptune @Jordii~kins Strange and Obscene are things I do indeed love, I find myself excited at the possibilities~ "EcchiD's", I like that ;) @Whoreo We'll be seeing each other around for sure, the atmosphere is already a cut above the rest!
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    Ouch. I hate being stuck in a situation like that... I've put up a few more screenshots, of Fallout 4. I have more, and I might put some more up but I put up three that I personally thought were the funniest I caught. The first of the three being a really chill Gunrunner who seemed to be A-OK with being killed by me. He decided to just lie down, and relax. The next screenshot is actually the very first one I caught. Of a wardrobe malfunction. I noticed that this happened quite a lot lol the physics with the skirts and dresses was a little messed up. And the last one is another wardrobe malfunction. This time with Deacon... he, er... Well. For those that play Fallout, they know that he tends to change his outfit fairly often. This is one I was greeted with when I went into the Railroad HQ.
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    So, another little topic for everyone, because I'm curious: What game do you not own, that you want? Perhaps a sequel or a prequel to a game you do own? Or just a game that you like the look of? My Wishlist is so insane that I've forgotten almost every game actually on it, but there are a few. One I'm looking forward to that isn't actually out yet is Freedom Planet 2. Another one is a game called Indivisible, by Lab Zero (the creators of one of my current favourites, Skullgirls). For the sake of completing series, I also want Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. What about you guys?
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    Ah~, where to start, where to start. My favorite Manga of all time is Kuroshitsuji 😚, in my opinion, the artwork is beautiful, the bishonen are ample, and the dark physiological horror is orgasmic. It's not a Hentai, but its porn for my soul~ <3🤗. I've also have been reading Hell's Kitchen, love, love, love this manga, I wish so badly that it would get an anime, because its soo~ good, I want to show everybody, but my family aren't strong readers, and won't enjoy anything unless its on the T.V. (though one of my sisters will only read YAOI). An oldie I'd recommend (oldie because its finished) is Demon Detective Neuro Nōgami; Neuro is like my dream husband, he's so cold and cruel; he's actually the first character I've come across that was the right sort of sadistic/abusive in the media, and wasn't like some sort of "abusive husband/father" plot for an inspirational story, other than the Joker (Don't get me started~😍). (Are you seeing a pattern? Give me a cruel, sadistic demon any day~ <3) I also recommend Pet Shop of Horrors, it deals in my trap fetish, plus have the horror element I like; it lacked a bit in story for me (the ending feels very rushed), but I enjoyed my time. It has a sequel, that sort of toss out the ending of the first one, and doesn't really connect with the first one either, I read a bit of it, but it turned into a dropped project that I can't find anywhere; it's called Shin Petshop of Horrors. Oh, oh, oh! I also used to read Cesare il creatore che ha distrutto! Now, this artwork is perfect! I love it so much; long ago it became a dropped project, and I couldn't find it anywhere, so I stopped reading it, I really, really want to read it again, so I might start looking, I hope its still good~. There's a couple of stories I haven't finish, but hadn't went back to, and is still ongoing (I think), one is Noblesse, a manwha webtoon that was sort of-kind of-cool (I stopped reading because it was so dragged out, and seemed like one of those "going to be going" sort of series that wants to have a million chapters). Another one, that was a "Hentai", kind of (Erotic, but not really the typical porn ones) was Übel Blatt, honestly, I didn't like the manga at first, it felt really crack-ish and too ecchi to where I thought it was going to be some silly male fetish skirt flipper story, I was just so curious about the pointy eared/elf man, I kept reading; about three to for chapters/volumes in, it turns up real quick, and actually gets very serious and interesting, I'd recommend giving it a chance to explain itself as its "silliness" is very misleading, though I haven't read it in a long while, so the updates could be poop, I don't know. I used to read Animal Academy: Hakobune Hakusho, it seemed really, really interesting to me, and the kids were cute, however it either became a drop project, or the writer stopped it? I don't know, I really wished it finished, I miss it 😢. Hana to Akuma is my favorite romance manga (I don't read many), it's finished and it made me cry, though, so I curse it to oblivion; I'm real persnickety with my happy endings, and I wished it ended faster (that's all I can say... 😭). A real oldie but a goodie I used to read is Dragon Half, its a silly parody joke comic, but its actually so good and funny, I watched the anime first, and loved it (I was a little kid, though >.>), found the manga in my teenage years, and loved it as it calls out all the annoying things I hate about anime/manga stereotypes, but somehow do it in a loving, non offensive way (at least, I thought so). I just watched Tokyo Ghoul for the first time last month, and it was pretty good, it felt a little random and crazy, but I think that's the failings of an anime adaption of a manga that isn't finished. I'm thinking about reading the manga to better understand it, and continue the story, haven't done so yet. Lastly, I just finished up binge watching Attack on Titans, a show I had avoided because I don't care about gore, and I thought was going to be some mainstream BS, but turned out to be a really good show; I also plan to read the manga for the same reason as Tokyo Ghoul (though I think they did a better job of the anime than the had for TG). Sorry, my list isn't very smutty, my taste in hentai is few and far between, I get most of my erotic fix from fanfiction, dōjinshi, and American webtoons. Starfighter anyone? I also found some really good Riku -x- Sora dōjinshi that was sweet as pie 😘 (honestly, I never even considered the pairing until I read those), and there's this YAOI mangaka that draws the sexiest Sesshoumaru I've ever seen; she really likes Sesshoumaru -x- Inuyasha, and I only saw one Adult manga of hers, it involved that pairing, while the other was like a parody skit that was pretty PG. I have a site that showed me some pretty kinky Yandere short manga, but the guy likes snuff/amputee, so its only a few of his things I like (almost all of his stories ended in death, which I'm not a fan of, but whateves). Organized list in no particular order: Kuroshitsuji (Ongoing) Hell's Kitchen (Ongoing) Demon Detective Neuro Nōgami (Finished) Pet Shop of Horrors (Finished) Shin Pet Shop of Horrors (Ongoing?) (The "squeal", read some, can't find the rest) Cesare il creatore che ha distrutto (Ongoing?) (Didn't finish reading) Noblesse (Ongoing) (Didn't Continue) Übel Blatt (Adult) (Ongoing?) (Didn't continue) Animal Academy: Hakobune Hakusho (Ongoing?) (Can't find any updates) Hana to Akuma (Finished) (Depressing, in my opinion) Dragon Half (Ecchi) (Finished) Tokyo Ghoul (Haven't really read) Shingeki No Kyojin (Haven't really read)
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    I'm willing to try and write up a post, introducing myself to the town as if I am moving-in, maybe? I've never done Public RolePlay, let alone a RolePlay with multiple participants before. I might need some time, but hopefully I could partake in this story. I'll see what I can do.
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    Im new on this site. I might be dropping by whenever wanting to rp or something. Anyways i think il be down for it anytime
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    Ah! Awesome! Glad that I have given you this idea :3 Thus I am going to show the screenshot that I posted up in the gallery of the club: Elite Dangerous has some truly beautiful sights. Sometimes I like to just sit there and admire the view :D
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    I have seven games on my wish list right now. Planet Coaster: Because I LOVED the roller coaster games. They're really fun to play, and I've heard really good things about Planet Coaster. Empyrion - Galactic Survival: It's a space survival game... YES PLEASE! Orwell: It sounded interested, and I liked the look of it. War for the Overworld: This is like a version of Dungeon Keeper, and I loved those games as well. I want this one pretty bad xD Eden Star: Another space/sci-fi survival game. It sounded interesting, so I put it on my wish list. Pulsar - Lost Colony: Same reason as previous. Age of Empire III: Because I loved the games when I was younger, and wanted it xD
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    Well for me , it'd be "Dark souls 3" , "Sonic mania" , "Castlevania lords of shadow" just to name a few~ I've seen your wishlist on steam and wow its gigantic xD
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    Oooooh scheduling my images now~
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    lololololol this is funny af
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    @Temaelrin reminded me that this video is a thing that exists. Enjoy~! (video by FlashGitz on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNnKprAG-MWLsk-GsbsC2BA)
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    Hopefully there will be a new, news article out shortly on various matters relating to EcchiDreams, and some upcoming changes such as: Revision to Club Information; in specifics (Owners, Administrators, Moderators and Members of Clubs) A reveal of a new reaction. Information New Help and Support section (Already live here: https://ecchidreams.com/help/) Information on a staff shuffle and new member of staff. Plans for our Facebook Fanpage.
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    Apologies guys, I've been on and off the last few days had a really stressful few having to deal with friend's drama's and act therapist. I owe you all a bunch of replies and im gunna get on it right now. <3 ya'll Dreamers
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    I might post some typical things that I listen to another time but currently the top ten bands that I like are (In no particular order): Lindemann Rammstein Amananthe Lacuna Coil Sabaton Cradle of Filth Nile Devil Driver Deathstars System of a Down But today I wanted to share some Russian covers I found on YouTube. Most of them are by Radio Tapok, who covered some songs that I like and I have to say he is a very talented musician. I've quite enjoyed his covers. I also found a cover of one of my favourite bands (Lacuna Coil), by Diva Sveta and Vladimir Zelentsov and I am honestly impressed with how they got the lyrics translated and still fit it into the songs, whilst keeping the overall feel of the songs. If you want to listen to something different, like I did, then definitely check them out. I think some of them are better than the originals, honestly. Yes they're rock/metal, that's my jam, I'm a bit of a metal head. Cover of Lacuna Coil (Our Truth) Cover of Sabaton (Primo Victoria) Cover of System of a Down (Chop Suey) Cover of System of a Down (Toxicity) Cover of Rammstein (Du Hast) Cover of Rammstein (Sonne) Cover of The White Stripes (Seven Nation Army)
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    Somebody want to role play?
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    What was the last Achievement you earned in a Steam game? What was the hardest Achievement you remember earning? Sharing time: For me, the latest Achievement I earned was Gem Hoarder (Clear the game with over 6000 crystal shards) in Freedom Planet. As for the hardest... I struggled with Pangu Lagoon Speedrunner (Clear Pangu Lagoon in 8 minutes) in Freedom Planet, but once I learned the trick to it... I'd say the hardest ones to actually get were probably the 'random' ones in Skullgirls, namely The Kitchen Sink (Peacock's character Achievement), and World Warrior Princess (visit every stage in one sitting, only using the random stage option).
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    Thank you both very much! I doubt I'll have any problems, but I promise to keep you in mind if I do! And I really appreciate all the warm welcomes!! <3 They mean a lot to me! Thank y'all! ;) I feel right at home already.
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    David sat down on the chair in front of the CEO's desk as he was told and then listened to what Silvina had to say. Yes, he knew that his friend had somehow convinced him to sign up to the 'Quality Control' position of this company. He had no idea what to expect though. She watched as the cute elven receptionist from earlier carry a tray covered in a white cloth into the room and then leave. From this, David figured that he was going to be doing some sort of taste test. As Silvina told him what he was going to do, David wondered what was under the cloth. He hoped it wasn't too weird. As he closed his eyes, he heard the cloth on the tray being removed. He then moved his hand to pick up the first bowl and brought it over close to his face so he could smell it. He could tell there was mayonnaise in there but wanted to know what else was in there. So he put the bowl back down in front of him and then with his other hand, took a bit of the contents of the bowl and put it in his mouth. He could definitely tell what was in it now. It was a simple cole slaw of shredded carrots, red onion and cabbage with some homemade whole egg mayonnaise. He could tell that the mayonnaise had egg, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, dijon mustard and canola oil. He could tell there was oil and vinegar and mustard in there as the dressing was thick and creamy, which meant it emulsification had to have taken place. After eating a bit of the contents of the first bowl, he then told Silvina what was in it. He then did the same thing with the second bowl, which he identified as grated horseradish with a bit of vinegar in it to stop it from oxidizing. The third bowl was button mushroom cooked with a compound butter that had garlic in it. He could tell the mushroom were properly cooked and the amount of butter used was not excessive as there was no oily feel to the mushrooms. The fourth bowl he identified as containing one of Blackberry Island's major exports, Blackberry Island Sauce. The fifth bowl he said there were cubes of oven baked sweet potato in there. With the last bowl, he said that there was Blackberry's own brand of garlic and herb cheese, which was similar to Boursin.
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