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    Sometimes, taking the time to build an RP and its world with your partner is just as fun as playing in the RP itself :)
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    I woke up today to find that it was snowing. It's so amazing. Feels like Winter - SMFoxy, December 2017
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    "Baby, It's cold outside" (i freaking love this snow! yay! how magical :3...)
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    A little Notification bird has informed me that I am Dreamer of the Month for December. Thank you all that voted for me 😀
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    Neptune remained quiet as Temaelrin continued speaking to Serah. She smiled slightly, as he was being professional but polite and approachable. He was faring far better than she had anticipated. He seemed a little more relaxed than when he first walked out of the office door. When he glanced at her to reference her, she nodded at him, before she looked back at Serah again with a smile. She watched as the woman put her things away in the file she had provided, keeping everything safe and together before turning to Neptune and asking if they should be started. Neptune’s smile widened before she nodded, “Sure, we can do this now. I was working on job listings when Temaelrin asked me to bring me your keys and deeds. So if we do this now, I can add it to the list of jobs that I’m working on. Follow me; we can do this in a conference room. This might take a while, so at least we can sit down comfortably.” She said, before giving Serah a grin. Before she moved off she looked back at Temaelrin and gave him a smile and a small, encouraging thumbs up to let him know that she thought he was doing well. She then indicated to Serah to move towards the hallway, before she moved off herself to lead the way.
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    [OOC: You'll have to forgive me if I am way off here. Because I don't know this area of the law in real life, all that well. Just going off of what I researched, and using artistic licence.] Temaelrin smiled at her and said "We had contractors in who redid the whole Café, as it was a little dusty inside when we got the town. We also had it completely fitted, including tables and chairs. The Café exceeds - goes above and beyond the A grade rating for the Blackberry Falls Food Hygiene Standards Agency, they've checked and slapped a small sticker on the front door saying as such. So the premises itself is already cleared for the selling and distributing of food, including meat and dairy products." He then continued, "Applying for a food license is actually easy, and free of charge, by law in this country. It normally takes upto twenty-eight days in a major city like Blackberry Falls, but out here in our town, Neptune here can knock the licence out for you in under an hour after registration as we're not a major city that has process lots of these per-day. In addition to this a Restaurant-Premises licence will allow you to serve hot and cold food and drinks, from six in the morning to eleven at night, the Restaurant-Premises licence is included with the price of the Café, that's already been paid for and the paper work for all of it including the Food License is in your folder there. You're not licensed at the moment to sell Liquor or other Alcoholic beverages, that will need to be applied for by the city council. Now... You don't need to be open from six in the morning to eleven at night, you can set your own opening times within that limitation. You are allowed to be inside of your own Café whenever you like, for example - say if you wanted to make a hundred scones for the next day or something... as long as it's not open for business outside the hours.You could apply for a twenty-four hour license when you have the staff to take shifts, of course, at a later date if you so wish. As far as I am aware. I've left the relevant manuals, and training books, as well as some good recipe books in the Managers office of the Café. The Café by the way will be pending a name; just put this in your Restaurant-Premises registration form, currently it's unimaginatively called 'EcchiTown Café' but you can change it if you wish." He smiled before thinking to himself 'Fuck I sound like a bureaucratic robot. If only my parents could see how far I've taken the cucumber up my own ass... Ugh, I wouldn't recommend her selling that in her Café...' "Oh and we've got a pot of money set aside - our own funds. In one of the books on your desk, there is a signage book, one that shows all signs you can get for your business. Just let us know what signs you want, what you want them to say and we'll get a contractor to install them." Temaelrin finally added on the Café front. He then said, "As for the housing situation... Yes, the website will let you purchase the house you want, just go to the 'For Rent' section, find the property you like and you can take a virtual tour of it. If you want to more hands on tour, let us know and we can arrange that. We're doing them in the afternoon, this afternoon. If you like it, you can select to buy and arrange payment on it. Is there anything I didn't cover, or any other questions?" He asked, actually genuinely happy to help.
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    Aura couldn't help but frown a little when she heard Foxy's sigh. Yeah, as expected, she really did just seem like some kid who had no idea what she was doing. Well, it wasn't too far from the truth, but she was hoping to at least carry an air of some level of professionalism. His choice of words made it pretty clear that she was unlikely to get the job, but she wasn't going to let that get to her. She hadn't even had that interview yet. If she could carry herself well enough, maybe she could land the job! Of course, she still couldn't quite get her hopes up. It was a pretty serious job, it's not exactly something you can just do on a whim. She would probably need some form of specific college education outside of the general education degree she had received. She just nodded and put a smile on her face. "Thank you, sir. I'll do just that." She looked back at Tee. "A-and, sorry for the interruption again..." she quickly turned and left the building to avoid further embarrassment.
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    it's been so long since i was here:D
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    "I think the whole town may be in here , so i am sure we will see each other" Tee said nodding to Shyua before scurrying back over to the fox and letting out a breath putting her hands on her knee as if she had just ran. "Alright, I got it!" Tee smiled straightening up her body and turning back to Foxy. "Sorry about...well..." The doctor rubs the back of her neck and glances away "Rude...yes, well... Sorry for being quite rude" she nodded agreeing with herself and sighing , disappointed in being rude to her first friend here in town.
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    A day without laughter is a day without laughter is a day wasted...even when sad 🤗
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    Some good places to start on here are these three spots, since you said you were new, love! 1: Rules: (Don't break em') 2: The welcome forum: (The moderators should introduce themselves for ya') https://ecchidreams.com/community/forum/7-ecchidreamers-welcome-forum/ 3: And finally: The role player's preference which should help you find some suitors ;) https://ecchidreams.com/dashboard/roleplayers/preferences/
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    "Hello everyone! I hope to meet some extraordinary role play partners! And, hopefully, some friends!"
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    The new update looks nice, I like the new layout for this site, thanks to whoever made it! :D
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    Wow! EcchiDreams has changed so much since I was last here.
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    Looking at her three companions, Serah thought they were perhaps a bit eccentric, but they did seem like good people. "It's nice to meet all of you as well!" Serah smiled as she returned Zoey's handshake before following both her and Sunny towards the large building Foxy had directed them to.
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    Zoey takes the other woman's hand giving a lingering handshake. "I came to settle down here, I heard about it but I didn't know what to expect" Zoey says with a nod. Looking towards Serah she extends her hand "It's nice to meet you all though"
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    I love Dark souls 2 but S O ME TI M ES I die to the rotten in three seconds . . . I've killed him seven times without getting hit and this shit happens
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    People are so nice on here :)
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    Loving it here so far, people have been patient understanding and very helpful.
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    Serah, otherwise known as Crazymerc on the internet, was quite sure what she was doing. She had left her parent's home, dropped out of college, and she didn't have a job, yet here she was heading to some random new town that she barely knew anything about. All she had was money she had saved up from before, enough to allow her to survive the first couple months, but she'd need to find a job quickly. As she finally saw the town, she got down from her bike and adjust her backpack, where she pretty much had everything she owned, and began to slowly look around for signs of life or a map she could use. She really needed to find the town's owners especially. The quicker they move her in, the quicker she could get started on her new life.
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    Neptune grinned at Serah as she spoke about what she was planning, and some of the ideas that she already had. She seemed to almost burst with her enthusiasm, Neptune couldn’t help her smile, “It sounds like you’ve got things in hand already. That’s a pretty name for a café. I hope you come up with a nice pretty logo to go along with it.” She said with a soft laugh, adding, “No doubt your café will be having my custom. Especially if you plan on serving hot chocolate. I don’t mind tea, or coffee, but hot chocolate is my absolute favourite White Hot Chocolate is the best. Especially with cream… and maybe marshmallows as well…” Neptune was practically drooling at the thought. She came to the conference room door and opened it up, leading Serah inside. It was a medium sized room with a desk in the centre of the carpeted floor, surrounded by comfortable looking office chairs. Neptune indicated one of the chairs, the one next to the nearest end chair, “Please, sit down.” She told Serah with a polite smile. Once they were both inside of the room, she closed the door to give them privacy before she went over to a filing cabinet. She opened up the top one, rifting through it before she found the job application form that she needed. She picked out several before coming back to the end chair and sitting down, pulling out a pen from her top. “Now, Serah. I will need some information from you about each job that you want to advertise on the Intranet. I will need the job title, the yearly salary of the job, any benefits that come with the job such as included health insurance or bonuses. I already know the address of the café, so I can already put that down. The contract type, such as it being a permanent contract for a permanent position or it being a temporary position being only a few weeks or months. That can be useful during a holiday season. I will need contact information and information on how to apply such as filling out a form, or handing in a resume.” Neptune said, explaining what she need.
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    Worried by Aura's reaction, Foxy hesitated. He wondered if he'd said or done something wrong that had upset her. Realising he'd sighed, he wondered if that was it. Apparently he needed that coffee more than he realised; he shouldn't have skipped it this morning just to show everyone here. Maybe he could go to Serah's new cafe after all this had dealt with all this. Even so, he felt a little bad, but from the way she spoke, it was a little late to take it back now. "Alright then. I'll see you later at the station; you can't miss it. Stop by any time after... Let's say one in the afternoon? It might take some time to put everything together, so take your time. I look forward to seeing you." He said politely, and honestly. While the population of the town was pretty low, he might not need all that much help, but he knew he'd be grateful for it as it grew. All he could do is hope he hadn't put her off. With her leaving so suddenly, he turned his attention back to Tee. "Where were we? Oh, right. I was asking what kind of house you were hoping to get, right?" He asked, wondering if she'd had a chance to look at some of the available options on offer. Then again, the doctor might need to get everything set up before worrying about housing. He's sure she'd work it out, though. Despite being so timid, she seemed intelligent. That and much like Aura, she seems genuinely interested in doing her best to help people.
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    It was all so strange to Serah. Who could have bought her this Cafe? But Serah figured that she would just have to figure that out some other time. Perhaps there would be a clue in the Cafe itself. As the woman, Neppy by what the Mayor had said, came in, Serah let out a quick, maybe somewhat nervous smile. Serah then picked up the folder. My own Cafe Serah thought to herself. She then began to compose herself and once again let out her full, warm smile and nodded "Yeah, I guess so. This is really a surprise, I didn't expect any of this. But its also an oppurtunity and I'm going to take advantage of it. If I can make it work now, I won't regret it even if I discover something later." She was set on making the best out of this. Perhaps this IS the best thing that could have happened and Serah was going to take full advantage of that. "There is, still, the question of housing." Serah picks up the leaflet the Mayor had taken out for before "Do I just need to go the website that is listed on here? Or is there something else?" Then Serah thinks a bit more and realizes that there a probably many more things she'd have to do to run a business. Was there a license she'd have to get to do business? A food handler permit? "I guess there is also all the business side of things. Licenses? Permits? That sort of thing."
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    As she was speaking with Foxy, Aura couldn't help but be a little distracted by the events happening at the desk. It was rude of her to eavesdrop, but Serah seemed to have found herself in a suspiciously convenient situation. Perhaps it was just her own pessimism speaking to her, but she couldn't help but worry that Serah would be walking into some sort of trap by accepting an offer like that. It wasn't her decision, of course, and again, it was rude of her to eavesdrop on the conversation to begin with. So she focused her attention back on Foxy, making a mental note to check up on Serah later. Foxy seemed to be questioning Aura's desire to work for the police force. "Well, admittedly, I'm kinda questioning it myself, but..." she started, then she began to think more seriously about the thoughts that had just crossed her mind. It was purely hypothetical, but what if someone really had bought that cafe for Serah with malicious intent? It would be absolutely horrible if something like that happened to her, especially so soon after she had moved in to a new place. At first, she had only considered the job because she was in a hurry and it was the only job available, but thinking through this situation, even though it was entirely a work of fiction she had just made up in her mind, she began to realize just how important the job could be. "Well, I need a job as soon as possible," She continued "but more than that, this town is new, right? Meaning all of the public services are probably short-staffed. This town seems so beautiful and peaceful, and I know firsthand how horrible some people can be... I want to help make sure this town stays peaceful. I know it's impossible, but I don't want a single crime to happen within this town. I don't want anyone's innocence to be taken advantage of, I don't want anyone to be hurt or hate their lives here. Plus, where I come from, there's a lot of hostility toward the police force, but I've always had a lot of respect for them and I want to help boost their public image, as well. So, yes, I want to work for the police..." she trailed off at the end of her little lecture and just looked down to her feet. "But... I do doubt I'm really qualified for the job..."
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    Serah gasped in surprise as the Mayor explained to her the whole situation. Someone had spent three-hundred and fifty thousand on a Cafe...for her. And whoever it was hadn't even left a name. "No, I don't! And there is no indication of who made the purchase?" It seemed like it wasn't some fraud or crime. Perhaps it was an error? No, it couldn't be, otherwise her identification wouldn't have matched. Who could have done this? Serah though of her parents, but she had gone against their decision in coming here, so that couldn't be it. Should I accept this? Serah though It has always been my dream to own a Cafe Serah was unsure of what to do? It was her dream...and it did give her an opportunity to make money. Not just have some random job to make enough to live, but, in fact own her own dream business! Despite the mystery of it all, Serah decided that she would take it. She just had a few more questions, perhaps.
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    Temaelrin gave a respectful nod at Aura and his smile grew brighter "I am happy to have been able to help. Take care and see you next time. Good luck yourself, Aura." He gave her a wave back before looking on at the next person to approach the desk. Temaelrin looked at the next person in line, and it was another female, at least that's what he assumed from her biological indicators. When she said that her name was Serah, and clarified by adding her surname, something in his head clicked. He recognised the name, from something. He continued to listen to her and wondered if she knew what he knew, and it appeared not by the end of her speaking. He raised his eyebrows and asked "Can I see some ID please? A drivers licence, or state issued ID card will do fine." Preempting that she was going to take her ID card out he pulled his keyboard forward and put this thumb down on a fingerprint scanner to let his computer log into his account. He took the mouse and checked the private intranet site to look up purchase records, where he found what he was looking for, and looked back over to Serah, before he said "My apologies by the way, I will explain what's going on in a moment."
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    Blinking a few times from Foxy's sudden praise, Tee smiled and put her phone back in her pocket with ears twitching with pride. "Well I uh..." She muttered very lowly to herself until she heard his next comment about there being some sort of web address on the brochure. This caused her to immediately pull out her phone and pull up her gallery to look through them. "Website? I had not noticed, I was moving so fast!" She whimpered and bit her lip as her thumb slide across the screen through the few photos. "I think...oh! here it is, Ecchitown dot gov" Tee read and then looked back up at Foxy to answer his question. "I suppose, I need a place to stay but that takes time as well" she said while once again putting her phone back in her pocket. "Don't think there is a hotel, or a bed and breakfast in a town with less then twenty people" Tee smiled and gave a soft chuckle as she shrugged a little. "I wonder how quickly..." Tee's eyes went from foxy's to noticing a woman with brilliant blue eyes approaching him from behind "..We can move in" she muttered out quite softly just in time to hear the woman call for fox's attention.
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    I wouldn't say it's derailing the thread. It's par for the course when reflecting on your past roleplays. I think it's normal for your writing style to be a mixed bag of everyone you've roleplayed with. It's only natural that you take after those around you. I always match what the other person gives me, not just out of spite, but because two completely different styles don't match well when you're writing a story. I can't give a detailed response to "*hugs and kisses*" but that doesn't necessarily mean I don't enjoy the simplicity. Trying to match the first poster's style is important. I almost feel insulted if I write out two paragraphs and get a line or two in response consistently every time.
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    As the mayor began to talk, Aura was able to relax a little more. He wasn't so intimidating at all and even seemed quite patient. It seemed like he was more concerned with making sure she was comfortable with speaking to him than hurrying the line along. She also didn't have too many worries about the people behind her growing impatient either, since the few she spoke to seemed friendly, and everyone seemed to have someone to talk to while they waited. She nodded as the mayor explained the job board. Not trusting her own memory, she pulled out her phone as he said the web address at risk of seeming rude. "S-sorry, I'll just write that down real quick. '...dot-gov-dot-ashae.' Okay, thank you, sir." Feeling a little more comfortable, she managed a cute smile as the mayor continued on to the housing issue. She watched as he retrieved the same brochure he gave Shuya and she gladly accepted it, looking through the brochure. "Well, I would like to buy, but I'd have to look at all the prices. I'll probably have to rent, first, unless I can find a decently priced house. What are the restrictions to living in a rented house, like pets and whatnot?"
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    He smiles, understanding her nervousness of meeting someone knew. He takes her hand and shakes it gently, loving the feeling of how soft her hands were. His smile brightens slightly as he lets go of her hand "No problem, and it's nice to meet you, Dr. Tee Wording. I hope to see you in the future!" He turns and continues walking, heading to that nearby diner.
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    *Meanwhile, a few doors down from the Mayor's office, Manni had just finished setting up his new audio store. He had been busy the last couple of days making sure all the stock was in order, all the electricals worked and that the sound-proofing in his building was up to scratch as to not break any council noise ordinances if/when he turned his hifi systems on. Goodness knew how much noise these new speakers could make once they got going. The retail building he owned her had to be a bit bigger than normal to accommodate all the stuff he had to get shipped in as well as be able to contain multiple demo rooms for different setups. He had just got confirmation that his internet and telephone lines were 100% operational so he could get business going. His store, Manni's Audio Emporium, contained all the things that people would need for their audio system though not including furniture. Everything from replacement parts of the turntables, vinyls and CDs, Digital Audio Players (DAP), headphones, speakers, stereo power amps, stereo integrated amps, headphones and amps, DACs, network streamers, multiroom setups and receivers...and possibly MORE. The display walls and cabinets will filled with new demo stock and pretty pictures. Now, this felt like an audio store. Manni took a look a his mobile phone and noticed the time. Holy crap, it was nearly time to meet the Mayor and Deputy Major to finalise a few things!* "Ahh crap, better not be late!" Manni said to himself, as he locked up the store and sprinted down the street, towards the Mayor's office.
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    "What cute names!" Aura responded eagerly. She waved kindly at the other two girls as Serah introduced them to her. The three girls were all really attractive, and she could see another one just entering the room and peeking her head over the people in line. Even though she'd been told numerous times herself that she was really pretty as well, she still felt fairly self-conscious about her appearance, and even more so when surrounded by people like these. Despite that, she could already tell that if everybody in this town was going to be friendly and beautiful like everyone she'd seen so far, she was certainly going to love it here. Just before she was about to continue the conversation, though, she saw Shuya leaving and Serah had just informed her it was her turn. "Right... Well, it's nice to meet you all, I hope to see you around town after I get all my housing issues sorted out!" Aura let out a soft sigh as she brushed her brown hair behind her ear and turned around, her blue eyes meeting the mayors'. She hadn't really focused on him before, but he was exceptionally handsome as well! Dammit, why is everybody here so hot!? How's a girl supposed to feel good about herself when everyone else looks 10 times better than her!? Part of her was already kind of dreading the confrontation, especially after watching Shuya walk away with such a dejected look on his face, but now that she had really gotten a close look at the mayor? Things just got a lot more difficult. Like Shuya, she wasn't quite prepared for whatever she had to do and she really didn't want to hold up the line, either. "Okay, um..." she quickly ran over the parts she overheard from Shuya's conversation in her head and began twiddling her thumbs, already blushing in preemptive embarrassment. "Er... Hi, uh... sir.." Christ, she already couldn't even introduce herself right. She stood up, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath to calm herself before opening them again. "My name is Aura, and I'm here to talk about housing and possibly a job as well...?" She could only hope that was all she would need to say for the mayor to take over the conversation. Any pressing would probably send her into a hurricane of panic and worry. Okay, that was probably an overestimation, but if there was anything she was consistently never comfortable with, it was adulting. She normally didn't get this anxious talking to people casually, but when talking about matters like this that she really knew nothing about, she felt like a completely different person, and the pressure of the line building up behind her only added to her anxiety. It was definitely something she would have to work on in the near future.
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    Serah turned to look at the girl that had just spoken, one of the two people that had gotten in here before us due to us having waited outside instead of going in. She was actually quite pretty, Serah thought. There seemed to be a surprising amount of girls like that in this town, considering its limited population. I guess I add to that number too Serah laughed to herself about that and then smiled at the girl, which had introduced herself as Aura. "I'm Serah!" she extends her own hand to meet Aura's "and this is Sunny and Zoey. We were only gathered outside cause we were waiting on Foxy over there. I guess he found that other person over there and we wanted to make sure to all get in together. But its fine that you got in here first. Its not like there are that many of us anyway." Serah then sees the fox...cat, Serah wasn't quite sure what he was, guy finish up and begin to leave "And it seems its your turn now!"
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    Shuya takes the brochure and glances over it. He looks back up at Temaelrin and nods "I was looking into buying a house, so I think I'll take a look at the website and call when I've made a decision. Thanks for the help!" He smiles and steps out of line. He scurries out, feeling like he'd mad a fool of himself in front of an entire crowd of people. He stands outside and lets out a long sigh of relief. He starts walking away, deciding to take a short snack and coffee break at a nearby diner.
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    When the group was ushered inside, Tee had been the last to go in. Not by choice, but more because she had been last of the group to even walk up to the building. The first thing she noticed was of course , two more people had already been inside and that made her tilt her head a bit as she had assumed the group Foxy had pointed too was it. Her gaze fell from those two to around the room, skimming over things and landing left on the glass case which made her curious to what would be inside wanting to know as much about the town's history as she could, though she would not walk over there and draw attention to herself, choosing to stay relatively close to the door about five or six steps behind everyone else. Tee had noticed everyone seemed to know someone and she had not found the time to find a perfect way to introduce herself to the three girls just ahead of her, placing her hands on her back pack straps toddling back and forth between opening her mouth to say something and then deciding against it, letting out a sigh. She would have to work on this, as all of these people could be her future patients. The cat's ears twitched and she stood on her tippy toes a bit to look over the group at the desk where the quite tall mayor sat chatting with the other tall male who was with the female when they walked in, though her ears picked up some things , they flattened against her head finding that it was quite rude to ease drop, despite her good hearing and she turned away trying to find something to distract her while she waited. But, once she heard a familiar voice speak to her, her ears perked back up as well as her demeanor and she smiled at the only person she sort of knew. "Oh! Me?" She raised her hands to her cheeks quite excited to tell someone her dream blushing faintly. "Well, I was hoping to find a small place to rent as most of my resources will need to be spent on building my clinic" she said and blinked a bit and then moved one hand to her hip and the other going from a full hand on her cheek to just one finger poking it while she thought. "Business licenses, finding the perfect building, i am sure i won't have a nurse for a while..." she brings her hand up to start using her finger to count off things. "Need to ask how shipping works, and if they will allow me to practice medicine in town and what documents i need for that, i also would like to know if there is a standing library as to see if there is anything that tells me what botanicals are in the area and animals so i can make a list of what medicines or anti-venoms i would need more or less of" drops my hand and sighs but chuckles shrugging. "Maybe i should go last...."
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    [OOC: I am a little out of practice with describing things so I will give this a good shot] Temaelrin looked back at Neptune just to say “Cheers” as he opened the office door into the Foyer, and turned to look where he was going. Before he even stepped foot outside of the office he could see two people standing inside of the Foyer, which caused him to have a full body twitch, as he flinched in a startled surprise “Oh!” He called out before grinning, as people were allowed to come into the Foyer so it’s not like that they weren’t supposed to be here “Well at least I am awake now.” He turned back to Neptune and said “A good startle. That’s more effective than Caffeine.” He chuckled again before leaving her to it. Temaelrin, a rather tall six-foot-six male came out of the office and shut the door marked ‘Mayor’s Office - No unauthorised access’ and stepped into the Foyer, on his right hand side was the glass display cabinet which didn’t contain much at the moment other than the title deed to the town as well as the town charter. To his left hand side was the reception desk, of which there was a computer monitor sitting on it with a keyboard and mouse. There was another door over on the other side of the desk which lead to a stairwell going up and down stairs to the Administration Offices, but was also marked as ‘Staff Only - No unauthorised access’ Along that wall was also a glass case cabinet featuring some pictures of the town and not much else at the moment, as this was all new. Towards the front of the Foyer nearer to the front door and windows along the walls to their left and right was more doors, one on each side that lead to conference rooms on the left and a hallway on the right that lead to multiple rooms, including a town meeting hall. Right now though, they were in the Foyer which was a fairly oldish-modern looking set up. It was very well lit, and used a mix of Dark Woods and glass to make it look as if it was in multiple places in time. Once the town was bustling, Temaelrin had hoped to renovate the place, and expand on it, turning it into a more of a more modern looking building, but keep the architecture which he liked because it wasn’t an ugly post-modernist block that looked sterile. Temaelrin smiled and went over to the front door, a double door that opened out to the outside world, on his way over he grabbed a metal placard from under the reception desk and opened it out, as he came back around the reception desk the two in the room would have been able to see ‘TOWN HALL - OPEN’ in large black writing on a white background which he carried out to the front door with him. “I’ll be with you in a second.” He assured the two, as he opened the front door and looked at the people outside “Hello everyone.” He greeted as he opened the door out so it locked in the open position and put the sign up outside the closed door, which as it was a double door, they didn’t really need both doors open. He then stood in the door way and said to both groups, “Welcome to the Mayor’s Office, I’m Temaelrin, I am… Well… The Mayor, kind of. Neptune-” He jerked his head towards the office door “Is also the Mayor… It’s a kind of two for one deal there.” He smiled at the two groups, before saying “If you’re all here to see us, then please form a queue at the reception desk.” He held out a hand indicating the reception desk on the opposite side to the main doors, before going back over to said reception desk where he sat down at the computer, of which just the monitor, keyboard and mouse was on the actual desk. He reached under and pressed the power button on the computer to boot it up, and left it to do it’s thing, as he looked up at the people and smiled, remembering from Neptune ‘Smile, be friendly, be polite and be as professional as you can… But don’t be a robot.’ All of these ideas were whizzing around in his mind, but he needed to deal with it one step at a time. He was probably feeling just as nervous as they were as these were the first potential residents.
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    I completely understand the enforcements of the underage rule. It really sucks, especially considering the stupidity of a law written years ago by a bunch of old people who don't know a thing about the world of fiction. I mean, the way the laws are written now, a 17-year-old having her first time in high school, a perfectly normal occurance in many people's lives, is labeled as child porn, but the depiction of Nowi, a character from Fire Emblem who is very clearly designed in every way to be a child, getting her ass torn apart is perfectly legal just because she's cannotically thousands of years old. Sigh. I suppose there's only so much you can do, though. I can't believe people have reacted so hostilely over this! It just seems like common sense to me. You're not above the law. It's a dumb law, but it's a law nonetheless. Anyway, from my experience, this site has an incredible staff! I haven't been around much but you guys are really helpful and easy to approach. And I'm honestly amazed that you keep the site up and running out of your own pockets. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into it! <3
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    "Hi, I am T.W.....I am trying to be a better role player but I get extremely nervous and self concious about my replies so i end up not replying....but I am working on that...so if you want to rp or try and start a new one...let me know, ok?"
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    Startled a bit, Tee turns around to see who was calling out to them, her eyes falling on the three girls waiting in the distance at the building she figured the Fox was speaking about earlier. Though she was still looking ahead , she kept listening to the fox's words on the status of the new arrivals to the town. Her ears twitched when he mentioned that that number was small which meant she really did find a town she could grow with. "Competition has been the main focus of my life...." Tee said looking over her shoulder back at the fox with a smile. "But maybe this town will allow me to worry about me and not focus on who's better, but making people better. I just want to keep up with myself and my patients" the cat said as she let out a breath holding her gaze forward, preparing herself mentally for the challenges of being in a brand new town of with what would appear to have just over four or five residents so far. "That sounds good, Foxy....let's go meet the town" Tee said happily before she walked ahead leaving the forest behind and heading to the three ladies ahead of them , blushing madly while she tried to go over the best way to introduce herself when she got close enough.
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    I tag along with Zoey and Serah, approaching the front doorstep of the large, mysterious building Foxy had directed us towards. I'm almost certain that we are about to meet the Town Mayor; yet, I feel as though I have hit a roadblock... I'm quite nervous, and I cannot muster the courage to knock on the front door just yet, instead quickly turning around to look back in the distance - blinking a few times when I see Foxy interacting with who appears to be.. a cat-lady? I signal for Zoey and Serah to turn around and look too... "Are you okay back there?" - I call out.
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    Tee's cat ears twitched at the mention of her name, though she was use to people finding it strange, though it was still embarrassing. She reached up to rub the back of her neck quite shyly but still smiling despite feeling her cheeks warm up as she answered "Oh, It is! Good...." She replied choosing to step forward past the fox "Let me get out of the woods, first~" She said seemingly to herself as she walked stopping just past the Fox to look at the three ladies heading to the center of town. "The mayor?! This is a small town!" Tee smiled happy about that as she turned back to Foxy with a giddy look "Not everyday one moves into town and meets the mayor on the first day, how exciting!" she nodded , adjusting her backpack a bit. "I don't mind questions...um...by the way" Tee spoke softly glancing away for a moment, pausing to think about what she was going to say before she spoke again "I am one of three. Triplets! or would it be better to say litter?" She said with a chuckle at herself. "I have two older brothers and I was the last, the runt if you will" She said finding the need to look down and seeing a nice shiny black rock she quickly bent down to grab it quite happily still speaking as she was bent down. "My aunt told my mom I was so small I could fit in a tea cup and the name was given" She said standing back up and happily placing it in her pocket before returning her attention to Foxy "and I am here to open up a practice, Unless...there is already a doctor here" She said with a frown and a sigh "I am not very competitive...that would be bad news" Tee's ears fell limp as she thought about being too late to start her dream, seeming to go over the many scenarios of what she would do about having to compete with another practice, becoming lost in thought as she raised her hand to her chin to ponder.
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    Her racing mind that was going through different ways of how she would come out from behind the tree was paused as her eyes narrowed in tune to her ears perking when she heard the sounds of footsteps coming to her. Putting her hand over her mouth she shut her eyes and tried not to move a muscle, something cat's are quite good at, though usually used to hunt. She could almost feel the person would hear her just due to the fact her heart beat was so loud to her. Her eyes shot open when she could hear whoever it was speak to what was her on the other side of the tree. She blinked and let her hand slide down from her mouth as whoever was did seem nice enough to introduce themselves to someone they could not even see, though she did find it curious that whoever it was knew she was behind this tree. Curiosity taking over, She stepped out from behind the tree, well peaking first before fully stepping in view of whoever was speaking to her. "Tee..." She replied after a moment, gasping a little when noticing it was a fox before saying her full name "Tee Wording..." She said reaching up to take a leaf from her black hair noticing it as she spoke. "Dr. Tee Wording..." she muttered out before tossing the leaf away and smiling at the fox before her "May I ask if this is EcchiTown?"
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    Foxy's ears twitched a little, and he turned his head to look at the tree, sure he heard something. Seeing no sense in worrying the group with him, he doesn't bring attention to it. At the very least, he doesn't sense any hostility from whoever, or whatever, is back there. "Probably just a stray cat..." He murmurs softly to himself, itching to go check it out, though. Frowning thoughtfully, he excused himself from the group. "You can go on ahead." He told the three with him, pointing to the large building Sunstone noticed before. "Just go up there, and wait for me, I'll be along in a moment." With that, he walked over to the tree, but instead of walking around it and risking scaring the person behind it, he leaned against the opposite side of it to them, talking softly so the others wouldn't hear him as they walk on, and also trying to use a calming tone to relax the hiding individual. He'd decided it must be a person, as he could hear at least that they were too big to be an animal. "Hey... I don't know if you're here for something, or if you are some stray that just walked into town, but either way, you don't have to worry, okay?" He assured the unknown person. "You don't have to come out until you're ready, but once you are, head to the big building. We're all gathering there..." Realising that he's just talking to calm the person down, he decided it would be a good idea to introduce himself as well. "I'm Foxy, by the way."
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    Serah approached the group with her bike in tow. She had not expected to meet three people all at once so soon, the rest of the town seemed so empty, but it was a welcome surprise. "Hey!" Serah smiled "I'm Serah! Or Crazymerc, I respond to either." Now that she was closer she took a good look at the three people. "And yeah, I came here looking for a place to stay. Start a new life and all that." Serah laughed.
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    "Hi!" Zoey said giving a polite, if not a little outdated, wave and curtsey "I'm Zoey, I saw an add and decided it was time to settle down in a little town" she said. She was quick to trust others and these strangers were her new neighbors after all. She approached the group with her signature swayed walk and took her place next to Sunstone, with a cute smile.
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    Zoey makes her way to what appears the be the centre of town figuring that would the best place to find assistance in finding her new residence. Zoey was always a woman with few possessions and finally had made time to settle down somewhere. She loved her small hometown but it was quickly growing into a city and she had to find somewhere were she'd be a little more helpful and important. After all, she didn't want to be forced to resort to prostitution... yet.
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    Ahhh RIP, I really need to remember to get on here more often
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    There were some mariachis the other day on my street at 1:00AM. Turns out somebody was getting married on the street.
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    Zoey fallows the directions on her map, walking in circles for quite some time until, finally she hikes up a hill to see a secluded and empty town "Finally" she mutters to herself and descends toward it looking for signs of life and brushing her blue bangs out of her eyeline and over her ear.